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    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • Baykina E.A.

    The entry into force of the Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Education marked the final transition to a new ideology of designing the educational process at the university, which consists in replacing the organizations traditional disciplinary approach with a modular architecture for building the universitys educational process. The implementation of this goal is based on a number of organizational and methodological measures on the part of the academic community of universities. In the first turn, this is the design of modular basic professional educational programs (OPOP). Specific features of this complex, multifunctional and multi-purpose document are as follows: the construction of a curriculum structured by modules; the creation of interdisciplinary links between the structural elements of each module; abandonment of the linear educational trajectory of development of OPOP; the presence of a well-developed fund of assessment tools, containing interdisciplinary competency-oriented tasks, which in the right proportions reflect the contribution of each discipline to the formation of the declared competencies. In the conditions of the modular design of educational programs, one of the problem areas is the designing funds of assessment tools (FOS) of the main professional educational programs of the university. It should be solved in terms of the creation of a holistic system, which provides the possibility to carry out interdisciplinary, comprehensive assessment of the results of education, the process of development of competences and the levels of their formation in students at various stages of the OPOP development. Modernization of the procedural and substantive part of the control and evaluation activity of the university entails changes in the functional and organizational structure of its elements. Within the framework of this article, we will consider the specific characteristics and structure of the FOS in the conditions of modular construction of the OPOP of the university.

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  • Grinko M.A., Gridasova A.V., Khandzhyan D.D.

    The paper presents the results of the analysis of the established approaches to the definition of target guidelines in the theory and practice of training of a foreign language teacher, focusing subjects of educational activity on the development of experience of educational activities and corresponding competencies. The authors show that the strategic goal of the professional training of the future foreign language teacher is to implement a competency-based approach. This approach ensures the formation of a holistic personality and indicates ways of transition from a "knowledge-centric" paradigm in the organization of the educational process to a humanistic-oriented, defining trajectory of productive development and self-realization of essential forces, abilities and gifts of the student.

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  • Damadaeva A.S., Ibragimova Kh.Sh.

    The paper deals with the definitions of the subject of study, which constitute the categorical apparatus of sports psychology. The presented theoretical review of literary sources allowed to substantiate the necessity of development of applied branches of gender psychology, one of the actual directions of which is gender psychology of sports activity and its support. The need for such support is dictated not only by the division of sports into male and female sports, but also by the violation of the post-professional period, depending on the specialization masculine or feminine sports. In this context, the problems of formation and development of the personality of professional athletes in the process of professional sports activities are actualized. To implement the chosen perspective of the study, sports activities were divided into masculine and feminine sports. This study aimed to determine the Abstractpeculiarity of the gender differentiation of the personality of male and female athletes in accordance with the chosen specialization. To confirm the hypothesis, an experimental study of various aspects of the formation of the personality of athletes, such as gender, gender identity, gender stereotypes, gender role, was conducted. The obtained statistically reliable indicators at 95% -99% level proved that under the influence of a particular type of sports activity there are changes in the gender structure of the personality-masculinization of women, necessary to achieve high sports results, but deforming gender identification. In the process of sports activities, such masculinization is necessary for women to achieve high results in sports, but in the post-sports period it violates the mechanisms of gender socialization.

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  • Enokaeva S.S., Dzhaubaev Yu.A., Khatuaev T.A. - A., Uzdenova F.M., Petkov V.A.

    The paper discloses the content of pedagogical potential of recreational technologies in shaping the foundations of healthy lifestyle of schoolchildren, implemented on the basis of complex use of means of pedagogy, valeology, physical culture and sociocultural activity. The authors reveal the essence, content, functions and pedagogical potential of recreational technologies implemented in the conditions of comprehensive secondary school. Classification of recreational technologies has been made. During the study, the authors identified methods, principles and organizational and pedagogical conditions for the successful implementation of recreational technologies, which together serve as a guide for improving the health-promoting activities of modern school.

    pdf 38-44.pdf  (135 Kb)

  • Korneva I.P.

    This work discusses the history of the formation of higher physical education at the Kaliningrad State Pedagogical Institute in the first years after its creation (from 1948 to 1953). In 1967, the Kaliningrad State Pedagogical Institute was transformed into the Kaliningrad State University. Currently, the university is a modern regional university - the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. The university is a unique educational institution in the westernmost region of Russia. The publication shows the role of the teaching staff of the Physics Department in the organization of the educational process in a young pedagogical university. The training of diploma specialists for the Kaliningrad region in the post-war years was a strategic task. This task was successfully solved, thanks to the selfless work of university teachers.

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  • Meretukova Z.K., Chinazirova A.R.

    The relevance and continuing importance of the problem of health protection is justified. The authors define the concept of education system as the target to solve the problem set out in this work. The essence of psychosomatic, ecological and moral-spiritual foundations of health protection and necessity of their unity in educational process are revealed. The necessity of the priority of moral and spiritual foundations in this unity is justified. In this connection, the authors give the definition of the concept of moral and spiritual educatedness.

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  • Romanyuk S.N., Demkina E.V., Kubashicheva L.N., Khakunov N.Kh.

    The paper shows that the social infantilism of young people, which constitutes a global pedagogical problem of our time, poses a serious danger to the individual and society as a whole. Its overcoming, and much more prevention, is associated by most scientists with the preventive (or corrective) shaping qualities of a socially mature personality in the younger generation. At the same time, almost all structural and meaningful components of social infantilism are described in binary opposition with qualities of social maturity. Social maturity and social infantilism are often mutually defined through each other. According to most researchers, it is very difficult to determine effective pedagogical means and methods of solving the above-mentioned problem without comparing the qualities of social infantilism and social maturity. In this connection, the purpose of this study is to present these qualities in the form of binary opposition in substantive and structural aspects.

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  • Savvin P.P., Khakunov N.Kh.

    The paper presents the concept of scientific research aimed at search for ways of formation of basic economic culture of athletes in structure of their many-year training. The relevance of the study is justified, and the place and main issues related to the construction of the process of formation of economic culture of athletes are identified. This allowed us to substantiate the working hypothesis and the resolved contradiction, to determine the purpose and tasks of the study, as well as to assume the knowledge obtained in the study, which can become the basis of protected provisions. The work presents a version of the integration interaction between the process of basic school economic education and economic education in the system of sports training, defines the fundamental approaches to the construction of the system of economic education in conditions of holistic development of the person, which include competency, personality-oriented, contextual and activity approaches.

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  • Trubachev I.V., Demkina E.V.

    The paper discusses the problem of finding grounds for optimization of the educational process in military universities in order to increase efficiency of educational adaptation of female cadets. The relevance of the problem is justified by the importance of effective adaptation for the quality of education, by the specificity of educational conditions in military universities, as well as by the fact that girls are included in cadets relatively recently. In this aspect, the leading theoretical provisions characterizing the essence of pedagogical optimization and criteria of optimality are given. At the same time, a number of criteria, which have been identified from theoretical analysis of scientific literature, have been added to the scope of traditional and basic criteria of optimality. As a result, the so-called restrictive criteria of optimality, in the authors representation, included indicators characterizing the internal state of motivational, value, emotional and other spheres of personality. These indicators are brought into correlation with personal factors of effective adaptation of the person to educational conditions. Indicators and conditions of adaptation, in particular, educational adaptation are disclosed. The effectiveness of educational adaptation is theoretically justified as a possible goal of optimizing the educational process. In this context, indicators are identified that show the degree of effectiveness of educational adaptation: external (educational performance and behavior) and internal (psychological and physical well-being of students, including their activity and mood). In addition, personal factors ensuring effective adaptation to the educational process are given: educational motivation, professional orientation, motivation of professional choice, value orientation; satisfaction with educational activity, choice of profession, and emotional comfort (absence of stress). Methods and results of diagnostics of mentioned indicators and factors are described. Based on the results obtained, the target areas of optimization of the educational process at the military university, which ensures the effectiveness of educational adaptation of female cadets, have been determined.

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  • Ushkho Yu.D., Zabolotniy A.G., Zolottseva E.V., Mirza M.Yu., Elnikova O.O.

    The article deals with the peculiarities of the professional activity of the coach, his authority, pedagogical skills, culture of behavior and communication. The authors compare and analyze the adequacy of the revealed significant qualities of the personality of the coach necessary for effective construction of authoritative relations from the point of view of the coaches and athletes who are at various stages of sports training. Pedagogical conditions of shaping the coachs authority in the course of training in higher school are proved. To achieve this goal, the authors revealed the idea of young athletes, coaches and future specialists in physical culture and sports about the ideal image of the coach and pedagogical conditions for the formation of the coach's authority in the process of professional training. For this purpose, the authors determined the preferred personal qualities of the coach, applied to the assessment of authoritative relations; compared and analyzed the adequacy of the identified significant qualities of the personality of the coach needed for the formation of the authoritative relations, and defined the professionally significant personal qualities of the coach related to the formation of authoritative relations in terms of coaches and athletes at various stages of sports training. In order to shape the authority, the coach needs not only to know the priority of personal qualities at different stages of sports training, but also to be able to analyze and evaluate their importance from the side of the processes of training, education and socialization of the individual. Analyzing the results obtained, there are significant differences between the expected image of the coach in the groups of athletes and the expected significant qualities of building authoritative relationships from the position of the coaches themselves. Thus, the publication states that at different stages of sports training, athletes have different requirements for the personal qualities of the coach, which, in turn, differ from the opinion of the coaches themselves.

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  • Firsov K.N.

    The article is devoted to the substantiation of a complex of psychological and pedagogical determinants that contribute to the formation of skills in adolescents in the field of self-control of aggressive behavior. The author draws attention to the pedagogical potential of extracurricular activities, with the use of which it is advisable to develop anticipation. Anticipation is defined as the universal ability of the personality, which is one of the factors in the formation of self-control skills of aggressive behavior. As part of extracurricular activities, it is envisaged to use a number of educational technologies (exponential training, pedagogical facilitation, debriefing) in the format of the activity of a comprehensive school. This publication presents the results of a study in which the psychological and pedagogical determinants of the formation of self-control skills of aggressive behavior at adolescents are theoretically identified and psychologically-pedagogically determined. Those include the following: using the potential of extracurricular activities within the framework of a comprehensive school; organization of team-game activities of adolescents; the development of anticipation as the universal ability of a person to predict the development of various events, phenomena, results of actions, behavior; the use of educational technologies of pedagogical facilitation, experimental training, debriefing. To prove the effectiveness of psychological and pedagogical measures of influence on the process of formation of self-control skills of aggressive behavior of adolescents, a pedagogical experiment was conducted in secondary schools of the Astrakhan region. The sample of the pedagogical experiment was 130 teenage students, of which 65 were the experimental group and 65 were the control group. Based on the mathematical processing of data according to the percentage coefficient formula, as a result of a comparative analysis of the levels of formation of self-control skills of aggressive behavior at adolescents, it is revealed that a reasonable set of psychological and pedagogical conditions is effective in the process of formation of self-control skills of aggressive behavior at adolescents.

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  • Khazova S.A., Verzhbitskaya E.G., Verzhbitsky I.V., Vodolazsky A.V., Kubashicheva L.N.

    The paper substantiates the importance of pedagogical interaction for solving problems of education and socialization of the younger generation. This is argued by the content of the targets of Russian education, including the adoption of family values, citizenship, communicative qualities, etc. The lack of scientific knowledge in the field of modern methods and forms of pedagogical interaction, which meet the new conditions of teaching and education, is stressed. This is defined as one of the factors of insufficient efficiency of organization of pedagogical interaction. The key tasks of different subjects of pedagogical interaction are given, the composition of which determines the appropriate forms and methods of organization of this process. On this basis, two groups of methods and forms - common to all and specific to different actors of interaction - are identified. Specific, in turn, are divided into pedagogical, social-psychological and managerial. General forms and methods are intended for mastering the ways of carrying out pedagogical interaction, encouraging subjects to participate in pedagogical interaction, increasing the efficiency of pedagogical interaction. Management methods (organizational-stabilizing, administrative, disciplinary) are defined as the leading methods of activity of the administration of the educational institution aimed at managing pedagogical interaction in the educational organization. Socio-psychological (methods of social management and methods of psychological influence) are intended to accompany interaction by social teachers and psychologists, and pedagogical - for the work of teachers on training and stimulation of other participants of pedagogical interaction, as well as directly on organization and support of pedagogical interaction.

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  • Tsepordey O.V.

    The use of the computer technology in the teaching of foreign languages began more than fifty years ago. However, not so many professionals discussed this topic. The situation changed only recently, when the information era in the society developed and the Internet appeared. Since then the teachers of foreign languages understood the need and effectiveness of integrating information and computer technologies into the educational process. This article is dedicated to the influence of computer technologies on the formation of communication competence in the process of learning English by students of the maritime university. The author of the article concludes that computer technologies and Internet resources help to develop all the types of the speech activity quickly and efficiently. And, if such lessons are organized in the form of a role play the communication competence will be formed quicker and more successfully. However, nowadays the didactic and methodological aspects of the computer technology while forming communication competence have not been sufficiently developed. This indicates the relevance of the topic of this article.

    pdf 104-110.pdf  (146 Kb)

  • Shidov A.Z.

    The article analyzes the problems associated with the upbringing of military personnel serving under the contract on the posts of soldiers and sergeants of a socio-psychological and motivational nature. The relevance of the topic is due to modern reforms related to the transition of the army to a contractual basis and a significant increase in the share of military personnel serving under the contract on the posts of soldiers and sergeants in military collectives. Intensive military-combat activity, the complexity of the tasks facing the army, the need for the constant development of the latest types of weapons and military equipment lead to a decrease in the moral and psychological readiness of a contract soldier for military service and, as a result, to dismissal from the Armed Forces. According to the author, the main cause of the problems is the insufficient level of spiritual and moral development of this category of military personnel. In order to solve these problems, the author conducts a study of the conditions in which military contract soldiers carry out military service activities. The concept of army environment is introduced, which combines professional training and spiritual and moral education of contract servicemen into a single educational space. The author identifies and reveals a number of pedagogical conditions that contribute to the development of the spiritual and moral sphere of contract servicemen. These conditions are: education in the process of military service activities, education through the unity of the army environment, cultural education in the army environment, education through the observance of traditions in the army environment, education through the promotion of family values in the army environment. The conclusions made by the author allow us to develop new recommendations for improving the work of the officials of the unit on the education of contracted military personnel.

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    Biological Sciences
  • Kazachko S.V., Tuguz A.R., Shapovalov M.I.
    Atmospheric air pollutants as a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases among the population of the Republic of Adyghea

    Growth of cardiovascular diseases at inhabitants of the Republic of Adyghea from 2015 to 2018 correlates with the content in atmospheric air of toxic chemical compounds (pollutants) nitrogen dioxide IV (N2) (r=0,925) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) (r=1,000), and carbon oxide II (CO) (r=0,919). Most common are cardiovascular diseases developing under the influence of gaseous substances that contaminate the atmospheric air of the Republic of Adyghea for many years: arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular pathologies (ischemic brain stroke, etc.), diseases of veins, lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes.

    pdf 47-55.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • Botasheva T.L., Rudova O.I., Vasilyeva V.V., Zheleznyakova E.V., Zavodnov O.P., Elzhorukaeva Zh.A., Babayan K.T.
    The relationship of hemodynamic processes in the uteroplacental complex and blood flow in the venous system of the lower extremities during pregnancy

    The purpose of this work is to study the nature of venous blood flow in the lower extremities in relation to hemodynamics in the uteroplacental complex in case of placental dysfunction and uncomplicated pregnancy. Materials and methods: using dopplerometry we determined blood flow parameters in the venous system of the lower extremities, maternal and fetal vessels in 115 pregnant women with uncomplicated pregnancy and in 109 women with placental dysfunction. Results: while progressing the gestational age, there is a decrease in speed indicators in superficially femoral veins both on the right and left legs, however, the degree of explicitity of vein dilatation is more pronounced in case of placental dysfunction. In the same group, a more pronounced asymmetry of venous blood flow was recorded, with maximum of blood flow velocity in the left leg. Valvular dysfunction prevailed in the venous vessel in the right leg. Conclusion: as gestation progresses, regardless of the nature of its course, increasing vasodilation of the superficial veins of the lower extremities is gradually formed, prevailing on the right side and leading to a decrease in venous blood flow velocity. As the term of labor approaches, due to the increased pressure in the pelvis, the load on the valvular apparatus increases, especially on the right side, which is more pronounced in case of placental dysfunction. Changes in the veins of both lower limbs are more pronounced in case of complicated pregnancy. The detected gestational patterns of venous blood flow are associated with the likelihood of hemodynamic deviations in the maternal and fetal vessels in more than half of the cases studied.

    pdf 56-62.pdf  (686 Kb)

  • Kuzenko M.V.
    Selection value of the world collection of VIR oats in conditions of North-West Caucasus South Foothills Zone

    The paper studies the samples of oat of different ecological-geographical origin. The author gives an assessment of resistance to unfavourable conditions of autumn-winter period, standing ability, main diseases, grain yield and weight of 1000 grains. Samples are isolated according to the complex of household-valuable characteristic, and recommended as the initial material for selection of new varieties.

    pdf 63-67.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • Panesh O.A.
    Adventive plants of the Republic of Adygea

    The aliens, alien (adventive) species and native (autochthonous) species simultaneously inhabit in the flora of the Republic of Adyghea. Their introduction into the flora of the Republic took place at different times. This was falicitated by a number of reasons, one of which was the absence of phytophages and parasites in the new territory. Morphological features and physiological properties of adventive species are diverse and allow them to successfully break in cultivated crops and natural communities.

    pdf 68-73.pdf  (633 Kb)

  • Shumafov M.M.
    Second order stochastic differential equations: stability, dissipativity, periodicity. I.

    This paper reviews results concerning qualitative properties of second order stochastic differential equations and systems. The properties, which we address, are stochastic stability, stochastic dissipativity and existence of stationary and periodic solutions. Two types of perturbed random processes, white noise and process with bounded mathematical expection, are considered. The work consists of two parts. In the first part we give a short overview on stability of solutions of second order stochastic differential equations by Lyapunov functions techniques. Here we present some mathematical prelimanaries from probability theory and stochastic processes. In the second part we will define the notion of stochastic integrals in Ito and Stratonovich forms. Then we define stochastic differential equations in the Ito and in the Stratonovich sense. Sufficient conditions of stability on probability, exponential stability in mean square of solutions of second order differential equations and systems will be given. Also, sufficient conditions of dissipativity of the second order stochastic systems are rendered. Sufficient conditions for existence of stationary and periodic solutions of systems considered are provided. A comparation between stability conditions for the stochastic equations interpreted in the Ito and in the Stratonovich sense is made. As an example a harmonic oscillator perturbed by random process of the type of white noise and a process with bounded mathematical expectation is considered.

    pdf 11-27.pdf  (597 Kb)

  • Tlyachev V.B., Ushkho D.S., Ushkho A.D.
    On the absence of limit cycles by systems of differential equations involving analytic functions

    We consider the question of the absence of periodic trajectories in a dynamic system, the right part of which is analytical. The conditions imposed on the right side of the system under which there are no limit cycles are formu-lated.

    pdf 28-33.pdf  (795 Kb)

  • Roytenberg V.S.
    On bifurcations of a closed trajectory, tangent to a surface of discontinuity of a vector field

    The paper considers a piecewise smooth vector field depending on a parameter. We describe bifurcations of a hyperbolic closed trajectory of a field after it touched the surface of discontinuity when the parameter changes.

    pdf 34-41.pdf  (481 Kb)

  • Ushkho D.S., Tlyachev V.B., Ushkho A.D.
    On straight lines assigned to trajectories of a plane cubic differential system

    Based on the concept of straight lines assigned to the trajectories of a plane cubic differential system, we present a new proof of the well-known theorem of Yu.S. Ilyashenko that the closed trajectory of a cubic system is an S-finite star, where 0 is less than or equal to S is less than or equal to 4.

    pdf 42-46.pdf  (410 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Gura D.A., Dubenko Yu.V., Buchatsky P.Yu., Markovsky I.G., Khusht N.I.
    Monitoring of complex infrastructure facilities

    Timely monitoring and diagnosis of the condition are an integral part of the operation of civilian infrastructure. This issue is especially relevant for complex engineering structures: bridges, tunnels, multilevel transport interchanges. Currently, monitoring of such objects mainly comes down to their periodic visual and instrumental examination, where the human factor plays an important role. In addition, this method of monitoring the condition of the above objects does not allow you to quickly detect the problem and take appropriate measures to eliminate it and prevent possible further damage to the entire structure. One of the effective ways to solve this problem is to use computer vision technology for continuous automatic monitoring of complex objects of civilian infrastructure. The aim of the study is to analyze the latest advances in computer vision in order to find the most suitable algorithms for creating a stationary automated system for monitoring the state of infrastructure. As a result of the work, the modern achievements of foreign scientific teams in the field of computer vision were reviewed and described. The main types of algorithms for detecting deformations of engineering structures through the use of photo and video data are structured and presented in a table with a description of their main advantages and disadvantages. Recommendations on the appropriateness of using one or another of the analyzed algorithms in the aspect of monitoring civilian infrastructure are made. The block diagram of the optimal version of a stationary automated system for monitoring the state of infrastructure facilities is given. The operation process of such a scheme is described with the specification of the basic functions performed by each of its links, the data are analyzed, on the basis of which recommendations on appropriate techniques are proposed. They will be applied in the subsequent development of a video surveillance system for the state of infrastructure facilities.

    pdf 74-80.pdf  (346 Kb)

  • Dovgal V.., Dovgal D.V.
    A survey of the integration possibilities of cloud computing and Internet of things

    Cloud computing is an important and widely used technology that allows users to access a shared pool of network resources. In addition, the Internet of things (IoT) has emerged as a new technology that allows multiple network objects to communicate with each other over wired or wireless networks. This article discusses the reference architectures and definitions of these two technologies proposed by the National Standard, as well as their security concerns and proposed solutions. The article discusses the latest trends in cloud computing and IoT research.

    pdf 81-86.pdf  (324 Kb)

  • Rybanov A.A.
    Diversity metrics of data types for physical schema of data base MySQL

    When designing information system databases, one important step is to correctly select the field data types in the tables. The following dominance measures are used to estimate the diversity of data types in the physical database schema: Simpson's diversity index, Shannon diversity index, Simpson's evenness index, Pielou evenness index. Comparison of applicability of the diversity indices used in ecology to assess the distribution of data types for physical schemes of databases is carried out. A comparative analysis of diversity indices of data types for physical database schemes has shown that the values of some indices are subject to certain rules. It is offered to use diversity indices for quality assessment of physical schemes of databases. The indices discussed in the paper can also be used to build new database complexity assessment models.

    pdf 87-90.pdf  (316 Kb)

  • Gaytov B.Kh., Kashin Ya.M., Kopelevich L.E., Samorodov A.V., Khristoforov M.S.
    Analysis of the issues of electric power supply of agro-industrial enterprises using an example of the federal state-owned enterprise Armavir Biofactory

    An analysis of the problems of electricity supply to agricultural enterprises is given based on the example of the Armavir Biofactory. To solve the problems of uninterrupted power supply, it is proposed to use hybrid wind-solar generator sets as additional power for electric consumers.

    pdf 91-96.pdf  (364 Kb)

  • Kizdermishov A.A., Kizdermishova S.Kh.
    Installing CMS Joomla 3.9.12 on the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating system

    The article deals with issues related to the installation of content management systems as part of the task of developing corporate portals. A detailed description of the installation of CMS Joomla 3.9.12 on the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating system is proposed.

    pdf 97-102.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Buchatsky P.Yu., Teploukhov S.V., Onishchenko S.V., Platonov A.S., Avdzhiyan A.A., Avdeev V.E.
    Implementation of the power assessment appliance for renewable energy sources

    The work deals with the approach to the creation of a software and hardware complex for obtaining meteorological data. A device for obtaining data on wind speed is implemented, software for their processing is considered. Based on the results obtained, it is possible to draw up recommendations for the selection of the best energy supply system using renewable energy sources.

    pdf 103-108.pdf  (609 Kb)

  • Meretukova S.K., Shishkhova S.K.
    Globally distributed data processing in models of information interaction of subjects of digital economy

    The article discusses the latest technologies in the field of the digital economy, which allow optimizing the production process and creating competitive advantages in the context of globalization of the world economy, the prospects and problems of their use.

    pdf 109-117.pdf  (358 Kb)

  • Malykhina M.P., Chastikova V.A., Dinmukhametov T.G., Petrov V.Ya.
    Method of detecting malware based on convolutional neural networks

    The article is devoted to the study of the application of convolutional neural networks of deep learning to the task of malware detection. The main features of convolutional neural networks are affected. An algorithm for preliminary processing of input data for analysis by a neural network is considered, based on the creation of images of executable files in a black and white color palette. In this algorithm, each image point is assigned a color corresponding to the value of a specific byte of the executable file. The proposed algorithm was implemented using the Python pro-gramming language. As a result of its application, a set of images was obtained for training and testing a neural net-work. To analyze the obtained images, the convolutional neural network architecture based on the Keras open neural network library was designed and implemented.

    pdf 118-124.pdf  (580 Kb)

  • Kudaev R.H., Kashin Ya.M., Kopelevich L.E., Samorodov A.V.
    Analysis of methods for processing biomaterials with an electromagnetic field

    The article provides the analysis of the influence of the electromagnetic field of extremely low frequencies on various biomaterials, the analysis of methods and technical solutions in this field.

    pdf 125-128.pdf  (292 Kb)

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