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    S.À. Pesina Specifics of philosophic and linguistic approaches to the central linguistic problems
    N.A. Kazaryan Sign problem as a tool of cognition of sociocultural reality
    T.A. Prokopenko, T.A. Shalyugina The basic strategies of the business community
    A.A. Nagralyan, D.V. Filyushkina The place and role of national tradition in globalizing economy and culture
    R.Yu. Kortoev The deterioration in the USA - Iran relations after a victory of Islamic revolution and attempt of the President of the United States J. Carter to release the American hostages in Tehran (1979-1981)
    V.V. Suvorova National historiography of the USA policy concerning Saudi Arabia (1990s –beginning of the 21st century)
    Z.L. Vlasenko The decision of a personnel problem in the Adygheya village: role of pupils’ production teams (the middle of the 1960 – 1980s)
    A.M. Ismailova Tsarism’s excise politics in petroleum-refining industry of North Azerbaijan in the second half of the 19th century
    E.V. Rubanov Interpretation of Fernand Braudel’s scientific concept in Yu.N. Afanasyev's works
    N.I. Silvanyuk The Maikop petroleum “miracle”
    M.-P.B. Abdusalamov On the history of shamhal Adil-Ghirey Tarkovsky’s military conflict with tsarist government in the Caucasus: reasons and consequences
    I.I. Vashchenko The Lenin theory of cooperation: sources, development and its content
    I.G. Ivantsov System of party education in the USSR in the 1930s (Based on the North Caucasus materials)
    L.S. Tsareva The trade employment of the population related to processing of skins of animals for manufacturing subjects of a costume, in the history of villages of the New Line (the middle of the 19th century - 1917)
    A.P. Fedorovsky Sociocultural identity in the modern social theory
    L.V. Klimenko Group identity of age groups of the population in southern macro-region of Russia
    E.N. Karelkin Sociocultural factors of formation of the youth anti-social organizations
    A.A. Lezhebokov The socio-political situation in Stavropol Territory in the beginning of elective campaign of “Autumn-2011” (according to results of carrying out sociological research using questionnaires)
    I.I. Yakovlev Channels of dissemination of the socially significant information in local communities
    E.N. Ter-Nikogosyan Behavioural risks in a sociocultural context of a HIV-infected target group
    E.A. Mukhina Moral crisis in Russian modern society (based on materials of sociological polling)
    I.A. Babenko, O.A. Volkova, A.O. Egorenko Human capital in views of various categories of people
    A.A. Rusanova Students’ professional self-identification in the structure of social self-determination (sociological analysis)
    G.V. Golovina Functions of leisure activity as its most significant characteristics in the aspect of conformity to various requirements of society members
    G.N. Berezin Organizational culture in the Russian Police: problems and prospects
    A.A. Pankin Theoretical approaches to social adaptation of modern army in the conditions of society modernization
    V.V. Zhilkin Non-alternativeness of an information-communication trend in a modern society
    D.V. Shapovalov Institutional and functional approaches in the sociological analysis of business charity
    A.A. Dargan Criteria for social state of health of people with physical disability
    E.M. Afamgotov Problems of protection of rights and personal freedoms in Constitutions of the Russian Federation and France (the comparative analysis)
    B.I. Shekultirov Corruption in Russia: the law, the power and morals
    N.S. Pichko The sense-forming nature of culture in philosophy of the Renaissance and New Time
    E.V. Salnikova The star sky as the space of visual information
    Political Science
    Z.A. Zhade, S.M. Udzhukhu Phenomenon of protest identity in Russian modern society
    M.V. Danilina Tools and interaction of the Council of Europe and the European Union in democracy promotion
    A.M. Sidakov Dynamics of development and recruiting the Russian political elite
    D.V. Mamazhenko Political management of investment attractiveness: essence and characteristic features
    The Economic Theory
    V.A. Budasova The evolution of views on the problem of formation of the production costs
    M.V. Khalina System of manufacturing factors in the innovative type economys
    Financial Markets
    S.S. Zaitseva Tax risks of insolvent and low competitive enterprises
    S.A. Roshchektaev Comparative analysis of the development of local financial markets in megalopolises of South of Russia
    Problems Related to Investment Activity
    A.O. Metov Cost-effectiveness of investments in Russian petroleum industry: assessment problems and ways of its increasing
    O.Z. Khuazhev, R.A. Khunagova Management methodology of investment activity of the territorial timber industry enterprises
    Regional Economy
    G.V. Vorontsova, O.N. Momotova Rationale of selection of strategic alternatives for regional development
    A.A. Dzharimov, R.T. Kushu Small and mid business as means of smoothing intraregional social and economic distinctions: strategic priorities and realization tools
    A.A. Ermolenko, N.A. Khilko Web organizations: the potential of development of regional economic systems
    E.N. Zakharova, A.A. Bartashevich Management of ecologic and economic risks in system of tools of a regional sustainable development
    N.M. Makarchouk The structural transformation of internal content of regional economic system
    I.Yu. Natkho, A.V. Belousova The evolution of functional subsystems in the internal environment of the region
    A.V. Naumenko Mechanisms for realization of strategic priorities of municipality
    A.A. Tamov, A.V. Naumenko Methodological aspects of formation of the strategic management system of municipal economy
    N.A. Khilko, I.V. Belomestnova The vertically integrated corporations as the subjects of modernization of regional economic systems
    A.Sh. Khuazheva, K.N. Kirzhinova Research on functioning of the regional power systems in the conditions of limitation of own power resources
    S.A. Chernyavskaya, A.V. Belousova The formation of alimentary regional subsystem and instruments of its evolution
    The Account, Audit and the Control
    E.G. Aleeva, I.V. Sugaipova Auditing budgetary funds
    E.V. Olomskaya Accounting principles as the unifying factor of formation of accounting and tax information systems
    V.Yu. Pazderova Know-how as an object of accounting
    I.V. Sugaipova, K.A. Yurkhanyan Estimation and reflection of business reputation in accounting and financial reporting
    E.A. Fedchenko Application of calculation accounts in cost accounting for implementation of the government assignments
    E.V. Shmatova, A.V. Ryabchenko IFRS / RAS: the recognition of revenues and expenses
    M.Yu. Yurchenko The use of analytical procedures in auditing fixed assets
    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
    À.À. Apishev, A.R. Nash Peculiarities of the functioning of the market mechanism of production and realization of rice
    À.À. Apishev, B.A. Khakhuk Socio-economic assessment of natural (land) resources as the basis of modelling of the mechanism of paid land tenure
    Management by Innovations
    G.M. Mishulin, D.S. Taranukhin Theoretical methodological approaches to system formation in the innovation process
    Mathematical Methods in Economy
    R.B. Dekkushev Causal analysis of the labor market and the reproduction of labor resources in the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic
    E.N. Zakharova, A.A. Poddubny The use of the cognitive approach to construct scenarios of development of the regional agrarian and industrial complex
    A.Kh. Karanashev Martingale solution for the problem of stochastic control of investment and consumption
    The Theory and Practice of Business
    R.A. Khunagova Organizational structures of development of business in wood territories
    Service Economy
    A.A. Ermolenko, D.V. Ryazantseva The main forms of interaction between the institutions of secondary professional education and business structures in the Krasnodar region
    N.P. Ketova, V.N. Ovchinnikov Intellectual services in the Southern Russia economy: possibilities, organization and prospects
    N.V. Koroleva Recreational zone as structural unit of the territorial state’s economy
    Social Economy
    T.M. Shovgenov The economic aspect of the adaptation of the Kurds in the Republic of Adygeya
    V.I Berezhnoy, I.V. Taranova, I.A. Tsvirinko Management resources of the 21st century
    A.V. Gukasyan General contradictions and problems of industrial policy during post-crisis development
    M.M. Dolgiev Problems and prospects of development of heat power industry in modern conditions
    I.V. Zenkina Prerequisites for development, main goals and procedure of strategic analysis under present conditions in Russia
    General Problems of Pedagogy
    F.U. Bazaeva Self-realization category in national psychology and education philosophy
    A.R. Galustov Teaching students to organize self-educational activity of pupils
    E.V. Demkina Person’s typologization of the student in terms of the concept of identification with a trade
    E.N. Zakharova On the competence approach in educational activity
    N.S. Kramarenko Self-realization in the light of a network paradigm of the person’s development
    L.S. Makarova The module structurization of educational programs in the context of reforming the higher professional education
    V.A. Petkov Formation of the subject position of the senior pupil in professional self-identification
    N.M. Sazhina, Yu.N. Sinitsyn The structurally-substantial analysis of components of pedagogical maintenance of pupils’ health
    N.P. Tropnikova Theoretical bases of construction of the concept of pedagogical assistance to self-development of the future teachers of vocational education
    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
    Kh.Z. Bagirokov Methods and ways of experimental training to one-member sentences of russian at adyghean school
    E.L. Makarova Innovative information-communication technologies as the means to organize the educational process
    Modern Problems of Psychology
    E.K. Kardovskaya Professionally valuable orientations of students and social workers in the context of research of their professional consciousness
    A.M. Kondratyeva Motivation of differently directed professional self-determination: the psychological analysis
    I.V. Timofeeva Image of the body as the component of “I-concept” of the person of children with the children's cerebral paralysis
    E.V. Kharitonova Socially-professional demand of the person: on the substantiation of the psychological concept
    E.Yu. Shebanets, T.K. Khozyainova Relationship of personal features of mother having the child-invalid with level of her subjective well-being
    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
    T.D. Aliev Efficiency assessment of integrated technology of student’s physical training at higher school of agricultural engineering
    S.A. Evtykh The account of religious views in physical training of the person of the senior pupil
    N.G. Mikhaylov, S.M. Chechelnitskaya Impellent activity as the indicator of health culture of children of preschool and school age
    T.V. Nesterenko, D.A. Kruzhkov The competent worker training in the field of sports and health tourism to use positive results of large sports forums
    V.A. Petkov Designing physical training and health improving activity at comprehensive school
    N.I. Romanenko Features of somatometric traits of middle aged women who are engaged in fitness
    L.A. Kholodnaya, V.Kh. Delok, N.K. Kuprina The cognitive component of personal physical training of college pupils and its formation with application of basic schemes
    K.D. Chermit, N.K. Kuprina, O.I. Isakov Role of educational institutions in formation of people’s base physical training and in development of mass forms of activity in the field of physical training and sports
    K.D. Chermit, S.T. Shcherbina The resource importance of personal physical training of parents to maintain the physical training of children of the first year of life
    K.Yu. Chernyshenko Methods of qualitative evaluation of physical education of 7-10 aged pupils studying at a progymnasium
    S.B. Elipkhanov Pedagogical opportunities of concentration of power loading in training judoists-women of high qualification in the macrocycle in various years of the four-year cycle
    A.A. Yurchenko Technique of combining parameters of tourist walking trips and experimental estimation of its efficiency
    Literary Criticism
    I.V. Lozovoy Poetics of narrating (solved and unresolved questions of “common places” (loci communes) in Russian epos studies)
    B.Kh. Lyamova On an originality of children's poetry by Nalbiy Kuek
    R.G. Mamiy Theoretical and methodological problems of studying national literatures: Academician G.G. Gamzatov’s doctrine
    E.V. Nikolsky The novel genre of the family chronicle in the Russian literature at a boundary of millenia
    A.P. Popova “Russian modern fairy tales” by D.L. Bykov in a context of national tradition of satirical literary fairy tales
    Y.G. Pykhtina On space of a village and Russian character (based on works of L. Tolstoy “Landowner's Morning”, A. Chekhov “Peasants” and I. Bunin “The Village”)
    T.M. Stepanova Folklore elements of art structure in two related books by R. Gamzatov “My Daghestan” in a context of intellectual prose of the North Caucasus
    N.Kh. Khuazheva The art concept of the person in novels on historical past by A. Evtykh
    B.A. Tsey The moral-philosophical aspect of art elucidation of a problem “the people and the war” in I. Mashbash's novel “Millstones”
    I.A. Tsipinov Forms of a peaceful resolution of conflicts in the Adyghe traditional society (as shown by a material of mythic-epic tradition)
    T.N. Chamokov On continuity and innovation in system of the Adyghe new written prose
    K.G. Shazzo On the art method in the national literature of the 20-th century
    Kakhuzheva Z.G. (Tkhabisimova) Structural models of a news note in newspaper publicism
    S.V. Lyapun New approaches to classification of newspaper genres in the theory and journalism practice
    V.V. Smeyukha Female network magazines: the theoretical and typological characteristic
    Chzhan Shuan The Olympic media strategies of China
    F.A. Autleva Literary translation problems in Marshak's critical heritage
    S.I. Buglak Correlation of comparison and metaphor in the English language
    N.I. Valeeva Communicative and syntactic organization of a complex polypredicative sentence-microtext
    G.Sh. Davletkulova A concept of intonation in the linguistic and methodical literature
    S.N. Dolzhikova Features of penetration of anglicisms in the language of mass media
    A.F. Isyangulova Semantics and stylistics of lexically and grammatically substantiated meanings of the category of belonging in the Bashkir language
    A.A. Kalashaova Ways of realization of formula AIDCA in discourse of published advertisement
    O.S. Kuzoyatova The basic directions in metaphor cognitive researches
    M.D. Kunova Parcelling and parcelled constructions in the Adyghe language
    M.V. Laskova, E.V. Reznikova Personal pronouns in a political discourse
    I.V. Oparnikova Ways of language explication of a fragment of the world picture in a professionally-slangy component of the language of medicine
    L.M. Pelipenko Types of equivalence in translation of phraseological units with the component-numerals one, two, three from English into Russian
    T.B. Samarskaya, E.G. Martirosyan The publicistic text: essence, specificity and functions
    A.S. Sopova Polypredicative compound sentences in communicatively-pragmatic aspect (basing on the material of A.I. Solzhenitsyn’s compositions)
    Z.S. Tochieva Development of Ingush-Russian bilingualism in the multiethnic environment
    D.Sh. Kharanutova, L.D. Shagdarov Motivational foundation of the word as the initial semantic model (as shown by the Buryat language)
    T.V. Shcherbakova The communicatively-syntactic organization of polypredicative asyndetic complex sentences in artistic texts
    Study of Arts
    I.A. Bashkatov Art education of the future artists-teachers in the classes of sculpture and plastic anatomy
    T.I. Berbash Drawing in senior courses of the art-graphic faculty
    M.S. Bobrova Alexander Zhurbin's rock opera “Orpheus and Eurydice”: dramatic art problems
    G.E. Kaloshina Some tendencies in development of a historical opera in music of France of the 20-th century
    I.O. Makarova Computer graphics in a book illustration
    S.A. Mozgot Intimate space in music of the 17-19th centuries: ways of expression and indications
    A.N. Sokolova The Cossack dances as a cultural phenomenon
    E.A. Tkachenko Genre and style interactions in clavier sonatas of the Classical age: problem statement
    S.I. Khvatova Conditions of development of modern divine service singing
    V.B. Tlyachev, A.D. Ushkho, D.S. Ushkho Parallel straight line isoclines of differential polynomial plane systems
    Kh.M. Andrukhaev Regression scale method for assessment of children's physical development
    D.K. Mamiy, A.V. Lavrentyev, A.V. Kovalenko, M.Kh. Urtenov Application of regular representation of a integro-differential singularly perturbed system equations for their numerical solution
    S.E. Boychenko Partial contributions of individual harmonics to the power of circular polarization synchrotron radiation
    A.I. Gavrilov, F.V. Moskalenko, R.V. Teryukha Distribution function and particle growth in condensed phases in the free-molecular regime
    M.A. Masterova, Yu.G. Yants Umov-Poynting vector for the electric and magnetic dipole moments
    A.I. Gavrilov, F.V. Moskalenko, T.P. Khlopova Particle trajectories of glass-forming materials upon receipt of glass blanks for optical fiber by vapor-phase deposition
    Natural Sciences
    T.N. Melnikova The maximum runoff of rain high waters of the rivers in the North-West Caucasus
    F.V. Tuguz Forms of settling in territory of Adygheya
    M.Kh. Karmokov, N.V. Polukonova, M.Yu. Voronin, M.I. Shapovalov Karyotype and chromosomal polymorphism Chironomus nuditarsis Str. (Keyl, 1962) (Chironomidae, Diptera) of the Central Caucasus
    A.V. Shakhanova, T.G. Petrova, S.S. Grechishkina Condition of cardiovascular system and neurophysiological status of students attending the football class
    D.V. Muzhenya Pathophysiological role and the prognostic importance of the angiotensinogen (AGT) gene M235T polymorphism at illnesses of a heart continuum
    I.G. Volkodav Silver-polymetallic ores of Adygheya
    Yu.M. Tlupova, R.Kh. Tembotov, A.Z. Akhomgotov The possibility of using space research methods to assess the condition of forest ecosystems in mountain areas of Kabardino-Balkaria
    I.N. Dyakova, T.N. Tolstikova Biological features of a leaf of Spiraea specimen
    I.V. Shokhin, M.I. Shapovalov The generic and zoogeographical analysis of the fauna of scarab beetles (Scarabaeoidea, Coleoptera) in the Adygheya Republic
    A.S. Bondarenko, A.S. Zamotaylov Spatio-temporal differentiation of several ground beetle dominants (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in uplands of the North-West Caucasus
    T.N. Melnikova A hydrometeorological study of the North-West Caucasus
    F.V. Tuguz A description of settlements arrangement in the Adygheya territory
    K.D. Chermit, A.V. Shakhanova, A.G. Zabolotniy, A.A. Tkhagova The electromyographic characteristic of squats in powerlifting
    S.B. Elipkhanov, O.B. Nemtsev, I.M. Kozlov Muscle activity when doing a backheel by highly-skilled female judoists
    K.D. Chermit, A.V. Shakhanova, A.N. Baladzhan, A.G. Zabolotniy The electrobiological characteristic of the conductor's manual actions
    T.P. Varshanina Prospects of forecasting ecologically significant natural hazards on the basis of structurally-similar geospace models
    T.A. Ivanenko Some aspects of people's awareness of foods produced from genetically modified organisms
    Technical Sciences
    Yu.Kh. Guketlev, A.V. Beletskiy Graph-analytical model of regulation regional transport
    M.V. Aliev, A.Kh. Panesh, M.S. Kasparyan Identification of contours on low contrasting and blurred images using fractal filtration
    V.V. Kuyukov, A.A. Shinkarenko, V.V. Katkov, S.A. Khuazhev Increase of efficiency of vehicle braking on slippery roads
    V.N. Korobkov, T.P. Varshanina Construction of a vector field for modeling a spatiotemporal structure of the tectonic pressure field


    Problems of Human Physiology
    A.D. Tsikunib Zoological museum of Adyghe State University: 10 years of educational and scientific activity
    S.A. Liaoucheva, A.A. Shaov History of evolution of the usurious capital
    A.A. Shaov Methodological problems of legal system in the Middle Ages
    L.U. Kurbanova Procedural and structural aspects of gender identification
    A.O. Sleptsova, N.V. Zhilkina Fantasy as a nonmoral field of creative activity
    I.A. Yakovenko Tendencies in development of religious consciousness in modern Russia
    Zh.O. Abregova, N.A. Pocheshkhov The Soviet historiography of the Civil War in the Kuban region (1917-1921)
    E.A. Sheudzhen “Memory places”: a fashionable definition or historiography practice?
    E.M. Malysheva, E.E. Korchemkina Activity of Adygheya authorities on reorganization of a forestry management in the 1920-1940s
    D.A. Panarin Mobilization mechanisms in activity of state farms in the Kuban and Stavropol territory in days of the Great Patriotic War
    A.B. Alieva On history of resettlement movement in the Republic of Daghestan (1924-1966)
    N.B. Akaeva Creativity of Kumyksky theatre in the second half of the 1940-s to the beginning of the 1960-s
    M.V. Yanova (Lenkova) Problematic aspects of historiography of science development in Kalmykia in the post-Soviet period
    D.Kh. Mekulov System of democratic institutes of the power in the North Caucasus: history and features (1918 – 1930s)
    D.S. Kidirniyazov, A.U. Rabadanova Social relations of the people of Daghestan and Chechnya in the second half of the 18th – the beginning of the 19th centuries
    M.B. Bedzhanov Ethnic occurrences and international relations
    S.V. Makeev Social modernization of Russia
    V.A. Kotlyarov, A.P. Mikhaylov Legal behaviour of youth as a subject of the sociological analysis
    R.A. Khanakhu, O.M. Tsvetkov Islamic community in Adygheya: internal dynamics and evolution prospects (as shown by the results of sociological research)
    T.I. Afasizhev, V.N. Nekhay Globalization in the perception of the Circassian ethnic group: experience in sociological research
    Yu.Yu. Lomp Features of group interaction of youth in traditional culture of the Adyghes
    D.V. Simon Social and economic assessment of the competitive environment in Russia
    Yu.Yu. Volkov Present conditions and prospects of implementing IT financial management of Rostov region
    M.E. Zubkov The defining conditions of managerial behavior in the field of labor safety at small construction enterprises
    G.V. Shapovalov The basic stages of development of social advertising in Russia
    O.V. Leonova The spiritual culture of the region: current situation and trends of changes
    M.V. Averyanov Corruption as the crisis factor of sociocultural mentality of youth
    M.E. Grigoryan Definition of subject domain of social management and functions of social management of the modern organization
    N.S. Lyubavin The analysis of the organization of information-analytical maintenance of activity of the law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation
    F.R. Azashikova Bases of strategy of sustainable social and economic development of the region
    A.I. Trakhov Features of bringing to criminal liability and punishment of minors at the present stage of development of Russia
    Z.A. Mamisheva Legal bases ensuring national security of Russia
    Z.Kh. Lovpache Interpretation of norms of criminally-procedural law as the necessary precondition and a condition of their correct application
    A.M. Siyukhova Lunar symbols in dreams and mythic-epic creativity of the Adyghes
    N.V. Tertyshnik The national and international in arts and crafts of Adygheya artists
    Z.E. Abdulaeva Specificity of regional ethnoculture in anthropological space of the Russian society
    H.M. Mirsoev A name as the most important sign means of self-identification
    B.S. Khotko National belief of the Abkhazes: traditions and the present (As shown by a sanctuary of the Ampar family)
    Political Science
    V.G. Shustov The first municipal reform as an object of political study
    T.A. Shalyugina Imitation phenomenon in the Soviet social reality
    E.B. Lebedeva Experience in associating subjects in the Russian Federation: problems and preliminary results
    The Economic Theory
    Yu.V. Chub Scientific and methodical aspects of a cost assessment of the human capital
    Financial Markets
    S.A. Roshchektaev Integrated approach to the formation of the local financial market of the Russian modern megalopolis
    Problems Related to Investment Activity
    Zh.D. Darmilova The choice of investment strategy for an enterprise working in competing emvironment
    O.A. Okorokova Foreign experience in investment activity of the insurance companies
    Regional Economy
    À.À. Dzharimov Some thoughts on the federation and federal relations. 20 years later
    E.B. Ermishina Principles and tools to diversify the mining industry of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
    E.N. Zakharova, T.G. Gurnovich, M.M. Dolgiyev Conceptual bases of ensuring power safety of the region in the conditions of formation of innovative economy
    À.V. Kravchenko Relationship of structural elements in the monitoring system of foreign economic sector of the region
    T.A. Kuzin Competitiveness and competitive advantages of regions of Southern Russia
    N.M. Makarchouk Structural transformation of the internal environment in the economic system of the region
    R.A. Popov, À.À. Dzharimov Prospects for increasing competitiveness of industrial sector of Russia in the conditions of development of globalization and economy regionalization processes
    L.T. Tlekhuray-Berzegova, T.G. Gurnovich Contemporary integration managing subjects and functions of interaction of regional systems
    R.D. Khunagov, R.A. Popov Clusters as a form of the organization and construction technology in the conditions of volatility: a regional aspect
    R.D. Khunagov, I.V. Sugaipova Tools of debureaucratization and overcoming a corruption component in regional social and economic policy
    R.D. Khunagov, I.V. Sugaipova Development of the relations of a corporate property in the internal environment of regional economic systems
    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
    A.A. Kerashev, M.M. Shekultirova Promising forms of interaction between small-scale agrarian business and corporate structures in regional agricultural sector
    A.A. Mokrushin, A.I. Suslov Corporative potential of structural modernization of regional agro-industrial systems of contemporary Russia
    A.Z. Rysmyatov, S.A. Dyakov, A.O. Kirichenko Theoretical bases of economy and the organization of reproduction processes in fruit growing
    I.V. Sugaipova, I.N. Voblaya Formation of innovative and investment policy of the regional agrarian and industrial complex
    A.A. Tamov, A.A. Apishev Methodological aspects of proving strategic priorities for the development of agro-industrial complex in the problem region in post-crisis conditions
    M.M. Shekultirova The system of corporative management of integrating interaction between economic subjects of regional agricultural sector
    Mathematical Methods in Economy
    V.D. Selyutin Mathematical models of economic risk management based on the conception of risk as a resource
    Innovative Technologies in Marketing
    N.P. Ketova Regional marketing in system of tools and principles of management of territorial development
    V.N. Ostrovskaya, S.V. Mayer Constructive approach to marketing management at the petrochemical enterprise
    Service Economy
    T.I. Afasizhev, B.M. Zhukov, V.S. Novikov The virtual relations in a service sector: factors and prospects of globalization
    T.I. Afasizhev, A.S. Tyutyunnikov Directions of modernization of the Russian hotel business aimed at increasing its competitiveness
    S.A. Baranova, Yu.M. Belyaev Consulting services in the sphere of innovations
    Yu.M. Belyayev, E.M. Chernenko Organizational-economic provision of modern standards of medical services in foreign countries
    Yu.M. Belyaev, E.Ì. Chernenko Increases in effectiveness and quality of medical services on the basis of the organizational-economic guarantee of observance of the contemporary standards
    N.A. Breslavtseva Tendencies and problematic aspects of management in service sphere
    L.V. Vermennikova, A.S.Tyutyunnikov System of the estimation of enterprise competitiveness in the recreation-tourist sphere in the adaptivity context
    À.À. Ermolenko, S.V. Lazovskaya Mechanisms of formation of competing advantages in the service sphere
    A.Kh. Zhankaziev Strategic priorities for financing higher education
    B.M. Zhukov, O.V. Belitskaya Perfection of development of the transport-information infrastructure in recreational territories
    B.M. Zhukov, S.A. Lyausheva Modernization of the enterprises of hotel sphere on the basis of flexible management
    E.N. Zakharova, T.I. Afasizhev, S.A. Lyausheva The analysis of a state of domestic trade in the conditions of intensive development of a service sector
    E.N. Zakharova, S.A. Lyausheva Evolution of the economic nature of trade in “the economy based on knowledge”
    S.V. Lazovskaya, N.Yu. Ermolenko Key competences of human factor as a core of integration mechanism in the service sphere
    S.A. Mikhaylov Modernization of hotel service management as a tool of sustainable development of resort hotel complex
    I.A. Nikitina, N.Yu. Ermolenko Scientific-educational center as a promising form of innovational development of higher professional school
    V.N. Ovchinnikov, N.P. Korolyova Employers in the structure of subjects of the educational service market
    A.A. Tatuev, A.Kh. Zhankaziev The main directions of increasing expenditure efficiency for higher education
    O.A. Zelenskaya, S.K. Eshugova Cluster initiatives in the Russian modern industry
    T.A. Martynova, N.O. Sisel Review of the state and problems of wine-making industry in the Krasnodar Territory
    Z.M. Khasheva Management of key competences of interorganizational network participants
    Taxes and the Taxation
    V.N. Ovchinnikov, Z.A. Klyukovich Development of the tax theory as the reflection of the taxation system evolution
    General Problems of Pedagogy
    A.V. Babayan The concept of moral education of Ì.I Demkov
    S.N. Begidova Acmeology determinants of professional formation of the personality
    V.G. Bazhenov Psychological and pedagogical conditions of complex work with the family and child from «a group of risk»
    K.I. Buzarov Development of national education in Adygheya (The 2-nd half of the XVIII century – The 1-st half of the XX century)
    R.A. Galustov Formation of design culture of a future teacher of technology and business
    M.V. Dikalova, V.I. Spirina Possibility of the remote-controlled teaching of children with limited possibilities of health
    E.N. Zakharova Competence approach to quality management of educational services
    I.V. Kryuchkova Educational environment as condition of development of self-reliance and personal self-determination of a school student
    I.V. Kryuchkova, K.I. Buzarov Peculiarities of the organization of educational process at private innovative secondary comprehensive school «Razvitiye»
    E.G. Marchuk Increase of intellectual competence of the schoolboy as condition of his self-development
    Z.K. Meretukova Didactic questioning in lectures and seminars as a means of developing potential of problem training in the course of preparation of the expert
    V.G. Mozgot Problems of music education of student’s youth in the polyethnic region
    O.A. Mudrakova Problems of development of IKT- competence of computer science teachers by use of electronic resources for educational purposes in improvement of professional skills
    M.E. Paatova, S.N. Begidova, N.Kh. Khakunov Theoretical-Methodical analysis of social and pedagogical phenomena «deviant behaviour of teenagers», «delinquent behaviour of teenagers»
    V.A. Petkov, S.I. Andryushchenko Organization of the innovative environment of the educational establishments
    T.N. Poddubnaya, O.Yu. Krynina Innovative Competence Model of the Graduate of the Higher School (on the example of the Bachelor)
    E.T. Rubtsova On the issue of technological culture in higher pedagogical education
    N.M. Sazhina, M.S. Golub Prevention of pedagogical risks of victimization of the teenager
    T.D. Skudnova Acmeology approach in psychological-pedagogical education
    A.P. Stukanov Realities of synergetic management of additional professional education
    M.H. Tuguz, L.N. Kubashicheva Dialogic activities as a communicative disposition of pedagogical cooperation in a rural national school
    À.À. Ushakov Professionalism of the teacher as a determinant of improvement of the quality of educational services in the conditions of competitiveness of the system of secondary vocational training
    F.P. Khakunova The problem of organization of independent work of school and university students at the present stage of education
    K.D. Chermit, G.Z. Kharkovskaya, N.K. Kuprina Organizational and pedagogical conditions of use of the resourse of parents for development of the municipal education system
    K.M. Shikov, E.I. Dvornikova Formation of the professional ideal of the teacher of Russian at the turn of XIX-XX centuries
    D.E. Em Foreign language as a tool for formation of communicative competence of students, future managers of hotel industry
    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
    T.P. Avanesova Educational module computer support
    Kh.Z. Bagirokov Bilingual thinking and the process of teaching a native language
    Z.U. Blyagoz, A.N. Blyagoz Stylistic mistakes in Russian Speech of Adyghes and work on them
    B.M. Dzhandar Text as the basis for formation of oral coherent speech
    A.Kh. Zagashtokov Questions of comparative analysis of languages for lingua didactic purposes
    F.K. Urakova Comparative typological description of basic units of the text in the Russian and Adyghe languages with teaching aims
    F.K. Urakova, Z.R. Khachmafova Formation of the language personality in the conditions of school modernization: problems and prospects
    Z.R. Khachmafova Formation of Lingua cultural competence of foreign students when teaching Russian as a foreign language on the basis of the concept «woman»
    Modern Problems of Psychology
    A.B. Rogozyan Properties of social adaptivity in the structure of individual style of stress-resistence of the person
    Z.I. Tsiku Orientation in the system of psychological factors of professionalism of the teacher of preschool educational establishment of the combined type
    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
    R.M. Magomedov, I.V. Makrushina System of socially oriented sports and sports work in the city of Derbent
    A.E. Mitin, A.B. Bguashev Research of the problem of regulation by the teacher of behaviour engaged in physical education and sports in Russia and abroad
    Chan Nayn Dik, G.D. Aleksanyants, Yu.A. Kudryashova The analysis of variability of the heart rhythm of athletes – badminton players in the transition period of a year training cycle
    K.D. Chermit, A.O. Isakov, S.N. Begidova Subject role-playing games as means of physical training and minimization of influence of deprivation on orphan children of the advanced preschool age
    Literary Criticism
    D.A. Akhmetova Spiritual and intellectual range of representation of national life in N. Kuyok’s novel «Wine of Dead»
    F.B. Beshukova, B.M. Tadzhiyeva The art concept of the central image-character in I. Mashbash’s novel «Aisse Countess»
    T.Kh. Gorchkhanova Art originality of stories by Shamil Akhushkov
    A.M. Gutov Research of the Narts’ epos at the present stage
    Z.Zh. Kudaeva The bee in the mythoepic views of the Adyghes
    A.S. Kuek Cult of Mountain and Stone
    I.V. Lozovoy Beginnings as «common places» (loci communes) of Russian bylinas
    R.G. Mamiy Typology and esthetics of the Adyghean novelistics (genres of small prose)
    L.Kh. Mukhametzyanova Book dastans (stories) of the Volga region Tatars: «boundaries» of genre names in national creativity
    B.R. Naptsok References and reminiscences in S. Li’s «Gothic» novel «A Shelter or the Story of Other Times»
    E.V. Nikolsky Semantic role of motive of a native home in novels - family chronicles
    U.M. Panesh, S.R. Panesh Structural and style features of poems of I. Mashbash («A thunder in mountains» and «Memory»)
    U.M. Panesh, V.T. Sosnovsky On significance of traditions and new approaches to studying literature of the 20th century
    K.N. Paranuk Mythic-poetic context of great stories of Adyghean writer Nalbiy Kuyek «Bechkan’s excellent horse» and «Loneliness Wood»
    V.T. Sosnovsky Ideological and art originality of N. Zinovyev’s poetry
    T.M. Stepanova, S.L. Zukhba D.S. Likhachev about the folklore model of the world in the Old Russian literature
    A.A. Skhalyakho, R.G. Mamiy Interpenetration of national and non-national as a dialectic way of development of literature
    A.A. Skhalyakho About features of creativity of Bitlostan Koble
    R.B. Unarokova, R.S. Daurova Folklore of the Adyghes of Turkey: from experience of creation of an electronic database
    R.B. Unarokova Zefeuse (poetic debate) in the Adyghe folklore
    M.A. Khakuasheva Post-Soviet Kabardian-Circassian great story
    M.N. Khachemizova Features of folklore of the Circassian diaspora abroad in a context of the Adyghean general culture (on the basis of a material of expedition to Jordan and Syria)
    F.N. Khuako, T.B. Djambekova On philosophical implication of prose of A.A. Khagurov
    T.N. Chamokov, M.N. Khachemizova Tembot Kerashev and folklore of the Adyghes
    T.N. Chamokov On some features of poetics of the Adyghean Nart epos
    P.K. Chekalov Elucidation of a genre of the art autobiography in scientific literature
    Sh.E. Shazzo Features of Russian vanguard in N. Kuyek’s lyrics (on question statement)
    K.M. Shikov, P.K. Chekalov Innovative nature of the creative person of Mikael Chikatuyev
    K.M. Shikov On formation of creative identity of the writer in the Circassian literatures
    V.V. Sheremet The media convergence typology
    A.V. Shishkina Information genres of periodicals as means of information openness of judicial system in Adygheya
    M.P. Akhidzhakova Intercultural bases in text aspect of modern linguistics
    Kh.Z. Bagirokov, Z.U. Blyagoz Realization of cognitive mechanisms in the bilingual artistic text
    V.P. Balakhova Stylistic potential of a polypredicative complex sentence
    S.K. Bedanokova Some features of functioning of the past times in an artistic narration
    N.I. Valeeva Role of punctuation marks in the communicative and semantic organization of polypredicative complex sentences-microtexts
    S.N. Gasanova, D.S. Samedov On differentiation of a compound word and the phrase in the Agulsky language
    S.N. Gasanova Syntax of phraseological units of the Agulsky language
    E.V. Zavertkina Oikonymy and its inherent features
    V.Yu. Zaytseva A scheme of argumentation creation by respondents with a «concrete conceptualization» style
    A.D. Iriolova Linguistic realization of the emotions and feelings related to love (as shown by U.S. Maugham’s works)
    L.T. Kalabekova Leading role of time category in the functional importance of paradigmal forms of verbal conjugation (in the French, Russian and Ossetian languages)
    A.S. Kolomiytseva Genre signs of polypredicative complex sentences - paragraphs in the Russian text
    Z.G. Kakhuzheva (Tkhabisimova) Linguostylistic features of a news note
    Y.G. Kocharyan Linguistic origin of the military term
    N.I. Melkonyan On ways of formation of a computer slang
    Yu.P. Nechay Language means and ways of an explication of a modal assessment (as shown by the language of the novel by E.Voynich «Gadfly»)
    N.V. Samarina Functional-semantic field as an object of study in modern grammar
    A.P. Tikhonova The Khattsky – Adygsky lexical parallels (linguocultural aspect of a language sign)
    N.R. Khamitova Verbal word-formation of pair nouns in the Bashkir language
    Study of Arts
    T.S. Rudichenko Principles of studying and practical adoption of national singing traditions
    A.B. Shishkin Integration on the focused set on a projection
    V.A. Kozlov, E.N. Kumshaev, L.Zh. Palandzhyants On a variation task of the theory of the multiplicative integral
    A.V. Kovalenko, A.A. Khromykh, M.K. Urtenov, D.K. Mamiy Modeling and the numerical analysis of the process of binary electrolyte transfer in the desalination channel of the electrodialytic device in the potentially static mode
    M.A. Voloshin, V.I. Chizhikov Designing and building resistance furnaces for the monocrystal growth device
    Natural Sciences
    A.D. Tsikunib, B. Dzhrivakh, S.A. Tlekhuch, S.R. Kaytmesova, T.A. Filimonova Optimization of the iodic status of an organism in the conditions of high power expenditures. «Iodine-preserving» diet
    A.V. Shakhanova, A.A. Kuzmin, A.Kh. Agirov The functional and adaptive capabilities of young 10–15 year-old football and basketball players, depending on the somatotype
    N.N. Khasanova, L.F. Trokhimchuk, T.A. Filimonova Assessment of functional condition of an organism of students working on computers
    K.D. Chermit, A.G. Zabolotniy, A.V. Shakhanova, A.A. Tkhagova The classification of the electrobiological activity produced by muscles when performing powerlifting squats
    E.A. Sirotyuk, T.G. Bakhareva Intrapopulation and ecological-geographical variability of gentian Pyrenean (Northwestern Caucasus)
    S.S. Grechishkina, A.V. Shakhanova, Yu.Yu. Dautov The relationship of indicators of heart rate variability and external respiration of athletes with different orientation of the training process
    L.F. Trokhimchuk, T.G. Kirillova, M.A. Izmaylovà The dynamics of the statistical heart rate indices in the adolescents learning in the Physical Training Faculty
    T.G. Petrova, A.V. Shakhanova, N.N. Khasanova, G.M. Konovalova The neurophysiological status and its relationship to a morphotype of sportsmen-track and field athletes
    V.V. Myakotnykh Age dynamics of oxygen consumption at relative rest of persons with the various modes of impellent activity
    A.R. Tuguz, D.V. Muzhenya, E.N. Anokhina, A.S. Doroshenko, T.M. Ashkanova, L.D. Aldonina, K.A. Rudenko, A.F. Kizyanov, O.V. Sokolova, D.S. Shumilov, I.V. Smolkov Polymorphisms G197 and 197A of the pro-inflammatory IL-17A gene associated with cardiovascular diseases and malignant new growths of female reproductive organs at inhabitants of the Republic of Adygheya
    V.I. Kumakhov, A.S. Aloev Reproduction of soil fertility depending on fertilizers and the vegetative remains in a crop rotation on the chernozem in a foothill zone of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic
    L.F. Trokhimchuk, O.I. Shkvirina, E.R. Kristalenko Physiological assessment of fifth-former adaptation to learning activities on the basis of a vegetative component of heart rate variability
    Yu.Yu. Dautov, T.Yu. Urakova, D.N. Teunova, M.M. Dautova Dynamics of some indicators of interstitial space in patients with arterial hypertension, abdominal obesity and metabolic syndrome under the effect of reduced food
    A.R. Tuguz, D.V. Muzhenya, T.M. Ashkanova, E.N. Anokhina Polymorphisms of angiotensinogen and receptor I of the angiotensinogen type in teenage groups
    T.G. Tuova, B.R. Tuova Geographic and economic features of the dynamics and structure of unemployment in the Adygheya Republic
    Technical Sciences
    M.A. Kiryushkin, V.I. Chizhikov Analysis of stages of system scaling


    N.A. Petrenko Comprehension: history and modernity
    A.P. Bandurin On terminal and instrumental ecologic – value orientations of modern consciousness
    E.M. Malysheva Identity, spiritual potential of the Soviet society and formation of memory of the Great Patriotic War: Dialogue of the past with the present
    A.K. Cheucheva The main directions of foreign policy of Great Britain in the Northwest Caucasus in the 1850-1860s
    A.F. Potashev Historiography of the reign of Nikolay the First
    A.A. Panarin, Yu.A. Stetsura Youth in the agriculture reorganization in the USSR at the boundary of 1920-1930s
    S.G. Kudaeva The Northwest Caucasus and the Adyghes (Circassians) in a context of geopolitical interests of fighting powers (The end of the 1820s – the beginning of the 1840s)
    A.Yu. Chirg, V.N. Maltsev Internal political struggle in the Western Circassia in 1854 – 1856
    F.Kh. Shebzukhova, V.N. Maltsev The Northwest Caucasus as a part of the Russian Empire: from military conquest to search for ways of integration and realization of agrarian transformations
    V.N. Maltsev, A.Yu. Chirg Institute of police officer organization in the Caucasus: creation, activity, evolution (second half of the 18-th century – 1860)
    M.V. Yanova Environmental problems in the South of Russia: results of expeditional researches
    D.S. Kidirniyazov, K.Z. Makhmudova The Istanbul treaty of 1724 and its implications for the Caucasian policy of Russia
    Z.L. Vlasenko The role of Maikop agricultural technical secondary school in training middle-link specialists for Adygheya in 1965-1991
    Z.Yu. Khuako Political extremism: information aspect according to materials of sociological research
    V.I. Kurbatov Social dialogue in harmonization of the social relations
    S.V. Shimko, A.A. Ozerov, L.V. Tarasenko Socialization risks: theoretical and methodological issues of research
    E.A. Chernykh Theoretical and methodological aspects of the PR-culture in conditions of informational transformation of the modern society
    P.V. Burtsev The production organization in system of social self-control
    A.V. Firsova The role of education in shaping the culture of professional management of the Russian sports system
    G.P. Zinchenko Sociocultural bases of public service functioning
    A.V. Popov, E.V. Dakhno, L.I. Tsherbakova Features of career management of public employees
    E.V. Krasavina Institutional surroundings of simulation practice of adaptation
    V.N. Grishay, E.K. Arutyunov RETRACTED on September 4, 2019. Business as one of the subjects of production of vital means and cultural samples: socio-cultural aspect
    Z.A. Zhade, A.M. Chadje, Z.Yu. Khuako Bases of political and legal identity of Russians and the constitutional values: conceptual analysis
    A.M. Chadje Democracy institutes as a constitutional value
    B.N. Khachak Realization of principles of equality of citizens before the law, justice and humanity taking into account gender features in criminal law
    R.E. Tovmasyan Issue of cash: financial and legal aspect
    B.A. Agirbova The culture-forming role of public relations
    Political Science
    B.I. Shekultirov Corruption in Russia as a threat to state and national security
    D.Kh. Mekulov Democratization and “perfection” of the government system in the North Caucasus in the 1920-1930s
    N.N. Yurchenko Analytical forecasting the administrative practice evolution in the aspect of local and regional projection (as shown by the the South of Russia materials)
    S.A. Robskaya State building as a political process (research areas)
    A.I. Kolba Political and disputed aspects of the relations in system of the budgetary federalism of modern Russia (the center – regions – municipalities)
    S.M. Savchenko Specific features of electoral behavior of citizens in modern Russia
    N.E. Orekhovskaya Methodological construct of study of the “color revolution” phenomenon
    V.S. Malitsky Ideology in contemporary Russia
    A.R. Salgiriev Russia’s political elite: features of the formation and development
    The Economic Theory
    G.L. Avagyan Innovative mechanism of the cyclic-wave theory of N.D. Kondratyev
    A.Ò. Kirguev, A.V. Nechayev The human factor in disintegration at meso level
    A.V. Nechayev The human factor during structural transformations at meso level
    Financial Markets
    V.V. Nikanenkova Credit scoring as a tool of an estimation of borrowers’ creditworthiness
    L.K. Ulybina Institutes and tools of the insurance market in reproduction system of the region economy
    Problems Related to Investment Activity
    M.Yu. Saitova Regional bank cluster as an innovative financial instrument to stimulate investment activity in the region
    Regional Economy
    V.V. Bagmetov The habitation market as an element of a housing construction complex of the region and its features in modern conditions
    M.M. Dolgiev The main directions of implementation of strategic approach to development of the region energy system
    B.M. Zhukov, V.A. Dianova Identification of resource potential of the region development
    B.M. Zhukov, A.A. Osin Regulatory functions of the state in providing integrated territorial competitiveness
    T.L. Kappusheva Strategy of social and economic development of the region and tools of its implementation
    N.A. Koroleva Mega giant corporations in a regional economic development of Russia
    N.A. Koroleva, N.A. Khilko The forms of interaction of corporate and web organizations with the regional economic systems
    T.A. Kuzin Competitiveness of the Adygheya Republic in the economic environment of the Southern macroregion and subregional localities as a factor of its increasing
    T.A. Kuzin, M.K. Tamova Development of subregional localities in the economic space of the region: strategic priorities and implementation mechanisms
    N.I. Pshikanokova, A.T. Bogatyrova Investment activity of region as the factor of economic growth in the conditions of national economy modernization
    O.V. Turkina Problems of a regional asymmetry of subjects in the Southern Federal District in separate kinds of activity
    S.A. Chernyavskaya Creation of sustainable regional subsystems in economic space of contemporary Russia
    The Account, Audit and the Control
    I.N. Voblaya, I.V. Sugaipova Tools, methods and means of modeling of accounting procedures
    I.N. Kirilov Theoretical aspects of the development of accounting and analytical support for management decisions at the enterprise
    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
    I.V. Vasko Theoretical aspects of formation of regional agro-clusters
    K.E. Tyupakov, I.A. Papakhchyan Forms and sources of financing the reproduction of material base of domestic agricultural producers
    Management by Innovations
    A.A. Bitlev The state and prospects of development of innovation infrastructure in Russia
    Å.À. Byuller Innovative development of the forest sector in the forest-deficient region
    Mathematical Methods in Economy
    F.B. Botasheva Length of “a horizon of the future” as a criterion for “predictability” of the economic process
    L.V. Zyuzina Cognitive information technology of distribution of deficient resources in subsystems of “Education” system
    Innovative Technologies in Marketing
    N.V. Saprykinà, E.V. Saprykina Removal of barriers of foodstuff sales promotion using Internet communications
    The Theory and Practice of Business
    T.G. Gurnovich, L.A. Latysheva The economic mechanism of management of system of agrarian business
    G.M. Zaloznaya, A.A. Mayorov The financial component of the efficiency of business in the Orenburg region
    A.K. Edievà The effectiveness of small business development in the Karachaevo-Cherkessia Republic
    Service Economy
    S.V. Grinenko Analysis of the labor market of graduates of professional education: a marketing approach
    S.V. Lazovskaya Dialectics of the general and specific in a service sector
    A.V. Lashko, T.A. Makarenya Market-economic foundations of the formation and development of information services as part of a virtual market
    T.A. Makarenya The marketing approach in the management of system of the service granting
    D.V. Ryazantseva The main forms of interaction of secondary professional education organizations and business structures in the Krasnodar Territory
    Social Economy
    R.L. Agabekyan The peculiarities of transformation of Russian labor markets according to the types of economic activity
    K.V. Drokina Strategic partnership of the state, universities and business structures as the necessary condition of labor market balance in the South of Russia
    G.L. Bayanduryan, Yu.V. Skidanova Justification of methodological tools in the construction of a block scheme of investment policy at the machine-building enterprises
    Z.O. Gukasyan Theoretical aspects of an assessment of management quality and organization of management accounting
    E.A. Gurova, I.V. Petrievsky, I.P. Kuzmenko Information component of modern management methods for an enterprise sustainable development
    S.K. Eshugova Fractal methods in management of development of the enterprises of agro-industrial complex
    I.I. Lyutova RETRACTED on September 3, 2019 Modelling of an organizational-economic controlling mechanism for an industrial enterprise sustainable development
    Yu.V. Razvadovskaya Structural parametrization of industrial policy as a tool of management of structural transformations in industrial economy
    P.S. Shapovalova Problems and prospects of oil industry and substantiation of new principles of corporate planning
    General Problems of Pedagogy
    V.G. Bazhenov Age features of interaction as a factor of socialization of the teenager’s personality
    S.N. Begidova, T.N. Poddubnaya Professional subject position as a component of the student’s professional development
    S.N. Begidova, S.A. Khazova, V.G. Mozgot Development of the competitive pupil’s personality as a target of system of the general education
    K.I. Buzarov The system approach as a methodological principle of creation of the educational school system (theoretical aspect)
    N.H. Vorokova, N.Kh. Khakunov, L.N. Kubashicheva Formation of moral value orientations in college pupils through modelling of problematic life situations
    T.D. Gomonova The essence and structure of multicultural competence at students of higher education institutions
    N.G. Emuzova Innovative activity as the development resource of the regional education system
    O.S. Kabayan A system approach to development of tolerant culture in biological education
    L.P. Kochenkova Multicultural teacher and his training in the university
    V.A. Petkov Organization of self-development of physical potential at students of higher education institution
    T.D. Skudnova Synergetic conception of the social and cultural design in education
    F.P. Khakunova, M.A. Kozlovskaya Pedagogical conditions of development of art perception at fine art lessons
    F.F. Kharisov, L.A. Kharisova Assessment of the healthcare educational technologies in system of the general education
    G.Z. Kharkovskaya, K.D. Chermit, O.I. Isakov A model of state and public management of activity of the municipal education system (as shown by the education system of Krasnodar)
    L.Kh. Tseeva, V.V. Zayko, B.Kh. Panesh Social and personal development of younger age children in the conditions of multicultural educational space
    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
    Kh.Z. Bagirokov The accounting of the interference in the course of training to Russian at Adyghean school (lexical-semantic level)
    Z.U. Blyagoz Mutual enrichment of languages and cultures of the different people, the role of foreign elements, methods and ways of their use in the Russian and Adyghean speech of younger pupils
    L.N. Gorobets “The project method” as the pedagogical technology
    B.M. Dzhandar, M.Kh. Shkhapatseva Educational situation as a basis of communicative and situational teaching Russian as a foreign language
    A.Kh. Zagashtokov, L.I. Lieva Teaching grammatical aspect of the Russian verb at different stages of school education (from material of the kabardian school)
    D.A. Tatarinov On the use of intersubject links of mathematics and physics in complementary education of pupils
    F.K. Urakova, Z.R. Khachmafova Analysis of the art text as a way of formation of discourse and culturological competences in teaching Russian as a foreign language
    M.Kh. Shkhapatseva Interference and interaction of contacting languages in the learning process in modern conditions of bilingualism
    Modern Problems of Psychology
    M.S. Kaydina Social intelligence and emotional burning out of teachers of special high education institutions
    A.S. Raspopova The influence of psychological training on the formation of structural manifestations of perfectionism in sport
    Yu.K. Chernyshenko Age features of development of mental processes in children aged 3-6 years
    L.V. Shelekhova, A.A. Panesh Ideographic approach to definition of the main types of personal and semantic sphere of students
    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
    S.M. Akhmetov, A.I. Pogrebnoy On the condition and prospects of scientific and methodical support for training the Kuban leading athletes
    S.N. Begidova Development of motor creativity as a factor of professional competitiveness of the physical training expert
    Yu.M. Bosenko Gender aspects of stress-controlling behaviour in team and individual types of sport
    V.I. Zhukov, A.M. Doronin, I.M. Kozlov The use of training devices to develop special force in athletes during the learning and training process
    V.E. Kalnitskaya, A.I. Pogrebnoy Binocular synchronous pupillometry in monitoring of the psychofunctional condition of high-qualification athletes
    I.M. Kozlov, R.A. Kadyrkaev Muscle activity at figure skaters during special exercises
    O.B. Nemtsev, M.Kh. Kodzheshau, I.N. Grekalova On measuring results of counter movement jump
    N.N. Pilyuk, L.V. Zhigaylova Motivation of competitive activity of high-qualification acrobats and jumpers on the trampoline
    A.A. Fedyakin Features of recreational and training effects of nordic walking on the human body
    V.E. Chursinov Definition of the type of the “loading – yielding force impulse” dependence in shock - isotonic and shock - isokinetic modes of muscle operation
    M.M. Shestakov Technology of the individualization of football player training process and conditions of its realization
    Literary Criticism
    F.B. Beshukova Post-modernist structure of the art text of «The Black Mountain» by N. Kuyek
    M.M. Gubanukayeva Influence of the Russian literature traditions on art outlook of the Chechen writers of the 1920-1960s
    A.K. Matyzheva The Adyghean «small» prose: genre preferences
    U.M. Panesh About Tembot Kerashev’s spiritual heritage
    A.K. Pshizova Art tools for historical color of an era in Tembot Kerashev’s short stories
    A.A. Serdyuk National consciousness in A. Bayborodin’s creativity
    V.T. Sosnovsky, A.P. Burnusuzyan Interpretation of the Daghestan national greetings in «Khadzhi Murat», the great story by L.N.Tolstoy
    A.A. Skhalyakho, D.S. Skhalyakho National factor as the major component of literary creativity
    M.A. Khakuasheva New story parable «A Worldwide Flood» by M. Emkuzh (1994)
    F.N. Khuako Evolution and genre specifics of the lyrical story
    K.M. Shikov, P.K. Chekalov Metric-rhythmic pallete of the collection of K.L.Mkhtse «In one world»
    K.G. Shazzo The art conflict in a lyrical work (A.Fet, A.Blok and N. Baratashvili)
    Yu.A. Yakhutl Updating traditions of the Adyghean enlightenment in the Adyghean new written-language novel (question statement)
    N.Ts. Bitkeev, A.N. Bitkeeva Folklore of the Mongolian ethnoses: traditions and innovation
    A.M. Gutov, M.M. Pashtova (Mizhayeva) On translation of the Adyghean folklore text
    N.Kh. Emykova Khokhi-toasts in transmissions of the Adyghean radio
    S.L. Zukhba, T.N. Chamokov Deity of a horse in mythology of the Abkhazians and Adyghes
    S.L. Zukhba Female beauty ideal in the Nart epos of the Abkhazean-Adyghean people
    Z.Zh. Kudayeva Center symbolics in mythic/poetic views of the Adyghes
    A.N. Sokolova On cultural diffusions in the post-folklore environment (using a dance «Oyra-oyra» as an example)
    T.N. Chamokov, M.N. Khachemizova Archaic attribute in a system of fantastic images in the Adyghean heroic epos «Nart»
    K.G. Shazzo, Sh.E. Shazzo On poetics of «Nart» epos
    A.N. Abregov, A.A. Khatkhe Scientific and national flora nominations in English, German, Russian and Adyghean languages
    A.N. Abregov Structural and motivational interpretation of a number of lexemes in the Adyghean languages: etymological etudes
    A.A. Altunin Structural components of the concept of «politeness» in the Russian and English language cultures
    M.P. Akhidzhakova, A.N. Khavdok Semantic field of reflection of the Adyghes’ mentality in A.Evtykh’s language space
    M.P. Akhidzhakova Cognitive structure of a system of historically developed spiritual and moral spheres of thinking and behavior of the Adyghes in A.Evtykh’s mental language space: linguoculturological aspect
    Kh.Z. Bagirokov, Z.U. Blyagoz On the concepts of “the native language” and “non-native language”
    Kh.Z. Bagirokov Art bilingualism as the multilingual space: the problem statement
    M.R. Bagomedov Functioning of hydronyms in the Darga toponymic system
    A.Yu. Baranova Toponymy as the means of actualization of mentality in the Russian-Adyghean language culture
    Z.U. Blyagoz Realization of bilingual training as the call of the times: linguistic aspect
    R.A. Volkova, Yu.M. Nechay Semantics and functions of an emotional and expressional particle of doch in the art text (from materials of the language of E.M.Remarque’s prose and its translations into Russian)
    M.A. Gasanova Numerical symbolics in the Tabasaransky paremiology
    T.M. Grushevskaya, N.Yu. Fanyan Modular approach to the text/discourse analysis: contribution of the Geneva linguistic school
    Yu.N. Gusak Functional specificity of punctuation in dichotomic space of language and speech: basic approaches and principles
    B.M. Dzhandar, M.Kh. Shkhapatseva Composite syntactic whole in the Russian, Adyghean and English languages
    B.M. Dzhandar Comparative and typological characteristic of a syntactic system of the Russian, Adyghean and English languages
    S.S. Doyunova, R.Yu. Namitokova Precedent-related names of vodka
    E.E. Zhuk Features of studying language means of comic and their translation (taken from works of O. Henry and P.G.Wodehouse)
    N.B. Kazarina, L.A. Isayeva Sports discourse: continuum discretization
    S.G. Kazarina Typological term studies as a differentiated linguistic discipline
    A.M. Kambachokov, D.D. Gubzhokova Features of zoomorphism functioning in the Kabardino-Circassian language
    S.K. Kubashicheva Extralinguistic factors and stylistic features of causative constructions in languages with different systems
    E.N. Luchinskaya, M.N. Kunina Actualization of event representation as the specificity of interaction in a discourse of the judicial police officer-performer
    L.S. Makarova Semantic dispersion and art transformation of an image in a poetic translation (using a material of the Russian and French languages)
    O.E. Pavlovskaya, N.Yu. Zimina Specifics of ornamental idiostyle of postmodernism (as shown by the novel of V. Pelevin “Generation P”)
    N.E. Malova Linguo-cognitive categories of “implicitness” and "subtext"
    O.E. Pavlovskaya Features of SMS communication of the student of secondary professional education as a representation of pragmatical level of the language personality
    M.A. Poleva Language consciousness of the adolescent through a prism of internal speech of characters of fiction
    V.B. Popova Categorial resonance in treatment of a definiteness / indefiniteness dichotomy
    E.G. Somova, G.A. Abramova Phonics in the organization of the poetic text
    M.S. Skhakumidova Communicative, speech and rhetorical preconditions of Russian teaching
    N.V. Tishin Interpretation of a political discourse in mass media
    R.B. Unarokova, G.Sh. Unarokova Linguocultural concept “nasyp / happiness” in the Adyghean language
    R.B. Unarokova “Special languages” of the Adyghes: a linguofolkloristic aspect
    F.K. Urakova, B.M. Bersirov Comparative characteristic of lexical and grammatical units of the Russian and Adyghean languages
    F.K. Urakova Comparative and typological description of phrases in the Russian and Adyghean languages
    Z.R. Khachmafova, E.N. Luchinskaya Intertextuality as reflection of linguocultural consciousness of the female language personality
    A.R. Khunagova On definition of concept of “fashion” through “concept” definition
    A.A. Shazzo A tendency to language democratization in the qualitative press of the beginning of the third millennium
    M.Kh. Shkhapatseva Compound sentence as a special structural-semantic type in the Russian and Adyghean languages
    Study of Arts
    G.Å. Kaloshina Opera-oratorio formation in the 1920s in A.Honegger, I.Stravinsky and A.Schoenberg’s creativity
    M.L. Karamanova “Sticks” by G. Kancheli as a multigenre composition
    T.S. Rudichenko Christian tradition and folklore of the Don Cossacks
    A.S. Sagitova Stage director's searches at the Bashkir theatre in the 1960s – 1990s
    Z.Ts. Khot Musical and educational activity of the Adyghean State Philharmonic Society in 2007 through 2012
    Yu.G. Tsitsishvili Monothematism as a principle of musical dramaturgy of the screen version of F.M.Dostoevsky’s novel “The Idiot” (Director V. Bortko, composer I.Kornelyuk)
    S.K. Kuizheva, L.Zh. Palandzhyants The characteristic system of the equtions for some class of algebraic differential equtions
    V.I. Paranuk On representations of some group of the cellular and triangular matrices of the fourth order
    E.S. Astapova, S.S. Pavlov, I.A. Astapov Determination of structure characteristics and conductivity of Na-HS-zeolite with Mo, W and Ni nanopowders
    Natural Sciences
    E.A. Sirotyuk Vital forms of Gentianaceae in the Western Caucasus: systematic and ecologic-evaluation analysis
    V.V. Korobova (Zlobnova), I.D. Ayubova, F.D. Teuchezh The natural potential of the territory as a formation factor of regional farming systems (as shown by the flat landscapes of the Western Caucasus and Lower Don)
    N.I. Mamsirov Influence of ways of soil processing and fertilizer norms on its agrochemical properties
    E.A. Shebzukhova History and biology of a pheasant in the Western Caucasus Phasianus colchicus L (lat.) Mezchet (in Adyghean)
    N.Kh. Kagazezheva Oxygen exchange in teenagers in the conditions of highlands
    A.A. Guchetl Influence of ways of vising on performance of the single manual movement by children of the advanced preschool age
    E.N. Anokhina Ethnogeographical features of distribution of gene BRCA1/2 mutations in patients with malignant new growths of female reproductive organs
    K.A. Rudenko Specificity of human leukocyte antigens of the second class (HLA II) associated with risk of development of bronchial asthma in world populations
    Technical Sciences
    V.A. Kravtsov, V.I. Chizhikov Use of printed-circuit boards in the microwave devices
    V.S. Simankov, V.V. Buchatskaya Choice of methods of forecasting in researches of complicated systems
    M.A. Kiryushkin, V.I. Chizhikov Software product construction on the basis of the microkernel architecture
    V.S. Simankov, P.Yu. Buchatskiy Efficiency assessment of involvement of nonconventional renewable energy sources in energy balance of the region


    I.V.Boldyshev Philosophical theory of the reflex nature of the human mind
    I.B. Chernova A new dimension of the state and confessional relations in Russia
    S.P. Markova At sources of the European University education
    V.V. Suvorova Military and technical cooperation of the USA and Saudi Arabia (the 1990s – the beginning of the 21st century)
    T.V. Korotko The higher education in the Turkish Republic
    A.D. Elmurzayeva On some family and marriage features of the relations in Daghestan (the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century)
    M.A. Khadzhimuradova Hospitality and friendship in ethnosocial tradition of the people of Northwest Daghestan and Chechnya in the 19th - the beginning of the 20th centuries
    S.A. Golovanova, V.G. Schnaider A concept of “frontier” in the Caucasus modern literature
    A.R. Atlaskirov, A.N. Sokolova, V. N. Kurbatov West and East: Russia in dialogue of cultures
    V.A. Aleksentsev, R.B. Unarokova Conceptual substantiation of research of North Caucasian ethnicity in management sociology
    N.I. Boldysheva, S.V. Makeev Analytical substantiation of research on family values in sociology of the culture
    M.M. Kuchukov Historical education in formation of uniform sociocultural space
    S.I. Kolesnik Social results of sociology of crisis management
    N.V. Aleksentseva Charity in programs of social management
    V.V. Arutyunyan The subject of social action in the conditions of modernization
    A.V. Shcherbakova Modern migratory processes in the Stavropol Territory and their influence on a social and economic situation
    O.A. Volosatova Network community as intercultural dialogical space
    R.G. Chernyavsky Role and features of an institutionalization of intersector social partnership in the Russian society
    A.R. Guchetl Sociocultural adaptation of students in Adygheya: expert’s opinion
    T.N. Dukhina, P.A. Leontyev Sociological concept of legal relationships as a special type of social interaction
    S.N. Kirichenko, S.V. Ivanov Societal interaction concepts for intellectual property
    O.A. Roin, T.A.Yudina Administrative process in the sociological analysis of the information sphere
    A.V. Karmanov Military training and education in the Russian army: search for a new paradigm
    A.I. Trakhov, Z.M. Beshukova Arrest as a type of criminal punishment: problems and prospects
    E.M. Afamgotov Fight against a drug trafficking
    S.D. Bakulina Historical method as a principle of studying the value specificity of a place (as shown by the regions of West Siberia)
    Political Science
    D.I. Bekizheva, V.N. Kulyabtseva Activity of women’s public organizations in modern political process
    O.A. Kryzhanovskaya, S.V. Petrova Historical roots of the Georgian-Ossetins conflict and its development in modern realities
    E.V. Grigoryev Image of the public politician in local mass-media: quantitative research
    Kh.Kh. Kazakov Integration of national public organizations into regional political system (as shown by the Karachaevo-Circassia)
    Professor A.Yu.Chadje: life in a science
    The Economic Theory
    O.V. Torchinova, M.G. Plieva The participation in the development of human factor and budgetary responsibility of the subjects of the governance
    Financial Markets
    E.E. Kardava Securitization of leasing assets as an innovation tool of attraction of financial resources
    V.V. Nikanenkova Sources of increasing credit risk and ways of its control
    Problems Related to Investment Activity
    N.V. Bgan, Ya.S. Tkacheva Modern technology of investment management in tourist and recreational complex of the Adygheya Republic
    Regional Economy
    Yu.M. Belyaev Assessment of the Russian project of sustainable development through the use of renewable natural resources
    G.G. Vukovich, L.V. Berlin RETRACTED on September 3, 2019 Regional aspects of modernization of the population employment (as shown by the Krasnodar Territory)
    M.M. Dolgiev Energy potential as the most important factor of ensuring regional economic security
    T.L. Kappusheva The role of small and medium sized businesses in ensuring competitiveness of a problematic region
    T.L. Kappusheva, N. A. Shkuratova Priority areas for the development of small and medium businesses in the Adygheya Republic as a means of increasing its competitiveness
    A.A. Kerashev, A.A. Mokrushin The comparative analysis of competitiveness of vertically integrated corporations and regional economic systems in contemporary Russia
    Kh.A. Konstantinidi, K.P. Mavridi The development of spatial systems of a macroregional level: marketing aspects
    N.A Cousina Intra-regional socio-economic differences and the means to overcome them
    T.G. Lavrova, Yu.V. Kotenko Ways of the organization of scientific potential to modernize regional economy
    V.V. Prokhorova, L.L. Gnetetskaya On development of system of the interbudgetary relations at regional level
    T.A. Reshetnyak Criteria for assessing the quality of governance of local development
    N.Yu. Sukhina, V.E. Vasenko Sustainability assessment of economic complex development in the Krasnodar Territory
    N.Yu. Sukhina, V.S. Starikovskiy Strategic planning as a formation basis of the effective fuel and energy complex and Russian power safety
    O.V. Torchinova Budgetary responsibility of regional subjects of the power
    S.A. Chernyavskaya Differentiation and integration in economic space of modern Russia
    The Account, Audit and the Control
    T.G. Belozerovà, V.V. Gaidenko The formation of an audit opinion and the variants of its modification
    A.N. Biba The Russian Finance Supervision Agency (Rosfinnadzor): factors of the control effectiveness
    M.I. Kuter, A.N. Biba Diagnostics of misuse of budgetary funds
    N.S. Nikitenko On creation and comparison of the formation algorithms of accounting and tax indicators of the financial result
    N.Yu. Orlyuk The analysis of contradictions between the bookkeeping and tax accountings of incomes and expenses
    A.N. Sekisov Theoretical aspects of formation of the production costs in market conditions
    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
    K.M. Panesh The big corporate business as a factor of structural transformation of the regional agro-industrial complex
    Mathematical Methods in Economy
    G.V. Gorelova, A.E. Zhminko, A.M. Lyakhovetsky Modeling the labor market: an integrated approach
    K.V. Drokina The game-theoretical modeling of the subject interaction at the regional labor market
    Innovative Technologies in Marketing
    B.A. Kumpilova, S. A. Khatukay Features of market segmentation within the ethnomarketing concept
    G.M. Mishulin, A.Yu. Biryukov Internet’s problematic area as a platform for development of innovative marketing tools
    The Theory and Practice of Business
    T.G. Gurnovich, L.A. Latysheva Analysis of agricultural business in the Stavropol region, taking into account the risk factor
    N.V. Ivancha Organizational and financial components of support mechanism for development of business structures
    Service Economy
    E.Yu. Gadzhieva Promising forms of the relations in an education service sector in contemporary Russia
    Yu.P. Kulikova An innovative model of interaction between the higher education and the national economy as a tool of modernization policy
    S.V. Ryabokon Directions and the dynamics of development of the realtor service market in Russia
    M.L. Sher Ways of improving the structure of the market of intermediary services in the field of high-tech products
    M.M. Zueva, I.P. Kuzmenko Ways of formation of intellectual potential at different levels of organization of economic relations in contemporary Russia
    D.A. Lyashenko An innovative component of the structural changes in foreign economic activities of oil and gas companies
    F.A. Pukhnaty Current issues and trends in book publishing in the Russian Federation
    General Problems of Pedagogy
    N.P. Botasheva Regional applied arts of the Karachay-Cherkessia as means of formation of aesthetic taste in teenagers in a multicultural education environment
    M.E. Vayndorf-Sysoyeva Monitoring of continuous education in the professional teaching activities: model, instruments and structure
    M.N. Gaiday Improvement of training children with speech pathology at school
    E.N. Gusarova Information-integration approach in training future specialists of socionomical professions
    E.V. Demkina Formation of future expert in the conditions of the teaching and educational process
    M.V. Dikalova Formation of professional readiness of the primary school teacher to work with children with limited health abilities in a distance education environment
    S. S. Ignatovich Readiness of the pupil to design the individual educational route in the context of the general tendencies to individualize education
    O.A. Karlina Federal state education standard of secondary professional education in medical massage specialty as imperative of professional education for persons with the limited abilities to see
    L.N. Kubashicheva Development of the professional I-concept in the future teachers
    L.V. Makhayeva Conditions of formation of the general competences (as shown by the information competence)
    Z.K. Meretukova Culture of the organization of problem training as the prepotent factor of pupil development
    R.V. Mityazhin, V.T. Ashchepkov Research on the dynamics of increase of pupils’ computer literacy at primary and secondary school
    N.V. Nikiforova Model of pedagogical support of successful entry of younger pupils into a school education environment
    A.B. Pankin Ethnocultural connotation of the content of education in the conditions of implementation of the concept of stabilizing modernization
    S.V. Serebryakova, A.A. Serebryakov On formation of linguist-translator language personality
    V.I. Spirina, T.G. Urgacheva Definition of the category of tolerance in historical process
    G.D. Sunduy V.A. Sukhomlinsky's classical ideas about conscience education
    T.G. Urgacheva Problems of formation of tolerance at students of higher education institutions in the conditions of multiethnic society
    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
    A.N. Abregov, M.D. Kunova Use of the explanatory dictionary at lessons of the Ayghean language at secondary school
    O.O. Ayvazyan Communication and speech
    Kh.Z. Bagirokov, Z.B. Bguasheva Activization of the use of phraseological units in speech of pupils at lessons of the Ayghean language
    N.M. Evtykhova The analysis of the condition of bilingual mathematical education at modern elementary school
    M.N. Khachemizova, S.G. Shkhalakhova Lingual-didactic aspect of the Ayghean language training in Russian-speaking groups
    Modern Problems of Psychology
    O.Yu. Litvinova Psychological readiness of military personnel to work in the extreme conditions in the context of the subject-existential approach
    G.Yu. Fomenko, E.R. Kuasheva Crisis phenomena of police professionalization: subject-existential interpretation
    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
    E.V. Demchenko Features of psychophysical development and physical readiness of children with the hearing disorder and prospects of their correction by means of rehabilitation riding
    O.Yu. Masalova Methodological approaches to form physical culture of the student at the higher school
    M.M. Khakunova Comparative characteristic of efficiency of assessment techniques of the healthy lifestyle components
    K.D. Chermit, A.N. Baladzhan Base kinematic characteristics of manual actions of the conductor
    Literary Criticism
    I.F. Gerasimova Continuity of military traditions in war lyrics of the 20th century (a genre of a poetic prayer)
    B.R. Naptsok Functions of an image of story-teller R. Walton in M. Shelley's novel "Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus"
    A.A. Turkova Art structure and compositional variations of the short story of Tembot Kerashev against the background of national literature
    S.D. Khagundokova Philosophy of the nature and lyrical chronotope of I. Mashbash's poetry
    I.N. Khatkova Art historicism and romantic poetics of the novel of I.I.Lazhechnikov «The Last Novick»
    N.Kh. Emykova, R.B. Unarokova Folklore on the Adyghean radio: record, storage, translation
    G.N. Nemets On a logical method in essayistics
    D.A. Nosaev Current trends in development of graphic model of the newspaper
    Z.E. Pinchuk Mediacontext in communication system
    I.I. Shakalov Image of the Russian law-enforcement bodies in 2012: preliminary results of reform (according to results of complex studies of public opinion)
    O.I. Avdeeva Features of the syntagmatic relations of verbal phrasemes in the Russian language: semantic and grammatical aspects
    S.M. Alkhasova National originality of the original and translation
    A.Yu. Baranova Ways of the person nomination in works by L.Ulitskaya
    M.A. Gasanova Concept “friendship” in the Tabasaransky paremiological picture of the world
    N.T. Gishev Semantic interrelation of lexical units in speech
    B.M. Dzhandar, A.D. Loova On functioning of personal names in the art text
    A.A. Efremov, A.Yu. Baranova Trends in the metaphorical term development within the basic subject areas of the English oil and gas terminology
    A.D. Iriolova Verbalization of concept “love” in W.S. Maugham’s novels and their official translations: a cognitive-pragmatic aspect
    A.M. Kambachokov, F.K. Urakova Jargons as means of expression of the inherent expressivity in the Kabardino-Circassian language
    I.V. Kovtunenko The description of syntactic semantics of conjunction “and” in dictionaries and special scientific researches of the Russian and French languages
    O.V. Litvyak Representation of the nature of a language sign and its content
    L.P. Lobkovskaya Searches for universal semantic metalanguage
    G.A. Osipov Concept of political ideology of T.A. Van Dijk
    T.A. Ostrovskaya Euphemisation and return processes in a modern behavioural discourse
    T.Yu. Panteleeva Treatment of philological conclusion as a special phenomenon of assessment sphere
    T.Yu. Panteleeva, M.P. Akhidzhakova Aspects of linguistic systemness in legislative base as primary discourse space
    M.G. Paramonova Emotional functioning of articles in an advertising discourse
    V.B. Popova Meaningful lack of an article: zero sign as a member of opposition of article forms
    E.V. Tarasenko Syntactic concept in the aspect of a complicated sentence
    B.M. Khachak Paradigms of behavioural and speech distinctions of men and women in an art discourse
    I.A. Chitao Structural and semantic peculiarities of word combinations in the English, Russian and Adyghe languages
    L.G. Shamugiya Sðecific features of the French institutional discourse: parliament’s debates
    M.Kh. Shkhapatseva Transition of free verbal phrases into phraseologically bound forms
    S.Kh. Yakhutl (Kumuk) The functional status of bilingualism in modern linguistics
    Study of Arts
    A.V. Mikhaylenko Landscape architecture in the organization of traffic streams in the city
    A.M. Savinov Retrospective analysis of the teaching of academic drawing, its current problems and trends
    S.I. Khvatova Composition creation in the conditions of a canon
    M.M. Shumafov Stabilization of systems with hysteresis nonlinearities by harmonic external action
    M.M. Shumafov Stability of systems of differential equations with hysteresis nonlinearities
    V.B. Tlyachev, A.D. Ushkho, D.S. Ushkho On absence of the isolated periodic solutions for the quadratic system with axis of symmetry
    V.I. Paranuk Macdonald functions from two variables
    V.N. Lesev, A.O. Zheldasheva The nonlocal boundary value problem for second order equations of the mixed type in the characteristic region
    M.M. Shumafov On the conditions of stabilizability of three-dimensional linear systems
    Y.F. Golovnev, D.A. Nurguleev, I.G. Sidorova Types of excitons in nanodimensional heterosystems EuO-SrO
    E.R. Shchukin, N.V. Malay, Z.L. Shulimanova On one-dimensional movement of spherical aerosol particles at their braking at Reynolds large numbers
    Natural Sciences
    E.A. Sirotyuk High-altitude distribution and ecological-phitocenotic features of gentians in the Western Caucasus
    T.S. Uligova, F.V. Khezheva, O.N. Gorobtsova, R.Kh. Tembotov Profile and genetic peculiarities of enzymatic activity in semi-hydromorphic soils of the steppe zone of the Central Caucasus (within the Kabardino-Balkaria)
    A.V. Yakimov, M.I. Shapovalov, Kh.Kh. Shekikhachev, T.N. Efimova, O.T. Gladkaya Environmental assessment of anthropogenic influence on the benthic fauna of the Baksan river (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Central Caucasus)
    A.A. Guchetl The individual profile of the asymmetry of elder preschool aged children
    G.S. Boleeva The disturbance of sympathetic neurotransmission in saphenous artery of rats with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
    A.R. Tuguz, E.N. Anokhina, D.V. Muzhenya, L.D. Aldonina, K.A. Rudenko, T.M. Ashkanova, A.F. Kizyanov Gene allele association G197/197A of pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-17A with the low-differentiated adenocarcinoma at malignant new growths of the female reproductive organs in ethnic groups of the population of the Adygheya Republic
    Technical Sciences
    M.A. Meretukov The organization of system of body repair at stations of technical service in modern conditions
    V.V. Buchatskaya Technique to define the interval estimates when forecasting by extrapolation methods
    M.S. Akopov, E.V. Khekert Analysis of a problem of oil shipping arising due to a vetting