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  • Abazov A.Kh., Dzamikhov K.F., Zumakulov B.M., Tsoloev T.S.

    In the paper, an example of the Ossetian-Ingush mixed jury trial operating in 1908-1910 is used to investigate functioning of the arbitration courts established in the Terskaya region at the beginning of the 20th century. It is focused that the mixed jury trial, on the one hand, leaned on traditional forms of resolution of the disputes and conflicts arising between the Ossetians and Ingushs at the beginning of the 20th century and, on the other hand, was under control of authorities. The conclusion is drawn that in the judicial system of the Terskaya region at the beginning of the 20th century the role of intermediary courts was significant, but traditional peacekeeping practices still remained a functional way of resolution of the disputes and conflicts at the Ossetians and Ingushs. This all demanded control of their activity from authorities in the region.

    pdf 16-24.pdf  (173 Kb)

  • Anbinder K.N.

    In the paper, the author examines announcements in the Kuban newspapers, advertising in The Kuban Calendars, materials from the Public Archive of the Krasnodar Region and advertising from Funds of the Krasnodar State Historical Archaeological Memorial Estate named after Felitsyn as a historical source of studying the way of advance of goods and services by the Kuban businessmen at the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th centuries. The capitalist competition made advertising a key element of trade. Basing on the studied advertising material of the specified period, the author identifies branches of economy in which the competition was the sharpest.

    pdf 25-31.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • Apazheva S.S., Unezhev K.Kh., Zumakulov B.M., Mamsirov A.Kh.

    The relevance of a problem of research is related to the fact that a modern sociocultural problem of modernization of society is the question of correlation of tradition and an innovation. The complexity is, first of all, that their correlation and functions differently exist in various types of societies. The traditional cultures inherent in the people open for the outside world change under the influence of civilization factors. Ethnic consciousness of the people of the North Caucasus should be considered as the major factor of revival of traditional culture. Natural loss of separate elements of traditional culture led to the fact that only its basic elements revive, but not the entire cultural contour on the whole. An object of this research is the North Caucasian youth, its choice between tradition and innovations. According to the authors, in a combination of tradition and an innovation in different sociocultural systems in the traditional societies reproducing themselves on the basis of tradition there are innovations, but their action is supported in society only until they do not break tradition. Updating of a slogan of traditional culture revival among young people, aspiration to "revival" of traditional culture is a reaction to "the gaping emptiness" of inner world which was formed as a result of a certain course of history.

    pdf 32-42.pdf  (190 Kb)

  • Bgazhnokov B.Kh., Fomenko V.A., Tsoloev T.S., Kagazezhev B.S.

    This work is dedicated to studying the place of the makhsyma intoxicating drink in table etiquette and in cultural history of Circassians. Parallels are drawn between Circassian makhsyma and the Indo-Iranian soma intoxicating drink. It is suggested that the origin of the name of makhsyma is from Sanskrit Machi-Sauma – "Great (divine) Soma". The publication examines in detail the use of makhsyma in traditional church services with the subsequent transferring of the eucharistic ceremony of taste of food and drink around in table etiquette of the Adyghes. Special attention is paid to the procedure of traditional collective meals and libations, to ceremonies of seating and washing of hands, to the movement of a bowl with drink around and to the verbal gestures and formulas accompanying this ritual. It is emphasized that the use of makhsyma sacred drink in life of Circassians has passed a long historical way and that this drink was and remains now the main truly national drink of Circassians.

    pdf 43-52.pdf  (170 Kb)

  • Begeulov R.M., Khatuev R.T.

    The paper examines problems of hierarchy and social status of persons of the Muslim clergy in mountain societies of the Northwest Caucasus; status categories of clergy are given. The present research focuses the attention on the questions concerning the evolution of norms of career development of attendants of a cult, and the legal status of various layers of Muslim clergy and their descendants in society. Also the political status of clergymen in societies of the Kuban mountaineers is touched on.

    pdf 53-63.pdf  (185 Kb)

  • Grebennikov E.A.

    The paper investigates various aspects of activity of Russian-speaking diaspora in the Azerbaijan Republic during the Post-Soviet period before the beginning of the new millennium. Its role and extent of participation in the compicated internal political processes happening in the Republic, as well as influence on the international relations between Azerbaijan and Russia are described. The publication shows stages of self-organization of the Russian-speaking population and interaction with Azerbaijani and other people in the course of formation of the new independent Republic in the first years of the Post-Soviet period.

    pdf 64-71.pdf  (210 Kb)

  • Gugova M.Kh., Nalchikova E.A., Tekueva M.A., Maremshaova I.I.

    The category of death in the culture of the people of the Caucasus is the certain area of ethnic consciousness demanding special elucidation for reconstruction of objective ideas of the past. The paper presents the historiographic review of studying the phenomenon of death in the Caucasus literature. Authors offer to use modern approaches for new interpretations of mental principles and traditional practices of the Caucasian people concerning the death event. The critical analysis of historiographic material allows us to define borders of research interest of caucasiologists in death problem in ethnic culture and to outline the prospects of further scientific search.

    pdf 72-83.pdf  (196 Kb)

  • Dinaev R.A.

    The paper deals with the questions related to the formation and development of mountain resorts in the Karachay-Cherkess Autonomous Region during the designated chronological period. The main attention is paid to such resort settlements as Dombai and Arkhyz. The author describes the main actions of the party and Soviet bodies contributing to the rapid development and growth in popularity of these resorts which (especially Dombai) during a short period turned into the nationwide centers of mountaineering, mountain skiing and active recreation.

    pdf 84-91.pdf  (230 Kb)

  • Iznaurov A.S.

    The problem of preservation of the cultural monuments and museums in the conditions of the conflicts and civil wars represents one of the most relevant tasks of the international organizations of the UN system. The paper shows how the military operations performed by the USA and NATO in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya negatively influenced preservation of cultural monuments. Importance of activities of UNESCO for protection of monuments of cultural heritage which were damaged during the conflicts or are on a disappearance side is especially distinguished. In this regard much attention in paper is paid to efforts of UNESCO in preservation of cultural heritage in Mali.

    pdf 92-99.pdf  (176 Kb)

  • Kazharov A.G.

    This paper analyzes views of leaders of the mountain intellectuals on ethnopolitical processes in the North Caucasus in 1917-1918. The February Revolution of 1917 has led to origin of the national movement in the region. Representatives of the mountain intellectuals proclaimed creation of the national political organization "Union of the Integrated Mountaineers of the North Caucasus and Daghestan" and convened a Mountain Congress at which fundamental documents were accepted: the Constitution, the Political Program and projects of various reforms which assumed also formation of autonomy of the mountain people as a part of future Russian Republic. After the October revolution of 1917 the position of the Union of the Integrated Mountaineers underwent cardinal changes that was expressed in declaration of the independent Mountain Republic in May, 1918. However, the lack of social support and the beginning of Civil War did not promote institutionalization of mountain statehood. Many representatives of the mountain intellectuals were forced to leave the historical homeland. In emigration they were actively engaged in elucidation of problems of ethnopolitical development of the mountain people during a revolutionary era. Studying their heritage is one of the major factors and conditions of an objective research of recent national and political processes in the North Caucasus.

    pdf 100-110.pdf  (189 Kb)

  • Kushkhabiev A.V., Nakov F.R.

    The paper analyzes problems of transition of the Circassian feudal estates to a peasant arms complex at the end of the 17th - the early 19th centuries. It has been found that acceptance by most of the Circassian feudal lords of the arms complex created or adapted in the peasant environment to certain types of fighting was caused by transition of considerable number of peasants to estates of not notable noblemen, by the educational system which had interclass character, as well as by change of arms and an armor at potential opponents of the Circassians.

    pdf 111-118.pdf  (175 Kb)

  • Melnikov N.N.

    The paper shows the features of development of metallurgical production at the plants of the tank industry under conditions of deficiency of fire-resistant materials in days of the Great Patriotic War. The lack of refractory materials did not allow carrying out repair and overhaul of open-hearth furnaces up to standard that, in turn, prevented completion of construction of new capacities. This problem existed in a varying degree throughout all military years.

    pdf 119-126.pdf  (219 Kb)

  • Nalchikova E.A., Tekueva M.A., Musukaev A.I., Kagazezhev B.S.

    The relevance of the subject of the paper lies in need of expansion of the field of ethnographic researches by inclusion of poorly studied plots, unpopular in the Caucasus historiography. The aim of the paper is to analyze the cultural semantics expressed by appearance of men and women in the culture of the people of the North Caucasus, focusing attention on a beard and hair. Traditional culture has developed means for symbolical corporal designation of various status roles and expression of situational states. This information which is easily read out by members of society regulates their relationships, arranges surrounding space and places social, emotional and mental accents.

    pdf 127-137.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • Samokhin A.A., Pakhomov A.V.

    The paper investigates the role of the Prizren League in formation of the Albanian national movement in the last quarter of the 19th century. Geopolitical changes in Southeast Europe after the end of the Russian-Turkish War have led to actualization of the Albanian question. Despite an attempt of the Albanian people to consolidate, implementation of the main objective of the Prizren League – to proclaim the independent Albanian state – was not succeeded. In the conclusion, the authors describe the socio-political consequences of activity of the Prizren League as the organizational structure of the national liberation movement of the Albanians.

    pdf 138-144.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • Arakelova E.V., Karelkin E.N.

    The paper explores the major factors causing formation of asocial practices among young people of contemporary Russia. Also the theoretical analysis of the main methods of prevention of deviant behavior of youth is carried out.

    pdf 145-148.pdf  (111 Kb)

  • Bochkarev A.N.

    The paper deals with the sociocultural and standard legal capacity of an image of contemporary police in youth consciousness identified during sociologic research. An analysis is made to find out the level of youth awareness on legislatively established functions of police in society and the level of legal competence of the young Russians concerning powers and standard borders of activity of police officers. The main attention is paid to the analysis of a cognitive component of an image of police.

    pdf 149-160.pdf  (516 Kb)

  • Volkov Yu.G., Degtyarev A.K., Vodenko K.V.

    The main aim of the paper is to comprehend possibility assessments of implementation of foreign models of value policy in regulation sphere of the interethnic (international) relations in the Russian Federation. Authors come to a conclusion that foreign models of value policy are based on the multiculturalism project and can be introduced into the Strategy of national policy of the Russian Federation with the certain amendments corresponding to experience of cross-cultural interaction and the cultural civilization unity of the Russian society which is historically set. The carried-out analysis of positions of expert community on the basis of deep interviews results, first, in opportunity assessment of implementation of foreign models on the basis of state civil partnership. Secondly, with inclusion of representatives of civil society (NKA) in the status of participants it can be used to develop value policy at the regional and local levels. Thirdly, considering reproduction of model of "interethnic" actions as focused on certifying the law for ethnocultural development, the experts’ assessment, depending on belonging to groups of officials or "social activists", is based on the developed schemes of participation in the interethnic relations and shows differences in that the officials place emphasis on conformance with an official discourse, while social activists are in expectations of increasing the status in dialogue with power structures.

    pdf 161-169.pdf  (216 Kb)

  • Dyatlov A.V., Panfilova Yu.S., Pshegusova G.S., Gerasimov G.I.,

    In the paper, the results of the social research conducted in subjects of the North Caucasian and Southern federal districts were taken as a basis to show how the character of the interethnic relations in the south of Russia is reflected in public opinion of the population. The general situation in this sphere in the region under study is characterized by decrease in tension due to the interethnic relations. At the same time perception of people around in the categories of “their own” and "strangers" differing in ethnic characteristics is not overcome. In this regard the majority of the factors interviewed in rating causing interethnic tension nominate to the first place differences in mental programs, complexity of an economic situation, corruption in public authorities and their insufficient attention to the sphere of the interethnic relations.

    pdf 170-179.pdf  (248 Kb)

  • Ilyinova N.A., Kukva E.S., Nekhay V.N., Makeev S.V., Khachetsukov Z.M., Shadzhe A.Yu.

    Results of sociological research of historical memory of students are presented in the paper.The authors analyze features of perception by students of historical events of the 1917 October Revolution in Russia, as well as their assessment of socio-political, ideological and economic effects of revolution. The research has demostrated that historical consciousness of young people did not change and remains at low level. Need to use heuristic opportunities of historical memory for education of the patriotic citizen is proved.

    pdf 180-196.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • Kalashaova D.A., Delova L.A.

    The paper presents the results of the sociological survey conducted in the Adyghea Republic for the purpose of studying reproductive principles of inhabitants of the Republic and the reasons causing reproductive behavior at the present stage. The conclusion is drawn that the measures of population policy taken in 2017 will become a factor of an exit of regional society from demographic crisis.

    pdf 197-201.pdf  (493 Kb)

  • Kashin O.V.

    The Russian army is in a condition of deep crisis that is expressed in development of the illegal relations, the high level of corruption and formation of negative ideas of army in public opinion. As a result, the negative stereotypes connected with military service become widespread. These stereotypes lead to deformation of system of the social relations that mark the new round of crisis tendencies in the Russian army and in society on the whole. The present paper deals with the main negative tendencies connected with relaying social problems of institute of army. Also the publication examines factors of impact on a situation and, in particular, alternatives of widely spread negative tendencies of public consciousness. Among them is adequate informing the population on positive shifts in functioning of institute of army and formation of patriotic views both among the military personnel and among future recruits.

    pdf 202-207.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • Lubsky A.V., Serikov A.V., Stukalova D.N.

    The paper analyzes the mechanisms and resources of control of the conflicts arising in local communities because of migration. Authors consider formal and informal practices of control of the conflictogenic potential. Much attention in work is paid to studying similar experience and theoretical works in this direction. Administrative practices here are understood as the activity of subjects of the state and municipal authority directed to decreasing the conflictogenic potential of migration flows in local communities. Authors pay special attention to experience of Germany in the sphere of settlement of the conflicts between migrants and the accepting population.

    pdf 208-219.pdf  (194 Kb)

  • Nuskhaeva B.B.

    The paper discusses researches on religiousness of the population of Kalmykia and results of the author’s own research conducted in 2017. The author comes to a conclusion that the religious identity is defined by ethnic origin and acts as an "ethnicity marker". On the basis of results of poll the author shows the ratio of believers and non-believers, use of religious attributes in contemporary life and features of religious behavior of the population of Kalmykia.

    pdf 220-224.pdf  (184 Kb)

  • Svirovsky D.N.

    The paper describes practical formation of qualities of frontier guards in the extreme fighting situations. Such quality is the ability to adequate actions in the conditions of sudden fight, readiness for it and others. Qualities of frontier guards grow from the developed extreme subculture and are its basis. They are formed by purposeful influence on the personality during vocational training of frontier guards and in actual practice of daily service. The publication emphasizes importance of social influence and the role of the formal and informal leader of frontier divisions.

    pdf 225-229.pdf  (117 Kb)

  • Serikov A.V., Bedrik A.V., Zaitseva A.A.

    The paper analyzes the social structure of ethnic diasporas in the South of Russia, determines extent of their ethnosocial differentiation, and defines the role of ethnic leaders in mobilization of members of diaspora community. Emergence of subdiaspora components in structure of community can cause the objective need for an institutionalization of new national and cultural associations that serve the interests of preservation and development of culture, as well as ensuring loyalty of group, legitimacy of its leader and his ability to represent the ethnic interests before institutes of the power. Questions of diaspora segmentation into long-term resident and migration components, as well as a problem of the diaspora outcasts are examined.

    pdf 230-237.pdf  (171 Kb)

  • Sorokin S.A.

    The paper explores prevention of deviations in Armed Forces of contemporary Russia, as well as the major factors determining this phenomenon among the military personnel. In work, the author focuses attention on specifics of influence of the social environment, level of efficiency of early socialization of the personality of the individual to success of his adaptation under conditions of military service.

    pdf 238-241.pdf  (189 Kb)

  • Trukhanovich D.S.

    In the present paper the author proves a need to study nihilism of the public civil servants as one of deviations in public service. For this purpose the theoretical analysis is carried out of such theoretical constructions as "nihilism", "deviation", "anomaly" and "deviant behavior". Also to prove his position the author brings results of socialogical research concerning nihilism in public service during which the opinion of respondents was studied. Respondents were the full age citizens of the Russian Federation who are living or temporarily arriving in the Rostov region.

    pdf 242-250.pdf  (454 Kb)

  • Khachetsukov Z.M., Afasizhev T.I.

    The paper discusses the regulation of ethnosocial processes at the level of daily social practices and the role of expert community in the solution of problems of interethnic tension in the multiethnic region. The publication examines the main directions of scientific elucidation of ethnosocial processes in the south of Russia and formulates points of growth of regulation of interethnic tension in contemporary composite society.

    pdf 251-257.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • Ebzeeva Yu.N., Karabulatova I.S.

    The modern linguistic security means, first of all, ensuring national security by means of language [1, 2, 3] that, eventually, provides linguistic prevention of the social conflicts and deviant behavior [4, 5]. Problem aspects of communication in modern social networks reflect, first of all, the modern transcultural conflicts which find the fullest realization in an electronic digital discourse where the word becomes a multidimensional holographic image of this or that concept and/or object. Such positioning gives the chance to search for new ways of motivation to verbalizing word as such.

    pdf 258-267.pdf  (214 Kb)

  • Andreev E.A., Tuzovsky I.D.

    Authors consider transformation of subcultures in modern society. Their essence and development specifics change in connection with megatrends of global information society. Authors note that small subcultural groups were integrated into composite associations which receive the name of supersubculture. The paper gives the developed portrait of the geek culture as a supersubculture; its main lines are distinguished, and comparison is carried out with the glem-culture.

    pdf 268-273.pdf  (445 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • Agoshkova O.V., Ozheva S.B., Demkina E.V., Begidova S.N.

    The paper discusses the features of a technique, the organization and the main directions in training of masters of social work in the course of the educational and work practice. The authors present in general the main types of professional activity and content of practice of undergraduates according to requirements of the Federal state educational standard of the higher education for the direction of preparation 39.04.02 Social work (magistracy level), orientation "Management in social work".

    pdf 17-23.pdf  (198 Kb)

  • Artemyeva V.V.

    The paper proves that there is need to organize special educational process in higher education institution to form students’ competitiveness. The meaning and definition of the concept "competitiveness of the personality" are specified. Different approaches to representation of structure and content of the person’s competitiveness are considered. The diagnostic tools allowing assessment of students’ competitiveness efficiency according to the accepted structure of this quality are described. Results of the diagnostic testing focused on determination of efficiency of formation of students’ competitiveness within traditional educational process are provided. The relative persistence of levels of students’ competitiveness and absence of its dynamics in training activity are stated. Conclusions are drawn that personal resources of competitiveness development are available and that it is required to optimize educational process.

    pdf 24-32.pdf  (244 Kb)

  • Blyagoz N.Sh., Kuprina N.K.

    The paper discusses the use of the ecological potential capacity of the content of world religions in the ecologization of the modern learner’s consciousness in general educational institution. The authors show the attitude of the person to the nature at different stages of development of a human society and at various forms of public and individual consciousness. The publication presents the ecological potential capacity of world religions and proves the expediency of its use in the ecologization of the student’s consciousness.

    pdf 33-39.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • Borodina N.V., Simonyan A.R., Ukraintseva I.I., Khachaturova N.Y., Khovyakova A.L.

    The paper analyzes theoretical concepts of "social portrait" and "sociological portrait". The results of sociological research of students studying under the secondary vocational programs providing learning the most popular and promising professions and specialties are given. In the course of system analysis, the student is regarded as a subject performing professional self-determination on the basis of formed value orientations. The student is examined as a carrier of social and socio-psychological qualities and an element of management by the administration and faculty of the institution. The characteristics of a graduate of a secondary special educational institution as a potential specialist who is in demand on the labor market are studied. The results of the research significantly expand the content profile of the social portrait of a student specializing in TOP-50.

    pdf 40-49.pdf  (585 Kb)

  • Bulakh K.V., Burtseva E.T.

    The authors explore a pedagogical ensuring the development of innovative processes in professional education. The emphasis is placed on the analysis of the organizational and methodical blocks of pedagogical ensuring the development of innovative processes and such components as new psychological type of the head, the creative potential of the teacher and scientific equipment of the pedagogical process. The hypothetical model of creative potential development of the teacher of professional education basing on the component approach including emotional and motivational, methodological, psychological, pedagogical, valeological, general cultural, subject and methodical components is presented. The model provides practical work with the teacher which has to carry the personal focused character.

    pdf 50-56.pdf  (163 Kb)

  • Bulakh K.V., Zhukova N.N.

    The authors examine the history of formation and development of dual system of professional education in some European countries. On the basis of the analysis of documents of the European center for development of professional education, the major normative documents regulating the system of professional education and training in Germany, and works of the foreign authors devoted to the systems of professional education in Europe, the authors of this publication show the features of "classical" models of professional education and training in Europe: dual corporate model in Germany, government-regulation model in France and models of the liberal market in Britain. Special attention is paid to history of formation and development of dual system of professional education in Germany. Studying experience of realization of dual system of professional education in the countries of the European Union has allowed us to more deeply understand the major factors of success of the German model of dual training.

    pdf 57-64.pdf  (173 Kb)

  • Karakhanova G.A.

    The paper is devoted to a formation of deontological culture in future bachelors of education. The author describes the model of formation of deontological culture which is turning on four blocks: target, substantial, technological and diagnostic. Special attention is paid to specifics of methodological approaches and the principles of formation of deontological culture of the teacher, to a possibility of using the technologies of humanities and creation of organizational and pedagogical conditions for realization of this model. The role of continuous monitoring of level of formation of deontological culture on the basis of the marked-out criteria and indicators is emphasized. Realization of the developed model of formation of deontological culture in future bachelors of education promotes formation of motives of a responsible attitude to professional activity, to subjects of educational process and allows successful solution of professional problems on the basis of the principles of pedagogical ethics.

    pdf 65-72.pdf  (196 Kb)

  • Meretukova Z.K., Chinazirova A.R.

    The relevance of a problem is justified. The world outlook and methodological attitudes taken in this or that historical period of development of a pedagogical thought and educational systems as a basis in determination of the status of the pupil in educational process are briefly considered. The meaning of the pedagogical concepts and educational systems arising since the most ancient times till present and the status of the pupil in them are revealed. The most fruitful approaches to solution of this problem are identified.

    pdf 73-89.pdf  (224 Kb)

  • Plotnikova G.G.

    Features of instructional design of educational process in higher education institution on a subject matter "The scenic speech" are presented. The concept "pedagogical design" as a type of design activity is investigated. Stages of instructional design and the conditions of implementation of design of educational process on this discipline are described. Being guided by the VO FGOS standard, the system-forming relationship of the main characteristics of this discipline – external requirements, discipline purposes, educational activity, active forms of education and the controlling materials – has been revealed. The presented results can be of interest to both teachers who train bachelors for professional activity in the field of the cultural and leisure sphere, and to students who are subjects of educational process and who, together with the teacher, can participate in this design.

    pdf 90-95.pdf  (163 Kb)

  • Romanyuk S.N., Demkina E.V.

    The paper discloses the concepts "formation", "responsibility", and "responsible execution of duties". The authors investigate the phenomenon of formation of the personality as process of formation of the person under the influence of those public relations which he enters: mastering a system of knowledge, information about the world, and labor skills. During formation of the personality there is influence of set of factors: objective and subjective, natural and public, internal and external.

    pdf 96-102.pdf  (239 Kb)

  • Saenko L.A., Zateeva T.G.

    The paper discusses the main results of research related to self-identification of youth with the Cossacks and the attitudes towards the Cossacks. The attitude of students towards the traditional culture of the Cossacks and their self-assessment of knowledge on the culture of the Cossacks are shown. Alternatives of young participants of poll concerning their idea of manifestation of patriotism are presented. The reasons having negative effect on development of patriotic qualities in youth are designated. Pedagogical potential of traditional culture of the Cossacks in fostering patriotism in the students is allocated: diligence, family values, respect for parents and elders, service to the Fatherland, and high spiritual culture. Examples of work of the educational organizations relying in the educational work on the traditional culture of the Cossacks are presented.

    pdf 103-108.pdf  (159 Kb)

  • Skudnova T.D., Pashkova M.N.

    This paper analyzes the experience, achievements and prospects of international practice in the field of inclusive education. The publication explores historical aspects and the evolution of attitudes towards the education and teaching children with disabilities. The authors give a detailed characteristic of the legislative background and contemporary topical problems of system of inclusive education in the foreign countries.

    pdf 109-116.pdf  (131 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • Denschikova T.Yu., Arov Kh.N., Dolzhikova M.V., Gluschenko I.A., Petkov V.A.

    The paper discusses the authors' approach to a solution of the problem of training of school students in bases of social information security by means of development at them of abilities of adequate perception and assessment of social information and its critical judgment. In order to form bases of information security at school students of pre-teen years, the authors have developed, realized and introduced the pedagogical interactive technology in educational practice, including a series of logically and successively connected lessons: business game, round table, presentation of the project, discussion, debate. The research has shown that realization of the developed technology differs in the following features: an opportunity to bring process of training closer to reality (on the basis of interactive lessons); intensification of a collective way of training; possibility of strengthening an emotional component of training; essential activization of independent educational activity of school students; development of creative abilities as leading qualities of the personality; and creation of the atmosphere of scientific researches and humanity in study.

    pdf 117-123.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • Kalinina S.A.

    The problem of intercultural communication in a mixed crew has existed for quite a long time. However, it is still of current importance and the ways of solving it are significant for society. The article carries out a thorough research of the interactive learning methodology that allows the author to identify several key aspects as its advantages. The recommendations for the use of interactive technologies in the process of cadets’ training are made. There have been presented some technologies that are adapted for teaching a foreign language in an interactive mode on the example of the specialty "Ship power plants operation". Based on her own practical experience the author of the article comes to the conclusion that the introduction of interactive technologies into the educational process will not only improve the level of cadets’ training, but will also help to solve the problem of intercultural communication in a mixed crew, as well as the increasing of psychological stability of future seamen, which will have a positive effect on quality of the work performed.

    pdf 124-133.pdf  (444 Kb)

  • Lebedeva N.A.

    The article analyzes the characteristics of a modern textbook uploaded to the electronic learning environment of a modern university. According to the author, this environment is now predominantly of a network nature. Electronic textbooks that provide an opportunity for online learning can significantly enhance learning outcomes through the use of interactive tools of the virtual learning environment. This advantage is most clearly seen in foreign language learning, where the latest Web2.0 technologies are used in teaching English. The author believes that these new tools do not change the nature of language use. However, the author thinks that as the virtual learning environment exposes learners to new types of multimedia, it requires the development of new teaching methods and techniques.

    pdf 134-139.pdf  (165 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • Solomatina G.N.

    Accordingly to the analysis of the foster parents’ chats on the Internet, the author has highlighted the reasons leading to destruction of relationships in the foster family (from the child’s side: behavioral characteristics of adopted adolescent children; connection with biological relatives or search of them; from the society’s side: close attention to relations inside the family; social unsuccessfulness, formalism or a lack of assistance from foster family’s support services; from the foster parents’ side: hyper-responsibility for the results of upbringing an adopted child). The highlighted reasons will lead to a deeper understanding of particular life in a foster family, and also will help the development of measures to prevent children returns into the institutional organizations. The author draws attention to the fact that services of psychological and pedagogical support shall overcome the formalism when supporting a foster family. An issue about the necessity of educators’ and social-psychological services staff’ training for effective interaction with a foster family is raised.

    pdf 140-146.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • Stolyarova V.A.

    The paper presents the results of empirical research on psychological features of socio-humanistic subject orientation of contemporary students. Socio-humanistic subject orientation of contemporary students is superficial, situational. Subject orientation as a structural forming component of the student’s personality expands the list of categories describing their social reality. Systematics and depth of study of the contents are the criteria for the level of development of the subject orientation of contemporary students. Search by students for new subject information determines the characteristics of the development of their cognitive activity. The selectivity of students in obtaining subject information is mediated by the level of their mental development. The decisive importance in the process of extracting socially relevant content by students is given to the logical operations "classification" and "generalization".

    pdf 147-152.pdf  (171 Kb)

  • Stolyarova V.A.

    The paper provides the results of an empirical study of psychological features of the formation of legal concepts among students of educational and professional groups of the humanities orientation. The structure of the notion of law is described by means of such generators as the area of competence, the semantic field, designations, and operational constants. The concepts of law do not fully realize their functional features in representatives of contemporary students.

    pdf 153-157.pdf  (155 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • Doev V.K., Godzhiev G.T.

    The paper presents the structure of a control system of physical culture and sports of a specific region, in particular economic, social and demographic factors of life. It is established that management efficiency is determined in accordance with the quantitative and qualitative structures.

    pdf 158-162.pdf  (113 Kb)

  • Doeva A.N., Gagieva Z.A.

    The relevance and novelty of the research lies in demonstration of a positive impact of special physical exercises on the state of health of school students of the special medical groups (SMG). In the paper, an analysis is given of systematic physical exercises used in the course of physical training of SMG pupils by taking into account medical-pedagogical contraindications and recommendations. At the same time it is necessary to combine methodically correctly these exercises, according to literary data, to be able to individualize, regulate and control a load at the lesson. Therefore it is necessary to select such types of physical exercises and physical actions which will take into account the constitutional features of a body build of children allowing carrying out individualization of physical training for physical aftertreatment and prophylaxis of deviations in the state of health. This paper proposes the differentiated approach to the organization of physical training of school students of special medical group. It has been established that use of special types of physical exercises will promote accounting of features of a body build of school students, and a type of a disease. Need of individual approach for physical aftertreatment and prophylaxis of deviations in the state of health is proved.

    pdf 163-169.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • Rakov F.I., Tleuzhev M.K., Tatarkanov A.A.

    This paper discusses the perfection of professionalism at higher school teachers of physical training. Psychological and pedagogical factors of formation of the professional competence at teachers of physical taining are revealed and analyzed.

    pdf 170-175.pdf  (161 Kb)

  • Rozhnov A.A., Dobeyko N.I., Fedorov V.A.

    The paper is devoted to the study of the state of physical preparedness and physical development on the basis of a change of physical training motivation. Within the framework of the research, a sports-oriented technology basing on problem-situational training, individual-oriented monitoring system, case technology, "tutoring" and borrowing elements of classical and beach volleyball was developed and tested. Also an experiment was conducted to study its effectiveness.

    pdf 176-183.pdf  (259 Kb)

  • Tseeva N.A., Elnikova O.O., Mirza M.Yu., Tkhakumacheva Yu.B., Chuntyzheva Z.I.

    The paper deals with the content of structural components of basic physical culture of female students from special medical groups. The authors determine the content, structure of means and methodical features of formation of physical culture of personality. Definition is given to the concept "basic physical culture of the personality". Its component structure includes the communicative, gnoseological, value-focused, self-determining and activity components. Initial level of formation of physical culture components of the engaged students is revealed. At formation of communicative and gnoseological components of basic personal physical culture, the high level of readiness of students to apply knowledge in unusual situations is revealed; their volume of knowledge conforms to program requirements. At formation of a value-focused component of basic personal physical culture, the student shows steady interest and the positive attitude to activity at lessons of physical culture in higher education institution. The student notes high interrelation and interaction of ways of activity, self-checking and self-assessment in the characteristic of formation of the self-determining component of basic physical culture.

    pdf 184-189.pdf  (306 Kb)

  • Chermit K.D., Zabolotniy A.G., Elnikova O.O.
    Biomechanical bases of the correction technique of regressive changes in motor function at advanced age and at old men

    By applying the optical system of the video analysis of motions, the temporal boundaries of the phase structure of performing squats in the elderly age are defined. It is established that with age an increase in the duration of the execution of motor actions is mainly due to the increase in run-time squats by the time of standing. The data obtained can be used as criterion values in assessing the degree of motor regression and the development of new approaches of exercise application at advanced age and among old men.

    pdf 190-194.pdf  (179 Kb)

  • Chermit K.D., Zabolotniy A.G., Mirza M.Y.

    Prevention of premature aging and maintenance of functional and social activity of the population are priority areas of research, teaching, medical science and adaptive physiology. Aging causes decrease of all body functions, which limits its ability to adapt to the changing conditions of existence. The reduction of functional level of homeostatic mechanisms in old age is the basis of defining morphological and clinical features of adaptive reactions in elderly and old ages. Active motor mode can be considered as a means of regulating functions of the aging body. The search for new evidence of prolonged action of the active motor mode, development of more justified and individualized modes have not only biological, but also pedagogical value. Intensiveness of motor activity has adequate limits and commensurates with age. To define rational boundaries of physical activity, as well as determine the composition and orientation of physical education to reduce the rate of destruction of motor function in old age, it is necessary to determine the regressive changes of natural human locomotions. To this end, based on the optical three-dimensional video analysis of human movements, the kinematic characteristics of the squat of old people have been identified. Graphic trajectories of angular displacements in ankle, knee, and hip joints were studied. Regressive changes of the space-time order of angular displacements were determined by comparing the obtained data with data obtained in earlier studies held among children aged 5 and 6 years, and among athletes involved in powerlifting.

    pdf 195-202.pdf  (656 Kb)

  • Chipov A.Kh., Tokov Kh.Kh.-A., Sokhov A.B.

    The paper deals with the problems of education of healthy and harmoniously developed young specialists, analyzes and reveals problems of formation of a healthy lifestyle for students of a typical agricultural university. Proposals are formulated for improving and creating a modern regulatory framework for protecting students' health.

    pdf 203-209.pdf  (163 Kb)

  • Adzinova A.A., Kopot L.V.
    Experience in lexicographic activity of the Faculty of Philology in creation and inclusion of dictionaries in the learning process of schools and higher education institutions in the Republic of Adyghea: regional aspect

    This paper sheds light on experience in lexicographic activity of the Faculty of Philology of the Adyghe State University developed in the course of creation and inclusion of dictionaries in the learning process of schools and higher education institutions in the multiethnic region – the Republic of Adyghea. We analyze the printing editions created on the basis of this faculty by the staff of Departments of Russian Language and Linguistics. These editions include an obligatory regional component to form tolerance in historical and cultural community of the different ethnoses living in the North Caucasus. Similar dictionaries, undoubtedly, create favorable conditions for further cultural dialogue in Russian as the language binding all ethnoses and mentalities in the region.

    pdf 17-22.pdf  (307 Kb)

  • Arkhipova I.V., Kopot L.V., Shevatlokhova E.D.
    National and cultural features of the speech as means to transform the meaning of statement

    The paper shows the role of extralinguistic factors in changing the meaning of the text. The most typical extralinguistic factors influencing the understanding and interpretation of the text by the reader are identified. Those are sociolinguistic, etiquette, national and cultural. The method of the transformational analysis has allowed the authors to reveal statements with the sense changing at will of the author, as well as wrong cases of creation of the speech. The conclusion is drawn that national and cultural features of the speech of the addressee and addressant play the great role in change of the meaning of the statement. Extra language factors are a necessary prerequisite for adequate understanding of the statement. The explication of background knowledge at perception of the text promotes the best understanding of traditional, national and sociocultural peculiarities of language.

    pdf 23-27.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • Akhidzhakova M.P., Chaplygina O.G.
    Concept «heroine»: problem of the terminological status

    Mutual correlations of the terms «concept», «artistic image» and «art concept» are identified and analyzed in coordinates of modern cognitive linguistics and cultural linguistics. The data obtained within the presented scientific research based on studying numerous domestic and foreign authoritative sources on the terminological status of the concept «heroine» promote a research of multilevel interrelations of lexical units and categories of culture. The theoretical importance of the obtained results lies in systematization of approaches to study a concept which is based on examination of the relations of the logical information provided by conceptual language units and ethnocultural context. Also researches within this approach are focused on identification of culturally marked concepts as a part of various ethnospheres of concepts; and, moreover, on comparison of representation of separate fragments of reality in coordinates of different cultures in the context of action of a complex of ethnocultural factors. Such approach allows studying concepts in terms of their verbalization that focuses attention on their conceptual - language character. The obtained data are of particular importance as can be successfully applied to art concept examination as author’s embodiment of universal, ethnocultural and individual meanings within the last of the specified approaches. As the analysis has shown, the art concept can enter difficult correlations with an artistic image, and in this regard it is possible to assume possible classifications of representants of the concept «heroine» in fiction texts.

    pdf 28-34.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Ahmadzai S.A.
    Criterial appraisals and their lingual representation

    The paper deals with the criterial appraisal types and lexical means of their representation in Russian speech. The author used different modern Russian explanatory dictionaries and data of “National Corps of Russian Language” in the Internet as the sources of the factual material. For the analysis of the factual material the method of definitional semantic description with the elements of the field and component analyses was used. As a result, the existence of special type of criterial appraisals where different stereotypic representations of people were used as evaluation criteria has been proved. Adjectives expressing appraisals of such type in the Russian speech are revealed and described. Results of the work prove a principal difference of criterial appraisals from appraisals of relational character, consisting in the positive or negative emotional, desiderative, deiktic or value attitude of the subject of appraisal to the evaluated object.

    pdf 35-40.pdf  (303 Kb)

  • Bagirokov Kh.Z., Kheyshkho F.I., Sheudzhen E.D.
    Representation of an interferema at bilateral bilingualism

    An attempt is undertaken to allocate interferemas and to describe them in the conditions of bilingualism of the Adyghe and another nation. In the Adyghe speech of Russians-bilinguals a unit of measure of an interference is the interferema (simple, complicated, of different levels, syncretic and multiple). At allocation of interferemas attention was paid to sound compliances and discrepancies in the contacting languages. Written and dictation records of the bilinguals knowing the Adyghe language have served as material. The sociolinguistic analysis of phonetic-phonologic level has revealed various extents of knowledge of the Adyghe language, existence of transitional forms of interference. Systematization and classification is carried out of levels of the bilateral bilingualism which is based on interferemas, functioning in the Adyghe speech of the Russians. The authors underline that in the Russian society there is a need to understand and develop a new philosophy of education in the new millennium, in particular – philological. The expected tolerant relations in society depend on the purposes which will be defined for itself by the Adyghe philological education. It has been established that the nature of emergence of interference is caused by various reasons. The research of an ethnolanguage situation in the region in aspect of formation of bilateral bilingualism is necessary since the educational effect in society will be more extensive and productive.

    pdf 41-48.pdf  (382 Kb)

  • Balian A.M., Kushu S.A., Zadorozhnaya E.Yu.
    Linguocultural features of the English-speaking language personality

    The aim of the paper is to determine the main parameters which classify linguistic personality as English-speaking and to reveal its linguistic specificity in the liguocultural aspect. The main task of the paper is to analyze linguistic, paralinguistic, extralinguistic, cognitive and communicative parameters of the speaking person. It is linguistic personality and its nationality in accordance with speech communication data that determines the significance of this publication. Both universal language features of people and features revealed according to the ordinary, elementary and high levels of the language skills are analyzed. The authors come to the conclusion that the lexical, grammatical, semantic, paralinguistic, prosodic, communicative, etiquette parameters and stereotypes can be classified as nationally specific to the English-speaking linguistic personality. The spleen, humor, comicality and creative component are emphasized as characteristic phenomena. The authors underline the difference between the English and the Russian humor. The possibility to apply the results of the study in the courses of teaching English, translation studies and linguoculturology determines the practical value of the present study.

    pdf 49-56.pdf  (322 Kb)

  • Bedanokova S.K., Bedanokova Z.K.
    Phraseological units with Latin components in modern French

    An analysis is made of interaction of the historical and semantic factors which have caused a national originality and laid the foundation of French modern phraseology. The authors study structural, semantic and functional features of phraseological units with Latin components during development and formation of national language. The theoretical importance of this research based on the analysis of phraseological units with Latin components is defined by the fact that French has inherited the greatest part of the lexical fund from Latin and develops on a national basis from an early stage of language formation. Cognitive and linguoculturological approaches represent methodological base of consideration of lexical material since images of primordially French phraseological units belong to the most various spheres of material culture and public life of people. In the course of the analysis it has been revealed that phonetic transformations in combination with other factors participate in formation and semantic development of phraseological units. However, semantic transformations which can lead to loss of own meaning of components and development of the new one are the major factor. Formation and development of phraseological fund is defined, in our opinion, as one of means of cultivation and improvement of the French national language. Data obtained during the research can be applied in learning language which has inherited the greatest part of the lexical fund from Latin.

    pdf 57-62.pdf  (351 Kb)

  • Beshukova F.B., Khachmafova Z.R.
    Language representation of a gender stereotype of masculinity in mass media discourse (from material of texts from the Russian journals)

    The paper investigates the role of mass media in formation of gender stereotypes in mass consciousness. The purpose of this publication is to describe language expression of the gender stereotype of masculinity in a discourse of Russian modern mass media. Use of methods of the descriptive, analytical and contextual analysis has allowed identification of laws of lexical-semantic designing the stereotypified men’s image in mass media discourse. It has been established that the gender stereotype of masculinity in mass media discourse reflects the assessment ideas of society about behavior standards and relevant characteristics of men formed in language consciousness. The possibility to apply the results of the study in higher school courses on the theory of language and gender studies determines the practical value of the present material. The research makes a contribution to the solution of problems of studying interaction of language and a gender in mass media discourse.

    pdf 63-67.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • Vinnik Yu.V., Grushevskaya T.M.
    Communicative strategy: prerequisites of functioning

    This study deals with communicative strategy as the communicative behavior reflecting actions, motives, requirements and desires of the language personality in the form of verbal and nonverbal means of expression. Authors show that it is just interest which induces the person to influence the interlocutor to achieve goals and that it is just in consciousness of the person that the communicative strategy is carried out. It is for the first time the main characteristics of communicative strategy are generalized. In order to describe formation of communicative prerequisites, G.P. Grays’s principle of cooperation, necessary for this position, is considered. Realization of common objectives of communication defines their choice as means of achievement of these purposes. Communicative strategy represents attempt of interlocutors to find mutual understanding in semantic loading of any situation; at the same time the purpose of speaking is the report of the main sense. The obtained data can be successfully applied in the analysis of communicative strategy of text material. It has been established that communicative strategy represents a complex of the speech actions directed to achievement of the communicative purpose, and prerequisites of studying this concept are the communicative, cognitive, linguistic, sociological and psychological, rhetorical and esthetic ones.

    pdf 68-73.pdf  (306 Kb)

  • Goryacheva E.D.
    Case statement VS popular expression: the ontologic status in a modern linguistic paradigm

    Winged expressions are discussed in comparison to case statements. Peculiarities of the national picture of the world and, as a consequence, linguistic culture, are represented, in particular, through popular expressions as markers of case phenomena. The aim of the paper is to identify and describe features that define the ontological status of winged expressions and case expressions in cognitive and cultural linguistics. Scientific novelty of this publication is in the comprehensive analysis of case phenomena, in particular, case statements in their relation to the popular expressions that provides the multicoordinate evidence of put forward theses in terms of inclusion of the results obtained in the paradigms of the theory of precedent, pragmalinguistic and phraseology. Research methodology is defined by its object and subject: a case and popular expressions are examined through the identification of integral and differential characteristics from the standpoint of cognitive, pragmalinguistic and cultural approaches. Semantics and form of case statements allows identification of two main types: with «surface» meaning and preserving the indivisibility of the «surface» and «deep» meanings, which in turn determines integral and differential signs of case statements and aphorisms. The work contributes to the development of the theory of language, pragmalinguistics, linguoculturology, and theoretical knowledge, deepening ideas about the case phenomena, their types, the cognitive-semantic capacities and functions, winged expressions as markers of the case phenomena and phraseological units at the same time. The possibility of utilizing the obtained results in the practice of teaching courses on the theory of language, cultural linguistics, intercultural communication, issues of cognitive linguistics and phraseology determines the practical value of this research.

    pdf 74-78.pdf  (281 Kb)

  • Evsyukova T.V., Agababyan S.R.
    Evolution of a concept «community/world» in the Russian culture of language

    An analysis is made of the concept the «community/world» reflecting the main standard ideas of the Russian ethnos on this concept in diachronic aspect. The purpose of this work is to detect linguocultural and linguocognitive characteristics of this concept using the material of idiomatics, the review of the lexicographic sources and modern text material, as well as in creation of a frame of a concept as mental unit. On the basis of methods of the analysis of practical material, such as the etymological, contextual, historical and cultural, and the method of cognitive interpretation, a conclusion is drawn about high mentality and cultural and axiological importance of the concept in space of the Russian national culture. An attempt is undertaken to present semantic concepts in the form of a frame scheme, including the slots representing the dominant characteristics of this concept, as well as the subslots reflecting its evolutionary changes. The research makes a contribution to development of cultural linguistics and lingual conceptology, describing national specifics and evolution of the analyzed concept as one of basic concepts of the Russian culture. Results can find practical application in developing lectures of special courses on cultural linguistics, lingual conceptology, ethnolinguistics, sociolinguistics, etc.

    pdf 79-84.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • Kambachokov A.M., Gubzhokova D.D.
    Expressive means and stylistic devices of creating artistic image in A.Kh. Mukozhev’s poetic works

    The most important expressive means and stylistic devices forming an artistic image in the Kabardian poetic text are first considered on the material of the poetic works of one of the best Circassian masters of the artistic word A.Kh. Mukozhev. A particular attention is paid to the system-linguistic means of achieving expressiveness, primarily at the lexical-semantic level most frequently used in the works of the Circassian poetry. The most productive of the lexical and semantic means of creating an expressive coloring of words and expressions is the associative-figurative reinterpretation of meanings, which is based on tropes, among which the most important are metaphor, metonymy, simile, which A.Kh. Mukozhev used very skillfully. The study shows that the so-called «author’s phraseological units», epithets, metonymy, oxymoron, antithesis, periphrasis, hyperbole, etc. are also used to create a vivid, realistic artistic image in the poet’s works. There are separate poetic works, representing a sustained metaphor («Life is an Old Train», «Sated and Starving», etc.). The results of the work can be used in courses on expressive lexicology, expressive syntax, text linguistics and stylistics of the Circassian languages.

    pdf 85-90.pdf  (413 Kb)

  • Korotkova M.O.
    Emotion as a concept dominant (based on Anna Gavalda’s novel “Je l’aimais”)

    In this article we study peculiarities of realization of emotions in the text. The aim of the research is to study the parameters of the realization of emotional concept “love” in Anna Gavalda’s novel “Je l’aimais”. The analysis of the theoretical and practical background has shown that the literary text as a complex semantic space embodies plural semantic fields, the dominant units of which are concepts. The dominant text emotions are realized as emotional concepts, the analysis of which contributes to revelation of the semantic side of a text, to the author’s conceptual field determination, which embodies the author’s individual stylistic traits. The undertaken study has shown the following results: the units of the concept realization can be represented by nouns, adjectives, verbs, which denominate emotional concept or describe it indirectly. Emotions can be expressed by describing emotional reactions or states, associated to approved feelings. The efficient way of the demonstration of emotions is emotional metaphor, which contributes imagery to the text and activates the reader’s imagination. In conclusion it is argued that the most complete revelation of the literary text dominant emotions can be accomplished by its basic concepts study, which embodies semantic, syntactic and pragmatic dimensions, in the unity of which the semantic diversity of the text is implemented.

    pdf 91-96.pdf  (343 Kb)

  • Kubashicheva S.K., Khabekirova Z.S.
    The current trends of development of political communication

    The paper presents the new aspect of an analytical research on the basis of the discourse of political character as fundamental of the English culture of language. The main components of process of political communication in the modern information space are revealed. The political lexicon making the most representative group of English words is investigated by means of the synchronous psycholinguistic analysis. The value of unique linguistic material and methods of language influence and determination of emotional, political and ideological level of consciousness of mass audience are identified. Examples of lexicological units from mass media show the development of a number of political terms. Their metaphorical components, as well as different variants of translation of neologisms of the modern political language are described. Thus, it is possible to state that in the course of political communication special methods of language impact on the ideological, emotional and intellectual level of mass audience prevail.

    pdf 97-100.pdf  (296 Kb)

  • Kushu S.A.
    The cognitive semantic and linguoculturological analysis of speech behavior and speech communication (according to the Arabic paroemias)

    An analysis is made of speech communication aspects in the Arabic proverbs, sayings and cliched statements which reflect the Arab mentality and the Arab culture of language. The author defines what assessment, obvious or hidden, is given to the specified aspects and which language techniques are applied in them most frequently. The term «paroemia» is understood widely as including proverbs, sayings, phraseological units, language clichés and aphorisms. Dwelling upon views of a number of modern scientists and upon the Arab linguistic tradition such language units are united in the generalizing category of «masalas». Application of the cognitive, semantic and linguocultural analysis has made it possible to state that a direct or implicit assessment to various aspects and types of speech behavior is given in the Arabic paroemias. Paroemias teach to skillfully handle language to avoid the dangers and misunderstanding which are concealed in the inept addressing it. Oppositions, comparisons, metaphors, techniques of personification and objectification of language and allegorical meaning are applied in many groups of sayings about various aspects of the language and speech. Materials can be useful to paremiology, cultural linguistics, comparative linguistics, theory of translation, as well as in learning the Arabic language.

    pdf 101-107.pdf  (343 Kb)

  • Redko G.V., Eremeeva A.A.
    Communicative strategy as strategy of understanding and interpretation of sense

    Definition of a communicative situation is given, various approaches to its analysis are described, and its intrinsic characteristics are singled out. Communicative strategy is connected with perception of a discourse and can be regarded as the strategy of understanding and interpretation of sense. The dynamics in communicative strategy is defined to be the specific communicative goal, and communicative strategy represents the conscious plan of the solution of an individual problem in reaching the specific communicative goal. Elements of communicative strategy are allocated: those are a purpose of the communicant, model of speech behavior, specific features of the personality and world outlook values of participants of communication. Authors present one of the varieties of communicative strategy – discursive strategy which is defined as «projective conceptual vision» by the individual of specific social institute of «discursive behavior» which is based on conscious optimum achievement of the goal, expressed in specific language means. The technique of this research is based on the provision on dialectic interrelation of language and reality and relies on the principles focused on adequate reflection of reality by language. The research has a certain theoretical importance since communicative strategy is a high-quality control facility of human behavior, and the phenomenon of communicative strategy changes in form, adapts to the changing reality conditions, at the same time improving methods of impact on the addressee. Results of this research can be useful in the analysis of strategic structure of the text and in interpretation of its sense.

    pdf 108-113.pdf  (302 Kb)

  • Tikhonova A.P.
    Characteristic features of derivational compounds in the Hattian language: linguo-cognitive aspect

    The article deals with logical-conceptual and derivational structure of the Hattian composites. The objective of the study is to reveal primary words that determine stability of the language and its national specificity. The main method of investigation is comparative- historical. While analyzing Hattian composites we took into consideration regular sound correspondences of related Hattian, Abkhaz and Adyghe words with identical or close meaning. Hattian words are given in Latin transliteration, their Abkhaz-Adyghe match – in the Cyrillic alphabet. Comparison of the components of the Hattian composites with identical Abkhaz-Adyghe lexical units made it possible to reveal their coincidence and to confirm affinity of the Hattian and Abkhaz-Adyghe languages and their origin from the same language source. The results of the investigation may be used for writing the history of the Abkhaz-Adyghe languages.

    pdf 114-120.pdf  (357 Kb)

  • Tlevtsezheva M.M., Naptsok M.R., Kuvaeva A.A.
    The adjective phrase-semantic group «Age of the Person» in Russian and French languages

    An analysis is made of the adjective phrase-semantic group «age of the person» in modern Russian in comparison with features of this group in French. The research goal is to examine the semantic structure of this group of phraseological units as a part of a macrogroup «a physical condition of the person». Systematization in the Russian and French languages of the phrase-semantic group «age of the person» which is subdivided into synonymic blocks with additional shades of the meaning is result of this research. The analysis of the presented linguistic material leans on comparative and linguoculturological methods of studying languages and makes it possible to come to conclusion that this phrase-semantic group in the Russian and French languages is filled not only with a great number of analogies, but also with differences in structure and use of these units, in shades of their meanings, in their connotation and internal form. Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the Russian phrasemes, unlike French, more definitely classify characteristics of people according to antonymic sign «young» – «old».

    pdf 121-125.pdf  (297 Kb)

  • Unarokova R.B., Bizheva Z.Kh., Tseeva Z.A., Unarokova F.D.
    Lexicographic database of the Circassian languages: basic principles of creation

    Problems of preservation of the native language in the conditions of globalization are considered. The relevance is caused by the current state of the Circassian languages (Adyghe and Kabardino-Circassian) and by absence of system measures for their preservation and development both in the historical homeland and in the Adyghe diaspora. The purpose of this paper is to reason a need of application of innovative methods in preservation and promoting the Adyghe language. One of the alternate solutions is creation of the generally available electronic database in the form of the uniform Internet portal where the Adyghe lexicon will be accumulated in a new format of the industry-specific terminological electronic encyclopedic glossary. The basis of the electronic dictionary will encompass the lexical materials which are saved up so far in the Adyghe science, researches and different types of dictionaries. Formation of the glossary, structured not in alphabetical order, but by spheres of activity of the person, is carried out by method of the structurally functional analysis. The translation of the glossary into languages of the countries where the Adyghes live is supposed. The sample of structuring the glossary using the example of a concept «shkhe» (a head) is attached. Theoretical reasons and empirical materials of this research can be useful to authors of dictionaries and manuals for teaching not only the Adyghe language, but also other Caucasian languages. It is stated as a result that in the modern world language of the small people which are in a status of dispersible resettlement in a number of the states can survive only under condition of competitiveness in information community and compliance to the level of development of technological innovations.

    pdf 126-132.pdf  (336 Kb)

  • Khurum R.Yu.
    Use of information and communication technologies in linguistics as a factor of formation of information competences

    Methods of use of the modern information and communication technologies in linguistics are analyzed. The review of application of Internet resources of linguistic information is carried out. The author identifies the principal sources of special information for philologists presented in the form of the databases which are available in Internet resources. Electronic scientific and educational resources in the form of Internet libraries, encyclopedias, dictionaries, databases and knowledge are singled out and their service use is shown. The ability to learn information and special knowledge, skills of productive selection, systematization and information storage, use of information resources makes it possible to work out, predict, design and to implement optimal solutions in different spheres of philological activities. The considered information technologies and Internet resources can be applied to effective research by student philologists in linguistics. The conclusion is drawn as a result that use of information technologies creates competences in information technologies in linguistics.

    pdf 133-138.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • Shkhumishkhova A.R., Kalashaova A.A.
    Image of the modern woman in advertising media texts (from material of glossy magazines)

    The authors use the material of female glossy magazines to investigate, on the basis of a discourse analysis and the contextual method, verbal features of stylistically strong positions of the advertising text, revealing an image of the modern woman who conducts active professional and private life. It has been established that, implementing the ideological concept of glossy periodicals, these structural elements, designed to play an important role in establishment of contact with the addressee, contain the instruction on value orientations of target audience, urging to strive for success and beauty, and make considerable emotional impact. Stylistically strong elements of the advertising media texts placed in glossy magazines are built taking into account a factor of «own» addressee: the choice of techniques and means of impact appears to be relevant to expectations of audience. The research makes a contribution to development of the relevant directions of linguistics: medialinguistics, linguistic gender studies and linguistic pragmatics.

    pdf 139-143.pdf  (300 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • Akhmetova D.A., Khuazheva N.Kh.
    Innovative aspects of interaction of narrative and fine art structures with folklore and epos in the novel by N. Kuyek «Wine of the Dead»

    This work studies synthesis of epic mythological and modern literary consciousness as a quality of a neomythologism, assessment by modern science (K. Shazzo, K. Paranuk, K. Ankudinov).The authors investigate the process of interaction of the Adyghe novel with national folklore and define the importance of traditions of T. Kerashev and innovative achievements of N. Kuyek. Results of this research expand the theoretical concepts, connected with updating the classical novelistic tradition, with myth poetics, with transformation of folklore elements in style of the novel and expansion of a culturological context, achievement of genre syncretism. To study interrelations of the Adyghe novel with folklore and the myth, the principles of comparative-historical, system, typological and textual approaches are used. The novel by N.Kuyek «Wine of the Dead» is classified as the neomythological epos in contemporary Adyghe literature, which is supported by features of interaction of narrative and fine art structures of the literary epos with folklore and the myth, as a peculiar esthetic-ontological aspect angle of interpretation of history and the present. The practical importance lies in a possibility of use of results of this research in individual scientific activities to study problems dictated by requirements of the modern humanity.

    pdf 144-150.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • Gutov A.M.
    Anti-hero in Junior Circassian Epic

    The paper describes the types of anti-heroes, epic characters of the Adyghe folklore which have not previously received sufficient attention in folklore. Despite this, they play an important role in the oral narrative. It is established that the genesis of the artistic image, which received its greatest development in the literature of the 20th century, points to ancient folklore motifs. The image of the anti-hero complicates the epic story, influences the evolution of narrative art and enriches the palette of artistic images. This is manifested in historical and heroic tales and songs with sufficient clarity. The variety of specific embodiment of anti-hero in songs and legends about different heroes is investigated. The comparative - typological method and the retrospective analysis help to systematize folklore forms and to formulate their originality and national peculiarities.

    pdf 151-155.pdf  (304 Kb)

  • Panesh U.M., Panesh S.R.
    Problematical-thematic and genre features of the poem in the Adyghe literature of the 1960s through the beginning of the 1990s

    The paper discusses the contents, subject and art features of the Adyghe poem in the chronological framework of the 1960s through the beginning of the 1990s. The authors identify the genre sources, influence of motives and poetics of the Nart epos, folk legends, fairy tales and stories. They also focus on sharpening of problematical character in A. Gadagatl, M. Paranuk, A. Evtykh, I. Mashbash, Kh. Beretar, N. Kuyek and N. Bagov’s works, caused by cultural and historical changes in society. Classification of the national poem is carried out by genre and thematic features – the poem on folklore material, the historical poem and the poem on a historical subject, the poem about war and the poem on a modern subject. Enrichment and development of a genre of the poem due to statement of more large-scale subjects, use of the lyrical basis and drama element are noted. Application in the analysis of comparative and typological methods promotes formulation of conclusions about the lines of a new «modern» stage of national poetry which have reflected the general laws of national literature.

    pdf 156-161.pdf  (326 Kb)

  • Khakuasheva M.A.
    Problems of moral antagonism in Yu. Shidov’s prose (as shown by the story «Dinner for Two»)

    One of the important tasks of the author of this article was the need to identify the most important features of the phenomenon of the Adyghe Russian-language literature using an example of the analysis of the story «Dinner for Two» by the contemporary Circassian writer Yu. Shidov. Such a study seems especially relevant at the moment, as the Russian-language literature of the peoples of the North Caucasus is one of the most dynamically developing and least developed areas. The Adyghe literature of the post-Soviet period is marked not only by combining several types of literary genres, but also by different spheres of arts. In particular, the combination of literature and game cinema gains development as ways of art expression close to each other. Thus, synthetic forms of art and literature are formed. The newly-emerged term “literary cinematography” is used to reflect the «visibility» of a work of art or the verbal designation of literary devices in it. The tendency towards neomythologism, which is observed in the Adyghe literature in the second half of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, is especially subject to this feature. Perhaps, it is explained by the general property of neo-mythological art, which was expressed in the desire for artistic synthesis of diverse and multidirectional traditions. All these aspirations were originally embodied in the beginning of the twentieth century in the cinema. The article reflects the features of the author’s idiostyle, the genre specificity of Shidov. The two most important aspects in the writer’s work - individual and sociopolitical - are in indissoluble unity. The author uses image-symbols, which strengthen the general tonality, exacerbate the dramatic nature of the narrative. The author’s main thematic problematic is the moral crisis, which is largely due to the transitional historical period of the 1990s. The results obtained will be necessary steps for further studies of the creativity of contemporary Russian-speaking Adyghe writers.

    pdf 162-167.pdf  (306 Kb)

  • Shestak A.N.
    Genre features of the Olga Slavnikova’s novel «2017»

    This paper discusses features of a plot of the novel and interprets its images and motives. An analysis is made of the principles of the organization of the narration and an art and composite system of the work which considerably distinguish it against the background of the author’s works of previous years. The new art views of the writer realized in the considered novel are noted. Important distinctive feature of the work is combination of various specific basics. Lines of genre heterogeneity of the text are identified, including: elements of the novel anti-Utopia, novel myth, psychological and adventure novels. Contamination affects all levels of work structure, both formal and contextual. The multifaceted complex of problems is raised in the work: social, psychological and philosophical. The conclusion is drawn that the socio-historical situation in the book written by the modern writer is only a background against which deep problems of separately taken personality become aggravated. In work, categories of Life, Destiny, Time and Death, traditional for the writer’s prose, are subjected to interpretation. Such analysis of the work allows consideration of Slavnikova’s art prose, on the one hand, as an integral part of a modern literary context and, on the other hand, it highlights characteristic style features of author’s identity.

    pdf 168-171.pdf  (292 Kb)

  • Kudaeva Z.Zh.
    Motive of «duality» and symbolics of «a vegetable code» in the Adyghe folklore

    This paper sheds light on and analyzes the previously poorly studied mythopoetic views of the Adyghes connected with the idea of origin of the person from plants which is closely bound with elements of «the myth on twins». Results of this research promote further deepening the theoretical ideas of the mythopoetic views peculiar to the Adyghe traditional culture. The technique of this research is based on the comparative analysis of the corresponding motives which have found reflection in various genres of the Adyghe folklore. The symbolics of «a vegetable code» including the main ideas - cyclic fading and revival of the nature, origin of the person from a plant, as well as fertility, serves a plot-forming basis of various epic mythological, fantastic plots and motives and also is the cornerstone of some signs - rules. The idea of origin of the person from plants appears in interaction and interdependence with elements of the myth on twins. On the basis of the analysis of both the known, and earlier unpublished folklore material, a number of earlier poorly studied elements of mythopoetic views of the Adyghes connected with flora are introduced for scientific use.

    pdf 172-176.pdf  (294 Kb)

  • Patyukova R.V., Minskaya A.N.
    Legislative practice in the sphere of state youth policy: media aspect

    The article considers the media aspect of legislative practice in the sphere of implementation of the state youth policy of the Russian Federation. The analysis of the regulatory and legal framework for informational coverage of the implementation of the state youth policy has been carried out. Clear discrepancies and shortcomings of normative and legislative acts have been revealed. The article contains possible ways of generalizing, systematizing and improving the legal basis for informational coverage of the implementation of the state youth policy in the Russian Federation. Special attention is paid to the need for the adoption of a federal law on the implementation of state youth policy in the Russian Federation and the systematization of the existing legal framework.

    pdf 177-181.pdf  (317 Kb)

  • Pisarevskaia N.S.

    It is well known that the mass media are actively influencing the formation of the personal identity of a modern person. In the article for the first time women’s glossy magazines are considered as a translator of an effective way of personal identification, and the problem of the features of their functioning in this aspect is raised. The purpose of the work is to study the specific impact of women’s magazines on the audience, in accordance with which it creates a distorted picture of the world. As a result of the analysis made, it is concluded that modern gloss offers readers ways of identifying individuals that are correlated with the notion of «beautiful life», where the ideal is a successful and well heeled person who cultivates the values of the consumer society.

    pdf 182-186.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • Somova E.G., Abramova G.A., Khlopunova O.V.
    Stylistic devices of the advertising media text

    The article deals with the study of the stylistic possibilities of the advertising media text. Its purpose is searching for the optimum stylistic devices, providing the communication adequacy and efficiency of the influence on the audience. Media text is considered as semantically unpredictable object, participating in delivering information, targeted on making the virtual reality. The main feature of the analyzed variety of media texts is deformation of the accustomed rates of communication, intensifying its attractiveness and generating additional senses. Since the consumer of the advertising extracts the underlying theme, generated by the associations, directed to the obtaining the given advertising information, the problem arises of the study of the ways of creating the internal form of the advertising media text. The results of the analysis show that the most stylistically productive devices in advertising media texts are intertextuality and game techniques: mimicry under journalistic genres, varied repetitions, travesties, means of the vanguard’s dramas of the beginning of the 20th century. The repetitions are capable to generate the hidden senses, basing on the associations, caused by stereotypes of speech and thinking. The language game in the advertising media texts uses the different precedent forms: precedent of the name, situations, phrases, texts, and original quoting. This becomes an especially efficient device of the influence in radio-television advertising because of adding different sorts of connotations to actual information.

    pdf 187-193.pdf  (352 Kb)

  • Khazhgerieva A.A.
    The formation of media image of the Republic of Adyghea on the basis of ethno-cultural and historical-geographic factors

    The paper explores the problem of formation of positive image of the Adyghea Republic under conditions of interregional competition. The purpose of this work is to identify sources of formation of internal and external image of the region to build its effective strategy. Special attention is given to cultural-historical and ethnic unique characteristics of the region. The basis for this study is the lack of efficiency of media promotion of ethno-cultural and historical-geographical image of the Republic of Adyghea. It is concluded that the creation of a positive media image of Adyghea requires necessary revitalization of the regional press services in terms of coverage of key historical and cultural characteristics of new media that may enhance positive internal and external image of the Republic, and also may have a positive impact on the development of tourism and economy of the region as a whole.

    pdf 194-199.pdf  (309 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • Baste A.K., Voitleva N.A.
    The Adyghe folk songs in the repertoire of the Aschamez folklore ensemble

    This work studies creativity of the Aschamez folklore ensemble, the repertoire of which includes folk songs and songs created by composers of Adyghea. The short review of the repertoire performed by the ensemble sheds light on the typical features of the folk singing traditions of the Adyghes. Addressing ceremonial, historical, heroic and modern songs, the ensemble thereby makes a great contribution to revival and maintaining musical song culture of the Adyghes. Created as children’s ensemble, nowadays Aschamez is a successful men’s folklore ensemble, the winner of numerous competitions and festivals.

    pdf 200-203.pdf  (271 Kb)

  • Chepniyan N.L.
    The 1920-1950s musical culture of Adyghea in the context of the main paradigms of the cultural revolution

    The paper discusses the process of formation and development of musical culture in Adyghea during the 1920-1950s. One of its major vectors – amateur performances – is analyzed. Amateur performances were a basis and nutrient medium for formation of professional musical art in the region. In the course of the analysis and by means of a comparative-historical method it is established how the ideological principles of the state cultural policy, uniform for all people, existing during the Soviet era influenced formation and development of musical art. Results of this work can be used in training courses of history of national music of the 20th century and history of musical culture of Adyghea in high and higher educational institutions. The scientific importance of this research lies in identification of deep interrelations between processes of formation of musical art in Adyghea, historical stages of formation of its statehood and, more widely, fundamental tendencies of cultural construction in the USSR.

    pdf 204-211.pdf  (310 Kb)

    Biological Sciences
  • Chermit K.D., Zabolotniy A.G., Chuvakin A.L.
    Regressive changes in kinematic characteristics of pose realization when performing squat at advanced age

    On the basis of the optical system of the three-dimensional video analysis of movements, parameters of corners in talocrural, knee and coxofemoral joints are studied during realization of a starting pose, a pose of a squat and a final pose when performing squat. The obtained data allow us to conclude that the regressive changes in realization of a pose of a squat at people of advanced age connected with restriction of mobility in a knee joint, to a greater extent are caused by a way of life of examinees, rather that biological laws of natural regression of motor function.

    pdf 79-83.pdf  (297 Kb)

  • Melnikova T.N.
    Monitoring of the water mode and complex geographic-hydrological division into districts of the Laba river basin

    This work examines physiographic features and hydrometeorological coverage of studies of the Laba river basin, and the vertical zonation of elements of water balance. The author makes the mathematical model of norm of an annual drain of the Laba river basin and carries out complex geographic-hydrological division into districts and ecological assessment of water resources of the Laba river basin.

    pdf 84-91.pdf  (432 Kb)

  • Kolomiytseva N.S., Kagazezheva N.Kh., Petrova T.G.
    Improvement of physical training of school students on the basis of accounting of level of their physical development and functional state

    The current state of physical training of children and teenagers and the level of development of mass sport do not correspond to those problems which are solved by society in social and economic transformation of the country. It is necessary to change approach to physical training of school students and development of sport in educational institutions. Student teaching shows need of use in the course of physical training at school of positive experience and potential of sport. The problems of improvement of physical training of school students, strengthening health and their physical activity on the basis of accounting of level of physical development and functional state are analyzed. Also anthropometrical indicators, a condition of cardiovascular system, indicators of function of external breath of children of school age in the course of training at schools of the Republic of Adyghea are analyzed.

    pdf 92-96.pdf  (331 Kb)

  • Mamsirov N.I.
    Assessment of natural resource potential of agrolandscapes and crop production in a foothill zone of the Republic of Adyghea

    This work discusses the results of a research on studying and complex assessment of an ecological condition of agrolandscapes in a foothill zone of the Republic of Adyghea. Extent of manifestation of the degradation processes of soils was found during the research with the use of GIS-technologies as tool for justification and development of measures to increase stability and efficiency of agrolandscapes. Agroecological assessment of land grounds and crops on their basic needs to growth conditions is carried out, the optimum structure of sown areas is created and various types of crop rotations for farms of a foothill zone of the republic are made.

    pdf 97-103.pdf  (441 Kb)

  • Chermit K.D., Zabolotniy A.G., Tseeva N.A., Mirza M.Yu., Verzhbitskaya E.G.
    Estimation of physical readiness of higher educational institution students on the basis of requirements of Russian Sports Complex GTO (Ready to work and defence)

    Assessment of compliance of physical readiness of students to standard requirements of Russian Sports Complex GTO is carried out. The research is conducted on the basis of Department of Physical Training of the Adyghe State University.

    pdf 104-108.pdf  (297 Kb)

  • Korzun B.V., Lagoshina A.G.
    Studying the introduced subtropical culture Zizyphus jujuba Mill. in the Adyghe Branch of the Russian Research Institute of Floriculture and Subtropical Cultures

    The article presents the results of studying subtropical culture Zizyphus jujuba Mill. in the Adyghe Branch of the Russian Research Institute of floriculture and subtropical cultures, in particular: phenological observations, resistance to stress factors and peculiarities of crop formation in these soil and climatic conditions. Varietal differences of biological features of several grades of unabi in connection with adaptation to climate conditions are given. The prospects of the given culture for gardening of a foothill zone of Adyghea are shown.

    pdf 109-116.pdf  (500 Kb)

  • Devterova N.I.
    Principles of the adaptive intensification of field forage production in Adyghea

    This work presents the results of researches on efficiency assessment of cereal and bean grass mixtures, productivity of which, in power and protein nutritiousness of green material, meets contemporary zootechnical requirements. Use of mineral fertilizers in standards: N34; N34+N45; N34+N75 on a background (N24 P100) in a combination with 20–25 cm plowing has provided reliable increase in productivity and quality of a harvest of studied grass mixtures.

    pdf 117-122.pdf  (300 Kb)

  • Tseeva N.A., Zabolotniy A.G., Ushkho Yu.D., Chuntyzheva Z.I., Zolotseva E.V.
    Self-assessment of physical development of female students of special medical groups

    Excuse of students from classes in physical training leads to loss of bases, value orientations on preservation of one’s own health, to negative impact of a disease on social adaptation of the personality in future professional activity. In this regard, studying extent of awareness of one’s own abilities and level of the readiness taking into account decline of students’ physical health is a relevant task.

    pdf 123-128.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Teuchezh F.D., Khamerzokova R.Yu., Gudkov A.V.
    Ecologic and economic mechanisms of protection of agricultural lands in Adyghea Republic

    This study is dedicated to development of ecologic and economic mechanisms of protection of agricultural lands in the Republic of Adyghea. The reasons of degradation of agricultural lands are proved.

    pdf 129-131.pdf  (283 Kb)

  • Tuova T.G., Ocheret N.P.
    Influence of the Krasnodar reservoir on soils of adjacent areas of Adyghea Republic

    The work is dedicated to the analysis of soils of Adyghea Republic, adjacent to the Krasnodar reservoir. The authors make the comparative analysis of a condition of these soils by chemical indicators and their dynamics

    pdf 132-135.pdf  (293 Kb)

  • Tseeva N.A., Zabolotniy A.G., Zolotseva E.V., Elnikova O.O., Ushkho Yu.D.
    Technology of using agents of physiotherapy exercises at disturbances of musculoskeletal system at physical training lessons in special medical group

    The expediency is proved of use of the agents of physiotherapy exercises aimed at the harmonious development of a musculoskeletal system, providing prophylaxis and correction of disturbances of a posture, strengthening the muscular-copular device and elimination of the available deviations in the state of health of female students of special medical group.

    pdf 136-139.pdf  (292 Kb)

  • Tlyachev V.B., Ushkho D.S., Ushkho A.D.
    About the number of invariant sets of a special type of the n-th degree plane polynomial vector fields

    The number of invariant sets has been obtained for n-th degree polynomial vector fields on the plane, each of which consists of n–2 and only n–2 parallel invariant straight lines.

    pdf 13-21.pdf  (362 Kb)

  • Roytenberg V.Sh.
    On bifurcations of a singular point of the “sewn beak” type

    The paper describes bifurcations of a piecewise smooth vector field on the plane, in the neighborhood of a singular point of the “sewn beak” type on a line of discontinuity. In one of its semi-neighborhoods such a point is a saddle, and in the other, a point of quadratic tangency. In particular, it is shown that no more than one periodic trajectory is generated from the singular point.

    pdf 22-29.pdf  (470 Kb)

  • Skhalyakho Ch.A., Tuguz N.S.
    Comparison theorems for multidimensional differential systems of general view

    We deal with comparison theorems for the multidimensional differential systems of general view which enable, basing on properties of solutions of one differential systems, predetermination of properties of solutions for other systems of the differential equations of general view.

    pdf 30-35.pdf  (333 Kb)

  • Makaova R.Kh.
    The first boundary value problem in a nonlocal setting for the generalized Hallaire equation with the Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative

    We investigate the first boundary value problem in a nonlocal setting for the generalized Hallaire equation with fractional Riemann-Liouville derivative. Existence and uniqueness theorem is proved. An explicit representation of the regular solution is found.

    pdf 36-41.pdf  (330 Kb)

  • Skhalyakho Ch.A., Tuguz N.S.
    Integrated conditions of the fluctuating solutions for the multidimensional differential systems of general view

    Conditions are formulated and the statements on fluctuation of any correct solution of multidimensional system of the differential equations are proved.

    pdf 42-53.pdf  (406 Kb)

  • Kozlov V.A., Palandzhyants L.Zh.
    On structure of subalgebra of second order polynomial multiplicatively integrated matrix functions. I

    We consider here the task about polynomial curvilinear multiplicative integrals, as well as the structure of subalgebra of second order multiplicatively integrated matrix functions.

    pdf 54-59.pdf  (316 Kb)

  • Mitrofanova T.G., Epp V.Ya.
    Asymptotic approximation of generalized Bessel functions and the spectrum of undulator radiation

    The asymptotic expressions for generalized Bessel functions of two variables for large values of index and arguments of the functions are obtained by the stationary phase method. The expressions obtained are used to derive the spectral-angular distribution of radiation of an undulator with a sinusoidal magnetic field.

    pdf 60-63.pdf  (317 Kb)

  • Golovnev Yu.F., Nurguleev D.A., Vlasova Ya.V.
    Conditions for the formation of polaritons in the semiconductor EuO

    The work examines an exciton-photon interaction in the ferromagnetic semiconductor EuO. The detailed analysis of the Lorentz model is made. The necessary conditions for the formation of polaritons in the semiconductor EuO are shown.

    pdf 64-66.pdf  (344 Kb)

  • Beglaryan M.E.
    Stochastic model of reconstruction of inclusive distribution, characterizing economic structure of the society

    The aim of the given work was to form a self-organized model of nonlinear dynamic on the basis of the regarded algorithm, which would allow us to discover the mechanism of reconstruction of inclusive distribution, characterizing economic structure of the society. The proposed stochastic model of reconstruction of inclusive distribution, characterizing economic structure of the society, specifies the conditions for reaching one or other economic structure of the society. The factor of equal share, or in other words the principle of economic democracy, which is central to the understanding the essence and the investment attraction of financial economic mechanism, consists in the fact that for the first time there appears an opportunity to implement such investment policy, when benefits become principally safe for the national budget. Under such economic mathematical paradigm of the investment policy of the state, which is based only on the necessity and sufficiency of the fulfillment of equity conditions, the so-called balance equation, whose solution depending on the value of the basic parameters of the given investment project determines the value of “safe” tax concessions, made available to the investor by the state, gets immediately clear semantic content and mathematic appearance. These tax concessions are in fact safe for the national budget, because the given taxes liabilities and the investor’s losses are non-planned additional sources of profit incomes into the national budget of the country. This rule of equity is regarded as the basis algorithm, and the economic mathematical model of the determination of the optimal amount of tax concessions for investment projects, which provides for zero losses of expected digital tax receipt into the state budget, is formed on its base.

    pdf 67-73.pdf  (397 Kb)

  • Mitrofanova T.G.
    Solution of the inverse problem in electrodynamics with the example of a charge moving along a circle

    The inverse problem for the electromagnetic field of a point charge is considered using the example of a charge moving along a circle. Since this inverse problem has two solutions, it is interesting to find which of these solutions has a physical meaning. The electric and magnetic fields are calculated on the axis of the circle along which the charge moves. Under the assumption that these quantities are given, solutions of the inverse problem are found, namely, two different laws of motion of a charge that produces the given electromagnetic field. One of these solutions corresponds to the motion along the circle, while the second one has no physical meaning.

    pdf 74-78.pdf  (349 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Dovgal V.À., Dovgal D.V.
    Security issues and challenges for the intellectual networks founded on the Internet of Things

    The Internet of Thing (IoT) is a new step to evolutions of the modern Internet where any physical object (in terms of the Internet of things – thing) equipped with computing and communication opportunities can be effectively integrated at the different levels into the Internet. The Smart Grids (SG) which are considered as the most critical infrastructures, are defined as the classical power supply systems complemented with large-scale ICT and integration of renewable energy can be considered as the biggest network IoT. The SG will include billions of smart objects /things: smart meters, smart devices, sensors, drives of cars, etc. in addition to several communication infrastructures whether public (most often) or private. Nevertheless, safety is considered as one of the most important factors of a delay of fast and large-scale introduction and expansion of the Internet of Things and Smart Grids. This article investigates problems and tasks of Smart Grids based on the Internet of Things and defines the main security services which need to be taken into account dealing with safety of SG.

    pdf 140-147.pdf  (375 Kb)

  • Kashin Ya.M., Varenov A.B., Kirillov G.A.
    Comparative analysis of high frequency converters as possible sources of land supply of aircrafts

    The work provides comparison of mass and energy indicators of electric machine converters with increased frequency and shows the benefits of synchronous-asynchronous frequency converter compared to other types of electric machine converters.

    pdf 148-153.pdf  (390 Kb)

  • Kizdermishov A.A., Kizdermishova S.Kh.
    Installing and configuring a special Squid mode (ssl-bump) on Ubuntu 12.04 TLS

    The paper deals with the issues associated with the commissioning of a special Squid mode (ssl-bump), recommendations are given for Administrators with a low level of training in installation and configuration of special Squid mode (ssl-bump) on Ubuntu 12.04 TLS, and preparation of the proxy server to install antivirus protection and traffic analyzers.

    pdf 154-159.pdf  (304 Kb)

  • Korobkov V.N.
    Software module of creation and analysis of vector fields

    This work presents a short review of the existing DBMS addings to store spatial data and the most popular software products of GIS creation. The author provides reasons for creation of his own software module and the description of its functional capabilities.

    pdf 160-164.pdf  (745 Kb)

  • Simankov V.S., Buchatskiy P.Yu., Teploukhov S.V.
    Software application to evaluate the possible involvement of non-traditional renewable energy sources into the energy system of individual consumer

    This paper discusses the technology of creating a software application that can evaluate the possibility of using non-traditional renewable energy sources in the energy system of an individual consumer. The list of implemented functions, the structure and algorithm of this application is described in this paper.

    pdf 165-170.pdf  (678 Kb)

  • Nadyrov R.G.
    On optimization of trusses by using the mirror function

    The paper presents a mirror function and gives a definition of its extremum. The use of the theory of the mirror function to minimize the volume (of material) of the truss, satisfying the strength conditions, is described.

    pdf 171-174.pdf  (310 Kb)

  • Panesh A.Kh., Tsalov G.V.
    Prediction of winter wheat productivity on the basis of geographic information system services

    Studies were conducted on the basis of production sites of the Adyghe Research Institute of Agriculture in 2015–2016 and 2016–2017 agricultural years. The task was set to detect correlations between the normalized vegetative NDVI index, surface area of the vegetation capable to implement photosynthesis functions and the content of a chlorophyll in plants. Also studies were made on correlative relationship between winter wheat productivity, the NDVI indexes, chlorophyll photosynthetic potential and vegetative photosynthetic potential. The best results of prediction of winter wheat productivity have been obtained for vegetative photosynthetic potential index.

    pdf 175-180.pdf  (379 Kb)

  • Buchatskaya V.V., Gogoleva A.V.
    Forecasting the average zone speed movement on the basis of a multifactorial regression model

    The article presents a technique for estimating the average zone speed of freight trains, including the construction of a predictive model based on a multifactorial linear regression model. The adequacy and accuracy of the model obtained is calculated, and the results of the experimental verification of the proposed methodology are resented in this paper.

    pdf 181-186.pdf  (351 Kb)

  • Pocheshkhov N.A.

    The 1917 Revolution has become the significant socio-political phenomenon in life of the world community and the Russian state which changed the global geostrategic system. Due to the need of elucidation of historical heritage of the 1917 revolutionary events, the Adyghe State University organized and held the All-Russian conference at which formation of historical consciousness in the context of revolutionary processes of the beginning of the 20th century were discussed.

    pdf 274-298.pdf  (300 Kb)

  • Arakelov A.V., Buchatskiy P.Yu., Tlyachev V.B.
    IN MEMORY OF German Stepanovich Feklistov

    pdf 187-188.pdf  (253 Kb)

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