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    Historical and political Sciences
    L.V. Burykina Formation of civil settlements in the Northwest Caucasus in the 1840s 1850s
    N.B. Akoeva Daily life of Novodonetskaya village
    F.H. Shebzukhova A problem of peasants in internal policy of the tsarist government in the 1880s-1890s: arrangement of a tax system
    A.V. Sopov Historical predecessors of cossacks, setting up and development of the Cossacks
    L.D. Fedoseeva Cultural life of the Black Sea cossacks in the beginning of the 19th century
    M.A. Mamedova Activity of the Adygheya militia in struggle with criminality and in protection of a social order in the 1920s
    E.M. Malysheva The NKVD-NKGB bodies in the political system of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945
    L.R. Khut On the so-called intermediate zones in period schemes of the world history
    Sociological and Cultural Studies
    R.I. Lozovskaya The contents of cultural education of the future teacher-musician
    M.A. Shorov The territorial organization of Islam infrastructure in the South of Russia
    A.A. Muzalev, M.A. Shorov Christianity in Adygheya: a history and the present
    Philological Sciences: Linguistics
    R.Y. Namitokova Scientific directions of the Russian Language Department and the role of KTSIROSK in their realization
    R.Y. Namitokova, N.I. Tereshchenko, I.A. Neflyasheva The language of modern city (presentation of the program of social-dialect practice of students of the second course, specialization: philological provision of journalism and document-keeping)
    I.V. Arkhipova Interaction of sense and the form in constructions with syntactic application
    Z.K. Bedanokova The advertising text as a reflection of active processes in lexical system of the Russian language
    A.P. Tikhonova Connection of spatial and temporal meanings (as shown by a material from the Adyghe, Russian and English languages)
    T.A. Ostrovskaya A dichotomy of aggression vs tolerance in the Russian and English communicative behaviour
    T.D. Achkasova Specific features of language structurization of space
    L.S. Makarova Translational modelling of art discourse
    I.A. Chitao On techniques of teaching pupils of senior classes to make a dialogue
    Economic Sciences and Problems of Financing
    A.A. Kerashev Preconditions and target orientation of creation of a macroregional economic complex basing on the federal district of the Russian Federation
    A.S. Khuazheva Basic aspects of steady development of regional economy
    V.G. Piteev Marketing of the new goods as an element of strategic management
    N.I. Pshikanokova, F.R. Azashikova Regional features of modelling of the economy development strategy in the post-crisis period
    S.K. Chinazirova Modern strategy of the development of manufacturing
    S.H. Yunaev Improvement of the mechanisms of state regulation in the agrarian and industrial complex
    A.A. Mokrushin Integrated structures and their role in strategic development of organization
    A.A. Kerashev, V.V. Teshev A macroregional economic complex and its specific distinctions
    E.R. Pryadchenko Problems of administering a student's contingent at higher school
    I.M. Napso Modelling of social-economic systems
    E.K. Byuller Work quota setting as the factor of effective strategic intracorporation planning
    M.G. Bolokova, R.T. Chetav Economic-mathematical modelling of the mechanism of re-structuring of agricultural branch through an estimation of its resource potential
    M.Y. Aliberdov Interdependence between the principles and contents of the elements of strategic and innovational management
    Sciences of Law
    A.I. Trakhov, D.S. Ablezov The problems of perfection of antinarcotic legislation in the Russian Federation
    S.K. Tseeva On the formation of civil-law culture in students - the future lawyers
    B.N. Khachak Differentiation of the criminal liability by gender: historical aspect
    Political Sciences and Social Movements
    T.M. Polyakova Realization of the principles of a lawful state in modern Russia
    A.S. Buzarov On a nature and a role of multiparty membership in the Russian post-Soviet space: a party, a society, authority and democracy (19902000)
    Z.A. Zhade Ethnonational geopolitical identity: setting a problem
    H.I. Tuguz Polemology and ethnopolitical science: sciences about war and peace
    N.S. Cheuchev National diplomacy as a means of the settlement of social conflicts. The purposes and objectives of the Centre
    R.K. Bzasezheva Adyghe Khase in the 21st century: a strategic choice
    Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences and Problems of Training the Pedagogical Staff
    K.I. Buzarov An integrative orientation in activities of Scientific School Acute problems of national school in the Northern Caucasus in a retrospective show and its future tasks
    K.B. Semenov Braking methods in traditions and customs of the Karachaev people
    A.S. Koichueva On new approaches to the formation of social-significant valuable orientations of the person
    B.K. Dzhabatyrova Setting up and developing of a system of gymnasia education in the Caucasus and its influence on the ethnic-cultural medium
    L.N. Kubashicheva Psychotherapeutic aspects of education in national pedagogy of the Adyghes
    Z.K. Meretukova Problematic training as means of realization of the unity of didactics and dialectics
    M.R. Kudaev, M.B. Bogus, M.K. Kyatova A system of educational and cognitive tasks in studying the humanities
    N.V. Kovaleva Subjective identity as the integrated characteristic of the person
    M.H. Shkhapatseva Communications in a mirror of psycholinguistics
    L.V. Krasnova Psychosocial functions of shyness
    S.Y. Kobleva The consideration of age psychological features of senior pupils
    Literature and Literary Critisizm
    U.M. Panesh A study of a history of the literature today: the traditional trends, new tendencies, basic concepts
    K.N. Paranuk Mythological poetics and structure of the text in the Adyghe modern novel (Y. Chuyako, N. Kuek, D. Koshubaev)
    T.M. Stepanova, M.A. Alentieva On a mythological component of folklore and literature
    F.B. Beshukova Interrelation between philosophical and literary-critical methodologies in analysis of the cultural aesthetic phenomena
    I.N. Khatkova Landscape as a structure-forming basis of a narrative in works of Sultan Khan-Girey
    Problems of Computer Science and Computer Facilities
    M.Z. Kremenko On informatization of a society in the 21st century
    L.L. Kuchmezova Application of the typical software in Laboratory researches in the educational process
    V.E. Korzhakov, E.V. Lutsenko Intellectualization as a general direction of development of information technologies
    M.A. Kodzheshau The effect of new information technologies on increase of the management efficiency by quality of education
    V.S. Tlyusten On one approach to the automated creation of dictionaries of statistically significant lexicon of natural languages
    S.A. Achmiz The tendencies of using the modern computer technologies in studying economic disciplines
    Natural Sciences
    K.K. Khutyz, E.A. Shebzukhova History of the bison in the Northern Caucasus
    D.A. Kuasheva, O.A. Panesh, N.N. Tolstikova A 25th anniversary of the Adyghe State University Arboretum
    T.G. Tuova Specific features of toponymic research of the Northwest Caucasus
    I.G. Volkodav Geologic and economic division of Adygheya into districts
    R.D. Khunagov, T.P. Varshanina Multi-purpose National Geoinformation system of the Adygheya Republic
    T.P. Varshanina Ecologic-natural soil segmentation of the Adygheya Republic on the basis of geoinformation technologies
    A.R. Tuguz, V.A. Babich, L.A. Skrebneva, S.I. Chitao Comparative analysis of normative parameters of the immune status of the population of Russia and Adygheya Republic
    N.N. Khasanova Adaptive opportunities of pupils of forms 1 and 2 in conditions of the 12-year training experimental program
    Biomechanics and Sport
    A.M. Doronin On perfection of biomechanical structure of special exercises in sports
    A.R. Mamiy A display of speed-strength abilities at various modes of muscle contraction of the lower extremities
    O.B. Nemtsev Specific features of management of the maximum fast precise movements with various amplitudes
    M.D. Ashibokov The criteria for an estimation of technical-tactical readiness of volleyball teams
    V.A. Slanko Variable modes of resistance in physical preparation of schoolboys of elder age


    Problems of Human Physiology
    Y.M. Khanzhieva and L.V. Burykina Buzarov Alik Shumafovich
    Historical Sciences
    L.F. Fedoseeva The development of new territories by cossacks on the boundary of the 18th- 19th centuries
    L.V. Burykina Expansion of the military cossack colonization on the Caucasian line from the 1790s to the 1860s.
    G.G. Davitlidze The formation of a network of edu-cational institutions in the pre-revolutionary Kuban re-gion.
    Y.N. Sedoy Monetary circulation in Russia within the First World War
    Y.N. Sedoy Monetary Circulation in Russia at the Provisional Government
    E.I. Kashirina The white voluntary army
    V.V. Kulakov and E.I. Kashirina The reasons of defeat of white movement in the South of Russia
    K.G. Achmiz A contribution of rural youth of the Northwest Caucasus in the Victory (On historiography of a problem)
    O.V. Petrovskaya Provision of educational process with the teaching personnel in higher schools of Bulgaria and Poland (1944-1989).
    S.P. Markova John Wycliffe and the European Reformation
    Sociological and Cultural Studies
    S.I. Khrupin and N.M. Sustina Cultural wealth of the senior generation as the factor of social unity and the consent.
    S.I. Khrupin and N.M. Sustina Cultural wealth of the senior generation as the factor of social unity and the consent
    E.S. Kukva Russian identity in a multi-ethnic region
    M.B. Bogus Multicultural education in a context of global experience.
    Economic Sciences
    A.A. Mokrushin and V.G. Piteev The economic mechanism of exchange-distributive relations within the integrated agroindustrial corporations
    T.I. Afasizhev and V.A. Teshev Mechanisms of additional financing higher educational institutions
    N.Y.Mugu Justification of expediency for the de-velopment of a regional system of rural credit coopera-tion
    S.K. Yakhutl The formation of a labour market in conditions of the transitive economy of a region
    I.V.Sugaipova The strategic account of the property at merges and connections
    M.G. Bolokova and R.T. Chetav A logistic system of the agricultural complex
    L.T.Tlekhuray-Berzegova A strategic planning the industrial system indices
    Problems of Construction
    V.I. Sobolev and Z.K. Khimishev The influence of breakdown of the general front of works per number of executors and stream duration
    Khimishev Z.K. Research of breakdown of a kind of works per separate processes, the general front of works, per individual works and an establishment of inter-relations between parameters
    V.I.Sobolev and Z.K.Khimishev Research of breakdown of the general front of works per individual works (at constant quantity of kinds of works) and an es-tablishment of interrelations between stream parameters
    Sciences of Law
    S.G.Dzybova The institute of delegated legislation
    P.N.Markov On a concept of the territorial public self-administration
    N.A.Petrovsky An analogy-based method for inter-pretation of norms of a criminal procedural right (Byelorus is taken as an example)
    Political Sciences
    A.S.Buzarov On a place of the 1930s, a role of the people and political leaders in the fortune of the Soviet state: setting up a problem (a historical-political view)
    Pedagogical Sciences
    Z.K. Meretukova Methodological mistakes in psy-chological and pedagogical researches and in publications
    E.B. Ptushchenko An adaptive methodical system as a system-forming component in the modern conditions of teaching
    Zh.I. Shorova On studying modern pedagogical technologies of teaching chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences
    N.V. Kabayan and O.S. Kabayan The discipline General Biology in a system of professional Natural Science education
    L.R. Chitao A system of evaluation: questions of the theory
    Z.K. Ferkhatova Adyghe educator-humanist C.T.Pshunelov and problems of children education
    V.V. Zaiko The essence of level differentiation and conditions of its realization in teaching younger pupils to solve text tasks
    Psychological Sciences
    A.A. Yurina The influence of personal characteris-tics of the subject of creative activity on productivity of creative achievements
    Chitao I.A. Psychological factors in teaching the higher form pupils to dialogical speech
    Philological Sciences: Linguistics, Literature and Literary Criticism
    N.Y. Prais The literary activity of D. Svyatopolk-Mirsky and A. Tyrkova-Williams in the literature of Russian writers living in England in the 1920-1930s
    E.A. Belousova An occasional word as a style-forming feature in science fiction works
    L.A. Avakova A transformation of chess term meanings on a newspaper type page
    Z.U. Blyagoz On research activity of the Bilinguism Centre at the Adyghe State University (from 2002 to 2006).
    G.A. Melkonyan Lexicographing of the derivative nouns and the problem of homonymy
    L.S. Makarova An existential cycle of a work and a translation
    Panesh S.R. A folkloric structure of a plot as a basis for the formation of a subject and a composition of the Adyghe poem fairy tale
    N.N. Shevlyakova Reflection of Reformation in burgher culture of the 15th-16th centuries (as shown by a material of Hans Sachs creativity, the poet of the German burghers)
    S.V. Darmilova The use of proverbs and sayings during the formation of language and intercultural competences
    Problems of Computer Science and Computer Facilities
    V.V. Buchatskaya Modelling of regional safety and its estimation by the NeuroNet methods
    V.S. Tlyusten, F.K. Tlyusten and V.V. Dagaev A system of remote library service SMS-library
    S.A. Korzhakova and S.A. Rezinkova The analysis otasks and stages of projecting an expert system of professional stratification
    Natural Sciences
    E.A. Shebzukhova and K.K. Khutyz Bison in Adygheya
    G.N. Gudkova Outs as herb
    I.V. Rashevskaya Productivity of Galegae orientalis L. at inoculation of seeds with tuber and associative rhizobacteria
    N.P. Ocheret and O.V. Borodkina The influence of anthropogenic factors on a soil cover (the area of chemical plant Minudobreniya in Belorechensk and in the Adygheya Republic)
    N.D. Dzhimova The analysis of parasites in trade and weed fish from the Adygheya internal reservoirs
    Pseunok A.A. Variability of a heart rhythm
    D.A. Kuasheva and T.N. Tolstikova Biovariety of the mid-mountain deciduous woods in the Maikop region of the Adygheya Republic
    L.V. Khasanova Ecosystems of Adygheya
    I.G. Volkodav Radioactive elements in geological formations of Adygheya
    T.N. Melnikova A maximum runoff of rain high waters of the rivers in the Northwest Caucasus
    Biomechanics and Sport
    N.H. Khakunov, S.K. Bagadirova and V.F. Voronov The dynamics of uneasiness in sportsmen weight-lifters in the pre-competitive, competitive and post-competitive periods
    O.I. Uzdinova The biorythmic features of the dynamics of physical capacity for work and sports productivity in athletes runners of different sports qualifications
    M.M. Khakunova Objectives and the necessity of forming the Health Research Centres at higher educational institutions (Adyghe State University as an example)
    L.P. Repina, V.D. Mozerov A review to the manual of S.P. Markova, Professor of the Faculty of General History, Adyghe State University, England in the Epoch of Middle Ages and Early Time Maikop, 2005, 258 pp.
    L.P. Repina and V.D. Mozerov A review to the manual of S.P. Markova, Professor of the Faculty of Gen-eral History, Adyghe State University, England in the Epoch of Middle Ages and Early Time Maikop, 2005, 258 pp.
    A.M. Saletskiy and S.P. Karpov A decision about assignment of a signature stamp of Educational-Methodical Association on Classical University Education at the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University


    Historical Sciences
    A.D.Panesh Geopolitical position of Cherkesiya during the 1806-1812 Russian-Turkish War
    G.G.Davitlidze and I.Y.Kutsenko Perfection of a school affair in Russia and in the Kuban region in the after-reform period
    F.H.Shebzukhova The Russian legislation: a problem of duration of a working day (the end of the 19th the beginning of the 20th century)
    E.I. Kashirina White Guard armed forces of the South of Russia
    N.A.Babchuk Valour and glory of the Kuban cos-sacks (Heroes of the 4-th Guards Kuban Cossack Cavalry corps)
    K.G. Achmiz A heroic deed of the people the winner in the Great Patriotic War (Polemic notes)
    Historical Source Study
    F.F.Mukhametov A general characteristic of sources of the Mongolian period
    Sociological and Cultural Studies
    T.I. Afasizhev and I.B. Tkhagapsova The analysis of the dominant tendencies in transformation of ethnic identity of the Karachaevo - Cherkesiya population
    V.N. Nekhay Specific features of interethnic communication in a context of internationalization of spiritual life in Adygheya
    S.N. Potapov A functional structure of administrative interaction: the sociological analysis
    A.P. Mikhailov and I.G. Gavrilova A social-cultural specificity of socialization of juveniles with attributes of deviant behaviour
    Economic Sciences
    A.A. Kerashev, O.L. Starodub and A.V. Bolov The essence of a social and economic policy of the region in conditions of going out from transformational crisis
    I.V. Sugaipova The technique of realization of the corporate property audit
    Y.Y. Antsyrev and A.S. Khuazheva Foreign experience in developing market ground relations, the basic problems of estimation of cost of agricultural ground in Russia
    T.V. Zhukova Diversification of activity of economic systems in the competitive environment
    L.. Sergeeva Some features of formation and development of investment processes in the agrarian and industrial complex: a theoretical-methodological aspect
    Y.I. Tarasov and M.V. Ivashchishina The essence of economic categories a labour potential and employment, their interrelation with labour resources
    I.F. Bereshpolova The problems of the organization of the accounting and tax account of reserves of forthcoming expenditure using as an example a reserve for repair of the basic means
    N.Y. Mugu Stages of formation and development of the regional system of rural credit cooperation
    I.G. Panzhenskaya A technique of the account of transaction costs
    Problems of Jurisprudence
    I.G. Gavrilova The role of legal education in formation of a person keeping the Law
    Political Sciences
    A.S. Buzarov Some historical-political views on the questions which have caused falling of the Russian empire and disintegration of the USSR in the 20th century: setting up of a problem
    Z.A. Zhade An ethnic space as the factor of geopolitics
    Z.K. Stash Democratic and authoritative foundations of a modern political regime in Russia
    Pedagogical Sciences
    R.A. Kirgueva Idea of integrated approach during training, education and development as a methodological reference point in a creative heritage of Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Academician V.E.Gurin
    M.Z. Kremenko An information model of the pupil
    Z.K. Bguasheva On a problem of familiarizing of preschool children to national culture
    A.A. Khuako A modern line of social protection of children-orphans and children who have stayed without care of parents in the Adygheya Republic
    Z.K. Bguasheva and M.A. Aslanova Experience in designing and modelling of regional education systems in the Russian Federation
    L.V. Shelekhova On professional developing of the future teacher as a subject of personality-oriented education
    A.N.Blyagoz Specific features of development of speech of pupils with general underdeveloped speech
    M.M. Agerzhanokova Theoretical foundations of technology of module education
    L.M. Shovgenova Ceremonies and traditions in family education
    L.A. Domracheva and V.A. Bogus Algorithmization of teaching as one of the methods of realization of intra-subject connections in studying mathematics
    S.Y. Kobleva and A.Y. Kobleva Individualization in teaching foreign language as a condition of improvement of quality of education
    T.N. Poddubnaya Social protection of the childhood: a correlation of concepts
    Problems of Psychology
    A.S. Sharudilova Socialization of teenagers in conditions of a personality-oriented education system
    E.N. Panchenko A system of profession-oriented work in the Department Social Pedagogy
    A.V. Leontieva and A.S. Sharudilova Empirical research of psychological difficulties in teenagers
    Philological Sciences: Linguistics, Literature and Literary Criticism
    Pseunova B.N. Specific features of language consciousness of the Adyghes, Russians and Englishmen
    T.T. Neshcheretova Typology of word formation of neuter gender noun names in the German and Russian languages
    A.A. Agapitova The reviewers subject and the statements correlated with a concrete situation
    E.A. Buzarova and N.H. Zhenetl Multi-semanticity of language means of expression of spatial relations (as shown by examples from English and Russian languages)
    E.A. Buzarova and S.A. Sasina Metaphorization of professional phrases as a special case of a secondary nomination
    M.D. Kunova Kabardinizms in T.Kerashev's historical works
    M.D. Kunova Adjectives, designating colour, and their functions in the T.Kerashev's novel Lonely horsemen
    M.O. Volkova Diaphonic correlations of vowels in the Russian and Adyghe languages
    Biomechanics and Sport
    A.M. Doronin, D.A. Romanov and M.L. Romanova Mathematical models of the mental anti-entropy of society
    O.Y. Antiptsev On some tendencies in developing sports of the maximum achievements and Olympic movement in modern social and economic conditions (as shown in the Krasnodar region)
    A.S. Buzarov A generation of the 1940s. The new book


    Historical Sciences
    L.V. Burykina Cherkesogais in the Northwest Caucasus in the 19th century.
    F.H. Shebzukhova The problem of a peasant community in internal politics of the imperial government in the second half of the 19th century.
    N.T. Napso The North Caucasian military formations in the German armed forces (1941-1945).
    E.F. Krinko A childhood during the War (19411945): problems and prospects of study.
    Y.M. Braga Peasant (farmer) economy: two approaches to one problem.
    Sociological and Cultural Studies
    A.A. Afashagova Endoecological principles of the formation of meal culture in students.
    S.A. Guchepshokova From onomastics to linguistic culturology
    T.M. Stepanova and F.A. Autleva International relations and influences as a display of a dialogue of cultures (historiographical problems).
    S.I. Khvatova National in church (about one version of a choir sacred concert in the Russian orthodox church)
    G.V. Salakhodinova Politics of the Russian government concerning Muslim clergy in the Kuban area (second half of the 19th the beginning of the 20th centuries)
    Economic Sciences
    S.A. Dzybova Analysis and features of an infrastructure of the regional market.
    I.G. Panzhenskaya A technique of the account of transaction costs
    L.A. Sergeeva The state and prospects of development of investment activity in agrarian and industrial complex
    Y.Y. Antsyrev and A.S. Khuazheva Basic theoretical and methodological questions of an estimation of the agricultural ground
    Y.I. Tarasov and S.K. Yakhutl The development of a system of social partnership and its influence on workers payment.
    B.I. Khutyz Specific features of risk management in agriculture.
    Sciences of Law
    T.B. Bersirov Formation of legal consciousness: a historical-juridical aspect.
    I.A. Shcherbovich On features of formation of a rent in leasing buildings and constructions.
    Political Sciences
    V.N. Diulin Natural-climatic, demographic and political features of the Unarokovo village formation
    H.I. Tuguz Liquidation and restoration of Kalmyk national statehood: a political-juridical aspect.
    Z.A. Zhade Regional identity from the point of view of geopolitics
    A.S. Buzarov On some aspects of specific features of modern Russian ideology: setting up of problems
    Pedagogical Sciences
    T.N. Poddubnaya Social realities of the childhood in Russia: a regional aspect
    L.N. Kubashicheva Humanistic foundations of the Adyghes national pedagogy
    G.B. Luganskaya Nonconventional knowledge of essence of the person in curator educational work at higher school
    L.V. Shelekhova On a personal paradigm in education
    L.H. Tseeva A national-regional aspect in education of children of preschool age
    V.P. Shram Academic freedoms in a system of specialist training at higher school
    N.N. Kraft Independent work as the means of self-development of students
    L.I. Tereshchenko and Z.I. Shorova On experience in teaching natural sciences at high school with the use of modern pedagogical technologies
    N.V. Kabayan and N.P. Edygova Generalization of experience in organizing and conducting practices at the Faculty of Natural Sciences
    Psychological Sciences
    S.Y. Kobleva and R.M. Koblev Psychological linguistics and valuable orientations of the person
    Philological Sciences: Linguistics, Literature and Literary Criticism
    B.M. Bersirov and H.Z. Bagirokov Linguistic bases of studying Russian as the means of interethnic dialogue
    S.R. Makerova The problem of discrete speech in the register of fiction
    Y.B. Achapovskaya Causative verbs in the French language (using verbs faire and laisser as an example)
    O.I. Avdeeva A concept as a basis of teaching the nonnative language (using phraseological verbalization of concepts in Russian as an example)
    F.K. Urakova Problems of the interconnected development of native and Russian speech in pupils of national school in conditions of Adyghe-Russian bilingual education
    M.P. Akhidzhakova A conceptual system: structure and the mental status
    O.Y. Kushcheva The anthropocentric paradigm in modern linguistics
    Z.R. Devterova New information technologies in teaching foreign languages at higher school
    F.B. Beshukova A problematic field of post-modernistic literary criticism
    Problems of Computer Science and Computer Facilities
    Z.U. Blyagoz and A.Y. Popova Making the decision in conditions of risk and uncertainty
    E.V. Lutsenko and V.E. Korzhakov Quantitative measures of a level of systematization and a degree of determinancy within the framework of STI
    M.S. Aslanyan Organization of a safety policy in the Laboratory of the Faculty The Account and Financing
    A.V. Nagoev and N.P. Orlyanskaya Optimization of inquiries to a database in information system of the account of motor transport work by means of relational algebra
    N.P. Orlyanskaya and A.V. Nagoev Specific features of introduction of applied program packages in the educational process
    Biomechanics and Sport
    K.D. Chermit, B.A. Mkhtse and M.M. Ebzeev Factors of differentiating educational influence in the field of physical training in conditions of personality-oriented education
    O.I. Uzdinova Frequency of occurrence of blood group phenotypes (ABO) in populations of athletes as a possible criterion for an estimation of their potential movement abilities
    K.I. Buzarov Educational-cognitive potential of the Adyghe proverbs and sayings (The next ethnopedagogical work of Professor I.A. Shorov)