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    Problems of Human Physiology
  • Y.M. Khanzhieva and L.V. Burykina
    Buzarov Alik Shumafovich


    pdf hanzhieva2006_2.pdf  (99 Kb)

    Historical Sciences
  • L.F. Fedoseeva
    The development of new territories by cossacks on the boundary of the 18th- 19th centuries

    The paper discribes a process of resettlement and the development by cossacks of new territories in the Kuban region on the basis of Ekaterina II decrees and letters patents.

    pdf fedoseeva_2006_2.pdf  (113 Kb)

  • L.V. Burykina
    Expansion of the military – cossack colonization on the Caucasian line from the 1790s to the 1860s.

    The paper describes a process of expansion of the military – Cossack colonization on the Caucasian line from the 1790s to the 1860s. The author emphasizes that the natives from the Southern Russian one-yard settle-ments played the dominant role in formation of the Ku-ban linear cossacks. The accent is made on urgency of the Caucasian linear army updating, creation of Labinsk bor-der lines and on increasing interrelationship of Russian, Ukrainian and Adyghe ethnographic groups within the framework of the many-sided integration of peoples of the Caucasus in structure of the Russian State.

    pdf burikina2006_2.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • G.G. Davitlidze
    The formation of a network of edu-cational institutions in the pre-revolutionary Kuban re-gion.

    The organization of national education is notable for multiregularity of characteristics. In addition to a parame-ter of general cultural conditions of the region, it is the witness of some existing social parameters, namely a level of the state attitude to the citizens, the activity of the local public etc. Characteristics of national education in the Kuban area, the Black Sea province and as a whole appear from time to time in a scientific press. In this paper the author presents new materials which expand a view of the important side of life of the past.

    pdf davitlidze2006_2.pdf  (316 Kb)

  • Y.N. Sedoy
    Monetary circulation in Russia within the First World War

    The paper discusses the monetary circulation in Rus-sia during the First World War.

    pdf sedoi1_2006_2.pdf  (127 Kb)

  • Y.N. Sedoy
    Monetary Circulation in Russia at the Provisional Government

    The paper describes the monetary circulation in Rus-sia at the Provisional Government.

    pdf sedoi2_2006_2.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • E.I. Kashirina
    The white voluntary army

    The paper discusses the problems of organization of the white voluntary army.

    pdf kashirina2006_2.pdf  (140 Kb)

  • V.V. Kulakov and E.I. Kashirina
    The reasons of defeat of white movement in the South of Russia

    In the paper the authors disclose the reasons of defeat of white movement in the South of Russia.

    pdf kulakov2006_2.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • K.G. Achmiz
    A contribution of rural youth of the Northwest Caucasus in the Victory (On historiography of a problem)

    In the paper, basing on the published sources, the au-thor analyses the phenomenon of patriotism of rural youth and the Komsomol organizations in the Northwest Cau-casus during the Great Patriotic War.

    pdf achmiz2006_2.pdf  (286 Kb)

  • O.V. Petrovskaya
    Provision of educational process with the teaching personnel in higher schools of Bulgaria and Poland (1944-1989).

    The paper gives an analysis of quantitative indicators of personnel policy in systems of higher education in two countries of the Central and Southeast Europe. The provi-sion of higher schools with the teaching personnel in qualifying and territorial planes is examined in the dy-namics of historical development of the socialist epoch.

    pdf petrovskaia2006_2.pdf  (214 Kb)

  • S.P. Markova
    John Wycliffe and the European Reformation

    The paper is devoted to the analysis of a role of the English theologian – reformer John Wycliffe in struggle for reform of the Catholic church in England of the 14th century and to definition of his place in the European Reformation of the 16th century.

    pdf markova2006_2.pdf  (126 Kb)

    Sociological and Cultural Studies
  • S.I. Khrupin and N.M. Sustina
    Cultural wealth of the senior generation as the factor of social unity and the consent.

    The paper gives an analysis of the empirical material revealing the contents of values of the older generation (the Adygheya Republic was taken as an example).

    pdf afasizhev1_2006_2.pdf  (142 Kb)

  • S.I. Khrupin and N.M. Sustina
    Cultural wealth of the senior generation as the factor of social unity and the consent

    The paper gives an analysis of the empirical material revealing the contents of values of the older generation (the Adygheya Republic was taken as an example).

    pdf hrupin2006_2.pdf  (247 Kb)

  • E.S. Kukva
    Russian identity in a multi-ethnic region

    The paper is devoted to multilevel identity character-istic of a multi-ethnic region and to the analysis of a place and a role of the Russian identity in the specified hierar-chy. As the official type, the Russian civil identity bears in itself the big integration potential.

    pdf kukva2006_2.pdf  (131 Kb)

  • M.B. Bogus
    Multicultural education in a context of global experience.

    The paper is devoted to research of historical and socio-cultural factors promoting the origin and develop-ment of multicultural education. In this study an attempt is made to analyze the most widespread approaches in global pedagogy to understanding of the essence of multi-cultural education.

    pdf bogus2006_2.pdf  (105 Kb)

    Economic Sciences
  • A.A. Mokrushin and V.G. Piteev
    The economic mechanism of exchange-distributive relations within the integrated agroindustrial corporations

    The paper discusses the place of a system of ex-change-distributive relations among participants of the in-tegrated agroindustrial formations and approaches to its organization. The authors offer a structure of the eco-nomic mechanism of exchange-distributive relations, me-thodical recommendations for perfection of such elements as the normative cost price, the order of distribution of re-ceipts from realization of end production between part-ners in integration.

    pdf mokrushin2006_2.pdf  (463 Kb)

  • T.I. Afasizhev and V.A. Teshev
    Mechanisms of additional financing higher educational institutions

    In the paper the authors consider the mechanisms of additional financing higher educational institutions, the effective and mutually profitable ways of complex inter-action of higher school and the enterprises and the forma-tion of educational-industrial groups.

    pdf afasizhev2_2006_2.pdf  (151 Kb)

  • N.Y.Mugu
    Justification of expediency for the de-velopment of a regional system of rural credit coopera-tion

    The paper examines the spheres of the small busi-ness having limited access to bank credit resources. In these conditions it is necessary to intensify other compo-nents directed to adaptation of conditions of creation and development of small financial structures in the develop-ing market environment, not excepting the State support in the form of the national project “Development of Agrarian and Industrial Complex”.

    pdf mugu2006_2.pdf  (149 Kb)

  • S.K. Yakhutl
    The formation of a labour market in conditions of the transitive economy of a region

    In the paper the author considers the formation of market relations in the sphere of labour, presence of for-mally existing preconditions forming marketability of a labour force, freedom of hiring and dismissal, independ-ence of a choice of a sphere of the labour and activity ap-plication.

    pdf iahutl2006_2.pdf  (149 Kb)

  • I.V.Sugaipova
    The strategic account of the property at merges and connections

    Presently insufficient attention is given to questions of the account of the property on the basis of the concept of the enterprise value. In Russia the analysis of the enter-prise based on an estimation of its cost is not used as a rule. Break in a technique and methodology of book keeping and financial disciplines in practice results in de-creasing relevance of the information formed in the regis-tration system of the enterprise. Merges and connections are most frequently used tools of the corporate strategy basing on the following concepts: management of a portfolio of actives, transfer of knowledge to other area and distribution of actives. These reorganization procedures assume increase of the property and possible increase in efficiency of its use as a result of occurrence of synergy. In market economy accounting aspects of merges and connections are extremely important. Simultaneously of importance are legal and accounting registration of the given processes, definition of their expediency from the point of view of carried out strategy and forecasting of prospects of development of the new legal person on the basis of the registration information.

    pdf sugaipova2006_2.pdf  (247 Kb)

  • M.G. Bolokova and R.T. Chetav
    A logistic system of the agricultural complex

    The paper discusses a new scientific direction, logis-tics. The use of logistic systems in economy is connected with the reception of 20-30% of a total national product in leading market states. Introduction of logistic forms and methods of management allows one to liquidate or con-siderably reduce all kinds of stocks of material resources in spheres of manufacturing and manipulating the produc-tion, as well as to lower the cost price.

    pdf bolokova2006_2.pdf  (145 Kb)

  • L.T.Tlekhuray-Berzegova
    A strategic planning the industrial system indices

    A strategic planning is the tool to form the target sys-tem of functioning of an industrial system and to unite ef-forts for its achievement. Strategic planning the industrial system indices is the important factor to increase effi-ciency of its functioning. A lot of calculated indices can be used to show reliability of economic activities of the industrial system. These indices should have specific sense reflecting the basic sides of system serviceability and its functional appropriate condition. These indices should be expressed in relative values from 0 to 1.

    pdf tlehurai-berzegova2006_2.pdf  (115 Kb)

    Problems of Construction
  • V.I. Sobolev and Z.K. Khimishev
    The influence of breakdown of the general front of works per number of executors and stream duration

    The influence of quantity of individual fronts of works per number of executors and stream duration is considered.

    pdf sobolev1_2006_2.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • Khimishev Z.K.
    Research of breakdown of a kind of works per separate processes, the general front of works, per individual works and an establishment of inter-relations between parameters

    In this work interrelations between stream parame-ters are considered.

    pdf himishev2006_2.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • V.I.Sobolev and Z.K.Khimishev
    Research of breakdown of the general front of works per individual works (at constant quantity of kinds of works) and an es-tablishment of interrelations between stream parameters

    The paper examines the influence of the character of breakdown of front of works on individual works and reveals interrelations between stream parameters.

    pdf sobolev2_2006_2.pdf  (163 Kb)

    Sciences of Law
  • S.G.Dzybova
    The institute of delegated legislation

    The paper is devoted to one of the aspects of legisla-tion widely used in many countries of the world. Dele-gated legislation is the transfer by parliament of the right of the edition of laws to the government on certain ques-tions, for concrete term and under the control of parlia-ment. Due to this the flexibility facilitating modification of the current legislation and economy of parliamentary time are provided.

    pdf dzibova2006_2.pdf  (124 Kb)

  • P.N.Markov
    On a concept of “the territorial public self-administration”

    The paper is devoted to the analysis of the concept “the territorial public self-administration” which is offered in legislative acts of modern Russia and in works of some researchers lawyers.

    pdf markov2006_2.pdf  (118 Kb)

  • N.A.Petrovsky
    An analogy-based method for inter-pretation of norms of a criminal – procedural right (Byelorus is taken as an example)

    Using an analogy method in a criminal – procedural right, a lawyer understands whether the investigated act is criminal, provides correct realization of justice in criminal cases and protection of subjective rights and interests of participants of the process. Interpretation of any norm of a criminal – procedural right is the necessary precondition of its application and the necessary property of the proc-ess of right application. The analogy-based method is the original form of introduction of the law of judicial proce-dure in practice, giving by means of interpretation an op-portunity of full, comprehensive investigation of actual circumstances of the investigated affair and search for similar essential attributes of similar actual circumstances examined before.

    pdf petrovskii2006_2.pdf  (182 Kb)

    Political Sciences
  • A.S.Buzarov
    On a place of the 1930s, a role of the people and political leaders in the fortune of the Soviet state: setting up a problem (a historical-political view)

    An attempt is undertaken to comprehend the difficult period in a history of the country, which has become not only a basis in protection of the Fatherland in fight with the most powerful military machine of the West but also the base of transformation of the USSR in superpower which has then failed.

    pdf buzarov2006_2.pdf  (148 Kb)

    Pedagogical Sciences
  • Z.K. Meretukova
    Methodological mistakes in psy-chological and pedagogical researches and in publications

    The paper discusses methodological mistakes revealed during studying and the analysis of numerous pub-lications (scientific papers, methodical recommendations, teaching-methodical manuals, monographs) and theses. The types of mistakes, their analysis and examples illus-trating these mistakes are given. Besides, a number of recommendations and algorithms for avoiding these mistakes are offered.

    pdf meretukova2006_2.pdf  (149 Kb)

  • E.B. Ptushchenko
    An adaptive methodical system as a system-forming component in the modern conditions of teaching

    The author describes the adaptive methodical system as a system-forming component in the modern conditions of teaching.

    pdf ptushenko2006_2.pdf  (108 Kb)

  • Zh.I. Shorova
    On studying modern pedagogical technologies of teaching chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

    The paper discusses experience in using modern technologies of teaching a special course “Modern Pedagogical Technologies” in educational process at the Fac-ulty of Natural Sciences and the influence of modern technologies on the decision of problems of the future chemistry teacher professional training.

    pdf shorova2006_2.pdf  (106 Kb)

  • N.V. Kabayan and O.S. Kabayan
    The discipline “General Biology” in a system of professional Natural Science education

    The paper generalizes experience in realizing the technology of development of content and process com-ponents of the discipline “General Biology” on the basis of the acmeologic approach, with the use of elements of adaptive system of teaching. This allows pupils to pass a stage of adaptation to higher school education more effec-tively.

    pdf kabaian2006_2.pdf  (113 Kb)

  • L.R. Chitao
    A system of evaluation: questions of the theory

    The pedagogy makes the active attempts to solve a problem of the objective control and an estimation of knowledge but faces with a number of complexities, in-cluding organizational and psychological. Teachers ac-cept reluctantly innovations in the control of the results of teaching because an effort to understand new systems and time for their mastering and application are required. The reason is that the Russian higher school is now in mar-ginal position relative to the automated pedagogical tech-nologies (ÀPÒ).

    pdf chitao1_2006_2.pdf  (146 Kb)

  • Z.K. Ferkhatova
    Adyghe educator-humanist C.T.Pshunelov and problems of children education

    The paper is devoted to the analysis of works of Adyghe teacher-educator, humanist Chishmay Takhovich Pshunelov in terms of definition of educational potential of his pedagogical heritage.

    pdf ferhatova2006_2.pdf  (127 Kb)

  • V.V. Zaiko
    The essence of level differentiation and conditions of its realization in teaching younger pupils to solve text tasks

    The paper is devoted to a pressing question of a technique of the teaching of mathematics in an elemen-tary school, namely: level differentiation of the training younger pupils to solve text mathematical tasks. With the level differentiation, various requirements to mastering school material are put before the pupils studying in one class and under one textbook. The basic level of training set by the standard of mathematical education is defined and on its basis higher levels of mastering the material are formed.

    pdf zaiko2006_2.pdf  (167 Kb)

    Psychological Sciences
  • A.A. Yurina
    The influence of personal characteris-tics of the subject of creative activity on productivity of creative achievements

    The paper is devoted to the analysis of some per-sonal characteristics of the subject of creative activity, namely: creative activity, motivation of creativity, emotional conditions of the creator, the subjective creative world with its space and time, creative uniqueness and psychological barriers in creativity.

    pdf urina2006_2.pdf  (129 Kb)

  • Chitao I.A.
    Psychological factors in teaching the higher form pupils to dialogical speech

    In the paper the author discusses psychological features of higher form pupils the account of which allows them to cope with complicated problems of a rapid dialogical context and to form the statements distinguished by independence of judgements.

    pdf chitao2_2006_2.pdf  (158 Kb)

    Philological Sciences: Linguistics, Literature and Literary Criticism
  • N.Y. Prais
    The literary activity of D. Svyatopolk-Mirsky and A. Tyrkova-Williams in the literature of Russian writers living in England in the 1920-1930s

    The paper examines the role of Russian literary emigration in England in the 1920s-1930s, its contribution to a history of the Russian literature, as well as creativity of D. Svyatopolk-Mirsky and A. Tyrkova-Williams in the specified period.

    pdf prais2006_2.pdf  (104 Kb)

  • E.A. Belousova
    An occasional word as a style-forming feature in science fiction works

    The paper is devoted to research of the features of occasional words functioning in the text of science-fiction works. The author considers the various points of view on the reasons of occurrence of occasional words and reveals lexico-semantic features of new word-formations in sci-ence fiction.

    pdf belousova2006_2.pdf  (144 Kb)

  • L.A. Avakova
    A transformation of chess term meanings on a newspaper type page

    For a long time the sports terminology is used on a newspaper type page not only in basic, terminological, but also in figurative meaning. The special place is occu-pied by the chess terminology actively used by journalists in materials on various political and social themes. In the paper characteristic changes of chess term meanings in unspecialized contexts are analyzed.

    pdf avakova2006_2.pdf  (119 Kb)

  • Z.U. Blyagoz
    On research activity of the Bilinguism Centre at the Adyghe State University (from 2002 to 2006).

    The paper is devoted to generalization of experience of the Bilinguism Centre at the Adyghe State University for five years, since January 2002 to 2006. The Centre began the work from the development of the plan of re-search and carrying out of the Round Table on a theme “Bilinguism is a sociocultural problem”. Thus the Centre has concentrated attention of all inhabitants of the Ady-gheya Republic on importance of two languages. Accord-ing to the plan, seminar – assemblies were held annually at which problems of bilinguism and ways of their deci-sion were discussed. Within five years monographs and collections were issued on the basis of a material of the researches carried out at schools of the Republic, in prepa-ration of which teachers of schools have also taken part. The published monographs, collections, papers, manuals will be a support and a base for the further development of both unilateral and bilateral bilinguism, for improve-ment of quality of pupils education.

    pdf bliagoz2006_2.pdf  (111 Kb)

  • G.A. Melkonyan
    Lexicographing of the derivative nouns and the problem of homonymy

    The problem of lexicographical description of the derivative nouns of the Russian language is discussed in the paper. Comparing materials of the defining dictionar-ies of the Russian language one can notice the connection of that problem with theory and practice of differentiation of polycemia and homonymy.

    pdf melkonian2006_2.pdf  (122 Kb)

  • L.S. Makarova
    An existential cycle of a work and a translation

    In the paper the author examines specificity of translation of the belles-lettres texts from positions of an existential cycle of a literary work in space of autochthonous and allophonic culture. The author treats the translated belles-lettres work as an allophonic and different cultural modus of the original, with the tasks of transmitting art values in the intercultural communication.

    pdf makarova2006_2.pdf  (148 Kb)

  • Panesh S.R.
    A folkloric structure of a plot as a basis for the formation of a subject and a composition of the Adyghe poem – fairy tale

    The purpose of this work is research of the influence of folklore on the development and setting up of a poem – fairy tale in the Adyghe literature. Poems – fairy tales of the well-known Adyghe poets I. Mashbash, A. Evtykh, A. Gadagatl, I. Tsey, A. Khatkov, N. Kuek and other au-thors are examined.

    pdf panesh2006_2.pdf  (107 Kb)

  • N.N. Shevlyakova
    Reflection of Reformation in burgher culture of the 15th-16th centuries (as shown by a material of Hans Sachs creativity, the poet of the German burghers)

    In the paper the author considers a reflection of Reformation in burgher culture of the 15th-16th centuries. Using a material of Hans Sachs (1494-1576) diverse creativity, the largest poet of the German burghers, the author shows the influence of the Reformation and humanistic ideas on the development of the burgher literature reflect-ing the democratic ideas of a German society.

    pdf shevliakova2006_2.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • S.V. Darmilova
    The use of proverbs and sayings during the formation of language and intercultural competences

    The author examines didactic opportunities of appli-cation of proverbs and sayings in teaching foreign and na-tive languages. The technology of work with proverbs and sayings offered by the author promotes realization of the training, developing and educational purposes, allows students to develop skills of speaking and writing activi-ties, raising thus motivational potential of educational process.

    pdf darmilova2006_2.pdf  (101 Kb)

    Problems of Computer Science and Computer Facilities
  • V.V. Buchatskaya
    Modelling of regional safety and its estimation by the NeuroNet methods

    The author describes an algorithm of an estimation of safety of the region on a basis of the NeuroNet model which is presented by a multilayered network. Such a model has a number of advantages in comparison to clas-sical models.

    pdf buchackaia2006_2.pdf  (145 Kb)

  • V.S. Tlyusten, F.K. Tlyusten and V.V. Dagaev
    A system of remote library service “SMS-library”

    In the paper the authors describe the hardware-software complex “SMS-Library” made by them on the basis of the use of SMS-technologies of mobile communication. Realizing a system of the removed access to electronic catalogues of libraries, this complex provides some base kinds of the automated information service to their readers in a remote mode.

    pdf tlusten2006_2.pdf  (124 Kb)

  • S.A. Korzhakova and S.A. Rezinkova
    The analysis otasks and stages of projecting an expert system of professional stratification

    An attempt is undertaken to make the analysis of tasks and stages of projecting an expert system of professional stratification.

    pdf korzhakova2006_2.pdf  (125 Kb)

    Natural Sciences
  • E.A. Shebzukhova and K.K. Khutyz
    Bison in Adygheya

    The work presents a description of the bison, its habitus, behaviour, and quantity in Adygheya, its diet, the way of life, reproduction and wintering. The direct and indirect impact on the number of the bison is examined.

    pdf shebzuhova2006_2.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • G.N. Gudkova
    Outs as herb

    The paper contains prescriptions from an oats grain and an oats plant. Success is shown in selection of winter oats with increasing oil-content.

    pdf gudkova2006_2.pdf  (132 Kb)

  • I.V. Rashevskaya
    Productivity of Galegae orientalis L. at inoculation of seeds with tuber and associative rhizobacteria

    Presently, as earlier, actual are the problems of fodder with the high contents of albumen, the high cost price of received production, universal decrease of fertility of soils and environmental contamination. To decide all these questions an introduction and an intensification of biological nitrogen fixation is needed. This process is directly related to the leguminous plants, especially to new high-albumen cultures, as well as to application of bacte-rial preparations that will considerably reduce the charge of nitric fertilizers, increasing accumulation of nitrogen in a crop and ground.

    pdf rashevskaia2006_2.pdf  (106 Kb)

  • N.P. Ocheret and O.V. Borodkina
    The influence of anthropogenic factors on a soil cover (the area of chemical plant “Minudobreniya” in Belorechensk and in the Adygheya Republic)

    The paper discusses the results of soil researches in the area of the Belorechensk chemical plant carried out with the purpose of an establishment of a degree of influence of anthropogenic factors on a soil cover and health of the population. Qualitative and quantitative definitions of ions of the basic salt structure (Cl-, SO42-, CO32- and others), heavy metals (Zn2+, Ðb2+ and Fe3+), as well as bioindication researches will allow to obtain data on the total loading of waste products of the manufacture on an environment and health of the population in this region.

    pdf ocheret2006_2.pdf  (152 Kb)

  • N.D. Dzhimova
    The analysis of parasites in trade and weed fish from the Adygheya internal reservoirs

    The paper discusses the results of researches of parasitic fauna in fish. The reasons of infection of food fish from weed fish have been revealed. Tape worms, which can cause an epizootic situation in reservoirs, have been registered. Practical recommendations in struggle against parasites are offered.

    pdf dzhimova2006_2.pdf  (146 Kb)

  • Pseunok A.A.
    Variability of a heart rhythm

    The mathematic-statistic indices of a heart rhythm are indispensable in applied physiology as an indicator of the state of various levels of function control. The mathematical analysis of a heart rhythm is one of the most effective methodological approaches for studying processes of adaptation to various loadings since it allows carrying out a quantitative – qualitative assess-ment of the state of regulator systems of the organism, in particular, the systems participating in regulation of blood circulation.

    pdf pseunok2006_2.pdf  (74 Kb)

  • D.A. Kuasheva and T.N. Tolstikova
    Biovariety of the mid-mountain deciduous woods in the Maikop region of the Adygheya Republic

    A biovariety of the mid-mountain deciduous woods in the Maikop region of the Adygheya Republic was estimated. Three zones of recreation were established in the vicinity of the base camp “The Mountain Legend” and the tourist paths to the Rufabgo falls. The analyses were made of the parameters of the general biovariety of vege-tative communities and the age spectrum of wood plants. Researches have revealed a decrease of a biovariety in recreational zones by 25-30% in comparison with the sites of a wood with the least loading and an infringement of an age spectrum of high-cost populations of the basic wood-forming species. It has been established that under the influence of recreational loadings and other anthropo-genic factors there is a replacement of competitive species (an oak and a beech) by tolerant and jet species (a horn-beam and an ash-tree).

    pdf kuasheva2006_2.pdf  (153 Kb)

  • L.V. Khasanova
    Ecosystems of Adygheya

    On the basis of long-term researches of fauna and flora the borders of the distribution of the Adygheya ground ecosystems were distinguished, taking into ac-count the altitude-zone structure of mountain landscapes. The comparative analysis of the basic types of ecosystems in various areas of the Republic has shown that the natural vegetation is extremely impoverished in the 50% of its area and kept in 25%. The population density of mammal has decreased by 50%.

    pdf hasanova2006_2.pdf  (577 Kb)

  • I.G. Volkodav
    Radioactive elements in geological formations of Adygheya

    The information on deposits and displays of radioactive elements in Russia began to appear in press rather recently. This paper gives the published data on uraniferous objects of Adygheya for the first time. The information is important to ecologists, tourists, associates of reserves and also to geologists – miners.

    pdf volkodav2006_2.pdf  (157 Kb)

  • T.N. Melnikova
    A maximum runoff of rain high waters of the rivers in the Northwest Caucasus

    In the paper the conditions of the formation of the maximum runoff are disclosed. The high-altitude and longitudinal zoning of spatial distribution of the maxi-mum runoff of rain high waters in the rivers of the Northwest Caucasus has been revealed.

    pdf melnikova2006_2.pdf  (147 Kb)

    Biomechanics and Sport
  • N.H. Khakunov, S.K. Bagadirova and V.F. Voronov
    The dynamics of uneasiness in sportsmen – weight-lifters in the pre-competitive, competitive and post-competitive periods

    The paper discusses the results of empirical research on the dynamics of uneasiness in sportsmen – weight-lifters in the pre-competitive, competitive and post-competitive periods. The team of weight-lifters from the Institute of Physical Training and Judo acts as the base for the empirical research.

    pdf hakunov2006_2.pdf  (103 Kb)

  • O.I. Uzdinova
    The biorythmic features of the dynamics of physical capacity for work and sports productivity in athletes – runners of different sports qualifications

    The paper gives the results of an experimental research concerning the dynamics of the objective parameters describing a level of the general and special physical capacity for work, as well as sports productivity of athletes – runners, depending on their individual chronotype and phase structure of an individual physical biorhythm.

    pdf uzdinova2006_2.pdf  (150 Kb)

  • M.M. Khakunova
    Objectives and the necessity of forming the Health Research Centres at higher educational institutions (Adyghe State University as an example)

    Among the various factors influencing the formation of health of rising generation is the huge academic load which results in disharmonious physical development of children and in decrease of functional parameters in the systems of an organism. In order to accept health-preserving administrative decisions, knowledge of the state of student health and the level of their conditional physical opportunities. This necessity was the precondition for creation of the Educational-Research Centre “Health” in the Adyghe State University to create a republican databank on the physical state and a state of health of children, teenagers and youth.

    pdf hakunova2006_2.pdf  (109 Kb)

  • L.P. Repina, V.D. Mozerov
    A review to the manual of S.P. Markova, Professor of the Faculty of General History, Adyghe State University, “England in the Epoch of Middle Ages and Early Time” – Maikop, 2005, 258 pp.

    pdf repina2006_2.pdf  (57 Kb)

  • L.P. Repina and V.D. Mozerov
    A review to the manual of S.P. Markova, Professor of the Faculty of Gen-eral History, Adyghe State University, “England in the Epoch of Middle Ages and Early Time” – Maikop, 2005, 258 pp.

    pdf mozerov2006_2.pdf  (63 Kb)

  • A.M. Saletskiy and S.P. Karpov
    A decision about assignment of a signature stamp of Educational-Methodical Association on Classical University Education at the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

    pdf salecki2006_2.pdf  (128 Kb)

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