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  • Bgazhnokov B.Kh.
    Zhaneevets in historical geography of the Northwest Caucasus (The 4-6th centuries)

    This study aims to explore resettlement of a considerable part of Sanigs (the people well-known according to messages of antique writers – B.B.) from the areas of Transcaucasia to northwest spurs of Greater Caucasus Range. Judging by data of the Pevtingerovy map, it took place in the late 3rd and in the early 4th centuries. The part of Sanigs which remained on the former place created in the period of the Middle Ages the Zikhsky separate community under the name of Sadz (Dzhikhs, Dzhigits – B.B.), which took the important place in the Circassian-Abkhazian contact zone. Sanigs who moved into the North Caucasus formed Zikhiya’s part under a name of Zhaneevets and occupied at first the territory in the neighborhood of Nikopsis and Dzhubga. Then they advanced to the northwest to Tsemez and Abrau-Durso, having pushed the Goths and Huns out to Kuban and Don. At that time, the Zhane River to the south of modern Gelendzhik received its name which was given by Sanigs in the Western Circassia. Attention is paid to a ceremony of cremation, which was introduced into the North Caucasus, most likely, by Sanigs and practiced in these areas by the Goths as well.

    pdf 15-21.pdf  (346 Kb)

  • Melsitov V.V., Sergienko N.L.
    Decisive boundary on the way to the Great victory: towards the 75th anniversary of the Kursk fight

    The Kursk fight was one of the brightest pages of the Great Patriotic War. It has no analogs in world history in degree of persistence and bitterness of fight, participation in it of military equipment and human resources. Nearly 300 divisions, more than 4 million people, 69000 pieces of artillery and mortars, over 13000 tanks and SAU, and about 12 thousand warplanes on both sides participated in it. Authors fairly call the Kursk fight a culmination point not only of the Great Patriotic War, but also of the whole World War II. This battle in essence was the last attempt of the enemy to develop strategic approach on east front and then to pass to defensive strategy. Authors note that the Red Army and the Soviet military chiefs did not give the enemy an opportunity of these plans coming true. But this victory during which 30 perfect divisions of the enemy, including seven tank ones, were destroyed, came to our army at a price of heavy losses: these are 863000 people, including 254000 irrevocable, that is nearly 4 times more than losses of Hitlerites. And, nevertheless, despite big losses, the Soviet part became the winner in this bloody fight and finally secured a strategic initiative.

    pdf 22-26.pdf  (119 Kb)

  • Pazov I.S.
    Evolution of use of pasturable grounds in the Nalchik district at the beginning of the 20th century

    The work addresses the relevant issues of formation of the land relations and rules of land management in the Nalchik district at the beginning of the 20th century. The author focuses on the value and role of pasturable economy in the context of the land relations. The publication also raises questions of development of rules of land management and their realization in practice in land arrangement of the district, and reaction of the population to these transformations. It is concluded that it is expedient to consider instructions for use of pasturable economy as the factor, which led to change of traditional ways of the economic and social relations, which changed a form of land management. These rules resulted in cardinal changes of the agrarian relations. Delimitation of the earth in the Nalchik district during this period took place in the interests of strengthening the private land tenure seeking to monopolize all lands of mountain pastures. And these rules had to resolve this question, but this led only to escalation of the conflict of interests of all segments of the population of the district which led to social explosion of 1913.

    pdf 27-38.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • Tonkikh (Zaritskaya) T.V.
    Formation and development of the Soviet theater in Noorossiysk (1920-1940)

    This work discusses the questions related to the formation of theater in Novorossiysk in the first years of the Soviet power. V. Meyerhold, who was in Novorossiysk in 1920, has made the important contribution to its development. Initiatives of creating theaters got serious support from the Soviet power considering this art form as one of the most important in socialist propaganda and creation of the person of the new type.

    pdf 39-45.pdf  (138 Kb)

  • Shetinina N.M.
    The organization of charitable institutions in the Voronezh province in the late 19th and in the early 20th century, as taking the cue from the activity of Orthodox Saints

    The paper contains information on activity of representatives of the secular and church power on creation of charitable institutions. The author discloses peculiar features of institutions of this kind at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Influence of a feat of Orthodox Saints on society is shown.

    pdf 46-52.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • Abramov S.V.
    Idealization of the future as kind of an anticipative aberration

    The paper analyzes some kinds of illusory social expectations. Their destructive consequences are disclosed. The author aims to detect dialectic relationship between a domestic sociocultural paradigm and those images of the future, which are present in collective consciousness.

    pdf 53-59.pdf  (248 Kb)

  • Abutalipov A.R.
    Role of public organizations in increasing efficiency of post-penitentiary adaptation of the people released from places of detention in Russia

    The paper actualizes and analyzes a problem of increasing efficiency of resocialization of the people released from places of detention by the appeal to resocialization potential of public organizations. The point of view is proved that broad participation of the public in the solution of problems of the persons who served criminal penalty is an indispensable condition of the effective organization of the help and promotion to these people. In foreign countries creation of public organizations on rendering the help to people released from places of detention is widespread, while in Russia such practice is also available, though is not popular.

    pdf 60-67.pdf  (152 Kb)

  • Gridina V.V., Petinova T.M.
    National identity of young people as a factor of maintaining cultural traditions in multinational society

    The paper discusses the problem of maintaining national traditions in outlook and everyday life of young people. The relevance and the importance of national traditions in life of youth are analyzed not only on theoretical, but also at the empirical level. Results of the sociological research conducted by the authors testify to contradictory trends in perception of national culture and traditions by students, and demonstrate gradual washing out of national identity. The practical importance of this problem is realized in the specific recommendations focused on preservation and adaptation of national traditions and customs in conditions of the modern world.

    pdf 68-78.pdf  (166 Kb)

  • Zhade Z.A., Kumpilov T.M.
    Muslim identity as scientific category

    The paper examines features of Muslim identity, the formation of which is affected by religious institutes, organizations and associations. Muslim identification represents one of the main mechanisms of socialization through finding by the person of value orientations of Islam. It is concluded that the Muslim identity is combined with other levels of identity according to the principle of complementarity. However, it has the specific features.

    pdf 79-88.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • Ilyinova N.A., Konovalova L.A., Avagimyan A.V.
    Linguoculturological elucidation of the concepts "Islam" and "Moslem" in the context of "religious revival" of Russia in the early 21st century

    Authors demonstrate that globalization gives an impulse to globalization processes that in turn actualize a research of culture of the separate people. The role is shown of "religious revival" of Russia in development of such cross-disciplinary scientific layer as cultural linguistics, the task of which is studying interference of language and religion. Based on the analysis of the sociological researches conducted by various research teams, the authors arrive at a conclusion that religion occupies an important place in life of modern Russians. Considering the concepts "Islam" and "Moslem", the authors note specifics of the Russian Moslem, which acts as social practices of the Russians professing Islam.

    pdf 89-95.pdf  (426 Kb)

  • Koshel I.Yu.
    Sociocultural aspects of contemporary migration: specifics and prospects of sociological researches

    The paper discusses sociocultural aspects of migration in the conditions of contemporary public changes. Researches of migration processes in a foreign and domestic sociological thought are analyzed. It is concluded that it is necessary to address personal cultural models of movements, peculiar to migrants. As a theoretical hypothesis, the author offers models of "outcome", "escape", "emancipation", "development", and "return" which assume various internal subjective purposes and models of social behavior during migration processes.

    pdf 96-102.pdf  (135 Kb)

  • Lyausheva S.A., Pozdnyakova T.S.
    Realization of ethnicity in the course of representations in modern symbolical space (regional aspect)

    The paper studies an ethnic costume as one of instruments of designing ethnicity in the region. The clothes as the phenomenon of visual culture exist as ethnic distinctive sign and as attribute of modern fashion. The essence of the concepts "ethnic fashion" and "ethnic costume" is explained. Acting as the powerful instrument of designing ethnicity, the costume as phenomenological unit passes the next ways of development in the modern region: traditionalistic, accultural and renovative innovations. The fashion performs functions of socialization and identification of the personality, being one of forms of familiarizing of the individual with sociocultural experience. The publication discloses the role of public spaces as factor of social interaction. Public spaces provide an opportunity of transferring cultural samples in society. The authors prove that visual space of the Republic of Adyghea, its information filling, has an impact on the nature of ethnic socialization.

    pdf 103-107.pdf  (112 Kb)

  • Nekhay V.N., Shaov A.A., Nurakhmedova A.A.
    Religious culture of Islam as factor of consolidation of regional society

    The paper studies the influence of religious culture of Islam on ethnosocial consolidation in sociocultural space of the South of Russia. Religious culture acts as a basic factor of the interfaith world and interethnic consent, implementing the metaprinciples of humanity in spiritual life of the people of the region by means of the appeal to traditional socionormative institutions.

    pdf 108-114.pdf  (132 Kb)

  • Protsenko S.A.
    Reputation control through a motivation prism

    In the paper, we investigate reputation through a prism of motivation. We consider reputation as set of the social estimated ideas of the subject or object of activity created on the basis of objective parameters. It is extremely important to understand what affects behavior of employees. We considered the motivators affecting reputation of employees of the public civil service. One thousand and fourty seven municipal serving men and women with different length of service and age participated in this research. We used a sociometry method for collecting cumulative social estimated representations of employees about each other and for assessment of social interaction in the organization. To assess labor motivation we used STM technique intended for identification of motivators. Two hundred and twenty seven heads of different ranks were assessment objects in sociometry. Based on results of sociometry, two groups of heads with high and low reputation were allocated. The obtained results allow us to draw a conclusion that there are differences in motivational structure at employees with the different level of reputation and that the reputation can be controlled.

    pdf 115-119.pdf  (106 Kb)

  • Ramazanov R.O., Nagieva M.K., Ismailova S.F.
    Islamic factor in Dagestan during the Post-Soviet period: state and trends

    The paper discusses emergence of religious political extremism in the territory of the North Caucasus during the Post-Soviet period. The study focuses on factors of politicization of an Islamic component, distribution of the fundamentalist ideas and ideology of Wahhabism, union of the official power with Islamic dogma and negative trends in political life of the Dagestan society. The publication shows the activity of representatives of radical Islam during the Post-Soviet period, their focus on formation in territories of distribution of Islamic religion of the state system based on its principles. The political structure and introduction of the ideas of radical Islam in mass consciousness, as well as emergence of destructive trends in social and political development of the Dagestan society are characterized. Based on the results of the sociological surveys conducted in the republic, the authors demonstrate the attitudes existing in mass consciousness of Dagestanis, their focus on the secular state with freedom of worship.

    pdf 120-126.pdf  (132 Kb)

  • Salogub A.M., Demina N.V., Chistova M.V.
    Structure of creative management: levels of administrative influence

    The structure of creative management contains three steps: the microlevel determined by management of business and budgetary organizations; the middle level related to management of certain spheres of public life and the top-level of creative management. Levels of creative management are correlated by both hierarchy of management objectives and development of administrative vertical and horizontal interactions. The authors of scientific work arrive at a conclusion that the top-level creative management system has to be concentrated on development of strategic objectives of social development, giving management resources to the lower and middle levels to solve tactical problems by effective tools and to work as the reference system of coordination, forecasting and design.

    pdf 127-134.pdf  (155 Kb)

  • Tuzhba E.N., Chunikhina T.N.
    Social and psychological characteristics of the Caucasus ethnoses

    The paper explores social and psychological universals of the Caucasus ethnoses allowing them to perceive monotonously the surrounding social reality, as well as to act, including in conflict situations, being guided by the existing norms, behavior models and principles. The authors show dependence of social and mental features of the population on the environment of dwelling, resettlement geography; influence of the nature on perceptions of the individual, thereby on destiny and the nature of the people.

    pdf 135-144.pdf  (176 Kb)

  • Shakhbanova M.M., Nurilova A.Z., Gazimagomedov R.I.
    Factors of formation of intolerance in Dagestan modern society

    The research of a phenomenon of interethnic concord assumes use of the parameters demonstrating the nature and a condition of the interethnic relations among which the major are existence in mass consciousness of the principles related to refusal of violence, existence of positive ethnic stereotypes and orientation to maintenance of positive international dialogue and ethnic contacts. This publication discusses factors of formation of interethnic intolerance in Dagestan modern society. Based on the obtained results of sociological poll the authors arrive at a conclusion that barriers in the course of formation of interethnic concord are the poverty growth, social stratification of society and social vulnerability, existence of unemployment and a problem of employment, inefficiency of the policy which is carried out by the power in corruption elimination, activity of the informal national leaders opposing the Dagestan people each other, the low level of culture of interethnic communication, loss of the principles of international education, international opposition, ignoring national interests of the Dagestan people, manifestation of intra religious opposition and religious extremism, as well as the lack of confidence to the power.

    pdf 145-156.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • Bolokova M.A.
    Interpretation problem of culture in the conditions of civilization contradictions

    The paper is dedicated to refraction of a phenomenon of culture in the western philosophical thinking. The idea is expressed that deformations of attitudes of the western civilization concerning the person and the nature are depicted in widespread philosophical concepts of culture. The author gives justification of this idea based on the example of the activity approach to culture. The publication shows that orientation of culture as to transformation of the nature rightfully leads to the crisis phenomena in life of the countries making economic vanguard of the mankind. Besides, the author examines the axiological approach as an alternative to the activity and similar approaches. The axiological approach has the methodological potential for adequate understanding of the phenomenon of culture making it possible to reduce sharpness of global problems and other contradictions in development of the western civilization.

    pdf 157-162.pdf  (119 Kb)

  • Bolokova M.A.,Bezrukova A.A.
    Mass media as a factor of formation of mass culture in information society

    This paper discusses emergence of mass culture and some points of view on its formation. As is well-known, "mass culture" in scientific literature appeared in the middle of the 20th century as a concept of bourgeois culture. And also, the mass culture is used in the meaning of production and consumption of modern culture. The modern mass culture is the great, powerful resource influencing people. Therefore, it is necessary to be scrupulous about the broadcast values, which have to become further priority in global modern society.

    pdf 163-168.pdf  (118 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • Abidokov M.M.

    In modern conditions, of all the existing problems in the development of economic systems, the greatest attention is attracted by the problem of understanding the complex changes in technology and production organization, which would significantly affect the development of mankind as a whole. The article discusses the process of managing changes in economic systems. Managing changes in production is becoming one of the most pressing areas that determine the socio-economic policy of the state.

    pdf 14-20.pdf  (521 Kb)

  • Bezugly E.A., Tkachenko V.V., Shaposhnikov V.L.

    The article discusses and analyzes the Strategy of socio-economic development of the Belgorod region for the period up to 2025, considers a set of new measures and mechanisms to support entrepreneurship, improve the investment climate and stimulate the attraction of investors. Consideration of mechanisms and tools of project management, which allow to optimize the efficiency of labor, financial and time resources, to systematize the joint work of the Department of economic development of the region and economic entities for the implementation of projects aimed at increasing the economic potential of the region, improving the competitiveness of the region, improving the conditions for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

    pdf 21-27.pdf  (150 Kb)

  • Ivanova N.E., Kuznetsov S.V.

    The article deals with the cluster policy, which is an integral part of the socio-economic policy of the region, which is associated with increasing the competitiveness of the regional economy, rational use of resources, the spread of innovative methods of production. Due to the aggregate assessment of the clustering potential, it is possible to qualitatively and quantitatively assess the feasibility of clustering the industry, as well as to predict how effective the cluster activity can be.

    pdf 28-33.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • Ostapenko E.À.

    The article examines the main areas of involvement of domestic resources in the development of the regional economic system. The content of the function of the formation of entrepreneurial potential, implemented by the subjects of small and medium business, is determined. The components of a regional infrastructure platform aimed at building entrepreneurial potential are identified.

    pdf 34-43.pdf  (505 Kb)

  • Tkachev E.V.

    The article analyzes the place of urban agglomerations in the regional economy, as well as the impact of agglomerations on the development of the regional economy. The relationship between the average level of GRP and the degree of agglomeration of cities and adjacent territories is investigated. The relationship between the gross regional product and the degree of diversification of the agglomeration economy is considered. The structural features of the largest agglomerations, such as human capital and a history of their influence on their development, are analyzed.

    pdf 44-48.pdf  (131 Kb)

  • Khabekirov B.T.

    The article outlines the need to improve the system for managing the socio-economic development of regions based on innovative approaches that can give an additional impetus to the accelerated development of regions. One of the effective methods for increasing the effectiveness of regional socio-economic policies is project management, which has a number of advantages and has proven its effectiveness in the context of tight project implementation times and limited resources.

    pdf 49-54.pdf  (242 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • Ilina E.A., Mongush Yu.D.

    Agricultural production is a risky activity, because it depends not only on economic factors, but also on natural and climatic conditions. On the other hand, it is in this industry that vital food products are created. In such conditions, to ensure food security, the state needs to develop such support measures that will stimulate the production of agricultural products, as well as ensure the availability of these products to low-income groups of the population. The article proposes the use of grocery cards to support not only the population, but also regional agricultural producers. The proposed type of support is promising in the context of a budget deficit, since the funds allocated for the population stimulate regional agricultural production. The article used the statistical material of the Irkutsk region.

    pdf 55-62.pdf  (340 Kb)

  • Mokrushin A.A.

    The article discloses the potential of mechanisms of corporate integration in the improvement of intersectoral exchange in the agro-industrial complex of the region. The specificity and problems of the development of integration processes in the agro-industrial complex of modern Russia are highlighted. Corporate mechanisms of creation and functioning of vertically integrated formations in the agro-industrial complex of the region are systematized. The transformational potential of the mechanisms of vertical integration in the improvement of intersectoral exchange in the territorial agro-industrial complex is revealed. The functional decomposition of the process of management of intersectoral interaction of subjects of agro-industrial complex on the base of corporate integration is presented.

    pdf 63-71.pdf  (283 Kb)

  • Mokrushin A.A., Kartamyshev V.V.

    The article deals with the issues of substantiation of strategic priorities of socio-economic development of agro-industrial complex of the problem region. The characteristic features of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Adygea, which determine the prospects for the strategic development of this problem region, are highlighted. The priority directions of strategic development of agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Adygea based on its key competitive advantages are reasoned. Promising tools of state support and regulation of economic processes in the agro-industrial complex of the problem region are identified.

    pdf 72-82.pdf  (297 Kb)

  • Popova L.V., Gorshkova N.V., Shaldokhina S.Yu.

    Digital transformation of agrarian sphere, necessary for the development of a method of farming «Agriculture 4.0» requires appropriate logistical base, modern technology, equipped with computers and sensors. «Agriculture 4.0» means an integrated internal and external network operations in agricultural production. To reduce the time gap between the advent of «Agriculture 4.0» and reality is possible with substantial government support, as the financial position of farmers themselves cannot make this transition.

    pdf 83-89.pdf  (143 Kb)

  • Berezhnoy V.I., Suspitsyna G.G., Mazur O.A., Berezhnaya O.V.

    In the solution of problems of a sustainable development of an industrial economic entity the important place belongs to improvement of a control system of risks which allows an economic entity to reach more work good results, to increase efficiency of its activity and to improve a financial state in general. Recently financial managers even more often face a problem of an assessment and risk management of various non-productive character, including financial risks. There is obligatory a formation of the effective mechanism of an assessment of financial risks at the level of economic entities which is based on an optimum combination of tools of a risk management and indicators of efficiency of activity which could give objective information on degree of riskiness of managing. All this defines need of creation of a control system of risks at the enterprises.

    pdf 119-126.pdf  (486 Kb)

  • Smirnova K.V., Kuznetsov M.V.

    The article presents the results of a comparative analysis of the theories of the process approach to the supplier relationship management, presented in the works of foreign authors. On the basis of the analysis the authors offer approach to the identification of the composition, sequence and content of the processes of supplier relationship management based on the interpretation of the functions of the management cycle and systematization of methods of supplier relationship management. The presented approach combines processes and methods and can serve as the basis for the organizational design of the supplier relationship management system in any field of activity.

    pdf 127-135.pdf  (408 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • Begidova S.N., Agoshkova O.V., Manzhos L.V.

    This paper examines the formation of the teacher’s image at higher education institution, the attitude of contemporary students towards professional and methodical competence of the teacher, his personal qualities. The role of the teacher as the image-maker in formation of image of future expert, and his attitude to future professional activity are defined. Results are given of students’ thoughts about the image-making characteristics of the teacher which should be considered when forming the image of the teacher.

    pdf 15-21.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • Grinko M.A., Gridasova A.V.

    Sociocultural changes in the Russian society demanded correction of the target approaches in the higher education system focusing the teacher and the student on development of experience of educational activity and the corresponding competences. Based on the results of the analysis of literature and the developed experience of training of future teachers, we defined, typologized and characterized levels and described structure of the purposes of professional education that allowed us to specify adequacy of the common and intermediate goals and actions for their achievement at students. The obtained data of poll of students – future teachers of a foreign language showed their target reference points and the goal-setting trends which are displayed in the correlation of the relevant and perspective purposes of training, as well as interdependence of the performing and control - predictive actions necessary for successful mastering a profession.

    pdf 22-27.pdf  (149 Kb)

  • Demkina E.V.

    The paper discusses the theoretical aspects of the family policy. Family and children social assistance programs are considered as a key element of the family policy as a system. Authors carry out the analysis of the modern family policy in general. Also family and children assistance programs in the Netherlands and Ireland are elucidated in more detail.

    pdf 28-33.pdf  (118 Kb)

  • Krasnoperova A.G., Petkov V.A.

    The article discusses the author's approach to a solution of the problem of students’ professional socialization in secondary vocational education institutions. Based on the analysis of scientific and methodical literature and experience in the organization of educational activity in colleges and technical schools, the essence is defined and definition is given to a concept of professional socialization of students in college. The technology of pedagogical support of students’ professional socialization in secondary vocational education institution is disclosed. The criteria-diagnostic device of assessment of efficiency of students’ professional socialization based on the developed criteria, indicators and levels is described. The pedagogical conditions of successful implementation of this process and prospects of further development of this problem are identified.

    pdf 34-39.pdf  (129 Kb)

  • Lopatin A.A., Ukraintseva I.I., Mushkina I.A., Novikova S.S.

    This article describes the process of organizing and conducting the program of professional retraining of pedagogical and managerial personnel implementing programs to identify, train and support gifted children and young people in the region. The results of the development of a system of indicators to assess the achievement of the goals and objectives of the project and the criteria for the examination of the professional retraining program are presented.

    pdf 40-48.pdf  (142 Kb)

  • Nikonorov D.A., Petrosyan A.R.

    The pedagogical conditions defining efficiency of formation of professional and pedagogical competence in teachers of military higher education institutions are discussed. The specifics of professional activity of the military teacher assume orientation to development of three basic professional competences: professional-reflexive, appraisal-regulatory and sociocultural. The formation of these competences determines the level of effectiveness of professional activity of military teachers. The empirical data obtained as a result of the experimental work, which was carried out in 2015-2018 on the basis of the Krasnodar higher military aviation college of pilots and its branches, demonstrate that realization of the revealed pedagogical conditions had a considerable impact on process of formation of professional and pedagogical competence of military teachers. The carried-out pedagogical diagnostics showed authentically high level of gain of the indicators characterizing formation of professional competences of the teachers participating in this experiment.

    pdf 49-54.pdf  (117 Kb)

  • Shang Shang

    The article discusses the author's approach to consideration of essence of educational influence representing the central element and the basic mechanism of functioning of an educational system in general. It arises under condition of manifestation of activity of subjects of education process. Educational influence is a part of a complex pedagogical system. This system is defined by the social institutes of education capable to set both a constructive and destructive vectors of development of the person as humanitarian integrity depending on the purposes chosen by them and degree of their awareness by the personality, as well as the adequate purposes of technology and ways of their realization.

    pdf 55-60.pdf  (117 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • Golovko R.A., Khazova S.A., Grigorova E.V., Subbotina E.A.

    Current trends of informatization and technologization of activity of society define special requirements to competences of experts. The key value for efficiency of professional activity is gained by abilities to research work. Formation of these abilities at future engineers whose work is directly connected with invention, scientific creativity is especially important. Training of future engineers for this work has to be carried out from the first courses in college. Results of the research directed to identification of psychological and pedagogical conditions of the organization of research work of the first-year students in technical college are given in this article. The developed program providing realization of these conditions in educational process of college is presented. The results of a pilot study demonstrating efficiency of the offered terms and programs are stated.

    pdf 61-68.pdf  (140 Kb)

  • Minakova P.S., Rogovaya N.A., Shegay L.A.

    The article analyzes the problem of formation of professional foreign communication competences in Master’s degree students. Theoretical questions of formation of professional foreign communication competence are examined. The types of professional foreign communication competences are determined. The levels of mastering these competences at Master’s degree students are studied at the initial and final stages of pedagogical experiment. The motives of foreign language learning according to Master’s Degree Programme are examined. In order to form the professional foreign communication competence, the experimental program for “Course of Professional Translation” is worked out. In conclusion the analysis of results is given. The increasing in students of professional foreign communication competence and interest to studying foreign language is established. The efficacy of the designed program is approved.

    pdf 69-77.pdf  (275 Kb)

  • Soldatov D.P.

    Process of creation and use of the tutor’s professional electronic portfolio is described. The author considers the structure of this portfolio and explains validity of the allocated components. The analysis of assessment of use of the portfolio is provided in the article.

    pdf 78-82.pdf  (740 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • Borodina N.V., Shuvanov I.B., Shchetinina E.V.

    The article substantiates the relevance of the problem of self-development of the personality of a psychologist and discloses modern scientific judgments about self-development as a psychological phenomenon. The personality of a psychologist as a subject of development in the process of professional activity is analyzed. The causes, manifestations and features of self-development of the personality of a psychologist are analyzed based on empirical research conducted among educational psychologists of general educational institutions with professional experience of less than 3 years.The results of the study expand the content characteristic of the process of self-development of the personality of a psychologist in a general educational institution.

    pdf 83-92.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • Novikova S.S., Knyazkova M.G.

    The article describes the aspects of the personality psychological foundations of the stability / variability of moral norms in teachers.

    pdf 93-97.pdf  (113 Kb)

  • Novikova S.S., Fedorova N.N.

    The article describes the specificity of strategies of coping behavior of novice psychologists with different role self-esteems.

    pdf 98-103.pdf  (268 Kb)

  • Ukraintseva I.I., Novikova S.S., Mushkina I.A.

    The paper describes the psychological conditions of support of the program of professional retraining of pedagogical and managerial personnel for the systems of identification and support of gifted children and youth based on experimental work in the Center for Youth Development.

    pdf 104-108.pdf  (107 Kb)

  • Tserekidze Ya.V., Shuvanov I.B.

    Features of a concept, essence and type of administrative adaptation are considered. Relevant factors of primary administrative adaptation are revealed. Also, using an empirical research, influence of motivational and personal factors on formation of type of primary administrative adaptation at the employees holding senior positions in education is considered.

    pdf 109-113.pdf  (110 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • Baymurzin A.R.

    Psychological and organizational basics of formation of management team in higher education institution of physical culture and sport are covered. The management team is a powerful organizational resource. Team interaction can yield the result, which cannot be achieved by the head in individual interaction with the subordinates. The management team allows creation of the effective mechanism of interaction both at vertical and horizontal level, i.e. between various linear and functional units, which are carrying out different tasks within higher education institution of physical culture.

    pdf 114-118.pdf  (239 Kb)

  • Kuznetsova Z.V., Klimenko A.A., Solenova R.I., Balandin V.A.

    This article provides data on features of motive readiness of 6 years-old boys and girls to traditional sports activity of the Kuban Cossacks (ethnomotive readiness). Need of carrying out special researches on sexual dimorphism by using a technique of formation of the personal physical culture in children of the advanced preschool age, which is based on use of value potential of traditions of the Kuban Cossacks physical training, is proved. The analysis of results of this research is made by comparing the obtained data at boys with the results of similar researches at girls. The result of this research is the revealed higher susceptibility of ethnomotive material by girls in comparison to boys.

    pdf 119-124.pdf  (116 Kb)

  • Kutepov N.I., Dashivets V.F.

    By application of the theoretical and logical analysis, we define the directions of young people preconscription training, the structure of problems solved by introduction of the sports focused physical training, structure of means of the sports focused physical training in the system of preconscription physical training and other components of the process. Based on the conducted pilot study it is proved that the existing system of physical preconscription training insufficiently provides realization of needs of young people at the satisfactory level. The offered model of senior physical training to the military service constructed based on use of the sports focused physical training allows effective preconscription training. It provides a degree of compliance to requirements to the military personnel in the level of development of physical qualities (forces, endurance, speed) corresponding to assessments "satisfactorily" and "well" at the time of completion of training in the 10th class.

    pdf 125-131.pdf  (295 Kb)

  • Chermit K.D., Kutepov N.I.

    Based on the carried-out comparative analysis of public needs for achievement by young people of premilitary age of high level of physical fitness, opportunities of the sports focused physical training for formation of physical culture of the personality and increase in its physical and motive components, the pedagogical need to use values of sport is revealed. Realization of this requirement restrains by lack of knowledge connected with determination of the resource importance and structure of values of sport and knowledge of bases of their application for the solution of problems of youth preconscription training. In this article, by application of the theoretical and logical analysis the directions of preconscription training of youth, the structure of problems solved by introduction of the sports focused physical training, structure of means of the sports focused physical training in the system of preconscription physical training and other components of future technique are defined. The obtained data set can become a basis for creation of process of preconscription physical training and an effective system of preconscription training of youth.

    pdf 132-138.pdf  (139 Kb)

  • Baste Z.Yu.

    The article analyzes the linguo-cognitive specificity of the worldview of the bilingual language personality. Bilingualism is a complex psycholinguistic phenomenon and is considered by modern language science in close connection with the concepts of linguistic consciousness, linguistic personality, since language is a way of thinking and a means of communication, and also represents the worldview of ethnos and linguistic personality. It is concluded that the bilingual linguistic personality is a phenomenon characterized by the interaction in the human linguistic consciousness of social and linguistic forms and norms of two different groups with different cultural and socio-political characteristics. At the same time, on the one hand, these are linguistic categories of the native language or that “of the mother”, acquired in a natural way, on the other hand, the foreign or native language, but secondary-learned. The recognition of the possibility of forming a full-fledged bilingual personality makes it advisable to study native and non-native languages in close connection with culture. The data obtained contribute to the determination that the language always exists as a means of self-expression of a nation, its mentality, spirit and spirituality, the development of the world around it, and that the bilingual person combines in its linguistic consciousness two linguistic worldviews, which correspond to two languages he speaks almost at the same level.

    pdf 17-22.pdf  (109 Kb)

  • Glushchenko A.N.

    The paper observes the lexico-semantical and cognitive-pragmatic peculiarities of the political discourse of Donuld Trump on Twitter. Personal profile of the President of the USA, in contrast to other political representatives, is a vivid example of the linguistic behaviour of Trump and specialties of his daily communication. The following social profile is especially interesting for its personification and emotionalism. The analysis of personal social texts, including linguistic and extra-linguistic aspects of this particular person, allow us create a complete image of the figure of Donuld Trump, full of a number of individual elements of deposition and speech tactics, such as emotional expression, impulsiveness in oral and written communication, underlining of personal achievements. Social network Twitter of Donuld Trump is also unique according to the percentage of messages of personal matter.

    pdf 23-28.pdf  (141 Kb)

  • Grushevskaya E.S.

    The actualization of the union phenomenon (UF) is shown on the material of the analysis of linguistic representations of various levels - from lexico-grammatical to discursive. The research hypothesis is the ontological status of the union's seme determines the necessity and the possibility of describing the actualization of the union phenomenon in political discourse. The goal is to characterize the additional elements of the value-strategic potential of political discourse. The novelty of the research approach lies in the justification of the UF as a value-strategic alternative-complementary phenomenon (ACP) of political discourse. The theoretical significance of the research consists in identifying and defining linguistic representations of the value-strategic potential of political discourse, in practical terms, in applying the results of analysis when interpreting political texts with the aim of prospectively studying the status of the union phenomenon as an alternative complementary phenomenon in various linguistic cultures. The results of the analysis showed the general and specific characteristics of the phenomenon of union, manifested as strategies of integration and differentiation.

    pdf 29-34.pdf  (89 Kb)

  • Evsyukova T.V., Glukhova O.V.

    The research deals with the issues of an interdisciplinary nature and is relevant to the fields of lingvoculturology, onomastics, axiology and brand-naming. The aim of the research is to study the differences in axiological codes of trademarks at the stage of creation and at the stage of perception by speakers of other lingocultural environment. To achieve this goal, the article discusses the definition of the axiological code; identifies the axiological code of verbal trademarks in the creating linguistic culture by comparing the cultural code with the values of culture; considers decoding values of the trademark with the recipient - the representative of a different linguistic culture, and especially its adaptation. The method of associative experiment is used as the main method to reveal the structural elements of the axiological code identified by the recipient.

    pdf 35-40.pdf  (89 Kb)

  • Zdanovskaya L.B., Nepshekueva T.S.

    The paper discusses the specific perception of the notion “Political Olympus” in the German linguistic field. The peculiarities of the cultural and historical development, European worldview and world interpretation, the specifics of coordination between the institutions of political and state power in Germany have been the reasons for fixing divergent fragments in the picture of the world, realized by the notion “Political Olympus” in the mental mindset of the Germans. Global changes taking place in the social and political life of any society are usually reflected in the lexical system of the language. The analysis of the texts in the Russian and German print media in the framework of political discourse revealed the national peculiarities of perceiving the notion “Political Olympus” in the German linguistic culture, which led to the conclusion of the polar explication of the characteristics of the notion in question in the German language. According to the author, the notion “Political Olympus”, on the one hand, is firmly established in the mental mindset of the German people as personification of power, democracy, freedom of choice, stability of economic development, and on the other hand, it is a symbol of conflict, crisis of power, political powerlessness. The findings of the study of the notion “Political Olympus” in the German linguistic field demonstrate the increasing trends of its actualization. In this regard the analysis of the peculiarities of the notion “Political Olympus” language explication is of substantial interest. The author therefore concludes that the notion is universal on the basis of its correlation with culture constants. Practical significance of the material presented is the possibility of its usage in the preparation of special scientific and methodological seminars on cognitive linguistics and theory of intercultural communication.

    pdf 41-46.pdf  (143 Kb)

  • Karipidi A.G., Baturyan M.A.

    The purpose of this article is to study the verbalization of the concepts “TRUTH” and “FALSE” in the phraseological units of the English and Russian languages. In the course of the study, general scientific, linguistic and comparative methods are used, 5 types of idioms are distinguished, the opinions of eminent scientists are cited. Idiom phraseological units act as imaginative means of language. Ideas and images that underlie a phraseological nomination, when people communicate with each other, operate with linguistic meanings as a result of cognitive activity. Such values are considered in various discursive situations. The research is made within the study of such a phenomenon as “concept” and provides the definition of a “phraseological unit”. As a result of the analysis of the existing informative database and the peculiarities of the presentation of the concepts “TRUTH” and “FALSE” on the material of the phraseology of two languages, we come to the conclusion about the diversity of the studied concepts, however, we single out the predominance of the “FALSE” concept in the studied languages. The establishment of the meaning of the concepts “TRUTH” and “FALSE” in Russian and English plays an important role in practical and theoretical activities in modern linguistics.

    pdf 47-50.pdf  (117 Kb)

  • Litvinenko E.Yu., Garaeva M.V.

    The article proves the significan role of the language in the context of ethnic accommodation of the ethnic group to the host community. The aim of the work is to determine the role of language acquisition in the conditions of trans-ethnic accommodation, affecting the processes of convergence / divergence between representatives of the ethnic group and the dominant group. The theory of “linguistic suppression” and a comparative analysis of ethnonyms that mediate the ethnic group’s perception of the host community representatives and vice versa was used as a research method. The definition of “accommodation” is given from the point of view of language studies. The levels of scientific research carried out in recent decades within the framework of linguistics and sociolinguistics, which can be divided into multinational, socio-contextual, institutional and individual, are distinguished. Citing examples of ethnonyms, the authors emphasize that complex ethnonyms play the key role in inter-ethnic communication, which imply not only genetic mixing of representatives of different ethnic groups, but also the attitude of an ethnic group and society in different interaction contexts. The role of the language qualifier, which allows determining the ethnic identity in the process of accommodation to the host culture, which may take the form of the so-called “dual identity”, is analyzed. The obtained data can be applied in the process of building language policy to enhance the convergence of ethnic groups and relieve tensions caused by the language factor.

    pdf 51-59.pdf  (132 Kb)

  • Litvinenko E.Yu., Garaeva M.V.

    The article is devoted to one of the most relevant topics for contemporary sociolinguistics - the presence of gender asymmetry in linguistic world views and verbal communication practices. The goal of the article is to substantiate the significance and heuristic potential of sociolinguistic research for modern study of gender and inter-gender relations. The authors use cognitive methodology of sociolinguistic research of gender, according to which the language picture of the world represents both the product and the starting point of cognitive processes through which a person is oriented in the society and build social expectations. Practical and scientific significance is determined by understanding the language as one of the most important tools of cognitive activity in constructing a conceptual world image and gender models of social behavior and communication in particular. Being a sociocultural construct, gender represents itself through the forms of language communication, and therefore gender linguistics is the key to understanding the internal dynamics of the cultural design processes of masculinity and femininity images. On the materials of modern sociolinguistic studies, the article shows the asymmetry of the male and female models of language communication, which largely determines the representation of the hierarchy of the male and female models through the use of specific vocabulary, patterns of word formation, features of verbal communication characteristic of the male and female gender. The findings can be useful for linguistic socialization of young people in order to overcome gender asymmetry in an emancipating society.

    pdf 60-67.pdf  (95 Kb)

  • Naumenko I.V.

    The article studies the features of metaphorization of lexeme traffic in the American language picture of the world. The choice of American English to study the metaphorical representation of the lexeme is due to the significant influence of the American automobile culture on the formation of the linguocultural community. The goal is the study of the semantic expansion of the concept in the US automotive discourse. The relevance is due to the lack of knowledge of the metaphorical nomination of the lexeme in American English. The material of the study is taken from authoritative general and special dictionaries of the English language. An analysis of metaphorization, including from the standpoint of an etymological approach, led to the conclusion that its metaphorical rethinking is affected by the linguocultural environment. In the course of the study, the etymological method and the methods of definitional and component analysis were involved. It has been established that phrasal verbs are the most frequent means of transportation, as well as anthropomorphic models, some of which undergo double metaphorization, penetrating into other types of discourse.

    pdf 68-72.pdf  (101 Kb)

  • Neustroev K.S.

    The article is devoted to the analysis of the subject matter, as well as the characteristics of selected speech acts (RA) in terms of their relationship. As the source of empirical material, the voluminous, phenomenologically complex and illustrative “Copyright Law” of the United States, adopted in 1976, which is distinguished by a certain discursive dynamic, was chosen. In modern humanitarian knowledge considerable attention is paid to the multidimensional analysis of the interaction of the pragmatic and non-pragmatic aspects of linguistic objects. This is facilitated by the growing mutual interactions between the language science and interdisciplinary research. Such epistemic prerequisites determine the relevance of the problem under consideration in this article, which is identifying the relationship between the subject matter, as a linguistic object, and the indirect nature of the speech act. The scientific and theoretical significance of this study means that it enriches the linguistic understanding of such a subject area as “Copyright” and reveals the regular nature of the relationship between a certain understanding of the subject area and an indirect speech act.

    pdf 73-78.pdf  (89 Kb)

  • Kretov A.V., Pavlovskaya O.E.

    The article deals with the translation of the chosen places of Octoechos from Greek and Church Slavonic languages into Russian, that was made by St. Theophan (Govorov). The material is valuable not only as a historical heritage of our people, but also as a source of spiritual, moral, aesthetic, intellectual values and landmarks. Language tools that embody the pragmatic purpose of translation are analysed with a view to make the text comprehensible for contemporaries. Various techniques of representation of the pragmatic function of chants are examined in different levels of the language. The conclusion is that Saint Theophanes had an interpreting intuition that brought the Greek and Church Slavonic liturgical texts closer to modern perception while maintaining the common theme of the original.

    pdf 79-84.pdf  (215 Kb)

  • Plotnikova L.I., Plotnikova Ju.V.

    The article gives an analysis of lexical neologisms in poetic texts of Belgorod authors. The study of this phenomenon poses the actual problem, because the author’s words represent lingvocreative specific of linguistic personà and tendencies of linguistic development. Along with the regional marked words, they are important components of a regional poetic discourse. The multi-aspect analysis of author’s words allowed to reveal dominants of regional poetic word creation. The used methods of the system scientific description, interpretation and the contextual analysis of author’s words allowed to draw conclusions that the dominant of regional poetic word creation can be considered as addition of different words. Along with them dominate prefixal and suffixal substantives, compound and prefixal adjectives, suffixal verbs, prefixal adverbs. The created words, on the one hand, reflect creative abilities of the linguistic persona, and on the other hand – reveal typological features of the regional poetic world.

    pdf 85-91.pdf  (92 Kb)

  • Popova L.G., Gamov A.N.

    The proposed article analyzes the existing definitions of the military term and puts forward its own point of view on the status of the military term of the English language. There is proposed a possible thematic classification of military terms of the English language. On the example of the ÕÕth century English-language prose by two authors E. Hemingway and R. Aldington, the presence of thematic groups of military terms is revealed, the frequency of their using is established. It is concluded that in these prosaic texts military terms retain their meaning, recorded in specialized dictionaries. The relevance of the proposed study is due to the constant scientific interest of linguists in the study of military terms and the definition of the status of a military term, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, insufficient knowledge of the functioning of military terms in the fiction. The scientific novelty of this work is due to the fact that it establishes for the first time possible changes in the thematic classification of military terms in English prose of the twentieth century. The purpose of the article is to clarify the composition of thematic groups of English military terms in the prose of the XXth century. Hence, the objectives of the proposed study are the analysis of the existing definitions of military terms, the definition of the composition of thematic groups of military terms used in English prose of the XXth century. This work has theoretical and practical significance, as it contributes to the development of a direction of modern terminology as the study of the specific use of terms in non-special texts. The results of the study can find their application in the expansion of articles of dictionaries of military terms of English.

    pdf 92-99.pdf  (120 Kb)

  • Redko G.V., Eremeeva A.A.

    The objects of the study are phraseological units as martial units of the language, making expressions expressive, emotional and figurative. The goal is to characterize phraseological adhesions, turns and combinations and present the specificity of each type of phraseological unit. The relevance of the work is the need to identify adequate ways to transfer phraseological units as cultural realities, reflecting the national identity of the people. For the first time, idioms borrowed from different languages are described and an extra-contextual interpretation of their meanings is presented. The originality of idioms borrowed from the Old Slavonic language is noted. The study helps to solve the problem of transmitting national-cultural meanings, especially in fiction, since it is known that the phraseologisms reflect the history of the ethnic group, its culture and way of life, its national character and worldview, and also develop a theory of stable phrases, in particular phraseological units, having a complex semantic structure that distinguishes them from non-phraseological (free) combinations variables of similar component composition and structure. It is proved that phraseological units are important not only as a means of communication, but also as sources of various socially significant information. The main methods of research used are as follows: a comparative analysis method, a contextual method for determining features of functioning of the studied units in textual material, elements of component analysis for determining the degree of proximity of the lexeme of the original language and translation, and also a method of quantitative analysis. The results of the study can be useful in the stylistic analysis of the text and the interpretation of its meaning.

    pdf 100-105.pdf  (132 Kb)

  • Sarangaeva Zh.N.

    The aim of this work is to describe the emblematic characteristics of the concept “nomadism” in Kalmyk culture and language. The emblematic description of the concept is displayed in its verbal expression. The emblematic interpretation is revealed in the meanings of culturally-marked dialect, lexical and phraseological units, etiquette formulas, etc. The material of the study was data of explanatory, synonymous, phraseological and paremiological dictionaries. The methods of component and contextual analysis, the interpretative method allowed us to identify the definite evaluative and ethno-specific features of this phenomenon. The study reveals in lexical units the notion “nomadism” is both expressed with the help of one- and multi-word equivalents through the complex semantic shades of meaning. Lexico-phraseological units with the component ‘nomadism’ and ‘nomadic’ denote the key notions that correspond with the basic values of Kalmyk lingvoculture. The emblematic characteristics of the concept are also expressed in its special ritualization. The work has the certain practical significance. Its results can be applied in the lectures on interpretive cultural linguistics, ethnolinguistics, sociolinguistics and intercultural communication.

    pdf 106-111.pdf  (228 Kb)

  • Tkacheva A.N.

    The aim of this work is to identify, classify and analyze some lexical and grammatical means of naming French Comedy films. The role of English words, neologisms, antonyms, phraseological units, interrogative and imperative sentences of movie titles of French Comedy films was studied. The linguistic means express the irony, expressivity, emotions. Several linguistic means can be used simultaneously. The comic and gaming titles provoke psychological arousal, attract attention and involve the audience into the decoding of the incorporated meaning. The lexical and grammatical means are an indicator of the author’s attitude to the film’s characters and plot. The linguistic and stylistic components of the original linguistic game are often lost in the translating the French film comedies titles into Russian. The research results can be practically used in the training of specialists of cinema and media industry, as well as in teaching French to students of screen and creative professions.

    pdf 112-118.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • Filimonova E.P.

    The article observes the concept competition as a linguo-cognitive dominant of sports discourse. The components of the concept such as “victory”, “beauty”, “rules” (norms), “obstacle” are identified and analyzed. The concept “competition” enters into certain opposition to such concepts as “health”, “strength” and “physical perfection” due to the emphasis within the concept on such notions as success and risk. Sports discourse suggests active involvement of the linguosemiotic and social background, involving the concepts of competition and game, as well as all concepts subordinate to them, in the speech activity of parties to sports communication. The results of the study have a theoretical significance due to the fact that the cultural space is characterized by the presence of an element of competition in it, and competition in strength and agility, endurance is important for human society not only to achieve material gain, but also in terms of enjoying the game. It is concluded that the whole history of mankind is a reflection of competition in various fields - in economics, in education, politics and art, and thanks to it, interpersonal conflicts are resolved peacefully, a symbolic embodiment of which is sports.

    pdf 119-123.pdf  (84 Kb)

  • Edilkhanova Kh.J.

    In conditions of dynamic expanding of modern world knowledge national specifity of other culture help to understand each other better. The article deals with the linguistic ways of reflection of the national mentality of the Chechen and English nations. Comparative analysis of parameological material in Chechen and English languages allow us to say about specific worldviews of each nation. The purpose of this article is to compare stereotypes of behavior of both nations through the analysis of paroemia, to reveal similar traits of Chechen and English paroemia and similar requirements to each representative of nations, due to the influence of mentality of two different nations we can see characteristic of each nation. From theoretical point of view, the research allows us to generalize scientific knowledge in the field of research, and also analyse and synthetize the available theoretical material. The following methods of research had been used in the process of work: critical analysis, scientific and methodical literature in the problem of researching; comparative method - comparison of linguistic realities of two cultures; and ethods of analysis and synthesis to study structural and semantic of system of proverbs. The study revealed specific features characteristic of Chechen and English paroemia, reflecting the national mentality of each nation. A figurative idea of the national mentality of two different languages was formed on the basis of the analysis, necessary for a better mutual perception of nations.

    pdf 124-128.pdf  (84 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • Bakov Kh.I.
    Features of the figurative system in the poetry of Kurman Duguzhev

    The article deals with the problems of mastery of the talented Circassian poet Kurman Duguzhev (1941-1984) based on the lyric material. For the first time, a lyrical-epic analysis of the poem “The Dance of Askhad” is conducted, that made it possible to identify the features of the poem composition and plot. Particular attention is paid to the issues of the poet’s innovation in the use of original visual tools: epithets, comparisons, avatars and metaphors. The main motifs of the poet's lyrics and means of individualization of images are revealed. The concept of a “small homeland” is noted, the origin of which is connected with the poet’s biography, with his creative individuality. The results of research of K. Duguzhev’s poetry can be used in the practice of secondary and higher school, in which the Adyg literature is studied.

    pdf 129-133.pdf  (81 Kb)

  • Tugaeva M.A.
    Category of time in A. Akhmatova's artistic texts

    The article is devoted to identifying the role of the philosophical category of time in the structure of the artistic texts of the poems of Anna Akhmatova. The purpose of the work is to compare the artistic speech with the everyday speech in order to give semantic and graphic characteristics of the temporal relations of the poetic text as a reflection of the artistic style of the author. The material of the study included verses and poems of Anna Akhmatova from different periods of creativity. The article is based on contextual, comparative and descriptive research methods. Some features of Akhmatova's poetic system of syntax are identified, associated with brevity and fragmentation of phrases, weakening of the verb, which gives the syntax conciseness and laconicism. The means of enhancing the expressiveness of A. Akhmatova's writing are repetitions, parallelisms, rhetorical questions, interstitial exclamations, expressive particles, repeating conjunctions, metaphors and other figures of poetic syntax that, in the artistic perception of man, transform ontological time as a form of physical reality in artistic time as a form of aesthetic reality. The results of the study are both of theoretical (the study of the individual manner of the author, the functioning of artistic speech) and practical significance, determined by the interrelation of the two branches of philology (literary criticism and linguistics) with the theory and practice of teaching national literature in secondary and higher education.

    pdf 134-139.pdf  (88 Kb)

  • Panesh U.M., Sokolova G.V.
    On features of formation of the Adyghe modern prose of the late 1940s and early 1950s

    The paper examines the typological features of development of the Adyghe modern prose in the second half of the 1940s and in the beginning of the 1950s in the context of domestic literature. The problematical character and an originality of the conflict of prosaic works are analyzed, their genre features and style originality determined by ideological attitude and the theory of absence of conflict are established. The art searches connected with an attempt to reflect hot topics and to strengthen the art problematical character are revealed. The used sociocultural, comparative and typological methods help to formulate conclusions about features of the new, intermediate stage of the formation of national literatures that reflected typological features of domestic art of a word. Work contributes to the solution of problems of evolution of various genres of literature. Its value is connected also with a possibility of its application at a research of history of domestic literature and in the development of textbooks and manuals.

    pdf 140-144.pdf  (83 Kb)

  • Khavzhokova L.B., Shogenova E.A.
    Musarbi Sokurov's sonnets as the first experiments in mastering the genre in Kabardian literature

    The article is devoted to the study of the sonnet genre in Kabardian poetry, based on an example of Musarbi Sokurov's sonnets. The urgency of the problem involved is due to the rapid progress of the innovative genre of the sonnet and the sequence of sonnets in Kabardian literature and the need to fill the existing gap in identifying the main trends and guidelines for its evolution. The main attention of the authors is paid to both formal and informative features of sonnets of the specified author. The features of observance / non-observance in his sonnets of the canonical norms of the genre are revealed. In this research, the method of the structural analysis, allowing determination of genre, style and composite characteristics of the sonnet, is used. The hermeneutical method, promoting identification of the main motif lines, is used to examine the informative features of sonnets. It is found out that the sonnet passed a difficult way of formation in the Kabardian literature. Thanks to the first poets who wrote sonnets this genre reached a certain level of development and now occupies one of the leading places. At early stages of formation of the sonnet by M. Sokurov, all canons of this genre were mastered, beginning from subject and finishing with formal indicators. Results can be used in studying the Kabardian poetry, in developing special courses on national literature and in writing qualification works.

    pdf 145-150.pdf  (86 Kb)

  • Khadzhieva L.L., Khorolsky V.V.
    Publicistic discourse in the postmodern literature of Europe at a boundary of the 20th and 21st centuries: disputes on the ideals and methods of study

    The article is aimed at scrutiny of the world outlook of some authors close to postmodern aesthetics, at investigation of their methodological ambivalence, that influences literary texts and contemporary public writing (e.g. J. Baudrillard, J. Barnes, P. Ackroyd), popular scientific texts (PST), created under the influence of rhizome-structured textual models; value relativization patterns being the core of “transitional period” problem. The article deals with the unsolved problems of methodological preferences in postmodern literature in the context of symbiotic relationships of artistic and journalistic texts in the framework of information age ideology and predominance of hedonistic consumerism ideals. Dominating entertainment (playful) strategies and patterns of Postmodern mass culture determine imagery of both literary and journalistic texts. Contextual analyses of J. Barnes and – to a lesser extent – P. Ackroyd’s PST and artistic discourses, investigated in the realm of artistic and non-fiction narration symbiotic unity, make it possible to draw conclusions about contradictory gist of such texts that are created under rhizomatic and relativistic ideals impact. This conclusion is important for creating generalized value-aspect criteria of contemporary literary process. Cultural-informational approach to PST analyses is relevant for mediatization of mass culture products bringing forth ambivalent ethical ideals. The article can be used during lecturing on foreign literature history. Also it can be used for cultural studies and media critical interpretation of texts that joins together fictional, documentary, popular scientific and other strategies.

    pdf 151-157.pdf  (93 Kb)

  • Shishkhova N.M., Kapets O.V.

    The purpose of the study is the scientific understanding of the important problem “Dostoevsky and the East”, rarely analyzed by literary scholarly science for various reasons, the accumulation of the writer's views, scattered in the artistic space of the novels. It is revealed that the peculiarities of the solution of the stated problem are often highlighted, emphasized as one of the main ideas in the writer's subjects. On the basis of the comparative historical method, the hypothesis is substantiated that in the typology of Dostoevsky’s characters, the place of the Muslim prophet is often found next to Christ, and these images, as interpreted by the writer, acquire a universal character and fit into the archetype system. As a result of the textual analysis, it has been established that the reason for this attitude may lie in the understanding by Dostoevsky of the commonness of the main ideas of thinking, traditions and customs of different peoples and faiths.

    pdf 158-161.pdf  (80 Kb)

  • Kudaeva Z.Zh.
    Sacral foundations of the Adyghe etiquette - Adyghe Habze (based on Adyghe proverbs and proverbial signs)

    The main objective of this study is to compare, analyze and identify the mythopoetic parameters that underlie the Adyg etiquette rules and norms. The study is carried out using comparative and structural-semiotic research methods. The material for the analysis are the tests of the Adyg proverbs and proverbial signs-rules. As a result of the research undertaken, it was revealed that etiquette rules and attitudes, as well as “superstitious” signs-rules constitute a single semantic field, the main parameters of which reflect the mythological coordinate system inherent in the Adyg ethnic tradition. At the heart of the "superstitious" signs-rules and proverbs embodying moral and ethical attitudes and norms of etiquette (adyghe habze) is the sphere of the sacred, objectifying and relating the mythological model of the world with everyday life. The norms and attitudes of the Adyg etiquette, embodied in the texts of proverbs, as well as the "superstitious" signs-rules contain implicitly present mythopoetic ideas, the myth-ritual scenario, which should ensure a favorable course of life.

    pdf 162-168.pdf  (91 Kb)

  • Salazhieva E.I.
    The place of folklore in information structure and the art system of the work by U.L.Laudaev "The Chechen Tribe"

    The paper discusses the role of folklore in an information field and the art world of the work by U.L. Laudaev "The Chechen Tribe". The purpose of this research is to analyze the incentive reasons and motivation of the Chechen educator to address the materials of oral folk poetic art and traditional national culture, mainly, as the sources of prescientific knowledge and manifestation of ethnic mentality. Application of historical-literary, comparative and typological research methods allowed us to state that in U. Laudaev’s documentary and art prose, the folklore genres, entering the concept "non fantastic prose", prevail. Those are a tale, a legend, Hadith, a joke, use in structure of the text of colloquial lexicon and some underestimated folklore genres such as the Nart epos and fairy tales, associated with existence in them of a big share of art fiction. We arrive at a conclusion that the use of folklore texts as a source of data on national character, a figurative system and the art world of verbal poetic creativity is relevant for national educational literature. The theoretical importance of this work lies in justification of methodology of studying an esthetic component of the Chechen educational literature and the practical importance is related to a possibility of use of results of this research in further scientific activity.

    pdf 169-174.pdf  (139 Kb)

  • Gorbunenko A.Ph.
    The rise of modern American poetry and the activities of the magazine «Others: a Magazine of the New Verse»

    The purpose of this research is to study the influence of “small magazines” on the development of American poetry. Under the editorship of Alfred Kreymborg, the magazine «Others: a Magazine of the New Verse» has significantly expanded the scope of approaches to modern models of versification. The practical significance lies in the analysis of the magazine, highlighting the staged phases of its formation. The obtained results allow us to understand the specifics of the interaction of poetic texts and the “magazine platform”. The methodological base comprises the historical-typological and comparative methods. The result of the study is the creation of a complete typological picture of that periodical. The carried-out analysis of the «Others: a Magazine of the New Verse» is of special importance for modern science about journalism since it shows the interaction of the editor’s ideology with the ideological platform of the information space. The article is also of interest to modern literary criticism, talking about new experimental forms of poetry.

    pdf 175-179.pdf  (94 Kb)

  • Gorbunenko A.Ph., Luchinsky Yu.V.
    Alfred Kreimborg and the editorial policy of the modernist magazine «The Glebe»

    The aim of the research is to investigate the contribution of the American critic and editor Alfred Kreymborg in forming national “small journals” which became an important stage in the development of the international avant-garde. The practical significance of the study includes the description of one of the conceptual projects of Kreymborg dealing with the publication of the literary magazine “The Glebe”. The obtained results help to build a complete picture of modernist periodicals zone. The methodological basis is the historical-typological and comparative research methods. The result of the study is the creation of a complete typological picture of the specified publication. The carried-out analysis of the “The Glebe” is of special importance for modern science about journalism since it shows the interaction of the editor’s ideology with the ideological platform of the information space. The article is also of interest to modern literary criticism, talking about new experimental forms of poetry and about new literary movements.

    pdf 180-183.pdf  (91 Kb)

  • Tarasenko E.V.

    The article is devoted to popularization of volunteer activities of the Russian youth by mass media. The author highlights that lack of the information in mass media is one of the main factors preventing from effective development of volunteer activities in the Russian Federation. Having analyzed the social surveys of volunteer activities and the attitude of the native youth towards this problem the author draws a conclusion according to which in our country there are enough young people potentially ready to do something to lend a helping hand to the needy. It is possible if there is proper information of such kind of activities and active work with the potential volunteers.

    pdf 184-189.pdf  (108 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • Begicheva O.V.
    The national historical ballad in a mirror of "vagrant" plots

    Based on the material of the Russian and Western European ballads of the 19-20th centuries, we investigate the plots of the national historical ballads, which have circulation in different countries due to the energetic translation activity of poets. The purpose of the research is to distinguish those, from a great array of ballad plots, that have received representation in musical ballads. To examine two plots “The Song of the Bard” and “The King under the Mountain” (“The Sleeping Hero”), the following research methods are used: the historical and culturological, method of musicological analysis, methods of comparative studies and theoretical poetics. In the musical ballad, they display themselves as a landscape and battle, as a portrait and lamentation. Examples are given for each of them. The general principles of their structure are found: subjects, characters' typification, plot scheme and their motives. The conclusion is made about the formation in the music of its own semantic field of “Varangian heroics”, which served as the basis for the birth of a separate branch of the “Nordic” or “heroic” ballad.

    pdf 190-196.pdf  (113 Kb)

  • Burmatov M.A.
    The evolution of the pop song genre in the musical culture of Russia

    The article reveals the methodological aspects of the genre variety of pop song in our country. The metamorphosis of traditional forms of pop songs and the emergence of new genre lines under the influence of social paradigms in Russian society and, in general, changes in the socio-political formation in the state are analyzed. The aim of the study is to study the phenomenon of pop songs in the context of the national mass musical culture. Scientific novelty lies in the fact that the author approached the comprehension of the national pop song from the standpoint of scientific approaches formed by modern art criticism. The song is shown not only from the perspective of sociocultural dynamics, but also as a noticeable reality of musical art, taking into account the versatility of its genres. It is noted that the genre feature of pop song is associated with both the folklore component and the academic school of songwriting. A historical overview of the development of the Russian song music, the formation and improvement of professional pop vocal skills (a wide repertoire, performance skills, creative originality, etc.) is presented. It is summarized that the long-term vocal creative process served as the basis for the fact that the pop song in Russia acquired the status of an object of national musical heritage.

    pdf 197-205.pdf  (135 Kb)

  • Mozgot S.A.
    Concepts of "Alien", "Others" and "Different" in opera music of the 19-20th centuries: distinctive features and ways of expression

    Various models of reflection of public space revealed in concepts "Alien", "Others" and "Different" are examined based on the example of music of the 19-20th centuries. The main objective of this study is to identify the distinctive features and means of musical expressiveness of each of the concepts. The study is carried out using a method of the musicological analysis and methods of hermeneutics and comparativistics. Various examples of spatial comparisons of “Familiar”/”Alien” in domestic music of the 19-20th centuries are given to show the distinction of meanings and techniques of the organization of musical material and to explore the mechanisms of emergence of the additional musical contexts caused by sociocultural realities of time. It is proved that the embeddedness of the Russian culture in the European one from the time of government reforms of Peter I allows us to designate all the phenomena introduced from the West by a concept of "Others" since having common roots, they show essential distinctions (e.g., Orthodox and Catholic Christianity). At the same time, owing to really existing intonational, composite and other differences of manifestations of art consciousness and thinking, various embodiments of the East (domestic and foreign) are called "Different". Systematization in space of the phenomena from area of content of musical art and expansion of empirical base of the description of an image of the person in music through spatial distances provide new opportunities for performing interpretations of works. It is concluded that all images associated with death and the embodiment of the other world and evil spirit are alien to the most human life and the person and they can be referred to the embodiment of a concept "Alien".

    pdf 206-213.pdf  (119 Kb)

  • Ponkina A.M.
    Avant-garde trends in miniature for sax solo

    For the first time, the features of the refraction of avant-garde tendencies in unaccompanied compositions (solo), written in the saxophone miniature genre, are analyzed. Compositions of such a plan have gained unprecedented popularity in the works of composers of the second half of the 20th – early 21st centuries due to the possibility of translating a new range of artistic images through an innovative approach to composing and performing means. As a result, various specific features are inherent in the opuses. One of the most striking is experimenting with timbre sounding of the instrument by introducing methods of playing that are characteristic of folk national and jazz music playing, non-traditional performing techniques, sonoristic and acoustic effects, as well as reinterpreted in a modern key and received a kind of embodiment of such techniques as vibrato, glissando, trill , tremolo, and others. The outcome of these processes is the rethinking of the essence of instrumental virtuosity, which began to be defined as the ability to operate unconventional techniques, since their implementation is associated with significant difficulties in restructuring the gaming machine. The change in the character of intonation, which is fundamentally different from the classical one, leads to an original interpretation of concerting based on a sharp contrast between the components of the palette of timbre, articulation, stroke, dynamic arsenal of one instrument, and to the appearance of timbre dramaturgy, with its characteristic accentuation of auxiliary elements (timbre, dynamics , articulations, strokes, agogics, etc.), embodied through detailed author's instructions, fixed in detail and interpreted in the full score.

    pdf 214-220.pdf  (146 Kb)

  • Tugaeva M.A., Shak T.F.

    The article discusses some approaches to the interpretation and reinterpretation of Silver Age poetry in the genres of modern mass culture. The purpose of the article is to identify certain specific forms of translating poetic texts, style models, personal characteristics of poets in pop song genres in the context of compositional, performing interpretation and visual refraction in television projects. The postmodern basis of these texts is shown, which absorbs poetic and musical quotations, allusions, intonation references for the expression of artistic meaning. The results of the study are both theoretical (the study of the individual stylistics of the poets of the Silver Age, the genre specificity of the pop song), and practical significance determined by the interrelation of philology with various branches of art history (musicology, film studies), cultural studies (the phenomenon of mass culture) and the practice of teaching art history disciplines in creative universities. The data obtained may be involved in the courses «Cultural Studies», “Mass Musical Culture”, “Interpretation of a work of art”, “History of pop music and performing art”.

    pdf 221-227.pdf  (131 Kb)

    Biological Sciences
  • Botasheva T.L., Radzinsky V.E., Khloponina A.V., Vasilyeva V.V., Zavodnov O.P., Zheleznyakova E.V., Kapustin E.A.
    Systematic aspects of adaptive changes in pregnant women blood depending on fetal sex

    We study the dependence of the blood system of the maternal organism in case of physiological pregnancy on the gradation of the “fetal sex”. The aim of the research is based on the fact that the stay of the fetus in the womb of the mother during pregnancy leaves a certain structural and functional trace, which affects the various sub-systems of the mother-placenta-fetus system. In this case, the sex of the fetus is an important factor that modulates the functional changes in this system. The blood system has important positions in the gestational transformations, since it is responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen to the tissues of the child and mother. It has been found that in pregnant women with boys there is a greater tension of the links of the coagulation system, higher values of red blood cells and hemoglobin, which emphasizes the increased activity of oxygen-providing subsystems of the mother organism. In pregnant women with girls, there is a greater count of leukocytes, basophils and erythrocyte sedimentation rate, indicating a more pronounced involvement of the immune system of women in adaptive reactions in gestation.

    pdf 25-31.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • Vasilyeva V.V., Botasheva T.L., Zavodnov O.P., Zheleznyakova E.V., Babayan K. T.
    Neurophisiological correlations of forming gestational dominant while using additional reproductive technologies

    Brain bioelectric activity was studied in 204 patients, who were submitted in vitro fertilization. The left-side cortical activation of the temporal and central zones of the brain of women, who became pregnant as a result of IVF program has been identified, which seems to indicate the gestation dominant formation. We offer the ways of increasing efficacy of the IVF methods based on the investigation of the mechanisms of central-peripheral integration in wom-en’s reproductive system.

    pdf 32-37.pdf  (319 Kb)

  • Vasilyeva V.V., Botasheva T.L., Palieva N.V., Zheleznyakova E.V., Zavodnov O.P., Ganikovskaya Yu.V.
    Features of brain bioelectric activity in women with metabolic syndrome

    We study the parameters of the bioelectrical activity of the brain in patients with metabolic syndrome in various functional states in order to identify central predictors of metabolic homeostasis disorders and the development of metabolic-associated diseases. An electroencephalographic examination of two groups of women was conducted: 48 patients with metabolic syndrome, 43 without it. We revealed moderate changes in various EEG indices, indicating the predominance of the activity of nonspecific brain stem structures, changes in the balance of interhemispheric activation with a shift to the right hemisphere. The obtained data demonstrate the capabilities of the electrophysiological method for the detection of early brain predictors of metabolic disorders as additional to standardized diagnostic methods.

    pdf 38-46.pdf  (365 Kb)

  • Teuchezh F.D., Khamerzokova R.Yu.
    Methodological approaches to land management based on the principles of ecologization

    The paper discusses the basic principles of land management and modern approaches to assessment of environmental damage and the most suitable methods of its assessment for agricultural production.

    pdf 47-50.pdf  (287 Kb)

  • Zaytseva I.V., Timoshenko L.I., Bogdanova S.V., Shlaev D.V.
    Algorithm for finding a compromise solution for a dynamic model of human resource management

    Many practical tasks of economic activity and a number of important issues of economic theory are associated with the tasks of determining the optimal solution. This article proposes a game-theoretic version of the transport problem with changing conditions, that is, a problem in which the parameters of the system depend on time. For this model, the problem of finding compromise values of the income functions of all participants and the corresponding sequence of control sets that implement a compromise trajectory is solved.

    pdf 13-19.pdf  (322 Kb)

  • Baychorova A.N., Kochkarov A.M.
    Mathematical model of development of structures of prefractal graphs by trees

    This work examines the properties of a centrode. Use of a centrode and its properties allows us to productively approach issues of transfer of trees and also to investigate development of the simplest prefractal trees.

    pdf 20-24.pdf  (317 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Kukolev A.A., Piotrovsky D.L.
    Main directions of development of diagnostic systems of internal combustion engines in maritime transport

    The article gives the review of modern up-to-date marine engines diagnostics systems as well as of all the main technical advantages of the most successful modification. Besides, the article represents the information concerning further development of such systems.

    pdf 51-56.pdf  (811 Kb)

  • Litvinenko V.V.
    On automating the determination of the vessel location in an electronic cartographic navigation and information system

    This scientific article deals with determining the location of the vessel – the course, speed, plotting on the chart – by means of sophisticated neural network technologies. The relevance of the topic is due to the contradiction, on the one hand, the presence of conservative methods for determining the ship’s position (“man”), and on the other, the existence of many automated navigation systems (“machine”). All the goals of the work have been implemented and can be recommended for use on the vessel.

    pdf 57-60.pdf  (381 Kb)

  • Frolov A.D.
    Cyclic code selection method for reservation of parallel channels of communication

    It is shown that for mission-critical information systems, effective are decision feedback systems. In such systems the selected code must provide both high reliability and high data transfer rate, which is a necessary condition for optimality of the selected code. Codes having a good ability to detect and correct are able to provide high reliability. This work is devoted to the choice of optimal correction code for systems relaying information over parallel communication channels with decision feedback. The paper develops the technique of cyclic code selection for redun-dant parallel communication channels that satisfy given requirements of speed and reliability, differing from the known ones in calculation reductions. The results of numerical studies are given.

    pdf 61-66.pdf  (407 Kb)

  • Vlasenko À.V., Zhdanov A.A.
    Generalization of algorithm for forecasting time series of production systems

    The algorithm for reconstructing the model of a non-linear dynamical system from the generated time series in combination with the Kalman filtering for data assimilation and ensemble-probabilistic modeling for perturbing the initial data does not take into account the specific nature of the production systems that is associated with the presence of data gaps in the time series being tracked. To predict the time series of production systems with data dis-continuities, it is necessary to use the cross-linking of the series at the place of inactivity, followed by correction for the amount of time shift in the cross-linking. The forecast error associated with the presence of unforeseeable downtime in the forecast period is calculated by the probabilistic path through the analysis of historical data and is entered in the time series as a time correction. This operation is realized due to the inclusion in the places of discontinuities of the initial time series of time shifts and the subsequent cross-linking of the pieces of the series. The results of the work can find practical application for planning the production activity of the companies, including for forecasting the commercial drilling speed of oil and gas wells.

    pdf 67-73.pdf  (321 Kb)

  • Kashin Ya.M., Kirillov G.A.
    Energy- and labor-saving technology of determining the cable line failure point

    The paper discusses topical issues of technology of determining the cable line failure points, in particular, a method of pulse reflectometry and the errors arising at its use. A method of improving the accuracy of determining places of cable damage due to accounting twist of its veins is offered.

    pdf 74-80.pdf  (318 Kb)

  • Davydochkina S.V.
    Finding the coefficients of the adaptable weight functions for frequency and spatial signal processing

    The article deals with the solution of the system of differential equations that sets the conditions for finding the weight functions that allow simultaneous accurate calculation of the frequency and amplitude of the signal.

    pdf 81-87.pdf  (331 Kb)

  • Buchatskiy P.Yu., Shopin A.V.
    Modernization of power and heat supply system of individual consumer with the use of renewable energy sources

    The paper discusses the variant of modernization of the power and heat supply system of individual consumer with the use of renewable energy sources. In order to obtain the maximum technical and economic effect from the use of renewable energy sources we offer a complex application of solar and wind energy, as well as opltimization of autonomous energy complex both in structure and technical maintenance.

    pdf 88-92.pdf  (455 Kb)

  • Kashin Ya.M., Knyazev A.S., Kopelevich L.E., Samorodov A.V., Artenyan K.Z.
    The state and prospects of development of aviation wind power complexes for emergency systems for aircraft power supply

    The article presents an analysis of the existing generators for aviation wind power complexes and presents the development of a promising wind generator with improved size, weight and power indicators for domestic production instead of used import analogues.

    pdf 93-102.pdf  (875 Kb)

  • Meretukova S.K., Meretukov Sh.T., Gisheva S.Sh., Shishkhova S.K.
    Standardization and interaction of software systems as tools to optimize the contract system of public procurement

    The article describes the main functions and features of the Unified all-Russian Official Website, innovative approaches to the development of the procurement system and the advantages of using a “smart” procurement system. The publication discusses the latest trends in the labor market associated with the use of blockchain, smart contracts and neural networks.

    pdf 103-110.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • Kizdermishov A.A., Kizdermishova S.K.
    Problems of application of automatic systems (installations) of gas fire extinguishing

    The paper examines measures for prevention of sudden failure of automatic systems (installations) of gas fire extinguishing.

    pdf 111-115.pdf  (335 Kb)

  • Zubkova D.S., Peskova O.S.

    The article deals with the current state of marketing activities in higher education institutions. The goals and objectives of the use of relevant marketing technologies in the process of improving the competitiveness of the University are determined. The analysis of the applied models of external and internal communications is carried out. The main directions of improvement of marketing activity in higher educational institution, including, on the basis of project management are revealed.

    pdf 136-141.pdf  (122 Kb)

  • Kayl Ya.Ya., Mershieva G.A., Samsonova E.V., Samsonova Ì.V.

    Systems of management of interaction between business and the power therefore the basic forms of communication between the organization and the state on the basis of which the principles underlying strategy of social partnership for more effective implementation of communication actions between them are presented are allocated. The types, principles and sequence of effective GR-strategy implementation are defined. Media strategies that the organization can apply in the course of GR - activities are proposed. The activities necessary for more effective organization of GR - activities are presented.

    pdf 142-146.pdf  (322 Kb)

  • Koumare I., Peskova O.S., Boriskina T.B.

    The current market situation in the market of educational services is considered. The importance of implementation of marketing technologies in the management process is determined. The analysis of the concept of "personnel potential" is carried out. The main structural elements of the personnel potential of the organization and the main directions of marketing activity on management of the personnel potential of higher educational institution are revealed.

    pdf 147-152.pdf  (268 Kb)

  • Fedotova T.A., Chepurova I.F., Gladysheva A.V., Yakovlevà L.À.

    The article investigates the use of CRM-systems in the organization, describes the new CMR system. The necessity of CRM implementation in relationship marketing is analyzed. The interrelation of the functions of the customer relationship management system with sales and the company's income level is revealed. The conclusion about the need to study the behavior of consumers.

    pdf 153-158.pdf  (316 Kb)

  • Stepanova Ò.Ì.
    Originality of a civic and scientific position of K.G. Shazzo (towards the 80th anniversary since birth)

    pdf 228-231.pdf  (108 Kb)

    Enterprise economy
  • Berezhnoy V.I., Mazur O.A., Suspitsyna G.G., Berezhnaya E.V.

    Process of planning, financing and realization reproduction of fixed assets in the conditions of financial economic instability is exposed to influence of a number of factors that complicates establishment of payback and efficiency of this reproduction. In article we made an attempt to systematize and analyze these factors, to allocate essential of them causing their emergence and to establish possible amendments (elimination, reduction other) rather these factors.

    pdf 90-96.pdf  (390 Kb)

  • Derevenets D.K., Radchevskiy N.M.

    The article considers issues related to the state cadastral registration of capital construction projects using the example of the “Solo” residential complex in Krasnodar. In addition, attention is paid to the registration of ownership of an apartment building and problems associated with this process. It was revealed that the apartment building is registered in the state cadastral register with the status of “temporary” due to the availability of free residential premises - apartments. The solution to the problem, the change in the status of information from “temporary” to “current” is described. Also presented is a calculation of possible tax revenues from owners regarding vacant apartments in the “Solo” residential complex.

    pdf 97-102.pdf  (259 Kb)

  • Levitina I.Yu.

    The article discusses some of the issues of fundraising in the digital space of budgetary enterprises and organizations in the sphere of culture and art (on the example of the Krasnodar region). The relevance of this work is due to the intensive development of opportunities to use the potential of digital space in order to optimize the financial position of the organization. Many enterprises of the public sector today are represented in social networks and interact with the audience, which allows them to engage in attracting financial resources for various purposes. The state, for its part, by creating favorable conditions for economic agents that finance cultural and art enterprises, also contributes to the development of this sphere.

    pdf 103-107.pdf  (141 Kb)

  • Teshev V.A., Blyagoz Z.U., Khamukov À.A.

    The article discusses and analyzes the main directions of development of the digital economy in Russia, the possibilities of increasing the efficiency of economic relations and economic growth. The features of digitalization of the country's economy and key trends in the use of digital technologies by Russian companies in their activities are established. The positive and negative consequences of the transition to a digital economy are highlighted.

    pdf 108-113.pdf  (145 Kb)

  • Teshev V.A., Nagoev A.V., Khasinova T.G.

    The article discusses the essence and basic prerequisites for the formation of the digital economy in Russia, and highlights the key advantages of digitalization. The structure of the digital economy is established and its main elements are analyzed, the risks of building a digital economy in the country are summarized, which must be taken into account when developing and implementing a digitalization strategy.

    pdf 114-118.pdf  (137 Kb)

    of the Russia-wide scientific conference “Information Security of Regions: Personnel, Technologies, Practice” held within the XXII Plenary Session of the Federal Education-Methodical Assembly in System of Higher Education of Greater Group of Specialties and Training Trends “Information Security” October 2–7, 2018, Krasnodar

  • Sergeev V.V., Zhmurov D.B.
    New threats to information security caused by the development of STT and IoT technologies

    New threats that emerged as a result of the development and widespread adoption of voice processing technology and the “Internet of Things” are considered. The paper describes possible mechanisms for implementing threats and gives recommendations on countering them.

    pdf 116-119.pdf  (279 Kb)

  • Shagapov I.A.
    On the production of qualitative safe information

    The digital economy forces to look at the known things in a new way. In particular, this concerns the properties of information. The paper proposes to introduce the notion of “qualitative safe information”.

    pdf 120-122.pdf  (295 Kb)

  • Kulakov M.A., Tsvetov V.P.
    Automation of security instruments choice for the personal data protection in accordance with the current legislation

    The paper describes a software prototype for the automatically choice of personal data protection instruments in accordance with the current requirements.

    pdf 123-126.pdf  (299 Kb)

  • Zyazin V.P., Berdnik M.V.
    The standardization level estimation of Big data end-to-end technology in the Russian Federation

    The present article examines the Big Data end-to-end technology based on the approved Russian programs-strategies created for the purpose of formation of the digital economy and the information society programs. We explore its standardization level, because the standardization is one of the directions that contribute to the successful implementation of programs for the development of the digital society in the Russian Federation.

    pdf 127-130.pdf  (381 Kb)

  • Kalita A.O., Ozhiganova M.I.
    Development of the system of blocking acoustic channels of information leakage with adaptive control

    The paper describes the development of the system of blocking acoustic channels of information leak having an adaptive control element.

    pdf 131-136.pdf  (961 Kb)

  • Vlasenko À.V., Egorikhin Yu.E., Klimenko K.V.
    Development of the program module of automation of the process of determining the level of information protection in information systems of personal data and in state information systems

    The paper presents the development of the program module written in the Java language, allowing automation of the formation of requirements of information security in the information systems of personal data (ISPD) and in the state information systems (SIS) according to requirements of FSTEC of Russia.

    pdf 137-140.pdf  (451 Kb)

  • Telny A.V., Monakhov M.Yu., Romanova A.G., Yakovleva E.I.
    On the methodology of evaluating the protection of the organizational channel of information leakage at the enterprise

    At present, for most enterprises, the most likely cause of information leakage is precisely its disclosure. At the enterprise there is a constant need for an objective control over the compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents for ensuring the security of information exchange. The main purpose of this article is to develop a methodology for auditing (evaluating) the security of the organizational channel of information leakage at the enter-prise. The decision support system developed for the audit of information security developed on the basis of the pro-posed method along the organizational channel allows: to provide an impartial, objective assessment of the state of security on the organizational channel for information leakage; ensure that an audit is carried out without attracting highly qualified specialists in this subject area; to identify the directions (group indicators in the directions), for which the state of protection along the organizational channel is not satisfactory; scale and complicate, as well as adapt the decision support system to conduct information security audits for a particular facility.

    pdf 141-145.pdf  (316 Kb)

  • Vlasenko À.V., Klimenko K.V., Egorikhin Yu.E.
    A software module for creating a model of the offender for ISPD

    The paper presents the development of a software module for constructing a model of the offender for ISPD, written in C#, which allows automation of the process of creating a model of an offender according to the FSTEC and FSB documents.

    pdf 146-149.pdf  (404 Kb)

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