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  • Alkhaov A.A.
    Role of the Black Sea Fleet in creation of the Black Sea coastline (1837-1839)

    The paper discusses a role of the Black Sea Fleet in creation of the Black Sea coastline in 1837-1839. A number of important aspects of this subject are considered: the resources of the Black Sea Fleet involved at implementation of landings, its function and a general significance; actions of squadrons of the fleet when carrying out landing operations; and participation of naval military ranks in fights with the Circassian militias ashore. At the same time attention is paid to close interaction of the Black Sea Fleet and the Separate Caucasian Corps.

    pdf 17-26.pdf  (179 Kb)

  • Barazbiev M.I., Murzakhanov Yu.I.
    Studying ethnography of the people of Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia and Adyghea (1918 - 1940): bibliographic aspect

    Bibliographic manuals and indexes, being a special genre of scientific research, substantially predetermine the subsequent researches in the field and also set conditions for translation of the available scientific knowledge, i.e. it is possible to claim that the scientific and methodological value in the last decades considerably increases. This is promoted also by that circumstance that the role of science history in structure and content of scientific knowledge becomes more and more significant. The researcher begins work with preliminary acquaintance with scientific literature, with studying the printing sources devoted to various plots of the considered problem. And here the main sources are the bibliographic indexes making it possible not only to reveal material, necessary for further studying, but also to track the main stages of research interest in the matter. Formation and development of bibliographic tradition of studying the people of Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia and Adyghea as independent scientific direction within the bibliography of local history of the North Caucasus, still remains a problem of the future. Bibliographic editions are a special type of sources for studying various questions related to the organization of scientific activity, history of scientific societies, institutions and organizations, first of all, local, being engaged in studying and development of regional history, identification of historiographic plots. During the period 1918 - 1940 considered by authors of the present paper, there is a formation of the Soviet bibliographic tradition connected, first of all, with certain changes of the bibliographic repertoire, ideologically mediated approach to the bibliographic text, etc., when the study of local lore ceased to fit into a framework of the developing political system.

    pdf 27-35.pdf  (148 Kb)

  • Burykina L.V., Korchemkina E.E.
    Activities of public authorities of Adyghea for overcoming consequences of natural cataclysms in the 1920-1930s

    In the paper, based on a wide range of documents and materials, a history is recreated of such element of interaction of the person with the nature as the influence of natural disasters on everyday life and activity of the population, government institutions and the public of Adyghea in the 1920 –1930s. Also, the critical analysis of specific measures of the authorities and society on overcoming consequences of natural cataclysms and emergency situations, on assistance to affected population of the area is given. Authors have arrived at a conclusion that regular floods and hailstorms negatively affected social and economic development of the region and without the coordinated actions of the Soviet Union, regional and local authorities sustainable development of agriculture would be impossible.

    pdf 36-44.pdf  (144 Kb)

  • Emtyl R.Kh.
    B.M. Dzhimov, a researcher of history of Adyghes

    The paper analyzes questions of a research of history of Adyghes in the North Caucasus and Kuban by the erudite caucasiologist, Adyghe researcher B.M. Dzhimov. The paper focuses attention on a contribution to development of historical science of the Adyghe people of Kuban and the Caucasus and on the fundamental monographs prepared by the scientist on this problem. Also, his assessment of Perestroika events in the country, including in Adyghea and in Kuban is noted.

    pdf 45-48.pdf  (96 Kb)

  • Koichuev A.D.
    Role of the people of the Karachay Autonomous Region in defense of the Caucasus (1942-1943)

    The paper shows participation of the population of the Karachay Autonomous Region in defense of the North Caucasus against the German fascists and their patriotic and heroic actions in days of the Great Patriotic War.

    pdf 49-53.pdf  (125 Kb)

  • Tonkikh (Zaritskaya) T.V.,
    Formation of an education system in Novorossiysk and a role of Komsomol in "educational revolution" (1900-1920s)

    In this study, the condition of an education system in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century is considered, taking an example of the city of Novorossiysk. During this period, political factors defined a vector of modernization of an education system, having affected consciousness of society and change of social stratification. The state provided to the younger generation a role of the leader of labor and driving force of modernization of national economy. However, the bulk of youth was semiliterate. The Party and Komsomol system helped youth to realize the potential effectively through "educational revolution", including through workers' faculties.

    pdf 54-64.pdf  (176 Kb)

  • Khuako Z.Yu., Zhade Z.A.
    Sociocultural measurement of formation of a system of national journalism in the North Caucasus in the 1920-1930s

    This paper considers various aspects of formation of a system of mass media in the conditions of the Soviet autonomy. Special attention is paid to historical sociocultural measurement of mass media, characteristic of components of a system of periodicals, features and typology of newspapers and magazines in the multiethnic region and in variety of the sociocultural environment.

    pdf 65-73.pdf  (157 Kb)

  • Chunikhina T.N.
    Formation of institute of the head of the rural settlement in the Russian Federation: historical and legal analysis (1993 - 2018)

    In the paper, based on federal, regional and municipal legislative instruments, the historical and legal analysis of transformation of the status of the head of the rural settlement is given. Process of change of the purposes and objectives of activity of heads, volume of their powers, spheres of responsibility, order of interaction of local governments with heads of rural settlements is characterized.

    pdf 74-83.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • Schneider W.G., Shkhachemukov R.M., Abregova Zh.O.
    The Soviet national policy in the North Caucasus (1917 – the end of the 1950s): features of methodology of research

    The paper shows how the authors see the bases of methodology upon which history of the Soviet national policy in the North Caucasus is investigated. In the text, the theoretical fundamentals of a research of such phenomena as ethnic and cultural integration, sociocultural interaction, national construction and some others are analyzed. According to authors, these processes were characteristic of the Soviet national policy in the North Caucasus during the considered period. Therefore it is necessary to have a fair idea of modern methods of a research of these phenomena, of features of terminology and the content of the basic concepts.

    pdf 84-93.pdf  (159 Kb)

  • Bespalova A.A., Vyalykh N.A.
    Social features of medical care consumption in the South of Russia

    This study examines what are features of alternative (conservative and liberal) and hybrid (conservative liberal and liberal conservative) models of social behavior of medical care consumers in the south of Russia. The results suggest that (1) most of inhabitants of the South of Russia adhere to the conservative - liberal (state’s - liberal) model of social behavior in health sector now; (2) society of the South of Russia shows high level of adaptability to transformations in the social sphere; (3) most of the population are ready to adapt, in the presence of support from the state, to new conditions of delivery of health care; (4) the social behavior in health sector, as a rule, is reflexed, has a certain logic and the sequence, and is by its nature flexible and situational.

    pdf 94-102.pdf  (191 Kb)

  • Burtsev S.A.
    Leadership discourse among the Russian young people: potential of vertical social mobility

    The author of the paper believes that the research of the solidary communities focused on joint active actions for growth of vertical social mobility is relevant for definition of an activity contour of vertical social mobility of the Russian youth. According to the author's position, whatever effective organizational forms of youth were represented, solidarity of youth is defined by mutual compliance of the organization and a discourse of leadership. The leadership discourse leaning on the power and career reproduces the regressive or stagnating social mobility of youth. The leadership discourse as a key concept represents set of valuable dominants and interpretations of current problems that is a collective intentionality of youth in relation to a problem of the ascending social mobility. Solidary actions of youth in a corridor of opportunities of the ascending social mobility, according to a position of the author, depend on goal-setting which is formed by the leader in the form of acceptance by youth of priorities of social activity. Responsibility of young Russians to be "creators of their own destiny" and to establish cooperation with the state institutes, leaning on financial, organizational opportunities both autonomous, and within feedback, depends on finding consent concerning the purposes and forms of joint activity.

    pdf 103-111.pdf  (168 Kb)

  • Vyalykh N.A., Filimonova M.A., Bespalova A.A.
    Theoretical and methodological problems of studying medical care consumption in contemporary Russia

    The paper discusses modern theoretical approaches within which the analysis of medical care consumption in modern Russia is possible. The analysis of domestic and foreign scientific literature demonstrates that there is no integrative methodology of sociological knowledge of laws of professional medical care consumption as a kind of social action in the context of social differentiation of society. In that case, basic methodological approaches of a research of inequality of medical care consumers will be the structurally functional analysis, conflict approach and constructivist structuralism. Also, consideration of a problem of inequality of medical care consumers does not exclude the possibility of use of structural and functional approaches separately for more detailed and deep analysis of processes and the phenomena in a health care system and its subsystems.

    pdf 112-120.pdf  (183 Kb)

  • Grishay V.N., Zenin K.A., Grebenyuk D.V.
    System dynamics of modern society as factor of political regulation

    The present stage of development of society is characterized by extremely high rates of social changes. At the same time, the speed of changes is such that society often does not manage to adapt to the proceeding transformational processes that leads to a condition of permanent adaptation crisis. In these conditions, the question of opportunities of the political power to decrease intensity of crisis trends is updated. This paper deals with major factors of modern political regulation, as well as analyzes the most promising tools of the political power. Also, the publication considers problems of system interrelation of public institutes and internal dynamics of social institutes as factor of political regulation. The thesis about growth of demand of the predictive sphere of social knowledge is substantiated.

    pdf 121-126.pdf  (121 Kb)

  • Denisova G.S., Lubsky A.V., Voitenko V.P.
    Russian identity as subject of research practices

    The paper deals with the Russian identity as a subject of research practices. Authors emphasize that in the center of researchers’ attention there are, first of all, such questions as a concept of the Russian identity, its specifics, and factors of formation and structure of the Russian identity which in a scientific discourse have debatable character. In the conditions of actualization of a question of the civilization measurement of the Russian identity caused by search of civilization "answers" to globalization "challenges", ideas of Russia as the state civilization, as the reviewer of national and civilization identity are formed. Recently in a scientific discourse attention was paid to need of studying the Russian identity in multiethnic regions of Russia where ethnonational identities are a certain competitor to it.

    pdf 127-138.pdf  (221 Kb)

  • Ilyinova N.A., Chistyakova O.A., Avagimyan A.V.
    Islam in Adyghea: features of integration into national culture

    The paper develops the subject of inclusiveness of Islam in the national culture of the Adyghes. Religious consciousness of the Adyghes is noted for syncreticity. Synthesis of pagan cults, Christian and Muslim practices, Adygage has an ambiguous impact on a spiritual component of national culture of the Adyghe ethnos. Islamization of Adyghea includes several stages, but the combination of various religious bases was not overcome finally. Islam in Adyghea did not acquire the status of the only social regulator, its distribution and rooting were constantly restrained by the moral and ethical complex of the Adyghes developed during centuries-old history of these freedom-loving people. Today spiritual life of the modern Adyghes is regulated by multi-vector bases, which to a certain extent can be considered as specifics of ethnic identity.

    pdf 139-145.pdf  (154 Kb)

  • Kazieva M.Z.
    Spiritual health of the Dagestan students in the context of tolerant attitudes

    The paper discusses the influence of spiritual health on formation of tolerant attitudes in mass consciousness and behavior of the Dagestan studying youth.

    pdf 146-150.pdf  (111 Kb)

  • Kasparov A.R., Plotnikov V.V., Setov R.Yu.
    Conflictness as an object of research in contemporary sociological theories

    The paper considers the conflictness as an object of research of the humanities. The relevance of this problem lies in need to specify a categorial conceptual framework of sociology of the conflict. The publication reveals the influence of sociocultural and existential approaches on the general theory of the conflict. An opportunity is provided to look at the conflict in terms of metaphysics. Also, the prospect of methodological rapprochement of social, philosophical and sociological theories concerning conflictness is defined.

    pdf 151-158.pdf  (140 Kb)

  • Kilyaskhanov M.Kh.
    Elderly people in traditional and innovative society: attitude, social status and opportunities

    Age problems are put much more frequently in modern social sciences. It is connected with the fact that now the problems and contradictions connected with age definiteness of members of society became aggravated. At the same time one of widespread mistakes is the fact that social knowledge, after medical sciences and psychology, considers social aspects of age at the general level. Within the present article, the attention is focused on distinctions between western and eastern types of culture and divergences in them connected with interpretation of category of age. Also, the consecutive analysis is made of differences between innovative and traditional societies in relation to a question of understanding of category of age and the attitude towards elderly people. The point of view is substantiated according to which a number of the burning issues connected with a social status of elderly people results from cultural principles of innovative society.

    pdf 159-164.pdf  (122 Kb)

  • Konovalova L.A., Kumpilov T.A.
    Islamic clergy of Adyghea in modern conditions

    This study examines what are features of formation and development of the corps of modern Muslim clergy in the Republic of Adyghea. During the past decades the role of spiritual figures increased, their number considerably increased, from a social layer they turned into the social professional group with the intellectual resources having high potential of influence on the population and public processes. It is inferred that Muslim elite, preserving and increasing traditions and values of Islam, in recent years began to play more and more important role in the Republic of Adyghea.

    pdf 165-170.pdf  (143 Kb)

  • Kukva E.S., Ashinova D.A.
    Features of manifestation of global trends in transformation of religious consciousness at student's youth (from materials of focus group discussions)

    The paper analyzes some global trends characteristic of the religious sphere of the contemporary world. Based on the data of World Values Survey (WVS) - the World research of values and materials of the focus group discussions held among students of higher education institutions of Adjaria and Adyghea, the authors study features of manifestation of the specified trends in consciousness of youth in a comparative way.

    pdf 171-175.pdf  (137 Kb)

  • Naumova O.S.
    Image journal editions of higher education institution as form of a university homosphere and strategic resource

    The paper presents an essentially new approach to a research of the university as sociocultural phenomenon through humane forms, namely: its publishing. Having the phenomenal potential connected with socialization and consolidation of students and teachers, humanitarization of space in local and global measurements, the university represents multidimensional humanitarian space where a huge number of the actions, aspirations and images expressed in various forms are crossed. The homosphere of the university, on the one hand, is caused by historical conditions of its activity, and on the other – by sociocultural modes. The various university environment caused by cultural, ethnic, social and other contexts is unique, but at the same time it represents the whole problem for effective communication. The publishing house of the university is one of the powerful humanitarian centers of higher education institution designed, on the one hand, to store and pass on the sociocultural experience accumulated by higher education institution throughout history of its existence, and on the other – it is necessary for understanding of values of the past and meanings of the present. On an equal basis with other humanitarian projects of the university today the publishing house is a strategic resource of higher education institution, by means of which there is a fixing of its status of the intellectual leader who is updating new trends, setting new impulses to the movement and trends of development of the city, the region and country.

    pdf 176-183.pdf  (161 Kb)

  • Nekhay V.N., Shaov A.A., Nurakhmedova A.A., Khachetsukov Z.M.
    Globalization as factor of deconstruction of ethnoreligious values of the North Caucasus

    This study examines how globalization as megaproject of the Western European civilization influences crisis of ethnoreligious values of traditional society. Authors note that the North Caucasian society is capable to keep the ontologic status of ethnoreligious tradition by means of use of spiritual and moral potential of socionormative institutions, and distancing from the utilitarian - hedonistic principles of "the economic person" as anthropological attribution of a modernist style. This ethnoreligious tradition reactualizes its epistemological and axiological thesaurus in the conditions of search of model of universal development, alternative to a radical modernist style.

    pdf 184-189.pdf  (145 Kb)

  • Popova A.A.
    Influence of speech aggression in mass media on the attitude to religion

    The paper analyzes influence of modern media on perception of religion at carriers of religious consciousness. The author emphasizes importance of language in a religious discourse and religion in formation of cultural values. The main ways of use of speech aggression in mass media are generalized. Special attention is paid to powerful impact of the Internet on the attitude to religion. Examples devoted to religious subject found in the discourse of mass media are given.

    pdf 190-195.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • Sinyutin A.A.
    Transformation of family values in the society of risk

    In this paper, the author calls modernization of society as the main reason for devaluation of family values. German sociologist U. Beck considers it as a basis for formation of so-called society of risk. Society of risk is noted for uncertainty, which negatively affects functioning of one of key social institutes - family. Society of risk levels the importance of the collective principle and proclaims individualist values. This affects decrease in got married and in the level of natural reproduction of population of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the author notes importance of family and family values in stabilization of development of the Russian society.

    pdf 196-199.pdf  (102 Kb)

  • Zhernovaya O.R., Smirnova O.A.
    Language as the tool of "soft power" of the state (from mateials of the USA)

    The term "soft power" was included into a public lexicon in the nineties of the last century. It describes a form of foreign policy influence of the state with the purpose to achieve desirable results by voluntary participation and sympathy, unlike such form as "the rigid force” which means policy of pressing and coercion. It is considered that language and the culture of the country is "soft power" which plays a key role in the international relations, influencing directly or indirectly, world politics and interstate communications. In article, the current state of a problem of use of English by the U.S. Government as tool of soft power, in particular, for strengthening position of the USA in political arena, implementation of the cultural heritage abroad and Internet diplomacy distribution, is analyzed. Authors consider process of formation of English as tool of "soft power" of the USA on examples of introduction and its promoting through educational programs, a role of the Internet in a socio-political context and emergence of such phenomenon as "Internet diplomacy" of the state.

    pdf 200-206.pdf  (152 Kb)

  • Zimovets L.G., Ponomareva Yu.A.
    Historical pseudomorphoses of Russia

    An object of this research is O. Spengler's concept of "a historical pseudomorphosis" considered as one of forms of interaction of various cultures. In article, basic provisions of O. Spengler's concept of cultural and historical types are examined, and the analysis of the concept of "historical pseudomorphosis" and its influence on development of the Russian history and culture is carried out. Based on this research, it is inferred that the pseudomorphosis has the destructive nature and negative consequences for culture, which is transformed under its influence.

    pdf 207-211.pdf  (115 Kb)

  • Kuznetsova A.V., Petrulevich I.A.
    City concept: code of culture and narrative

    This study aims to explore a city concept in coordinates of a humane scientific paradigm with a support on its studying as the component of the code of culture and specific form of the narrative developed in public consciousness and being a point of application of intellectual and communicative efforts of the certain individual. Such goal-setting defines the task to establish the ontologic status of a concept of the city in modern culture, as well as specifies a studying subject – identification of correlative relationships of the code of culture and the corresponding narrative forming specifics of the studied concept. The concept of the city represents the code of culture that is provided with its structural signs, among which the narrative plays the defining role in view of dynamics of cultural processes of contemporary society and their event nature.

    pdf 212-219.pdf  (143 Kb)

  • Melsitov V.V., Sergienko N.L., Chernyshova S.A.
    Phenomenon and concept of spirituality

    This paper deals with conceptualization of the concept "spirituality" of the domestic humanity, mainly in philosophy. Traditions and forms of interpretation of this concept throughout the Soviet and Post-Soviet period are traced. The attention is focused on a problem of integrative approach to a phenomenon of consciousness and interpretation of spirituality as the syncretic intentional condition of the personality and society directed to the supreme values, characterized by category "perfection".

    pdf 220-224.pdf  (107 Kb)

  • Omelchenko A.S.
    Origin, development and current state of volunteering as Russian sociocultural phenomenon

    In modern Russia, the institute of volunteering endures rough rise and is in a stage of active growth. Being the global sociocultural phenomenon, volunteering in our country gains the peculiar features of development under the influence of various social, economic and political factors. At the same time, the institute of volunteering in Russia has deep historical roots. In this paper, historical aspects of emergence of volunteering in Russia, the main stages of its formation and development, the current state, and forms of voluntary activity are considered. Based on the review of domestic historical, sociological and culturological researches, we trace genesis and the current state of volunteering as the Russian sociocultural phenomenon.

    pdf 225-235.pdf  (184 Kb)

  • Zhao Huiqing
    The analysis of cultural factors in charters of the Chinese public organizations in the Far East of Russia

    Culture influences activity of Chinese, it is undoubted and is reflected in charters of their public organizations. Primary activity of the Chinese diaspora in the Far East of Russia before 1938 was creation of a great number of public organizations of different types that became a prerequisite for our research. Many scientists carried out work related to these organizations but not enough attention was paid to the moral incentives, which advanced development of these organizations. We consider that the analysis of influence of cultural and social factors at moral level is necessary: first, to replenish the theory of history of Chinese in Russia, secondly, to deepen mutual understanding and rid of bewilderment between the people. To recognize these organizations, convincing proofs are their charters serving as rules of conduct of the members and implying characteristic of their activity. We used the analysis of images, literature, comparison and other methods to find out cultural reflection of concepts "devotion" and "respect of parents" in charters of the organizations of 1858-1938, to disclose generality in terms of cultural factors among these charters.

    pdf 236-241.pdf  (127 Kb)

    The Economic Theory
  • Kartashov K.A., Gorlachev P.V., Bukhtayarov A.A.

    In recent months, the state has proposed a large number of changes in various fields and areas of activity. Many of these changes have faced resistance from private groups (the cost of gasoline, increase in VAT, etc.). However, the cohesion of Russian citizens of different social strata and groups was not with the Presidential elections a month earlier. The pension reform proposed by the Russian Government has united many people in real and digital Russian societies, in the negative perception of the legislative novel. The social and economic problems of the past years and the realities of the life of many Russian citizens have emerged. The authors set a goal to present thesis proposals and recommendations for solving certain problems of socio-economic development of the country and in particular the problems of pension reform

    pdf 18-29.pdf  (227 Kb)

  • Piven D.A.

    The article analyzes the evolution of scientific approaches to the study of the spatial structuring of economic relations. In this study, the criteria for distinguishing scientific approaches are levels of management. This method allows you to identify the specific features of the analytical tools and conceptual apparatus, depending on the level at which the spatial structuring of economic relations is considered. As a result of the study, an author’s classification of scientific approaches that were developed in economics abroad was created.

    pdf 30-35.pdf  (448 Kb)

  • Tambovskaya D.V., Pshikanokova N.I.

    The article is devoted to the disclosure of the concept of an insider, analysis of the legal regime of the concept of insider information and changes in current Russian legislation, analysis of the activities of financial companies and their relationship to insiders. The principle of the “Chinese wall” in relation to the exchange is also analyzed.

    pdf 36-40.pdf  (125 Kb)

  • Khachirov E.M.

    In this article, the author examines the essential content of the notion “household” from the point of view of the institutional approach, deliberately distinguishing it from the abundance of thematic material on this subject, which is either not identified or not clearly structured as belonging to methodological platforms of economics. The author divorces the terms "household" and "house hold", as well as "household" and "family". At the same time, the author, focusing on one point of view, emphasizes that the most effective is an integrated research approach combining the consideration of the concept from the points of view of all the key modern economic schools (marginalism, monetarism and institutionalism).

    pdf 41-44.pdf  (112 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • Abidokov M.M.

    Today, Russia faces a serious task - the transition to an innovative path of development. Therefore, the question of how important the factors of innovative activity affect the output of innovative goods and services in Russian regions is of particular importance. The article discusses the role of innovation as the main source of economic growth and competitiveness of the region. At the same time, the main problems of the transition of the economy to the innovative development path, the meaning of which is to change the technological structure, to create and develop high-tech production and accelerate the informatization of society, are investigated. A number of statistical indicators are proposed, reflecting the level of development of the innovation system and the innovation activity of the regions.

    pdf 45-51.pdf  (150 Kb)

  • Bakhova Ya.S.

    Currently, the concept of sustainable development largely determines the content of modern approaches to ensuring effective management of socio-economic systems, while the formation of a set of targets for the development of any territory immanently implies the need to harmonize economic, social and environmental goals, in their unity forming the basis for sustainable territorial development. However, the specifics of the conditions characteristic of different regions of the Russian Federation often form specific contradictions that determine the ambiguity of assessing the movement of a territory along the path to achieving sustainable development goals. The article shows that this situation is typical for domestic oil and gas producing regions, in particular, for them the environmental component of sustainable development is very problematic.

    pdf 52-58.pdf  (339 Kb)

  • Borisova D.V.

    An objective assessment of the level and potential of interregional integration requires an effective choice of rational decisions on interregional cooperation. The article discusses a new approach to assessing the level of interregional integration, developed a method based on the theory of fuzzy sets. The practical implementation of this method is shown on the example of the interregional integration of the Rostov region with the regions of the Southern Federal District. The logical-linguistic description is given and fuzzy economic-mathematical models of four groups of input factors characterizing the effectiveness of this cooperation are developed.

    pdf 59-65.pdf  (359 Kb)

  • Gimbatov Sh.M., Kutaev Sh.K.

    The article provides an analysis of the structure of employment in the regions of the North Caucasus Federal District in the aspect of the current level of education of the population of the region. The directions of formation of an effectively functioning system of vocational orientation and training, taking into account the peculiarities of the state of the regional labor market and the processes occurring in the socio-economic sphere in the North Caucasus Federal District, have been determined.

    pdf 66-70.pdf  (280 Kb)

  • Nagoev A.B., Hasheva Z.M., Ashkhotov A.M.

    Is proved in a research that the crisis phenomena and problems inherent in labor market today, are a consequence not of effective policy of management during formation of the market relations and formation of labor market. Destruction of production communications, universal privatization of large industrial complexes, and nonprofessional actions of managers which followed it, led to decrease in demand for labor, increase in unemployment rate, leakage of highly qualified personnel in other industries and also out of borders of the country. It is noted that at this stage still it is not possible to solve unemployment problems in some regions of the country. Moreover, position of many social groups becomes complicated from year to year. Situation of this sort can have painful consequences, especially in regions of North Caucasus federal district. Is proved small and medium business in the solution of the specified problems.

    pdf 71-78.pdf  (155 Kb)

  • Tkachenko Yu.G.

    The article deals with the issues of territorial disproportions in the conditions of interregional instability of development. The present state of the socio-economic imbalances in the development of the Rostov region of the Southern Federal District is presented. The problem of leveling the imbalances of the social and financial system of a local territory is investigated.

    pdf 79-84.pdf  (287 Kb)

  • Shadova Z.H., Tokmakova R.A., Gozova F.V., Keshokov M.A.

    The article attempts to prove that at this stage of development, the innovation growth factor is the main factor of economic growth. Now it is not only the main subject of theoretical scenarios and practical measures of public administration, but also becomes the main driving force of social and economic development. A key role in the prosperity of the region in the future belongs to investments in innovations that increase productivity of labor and invested capital.

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • Kuter M.I., Olomskaya E.V., Tantsura A.A.

    International financial reporting standards are necessary for Russian enterprises for the national business to reach the international level. Compliance of financial statements with international standards allows Russia not only to significantly expand the circle of investors, but also contributes to the rational management of the economic activities of economic entities in Russia. Also, in order to ensure the reliability and transparency of information on the financial condition and economic performance of the organization, the competitiveness of companies in the Russian market is also increasing. In this regard, there is a growing need not only to develop an accounting methodology that would be as close as possible to international ones, but also a unified approach to auditing this type of financial relationship, since from 2018 international auditing standards are to be applied in the Russian Federation.

    pdf 298-307.pdf  (186 Kb)

  • Lugovsky D.V., Tkhagapso R.A., Naumenko N.V.

    The paper analyzes the accounting policy as an economic category and a tool of accounting regulation. A four-level classification of accounting policy by relation to the entities, engaged in its making, is proposed to use. There are global level (IFRS level), national level (Russian accounting standardslevel), corporate level (corporate standardslevel) and local level (organizationaccounting policy level). Particular attention is paid to accounting and tax accounting policies. Recommendations for their unification at the legislative level, related with the classification and accounting of income and expenses, depreciation and reserves, are presented. The necessity of reducing the number of variable requirements of tax legislation is substantiated. The shortcomings in the requirements for the content of information about accounting policies, disclosed in the financial statements, are identified, and measures to eliminate them are proposed.

    pdf 308-319.pdf  (378 Kb)

  • Ponokova D.I., Tkharkakhova I.G.

    The article reviews and analyzes in detail the main issues related to the current state and problems of the formation of a modern reservation system by Russian organizations. In the current economic conditions, one of the most effective mechanisms for protecting enterprises from risks can be called their early creation of a backup system. In our opinion, the main issue in the formation of reserve capital can be called the fact that the methodology of modern Russian accounting formation and, in particular, the redistribution of reserve capital in the domestic regulatory framework is practically not regulated, and therefore, in practice, large the number of controversial and not fully resolved issues. The purpose of the article is to structure and focus on those aspects of each of the problem areas that are most important to the organization’s accounting service in the area of accounting for reserve capital. On the basis of the conducted research, certain recommendations were made to improve the formation and distribution of the reserve capital of organizations.

    pdf 320-325.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • Frolov A.V.

    An effective symbiosis of the organization of various organizational and legal property with the environment should be carried out within the framework of an effective environmental policy. In developing the methodology of economic and environmentally-oriented audit, it is necessary to form new thinking and optimization of analytical and information system in future auditors, focused on the needs of management, modern trends that contribute to management decision-making within the framework of economic and environmental efficiency.

    pdf 326-331.pdf  (379 Kb)

  • Yakovenko V.S., Tatarinova M.N.

    This article considers specific features of the regional wholesale trade, causing exclusive approaches to accounting and reporting trade organization in the presence of geographically separate units.

    pdf 332-337.pdf  (317 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • Babaeva Z.Sh.

    The article discusses the functions and factors of the economic component of the reproduction process in agriculture; disclosed the distinctive features of the reproduction process in the specified industry; presents the main directions of development of the agricultural industry in the conditions of sanctions pressure; identified economic problems to ensure the sustainable development of agricultural production; formulated the prospects for the development of the object.

    pdf 90-96.pdf  (144 Kb)

  • Bakinova T.I., Darbakova N.E., Darbakova I.E., Salaev O.A.

    The article discusses the problems of agricultural environmental management, which are currently a serious resource obstacle to the development of the agricultural sector of the economy. A retrospective analysis is presented, revealing the causes and consequences of the environmental crisis. Examples of environmentally sound indicators of environmental management are given, which allow limiting the agricultural load and calculating approximate amounts of ecosystem services received by the population depending on the transformation of ecosystems. The main directions of "mitigating" the severity of the ecological situation in the agrarian nature management of Kalmykia are proposed.

    pdf 97-102.pdf  (133 Kb)

  • Bakinova T.I., Darbakova N.E., Idzhilova D.V.,

    The article considers the sustainable development of the ecological-economic system of land use. The analysis of the limited opportunities for sustainable development of rural areas of the Republic of Kalmykia is presented. On the basis of methods of comparison, generalization and analysis, land resources are considered, which are defined as the main type of production resources and benefits received by the population of the region. Traditionally land resources are subject to special attention and study. A special feature of land resources is the ability, along with the implementation of the ecological function, to also perform an economic function and ensure the economic development of both a single economic entity and the region and the country as a whole.

    pdf 103-108.pdf  (415 Kb)

  • Bershitsky Yu.I., Gurnovich T.G., Sayfetdinova N.P., Sayfetdinov A.R., Ulyanov A.V.

    The article contains a comprehensive assessment of the resource potential of agricultural organizations of the Krasnodar Territory for the production of ecologically clean agricultural raw materials and food. Along with the analysis of the general parameters of the activities of agricultural organizations, an assessment was made of the extent of coverage by innovative natural and resource-saving technologies in plant growing and animal husbandry. It is shown that the share of agricultural organizations using elements of resource-saving, ecological farming, advanced methods of keeping and feeding animals, is low. This proves the need to develop a set of measures to improve the technological readiness of agricultural production to implement the concept of organic agriculture and the formation of appropriate mechanisms.

    pdf 109-120.pdf  (294 Kb)

  • Koshkarev I.A., PopovaL.V., Malofeev A.V.

    Analyzed the current state of grain production in the Russian Federation, which in recent years has been characterized by dynamic development. On the example of the Volgograd region, the state of the economy of grain production in terms of growth is considered. It has been established that the profitability of the production and sale of grain is influenced by both the market situation and the rise in prices for the means of production supplied to agriculture. The expediency of the implementation of measures to stabilize the grain market is substantiated not only by increasing exports, but also by the internal use of grain for the production of high value-added products.

    pdf 121-126.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • Popova L.V., Koshkarev I.A., Lata M.S., Malofeev A.V., Melikhov P.A.,

    On the basis of the complex analysis trends of development and major factors of growth of small farms of the agrarian sector of economy of the Volgograd region are revealed. Authors analysed and formulated the conceptual provisions fixing dependence of sustainable development of small agrobusiness on intensity and pithiness of process of introduction of innovations in activity of subjects of small agrarian business and also the perspective directions of digitalization of agro-industrial production within MFH are designated.

    pdf 127-133.pdf  (157 Kb)

  • Prokhorova V.V., Kobozeva E.M.

    The article notes that favorable natural and climatic conditions of production, high soil fertility levels allow growing crops and carrying out those types of production that best fit the land and climatic potential of the Krasnodar Territory. An attempt has been made to zoning the region’s hydro-territory based on soil and climatic conditions and tax size to the ground. According to this feature, the Northern, Central, Piedmont, South-Western, South-Eastern and Black Sea regions are distinguished in the Krasnodar Territory. As a result of analyzing the production of gross output in terms of value and subsistence in the farms of Kuban, it was revealed that, in the districts, the structure of crop rotation has developed differently, which has a significant impact on the productivity of various crops, and the cadastral value of land increases from group to group. This explains the existing differences in yield increases for the groups in question. It is noted that, depending on the cadastral value of land, which takes into account all the soil and climatic conditions and production logistics, the results of livestock production by groups of districts that have reserves for increasing the production of livestock meat and poultry and milk are also different, provided that farmer's lands farms will be used at least at the level of agricultural organizations (excluding households). Based on an analysis of the development of agriculture by the size of the involvement of the production and economic potential of the Krasnodar Territory, it was concluded that the fourth group of districts and cities of the central zone are most efficient in their production activities. Thus, we confirm the statement made by us in the study that the calculation of the land tax corresponds to the division of areas by soil and climatic zones, taking into account the conditions of logistics and production. The creation of agrocities was recommended in the Central zone of the Krasnodar Territory.

    pdf 134-140.pdf  (153 Kb)

  • Shatalova O.I., Bruzhukova O.V., Shmygaleva P.V., Lebedeva E.P., Beletskaya E.G.

    The article presents the tools of agricultural cooperation used in various regions of the Russian Federation, possible for use in the Stavropol region in order to enhance the development of agriculture by small and medium-sized businesses.The basic measures of support of development of agricultural cooperation at different levels of management, tools of support of agricultural cooperation of Corporation of SMEs and conditions of providing the microloan for agricultural production or marketing consumer cooperatives are considered.

    pdf 141-148.pdf  (619 Kb)

  • Shcherbatova T.A., Shcherbatov I.V.

    The article deals with the legal and economic issues of the state cadastral valuation of land, taking into account world practice. The analysis of the adequacy of the cadastral value of the market price of real estate, including agricultural land. The conclusion that it is necessary to make changes in the current system of legislation is substantiated.

    pdf 149-154.pdf  (313 Kb)

    The Theory and Practice of Business
  • Goncharenko A.A., Isaeva E.V.

    The article deals with one of the mixed (transitional) forms of associations of companies – cluster business structures, identified their main features and developed a model of their functioning on the basis of holdings.

    pdf 221-228.pdf  (277 Kb)

  • Kalynychenko M.Ð.

    The article presents the results of a study of the evolution of a harmonious approach to enterprise management. A harmonious approach to the marketing management of an enterprise is presented as the formation of an integrated enterprise management system, held together by common interests, human-centered and corporate values, focused on people, sustainable development. This approach is based on marketing interaction between groups of stakeholders to coordinate their interests affecting more than one of the parties. An assessment was made of the degree of economic homogeneity (harmoniousness) of the space-time of LLC «SPA «Donventilyator» for such groups of stakeholders as customers and personnel. The results obtained allow us to establish directions for harmonizing the interests of the subject of marketing management and the interests of key external and internal stakeholders through the development and implementation of corporate and functional strategies.

    pdf 201-208.pdf  (407 Kb)

  • Prokhorova V.V.

    Systemic modernization of the Russian economy is possible only when it is combined into a single system of strategic process at the enterprises, meso - and macro-levels. Currently, there is a wide discussion in the scientific community about the choice of modernization strategy. So S.Yu. Glazyev, having carried out a detailed assessment of the Russian scientific and technical potential, concluded: "For any country, a necessary condition for a controlled exit from the crisis is the presence of its own strategy for the advanced growth of a new technological way of life through a systematic scientific, technical and structural policy for the cultivation of the components of this way of scientific and production complexes"

    pdf 209-214.pdf  (300 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • Begidova S.N., Morozova I.V., Khazova S.A., Akhtaov R.A.

    The paper shows the results and advantages of modernization of the educational system at orphanage focused on formation of social experience at orphans and children bereft of parental support. In turn, this is dictated by modern requirements of society to graduates of boarding schools.

    pdf 17-23.pdf  (150 Kb)

  • Blyagoz N.Sh.

    The article is devoted to a topical scientific problem – formation of an integral personality, who is presented by ecologically cultured, biosocial essence of the person. The author examines the concept of “humanism” and discloses the essence of the humanistic approach in the development of an integral, ecologically cultured personality of the student. The publication substantiates the humanistic approach, based on the nature of the person himself. This methodologically optimum approach is implemented within the framework of personality-oriented learning by creating psychological and pedagogical conditions for the development of the learner’s potentialities, his self-development and self-realization. The function of the teacher in the pedagogical process is presented as that of the organizer of meetings of the student with the values of ecological culture as an internal determinant of his self-development, self-realization, which can be directed, but not given from outside.

    pdf 24-31.pdf  (143 Kb)

  • Bunchuk S.V.

    The paper describes the role of image of the officer-teacher of military higher education institution as factor of its successful professional formation and self-development. Based on the analysis of scientific literature and available experience in formation of positive professional image of the military teacher and the executed monitoring of process of its development, we allocated the psychological and pedagogical factors and conditions determining the process of formation of professional image of the officer-teacher of military higher education institution, and described mechanisms of its development. The publication discloses the essence, and possibilities of its use as means of formation of positive perception of an image of the military teacher by cadets. Studies have found that the professional image allows you to provide efficiency of pedagogical interaction of the teacher and cadet, to improve the organization of teaching and educational activity of military higher education institution.

    pdf 32-36.pdf  (140 Kb)

  • Vodolazsky A.V.

    The paper analyzes the ability to harmonious joint actions as professionally significant personal quality of employees of a system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The traits of the personality considered as a part of ability to harmonious joint actions are characterized. Their values as indicators of formation of this ability are defined. The publication shows empirically insufficient efficiency of traditional educational process in military higher education institution in terms of formation of ability to harmonious joint actions. The key factors and requirements to the organization of educational process providing the solution of the specified task are theoretically defined. Potential of physical training in this process is emphasized.

    pdf 37-43.pdf  (168 Kb)

  • Demkina E.V., Taova M.Sh.

    The paper discloses theoretical aspects of family policy. Specifically, aid programs to family and children are considered as a key element of family policy as system. Authors provide the analysis of modern family policy in general and shed light in detail on aid programs to family and children in France.

    pdf 44-50.pdf  (137 Kb)

  • Katkhanova Yu.F., Korzinova E.I., Ignatyev S.E.

    The paper discloses the content of visualization of educational information as a striking trend in development of modern information educational space. Realization of this trend results in essentially new communicative, cultural and educational phenomena considerably transforming the environment and influencing all its components: educational, social, information and cognitive processes. The publication discusses the prospects and a role of visualization in modern educational space presented as a source of new knowledge, development of visual thinking of students, as well as the outlined solutions of current problems of informatization of education and the new prospects of development of pedagogical science and practice.

    pdf 51-59.pdf  (190 Kb)

  • Kubashicheva L.N.

    The result of realization of problems of education as process of preparation for activity is the code of further life and destiny. Children master various types of activity and acquire such valuable qualities as persistence, diligence, flexibility and character, forming themselves as the personality. To disclose this subject, we used the work by A.V. Druzhinin "Mademoiselle Zhannet".

    pdf 60-69.pdf  (169 Kb)

  • Strijakova N.E., Glushenko I.A., Marinchenko K.A., Petkov V.A., Romanov D.A.

    In the conditions of transition of Russian education to the multilevel system of training and realization of competence-based approach, the role of interdisciplinary relationships increases. Their accounting defines effectiveness and quality of teaching and educational process. In pedagogical science, scientists develop conceptual and mathematical models of intersdisciplinary relationships, but ways of diagnostics of potentialities of the educational environment are studied insufficiently. Authors of the present article prove importance of the parameters reflecting interdisciplinary relationships, characterizing a row, the content of the educational environment: modality, structure and generality. The pedagogical potential of the environment increases thanks to educational, developing and educational functions of interdisciplinary relationships, namely: to the fact that system educational process is more effective, than eclectic. Studies have found that generality and structure of the educational environment are reached thanks to the integrating function of interdisciplinary relationships and coordination of teaching subject matters.

    pdf 70-75.pdf  (251 Kb)

  • Filonenko V.A., Tenischeva V.F., Petkov V.A.

    Formation of professional readiness of future sea expert in educational process of sea higher education institution has a number of the features regulated by Federal State Educational Standard and the International Convention on preparation and certification of seamen and execution of watch (PDNV). Use in educational process of special courses "The organization and the management of the mixed crew", "Psychological bases of management of ship crew", "Leadership and skills of work in team" provides mastering by students of effective administrative activity and formation of their leader abilities on the basis of development of foreign-language communication. Studies have shown that the success of formation of professional readiness of the sea expert in the conditions of foreign-language communication is caused by practice of application of analytical methods of decision-making in the modeled problem situations and by achievement of efficiency of use of foreign-language communication as means of regulation of technological processes on the vessel.

    pdf 76-82.pdf  (184 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • Grebennikova V.M., Kainova M.M.

    The article addresses a problem of increasing role of such subject matters as "The business letter (Business writing)" and "Written composition" in vocational training of future managers in higher education institutions of the USA. The publication emphasizes that professional activity of managers assumes abilities to work with certain types of documentation and written genres. Managers have to be familiar with such forms of written texts as business correspondence, information and analytical reports, briefs and other types, each of which has its own structure, terminology and stylistic norms. Authors establish the fact that the modern higher education system of the USA pays special attention to future experts training in skills and competences of written communication. A considerable part of educational activity in higher education institutions of the USA is connected with performance of written works because the absolute majority of examinations is held in written form. Authors provide data on comparative analysis of programs of the course "Rhetoric and Letter" in the University of Texas of Austin and the course "Reading, Letter and Composition" of the University of Berkeley. The retrospective of changes in sense of purpose, tasks, and contents of courses (subject matters) of written composition at different stages of vocational training of future managers is presented. Authors of the article emphasize that efforts on standardization of contents, methods of teaching the course "Written Composition", expected results from its studying, and criteria for evaluation of quality of its development, as well as integration of this course into the complete program of vocational training of students of various profiles are continued in the USA.

    pdf 83-91.pdf  (155 Kb)

  • Trubina Z.I.

    Today English is the international language of business, negotiations and drafting important documents. Students should command a large business vocabulary and clichés, study the formal style of writing and speaking for successful business communication. Knowledge of the business aspect of English gives students the opportunity to understand the laws, rules, peculiarities of interaction in the framework of business relations and international business. Monitoring is an essential element of assessing the quality of education. Testing, in turn, being its effective form, is increasingly used in schools. It is advisable to have language testing (that determines the level of knowledge, the formation of language and / or speech (communicative) competence in business English) in two forms: oral (dialogue-interview, business game) and written (test of three levels of complexity). It allows the teacher to assess how well students have learned the necessary lexical minimum, grammatical structures, clichés, as well as the structure and algorithm of writing letters and business documents objectively. The article presents the criteria for marking such tests to make the process faster, easier and more convenient for the teacher, as well as objective for all students.

    pdf 92-98.pdf  (161 Kb)

  • Khavdok A.N.

    The article is devoted to ethno-linguo-oriented training of the Turkmen contingent of students and the difficulties arising in this way due to the position of the Russian language in Turkmenistan. The definition of the concept of "nationally oriented learning" and its interpretation are given; the urgency of the problem of successful teaching of the Turkmen students of the Russian language is substantiated, due to the lack of knowledge of this issue. The purpose of work is consideration of the features of ethno-linguo-oriented approach in teaching the Russian language in Turkmen audience, the study of the causes impeding adequate language acquisition, and the allocation of the main factors is a prerequisite for effective teaching Russian as a foreign language (RKI). The main task in this direction is to build the educational process based on the linguistic, cultural, psychological and mental characteristics of Turkmens. The article provides recommendations on the solution of the raised problem and concludes that the nationally oriented and ethno-linguo-oriented approaches should work in a complex and be one of the leading in teaching Russian to Turkmen students.

    pdf 99-105.pdf  (135 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • Aronova E.Y., Bocharov A.V.

    This paper presents the features of self-perception of the professional development by teachers - directors of the school organizations. The authors reveal the factors providing professional growth and success of professional development of administrators of the educational organizations, and the role of system of professional development at different stages of professional pedagogical administrative career.

    pdf 106-112.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • Gudz N.A.

    The paper summarizes and analyzes the main activities on drug addiction prevention among young people carried out by the Ministry of Health and the Drug Treatment Service of the Adyghea Republic. A comparative analysis of the number of primary and secondary psychological counsellings over the past three years was carried out. The publication offers a number of measures on drug addiction prevention within the youth environment among youth in the Republic of Adyghea, carried out by the State-Funded Health Institution of the Republic of Adyghea "Adyghe Republican Narcological Clinic".

    pdf 113-117.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • Zudilina I.Yu.

    The article deals with the problem of readiness of modern youth for marriage in the context of studying the concepts of consistency of value and role expectations and claims in marriage. The author carries out a theoretical analysis of the role structure of the family. The publication provides empirical data and analyzes the influence of belonging to a certain socio-psychological type of personality on the psychological readiness for marriage according to the named indicator. The comparative results of studies of perceptions about consistency of value and role expectations and claims in marriage of boys and girls are described.

    pdf 118-122.pdf  (129 Kb)

  • Murugova A.O.

    The paper discusses the results of a research on variability of ways of overcoming negative situations by pupils of 9-11 grades. The results of the empirical study show that age-related increase in adaptability of the used ways of overcoming is characteristic of senior pupils. Frequency of use of adaptive strategy increases, and the frequency of use of the non-adaptive one decreases. Decrease in frequency of use of all ways to overcome negative situations is characteristic of pupils of the 10th grade.These data can speak of relevance of the choice of a further educational route and examination for pupils in grades 9 and 11. Results of the study can be taken into account when creating a program of psychological and educational support of the formation of senior pupils' readiness for the choice of strategy of overcoming negative situations.

    pdf 123-130.pdf  (641 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • Baymurzin A.R.

    In higher education institution there is a formal structure of administration, which is defined by the staff list and duty regulations of workers, as well as an informal structure of administration, which expresses the attitudes of people to performance of the functions and collective interaction in the organization. This informal structure of the relations in the organization is called corporate culture. In the article, methodological basics of formation of corporate culture in higher education institution of physical culture and sport are covered. Research methods include a system approach, system analysis, comparative analysis, analysis of references. The corporate culture is formed in the course of interaction of individual cultures and synthesis of individual cultures. Formation of effective corporate culture is the purposeful and long process, which is projected at the conceptual and program level of creation of strategy of management of higher education institution. The corporate culture consists of four basic elements: values, administrative principles, rules of conduct, social norms of behavior, which are interconnected among themselves and mutually flow each other, working as a uniform complete system. The corporate culture is the most powerful instrument of assembling people, workers and students of higher education institution of physical culture and sport to solve strategic objectives and problems of development of higher education institution. Further, through translation by university graduates as young specialists, owing to development of corporate culture on places of work, there will occur high-quality transformations of the sphere of physical culture and sport in the Russian Federation

    pdf 131-136.pdf  (235 Kb)

  • Gronskaya A.S., Bliznyuk A.A., Malazonya I.G.

    The paper presents the analysis of physiological characteristics of nervous processes and motor asymmetries of qualified boxers from the standpoint of their influence on the formation of individual combat stance and the space-time characteristics of tactical thinking.

    pdf 137-141.pdf  (110 Kb)

  • Dzhaubaev Yu.A., Dzhirikova F.D., Dzhirikov R.S., Maschenko O.V.,Bessarabova Yu.V.

    The paper discusses basic provisions of the organization of work at higher education institution on social adaptation of students with a physical condition by means of adaptive tourism. Data of a pedagogical experiment allow us to draw a conclusion that use of the developed model, program and pursuing the revealed pedagogical conditions make it possible to considerably increase efficiency of the work on adaptive tourism with students with a physical condition and promote success of process of their social adaptation and, as a result, personal and professional socialization.

    pdf 142-147.pdf  (115 Kb)

  • Litvin D.V., Astafyev N.V., Akhmetov R.S.

    Level of professional competence of teaching staff is one of the backbone components defining efficiency of the main educational programs implemented for the benefit of safety of the state, law enforcement and law and order in the educational organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The tools allowing diagnostics of special professional competence as key characteristic of professionalism of the faculty of applied fire and physical training are developed insufficiently fully. In the course of development of the procedure of such diagnostics in the field of cross-disciplinary integration we solved the following problems: the theoretical-methodological analysis of an object of research was carried out; features of design of the diagnostic tools directed to identification of the level of development of components of special professional and pedagogical competence were revealed; and instruments of diagnostics were created. Techniques of diagnostics were based on the principles of validity, efficiency, simplicity and informational content of the diagnostic device for determination of required competence.

    pdf 148-159.pdf  (186 Kb)

  • Chermit K.D., Zabolotniy A.G., Kuprina N.K., Kushu S.A., Verzhbitskaya E.G.

    Aging leads to destruction of functional rhythms of an organism including rhythms of performance of natural locomotion of the person. The rhythm of straight-line and angular kinematic characteristics of the movement is formed at early stages of ontogenesis and is one of criteria for formation of motive function of the person. Its violation at advanced age is one of objective signs of regressive changes of a physical condition of the person. Thus, the rhythm of kinematic characteristics of the movement passes into arrhythmia at violations of the mechanism of movement control of any degree that allows registering these violations at the earliest stages including at the prepathological level. However, the lack of objective knowledge on natural regress of a rhythm of kinematic characteristics of natural locomotion does not allow use of all resource potential of a rhythm to assess a physical condition of elderly people and to precisely direct impact of locomotory therapy for neutralization or decrease in rates of deterioration in a physical state. As a result, there is a scientific contradiction between need of disclosure of the resource importance of a rhythm of natural locomotion for objective assessment of a physical condition of people of advanced age and lack of knowledge of the resource potential of a rhythm in assessment of a physical condition of elderly people. The presented project is directed to resolve the presented scientific contradiction.

    pdf 160-165.pdf  (135 Kb)

  • Chermit K.D., Zabolotniy A.G., Tseeva N.A., Ushkho Yu.D.

    Physical rehabilitation of the students carried for health reasons to the special medical group (SMG) within the training program is one of the main objectives of physical training in the educational environment of a higher educational institution. The intensification of educational process, a hypodynamia, lack of a diet, rest and other negative factors lead to growth of number of pathological diseases of student's youth. Such students are sent for physical culture occupations to special medical groups where means and methods of treatment-and-prophylactic character are used for the recovery of health and working capacity of students who are engaged in these groups.

    pdf 166-172.pdf  (315 Kb)

  • Elgaytarov A.A., Elgaytarova L.P.

    The paper discusses the author's approach to development of accuracy of movements in younger school students in games relays. The developed program of development of accuracy of movements assumed the planning of training in the main physical actions providing broad inclusion of games relays in annual and monthly cycles throughout which movements on the accuracy and ways of their performance are studied, fixed and become complicated. A number of tests and the five-point system of assessment of results of testing of the motive qualities allowing to receive not only objective picture of physical fitness of certain children, but also to reveal the level of development of accuracy at all group are offered. Pedagogical conditions of effective development of accuracy of movements in younger school students in the course of use of games relays are revealed and confirmed.

    pdf 173-178.pdf  (161 Kb)

  • Abregov A.N., Adzinova A.A.
    On etymology of names of a butterfly in the Adyg languages

    The publication explores lexical units nominating one of representatives of fauna - a butterfly - in the Adyg languages. These names in the specified languages got out of the internal shape, their word-formation structure is darkened therefore they are investigated diachronically with use of a comparative-historical method. The analysis of the nominations in related languages makes it possible to establish their history and the place in the lexical-semantic system of the Adyghe and Kabardino-Circassian languages, as well as to define a possibility of attributing the corresponding lexical units to the all Adyg unity. The research has both theoretical and practical value: it expands knowledge in the field of the lexical-semantic insects group and makes a certain contribution to the Adyg etymology. This material can be used in lexicographic practice during creation of the etymological dictionary of the Adyghe language.

    pdf 17-20.pdf  (117 Kb)

  • Bogus Z.A., Yagumova N.Sh.
    Metaphorization of flora and fauna names in structurally various languages

    The paper analyzes the process of human thinking as a conceptual system, which is metaphoric by the nature. The research is conducted based on material of the phytonymic and zoonymic names in the Russian, Adyghe and English languages. The publication shows that the motivational bases of the nomination of animals and plants lie in the area of ordinary consciousness and are components of a naive picture of the world. The role of somatisms in semantic indicative space of a name of zoophytonyms is defined. The comparative analysis of the phytonymic case in the Russian, English and Adyghe languages makes it possible to reveal certain similarities and differences in motivational and nominative aspect. Based on this, the authors draw a conclusion that within cognitive linguistics the important part in conceptualization of reality is assigned to a metaphor, which is inherited in the interpreting nature of naive concepts and ordinary representations. The obtained data allow the deepening and comprehension of a role of metaphor in further development of the theory of language. The stated material can be applied in higher school lecture courses on a lexicology and cultural linguistics, and during practical and seminar training.

    pdf 21-27.pdf  (148 Kb)

  • Volodina O.V.
    Features of the female language personality representation in a business media discourse

    The aim of this research is to establish gender specifics of manifestation of the female language personality in a business media discourse. Its object is a language mechanism of designing the female language personality in a media discourse, namely functioning of lexical-semantic, grammatical and stylistic features. The texts of authors-women taken from popular business online editions (Forbes, Vedomosti and Expert) served as the material of this study. A method of the description based on the application of Yu.N. Karaulov three-level model of the language personality was used to establish the system of verbal-semantic, lingual-cognitive and pragmatical properties of the female language personality in a media discourse. Means and techniques of an explication in the course of modeling of speech realization of the female language personality in the context of the media text are analyzed. It is established that the most important characteristics of the female language personality in a business media discourse are the emotiveness and estimation of statement. Intertextual impregnations, objecting a female language picture of the world in a media discourse, serve for transfer of author's assessment and implementation of manipulative impact on the reader. The intertextuality represents a marker of a lingual creativity of the female language personality thinking. Theoretical conclusions and practical material of article can find application in developing special courses and special seminars on cognitive linguistics, the theory of the language personality and gender studies. The research makes a contribution to the solution of problems of studying mechanisms of designing the female language personality in a media discourse.

    pdf 28-33.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • Devyatkina E.M.
    The features of the consonantism in the Shilan dialect of the Erzya language

    The research describes some features of a consonantism of one of the unstudied Erzya dialects – Shilan, used in the territory of the Krasnoyarsk district of the Samara region. The research rests on data collected by the author during the expeditions to the Samara region in 2011-2012 and on archive materials obtained from Philological Faculty of N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University (Saransk, the Republic of Mordovia). The Shilan dialect belongs to dialects of the late period of formation, and its place in modern classification of the Erzya dialects is unknown. In this paper, the consonantism of the Shilan dialect is investigated in detail, its areal features are distinguished. Thus, isoglosses of consonants of the beginning, middle and end of a word generally coincide in dialects, and the most interesting implementations of some isoglosses are allocated at the beginning of a word. The undertaken attempt to investigate the features of the Shilan dialect provides an opportunity to concretize and expand the available ideas of the common and peculiar features in the field of phonetics of the Erzya language. This is of interest not only to specialists in the Mordovian languages, but also to the linguists dealing with problems of the languages contacting to the Erzya language.

    pdf 34-39.pdf  (173 Kb)

  • Zemliakova N.V.
    Ways of figurative conceptualization of ideas about the qualities of a person in the Russian language picture of the world

    The inner world of a person is considered as an object of figurative conceptualization, the main ways of figurative nomination of ideas about character, belief, emotional sphere, etc. are revealed and analyzed. Human mental activity becomes a source for the appearance of figurative names. The main goal of the research is to identify and describe ways of figurative conceptualization of ideas about a person’s inner world in the Russian language picture of the world. Conceptualization of ideas about a person is considered by us as a generalized description of the studied array of empirical data, which is systematized in the course of theoretical analysis. The most productive ways include metaphoric and metonymic transfers. The article pays special attention to the usual metaphor as a frequency method of figurative conceptualization of ideas about the inner world of man. Figurative language constructions that represent the characteristics of the inner world of a person and point to the specific properties of the mental sphere of the person served as the material for the study. The analysis of the methods of imaginative conceptualization of ideas about the qualities of a person made it possible to identify the following patterns: (1) metaphorical transfer emphasizes mainly the negative qualities of a person, the most frequent are associations with images of animals and hard, empty inanimate objects; and (2) the use of metonymic transference as a way of figurative conceptualization of the inner qualities of a person is based on the combination of semantic fields of the type: “human soul” - “man”, “human head” - “man”. Different ways of conceptualizing ideas about the qualities of a person have different motivational aspects, involving the identification of a figurative basis and mechanism for the emergence of a figurative nomination, as well as a definition of its casual or occasional nature. The identification of ways of figurative conceptualization of ideas about the qualities of a person in the Russian language picture of the world allows us to semantise figurative nominations that are close by categorical meaning and reveal their national and cultural specifics.

    pdf 40-46.pdf  (154 Kb)

  • Kondrashova O.V., Sheldeshova I.V.
    The limiting semantics of lexeme "one’s own" (according to the explanatory dictionary by V.I. Dahl)

    For the first time, based on material of "The Dictionary of Living Great Russian Language" by V.I. Dahl, we examine the contextual semantics of pronoun one’s own in order to allocate elements of restriction of the space of the personality, which is estimated by language consciousness of the people as ‘one’s own, close, native’. An attempt is undertaken to show that this returnable possessive pronoun, the major meaning of which is to point to object belonging to any person, contextually expresses also the idea of locality and can be referred to a group of the so-called "limiting" words. The scientific importance of this research is determined by the appeal to deep layers of semantics of a word, explicited by case contexts – phraseoliged set phrases. Based on the use of methods of lexicographic observation, the lexical-semantic analysis, systematization of material and its contextual interpretation, conclusions are drawn, which expand idea of the embodiment in Russian of basic binary category "one’s own – other’s" and can be considered by drawing up the corresponding fragment of a Russian-language picture of the world. The practical value of work lies in a possibility of use of its results in courses of lectures on a lexicology and morphology, in special courses on cultural linguistics and ethnolinguistics, as well as in practice of teaching Russian as foreign.

    pdf 47-55.pdf  (180 Kb)

  • Kopot L.V.
    Linguocultural features of manifestation of an ethnogender in an advertising discourse

    The paper discusses the mechanism of designing ethnogender stereotypes in an advertising discourse and specifics of reflection of national culture in gender representations of society. The following methods are used: (1) the observation method, which allowed finding the specific case of advertising texts; (2) the comparison method, promoting establishment of similarity and distinctions of objects and phenomena of reality; and (3) the method of a system research including the linguoculturological analysis of collected material. Definitions of gender, ethnic and ethnogender stereotypes are analyzed, and verbally presented stereotypes of Russians about another ethnic group or nation are identified. Conclusions about specifics of heterostereotypes are drawn. The relevance of this research is predetermined by new approach to the analysis of intensely developing advertising discourse from positions of ethnogender linguistics. The theoretical importance of work lies in expansion of linguocultural ideas of an ethnogender phenomenon in the field of the advertising text. The research demonstrates that language means transmit verbally and fix the ethnogender stereotypes, which traditionally developed in the Russian society. This work is justified by the practical importance determined by the fact that results of this research can be used in higher school courses on cultural linguistics, ethnocultural linguistics and sociolinguistics.

    pdf 56-60.pdf  (96 Kb)

  • Kubashicheva S.K., Tov N.A.
    Functional and semantic features of illocutionary units in English

    The paper deals with the "minor" units relating to auxiliary parts of speech in terms of the translation. The research of features of polysemic language units in the English texts is aimed at differentiation of particles and adverbs and definition of their functions in a specific speech situation. The comparative analysis of the actual material identifies changeable semantics of particles and its dependence on a context. The offered practice of translation equivalents shows connection of the English particles with the illocution, which can be used to study similar language units, as well as for the subsequent researches in this direction. Translation of similar language units in texts of various styles and genres draws special attention of experts in the field of theory and practice of translation. In this regard, need for studying similar problems is obvious. The relevance and the practical importance of this research is caused by insufficient attention in grammar and translation theory to auxiliary parts of speech which linguists traditionally carry to minor units of language. Thus, it is established that the English particles are units of language, which are directly connected with the communicative purposes of the personality in a certain situation of communication and, therefore, have semantics, which completely changes depending on a context.

    pdf 61-65.pdf  (116 Kb)

  • Kumuk S.Kh.
    Phraseological units as way of reflection of the Adyghe picture of the world

    The article analyzes phraseological units as a way of reflection of features of the bilingual language personality of the author in T. Kerashev’s fiction texts in the Adyghe and Russian languages. The obtained data can be successfully applied in lecture courses on the theory of language, cultural linguistics, lexicology, axiology, as well as in researches of phraseological units in terms of cross-cultural communication and typology of a language picture of the world. Results of this research help study characteristic features of mentality of both all people in general and separate social groups. Phraseological units give the chance to understand more deeply history of the people, its attitude to human merits and demerits, and specifics of outlook. Expedient and appropriate use of phraseological units in their primary form makes the language of work be alive and emotional. Use of a comparative and interpretive method, methods of the component - semantic and contextual analysis allowed us to establish that the phraseological fund of language is the most valuable source of information on culture and mentality of the people, where notions of the people on myths, ceremonies, customs, habits, morals and behavior are concentrated.

    pdf 66-69.pdf  (94 Kb)

  • Naptsok M.R., Tlevtsezheva M.M.
    Adjectival composite words with a basic component adjective in art prose of I.A. Bunin

    The article deals with the complex adjectives with a basic adjectival component presented in prosaic works by one of the best writers of the Russian abroad. A research objective is the nature of education and functioning of the adjectival composite words in I.A. Bunin’s art prose. The scientific importance of this research lies in further development of questions of word creation and classification of author's neologisms. The analysis of the presented linguistic material rests on lexical-semantic and word-formation methods of a research and allows us to come to a conclusion that complex adjectives in general prevail among author's neologisms, and at the same time adjectival composite words with the basic component, equal to an independent adjective, are the most widespread in word creation of the writer. Adjectives also act as a prebasic component in the majority of similar additions. Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the general tendency to high efficiency of the adjectival composite words in Russian, as well as a tradition of use of complex epithets in classical Russian literature finds reflection in Bunin’s word creation.

    pdf 70-75.pdf  (103 Kb)

  • Ponomarenko I.N., Bedanokova Z.K.
    On semantics of a proper name

    An attempt is undertaken to examine a proper name as the language sign having semantic filling proceeding from its duality. Being a part of a lexical system of any language, proper names have a number of specific signs and represent a special class of words. However, the question of a correlation of a name and concept remains unresolved: there are several points of view. The analysis shows that according to the first, proper names have no meaning as they are not connected with expression of constant concepts-significations, and therefore proper names are called "form (asemantic) words", "labels". Another point of view is that proper names have a meaning both in language and in the speech, but of different type, than that of common nouns. The feature of proper names is displayed not only in the meaning, but also in grammatical shaping and functioning of these language units, which, in turn, in the modern linguocultural environment transforms, expands and even forms semantic space of a relevant onym.

    pdf 76-82.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • Redko G.V., Eremeeva A.A.
    Features of the concepts "language personality", "speech portrait" and "image" in relation to a political performance

    The work deals with characteristic features of a political public speech. Stages of preparation of the speech of the sender are noted. Requirements imposed to style of political communication are presented. Five levels in structure of the language personality allocated today are described: verbal - grammatical, cognitive, pragmatical, emotional, and motor-articulation. Two approaches to a concept of the language personality are considered: statistical and dynamic. The originality of each of approaches is noted. The research has a certain theoretical importance as it suggests that the language personality is characterized by a certain mere verbiage, having this or that rank of rate of the use, having a certain level of cultural knowledge and personal characteristics which promote formation of a certain speech portrait. Emphasis is made that the speech portrait describes features of speech behavior and serves as one of factors of formation of the politician image. It is worthy of note that the image is formed by tactics and strategy applied in a political discourse. It is proved that during the political performances a certain image or a character, which promotes achievement of his purposes, is assigned to the politician. Results of this research can be useful in the analysis of speech characteristics of the sender and interpretation of their sense.

    pdf 83-88.pdf  (146 Kb)

  • Sokur E.A., Sheozheva B.A.
    The role of component-zoonym in formation of individual meaning of a phraseological unit

    The work examines features of formation of the meaning of phraseological units with a component-zoonyms, in particular, what semes are brought by this component in semantic structure of phraseological units and how it causes semantic specifics of the studied phraseological units. The phraseological units incorporating a component-zoonym served as material of this research. The role of component-zoonym in formation of the individual meaning of different grammatical types of phraseological units is noted. The general specifics of their meaning consisting in availability of the estimated nature of such expressions are described. The used method of scientific observation, as well as the carried-out discoursal, component and contextual analysis made it possible to draw a conclusion that phraseological units with a component-zoonym in language not only carry out a role of emotional and expressive synonyms to lexical units, but bear also nominative loading. The scientific and practical importance and relevance of article are defined by importance of a comprehensive investigation of estimated means of language. The undertaken analysis of features of formation of the meaning of phraseological units with a component-zoonym allowed us to state some ideas important for linguistic semantics.

    pdf 89-94.pdf  (152 Kb)

  • Tikhonova A.P.
    The problem of possessivå prefixes in the Hattian language

    The article deals with one of the most complex and controversial issues of Hattology, which still has no unambiguous solution. For the first time an attempt is made to reveal the meaning and status of nominal prefixes, which, in our opinion, will allow us to answer a number of unresolved issues. The material of the study was the texts of two bilinguals: “The God of the Moon, Fallen from the Sky” and “Building Ritual”. The research methodology is based on a comparative analysis of two or more languages from a historical point of view. The analysis of the Hattian nominal prefixes and their comparison with the Abkhaz-Adyghe possessive and class indicators revealed their typological and material similarity and showed that they are grammatically poly-functional elements: first, indicators of grammatical classes, secondly, indicators of the possessive category, as well as indicators of numbers and persons of the verbs and names. These data confirm that the Hattian and Abkhaz-Adyghe languages are closely related and originate from a common language-basis.

    pdf 95-101.pdf  (161 Kb)

  • Fanyan N.Yu., Ovcharova K.V.
    Ritual discourse in space of the discursive practices (argumentative aspect)

    The importance of the offered research in theoretical aspect is development of scientific potential of the existing researches in integrative space of the analysis of a discourse in general, a ritual discourse in particular; and in practical aspect, updating the tasks connected with designing an effective model of communication in various types of a discourse. In this context, the target task is set to justify need and a possibility of modeling of a ritual discourse in an argumentative aspect that causes novelty of a research. It is based, first of all, on a hypothesis of ontologic essence of rituality as the category forming discursive space proceeding from the methodological principle interpreting an argumentativeness as not only a procedural, but also ontologic phenomenon. At the same time the tool to the solution of a task is application of the method of a projection uniting various principles – cognitive, psychoanalytic, hermeneutical, phenomenological, synergetic and semiotic, promoting complex interpretation of the ritual discourse. The authors arrive at a conclusion that the category of an argumentativeness, having actually ontologic target task, proves in the best way statement of a problem of studying an essence of the ritual discourse, as well as any other type of a discourse.

    pdf 102-107.pdf  (108 Kb)

  • Khazhokova E.A., Khazhokova E.A.
    Applicative constructions in the French political texts

    The article deals with constructions with syntactic application in political discourse. Special attention is paid to applicative sentences and their functional properties. The practical material of the study includes the texts of the French media. It is noted that the use of the applied constructions in the French political texts is explained by the richness of the composition of these structures. The specificity of constructions with syntactic application (SA), including various stylistic means and figures of speech is investigated. It has been established that among the main functions of such structures are expressiveness and influencing function. The relevance of the study lies in the fact that recently the linguistic arsenal of political texts covered in the French media has expanded, requiring a detailed analysis for proper understanding and interpretation.

    pdf 108-111.pdf  (112 Kb)

  • Khachmafova Z.R., Pogrebnyak N.V.
    Metaphorical modeling of an image of the politician in a media discourse

    Features of functioning of metaphorical models with the sphere source "a sports game", "a chess game", "gambling" and "a theatrical game" in the German media texts are analyzed, and their pragmatical potential in modeling of an image of the politician is studied. The aim of this study is to describe features of metaphorical modeling of an image of the politician in the German media. Electronic versions of publicistic articles of the German editions of Spiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitung devoted to political figures served as material of this research. As a result of use of a method of conceptual and metaphorical modeling, the specifics of functioning of a cognitive metaphor in the German media political discourse are revealed. The carried-out analysis allows us to draw conclusions on that the potential of metaphorical models of a game is considerable, estimating, influencing and forming a world picture.

    pdf 112-116.pdf  (135 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • Li Yan (People's Republic of China)
    Mortal motifs in prose of the Chinese writer Yu Hua

    The article discusses the mortal motives of the prose of the Chinese writer Yu Hua and analyzes the artistic methods of their implementation. Attention is paid about how the author develops three types of describing the death of heroes. The influence of life circumstances and autographic principles on the writer's artistic creativity is investigated. The author of this publication analyzes “The Story of Death”, “Classical Love”, “Live”, “How Xu Sanguan sold blood” in terms of the expression of mortality. Parallels between Chinese traditional views on the perception of the phenomena of death and life in Buddhism and Confucianism are given. The scientific novelty of the article lies in the specification of the analysis of a little-studied topic in the context of the Russian-language literary tradition. It is established that Yu Hua, in terms of humanity and art thanatology, pays attention to the death of ordinary people, reinterprets it, extolling life, blaming cruelty and injustice of world order.

    pdf 117-122.pdf  (173 Kb)

  • Naptsok B.R., Sokolova G.V.
    On studying the intertextuality in the work of literature

    The category and concept of intertextuality introduced for scientific use by M.M. Bakhtin and developed by poststructuralists J. Kristeva, R. Bart, and J. Derrida are investigated. The analysis of intertextuality in the work of literature enables us to consider process of updating a specific literary tradition, to see dialogical inclusiveness of the fiction text in cultural, historical and social contexts and to determine features of interpretation of the intertext by the reader. Main types of intertextuality – internal and external – show the mechanism of the diverse text and cultural interactions presented in types of a literary mystification or pseudo-imitation of the ancient text in works of literature, in the insert intratextual elements, in a syncretic intertextuality, in hints, reminiscences and epigraphs. The main thing is a conclusion that directly or allegorically evoking subject, figurative, motive, cultural and psychological associations and analogies, the intertext directs the reader toward the writer's plan.

    pdf 123-131.pdf  (127 Kb)

  • Panesh U.M., Mamiy R.G.
    Features and typological relationships of the story in the Adyghe literatures of the war period (1941-1945)

    In this publication, we analyze genre and structural features of prose in the Adyghe literatures of the war period. Such lines as realization of a heroic-patriotic subject, connection of the document and fiction, facts of life and truth of imagination, and a bright plot are defined that results in greater art problematical character. Thematic, composite and style features of small prose are elucidated. The comparative and typological method applied in work allows us to formulate conclusions that works of wartime prose reflect both national peculiarities of the Adyghe prose, and typological lines of domestic literature of the new period of development. Results of this research contribute to the solution of problems of evolution of various genres of literature, and can be applied to study history of literature and to develop higher school textbooks and manuals.

    pdf 132-136.pdf  (120 Kb)

  • Panesh S.R.
    On studying “The Life of St. Juliana Lazarevskaya”

    This article discusses the peculiarities of composition of "The Life of Juliana Ossor’in", and analyzes the new features of the story about life distinguishing this work from the others. As the original work, "The Life" little reminds a narration of this type, as there are no lines of classical correct life in it. In the course of the research, the author traces Juliana's aspiration to carry out an ideal of pious existence in the life, filling it with new contents. It is inferred that the work resembles the household story, the biography and is not the secular story. In general, the obtained results can be of interest in studying, analyzing and comparing works of Old Russian literature and fiction texts as in many works of this period a secularization of the holy hero is found.

    pdf 137-140.pdf  (116 Kb)

  • Paranuk K.N.
    Wood mythologeme in the novel by A. Kim "The Father – the Wood" and in the story by N. Kuyek "The Wood of Loneliness"

    This work examines the mythopoetics of the novel by A. Kim "The Father – the Wood" and the story "The Wood of Loneliness" by the Adyghe writer N. Kuyek. To identify features of a mythologism of these works, the role and functions of a mythologeme of the wood in semantics and structure of these works are investigated, and the conceptual value of a mythologeme of the wood is defined for expression of the philosophical idea in works by both authors. The carried-out comparative analysis allows us to draw a conclusion on a typological convergence of their epos, and on the structural-semantic importance of a mythologeme of the wood in their narrative. The historical-literary and comparative methods are used to define the theoretical importance of this research related to the system analysis of a paradigm of a neomythologism in modern domestic literature. The practical importance lies in its use at classes on modern domestic literature at schools and in higher education institution

    pdf 141-146.pdf  (119 Kb)

  • Hazueva B.A.
    Constants of art interpretation of the nature images in lyrics of the Chechen poet Shaid Rashidov

    This paper discusses features of art interpretation of the nature images in lyrics of the Chechen poet Shaid Rashidov. The specifics of disclosure of these images in the Chechen folklore and literature are noted. The purpose is set to consider the main forms of use of flora symbolics, in particular tree images, going from mythological motive of the world tree. The work analyzes the verses devoted to spiritual moral and to philosophical understanding of the nature. Devices of parallel movement, animism, anthropomorphism, metaphorization, an allegory in disclosure of phytonymic symbolics, and evolution of this lyrical subject in works by the poet are noted. Comparative characteristic of a number of poetic texts is carried out. The conclusion is drawn about relevance and efficiency of motives of the nature for disclosure of depth of inner world of the lyrical hero in poetry of Sh. Rashidov.

    pdf 147-150.pdf  (112 Kb)

  • Khuako F.N.
    Language practice in the texts of Adyghe acting publicists

    In the presented article we analyze opinion journalism of contemporary authors available in the Adyghe literature (in particular, that of Nurikhan Kiyarova and Asfar Kuyek). The relevance of the work is predetermined by a poor study of this subject in the Adyghe literary criticism. Explaining the interest in the topic with a focus on highlighting the ethnic history of the Circassians in an artistic way, we naturally proceed to an analytical examination of the works of ethnic representatives. Similar consideration serves as a specific purpose of this article. We also take into account the journalistic experience available in the domestic literature, based on which a number of relevant genre features are derived. Each of these features, considered in a case-by-case manner, is illustrated by textual examples of both writers, which, if possible, are compared with each other. The analysis is proved by bringing respective conclusions about the relevance of this genre activity in the Circassian literature, which makes it possible to come to a final conclusion about the world attribution of their work.

    pdf 151-156.pdf  (139 Kb)

  • Tsey B.A., Lyamova B.Kh.
    Children's poetry of Nalby Kuyek (translation problems)

    The paper shows specificity of reflection of children's attitude to the world in N. Kuyek's creativity. This work demonstrates the originality of N. Kuyek’s poetic manner, including selection of art means and forms of expression of author's consciousness taking into account age features of the reader-child. The majority of poems of the poet was translated into Russian. N.Kuyek's talent became available to children of other nationalities thanks to V. Vizirova, E. Kiyanskaya and A. Shazzo's perfect translations. Despite complexity of the translation, each of the translators managed to transfer the main idea and to keep specifics of his works.

    pdf 157-162.pdf  (101 Kb)

  • Cherevko G.V., Ryaguzova L.N.
    The stream-of-consciousness method of L.N. Tolstoy in a theoretical and art reflection of V. Nabokov

    In this article, the esthetic and art heritage of V.V. Nabokov becomes subject of interpretation in respect of the aspect of reconsideration Tolstoy’s traditions in it, taking into account not only his lectures about the writer, journalism, but also private remarks, comments on texts, implicit and explicit references in epistolary heritage. The purpose of this publication is to reveal among the techniques, which are genetically going back to a style manner of Tolstoy, V.Nabokov’s structural and semantic characteristics of a complex of correlative general art categories (the art truth / lie, fiction / reality, truth / credibility, common sense, an art detail, a thing, a dream, a stream of consciousness). In the speech elements of speaking (“ingenious mutter”, according to V. Nabokov), less studied is a sphere of differentiation of transitional forms from silence to the internal speech and a stream of consciousness in a theoretical reflection of V. Nabokov. Identification of functions and mechanisms of formation of a stream of consciousness makes it possible to present Nabokov's reception of Tolstoy’s creativity at the poet level, to trace creative development and transformation of Tolstoy’s subjects and motives in fiction, literary and critical texts of the writer.

    pdf 163-168.pdf  (133 Kb)

  • Zhao Ciaojie
    The motive of “exile” in the novel Mary by V. Nabokov

    In the article, the motives of exile, loneliness and nostalgia in the novel Mary by V. Nabokov presented in the associative semantic aspect, become the subject of analysis. The ambivalent nature of the feeling of exile is examined through the concept of the “psychological complex” of Z. Freud and the subject attributes of “his own” and “alien” world, through the structural and semiotic characteristics of time and space. The motive, traditional for emigration, acquires new connotations: assimilation, acceptance of the state, exile as a new form of life and its rules. The pathos of affirmation of one’s personality and creative freedom is perceived as overcoming previous attachments and illusions. Metaphysical "homelessness" turns into the search for "home" in himself in this concept, which is the essence and scientific novelty of the article. It is established that the subject of "the lost paradise" of the childhood, partings with the homeland, native culture and language, and a subject of the drama relations between illusion and reality take the important place in works of art by V. Nabokov.

    pdf 169-173.pdf  (145 Kb)

  • Yuryeva M.V., Shestak A.N.
    Reliability metaphysics in the novel by Olga Slavnikova Long Jump

    The novel by Olga Slavnikova Long Jump is analyzed in terms of the artistic method and special style techniques creating the poetic world of the work. The relevance of research strategy is connected with the fact that it positions itself as the representative of the metaphysical realistic line in modern Russian literature. An attempt is undertaken to analyze and interpret a figurative system of the novel, its ideological and thematic level for the purpose of identification of deep meanings of the text. The purpose of work is identification of specifics of an artistic method of the writer through the analysis of poetic features of the novel published in 2017. The lack of the literary works exploring the designated problem field defines scientific novelty of a research. The integrated approach uniting historical-literary and typological methods, as well as a method of the complete analysis of the text, traditional for the academic literary criticism, was the basis of the research. The authors of this article arrive at a conclusion that, recreating the tragedy of life of the disabled hero under laws of realistic art, the writer, first of all, fixes attention on his special attitude, in which a dream and reality are slightly perceived and even interchangeable concepts.

    pdf 174-179.pdf  (111 Kb)

  • Unarokova R.B., Nagarokov K.R.
    London and French collections of the Circassian (Adyghe) folklore: record, interpretation, reconstruction

    The paper describes the problems of recording, archiving, interpretation and reconstruction of sound texts of the Adyghe national songs and instrumental music that are stored since 1911 and 1913 in the state archives of Paris and London. The interpreted texts of both collections are investigated in the context of folklore variability: dark places in records are reconstructed and compared to the known, earlier published or archival variants of instrumental folk tunes and national songs. Such variability types as the composite, intra text and performing are identified. Tens of units of verbal texts are introduced for the first time in a scientific circulation that does a problem timely and relevant. Methods of the comparative analysis are used during the research. The conclusion is drawn on that the interpretation of sound recordings from archives of London and Paris, as well as reconstruction on their base of features of the Adyghe national chant will make it possible to return unique folklore texts to scientific and performing space.

    pdf 180-186.pdf  (143 Kb)

  • Beshukova F.B., Khatkova I.N.
    Structural transformations of the modern text

    This paper examines structural transformations of the text from post-structuralism positions. Modern researches of text activity developed effectively a problem of structure of the text, its interpretation, the theory of a simulacrum, the code, the sign, a discourse, etc. The notable disruption of habitual ideas of laws of text activity demands new methodological approaches, in particular, a postmodern analytical model. Concepts of a simulacrum of J. Baudrillard, interpretation of the text of J. Derrida, Bart, Foucault, etc. act as basic theories. The purpose of this research is the review of a number of the influential and productive directions of interpretation of the modern media text. The study reveals that discoveries of post-structuralism in the field of language of the text, a language role in communicative process, the influence of speech impact on consciousness, and that is not less important, discovery of new opportunities of communicative influence play a serious role in a modern communicativistics.

    pdf 187-192.pdf  (105 Kb)

  • Somova E.G., Abramova G.A.
    Stylistic transformations in the translated advertising texts

    The article discusses the specific features of preparation of the foreign advertising information for broadcasting on Russian SMI channels. Its purpose is to study stylistic transformations of the advertising texts in the process of their translations. Poor translated advertising texts, having lost the originality and a motivational message, are capable to provoke rejection of target audience not only from the broadcast advertisement, but also from the advanced products or service. The research shows that in advertising texts, the stylistic transformations connected with the techniques of a language game are most relevant and the translator has to strive not only for semantic and emotional equivalence, but also for generation at the recipient of the reaction similar to influence of the original advertising text. The comparative analysis of original slogans of the American advertising and their translations adapted for the Russian audience makes it possible to claim that when translating advertising slogans basic is a trans-creation problem, i.e. adequate transfer of an original semantic advertising message by means of other language. It has been found that the techniques developed in the field of the translation of fiction texts can be unproductive in the advertising sphere. In this connection, the successful advertising slogans in the original environment transferred to the different foreign-language soil become ineffective. Results can be useful in work of the copywriters who are engaged in the translation of the borrowed advertising texts.

    pdf 193-199.pdf  (185 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • Abakumova E.V., Orlova M.A.

    The paper deals with the features of art perception by the viewer of works of art. The purpose of this work is to identify specifics of perception of an ideological conception of the artist through a prism of metaphors and associations. The complex analysis of specifics of metaphoricity and associativity of perception of the work of art is for the first time carried out. The publication discloses interrelation between the artist’s thinking and need of understanding by the viewer of these specifics. Basic conclusions of this research can be used in drawing up courses of lectures and seminars on history of the fine arts, as well as in training of young specialists in the field of the fine arts and art criticism. Use of formal and logical methods of research with method of the art and stylistic analysis allowed the authors to come to a conclusion that art perception is treated as a process of creative studying an artistic image, associations and metaphors and as a dialogue of works of art with the subject of perception. For complete perception of an ideological conception of the work of art, the viewer needs to know specifics of associative and metaphoric thinking of the artist.

    pdf 200-205.pdf  (103 Kb)

  • Begicheva O.V.

    The material of Russian music of the 19-20th centuries is taken to examine the leading tendencies of development of romantic ballad. The dynamics of its two leading musical models – taboo (ballads of horror) and national-historical (ballads of historical destiny) are presented. The purpose of this publication is to create a panorama of the ballad in the Russian musical art, to show the formation, the culmination of these models, as well as to identify the features of the Russian concept of the genre. Research methods include the main method – historical and cultural, method of musicological analysis, methods of comparative studies and theoretical poetics. Various examples of the ballad genre in the Russian music of the 19-20th centuries are given to show a step-by-step process of mastering the meanings and principles of the intonation and dramatic organization of the ballad of horror and the ballad of historical destiny. The reasons for the emergence of the Russian version of the ballad genre due to the national picture of the world and socio-cultural realities of the time are revealed. It is proved that the embeddedness of the Russian ballad in the European family and the subsequent separation from it means the birth of the national version of the genre. Having reached the culmination point of development, the ballad corrects the existing typological models, synthesizing their poetics in the interests of its culture, permeated with heroic and Patriotic ideas.

    pdf 206-211.pdf  (106 Kb)

  • Malatsay L.V., Boldovskaya E.N.

    The purpose of the conducted research is to create for the first time a creative portrait of Professor of the Orel State Institute of Culture, composer, arranger and researcher – M.V. Pikalov, who left songs of his own composition, arrangements of choral scores, as well as valuable works on the history of choral art. The methodology of the research is based on systemic and complex approaches that allow combining different methods of musicological research at certain stages of the construction of a scientific theory. Musicological and analytical methods make it possible to reveal the features of the composer’s language of songs and the arrangements of choral scores. A laconic form, modal variability and other means of musical expression used by the author convey brightly and clear philosophical reflections on the life of a person and his fate in his songs. M.V. Pikalov showed special sensitivity in the work on arrangements of compositions by classical composers for different teams of performers. Author’s educational-methodical works and collections are considered in the aspect of scientific-historical comparisons. The biographical method of interpreting facts presented new possibilities for understanding the process of the formation of musical orientations of personality. Authors come to a conclusion about a culture-forming role of the personality of N.V. Pikalov in the history of musical art of the Orel region.

    pdf 212-217.pdf  (109 Kb)

  • Khvatova S.I.

    The paper discusses the dynamics of poetics of Franz Liszt – the composer of the 19th century whose creativity in many respects predetermined ways of development of the 20th century music. The purpose of this research is to identify two leading trends – expressive and impressive – in development of harmony of the 19th century in Franz Liszt’s compositions in consent with E. Kurt’s theory. Special attention is focused on chordica and tone structures of works of the composer. Worksare systematized by accumulating new methods of harmonious development, as well as by updating chord structures. The publication investigates the process of gradual leaving from early romantic harmony to the phenomena belonging, to a greater extent, to the 20th century. The analysis made based on a historical method of a research with attraction of special art criticism tools has demonstrated that decisive for Franz Liszt, who took the abbot’s orders at the end of his career, has become intellectualization of creative process, increase in semantic load of each element of musical language and emergence of symbolism. The theoretical value of this work lies in actualization of a research of harmony evolution of the 19-20th centuries, especially by means of the analysis of compositions of composers whose creativity covers more than half a century and gives the chance to find processes of evolution of musical poetics within one author’s style.

    pdf 218-226.pdf  (151 Kb)

    Biological Sciences
  • Palieva N.V., Botasheva T.L., Khloponina A.V., Zavodnov O.P., Zheleznyakova E.V., Ganikovskaya Yu.V.
    Effect of morpho-functional asymmetries of the mother – placenta – fetus system on metabolic homeostasis during pregnancy

    Metabolic syndrome is one of the causes of gestational diabetes, along with which dysfunctional deviations develop in all types of metabolism, which is accompanied by the formation of numerous obstetric complications. The aim of this investigation is to study the influence of the initial (lateral behavioral profile) and the forming gestational asymmetries (placental lateralization) of the female body on the nature of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in pregnancy. In a longitudinal retrospective study, using a modified Annette test, the patients with the right behavioral asymmetry profile were selected, of which, depending on the lateralization of the placenta, 3 clinical groups were formed: right-oriented placentation, ambilateral placentation and left-oriented placental. The content of lipid fractions and the parameters of carbohydrate metabolism was determined by means of biochemical and enzyme immunoassay. It has been established that as the gestation period increases, there is an increase in insulin resistance and an increase in the atherogenicity coefficient, which is statistically significantly prevalent in women with counter-directional orientation of gestational asymmetries (patients with the right lateral behavioral phenotype) and the forming gestational asymmetry (left-oriented placental arrangement). The most pronounced changes in metabolism in right-handed women are noted in the case of the left-oriented placenta, mediating afferent impulses in the right non-dominant hemisphere of the brain, which is metabolism-associated. This category of women has the highest risk of obstetrical pathology.

    pdf 63-70.pdf  (338 Kb)

  • Rudenko K.A., Tuguz A.R., Muzhenya D.V., Nikhay M.M., Tatarkova E.A., Shumilov D.S., Smolkov I.V.
    Pathophysiological mechanisms of development of bronchial asthma with participation of C-786T polymorphic variants of NOS3 gene

    The C-786T association (rs2070744) of gene polymorphism of nitric oxide synthase NOS3 controlling products of the NO intracellular messenger is analyzed in a pilot research according to the informed consent of patients of pulmonary department of the Adyghe Republican Clinical Hospital with the severe forms of bronchial asthma diag-nosed according to GINA criteria (2011). Despite participation of NOS3 in pathophysiological processes and reliable association C-786T of NOS3 gene, with such clinical manifestations of bronchial asthma as hypostasis and a bron-chospasm in many regions of the world, statistically significant relationship of C-786T of NOS3 gene with the mixed disease forms is not confirmed at inhabitants of the Republic of Adyghea.

    pdf 71-76.pdf  (339 Kb)

  • Chermit K.D., Zabolotniy A.G., Chuvakin A.L., Kuprina N.K., Elnikova O.O.
    Influence of bioelectric activity of muscles on change in linear kinematic characteristics of squat in powerlifting

    Authors of this research study space-time characteristics of movement of the athlete with a bar when performing squat in powerlifting with burdening of 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, and 90%. The obtained data are compared with data of bio-electric activity of previous researches. It has been established that increase in burdening of more than 50% leads to change in space-time order of bar movement. Changes have been found on the site of the trajectory characterizing a space-time order of bar movement upward. At the same time a part of the trajectory characterizing a space-time order of bar movement down is stable at all applied burdenings. Comparison of data on change in space-time order of bar movement and the indicators of bioelectric activity of skeletal muscles presented in earlier published works allows us to state that increase in burdening leads to change in coherence of work of skeletal muscles that changes a space-time order of bar movement.

    pdf 77-82.pdf  (385 Kb)

  • Grechishkina S.S., Kuzmin A.A., Chelyshkova T.V.
    Features of the nature of the interchangeability and health of the nervous system, depending on the color of the iris

    The article discusses the neurophysiological characteristics of students, depending on the color of the iris, clarifies the issues of the pleiotropic effect of genes on the strength and performance of the nervous system. Three groups of students with different colors of the iris were identified; students with brown and black eyes prevailed. The dependence of neurophysiological features and colors of the iris of the eye is shown. Brown-eyed students had a weaker nervous system, high levels of psychomotor performance and a negative value of vegetative balance, compared with blue-eyed students, characterized by a medium-weak type of nervous system, a positive value of vegetative balance, and an average value of psychomotor performance. Green-eyed students occupy an intermediate position.

    pdf 83-88.pdf  (326 Kb)

  • Siyukhova D.B., Babicheva L.G.
    Influence of bisphosphonates on the velocity of bone resorption

    Bone metastasis is a common sequella of solid malignant tumors such as prostate, breast, lung, and renal cancers, which can lead to various complications, including fractures, hypercalcemia, and bone pain, as well as reduced performance status and quality of life. A multidisciplinary approach is usually required not only to address the etiology of the pain and its complicating factors but also to treat the patient appropriately. Currently, the treatment of bone pain remains palliative at best with systemic therapy (analgesics, hormones, chemotherapy, steroids, and bisphosphonates) as well as local treatments (such as surgery, nerve blocks, and external beam radiation). Bisphosphonates, which inhibit osteoclast-mediated bone resorption, are standard care for tumour-associated hypercalcaemia, and as it has been shown reduce bone pain, improve quality of life, delay skeletal events and reduce their number in patients with multiple myeloma and other cancer forms.

    pdf 89-93.pdf  (364 Kb)

  • Kagazezheva N.K., Kolomiytseva N.S., Manko I.N., Doronina N.V.
    Possibilities to improve a system of training cyclists of various qualifications based on the analysis of dynamics of working capacity and indicators of adaptation of an organism to exercises on endurance

    Data on a cardiorespiratory system are some kind of integrated indicator of a condition of an organism. Heart rate is closely connected with complex physiological changes which happen in response to regular physical exercises. In this regard we studied the working capacity of athletes in vitro by using indicators of energy consumption, the efficiency coefficient, oxygen consumption and work of a cardiovascular system during loading and during restoration. Authors suggest that if work of identical intensity is set to athletes, its duration will be objective criterion of endurance.

    pdf 94-99.pdf  (336 Kb)

  • Chermit K.D., Zabolotniy A.G., Chuvakin A.L., Tutarishev A.K., Tkhakumacheva Yu.B.
    Kinematic parameters of vertical speed of bar movement when performing squat in powerlifting

    Authors have studied graphic trajectories of speed of barbell movement when performing squat with a bar in powerlifting without burdening and with burdenings of 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, and 90%. It has been established that the form of a graphic trajectory of speed of bar movement at squat without burdening (with a barbell) and also when overcoming 50% of burdening represents the sinusoid which is characterized by manifestation of two extrema. The first (negative) extremum characterizes the speed of bar lowering, and the second (positive) – speed of bar lifting. Change of a form of a sinusoid of speed of bar movement happens at increase in burdening of more than 60%. This is demonstrated in emergence of two extrema on a sinusoid of speed of raising between which the period of decrease in speed up to a movement stop when burdening is 90% and above is shown. The obtained data make it possible to allo-cate two types of dynamics of speed of bar movement: continuous and discrete.

    pdf 100-104.pdf  (351 Kb)

  • Belyaeva N.P.
    Comparative analysis of nutrition and stomach morphology of the birds of some Corvidae family species

    The article describes the results of studies conducted to determine the composition of feed in autumn and the influence of bird species and their food preferences on the features of the histological structure of the glandular and muscular stomach. The objects of the study were wild representatives of closely related species of birds living in the same area: rook (Corvus frugilegus L.) and a jackdaw (Corvus monedula). On the basis of the obtained data, differ-ences in the composition of the food of rooks and jackdaws occupying one area in the autumn period were revealed, and the indicators of the structure of the gastrointestinal tract depending on the diet and species of birds were analyzed.

    pdf 105-110.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • Tseeva N.A., Zabolotniy A.G., Korokhova N.A., Shepel S.P., Mirza M.Yu.
    Functional violations of knee joints at students engaged in special medical groups

    In this study,violations of the bone and muscular mechanism of work of a knee joint are considered. Results of a research of a condition of knee joints (existence of clicks and a crunch) at students of special medical group are presented. A substantiation is given of use of means of physiotherapeutic exercises to restore physical activity and normalize the broken functions in knee joints.

    pdf 111-114.pdf  (300 Kb)

  • Panesh O.A., Kharkovskaya K.V.
    Parasitic plants of the city of Maikop and its vicinities

    The paper describes the ecological-biomorphological features of four specific species of parasitic plants in the city of Maikop, and specifies their plants owners. Existence of parasitic plants in agrocenoses testifies to need to fight against them, and makes it possible to use these plants as the quality indicators of purity of a phytocenosis.

    pdf 115-119.pdf  (518 Kb)

  • Tskhovrebova A.I., Kalabekov A.L., Kornoukhova I.I., Lamarton S.F.
    Effect of water extract from bentonite of different concentrations on embryogenesis and early postembryogenesis of amphibians

    The embryogenesis and postembryogenesis of amphibians was studied using an example of the Asian Frog (Rana macrocnemis). The results are given in the norm and with experimental effects of a water extract from bentonite clay of different concentrations. The multidirectional effect of bentonite extract, which manifests itself in an increase and decrease in the morphological parameters of the larvae, depending on the concentration of the extract, is shown.

    pdf 120-123.pdf  (300 Kb)

  • Kishev A.Yu., Mamsirov N.I., Zherukov T.B., Berbekov K.Z.
    Systems of agriculture of Kabardino-Balkaria: state and prospects of development

    The paper presents the results of studying and assessment of current condition of basic elements of a system of agriculture of Kabardino-Balkar Republic. The main problems of the region in the field of agricultural production are defined, namely: non-compliance or gross violation of crop rotations, a slitization of arable lands owing to violation or ignoring agrotechnologies of crop cultivation. In this regard minimization or combination of technological processes of soil cultivating, reduction of depth of loosening and increase in width of capture of soil-cultivating aggregates is offered.

    pdf 124-128.pdf  (312 Kb)

  • Panesh O.A., Kraynyukova E.Yu.
    Structure of the leaf stomatic apparatus of relic plants (by using an example of relic species of the city of Maikop)

    The structure of the leaf stomatic apparatus from four relic species growing in the city of Maikop is described (Ginkgo biloba L., Hedera helix L., Liriodendron tulipifera L. and Liquidambar styraciflua L.). Leaf stomatic apparatuses at the described species are presented by anomocytic and diacytic types.

    pdf 129-132.pdf  (421 Kb)

  • Tseeva N.A., Zabolotniy A.G., Zolotseva E.V., Chuntyzheva Z.I., Tkhakumacheva Yu.B.
    Motives of sports and health improving activity of students of special medical group

    The paper provides the analysis of materials of students’ polls regarding the attitude to occupations by physical exercises and physical activity in special medical groups (SMG) and to independent sports activity. Interests, requirements, motives of the students who are engaged in groups of medical physical culture and their attitude to a way of life and health as a whole are revealed.

    pdf 133-136.pdf  (335 Kb)

  • Bagaeva U.V., Byazyrova À.Ò., Cherchesova S.K., Ramonova E.I., Marzoeva D.A.
    Ixodes ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) of the foothill zone of North Ossetia and their biological feature

    The fauna of ixodic ticks in the foothill zone of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania is represented by 3 species: Dermacentor marginatus, Ixodes ricinus, and Boophilus annulatus, the quantitative composition and activity of which depend on the season of the year. The material was collected from cattle. By using an example of the species of B. annulatus dominant for this zone, the dependence has been revealed of the fertility of Ixodes ticks on environ-mental and biological factors. On the average, the cycle duration in the spring period was 12 days, with fecundity of up to 1737,35 eggs/individual. In the autumn period, the duration of the gonadotrophic cycle of B. annulatus is on the average 14 days, but with a lower fecundity – 782,6 eggs/individual. Thus, the fecundity of B. annulatus in the foothill zone in spring is 2,2 times higher than that in the autumn period.

    pdf 137-140.pdf  (302 Kb)

  • Nazranov K.M., Orzalieva M.N.
    Efficiency of various domestic cultivars of potatoes of the highest reproductions in the mountain zone of Kabardino-Balkar Republic

    The paper presents the results of a research on seed farming of potatoes of the highest reproductions, development of a high-quality agrotechnology of its cultivation for specific conditions of the region. Also features of growth and development of domestic cultivars, their efficiency and complex agronomical assessment are studied.

    pdf 141-144.pdf  (294 Kb)

  • Tiev R.A., Shibzukhov Z.-G.S.
    Optimization of use of chemical and biological means to protect tomatoes

    The paper gives the results of a research on studying and development of complex protection of a tomato in the open ground from wreckers and diseases. More effective medicines of chemical and biological origin are defined, after use of which the productivity of fruits of a tomato and quality indicators of a fruit increase. It has been revealed that the developed technology of tomato cultivation in the open ground promotes increase in productivity of fruits from 7,2 to 13,5%, as well as improvement of their quality from 7,8 to 12,8% in comparison with control variant. Among the studied variants the most optimum is variant No. 3 providing a harvest increase by 24,7% and increase in productivity of standard fruits by 12,9%.

    pdf 145-148.pdf  (304 Kb)

  • Ashinov Yu.N., Tsipinova B.S., Astakhova I.A., Skhashok F.Yu.
    Soil-geochemical peculiarities of the territory of the Republic of Adygea

    The purpose of the work is to reveal the soil-geochemical features of the territory of the Republic of Adyghea in accordance with the National Atlas of Russia (2007, vol. 2). The soil cover is represented by leached chernozem, fused chernozem and meadow-chernozem soils, characterized by an impassable type of water regime. There is a high probability of accumulation of pollutants in the upper horizons of these soils, actively participating in the biological cycle. The potential danger of contamination of arable soils of Adyghea with non-observance of the technology of agrochemicals is estimated as high.

    pdf 149-153.pdf  (713 Kb)

  • Melnikova T.N., Tuova T.G.
    Monitoring and evaluation of the annual flow rate of the rivers of the main catchment basins of the Caucasus State Natural Biosphere Reserve

    The analysis of monitoring and evaluation of the annual flow rate of the rivers of the main catchment basins of the Caucasus State Natural Biosphere Reserve is carried out. Calculations of mathematical models of the annual flow rate of the rivers of the main catchment basins of the Reserve are made, three water-bearing zones are presented. The conducted regional hydrological researches expand the theoretical and applied aspects of the study of water re-source potential.

    pdf 154-159.pdf  (405 Kb)

  • Orzalieva M.N., Nazranov K.M.
    On measures for increase in production of early potatoes in steppe zone of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

    The paper discusses the results of a research on identification of a share of influence of cultivar features and conditions of growth on size of a harvest and quality of seed tubers of potatoes. As a result it has been established that inquiries of the modern market and present opportunities of producing seed material of the highest reproductions of domestic selection of early ripe cultivars in a mountain zone are such that it is possible to arrange production of early and superearly new potato in a steppe zone for consumption as a table product.

    pdf 160-163.pdf  (298 Kb)

  • Tuguz F.V.
    Prevalence of interrelations between typological characteristics of settlements in the Adyghea Republic

    The analysis is carried out of prevalence of interrelations between a look (and, respectively, genesis) of settlements, availability of territorial and organizing functions at them, the number of their population, planning and location in the territory of contemporary Adyghea.

    pdf 164-165.pdf  (315 Kb)

  • Kuzenko M.V.
    History and progress of selection of the wintering oats in southern foothill zone of the Northwest Caucasus

    The paper presents the results of selection work with the culture of the wintering oats in a southern foothill zone of the Northwest Caucasus: directions of selection and progress in creation of cultivars.

    pdf 166-170.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • Teuchezh F.D.
    The geographic-ecological analysis of interaction of agriculture and the nature in the territory of the Adyghea Republic

    The geographic-ecological features of agricultural development of the territory of the Adyghea Republic are analyzed, taking into account features of the nature of the Republic. The carried-out analysis and the offered rec-ommendations will make it possible to develop promising and rational schemes of management of natural potential in agriculture of the republic and region.

    pdf 171-173.pdf  (298 Kb)

  • Pchikhachev E.K., Korzun B.V., Vavilova L.V.
    On the results of the primary introduction of the trilobate pawpaw (Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal.) grown from seeds in the Adyghe Branch of the Russian Research Institute of Floriculture and Subtropical Cultures in the North-West Caucasus

    The paper presents the results of the primary introduction of three-lobed pawpaw in a non-traditional zone of the North-West Caucasus – the foothill territory of the Adyghea Republic. The authors analyze data on phenological phases of plant development in the meteorological conditions of 2017–2018. The publication discusses biometric indicators of growth and development of 13 different forms of pawpaw plants grown from seeds in the Adyghe Branch, as well as data on the formation of the crop of registered plants. Based on the results obtained, conclusions are drawn that the biological requirements of the culture correspond to the climatic conditions of the area of introduction and that the species is resistant to adverse environmental factors.

    pdf 174-180.pdf  (400 Kb)

  • Artemyevà N.K., Zabelin M.V., Kolesnikova A.A.
    Monitoring of food behavior and assessment of energy balance of representatives of different types of vegetarian food

    The article is devoted to the health problems of vegetarians in the conditions of various impellent activity. In the paper it notes the reasons of the studied switched to the chosen species and how vegetarian diet has affected the health and development of physical qualities.

    pdf 181-187.pdf  (385 Kb)

  • Korzun B.V., Lagoshina A.G.
    Features of growth and development of persimmon in the foothills of Adygea

    The article presents the results of the study of cultivars and hybrids of eastern persimmon Diospyros kaki L. in the Adyghea Branch of the Russian Research Institute of Floriculture and Subtropical Cultures: phenological observations, features of growth and development of seedlings, features of fruiting in these soil and climatic conditions. The prospects of this culture for gardening in the foothill zone of Adyghea are shown.

    pdf 188-191.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • Ushkho D.S., Artisevich A.E., Loboda N.A., Panesh A.A.
    On one method of a research of the number of invariant straight lines for polynomial vector fields of degree n

    pdf 15-27.pdf  (463 Kb)

  • Stash A.K.
    On discontinuity of the senior frequencies on a set of linear homogeneous multidimensional differential systems

    We investigate the senior indicators of variability of differential systems by continuity. We have established that there exist a point in space of linear homogeneous multidimensional differential systems with the continuous coefficients limited on a positive half axis in which each of the senior frequencies of signs, zeros, roots and hyper roots suffers jumps both up and down at disturbances of the coefficients disappearing on infinity.

    pdf 28-32.pdf  (327 Kb)

  • Balkizov Zh.A.
    On one boundary-value problem for an equation of mixed parabolic-hyperbolic type of the second order under condition of a displacement derivative in the field of hyperbolicity

    In this paper we investigate a boundary-value problem with a displacement for a nonhomogeneous equation of a mixed parabolic-hyperbolic type of the second order with a wave operator in the hyperbolic part of domain, where a linear combination with variable coefficients of the derivatives of the values of the desired function on both char-acteristics is given as the boundary condition. Theorems on the existence and uniqueness of a regular solution of the problem are proved. In the case when the coefficients entering the problem under investigation are constant real numbers, the solution is written out in explicit form.

    pdf 33-38.pdf  (343 Kb)

  • Makaova R.K.
    The first boundary-value problem for a third order hyperbolic equation degenerating inside the domain

    In this paper, we study the first boundary-value problem for a third-order hyperbolic equation with degeneracy of order inside a mixed domain. The theorem is proved on the existence and uniqueness of a regular solution.

    pdf 39-44.pdf  (356 Kb)

  • Tlyustangelova M.S., Stash A.K.
    Strict inequalities between complete and vector frequencies of solutions of two-dimensional differential systems

    We have found a function, the complete frequencies of which do not coincide with the vector ones. This function was established on the set of solutions of the linear homogeneous two-dimensional differential systems (which are not reduced to the second order equations by means of classical replacement of variables) with continuous coefficients limited on a positive semiaxis.

    pdf 45-51.pdf  (356 Kb)

  • Malay N.V., Skopets N.A., Shulimanova Z.L., Shchukin E.R.
    Influence of the movement of the environment and internal sources of heat on thermophoresis of big aerosol particle of spherical shape in the external field of temperature gradient

    We explore the model of the hydrodynamic movement of a large aerosol particle of spherical shape in the external field of a temperature gradient, considering influence of the movement of the environment and internal sources of heat which are incoherently distributed in volume of a particle. The numerical modeling, which is carried out for certain magnitudes entering the model, has shown that influence of the movement of the environment on aerosols is no more than 10–12%.

    pdf 52-57.pdf  (401 Kb)

  • Zhukova I.N.
    Analysis of linear polarization of charge radiation in approach of a weak wave

    We have obtained decomposition of average in time degree of linear polarization of charge global radiation in the field of an electromagnetic wave of elliptic polarization in small parameter γ, connected with wave intensity. A study was made on influence of the choice of polarization vector on behavior of average in time extent of linear polarization near extreme values.

    pdf 58-62.pdf  (523 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Lubentsova E.V., Piotrovsky D.L.
    Modeling and control of fermentation process with the use of approximating functions

    The theoretical substantiation and experimental verification of the use of approximating nonlinear functions in mathematical modeling and control of the fermentation process is presented. Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of using an approximating inlet flow control apparatus and substrate in selected product from it. The found values of the substrate and biomass concentration in combination with à faster flow of the culture medium with an increase in the control action by 20% provide a maximum productivity of the process.

    pdf 192-199.pdf  (434 Kb)

  • Vlasenko À.V., Dzoban P.I., Shopin A.V.
    Algorithms of modified pseudo random sequence generation

    Quite often, experts in the field of information security and information protection in their work are faced with the need to generate random sequences and numbers. Most often, random numbers are required in problems of modeling, numerical analysis and testing, but there are many other very specific tasks. It is known that in all modern programming languages there is a function random or its analogs. These functions most often give really good pseudo-random numbers. This article discusses the features of the implementation of a linear congruent method, which is most often used in the random function, and a method for obtaining random numbers using a polynomial counter, which is often used to test hardware.

    pdf 200-204.pdf  (364 Kb)

  • Dovgal V.À., Dovgal D.V.
    Role of fog computing in the Internet of Things

    The paper discusses the paradigm of cloud computing expanding them to borders of network, and defining a new type of applications and services. Fog computing are suitable for several critical services and applications of the Internet of Things. It defines some characteristics, such as small latency, wide geographical distribution, mobility, huge number of nodes, predominant role of wireless access, strong presence of streaming and applications of real time and heterogeneity. The connected cars, smart grid, smart cities, and in general, networks of wireless sensors and actuators (WSAN) are examples of critical services and applications of the Internet of Things.

    pdf 205-209.pdf  (465 Kb)

  • Medvedev Yu.S., Piotrovsky D.L.
    Performance monitoring of the Oracle database

    To create corporate information systems, we use at present the Oracle database management systems (DBMS), which are characterized by high productivity, reliability and resiliency and occupy a leading position in the market of DBMS. With increasing number of users and volume of data, the probability of performance degradation of the database (DB) invariably increases. Often it is difficult to detect the reason of slow work of system. Therefore, a significant portion of administrator time is spent for monitoring databases and identifying problems, their reasons and finding solutions before these problems become noticeable to users. The main purpose of tuning is to achieve adequate response time of the system without reducing performance of other users or applications. Thus, in order to ensure high productivity of users and application, the database needs to be under constant surveillance. Oracle has a large arsenal of tools to alert the database administrator of emerging problems. This article discusses the monitoring tools of the Oracle DBMS. Such diagnostics is in the ability to identify the causes of dysfunction, and to provide a high DB performance.

    pdf 210-213.pdf  (298 Kb)

  • Kirillov G.A., Kashin Ya.M., Shkoda V.V.
    Switchgears with SF6 insulation

    The paper considers the modern electrothermal gas insulated switchgears. Their design features, advantages and disadvantages, as well as issues of their maintenance are shown.

    pdf 214-219.pdf  (590 Kb)

  • Gorovenko L.A., Aleksanyan G.A.
    Organization of distance learning with the use of Internet technology

    The method of organization of distance learning through the use of Virtual Board Internet technology is considered. A comparative analysis of the most popular services to support visualization of distance learning is presented. The model of distance learning organization by using Internet technologies is described.

    pdf 220-225.pdf  (611 Kb)

  • Vlasenko À.V., Zhdanov A.A.
    Preliminary processing time series data of production systems

    To solve practical problems, it is necessary to carry out a special preliminary data transformation for their successful assimilation with the help of Kalman filtering and further forecasting the dynamics of changes in the production system. Methods of preliminary data processing are suggested: coding of input and output data streams, data normalization, data preprocessing: removal of obvious systematic errors, jumps and regularities. The general principle of preliminary data processing, both for inputs and outputs, is maximization of entropy. The series of data obtained during the monitoring of production have a significant specificity. They can contain complex irregular variations and nonstationary effects of various kinds. To ensure the required accuracy and consistency of data on the production process, it is necessary to integrate various formats of data representations and to avoid their duplication. Data cleaning is a special mechanism for detecting and removing explicit errors and other inconsistencies in the input data. Filters for data assimilation work only with numerical data, which indicates the need for coding input and output data. In order for the assimilation filter to treat input and output values uniformly, all quantities must be normalized. The data obtained as a result of preliminary processing allows increasing the accuracy and reliability of the work of the time series forecasting module by optimizing the configuration of the filter operation and the parameters of the production system model.

    pdf 226-233.pdf  (353 Kb)

  • Kucher V.A., Dyachenko R.A., Makaryan A.S., Buchatskiy P.Yu., Tarasov E.S.
    Designing and realization of education testing ground for studying information security

    This article shows effective ways of using educational testing ground for purpose of studying information security management. Main requirements for architecture and algorithm of functionality of such educational testing ground, models, hardware, software and mathematical support were developed. Main problems of using this educational testing ground in educational courses were analyzed. Mechanisms of formation of communication environment, mechanisms of accumulation and division of information, information resources management systems, mechanisms of internetworking, users interlinking and scalabilities were studied. For purpose of analyzing and constructing efficient structure of information-analytical system, a set of synthesis criteria (functionality, technology, reliability and time criteria), and mechanisms of integration of the offered approaches in educational process were created. For describing automating educational testing ground, a mathematical model was offered.

    pdf 234-242.pdf  (798 Kb)

  • Chastikova V.À., Kolesnik N.M.
    Methods of automatically determining the authenticity data of the natural language texts

    This article discusses modern tools for analyzing and processing textual information. A method is proposed for automatically comparing documents of various dimensions for the authenticity of information presented in one of them with respect to the second one, which, in turn, is a proven source for a given subject area. And also describes the best way to select the desired source for the question, the answer to which is the text to be checked. The technique is based on a comparison of knowledge graphs derived from the “relationships” of keywords with other elements of the text. In addition, adapted models for obtaining vector representations of documents in a multidimensional space, taking into account the semantics and context in which they are used. The proposed approach provides for a pre-formed database with sources (theoretical materials of the subject area) and a question-answer module (which will be checked for authenticity).

    pdf 243-247.pdf  (342 Kb)

    Cognitive Ecoomy
  • Shitukhina N.S.

    Under the conditions of the “knowledge society”, information can be defined as the most important economic benefit, acting as an economic resource and production factor, which finds its manifestation in the transmission and perception of certain knowledge. The article shows the stages of the formation of organizational mechanisms to ensure the integration of knowledge as an integrated multi-step process of the movement of knowledge, the result of which is their realization in products, services, technologies. It was noted that the core of the knowledge economy is the service sector, in which the intellectual services sector plays a special role as a driver of socio-economic development. It is indicated that the content of information and analytical services is the satisfaction of existing information needs by intellectual processing of available information to achieve the goal determined by the customer.

    pdf 187-193.pdf  (240 Kb)

    World Economy
  • Bryleva Ya.V.

    The article deals with the export-import relations between Russia and BSEC-members, with which the country has the largest trade turnover of all the countries of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation. Commodity groups are presented on the chart; the role of BSEC for countries cooperation and the place of Russia in this international organization are raised.

    pdf 338-345.pdf  (430 Kb)

  • Magomedova E.A.

    The article is devoted to the peculiarities of international trade development in the context of globalization. The article reveals new trends in the development of the world economy in the conditions of innovative and political changes of modern globalization. Scenarios of development of competition of the largest participants of international trade in the conditions of globalization are considered. Also noted are important studies of PricewaterhouseCoopers, which analyzed the changes taking place in the global environment, within which it identified five mega-trends. In addition, the factors of competitiveness of companies in the international arena were studied. At the end of the study it was emphasized that the main strategic resources for the development of companies in modern conditions are information, the development of the Internet, social networks, automation, and development of digital technologies.

    pdf 346-351.pdf  (137 Kb)

  • Murtuzalieva S.Yu., Ivanov D.A.

    2018 was a difficult year for international trade. Countries were swept by trade wars. In December 2018, an important meeting of the leaders of China and the United States, which was supposed to prevent the further development of the trade war between these countries, was held. The article describes the characteristics of the Chinese economy and its comparison with the US economy.

    pdf 352-362.pdf  (476 Kb)

  • Shadova Z.H., Tokmakova R.A., Margusheva D.Z., Margusheva M.Z.

    This article deals with the world's leading financial centers. It is shown the variety of different researchers’ views to the definition of the world financial center. The methodology of the two indexes (GFCI and IFDC) is compared. Particular attention is drawn to the question of the prospects for the transformation of Moscow into one of the global financial centers. Based on the opinion of experts, it is concluded that the most rational approach is to change macroeconomic policies, to encourage Russians' confidence in the financial market.

    pdf 363-368.pdf  (143 Kb)

    Finance and Credit
  • Vodozhdokova Z.A., Khuazheva A.Sh.

    Theoretical and applied aspects of the development of the issues under study allowed establishing the currently identified problems of improving the tools for analyzing and forecasting the financial state, in terms of industry-specific orientation.

    pdf 235-239.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • Grigorieva E.M., Auslender A.Ya., Selivyorstova M.A.

    With the development of a sustainable energy system in the Russian Federation, the issues of finding financing for this strategy become relevant. The state cannot fully independently make the country's energy transition to a “green” path of development, which makes it necessary to look for new opportunities and instruments for financing these transformations. The article substantiates the relevance of the search for new financial instruments to finance projects in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.In this research, identified special aspects and advantages of various types of green bonds in the world market as the main tool for financing green projects, analyzed regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation and explored current opportunities and prospects for the adaptation of green bonds in the Russian financial market. The article explored the special aspects and current possibilities of adapting green bonds on the Russian financial market, highlighted the most promising types of green bonds, and described the necessary legislative changes for the effective adoptation of these financial instruments.

    pdf 240-250.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Grigorieva E.M., Selivyorstova M.A., Auslender A.Ya.

    National pension systems have a comprehensive financial mechanism designed to ensure a decent standard of living for the population upon reaching retirement age, as well as being part of the country's financial system. Reform of pension systems occurs under the influence of global challenges, which are associated both with demographic problems and with the problems of global restructuring of economic systems under the influence of continuing uncertainty. The paper analyzes the foreign experience of the mechanisms of formation of pension capital as a source of pension provision. The problems of pension formation in Russia are analyzed. The authors highlighted a number of factors affecting the volume of financing of the pension system in the long term, proposed a program to stimulate the savings activity of the population to increase the amount of pension capital in Russia.

    pdf 251-258.pdf  (370 Kb)

  • Zabolotskaya V.V., Yaroshenko K.E.

    The authors of the research made a systematization of the economic essence of qualitative, quantitative methods and methods for assessing the financial sustainability of enterprises, which made it possible to determine their main advantages and disadvantages. In the article the authors identified modern key problems in improving methodological approaches to assessing financial stability and financial condition in Russian practice. The authors substantiated the conclusion about the necessity to develop an integrated assessment methodology based on the development of intelligent information systems based on modern mathematical tools and capabilities of artificial intelligence.

    pdf 259-269.pdf  (465 Kb)

  • Karakayeva E.U., Aliyeva A.A., Sarieva A.K.

    The article is devoted to the study of the introduction of real estate tax in the Russian Federation. The change in the procedure for calculating property taxes is considered. The role of tax revenues in the formation of consolidated budgets of the Russian Federation and the Karachay-Cherkess Republic is analyzed. The main ways of increasing tax revenues of the regional budget are considered. The tax rates for property taxes are investigated. The main trends in the tax policy of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic are identified.

    pdf 270-275.pdf  (343 Kb)

  • Naminova K.A.

    The article is devoted to the formation and development of insurance. Fear of the forces of nature, natural phenomena, the inability to resist them, prompted people to unite interests aimed at combating their consequences, which was a prerequisite for the development of insurance. Evolutionary analysis has shown that insurance is characterized by a unified state policy in the field of insurance, the establishment of insurance principles and the formation of insurance mechanisms that ensure the economic security of citizens and economic entities in the Russian Federation.

    pdf 276-280.pdf  (124 Kb)

  • Petrenko A.S., Sedykh N.V.

    The article deals with the conditions of development of project financing of the construction industry in Russia. Analyzed the differences of the new forms of financing from equity-building, actively used previously. The mortgage lending market is analyzed and its prospective development is assessed. Their influence on social and economic processes in society and on the state economy as a whole is estimated.

    pdf 281-286.pdf  (230 Kb)

  • Sarieva A.K., Karakayeva E.U., Tikova Z.Z.

    In order for the state to fulfill its functions, it needs financial resources that are accumulated in budgets. Real estate taxes play an important role in the formation of budgets of developed countries. The article examines the features of taxation of real estate in foreign countries. For example, some OECD member countries are considering the procedure for determining the taxable value for taxation of land and real estate on them. The problems of calculating property taxes and ways to solve them are also considered.

    pdf 287-292.pdf  (671 Kb)

  • Sedykh N.V., Sukhina Yu.M., Bozhko V.À.

    In this article provide an overview of the trends the introduction and application of artificial intelligence in the banking sector. Made predictions about the future prospects of the application of this technology. Noted that in modern industry the banking sector there has been an increase in the use of advanced digital technology, which noticeably simplify processing of large amounts of information, accelerate many business processes and make the Bank services more convenient and more affordable for consumers. The main objective of the study is an analysis of the application of artificial intelligence in the banking sector, its advantages and development of the financial markets. The article revealed that in most banking agencies operate in conditions that require rapid and extensive changes to the competition Wednesday. Growing competition from high-tech non-bank organizations. Therefore, the introduction of modern innovation systems and artificial intelligence techniques for modern banking Wednesday should be seen as one of the most important areas that will remain competitive the traditional banking system.

    pdf 293-297.pdf  (200 Kb)

  • Yanova E.A.

    In the article, the author analyzed the main indicators of the effectiveness of universities in St. Petersburg, gave a comparative assessment of the effectiveness of their activities. The author's position is expressed on the need to improve the system of performance indicators of universities, which allowed the author to draw a conclusion on the unification of indicators depending on their goals. Based on the analysis, evaluation of the performance indicators of the best universities in St. Petersburg, the author made an attempt to determine the real "threshold value" of performance monitoring for these universities.

    pdf 229-234.pdf  (138 Kb)

  • Kartashov K.A., Isachkova L.N., Sotskaya T.V., Kunakovskaya I.A.

    The real and virtual world today is integrated into the hybrid, as a result, the problems only increase. On the one hand, with the help of the digital economy, a whole range of routine tasks is being solved, procedures for obtaining state and municipal services, services and organizations, enterprises are becoming faster and more convenient for the consumer and for the Russian population as a whole. On the other hand, the digital economy "merged" into the Russian soil and knowledge of the Russian mentality turns into a "headache" for the Russian citizen, the Russian family and the country as a whole. The article presents the positive aspects of the digital economy and individual, private, but serious problems. In conclusion, we offer some suggestions and recommendations for adapting the digital economy to the Russian real world.

    pdf 167-173.pdf  (306 Kb)

  • Magomedova Z.O.

    This article discusses the importance of the concept of «Digital economy» both on the scale of the state and on the territory of the Republic of Dagestan. Modern problems which need to be solved for the most favorable development of information technologies in the republic are designated. The qualitative and quantitative results of the implementation of information technologies are determined.

    pdf 174-179.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • Melenchuk A.S.

    The article discusses some of the results and prospects for the implementation of the development strategy of FSUE “Post of Russia”, adopted in 2014. The strategy was aimed at reforming the “Post of Russia” in order to create a customer-oriented, socially responsible, highly efficient, self-supporting state postal operator and developing new business segments. At the end of 2017, an increase in the company's revenues in all developed business areas was noted, in particular, revenue from the postal business increased by 2% compared with the previous year. In addition, one of the most important strategic directions for the development of “Post of Russia” is the development of banking services: in 2016, Post Bank was opened in cooperation with the international financial group VTB. It should be noted that the processes of digital transformation of the company's activities actively pursued at FSUE “Post of Russia”: digitalization of logistics, operations in the branches, translation of interaction with customers into an online mode, building a corporate data platform and a number of important processes.

    pdf 180-186.pdf  (623 Kb)

  • Tlekhuray-Berzegova L.T., Byuller E.A.

    The personnel of the enterprise is the most important functional subsystem today and represents a valuable resource of innovative development of any enterprise. The staff performs specific operational and strategic functions, and therefore plays an important role in the process of increasing the level of intellectualization, automation and Informatization of production. In the context of market relations, contradictions between mass production and the urgent need for innovative development of enterprises are exacerbated. This circumstance, in turn, requires a radical change in the entire system of personnel management, the relationship to human resources and the concept of human resources. In a highly competitive environment and in the transport market, the efficiency of production and financial activities of different modes of transport depends to a large extent on the quality of personnel management.

    pdf 215-220.pdf  (124 Kb)

  • Isaeva E.V.

    The purpose of this study was to study the priorities of industrial enterprises of the Siberian Federal District in terms of the potential request for the possibility of purchasing domestic products, services and technologies as an alternative to current import purchases. The article describes the results of the study on the main groups of import purchases and explanations for these groups. The study was conducted in 2018, with the participation of more than 100 enterprises. The following directions of import substitution were investigated: equipment, raw materials, components, services and technologies. The article published the first part of the study.

    pdf 155-159.pdf  (287 Kb)

  • Chereshnyuk A.S.

    The article considers an alternative strategy for the development of import substitution for Russian enterprises, aimed not at the development and production of imported products and technologies, and focused on the proactive capture of emerging markets. This strategy will allow Russian manufacturing companies to gain long-term competitive advantages in new markets and provide significant economic benefits.

    pdf 160-166.pdf  (151 Kb)

  • Tyushnyakov V.N.

    The provision of state and municipal services in electronic form is a priority direction in accordance with the state program “Information Society 2011-2020” and the strategy of the development of the information society in the Russian Federation for 2017-2030. The article discusses infrastructure systems, which are the technological basis for transferring the provision of state and municipal services to electronic form. The practice of using e-government technologies in the system of providing state and municipal services at the federal and regional levels is characterized. The value of the indicator of citizens' satisfaction with the quality of public service provision from year to year shows steady growth and significantly exceeds the planned level. The study presents the rating of the subjects of the Southern Federal District by the number of citizens registered on the portal of public services. Rostov region in this ranking takes the first place. Analyzed the dynamics of the provision of state and municipal services in the multifunctional centers of the Rostov region. The analysis will reveal the problems of applying e-government technologies in the system of providing state and municipal services, identify areas for the development of information technologies in government, formulate new requirements for the efficiency and quality of state and municipal government.

    pdf 194-200.pdf  (446 Kb)

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