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  • Vaschenko I.I.
    The protest movement in the North Caucasus during collectivization

    In the paper, an attempt is undertaken to consider the nature of the protest movement in the North Caucasus. Rejection of methods of collectivization in the North Caucasian village was the main reason of the protest movement of peasants. The publication specifies areas of the North Caucasus where the protest movement had the hard-fought character. Specifics of the protest movement in the mountain aul are considered.

    pdf 14-19.pdf  (217 Kb)

  • Emtyl Z.Ya.
    The Soviet power and Muslim clergy of the North Caucasus in the 1917-1920s: experience of interplay (from materials of the Adyghe people)

    In the article, on the basis of large factual material, the author investigates the interplay of the Soviet power and progressive wing of the Adyghe Muslim clergy during the 1917-1920s. The conclusion is drawn that its cornerstone was the mutual aspiration of the parties to cooperation caused by a complex combination of national, political, religious and cultural factors. Despite initially existing divergence in purposes of interaction on the part of the Soviet power and Muslim clergy, it objectively promoted integration of the mountain people of the North Caucasus into the Soviet geopolitical space, change of their sociocultural shape, and formation of new cultural requirements.

    pdf 20-29.pdf  (184 Kb)

  • Iznaurov A.S.
    Historical stages of formation of international legal base in the sphere of protection of cultural heritage of mankind

    The author considers cultural heritage within its historical development, international legal base and scientific concept. The international organizations and communities which have played the defining role in historical formation of a legal basis on protection and preservation of world cultural heritage are objects of this paper.

    pdf 30-38.pdf  (140 Kb)

  • Kagazezhev B.S., Maremshaova I.I., Musukaev A.I., Unezhev K.Kh.,
    The socio-economic situation of the peoples of the north Caucasus during the pre-revolutionary period

    The paper reveals the nature and characteristics of the socio-economic life of the North Caucasian peoples, the development of industry, banking institutions and agriculture in the region. Industrialization which has captured Russia during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries has led to penetration of industrial production into the North Caucasus. Together with it, process of further development of transportation, formation of modern financial - economic system, and intensification of agricultural production has been started. In particular, objects of the oil-processing, chemical, heavy, light and food industry have been put into operation by means of attraction of the domestic and foreign capital. The process of integration of the people of the North Caucasian region into the Russian social and economic space took place in conditions of penetration of a banking system not only to city, but also to rural areas. On the basis of generalization of results of socio-economic development the conclusion is drawn that during the pre-revolutionary period there were favorable prerequisites in the North Caucasian region for steady formation of working class in the urban environment and further penetration of the banking sector into rural areas.

    pdf 39-46.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • Karakhanov S.S.
    Marriage and wedding ceremonialism of Lezgins-Karchagts in the 19-20th centuries

    The paper explores wedding ceremonies of Lezgins-Karchagts of Southern Daghestan in the 19-20th centuries. Marriage on a courtship (conspiracy) was considered as the most common form of marriage. Islam played the great role in the family and marriage relations. An indispensable condition of marriage was the repayment that complicated a marriage of sons and delivery in marriage of daughters of simple rayats which then got to a debt hole. In a wedding procession the set of ceremonies and customs was applied. During the specified period Lezgins-Karchagts also had such forms of marriage as abduction, cradle betrothal, etc. In Soviet period forms of marriage have changed, the main form was marriage by mutual consent of the young man and girl. During modern times also international marriages found distribution.

    pdf 47-57.pdf  (205 Kb)

  • Kardanova K.A.
    Peacekeeping activities of Kabardino-Balkaria public authorities for settlement of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict

    The paper discusses peacekeeping activities of Kabardino-Balkaria public authorities for settlement of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict in the 1990s. It has been revealed that this activity considerably promoted stabilization of a situation in the North Caucasus region.

    pdf 58-64.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • Shebzukhova F.Kh.
    International legal acts of the second half of the 19th – the early 20th centuries on settlement of the English-Russian contradictions in Middle and Central Asia

    An attempt is undertaken to define basic reasons for sharpening of the English-Russian contradictions, and to reveal zones of collision of interests of Russia and England in Middle and Central Asia. For this purpose a number of international legal documents (agreements, contracts, notes, protocols, etc.) concerning stages, economic, political and strategic motives of advance of Russia to Middle Asia are investigated.

    pdf 65-72.pdf  (189 Kb)

  • Anistratenko T.G.
    Modes of personal self-representation: dialogical nature of social reflection

    The paper studies modes of self-representation which in modern society act as means of group unity on the basis of the general signs revealed by means of self-presentation which have become social markers of a group formation. Mode of self-presentation is manifestation of a social reflection in which processes of an objectivation of internal reflexive intensions and representation by the individual of himself to other people are reflected.

    pdf 73-79.pdf  (254 Kb)

  • Borisov I.V.
    Distance learning as educational practice in contemporary higher education institution

    This article focuses on consideration of distance learning in the context of educational practices in young people environment. Data are provided to show the results of the content analysis of the official sites of four South Russian higher education institutions and outcomes of students’ questionnaires concerning distance learning.

    pdf 80-85.pdf  (157 Kb)

  • Volkov Yu.G., Bineeva N.K., Pechkurov I.V.
    Implementation of ethnocultural education and civil patriotic education in the south of Russia in the context of national policy

    The national policy in multicultural Russian society cannot be realized not taking into account importance of ethnocultural education and civil patriotic education. This publication analyzes ideas of the population of regions of the South of Russia about ways of satisfaction of ethnocultural requirements and influence of these processes on formation of civil and patriotic consciousness. The cornerstone of this work are results of sociological researches which demonstrate changes towards strengthening entire Russian identity and civil and patriotic feelings at simultaneous development of cultures of the people of the region of the South of Russia. Nevertheless, the feeling of patriotism cultivated by pride for the historical past and cultural achievements is accompanied by incompliance of expectations of the population in social and economic spheres that cannot but affect the level of consolidation of the Russian society.

    pdf 86-96.pdf  (206 Kb)

  • Dementiev S.A.
    Contemporary information environment: moral dilemma of governance of public consciousness

    The paper explores destructive information social and psychological pressure, information stresses, information terrorism, replication of negative information, impurity and contamination of the information environment with the imposed and even harmful information, and aggression of information environment that give the chance to qualify the information environment of contemporary society as negative in relation to the person, creating conditions for violation of his information security.

    pdf 97-104.pdf  (168 Kb)

  • Evsyukov V.G.
    Prospects for overcoming neutralization of illegal practices in the sphere of Russian small business

    The author of the paper justifies the idea that the prospects for overcoming the illegal practices in the sphere of Russian small business are determined by a combination of structural conditions related both to the formation of small business as a group of specific interests and to the change in the activity-value orientations of actors of small business oriented toward making profits on the basis of social and investment activities.

    pdf 105-112.pdf  (187 Kb)

  • Mikhaylov A.P., Podporin I.V.
    Subcultural diversity as a risk-producing factor in the environment of Russian contemporary young people

    In this paper, the authors analyze the factors contributing to modern specifics of dynamics of criminalization among contemporary young people of Russia. As a special determinant, the work focuses on loss of former influence of the dominating culture and considerable activization of various subcultural currents, in turn, legitimating these or those forms of illegal behavior of young Russians.

    pdf 113-123.pdf  (481 Kb)

  • Oleynichenko N.Ya.
    Social inequality in perceptions of students (from materials of an empirical research)

    The aim of the paper is to study influence of a factor of sociocultural inequality on student's social integration. Results of questionnaire of 1000 respondents - students of higher and high education institutions of Maikop - carried out by the author of this paper are used as empirical material. The novelty of research lies in addressing the problem of influence of sociocultural inequality on students which is insufficiently studied in modern sociology. The relevance lies in identification of the students’ attitude to this social phenomenon. The comparative analysis of results of poll has shown that students of higher education institutions have the better scientific-theoretical preparation on the matter than students of high institutions: they estimate and perceive sociocultural inequality more objectively. At the same time all recipients, with greater or smaller degree of confidence, consider material factors to be the main reason for this phenomenon. Conclusions of this research are that difficulties in social integration of youth are in many respects connected with feeling of sociocultural inequality in society and in the higher school environment which in general is perceived as the negative social phenomenon.

    pdf 124-132.pdf  (440 Kb)

  • Olkhovsky R.M.
    Interaction of public authorities and non-profit public organizations for implementation of young people involvement potential in sports activity

    The present paper describes the mechanism of interaction of authorities and non-profit organizations, as well as the main directions of realization of state policy on young people involvement in sports activity. The carried-out analysis of special literature shows that for today necessary infrastructure for sports and physical culture activities has been destroyed that inevitably affects devaluation of the corresponding values of youth among which the sport and physical culture take the insignificant place. Now certain attempts are made by the state to correct situation. However these attempts should be estimated only as an initial stage of actions. In this paper the author analyzes a number of fundamental documents, implementation of which will make it possible to intensify process of youth inclusion in the system of sport and physical culture.

    pdf 133-142.pdf  (181 Kb)

  • Pinchuk A.N.
    Problem of educational practices of the students of higher education institutions as consumers of educational services

    This paper explores the problem of educational practices of the students of higher education institutions in the context of development of the sphere of educational services of the higher school. The author puts forward for discussion the question of formation of educational practices of students within interplay of the producer and the consumer of educational services. An analysis is made of different types of educational practices of contemporary students, including practices of participation of students in classroom occupations, preparation for demonstration of knowledge, and passing of stages of knowledge control. Also their substantial characteristics, abundance and problem zones are revealed.

    pdf 143-151.pdf  (179 Kb)

  • Svirovsky D.N.
    Extreme subculture of the Russian frontier guards in the North Caucasus (from materials of sociological examination)

    The paper proves the sociological provision that there was special subculture of the frontier guards who were involved in combat operations in the North Caucasus in the late nineties – the early 2000s. An analysis is made of the distinctive quality of border subculture – the extremeness due to tension of actions and fighting qualities of common soldiers and officers of border troops. Leaning on a concept of extremeness of psychological science, the author gives its treatment in culture sociology. Qualities of frontier guards (courage, fighting capacity, readiness for fighting, etc.) are presented as norm and the values of extreme subculture. Measurement of extremeness is conducted, its high level is shown and some of its divergences are disclosed.

    pdf 152-159.pdf  (170 Kb)

  • Stoiko O.A.
    Euroasian values: experience of interpretation

    The paper examines such sociocultural phenomenon as the Euroasian values. Since today the designated phenomenon is positioned by domestic scientists-humanists at the level of one of the dominating axiological principles of the present, the author focuses attention on those difficulties which inevitably require coordination of efforts of the whole human community. Agreeing that the Euroasian values are an essential component of the problem, in the center of which there are relations of the personality and society, the author states the following. The attitude for Euroasian values cannot be realized out of removal of a contradiction between real and due. At the same time the author puts forward an idea that education as experience of formation of thought activity (life-sustaining activity) of the Russian young people can act as one of the mechanisms promoting solution of the available contradiction.

    pdf 160-167.pdf  (175 Kb)

  • Uzunova O.Yu.
    Social trends in the transformation of patriotism in the structure of the civil identity of youth at the all-Russian level

    The paper develops the idea that at the national level there is a further deepening of the patriotism of young people towards greater civic-mindedness, which, however, can take ambivalent forms in relation to statehood and state paternalism, which, however, is still rooted in the public consciousness of Russians. It is noted that the symbolic resources of patriotism associated with Russia's success in the geopolitical arena of recent years (the Crimea's joining, successes in the fight against international terrorism in Syria) are largely depleted, primarily because of a real drop in the incomes of citizens. Among the Russian young people there are tendencies to evaluate more and more the activities of the state and government based on economic benefits, which leads to the rationalization of patriotism and civic identity, its understanding taking into account a strategy of investing in human capital.

    pdf 168-175.pdf  (284 Kb)

  • Fadeeva T.S., Atashukova Ì.Ê.
    Ethnocultural features of gender stereotype transformation

    In the present paper, the author deals with features of gender stereotypes in the ethnocultural environment using an example of the Republic of Adyghea, and analyzes extent of influence of ethnocultural features on formation and transformation of gender stereotypes.

    pdf 176-180.pdf  (179 Kb)

  • Khotsenko V.P.
    Corporatism in the context of formation of personnel structure of administrative management

    The author pursues an aim to analyze the influence of corporatism, as the algorithm of professional activity of subjects of administrative control in the Russian society, on personnel selection and formation of personnel administration system. The author comes to the conclusion that corporatism acts as a mechanism of personnel selection and determines the hierarchy of sought-after qualities of applicants at the level of behavioral code and the language of communication of the subjects of administrative control.

    pdf 181-187.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • Shadzhe A.Yu., Ilyinova N.A., Setova C.A.
    Patriotism as factor of sociocultural integration

    The paper gives reasons for great necessity of patriotism re-thinking in the context of complex globalized world. The authors consider "the big and "small" Homeland as a basis of patriotism; and reveal the interrelation between patriotism and historical memory. It is proved that in the conditions of spiritual crisis, when network culture intensely forms value and world outlook baselines in the digital world, the patriotism can become one of strategic resources of consolidation of the Russian society. Of special interest are results of sociological researches in which dynamics of ethnosocial general condition in the North Caucasus in comparison with the Russian indicators, have allowed definition of young people setting for problems of integration and interethnic communication.

    pdf 188-197.pdf  (718 Kb)

  • Starostina V.S.
    Military culture of Russia in the second half of the 19th century in V. Dahl’s "Letters to friends from the campaign to Khiva”

    In the paper, an attempt is undertaken to analyze V.I. Dahl’s work of Orenburg period, in particular his "Letters to friends from the campaign to Khiva" as the primary source of information about the military culture of Russia in the second half of the 19th century. The author explored the travel essays of V. Dahl about the Khiva campaign as a military chronicle and analyzed the activities of V. Dahl as a military journalist.

    pdf 198-203.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • Nekhay V.N.
    Review of the monograph: North Caucasus: religions, policy, elites, safety / Ed. T. Bodio. Warsaw: Wladza elite przywodztwo, 2017. V. XI. 604 p.

    In the present review, the analysis is carried out of a monographic research which has been prepared by the international group of scientists on current problems of ethnoreligious and sociopolitical development of the North Caucasian society. Use of cross-disciplinary approach to consider dynamics of sociocultural and ethnoconfessional changes in the North Caucasus is the best asset of the reviewed scientific work that allows research community to carry out complex diagnostics of key problems of the region.

    pdf 204-207.pdf  (146 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • Piven D.A.

    The article deals with economic integration issues in national economic space of Russia. The institutional measures and transformations taking place in the Russian Federation aimed at developing stable relationships between the subjects of the local level are defined. The modernization criteria for the spatial structure of the regional economy; “natural” and institutional factors in the formation of the territorial agglomeration; the effect of the creation of agglomerations are explained The result of the research is the proposed organizational structure of the agglomeration management as a socio-economic framework of regions of the Russian Federation.

    pdf 13-22.pdf  (480 Kb)

  • Salzhanova Z.A., Gelashvili N.N.

    In the Republic of Kazakhstan there are disproportions in the development of the territory. The aim of the study is to analyze the development of territorial inequality based on indicators of the real sector of the economy and social policy. The key task is to identify the factors of the uneven development of the regions. The obtained data made it possible to identify the causes of these phenomena and assess the quality of the economic space of the regions of Kazakhstan. Based on the analysis it was shown that the development of territories in Kazakhstan is concentrated in the poles of the growth of the service economy and regions with a pronounced mining industry.

    pdf 23-30.pdf  (656 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • Âoltava A.L., Shulgatyi O.L., Kobelevà A.A.

    Individual entrepreneurship is developing rapidly in the regions of Russia. The legislation provides for simplified methods of accounting, the possibility of application of special tax regimes for individual entrepreneurs. The article describes the main features of registration, accounting and reporting of the individual entrepreneur.

    pdf 63-71.pdf  (617 Kb)

  • Kuter M.I., Pazderova V.Yu.

    This article discusses the accounting aspects of subsequent evaluation of intangible assets in accordance with International accounting standards applicable to russian practice of accounting in commercial organizations. Focuses on the procedure of impairment of intangible assets and reflected in its results in the accounting system and reporting.

    pdf 72-76.pdf  (104 Kb)

  • Ordynskaya M.E., Sitimov Z.R.

    The article is devoted to the problem of choosing by organizations the optimal method of accounting for production costs and calculating the cost of production. The classification of cost accounting and costing methods for different reasons is analyzed. Methods for calculating production costs are an integral part of the organization of production, accounting system and document management in the organization. The choice of a specific method is due to a number of factors related to the specifics of the organizations economic and production activities.

    pdf 77-91.pdf  (422 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • Kobozeva E.M., Shalatov V.V.

    The article presents the results of research into the state and dynamics of the development of the agro-industrial complex of the Krasnodar Territory. The analysis of the use and structure of agricultural lands, arable land and sowing areas, the provision of agricultural and tractor machinery, mineral and organic fertilizers, the prices of sales of agricultural products and a unit of industrial goods, the gross regional product of the economic activity of the region's agriculture is provided for agricultural organizations (agricultural organizations). Factors that significantly influenced the dynamics of indicators characterizing the development of the region's agro-food complex were identified and studied. The obtained results allowed to draw a conclusion about the availability of domestic reserves in the agricultural organizations for increasing the efficiency of the use of production potential, provided that the disparity in the prices of agricultural products and goods and materials purchased for agricultural production is mitigated.

    pdf 31-42.pdf  (238 Kb)

  • Mokrushin A.A.

    The article is devoted to the problem of application of the program-target instruments of state regulation of the agro-industrial complex of the region. The basic principles of state policy in the field of development of the agro-industrial complex of the region are singled out. The content and specificity of targeted, departmental programs of state support of the agro-industrial complex of the Adyghe Republic are disclosed. Organizational and methodological gaps in the implementation of targeted state programs for the development of the agro-industrial complex of the Adyghe Republic, as well as priority measures of the program-target regulation of the agro-industrial complex of the region, are singled out.

    pdf 43-53.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • Prokhorova V.V., Kolomyts O.N.

    The article deals with the ranking of the municipal districts of the Krasnodar territory according to the level of efficiency of development of agriculture; carried out their differentiation on a territorial agri-food specialization subject identify a strong competitive position and reserves growth.

    pdf 54-62.pdf  (511 Kb)

    Taxes and the Taxation
  • Karakayeva E.U.

    The article is devoted to the study of tax policy as the main element of economic policy. The objectives of the regional tax policy, the emerging contradictions between the levels of the budgetary system, as well as the main directions of the tax policy of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic are considered.

    pdf 92-97.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • Osennyaya A.V., Budagov I.V., Khakhuk B.A., Kushu A.A.

    The article considers the modern system of taxation of real estate in Russia. It is noted that the existing mechanism is aimed at fulfilling fiscal functions and has many shortcomings. A conclusion is made on the need to reform the Russian system of property taxation by moving to a single property tax.

    pdf 98-104.pdf  (165 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • Amirov A.S.

    The paper discusses the culturological approach to the formation of environmental awareness in adolescents in rural schools in the 1990s in Russia and in the Stavropol region, the analysis of the concept of agro-ecological culture of pupils, and the ecology of the geological environment; the author summarizes the forms and methods of formation of ecological culture in the rural schools of the Stavropol region. The idea of culturological approach in environmental education was offered in Russian pedagogy by N.S. Dezhnikova, B.T. Likhachev, and I.V. Tsvetkova. The approaches of these authors are reflected in the works of Stavropol teachers. Thus, L.I. Grekhova has developed a set of ecological and natural history studies. V.L. Gaazov, in collaboration with M.N. Lets and A.D. Tsymbal, has created a program "Basics of the school of environmental survival". Its main goal was aesthetic, moral, and ecological education of students through the tourist and local, school and extracurricular activities. B.L. Godzevich was engaged in the development of the concept of "ecology of the geological environment" as a separate field of science about human interactions with the earth's interior. In general, the paper shows that the teachers of the Stavropol region have made a significant contribution to the development of culturological approach to the formation of environmental awareness of adolescents in rural schools in the 1990s.

    pdf 17-24.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • Aslamazova L.A., Khakunova F.P.

    The paper presents an analysis of contemporary psychological and social-pedagogical domestic and foreign researches devoted to the study of a substitute family. The author reveals the specifics of the family structure, determines the motives of its functioning, systematizes the ideas about the adaptation period in the life of the family; describes the features of relationships in the substitute family and the factors that affect them, as well as the most common problems and difficulties faced by families raising orphans.

    pdf 25-32.pdf  (186 Kb)

  • Batchaeva Z.A., Kuvshinova G.P., Petkov V.A., Sazhina N.M.

    The paper presents the theoretical-methodological analysis of style characteristics of the teacher’s professional activity at higher education institution. On the basis of results of the executed review of the classifications of teaching style characteristics which are available in foreign and domestic psychology and pedagogical literature, the criteria reflecting features of creation of subjects’ relations in educational activity and the related choice of strategy of an effective solution of pedagogical tasks by the teacher and student are disclosed. The entity of styles of pedagogical activity is uncovered. Under this domestic teachers and psychologists understand the characteristic features of pedagogical skill which are traditionally developing in experience of the teacher of higher education institution. The authors show the instrumental nature of style as the personal preferred system of operations of the teacher’s professional activity and cognitive activity of the personality of the trainee. Consideration of style characteristics of professional activity and implementation of provisions and the principles of style approach will serve as a premise of improving efficiency of the individualized techniques of training and self-education and will provide high quality of educational process.

    pdf 33-40.pdf  (184 Kb)

  • Grechko A.A., Khazova S.A., Klimenko A.A., Rusanov A.A.

    An opportunity to train highly qualified specialists in the system of the higher education in the defining degree is provided with quality of general secondary education of students. However in Russia, according to the vast majority of teachers – theorists and practitioners, many Russian entrants have no opportunity to come to study to the leading higher education institutions, and students experience serious difficulties in full development of professional educational programs. It is fair also for the system of military professional education: researchers note that one of its problems is the low basic level of intellectual, moral, psychological and physical competence of cadets, and lack of mental attitude at them to long military professional activity. In our opinion, in order to solve the specified problem it is expedient to use the potential of complementary education which is still insufficiently studied and considered as an organizational and substantial resource of modernization of Russian education, increase in its quality.

    pdf 41-49.pdf  (186 Kb)

  • Mushkina I.A., Sadilova O.P.

    Experience in the organization of vocational guidance in the system of inclusive education in the countries of Europe and Russia is considered.

    pdf 50-55.pdf  (174 Kb)

  • Sadilova O.P., Mushkina I.A.

    The paper presents the analysis of vocational guidance in Russia in the 20th century and describes the experience in the organization of vocational guidance of seniors using an example of Sochi State University.

    pdf 56-58.pdf  (156 Kb)

  • Ukraintseva I.I., Novikova S.S., Mushkina I.A.

    The paper discusses the social portrait of entrants of vocational secondary education focused on the choice of specialties from "the Top-50" list. Researches in this field will make it possible to reveal problem areas and to create a possibility of updating the training program. Effective management of educational process is developed in the context of improvement of the policy of higher education institution directed to development of methods of increasing motivation of entrants and attracting potential students of higher education institution.

    pdf 59-63.pdf  (166 Kb)

  • Us O.A.

    Formation of moral qualities at adolescents is considered. The attention is especially focused on extracurricular activities of the general education organization as environment of educational work. In this context the pedagogical conditions providing efficiency of the solution of the called problem are allocated. In author's representation pedagogical conditions are characterized as three-level hierarchical system in which each subsequent level discloses and concretizes the content of previous. The author shows contents, specifics and interrelation of the pedagogical conditions relating to the allocated levels.

    pdf 64-69.pdf  (170 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • Daldinova E.O.-G., Buraeva T.V., Bovaeva G.M.

    The ethnolinguodidactical problems of teaching foreign languages in a multiethnic environment are considered in the article. It is necessary to fill the humanitarian cycle with ethno-cultural content in order to provide the student with socio-cultural and educational comfort. These subjects, including foreign languages, have an ethnic orientation. The Foreign Language subject has a powerful ethnocultural potential. The teaching of a foreign language is based on the comparison of cultures, histories, literature and traditions of native, Russian and studied languages. There is a need to develop an ethno-cultural component that provides the use of folk writings. The folklore is an important sphere of ethnic culture of the Kalmyk people. The Kalmyk tale translated into German is the original tool for the teaching reading in German. For the selecting Kalmyk tales for linguodidactic purposes, the following criterions were used: a) the criterion of parallelism and originality; B) the criterion of entertaining; C) accessibility in conceptual and linguistic plans. The source for the selection was a collection of the Kalmyk tales translated into German by our compatriot Elena Dzhambinova, who had lived in Germany for a long time. The development of a complex of educational exercises on the material of the Kalmyk tales is methodologically justified, stipulating four stages. Stage 1 updates the background knowledge of students. They put forward assumptions and hypotheses. Stage 2 removes language difficulties. There is an explanation of the use of vocabulary expressing the socio-cultural realities of Kalmykia. At the third stage, the language material is activated. In the last fourth stage, the students learn to understand the metaphorical nature of a fairy tale and to recognize its subtext. The developed set of exercises provides a high level of formation of reading skills with the use of Kalmyk tales in German. The peculiarity of learning to read fairy tales is the development of the ability to read, to extract meaning between the lines. The understanding is realized not on the semantic, but on the language level. This is a quite common phenomenon in the imperfect knowledge of a foreign language, when all the words are understandable, and the meaning of the text (fairy tale) is unclear. The subtextual information arises due to the ability of words, phrases, sentences in separate small segments to conceal a hidden meaning. One of the main features of the fairy tale is its metaphorical character, its allegorical character, when human values, like justice, decency are revealed not directly, but indirectly, through a special form of narrative. The ability to understand the metaphoricalness of a fairy tale cannot be considered separately from the ability to interpret, when a meaningful interpretation of the fairy tale takes place.

    pdf 70-78.pdf  (186 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • Bersirova A.K.

    The paper presents the analysis of the main approaches to the study of subjective views in modern psychology. The author shows the psychological features of student age as a period of building the model for future life. A set of psychological determinants of success in building family relationships is identified. The role of conceptualization in regulation of activity aimed at search and selection of partner is revealed. The results of empirical studies of the views of boys and girls about the psychological factors of success in family relations are given.

    pdf 79-86.pdf  (181 Kb)

  • Mosina O.A.

    Change of life expectancy of the population in our country for the last twenty years in total with increase in the period of an active creativity actualized the questions of definition of the place and a role of the population of advanced ages in public structure. The field of the solution of the questions posed is multiaspectal and includes a number of positions: these are problems of social security and prosperity, age social and psychological features, as well as education problems. The new direction in the education focused on satisfaction of inquiries of the elderly population demands specification of many key categories, in particular definition of the subject of gerontological education. Author's vision of the stated problem is shown.

    pdf 87-93.pdf  (224 Kb)

  • Tuchina O.R., Kovaleva N.V.

    In the article, based on the results of practical research, features of Adyghe young people’s notions about positive and negative aspects of globalization, their values and dreams are revealed. Three main factors of involvement of young men and women in globalization processes are identified: Information and cultural aspect of globalization, Consumer dimension of globalization, and Implications of globalization. It is concluded that involvement in the processes of globalization influences the perception of the consequences of these processes, the "personal project" of the respondents, as well as the personal and semantic features of the ethnic identity of the Adyghe young people.

    pdf 94-105.pdf  (236 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • Akhmetov R.S.

    This paper presents the materials of many-year analytical research on systems analysis of the theoretical and methodological line items defining the effective approaches to a solution of the problem of formation and development of the personal professional and application-oriented physical culture (PAPC). The analysis of numerous scientific and methodical publications and the author’s own pedagogical experience have become the basis to define intrinsic characteristics of the concept "professional and application-oriented physical culture as set of socially justified biological and didactic factors providing directional use of means of sports activities in the context of increasing level of professional readiness of experts". Recommendations are given on positioning of the multilayered structure of this personal phenomenon integrating educational activities of the individual in order to obtain knowledge, form motivation and develop the qualities and properties of an organism contributing to the origin and further development of professionally application-oriented sports readiness. The set of signs is defined which regulate contents and the organization of process of formation and development of PAPC, including those of the culturological, projective, procedural, personal and socially justified character. The correlative analysis of intrinsic characteristics of definitions of "sports education" and "professional and application-oriented sports education" is provided. The list of the factors causing stages and components of the professional side of formation and development of PAPC in many respects predetermined by features of professional activity of the person is provided. Forms, features of independent work, and basic criteria of pedagogical assessment of level of experts’ professional and application-oriented physical culture are described.

    pdf 106-113.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • Veykut A.G.

    As the analysis of scientific and methodical literature shows, the research of increasing high-speed endurance in tennis players by means of respiratory technologies is a hot topic for the theory of a sports training in big tennis. The goal of our research is to define ways to increase high-speed endurance in tennis players by means of respiratory technologies. Within this goal the following objectives have been realized: the technique of increasing high-speed endurance in tennis players by means of respiratory technologies has been developed and the experiment was made to introduce it in educational and training process of tennis players; influence of the developed technique on indicators of external breath and high-speed endurance of tennis players was studied. Use of the author’s technique of increasing high-speed endurance in tennis players by means of respiratory technologies within special physical training along with traditional methods and means of a sports training of tennis players has led to increasing indicators of vital capacity of lungs of athletes and their high-speed endurance.

    pdf 114-119.pdf  (197 Kb)

  • Glusñhenko I.A., Balba R.V., Lundina G.A., Petkov V.A.

    The paper discusses the scientific and methodical basics of the organization of senior pupils’ profile training in physical culture. The main ideas put in historical and social, system and activity, system and structural, personal focused and complex methodological approaches are disclosed. The paper shows the contents of a profile course "Physical Culture: Bases of Knowledge" and ways of formation of the intellectual component of physical culture representing the powerful tool to turn obligatory educational activity into process of sports self-education, to create conditions for successful self-determination and socialization of the personality in society. Mastering by pupils of the author's program promoted finally the increase in the level of development of personal physical culture, conscious change of views of the nature of physical activity, its role in life of modern society and the person, and as a result formation of new structure of sociocultural interests and needs of personality of senior pupils, meeting the conditions and requirements of modern life. The uncovered scientific and methodical bases of the organization of pupils’ profile training in physical culture are the theoretical-methodological and methodical base owing to which senior pupils will be able not only to increase the level of knowledge in the sphere of physical culture and physical fitness, but also to seize significant universal educational actions and sociocultural competences which they will be able to successfully apply in creation of the course of life.

    pdf 120-125.pdf  (171 Kb)

  • Dementeva I.M.

    The paper presents the results of gender studies of personality development in teen-age athletes and their peers not involved in sports. Intra-group gender differences have been obtained among handball teen-age players and their peers not involved in sports. Gender differences available in the group of students not involved in sports are much smaller, indicating a uniform formation of the stereotypical characteristics of the gender. In the group of athletes, there are far more differences, indicating the influence of sport on the formation of both positive and negative gender features. Our research has shown that handball occupations lead to an increase in gender differences due to the high requirements for physical and mental characteristics of athletes, not always appropriate for socially accepted stereotypes of femininity. This is manifested on sense of self and psychological protection used in stressful situations, which can be related to the complication of gender identity. At the same time, the male stereotype emphasizes and manifests itself in self-acceptance and implementation of self-control in the activities.

    pdf 126-131.pdf  (210 Kb)

  • Dunaev M.K., Elipkhanov S.B., Semerdzhyan A.K.

    The purpose of physical training recognized today – formation of physical culture of the personality – does not cancel need of providing for each child of a necessary minimum of basic theoretical, technical and physical training. The researches conducted by scientists and practicians in the field of physical training visually confirm decrease in level of physical fitness and health of younger generation. The traditional system of physical training which is based on a cool and fixed form and standard and standard approach to the organization of physical education classes and almost not considering identity of the pupil does not provide optimum development of physical qualities and abilities of pupils. In this regard the problem of new ways of the organization of physical training at school providing high motivation of physical activity of students thanks to compliance to their individual and group interests and requirements is staticized.

    pdf 132-139.pdf  (180 Kb)

  • Ishkov N.G., Makrushina I.V., Korokhova N.A., Ioakimidi Yu.A.

    In the modern system of general education, educational institutions are the primary link in the general system of physical education of youth. To effectively implement the tasks of qualitative training of conscripts in physical training, it is necessary to use new methods, one of which is an integrated lesson. The integrated lesson assembles the disciplines "Fundamentals of Life Safety" and "Physical Culture". The basic elements of front training of senior pupils – army conscripts, included in physical education classes contribute to health promotion; instilling habits of healthy lifestyle; formation of physical readiness for the subsequent labor activity; physical and moral-psychological readiness of conscripts for service in the Armed Forces of Russia; and readiness for human actions in extreme and unfavorable conditions.

    pdf 140-144.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • Kaerova E.V., Matveeva L.V., Shakirova O.V., Dyakonova T.M.

    The paper examines the possibility of formation of nutritionally balanced diet competence, as an important component of health-saving technologies at the female students engaging in health-improving fitness, in the course of the analysis of features of their diet and food habits.

    pdf 145-152.pdf  (186 Kb)

  • Makrushina I.V., Korokhova N.A., Ishkov N.G.

    In the modern conditions of the development of society, the role and responsibility of the education system for training students on safety issues, the formation of a culture of safe behavior and habits of a healthy lifestyle are growing. The main tasks of teaching the basics of safety are: developing and securing in the students a general idea that any human activity is potentially dangerous, inculcating knowledge and elementary skills of safe behavior at home, in the street, in school, in nature. To effectively solve problems, it is necessary to use traditional methods and innovative teaching methods, such as: the method of case studies, practical exercises on the basis of specialized public service institutions, the method of computer simulation, an integrated method of teaching.

    pdf 153-158.pdf  (121 Kb)

  • Osik V.I., Lyzar O.G., Onchukova E.I.

    Need to improve health and to form a healthy lifestyle of the teacher's case represents a resource to increase efficiency of educational activity in physical culture and sports at modern school. The purpose and objectives of this research include studying motivational readiness for physical exercises of teachers of physical culture. The authors have revealed that the level of needs of the personality for physical activity is low. It decreases with age, reaching sound distinctions at female teachers. The methodical recommendations focused on improvement of health and professional longevity are developed and introduced in the program of professional development of teachers of physical culture.

    pdf 159-163.pdf  (174 Kb)

  • Khazhmukhambetova Sh.Zh., Elipkhanov S.B., Slavinsky N.V.

    Creation of the conditions allowing all citizens to implement a healthy lifestyle and to realize the needs for physical activity is among the most important directions of social policy of the state. Particular importance in this context is given to development of mass sport and the organization of physical training of the population at the place of residence. At the same time it is obvious that these requirements and interests have to be considered when planning sports, health-improving and mass sports actions in regions and in the country on the whole. Thus, updating the content of sports work with the population at all levels has to be based on objective knowledge of sports requirements, interests, opportunities and expectations of citizens. The research the results of which are presented in this paper is devoted to determination of the specified parameters forming the bases for definition of the directions of management optimization of the system of mass sports actions in the region (through the example of Chechen Republic).

    pdf 164-171.pdf  (184 Kb)

  • Khazova S.A., Lyakh G.V., Plotnikov E.G.

    Physical education has the essential potential of positive influence on the indicators of the person’s health – factors of personal competitiveness and direct improvement of a number of intrinsic competitive qualities. As pedagogical process, physical education has potential for creation of the pedagogical conditions meeting the requirements of competitiveness-developing orientation of the educational environment (competitive spirit, communicativeness, collectivist orientation, variability and uncertainty of situations of interaction, psychophysiological tension of situations of interaction). In addition, only purposeful use of physical activity as means of strengthening health and development of the personality in general, including its competitiveness, is possible in the course of physical training as part of the content of education.

    pdf 172-182.pdf  (204 Kb)

  • Khazova S.A., Stein I.V.

    High sporting achievements, successful performances at the international level are based on long-term, many-year effective sports training of athletes. In turn, an opportunity to train qualitatively and to progressively increase sports results is based on harmonious and effective work of system of preparation of a sports reserve. Today decrease in quantitative indices at the lower levels of system of preparation of a sports reserve is noted, the motivation of children and teenagers to sports activities has decreased that defines many problems of manning the contingent engaged on different levels of training a sports reserve. Often parents of young athletes and school students, who could play sports, don't realize usefulness and the importance of sports activity for their children. Thus, problems of optimization of process of involvement and retaining of children and teenagers in sport are actualized. Their effective solution, considering the aforesaid, is possible only in interaction of the educational organization and family.

    pdf 183-190.pdf  (599 Kb)

  • Adzinova A.A.
    Anthroponymic headings-precedentisms in the creolized text

    The analysis of the anthroponymic precedent headings, namely: a verbal component of the creolized text is carried out for the first time. The author described functioning of titles-precedentisms in creolized texts and identified peculiarity of their perception and potential impact on the addressee of a complex of verbal and nonverbal means of these texts that made it possible to determine mechanisms of strategy realization by authors of periodicals, using the methods of the linguistic taxonomy, observation, comparison and generalization. The mentioned circumstances allow paying special attention in the analysis of the organization of the creolized text to studying heading as the most important component of text structure.

    pdf 16-21.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Bidanok M.M.
    Syncretism in the Adyghe language and its manifestations in the Adyghe prosaic text (from materials of Kh. Ashinov’s stories)

    Syncretism is examined as a possibility of merge of two inequivalent concepts in the general lexical unit. Various concepts of model justifying relevance of studying the language phenomenon are given with consideration at the same time of the obvious ethnic originality. The technique of research is based on the comparative analysis and semantic correlation of Khazret Ashinov’s texts and the Adyghe language operating today. The motivational conditionality moves forward in three directions as the factor causing a possible syncreticism. As a result of the analysis of syncretism features the author reveals certain laws in its functioning against the background of allocation of the categorial row proved by material of Kh. Ashinov’s prose. In particular, existence of a direct prototypical situation is recognized as the first factor which has caused the syncretic phenomena in texts; the second is a certain motivational predeterminacy. The author of this paper designates multifunctionality of syncretism as the partial regularity capable from time to time to be broken. To prove these assumptions the author considers some motivational lines with paginal examples and specification of meanings. The language analysis has revealed that the possibility of merge of two inequivalent concepts in the general lexical unit shows a language originality of the syncretic phenomenon, it carries as well obvious ethnic originality with possible allocation of the categorial row confirmed by obvious above-stated text examples from prose of one of the Adyghe authors.

    pdf 22-26.pdf  (273 Kb)

  • Guziekova S.M.
    Conceptual essence of linguistic personality in fiction world picture

    The aim of this paper is to identify the conceptual essence of linguistic personality in fiction world picture that reflects special vision of the writer. By combining some elements of contextual and semantic research methods the author of the paper suggests an integrated system approach to study the linguistic personality as the representative of language world picture. During the investigation, it is presupposed that conceptual world picture of the linguistic personality is formed with the help of the concepts, symbols and key words that construct the whole conceptual sphere of the fiction text. The study proves the idea that the individual cognitive system of the man comprises general cultural concepts that are comprehensive for any reader and it is mandatory component of the individual author’s world view as it helps to understand his texts within the whole world picture. Such scientific approach reflects the personal contribution of the author to the theory of language, theory of the text, lingua-cultural and cognitive sciences.

    pdf 27-31.pdf  (272 Kb)

  • Ivanova D.S.
    Nonterminological names of diseases as research object: Problem statement

    The paper discusses nonterminological names of diseases which make the part of a language picture of the world of Russian native speakers reflecting human knowledge of medicine. Insignificant attention is paid to nonterminological names of diseases, to their structure and functioning in a modern scientific discourse; these words are not analyzed specially and are considered only in the context of other problems. The nonterminological name of a disease is understood as the word or a phrase relating to nonterminological (everyday) medical lexicon. As a rule, these are words which are synonyms of scientific names of diseases and are widely used in informal conversation or have passed into the category of archaisms. These nominations either are recorded in etymological dictionaries, in «The Eplanatory Dictionary of Russian» by V.I. Dahl, in folklore texts (sorceries, legends) or in the majority are fixed in special medical terminological and philological dictionaries.

    pdf 32-36.pdf  (296 Kb)

  • Kondratova A.V., Pavlovskaya O.E.
    National and regional identity as markers of Kuban ergonyms

    On the basis of the analysis of Kuban ergonyms, an attempt is undertaken to reveal the extralinguistic principles, which are taken as a basis for the choice of proper names for various enterprises of the region. The classifying ability of consciousness makes it possible to choose, in the course of nomination, such features of structuring of the real world, which lead to the successful activity of enterprise. Among such features is the pragmatic attitude to an object, social and spiritual level of society, the categorial differentiation of the individual’s consciousness promoting the selective choice of impressions about the reality. The large group of ergonyms is made by the names in the basis of which there is the evidence of the national and regional component. In the multinational region emphasis on the national component, the Russian identity, the Russian customs and traditions is the deep concept of national attitude reflecting symbolical relationship with constants of the national culture which is among the connotative components of meaning forming the attitude of the addressee and sender to an object. The distinctive feature of regional identity is represented through the region symbolics, through the onyms with regional semantics reflecting the regional specifics, and historical features of the development of the region. The ergonyms of Kuban have the diachronic multiple-layer structure basing on the replacement of cultural representations. The communicative efficiency of ergonyms with national and regional identification contributes to the development of language policy in terms of the preservation of the cultural and historical symbols, the rising prestige of the region among the native speakers and society in general. The analysis of Kuban ergonyms and searching for the corresponding ways of their representation in onomastic space of Krasnodar Region gives us the chance to speak about the preferable directions in naming of business objects in Kuban.

    pdf 37-42.pdf  (300 Kb)

  • Korotkova M.O.
    Text of literary work as polycode phenomenon of art communication

    Features of fiction text are revealed and analyzed as components of literary art communication. The research is based on methods of studying the text from a position of semiotics and linguistics of the text. It systematizes a complex of approaches to interpretation of the concept «code» and to studying parameters of functioning of codes in the art text. In such a way it promotes determination of the dominant parameters of semantic content of any text material of the work of art expressed by means of universal text codes. The results obtained within this research can be used in teaching the theory of language, linguistics of the text, and semiotics. It is possible to draw a conclusion that the code in this research needs to be considered as a way of submission of information by means of lexical, syntactic and other text units through interpretation of which the reader, applying earlier gained knowledge and his own experience, discloses sense of the message which the author has put in the text.

    pdf 43-48.pdf  (299 Kb)

  • Loova A.D., Dzhandar B.M.
    On some forms of speech etiquette as basic value in consciousness of the language personality (from material of the German and Adyghe languages)

    The paper examines the national specific features of implementation of some greeting formulas in the German and Adyghe languages. The lexical units and phrases reflecting social processes, cultural traditions of the people, and ethnic features are investigated. The aim of this work is to analyze language and culturological properties of speech etiquette in cross-cultural communication using an example of the German and Adyghe languages. For the first time an attempt is made to investigate rules of speech behavior, and the system of speech formulas of communication in language consciousness of the German and Adyghe culture carriers. The comparative method is used to identify features of speech etiquette functioning in the German and Adyghe languages. The speech etiquette is defined as the regulator of communicative behavior since in the modern world there is an active development of informatization and globalization, strengthening of cross-cultural communication and related mutual understanding problems. It has been established that national and cultural features of communicative behavior are caused by the fact that steady formulas of a greeting in communicative consciousness of representatives of various cultures have different contents; in the course of communication they are considered from the point of view of language norm for the native speaker.

    pdf 49-54.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Lulikova A.V.
    Urban discourse of Ven. Erofeev’s poem “Moscow – Petushki”

    The article examines the social and cultural determinants of the urban discourse of Ven. Erofeev’s poem “Moscow – Petushki”. Within the framework of cultural and discursive approaches expressive intonations of urban space are revealed which arise as a result of a reinterpretation of traditional images for Russian literature and constitute social and psychological antonymism of the urban discourse of the poem. The scientific originality of the article is in determining the existential and psychological signs of topos of Moscow and provincial topos as the main forms of representation of the urban discourse of the poem. Thus, the urban discourse is concretized by the image of the person. The image of the person becomes some kind of microcosm, and the image of various forms of behavior of the person, his physiological requirements – food, drink, alcohol – materialize urban space and bring a disharmony amendment in unity of the world and the person.

    pdf 55-59.pdf  (295 Kb)

  • Melnichuk S.F.
    On the linguo-cultural status of the concept of “writer’s fate”

    This article is an attempt to present the concept of “writer’s fate” and to prove that the concept of “writer’s fate” belongs to linguo-cultural type of concepts with nationally specific meaning. Different methods (lexicographical data, lexico-semantic analysis and concept modelling) were used to prove that the writer’s fate is characterised as tragic, with loneliness and misunderstanding being its main features in native Russian speaker comprehension. Special emphasis is made on the lexeme “a writer” which is also proved to be a linguo-cultural concept due to its evaluative component. A writer is believed to be a true talented master in Russian language cognition who doesn’t think about his glory but devotes his life to his work. The originality of this research lies in its object — the concept of “writer’s fate” —which has not yet been described in the scientific papers. The results of this article can be useful as new addition to all scientific papers featuring Russian language image of the world.

    pdf 60-66.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • Sapieva S.K.
    Adygstvo as variant of Kavkazskost and features of its explication in art discourse

    The paper describes and analyzes the concept of national consciousness reflected in the concepts of «Caucasian mentality» - «Kavkazskost» and «the Adyghe mentality» – «adygstvo». The main objective of this research is to investigate units in the art hypertext of the writer Gariy Nemchenko, explicating an adygstvo (àäûãàãúý) as a kavkazskost component. The research gives the chance to popularize moral values of the Adyghe people in the context of easing ethnic consciousness in the conditions of the present, as well as to use its results to solve further theoretical tasks in the field of cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics and cultural linguistics. The method of the contextual analysis of the text and technique of allocation of key units allow us to reveal the language means forming cognitive space adygage in an art picture of the world of the writer which act as verbalizators of the Caucasian mentality in general and the Adyghe – in particular, and define this phenomenon as complicated ethnomental conceptual unit with dominant signs inherent in it.

    pdf 67-73.pdf  (308 Kb)

  • Tlekhatuk S.R.
    Categorical structuring of the subject area «Economics»

    The paper explores the system of categories that form the cognitive-semiotic framework of the subject area «Economics», taking into account the cognitive perception of reality, and cognitive activities as an integral part of human consciousness. Categorization is considered an important cognitive process, the ability to carry out the classification of objects and phenomena of surrounding reality directly related to the subject area of Economics. Its structuring is presented in more detail, taking into account the results of component analysis. The data obtained in the framework of the presented research, based on the study of numerous domestic and foreign authoritative sources and peer-reviewed periodicals related to the study of conceptual and categorical tools of the subject area of Economics with its specific characteristics and features contributing to the definition of fundamental semantic classifications of scientific terminology. In the formation of knowledge a special role is played by the system of concepts, and mainly the special units of the language – terms. The results of the study have theoretical significance to systematize the existing approaches to the study of this question, and the categories as the quanta of knowledge generated in the process of scientific inquiry and gain experience. It is shown that the system of categories is largely determined by the nature of science as epistemological domain.

    pdf 80-85.pdf  (300 Kb)

  • Khachmafova Z.R., Goncharova E.N.
    Lexical means of representation of concept «success» in the modern journalese discourse

    The paper analyzes the features of a lexical explication of a concept «success» in the Russian and Anglo-American linguocultures by using material of media texts, blog and article data. The purpose of this paper is to describe the word-forming potentialities of nominees of this concept in the linguocultures considered. Use of methods of conceptual, structural-semantic (in case of a research of structure and semantics of the lexical units representing the concept under study), definitional, component, interpretative and contextological analysis (when reviewing text material) allowed the authors to come to a conclusion that derivational processes are one of productive means of verbalization of the concept «success» in the modern journalese discourse. The research makes a contribution to the solution of problems of a linguoculturological and linguo-cognitive research of sociocultural concepts.

    pdf 86-91.pdf  (322 Kb)

  • Sheozheva B.A., Abregov A.N.
    Active processes in the word-formation system of the Adyghe language

    This paper examines the Adyghe word-formation system of the early 21st century as the studied problem has not found due reflection in works of linguists. It is noted that the case of newly-formed words in the Adyghe language demonstrates that its word-formation system is strengthening its activity. A research objective of this paper is to identify the dynamics of development of the word-formation system caused by expansion of range of communicative functions of the Adyghe language. Use of methods of a linguistic research adequate to objectives (a theoretical method - the analysis of references on the studied problem; empirical methods - observation, a method of continuous selection when collecting material, the word-formation analysis, etc.) has allowed the authors to bring together evidential base of the offered conclusions sufficient for justification. High-quality changes in lexicon reflect the deep processes in society due to activation of word-formation opportunities of the Adyghe language. This research, proposing to comprehend processes in the word-formation and lexical system of the Adyghe language, defines development of the case of newly-formed words.

    pdf 92-96.pdf  (341 Kb)

  • Scherbakova I.V., Evsyukova T.V.
    Verbal and nonverbal means of objectivation of indignation emotion in an art discourse (from material of the Russian and German languages)

    The paper examines the language means representing indignation emotion in art communication on the basis of material of the Russian and German languages. The purpose of the paper is to describe and analyze language means of objectivation of an emotional condition of indignation in an art discourse in the author and character’s speech. To achieve the goal the following methods of research are used: descriptive, contextual and stylistic-pragmatic analysis and technique of linguistic observation. Fiction texts of classical and modern literature in the Russian and German languages have served as practical material for this research. It has been established that the emotional condition of indignation in an art discourse is expressed by verbal and nonverbal means through the direct nomination of this emotion, as well as by means of the description. The theoretical importance of research lies in studying the mechanisms of language expression of indignation emotion in an art discourse.

    pdf 97-102.pdf  (316 Kb)

  • Yastrebov-Pestritsky M.S.
    Univerbation and other examples of language evolution. Comparativization of newspaper texts with a 110-year temporary distance

    The comparative review of texts of the main domestic publications divided by more than century-long temporary distance is carried out. The purpose of this paper is to show how language evolved throughout the 20th century. For this we used such phenomenon as a univerbation (contraction, an ellipsis, condensation) as an example. This small research can be scientifically interesting to experts in the field of syntax and stylistics of modern Russian. Work related to teaching these disciplines can bring also practical benefits. The comparative method we used is the best of all possible for such researches: this method makes it possible to monitor visually language changes in real, official publications of the central press. The main outcome of work is identification of grammatical and stylistic features of texts of two eras divided by more than century-long temporary distance. This work shows the tendency in which these features change (simplification, a speech laconization) and further predicted intention of language (economy of language means). In addition to a contribution to studying such branches of linguistic science as the syntax and stylistics of printing texts, this work also illustrates striking and interesting examples from the field of grammar and semantics of some lexical units. Mini-journey is made into the field of literary criticism: the names, widely known in domestic literature, which are often found among employees of the studied editions are of literary interest.

    pdf 103-107.pdf  (304 Kb)

  • Tikhonova A.P.
    A Hittite Ritual through the Light of Abkhaz-Adyghe Languages

    The task of this study is to identify the meaning of the Hattian words that do not have a Hittite translation, through the Abkhaz-Adyghe lexical correspondences. To establish the affinity of two or more languages, both ancient and modern, it is possible to compare not only words, but also root morphemes, taking into account the pace of dictionary renewal and the structural-phonological and grammatical divergence of related languages, depending on external and internal factors of language evolution. Hattian and Abkhaz-Adyghe words or components of words are considered to be identical only on the basis of sound correspondences between them. The Hattian words are given in the Latin transliteration, their Abkhaz-Adyghe correspondences in Cyrillic. The material of the study was Hittite ritual texts with Hattian inclusions. Of the seven surviving lines in the Hattian language, six lexemes have been identified that have correspondences in modern Abkhaz-Adyghe languages; Also the continuity of ancient and modern traditions was revealed, which eliminates the chance of coincidence and confirms their origin from a single language and cultural space. The linguistic justification for the genetic relationship of the Abkhaz-Adyghe languages with the Hattian, one of the languages of the most ancient population of Asia Minor, will allow a more complete and deeper coverage of the historical past of the peoples of the Caucasus. The results of the research can be used to write the history of the Hattic and Abkhaz-Adyghe languages.

    pdf 74-79.pdf  (297 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • Beshukova F.B., Khachmafova Z.R.
    Postmodern text strategy in space of literary communication

    In a communicative key, a number of basic text strategies of modern authors-postmodernists are examined, in particular, the theory of death of the author, a rhizome as model of text structure, allusitivity and reminiscence, deconstruction, nonlinearity of the narration, mixture of genres and styles, etc. The goal, in turn, actualizes interest in the theory of death of the author and in an active role of the reader who has the «literary competence» which has artistically been implemented in modern postmodern literature. The problem of a rupture of a communicative chain observed in literary communication is analyzed. The literary work is considered as the sign system having a set of interpretations. The object of research is analyzed by means of postmodern literary critical paradigm. As a result, the conclusion is drawn that the modern literature having in many respects experimental, game character comes to the new stage of development basing on the previous cultural experience and experimenting to a greater degree not with substantial but with the structural side of the fiction text.

    pdf 108-113.pdf  (302 Kb)

  • Dzhambekova T.B., Dzhambekov O.A.
    On literary and folklore searches of A.D. Sheripov (toward the 120th anniversary since birth)

    Literary and folklore searches of the talented publicist Aslanbek Sheripov are analyzed. At twenty-year age he has headed the movement of mountaineers against Denikin and Bicherakhov’s troops during establishment of the Soviet power in Chechnya. His work «From the Chechen national songs» (1918), written at the height of civil war, is important not only for definition of moral and esthetic views of A. Sheripov on life, on «the place of the personality in society», but also for assessment of his attitude to folklore in general. Aslanbek is noted to be interested in the Chechen folklore since boyish years, especially national fairy tales and heroic-historical songs demonstrating «the developed humanistic and realistic traditions». Since then the aspiration to resemble real and fantastic heroes: daring and noble equestrians – defenders of the poor is guessed in character of the boy. The characteristic of images of noble abreks of Gekha, Yusup, the son of Moussa and Asir, created based on folk art, testifies to undoubted literary talent of A. Sheripov. This, despite «political addictions» of young Aslanbek, his excessive «fervor and bravery», was the cause for the national writer Abuzar Aydamirov to call Aslanbek Sheripov the person of the 20th century.

    pdf 114-119.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Panesh U.M., Shazzo Sh.E., Khachmafova Z.R.
    On folklore sources and features of the story genre formation in new written «prose of historic breakthrough» (from material of the Adyg literatures of 1920 – 1930s)

    The paper explores the features of the story genre formation in new written «prose of a historic breakthrough» on the basis of a comparative typological method. Sources are characterized: folklore basis, influence of the Oriental art, educational esthetics, and experience of the Russian literature of the 19th century. T. Borukaev, I. Ashkan, Ali Shogentsukov, Z. Maksidov, I. Tsey’s first works come under influence of both traditions of realism, and the «esthetics of extreme contrasts» typical of the first stage of formation of new written literature. Also it is established that the tendency of strengthening art problematical character at the expense of depicting new lines of the hero of revolutionary reality is displayed in works of writers. The relevance of a subject is caused by need of the analysis of separate national literatures in the context of formation of the combined Russian art community. It is inferred that the story of the 1920 – 1930s has developed in the Adyg literatures such problem, structural and style lines which have reflected the general features of the initial stage of development of the combined Russian art.

    pdf 120-124.pdf  (302 Kb)

  • Panesh S.R.
    Typological features of poem genre forms in the Adyghe literature of the 1960-1990s

    The paper deals with the poem genre system in the Adyghe literature of the 1960-1990s. An attempt is undertaken to study in complex typological features of the poem. The purpose of the paper is to analyze, from a position of typological approach, the genre, structural and style variants, as well as historical-literary and theoretical problems of formation of the poem genre. Typological features of genre forms of the poems focused on modern, military and historical subjects and poems with the folklore basis are revealed. The relevance of the subject is caused by need to analyze the development of genre system of the poem in the Adyghe literature. In this study the comparative and typological methods of research and the literary analysis are used. As a result, theoretical bases are developed in studying genesis and evolution of the poem. The individual author’s principles, that are displayed in a plot structure, in the depicting images, in formation of author’s style, and in the choice of means of expression, are put in the forefront.

    pdf 125-130.pdf  (289 Kb)

  • Panesh S.R., Kerasheva F.N.
    On formation of the lyrical and lyrical-dramatic poem in the Adyghe literature (the 1960-1970s)

    The paper examines the art opportunities of lyrical and lyrical-dramatic poem in the Adyghe literature of the 1960-1970s. The authors note the introduction of techniques that are nontraditional for national poetry in N. Kuyek, Kh. Beretar, M. Emizh’s works, etc. The purpose of this paper is to reveal features of genre forms of the poems focused on modern subjects. The relevance of a subject lies in need to analyze poems about the contemporaneity by N. Kuyek, N. Bagov, and M. Emizh that gives the grounds to speak about the establishment of a lyrical-philosophical genre in the Adyghe poem of the 20th century, about genre, structural and style features of the modern poem. Thus, strengthening the art problematical character not only develops the lyrical and lyrical-epic poem, but also promotes merge of the lyrical-confessionary plan with the objective narrative. This promotes formation of various synthesized genre forms in the modern poem, and addressing the folklore world at the new level of art thinking. The comparative method and the literary analysis are used in this research. It is inferred that there is influence of the dramatic art on the modern Adyghe poem that leads to enrichment of art opportunities of dramatic kind of the lyrical poem, and to introduction in it of nontraditional techniques for national poetry.

  • Khatkova I.N.
    Features of depicting a historical era in the novel by I.I. Lazhechnikov «Infidel»

    The paper explores some features of the work «Infidel» of the famous Russian writer I.I. Lazhechnikov in the context of typology of the historical novel of Walter Scott. It helps to define the place and value of this novel in art space of the Russian historical fiction of the first half of the 19th century. The author examines the conflict originality, the free and entertaining organization of a plot, features of system of images, a role of fictional characters from the point of view of specifics of the above mentioned genre. It is noted that Lazhechnikov has authentically transferred not only customs, life, prejudices and delusions of the past, but also have embodied an image and spirit of the era, and have managed to create peculiar characters of historical persons. Just the dramatic nature and logic of events, discrepancy of characters along with a love intrigue move a romantic plot. The technique of this research is based on the comparative analysis of fiction texts of the novel of «Infidel» and works by V. Scott. The scientific and practical importance and relevance of this work are connected with the textual and typological analysis of the novel of «Infidel» showing the stated theoretical provisions. The conclusion is drawn that the work represents the romantic historical novel.

    pdf 136-142.pdf  (310 Kb)

  • Shishkhova N.M., Ankudinov K.N.
    Manifestations of romantic outlook in poetic works of the Russian early symbolists (K. Balmont, S. Sokolov-Krechetov, I. Annensky, and A. Blok)

    Features of romantic thinking in poetic creativity of Russian early symbolists are investigated. The uniqueness of manifestation of romantic outlook in K. Balmont, S. Sokolov-Krechetov, I. Annensky, and A. Blok’s creativity is examined. The basic attention is paid to the works containing the romantically marked elements which reflect interrelation of traditions. The analysis of poetic material made it possible to reveal typical manifestations of this interrelation, to describe them in the comparative plan, as well as to disclose specifics of its expression. An analysis is made of dynamics of development of romantic thinking by the above called poets. The well-known hypotheses concerning the put problem are represented with a support on typological observations and the literary analysis. At the same time the thesis is put forward and the obvious possibility of surge in romantic thinking during various specific historical eras is justified. It is stated that the most different views which are going back to the Russian and European romanticism have found reflection in creativity of Russian early symbolists.

    pdf 143-150.pdf  (319 Kb)

  • Shovgenova T.A.
    The novel «Goshevnay» by I. Mashbash in the context of development of the Adyghe historical-revolutionary prose

    The paper discusses the historical-revolutionary novel “Goshevnay” by I. Mashbash in literary process of the 1960-1980s, the ideological and thematic orientation of the novel, its originality, and artistic implementation of a historical image. Art reproduction of the historical-revolutionary past takes the important place in the Adyghe prose. In its development the historical-revolutionary prose puts forward new problems which demand both the deep analysis and sweeping generalization in the light of ideological and art experience. The relevance of work is defined by insufficient study of historical-revolutionary prose in works of the writer and in the whole national literature. The historical-literary, comparative-historical methods of research are used in work. The practical importance of this paper lies in a possibility of its application in studies of history of national literature, and in development of educational and methodical manuals.

    pdf 151-154.pdf  (292 Kb)

  • Paranuk K.N.
    Neomythologism paradigm in the Adyghe contemporary novel

    The paper discusses the mythologism of novels of the Adyghe writers N. Kuyek, Yu. Chuyako, Kh. Beshtokov, and D. Koshubaev. To define nature of myth creation in their novels the author of this paper investigates influence of myth poetics on problems, plots, an image formation and art structure of novels. An analysis is made of the ways of mythologization, key archetypes and mythemes which are implicitly present in a narrative. To determine types of mythologism in these novels in the context of the Western European and world literature comparative, typological, structural and semiotic methods of the analysis are used. In the conclusion it is inferred that the character of mythologism in the analyzed novels comes down to the neomythologism having typological relationships to the main tendencies of the world literature. The results of this research marking a neomythologism paradigm in the Adyghe contemporary novel can be useful in studies of national literatures, in particular, of the higher school program of a course on the North Caucasian literatures.

    pdf 155-160.pdf  (309 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • Alpeissova G.T., Akparova G.T.
    Legendary Korkyt’s figure in contemporary music of Kazakhstan: philosophical aspect

    Studies of the problem of the philosophical content in contemporary music of Kazakhstan are made taking an example of A. Bestybaev’s play for cello «Korkyt-ata». In the content of the work, a pair of philosophical life-death categories are explicated, the surprising solution of which was found by Korkyt - the wiseman of the Turkic world. The authors substantiate intonation and thematic development in the work by the semantic grammar of kobyz kuis. The result of the analysis is the conclusion that in the work of A. Bestybaev «Korkyt-ata» national musical vocabulary is represented, which contributes to the disclosure of Korkyt’s philosophy - overcoming death through music. The philosophical and musical heritage of Korkyt not only does not lose its appeal, but also attracts the increasing attention in connection with spiritual transformation of society and the solution of questions of continuity of culture. Judgment of historical and cultural heritage has attracted keen interest in images of the past that is relevant during an era of the global processes happening in the world.

    pdf 161-165.pdf  (797 Kb)

  • Akparova G.T.
    Composition for clarinet and piano “Dervish” by S. Abdinurov

    The purpose of this paper is to review a composition for clarinet and piano “Dervish” of the modern Kazakh composer Serikzhan Abdinurov, to reveal the specifics of this piece of music, the figurative sphere and its embodiment and to define its structure and character of musical images. This work is being introduced into scientific use for the first time and the practical significance of the work is that the paper can be used in the educational process of musicians and musicologists in the courses «History of Kazakh Music» and «History of Performing Arts». Research materials can be of interest to researchers in the field of history and theory of instrumental genres, as well as to performers, composers, and teachers. The musical piece «Dervish» for clarinet and piano reveals the features of S. Abdinurov’s work fully, consistently and vividly. It clearly shows the individual composer’s handwriting both from the point of view of thematic invention, ways of its development, and the musical embodiment of the content.

    pdf 166-174.pdf  (993 Kb)

  • Voitleva N.A.
    Piano music of the composers of Adyghea in musical educational space of the Republic

    The paper discusses the piano creativity of composers of Adyghea whose works are conditionally divided into the following groups: educational pedagogical repertoire, transcriptions, and concert repertoire. The short analysis of pieces of music gives an idea of specific features of style of each author, common features in use of means of expression in a specific musical genre. Studying this musical literature expands the pedagogical repertoire and promotes learning diverse metric-rhythmic figures and combinations, special melodies, harmony, texture and a shape. Professional music as a culture component traditionally unites elements of folklore and the European laws of musical thinking, and the Adyghe contemporary professional music in this sense is not an exception.

    pdf 175-178.pdf  (253 Kb)

    Biological Sciences
  • Tuguz A.R., Shumilov D.S., Smolkov I.V., Tatarkova E.A., Ashkanova T.M., Kushu L.T.
    Spontaneous and stimulated in vitro pro-inflammatory cytokine production by peripheral blood mononuclear cells and neutrophils at a coronary atherosclerosis

    Serumal concentrations of the main pro-inflammatory mediators of “the first wave” of IL-17A, IL-1β, TNF-a and antiinflammatory IL-4, determined by sandwich-type enzyme immunoassay at patients with a coronary atherosclerosis with the outcome in an ischemic heart disease (n=10) did not differ from donors (n=12; P>0,05) and did not exceed the lower limits of method sensitivity (0–20 pg/ml). The most informative data confirming participation of IL-17A, IL-1β, TNF-a in development of the ischemic heart disease have been obtained at cultivation of intact and stimulated peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and neutrocytes in standard medium. Levels of spontaneous production of IL-17A, IL-1β, TNF-a of PBMC in ischemic heart disease patients considerably exceeded similar indicators at donors: IL-17A (correspondingly 65,85±15,89 pg/ml and 7,95±5,24 pg/ml; t=3.46, P<0,01); IL-1β (65±22,19 pg/ml and 10,88±3,86 pg/ml; t=2,40; P<0,01) TNF-α (435,63±77,14 pg/ml and 31,56±13,71 pg/ml; t=5,16; P <0,01). At sti-mulation in vitro PHA of PBMC of patients produced statistically significantly higher concentrations of IL-1β (corre-spondingly 91,46±17,55 pg/ml and 24,27±6,85 pg/ml; t=3,57; P<0,01), TNF-a (672,22±30.69 pg/ml and 406,41±46,38 pg/ml; t=4,78; P<0,01). The hyperproduction of IL-17A, IL-1β, TNF-a is noted also for intact and stimu-lated in vitro PHA of neutrophils of patients.

    pdf 34-41.pdf  (340 Kb)

  • Chernova T.S.
    The structure of the functional readiness of female athletes specializing in all-round track-and-field athletics of various sports qualifications

    The main objective of the study is to perform a comparative analysis of the major parameters of the functional vigor levels among female athletes specializing in all-round track-and-field athletics. In the furtherance of this goal, investigations have been carried out involving two groups of female athletes specializing in all-round track-and-field athletics. The first group consisted of athletes of Category 1 and Candidate Masters of Sports (n=18), the second group consisted of Masters of Sports and Masters of Sports of International Grade (n=7). It has been established that highly qualified female athletes have substantial advantage in physical vigor and physical endurance, aerobic and anaerobic performance. Well-trained female athletes have the better indices of lability and mobility of nervous processes and lower level of state anxiety. All-round female athletes of Category 1 and Candidate Master of Sports have shown the low degree of regulatory mechanisms tension and relatively low level of regulatory effects on human organism as a whole, which reflects the relatively high level of functional capacities of physiological systems taken separately. Highly qualified female athletes have shown a relatively high level of regulatory mechanisms tension and the great strength of regulatory effects on physiological systems, which is an evidence of higher level of functional optimization increasing the capacity of human organism as a whole.

    pdf 42-50.pdf  (357 Kb)

  • Tuguz A.R., Smolkov I.V., Shumilov D.S., Tatarkova E.A., Kushu L.T. ,Ashkanova T.M.
    Spontaneous and stimulated in vitro production of the main proinflammatory cytokines of blood mononuclear cells at an ischemic stroke

    Ratios of IL-17A, IL-1β; TNF-α;and IL-4 in serumal samples, supernatants of intact and stimulated in vitro PHA of peripheral blood mononuclear cells at patients with an ischemic stroke (n=10) and unrelated donors without clinical implications and heriditary burdeness of cardiovascular diseases (n=12) authentically differ (Ð<0,05) in three cytokines: IL-17A, IL-1β, and TNF-α. At patients with an ischemic stroke, unlike donors, serumal concentrations of IL-17A, levels of spontaneous and stimulated PHA of production IL-1; TNF-α are statistically significantly (P≤0,05) increased. The contents of IL-4 in the studied biological media do not exceed 0,25 pg/ml and have no reliable dif-ferences for all examined groups (Ð>0,05).

    pdf 51-57.pdf  (331 Kb)

  • Yakimov A.V., Lvov V.D., Cherchesova S.K., Karaev A.B., Kornoukhova I.I.
    Water mites (Acariformes: Hydrachnidia) of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

    Data on fauna of water mites (Hydrachnidia) in Terek headwaters are provided (within Kabardino-Balkarian Republic). Eight water mite species have been found in water basins of Kabardino-Balkaria – Eylais hamata Koenike, Eylais meridionalis Thor, Hydrachna geographica Muller, Lebertia dubia Thor, Mixobates uncatus (Sokolow), Atractides ovalis Koenike, Piona longipalpis Krendowsky and Mideopsis orbicularis (Muller). All of them, except Hy-drachna geographica, are described for the first time for fauna of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.

    pdf 58-62.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • Tuguz A.R.. Smolkov I.V., Shumilov D.S., Tatarkova E.A., Kushu L.T., Ashkanova T.M.
    NK activity of peripheral blood mononuclear cells at a cerebrovascular atherosclerosis with outcome in patients with ischemic stroke

    Spontaneous and stimulated NK activity of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) in donors and patients with the ischemic stroke which developed against the background of a cerebrovascular atherosclerosis is investigated on NK-sensitive cells of K-562 erythromyeloblastic leukosis at ratios of KM and effectors 1:1; 1:5 and 1:10. Cytotoxic activity of PBMC at patients with an ischemic stroke is reliably lower than at donors (P≤0,05) at all studied ratios.

    pdf 63-68.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Mamsirov N.I., Khatkov K.Kh., Tkhakushinova L.N.. Timov M.R.
    Promising sunflower hybrids for Adyghea conditions

    The paper presents the results of many-year researches on ecological test of sunflower varieties focused on assessment and selection for farms of the most high-yielding and high-oil-bearing hybrids with high resistance to diseases. The most promising sunflower hybrids providing 136–183% of production profitability of oilseeds of the studied hybrids are established.

    pdf 69-74.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • Tuguz A.R., Shumilov D.S., Smolkov I.V., Tatarkova E.A., Ashkanova T.M., Kushu L.T.
    Spontaneous and stimulated NK activity of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and neutrophils at a coronary heart disease

    The spontaneous and induced by a phytohemagglutinin NK activity of mononuclear cells (PBMC) and neutrocytes released from peripheral blood of sick people with coronary heart disease (n=19) is reliably (P≤0,01) lower than that of donors (n=15) which demonstrates suppression of a cellular link of immune system. At 1:1 (a); 1:5(b); 1:10 (c) ratios of cell targets (K-K562) and effectors (Kef) the NK activity of intact PBMC is at patients and donors, respec-tively: a) 31,06±2,99 and 41,60±2,68% (Ð<0,05); b) 36,41±3,04 and 57,3±5,87% (Ð<0,01); c) 29,61±4,77 and 55,57±5,26% (Ð<0,01). Cytotoxicity of intact neutrocytes at patients and donors at the same ratios of Km/Kef makes: a) 15,44±3,22 and 36,15±5,62% (Ð<0,001); b) 17,76±1,25 and 33,63±1,08% (Ð<0,05); c) 8,13±2,0 and 24,25±4,33% (Ð<0,001). PHA in vitro increases the NK activity of neutrocytes of patients and donors, correspondinly: a) 27,22±3,66 and 41,55±4,58% (Ð<0,05); b) 33,21±3,7 and 56,98±5,33% (Ð<0,01); c) 28,56±3,17 and 55,62±6,43% (P<0,01).

    pdf 75-81.pdf  (323 Kb)

  • Tuguz F.V., Ocheret N.P.
    Research and mapping of demographic, social and ecological features of the Republic of Adyghea

    The paper is devoted to the analysis of demographic, social and ecological features of the Republic of Adyghea. The authors examine the principles and methods of the description and mapping the spatial and temporary aspects of interaction of the person and the environment. Examples of the maps recommended for the section “Population and Settlements” of the regional geographic-ecological atlas are given.

    pdf 82-87.pdf  (295 Kb)

  • Rezchikova O.N.
    The nature of the renewal of Taxus baccata in the Western Caucasus

    The results of studying the restoration potential of Taxus baccata in the central part of the Western Caucasus are presented. The places and conditions of the growth of the species in the studied region are determined. A generally low level of renewal of the species is noted. The results of a twelve-year monitoring of the state of undergrowth in different types of forests are presented. The great success of renewal in beech communities is noted.

    pdf 88-94.pdf  (900 Kb)

  • Ikonnikova E.V.
    On the Cauchy problem for neutral type equations with rapidly oscillating right-hand side

    The aim of this article is to study the Cauchy problem solutions behavior for neutral differential equations with rapidly oscillating right-hand side. It has been established that the result of the classical averaging principle of N.N. Bogolyubov-N.M. Krylov is not true for the Cauchy problem solutions. A counterexample is constructed in which the non-averaged equation solutions do not converge to the solution of the corresponding problem for the averaged equation. The compactness of the non-averaged problem solution set is proved. New formulations of the averaging principle for neutral type equations with rapidly oscillating right-hand side are given.

    pdf 13-26.pdf  (451 Kb)

  • Bayramukova Z.Kh.
    Spectra of pre-fractal graphs with alternating in trajectory star-primings, cycle-primings and chain-primings saving out contiguity of old edges

    This paper examines for the first time the problems related to the characteristic polynom determination and spectra calculation of pre-fractal graphs with alternating star-primings, cycle-primings and chain-primings saving out contiguity of old edges in trajectory. The theorems representing spectra calculation algorithms of the considered graphs are proved.

    pdf 27-33.pdf  (325 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Tlyusten V.Sh.
    About one general approach to the description of knapsack methods of information encryption

    The general mathematical model is constructed for the knapsack schemes of information security, special cases of which are the known schemes of additive and multiplicative knapsacks. In terms of this general model some basic algorithms of information encryption and decryption are formulated.

    pdf 95-99.pdf  (306 Kb)

  • Simankov V.S., Buchatskaya V.V., Teploukhov S.V.
    Approach to the accounting for initial information uncertainty in system researches

    The paper explores an approach to the accounting for initial information uncertainty in system researches. It consists in the inclusion of uncertainty as one of the parameters in the studied mathematiocal model of thesystem. This approach makes it possible to consider a large number of alternatives and take into account the different possible solutions to the problem. In this regard, we consider the existing classification of the concept of “uncertainty”. The mathematical apparatus for recording and eliminating uncertainty is described. The practical application of the proposed approach, taking into account the initial information uncertainty in the implementation stage of forecasting as part of system research is realized. The prediction process is regarded as an iterative procedure to reduce uncertainty in the management of decision-making as part of the situational center.

    pdf 100-108.pdf  (828 Kb)

  • Kashin Ya.M., Kirillov G.A., Varenov A.B., Ermolaev A.À., Gabidulin V.E.
    Analysis of modern methods and instruments for quality control of transformer oil

    The paper provides analysis of requirements to the 70V oil, methods and oil quality control equipment. The modern instruments for quality control of transformer oil are presented. The diagnostic capabilities of these devices are analyzed not only for transformer oil, but also for operated electrical equipment.

    pdf 109-121.pdf  (543 Kb)

  • Chernenko A.A.
    Management of production schedules in information system for operational planning

    An algorithm for finding an acceptable schedule for an operational scheduling task with precedence relations set on a set of operations is proposed. The algorithm is based on the application of the enterprise object model. The analysis of the management of the obtained schedule is carried out. The structure of the information system of operational-calendar planning is considered. The example of the process of adding a new order to the schedule reveals the relationship of industrial information systems of different levels.

    pdf 122-127.pdf  (499 Kb)

  • Kizdermishov A.A., Kizdermishova S.Kh.
    On the issue of the commissioning of DLP-systems

    The paper examines the issues related to the functionality of modern DLP-systems, domestic DLP-systems, and the relationship of the commissioning of the DLP-system with the solution of organizational and legal issues. The publication provides recommendations for changes in local regulations. An algorithm for implementing the DLP-system in the organization is proposed.

    pdf 128-133.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • Kashin Ya.M., Borzunov A.P.
    Vehicle for transportation and self-unloading of bulk materials during the construction of the mountain highways and tunnels

    Use of special trailers makes it possible to improve performance and to increase the number of allowable types of transported goods. Trailer vehicles can be with self-loading body, with hopper, and also with a side (or both sides) unloading. However, existing car trailers and semitrailers for the transportation and unloading of bulk cargoes have a number of significant disadvantages that do not permit their use in certain driving situations. In particular, their application is limited to traditional methods of unloading. The longitudinal and lateral stability of existing trailers and semi-trailers is restricted. Also unloading of existing trailers and semi-trailers on objects of low height and width is hampered, for example in tunnels. The above mentioned shortcomings can be eliminated by the development of a new vehicle with the non-traditional way of unloading.

    pdf 134-138.pdf  (447 Kb)

  • Dovgal V.À., Dovgal D.V.
    Analysis of perspective methods of behavioral biometry for users authentication

    The paper discusses the main modern promising methods of behavioral biometry used for information security for users authentication. Their advantages and risks of application are analyzed.

    pdf 139-142.pdf  (347 Kb)

  • Vlasenko À.V., Zhdanov A.A., Sizonenko A.B.
    Development of the algorithm of forecasting time serie of nonlinear dynamic systems

    The main task in the analysis of time series is the reconstruction of the dynamical system that generated this series. The problem of constructing a model of a dynamical system from a one-dimensional time series can be solved by data assimilation methods: variational or by Kalman filtering. The work of each step of the Kalman filter can be divided into two stages: forecast and correction. The forecast phase calculates the state vector of the system by its value in the previous step of the filter operation. At the stage of correction, the algorithm receives data from current measurements (observations), which are used to refine the predicted value of the state vector, and calculate the actual estimate of the state vector of the dynamic system. The algorithm sequentially processes newly arriving measurement vectors, taking into account the values calculated on the previous cycle. In the next step, the initial conditions are refined by means of the measurements being processed on this cycle. For this, the algorithm calculates the weight of corrections to them based on the covariance matrices of the state and measurement estimates. The initial conditions thus corrected are the output of the Kalman filter on each cycle.

    pdf 143-148.pdf  (461 Kb)

  • Byuller E.A., Tlekhurai-Berzegova L.T.

    At present it is not possible to imagine any organization without a purposeful PR. The peculiarities of educational institutions are the combination of the characteristics of a non-commercial (budgetary) and commercial organization in such a situation, the university faces the need with additional funds for carrying out large-scale public relations activities in a competitive environment.

    pdf 105-109.pdf  (106 Kb)

  • Samsonova Ì.V., Samsonova E.V., Mershieva G.A.

    The modern market of educational services has changed significantly. We can talk about its active development and change of approaches and the content of educational programs and the ways of organizing the educational process and the formation of demand for educational services and their sale. In modern conditions, no educational institution, including a higher educational institution, can not do without the use of modern marketing techniques in the market of educational services, since this environment is highly competitive, mobile, complex.

    pdf 110-115.pdf  (349 Kb)

  • Gromov Y.I.

    The urgency and the content of the author's approach to management and planning of sustainable development of rural territories of the region are substantiated. As one of the tools for developing and scientifically substantiating the planned values of key indicators, comprehensive econometric models are proposed for use to study the interrelationships of generalizing indicators of the socio-ecological and economic development of rural territorial systems. The article presents a methodology for developing scenario forecasts of indicator indicators, presents the main results of econometric modeling in the form of systems of recursive equations, where three blocks of variables characterizing the resources of agricultural organizations and their efficiency in modern conditions, social and demographic processes are used as factor variables.

    pdf 116-124.pdf  (495 Kb)

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