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    Problems of Human Physiology
  • R.A. Bedanokov, I.N. Zhukova, G.F. Kopytov, I.N. Ovcharov, V.B. Tlyachev, L.A. Shekoyan
    Vladislav Gavriilovich Bagrov (to the 70-year birthday)

    pdf bedanokov2009_2.pdf  (209 Kb)

  • M.M. Shumafov, R. Tsey
    Method of modulating functions and its application to the inverse problem solution

    The paper gives the brief analysis of methods of the inverse problem solution. The authors show the essence of a method of modulating functions and carry out the comparative analysis with other existing methods of the inverse problem solution. The efficiency of the method of modulating functions is demonstrated by using an example of the solution of some inverse problems.

    pdf shumafov1_2009_2.pdf  (267 Kb)

  • M.M. Shumafov, R. Tsey
    Algorithm of solving a problem of defining filtration-capacitive parameters of a gas-bearing layer by a method of modulating functions

    The paper provides a general scheme of solving a problem of defining filtration-capacitive parameters of a gas-bearing layer by a method of modulating functions. Application of a method is illustrated using an example of the inverse problem solution for the differential equation describing the process of an unsteady gas filtration in the porous environment.

    pdf shumafov2_2009_2.pdf  (111 Kb)

  • R.G. Pismenny
    Factorization theorem

    The work develops the well-known I.F. Krasichkov-Ternovskys theorem on presentation of the entire function of exponential type as the product of two entire functions of identical growth rates.

    pdf pismenny2009_2.pdf  (670 Kb)

  • I.N. Zhukova
    Study on dependence of linear polarization of charge radiation in the electromagnetic field of a flat wave upon its intensity and polarization

    The paper investigates the instant degree of linear polarization of a charge global radiation in a field of the elliptically polarized electromagnetic wave as a function of three variables: time, intensity of the external wave and its polarization. The average degree of linear polarization of global radiation through time is investigated depending on polarization and intensity of the external wave. The polarization vector is oriented along a direction of the external wave propagation.

    pdf zhukova2009_2.pdf  (358 Kb)

  • I.Z. Bekulova, R.M. Keshev, M.H. Khokonov
    Energy losses and effect of suppression of rigid gamma-quantum radiation at energies of electrons up to several TeV in oriented crystals

    The paper provides a theoretical research on specific features of energy losses of electrons with energies up to several TeV in oriented crystals, as well as the dependence of the output of rigid gamma quanta, radiated by electrons with energies higher than 100 GeV, at their passage through oriented crystals upon the thickness of a target and energy of a beam. The authors forecast the effect of suppression of an output of rigid photons in oriented crystals in comparison with amorphous targets of the same thickness.

    pdf bekulova2009_2.pdf  (213 Kb)

  • M.O. Mamchuev
    Phase transition dielectric-metal in massive alkaline-haloid crystals

    A method of density functional was used to calculate pressure of all-round compression at which metallization of dielectric takes place. The model of a dielectric and metallized phase of an ionic crystal is constructed. Pressure of metallizations is calculated for massive alkaline-haloid crystals at the temperature of 0K.

    pdf mamchuev2009_2.pdf  (73 Kb)

    Natural Sciences
  • A.V. Shakhanova, T.V. Chelyshkova, N.N. Khasanova, M.N. Silantiev
    Functional and adaptive changes in students cardiovascular system in the dynamics of studies

    The paper examines changes of a functional condition of students cardiovascular system under the influence of various forms of the knowledge control. The modular system of knowledge control is shown to be the optimal and causes the least shifts of the geodynamics key parameters. An analysis is made of the changes in the vegetative status of students in the dynamics from the 1-st to the 5-th year of study both in rest and in conditions of testing standard physical loadings. The obtained results show a sharp deterioration of adaptive and functional potentialities of students organism during studies.

    pdf shakhanova1_2009_2.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • T.V. Chelyshkova, N.N. Khasanova, S.S. Grechishkina, A.A. Namitokova, G.G.Kornik, V.A. Frolova
    Features of a functional condition of the students central nervous system during educational activity

    The paper presents the results of research on the basic properties of nervous processes in 1-5-year students. It is established that under the influence of significant educational and emotional factors functional mobility of nervous processes is reduced, the adaptive situation becomes aggravated and the state of health is progressively worsened. The authors investigate the level of personal and situational uneasiness of students in conditions of various forms of the knowledge control. It is shown that the module is a more sparing form compared to examinations and tests.

    pdf chelyshkova2009_2.pdf  (100 Kb)

  • A.V. Shakhanova, I.S. Belenko, A.A. Kuzmin
    A psycho-physiological structure and the vegetative status at young 10-15 year-old football and basketball players training in the mode of Children and Youth Sport School of Olympic Reserve

    The paper examines a psycho-physiological structure, the level of psycho-emotional pressure, functional and adaptive potentialities of cardio-respiratory system depending on age, experience in training and on a kind of sports at young football and basketball players training in the mode of Children and Youth Sport School of Olympic Reserve. The authors defined the level of functional and psychological readiness of young athletes to training and competitive activities on the basis of a combination of the specified factors describing behavioural and homeostatic mechanisms of adaptation of the individual.

    pdf shakhanova2_2009_2.pdf  (240 Kb)

  • M.I. Shapovalov, V.A. Yaroshenko
    Trophic relationships and an ecological role of size classes of adephagous water beetles (Coleoptera) in the North-Western Caucasus

    The paper examines trophic relationships of water beetles of the Adephaga subgroup in the Northwest Caucasus. A food is investigated in laboratory conditions for 14 kinds of imago of beetles of family Dytiscidae and for some larvae, as well as for representatives of families Noteridae, Haliplidae, Gyrinidae marked in the region. The authors present daily consumption of various food objects by imago and by larvae of Dytiscus marginalis. The size composition of imago of water beetles of the Adephaga subgroup with their division into size classes and their ecological role are analyzed.

    pdf shapovalov2009_2.pdf  (393 Kb)

  • M.G. Vodolazhskaya, A.N. Silantiev
       Influence of meteorological parameters on cyclicity of research behaviour of rats in the open field test   

    Modern researches convince of a main role of heliogeophysical factors in the dynamics of rhythmic processes of a living organism. The major of them is research behaviour. In order to display biotropic actions of meteorological parameters in research sphere the certain combination and a correlation of these geophysical phenomena is needed. At the certain moment separate meteorological parameters become leading. Other parameters influence an organism as well, creating a various specific weather background.

    pdf vodolazhskaya2009_2.pdf  (117 Kb)

  • A.N. Silantiev, M.N. Silantiev
    Influence of meteorological parameters on motoric activity in conditions of free behaviour

    The paper examines influences of meteorological factors of the environment on motoric activity in conditions of free behaviour. Productivity of various movements of the athlete or the subject, not engaged in sports, depends often on a set of variable factors of exogenous nature including the meteorological phenomena. Motoric activity in conditions of free behaviour depends on a lot of meteorological parameters. A certain combination and a correlation of the geophysical phenomena are needed to display meteotropic reactions in the locomotoric sphere.

    pdf silantiev2009_2.pdf  (70 Kb)

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