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    D.K. Mamiy, A.V. Lavrentev, M.H. Urtenov Iterative methods of solution of the Fredholm singular perturbed functional equations in case of iterative and asymptotic representation of perturbation
    A.D. Ushkho Parallel straight-line isoclines of planar cubic differential systems
    V.A. Lyamkin, R.O. Rezaev, A.Yu. Trifonov, A.V. Shapovalov Einstein-Ehrenfest system of (k, 1)-type for the nonlinear Fokker-Planck equation
    P.G. Koval, N.E. Koval, D. Foerster On the theory of electronic excitation in molecules on the basis of Petersilka-Gossmann-Gross equation
    N.V. Malay, E.R. Shchukin, A.V. Limanskaya Photophoresis of the large evaporating aerosol spherical drop at small temperature alterations in its vicinity
    N.V. Malay, N.N. Mironova Finding the approximated analytical solutions of the Navier-Stokes equation in a spheroidal coordinate system
    Yu.F. Golovnev, A.B. Lakovtsev Condensation of magnetic excitons in superlattices of the ferromagnetic/paramagnetic semiconductor type
    Yu.F. Golovnev, D.A. Nurguleev Spin-polaron states in EuS/PbS heterostructures
    Natural Sciences
    T.P. Varshanina, O.A. Plisenko, A.A. Solodukhin, E.P. Shtelmakh, M.Yu. Getmansky, V.P. Zorin The basic aspects of construction of the integrated digital geographical model and prospects of its application
    Technical Sciences
    E.V. Lutsenko, V.E. Korzhakov The system-cognitive approach to the solution of the generalized problem on appointments


    A.Yu. Chadje Nikolay Berdyaev about the nation and national relations (after N.A.Berdyaev's collection of works Destiny of Russia)
    A.A. Shaov Reconstruction of process of formation and development of ethnocultural and ethnoreligious outlook of Adyghe ethnos
    A.M. Kushkhova Problems of research of reciprocal influence of the person and the nature
    M.V. Maksimenko The concept and the characteristic of the transition period of a society: the philosophical comprehension
    L.I. Melnik Intelligentsia in the conditions of crisis sociocultural space
    L.I. Melnik Optimization of the crisis phenomena in professional work: an acmeological aspect
    L.V. Burykina On principles of landed property and land tenure of the Kuban Cossacks at the end of the 18th beginning of the 20th centuries
    L.D. Fedoseeva English agents in the Northwest Caucasus in the first half of the 19th century
    S.A. Chuprynnikov Formation of the Soviet public health care system in the Kuban region at the beginning of the 1920s
    A.P. Mikhailov, A.A. Fedoseeva Sociocultural factors in an aetiology of youths deviating behaviour
    A.P. Fedoseev Problems of re-socialization in a modern society: the sociocultural analysis
    E.P. Rubtsova Life strategies of youth: definition problems in a sociological discourse
    S.V. Sergienko Cultural deviations in a context of the theory of anomia: the sociological analysis
    E.N. Ter-Nikogosyan Sociocultural factors of minimizing the influence of groups of risk: a regional profile
    E.P. Rubtsova Differentiation of starting potentialities of studying youth as the basis of formation of life strategies
    R.Yu. Shikova Identity of Russian youth in conditions of sociocultural transformation
    I.O. Loginova Innovational behaviour as a way of the human interaction with the world during the vital self-realization
    V.N. Nekhay Student's youth and law-enforcement system: problems of interaction in the conditions of globalization
    R.V. Sergeev Youth and students as social groups and an object of the sociological analysis
    D.S. Shagako Aggression and violence in a context of social interactions
    T.L. Yakhyaev Obvious and latent questions of the national conflict: a view of the sociologist
    P.A. Baev Religious and nonreligious consciousness of the Russian society in the epoch of changes: problems of typologization
    I.I. Boldyshev Sociocultural institutionalization of a domestic small business
    A.P. Kolmakov Correlation of the subjective right and the institute of legal capacity in social management
    Yu.Ch. Tlekhas Cultural legitimation of traffic rules
    S.G. Dzybova The general laws of implementation of norms of international law in the national legislation
    A.D. Tlebzu On the Russian traditions of two-chamber legislature
    S.M. Tutarishcheva On the content of constitutional-legal guarantee of ecological rights of the person and the citizen in the Russian Federation
    I.B. Khakonova National aspects of development of the Russian statehood
    I.N. Gaidareva Administrative-legal ways of the resolution of the juridical conflict
    R.E. Tovmasyan Legal features of payment systems


    General Problems of Pedagogy
    V.T. Ashchepkov Problems of professional adaptation of beginning lecturers at higher school
    E.V. Bibikova Theoretical and methodological bases of communicative competence of the future ecologists speaking another language
    N.N. Vertsinskaya, M.A. Krush The system approach to pedagogical correction of the steady negative emotional condition of socially unsuccessful teenagers in the center of the temporal maintenance of minors
    O.V. Zamalyadinova The program health school in educational process of rural school
    E.S. Lukyanenko Efficiency of the supply with information of educational process in training the expert of initial professional education
    Z.K. Meretukova Formation of readiness of post-graduate students to understand the essence of empirical and theoretical research
    G.R. Murtazina Festival as an education means of aesthetic culture of youth in small cities
    A.F. Penno Optimization of process of the future military pilots training to activity in extreme situations
    A.Sh. Tkharkakhova Formation of value orientations at pupils in the course of training to a foreign language
    R.D. Khunagov Risks of modern higher education in Russia: personal aspect
    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
    B.M. Bersirov Formation of linguistic culture at students in the process of teaching them the language
    L.V. Gazaeva The basic language mechanisms of Russian and Ossetin languages in formation of the communicative competence
    Ya.M.Gergieva Development of coherent written speech: the elementary school
    I.A. Ivanov Historical preconditions of the use of logic of rational argumentations in school course of mathematics for forms with extra mathematics lessons of natural-science direction
    Z.Z. Ivanova Technique of formation of constructive abilities at the future teachers of initial classes
    F.S. Makoeva The communicative content of the course the Russian Language and the Standard of Speech in the conditions of Osetin-Russian bilingualism
    I.M. Omelnitskaya Use of the category of concreteness/abstractness as the indicator of level of speech development
    Modern Problems of Psychology
    E.A. Bulgakova Typology of moral views of Russian modern youth according to amoralism criterion
    L.M. Dodova Style features of behaviour self-control of the teenagers who are brought up at the Cossack military school
    S.V. Zakharov, B.A. Yasko Cruelty in a system of deformations of the person
    M.D. Ktenidu Relationship of the parental relation type with indicators of the teenagers privacy
    N.A. Morozova Motivational orientations and a syndrome of burning out of the person
    A.A. Orel Want of achievement and identity statuses as psychological mechanisms of self-realization of the person
    I.N. Chizhova Reflexivity and aggressive behaviour of prosocial and delinquent teenagers
    Educational Space of Physical Culture and Sport
    E.A. Belotserkovets Complex professional-pedagogical physical and tourist-excursion training as an aspect of optimization of formation of the tourist personnel
    I.V. Verzhbitsky Modelling of competitive activity as a component of educational-training process of judoists at the initial stage of training
    V.A. Oskolkov Technique of training to series of blows in boxing
    S.A. Khazova Development of competitiveness of the future experts in physical training and sports as the factor of strengthening effectiveness of physical training in the modern society
    A.V. Chechin On foot kinematics during the basic period in the sprinting at the bend of the road


    Literary Criticism
    V.V. Vishnevetskaya Formation and development of concept a language composition and its kinds
    L.M. Ibragimov Somebodys /others in the Russian-language Chechen literature
    F.F. Kamelyanova Refraction of a genre of life in novels Idiot by F.M.Dostoevsky and Doctor Zhivago by B.L.Pasternak
    F.N. Kerasheva The brothers Grimm in development of the German mythology
    F.A. Kubova Turgenev and Kalambiy. On an interrelation of artistic-esthetic systems
    A.K. Matyzheva The spiritually-moral contents of small prose on a modern theme in the Adyghe literature of the 1980-2000s.
    M.M. Meretukova Christmas theme in Wilkie Collins's creativity
    N.A. Otkidach Creative person of A.T.Gubin (As shown by the materials of letters, memoirs, essays and interviews)
    U.M. Panesh On evolution of a method and features of realism of the 20th century
    V.T. Sosnovsky Collectivization theme in the story My Friend Momich by K.D.Vorobyev
    I.S. Ustieva Genre specificity of Kalmyk national riddles
    F.B. Beshukova, B.A. Meretukova Linguoculturological aspect of functioning of the media text in a modern information society
    E.E. Kasabova Treatment of the Caucasian War in English press and in memoirs of the 1830-1850s
    N.P. Kravchenko Realization of new functions of journalism in the state mass-media
    D.I. Kufanova Typology of the journal periodical press of Adygheya Republic in the conditions of information field
    Yu.V. Luchinsky John Caldwell Calhoun and journalistic polemic on the eve of the Civil War in the USA
    G.N. Nemets Publicistic discourse as a methodological construct
    O.E. Rudakova Specificity of transformation of satirical creativity of Alexander Amfiteatrov
    G.M. Solovyev Genre-forming factors of the modern media text: a verification problem
    O.I. Avdeeva Specificity of understanding a syntagma and syntagmatic relations in phraseology
    G.O. Azylbekova A utilitarian value component in German and Russian phraseology
    V.S. Anokhina Properties of speech communication in families of different types
    M.Yu. Balabanova Comparative characteristics of semantic content of English and Russian paroemias representing the concept learning (on the basis of English and Russian paroemias of the thematic group teaching)
    N.M. Barakhoeva On the grammatical means of actualization of values of irreal modality in the Ingush language
    B.M. Bersirov, T.B. Bersirov Linguistic aspects of functions of the language in the course of the moral youth education
    Yu.V. Vinogradova Fragment of lexical-semantic field of a verb in speech of younger pupils
    S.N. Gasanova Semantic functions of a dative case in the Agul language
    S.B. Grigoryeva A category of assertion in simple sentence of the Russian modern language
    F.N. Guketlova, F.A. Berbekova Metaphorical nomination of concept beauty in different linguocultures
    Yu.V. Kobenko Exoglossic influences in the early period of development of the Germanic languages
    .D. Kokova Iron and smithwork in the Kabardian-Circassian onyms
    A.N. Lovpache Language features of national fairy tales about animals in the Adyghe linguoculture
    G.Z. Minigulova Aggression in language and speech: theoretical questions on linguistic representation (As shown by the material of the Russian and Bashkir languages)
    R.Yu. Namitokova, S.K. Sapieva The Caucasian lexicon as a translator of cultural senses in the Russian language and speech
    I.A. Nikandrova On the correlation of notions a functional semantic group of words and a lexical semantic group
    E.N. Orekhova Features of use of precedent phenomena by the American Linguocultural Community (on the basis of genetics)
    E.V. Petrushova Verbalization of the concept Marketing in modern English
    R.A. Pozhidaev Motivation features of the semantics of derivatives by background knowledge
    S.N. Sokurova Quelques aspects du bilinguisme
    N.V. Urusova The comparative characteristics of the semantics of the English and Russian core lexemes representing the concept force
    Z.R. Khachmafova Conceptualization and verbal representation of the reality in the language of modern female prose (As shown by the material of the Russian and German languages)
    L.V. Chernega Formation of participial adverbs in the light of the transitive phenomena in the language
    Study of Arts
    A.N. Sokolova The Adyghe agonistics
    S.I. Utegalieva Sound world of the music of the Turkic people
    O.A. Yartseva American Regionalism, Mexican Muralism in the Art and Work of Jackson Pollock