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  • I.V.Boldyshev
    Philosophical theory of the reflex nature of the human mind

    This paper shows the significance of criterion characteristics of the reflex nature of the human mind. A variant of philosophical research of reliability and objectivity of historical knowledge is suggested.

    pdf boldyshev2012_4.pdf  (448 Kb)

  • I.B. Chernova
    A new dimension of the state and confessional relations in Russia

    The paper discusses the problematic aspects and prospects of development of the state and confessional relations in Russia and the principle of secularism. Groundlessness of manifestations of xenophobia concerning social activity of the Russian Orthodox Church is substantiated.

    pdf chernova2012_4.pdf  (519 Kb)

  • S.P. Markova
    At sources of the European University education

    This paper sheds light on the conditions which have caused powerful educational, scientific and cultural movement in Western Europe at a boundary of the 12th and 13th centuries and led to emergence of the universities which have become a prototype of a contemporary system of the higher education. Using the sources and special literature the author analyzes the process of formation of the first, most ancient European universities of Bologna and Paris similarly to which all the subsequent universities were created.

    pdf markova2012_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • V.V. Suvorova
    Military and technical cooperation of the USA and Saudi Arabia (the 1990s – the beginning of the 21st century)

    This paper addresses the relations of the USA and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the military and technical sphere from 1991 to the present time. Attention is focused on deliveries of arms and military equipment from the USA to Saudi Arabia and on personnel training programs.

    pdf suvorova2012_4.pdf  (939 Kb)

  • T.V. Korotko
    The higher education in the Turkish Republic

    The paper examines a system of the higher education in the Turkish Republic, its gradual formation and development. Turkey is a European secular state, which tends to keep up and even overtake some European and Asian countries in their development. At the beginning of the 20th century Turkey has remained one of the most backward countries of Europe and Asia in science and education. Turkey did not have the state system of education and the masses were illiterate. Primary education institutions at the mosques spread bases of religious knowledge. The event, which initiated the formation of the school, close to European standards, was the victory of the Kemalist national liberation revolution, led by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

    pdf korotko2012_4.pdf  (466 Kb)

  • A.D. Elmurzayeva
    On some family and marriage features of the relations in Daghestan (the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century)

    This paper addresses understudied issues in the traditional study of Daghestan on the actual age of marriage, cradle and young collusion of the persistence of the levirate and sororate.

    pdf elmurzayeva2012_4.pdf  (425 Kb)

  • M.A. Khadzhimuradova
    Hospitality and friendship in ethnosocial tradition of the people of Northwest Daghestan and Chechnya in the 19th - the beginning of the 20th centuries

    This paper discusses the traditions of hospitality of the people of Northwest Daghestan and Chechnya, the reasons of their emergence and their significance in a traditional public life of mountaineers. As a result of long joint cultural development the neighbouring people formed an original ethics and culture of hospitality and friendship. Differing in details, they have had common features.

    pdf khadzhimuradova2012_4.pdf  (688 Kb)

  • S.A. Golovanova, V.G. Schnaider
    A concept of “frontier” in the Caucasus modern literature

    An analysis is made of the current state of the concept of “frontier”, developed by foreign and domestic historians. The authors show the terminological difficulties in the use of the concept “frontier” because of uncertainty and vagueness of its characteristics. The paper is focused upon prospects of adaptation of the theory of “frontier” to the North Caucasus regional geopolitical situation.

    pdf golovanova2012_)4.pdf  (697 Kb)

  • A.R. Atlaskirov, A.N. Sokolova, V. N. Kurbatov
    West and East: Russia in dialogue of cultures

    This paper examines problems of the civilizational choice facing Russia. The paper sheds light on the content of a concept of civilization and positions of some scientists concerning the global tendencies in strengthening and development of various civilizations. The sociological data showing split in the Russian society as regards the civilizational identity are provided.

    pdf atlaskirov2012_4.pdf  (662 Kb)

  • V.A. Aleksentsev, R.B. Unarokova
    Conceptual substantiation of research of North Caucasian ethnicity in management sociology

    The paper discloses the theoretical and methodological aspects of the problem. The authors define initial bases of the scientific analysis of influence of administrative culture on development of the international relations in contours of the North Caucasian ethnos.

    pdf aleksentsev2012_4.pdf  (468 Kb)

  • N.I. Boldysheva, S.V. Makeev
    Analytical substantiation of research on family values in sociology of the culture

    The paper addresses problematic aspects of sociocultural dynamics of values in a modern family. The authors show prospects of sociological research of family values of youth in sociology of the culture.

    pdf boldysheva2012_4.pdf  (366 Kb)

  • M.M. Kuchukov
    Historical education in formation of uniform sociocultural space

    An analysis is made of the formation of uniform sociocultural space and preservation of integrity of Russia. The paper focuses upon the contents and a role of historical education in formation of the world outlook of youth. A variant of designing the philosophy of history, approving civilizational unity of the peoples of Russia, is suggested.

    pdf kuchukov2012_4.pdf  (574 Kb)

  • S.I. Kolesnik
    Social results of sociology of crisis management

    The present paper discusses the modern sociological content of the administrative socially focused technologies of mobilizing development for the business sphere.

    pdf kolesnik2012_4.pdf  (481 Kb)

  • N.V. Aleksentseva
    Charity in programs of social management

    The present research focuses upon modern techniques of the theory and practice of social work as a complex result of administrative decisions and PR in noncommercial technologies of social work.

    pdf aleksentseva2012_4.pdf  (331 Kb)

  • V.V. Arutyunyan
    The subject of social action in the conditions of modernization

    The paper discusses the role of changes of types of social action in the development of modern society. The author shows that the instrumental type of social action, the subject of which is a citizen, promotes industrialization of a society and transition to the market economy.

    pdf arutyunyan2012_4.pdf  (714 Kb)

  • A.V. Shcherbakova
    Modern migratory processes in the Stavropol Territory and their influence on a social and economic situation

    The paper addresses questions of migration and integration of internally displaced persons. The work discusses the factors and reasons of migratory process in the Stavropol Territory, the influence of migratory movement on movings, structure, reproduction of the population, etc.

    pdf shcherbakova2012_4.pdf  (435 Kb)

  • O.A. Volosatova
    Network community as intercultural dialogical space

    The paper provides an analysis of the Internet community as a subject of intercultural communications. The increasing role of virtual space as a culture-forming factor is emphasized. The author takes aim at finding new possibilities of development of the intercultural dialogue which is carried out by means of modern network technologies.

    pdf volosatova2012_4.pdf  (826 Kb)

  • R.G. Chernyavsky
    Role and features of an institutionalization of intersector social partnership in the Russian society

    The paper discusses the role and urgency of intersector social partnership. The author gives his interpretation of an institutionalization, features and obstacles in development of intersector social partnership in the Russian society.

    pdf chernyavsky2012_4.pdf  (586 Kb)

  • A.R. Guchetl
    Sociocultural adaptation of students in Adygheya: expert’s opinion

    An analysis is made of level and mechanisms of adaptation of students in the Adygheya Republic to norms and values of modern society by means of a qualitative method of sociological research – expert’s poll. An attempt is undertaken to identify ways of minimization of the problems related to the adaptable period of young generation.

    pdf guchetl2012_4.pdf  (755 Kb)

  • T.N. Dukhina, P.A. Leontyev
    Sociological concept of legal relationships as a special type of social interaction

    The paper discusses the motives and levels of legal integration defined in social interaction of the personality on the basis of methodology of management sociology. The content of concept of legal regulation is disclosed in aspect of how the rule of law regulates public human relations.

    pdf dukhina2012_4.pdf  (387 Kb)

  • S.N. Kirichenko, S.V. Ivanov
    Societal interaction concepts for intellectual property

    The paper defines the vectors of socially focused culture of management for the personality and for the society which make it possible to conceptualize promising sociological installations of guarantees and safety of intellectual property.

    pdf kirichenko2012_4.pdf  (509 Kb)

  • O.A. Roin, T.A.Yudina
    Administrative process in the sociological analysis of the information sphere

    A short analysis is made of sociological mechanisms of management in the construction and realization of information infrastructure of society focused on increasing the administrative culture and on development of forms of the safe organization for this sphere.

    pdf roin2012_4.pdf  (386 Kb)

  • A.V. Karmanov
    Military training and education in the Russian army: search for a new paradigm

    The paper addresses topical issues of need of modernization of army and system of military training and education in our country, taking into account domestic and foreign experience.

    pdf karmanov2012_4.pdf  (611 Kb)

  • A.I. Trakhov, Z.M. Beshukova
    Arrest as a type of criminal punishment: problems and prospects

    The paper examines the legal regulation of application of arrest as a type of criminal punishment. The authors arrive at a conclusion that the system of criminal punishments nowadays is deformed and is not complete and uniform unity. It represents the uncoordinated list of types of the punishments, not meeting a social, economic and political situation in the Russian Federation. As a result of the analysis of actual problems of application of arrest, the authors substantiate a suggestion on its elimination from the system of criminal punishments.

    pdf trakhov2012_4.pdf  (681 Kb)

  • E.M. Afamgotov
    Fight against a drug trafficking

    The paper discusses a distribution of drug addiction in the country. Experience of the foreign states in the sphere of prevention of a narcotization of the population is examined. The author suggests changes in the legislation which can lower a drug trafficking.

    pdf afamgotov2012_4.pdf  (542 Kb)

  • S.D. Bakulina
    Historical method as a principle of studying the value specificity of a place (as shown by the regions of West Siberia)

    The contemporary subjects of the Russian Federation (regions, territories, areas and autonomies) show a tendency to depart from the unified criteria for sociocultural development. Priority of the directions focused on formation and maintenance of regional specificity is set by the transformation of Russia at a boundary of the 1980-1990s, which caused increase of the Russian regionalism and regionalization processes. The historicism as a principle of studying the world and features of formation of social and cultural realities in the dynamics of their change makes it possible to see sociocultural changes of a place and its representation on the basis of the historical and cultural originality influencing formation of strategic models and prospects of the region development. This problem is inseparably linked with research of the geopolitical, historical and social conditions influencing transformation of value priorities in multicultural space of West Siberia.

    pdf bakulina2012_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Political Science
  • D.I. Bekizheva, V.N. Kulyabtseva
    Activity of women’s public organizations in modern political process

    Civil activity is displayed in the form of the organized actions of various public and non-profit organizations, initiative groups and individual citizens directed to social, economic and civil development of society. Uniting efforts for realization of actions and social partnership are the most important mechanisms of strengthening the effect of public progress and development. The civil organizations operate as key subjects in political process at the expense of approval of alternative social practices and introduction of new discourses which organize the social world, reproduce and serve it. The women's public organization is the multipurpose public organization uniting women, engaged in the solution of a wide range of the social problems. It is based on membership and joint activity for protection of common interests and achievement of common purposes.

    pdf bekizheva2012_4.pdf  (875 Kb)

  • O.A. Kryzhanovskaya, S.V. Petrova
    Historical roots of the Georgian-Ossetins conflict and its development in modern realities

    The paper discusses the key stages of development of the Georgian-Ossetins relations and participation of Russia in this process in modern conditions. The authors show the historical retrospective review of formation of the Georgian-Ossetins conflict and its escalation.

    pdf kryzhanovskaya2012_4.pdf  (776 Kb)

  • E.V. Grigoryev
    Image of the public politician in local mass-media: quantitative research

    The paper provides the results of research of six Internet editions of the Saratov region, carried out by using the methods of a content and event analysis. A chronological framework of studying was limited by 2011. Media images of six Saratov politicians have become the object of author's attention. On the basis of definitely selected empirical materials, separate mechanisms of designing a politician’s image are analyzed.

    pdf grigoryev2012_4.pdf  (720 Kb)

  • Kh.Kh. Kazakov
    Integration of national public organizations into regional political system (as shown by the Karachaevo-Circassia)

    The paper discusses sociopolitical and organizational problems of formation of national cultural public organizations and their integration into regional political system. Using the materials of Karachaevo-Circassia, the author shows the factors promoting politicization of national cultural public organizations and increase of their importance in regional political process.

    pdf kazakov2012_4.pdf  (763 Kb)


  • Professor A.Yu.Chadje: life in a science

    pdf members_of_philosophy_and_sociology_department2012_4.pdf  (166 Kb)

    The Economic Theory
  • O.V. Torchinova, M.G. Plieva
    The participation in the development of human factor and budgetary responsibility of the subjects of the governance

    Factors which cause formation and development of state participation in the development of human factor and of social responsibility on the results of this process are considered, the maintenance of a functional form of the budgetary social responsibility of subjects of the power, a form of asymmetry of the budgetary social responsibility of regional subjects of the power are uncovered.

    pdf torchinova2012_4.pdf  (218 Kb)

    Financial Markets
  • E.E. Kardava
    Securitization of leasing assets as an innovation tool of attraction of financial resources

    The paper discusses the social and economic features of leasing relations, focusing on the dynamics of the main indicators of leasing activity in the Russian Federation and on the reasons of suppressing development of leasing business in regions. The author shows one of the most promising sources of financing, i.e. securitization of leasing assets, as well as structure of the Russian securitization market by kinds of assets.

    pdf kardava2012_4.pdf  (285 Kb)

  • V.V. Nikanenkova
    Sources of increasing credit risk and ways of its control

    Recently the credit organizations began to pay increasing attention to identification and the analysis of bank risks. This paper discusses the major factors increasing and lowering the level of credit risk of commercial bank, as well as the actions, undertaken to minimize negative consequences of crediting.

    pdf nikanenkova2012_4.pdf  (168 Kb)

    Problems Related to Investment Activity
  • N.V. Bgan, Ya.S. Tkacheva
    Modern technology of investment management in tourist and recreational complex of the Adygheya Republic

    This paper proposes a system approach focused on uniting efforts to produce recreational and tourist services in a uniform structure of recreation and tourism business incubator which is aimed at establishing a system of environment conditions to support the dynamic business development of recreational and tourist complex (TRC).

    pdf bgan2012_4.pdf  (322 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • Yu.M. Belyaev
    Assessment of the Russian project of sustainable development through the use of renewable natural resources

    The paper presents the reviewed version of the Russian global project which would allow a solution of a number of pressing problems, ensuring the transition to a sustainable development of the world, with the dominance of Russia in ideology and technology, which would ensure the sustainable development of economy in our country. A basis of such project is proposed to be a strategy implementation of gradual transition to full-fledged alternative energy, using new technologies of transformation of renewable energy sources. Thereby the major global conflict arising from simultaneous build-up of fuel consumption, its gradual depletion and increasing negative environmental issues will be solved.

    pdf belyaev2012_4.pdf  (252 Kb)

  • G.G. Vukovich, L.V. Berlin
    RETRACTED on September 3, 2019 Regional aspects of modernization of the population employment (as shown by the Krasnodar Territory)

    Retraction of this publication is due to the discovered identical article in another journal – The source: Berlin L.V. REGIONAL ASPECTS OF THE EMPLOYMENT MODERNIZATION (CASE STUDY OF THE KRASNODAR TERRITORY) //Society: Sociology, Psychology, Pedagogics. 2012. No.4. This work studies regional aspects of modernization of the population employment at a stage of post-crisis modernization of economy development in Russia. An analysis is made of the structure of the population employment. The monitoring of branches is carried out and the most significant of them for economy of the Krasnodar Territory are defined.

    pdf vukovich2012_4.pdf  (222 Kb)

  • M.M. Dolgiev
    Energy potential as the most important factor of ensuring regional economic security

    This work deals with the concept of regional economic security, the most important element of which is the economic potential of the region. At present, the energy potential occupies special place in structure of the regional economic potential. High energy dependence of regions upon outer fuel deliveries predetermines necessity of wide-range works on energy conservation in all sectors of the region economy, taking into account considerable territorial differencies and specific features of municipalities.

    pdf dolgiev2012_4.pdf  (181 Kb)

  • T.L. Kappusheva
    The role of small and medium sized businesses in ensuring competitiveness of a problematic region

    This paper discusses a number of unexplored aspects of the study of the problems of small and medium business as a factor of competitiveness of problematic regions of southern Russia. Particular attention is paid to the functionality of small and medium businesses as a means of institutional competitiveness of the region and to regional features of the Adygheya Republic, stimulating and hindering the development of small and medium¬sized businesses of its economy.

    pdf kappusheva1_2012_4.pdf  (199 Kb)

  • T.L. Kappusheva, N. A. Shkuratova
    Priority areas for the development of small and medium businesses in the Adygheya Republic as a means of increasing its competitiveness

    The paper discusses a number of aspects related to the justification of the prospects of development of small and medium businesses in the Adygheya Republic as a means to improve its competitiveness. Particular attention is paid to the potential competitive advantages of the region under study, due to its natural resource features, the effective involvement of which in the economic turnover is in present-day conditions essential for the development of small and medium businesses.

    pdf kappusheva2_2012_4.pdf  (207 Kb)

  • A.A. Kerashev, A.A. Mokrushin
    The comparative analysis of competitiveness of vertically integrated corporations and regional economic systems in contemporary Russia

    This paper singles out the typological unity of vertically integrated corporations (VIC) with the regional economic systems to make a comparative analysis of level of their competitiveness. The authors discuss approaches to the analysis of competitiveness of regional economic systems, the characteristic of competitive advantages of VIC and regional economic systems and the author’s model of the competitive analysis of VIC and regional economic systems.

    pdf kerashev2012_4.pdf  (391 Kb)

  • Kh.A. Konstantinidi, K.P. Mavridi
    The development of spatial systems of a macroregional level: marketing aspects

    The paper shows the interconnection of a dominant role of the federal centre in the formation of macroregions as new structural sections of Russia’s spatial organization with the administrative paradigm of the management of the macroregional system. The marketing of territories is specified at a macroregional level. The structure of macroregion’s marketing strategy is founded. The authors offer to realize a marketing outsourcing in the form of an independent macroregional marketing centre.

    pdf konstantinidi2012_4.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • N.A Cousina
    Intra-regional socio-economic differences and the means to overcome them

    This paper discusses some aspects of the problem related to smoothing intra- socio-economic differences, which largely depend on the socio-economic situation in each region of the federation. Particular attention is paid to the factors of intra-regional differences and the tools to overcome them.

    pdf cousina2012_4.pdf  (198 Kb)

  • T.G. Lavrova, Yu.V. Kotenko
    Ways of the organization of scientific potential to modernize regional economy

    The process of modernization intends to use the new possibilities, which have been opened in the renovation of functions and structure of the Russian regional economy. The formation of knowledge economy makes actual the problem of rational organization of science potential of regional economic systems. This paper presents the main ways of the organization of science-localization potential to be realized in the process of modernization of regional economy in contemporary Russia.

    pdf lavrova2012_4.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • V.V. Prokhorova, L.L. Gnetetskaya
    On development of system of the interbudgetary relations at regional level

    The question of the sources of economic growth, especially the new ones, at regional level is still open. In particular, the region faces the problem of how to maintain the same course of development of economy in accordance with the strategies adopted in the Russian Federation in conditions of lowering the relative competitiveness of basic industries.

    pdf prokhorova2012_4.pdf  (468 Kb)

  • T.A. Reshetnyak
    Criteria for assessing the quality of governance of local development

    The paper discusses approaches to assessing the quality of governance of local development as a category in a system of the interaction between the government, business and households. The author proposes to estimate the contribution to local development of institutions of local government rather than the current results of their work. The paper proves that it is necessary to use such a quality criterion for local development as the degree of ensuring the requirements of the population, of the community in general and business in the future periods.

    pdf reshetnyak2012_4.pdf  (557 Kb)

  • N.Yu. Sukhina, V.E. Vasenko
    Sustainability assessment of economic complex development in the Krasnodar Territory

    The paper discusses the concept of sustainable development using an example of a regional economic complex of the Krasnodar Territory. Basing on their methodology of calculation of sustainable development indicators, the authors give the assessment of development level of regional complex in 2010-2011 and prognostic value for 2012.

    pdf sukhina1_2012_4.pdf  (704 Kb)

  • N.Yu. Sukhina, V.S. Starikovskiy
    Strategic planning as a formation basis of the effective fuel and energy complex and Russian power safety

    The paper discusses the main problems of the Russian fuel and energy complex development and its role in providing economic stability of the country. The assessment is given of the importance of strategic planning at state level in the conditions of macroeconomic instability.

    pdf sukhina2_2012_4.pdf  (559 Kb)

  • O.V. Torchinova
    Budgetary responsibility of regional subjects of the power

    The paper discusses factors which cause formation and development of diverse forms of social responsibility of the integrated subjects. The author uncovers the essence and the content of a functional form of the budgetary social responsibility of the power subjects, as well as the form of asymmetry of the budgetary social responsibility of the power regional subjects.

    pdf torchinova2012_4.pdf  (496 Kb)

  • S.A. Chernyavskaya
    Differentiation and integration in economic space of modern Russia

    The differentiation and integration processes, proceeding in economic space of modern Russia, are caused by self-development of the market relations and by formation and realization of social and economic policy. The variety of forms of differentiation and integration corresponds to scales of economic space of Russia, resource potential of various territorial entities within this space, as well as to the institutional relations between the specified territories.

    pdf chernyavskaya2012_4.pdf  (687 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • T.G. Belozerovà, V.V. Gaidenko
    The formation of an audit opinion and the variants of its modification

    In May 2010, three Federal standards on auditing activities (FSAA Nos. 1/2010, 2/2010, 3/2010) were approved by the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No.46-n. They are devoted to one of the most important aspects of the audit, namely: compilation of an auditor’s conclusion. These standards can be considered as standards of the third generation. Previously acting standard FGSAA No.6 “Auditor’s conclusion on financial (accounting) statements” was declared null and void. The paper examines the changes in the order of forming the audit opinion and drawing up the auditor’s conclusion.

    pdf belozerova2012_4.pdf  (766 Kb)

  • A.N. Biba
    The Russian Finance Supervision Agency (Rosfinnadzor): factors of the control effectiveness

    The statistics of violations of the budgetary legislation of the Russian Federation in the financial and budgetary sphere revealed by the Rosfinnadzor agency allows us to judge their work efficiency. An analysis is made of the reasons influencing productivity of control actions related to checks of target use of budgetary funds. The author offers the ways of elimination of the problems hampering the activity of control bodies carrying out the state financial control over using the designated funds.

    pdf biba2012_4.pdf  (996 Kb)

  • M.I. Kuter, A.N. Biba
    Diagnostics of misuse of budgetary funds

    Essence and features of actions at carrying out the state financial control over the use of budgetary funds on a designated purpose predetermined development of a topical technique for control and auditing diagnostics of misuse of the budgetary funds. The basic provisions of this technique are presented in this paper.

    pdf kuter2012_4.pdf  (967 Kb)

  • N.S. Nikitenko
    On creation and comparison of the formation algorithms of accounting and tax indicators of the financial result

    In the present work, the algorithms of calculation of financial result indicators in accounting and tax accounting are developed and compared. Also the accounting treatment for discrepancies between accounting and taxable profit (loss) are determined and systematized.

    pdf nikitenko2012_4.pdf  (869 Kb)

  • N.Yu. Orlyuk
    The analysis of contradictions between the bookkeeping and tax accountings of incomes and expenses

    Bookkeeping and tax accountings differ significantly from each other, but at the same time these are two related accounting systems. To identify the contradictions between the bookkeeping and tax accountings, as well as to systematize the revealed contradictions, it is advisable to study the normative base which defines the main concepts used in determining the profit in the bookkeeping and tax accountings. Such categories are the income and expenses of the organization, because in both cases the profit is determined as the difference between the income and expenditure.

    pdf orlyuk2012_4.pdf  (653 Kb)

  • A.N. Sekisov
    Theoretical aspects of formation of the production costs in market conditions

    The paper deals with the existing approaches to the cost formation. The author proposes interpretation of the formation of production costs as a set of actions to determine their composition and structure, as well as to manage the efficiency of converting one type of costs into the other.

    pdf sekisov2012_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • K.M. Panesh
    The big corporate business as a factor of structural transformation of the regional agro-industrial complex

    The paper shows corporatization peculiarities of inter-economic connections and relations, as well as possibilities of big corporate business in structural modernization of regional AIC. The major transformation effects that arise from big corporate structures influencing the agro-industrial system are defined.

    pdf panesh2012_4.pdf  (684 Kb)

    Mathematical Methods in Economy
  • G.V. Gorelova, A.E. Zhminko, A.M. Lyakhovetsky
    Modeling the labor market: an integrated approach

    This paper is devoted to research and simulations of situations in the Russian labor market. The work suggests a system approach to the study, which is based on a combination of the methods of statistical, expert, causal and cognitive analysis. An example of modeling the labor market subsidy in the region is given.

    pdf gorelova2012_4.pdf  (876 Kb)

  • K.V. Drokina
    The game-theoretical modeling of the subject interaction at the regional labor market

    This paper provides the results of application of game-theoretic tools in modeling the regional labor market. The aim of the work is to study the possibility of reducing the rate of unemployment and tension in the regional labor market. The subject of this study is the interaction and consideration of mutual interests of employers, employees and public authorities in the regional labor market. The result of the research is the creation of a positional game which can be used to identify ways of reducing the rate of unemployment and tension in the regional labor market (using the Rostov region as an example).

    pdf drokina2012_4.pdf  (874 Kb)

    Innovative Technologies in Marketing
  • B.A. Kumpilova, S. A. Khatukay
    Features of market segmentation within the ethnomarketing concept

    An analysis is made of the necessity of adaptation of classical marketing instruments in case of ethnomarketing concept would be implemented. The main trends of such adaptation are defined. The paper shows the main features of product and service positioning in case they are intended for the customers who are part of specific ethnic groups. Some examples of such positioning are presented. To make a conclusion the paper provides an analysis of marketing strategies appropriate in case of ethnomarketing concept is implemented.

    pdf kumpilova2012_4.pdf  (501 Kb)

  • G.M. Mishulin, A.Yu. Biryukov
    Internet’s problematic area as a platform for development of innovative marketing tools

    The paper systematizes the factual material on the state of Internet’s environment. A classification is given for the factor causing the development of Internet as a business platform. The authors prove and formulate the Internet’s problematic area as the effective and promising technological platform for development of innovative marketing tools.

    pdf mishulin2012_4.pdf  (853 Kb)

    The Theory and Practice of Business
  • T.G. Gurnovich, L.A. Latysheva
    Analysis of agricultural business in the Stavropol region, taking into account the risk factor

    This paper discusses management of agricultural enterprises in conditions of acute shortage of material and financial resources. An issue of risk management and hedging for agricultural business structures is actualized. An analysis is undertaken of agricultural business in the Stavropol region. It is inferred that there is a need to provide sustainable increase in business income on the basis of scientifically grounded land management system.

    pdf gurnovich2012_4.pdf  (417 Kb)

  • N.V. Ivancha
    Organizational and financial components of support mechanism for development of business structures

    The paper discusses the questions related to the necessity to support the development of small and mid business by the state. The author shows the main methods of state regulation and assistance for the development of business structures, forms and methods of financial and credit support.

    pdf ivancha2012_4.pdf  (610 Kb)

    Service Economy
  • E.Yu. Gadzhieva
    Promising forms of the relations in an education service sector in contemporary Russia

    The paper examines the promising forms of education services development. The author singles out the dominating factors of this evolutionary process and proposes tools for the specified promising forms of its development in economy of contemporary Russia.

    pdf gadzhieva2012_4.pdf  (526 Kb)

  • Yu.P. Kulikova
    An innovative model of interaction between the higher education and the national economy as a tool of modernization policy

    The paper presents the author’s model of the interaction of the innovation system of national education and market economy in the period of modernization. The work describes one of the conditions for innovative development of higher education in the subjects of the Russian Federation, namely: the system regional policy in the field of education, science and innovation, defining objectives, trajectory of development of these areas, the resources required to achieve the objectives and mechanisms of control. The author argues that the development of inter-university cooperation in the regions should be carried out primarily on the initiative and with support from the authorities. In the study, the author proves that the strategic vision of international relations of Russian universities is participation of the leading universities in the global research consortiums. This is possible after the implementation of the objectives to increase the number of Russian universities included in the global rankings of universities.

    pdf kulikova2012_4.pdf  (678 Kb)

  • S.V. Ryabokon
    Directions and the dynamics of development of the realtor service market in Russia

    The market of realtor services in the Russian Federation is now one of the dynamically developing. Real estate as a subject of purchase and sale in the market is always in demand. However, there are no legislative acts in the Russian Federation regulating such specific activity. In this paper, an analysis is made of realtor firm activities: their quantity, average number of workers and a gain from intermediary activity. The dynamics of transactions with inhabited and uninhabited housing and with the ground areas is investigated. The analysis of the prices in the primary and secondary market of habitation is carried out.

    pdf ryabokon2012_4.pdf  (685 Kb)

  • M.L. Sher
    Ways of improving the structure of the market of intermediary services in the field of high-tech products

    This paper discusses improving the structure of the market intermediary services in the field of high-tech production. The structure of the market of intermediary services is studied from the position of the institutional approach. Scientific novelty of this study is that it reveals the basic institutions of market of intermediary services, as well as determines the nature of the relationship between them. One of the options of the Russian economy is to create a mechanism for economic development which ensures the reproduction of the social subject, based on the innovative production and consumption.

    pdf sher2012_4.pdf  (882 Kb)

  • M.M. Zueva, I.P. Kuzmenko
    Ways of formation of intellectual potential at different levels of organization of economic relations in contemporary Russia

    This paper discusses the construction mechanism of intellectual potential models for different economic levels as one of the ways to reach innovative and social type of nation’s economic development. Application of intellectual potential management systems is determined as the basic method of its updating and transferring to a qualitatively new level.

    pdf zueva2012_4.pdf  (681 Kb)

  • D.A. Lyashenko
    An innovative component of the structural changes in foreign economic activities of oil and gas companies

    The paper shows the features of the current state of development of foreign trade of oil and gas organizations and their implementation of innovative technologies to conduct more efficient foreign economic activity. An analysis is made to study the structure of Russian exports. It is inferred that the export has mainly a raw material character. The author identifies factors and the main problems that lead to this trend.

    pdf lyashenko2012_4.pdf  (700 Kb)

  • F.A. Pukhnaty
    Current issues and trends in book publishing in the Russian Federation

    The paper discusses the current trends and issues of the book publishing industry. The author classifies evolutionary steps of transformation in the Russian system of book publishing and studies problems of the development of book printing in Russia. Author’s calculations of the book production for 1890-2011 are presented. The paper focuses on the difference of levels of the book industry in the Russian regions.

    pdf pukhnaty2012_4.pdf  (715 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • N.P. Botasheva
    Regional applied arts of the Karachay-Cherkessia as means of formation of aesthetic taste in teenagers in a multicultural education environment

    This paper discloses the urgency of formation of teenagers’ aesthetic taste by means of regional decorative applied art of the Karachay-Cherkessia in a multicultural education environment. The author shows the educational potential of applied arts, the conceptual model and the pedagogical conditions providing efficiency of formation of aesthetic taste in a multicultural education environment. The valid conclusions made at the final stage of pedagogical experiment are presented.

    pdf botasheva2012_4.pdf  (458 Kb)

  • M.E. Vayndorf-Sysoyeva
    Monitoring of continuous education in the professional teaching activities: model, instruments and structure

    This paper presents the model of monitoring of the system of qualification improvement with the use of virtual educational environment. An analysis is made of the purpose, objectives and implementation mechanism of monitoring of continuous education in the Moscow region.

    pdf vayndorf-sysoyeva2012_4.pdf  (686 Kb)

  • M.N. Gaiday
    Improvement of training children with speech pathology at school

    This paper focuses upon detection of features of the organization of the logopedic help to children with speech pathology at modern comprehensive school. A comparative analysis is made of increasing speech violations in grade 1-4 pupils at school No. 4 in Armavir, Krasnodar region during 2007-2011. The author shows the role of reading and writing as an activity that provides socialization of the person. The work shows the necessity and urgency of work of the teacher-logopedist at modern comprehensive school, goals and objectives of speech therapy at the logopedic point and the conditions promoting reduction of a number of younger school children with speech pathology.

    pdf gaiday2012_4.pdf  (545 Kb)

  • E.N. Gusarova
    Information-integration approach in training future specialists of socionomical professions

    An analysis is made of trends in the development of professional education of specialists in socionomical areas to meet modern standards. The author identifies valid principles of training representatives of socionomical activities on the basis of the information integration approach. Proceeding from the conducted analysis the author proposes to put technologies for the formation of creative personality of the expert in a basis of the content of professional education.

    pdf gusarova2012_4.pdf  (324 Kb)

  • E.V. Demkina
    Formation of future expert in the conditions of the teaching and educational process

    This paper discloses the concept of “modern students”. An analysis is made of the teaching and educational process in higher education institution at the present stage. Data are provided of the carried-out questionnaire poll of students disclosing the main goal of entering the higher educational institution. The author shows also the place of communications in system of personal environment relationships of students and the faculty.

    pdf demkina2012_4.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • M.V. Dikalova
    Formation of professional readiness of the primary school teacher to work with children with limited health abilities in a distance education environment

    This paper is focused on studying problematic aspects which have arisen in forming professional readiness of the primary school teacher to work with children with limited health abilitiues in a distance education environment.

    pdf dikalova2012_4.pdf  (284 Kb)

  • S. S. Ignatovich
    Readiness of the pupil to design the individual educational route in the context of the general tendencies to individualize education

    An analysis is made of tendencies in development of ideas of education individualization in domestic pedagogy. In this regard the essence of design of an individual educational route as a joint activity of the pupil and teacher is disclosed. The author shows that it is necessary to purposefully form readiness in schoolchildren to this kind of activity, considering this as a pedagogical problem.

    pdf ignatovich2012_4.pdf  (306 Kb)

  • O.A. Karlina
    Federal state education standard of secondary professional education in medical massage specialty as imperative of professional education for persons with the limited abilities to see

    This paper discusses the state support of persons with limited abilities to see in the fields of education, employment and integration with society. The author shows the role of secondary professional education in specialty 060502 “Medical Massage” in the solution of these questions. The work depicts the structure of Federal State Education Standard of Secondary Professional Education in this specialty and a role of professional modules in training highly skilled experts.

    pdf karlina2012_4.pdf  (376 Kb)

  • L.N. Kubashicheva
    Development of the professional I-concept in the future teachers

    The paper discloses the strategy and a direction of development of the professional I-concept in the future teachers. The work contains the author's view on the organization of educational activity of students in mastering regulatory abilities by means of training technologies.

    pdf kubashicheva2012_4.pdf  (374 Kb)

  • L.V. Makhayeva
    Conditions of formation of the general competences (as shown by the information competence)

    The paper examines psychological and didactic conditions of formation of the general competences and their realization. The author uses information competence as an example. The work describes the fragment of the program of competence formation, examples of tasks and levels and criteria of results.

    pdf makhayeva2012_4.pdf  (343 Kb)

  • Z.K. Meretukova
    Culture of the organization of problem training as the prepotent factor of pupil development

    This paper describes features peculiar to culture of the organization of problem training. The author substantiates hierarchical links of culture of the organization of problem training, culture of implementation of its methods and culture of didactic asking questions as macro- micro- and mesocultures. The work describes intrinsic characteristics of pupils’ activity at lessons such as the updating earlier acquired knowledge, which is one of the effective ways of trainee development, and a role of didactic asking questions in its organization.

    pdf meretukova2012_4.pdf  (626 Kb)

  • R.V. Mityazhin, V.T. Ashchepkov
    Research on the dynamics of increase of pupils’ computer literacy at primary and secondary school

    The paper presents the results of the prolonged research on the dynamics of pupils’ computer literacy at primary and secondary comprehensive school. Efficiency of the designed algorithm available to mass approbation both in the conditions of school and in systems of general, high and higher professional education is shown.

    pdf mityazhin2012_4.pdf  (404 Kb)

  • N.V. Nikiforova
    Model of pedagogical support of successful entry of younger pupils into a school education environment

    The paper presents a definition of the concept “successful entry into the education environment” and the model of pedagogical support of successful entry of younger schoolchildren into a school education environment. The author describes the methodological approaches to construction of the model and its components.

    pdf nikiforova2012_4.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • A.B. Pankin
    Ethnocultural connotation of the content of education in the conditions of implementation of the concept of stabilizing modernization

    The paper sheds light on the ethnocultural connotation in the conditions of implementation of the concept of stabilizing modernization. A need of a connotation for the content of formation of ethnic constants is emphasized, namely: structural elements of the central cultural theme of ethnos by means of through ethnocultural subjects.

    pdf pankin2012_4.pdf  (371 Kb)

  • S.V. Serebryakova, A.A. Serebryakov
    On formation of linguist-translator language personality

    The paper is devoted to formation of linguist-translator language personality as the main factor in building the educational paradigm to improve the quality of interpreter’s professional training and to form his language and cross-cultural competence.

    pdf serebryakova2012_4.pdf  (428 Kb)

  • V.I. Spirina, T.G. Urgacheva
    Definition of the category of tolerance in historical process

    This paper examines the concept of tolerance. The author tries to show how this concept varied, transformed and became complicated in the historical process. The author comes to a conclusion that tolerance is a versatile and ambiguous concept which demands working out methods of formation of tolerant consciousness in citizens of modern Russia.

    pdf spirina2012_4.pdf  (344 Kb)

  • G.D. Sunduy
    V.A. Sukhomlinsky's classical ideas about conscience education

    The article is about V.A. Sukhomlinsky's classical ideas about education of the conscience, influencing effectively spiritual and moral formation of schoolchildren in modern conditions.

    pdf sunduy2012_4.pdf  (398 Kb)

  • T.G. Urgacheva
    Problems of formation of tolerance at students of higher education institutions in the conditions of multiethnic society

    The paper discloses the essence of the concepts of “tolerance”, “ethnotolerance” and “culture of international communication”. The author reveals the main problems, the potential of which should be developed at creation of system of methods and principles of formation of tolerance and culture of international communication at students of higher education institutions in the multiethnic region. The author defines these problems as the possible conditions of formation of these methods and principles.

    pdf urgacheva2012_4.pdf  (266 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • A.N. Abregov, M.D. Kunova
    Use of the explanatory dictionary at lessons of the Ayghean language at secondary school

    A question of development and enrichment of a speech of the modern pupil is one of the most important in teaching at school. The present is time of scientific progress when more and more new words enter into use. Many of them are difficult, unclear and demand the explanation. The paper discusses enrichment of the modern pupil lexicon at lessons of the Adyghean language at secondary school. The technique of enrichment of speech of pupils is described on the basis of obtained experience in using the explanatory dictionary by the teacher-linguist at lessons of the Adyghean language. This dictionary is a reliable lexicographic source and a basis of mastering lexical richness of the Adyghean language. This paper gives approximate tasks which can be used by the teacher at lessons of the Adyghean language. The authors arrive at a conclusion that it is necessary to form at pupils ability to use all types of dictionaries and the explanatory dictionary is one of the most important types of linguistic dictionaries.

    pdf abregov2012_4.pdf  (449 Kb)

  • O.O. Ayvazyan
    Communication and speech

    The paper discusses communication and speech and their correlation. The author examines the basic aspects of communicative training to language and the mechanisms of the solution of communicative tasks, speech and language components in their interrelation and interaction.

    pdf ayvazyan2012_4.pdf  (325 Kb)

  • Kh.Z. Bagirokov, Z.B. Bguasheva
    Activization of the use of phraseological units in speech of pupils at lessons of the Ayghean language

    This paper discusses the question of activization of use of phraseological units in speech of pupils at lessons of the Adyghean language. It examines difficulties in learning grammatical structure of phraseological units and features of their functioning in speech. The consideration of the called difficulties in use of phraseology at Adyghean schools will promote creation of system of work on introduction of phraseological units of the Adygean language in speech of pupils. The authors show the place of phraseology in the general system of language, the main features and groups of phraseological units.

    pdf bagirokov2012_4.pdf  (412 Kb)

  • N.M. Evtykhova
    The analysis of the condition of bilingual mathematical education at modern elementary school

    The present paper examines the questions related to younger pupil training to mathematics in the conditions of Adyghean-Russian bilingualism. The author shows problematic aspects of the state of a technique of training to mathematics at elementary school in conditions of bilingualism.

    pdf evtykhova2012_4.pdf  (589 Kb)

  • M.N. Khachemizova, S.G. Shkhalakhova
    Lingual-didactic aspect of the Ayghean language training in Russian-speaking groups

    The paper discusses the linguistic bases of the Adyghean and Russian language interconnected training in Russian-speaking groups as one of the factors promoting formation of intercultural competence in students. In modern conditions of development of our society the importance of native and Russian language training raises in national regions of the Russian Federation. In this regard there is a need to develop a special technique of the Adyghean and Russian language interconnected training. Establishment of typological similarities and distinctions between the Adyghean and Russian languages is considered to be one of the important aspects in research of linguistic bases of the interconnected training. Comparative language learning for the lingual-didactic purposes is dictated by problems in training to nonnative language. This paper presents the effective methods and techniques of the Adyghean language training in Russian-speaking groups, its didactic purposes, principles and the contents.

    pdf khachemizova2012_4.pdf  (531 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • O.Yu. Litvinova
    Psychological readiness of military personnel to work in the extreme conditions in the context of the subject-existential approach

    Psychological readiness is understood by the author as an advanced subject position, which determines the existential self-determination and personal characteristics of life. On the basis of the obtained materials the author describes four modi of existence concerning psychological readiness of servicemen to the extreme conditions of service, namely: “intentionally dependent”, “intentionally independent”, “utilitarian” and “amorphous”.

    pdf litvinova2012_4.pdf  (374 Kb)

  • G.Yu. Fomenko, E.R. Kuasheva
    Crisis phenomena of police professionalization: subject-existential interpretation

    An analysis is made of the existential content of the crisis phenomena of police professionalization. The authors distinguish the main contradictions in life of the personality which become aggravated in the extreme conditions. The proposed and realized research program includes the analysis of a connection of vital steadfastness with features of value and semantic preferences, subject position and existential self-determination (components of modus of the personality existence). The work shows the features of a combination and configuration of the specified structural components of modus of the personality life promoting successful overcoming the crisis phenomena of professionalization and increase in vital steadfastness.

    pdf fomenko2012_4.pdf  (416 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • E.V. Demchenko
    Features of psychophysical development and physical readiness of children with the hearing disorder and prospects of their correction by means of rehabilitation riding

    In work, on the basis of the analysis and generalization of scientific - methodical sources, the author establishes features of physical development and physical readiness of children with a hearing disorder. Also the opportunity is shown of using rehabilitation riding for optimization of their psychophysical condition.

    pdf demchenko2012_4.pdf  (353 Kb)

  • O.Yu. Masalova
    Methodological approaches to form physical culture of the student at the higher school

    Formation of physical culture of the student is a process of transition of values of the education content in value relations of the person. To prove the value bases of educational process in physical culture at the higher school it is necessary to define methodological approaches against which it is possible to lean at formation of value relations of students in physical training. This paper discloses the content of these approaches at philosophical and general scientific levels of methodology. Integrated unity of these approaches provides necessary methodical support of educational process.

    pdf masalova2012_4.pdf  (811 Kb)

  • M.M. Khakunova
    Comparative characteristic of efficiency of assessment techniques of the healthy lifestyle components

    The paper discusses the results of monitoring of a state of students health in Adyghe State University. The author proves the efficiency and compares the results of formation of the healthy personality components on the basis of the automated diagnostic system “AMSAT-COVERT”, medical examination and student questionnaires. Value orientations of students in the field of health culture are revealed. The motivational component of a healthy lifestyle is defined. Efficiency of a technique of definition of health components is established on the basis of the “AMSAT-COVERT” computer program complex.

    pdf khakunova2012_4.pdf  (471 Kb)

  • K.D. Chermit, A.N. Baladzhan
    Base kinematic characteristics of manual actions of the conductor

    This paper describes kinematic characteristics of manual actions of the conductor in the course of conducting legato, staccato, nonlegato, saturated legato and marcato. The authors give base kinematic characteristics of conducting and their classification.

    pdf chermit2012_4.pdf  (625 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • I.F. Gerasimova
    Continuity of military traditions in war lyrics of the 20th century (a genre of a poetic prayer)

    This paper discusses lyrical works of the periods of the First World War, the Great Patriotic War and the local military conflicts of the 20th century written in a genre of a poetic prayer. A profound continuity is shown to exist between them. Similar world perception in poets is noted, which is expressed in genre parallels, motives and images.

    pdf gerasimova2012_4.pdf  (407 Kb)

  • B.R. Naptsok
    Functions of an image of story-teller R. Walton in M. Shelley's novel "Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus"

    The paper discusses a role and functions of an image of the story-teller in M. Shelley's novel “Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus”. Basing on the analysis of a plot, compositional and spatial-time structure of work the author defines the place and value of story-teller R. Walton in system of characters. “The framing situation of telling”, the personality of a story-teller and his function as a spiritual double of the protagonist of Frankenstein are considered.

    pdf naptsok2012_4.pdf  (389 Kb)

  • A.A. Turkova
    Art structure and compositional variations of the short story of Tembot Kerashev against the background of national literature

    Insight was given into writing short stories by T. Kerashev in a context of classical experience in this genre. The author leaves from traditional estimates of features of T. Kerashev’s “small” prose and correlates observations with the characteristic qualities of creation of national oral short stories. Study of problems related to genre, style and philosophical and humanistic features of works of T. Kerashev in a typological context sheds new light and disclose new sides of a national art word, as well as testify to unlimited possibilities of esthetic qualities of its manifestation.

    pdf turkova2012_4.pdf  (350 Kb)

  • S.D. Khagundokova
    Philosophy of the nature and lyrical chronotope of I. Mashbash's poetry

    The paper describes the philosophy of the poet’s life, related, first of all, to philosophy of time, space and the nature as a whole. Functions of images and nature symbols in lyrics of I. Mashbash are considered through a prism of an author's open position and lyrical chronotope of the verses devoted to various modifications of morning time of day. The author comes to a conclusion that the lyrical hero of poetry of I. Mashbash has harmonious and positive attitude to life.

    pdf khagundokova2012_4.pdf  (306 Kb)

  • I.N. Khatkova
    Art historicism and romantic poetics of the novel of I.I.Lazhechnikov «The Last Novick»

    This paper discusses I.I. Lazhechnikov’s historical novel “The Last Novick” in the context of the Russian and West European historical prose of the 1820-1830s. The author shows that it is necessary to differentiate the novel about the historical past and the historical novel presented in creativity of the writer. I.I. Lazhechnikov selected and grouped historical realities and built images and pictures according to the central idea of the novel, aspiring to provide them with symbolical capacity and high poetic expressiveness. It has been established that in this novel Lazhechnikov developed for the first time in Russian literature a wide historical panorama of one of the most heroic eras of the Russian past.

    pdf khatkova2012_4.pdf  (363 Kb)

  • N.Kh. Emykova, R.B. Unarokova
    Folklore on the Adyghean radio: record, storage, translation

    The paper shows specificity of functioning of the Adyghean folklore on radio in new conditions when it has become possible to fix a sound on a magnetic tape, to carry out mounting and to store. An analysis is made of the ways of selection and record of authentic texts, as well as of their place in formation of radio musical fund. Features of fixing and storage of national songs are studied to use them repeatedly in broadcasts. With the radio engineering development and with the emergence of the magnetic tape fixing a sound, a new stage has come in relationships of Adyghe traditional folklore and radio. It has made huge impact both on a further existing of folklore, and on development of national radio journalism and radio art.

    pdf emykova2012_4.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • G.N. Nemets
    On a logical method in essayistics

    The paper examines features of using the logical method in essayistics. Within the phenomenological and scientific paradigms the author proves that it is necessary to explore the logical organization of essayistic text. An analysis is made of a logical basis of essay underlining the intention of essayist to create a preliminary textual conception and the internal dialogue, demonstrating evolution of creative thought. It is inferred that a study of essay’s logical content will allow system interpretation of results of associative creation in journalism.

    pdf nemets2012_4.pdf  (368 Kb)

  • D.A. Nosaev
    Current trends in development of graphic model of the newspaper

    The paper discusses the design and makeup of modern newspapers. The author shows the role and a place of the compositional and graphic model of the newspaper in typological system of the Russian mass media, analyzes its specifics and describes actual trends in development of modern graphic design of newspapers. On the basis of this, active development of the theory of compositional and graphic model of the newspaper is proved, as well as new types of compositional and graphic models of newspapers are established and characterized.

    pdf nosaev2012_4.pdf  (305 Kb)

  • Z.E. Pinchuk
    Mediacontext in communication system

    The paper addresses the notion of mediacontext of periodical as an element of mass communication system. Context is considered as a system, which combines different constituents of the communicative situation. The article examines the interaction of such components of culture and communication as text, discourse, language, communicative personality, periodical in shaping of a mediacontext. It is inferred that the content of mediacontext is composed from elements of interacting in a speech act systems: «culture», «communication», «mass communication», «text», «discourse», «language», sender», «addressee», «periodical».

    pdf pinchuk2012_4.pdf  (330 Kb)

  • I.I. Shakalov
    Image of the Russian law-enforcement bodies in 2012: preliminary results of reform (according to results of complex studies of public opinion)

    This paper deals with the developed image of law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation. A sociological research was carried out to draw up the author's characteristic of operating unit images of the Russian police existing in public opinion, as well as the sources of information forming an image of law-enforcement department of the country. An attempt is undertaken to make a complex analysis of the developed post-reform image of the Russian law-enforcement bodies. It has been established that one of the effective mechanisms of formation of the image of Russian contemporary law-enforcement bodies is the organization of system of the “police - population” feedback.

    pdf shakalov2012_4.pdf  (388 Kb)

  • O.I. Avdeeva
    Features of the syntagmatic relations of verbal phrasemes in the Russian language: semantic and grammatical aspects

    The paper examines the external and internal syntagmatics of verbal phrasemes in semantic and grammatical aspects. The grammatical aspect allowed allocation of actually verbal and infinitive phrasemes, first of which form a configuration in the form of a predicative syntagma, and the second, in the form of predicative and attributive syntagmas. A distinctive feature of semantic syntagmatics is lack of direct dependence of the external syntagmatics of phrasemes upon their internal syntagmatics.

    pdf avdeeva2012_4.pdf  (407 Kb)

  • S.M. Alkhasova
    National originality of the original and translation

    The paper addresses the questions related to the theory and practice of a literary translation using an example of translation of the story by Kabardian modern writer Akhmedkhan Naloyev. It is noted that the methods used to translate the story answer certain estimation criteria. The organic unity of the writer and the translator is shown to result in system equivalence and adequacy of translations. It has been established that the most typical ways and methods of modern translation from the Kabardian language into Russian were reflected in the translation of the story by A.Naloyev.

    pdf alkhasova2012_4.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • A.Yu. Baranova
    Ways of the person nomination in works by L.Ulitskaya

    The paper examines the lexical and phraseological units nominating the person as they are an important material to represent the person as a component of the world picture. This work sheds new light on ways to nominate the person in the art text (in prose by L.Ulitskaya). It is shown that ways to nominate the person help the reader to disclose the author’s idea. They are a tool to create an artistic image and, therefore, they are a basis to realize an art picture of the world.

    pdf baranova2012_4.pdf  (286 Kb)

  • M.A. Gasanova
    Concept “friendship” in the Tabasaransky paremiological picture of the world

    In the paper, a linguoculturological analysis is made of the concept “friendship” in the Tabasaransky paremiological picture of the world. The concept “friendship” staticizes aspiration of the person to a national unity and to unity with other people, as well as national moral and ethical priorities. A system of ideas of friendship in the Tabasaransky language picture of the world includes an aspect of such social relations as hospitality and the kunaks. The friendship is considered also when actualizing the family and blood relationships. Images of the enemy and a false friend act as an antipode of an image of the friend in a paremiological picture of the world.

    pdf gasanova2012_4.pdf  (355 Kb)

  • N.T. Gishev
    Semantic interrelation of lexical units in speech

    The paper discusses the language phenomena breaking semantic interrelation of lexical units in speech. The author gives the lexical unit combinations which are incompatible with each other, from the point of view of logic, and which hamper understanding the content of the text (speech). Examples from the Adyghean and Kabardino-Circassian languages are given and explained. A conclusion is drawn from the analysis of a material that it is necessary to reduce word compatibility violations in language or to explain that speech can contain violations of a logic order, rather than of language laws which are almost invariable.

    pdf gishev2012_4.pdf  (355 Kb)

  • B.M. Dzhandar, A.D. Loova
    On functioning of personal names in the art text

    The paper discusses functioning of personal proper names in the art text. It is shown that studying anthroponyms as the units of the language promotes comprehension of a deep meaning of work, allows the reader to get into author’s laboratory and reveal onomastic space of work. It is noted that the anthroponym dictionary of a work has dual motivation: on the one hand, motivational relations correspond to a real onomastic dictionary, on the other, the anthroponymic system is realized as an artificial system motivated with associative relations in a context of the work content.

    pdf dzhandar2012_4.pdf  (379 Kb)

  • A.A. Efremov, A.Yu. Baranova
    Trends in the metaphorical term development within the basic subject areas of the English oil and gas terminology

    The paper addresses the evolution of metaphorical units of English terminology in oil and gas industry. Metaphorical terms are arranged by the subject areas for the benefit of the systematic approach to their historical development. The subject areas showing the greatest potential for the further metaphorical evolution are established. It is inferred that the metaphorisation proceeds most actively in those subject groups which are characterized by positive dynamics of emergence and interpretation of new knowledge.

    pdf efremov2012_4.pdf  (308 Kb)

  • A.D. Iriolova
    Verbalization of concept “love” in W.S. Maugham’s novels and their official translations: a cognitive-pragmatic aspect

    The paper studies mutual influence and addition of cognitive and pragmatic approaches considering ethno-cultural peculiarities of the term “love” through analysis of its language representation and pragmatic realization in W.S. Maugham’s novels. Convergence of cognitive and pragmatic approaches in the field of cognitive-pragmatic paradigm allows us to penetrate into the conceptual system, which is verbalized in the texts of W.S. Maugham’s novels, and connect cognitive processes with a variety of linguocultural realities and situations.

    pdf iriolova2012_4.pdf  (316 Kb)

  • A.M. Kambachokov, F.K. Urakova
    Jargons as means of expression of the inherent expressivity in the Kabardino-Circassian language

    The paper discusses the features of functioning of slangy speech in the communicative act. An analysis is made of expression of the inherent expressivity by using jargons in the Kabardino-Circassian language. The author examines the means of showing expressivity by using jargons and argo rather than their nature and specific properties. It is noted that the slangy lexicon is beyond the literary language. At the same time, it is often used in fiction to reproduce action in the story or in the novel and to give the speech characteristic of heroes. However, jargons, just as professionalisms and dialecticisms, should be used in a work as a part of speech of heroes rather than the author's speech.

    pdf kambachokov2012_4.pdf  (353 Kb)

  • I.V. Kovtunenko
    The description of syntactic semantics of conjunction “and” in dictionaries and special scientific researches of the Russian and French languages

    An analysis is made of the lexicographic and grammaticographic description of a co-ordinating conjunction “and” in the Russian and French languages. It has been revealed that the correlation of semantic and communicative - functional aspects of the use of conjunction “and” is insufficiently investigated. Basing on the criterion for analogousness/nonanalogousness, the author establishes semantic correlations of the conjunctions and defines constructions in which the conjunctions are not synonymous each other.

    pdf kovtunenko2012_4.pdf  (416 Kb)

  • O.V. Litvyak
    Representation of the nature of a language sign and its content

    The paper discusses the universal nature of various aspects of the nature of a language sign in a natural language. Understanding the phenomenon of sign representation, its modeling and definition of a sign and its meaning depend on how the sign system of language is interpreted. The author proves that the direct connection of language with thinking, with the mechanism and logic of knowledge is a unique property of human language which serves as a universal sign system of designation of the whole variety of the objective world. It has been established that interpretation of signs of a natural language depends also on how the language itself is identified: as knowledge or reality, as summative system of means, expression or the sign activity regulating internal (mental) and external behavior of the person.

    pdf litvyak2012_4.pdf  (317 Kb)

  • L.P. Lobkovskaya
    Searches for universal semantic metalanguage

    The paper examines internationalisms as universal conceptual senses or universal linguocultural concepts. The problem related to international lexicon as a language phenomenon is closely connected with the phenomenon of semantic universals. In this connection the author shows that A.Vezhbitskaya’s idea about development of the universal metalanguage formed of fundamental concepts, which is clear to all people in the world, is extremely important for the analysis of international words. It is noted that for this purpose it is necessary to reveal a system of archisemes / primitives.

    pdf lobkovskaya2012_4.pdf  (288 Kb)

  • G.A. Osipov
    Concept of political ideology of T.A. Van Dijk

    The paper deals with the approaches to definition of concept “ideology” and its place in modern political discourse. Ideology is shown to be immediately related to social cognition and manipulation of social consciousness. An analysis is made of the theory of political ideology of one of the leading discourse researchers T.A. Van Dijk. A detailed plan of political ideology analysis is given.

    pdf osipov2012_4.pdf  (317 Kb)

  • T.A. Ostrovskaya
    Euphemisation and return processes in a modern behavioural discourse

    This work examines topical problems of (institutional) behavioural discourse on the basis of a material of mutual and opposite processes of euphemisation and dysphemisation. The cultural, cognitive and sociological factors influencing change of a discourse of carriers of the Russian and English languages are shown. The author’s classification of euphemisms and dysphemisms is given. It is established that the wide use of dysphemisms in mass media stimulates promoting and their penetration into wide everyday usage.

    pdf ostrovskaya2012_4.pdf  (339 Kb)

  • T.Yu. Panteleeva
    Treatment of philological conclusion as a special phenomenon of assessment sphere

    The paper deals with the essence of assessment concerning ways of expression of the language consciousness, capable to uncover linguistic and complex expert examinations and conclusions which are drawn on certain disputable discourses. The juridical linguistics is shown to cover a large number of aspects of relationship between the language and the law, touching upon both the law creativity and the law application process. The most demanded is noted to be a juridical linguistic expert activity, i.e. making linguistic expert examinations of regulation drafts and nonjuridical texts involved in the legal sphere etc. It is inferred that the text of the law should be clear and at the same time correct; it should reflect reality without distortions. High linguistic standards in the sphere of the legislation language are needed.

    pdf panteleeva1_2012_4.pdf  (394 Kb)

  • T.Yu. Panteleeva, M.P. Akhidzhakova
    Aspects of linguistic systemness in legislative base as primary discourse space

    The paper discusses grammatical interpretation of sense and content of a linguistic systemness in legislative base. Primary discourse space of sense and content of the law as a process of cognition is shown to be not “purely” language or “purely” logic, this process is language-logic. The basis of the legislative text is noted to be made of sign levels of language formed by language units or combinations of units, replacing or indicating the extra language essence. It has been established that the law, being a product of conscious and strong-willed activity, becomes open to knowledge and realization when it finds a language form.

    pdf panteleeva2_2012_4.pdf  (385 Kb)

  • M.G. Paramonova
    Emotional functioning of articles in an advertising discourse

    The paper discusses the emotional functioning of articles in the advertising discourse in the English and German languages. It is shown that the article can possess different extent of emotional allocation. It is inferred that the article is an important language means to express emotionality of different degree in an advertising discourse in the English and German languages.

    pdf paramonova2012_4.pdf  (338 Kb)

  • V.B. Popova
    Meaningful lack of an article: zero sign as a member of opposition of article forms

    An analysis is made of the paradigm of article forms in the Romance and German group languages as a system of oppositions. Along with the morphologically expressed definite and indefinite article types the zero sign or a zero article is classified as the member of the indicated opposition. The author shows specificity of generalization through zero type of the article, which promotes perception of the concept as a symbol. The paradigm of an article is classified as the accent gradual equipollent opposition.

    pdf popova2012_4.pdf  (368 Kb)

  • E.V. Tarasenko
    Syntactic concept in the aspect of a complicated sentence

    This paper examines the variety of complications as a semantic and structural phenomenon in the syntax, which can reasonably be presented in the form of a model of syntactic concept of complicated sentence. It is noted that the meaning of the complementary predicativity can be expressed in the sentence with the help of homogeneous predicates, infinitive and insertion predicative constructions. It has been established that the specific character of the syntactic concept of complicated sentence is that it defines two (or more) units of information, expressing supporting and additional information, reported by a block diagram of simple sentence.

    pdf tarasenko2012_4.pdf  (369 Kb)

  • B.M. Khachak
    Paradigms of behavioural and speech distinctions of men and women in an art discourse

    The paper discusses new data on processes of a categorization, interest to private human life and development of new theories of the personality in a linguistic genderology. The author shows the new scientific direction which has peculiar features of the new scientific discipline for which methods and techniques of research are developed. The new direction stimulated studying linguistic mechanisms of manifestation of a gender in language and communication. It is established that the gender can study mental and emotional characteristics of the man and female.

    pdf khachak2012_4.pdf  (336 Kb)

  • I.A. Chitao
    Structural and semantic peculiarities of word combinations in the English, Russian and Adyghe languages

    The paper discusses the theoretical material aimed at perfection of lexical-semantic and morphological work in teaching foreign languages. The author characterizes the coinciding and distinguishing features of syntactic level of the English, Russian and Adyghe languages. The comparison of word combinations in three languages and the similarity and distinctions of their structural, semantic and functional features are given. It is inferred that the full coincidence of the notions is rarely observed.

    pdf chitao2012_4.pdf  (294 Kb)

  • L.G. Shamugiya
    Sðecific features of the French institutional discourse: parliament’s debates

    The paper discusses the most prominent structural and functional characteristics of argumentative polemic discourse of parliamentary debates in the French National Assembly. The research has shown that parenthetical remarks often play a constructive systematizing role in shaping parliamentary discourse. The research has revealed that argumentation in parliamentary speech interactions is a process of adducing and refuting the reasons constituting the argumentative debate.

    pdf shamugiya2012_4.pdf  (298 Kb)

  • M.Kh. Shkhapatseva
    Transition of free verbal phrases into phraseologically bound forms

    The paper deals with the transition of free phrases with prefixal verbs as the main component. The author examines the interaction of lexicon, word formation, morphology and syntax, as well as a role of component correlation in transition of free phrases into the phraseologically bound forms. It has been established that addition of separate prefixes to verbs of different lexical-semantic groups promotes transition of free combinations into phraseologically bound forms and emergence of the phenomena of transitivity and syncretism in the language at level of free phrases and phraseological units proper.

    pdf shkhapatseva2012_4.pdf  (378 Kb)

  • S.Kh. Yakhutl (Kumuk)
    The functional status of bilingualism in modern linguistics

    The paper conceives of the bilingualism as a version of multilingualism in modern linguistics. Classifications of its description by different linguists are examined. In spite of the fact that the bilingualism is represented from the different positions, all branches of knowledge recognize that there is a primary language system which is used for communication. Thus, a person has a different command of two languages because there are no two absolutely identical social spheres of action of the languages and structures presented by them.

    pdf yakhutl(kumuk)2012_4.pdf  (300 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • A.V. Mikhaylenko
    Landscape architecture in the organization of traffic streams in the city

    This paper discusses the formation of transit transport and pedestrian space, convenient and comfortable for the person which is an integral part of the modern city. The author describes successful examples of design of such environment in the different countries and gives references of literary sources. Basing on the detailed analysis of examples of various street spaces the author shows that the landscape architecture plays a great role in the solution of the considered problem.

    pdf mikhaylenko2012_4.pdf  (345 Kb)

  • A.M. Savinov
    Retrospective analysis of the teaching of academic drawing, its current problems and trends

    In the article formation and development of system of teaching of the academic drawing at the higher school is considered, beginning from its origin till now, its distinctive signs during the various historical periods are marked. It is shown as during functioning of system of teaching conditions for its transition in qualitatively new condition were prepared: the structure, element structure, its role in system of art preparation changed, there were new properties and qualities.

    pdf savinov2012_4.pdf  (379 Kb)

  • S.I. Khvatova
    Composition creation in the conditions of a canon

    The paper examines specificity of composer’s creativity intended for divine service. The author opposes the church creativity to the secular one, the service to catching the limelight and searches for the author’s style to likening the samples. Radical difference in two types of the creativity is shown to be related to the prime target which is seen by the author. As a result, the prime causes of the found distinctions are disclosed. Those are the differences in service goals of divine service singing and musical art.

    pdf khvatova2012_4.pdf  (387 Kb)

  • M.M. Shumafov
    Stabilization of systems with hysteresis nonlinearities by harmonic external action

    A problem of stabilization of systems of differential equations with hysteresis nonlinearities by harmonic external action is considered. A frequency criterion of stabilization by using harmonic external action is obtained for a class of the dynamical systems with hysteresis elements. This criterion can also be applied for stabilization of the nonlinear systems which may behave chaotically.

    pdf shumafov1_2012_4.pdf  (3 Mb)

  • M.M. Shumafov
    Stability of systems of differential equations with hysteresis nonlinearities

    Problems of the stability of differential systems with hysteresis nonlinearities are considered. New frequency criteria for global asymptotics, absolute stability and dichotomy of systems with hysteresis in critical and noncritical cases are obtained. Here hysteresis functions may contain several loops which may be bypassed in arbitrary directions. The results of the present paper are a generalization of the results of papers [1-3].

    pdf shumafov2_2012_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • V.B. Tlyachev, A.D. Ushkho, D.S. Ushkho
    On absence of the isolated periodic solutions for the quadratic system with axis of symmetry

    This paper considers an example of a quadratic dynamical system, which has an invariant straight line and at least one limit cycle with very close to zero positive different values of the parameter. The phase portraits of the system under different conditions of this parameter in terms of the Poincare circle are constructed. As a result of a generalization two theorems are proved. One theorem is on the absence of limit cycles in the quadratic system with four singular points and the other is also on the absence of limit cycles in the system, if the vector field is symmetric with respect to at least one axis of symmetry.

    pdf tlyachev2012_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • V.I. Paranuk
    Macdonald functions from two variables

    Unitary representations of group of cellular and triangular matrices of order 4, equivalent to earlier considered representations of the same group [1] are under construction. The type of the operator of representation for some subgroups of the considered group is established. In particular, operators of representation are integral transformations with a kernel. Macdonald generalized functions from two variables are entered into consideration, kernels of operators of representations are expressed through these functions. Some functional ratios for Macdonald generalized functions are established.

    pdf paranuk2012_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • V.N. Lesev, A.O. Zheldasheva
    The nonlocal boundary value problem for second order equations of the mixed type in the characteristic region

    The work studies the unique solvability of boundary value problem with the shift to parabolic-hyperbolic equation of the second order. A question of existence of the problem solution is reduced to the equivalent of the Fredholm integral equation solvability and uniqueness of the solution is established on the basis of the energy integrals method.

    pdf lesev2012_4.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • M.M. Shumafov
    On the conditions of stabilizability of three-dimensional linear systems

    The problem of stabilization of three-dimensional linear time-invariant controllable systems by means of static time-invariant delayed output feedback is considered. Sufficient/necessary conditions for stabilizability of three-dimensional linear systems are given. The potential of delayed feedback is shown. The obtained results illustrate very well the efficiency of introduction of delayed feedback for stabilization of unstable three-dimensional linear systems.

    pdf shumafov3_2012_4.pdf  (822 Kb)

  • Y.F. Golovnev, D.A. Nurguleev, I.G. Sidorova
    Types of excitons in nanodimensional heterosystems EuO-SrO

    The paper studies the out-barriers and out-dots excitons in nanodimensional heterosystems EuO-SrO. The effect of spin on the exciton state was analyzed. An expression for the exciton Hamiltonian and the dispersion law for exciton excitement in ferromagnetic semiconductor were obtained.

    pdf golovnev2012_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • E.R. Shchukin, N.V. Malay, Z.L. Shulimanova
    On one-dimensional movement of spherical aerosol particles at their braking at Reynolds large numbers

    The analytical expression is found on the basis of experimental data. This expression describes, in the interval of Reynolds numbers 0 < Re < 10^3 with accuracy up to 5%, the dependence of the coefficient of resistance of gaseous environment to the motion of a spherical aerosol particle upon the Reynolds number. The analytical expression is used to carry out the integration in the explicit form of the one-dimensional nonlinear equation of motion of a spherical particle taking into account the inertia of the particle and the force of resistance. The formula to directly assess the time of transition of a particle from the state with the initial Reynolds number into the state with finite Reynolds number as well as the distance, travelled by the particle were obtained. The analysis of the obtained results is carried out.

    pdf shchukin2012_4.pdf  (687 Kb)

    Natural Sciences
  • E.A. Sirotyuk
    High-altitude distribution and ecological-phitocenotic features of gentians in the Western Caucasus

    The paper discusses the results of studying the vertical distribution of gentians in the Western Caucasus and their tolerance in relation to the major direct-action environmental factors. The obtained data expand knowledge of adaptive potentialities of species and can become a scientific basis for their protection and rational use.

    pdf sirotyuk2012_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • T.S. Uligova, F.V. Khezheva, O.N. Gorobtsova, R.Kh. Tembotov
    Profile and genetic peculiarities of enzymatic activity in semi-hydromorphic soils of the steppe zone of the Central Caucasus (within the Kabardino-Balkaria)

    The profile and genetic assessment and a comparative analysis are made of enzymatic activity (invertase, urease, phosphatase, dehydrogenase and catalase) in the subtypes of meadow chernozem soil from the steppe zone under conditions of the terski and elbrusskiy variants of vertical zonation within Kabardino-Balkaria. The peculiarities in profile changes of biological activity in the subtypes of meadow chernozem soil, formed in the above-specified variants of vertical zonation, are revealed.

    pdf uligova2012_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • A.V. Yakimov, M.I. Shapovalov, Kh.Kh. Shekikhachev, T.N. Efimova, O.T. Gladkaya
    Environmental assessment of anthropogenic influence on the benthic fauna of the Baksan river (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Central Caucasus)

    The paper presents the evaluation of the current anthropogenic influence on communities of benthic organisms in the river. Class of quality and in-stream water saprobity were defined using the index of water pollution (WPI) and bioindication method. Changes in ecological conditions are observed in different high-altitude parts of the Baksan river. Reasons for the deterioration of the environmental situation of this water body are examined.

    pdf yakimov2012_4.pdf  (945 Kb)

  • A.A. Guchetl
    The individual profile of the asymmetry of elder preschool aged children

    The cubic system of classification of functional asymmetries was developed. Of all the possible combina-tions of asymmetries according to three analyzer systems 17 individual combinations of profile asymmetry of 5–6-year-old children were identified. The level of manual asymmetry is characerized by the increasing dextromanual dominance and by the gradual decrease of groups of left-handed and ambidexters. This testifies to the influence of «the right-handed culture».

    pdf guchetl2012_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • G.S. Boleeva
    The disturbance of sympathetic neurotransmission in saphenous artery of rats with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

    The prejunctional mechanisms of sympathetic neurovascular transmission are impaired in saphenous artery of rats 10–12 weeks after treatment with streptozotocin. This is manifested in reduced constrictor response to electrical nerve stimulation without alteration of smooth muscle cell sensitivity to noradrenaline. Morphological changes of periarterial nerve plexus are not observed at that stage of diabetes development.

    pdf boleeva2012_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • A.R. Tuguz, E.N. Anokhina, D.V. Muzhenya, L.D. Aldonina, K.A. Rudenko, T.M. Ashkanova, A.F. Kizyanov
    Gene allele association G197/197A of pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-17A with the low-differentiated adenocarcinoma at malignant new growths of the female reproductive organs in ethnic groups of the population of the Adygheya Republic

    Distribution of G197/197A of polymorphisms in pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-17A gene is investigated by SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) method in ethnic groups (Russian and Adyghes) of the population of the Adygheya Republic: donors and patients with different malignant new growths of female reproductive organs. «Normal» G197 allele IL-17A, which is most widespread in populations, is associated with risks of development of an oncopathology (ð=0,04; OR=1,5; 95%CI) and tumoral progression (ð=0,008; χ2=6,05). Presence of G197 of polymorphism of pro-inflammatory IL-17A can be used for inhabitants of the Adygheya Republic as a marker of system inflammatory reactions of the organism involved in pathogeny of malignant new growhs in Russian women.

    pdf tuguz2012_4.pdf  (822 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • M.A. Meretukov
    The organization of system of body repair at stations of technical service in modern conditions

    The paper discusses the organization of body repair at stations of technical service. It is suggested to use the combined station departments to carry out disassembling works, repair of a body and preparation for coloring. Then the car moves to a painting site. Recommendations are given to select the equipment of the combined station department. Features of station design for body repair are presented.

    pdf meretukov2012_4.pdf  (648 Kb)

  • V.V. Buchatskaya
    Technique to define the interval estimates when forecasting by extrapolation methods

    Definition of confidential intervals of a forecast is one of the main objectives arising at extrapolation. On the basis of data from literature sources a connection is established between the size of a confidential interval and the length of a temporary row, as well as the period of anticipation of a forecast. Results of calculation of the size of a confidential interval for the set temporary row are analyzed.

    pdf buchatskaya2012_4.pdf  (215 Kb)

  • M.S. Akopov, E.V. Khekert
    Analysis of a problem of oil shipping arising due to a vetting

    The paper deals with oil shipping problems arising due to a vetting of the vessels carried out by the international oil companies. Analysis of ship’s vetting which is conducted nowadays is presented. The necessity of factors influencing navigational safety is substantiated.

    pdf akopov2012_4.pdf  (674 Kb)

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