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  • Babich I.L.
    Foreign Caucasus studies as part of emigration studies of the 20th century: history and prospects

    The paper discusses features of formation of emigration studies as part of foreign Caucasus studies. The author allocates three periods: the years 1920-1930s, the years of World War II and a post-war wave (the 1940 - 1950s), the years 1990-2010s. The foreign Caucasus studies are examined from two positions: first, from the point of view of modern European, Caucasian and Russian researches of this historical period, and, secondly, Caucasus studies as scientific direction in emigration of these years. The author comes to conclusion that the foreign Caucasus studies covering life of the North Caucasian diaspora from the 1920s to the 2010s, almost throughout 100 years, in many respects still need both assembled primary materials (archival and field ethnographic), and carrying out analytical researches in the next decades. At the same time in modern European society, modern emigrants from the Caucasus continue to develop the Caucasus studies established in the 1920-30s by forces of the Caucasian emigration.

    pdf 15-26.pdf  (266 Kb)

  • Ivaschenko A.S.
    Demographic problem in the countries of tropical Africa (the 1960s – the beginning of the 21st century)

    One of topical problems of the world community of the end of the 20th - the beginning of the 21st centuries is fight against poverty, malnutrition and hunger in the poorest countries of Asia and Africa, especially in Africa to the south of the Sahara Desert. The purpose of this paper is to clarify the reasons and consequences of "population explosion" of the 1960s - the beginning of the 21st century in the states of Tropical Africa, and measures for decrease in birth rate in the countries of this region.

    pdf 27-35.pdf  (175 Kb)

  • Kazanchi A.R., Pocheshkhov N.A.
    Exhibition design and creation of the historic-revolutionary museums as one of aspects of political and educational activity of Istpart in Kuban

    The paper analyzes the work of Istpart in Kuban in the field of political and educational activity. We explore in detail such areas of work as exhibition design and creation of the historic-revolutionary museums devoted to the October Revolution and promotion of revolutionary and fighting traditions of the Bolshevik Party.

    pdf 36-40.pdf  (122 Kb)

  • Nikitin M.A.
    Inclusive education in the Tyumen region: the Gipsy population case (1991 – the beginning of the 21st century)

    This paper examines features of implementation in the Tyumen region of the principle of uniformity and obligation of receiving the general education in the Russian Federation based on the example of the Gipsy population of the region. The study aims at identification of the operating system instruments of integration of the multiethnic population at schools of the territorial subject of the Russian Federation.

    pdf 41-50.pdf  (258 Kb)

  • Osmaev M.K.
    On the organization of defensive boundary construction in the Chechen-Ingush ASSR in days of the Great Patriotic War

    The paper uses the archival materials introduced for the first time for scientific use to explore the organization of labor mobilization in the Chechen-Ingush ASSR of the period of the Great Patriotic War. Labor mobilization aimed at implementation of types of works, important for the state. Mobilization to carry out construction of defensive boundaries, which in the fall – winter of 1942 have captured the most part of able-bodied population of the republic, were the most mass. At the same time, labor army members from Chechen-Ingushetia were often used at works outside the republic. Since 1943, scales of labor mobilization considerably reduced.

    pdf 51-57.pdf  (129 Kb)

  • Tokmakov V.S.
    Everyday life of the Kuban Cossacks in theses of the Russian historians: review of dissertation researches of the 2000s

    The paper deals with the purposeful narrative of the dissertation researches devoted to various aspects of everyday life of the Kuban Cossack army. In our opinion, historians of the Kuban Cossacks have achieved the greatest success in this direction. We have analyzed PhD and doctoral dissertations of O.V. Matveev, N.B. Akoeva, Zh.O. Abregova, Yu.N. Yemelyanov, A.A. Tsybulnikova, A.V. Gayvoronskaya, etc. These works are of conceptual interest to the researchers of various Cossack troops of the country and to all historians working within history of everyday life.

    pdf 58-67.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • Schneider W.G., Shkhachemukov R.M., Koichuev A.D.
    Formation and development of working class in the North Caucasus at the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th centuries: historiography of problem

    The paper is devoted to studying a historiography of history of social formation and development of working class in the North Caucasus at the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th centuries. The authors have analyzed the most significant researches written on this subject from the 1920s so far.

    pdf 68-76.pdf  (185 Kb)

  • Arakelova E.V., Sergeev E.V.
    Problems of formation of sense of justice of youth in modern sociocultural conditions of the Russian reality

    The present article is devoted to the analysis of problems of formation of legal consciousness in the modern younger generation and influence of sociocultural specifics of modern Russian reality on this process. Authors investigate the factors forming legal consciousness of youth in the general system of improvement of state system of Russia.

    pdf 77-80.pdf  (103 Kb)

  • Vasilyev V.N.
    Innovation in the motivational sphere of subjects of social control in Russian regions: ideological aspect

    In the present paper, the author investigates innovation ideology as set of principles of subjects of social control in the Russian regions focused on adoption of innovation, process of introduction of the social, economic, and technological changes providing development of regional society. The study proves and develops a provision that the ideology of innovation is poorly shown in the activity - motivational sphere of subjects of social control in regions, and realization of the idea of innovative development based on pragmatical values is relevant.

    pdf 81-87.pdf  (138 Kb)

  • Kushkhabiev A.V., Alkhasov M.M., Tabaksoev I.A.

    The paper presents the analysis of results of expert poll on transformation of system of values of the population in Kabardino-Balkaria during the contemporary period. We have identified that the population of Kabardino-Balkaria had had a substantial transformation of system of values. Economic values have become dominating in it. Family values are the steadiest. Specific weight of believers of all faiths increased at the population of the Republic. Political values take the last rank place in hierarchy of values of the population of Kabardino-Balkaria.

    pdf 88-99.pdf  (197 Kb)

  • Lukyanova M.N.
    Interaction of television and Internet in an aspect of a feedback with audience

    At the beginning of the 21st century, the role of television and Internet has significantly increased in life of each modern person. In sociological science, insufficient attention is paid to a problem of studying interaction of each of these media separately. Within this work, we are interested in penetration of spectator opinion of TV audience into Internet space. On the Internet, there is the most mobile platform for interaction, and in network, it is possible to obtain data on opinion of unvarnished audience. A research objective is to analyze feedback sources concerning the work of television expressed by media audience on the Internet. The tasks set during the research are implemented by means of the analysis of contents, work and popularity of Internet resources about television, among which are official sites of TV channels, official pages of channels on Facebook, in Contact and Instagram, the thematic websites and forums, pages of fan clubs. In the course of the analysis, we have revealed the following: structure of segmentation of TV audience feedback, the Internet portals for expression of TV viewers’ opinion, and determinants of popularity of Internet resources at TV viewers. Today on the Internet, the mobile platform enjoying popularity for discussion of work of television and all its aspects in the most various formats is created. The following interdependence has been revealed: the higher the activity of administration of an Internet resource, the more is the number of subscribers, and the more often the filling of a resource is updated, the higher is the activity of users.

    pdf 100-108.pdf  (174 Kb)

  • Plotnikov V.V., Kasparov A.R.
    On social factors of the manifestation of extremism

    The paper discloses the social bases of emergence of extremist threat. The specifics of author's approach to the solution of this problem consist in the analysis of regularities of functioning of the main social institutes in the conditions of the transformational processes proceeding in modern society. Special attention is paid to a role of departmental education in the course of prevention of extremism.

    pdf 109-120.pdf  (186 Kb)

  • Podolsky V.V.
    Methodological approaches to studying legal culture of the Russian society

    The present paper is devoted to the analysis of the main theoretical and methodological approaches in a research of legal culture of Russian modern society. The author notes that use of a frame analysis can be an effective remedy in a research of the sphere of legal relationship in modern society.

    pdf 121-126.pdf  (137 Kb)

  • Svistunov A.V.
    Reconstruction of traditions in the context of the compensatory theory

    The paper deals with the phenomenon of preservation and reconstruction of traditions in modern societies through a prism of the compensatory theory. According to the compensatory theory, the dynamism of a modernist style, constant innovations and instability of the present cause an opposite tendency in culture in the form of the amplifying desire to keep the past, to create something strong in changeable unstable reality. The aspiration to keep historical heritage is followed by continuous process of its reconstruction and designing. In such context, the process of reconstruction of traditions taking place in modern societies, including Russian, appears as the integral element of modernity. Globalization and crisis of national identities makes the stimulating impact on this process.

    pdf 127-133.pdf  (172 Kb)

  • Skoblikov R.V.
    The sociocultural analysis in researches of behavior deviations in contemporary Russian society: specifics and advantages

    The present paper proves advantages of the sociocultural analysis of a phenomenon of behavior deviation on the scientific field of modern sociology. The author notes that the validity of sociocultural approach to this analysis lies in an objectivization of a possibility to investigate processes of violation of a social order and legitimation of their various forms in the context of value specifics of social interaction.

    pdf 134-139.pdf  (119 Kb)

  • Chushokova Z.R.
    Patriotism in the context of a unification of Russian modern society

    In the paper, the author notes that against the background of interstate and external challenges and risks the subject of patriotism is actualized in a greater degree. Devaluation of patriotism during the period since the end of the 20th - the beginning of the 21st centuries is caused by refusal of ideology of the Soviet period and the value nihilism, which has arisen on this basis. Stabilization in the social and economic sphere acts as the basis for revision of the attitude towards patriotism as it can be considered as a resource of consolidation of the population of Russia.

    pdf 140-144.pdf  (144 Kb)

  • Bolokova M.A., Bezrukova A.A.
    On some methodological aspects of studying a problem of the person in culture philosophy

    The paper discusses some aspects of interpretation of a problem of the person in the Western European philosophy, and their interrelation with natural sciences. Authors emphasize that the complicated human nature is disclosed through cultural symbols.

    pdf 145-152.pdf  (141 Kb)

  • Garazha N.A., Malysheva E.M.
    "… Remember, people live in other houses too". Review of the book by Elke Scherstjanoj "Capture in the East (1941-1945). Memoirs and experience of the German soldiers". Voronezh: Publisher O.Yu. Aleynikov, 2016. 208 p.

    Thorough insight into the experience gained by soldiers of Wehrmacht, who were hold in Soviet captivity, is provided to attention of the reader. The assembled memoirs interviews show wonderfully a many-sided picture recreating all variety of personal examples of fear, confusion and hopes of soldiers of army of conquerors in a strange land, some uniformity of the arising deep experiences. Memories of meetings "personally" with the Russian soldier in the conditions of the front, with the Soviet person who was "enemy" in captivity, shape the answer to a question as to what are the obvious and hidden meanings of hostility of the people to the people, the individual to the individual. The addressing the analysis of incentive impulses of formation of new space for dialogue evolves from reformatting of the previous stereotypes. The reviewed edition of the German researcher Elke Scherstjanoj brings to reflections these difficult and very relevant problems in modern geopolitical realities.

    pdf 153-159.pdf  (150 Kb)

    The Economic Theory
  • Astratova G.V., Sinyakova M.G., Zakharova E.N., Korzhavina N.P.

    In this article, the authors consider the quality of life for each individual as an integral indicator that comprehensively characterizes the degree of development and completeness of satisfaction of the whole complex of needs and interests of people. The emphasis is on identifying the subjective side of assessing the quality of life by the person. The authors associate the subjectivity of the quality of life assessment at the individual level with the phenomenon of “subjective well-being”, which reflects the subjectivity in the perception and attitude of the individual to the difficulties and changes in life, in the definition of mental and moral satisfaction with one's own life; with the presence and priority of modern values of the individual in the context of the well-known concept of “quality of life”. Subjective perception of their own quality of life is also determined by the presence of such competence in humans as the management of their own health, personal material well-being; as well as the possession of self-management skills aimed at maximizing their own capabilities, consciously manage the course of their lives and overcome external circumstances, i.e. to achieve results and improve the quality of their lives.

    pdf 18-27.pdf  (367 Kb)

  • Kartashov K.A., Isachkova L.N., Sotskaya T.V.

    Socio-economic problems are present in every society, but the problems of the 90s of the newly formed state of Russia, unfortunately, have not yet been solved. Based on the analysis and evaluation of statistical data on wages, inflation, consumer basket and the minimum subsistence level of pensioners, the authors propose to make adjustments in the calculation of the minimum wage and living standards of the population. These recommendations, according to the authors, will partially reflect the realities of economic activity of Russian citizens.

    pdf 28-36.pdf  (171 Kb)

  • Orlova E.B., Gavrilova D.S.

    The article deals with the problem of monopolization of the banking sector, agricultural production and the market of agricultural land in Russia. Despite the adaptability to changes in the conditions of the economic environment, the market is inherently characterized by failures, when certain issues that are not solved under this mechanism. The article considers the process of monopolization of the agricultural land market and the banking sector of the Russian Federation. Monopolization of the banking sector and raider seizure of agricultural land is a threat to the economic security of the country. Only the state, represented by the structures responsible for security and law and order, is able to counter such a threat.

    pdf 37-41.pdf  (123 Kb)

  • Shelekhova L.V., Nagoev A.V., Tlevtsezheva D.A.

    This article analyzes the role of the federal budget in the development of the Russian Federation through certain socio-economic programs and payments, both at the federal and regional levels. Forming conditions for the upcoming development is the most important goal of a socially oriented state. Forming an innovative environment, supporting advanced technologies, developing scientific and natural potential, fighting corruption, improving the competitive education system, ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens, forming a civil society, and effectively organizing the state itself are necessary prerequisites for achieving this goal.

    pdf 42-46.pdf  (355 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • Antoshkina A.V., Efanova D.I.

    In this the article the approaches to assessing the investment potential of the region isdefined, the main indicators of the development and the destabilization of the investment potential of Krasnodar region is analysed, the estimation of prospects of its strengtheningis given.

    pdf 47-56.pdf  (432 Kb)

  • Aluyan S.V.

    The article discusses various approaches to the definition of socio-economic systems and proposed the author's approach to the definition of this concept. Defined common properties inherent in this economic category and marked the ways of formation of regional economic systems that would ensure sustainable development of regions within the framework of a federal structure of the state. As a conclusion, it can be said that the identification of features of the state and development of the social and production subsystems of the region, the specification of the problems of this development is used for the purposes of regional policy pursued by the federal center.

    pdf 57-61.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • Lehman E.V.

    The article is devoted to the study of the features of the formation of foreign economic activity of the regions. The aspects of their development in the context of regional policy implementation are considered. The classification of regions for participation in foreign economic activity is proposed.

    pdf 62-67.pdf  (413 Kb)

  • Malkanduev Yu.A., Z.H. Shadova, Tkhamitlokova Yu.O., Tokmakova R.A.

    The article discusses the main problems and tasks, as well as the main promising directions for the development of innovative entrepreneurship on the example of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. The analysis of competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic has been carried out, a number of competitive advantages have been identified, on the basis of which a modern and highly efficient economy can be formed in the republic.

    pdf 68-74.pdf  (144 Kb)

  • Malkanduev Yu.A., Shadova Z.H., Tokmakova R.A., Tkhamitlokova Yu.O.

    In this article the problems of management of sustainable development of the region are investigated, various directions of support of innovative business as the most important factor of effective development of the territory, indicators of stability of development of the territory are studied and analyzed, and also the author's approach of structure of strategic management of scientific and innovative potential of the region on the example of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic is developed.

    pdf 75-81.pdf  (288 Kb)

  • Mershieva G.A., Mitrohina S.M., Samsonova Ì.V., Samsonova E.V.

    The article proposed and tested the actual method of assessing the investment attractiveness of the region. The advantages are revealed and the potential of perspective development of the Volgograd region is determined. The main directions of growth of the competitiveness of the Volgograd region and its investment attractiveness are formulated.

    pdf 82-87.pdf  (339 Kb)

  • Miroshnichenko M.B.

    In recent years, rightlycalledthe lost decade of the Russian economy, the direction of state administration in the field of the structural organization of the regional economy has practically exhausted its possibilities; the transition to an alternative direction of using the market opportunities of the structural organization of the regional economy has become a prerequisite for solving the strategic tasks of the meso-level. The article analyzes the perspective form of the structural organization of the regional economy, focused on the use of the internal territorial potential - a special economic zone (SEZ).

    pdf 88-92.pdf  (113 Kb)

  • Mukhoryanova O.A., Bogdanov D.S., Shmygaleva P.V., Velichenko E.A., Beletskaya E.G.

    The article presents an integrated approach to understanding the essence of the effectiveness of indicative planning and forecasting of the region. The article deals with theoretical and methodological approaches and the algorithm of practical implementation to assess the effectiveness and improve the development of regional socio-economic development, a distinctive feature of which is a consistent phasing, including the optimization of the theoretical and methodological basis, a deep system analysis of the spatial and dynamic development of individual territories in comparison with the main indicators of socio-economic development.

    pdf 93-102.pdf  (621 Kb)

  • Tamov A.A., Tamova M.K., Tamov K.A.

    The article on the example of the Republic of Adygea considers a number of little-studied aspects related to the peculiarities of the problematic regions of the South of Russia as a factor of their strategic development. The features of the Republic of Adygea are identified and systematized, having a stimulating and restraining effect on its socio-economic development in various periods of market reforms. The special role of the region’s development strategy as an instrument for involving competitive advantages based on regional specificities in the global economy was emphasized.

    pdf 103-107.pdf  (139 Kb)

  • Tkachev E.V.

    The article demonstrates the importance of the study of urban agglomerations, contributing to the development of regional economic relations in the Russian Federation; the definition of urban agglomeration; traced its positive impact on the city center and the surrounding settlements. At the same time identified problems that complicate the use of agglomeration development for the economic growth of the regions of the Russian Federation; provides a system of management of the urban agglomeration as a means of addressing identified problems.

    pdf 108-113.pdf  (457 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • Bekirova K.N.

    Article takes up questions of methodology of accounting of the operations characteristic of primary activity of power marketing diggings. It is carried out identifications of electric energy in the system of objects of accounting, the civil aspects of realization of electric energy which are an obligatory basis for creation of correct accounting policies of the power marketing organization are considered. The main methodological questions of reflection in accounting of acquisition and realization of electric energy and power, income and expenses from primary activity and also settlement operations of power supply company are considered.

    pdf 230-236.pdf  (149 Kb)

  • Kostyukova I.N., Lugovsky D.V.

    Turnover organization of precious stones, precious metals and its products is considered: normative regulation, specifics of economic activity, conceptual apparatus. Particular attention is paid to the special terminology used in the production and sale of jewelry. The major operations connected with turnover of precious metals, stones and its productsare analyzed, as well as accounting specificity in trade organizations. Such as accounting for the costs of making and branding of jewelry, accounting for the purchase and sale of jewelry, accounting and control of safekeeping of precious stones, precious metals and its products. The features of cost accounting for repair and manufacture of jewelry products in workshops are disclosed, as well as the accounting of losses and waste.

    pdf 237-251.pdf  (280 Kb)

  • Tausova I.F., Azashikova A.A.

    The article studies the existing approaches to the classification of intangible assets as a specific resource of the organization and as an object of accounting. The problem aspects of the existing classifications given by scientists-economists and normative legal acts of national and international level are studied, and also the ways of their decision are offered. Taking into account the imperfection of the legal framework and ambiguous classification of intangible assets in the work, the optimal approach is formulated, which ensures the possibility of proper accounting, control and effective management of them.

    pdf 252-258.pdf  (340 Kb)

  • Tkharkakhova I.G., Ponokova D.I.

    Practice shows that currently not enough attention is paid to identifying the causes of high cost and loss of road transport, which determined the need to consider the factors affecting the level and dynamics of changes in the cost of transportation. The paper considers and analyzes the main factors affecting the cost of transportation, the analysis of the concepts of «costs», «costs», «costs», «cost». The purpose of the article is to consider the role of costs for the provision of road transport services and to analyze the factors affecting the cost of transportation. The reasons for the high cost and loss of road transport are considered. In addition, this work defines the role of costs in production and economic activities and their impact on the financial performance. The ways to reduce the cost of transport companies for the Republic of Adygea.

    pdf 259-267.pdf  (318 Kb)

  • Khuazheva A.Sh., Vodozhdokova Z.A.

    The theoretical and methodological foundations of the analysis of the financial condition of organizations with regard to the peculiarities of agricultural production are considered with the aim of improving the quality of information and analytical support necessary for making effective management decisions in terms of focusing on IFRS. The concept of improving financial reporting in accordance with IFRS, including the formation of high-quality accounting and analytical information, the transformation of the balance sheet indicators in terms of biological assets, an additional report on cash flow, expansion of analyticity in terms of materiality.

    pdf 268-276.pdf  (352 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • Gagarinova N.V., Zoraeva E.N., Bakumenko N.S.

    The article deals with the main aspects of land management in the Russian Federation. Analyzed the change of land in the country from 2016 to 2018 contains definitions of land administration of different authors and their characteristics in the period of land reform. The principles forming and defining the management process as a whole were formulated. Options of the solution of the main problems interfering effective management of land resources in the modern period are offered.

    pdf 114-120.pdf  (514 Kb)

  • Kartamyshev V.V., Getmanov A.A., Khuranov A.A.

    The scientific article is devoted to the study of the problems and strategic priorities of modernization of agroindustrial complex of the problem region. The territorial and sectoral features of reproduction processes in the agroindustrial complex of the Republic of Adygea are revealed, the key institutional and economic limitations of the strategic development of the agroindustrial complex of the region are highlighted. The key organizational and methodical problems of development of departmental target programs of development of agroindustrial complex of the Republic of Adygea are revealed. Special attention is paid to the potential of clusters in the structural modernization of the agroindustrial complex of the Republic of Adygea.

    pdf 121-128.pdf  (370 Kb)

  • Kumratova A.M.

    The article investigates and forms the imperatives of the impact of the external environment with its modern turbulent features on grain yield in the South of Russia, forcing to abandon the simplified classical concepts and methods of analysis. Quantitative analysis of risks, as a category inverse to the forecast, is possible only on the basis of economic and mathematical modeling. The main feature of modern risk is its total and comprehensive nature, it is difficult to manage risks in regions with frequent droughts, which are classified as zones of risky agriculture. The modern theory of economic risk assessment, forecasting and management is still far from adequate to the real needs of practical agricultural management. The methodology of the study of risks in the field of agriculture is based on the study of the natural environment’sdynamics of growing crops, market uncertainty of the external economic environment, the variability of land management technologies. Climatic and agrometeorological conditions are becoming an important factor affecting crop yields. Series of yields accumulate information about the fluctuation of weather conditions and their impact on productivity, they contain information about certain patterns that synergetics referred to the concept of «long-term memory». The paper describes the features of the spectrum of natural and climatic conditions affecting the socio-economic indicators, growth and yield of grain (winter wheat) in the South of Russia.

    pdf 129-136.pdf  (941 Kb)

  • Naminova K.A.

    The study is devoted to the budget financing of agriculture in the region: purpose, condition, problems. The key areas of budget financing of agriculture in the region are identified. The reason of impossibility of providing the region with sufficient funds of the state support from the Federal budget is established. The current state of agriculture in the country shows growth. At the same time, the author emphasizes that financial problems in the development of agriculture are systemic. The analysis of the implementation of departmental target programs and main activities in the context of subprograms of the State program of development of agriculture and regulation of markets of agricultural products, raw materials and food of the Republic of Kalmykia, their financing.

    pdf 137-143.pdf  (334 Kb)

  • Podkolzin O.A., Perov A.Yu., Sidorenko M.V.

    The article reveals the essence of land monitoring, including on agricultural land. The main problems of the land monitoring system in Krasnodar Krai are identified, which require immediate resolution. The main negative processes that form a real threat of depletion and pollution of lands in the Krasnodar Territory are considered. Special attention is paid to the advisability of improving approaches to monitoring land, combining information on land monitoring and soil surveys into a single database. Proposals have been put forward to address land monitoring problems that contribute to the creation of an effective land monitoring system in the region.

    pdf 144-148.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • Prokhorova V.V., Kolomyts O.N.

    The article analyzes the socio-economic development of rural areas of the Krasnodar region, the degree of their readiness to transform into a specific form of agricultural development, which is the Foundation for the organization of a new technical, agricultural and socio-cultural way of life-the agro-city.

    pdf 149-158.pdf  (388 Kb)

  • Shcherbatova T.A., Shcherbatov I.V.

    The article presents the most pressing problems of land management. The main factors that form paid land use are considered. Proposed measures to improve the mechanism of land management.

    pdf 159-163.pdf  (124 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • Batchaeva Z.A., Kuvshinova G.P., Tambieva Z.Yu., Urusova L.R., Petkov V.A.

    Based on the analysis of foreign and domestic psychological and pedagogical literature, we disclose the theoretical and methodological fundamentals of use of competence-based approach in vocational training of foreign language teacher. We show ways of implementation of three aspects of competence-based approach: cognitive, pedagogical and pragmatical, defining essence and strategic special-purpose character of vocational training of foreign language teacher. Realization of competence-based approach provides the high personal level of mastering specialty, forms creative identity and creates prerequisites for adequate relationship of objective requirements of professional activity and properties of the personality. Materials of this paper expand theoretical ideas of the pedagogical potential of competence-based approach, designate trajectories of development of professional and subject opportunities of foreign language teacher in the field of communicative activity by means of substantial and technological filling the educational process and allow the teacher of higher education institution to organize effective process of training at the cross-disciplinary basis conforming to modern requirements of science, practice, and education market.

    pdf 17-26.pdf  (164 Kb)

  • Bakhmetova Yu.N.

    In this research, pedagogical design is considered as the innovative method necessary for vocational training of bachelors of pedagogical education. We have revealed that pedagogical design in the course of training forms in general the methodical culture of bachelors of pedagogical education.

    pdf 27-32.pdf  (127 Kb)

  • Bryzhko A.S., Petrosyan A.R.

    This paper discloses pedagogical opportunities of using innovative means in competence-based training of cadets of military aviation higher education institutions. The peculiarity of competence-based approach in military education lies in the organization of special training of future military expert for activity not only in standard conditions, but also extreme, outside the military sphere. During the research, we have established that in the course of training of military engineers to flight operation of aircraft, the special training complex, which is innovatively simulated from several types of exercise machines, can be used as the optimum innovative means of training, capable to create all necessary conditions for formation at them of professional competences. Use of innovative means in military vocational training of cadets of aviation higher education institution, provided there is complex realization of the principles of continuity and innovation, allow teachers to increase considerably the level of development of professional and professionally specialized competences of future military engineer on flight operation of aircraft.

    pdf 33-38.pdf  (118 Kb)

  • Bulakh K.V., Burtseva E.T.

    The authors consider the problem of developing a model of expert training taking into account the specifics of the modern labor market. Development of the content of professional training bases on the model of a specialist, which reflected all aspects of the structure of activity: personal, functional and subject and took into account the requirements of employers to the modern graduate. The content of the model shows the main activities of the organizers of the educational process, possible changes in the curriculum, which is a set of modules of disciplines. Choosing this, each future specialist has the opportunity to meet his individual professional claims, which in turn will contribute to the individualization of training and the formation of personal and professional mobility of the student.

    pdf 39-44.pdf  (118 Kb)

  • Ivanchenko I.V., Pilyugina E.I., Shelpova E.V., Petkov V.A., Romanov D.A.

    The paper describes the method of risk diagnostics of subjects of the educational environment. A fundamental basis of research was the probabilistic statistical approach as methodology of diagnostics of risks and assessment of danger of the social environment. Authors have proved a number of criteria and levels (group and individual) of risk of the educational environment. The way of gradation of levels of integrative safety of the educational environment is given. The offered method of diagnostics is universal and invariant in relation to a profile and level of social hierarchy of the educational environment. Safety of the educational environment is a key factor of both its efficiency (competitiveness) and success of personal and professional development of the student.

    pdf 45-50.pdf  (275 Kb)

  • Kraft N.N., Dzhabatyrova B.K., Valesskaya R.I.

    Realization of pedagogical conditions of the organization of student cooperative learning is proved. The model of a system of pedagogical conditions for realization of a method of student cooperative learning is presented. Results of a pedagogical experiment to use the system of pedagogical conditions for realization of the Jigsaw teaching technique of student cooperative learning the discipline "Pedagogics" are given.

    pdf 51-56.pdf  (304 Kb)

  • Lyalyuk A.V., Tuchina O.R.

    The paper substantiates the necessity of creating a methodological basis for the formation of the concept of psychological and pedagogical safety of the university. As a methodological basis, the authors suggest a subject-existential approach, in which the educational environment serves as an objective precondition to develop the personality and at the same time is created by the individual himself. The paper describes the results of an empirical study of the risk factors of the educational environment by the participants of the educational process in the university. The students assess the risks of the educational environment of the university as medium and high, which indicates that there exists a problem of psychological and pedagogical safety of the university environment. Based on the results of the conducted study, it is inferred that respondents attributed the main risks to the peculiarities of the organization of the educational process, as well as to health and well-being.

    pdf 57-65.pdf  (159 Kb)

  • Makarova E.A., Vladikina Yu.A.

    In environmental education, the learner and the environment itself are viewed as interrelated elements in the active process of mutual influence and change. But, in order to activate the ecological thinking of students, it is necessary for teachers and psychologists to participate in the educational process. When learning, it is necessary to take into account the adaptation process, the willingness to cooperate and work in a team, to assume and share responsibility and play different roles in the educational environment of the school. In this article, we will consider the coordinated and purposeful functioning of the pedagogical triad as a unified system of cooperation in order to provide an ecological education capable of forming students’ ecological consciousness.

    pdf 66-72.pdf  (310 Kb)

  • Meretukova Z.K., Chinazirova A.R.

    The relevance of a problem of understanding and need to consider it in the context of interrelation of science and education are proved, and parameters of this interrelation are disclosed. The meanings of the concept "understanding" existing in literature are systematized, and its status of methodological category is proved. Types of understanding and their essence are considered; short history of development of a problem of understanding, its significance in educational and research processes, ways and conditions of ensuring the understanding of the learned and occurring are uncovered.

    pdf 73-85.pdf  (214 Kb)

  • Yusuphadgieva T.V.

    In the paper, formation of arts and crafts by means of esthetic education is justified. The keen interest in art traditions and spiritual heritage of ancestors is connected naturally and logically with essentially new pedagogical tasks emerging from requirements of time. It is noted in the modern paradigm of education that teaching art disciplines has to provide an authentic and direct meeting of each child with art, awareness of his personal and public significance, creation of conditions for self- updating, self-expression of pupils in creative art activities. Arts and crafts have great attractive force; it can actively influence not only formation of art tastes of the person, but also formation of his spirituality. To know the national art culture in all its manifestations, to see it as a part of nation-wide cultural values, to promote that these cultural values became property not only our time, but also future generations, here a step to the solution of problems of art education.

    pdf 86-91.pdf  (121 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • Vodolazhskaya M.G., Vodolazhsky G.I.

    A new fundamental and practical approach to the content of discipline with an emphasis on the preventive medical and biological component is proposed. The results of the semantic analysis in the form of a five-module competence-oriented hierarchical information system are presented, the priority in which is the formation of a healthy outlook for the future defectologist, his future pupils, and their parents. The interdisciplinary complex nature and realization of the principle of scientificity is achieved through the available (neurophysiological, psychophysiological, biochemical, perinatal-psychological, didactic and philosophical) justification of the most vulnerable early stages of the child's development, up to the stages preceding the gametogenesis of their parents.

    pdf 92-99.pdf  (142 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • Drozdova I.I.

    The article presents the results of an empirical study of the relationship of self-assessment of components and characteristics of the appearance of boys and girls with their ideas about the evaluation of these characteristics of the appearance by parents and friends. Appearance is studied as a complex integral unit, which includes the following components and characteristics: face, body; attractiveness of the face amd body for the opposite sex; appearance design; attractiveness of appearance for the opposite sex; compliance with the appearance of the sex; appearance matching fashion. Evidence obtained shows that in the views of boys and girls, assessment of their appearance by parents is higher by all parameters than that of the research participants themselves. The author draws a conclusion that the ideas of high school students about the assessment of their appearance by parents and friends act as one of the socio-psychological factors that affect the self-image of appearance in adolescence.

    pdf 100-105.pdf  (277 Kb)

  • Kovaleva N.V., Bortsova M.V.

    The purpose of this article is to describe some patterns of formation of subject identity of personality at the initial stages. It provides a brief description of the subject identity as an installation on life, its structure (information, emotional-evaluative, behavioral components) and the conditions of its formation. Purposefulness, initiative, independence, self-control and arbitrariness are considered as the initial forms of manifestation of subject identity in preschool age. The article presents the results of the study, which show that the combination of the child's involvement in creative activity and constructive or destructive strategy of parental attitude to him significantly affects the formation of the initial manifestations of his subject identity.

    pdf 106-113.pdf  (181 Kb)

  • Yasko B.A., Mironova E.R.,Omelchenko N.V.

    The paper presents a review of the developed approaches to interpretation of loyalty as organizational and psychological phenomenon. The authors give the results of the researches demonstrating interrelation of loyalty with value mindsets, professional identity and the official status of the worker. The company of the information and technological (IT) sphere is taken as an example to propose the algorithm of the analysis - definition of loyalty type, satisfaction of personnel with work and the realized administrative style. The practical importance of the conducted research lies in an opportunity to develop programs of formation and maintenance of loyalty of personnel as an important organizational and psychological resource of the company.

    pdf 114-123.pdf  (176 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • Biragov V.S., Doev V.K.

    The paper presents the structure of special physical training of volleyball players. The authors recommend methods of training process of young volleyball players that will promote physical improvement in mastering the technique of volleyball playing.

    pdf 124-127.pdf  (101 Kb)

  • Gagieva Z.A.

    The paper presents a comparative characteristic of multivitamin complexes used in sports game activity. The author shows that the daily dose of vitamins of such multivitamin complexes as Multi-Tabs Intensive, Berocca Plus, Selmevit, Dekamevit and Supradyn is in the greatest measure right for the athletes engaging game sports.

    pdf 128-137.pdf  (173 Kb)

  • Dzhaubaev Yu.A., Dzhirikova F.D., Uzdenov A.-Z.H.-M., Dzhirikov R.S., Bessarabova Yu.V.

    The paper presents basic provisions of the author's approach to the organization of development of the personality of physically disabled students in the conditions of the recreational environment of higher education institution. Data from a pedagogical experiment allow us to draw a conclusion that educational potential realized in the recreational environment of higher education institution taking into account the revealed organizational and pedagogical conditions and functions of its recreational environment can increase efficiency of the sports, health-improving and recreational activity of physically disabled students and promote success of their professional socialization. This is displayed in positive dynamics of development of indicators showing the attitude of students to professional activity, processes of self-realization, self-education and self-improvement; development of personally and socially important qualities of future expert: tolerances, empathy, optimism, formation of optimistic moral and psychological climate in the student's environment.

    pdf 138-143.pdf  (120 Kb)

  • Kozaev R.K.

    Physical culture is an excellent basis for nurturing the activity of children, whose role begins with interests in learning. The child's activity manifestation is formed in conditions of the motor need. The motor need, as the leading need of preschool children and junior schoolchildren, manifests itself in labor abilities; with its help children learn the surrounding reality, communicate with each other in the process of game activity. At this stage of the development of science, questions about the formation of the motivational sphere of the individual (in particular, interests) in all the diversity of the process of physical education are quite relevant.

    pdf 144-148.pdf  (110 Kb)

  • Kutepov N.I., Chermit K.D.

    Ideas of personal physical culture have been revealed based on the opinion poll of entrants and students of military higher education institution. The paper studies extent of development of ideas of young men of component structure, understanding and use of values of physical culture for achievement of high level of physical training. There is steady need of respondents for development of motive qualities and for improvement of physical fitness. The vast majority of the young people connecting the future with military activity understand the professional importance of high level of physical fitness. The steady opinion of respondents is that the people connecting the future life with military activity have to be healthy. The obtained data set can become a basis for creation of process of preconscription physical training and a basis for formulation of pedagogical conditions for creation of effective system of preconscription training of youth.

    pdf 149-154.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • Pustovit A.V., Shkuropy K.V.

    The paper deals with the pedagogical bases of optimization technology design to control organizational and methodical activity of the children's and youth sports school (CYSS). The publication discloses the essence and structure of technology of the effective organization of CYSS educational process presented in the form of modular blocks, the content and variability of which depend on a look, type, forms and potential opportunities of sports school development. The authors show the way of optimizing administration of educational institution based on realization of an algorithm of content of problem modules, as well as options of variation of administrative activity orientation. Results of experimental work demonstrate positive dynamics of development of methodical competence of heads of sports school and professional skill of coaches-teachers. Statistically reliable is the level of growth of indicators of the studied criteria for the period under investigation.

    pdf 155-160.pdf  (137 Kb)

  • Satosova N.L., Garbuzov S.P.

    The paper discloses the author's approach to construction and realization of model of formation of the teacher’s culture of health. Application of a method of modeling of this process allows creation of the standard giving to the teacher an idea of essence of the studied phenomenon, bases of its structural organization, specifics of functioning and ways of design. The developed structurally functional process model of formation of the teacher’s culture of health includes a set of the interconnected components: theoretical-methodological, target, motivational and valuable, design and technological, personal and activity, individual and creative, appraisal and reflexive. The allocated components carry out the orientation, motivational and incentive, personal and professional developing, appraisal and correctional functions. The process model of formation of the teacher’s culture of health developed and approved by us at department of physical culture and biomedical disciplines of the Armavir State Pedagogical University has shown the high effectiveness. Its introduction in educational process of pedagogical university made it possible not only to form successfully the teacher’s culture of health, but also to considerably increase quality of professional pedagogical training of students, to enrich their social experience, and to provide high level of readiness of future teachers for the organization of health-improving and recreational activity at school.

    pdf 161-166.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • Fedorova I.N., Trembach A.B., Lysenko V.V., Krivulya V.V., Lavrichenko S.P.

    In the previous researches, the algorithm of the complex analysis of biomechanical indicators in powerlifting at athletes with damage of the musculoskeletal device (MD) was developed. Research objective now is the complex analysis of dynamics of biomechanical parameters of chest press competitive exercise at athletes of various qualifications with MD. Twenty-four athletes participated in an experiment. Kinematic (a vertical component of movement of a bar concerning the athlete's body, its speed and acceleration), and dynamic (force developed by the athlete in the field of a humeral belt and a basin) indicators at dispersal and braking of a bar were synchronously recorded, and mechanical work and its power were evaluated. Low-skilled athletes at bar dispersal have force, acceleration and speed increased, and at its braking these indicators became negative and came back to initial level. At highly skilled athletes, similar indicators were significantly higher, and time intervals decreased that provided increase in work and its power on average twice. Increase in force, acceleration and speed when overcoming force of terrestrial gravitation happens at the expense of mechanisms of intramuscular and intermuscular coordination and the sports technique. Time intervals allow quantitative estimation of studied indicators at dispersal and braking of a bar and correction of training process.

    pdf 167-175.pdf  (424 Kb)

  • Chernyshenko K.Yu., Akhmetov R.S.

    The paper provides data characterizing results of analytical and empirical work on formation and development of motivation to professional and sports activity at first - third-year cadets of the Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

    pdf 176-182.pdf  (131 Kb)

  • Ebzeev Sh.K., Khatuaev T.A.

    The paper presents basic provisions of the author's concept of implementation of health saving potential of sports health-improving environments of higher education institution, methodological bases of which are defined by a set of methodological approaches and four groups of the principles. A strategic objective of realization of health saving potential of physical culture in the educational environment of higher education institution is formation of culture of health of the personality of the student, and tactical, formation at students of health saving competences. The tasks of the organization of teaching and educational process include updating at students of needs for a healthy lifestyle and acceptance of values of health; development of professional and significant qualities of the personality, enrichment of experience of health improvement by means of active inclusion in a sports health-improving activity. Functioning of health saving potential of sports health-improving environment of higher education institution is reached by implementation of the contents of teaching and educational activity and efficiency of use of opportunities of target, procedural and technological, communicative, spatial-temporal, material and subject components of sports health-improving environment, which in total provide efficiency of process of the student’s health formation.

    pdf 183-188.pdf  (118 Kb)

  • Akhidzhak B.N.
    Ethnocultural specificity of the linguistic consciousness of a bilingual writer

    The article outlines and analyses the basic principles of creating the most characteristic features of modern linguistics, such as a description of the interaction of languages in the bilingual consciousness of the author with the help of culturally marked linguistic means on the example of the works of a bilingual writer. The object of the study is the linguistic consciousness of the bilingual writer. The data obtained within the framework of the presented scientific research based on the study of numerous Russian and international authoritative sources and refereed periodicals devoted to the problems of development, formation and systematization of modern fundamental knowledge in the field of cognitive linguistics, especially its semantics, seems to have served as the subject of the study, i.e. the language tools used by the bilingual author in his works, which “dementalise” consciousness of the bilingual writer. The results of the research are of theoretical importance, consisting in systematization of approaches to working out one of the important aspects of cognitive linguistics in comparison with traditional descriptive linguistics. Descriptive linguistics has the goal of describing, constituting facts and taking active positions in cognitive science. Moreover, it makes possible the application of the identified culturally marked units in the text of the bilingual author Kadir Nakho, the author of Adyg origin and who creates his works in English. The obtained data can be successfully applied to the theoretical development of cognitive semantics, which acts as a general theory of conceptualization and categorization, the theory of how the author's bilingual consciousness, when creating texts in English, produces vocabulary and phrases similar in content and in the structure of his native language in which can be seen the author's intentions in concretizing the national-cultural values that exist in the memory of the Adygs, as well as the desire of the author's consciousness to convey the peculiarities of the mentality to the people and the uniqueness of their inner world.

    pdf 17-23.pdf  (323 Kb)

  • Baranova A.Yu.
    Features of an explication of comic in the art text

    In this paper we explore text-forming function of comic, and analyze its special role in the postmodern text. The text of the novel of Yury Polyakov "A kid in Milk" has served as the material of this research. Results of the conducted research have shown that representation of comic is based on a language game, which performs function of exaggeration in the satirical novel, the fantastic representation of reality that is peculiar to modernism. Using methods of the contextual analysis, interpretation and descriptive method we come to a conclusion that the comic, being text-forming means, manifests itself not only in author's notes, but is the cornerstone of creation of images, dialogues and finds the bright embodiment in the speech of characters. The practical importance of the obtained results lies in a possibility of their use for teaching speech communication, the philological analysis, for preparation of special seminars and term papers. The specifics of interpretation of means of expression of irony can be used in the linguistic analysis of texts. Results of the research can be useful at establishment of the mechanism of formation of comic in a satirical, ironical context.

    pdf 24-28.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Wang Yanbing
    On semantics of the latest loan of gadget

    The paper deals with the semantic adaptation of foreign-language loans in Russian. The purpose of this publication is to specify semantics of the latest loan of a word gadget, which is characterized, on the one hand, by high rate of the use, and on the other – by insufficient degree of semantic familiarity. This is proved by search system data and on occasions by incorrect use of a new word in the speech of native speakers of Russian. Now the relevant neologism is presented only in two dictionaries of foreign languages, and with various interpretations. Application of methods of the seme and contextual analysis has allowed us to reveal obligatory and facultative semes in its semantic structure. The place of a neologism in the lexical system of the borrowing language, and the paradigmatic and syntagmatic relations with its units are defined. Results and technique of the conducted research can be used for creation of a lexicographic portrait of a lexeme necessary for drawing up dictionary entries in explanatory dictionaries and in the lexicographic Wiktionary project.

    pdf 29-34.pdf  (337 Kb)

  • Gabunia Z.M., Akhidzhakova M.P.
    On contensive typology of languages as a basis for cognitivism development

    The paper identifies and analyzes the basic principles of creation of the most typical features of modern linguistics relevant for contensive typology: idea of semantics, idea of difference of categorial and speech sense of the subject and object relations in the sentence, schematic governing law of "semantic primitives". The research is based on studying the numerous domestic and foreign authoritative sources and the reviewed periodicals devoted to problems of development, formation and systematization of modern fundamental knowledge in the field of cognitive linguistics, in particular its semantics. Results of work have the theoretical importance, make it possible to systematize approaches to study one of the important aspects of cognitive linguistics in comparison with traditional descriptive linguistics, which describes, states the facts and takes active positions in cognitive science. Moreover, it makes it possible to apply the revealed tendencies for optimization of process of development and studying world order of the person, the reasons of changes of these or those phenomena in language, society, culture, communication. The obtained data can be successfully applied for theoretical development of the cognitive semantics acting as the general theory of conceptualization and categorization, the theory of how the person perceives and comprehends the world around, and what is his experience in learning language meanings and expressions.

    pdf 35-39.pdf  (287 Kb)

  • Dzhankylych A.

    The article is devoted to the study of praise words to Circassian men and women in Turkish songs in which many relationship episodes of the two peoples reflected. In some of the songs the Turks oppose the Circassians. They ask to send them back as the Circassians occupy their territories. In others they admire their clothes, tools, objects of everyday life, appearance (blue-eyed, fair-haired, slim and much more beautiful than others). In the proposed article only 4 songs are analyzed, but there are much more similar songs, the study of which is of great importance for both history and linguoculturology. The relevance of this work lies in the fact that until now there are no studies on this subject. The scientific and practical significance is determined by the fact that the analyzed songs, where the established events and attitude to the Circassians are described, are studied from the scientific point of view. We came to the conclusion that such songs are of huge information load, which needs to be processed until they are lost.

    pdf 40-45.pdf  (333 Kb)

  • Zemliakova N.V.
    Metaphorical potential of the noun in the figurative nomination of a person

    The present publication identifies and analyses the main features of a noun use as a means for creating a figurative nomination of a person based on metaphor. The main goal of the research is to identify and describe the structural and semantic models of figurative names of a person. Figurative nomination is considered as an element of the language system, which manifests itself as the development and presence of figurativeness in the vocabulary units of the language. Metaphor is defined as the most productive way of figurative naming a person, on the basis of which productive structural-semantic models are formed. The material for the study was lexical and phraseological units, extracted by the method of continuous sampling from Russian explanatory and phraseological dictionaries. The research methodology is based on the analysis of structural and semantic features, reflecting the combination of conceptual and evaluative components in the semantics of the names. Analysis of the figurative nomination of a person through the use of a metaphorically rethought noun revealed the following patterns: 1) structural-semantic models reflect the properties correlated with the zoomorphic, anthropomorphic and objective worlds; 2) appeal to the metaphorical transfer is associated with the implementation of the communicative-evaluative function; 3) structural-semantic models are characterized by a semantic capacity attribute, suggesting the possibility of varying associative features. The obtained data expands the understanding of the system properties of human figurative characteristics as the implementation of the anthropometric principle. They can be successfully applied as a theoretical basis for the further study of the figurative nomination of a person to identify the linguocultural characteristics of figurative nominations in the picture of the world.

    pdf 46-51.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Kalinina S.A.
    The concept of theater in the Russian advertising discourse

    The article deals with theatrical and advertising communication and their interaction. Having determined the place of advertising in a modern society and the features of the theater as a form of transforming reality, the author of the article analyzes the specifics of the demonstration of the THEATER concept in the Russian advertising discourse. The data for study is continuous samples of theatrical and advertising communication. The research methodology is based on contextual analysis where the semantics of the THEATER concept is revealed at the level of the context of theatrical and advertising communication. For the first time the author of the article singles out two forms of interaction between a theater and advertising. The first form involves the use of advertising in theatrical communication as a means of promoting entertaining activities. The second form of interaction between a theater and advertising is the creation of images and situations from theatrical life in the advertising discourse that can be represented at verbal and non-verbal levels. The practical importance of the research results lies in the fact that they can be useful in further exploration of the advertising discourse in the Russian linguistic view of the world.

    pdf 52-57.pdf  (330 Kb)

  • Korobchak V.N., Bashmakova V.E.
    General background of “there” dessemantization concepts within the structure “there+to be”

    The article deals with the structure “there+to be” within the framework of textometric analysis. The main purpose of the study is to identify the existence of a certain semantics of “there” in the structure under consideration. Scientific importance of the article is that the modern linguistics demonstrates the interest to informal side of language units of different levels, in our case, to unique determination of the main linguistic characteristics of “there” within the mentioned structure, which is opposed to the pronoun adverb “there” and has the syntactic function of adverbial modifier of place in the sentence. Scientific novelty of this work is in the identification of the semantic meaning of “there” in the combination with the verb “to be” and some other verbs, where “there” is considered as a dessemantic element, i.e. the word without meaning, which is not correct in our opinion. Also, the scientific novelty is in using a new approach, textometric approach (the term of Golovenko Yu.A.), for the given investigation, i.e. the meaning of the word is considered taking into account the context or the situation. The following methods of investigation are used: contextual analysis and textometric method. The results of the research contribute to the theory of discourse, lingual hermeneutics and the theory of linguistic universals, as well as to the theoretical understanding of the structure “there+to be” in the text. Practical significance of the research lies in the possibility of usage of the results during lecture studies and practical exercises, special courses on the theory of language, lexicology, the theory of translation, the theory of grammar and text interpretation, the theory of text, the theory of understanding and hermeneutics.

    pdf 58-64.pdf  (336 Kb)

  • Liasheva M.N.
    Axiological senses in the modern entertaining Internet discourse

    The article analyzes the linguistic phenomenon as axiologeme. The turn to this subject is caused by important changes in the life of society, based on the problem of attitudes towards values. These processes are reflected in the language. The verbalization of value meanings gives an exhaustive idea of both one person and a group of people and allows us to identify the trend developing in modern society. Especially verifiable we can observe various changes inside the Internet, i.e. open space, that is a place for leisure activities for different social groups (especially young people) and that allow them frankly express their position about many issues. As a rule, entertaining character and informal atmosphere of this type of discourse, bad censorship give the users an opportunity to freely express themselves, and the researcher to discover the true attitude to the eternal values and to identify those values that most meet the requirements of modern society. The actuality of the problem is due to the fact that this process works in the opposite direction. The established system of values within the Internet has an impact on content consumers. New values, actively functioning in an open environment, are form a kind of ideology. Using the method of discursive and contextual analysis, the place of values and anti-values is established in the consciousness of the language personality. The results of this study can be useful for axiological linguistics and linguoecology.

    pdf 65-69.pdf  (308 Kb)

  • Makerova S.R., Hizik E.I.
    Concept justice in English and Russian linguocultures

    The given research covers the peculiar characteristics of functioning of concept justice in English and Russian linguocultures. The novels by Agatha Christie Ordeal by Innocence and Crime and Punishment by F.M. Dostoevsky, as well as texts of the Bible are used as materials for this research. The work has a purpose to reveal features of concept justice implementation in the studied language communities and to establish the factors that triggered the emergence of the existing features. The research is carried out by using the methods of the interpretative and linguistic analysis. The practical importance of this work is conditioned by the fact that its theoretical provisions and the obtained results can be applied in lecturing and special courses on lexicology of the Russian and English languages, in practice of teaching the Russian and English languages at faculties of foreign languages of the universities, as well as in lecture courses on linguoculturology.

    pdf 70-73.pdf  (319 Kb)

  • Ovcharenko E.N.
    Stylistic effects of a new orthology

    The article deals with stylistic features of heading structures in institutional network media. Concepts of mediology constituted the methodological base of this research. The scientific novelty is that for the first time the stylistic analysis of media texts in periodicals of online formats is given. It has become clear that the most important characteristics of types of media discourses in the system of correlations are as follows: mosaicity – hierarchy, noninstitutionality – institutionality. The theoretical and practical importance lie in that the materials of research can be used in higher school lecture courses on stylistics and the standard of speech.

    pdf 74-80.pdf  (345 Kb)

  • Polyakova T.V.
    Inductive and deductive reasoning as means of agreement expression

    The target of this article is to analyze functional semantic field of agreement in modern Russian language. It is supposed to be divided into microfields depending on explicitness or implicitness of the idea of agreement. This article focuses on the microfield of implicit agreement based on different types of reasoning. This microfield expresses the agreement with a fact, the agreement is derived from the explicit content of the speech or from the context. Inferences of the idea of agreement can be syllogistic and non-syllogistic in traditional logics where inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning are outlined. Inductive reasoning contains a general consequence from separate premises expressing the agreement while deductive reasoning has a reverse direction of consequence. Current research is completed with the help of structural semantic analysis. As the result of this research, it is confirmed that the agreement based on reasoning has an indirect method of expression and is formed by different types of reasoning. This article develops the theory of functional semantic field of agreement and can be used for a more detailed classification of functional semantic field of agreement.

    pdf 81-85.pdf  (370 Kb)

  • Samarskaya T.B., Martirosyan E.G.
    Translation as object of theoretical researches

    Theoretical aspects of translation as an interlingual and sociocultural phenomenon are reviewed. Different significant aspects of translation (semiotic, semantic, formal and communicative), which should ensure the equivalence of the discursive texts in working languages, are analyzed in this research. The complexity of such phenomenon as the translation, stipulates the necessity of its aspect review. The conclusion is made that the theory of translation as a complicated multiaspectual phenomenon is not a complex of the eclectic derivations from the other linguistic studies, and opposite, the achievements in the field of translation theory may help more profound understanding of many hard-to-explain phenomenon in other fields of linguistics. It is confirmed that the existing researches of the recitative basis of translation do not represent the entirety of this phenomenon: those components of the complex which are related to the intralinguistic intertextual aspects of IT (source code) and TA (text of translation) and their impact on translation are proved to be insufficiently developed. It is proved that the comparison of the original and translated texts (translation as the result), allows identification of the main parameters that ensure the efficiency of translation as interlingual communication, on the one hand, and the ethno-linguistic acceptability of the translated text for its recipient, on the other hand.

    pdf 86-92.pdf  (323 Kb)

  • Sarangaeva Zh.N.
    The allegorical interpretation of concept of marriage in Kalmyk, Russian and English paroemia

    In the article the allegorical characteristics of the linguistic and cultural concept of marriage is described using the material of Kalmyk, Russian and English proverbs and sayings. In modern linguoculturology the study of cultural concept presupposes the description of its linguosemiotic characteristics, namely the emblematic, symbolic and allegorical ones. The emblematic description of a concept focuses on its identification; it is constituted in verbal expression. The symbolic description of a concept is displayed in its valuable suggestions. The allegorical description of a concept is oriented on its expanded metaphorical meaning. The investigation reveals that this concept has different valuable features and axiological reactions. Marriage is associated with a definite social status, confidence and sense of responsibility. At the same time, the negative aspects of marriage are emphasized in paroemia. Marriage is compared with a dangerous and hazardous action, war and disappointment.

    pdf 93-97.pdf  (321 Kb)

  • Tikhonova A.P.
    The Category of Case in the Hattian and Abkhaz-Adyghe Languages: Comparative-historical Aspect

    The article solves one of the most controversial issues of the Hattology, which has not been unambiguously interpreted. For the first time, an attempt is made to compare the Hattian and Abkhaz-Adyghe case systems, which, in our opinion, will help to answer a number of unresolved issues. The material of the study was the texts of two bilinguals: "On the God of the Moon, Fallen from the Sky" and "Building Ritual." The research methodology is based on a comparative-historical analysis of two or more languages from a diachronic point of view. Analysis of the Hattian case formants and their comparison with the Abkhaz-Adyghe formal indicators of cases revealed their functions and typological and material similarities, which allows them to be considered related languages, originating from the common language-basis. The study of the morphological category of case in the Hattian and Abkhaz-Adyghe languages is of considerable importance for the creation of the historical grammar of the Abkhaz-Adyghe languages.

    pdf 98-103.pdf  (343 Kb)

  • Shkhumishkhova A.R., Khabekirova Z.S.
    Speech markers of the addressee in slogans of automobile advertising

    This research examines language features of slogans of the Russian automobile advertising, orientation of which to target audience provides successful interaction between the sender and the recipient of the advertising proposal. Application of a method of a discourse analysis has allowed us to establish that the speech markers characterizing the addressee from the gender, social and psychological points of view are pragmatically significant units as they are capable to draw attention and to induce commission of consumer action. The language units appealing to target audience, in one cases, represent direct nominative designations, in others – figurative, contextual. The address of slogans of automobile advertising expresses value priorities and lifestyle of the modern personality. Results of the research can bring benefit to development of communicative and pragmatic aspect of an automobile discourse in which very important place is taken by advertising. The conducted research makes a practical contribution to the description of effective technologies for creation of advertising slogans.

    pdf 104-108.pdf  (326 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • Bakov Kh.I.
    On problem of relationship of folklore and literature (from art experience of Lyasha Agnoko)

    This research covers the questions of relationship of folklore and literature at different stages of development of the common Adyghe art of a word. Special attention is focused on creative identity of Lyasha Agnoko whose works became property of the reader many years later after the death of the author. The study establishes that figurative thinking of the poet is strongly influenced by poetics of oral poetic creativity. Based on the analysis of poems of L. Agnoko, the author of this research states that works of the poet aggravate a plot, enrich a palette of poetic techniques that considerably deepens contents of works. The comparative - typological method applied in research makes it possible to conclude that the literary heritage by the writer expressed features of the Adyghe new written literatures, formation of which was connected with experience and traditions of folk art. The analysis makes a contribution to a research of history of national literatures and is connected with a possibility of its application in learning history of domestic art of a word and in developing higher school manuals.

    pdf 109-114.pdf  (319 Kb)

  • Gutov A.M.
    On typology of the younger epos of Adyghes

    The article poses the problem of determining some typological features of the relationship of the Adyghe historical-heroic epic to reality. A general description of the history of study of the genre is given. The main feature in the poetics of the genre is the direct correlation of the narrative with reality, which is due to the functions of the songs and legends and is supported by the specificity of the connection between prose and poetic texts, as well as artistic style features. With obvious differences in poetics and plot structure, the successive connection with the archaic Nart epic is manifested in the transformation of individual motifs that can be preserved in the system of a new genre, provided their functions change. At the same time, a specific form of objectivization of the motive undergoes evolutionary changes, showing a tendency of approaching greater reliability, while preserving and even enhancing the aesthetic function. The retrospective, comparative and typological methods used in article help systematize folklore material and genres of the epos and to formulate their national peculiarities. The research contributes to studying specifics of the folklore text and promotes creation of objective history of science about folklore.

    pdf 115-121.pdf  (345 Kb)

  • Dzhambekova T.B., Hazueva B.A.
    Lyrical description of the images and motives of the Motherland in Sh.A. Arsanukaev’s poetry

    The article deals with the specificity of artistic creation of the images and motives of the concept of Motherland in the poetry of the Chechen poet Sh.A. Arsanukaev. The qualitative features of spiritual, moral, philosophical, psychological, ethno-cultural analysis of these images in his lyrical poetry are marked. The author has a purpose to study the main modifications of the artistic solution of the problems of interaction between the personality of the lyrical hero and the author through such basic principles of human existence and consciousness as the images of the Motherland and nature. The author describes the multiplicity of forms of the homeland in the understanding of Sh.A. Arsanukaev through the integration with images of home, family, hearth and, especially, with the theme of motherhood. The signs of spatial and temporal coordinates of the image of the Motherland are revealed through historicism and fragments of natural and anthropogenic landscape. It is concluded that the artistic understanding of the images of the Motherland and nature is very important for the author's literary and aesthetic concept and the artistic world of his work as a whole.

    pdf 122-127.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Zhachemuk Z.R.
    On some thematic features of Nalbiy Kuyek’s poetry

    The poetry of the Adyghe poet Nalbiy Kuyek is studied with a research objective to investigate thematic features, formation and development of his poetry. An analysis is made of an originality of artistic, poetic, lyrical and philosophical works of Nalbiy Kuyek. Ideological and thematic, structural and style features of his works are defined by lines of traditional, textual and descriptive methods of a research. Based on the carried-out analysis, the conclusion that N. Kuyek's creativity makes the significant contribution to development of national literature is drawn. Theoretical value of this research is seen in need to use its results for special courses on literature, and its practical value lies in a possibility of their application.

    pdf 128-131.pdf  (302 Kb)

  • Kachanova A.A.
    The typology of a criminal and peculiarities of the image of the gentleman – fraud in English detective stories

    The article considers various types of the characters who have committed crimes on the pages of works of the English authors of the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century. The aim is to represent the typology of the criminal and examine one of the special types – "playing" in more detail using the example of the hero of E.W. Hornung’s stories. Relevance of work is related to poor study of writer’s works and types of the criminal in classic detective fiction. Theoretically new is an attempt to trace the background of the type of the criminal character connected with the tradition of the picaresque novel. The research methodology is based on comparative typological analysis of literary texts. An analysis is made of psychological characteristics of the main hero, his behavior, motives of his actions. The conclusion is drawn that unlike criminals who resist to protagonists-sleuth in stories the hero of Hornung’s stories brings out positive emotions in readers. This type of the character is interesting because it combines characteristics of the gentleman and the trickster. The practical relevance of the work is in using its results in further studies of peculiarities of the detective genre and its canon.

    pdf 132-136.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Kipkeeva R.E.
    Typological features of description of people and the nature in publicistic literature of the people of the North Caucasus, the 1940s –1960s

    The research covers the features of representation of relationship of the person and the nature in publicistic literature of the people of the North Caucasus in the 1940s – 1960s. The author shows the originality of problems, genre signs and national peculiarities of documentary prose of E. Kapiev, K. Kuliev, A. Keshokov, A. Suyunchev, V. Gneushev, A. Poputko and others. Typological relationships of works of the North Caucasian authors with the Russian journalism are defined. The historical-literary, comparative and typological methods are used to carry out this research. As a result, the author arrives at a conclusion that journalism genres passed a difficult way from pretentiousness to problematical character and artistic expressive display of the true reality. The research contributes to the solution of problems of formation of original national literatures and expands idea of their typological relationships.

    pdf 137-141.pdf  (310 Kb)

  • Koshikova A.V.
    Functional roles of binary oppositions in the ideological art system of the novel of Ian McEwan "The Innocent: Or the Special Relationship"

    In this paper, we analyze art realization of binary oppositions in the novel by the modern English writer Ian McEwan. For the first time creativity of this author is considered from positions of the binarismic relations. The short insights are presented showing that approach to studying philosophy and culture from positions of a method of antinomy is traced since antiquity. Every era realizes the outlook in its own way, inevitably leaning on the binary system of coordinates. However, in the 20-21st centuries, dualistic approach becomes a reconsideration subject. In the modern humane studies, there is a trend demonstrating the aspiration to reconsider basic binary constructs, which model life of the person. Literature, which was and remains the mirror displaying the changes happening in consciousness of mankind, reacts inevitably to the transformations directed to criticism of traditional binary constructs. The novel by the English writer "The Innocent: Or the Special Relationship" shows the branched system of coordinates of binary oppositions ("self-other", "female-male", "the child-adult, etc.). The detailed analysis of this art text allows us to draw a conclusion that McEwan in his novel undertakes an attempt to remove oppositional tension between binary constants.

    pdf 142-151.pdf  (349 Kb)

  • Lyamova B.Kh., Tsey B.A.
    Inner world of the children's writer Jafar Chuyako

    The paper deals with the results of research of creativity of Jafar Chuyako, one of the founders of the Adyghe children's literature. The publication analyzes features of ability of the author to see "many contradictions of life", ability of his lyrical hero to appreciate persistent work, simplicity and availability of style, concreteness and pithiness of verses, didactic pointedness and ability to report about something new. The study reveals the originality of a poetic manner consisting in selection of art means, forms of expression of author's consciousness taking into account age of the reader - the child. It is inferred that consideration of data on J.Chuyako’s literary heritage addressed to children defines value of creativity of J. Chuyako in education of young people.

    pdf 152-155.pdf  (302 Kb)

  • Meretukova M.M.
    On small genre forms of English Christmas literature

    The paper explores the problem of the categorial device from the perspective of research of genre features of Christmas prose. The author analyzes the process of reception of Christmas tradition in small genres of the English literature of the 19th century – "story", "tale", "sketch", "short story", "history", "carol". Based on the given opinions and the textual analysis made within the presented scientific research it is possible to claim that the small genre forms of the English literature, defined today as "story", can be described with the help of the equivalent definitions occurring in the 19th century. In literary criticism then there was no strict hierarchy of genre forms and often writers defined a genre of the work very freely. For the first time attempts are undertaken to reveal peculiar genre-forming features of Christmas texts which can be identified with a story genre. The technique of the research is based on the historical and genetic analysis of articles of historians of the English literature. Results of this research can be useful at further studying small genre forms of literature of the 19th century.

    pdf 156-162.pdf  (336 Kb)

  • Panesh U.M., Shazzo Sh.E.
    On sources of new written literature (from the material of the Adyg literatures)

    The paper examines sources and features of formation of the Adyghe new written literatures. The publication shows the major factors, which defined their emergence and development, namely: cultural and historical reality of the period of a historic breakthrough, folklore esthetics, influence of educational culture and traditions of the Russian literature. The authors analyze the lines of the initial stage of literary process demonstrated in works of T. Kerashev, I. Tsey, T. Borukaev, Kh. Teunov, Kh. Abukov and others: the image of the active personality connected with the people and included in the history movement, eventivity and descriptiveness, and inclination to publicistic frankness and an esthetics of extreme contrasts. The comparative and typological methods are used to actualize the put subject, to draw conclusions on its relationships with the basic problems of formation of a new method, and on features of domestic literature of the 20th century as surprising phenomenon of world culture.

    pdf 163-168.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • Tibilov I.S., Panesh U.M.
    Stadiality of development of the Ossetian literature at a boundary of the 19-20th centuries

    The research deals with the process of formation of small Ossetian prose at the boundary of the 19-20th centuries from stadiality positions. The Ossetian literature belonging to young written literatures passed the difficult accelerated way of development that influenced the choice of an art method and genre palette of the first writers. The authors of this work analyze the role of folklore, in particular, of taurag narrative genre in the course of origin of national literature. The purpose of this research is to identify individual and typological traits of development of the Ossetian literature in a wide culturological context of literary interrelations and interferences. Comparative and typological methodology gives opportunities for identification of relationships of cause and effect of the revealed trends in development of the Ossetian literary process at an early stage of development. Specifications and literary descriptions of a number of the definitions, which do not have literary identification in the Ossetian literary criticism, are of scientific value. As a result, it is concluded that A.B. Kotsoev acted as the founder of emergence of small Ossetian prose at the beginning of the 20th century. In comparison with stories-taurags by S. Gadiev, the genre specifics of prose of A. Kotsoev are brought most closer to the international literary standards, first of all, it is displayed in withdrawal from folklore traditions.

    pdf 169-174.pdf  (318 Kb)

  • Khakuasheva M.A.
    Stories by A. Makoev: demythologization as method of reflection of reality

    The paper analyzes stories about the childhood "The Island of the Gnome", "Save me, my Angel" and "Gold Oranges" of the Kabardian Russian-speaking writer A. Makoev. In these pieces of writing, the author applies a deconstruction method as a necessary element for reconciliation with the reality which lost the humanistic principles and which is representative in terms of general characteristics of modern Adyghe prose in Russian. The steady stereotypes connected with idea of the childhood as about the light, iridescent beginning of life have no relation to A. Makoev's creativity. At preservation of the bright prominent images peculiar to children's perception, they are, as a rule, drama saturated. During the Post-Soviet period literary process of the Adyghe literature stopped being the phenomenon especially local, – conditions of globalization caused its integration with world literary process. In the 1990s – the 2000s, on this wave a new boost to development was received by the Russian-speaking prose, which determined qualitatively new level of literary process in Adyghea, Karachaevo-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria. It developed at this stage as a considerable esthetic phenomenon. Need of the adequate analysis and scientific research for this area is dictated by weak degree of study of a problem, lack of complete conceptual approach, scientific definitions. Thematic range of works of A. Makoev is wide: relations of parents and children; men and women; social inequality; humanity crisis; original and imaginary personal freedom; "dilapidation", entropy of inner world of the literary hero and whole society.

    pdf 175-181.pdf  (327 Kb)

  • Chekalov P.K.
    Kerim Mhtse: the posthumous destiny of the poet

    The article highlights the question of how the creative destiny of the Abazin poet K.L. Mhtse developed after his death. In this regard, the heterogeneous materials associated with the perpetuation of his name through the opening of commemorative plaques, the posthumous awarding the order, anniversary celebrations, memorial parties, literary readings, the broadcasting of television documentaries, the publication of a three-volume collection of works, the book of selected lyrical works in Russian are studied. One of the main problems of the study is the comprehension of the poet’s creative heritage in his lifetime and posthumous publications. A meaningful analysis and a comparison of statistical data testify that over the past 17 years after the death of the poet, the number of works written and published about him was almost twice as much as during the lifetime 40-year period of creativity. A separate point concerns the reports and papers delivered at numerous scientific conferences of various levels, the expanding geography of publications about the poet, involving in addition to the North Caucasian scientific centers, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Sukhum and Aachen (Germany). All this speaks of the growing interest of national criticism and literary criticism in the creative personality of Mhtse, of awareness of the scale of his talent. An analysis of the existing literature about the poet leads to the idea that he possessed the highest gift, his works reflect a feeling of the highest harmony, exerting a strong aesthetic impact on the reader, similar to a spiritual shock.

    pdf 182-188.pdf  (327 Kb)

  • Kudaeva Z.Zh.
    Undercover folklore of revolutionary and Soviet period (statement of a problem)

    For the first time in the Adyghe folklore studies, this work reveals and analyzes the layer of folk art which is conditionally designated as undercover or another, i.e. folklore, which includes oral poetry of counterrevolution, poetry of country revolts, creativity of those who became the victims of an arbitrariness of representatives of the Soviet power. A part of folklore texts is for the first time introduced in scientific circulation. The work is made by using the comparative-historical method of research. Works of undercover folklore are investigated in a historical and cultural context; historical researches, documents and sources are attracted to the analysis. The works of undercover folklore revealed today represent a traditional genre range of the Adyghe folklore: historical (gjybze-weeping), lyrical, cleaning, comic songs; memorata - oral stories, memoirs, legends connected with these or those events. A research of this layer of folklore, record and the publication of its remained samples is one of the important and relevant tasks facing modern researchers.

    pdf 189-197.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • Khabunova E.E., Elbikova B.V.
    The tradition of framing in the Kalmyk fairy folklore

    This article analyzes the tradition of framing in Kalmyk fairy folklore. The aim of the article is to identify the degree of adaptation of the frame in the Kalmyk fairytale tradition and the nature of the impact of tradition on the formation of cycles of Kalmyk fairy tales, united by a framework composition. "Framing", which includes a prologue in the form of a fairy tale plot, initial and final formulas, is investigated in a comparative aspect. The plot similarity of the four variants of the prologue, the constituent part of the frame, points to the stability of the tradition. In this direction, this problem is considered for the first time. As a result, the analysis shows that the framing of the composition form and the fairytale plot was adapted in the Kalmyk oral tradition so organically that, combining the originally Kalmyk plots, it began to promote formation of fairy-tale cycles.

    pdf 198-205.pdf  (334 Kb)

  • Lekova P.A., Molchanova M.M.
    Speech media culture as basis of language competence of the Dagestan Russian-speaking journalists

    The paper presents the speech media culture as a basis of linguistic competence of the journalist based on the example of the Dagestan oppositional mass media. It turns out that the latter is a phenomenal media-discursive product, the speech features of which should be taken into account in the understanding of innovative processes in the Russian language of modern times. In the course of the study of this material, we have found that journalists of opposition publications seek to fill their works with those linguistic means that are an effective weapon of political struggle aimed at forming public opinion. The scientific novelty is that for the first time a discursive analysis of the opposition media of Dagestan is carried out in the aspect of media culture. The theoretical and practical significance of the study lies in the possibility of application of materials in University lectures when considering the issues of culture of speech and behavior, the theory of media discourse and modern media texts.

    pdf 206-210.pdf  (307 Kb)

  • Maltseva R.I.
    Media technologies and multi-vector nature of journalism adaptation

    The analysis is made of transformations of the Russian journalism under the influence of promptly changing digital technologies. Innovations in the field of media are specified. The relevance of this research lies in application of cross-disciplinary approach of synergetics at qualification of technological achievements as the mediatization touched all fields of activity of information society, in particular the humanities. Global process of the escaping reality negatively affected spiritual and national culture, distorted morals dominants, deformed orthological bases of languages of many societies; under pressure of high technologies the virtual neoreality gained new ontologic properties: the modern user communicates and works mainly in the digital environment. The theoretical-practical importance is representation of the digital environment of the Internet as the structure having information randomness, a dissipative condition of media texts and entertaining formats of visual content. Topological space of media in general is dispersive, pointwise, and discrete; content borders are diffusive. The traditional axiological paradigm of journalism as social and spiritual activity is destroyed due to influence of global models of communication. Importance of axiological baselines of societies is emphasized: unfortunately, epistemes of human knowledge are reduced; domination of tolerance and creativity in journalism distorts a language picture of the world, leads to violations of normativity and exemplarity of the public speech. It is established that the level of culture of consumer society reflects a chaotic condition of mentality: the mass user is not able to comprehend critically both negative, and positive results of approach of high technologies; the journalism inevitably adapts to new requirements of the digital environment.

    pdf 211-217.pdf  (325 Kb)

  • Novak M.V.
    Variety of printing edition formats of the Orthodox press of the Russian emigration in the USA

    The difficult complex tasks facing the Russian Church in the USA during its active construction assumed to make active the most available communicative means, which this ideological institute successfully used for centuries. The purpose of the publication is system representation of all types of the periodical press, which the Russian Orthodox Church and its main branches used during distribution and entrenchment of Orthodoxy on the American continent. It is established that a variety of formats of these editions – from the leaflet to the calendar is widespread and represents the whole range of editions of newspaper and journal types with considerable overweight in favor of the first. These features allowed the Orthodox and Orthodox focused editions of the Russian emigration in the USA to perform a broad set of journalistic and religious functions to effectively influence members of all segments of reader's audience of the Russian emigration in the USA. On the basis of typological and the content analysis of printing editions, their type-forming and individual characteristics are revealed, and the role of the Russian emigrants in America in the course of socialization is analyzed.

    pdf 218-222.pdf  (306 Kb)

  • Nosaev D.A.
    Instruments of promotion of periodicals in the mass media market

    The paper identifies and analyzes the main methods of promotion of periodic printing editions in the mass media market. The newspaper and journal products bearing in addition to a creative component also function of goods need the actions directed to approach of these goods to the consumer. Within the presented scientific research, based on studying the modern printing periodical press, we consider and identify PR-actions as purposeful and uniform actions for promotion of periodic printing editions for creation, and, respectively, for the best perception by target audience of advertising messages. Importance of use of modern information technologies in promotion of the printing periodical press is noted. The technique of this research is based on the comparative analysis of means of promoting and the content analysis of the advanced product. Solutions in the organization of advance of printed mass media are proposed and the possible efficiency of methods of advance on target audience is defined. From a practical point of view, results can be used to design specific actions for edition promotion. It is established that the efficiency of influence of methods of advance on target audience depends on a set of the factors connected with specifics of the edition itself and, as a result, the used methods of advertising and PR.

    pdf 223-227.pdf  (288 Kb)

  • Nosaev D.A., Nosaeva K.D.
    Color as an effective tool of print design of advertising in newspapers and magazines

    The paper analyzes use of the color press for the embodiment of advertising content of newspapers and magazines, including consideration of possible corrections of functions of color in periodicals. The authors identify trends in modern graphic design of the printing periodical press taking into account print design and its advertising content. The practical importance lies in definition of optimal variants of design of modules of advertising messages both separately and together with an editorial matter on page ribbons of editions. The descriptive and comparative methods of a research, observation and generalization are used to clarify that an important component of the effective and memorable design of advertising in periodicals is use of unique color scheme for separate modules, the whole page and the whole number. As a result, the research defines methods of effective execution of periodic printing editions regarding their advertising filling. At the same time, possibilities of color print design of advertising in the periodical press are given according to the level of perception of reader's audience.

    pdf 228-232.pdf  (291 Kb)

  • Shishkhova N.M.
    Some journalism questions in the history of the Russian literature of the 19th century (a national component)

    The paper examines the possibility of showing, using concrete examples, how the direction, the nature of a classroom appealing the journal, and even the genre nature of the published literary works are closely connected among themselves with an era originality. It is emphasized that the history of journalism is connected with history of literature during the period, when they were almost inseparable. It is very important that the new generation studied a subject using primary sources, but not just from the available researches. Process of integration of literature and journalism, the nature of this integration is justified by relevance, essence of the historical moment that is also the purpose of this analysis. Journalism questions in learning the history of the Russian literature of the 19th century provide acquaintance to separate journals for the purpose to understand and learn the main stages of history of these editions. Creative activity of the prominent writers whose heritage has to become also a subject of close attention of future journalists also is in most cases connected with the leading journals.

    pdf 233-238.pdf  (304 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • Dzhioti K.N.
    Dance as a method of communication

    The article is dedicated to the art of dance as a sufficient method of socializing in modern society. The author suggests a philosophical understanding of dance being a language of communication and a way of advocacy in today´s societies. The emphasis is put on the advantages of dance over verbal contact. Considering the experience of the American studio "Dancing Strollers", we talk about the question of the relevance of dance as a way of self-expression and communication with the outside world for people with disabilities. The example of interaction in dance in the Ossetian society directly addresses the issue of dance as a means of communication. Based on the analysis of historical, ethnographic literature devoted to Ossetian dance and studying the issue of the revival of dance parties among Ossetian youth today, the author considers dance as a self-sufficient form for communication and mutual understanding. Understanding and correctly evaluating the code that carries the dance can contribute to a great contribution to learning non-verbal ways of communication.

    pdf 239-243.pdf  (308 Kb)

  • Li Mengdie
    Artist Dong Xiwen as singer of Tibet

    The article is devoted to the analysis of the life and work of the Chinese artist Dong Xiwen, who became prominent representative of the topic of Tibet in Chinese oil painting. The article presents the history of creativity of Dong Xiwen. The special role of Chinese painting dedicated to Tibet in the history of painting of China is underlined. Oil painting on the topic of Tibet is an important part of Chinese national art. From the analysis of the works of famous artists, it is possible not only to understand the style of the master's painting, but also to see that the end of the 20th century is an important turn in oil painting in China. Tibet at this time becomes the object of the work of Chinese artists in the great historical background of Chinese culture. The culture of Tibet is one of the birthplaces of human culture. The unique habitat and labor methods of development of the territory give Tibet characteristic national peculiarities in terms of characteristics of the personality, cultural traditions and folk customs. The culture of Tibet is an important part of culture of China.

    pdf 244-249.pdf  (324 Kb)

  • Tukhvatulina K.A., Artemieva N. P.
    The Chelyabinsk festival “Man of Theater” as the phenomenon of the contemporary Russian theatrical culture

    The authors disclose the role and place of theater festivals among different forms of cultural communication. The article focuses on the role and importance of the international theater festival-laboratory of performances of small forms “CHELoVEK Teatra (Man of Theater)”. It describes the purpose and objectives of the festival, discusses the features of its organization. The Festival “CHELoVEK Teatra (Man of Theater)” is positioned as a sphere of the theater, where the main artistic tasks and the meaning of the text of the play are solved through the actor. The authors draw attention to such characteristics of the festival as its non-competitive kind and form of the creative laboratory, in which the audience takes part along with the professional circle. The authors come to a conclusion that the festival “CHELoVEK Teatra (Man of Theater)” ultimately forms a model of creative interaction, promotes cultural dialogue, acts as a platform for serious professional communication and is a significant event of Chelyabinsk regional and all-Russian theater culture.

    pdf 250-255.pdf  (324 Kb)

  • Bulatova D.A.
    Review of the book by Guchev Z.L. Atlas of the Circassian (Adyghe) Shichepshin

    pdf 256-259.pdf  (247 Kb)

  • Paranuk K.N.
    Review of the monograph by Kharaeva L.F. and Kuchukova Z.A. A Gender and Ethnogender (from Material of the Kabardian Female Prose)

    pdf 260-264.pdf  (271 Kb)

    Biological Sciences
  • Vasilyeva V.V., Botasheva T.L., Shakhanova A.V., Khloponina A.V., Zavodnov O.P., Zheleznyakova E.V.
    Peculiarities of bioelectric activity of the brain in physiological and complicated pregnancy depending on the stereoizomerium of the maternity-placentary complex and fetus sex

    The article presents the results of studies that prove that interhemispheric relationships of different parts of the cortex are formed during gestation, indicating the existence of a gestational dominant. The topography and severity of electrical processes in the neocortex is due to the presence of peripheral asymmetries in the female reproductive system. For women who are pregnant with female fetuses in uncomplicated pregnancies, an increase in activation has been observed in the anterior hemisphere, which is contralateral to the localization of the placenta. The threatening preterm labor was most typical for pregnant women with left-oriented placenta, for women with male fetuses and was accompanied by a change in interhemispheric activation asymmetry relative to the lateral location of the placenta. Thus, the conclusion is confirmed that a significant factor in the favorable course of gestation is the consistency of central and peripheral asymmetries in the female reproductive system.

    pdf 46-55.pdf  (375 Kb)

  • Lysenko V.V., Ostrikov A.P., Pavelyev I.G.
    The influence of load on speed-power qualities of bobsledders of different qualifications

    The purpose of this work was to assess the impact of different types of loads on the speed-power qualities of bobsleighers of different qualifications. The study was attended by athletes of the national team of the Russian Federation in bobsleigh sport. Both professional athletes having a wide experience of the international performances, and the young bobsleighers only beginning the way in sports of the highest achievements were examined. The technical means of achieving their goals were made by strain-gauge platform on the basis of laboratory analysis of motor activities of Kuban state University of physical culture, sport and tourism, through which carried out registration of the reference effort. For experiment the following types of loadings were chosen: exercises with a bar with the weight close to the maximum for each athlete, high-speed running and various hopping exercises. Abalakov test on tensometric platform was used to assess changes in the level of speed-strength qualities. The flight time in a jump, the duration of individual phases of motion and the peak value of the repulsion force are taken as comparison criteria. Sensogram analysis revealed differences in the duration of the phases of the exercise and the speed of reaching the maximum force when repulsing before and after running the specified loads. Also, according to sensograms fluctuations in the duration of individual phases during the exercise were revealed. After comparison of the received graphic images and the analysis of time and power characteristics of repulsion of the performed exercises it became possible to establish some distinctions in performance of control tests at highly skilled and low-skilled bobsleighers. Also, it was succeeded to find out some regularities of influence of loadings on a condition of speed-power qualities of professional and beginning bobsleighers.

    pdf 56-61.pdf  (518 Kb)

  • Nagoeva M.A., Shaov M.T., Pshikova O.V., Tokhtamyshev Z.I., Blyasheva Z.A., Zhagupova A.A.
    Effect of signals of imprinting-technology “Sphygmoton” on electrophysiological indices of heart

    This research studies the influence of electro-acoustic signals of the “voice” of the pulse “Sphygmoton”, adapted to impulse hypoxia of a person, on such indicators of the electrocardiogram as R-R, TQ, QT and heart rate. The results of the study indicate stabilization of these indicators, which excludes the risk of cardiovascular disease in students of this group.

    pdf 62-66.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Usmanova S.R., Shamratova V.G., Dautova A.Z.
    The influence of PPARγ2 gene on the state of systems of oxygen provision depending on environmental factors

    The role of environmental factors on realization of genetically determined influence of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ2 (PPARγ2) Pro12Ala polymorphism on the condition of gas transport system of the blood of healthy young men has been established. The surveyed men were examined according to their genotype (2 variants of PPARɣ2 gene) as well as degrees of involvement in motor activity (MA) in everyday life (restricted MA among recruits of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation abiding in quarters in quarantine conditions; moderate MA among full-time students; high MA among military (ML) of ground forces experiencing various types of muscular load). Household conditions as well as psycho emotional conditions of the young men were taken into account when forming the groups of the surveyed. Two-factor analysis established a significant combined influence of genotype and level of MA on different items of performance of oxygen-transport system: red blood (medium concentration of hemo-globin in erythrocytes (MCHC)), blood saturation (satO2), external breathing (vital lungs capacity (VLC)), forced vital lungs capacity (FVLC), blood circulation (systolic blood pressure (SBP)), adaptive potential (AP) and economization of bloodstream coefficient (EBC), demonstrating contribution of intensive motor activity to phenotypic manifestation of PPARγ2 gene. Genotypic differences are mainly marked in high everyday motor activity (ML). It should be noted that the degree of motor activity has a greater influence on blood transport system indicators in presence of Ala allele in young men`s genotype. The nature of this influence marks the protective effect of the allele. On the bases of conducted research, it could be concluded that the trigger for the mechanism of genetic determinant is motor activity factor.

    pdf 67-75.pdf  (355 Kb)

  • Khloponina A.V., Botasheva T.L., Radzinsky V.E., Zheleznyakova E.V., Zavodnov O.P., Babayan K.T.
    Daily periodicity of labor depending on fetus sex

    The article presents the results of studies of the daily periodicity of the time, when labor ends, depending on the sex of the fetus, for which 1567 birth histories were analyzed. It was revealed that the largest number of boys was born in the time period from 6 to 12 pm when daily illumination decreases, while the girls were born from 12 pm to 6 am when daily illumination gradually increases. During the day light, there were no significant differences in the time of com-pletion of childbirth depending on the sex of the fetus, which, apparently, is related to the medical and social features of the process of delivery of women at this time of day. Repeated pregnancies were accompanied by inversion of daily biorhythms, when labor finishes, compared with biorhythms of primiparous women from 12 pm to 6 am to 6 pm to 12 pm. The obtained results conclude that there is an interrelation between the mechanisms providing initiation and de-termining the duration of labor with sexual dimorphism of the fetus, in which the regulatory involvement of the epiphysis and melatonin metabolism is traced. Premature birth at 27–28 weeks in nulliparous and repeated pregnancies were determined mostly in pregnancies with male fetuses, while in women with third pregnancy – in case of female fetus. Mothers of girls have higher 6-sulphate-oxymelatonin level in the urine compared to the women with male fetuses.

    pdf 76-83.pdf  (349 Kb)

  • Nagoeva M.A., Shaov M.T., Pshikova O.V., Barakhoeva D.L., Ulbasheva S.A., Akhmetova Zh.A.
    Dynamics of indices of variability of heart rhythm and adaptational potential under the influence of sphygmoton

    The developed method of non-invasive exposure in the “Sphygmoton” regime showed the effectivess of this method on the body of people who had a deviation in the HVS. The tested model of the pulse «voice» significantly reduced the fluctuations of the ECG parameters, namely: ÀÌî, Ìî, dX.

    pdf 84-87.pdf  (291 Kb)

  • Mamsirov N.I.
    On opportunities of use of natural and resource capacity of lands of flat zone in agricultural production of the Adyghea Republic

    This paper deals with the results of a research on studying and complex assessment of an ecological condition of agrolandscapes of a flat zone of the Adyghea Republic. We have revealed extent of manifestation of degradation processes of soils with use of GIS-technologies as tool for justification and development of measures to increase stability and efficiency of agrolandscapes. Agroecological assessment of land grounds and crops is made according to their basic needs in growth conditions. The optimum structure of sown areas is created and various types of crop rotations for farms of a flat zone of the republic are made.

    pdf 88-93.pdf  (677 Kb)

  • Tuova T.G., Melnikova T.N.
    Social and economic aspects of living standards in the Republic of Adyghea

    This paper is devoted to modern problems of living standards of the population of the Republic of Adyghea, employment and labor market in Adyghea in conditions of sanctions. The publication focuses on the research and updating the bank of data on the number of unemployed in the republic, their structure, the possibilities of the employment service in resolving the issues of hidden unemployment and the provision of employment services to young people.

    pdf 94-100.pdf  (430 Kb)

  • Ezaov A.K., Sarbashev A.S., Shibzukhov Z.-G.S., Shiritova L.Z.
    Optimization of technology of cultivation of new tomato hybrids in a steppe zone of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

    The paper presents the results of scientific research on improvement of technology of cultivation of new tomato hybrids in the open ground. Influence of various doses of mineral fertilizers and overcrowding of crops on growth, development and fructification of a tomato is studied. Increase in quantity of plants per unit of area and use of mineral fertilizers in the recommended quantity promote acceleration of maturing of tomatoes on the average by 3–5 days. The optimum background of mineral nutrition at quantity of plants of 45 thousand/hectare contributes to the most optimum development of tomato plants, as well as to increase in tomato introduction of commodity quality.

    pdf 101-106.pdf  (315 Kb)

  • Chernyavskaya I.V., Korzun B.V.
    Seasonal dynamics of physiological parameters of the perspective shape of the tea plant in the piedmont of the North-Western Caucasus (Adyghea Republic)

    The article considers the main morphological features, as well as the results of the study of the biological properties of the tea plant. The data of the seasonal dynamics of the physiological parameters of tea, obtained in the conditions of the Adyghe Branch (foothills of the North-Western Caucasus), are given for the first time. The results of the study of water metabolism are analyzed, in particular: total water content, water deficiency, water retention capacity, transpiration intensity, as well as data on the intensity of photosynthesis of tea plant leaves in seasonal dynamics.

    pdf 107-112.pdf  (355 Kb)

  • Berbekov K.Z., Kishev A.Y., Mamsirov N.I., Zherukov T.B.
    Efficiency of use of growth regulators on crops of sunflower in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

    The paper presents the results of many-year researches on studying reactions of plants of sunflower to processing of seed material and the whole plant during vegetation by various growth regulators. The most optimal variants of use of the studied agrichemicals are established, and assessment of economic efficiency of the studied techniques is carried out.

    pdf 113-117.pdf  (303 Kb)

  • Devterova N.I.
    Productivity of maize green forage with use of fertilizers, renewable bioresources and reduction of intensity of soil processings

    Our researches show that seal of straw of grain crops within two years promoted increase in productivity of maize green forage with both ways of soil processing. The most preferable variant is with use of mineral fertilizers and green matter on plowing where the productivity maximum is obtained. As for indicators of soil fertility: there is no decrease in humus content; indications of acidity of the soil in dynamics are stable; increase in content of an ammoniac form of mineral nitrogen in the spring is revealed.

    pdf 118-121.pdf  (291 Kb)

  • Roytenberg V.S.
    Structural stability of vector fields on the plane that are invariant under a finite rotation group

    We consider vector fields on the plane that are invariant with respect to rotations at angles that are multiples of the angle 2ï/q (q=2,3,…). Structurally stable vector fields, whose topological structure does not change under small perturbations in the indicated class of vector field, are described. They form the dense set opened everywhere in this space.

    pdf 13-19.pdf  (368 Kb)

  • Stash A.K.
    On some properties of hyper frequencies of solution of linear multidimensional differential systems

    We have established that the full hyper frequencies considered as functionals on a set of solutions of linear homogeneous multidimensional differential systems with the continuous coefficients limited on a semiaxis are not residual (that is can change at change of the solution on a final section). Besides, at any beforehand given natural we give the example of -measured differential system, for some solution of which full and vector hyper fre-quencies do not coincide.

    pdf 20-24.pdf  (319 Kb)

  • Bayramukova Z.K.
    An algorithm for calculating the spectra of prefractal graph with full four-vertex primer, the old edges of which are not crossed in the trajectory

    For the first time a recurrent formula was obtained to determine a characteristic polynomial and an algorithm for calculating a range of the prefractal graph with a full four-vertex priming, the old edges of which aren't crossed in a trajectory.

    pdf 25-32.pdf  (345 Kb)

  • Ganicheva A.V., Ganichev A.V.
    Application of indistinct grammars for control of trainees’ progress

    In the article, the rule of a conclusion in indistinct grammar based on the indistinct binary relation is defined. We show how to calculate deductibility degree for pessimistic and optimistic indistinct grammars. The main directions of use of indistinct sets for the analysis of quality and control of educational process are considered. Application of a conclusion in indistinct grammar is shown using a concrete example of the rating system consisting of five ranges of estimates (from 0 to 100). The terminal set and production of rules of a conclusion is given. Realization of the developed technology will allow automation of the analysis of quality of the manual and other similar educational and methodical materials. The conclusion of five chains is drawn: “excellent assessment”, “good mark”, “satisfactory assessment”, “unsatisfactory assessment”. Difficulties of conclusions and degree of accessory are calculated. We show how to classify concrete value of assessment. Realization of the developed technique will allow automation of the analysis of quality of educational process.

    pdf 33-37.pdf  (327 Kb)

  • Tlyustangelova M.S., Stash A.K.
    Strict inequalities between the top and lower indicators of variability of solutions of two-dimensional differential systems

    A function, the lower variability indicators of which do not coincide with the top ones, is found on a set of solutions of the linear homogeneous two-dimensional differential systems (which are not coming down by means of initial replacement of variables to the equations of the second order) with the continuous coefficients limited on a positive semiaxis.

    pdf 38-41.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • Dovchinvanchig Maashaa, Tsendsuren Balgan, Zhao Chun Wang
    Microstructure and martensitic transformationof Ni50Ti47Nd3 shape memory alloy

    The phase transformation and microstructure behavior of Ni50Ti47Nd3 shape memory alloy was investigated by scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffraction and differential scanning calorimetry. The results showed that the microstructure of Ni-Ti-Nd ternary alloy consists of the NiNd phase and the NiTi matrix phase. One-step phase transformation was observed alloy.

    pdf 42-45.pdf  (367 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Piotrovsky D.L., Lubentsova E.V.
    Modified equations of the biomass growth dynamics with an unsteady limitation character

    The article proposes an approach to the theoretical description of the mechanism of changing factors that limit population growth. It consists in the fact that a modified equation of the sigmoid function is included in the system of equations describing the development of the population with all its kinetic dependencies. This gives you the oppor-tunity to describe in one equation the area where in a stationary state the growth of the population is limited by one factor, and the area limitation is another important factor, thus implementing a mechanism of a smooth change of the limiting factors for the non-stationary boundaries of their scope. In the proposed model there is no need to implement discontinuous functions for switching factors, which makes it possible to present a single equation of the system, while simplifying the analysis of stability and simulation of the controlled system. The work is theoretical and is based on the regularities and qualitative properties of controlled dynamic biosystems in steady and transient conditions.

    pdf 122-128.pdf  (338 Kb)

  • Yakshin A.A.
    Increase in reliability of reading bar codes on the basis of modular arithmetic methods

    The paper discusses a method for increasing the reliability of input information in an information system when reading barcodes. Additional bar codes corresponding to the excess symbols of the modular code are generated. The proposed solutions make it possible to restore the correct (initial) data with a given probability for various destruc-tive effects on them. The estimation of reliability of the information at reading bar codes is presented. Unlike the known control methods used in bar codes based on various methods of antinoise coding, the method developed as-sumes an increase in the reliability of information when reading barcodes.

    pdf 129-134.pdf  (472 Kb)

  • Kizdermishov A.A., Kizdermishova S.K.
    Installation and configuring the Squid Analysis Report Generator

    The paper discusses issues related to accounting for Squid proxy traffic. Recommendations for IT administrators with a low level of training in installation of the Squid Analysis Report Generator software are given.

    pdf 135-141.pdf  (306 Kb)

  • Dovgal V.À., Dovgal D.V.
    Building Arduino-based IoT Security System

    The article discusses the use of a prototype of a new security system based on the Arduino controller. It uses ultrasonic sensors to detect intrusion. In case of detection, the system notifies people, including light and sound alarms. In addition, with the help of ultrasonic sensors, when an intruder invades an object, the distance between the sensor and the object can be obtained.

    pdf 142-148.pdf  (420 Kb)

  • Masyutina G.V., Lubentsov V.F.
    The study of neural network ACS the electric drive motor of the blower fan air supply

    The paper investigates the possibility of using a neural network (NN) controller for the system of frequency-controlled electric drive motor of the blower fan supplying air to the furnace. In the synthesis of the NN-controller, the method of predictive control is used. For its implementation, a multilayered neural network of direct distribution with the training method of back propagation of error is used. The simulated control object is represented by a set of three serially connected links: a frequency converter, an asynchronous electric motor and the blower fan. The analysis of the dynamics of the system was carried out on the transient processes obtained by simulation of the induction motor in the package MATLAB Neural Network Toolbox. The results show that the system has high precision and good characteristics of tracking and stabilization.

    pdf 149-154.pdf  (429 Kb)

  • Orlyanskaya N.P.
    The application of graph theory in the study of an automated system based on the example of the Federal Budgetary Institution “The State Regional Center for Standardization, Metrology and Tests in the Adyghea Republic”

    The article shows the possibilities of modeling information flows using graph theory to study and develop the complex structure of an automated control system based on the example of the Federal Budgetary Institution “The State Regional Center for Standardization, Metrology and Tests in the Adyghea Republic”.

    pdf 155-161.pdf  (413 Kb)

  • Kashin Ya.M., Kopelevich L.E., Samorodov A.V., Shkoda V.V., Sidorenko V.S.
    Treatment and rehabilitation complex based on axial electromechanical power converter

    The paper examines the device to affect the human body with rotating magnetic field: the existing constructions and the proposed design of magnetic turbotron of axial type.

    pdf 162-166.pdf  (341 Kb)

  • Khatukay S.A., Khutyz B.I., Pshizova A.R., Babalyan E.B.

    The article presents a comparative analysis of different approaches to the problem of creating a favorable image of the region, the differences between the concepts formed in relation to marketing, branding and image formation, the examples of successful branding of territories of foreign countries. A careful study of the available literature on the analyzed area has revealed five key types of sources devoted to the study of marketing and branding areas.

    pdf 177-183.pdf  (214 Kb)

    Enterprise economy
  • Aluyan V.S.

    The article describes the methodology for the formation of the investment strategy, which contains such basic elements as the principles, stages and methods of formation. It is also determined that the basis for the development of an investment strategy is a strategic, investment and financial analysis, as well as elements of portfolio, expert and scenario analysis methods. In conclusion, the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the investment strategy are defined.

    pdf 164-168.pdf  (285 Kb)

  • Magzumova N.V., Fedotov V.D.

    Market economy in the Russian Federation is gaining more and more strength. Competition - the main mechanism for regulating the economic process. The work analyzes the situation in the housing and communal services market. The external and internal environment of the organization has been studied. A SWOT analysis was conducted, which gives an opportunity to assess the specific situation of the organization on the market. A number of problematic places were identified in LLC «GUK-Krasnodar». Recommendations are developed to improve competitive advantages by improving the quality of services provided, which will help reduce costs for common house needs, increase competitiveness and demand for services of the managing company LLC «GUK-Krasnodar».

    pdf 169-176.pdf  (431 Kb)

  • Makarova E.L.

    The article identifies the problems associated with the traditional assessment of innovative projects from the standpoint of multistage and multi-scenarios. The methodological approach of using the method of real options is analyzed, as well as the mathematical tools for applying binomial models to assessing the effectiveness and risks of implementing innovative projects. Multi-scenario analysis allows structuring real options throughout the life cycle of an innovation project. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the innovative projects implementation occurs in a hierarchical decision tree mode and simulation modeling of possible scenarios for the implementation of an innovative project. The use of binomial models with the theory of real options application and the model of step-by-step risk assessment of innovative projects from the standpoint of multi-stage and multi-scenarios contributes to improving the accuracy of estimates and justifying the feasibility of investor participation in evaluating innovative projects.

    pdf 277-285.pdf  (358 Kb)

  • Popova E.V., Kumratova A.M., Nedogonova T.A., Kumratov E.M.

    In this paper, authors propose to use adapted nonlinear dynamics methods for preparing time series data for the forecast procedure in order to identify chaotic dynamics and choose forecast methods and models. Each step of the proposed complex of methods for preliminary data processing allows to put forward proposals on certain properties of the time series which are under study. This, in turn, proves that in order to obtain reliable and substantiated conclusions about the type of behavior of the system under study, it’s not enough to use only one of the existing tests. Only a comprehensive analysis will most accurately determine the type of behavior of the time series and its characteristics, which will allow to obtain a reliable forecast in the future.

    pdf 286-292.pdf  (516 Kb)

  • Nagoev A.V., Shelekhova L.V., Teshev V.A.

    Econometric modeling of the dynamics of the main indicators of the socio-economic development and functioning of the consumer market of the Republic of Armenia based on the construction of a system of simultaneous equations has been carried out. The resulting model can be used for a comprehensive description of the socio-economic situation in the region in order to predict it.

    pdf 293-297.pdf  (441 Kb)

    World Economy
  • Materikina A.E.

    The article describes the methodology used in the European Union for assessing success towards sustainable economic and social development, which implies the building of strategic goals for sustainable development, identifying appropriate indicators for their achievement. The European Strategy for Sustainability until 2020 not only formulated seven specific goals of sustainable development, identified the main factors of this development. The article also analyzed indicators of achievement of set goals in comparison of current results with the level of relevant indicators planned by 2020.

    pdf 298-303.pdf  (137 Kb)

    Finance and Credit
  • Kartashov K.A., Ovcharenko N.A., Isachkova L.N., Kunakovskaya I.A.

    In the context of integration of the Russian economy into the global financial and economic structure and the geopolitical situation of recent years, the issues of consideration and disclosure of the role and socio-economic importance of financial and credit institutions become relevant. The authors of the article on the basis of statistical and analytical data presented some problems of development of banking and non-banking institutions, as well as the main directions of lending by these institutions of business structures. In conclusion, brief conclusions and suggestions are made.

    pdf 199-212.pdf  (408 Kb)

  • Ordynskaya M.E., Silina T.A.

    The article is devoted to the study of the contribution of microfinance organizations in providing financial resources to small and medium-sized businesses of the Republic of Adygea. In conditions of a constant lack of own funds for development and operation and the inability to gain access to traditional banking services, small and medium-sized businesses are forced to turn to microloans. The essence of microfinance and the place of microfinance organizations in the financial system of the region are considered. The dynamics of the relative number of microfinance organizations in the region was evaluated, and a comparative assessment was made with other subjects of the Southern Federal District.

    pdf 213-224.pdf  (830 Kb)

  • Tambovskaya D.V., Shalatov V.V.

    This article analyzes the informational significance of news content for the financial market. Can I use the robot, analyzing the press, to give recommendations from the point of view of financial analysis. The analysis of the degree of influence depending on the nature of the event. Do negative consequences always have the same effect on the stock exchange? Does the market react equally to developments in developed and developing countries? Data on 107 major events in the last 18 years (2000-2018) in different countries are analyzed.

    pdf 225-229.pdf  (374 Kb)

  • Eshugova F.R., Gorlachev P.V., Bukhtayarov A.A.

    In recent years, there have been significant and fundamental changes between the participants of economic relations. In the article the authors presented the key technologies and tools of the digital economy involved in the reproduction process of the country, considered the economic relations in society, and as a result shows the connection of the real and virtual worlds. In conclusion, the authors offer some suggestions and recommendations for the adaptation of the digital economy in Russian society and its integration into business structures.

    pdf 184-191.pdf  (349 Kb)

  • Kostenko R.V., Hagurova M.P., Chinazirova S.K.

    A comprehensive overview of the economics of using mobile technologies. The levels of the mobile economy infrastructure, the contribution of mobile technologies to GDP are considered: direct and indirect contributions. The features and future prospects of the mobile economy of Russia are determined.

    pdf 192-198.pdf  (598 Kb)

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