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  • Aleksenko M.A.
    Labor migration in the Russian Federation as shown by the Orenburg region: current state and forecasting

    he Orenburg region, a geopolitically unique region, attracted labor migrants in any chronological period. During the post-Soviet period most of migrants moved to the area from Central Asia, being the main labor resource for Russia. While the flow of migrants directed to the area, there was an outflow of local population to the central regions of Russia. The current state of labor migration in the Orenburg region, the reasons, the directions, the quantitative list of migrants, positive and negative sides of labor migration are explored in this paper, also a possibility of replacement of labor migration is considered. Mathematical calculations and the statistical program are used to derive the dependence of labor migration on a number of factors.

    pdf 15-20.pdf  (343 Kb)

  • Bgazhnokov B.Kh.
    Historical and cultural aspects of Hattian and Kaska ethnonyms

    An attempt is made to overcome uncertainty concerning the historical and cultural aspects of Hattian and Kaska ethnonyms. In our understanding, of two semantically unequivalent names of Hattian-Abkhaz-Circassian tribes, the first – Hattian – functioned, mainly, as the self-name (endoethnonym), as a way of self-identification of the Caucasian Anatolian community connected by bonds of ethnic relationship. The second – Kaska /Kashka/Kaskeans – performed functions of an exoethnonym – the term, which representatives of other, in the first place, neighboring people referred to the Maikop Anatolian tribes. It emerged and was actively used mainly among Indo-Europeans with which the Hattians were in continuous contact. Connection is established of the Caucasian branch of the Maikop Anatolian tribes with emergence of a toponym the Caucasus and myths about an ethnarkh by the name of Caucasus, with distribution in the North Caucasus of the Kaskean (Circassian) population. It is emphasized that the ethnonym Kaska/Kashka in all its further modifications – Kas / Kasa / Kavkasi / Kashkon / Kashak / Jarkas / Circassian appeared to be, owing to certain, mainly, external reasons, far more durable, than the term Hattians.

    pdf 21-32.pdf  (256 Kb)

  • Burykina L.V., Fedoseeva L.D.
    On evolution of the public historical policy in the conditions of transformation of the Russian sociohumanistic education

    The paper analyzes the significance of historical education in life of the Russian society in the conditions of transformation of sociohumanistic sciences, as well as justifies the imminent need to form the public historical policy when there occurs new strengthening of information and ideological pressure upon the Russian State of actors of worldwide policy. Authors emphasize that without the public historical policy the Russian society is doomed to disintegration of separate identifiers, tereof search of basic designs for community of identifiers and creation of the system of ethnic identification, afferent in relation to the state, is a paramount problem of the Russian historical science.

    pdf 33-40.pdf  (175 Kb)

  • Emtyl R.Kh.
    M.G. Autlev: history in human measurement

    The paper discusses the attitude of the scientist-historian M.G. Autlev to history of the homeland, to language of the people and to national traditions and customs.

    pdf 41-44.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • Kappushev N.B.

    The paper deals with the development of personnel base of bodies of the Soviet judicial system in Karachay and Circassia and transformation of personnel policy related to political changes in the Soviet State. The author traces its main directions, ways of implementation and results.

    pdf 45-52.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • Kulaev Ch. S.

    The paper reveals new forms and methods of governing the cultural life of the village in the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. The paper shows the growth of the role of cultural institutions during the war with increasing the ideological struggle against fascism.

    pdf 53-58.pdf  (150 Kb)

  • Osmaev M.K.

    The paper is devoted to the problems of formation of the Checheno-Ingush national cavalry division in the fall of 1941 – spring of 1942. It shows a certain politicization of some researchers trying to present this question in the context of imaginary collaborationism of Vainakh people during the Great Patriotic War. In return, the author focuses on the objective reasons, which did not allow creation of a full-fledged national cavalry division despite availability of excess number of the volunteers wishing to serve in it. Those are the shortage in the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of material resources, which arose because of carrying out large-scale evacuation of the enterprises of the Grozny petroindustrial complex, as well as lack of a necessary reserve of officer personnel.

    pdf 59-65.pdf  (159 Kb)

  • Tambiev R.B.

    The paper is devoted to questions of the organization in Karachay-Cherkessia of regional offices of the largest political parties of the Russian Federation and their participation in an election campaign of 1993 at elections to Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the first convocation. The purpose of this work is to designate the main stages of formation of a multi-party system in the Russian State based on the example of KChR, to mark out peculiar features of party construction in the region and their reflection in electoral processes.

    pdf 66-75.pdf  (188 Kb)

  • Kharitonov E.M., Koshokova S.Ya.

    The analysis of sources allowed us to draw conclusions on high quality and quantitative changes in the course of accumulation of knowledge about the Northwest Caucasus during the specified period.

    pdf 76-80.pdf  (142 Kb)

  • Beglaryan M.E.

    The paper discusses the questions of globalization against the background of development of information – legal space of the state and the world, as well as forms of process of globalization, possibilities of studying and legal control by these processes. An assessment of risks of contemporary information society is given.

    pdf 81-87.pdf  (154 Kb)

  • Grishay V.N., Zenin K.A.

    The paper examines the problem of social reproduction. The concept of generation is considered as the basic one. The research focuses attention on bases of social reproduction of specific social tendencies. The methodological basis of this research is the author’s position according to which, process of social reproduction represents reproduction of social concepts – the meanings, which are the cornerstone of motivation of public activity rather than simple reconstruction of steady social forms during institutional activity.

    pdf 88-93.pdf  (148 Kb)

  • Zasedateleva E.I.

    The paper is devoted to a role of education in the vital strategy of rural youth. In recent years, the role of education in the society increases, however, reasons for getting education change. Transition to the market relations in the reformed society increases the number of students, but worsens quality of training of experts. The value of education decreases. In the rural locality, the role of education is quite different compared to the city. For rural youth, education can become a starting point for moving to the city. Most of students of the rural zone enter the city educational institutions to receive specialty and to work then in the city, in spite of the fact that their specialty allows them to work also in the village.

    pdf 94-99.pdf  (198 Kb)

  • Popova A.A.

    The paper examines the problems connected with establishment of productive dialogue in the conditions of the conflict arising in the course of crosscultural communication. Various models of the cross-cultural conflict, which can be analyzed at the macrolevel, meso and microlevel, are considered. The main characteristics inherent in everybody of them, are provided. Attention is paid to sociocultural factors, the cornerstone of the cross-cultural conflict. The importance of dialogue in establishment of “the culture of the world” at implementation of crosscultural communication is emphasized.

    pdf 100-107.pdf  (170 Kb)

  • Rostova A.T.

    In research practice, widespread is consideration of social reproduction from the point of view of the importance of inclusion of new carriers of the public relations in social process. At the same time, the value of the innovative phenomena in the field of development of the public relations is often overlooked. One of major factors of public changes is the ability of society to adaptation. In this paper, the state-ofthe-art review of the main aspects, which define transformation of public structure during sociohistorical process, is carried out. Analytical comparison of social process and social change is made. Cyclic social processes are considered. The main reasons and mechanisms of social adaptation are investigated. The great role of a social axiology in determination of orientation of natural adaptation processes is defined.

    pdf 108-113.pdf  (146 Kb)

  • Terpugov A.A.

    In the paper, the author tries to reveal the intrinsic bases of such sociocultural phenomenon as violence. Being experience of negative deviation, violence is counteraction of two forces, importance of which is due to the first human nature (given). This is about individuals in which biological dominates over actually social owing to which activity of the adult and child is carried out at the level of the natural law correlating with the law of natural selection when strong wins a victory over the weak. On the contrary, updating the second human nature (created) provides domination of social over biological owing to which activity of the adult and child is controled by laws of human community, when force of the law is on the side of the weak. In the conclusion the author emphasizes that measures for prevention of violence have to be directed to updating positive deviation as the unity of given and created, internal and external, natural and social rather than to minimization of negative deviation.

    pdf 114-119.pdf  (147 Kb)

  • Teshev V.A., Khamukov A.A., Nekhay V.N.

    The paper deals with the questions related to intensive application of digital economy in the industry, tourism, natural and raw sphere. The authors identify the conditions and features of transition to the so-called “digital agricultural industry” which becomes a factor of social and economic development of the Republic of Adyghea.

    pdf 120-125.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • Shogenova F.Z.

    The paper analyzes the relevant problems of modern society – standard orientations among modern young people – basing on the comparative analysis of the conducted social researches in Kabardino-Balkaria in 2012 and 2016. The present publication represents experience in generalization of knowledge on value orientations of contemporary youth in an applied empirical context, which can serve for further theoretical researches of the problem under study.

    pdf 126-131.pdf  (746 Kb)

  • Yusupov I.F.

    The paper analyzes ethnos prestigiousness in the competing ethnic environment. The author uses various examples to explore sociocultural characteristics of a phenomenon of ethnos prestigiousness and to disclose the status and role position of ethnoses within the theory of ethnosocial stratification.

    pdf 132-136.pdf  (138 Kb)

  • Abdullaeva E.S., Nagoy A.A.

    The authors analyze changes in mental aspects of traditional spiritual culture during the postmodern period. The paper presents the dichotomic nature of traditional spiritual culture during the contemporary period of development in which the postmodern philosophy gained distribution.

    pdf 137-140.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • Badmaev V.N., Dzhevakova A.M.

    The paper explores the condition of modern society through a prism of postmodern concepts. The show nature of the processes proceeding in it has led to formation of “society performance”. Overconsumption as a basis of the modern world has led to a reality simulativeness, emergence of simulacra of the fourth order. As a result, there occurred transformation of space from linear to rhizomorphous, for which unexpectedness and impossibility of prediction of further succession of events is typical.

    pdf 141-148.pdf  (173 Kb)

  • Novikova E.G.

    By the early 21st century, the modern culture of Canada (the Canadian natives, European, African and Asian Canadians) becomes rich in a palette of paints and their symbolics. It experienced impressive emotional influence of visual (and nonvisual) artistic image of the fine art, photo, illustrated book publishing, arts and crafts, etc., and reached a variety of options of the embodiment of vision of the city, landscape, the nature, distinguishing, first of all, figurativeness of world perception. The same is important also for Japanese who allocate the mentioned directions in structure of visual culture. Therefore, art forms of the Japanese culture are most clear and attractive to Canadians. Visual culture is one of the central themes in modern cultural science. The understanding Canadians of the term visual culture in which nearly two centuries the visualization component, free by the Canadians of the term of visual culture, in which throughout nearly two centuries the component of visualization, free perception of space and a rich palette of paints are important, cardinally differs from interpretation of this term by Americans, British and Europeans.

    pdf 149-156.pdf  (177 Kb)

  • Pozdnyakova T.S., Udzhukhova B.A.

    The paper is devoted to a research of social functions of fashion among young people in the conditions of globalization. The author considers influence of ethnic style on modern fashion. The publication confirms that the fashion as object of impact on a set of social factors reflects all processes happening in society – both material and spiritual.

    pdf 157-162.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • Tsekova L.I.

    This paper presents some aspects of art activity of the Abazin ethnos: the originality and uniqueness of the Abazin art culture. The author shows the sources of the Abazin culture and individual traits of culture of the people under study. The main content of this research is the analysis of the most ancient forms of public consciousness, which reached our time mythology, merrymakings, ceremonies and folklore genres: specific features of the Abazin mythology; rain calling ceremony and the Nart ancient heroic epos.

    pdf 163-169.pdf  (194 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • Babalyan E.B., Khatukay S.A.

    The article substantiates the need to ensure sustainable and balanced development in the budget-deficit regions of the South of Russia in modern conditions. To assess the degree of sustainability of the region's development, an approach based on the construction of an integral indicator that takes into account socio-economic and environmental components is presented. On the basis of this approach, a dynamic analysis of the sustainability of socio-economic development of the Republic of Adygea, this allows to justify proposals on priority areas of improving the management of the impact in order to ensure long-term sustainable development of the region.

    pdf 15-22.pdf  (570 Kb)

  • Barkenkhoeva R.A.

    The article deals with the implementation of the program-target approach on the example of the Republic of Ingushetia. The parameters of the disbursement of funds allocated for the implementation of state programs of the Republic of Ingushetia in 2016 are given, which make it possible to conclude that the average level of disbursement of the allocated funds limit is 89.8%. This circumstance necessitates a more thorough determination of the amount of resources required for the implementation of programs, and the possibility of their involvement, which actualizes the use of the methodology of program-specific forecasting. It is shown that when evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of regional programs, sometimes there is a “performance paradox” associated with the fact that the established performance parameters are not entirely correct. It is proposed to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of republican target programs based on a comparison of the dynamics of performance indicators, defined in the programs, with the amount of expenses for their implementation, using a system of estimated coefficients.

    pdf 23-30.pdf  (152 Kb)

  • Pakhomova A.A., Namestnikova L.S.

    The article discusses the problems of development and functioning of small business in the Far Eastern Federal District (FEFD). The directions of the main measures to support business structures operating in the field of tourism services and hotel business in the regions of the Far North are proposed. The analysis of foreign and domestic experience in supporting the development of entrepreneurial structures aimed at developing at the federal level a Concept of the organizational and economic mechanism for the development of entrepreneurial structures, taking into account the strategic activities of the federal districts of the Russian Federation.

    pdf 31-37.pdf  (138 Kb)

  • Pshikanokova N.I., Kuyek Z.N., Pshikanokova N.D.

    The article presents the results of the study by the authors of alternative models of the economic development of the territories of Russia. The necessity of new approaches to determining the benchmarks of social and economic development of problem regions is substantiated. As a key motivator for optimizing production capacity, a cluster model is presented.

    pdf 38-49.pdf  (209 Kb)

  • Takhumova O.V., Kosorukova A.A., Polonnikov I.V.

    For decades, Russia has continued to struggle to strengthen its position in the international market. External trade provides a good opportunity for the development of the economy and the budget of the country. In this regard, the paper analyzes the current trends in the formation of inter-economic relations in the systems of the world economy. The main problems of interaction between the CIS regions, countries of Near and Far Abroad are revealed. A classification of participants of foreign trade activities in the region on constitutional norms, profile and character of trading operations. Special attention is paid to the mechanism of management of foreign economic activity at the micro-and macrolevel.

    pdf 50-57.pdf  (418 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • Goloschapova L.V., Ivanova L.A.

    Over the past few years, the market for audit services has seen stagnation. At the moment, audit companies face a lot of serious problems in the field of regulation and development of audit. The two factors that have a negative impact on the activity of the subjects of the audit services market are recognized: insufficient demand for audit services and insolvency of customers. The purpose of this article is to study the current state of the market of audit services in Russia today. The statistical data concerning dynamics and structure of incomes of the auditor organizations, their geographical distribution and age are given and analyzed, the rating of the largest audit companies is estimated. Based on the results of the analysis, one can draw a disappointing conclusion: the trend of the audit services market is declining, however, despite a clear decrease in the number of audit organizations, the revenues of the audit organizations as a whole have increased, which is characterized by the processes of transformation and integration with other areas of activity, and methods are being developed in the country on the way out of the situation.

    pdf 157-165.pdf  (165 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • Bershitsky Yu.I., Gurnovich T.G., Saifetdinova N.R., Saifetdinov A.R.

    The main trends in the development of vegetable growing in the Krasnodar Territory in the conditions of sanctions against our country are analyzed. It is established that the growth in the production of vegetables on an extensive basis in the region during the food embargo period could not compensate for the deficit in the vegetable market. It is substantiated that the main directions of development of vegetable growing in the region should be the activation of innovative activity in the industry, the increase in the concentration of vegetable crops in agricultural organizations, and the development of seed production of domestic varieties of vegetables.

    pdf 58-74.pdf  (285 Kb)

  • Prokhorova V.V., Kolomyts O.N., Kravchenko D.B.

    The article gives the concept of spatial and sectoral potential in relation to the agricultural sector, the assessment of its components; it is determined that the development plans of the territories must take into account the level of spatial and sectoral potential.

    pdf 75-85.pdf  (439 Kb)

    Taxes and the Taxation
  • Vaseva A.A., Rasumovskaya E.A.

    The article presents a comparative analysis of tax systems in Russia and Germany. Features of collection of taxes from legal entities and physical persons in the Russian Federation and Germany are revealed. Advantages and disadvantages of tax systems of these countries are defined.

    pdf 149-156.pdf  (440 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • Gordienko N.V., Airapetova D.A., Gagieva M.D., Elagina A.A., Pasechnik V.V.

    The paper explores self-efficiency of the personality of the teacher which is considered by authors as a position of the person, his belief in personal ability to effectively realize his own professional needs for these or those conditions, for specific circumstances. The authors consider that the self-efficiency of the teacher is a perspective vision of results of work and confidence in success of this activity. The paper emphasizes that the position of self-efficiency of the teacher of preschool educational institution arises only under conditions of preference of more difficult tasks in comparison to other colleagues; statement of complicated, more often long-term purposes, as well as manifestation of active persistence at their achievement, and implementation of own psychological resources in work. Authors consider self-efficiency as a resource to increase effectiveness of professional activity of the teacher. Influence of a pedagogical experience on self-efficiency level studied enabled selection of such characteristics of personal self-efficiency of teachers as self-efficiency in subject teaching and self-efficiency in communication.

    pdf 15-21.pdf  (141 Kb)

  • Grebenkina Yu.V.

    The paper sheds light on prevention of deviancy training effect of media production on socialization of school students. The work describes the program aimed at providing safe stay of teenagers in a media environment. The program consists of three stages: diagnostic, forming and a stage of estimation of results and reflection. The author presents data on the content and outcomes of the stating and forming experiments. Basing on the analysis and interpretation of experimental data, the author describes outcomes of the conducted research and generalizes the difficulties, which have arisen during the experiment.

    pdf 22-28.pdf  (188 Kb)

  • Davidovich N.N.

    The article presents a mechanism for the formation of a persistent model of behavior in stress in order to increase the diversity of stress in itself through the ability of the argument to Express their views using the logic of passage and constructively resolve conflicts. Consider the necessity of developing skills of persuasive speeches in high school and described an example of practical classes form a model of assertive behavior among high school students, proven on the basis of the Discussion club, Smolensk, Russia. Shows the relationship of assertive behavior with the development of communicative competence. The article contributes to the study of the formation of assertive behavior among high school students, and enriches the theory and practice of educational psychology. The developed technology allows to reach mutual understanding between students and teacher helps to create the internal needs of the pupil of the studied material, the ability to reasonably and logically to build it and to Orient in the situation of communication, taking into account the individuality of each and position on the topic being discussed.

    pdf 29-36.pdf  (155 Kb)

  • Dyachenko V.P., Shkuropiy K.V.

    The paper discusses the use of definitions of basic concepts of economic education for high-school students, available in domestic pedagogy, and a possibility of their application in the context of a modern paradigm of competencebased approach. The work discloses the essence and meaning of a concept of economic competence of the high-school student, shows its relationship with other educational competences and integrative criterion for evaluation of efficiency of economic education of high-school students. The authors distinguish functions of competences and expertises in relation to various aspects of economic education of high-school students. The made analysis and generalization of the concept of economic education of high-school students, as well as the available xperience in the organization of economic education have given the chance to define the promising approaches and directions of the organization of economic training of the Russian school students in the context of implementation of competence-based approach.

    pdf 37-42.pdf  (132 Kb)

  • Knyazeva A.S., Galustov R.A.

    The article reveals the essence of the concept of "pedagogical interaction", its multidimensionality; the methodological foundations of its emergence as an independent category are argued, which is presented in broad and narrow meanings; a theoretical analysis of the concept of "pedagogical interaction of subjects of the educational process", determined by the features of interaction of many participants in the process; the conclusions are presented which will allow the teacher to consider interaction as one of the conditions for the new state of the personalities of the subjects of the educational process and the factor of improving the process of their upbringing; outlined prospective directions for further research on this problem.

    pdf 43-49.pdf  (146 Kb)

  • Lozovskaya R.I.

    The paper provides the characteristic of professional spiritual experience of future teacher-musician as result of his spiritual education within a humane paradigm of the higher education. Substantial components of this experience are as follows: emotional and value, cognitive and semantic, communicative and activity, reflexive and reformative. The publication shows the stages of formation of professional spiritual experience of future teacher-musician in higher education institution and results of skilled experimental work in this direction.

    pdf 50-57.pdf  (174 Kb)

  • Meretukova Z.K., Chinazirova A.R., Shekhmirzova A.M.

    The paper substantiates the relevance of a problem of strengthening the bringing-up function of training and discloses the essence of the concept “bringing-up function” of training. The authors point out training factors having the educational potential. In this connection the bringing-up possibilities of such fundamental factors of training as content of education and methods of training are proved and examples from experience of the authors’ system of teaching illustrating such an opportunity are given.

    pdf 58-69.pdf  (199 Kb)

  • Paatova M.E.

    Based on event approach, the paper propounds the conceptual provisions of design of rehabilitation-educational situations as means to form social and personal viability of teenagers with deviant behavior. The author gives the definition of the concepts “rehabilitation-educational situations”, “social and personal viability”, “social and pedagogical rehabilitation”.

    pdf 70-75.pdf  (147 Kb)

  • Sazhin A.V.

    The paper tells about financial literacy, its role and direct impact on the level of human well-being, describes the influence of mathematics on the process of formation at students of financial literacy. At the end of the paper, the author proposes the main recommendations how one can introduce practice-oriented tasks of financial orientation in the classroom in mathematics in order to begin the formation at students of specific knowledge of skills.

    pdf 76-79.pdf  (112 Kb)

  • Satosova N.L., Garbuzov S.P.

    The paper deals with the methodological approaches and the principles to a solution of the problem related to the formation of the teacher’s culture of health. The authors have used culturological, axiological and individual creative approaches as the basic methodological benchmarks giving the chance to reveal the laws, the principles, factors, conditions and tendencies of formation of the teacher’s culture of health. The organization of vocational training of the teacher in higher education institution has to provide effective integration of process of formation of professional orientation of the teacher and development of his general culture and culture of health. The stated methodological bases of formation of the teacher’s culture of health will allow organization of effective process of its formation both during vocational training and in the course of pedagogical activity.

    pdf 80-85.pdf  (133 Kb)

  • Tenischeva V.F., Filonenko V.A., Petkov V.A.

    In the conditions of increased requirements to knowledge of English, which is a working language of modern sea merchant marine fleet, training of specialists of this branch requires realization of cross-disciplinary approach where English becomes not the purpose, but means of teaching and development of professional competence. Process of formation of cultural and professional competences of future expert in educational process of marine higher education institution has a number of the important features regulated by the Federal State Educational Standard and the International Convention on training and certification of seamen and execution of sea watch. The competences formed at students during educational activity in higher education institution are available in working curricula of various disciplines and in programs of department of foreign languages that emphasizes their close cross-disciplinary connection and actualizes use of foreign-language communication as means of formation of professional competence of the sea expert. The success of formation of professional competences is due to efficiency of use of foreign-language communication at the level of social and professional meanings as a cure of the social and professional tasks modelled in educational process of higher education institution.

    pdf 86-92.pdf  (142 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • Bganba A.S., Boryakova N.Yu.

    The article deals with topical issues of the formation of communicative universal educational actions among younger schoolchildren with Abkhazian-Russian bilingualism, experiencing persistent difficulties in learning. Among the pupils of secondary schools, a special group consists of bilingual children who speak the oral form of Russian speech, but in educational communicative situations their limited knowledge of the Russian language is manifested. The imperfection of communicative skills is connected both with the difficulties of using language means of communication and with the shortcomings of psychological development of the child. The problem and pedagogical conditions of formation of communicative UDS in primary school children with difficulties in learning in bilingual educational conditions are not sufficiently developed and are particularly relevant for the education system of the Republic of Armenia. The article describes a comparative experimental study of universal educational communicative actions in Russian-speaking primary school children and students with Abkhazian-Russian bilingualism.

    pdf 93-100.pdf  (164 Kb)

  • Pichkurenko E.A., Arkhipova A.I., Arakelov A.V.

    Above, the notion of hermeneutics that is essential for the construction of didactic systems. The possibility of extrapolation methods hermeneu-Tiki for education. The essence of the hermeneutic circle in the course of understanding of teaching text. A diagram illustrating the range of technologies for computer support of the method of the hermeneutic circle.

    pdf 101-109.pdf  (301 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • Bedeeva E.V., Pushkina N.V.

    The paper discusses the problem of formation of strong-willed qualities in preschool children during physical culture classroom hours. The weak degree of development of many aspects of this problem has an affect on education of children since teachers do not possess evidence-based methods of formation and objective assessment of strong-willed qualities. As a result, the pedagogical activity directed to formation of will has in most cases declarative character. The made analysis and synthesis of scientific ideas of essence and features of development of strong-willed qualities in preschool children, as well as the available experience in the organization of physical training have made it possible to define contents of the experimental program considering specific features of children, mainly for properties of psychodynamics. The developed and given classes, actions and games have exerted the differentiated impact on children with different types of behavior and have provided efficiency of process of formation of strong-willed qualities of the personality of the preschool child.

    pdf 110-114.pdf  (125 Kb)

  • Doyeva A.N.

    In the work the analysis of three stages, adaptive reactions to physical activity is given. It is established that in the process of adaptation to physical exertion a physiologically perfect type of respiration is formed. Increases pulmonary ventilation, increases the contractility of the heart, which is called adaptive reactions of the body. From the adaptation to physical exertion depends the effectiveness and level of health in the sports activities of young people. The work shows that the formation of compensatory-adaptive reactions is provided by the central nervous system and hormones of the adrenal glands.

    pdf 115-118.pdf  (197 Kb)

  • Yermolina N.V., Morozova O.V., Dorontsev A.V., Blochina O.Y.

    On the basis of a complex research of efficiency of training at school need of correction of methodological and organizational components for implementation of requirements of the Federal state educational standard of secondary education has been determined by the subject "Physical culture". As a result of the made pedagogical experiment it is possible to express opinion that inclusion of development of tourist skills and the game "Russian Lapta" in a regional component of the program in physical culture, will allow not only to raise indicators of physical fitness and increase in reserve opportunities of an organism of pupils, but also to considerably contribute to the development of informative abilities and also orientation in time and space.

    pdf 119-127.pdf  (472 Kb)

  • Kovalchuk O.G.

    The article analyzes the influence of the technique of block periodization of the development of speed-strength qualities in academic studies in the field of track and field athletics to the level of physical development of students, and their dynamics are presented. Taking into account the professional orientation and priority development of speed-strength qualities among students, the author's technique of block periodization of construction of training classes in the field of track and field athletics has been developed. In the block periodization technique, a system of three types is used: the preparatory, forming, realizing mesocyclic blocks and their successive replacement in each semester. With a successive alternation of special microcycles of concentrated training effect of different preferential orientation, a high level of development of physical qualities is maintained, reflecting an increase in the level of physical development. As a result of the conducted studies it was revealed that the author's technique of block periodization of the development of speed-strength qualities allows to increase the level of physical development of students of Omsk State Technical University.

    pdf 128-134.pdf  (185 Kb)

  • Kusova D.O., Gagulaeva A.A.

    The psychological preparation of an athlete to compete is regarded as one of the parties to its functional training, which, along with technical, psychological and tactical occurs in varying degrees at each stage training process and primarily in preparation for each competition. The object of such training is always an athlete, as a personality with her only individual features, at the same time, has socio-typical features. The aim of this study was to study the State of mental readiness for the competition of skilled athletes. The object of the study were skilled athletes-master of sports, involved in freestyle wrestling, the purpose of the study was the condition of mental readiness of athletes to a particular competition.

    pdf 135-140.pdf  (118 Kb)

  • Khamikoev F.G., Ketoev K.E.

    The article provides an analysis of the modern facilities necessary to improve specialists in physical culture and sports. Found that embedded in the practical activities of the Faculty of physical culture and sports technology, will facilitate the effective preparation of future personnel

    pdf 141-144.pdf  (113 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • Gerelegiz Husnu
    On evolution of the concept of the personality in Tembot Kerashev’s works

    The paper discusses the formation and evolution of the concept of the personality in Tembot Kerashev’s works. In his first works (the story “Ark”, the novel «The Road to Happiness»), the philosophy of revolutionary reorganization of reality defines an idealization of the image of the heroic character and an esthetics of «extreme contrasts». In prose of the following stage (the second half of the 1950s – the 1980s), in novellas «The Daughter of the Shapsugs», «Abrek», «The Revenge of the Horse Herder», in stories «Life Lesson», «Last Shot» and others, the problematical character is deepening. The writer pays attention to the idea of inherently valued importance of the individual that leads to enrichment of an art form. The historical-literary, comparative and typological methods of the research used in work help to mark out features of artistic realization of an author’s position, to draw conclusions on creative identity of the writer. The theoretical importance of work lies in that its provisions expand idea of the art concept of the personality. The analysis made in this paper can be used at further studying the famous writer’s works.

    pdf 143-147.pdf  (316 Kb)

  • Dzhambekova T.B., Kilabova M.A.
    Internal consistency, structural and semantic innovation and variety of prose of the Chechen writer Musa Beksultanov

    The paper deals with the works of the famous Chechen writer Musa Beksultanov and different areas of his creative character, which are distant one from another by «the way of perception and display». The purpose of the study is to analyze and describe the inner proximity and unity of the stories, novels and essays of the writer, which are shown in community of an author’s position. From this perspective we study M. Beksultanov’s writing, characterized by «richness» of the poetic images, fresh thoughts, bright «expression, surprise and conviction». To solve these problems, we use the method of contextual analysis, the result of which was a direct and at the same time comprehensive statement of the national identity, the main features of which are originality, particularity of the content and form of works. The material of the study was the literary texts published by the writer over the past few decades. The significance of the study for the theory and history of literature is the reflection of the relationship of the heroes of M. Beksultanov’s works with nature, as well as the characteristic deep moral and ethical relationships between people. These facts underline the novelty of symbolics, stylistics and poetics of Musa Beksultanov’s prose, as well as an expression and lyricism, a delicate balance of internal and external resource. The humanistic conception of the writer is solved in a similar way, which is generally reduced to the aesthetic and spiritual-moral paradigm of the universal history – overcoming the power of the evil.

    pdf 148-154.pdf  (352 Kb)

  • Kapets O.V., Kapets V.P.
    Traditions and innovation in I.A. Brodsky’s poetry (from material of «The Great Elegy for John Donne»)

    In this paper, we examine traditions and innovation in I.A. Brodsky’s creativity. “The Great Elegy for John Donne» serves as an object of research. We investigate how I.A. Brodsky, using traditional genre, composition and expressive means, creates new fabric of the poetic work. The attention is focused on a circle of the subjects and figurative system offered by Brodsky. Such approach to works of the poet allows us to reproduce a complete picture of literary process throughout intervals occurring at different times, to show interrelation and transition of art means from one literary direction to another and to reveal an originality of his literary skill. We have established that, creating «The Great Elegy for John Donne», Brodsky uses traditional genre definition – «elegy» – combining it in the name of the poetic work with another genre concept – «message» – as the last one can have the specific addressee. There is a merge of traditional and new techniques at creation of the elegy: in a composite ring I.A. Brodsky uses new technique of «the centrifugal movement of the poem». The traditional circle of the subjects united by a theme of «time-immovability-dream» (this concept is entered by us), receives new interpretation when Brodsky refers to figurative system, the components of which are created by means of traditional figures of speech and syntactic figures.

    pdf 155-161.pdf  (353 Kb)

  • Kilabova M.A.
    Reflection of dialogue of cultures in intellectual prose of M. Beksultanov

    The paper discusses the features of reflection of questions related to dialogue of cultures in intellectual prose of the Chechen writer M. Beksultanov. The purpose of this paper is to analyze M. Beksultanov’s understanding of problems of literary communications and influences, which have found reflection in his essays, literary critiques and an interview. This publication shows depth of his reader’s and literary preferences including a wide range of authors of the national, Russian and world literature, writers of the different ideological, art and esthetic directions – realists, «neorealists», «neoromantics», existentialists, representatives and masters of esoteric and mystical allegories, «neomythologism», lyrical prose, and consciousness stream literature. In his literary theory and practice, M. Beksultanov displays interest in everything innovative in art, aspiration to overcoming traditional stamps and stereotypes. The conclusion is drawn about importance and relevance of cross-cultural problems for the writer’s works.

    pdf 162-165.pdf  (308 Kb)

  • Panesh U.M., Setova T.S.
    On typological features of the 1960s – the 1980s prose on war subject (from materials of the Adyghe literature)

    The paper discusses the features of formation and development of the Adyghe prose of the 1960s – 1980s on a war subject in the context of the Soviet literature. The publication identifies the lines of a new stage of art of a word caused by the «modern» cultural-historical period of public reality – strengthening of problematical character, and the movement to profound character and artistically truthful, psychologically motivated display of events. An analysis is made of evolution of the conflict and genre forms in works of A. Evtykh, I. Mashbash, Kh. Ashinov and P. Koshubaev. Various tendencies are available in development of prose - large-scale depiction of military events and psychologically profound, analytical display, which correspond to two genre structures. The historic-literary, comparative and typological methods used in work allow us to formulate the following conclusions: in war prose, intensive attempts were made in the 1960s – 1980s to develop new genre forms – the synthesized lyrical-epic novella of characters and problems and a small in volume moral philosophical novel with a complicated design. The scientific-theoretical importance of this work lies in the solution of problems of formation and development of various genres in national literature. The practical value is its application at a research of history of literature, in development of high school textbooks and manuals.

    pdf 166-171.pdf  (321 Kb)

  • Panesh U.M., Urakova F.K.
    On evolution of the historical novel in the 1950s through the 1980s and the narrative forms adjoining it (from material of the Adyghe literatures)

    The paper investigates the development of a genre of the historical novel and narrative forms adjoining it in the Adyghe literatures of the second half of the 1950s through the 1980s. An analysis is made of the originality of problems, conflict and genre forms of works of T. Kerashev, A. Shortanov, I. Mashbash, etc. The material of the specific analysis of small prose of T. Kerashev and the novel «Mountaineers» by A. Shortanov are taken as a basis to formulate lines of a new stage of domestic art of a word – strengthening the problematical character by deepening the concept of the personality, and the movement to variety of narrative forms. The comparative and typological methods used in work lead to a conclusion that the Adyghe prose on a historical subject overcomes information and descriptive orientation, style uniformity of the epic story, where the main loading lies on the author’s comment, and starts intensive development of unknown genre modifications. The scientific importance of work is that it stipulates the solution of theoretical problems of development of genres and styles. Its practical demand is due to a possibility of application at a research of history of domestic literature and in development of high school textbooks and manuals.

    pdf 172-177.pdf  (323 Kb)

  • Petrishin D.V., Paranuk K.N.
    Initiation as a sacral element of art structure of the Russian magic fairy tales

    The paper explores the initiation ceremony as a basis of the Russian magic fairy tale. Its purpose is to define sacral sense of a ceremony of initiation in contents and structure of the fairy tale. The following problems are solved: to reveal conceptual significance of a ceremony of initiation in the fate of heroes; to examine elements making the ceremony, such as excommunication of the hero from parents, isolation of the neophyte, a sacrifice, tests of the hero and to define sacral sense of the fairy tale elements under study. The structural and typological, comparative and hermeneutic-interpretative methods used in work allow us to draw a conclusion that the ceremony of initiation makes sacral sense and conceptual significance in semantics and art structure of the magic fairy tale. The theoretical significance of the results of research is associated with the problem of the system analysis of a sacral basis of the Russian magic fairy tales with the use of cross-disciplinary approach and with attraction of psychological, historical, ethnographic and culturological works. They can be applied on classes in folklore at schools and higher education institutions.

    pdf 178-184.pdf  (329 Kb)

  • Ryaguzova L.N., Li Yan (People’s Republic of China)
    The concept of «informidable death» in A.S. Pushkin and V. Nabokov’s art consciousness

    The paper examines views and style expression of a concept of «informidable death» in art thinking of A.S. Pushkin and its perception in S. Volkonsky and V. Nepomnyaschy’s critical reflection. In this concept, Pushkin formulates, at first sight, unsolvable contradiction, namely: how it is possible to love life and to give it so easy, to play it, to risk it. Self-annihilation, fearlessness in the biographic plan goes deep owing to philosophical perception of death in the face of eternity, «the indifferent nature», but mainly the concept of «informidable death» belongs to its poetic description. The authors analyze attributes and lexical equivalents of concepts: «the mystery of death», «death face», «a moment of death», «death shadow», «custom of death», as well as give literary parallels with its analog, grotesque death («cheerful», «amusing death») in V. Nabokov’s works. System, typological, structural, semiotic and conceptual methods are used. As a result of observations it has been established that a metaphorical designation of a phenomenon of death at Pushkin as «informidable» has the ontological reasons and art criteria, that makes the practical importance of this research.

    pdf 185-190.pdf  (322 Kb)

  • Ryaguzova L.N., Ciao Jiezhao (People’s Republic of China)
    A.I. Solzhenitsyn and V. Nabokov: paradoxes of literary «meetings» and «nonmeetings»

    The paper examines the strategy of public behavior of A.I. Solzhenitsyn and V. Nabokov, their possible vital «meetings» and literary parallels in a critical reflection of a modern emigrantology. The common subjects of judgment of exile as space of cultural creativity, subjectivization of Russia and a way of creative development of traditions of the Russian literature are for the first time structured most completely. The comparative analysis of publicistic skill and role function of authors in aspects of comparative-historical, conceptual and culturological methods is given. The scientific novelty of this publication lies in the planned prospects of a further research in the field of art ontology, high degree of a self-reflection and a language game in works by both authors. The practical importance of comparison of two paradoxical creative persons in a situation of emigration and evolution of art thinking of the 20th century is obvious, especially in the context of reading a phenomenon of attraction / pushing away national traditions.

    pdf 191-197.pdf  (329 Kb)

  • Tibilov I.S.
    Formation of a small epic form in the Ossetian literature of the late 19th and early 20th centuries

    In the paper, we explore the evolution of a small genre form of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which has exerted impact on development of the Ossetian literature. Bright representatives of a prosaic genre of that time were S. Gadiev and A. Kotsoev. In this regard, relevant is the research of the questions connected with specifics of their art creativity in a comparative and typological aspect of consideration. The novelty lies in specification of genre definitions, in identification of typological features of realism of Kotsoev aimed at depiction of «typical characters in typical circumstances» rather than specific real persons as at S. Gadiev. Also, we deal with manifestations of romantic and realistic tendencies in prose of the period under study, identify the prepotent thematic complex, describe the process of transition of the author to critical realism and analyze Kotsoev’s attitude to socialist realism. The main methods of this research are comparative and typological. The outcomes of this research include identification of the art, social, spiritual and moral priorities of A. Kotsoev embodied in his art world, as well as finding out of a role of works of the writer in the course of formation of the Ossetian literature.

    pdf 198-202.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • Khazueva B.A.
    Constants of art judgment of images of the nature in lyrics of the Chechen poet Shaid Rashidov

    The paper explores the features of art judgment of images of the nature in lyrics of the Chechen poet Shaid Rashidov, the specifics of disclosure of these images in the Chechen folklore and literature, the main forms of use by the author of symbolics of flora, in particular images of the trees going from mythological motive of a world tree. The work fixes the verses devoted to spiritual moral and philosophical understanding of the nature, methods of parallelism, animism, anthropomorphism, metaphorization and allegory in disclosure of phytonymical symbolics and evolution of this lyrical subject in works by Sh. Rashidov. The comparative characteristic of a number of poetic texts is carried out. The conclusion is drawn that motives of the nature are relevant and efficient for disclosure of depth of the lyrical hero’s inner world in poetry of Sh. Rashidov.

    pdf 203-206.pdf  (308 Kb)

  • Cherevko G.V.
    Function of expressional gestures in stories of V.V. Nabokov

    The paper explores the typology of gestures depending on speech construction and on expressiveness degree in them of the expressional attitude. The purpose of work is to comprehend a problem of nonverbal means of communication of heroes. Importance of studying nonverbal means is caused by both literary and common cultural reasons. One of serious problems is deficiency of communication, impossibility of establishment of contact of the person with the outside world. The communication units, most significant for V. Nabokov’s creativity, which can be useful to other authors and to culture in general, are allocated and described in the system of communication. The practical value of work is defined by a possibility of its use at further studying literary works of V. Nabokov. The research is focused on the methods which have developed within historical poetics and, in particular, the analysis, as well as on the approaches approved in a communicative esthetics, in that its specific link which is connected with stories and the system of nonverbal communication. The methodological base of research is presented by works on studying nonverbal means of communication of M.N. Zhornikova, S.A. Grigorieva and O. Maslennikova. In work, the emphasis on the lexical nature connected with specific lexical units – gestures has been for the first time placed. Thus, the gestures which are found in stories can be subdivided into the following groups: exaggerated «theatrical», intense emotional and extraordinary, and a certain type of gestures is typical of each hero.

    pdf 207-211.pdf  (319 Kb)

  • Shovgenova T.A.
    The historical – revolutionary theme in the Adyghe literary discourse

    An attempt is undertaken to assess the national literary science of works on a historical-revolutionary subject which has become the noticeable phenomenon in art prose. The relevance is defined by insufficient study in literary criticism of many features of historical-revolutionary prose: the subject has not received the deep analysis in respect of genre definitions of works, assessment of the principles of historicism and artistic implementation of historic figures. The purpose of this paper is to generalize the existing estimates and to designate prospect in a research of a historical-revolutionary subject in the Adyghe literary science. Application of comparative, historical and theoretical methods of research has allowed us to come to a conclusion that the historical-revolutionary subject has given unique shape to literature of the 20th century. An era has presented the considerable works transmitting a spirit of the age, showing evolution of regeneration of people. The practical importance of work is that it can become a part in development of lessons, after-hour occupations in various educational institutions and theoretical base of further researches of the Adyghe historical-revolutionary prose.

    pdf 212-216.pdf  (293 Kb)

  • Maroulis Dionysios
    Homer and Cavafy: a relationship of thematic intertextuality

    The relationship between the poet Cavafy and Homer is characteristic for the way Cavafy worked on his poems. Cavafy can be described as a poet of library, since the source of inspiration for many of his poems are his readings. Many of these works of Cavafy are symbolic. In particular, the poet borrows characters and situations from myths, distinguishes them from their characteristic environment and generalizes the features of their character, elevating them to a symbol. In the search for symbols and images that play such an important role in his work, the poet turns primarily to the Homeric world. In this article, an attempt is made to compare the mythological poems of Cavafy with the Homeric prototype in order to highlight some of the typological tendencies of the poet’s work. The main method of analysis is the thematic comparison of Homer’s works with the poems of Cavafy in order to explore their thematic relationship and demonstrate that Cavafy in Homer’s heritage seeks for symbols for the main themes of his poetry such as fate, death, youth. It must be noticed that most of his mythological poems are permeated with respect to the meaning and version of his mythological source, except the poem «Ithaca», where pleasure and knowledge are delivered by the desire for travel.

    pdf 217-224.pdf  (336 Kb)

  • Shkhalakhova S.S.
    Azhagafa as the archaic character of folk theater of the Adyghes

    The paper deals with the questions of ceremonial and professional theater of the Adyghes. The author identifies genetic and typological linkages, functions and behavioral properties of azhagafa, the most ancient character of the Adyghe ceremonial culture and goat-hoofed satirs – participants of processions of Ancient Greek God Dionysus. The unity of sources and parallels of development of early types of creativity in the ancient people is established. Results of this research will promote profound studying a complex of folk ceremonial theater as a basis and forerunner of the Adyghe modern professional theater with the subsequent analysis of interrelation of a triad: an azhagafa – dzheguako (khatiyako) – the actor of modern theater. The conclusion is drawn that the archaic azhagafa, at a late step of development transformed in dzheguako – the medieval actor manager of merrymakings, is the central figure in formation of a character code of ceremonial theater.

    pdf 225-228.pdf  (290 Kb)

  • Novak M.V.
    Chronological dictionary – desk book «History of Russian Orthodoxy in America»: experience of creation

    The purpose of this paper is to present data in system, in the dictionary – desk book organizing them in a chronological order to study history of any complicated socio-political or cultural phenomena for the adequate understanding of their essence and significance requiring evident representation of the whole panorama of events, facts and operating forces and persons. In order to compare various facts and identify their relationships of cause and effect, dictionary entries have the form of tables, which will allow synchronization of the course of various historical, political or public processes. To make the formalized statement of the dictionary text more fascinating and exert emotional attitude to events of far history, we included subjectively painted statements and quotes of participants or witnesses of historical events of formation of the Russian Orthodoxy in the USA in the dictionary, by using a comparative and typological method and technique of «storytelling». Results of work have a theoretical and practical significance, as this is the first experience in edition of such work and on such subject.

    pdf 229-233.pdf  (296 Kb)

  • Primina O.M.
    The ratings of higher education institutions as an image-forming component of information space

    The relevance of the research is determined to the fact that in the modern period the society is engaged in the development of human capital, the basis of which is a competitive and flexible education system. In this regard, many countries carry out work to compile university rankings, informing the public about the best universities in the world. In addition, the ratings of universities, influencing the activities of universities and national policies of many countries, are becoming an increasingly important factor in the market of educational services. The formation of the global information space has determined the necessity of ranking the standards of higher education and recognizing the qualification characteristics of specialists in the labor market. The purpose of creating ratings is information in the media for the target audience (applicants and their parents), which significantly affects the image of universities and allows determination of the main trends in the development of higher education in a particular country. This article examines the role of ratings as an important component of the university’s image in the world market of educational services from the point of view of the global information space.

    pdf 234-239.pdf  (308 Kb)

  • Shishkhova N.M.
    Some problems of journalism in the training course of history of the Russian literature of the 17-18th centuries

    The paper explores the ways of the origin and formation of domestic journalism, its genre system, originality of functioning, and the most important – specifics of art interaction and functioning of its forms in the history of the Russian literature of the 17-18th centuries. The author formulates the theoretical justification and the main methodological approaches to comparative analysis of the history of journalism and history of literature. The extreme relevance of this problem is due to two components: need of an integrated approach to a research of the literary and art phenomena, and obvious «fading» of scientific interest in history of the press of this period. The problem of a periodization of the 18th century journalism causes scientific polemics and becomes an important part of the history of the Russian literature. It helps disclose not only the general laws of development of the press, to present process of formation of genres of journalism, a way of professionalizing journalistic work, but also to see analogs of public and literary processes and to hear art language of an era.

    pdf 240-246.pdf  (333 Kb)

  • Achilova E.N., Buyanova L.Yu.
    Terminological verbalization of the category of the subject of financial and economic activity: the derivative aspect

    From the cognitive-derivational positions, the specialized category of the subject of financial and economic activity is analyzed, the derivational features of its formation are identified and argued, and its role and place in the derivational system of the metalanguage of the global economic science are presented. The theoretical significance lies in the reflection that the verbalization of this category is due to both extralinguistic and intralinguistic factors that determine the diversity and heterogeneity of the linguistic explication of the category of the subject in the economic discursive area. The conclusion is drawn that the processes of terminological derivation are of a universal nature, i.e. are carried out by common cognitive models in all languages, but using the national-international terminophone means, resulting in heterogeneous in structure and degree of specialization terminological units that form the language of science of each cognitive field. The practical value of the above material and observations consists in the possibility of its application in the practice of teaching high school courses in the theory of language, word formation and general terminology.

    pdf 17-21.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • Boyko S.A., Shaprinskaya O.N.
    Representation of ambivalence in fiction discourse

    The article is devoted to research in the field of discourse theory. The main purpose of the study is to identify ambivalence in the basic author’s concepts of the L. Carroll’s works «Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland», «Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There» and R.L. Stevenson’s «Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde». Scientific importance of the article is that the concept of ambivalence is a largely unexplored topic. Scientific novelty of this work is in the identification of the ambivalent meanings’ structure of the basic concepts of L.Carroll è R. L. Stevenson. In the article, the following methods of the investigation are used: frequency analysis, contextual analysis and linguo-hermeneutic approach. The results of the research make some contribution to the theory of discourse, linguo-hermeneutics, the theory of linguistic universals and literature. The results obtained during the process of the investigation contribute to the theoretical understanding of the category «ambivalence» in the language. Practical significance of the research is expressed in the possibility of usage of the results during lecture studies and practical exercises, special courses on the theory of language, lexicology, applied linguistics, the theory of text, the theory of understanding and hermeneutics, literature criticism. The article also defines the terms «discourse», «concept», «ambivalence», describes the study of the ambivalence of the fundamental concepts in the above mentioned works and its result.

    pdf 22-27.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • Golubtsov S.A.
    Foreign lexical inclusions as a mean of character’s portrait representation

    The article deals with the principles of the description of the foreign lexical inclusions used in the works of the British writer S. Maugham. The data obtained within given scientific study that is based on the study of foreign lexical inclusions help to determine its functions which are responsible for attracting the reader by affecting his intellectual and emotional spheres. The study proves that the foreign lexical inclusions are introduced to the text for achievement of the increased expressiveness of the fiction text, also for individualization of the character’s speech and the creation of their portraits. Methods of the study include interpretative and functional-stylistic analysis of the fiction text. The study results are of theoretical importance, including systematic approach to the working out the functions of foreign lexical inclusions, among them there are realization of comic effect, euphemism, language competence, author’s critical opinion and local national peculiarities. It is proved through the analysis that foreign lexical inclusions reveal various effects in fiction texts. The given results could be successfully used directly for study of the functioning of the foreign lexical inclusions in creative speech that helps to describe individual author’s art world view and is fruitful for the theory of text analysis.

    pdf 28-34.pdf  (348 Kb)

  • Golubtsov S.A., Luchinskaya E.N.
    Language game as a mean of actualization of intertext in the fiction discourse

    The main principles of the description of the intertextuality that is understood as a kind of language game are revealed. The data obtained within given scientific study that is based on intertextuality help to determine intertextual insertion which may be correlated with the different situations. Language game is understood as an activity that realizes according to the certain rules when the process is more important than the result and it is the mean of specific communication. The usual aim of language game is the recipient, that’s why one should pay attention to the author’s game with the text and also to the reader’s transformation into the author’s companion and co-author. Methods of the study include interpretative analysis of the fiction text. The study results are of theoretical importance, they include systematic approach to the working out the ways of intertext interpretation due to context which presupposes the broadening of its intertextual perspective. It is proved through the analysis that the play with the intertext opens various effects that are used in fiction discourse. The given results could be successfully used directly for study of the functioning of the “precedent word” in creative speech that in a whole helps to reveal the main essence of the play – renewal in multiple repetitions.

    pdf 35-40.pdf  (344 Kb)

  • Demchenko E.F., Ostrovskaya T.A.
    The frame analysis of concept «property» in the British culture of language in the first half of the 20th century

    This work discusses ways of verbalization of a basic social cultural concept «property» in the British culture of language in the first half of the 20th century. Lexical units, verbalizing the concept «property» in the text of the novel «The White Monkey» by John Galsworthy, are analyzed. The material of the considered lexical units is used to construct the frame model of the concept «property». The authors define the conventional and specific features of the concept «property» and the reality fragments covered by this concept. The conclusion is drawn that in the first half of the 20th century the concept «property» is widely presented in the sphere of the relations of property and covers such fragments of reality as the subject, an object and conditions of the relations of property, as well as the actions made by the subject and an object of the relations of property. For carriers of the British culture of language of the considered period the most important fragment of reality within the relations of property is operating by an object of the relations of property and ways of such operating. The theoretical importance consists in expansion of idea of a conceptual and language picture of the world of native speakers of English. The practical importance of the stated material lies in a possibility of its application by drawing up dictionaries of linguocultural concepts of English, the theory and practice of cross-cultural communication, and in teaching a practical course of English.

    pdf 41-45.pdf  (315 Kb)

  • Cankilic Adnan
    On ways of formation of the Adyghe onyms designating the place, tools and material names with an affix and sound alternation

    The problem of ways of formation of various parts of speech in the Adyghe languages still draws attention of researchers of the Adyghe languages, in particular Kh.Sh. Urusov, Yu.A. Tkharkakhov, etc. However, there are still questions which demand the studying. New ways of word formation in the Adyghe languages are revealed. Proceeding from it, we focus our attention on some aspects that make it possible to reveal new, most productive ways of word formation. Unfortunately, word-formation opportunities of the Adyghe languages have not found full reflection in the existing scientific researches on this subject. We have made attempt to consider in more detail phonetic changes in word formation process. Results of our research can be used in higher institution course «Modern Kabardino-Circassian Language» and in a lexicographic grammar.

    pdf 46-51.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • Zelenskaya V.V., Kanon I.A.
    Provincial personality: world outlook, sociocultural and aesthetic components (based on the novel prose of S.-G. Colette)

    The article is devoted to revealing the world outlook, sociocultural and aesthetic components of the provincial personality in the fiction text. During the determination of the notion “provincial personality” it is established that the author rethinks the meaning of the word “province”, and the capital / provincial correlation is seen in the binary opposition. A new type of human character is stated, that was formed in conditions of geographical distance from the capital marked by a specific moral value. The data, obtained within the given scientific study based on the description of the fiction texts, help to identify the dominants of the emotional state of the provincial personality and the artistic means of their incarnation. The results of the study are of high theoretical value that presupposes systematic approach to working out the entire personage image that is based on detailed description of artistic means. During the analysis it is concluded that the province can be understood as a state of the human soul. The main method of the study is cognitive analysis of the fiction text. The results obtained can be successfully applied both for the studying the language personality of the character or individual author’s language personality and for further learning the theory of fiction text analysis.

    pdf 52-58.pdf  (332 Kb)

  • Kopot L.V., Adzinova A.A.
    Communicative failure as result of violation of ethical standard in texts of social advertising

    Scientific interest in advertising language as an object of linguistics is caused by aspiration of copywriters to updating information material that, in its turn, promotes the address both to verbal expressional and artistic tools, and iconic, sociocultural components which are stored in memory of the people, reflecting the active processes in society realized in language. Incorrect examples of a language game in texts of social advertising are revealed and analyzed. Emergence of examples of a language game is a continuous process therefore new advertising texts need the versatile description since there is an expansion of semantic structure of the available words under the influence of intralinguistic and extralinguistic factors. The practical importance lies in formation of an elite information field of advertising texts and the moral culture of younger generation. The following methods are applied: methods of observation, system research and comparison. The conclusion is drawn that the substandard «game» tendency promoting emergence of communicative failures of the copywriter in a pursuit of an unusual form, expression, grotesque, finally the pragmatical effect which is negatively influencing the addressee, is increasing.

    pdf 59-65.pdf  (896 Kb)

  • Kubashicheva S.K.
    English economic texts as sociolinguistic phenomenon

    The paper offers a new vision of information space through a prism of analytical character of the English determining translation practice of special texts. The research is aimed at the identification and description of a tendency of development of the specific conceptual sphere of economy as linguistic phenomenon. Important aspects of formation of new lexical layers where terms act as universal remedy of professional communication are revealed by means of the comparative and content analysis. The theoretical problems connected with the translation of texts for the special purposes are designated. Various methods of transfer of figurative phraseology and special lexicon of economic texts which can be applied as an algorithm of work with professional texts and dictionaries are offered.

    pdf 66-69.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • Kysylbaikova M.I.
    The language national consciousness of native speakers of the Yakut and English languages (based on the analysis of the stimulus word «language»)

    In order to determine the concept of the language consciousness of native speakers of the Yakut and English languages in relation to the concept of «culture,» an analysis of associative responses to the stimulus word «language» was carried out. The study of the language consciousness of the native speakers of a particular language is carried out mainly with the help of an associative experiment. The first step in this experiment is the selection of appropriate stimulus words for the concept under study. In this article, an analysis of the stimulus word «language» is presented, which is one of the 15 stimulus words of the concept «culture». Stimulus words are revealed on the basis of analysis of dictionary articles of the term «culture» from the explanatory, encyclopedic, terminological dictionaries. We notice an increased interest in issues of ethnicity and national consciousness. The problem of ethnicity is increasingly touched in the linguistic, culturological, archaeological works of our time. Relevant is the study of the consciousness of ethnic groups that exert influence on the environment and public practice. The article presents an analysis of the stimulus word «language». Through the analysis of the received reactions, based on the results of the associative experiment carried out by the carriers of the Yakut and English languages, we have got an idea of how this stimulus word functions in the language consciousness of the native speakers.

    pdf 70-73.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Limarova E.V., Sidorova N.A.
    Value aspects of communication competences in structure of the language personality

    The paper investigates a question of axiological aspects of the communication competences motivating the organization of verbal behavior of participants of communication, and given as one of components of structure of the language personality. Authors proceed from the principle of value determination of communicative acts and, respectively, formation of communicative competences. We consider the duality of the language personality in the course of communication as the regulator and the recipient of values. Data and conclusions are based on studying numerous works of domestic and foreign authors, as well as on the reviewed periodicals devoted to problems of the language personality, its essence and the competences implemented by this personality. It is concluded that there are the common features at competences of communication and communicative competence in structure of the language personality. Results of this research have the theoretical importance consisting in the description of value aspects of speech competences of speaker and making it possible to directly apply a structural-value method to a research of processes of both speech production and speech perception.

    pdf 74-79.pdf  (318 Kb)

  • Nechay Yu.P., Tsepordey O.V.
    The specifics of the language of German and Russian fairy tale: lexical and syntactical aspect

    The article deals with the features of such type of German and Russian folklore as a fairy tale. An analysis is made of the specificity of its national coloring, phonetic, morphological and syntactic means of its execution, as well as the bilingual transformation. The theoretical significance of the work is in the author’s attempt to study how on the example of fairy tailes modern speakers of different ethnicities perceive the fragments of the linguistic view of the world, formed in the previous periods. The practical significance of the work is stipulated by the fact that it allows employment of the comparative analysis of fairy tale characters within another language material.

    pdf 80-85.pdf  (350 Kb)

  • Osadchaya V.P.
    Morphological-syntactic features of English football terminology

    The paper deals with morphological-syntactic terminological structure of one of such team sports as football. We analyze structural features of English football terminology, productive ways of term building, and term classification by conceptual-thematic blocks as the cognitive phenomenon that conveys a certain amount of information being studied by language means. As a result of the structural analysis, certain linguistic features of the English football terminology are distinguished, differentiating it from the terminological systems of other subject fields. In terms of the structural characteristics, words (non-derivatives, derivatives, complex, abbreviations), term-combinations (two-component, three-component, multi-component) can perform the role of terms. Being part of general literary language, terminology develops according to general linguistic laws and uses the same methods of nomination as general vocabulary. In football terminology, one can trace back main general literary language word building ways. This group of sports terminology is distinguished from the vocabulary by functional criteria. Taking into account research object, such methods of linguistic analysis as functional, component, structural-semantic, and method of direct observation are widely used in the paper. Football terms taken from Anglophone resources served as a research material to study the problems mentioned above.

    pdf 86-93.pdf  (381 Kb)

  • Rashidova A.G., Bizhitueva M.P.
    Adverbs with spatial meaning in the English language in comparison with Lak and Russian languages

    The article discusses English adverbs with spatial meaning and their correspondences in the Lak and Russian languages, reveals some patterns of the functioning of English adverbs of «rest» or «movement» in the system of local cases and postpositions of the Lak language and the prepositional-case construction of the Russian language. English adverbs convey case relations more accurately, but when compared with Lak language it is revealed that one meaning of the local case can be transmitted by different English adverbs with a spatial meaning. The reason for the detailed development of the system of cases in Daghestan languages by many researchers of Ibero-Caucasian languages was the complexity of the case system in the mountain languages of Daghestan. The results of the conducted research allow us to use the results as an auxiliary teaching material for the Lak school teachers who teach the English, Russian and Lak languages. Also, the results can serve as a basis for comparative and typological study of morphology of Lak and other related Daghestan languages, English and some other foreign languages, which are studied in secondary and higher schools of the Republic of Daghestan.

    pdf 94-97.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • Rudenko K.V.
    Specificity of the Russian linguistic personality of B. Akunin (based on the example of novels about Fandorin)

    The article considers the concept of «writer’s linguistic personality» of B.Akunin based on the example of novels about Fandorin («The Winter Queen», «She lover of Death») to examine an analysis of the author’s idiostyle and to describe Yu.N. Karaulov’s basic levels of the phenomena: structural-linguistic, linguistic-cognitive and pragmatic levels. On the basis of this research the following features are identified: the using of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic means of speech, modern slang, reliance on pretexts, and the use of elements of the language game. The novelty of the research lies in an integrated and systematic approach to the study of the mordern writer B.Akunin as a linguistic personality.

    pdf 98-102.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • Sitimova S.S., Abregov A.N.
    On lexicon and morphology of the Khatukaysky-Adamiysky dialect of the Adyghe language

    In order to identify some lexical and morphological features of the Khatukaysky-Adamiysky dialect of the Adyghe language the following problems are solved: to reveal and describe some lexical and morphological features of the Khatukaysky-Adamiysky dialect. The relevance of a subject of this research is caused by existence in the Adyghe language of a complex of the unsolved controversial issues connected with the essence and grammatical status of the Khatukaysky-Adamiysky dialect. Traditional linguistic methods of research are used: descriptive, comparative, method of the contextual analysis, as well as such technique as observation and generalization. Of scientific importance are the revealed morphological and lexical features of the Khatukaysky-Adamiysky dialect and other dialects of the Adyghe language that allows us to comprehend better the morphological, lexical system of the Adyghe literary language and to predict its further development. The theoretical importance of work is in that the research of the problems connected with the grammatical nature of the Khatukaysky-Adamiysky dialect and its functioning makes a certain contribution to the general theory of studying morphology of the Adyghe languages. The practical value of this research lies in that the obtained results can be used during the language analysis in the Adyghe language and the Adyghe literature which is carried out at school and in higher education institution. Research materials can be also applied in a lecture and practical training in the Adyghe language and linguistics.

    pdf 103-109.pdf  (352 Kb)

  • Sokur E.A., Adzinova A.A.
    Microconcepts the husband – the wife in the Russian culture of language

    The paper examines specifics of the associations making the field of the considered concepts with the purpose to analyze lexical and phraseological units and to reveal the main cultural principles and stereotypes. Data of linguistic dictionaries have served as material of this research. The concept in the paper is understood as unit of collective knowledge which has language expression and ethnocultural specifics. Units reflecting the main associations are identified. A method of scientific observation with the discursive and component analysis is used. The scientific and practical importance and relevance of work are defined by the place of the studied concepts in language consciousness of the Russian people. The undertaken analysis makes a certain contribution to cognitive and cultural linguistics. It is inferred that there are various cultural principles in language consciousness concerning each of the microconcepts due to influence of cultural tradition and social modeling.

    pdf 110-115.pdf  (321 Kb)

  • Terpelets Zh.A.
    Language mechanisms of female-athlete representation in mass media discourse of the English and French languages: gender aspect

    Due to the global popularity of sport, we carry out for the first time the language and culturological analysis of representation of persons of the famous sportswomen and a research of a gender originality of media texts in the English and French languages. We use methods of the theoretical analysis of scientific sources on the studied problems, and a method of the contextual and complex analysis to define discursive, intentional, expressional and stylistic characteristics of the text in gender aspect. Research has shown that female images are subject to a trivialization and stereotypification at the level of gender roles, and the gravity of representation of sportswomen and elucidation of female sport decreases. A research objective is to demonstrate a critical vision throwing down a challenge to the standard ways of thinking. The task is to focus attention on technologies of creation of female images in a sports discourse, and on that which means of language (lexical, stylistic) we use to shape gender identity in media communication at replication of norms and requirements imposed to modern women. We have established that the distorted characteristic of sportswomen in language of popular mass media needs assessment for achievement of bigger progress for women in the sphere of sport.

    pdf 116-125.pdf  (383 Kb)

  • Tikhonova A.P.
    Problem of interpretation of Hattian texts

    Traditionally Hattian texts have been analyzed only on the basis of Hittite translations. This study is an attempt to identify the problems facing the researchers, based on the characteristics of the Hattian language itself and on the Abkhaz-Adyghe languages. This will allow us to penetrate deeper into the features of the Hattian phonetics and morphology. The material of the study presents fragments of Hattian-Hittite bilinguals, furnished with translation, as well as fragments of texts not translated by the Hittites. Comparative-historical analysis of the Hattian and Abkhaz-Adyghe lexical and grammatical forms showed the identity of the word components, which confirms the genetic relationship of the Hattian and Abkhaz-Adyghe languages. Knowledge of the problems that arise in analyzing Hattian texts is important for their adequate interpretation. The results of the research can be used in writing the history of the Abkhaz-Adyghe languages.

    pdf 126-131.pdf  (354 Kb)

  • Ujukhu D.M., Osipov G.A.
    Implementation tactics for the principle of a suggestion in advertising communication

    We analyze ways and implementers of suggestive potential of the advertising message, in which the suggestion is the integral quality of any advertising text. We investigate also the language tools used for manipulations. The purpose of this paper is to analyze, identify and systematize the media and non-media advertising tools and the suggestive language means which are implemented in advertising texts. Quantitative and qualitative methods of a research have allowed us to establish that the suggestion realizes in cognitive and pragmatic aspect and represents the property of the text based on use of certain linguistic persuaders and manipulation. We have established that the advertising message is not so much a means to lay information, as a tool to influence consciousness of the personality and to manipulate it.

    pdf 132-137.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • Shevatlokhova E.D., Arkhipova I.V.
    On proper nouns of adjectival type of declension

    The group of proper nouns of adjectival type of declension is examined using an example of onyms of adjectival type. A research objective is to show a variety of ways of their nomination and their features and to give material for a further research of adjectival nouns. It is inferred that the proper adjectival nouns represent the numerous group which is of interest to a further research in various aspects. The scientific novelty is defined by the fact that for the analysis we take the material which was earlier not exposed to the similar analysis. The practical material was analyzed using the methods of linguistic observation, differentiation, component and descriptive. The practical importance of this research lies in that that its results can be applied when studying modern linguistic processes in the field of the transitional phenomena of parts of speech.

    pdf 138-142.pdf  (313 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • Abakumova E.V., Pozdnyakova T.S.
    Homeland as subject in works of Adyghea artists

    We deal here with the interpretation of an image of the Homeland in the context of the fine arts of the Adyghea Republic in order to disclose possibilities of a creative method of artists to implement a subject of the Homeland in works of art. Theoretical elucidation of the content of the concept «Homeland» of modern multiethnic society gives the chance to purposeful carrying out the art criticism analysis of easel and monumental compositions. We use as an example the works of artists A. Bersirov, T. Kat and F. Petuvash, accumulating spiritual experience of generations in their creativity, to show the formation of ethnic socialization in the region. Objects of the fine arts are filled with signs and therefore we consider them as the semiotic text with its integrity and the connectivity of its elements with formal and substantial unity. With use of methods of hermeneutics and semiotics, we analyzed the contents of works through a prism of the signs of «hearth and home», «Circassian gardens», «Narts», «life tree» and others. As a result, we have found out that there is the interrelation of an image of the Homeland in the fine arts of Adyghea with the subjects based on historical events, religious views, folklore, traditions and customs.

    pdf 247-252.pdf  (356 Kb)

  • Pchelintsev A.V.
    Harmonic variation as a composite method: on the technique of arranging folk songs

    In the article, compositional techniques associated with the arrangement of folk songs are examined and analyzed. The author views the arrangement as a self-sufficient form of creativity, much like the composer’s, and focuses on the need for constant updating of approaches to the interpretation of folk tunes, including with the help of the achievements of the modern musical language and its expressive means. The researcher attributes to the most essential factors of transformation of the whole complex of the harmonic, textural, timbre changes, arsenal of dashed, articulatory and register features characteristic for a given instrument or ensemble combinations. The greatest attention is paid to harmonic variation as the most important means in rethinking the harmonics basis of the arranged object. The ability of a tone to perform unique harmonics functions allows you to constantly enter it into the context of the transformation. The repetition and variation of melodic cells characteristic of folk tunes also create conditions for their re-intonation based on harmonic variation. This circumstance, based on the «negotiation» of the melody with harmony, makes it possible to hear the source from a new, unexpected side. As examples, two samples are given - the wedding song of the Ulyanovsk region «Uzh vy, yakhonty, yakhonty» and wedding song of Novgorod region «Zvonili zvony»: variants of re-comprehension of the harmonious structure of folk tunes are presented here. The obtained results allow the author to draw a conclusion about the multifaceted links of the musical language, potentially incorporated in the folklore source, and can be successfully applied in the professional activities of the arranger.

    pdf 253-259.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Biological Sciences
  • Karantysh G.V., Nabieva K.N., Dmitrenko L.M.
    Change in neurophysiological indicators at athletes of adolescent age with different lateral phenotypes, playing table tennis

    At present, there is great interest in the problem of brain lateralization and dynamic changes in functional interhemispheric asymmetry due to the new knowledge obtained in the field of sports physiology. This paper explores the influence of durational table tennis playing on the indices of sensorimotor asymmetries, as well as neuro-physiological indicators in adolescents with different lateral phenotypes. To evaluate interhemispheric relationships, the α rhythm sampling rates (8–9 Hz, 10–11 Hz, 11–13 Hz) were analyzed, as well as the coherence of α-rhythm with a frequency of 10 Hz. We have established that after long hours of playing table tennis, athletes show an increased asymmetry of the α-rhythm in the occipital regions in the high-frequency range, especially in right-handers, and en-hances of the coherence of the EEG in the α-range as compared to untrained peers.

    pdf 51-56.pdf  (423 Kb)

  • Vodolazhskaya M.G., Vodolazhsky G.I.
    Neurophysiological prerequisites to new classification of negative emotional states

    According to three-dimensional localization of sources of increased electrical activity of the brain with the help of the BrainLoc program, resentment and guilt are deep forms of aggression; verbal, physical, indirect aggression and negativism – superficial; and irritability and suspicion – intermediate. A detailed localization of these forms of emotion is given in the paper. The prerequisites for a new classification of aggressive manifestations are discussed – on the cerebral vertical, that is, on the level of generation of the focus of increased electrical activity of the brain.

    pdf 57-63.pdf  (323 Kb)

  • Ponamareva P.O., Mililyan N.S., Zolotavina M.L.
    Encounter rates of gene polymorphism of the clotting system and their dependence on blood-group specifity and Rh affinity among women

    The authors have discovered that the largest encounter rates of a polymorphism are characteristic of genes of blood clotting of PAI-1, MTRR, MTR; and the least encounter rates are indicative of genes of FGB, ITGB-3, FV, FII, FVII, and MTHFR. In this paper, we examine genes of a folate cycle and clotting system at which polymorphisms occur more often than at other genes of blood clotting. By means of a hypothesis of the distribution law of a random value (Pearson's criterion) of encounter rates of a polymorphism of these genes, connection with blood-group specificity and Rh affinity at women was established. Polymorphisms of alleles of MTR are significantly associated with patho-logical processes of blood clotting system at women with blood group O – I0I0D+ and D– affinity, with blood group A – IAI0D+ affinity, and with blood group AB – IAIBD+ affinity; for other chosen cases such association is unproved.

    pdf 64-69.pdf  (399 Kb)

  • Dautova A.Z., Shamratova V.G., Vorobeva E.V.
    Influence of polymorphisms of the ACE and BDRRB2 genes on various links of the oxygen transport system of the young men depending on the level of physical activity

    The paper shows the influence of polymorphisms of genes of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) and Bradykinin Receptor of type 2 (BDKRB2) on indicators of the oxygen transport system (OTS) of young men depending on the level of their physical activity. At athletes whose level of the motive mode is high (480 minutes/week), ACE gene polymor-phisms are authentically associated with the average volume and the size of erythrocytes, content of oxygenic hemoglobin and oxygen tension in blood. BDKRB2 gene polymorphisms point to the level of a physical condition of an organism, adaptation opportunities of cardiovascular system and tolerance to physical activities.

    pdf 70-78.pdf  (380 Kb)

  • Orlov P.M., Gladysheva O.V., Akanova N.I., Ashinov Yu.N.
    Dynamics of 90Sr and 137Cs content in the soils of the Central Federal District in a long after-effect of lime application

    The paper presents the generalized results of monitoring 90Sr and 137Cs content in the soils of Tula, Orel and Ryazan regions, its average values and standard intervals. There is significant spotting of radioactive contamination in soils. The standard interval of changing the 137Cs content in the soil of the Tula region is equal to 23–221 Bq/kg (or 0,9 to 1,8 CI/km2), in the Orel region, 43–117 Bq/kg (0,36–0,95 CI/km2), and in the Ryazan region, 75 Bq/kg (0,61 CI/km2), and the standard interval of changing the 137Cs content in the soil is equal to 44–106 Bq/kg (0,36 to 0,86 CI/km2). The 90Sr content in the soils of these areas is low. In all the surveyed areas, the risks of agricultural production contaminated with 90Sr above the standard are practically absent. The results on radioactive soil pollution in human settlements and the data on local radiation monitoring of agricultural land in reference areas are in good agreement and successfully complement each other.

    pdf 79-85.pdf  (324 Kb)

  • Ocheret N.P., Tuguz F.V.
    Content of nitrates in foodstuff and their influence on health of the person

    The paper discusses the results of a chemical experiment on definition of nitrates in foodstuff and their influence on health of the person. The obtained results give information on a condition of foodstuff concerning availability of nitrates. The reasons, due to which nitrates accumulate in plants, are established. Recommendations how to reduce contents of nitrates in foodstuff and their influence on health of the person are given.

    pdf 86-92.pdf  (405 Kb)

  • Bondarev Yu.P., Zubkova T.A., Ashinov Yu.N.
    Impact of “Simbiont” as a growth regulator on efficiency of vegetable cultures and buckwheat harvest

    The use of the growth regulator “Simbiont” has provided increase in a harvest of the studied agricultural crops: cabbage “Slava 231” – by 11–13%; cucumber “Nezhinsky” – by 17% in greenhouse and 32% in the field; and buck-wheat “Ballad” – by 10–13%. The increase in the productivity of pepper “Bodrost” was 31% after using the “Simbiont”.

    pdf 93-97.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • Tolstikova T.N., Ednich E.M., Chernyavskaya I.V., Mugotlev M.A.
    Floristic analysis of Magnoliophyta from the natural area of the Botanical garden of the Adyghe State University

    In this paper, we present a short analysis and the annotated list of plants of natural flora of the Botanical garden of the Adyghe State University, which includes 343 species of 62 Magnoliophyta families. We have made the biomorphological, geographical and ecological analyses; identified weed, adventive and invasive plants and estab-lished the number of rare species.

    pdf 98-112.pdf  (447 Kb)

  • Shkhapatsev A.K., Ashinov Yu.N., Kononova T.V.
    Agri-environmental impact assessment of systematic application of means of chemicalization in farming on the accumulation of heavy metals in soil

    The article traces the dynamics of changes in the acid-base properties of the soil, the content of exchange bases and heavy metals during prolonged use of mineral fertilizers and plant protection products in the field crop. After ten years of research, a decrease in pH from the initial level of 0,21 units was found, that the resistance of TM to the action of factors in the experiment can be arranged in the following sequence: Ni>Cu>Co>Pb>Zn>Cd. The results obtained on the contents of heavy metals in the soil provide a basis to assess the environmental situation in agro-ecosystems of Krasnodar region in making fertilizers in recommended doses, as completely satisfactory and provides getting environmentally safe products.

    pdf 113-118.pdf  (329 Kb)

  • Tsibirova L.L., Cherchesova S.K., Tsagaeva Z.K.
    On the fauna of amphibiotic insects of the Cartsadon River (the Terek River basin)

    The work presents data on the specific composition of amphibiotic insects of the Kartsadon small mountain river, the left tributary of the Fiagdon River (the Terek River basin). In the benthos, representatives of the orders of the subspecies mayflies (Ephemeroptera), stoneflies (Plecoptera), caddis flies (Trichoptera), Diptera (Diptera) are noted. Among the detachments caddis flies (12 species), mayflies (8 species), stoneflies (7 species) and finally, Diptera (5 species) dominate. All species belong to the oligosaprobic, litterophilic fauna, and are an essential part of the natural forage reserve of salmonids, along with the Amphipoda squad.

    pdf 119-123.pdf  (343 Kb)

  • Tlyachev V.B., Ushkho A.D., Ushkho D.S.
    On the singular points of a cubic system with center

    For a specific type of cubic differential system we find that, under special coefficient conditions, it cannot have three centers and six saddles. We prove that if the system has nine singular points in a limited part of the phase plane, then five of them are the centers, and four are saddles. An example of such a system is given.

    pdf 13-16.pdf  (355 Kb)

  • Kozlov V.A., Palandzhyants L.Z.
    On subalgebra structure of the polynomial multiplicatively integrated matrix functions of the second order. III

    In this paper, we consider the problem on polynomial curvilinear multiplicative integrals and reveal the structure of subalgebra of the multiplicatively integrated matrix functions of the second order. The research is conducted by degrees of polynomial curves.

    pdf 17-20.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Stash A.Kh.
    On some properties of hyper frequencies of decisions for linear differential equations of the highest orders

    We have established that the full hyper frequencies considered as functionalities on a set of solutions of the linear uniform differential equations above the third order with the continuous coefficients limited on a semiaxis are not residual (that is can change at changing solution on a final piece). Besides, at any beforehand set , an example of the linear uniform differential equation of n order, for some solution of which full and vector hyper frequencies do not coincide, is given.

    pdf 21-25.pdf  (327 Kb)

  • Tkhabisimova M.M., Kaygermazov A.A., Kudaeva F.K.
    Statistical analysis of the stochastic model of moisture transfer

    In this work, we carry out the statistical analysis of the stochastic model of moisture transfer. To determine the statistical parameters, the Adler’s equation comes down to a sequential solution of six one-type problems, solved by the iteration method using the sweep algorithm. The results of the calculation obtained by the formulas of the sweep method are stable. Based on the algorithm considered in the work, we developed a program implemented in the Turbo Pascal environment and calculated a test case for the values of random functions listed in the program.

    pdf 26-30.pdf  (374 Kb)

  • Bobylev Yu.V., Gribkov A.I., Romanov R.V.
    On the analytical theory of the electrolyte motion in a stationary magnetic field

    We have obtained the analytical solution describing the stationary motion of electrolyte in magnetic field for a case of the Cartesian geometry of system taking into account interaction of a free surface of electrolyte with air. Comparison of the results of the theory and a field experiment shows that influence of air on the movement of elec-trolyte is very small and in order to achieve greater agreement it is necessary to use methods of numerical modeling with the corresponding more general statement of the problem.

    pdf 31-35.pdf  (432 Kb)

  • Golovnev Yu.F., Nurguleev D.A., Vlasova Ya.V., Denisov I.V.
    Exciton polaritons in EuO semiconductor

    The paper examines an exciton-photon interaction in a ferromagnetic EuO semiconductor. The authors have analyzed in detail the process of formation of exciton polaritons in the ferromagnetic EuO crystal, and by solution of the Schrodinger coupled equations for photon and exciton fields have obtained the necessary dispersion curves.

    pdf 36-38.pdf  (333 Kb)

  • Popova A.A., Bedanokov R.A.
    Kinetics of natural water electrocoagulation

    The work explores kinetics of natural water electrocoagulation with the help of the granulated aluminum sulfate, the polymerized aluminum oxychloride and compositions made on their basis. By using a complex of physicochemical methods, we have found out that speed and mechanism of electrocoagulation in the systems under study is determined by correlation of different types of electrostatic interactions. They influence the double-layer parameters and electrophoretic mobility of the particles. We have established the synergistic effect of coagulants and nitrite-hydroxide mixtures in the conditions of electrocoagulating purification of natural waters.

    pdf 39-46.pdf  (579 Kb)

  • Golovnev Yu.F., Nurguleev D.A., Vlasova Ya.V.
    Phonon polaritons in EuO semiconductor

    The work examines a phonon-photon interaction in the ferromagnetic EuO semiconductor. We analyzed the ab-sorption features in the ferromagnetic and nonferromagnetic EuO semiconductor in detail. As a result, a dispersion curve was obtained for the oscillators distributed in EuO crystal.

    pdf 47-50.pdf  (359 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Buchatsky P.Yu., Shopin A.V.
    Program simulation module for the control of photo-wind electro-power station

    The paper describes the principles and stages of operation of the developed program module to assess efficiency of indistinct situational control technique basing on simulation of the control of the photo-wind electro-power station.

    pdf 124-127.pdf  (427 Kb)

  • Chuchin M.I.
    Fault tolerance assessment of automated information systems based on the renormalization group of the percolation model

    Violations of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information are due to dangerous impacts on automated information systems. To create a system with reliable information security it is necessary to simulate the behavior of the system corresponding to real conditions. The paper discusses the issues of disaster resistance to ensure the viability of critical information systems.

    pdf 128-136.pdf  (734 Kb)

  • Tarasov E.S., Bachmanov D.A., Yankevich A.A., Sinitsyn A.A.
    Analysis of approaches to monitoring and control of infrastructure of the Internet of things based on blockchain

    The paper deals with the methodical aspects of ensuring the security of the Internet of things with the use of blockchain technologies taking into account the features of the construction and functioning of this architecture. The stages of development and implementation of blockchain-based solutions in the IoT loop that ensure the efficiency and safety of the life cycle of the infrastructure functioning are considered, and a description of the typical ar-chitecture of such a complex is provided.

    pdf 137-141.pdf  (554 Kb)

  • Dovgal V.À., Dovgal D.V.
    Security by means of virtualization of network functions

    The paper describes the main tasks and the potentialities of security of network functions virtualization (NFV), the design of NFV architecture and some potential problems and tasks of NFV security. Besides, we analyzed the existing products and solutions in the sphere of NFV security and some promising directions of researches in this field.

    pdf 142-145.pdf  (299 Kb)

  • Shopin A.V., Shopina Ya.A.
    The choice of a mathematical apparatus to implement a control system of autonomous power complexes with nonconventional renewables

    Characteristics of the input and output data of a control system of autonomous power complexes with nonconventional renewables are compared with the criteria characterizing type of uncertainty of an object of control for the purpose of definition of a mathematical apparatus necessary for realization of a control system. We conclude that it is expedient to use technologies of artificial intelligence, namely fuzzy control to implement a control system of autonomous power complexes with nonconventional renewables.

    pdf 146-148.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Efremov A.A., Meretukov M.A., Kokhuzhev A.D.
    Drilling hydraulics for the Koshekhablskoye sidetrack project

    The paper analyzes drilling hydraulics for a sidetrack in the Koshekhablskoye well 26. The conclusion is substantiated with estimates of mud weight, pressure drop across the bit and overbalance for the current reservoir pressure. An attempt is made to estimate the effect of the reservoir pressure decline on the annular pressure, pressure drop across the bit, and overbalance.

    pdf 149-152.pdf  (318 Kb)

  • Kudaeva F.K., Kaygermazov À.À., Kaziev V.M., Tkhabisimova M.M., Noraliev N.Kh.
    Information and communication technologies in the study of problems of medical ñare

    The study of queues in health care systems allows us to define the criteria for the operation of the hospital system, among which the most important are the average waiting time in queue of hospitalization and the average length of the waiting queue. We use such information to select the appropriate level of service. Currently existing versions of the applications, features of their maintenance, shaping queues, the location, the number and organization of the service channels was the reason for the emergence of a large variety of queueing systems. Theoretically, the possi-bility of new advances in medicine is unlimited, but in practice, there is a shortage of doctors and nurses, lack of medicines, facilities, finance, etc. In this regard, there are many urgent problems, the solution of which would allow us to use the limited resources available with maximum efficiency. Our proposed work deals with the organization and planning of health services.

    pdf 153-159.pdf  (369 Kb)

  • Meretukov M.A.
    On distribution of the gear ratio of cylindrical gearboxes between the stages

    The analysis of the existing variants of distribution of the gear ratio of two and three-stage cylindrical gearboxes between the stages is carried out. They provide the fulfilment of the condition of equal strength of the stages and additional conditions such as: minimum mass and dimensions, minimum volume, minimum total interaxle distance of the stages, maximum torque on the output shaft of the gearbox, etc. Ways of correction of the considered approaches taking into account modern technological possibilities of production of gear wheels are defined.

    pdf 160-163.pdf  (310 Kb)

  • Gorelova G.V., Kalinichenko A.I.

    Decisions profitability of the company's management usually depends on their reasons and relevance, which is especially important in the conditions of tough competition on the international and local markets. The article proposes to use the cognitive approach and the developed software for cognitive modeling of complex systems – CMSS to competition modeling. This software is used to simulate the behavior and states of interacting complex systems, to envisage possible evolution of situations in a competitive struggle. This allows to develop, analyze and justify management decisions in advance to reduce or eliminate the risks of competition. The main features of CMSS are described: support for solutions in the development of the cognitive model, analysis of structural properties, stability and possible scenarios of system evolution. The example of cognitive hierarchical interaction model evolution between three companies (two competitors and a partner) is illustratation of CMSS using. The diagrams of impulse processes reflecting possible scenarios of the system development are shown.

    pdf 114-125.pdf  (1 Mb)


  • IN MEMORY OF Gennadiy Alekseevich Leonov

    pdf 164-166.pdf  (269 Kb)

    Enterprise economy
  • Zakharova E.N., Lobanova E.N.

    The article discusses various approaches to outsourcing as a tool to optimize the structure and priority of the types of activities implemented by an enterprise; the basic characteristics of the outsourcing process are indicated; the stages of making a decision on outsourcing a business process are given. It is shown that the practical activity of modern business structures uses a two-phase model for making a decision on outsourcing a business process, reflecting the logical connection between various stages of the decision-making procedure and environmental factors, and suggesting the presence of feedback that allows you to re-implement the analysis procedure in case when the output is not obtained solution of the problem.

    pdf 86-93.pdf  (491 Kb)

    World Economy
  • Pleshivtseva A.A.

    The purpose of the work is to reveal the current trends in the development of the world market of physical gold. The experience of becoming the leading centers of trade in physical metals is analyzed. Predictive assessment of the alignment of forces in the international gold market in the future is made.

    pdf 166-175.pdf  (588 Kb)

    Finance and Credit
  • Gorelova G.V., Badwan N.L.

    The article discusses the problems of interbranch capital flows in the Russian Federation. The issues of the system of state financial regulation of capital accumulation and reproduction are raised. It is proposed to apply imitational cognitive modeling of complex systems for describing the problems of capital flow and scenario modeling of capital flow processes. An example of cognitive modeling is given. A computer experiment was obtained with the help of a software system CMSS.

    pdf 132-142.pdf  (531 Kb)

  • Kolomyts O.N., Reznik E.A., Faramazyan L.G.

    The article discusses the approaches, the essential aspects and components of the customer-oriented commercial bank; highlighted its inherent features and characteristics; it is substantiated that customer focus promotes an increase in the bank’s revenues by expanding its customer base and is the most important and significant competitive advantage of a modern credit institution.

    pdf 143-148.pdf  (120 Kb)

  • Zakharova E.N., Kononova O.V.

    The article discusses various approaches to the concept of competitive stability of an economic entity. It is shown that the main prerequisites for ensuring competitive stability are most realized in the framework of a proactive approach based on the use of work with weak signals. The process of ensuring competitive stability is demonstrated by the example of a higher educational institution in the educational services market. It is shown that the modern approach to ensuring the competitive stability of the subject of the educational services market implies the formation of a qualitatively new relationship between the service provider and their customers, thereby determining the development of the client-oriented approach as the basis of effective activity of educational organizations.

    pdf 94-102.pdf  (351 Kb)

  • Ivashchuk Yu.S., Orlyanskaya N.P., Teshev V.A.

    This article proposes a model for developing a business plan for a small business using the MS Excel toolkit.

    pdf 103-113.pdf  (660 Kb)

  • Vetrova V.D., Novosyolov S.N.

    In this article, the authors consider the main trends in catering, identify problems in the management of personnel of this kind of enterprises and offer a methodological apparatus for assessing the effectiveness of personnel management of catering enterprises, aimed at identifying the level of competitiveness and service. The study will improve the existing scientific achievements in the field of technologies of personnel management of catering enterprises by reorienting them in view of the focus on competitiveness.

    pdf 126-131.pdf  (411 Kb)

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