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    22.05.2024 06:00
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    Mathematics and Computer Sciences
    D.D. Mirzov On the equations with property 1
    D.S. Ushkho The new proof of a theorem on an estimation of the number of special points of the second group of cubic differential system
    K.U. Khubiev Hellerstedt problem for the loaded equation of the mixed type
    E.V. Lutsenko and V.E. Korzhakov The reflective automated control system of quality of training specialists
    V.S. Simankov and P.Y. Buchatsky Formation of a tree of the purposes and a system of criteria for efficiency in alternative power engineering on the basis of the system approach
    V.S. Simankov and A.V. Shopin A situational logic conclusion on the basis of indistinct clusterization of conditions
    A.F. Kizyanov Consideration of an opportunity of expanding indexation of the text on the basis of stimming with automatic indexation of the text in any language
    V.N. Korobkov Concept of constructing document control systems in electronic libraries
    S.Y. Bedanokova Equation of movement of a soil moisture and mathematical model of moisture content in the soil layer basing on the Aller equation
    Physics and Technical Sciences
    R.A. Bagov and R. Tsey On principal concepts of the theory of a filtration and on basic stages of its development
    A.V. Korzhakov Identification and synthesis of system of acoustic-magnetic processing of a liquid
    A.A. Churakov and V.A. Pshenichkina Estimation of influence of statistical variability of rigidity parameters of a thin-walled compound core the basis system on its dynamic characteristics
    S.A. Korzhakova and S.A. Rezin'kova Stage of formalization of designing expert monitoring system of professional stratification
    Natural Sciences
    G.N. Gudkova and M.V. Kuzenko Change of number of roots and suckers in ontogenesis of plants of winter triticale
    I.V. Rashevskaya Growth, a mineral feed and production of east goats-rue (Galega orientalis L.) at applying increasing portions of phosphorous-potash fertilizers
    T.N. Tolstikova and E.M. Ednich Taxonomic composition, vital forms and geography of plants introducers of family Rosaceae Adans. in a collection of the Adyghe State University Arboretum
    N.D. Djimova and S.I. Chitao Ecological-faunistic characteristics of separate representatives of the Protozoa type, living in active silt in clearing constructions of Maikop, Shovgenovsk and Giaginsk areas in Adygheya Republic
    E.A. Shebzuhova and K.K. Khutyz History and biology of the Caucasian brown bear in the Northern Caucasus
    A.R. Tuguz and M.V. Vershinina Correlation of the basic cytokines in blood of oncologic patients and healthy donors
    N.S. Khishtova Studying antagonistic activity of hemolytic E. coli singled out from patients with gastrointestinal diseases
    A.V. Shakhanova and I.S. Belenko Psychological and physiological features and mechanisms of adaptation of young football players at the children sports school to the increased muscular activity
    A.V. Shakhanova and T.V. Glazun A functional state of an organism of pupils in conditions of application of variation educational and physical training health improving technologies
    A.A. Pseunok Cardiovascular system as the indicator of adaptable opportunities of an organism and specific feature of its activity in pupils of the 5th 6th classes
    N.N. Khasanova Mental capacity for work of pupils of the 3rd and 4th classes training under the experimental program at rural school
    M.N. Silantiev Specific features of adaptation of children and teenagers to innovational educational technologies
    A.A. Kuzmin The influence of sports activity on ontogenetic development and functional adaptive opportunities of young football players in children sports schools
    T.G. Tuova Hydronyms of Adygheya Republic: geographical aspects of modern research
    O.I. Uzdinova Contents of the scientific-historical approach in modern natural sciences (theoretical-methodological substantiation)
    Geoinformation Systems
    T.P. Varshanina and O.A. Plisenko Problems of technology of automated geographical diagnostics of territory
    R.D. Khunagov, B.I. Kochurov and T.P. Varshanina Some aspects of technology of territory geographical diagnostics
    T.P. Varshanina, O.A. Plisenko, S.F. Pikin and I.V. Starodub Object-oriented digital model of the topography
    I.G. Volkodav The Fourth International Conference Volcanism, Biosphere and Ecology
    A.V. Shakhanova, N.N. Khasanova, A.A. Pseunok, M.N. Silantiev, T.V. Glazun etc. In Memoriam: D.V. Kolesov, Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Academician of Russian Academy of Education


    Linguistics. Theoretical Problems of Linguistics
    Z.I. Kerasheva Language as a valuable source for perceiving a history of people
    I.V. Pellikh Youth slang as a social variety of speech
    A.I. Tokareva On the aesthetic function of a poetic rhythm
    M.M. Shabanov Synharmonism in Terekemeisky dialect of the Azerbaijan language
    Russian Philology
    L.K. Bobrysheva Modern forms of idioms in a context of subculture as the dynamics factor of conceptualization of a language picture of the world
    F.K. Urakova Methodical means and forms of the organization of Russian connected speech training of the pupils of national school
    Contrastive Linguistics
    F.A. Autleva Lexical and semantic features of S.Ya. Marshaks translations
    F.M. Guchetl Language features of lullabies (using a material of different system languages)
    Yu.V. Kulakova Mechanism of formation of pseudo-referent nominations in works of the genre of fantasy and specific features of their translation into Russian
    S.N. Sklyarova Speech tonality and melody in English and Russian prosody
    L.N. Shapina Euphemisms in social fields of activity: political correctness and a wooden language (using the French language as an example)
    E.R. Khutova The concepts of love and hate in Russian and English languages
    S.A. Sasina A pragmatic potential of phraseological units of the professional and terminological origin in English and Russian discourses
    Z.I. Beslangurova Culture of the English-speaking world as the factor of interpersonal dialogue in the sphere of business communication
    Theoretical Problems of Literary Criticism
    U.M. Panesh Problems of studying the common ideological-aesthetic character of twentieth century native land literature
    A.G. Nagapetova On the theory of the artistic conflict
    M.V. Pokotylo Interpretation of the creativity of V.V. Mayakovsky in modern literary criticism
    I.V. Tsikusheva Genre features of a literary fairy tale (using a material of the Russian and English literature as an example)
    The Russian literature
    L.I. Demina The originality of A. Platonovs publicism of the 1920s
    N.M. Shishkhova Reassessment of values (L.N. Tolstoy and scientific ideas of his time)
    I.I. Kondrashova L.Tolstoy and M.Gorkiy: a way to new realism
    K.G. Ter-Minosyan The personality of the poet in a context of time (in Kseniya Nekrasova's verses)
    K.G. Ter-Minosyan On some features of Kseniya Nekrasova's verses
    M.Yu. Chotchayeva The concept of the human being and the human personality in Russian thought of the 19th century
    M.Yu. Chotchayeva Interaction of a human and society in conditions of nonfreedom
    Problems of Studying Literatures of the Peoples of the Russian Federation
    K.N. Paranuk Artistic interpretation of a category of time in the Adyghe modern novel (Yu.Chuyako, N.Kuek)
    A.K. Matyzheva Small artistic prose of Ibragim Tsey
    M.Yu. Chenishkhova Translation as a part of the national literature
    R.S. Zhazhieva Interrelation of the person and a nature in the story of Tembot Kerashev Abrek (1959)
    Z.Sh. Botasheva Cognation of folklore and literatures of Northern Caucasus
    I.Kh. Shadova From a history of the creation of novel-tetralogy Gortsi (Highlanders)
    M.A. Alentieva Perception of foreign folklore motives and images in the Russian literature of 1800-1830-s.
    O.V. Kapets Folklore sources of spiritual character of future Russia (using a material of the creativity of I.A. Il'in)
    A.I. Sikaliev Reflection of a social system of Nogays in the heroic epos
    Innovational Processes in Mass-Media
    A.Yu. Gokova Basic markers of the latent advertising on pages of the Kuban press
    Bersirov B.M. Reality of Adyghe-Russian bilingualism in H.Z.Bagirokov's monography Bilingualism: theoretical and applied aspects


    I.V. Marichev, E.G. Malinochka Essence of concept educational space
    O.V. Agoshkova A differentiated approach in a context of person oriented education
    A.A. Afashagova Formation of childrens health culture as a social - pedagogical problem
    S.N. Begidova, S.A. Khazova The acmeological approach in vocational training the future experts
    N.V. Bekuzarova Professional portfolio as an alternative method for estimating readiness of graduates for professional pedagogical activity
    E.A. Buzarova, T.N. Chetyz On forms of the organization of educational-cognitive activity of children of preschool and younger school age
    E.A. Bishtova Development of cognitive interest to a pedagogical science during research activity
    T.N. Poddubnaya The humanistic approach to a problem of social protection of the childhood in a pedagogical science
    Z.K. Meretukova, A.R. Chinazirova Problem training as the factor of creating the health care educational environment
    M.E. Paatova Spare time activity as a means of pedagogical support of teenagers with a deviation from typical behavior
    E.V. Demkina Ideological aspects in pedagogical and educational activity of higher school in preparing the expert
    N.I. Roslyakova Individual style of pedagogical activity as the factor of development of professional individuality of the future teacher
    N.V. Lukyanova On the basic criteria for setting up the ecological culture of the future expert at polytechnic higher school
    M.L. Spirina Experience of patronage education in our country as a form of social-pedagogical assistance to orphans
    L.H. Tseeva On a social-legal protecting the childhood (theoretical aspect)
    M.L. Spirina Social-pedagogical protection of orphans in Russia
    A.G. Ivanov Actual problems related to development of vocational training system in Adygheya Republic
    S.A. Khazova Concept and characteristics of the competitive educational environment of higher school
    A.S. Sharudilova The contents of teenager socialization model in a person-focused education system
    B.H. Khamukova Ethnic-pedagogical culture of the teacher as one of the conditions of increasing efficiency of educational activity (theoretical aspect)
    O.G. Kolarkova, F.V. Povshednaya Adaptability aspect of foreign students professional self-determination in conditions of pedagogical higher school
    N.I. Roslyakova Reflection as a component of professional individuality of the future expert
    V.P. Shram Pedagogical abilities of the expert in physical training and sports
    A.A. Ushakov Development of research competence in profile school pupils as personal-intelligent experience in realizing educational and research activity
    V.P. Shram, A.G. Moiseeva Professional applied physical culture of student person in economic higher schools
    I.I. Makashina, E.G. Malinochka Factors of development of professionalism in future shipping managers and their reflection in the content of education
    Technique and Technologies of Teaching
    L.S. Tlyusten Theoretical bases for using algorithms in a system of training pupils of Adyghe primary school in Russian spelling
    V.V. Zaiko Realization of continuity in studying natural numbers and fractions at initial and basic steps of training
    L.S. Tlyusten Spelling vigilance and its role in formation of Russian spelling skill in pupils of Adyghe primary school
    N.V. Vakhrusheva Principles of selection of the profile course contents on financial calculations for general educational institutions
    R.I. Lozovskaya Definition of methodological approaches for construction of the theory of development of spirituality of the teacher musician in the educational process of higher school
    K.D. Chermit, E.B. Ptushchenko, I.P. Subbotina The innovational approach to training computer science as a basis for formation of professional information-technological competence of the expert
    R.Y. Khurum Theoretical aspects of formation of computer-science competence in senior pupils at comprehensive school with profile training
    M.V. Vakulenkova Analysis of tendencies in studying computer science in a system of school education
    A.M. Doronin, D.A. Romanov, A.V. Polyansky, E.Y. Lukianenko Scientific and methodical support of preparation of experts in physical training
    S.V. Darmilova On optimization of teaching foreign languages and culture by using visual methods
    A.V. Kamyzina Scientific bases of teaching foreign languages in Russia in the second half of the 19th century
    Y.N. Sinitsyn Activities providing health of pupils: methodological problems and the valuation bases
    A.M. Doronin, A.R. Mamiy, A.V.Kovalenko Optimization of special force physical training of athletes with the help of variable burdening
    A.M. Doronin, D.A. Romanov, S.B. Polyanskaya The technique of physical quality measurement using a linear scale
    N.V. Petrova On definition of architectonics of the persons research culture
    R.A. Kirgueva V.E. Gurin on the formation of strong-willed qualities in senior pupils
    S.H. Khurum Formation of achievement motivation in teenagers
    S.A. Korzhakova, S.A. Rezin'kova Review of psychological-pedagogical aspects related to a subject domain of the expert monitoring system of professional motivation
    L.S. Aseykina Pedagogical projecting and methodology of organizational pedagogical activity on formation of tolerant behaviour in foreign students at a stage of pre-university training
    L.S. Aseykina Organizational pedagogical model of providing tolerant pedagogical interaction in pre-university training foreign students
    S.V. Bakaldin Emotional features of feeling loneliness


    General Problems of Pedagogy
    E.A. Abadze, V.A. Trusov Conceptual model of pedagogical projection for the open program of the course: the project The Electronic Curriculum
    G.M. Anokhina The mechanism of learning in personality-oriented technology science education
    Z.R. Anchokova Formation of aesthetic culture of the future teacher in general educational system of the state university using an example of the National Philology and Culture Faculty of Adyghe State University
    F.N. Apish Specific features of motivational projection in education of adult trainees
    N.O. Baranukova The creative self-development activities as the person-forming aspect
    T.L. Baryshova Features of designing the educational environment as space of professional - personal development of students at higher school
    M.B. Bogus Influence of bilingualism on intellectual development of the trainees person
    E.V. Demkina The social-cultural educational environment of higher school as a condition of professional forming the person of the future expert
    Z.B. Ishembitova Foundations of vocational training the future teacher in conditions of a university complex
    S.V. Kostylev Formation of moral - patriotic values in cadets at military schools in a multi-ethnic region (setting up a problem)
    E.V. Mandzhieva Suggestive control in a system of pedagogical activity of the teacher
    I.G. Megrikyan The analysis of mathematical education of students of humanitarian specialities
    A.C. Mutirova The snccession of the formationof students professional purposefulness
    O.E. Permyakov Methodological bases of creating of hierarchical classificftion model of social-professional competence of the student
    M.V. Romankova, S.N. Begidova Improvement of quality of cognitive processes in students at the initial stage of vocational training the future engineers
    L.F. Selmidis A set of pedagogical objectives as a component of the persons pedagogical orientation of the future social teacher
    A.S. Semenova On woman bringing up in traditional pedagogical culture of peoples of North-West Caucasus
    P.A. Sergeeva Folk-song folklore in art education as the factor of formation in pupils of the emotional - axiological attitude to the world
    E.R. Slonevskaya Civil-patriotic education of students in educational space of higher school
    A.B. Khuranov On the development of educational standards of new generation
    K.D. Chermit, E.I. Sharova Organization of studies and research activity of foreign entrants
    L.V. Chesnokova Theoretical aspects of cognitive activity of primary school pupils
    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
    V.S. Anokhina Speech aspects of the family conflict
    Z.U. Blyagoz, N.I. Kesebezheva Basic methods and technologies of teaching Russian-speaking pupils to a pronunciation of sounds-phonemes and combinations of the Adyghian language
    L.V. Gazaeva The text as a basis of teaching pedagogical higher school students to a word combination and to a simple sentence under conditions of bilingualism
    A.A. Dadova Teaching children of senior pre-school age to Russian coherent speech under conditions of national Russian bilingualism
    S.P. Grushevskiy, N.Y. Dobrovolskaya, Y.V. Koltsov Organization of educational process on the basis of neuronetwork computer training system
    T.A. Zorina The basic directions of speech development in primary school pupils during study of a noun and an adjective
    N.I. Kesebezheva Typical mistakes in a pronunciation of vowels and diphthongs of the Adyghian language in speech of Russian-speaking pupils of initial classes
    A.A. Rubaeva Functional orientation of studying the predicative basis of the sentence at school
    O.N. Khovanskaya Interrogative nonsegmented sentences in speech of pupils of a primary school
    L.V. Shelekhova Statistical verification of simple hypotheses in pedagogical researches
    L.V. Shelekhova Heuristic inversion as a way of the organization of creative cogitative activity of students to solve subject tasks
    Problems of General Psychology
    S.A. Bobinkin Psychological aspects of administrative activity of linear managers in social - professional conditions
    R.I. Stetsishin The persons orientation and firmness to life: a psychological research
    E.V. Kharitonova Psychology of professional demand for a person at the late stages of ontogenesis
    G.Y. Fomenko, E.R. Kuasheva Contradictions of the axiological self-definition of employees on a patrol-sentry duty
    T.A. Tsergoy Influence of conditions of a professional choice on the formation of a syndrome of emotional burning out in teachers of a system of vocational technical education
    B.A. Yasko Stereotypes of ethnic behaviour as the factor of socio-cultural space of the North Caucasian region
    Educational Space of Physical Culture and Sport
    S.K. Bagadirova The dynamics of strong-willed mechanisms of self-control of athletes judoists during developing trainings
    O.Y. Davydov Influence of lessons of athletic gymnastics on parameters of students intellectual efficiency
    A.N. Zagitov Planning training lessons of the Greek-Roman struggle at comprehensive school of a health improving orientation
    R.O. Naumov Specific features of technical readiness of young 6- to 8-year-old tennis players
    A.D. Solomko Adaptive physical training as a method of correction of aggressive behaviour of autistic children
    V.B. Uruymagov Factor structure of speed-force training highly skilled Greek-Roman style wrestlers
    S.A. Khazova The competence approach to professional physical training health-improving education