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    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • M.I. Aldoshina
    Ñlearing the theoretical bases of formation of ethnic-aesthetic culture in students

    The paper is devoted to an actual pedagogical problem - formation of ethnic-aesthetic culture in the future teachers at classical university. The author examines the concept of culture and shows the result of its formation at university.

    pdf aldoshina2009_3.pdf  (89 Kb)

  • A.N. Autleva
    Paradigmal bases of ecological socialization of the person in multi-cultural educational space

    In designing ecological socialization it is important to understand the paradigmal basis of the concept since it makes status positions of subjects of this process predicted. Also it is necessary to forecast the target, substantial and criteria sides of the concept. The author analyzes paradigms in frameworks of which realization of ecological socialization in multicultural educational space (rationalistic and existential) is possible.

    pdf autleva2009_3.pdf  (110 Kb)

  • S.A. Bashaeva
    Education-developing significance of national children’s games of the Chechen people

    The paper discusses the significance of the Chechen national games in education of children. Using an example of games - dramatizations, the Chechen fairy tales, didactic and outdoor games, the author shows the way in which national games promote development of memory, thinking, speech and cognitive activity of children and provide moral health and all-round education of the child. The educational-cognitive value of the contents of some Chechen national games is disclosed.

    pdf bashaeva2009_3.pdf  (61 Kb)

  • Yu.V. Bessarabova, E.A. Degterev
    Formation of motivation of health preservation in students with special educational potentialities and requirements

    The work is devoted to studying criteria for formation of motivation of health preservation by means of physical training during professional setting up of students with special educational potentialities and requirements. On the basis of a significant actual material the authors show the influence of motivational installations on the further health-improving activity of students during their studying in higher school. The model of teaching health preservation, which has become a basis in an experimental research, is given.

    pdf bessarabova2009_3.pdf  (176 Kb)

  • N.Sh. Blyagoz
    Integration of ecological potential of the discipline contents of the state educational standard as the basic condition and means of ecologization of the pupil’s person consciousness

    The paper discusses stages of setting up integration processes in ecological education as reflections of a modern condition of student teaching. The polemic is held around of a question about the system-forming factor of integration of ecological potential of the contents of school disciplines with representation and a substantiation of author's vision of a problem. The author shows opportunities of the offered variant of ecologization of the pupil’s person consciousness in creation of the education system being adequate both to a nature of the pupil and to laws of the education development.

    pdf blyagoz2009_3.pdf  (108 Kb)

  • N.I. Vasiliadi
    Development of college in system of continuous professional training

    The paper provides the model, organizational - pedagogical conditions and the program of development of college in system of continuous professional training.

    pdf vasiliadi2009_3.pdf  (58 Kb)

  • N.A. Volobueva
    Patronage as a form of life arrangement of children - orphans in 1920-1930s in the Kuban region

    The purpose of the paper is to present historical experience in life arrangement of children - orphans in 1920-1930s in the Kuban region. The paper uncovers forms of the state assistance to children - orphans, as well as gives the basic legislative acts providing the decision of a problem of child neglect and orphanage of children in conditions of creation of the Soviet model of the state in the Kuban region. Experience in introducing various forms and methods of children – orphan’s life arrangement in the beginning of the 20th century in the Kuban region is discussed.

    pdf volobueva2009_3.pdf  (76 Kb)

  • V.P. Voloshina
    On opportunities of synthesis of arts in literary education and socio-cultural development of senior pupils

    The paper examines pedagogical opportunities of using synthesis of arts at lessons of the literature in the senior classes. Having studied this problem in view of its development in educational-pedagogical theories and student teaching, the author considers synthesis of arts to be one of the variants of realization of multi-cultural potential of world fiction in school practice. The separate attention is given to influence of synthesis of arts on socio-cultural development of the pupil’s person, capable to realize in the modern multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment.

    pdf voloshina2009_3.pdf  (92 Kb)

  • S.Yu. Goncharenko
    Pedagogical conditions setting up self-respect in the future experts during learning the foreign language

    The paper examines questions related to setting up self-respect in the future experts in pedagogical space of higher school. The author presents pedagogical conditions of setting up self-respect during learning the foreign language. Results of an experimental research are given.

    pdf goncharenko2009_3.pdf  (131 Kb)

  • V.M. Grebennikova
    Continuity as the principle of public examination of quality of the higher professional education

    The paper is devoted to problems of continuity in pedagogy in a context of continuing education. The author discloses methodological principles of realization of continuing higher and post-degree education. It is affirmed that examination of quality of the professional education should be a basis of the contents of interaction of the forms of education. It is shown that parameters and ways of an estimation of quality of education as subject of public examination can be defined directly in a context of the realized research and social projects on a basis of socially focused criteria.

    pdf grebennikova2009_3.pdf  (76 Kb)

  • E.V. Demkina
    Psychological and pedagogical conditions of gender-role socialization of the person of the higher school student

    The purpose of the paper is to consider and analyze the structure of the contents of the higher professional education at a level of mainframes of invariant and variable parts of the State educational standards of the higher vocational education of higher school, including separate subjects, to analyze the teaching material fixed in textbooks and in manuals of the higher school, as well as to involve opportunities of the contents of education of the higher school for realization of setting up qualities of the person of the student as a carrier of gender culture of a society.

    pdf demkina2009_3.pdf  (81 Kb)

  • R.N. Idrisova
    Features of development of gifted children of the senior preschool and younger school age in conditions of needy family

    The paper provides results of longitudinal research aimed at studying a role of a social and economic level of family in revealing and developing gifted children of younger school age. The gifted first-graders were selected with the help of magistrates and students of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Daghestan Pedagogical University. Complex inspection was carried out four times, with an interval one per year. The author fixed distinctions in cognitive and personal development of children with different levels of endowment in comparison to persons of the same age in the period from the 1-st to the 3-rd form, as well as distinctions in personal development of gifted children from families with a low social and economic level compared to gifted children from safe families.

    pdf idrisova2009_3.pdf  (105 Kb)

  • L.Z. Zhemukhova
    Self-attitude as the factor of the modern teacher’s success

    The paper shows the results of the solution of tasks on definition of need-motivational sphere and on revealing influence of this sphere on formation of self-attitude and success. It is proved that the staticized needs of the teacher for self-realization and self-affirmation demand fulfillment of actions: expression of professional «ego» and display of own «ego» in pedagogical activity. These actions are subject to the estimation on the part of others and to a self-estimation that causes acceptance or nonacceptance of this estimation. Acceptance results in fixing achievements and recognitions of self-value of the teacher’s person that cause experience of success that forms the positive self-attitude and in turn a condition of success of the teacher. Thus, the professional motivation acts as the internal driving factor of formation of the self-attitude of the teacher’s person. Therefore, effective development of success, professional erudition and culture of the person are possible only at presence of an optimum motivational complex at the teacher.

    pdf zhemukhova2009_3.pdf  (132 Kb)

  • A.V. Kamyzina
    The intercultural communications in the historical-pedagogical science

    The work examines the concept «the intercultural communications» through a prism of the historical periods that have caused its occurrence and development as the social phenomenon. The author discloses conditions and needs for knowledge of foreign languages and cultures of other peoples during reformatory transformations. Determinants that cause the origin and need for the intercultural communications in the period under study are given. A level of distribution of foreign languages and a role they played in a society of that time are discussed. Features of teaching foreign languages which have put in pawn a basis to the further development and formation on their basis of more effective and progressive techniques of teaching foreign languages are reflected.

    pdf kamyzina2009_3.pdf  (72 Kb)

  • Yu.S. Kuznetsova
    Computer support as means of formation of communicative culture of the navy fleet officer

    The paper describes the integrative-contextual module of computer support for formation of communicative culture of the navy fleet officer. The author presents classification and the analysis of typical problems of work of the officer in view of the factor of speaking another language dialogue from positions of the integrative-contextual approach. Results of an experimental research are given.

    pdf kuznetsova2009_3.pdf  (208 Kb)

  • R.I. Lozovskaya
    Contents of spiritual education of the teacher - musician during professional training

    The paper examines the contents of spiritual education of the teacher - musician during professional training in higher school. The author discloses intrinsic characteristics of categories «spirituality», «spiritual education» and «education of spirituality» from religious - philosophical, culturological and pedagogical positions. Specificity of spirituality of the teacher – musician and features of development of his spiritual potential in the higher school educational environment are revealed. Results of ascertaining and forming stages of the experimental work, directed to revealing and developing spiritual potential of the future teachers - musicians are given.

    pdf lozovskaya2009_3.pdf  (91 Kb)

  • S.P. Magomaeva
    Rating system of quality estimation for the educational process as the means of diagnostics of student achievements

    The paper substantiates the urgency of pedagogical diagnostics of student achievements. The author uncovers merits and demerits of mark system of estimation and the essence of rating system of diagnostics of student achievements: its purposes, tasks and the principal functions. A number of necessary conditions for effective functioning of these rating systems are revealed.

    pdf magomaeva2009_3.pdf  (72 Kb)

  • G.S. Sadovskaya
    Psychological and pedagogical conditions of formation of the teacher’s readiness for development of emotional sphere in preschool children

    The paper generalizes experience in the organization of psychological and pedagogical conditions, realization of which in practice of the higher professional education raises efficiency of preparation of the future teacher for development of emotional sphere in preschool children. Realization of psychological-pedagogical conditions was carried out on the basis of student's groups of preschool branch of pedagogical faculties at KubGu, AGU and AGPU.

    pdf sadovskaya2009_3.pdf  (80 Kb)

  • T.A. Serebryakova
    Experimental approach to educationhe axiological attitude to the nature in children of preschool age

    The paper shows the results of the dissertation investigating the development and experimental introduction the foundations of the axiological attitude to the world of a nature in practice of work of preschool educational institutions. Research problems include definition of principles of construction of system of work on education of the axiological attitude of children to a natural environment; selection of the contents of knowledge about a nature, promoting optimum development of the axiological attitude to it; a choice of methods, techniques and the forms of work directed to education at children of foundations of the axiological attitude to a nature.

    pdf serebryakova2009_3.pdf  (75 Kb)

  • S.M. Tokova
    Pedagogical interaction of school and family in legal education of senior pupils

    The paper examines the basic conditions of the effective organization of pedagogical interaction of school and family in legal education of senior pupils. The problem of legal education of rising generation is actual for modern Russia, and in this connection there is a necessity of revealing conditions of efficiency of its decision. The organization of pedagogical interaction of school and family is considered as one of such conditions. Among research problems it is possible to allocate: consideration of the basic aspects of pedagogical cooperation of family and school, revealing functions of interaction of school and family in legal education of senior pupils. Object of research is legal education of senior pupils, while the subject is pedagogical interaction of school and family in legal education of senior pupils.

    pdf tokova2009_3.pdf  (74 Kb)

  • S.B. Tuguz
    Concept of legal culture and its intrinsic characteristics

    The paper examines intrinsic characteristics of legal culture from positions of action, qualitative and sociological approaches and uncovers its structural-functional components: sense of justice, legal behaviour, legal knowledge and legal self-realization.

    pdf s_tuguz2009_3.pdf  (74 Kb)

  • F.K. Tuguz, E.M. Shurdumova
    Theoretical-methodological aspects of studying mental bases of formation of youth’s moral values

    An attempt is undertaken to analyze the Russian philosophical and pedagogical thought in the field of mental bases of formation of the person’s moral values. Characteristics of national - cultural mentality, in particular, members of the society engaged in sphere of education, and their connection with problems of moral education. The paper gives generalized, historically caused archetypes of the Russian mentality and their interrelation with national features in conditions of a multicultural reality and substantiates necessity of their consideration in forming mechanisms of moral education of youth.

    pdf f_tuguz2009_3.pdf  (108 Kb)

  • M.F. Fomina
    Formation of tolerance in cadets of military higher school as the factor of their professional socialization

    The paper substantiates the urgency of formation of tolerance in cadets of military higher school for their successful professional socialization. The author presents contradictions, the purpose, object and subject of research; discloses the essence of concept “tolerance in cadets of military higher school”, defines structural components, criteria and parameters of tolerance of the future military men. Features of the developed and approved author's technology of formation of tolerance are also uncovered. Results of skilled - experimental work are generalized and conclusions are drawn.

    pdf fomina2009_3.pdf  (69 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • A.N.Sergeev
    Educational network communities in the context of new approaches to realization of pedagogical technologies

    The paper is devoted to questions of realization of pedagogical technologies in a context of informatization of education. Opportunities and character of realization of network and telecommunication educational projects are examined basing on the use of the Internet. Educational projects in the Internet are disclosed as the activity of network communities which reflect a connection of information and educational technologies. Similar connection is described on the basis of concept of network educational communities.

    pdf sergeev2009_3.pdf  (141 Kb)

  • L.S.Tlyusten
    Elements of the etymological analysis in spelling work with pupils of Adyghe initial school

    The paper examines the questions related to increase in spelling literacy of pupils of the Adyghe initial school. In particular, work on unchecked orthograms is carried out with attraction of nonconventional forms: the etymological analysis and the invariant of word-formative type. As skilled - experimental check has shown, use of such forms of work raises essentially the quality of spelling knowledge at younger pupils.

    pdf tlyusten2009_3.pdf  (111 Kb)

  • L.V.Shelehova
    Features of the person-focused teaching the solutions to the subject problems

    The paper uncovers the reasons of steadfast attention of scientists to the person-focused education and substantiates necessity of application of the person-focused technologies in instructing a technique of teaching mathematics. In order to reveal distinctive characteristics of various models of the person-focused teaching solutions to the subject problems, the basic ideas of the well-known authors in this area whose concepts have independent integrity are considered.

    pdf shelehova2009_3.pdf  (156 Kb)

  • S.S. Muchkaeva
    Development in pupils of interest to mathematics through aesthetic potential of historical problems and theorems with the drawing

    The paper discusses importance of maintenance of positive emotions at pupils in relation to educational activity, to its contents and to forms and methods of realization. To develop interest in pupils to mathematics it is expedient to include significant and beautiful historical problems with the drawing in a program material, choosing the most graceful from all configurations of the drawing. Original mathematical education is possible only in the case of high-grade disclosing aesthetic potential of mathematics during training.

    pdf muchkaeva2009_3.pdf  (152 Kb)

  • A.R. Chinazirova
    Didactic principle of problematical character in pupils’ musical education

    The paper examines opportunities of transformation of the general didactic principle of problematical character into individual didactics and in musical education of pupils. The author makes an analysis of experience of well-known teachers - musicians in realization of this problem and offers ways of the organization of a lesson of music by methods of problem teaching and techniques of creation of problem situations.

    pdf chinazirova2009_3.pdf  (97 Kb)

  • E.B. Chuyako
    Professionally focused mathematical preparation of students of economic specialities at the higher school

    The paper provides the model of mathematical preparation of students for economic specialities at the higher school basing on the contextual approach. The author defines intellectual skills and their components which should be generated during development of the course of mathematics and describes the ways of the organization of project activity of students promoting development of skills of independent setting up professional problems and searching for ways of their decision.

    pdf chuyako2009_3.pdf  (93 Kb)

  • M.H. Shkhapatseva
    Linguomethodical training of the teacher of initial forms

    The paper discusses the basic problems of linguistic and methodical training of the future teacher of initial forms at the contemporary stage of Russian education development. The author traces interlevel and intersubject connections in professional preparation of the teacher of initial forms.

    pdf shkhapatsev2009_3.pdf  (106 Kb)

    Problems of General Psychology
  • I.A. Rudakova, O.A. Grigorieva-Rudakova
    Motivational-axiological components of professional self-consciousness in technical higher school students

    The paper discusses the results of an experimental research of incentive motives for obtaining higher professional education of a technical structure. Types of the student person of students with various axiological orientation are allocated. The author shows that the type of students – “professionals” has a low level of development of semantic empathy. It is inferred that inclusion of the differentiated approach, taking into consideration the allocated personal types, in structure of educational-developing problems of educational process is necessary.

    pdf rudakova2009_3.pdf  (76 Kb)

  • M.S. Dushko
    Interrelation of global, contextual and situational motives of learning foreign language in students of various specialities

    The paper examines various components of motivation of learning foreign language basing on Vallerand’s hierarchical concept. It is established that motivational preconditions to learning foreign language have inconsistent character.

    pdf dushko2009_3.pdf  (80 Kb)

  • N.V. Zakharyuta
    On development of the person creative potential in early ontogenesis

    Research is devoted to an actual problem of pedagogical and age psychology - to development of imagination. Scientists recognize it as a basis of the person creative potential and central psychological new formation in the preschool stable period of development. The paper shows the necessity of imagination development since early ontogenesis. The object of research is considered to be the conditions, ways and methods of purposeful development of imagination during formation of any cultural memory at preschool children, as well as a hypothesis, the purpose, objectives and a modern condition of the problem under consideration.

    pdf zakharyuta2009_3.pdf  (115 Kb)

  • A.M. Kondratieva
    Theoretical foundations of research of the personal professional self-realization in conditions of the dynamical labour market

    The paper discusses the basic theoretical approaches to a problem of professional self-realization of the person. The author examines the cultural - historical concept as a basis of the psychological analysis of professional development of the person; professional setting up in a context of the psychological theory of activity; theoretical foundations of research of professional development of the person in a context of the subject-action approach; professional setting up as self-realization of the person; and professional self-realization of the person in conditions of a dynamical labour market. The urgency of studying the problem of professional self-realization of the person in process of differently directed professional education is substantiated.

    pdf kondratieva2009_3.pdf  (109 Kb)

  • I.A. Kurapova
    Spiritual - moral determinants of emotional burning out at teachers

    The paper is devoted to the description of interrelation between emotional burning out and features of spiritual - moral sphere using an example of teachers of the secondary and higher school. Teachers with a different level of emotional burning out differ in a spiritual structure, values, degrees of expressiveness of spiritual crisis, existential vacuum, as well as in the attitude to work and to the pupils. Attitudes in pedagogical activity are a practical embodiment of moral - axiological features of teachers themselves. They help to obtain the more complete picture of the investigated psychological phenomena.

    pdf kurapova2009_3.pdf  (109 Kb)

  • I.A. Petrova, A.N. Dyomin
    Influence of organizational changes on psychological well-being and controlling behaviour of the person

    An analysis is made of the influence of organizational changes on psychological well-being and controlling behaviour of the person. It is shown that special psychological well-being is the buffer between external changes and the general psychological well-being; in turn, a level of depression (a component of the general psychological well-being) causes indirectly transition from experience of threats to controlling behaviour.

    pdf petrova2009_3.pdf  (98 Kb)

  • O.A. Stupina
    Setting up cognitive-personal competence of the future lawyer - professional in system “college - higher school”

    An analysis is made of a structure of thinking as a competence component of jurist’s professionalism. The author defines interrelations of the allocated kinds of professional thinking with motivation of achievement and personal competences as set of moral norms («adherence to principles»; «tolerance» «responsibility»). It is shown that the educational system «college - higher school» has high potential of developing influence on the person of the future expert and at a stage of transition to the third level of professional training it approaches formation at him of separate professional - personal competences to reference parameters.

    pdf stupina2009_3.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • N.I. Chernetskaya
    Creative thinking as the supreme form of thinking

    The paper examines the creative thinking as integrated mental formation, as the generalized indicator of mental development. The author offers to understand creative thinking as the result of cognitive activity of the person as against the traditional approach to it as to ability.

    pdf chernetskaya2009_3.pdf  (85 Kb)

  • B.A.Yas`ko, T.A.Shalyugina
    The educational environment of modern higher school: an organizational - psychological view

    The problem of a competition in system of educational services is examined in a context of modern approaches to interpretation of the world of “conflicting realities”. The authors make the organizational - psychological analysis of some aspects of competition / cooperation in system of the higher professional education. It is inferred that construction of the unifying concept and movement to a productive competition is necessary basing on the maximum ethical principles of domestic pedagogical activity: fidelity to a trade, service, the collectivism.

    pdf yas`ko2009_3.pdf  (86 Kb)

  • N.A. Shilo
    Mastering family and professional patterns of women relations at the early adult stage in the context of personal development

    The paper analyses the basic determinants of a phenomenon of personal maturity at the early adult stage in a context of humanistic and subject-objective theories of development. The following psychological concepts are introduced in the category apparatus of the paper: the attitude to Another, role patterns, projections of own components in the intra-personal plan of the adult person. The author makes an analysis of the results of the regression analysis directed to revealing the dependence of personal tendencies: self-actualization, social adaptation, a motivational structure and mastering patterns of the adult person relations. The accent of the paper is made on the revealed psychological compositions of the feminine group of respondents. In total 270 respondents of the different social status, religion and possessing experience in creation of family attitudes have taken part in research. The paper demonstrates the results of the analysis of researches of the respondents carried out in a female subgroup. The data obtained testify to the importance of creation and mastering didactic and children-parental relations to achieve tops of maturity just as in the feminine subgroup. It is worthy of note that in the feminine group age stages pass and a field of life experience carrying the ontogenetic and sociocultural character forms with specific features.

    pdf shilo2009_3.pdf  (255 Kb)

  • N.E. Yablonski
    Structure of the emotional orientation as a personal predictor of positive emotional symptom complex

    Results of an experimental research of an emotional orientation of skilled representatives of crew structure of a sea fleet are analyzed. Three kinds of an orientation forming a positive emotional symptom complex are distinguished: humanistic, cognitive - aesthetic and self-confirming; their components are analyzed. The author substantiates interrelation of the distinguished kinds of emotional orientation with the functional mental conditions causing the character of emotional symptom complex (positive or negative): uneasiness, depression, a level of nervous-mental stability, state of health, activity and mood.

    pdf yablonski2009_3.pdf  (174 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Culture and Sport
  • S.N. Begidova, L.F. Selmidis
    Designing the lesson of physical training with regard of pupils’ gender features

    The paper is devoted to the organization of a lesson of physical training at school on the basis of the gender approach. Actualization of pupils’ gender roles demands creation of special conditions aggravating stereotypes of man's and female behaviour. It is necessary to take into account distinctions in boys’ and girls’ motives of occupations by physical training. The authors give data of experimental work on formation of motor creativity at pupils during the organization of educational process with a support on gender features of schoolchildren.

    pdf begidova2009_3.pdf  (71 Kb)

  • Yu.A. Polovodov
    Motivation of student social activity by means of physical training

    Sociocultural changes, occurring in life of the Russian society, put in the forefront necessity of preparation of mobile and competitive experts for system of secondary professional training. Primary goals of this study include: definition of the criteria-estimating methodology of development of student social activity, an estimation of existing pedagogical means, a degree of their conformity to principles of self-developing training and participation in self-development, disclosing specificity of activity of the teacher of the college providing development of student social activity by means of physical training, working up models of development of student social activity by means of physical training and experimental check of a complex of the pedagogical conditions, providing success in functioning of model of development of students social activity. Introduction in the pedagogical process of the developed scientific - methodical methodology of development of student social activity provides increase in social activity of students.

    pdf polovodov2009_3.pdf  (96 Kb)

  • P.Yu. Rybachuk
    Formation of health preservation competence in the student's environment

    The paper examines problems of formation of health preservation competence at students of secondary special educational institutions. The system constructed educational- health improving space is directed to formation of valuable orientations and requirements in the field of physical training. It promotes steady motivation of students to physical activity and provides formation of personal physical training by means of development of health-formation competence.

    pdf rybachuk2009_3.pdf  (68 Kb)

  • A.B. Fedorenko
    Interrelation of global and contextual components of sports activity motivation

    The paper examines the motivational structure of the athlete’s person as the multilevel education including global, contextual and situational factors. The author investigates influence of global factors, such as an orientation to life-support, to self-realization and to contextual motivation of sports activity.

    pdf fedorenko2009_3.pdf  (73 Kb)

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