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    Problems of the Quality of Training Process at Higher School
  • U.M. Panesh
    Training and methodology maintenance of professional and educational programs a way to high quality of training at Universities

    The high quality of organization of training and methodological work has been defined in all the Departments of the Adyghe State University. Of great importance was the work on an individualization of professional and educational programs, the account of features of a national and regional component and existing elective courses. The systematic activity on introduction of typical curriculums and creation of author's programs for different disciplines was valuable as well. An essential stage in the activity of Philological Department was the formation and introduction of discipline-specific educational packages in educational process, the use of progressive technologies of education and innovational forms of training.

    pdf panesh2005_1.pdf  (176 Kb)

    Problems of Physics and Mechanics
  • V.E. Korzhakov, A.V. Korzhakov
    Realization of a method of optimizing the preliminary acoustic and magnetic processing of industrial water in diesel generators

    The paper demonstrates the results of researches on processing of industrial water in diesel generators by using the acoustic-magnetic device. Mathematical methods of planning experiments were used in carrying out experiments and processing of their results. Anti-scale efficiency of the acoustic-magnetic device was proved to be higher than that of existing magnetic and acoustic devices. Higher efficiency of the acoustic-magnetic device is accounted for by processing of water simultaneously with a magnetic field and acoustic fluctuations.

    pdf korjakov2005_1.pdf  (280 Kb)

    Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
  • I.G. Volkodav
    Placers of Adygheya

    Gold abundance in the Belaya and Laba river basins has drawn attention of gold prospectors and scientists in the 1920s-1930s. Numerous sources of precious metals and favorable geomorphologic conditions have transformed valleys of the rivers and their inflows into industrial units the expediency of investigation and development of which is kept until now.

    pdf volkodav2005_1.pdf  (247 Kb)

    Historical and political Sciences
  • V.A. Shcherbovich
    Out of a history of the development of physical training in the army of pre-revolutionary Russia

    The paper gives the analysis of statement of physical training in the Russian army in the period from 1816 to 1914.

    pdf scherbovich1_2005_1.pdf  (133 Kb)

  • L.D. Fedoseeva
    The ways of punishment and encouragement of mountaineers at the height of the Caucasian War

    The paper discloses the means that were used by imperial military authorities during the Caucasian War for punishment of rebels and for encouragement of peaceable mountaineers. The trade with mountaineers was considered from positions of their colonial policy. Imperial military authorities aspired to subordinate it to strong regulations, to the control and aggressive purposes.

    pdf fedoseeva2005_1.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • L.V. Burykina
    Peasants migration to the Northwest Caucasus in the post-reform period

    The basic streams and scales of peasants migration to the Northwest Caucasus in the post-reform period are considered in the paper. The author analyzes the factors of migration, finds out administrative legal conditions of resettlement of nonresidents to the region and reveals difficulties of adaptation of migrants in new natural-climatic conditions. The paper throws light upon the life-support system of settlements and the contribution of peasants immigrants to the social and economic development of the Northwest Caucasus.

    pdf burykina2005_1.pdf  (225 Kb)

  • E.F. Krinko
    Problems of spiritual development of the Soviet society during the Great Patriotic War: historiographic aspects

    The paper is devoted to a historiography of spiritual development of the Soviet society during the Great Patriotic War. The behaviour of people in conditions of the war was defined by an original alloy of feelings and emotions among which the patriotic idea occupied the main place. Many inhabitants have apprehended a victory in the war as the private affair. At the same time not all citizens shared the principles of official ideology, and on the eve of the war a lot of dissatisfied was totaled in the country. The author analyzes specific features of the modern historiography of the subject and the prospects of its further development.

    pdf krinko2005_1.pdf  (188 Kb)

  • E.M. Malysheva
    World Wars and local military conflicts in a history: consequences and lessons

    The paper examines the problem of the origin of world wars and the military conflicts which have saddened mankind with huge amount of victims, with destruction of civilians, economy and subjects of material culture. The author shows how with each century scales and consequences of military conflicts are increased. Special attention is given to the 20th century that has cast mankind in abyss of two world wars. The author discloses irreversible demographic consequences of the Second World War, cites the data of losses of the states of the Western Europe, the USA, China and Japan. Data are given on participation of Russian soldiers and officers in military conflicts in Afghanistan, Mozambique, Angola, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, Northern Korea, Syria and Cuba. The author presents the analysis of the reasons and consequences of the origin of "hot points after disintegration of the USSR, especially the Chechen military conflict. The paper is caution to politics, young generation, everyone on whom preservation of peace and the consent depends. It calls upon to remember those who were personification of fidelity to a duty and selfless service to Russia, as well as victims.

    pdf malysheva2005_1.pdf  (270 Kb)

  • A.Sh. Buzarov
    On some features of the activity of political elite in political processes in Russian society: statement of the problem

    The paper discloses the concept "elite" and shows its influence on all social, economic and political processes occurring in life of Russia. The key, imperious and administrative resources of the country are concentrated in hands of elite at all levels federal, regional and local. Simultaneously a decrease in political activity and in participation of the basic groups of the population in social, economic and political transformations of the country is examined.

    pdf buzarov2005_1.pdf  (116 Kb)

    Economic Sciences and Problems of Financing
  • O.V. Petrovskaya
    The higher school of Bulgaria and Poland in 1944-1989: problems of financing and material maintenance

    An attempt is made in the paper to make a comparative analysis of the development of material resources at higher school in Bulgaria and Poland in 1944-1989. Specific features and priorities of financing the system of higher education are revealed. The reasons why the material maintenance did not correspond to needs of preparation of qualified personnel are elucidated.

    pdf petrovskaya2005_1.pdf  (276 Kb)

  • T.I. Afasizhev, V.A. Teshev
    Adaptation of higher schools in conditions of crisis of budgetary financing

    This study reports on the methodology of investigating the adaptation processes of the Russian higher schools to deficiency of budgetary financing. The basic stress is made on the development of the new approach to the analysis of strategy of the activity of higher schools in modern economic and social conditions.

    pdf afasijev2005_1.pdf  (187 Kb)

  • V.V. Kolodyazhny, A.I. Kuev
       Optimization of rational use of resources in a farm   

    Discussed in the paper are the problems of the development of a farm on the basis of mathematical modelling. The authors show the advantages of the methods of quasi-linear programming in optimization of rational use of resources in a farm.

    pdf kolodyajniy2005_1.pdf  (269 Kb)

  • Yu.I. Tarasov, E.B. Chuyako
    The concept of personnel control in the theory and practice of classical management

    Successful work of the enterprises, public organizations and the state is often accounted for by efficient personnel control. In this paper the authors show that practice and methodological approaches of classical management have conflicted to technical innovations and technical progress. Advantages of classical management are displayed in a situation characterized by stable technical structure of the capital, invariability of assortment of issued production and lack of workplaces. Under other conditions efficiency of the methods of classical management is considerably reduced. The other approaches and concepts of management which are based on other culture of thinking supposing more flexible organizational and motivational models of realization of classical principles of management are required for the successful decision of industrial problems in new, unstable conditions of the market.

    pdf tarasov2005_1.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • R.I. Makhosh
    Problems of carrying out audit of efficient use of budgetary funds

    The paper discusses the problem of carrying out audit of efficient use of budgetary funds with the maximal benefit for a society. The author considers it necessary to develop and legislatively authorize the new mechanisms of stimulus and acceptance of decisions at all levels of budgetary process that would focus on efficiency of results. It is also necessary to develop such mechanisms of financing which would allow everybody to essentially increase, on the one hand, efficiency of use of resources inside the budgetary organization, and on the other hand, to lower the losses related to unreasonable subsidizing an inefficient, dead budgetary network which is not needed for consumers of social services but distracts significant funds and does not finance priorities of social charges where they are really claimed.

    pdf mahosh1_2005_1.pdf  (106 Kb)

  • R.I. Makhosh
    Some problems of statement and development of control-accounting body of subjects in conditions of the normative-legal base existing in the Russian Federation

    Absence of legislatively fixed general principles of functioning of the Control-Accounting Body (CAB) in the subjects of the Russian Federation, including the Republic of Adygheya, of their mutual relation with other financial, control-auditing, tax and law enforcement bodies, and also distinctions in structure of the regional CAB, principles of their organization and activity, functions, problems and powers seriously complicate development of uniform techniques of realization of control actions. The author of the paper considers it necessary to create a uniform methodological base of the state financial control, including development of standards and uniform techniques of the activity of regional CAB and thereby to construct a complete system of the state financial control to achieve harmonious work.

    pdf mahosh2005_1.pdf  (111 Kb)

    Sciences of Law
  • E.M. Afamgotov
    Administrative legal status of the citizen of the Russian Federation

    The study investigates the administrative legal status of the citizen of the Russian Federation. The citizen participates in administrative legal relations of the Russian Federation. He speaks on behalf of his name, has a complex of rights, freedom and duties which are in correspondence with rights and duties of enforcement authorities and the officials assisting citizens in execution of their duties or carrying out the control for appropriate performance by them of their duties. Therefore realization of rights and freedom of citizens in sphere of the government requires more complete maintenance. The state bodies have a predominating role in relation to citizens and consequently it is necessary to transfer priority of a regulating role of the state bodies and officials on their duty on protection of rights and freedom of citizens.

    pdf afamgotov2005_1.pdf  (164 Kb)

  • I.A. Shcherbovich
    Bankruptcy adjusts the new Law, old problems remain

    The Institute of bankruptcy is one of the most claimed in enterprise legal relations. The legislator is greatly interested in it. During the past years three Laws were accepted (1992, 1998, 2002), however, conceptual problems have remained unsettled.

    pdf scherbovich2_2005_1.pdf  (112 Kb)

  • N.A. Petrovsky
    Heuristic role of a method of analogy in modern criminal law

    The paper presents the analysis of heuristic opportunities of a method of analogy in criminal law, in particular, during legal qualification of a crime. Significance of analogy in definition of various estimated concepts is shown.

    pdf petrovskij2005_1.pdf  (135 Kb)

    Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences and Problems of Training the Pedagogical Staff
  • L.N. Kubashicheva
    Ideal as a philosophical, psychological and pedagogical problem

    The aspect I am the ideal containing the certain standards of perfection to which the person is learned through his life, allows him to put the purposes the achievement of which results in increase of self-estimation and feeling of pride. The ideal I serves as an internal criterion of self-respect of the person, a basis of his self-estimation. The success makes a man active, motivates the activity of the person, strengthens his self-estimation and the unsuccess weakens it. The self-estimation is connected with both the activity, and relations: with people, with world around, with himself and it is also the important regulator of behaviour. It is obvious that the self-estimation and the ideal I promote the development of personal qualities, make the person active and also influence efficiency of his activity.

    pdf kubashicheva2005_1.pdf  (170 Kb)

  • L.V. Krasnova, L.A. Torokhina
    A psychological analysis of a phenomenon of shyness

    In psychology there are various approaches to understanding of the reasons of occurrence of shyness. In the opinion of the most part of authors shyness depends on both heredity and conditions of education. Shyness as a process is differently displayed in people of different age, gender and nationality. As a state, it is expressed in infringements of vegetative and psychomotor sphere that cause a condition of psychological intensity. As property of the person, shyness is connected with experience of psychological discomfort, stable difficulties in an establishment of the contacts lowered by adaptability in a combination with increased sensitivity in contacts. In a stage of an establishment of the first contact shyness is considered as specific difficulty of confidential interpersonal communication.

    pdf krasnova2005_1.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • Z.K. Meretukova
    Training of the future teacher for overcoming professional pedagogical difficulties as a problem of pedagogical education

    The paper is devoted to one of the acute problems of professional pedagogical training of the future teacher, namely: to formation of readiness in students of Pedagogical Institutes to overcoming professional pedagogical difficulties. The basis of the offered decision of a problem is the system structural approach supposing inclusion of the future expert in contextual training, directed on maximal professionalising of educational process at higher school. The paper discusses the state of working out of the problems of pedagogical difficulty, the basic aspects of difficulties, experience of the author on formation of readiness in students to overcoming typical professional pedagogical difficulties by means of question training and solution of pedagogical situations in the complex.

    pdf meretukova2005_1.pdf  (215 Kb)

  • M.H. Shkhapatseva
    Linguistic and methodology preparation of the teacher of primary school

    The linguistic cycle takes a special place in preparation of the teacher of primary school. Russian, being not only the important subject, but also a language of training, defines success in all the subjects, forms a basis of knowledge, education and development of the future teachers. Therefore the special responsibility rests with the teachers of linguistic-methodological cycle at higher school, defines necessity of observance of a uniform language mode by all teachers.

    pdf shhapaceva2005_1.pdf  (194 Kb)

  • E.A. Buzarova
    Essence and the contents of the concept theoretical thinking

    The paper addresses the problem of essence and the contents of the concept theoretical thinking at scientific school of developing training, the form of theoretical thinking which introduce the person in the internal contents of any object, become a basis of its concept dissimilarly from images of perception and representation.

    pdf buzarova1_2005_1.pdf  (175 Kb)

  • M.M. Tesheva
    Role of stimulation and motivation of training

    The educational activity proceeds more successfully if pupils possess the positive attitude to studies, cognitive interest, need for knowledge, skills, feelings of the debt, responsibility and other motives of the studies. To develop at schoolboys the specified motives of educational activity the teacher must use all arsenal of methods of training. Introduction of a category of methods of stimulation of the studies in didactics alongside with methods of the organization and the control of efficiency of educational activity will allow teachers to design training at lessons more completely.

    pdf tesheva1_2005_1.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • M.M. Tesheva
    Application of active methods in teaching English

    In this paper the active methods of teaching English to younger pupils are considered. These methods include elements of intensive training, game activity, business games, methods of development of creative activity, etc.

    pdf tesheva2_2005_1.pdf  (168 Kb)

  • E.A. Buzarova, T.N. Chetyz
    Elaboration of the content of training as a system of category knowledge

    The development at younger pupils of need for cerebration, for theoretical judgement of the observable phenomena, for a reflection and self-estimation demand from the teacher the account of the character of needs of pupils, to know their level and their possible development in selecting of the appropriate materials for lessons which would promote the development at pupils of the necessary knowledge for the further educational activity.

    pdf buzarova2_2005_1.pdf  (276 Kb)

    Biomechanics and Sport
  • A.M. Doronin
    Physical exercises as a result of muscle activity like the engine and the analyzer

    Specific features of motor and sensoric activity of muscles are considered in the paper as the universal criterion of classification of sports movements, efficiency of sports technique and use of means in training.

    pdf doronin2005_1.pdf  (293 Kb)

  • O.B. Nemtsev
    Theoretical bases of movement precision

    The paper discusses biomechanical bases of movement precision, its place among physical qualities and abilities of the person and principles of its training.

    pdf nemcev2005_1.pdf  (349 Kb)

  • E.I. Salov
    Ecological poem. Review of K.K.Hutyz's book Hunting at Adyghes

    The problem of preservation of a nature and its wild fauna today is especially topical. Of great importance therefore becomes ecological education of the population, especially youth. The attention of scientists to a problem of mutual relation of the person and a wild nature, nature protection traditions of peoples of the Northern Caucasus in the past gets nowadays special importance. The K.K.Hutyz's book Hunting at Adyghes consists of ecologic-historical sketches about the wild animals living in the Northern Caucasus. The inquisitive reader can find here everything about their conditions of habitat and distribution, a way of life and habits, about kinds of hunting them, measures on protection of animals; the reader will get acquainted with proverbs and sayings of Adyghes devoted to hunting and wild fauna. In the last chapter the author tells readers about his friends hunters, passionate amateurs and defenders of a nature. The book will be useful to students and the pupils studying historical and natural-science disciplines and to the broad audience of the readers who are interested in wild animals.

    pdf salov2005_1.pdf  (197 Kb)

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