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    O.I. Avdeeva Structural and grammatical aspects of syntagmatic relations between adjective idioms in Russian
    M.R. Bagomedov Oikonyms of the Darghinsky language with a component khyar
    Y.V. Baklagova On causality and causativity in language system
    A.L. Beglyarova A concept of translation uncertainty
    L.V. Bronnik Cognitive lingual synergetics as a new stage in language and thinking science
    S.N. Dolzhikova Comparison in a context of the marketing communication
    I.A. Il`ina Semiotics as a method of research of a virtual reality
    O.N. Likhacheva Linguistic bases of teaching English-speaking students - foreigners to Russian antonymic lexicon
    S.V. Lyapun Newspaper expression in a new cultural - speech situation
    M.M. Naskurova An adjective phraseological - semantic macrogroup a spiritual condition of the person in the modern Russian and French languages
    I.A. Neflyasheva The key onym in modern discourse and its word-formative potential
    E.A. Novikova Lexical and semantic aspectness of the theory of localness and the factor of realization of subjectivity
    R.V. Patyukova Toposes as means of realizing functions of inaugural speeches of the USA presidents in a genre of oral political discourse
    A.H. Taova Some questions of the functional status of Russian borrowings in the Kabardian language
    V.R. Timirkhanov Slavic name etymology and lexical-semantic science on roots of words
    Z.R. Khachmafova Lexical-thematic group feeling in a lexicon of modern female prose
    O.V. Tsepordey Irony as a category of the fiction text (on the basis of a material of language of E.M.Remarques novels and their translations into Russian)
    I.V. Tsikusheva Linguistic means of creation of comic effect in fairy tales
    V.V. Chaly Communicative elements of interpersonal manipulation in language structure of A.P. Chekhovs works
    E.D. Shevatlokhova Toponyms of the adjective type of declension
    F.B. Beshukova Media discourse of modern cultural space
    Y.V. Bagdadyan Conditions of providing competitiveness of printed mass media
    Literary Criticism
    V.Sh. Avidzba Features of Caucasian enlightenment in the 19-20th centuries
    E.A. Beeva Spatial - time notions of the Adyghes (as shown by materials of myths)
    N.E. Gyulnazaryan The idea of the person discrepancy in the historical novel of the end of the 20th century (A.Y. Segen', V.V. Lichutin)
    I.I. Kondrashova The problem of an artistic method in setting up and development of new literatures of the Northern Caucasus
    A.G. Nagapetova Conflicts and prospects of the development of the post-war industrial prose
    B.R. Naptsok The English Gothic novel: on a history and poetics of the genre
    S.R. Panesh Artistic opportunities enrichment in the 1970-1980s lyrical and lyrical - dramatic poems
    O.V. Rybak The person and time in the artistic concept of V. Krupin person as shown by material of a story Thank God for Everything
    L.V. Fedotova Spiritual - aesthetic searches of English romanticists-lakists
    I.N. Khatkova The originality of a genre of travel in the Adyghe literature of the 19th century
    M.Y. Chotchaeva The theme of deportation in the Northern Caucasus and Kalmykia writers creativity: an estimation of literary criticism
    Study of Arts
    L.A. Vishnevskaya On phenomenon ezhyu in traditional songs of Circassians and Karachaevs
    E.L. Gogina Problems of studying choral music of Adygheya composers
    I. Dabaeva Spiritual concert in creativity of Russian composers in the second half of the 19th through the beginning of the 20th century
    J.M. Jordania On the theory of formation of vocal polyphony
    T.V. Kartashova On periodization of evolutionary development of the North-Indian vocal genre thumri
    T.A. Mazurina The artistic image of a modern trade mark in a context of a cultural - ecological orientation
    A.S. Molchanov Repetition in an aspect of musical categorization
    A.N. Sokolova Dances and instrumental music of the Kosovan Adyghes
    S.I. Khvatova Divine service singing in modern Russia: in search for the ideal model


    Problems of Human Physiology
    R.A. Bedanokov, I.N. Zhukova, G.F. Kopytov, I.N. Ovcharov, V.B. Tlyachev, L.A. Shekoyan Vladislav Gavriilovich Bagrov (to the 70-year birthday)
    M.M. Shumafov, R. Tsey Method of modulating functions and its application to the inverse problem solution
    M.M. Shumafov, R. Tsey Algorithm of solving a problem of defining filtration-capacitive parameters of a gas-bearing layer by a method of modulating functions
    R.G. Pismenny Factorization theorem
    I.N. Zhukova Study on dependence of linear polarization of charge radiation in the electromagnetic field of a flat wave upon its intensity and polarization
    I.Z. Bekulova, R.M. Keshev, M.H. Khokonov Energy losses and effect of suppression of rigid gamma-quantum radiation at energies of electrons up to several TeV in oriented crystals
    M.O. Mamchuev Phase transition dielectric-metal in massive alkaline-haloid crystals
    Natural Sciences
    A.V. Shakhanova, T.V. Chelyshkova, N.N. Khasanova, M.N. Silantiev Functional and adaptive changes in students cardiovascular system in the dynamics of studies
    T.V. Chelyshkova, N.N. Khasanova, S.S. Grechishkina, A.A. Namitokova, G.G.Kornik, V.A. Frolova Features of a functional condition of the students central nervous system during educational activity
    A.V. Shakhanova, I.S. Belenko, A.A. Kuzmin A psycho-physiological structure and the vegetative status at young 10-15 year-old football and basketball players training in the mode of Children and Youth Sport School of Olympic Reserve
    M.I. Shapovalov, V.A. Yaroshenko Trophic relationships and an ecological role of size classes of adephagous water beetles (Coleoptera) in the North-Western Caucasus
    M.G. Vodolazhskaya, A.N. Silantiev Influence of meteorological parameters on cyclicity of research behaviour of rats in the open field test
    A.N. Silantiev, M.N. Silantiev Influence of meteorological parameters on motoric activity in conditions of free behaviour


    General Problems of Pedagogy
    M.I. Aldoshina learing the theoretical bases of formation of ethnic-aesthetic culture in students
    A.N. Autleva Paradigmal bases of ecological socialization of the person in multi-cultural educational space
    S.A. Bashaeva Education-developing significance of national childrens games of the Chechen people
    Yu.V. Bessarabova, E.A. Degterev Formation of motivation of health preservation in students with special educational potentialities and requirements
    N.Sh. Blyagoz Integration of ecological potential of the discipline contents of the state educational standard as the basic condition and means of ecologization of the pupils person consciousness
    N.I. Vasiliadi Development of college in system of continuous professional training
    N.A. Volobueva Patronage as a form of life arrangement of children - orphans in 1920-1930s in the Kuban region
    V.P. Voloshina On opportunities of synthesis of arts in literary education and socio-cultural development of senior pupils
    S.Yu. Goncharenko Pedagogical conditions setting up self-respect in the future experts during learning the foreign language
    V.M. Grebennikova Continuity as the principle of public examination of quality of the higher professional education
    E.V. Demkina Psychological and pedagogical conditions of gender-role socialization of the person of the higher school student
    R.N. Idrisova Features of development of gifted children of the senior preschool and younger school age in conditions of needy family
    L.Z. Zhemukhova Self-attitude as the factor of the modern teachers success
    A.V. Kamyzina The intercultural communications in the historical-pedagogical science
    Yu.S. Kuznetsova Computer support as means of formation of communicative culture of the navy fleet officer
    R.I. Lozovskaya Contents of spiritual education of the teacher - musician during professional training
    S.P. Magomaeva Rating system of quality estimation for the educational process as the means of diagnostics of student achievements
    G.S. Sadovskaya Psychological and pedagogical conditions of formation of the teachers readiness for development of emotional sphere in preschool children
    T.A. Serebryakova Experimental approach to educationhe axiological attitude to the nature in children of preschool age
    S.M. Tokova Pedagogical interaction of school and family in legal education of senior pupils
    S.B. Tuguz Concept of legal culture and its intrinsic characteristics
    F.K. Tuguz, E.M. Shurdumova Theoretical-methodological aspects of studying mental bases of formation of youths moral values
    M.F. Fomina Formation of tolerance in cadets of military higher school as the factor of their professional socialization
    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
    A.N.Sergeev Educational network communities in the context of new approaches to realization of pedagogical technologies
    L.S.Tlyusten Elements of the etymological analysis in spelling work with pupils of Adyghe initial school
    L.V.Shelehova Features of the person-focused teaching the solutions to the subject problems
    S.S. Muchkaeva Development in pupils of interest to mathematics through aesthetic potential of historical problems and theorems with the drawing
    A.R. Chinazirova Didactic principle of problematical character in pupils musical education
    E.B. Chuyako Professionally focused mathematical preparation of students of economic specialities at the higher school
    M.H. Shkhapatseva Linguomethodical training of the teacher of initial forms
    Problems of General Psychology
    I.A. Rudakova, O.A. Grigorieva-Rudakova Motivational-axiological components of professional self-consciousness in technical higher school students
    M.S. Dushko Interrelation of global, contextual and situational motives of learning foreign language in students of various specialities
    N.V. Zakharyuta On development of the person creative potential in early ontogenesis
    A.M. Kondratieva Theoretical foundations of research of the personal professional self-realization in conditions of the dynamical labour market
    I.A. Kurapova Spiritual - moral determinants of emotional burning out at teachers
    I.A. Petrova, A.N. Dyomin Influence of organizational changes on psychological well-being and controlling behaviour of the person
    O.A. Stupina Setting up cognitive-personal competence of the future lawyer - professional in system college - higher school
    N.I. Chernetskaya Creative thinking as the supreme form of thinking
    B.A.Yas`ko, T.A.Shalyugina The educational environment of modern higher school: an organizational - psychological view
    N.A. Shilo Mastering family and professional patterns of women relations at the early adult stage in the context of personal development
    N.E. Yablonski Structure of the emotional orientation as a personal predictor of positive emotional symptom complex
    Educational Space of Physical Culture and Sport
    S.N. Begidova, L.F. Selmidis Designing the lesson of physical training with regard of pupils gender features
    Yu.A. Polovodov Motivation of student social activity by means of physical training
    P.Yu. Rybachuk Formation of health preservation competence in the student's environment
    A.B. Fedorenko Interrelation of global and contextual components of sports activity motivation


    D.K. Mamiy, A.V. Lavrentev, M.H. Urtenov Iterative methods of solution of the Fredholm singular perturbed functional equations
    V.A. Kozlov Dynkins coefficients of the Adams cohomological operations
    M. M. Shumafov On stabilization of two-dimensional linear discrete-time systems
    V.B. Tlyachev, A.D. Ushkho, D.S. Ushkho Qualitative research of polynomial differential systems and some applications of the straight isoclines theory
    M.M. Shumafov, R. Tsey Determination of gas reservoir parameters on the basis of a solution of an inverse problem of the filtration theory
    M.M. Shumafov, R. Tsey Development of an algorithm for a numerical solution of an inverse problem of the filtration theory by modulating function method
    D.V. Zagulyaev, S.V. Konovalov, V.E. Gromov Influence of low magnetic fields on aluminum creep
    V.A. Kozlov Invariant tensors of small valences in the mixed quantum systems
    I.N. Zhukova Linear polarization of a charge radiation in the plane wave electromagnetic field for the case when the polarization vector is directed along velocity of charge movement
    M.K. Bedanokov, R.B. Kobleva Influence of orographical perturbation on ozone reallocation in an aerosphere around Kislovodsk
    Natural Sciences
    M.A. Beloglazova, A.R. Tuguz, N.G. Sharipova, V.Yu. Samuseiko The immune status of workers contacting for a long time with harmful production factors
    A.A. Pseunok Adequacy assessment of educational and exercise stresses taking account of age and sexual features of 5-6-form pupils
    N.D. Djimova Fish parasites as bioindicators of a sanitary condition of fresh water reservoirs
    E.A. Shebzukhova, K.K. Khutyz History and biology of a noble deer in the Kuban variant
    Technical Sciences
    K.S. Shurygin Development of an algorithm of speech phonetic analysis on the basis of the information theory of speech perception