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  • Anbinder K.N.
    Propaganda and prognostic activity of the Russian radical political parties in Armavir in the early 20th century

    This paper discusses the revolutionary events which took place in Armavir from the early 20th century to 1915. On the basis of the actual material presented by archival sources, the author clarifies the process of increasing revolutionary movement in Armavir: distribution in the village of propaganda literature of various political orientations, work of underground printing houses and participation of various categories of the population in strikes.

    pdf 17-24.pdf  (170 Kb)

  • Dzhakhieva E.G.
    The Caucasus in focus of geopolitical interests of world powers: history and present

    The aim of this paper is to explore the contemporary geopolitical fight for the Caucasus through a prism of fight of the Russian Empire, the Ottoman Porte and Persia for this region in the 18th century. Considering past events, an attempt is made to predetermine a further vector of events in the region, having outlined a circle of interests of the largest players in the Caucasus.

    pdf 25-29.pdf  (160 Kb)

  • Kagazezhev B.S., Kagazezhev R.B.
    History of development of national education in the Adyghea Autonomous Region in the 1920-1930s

    The aim of this research is to study the major problems, related to development of national education in the Adyghea Autonomous Region during the post-revolutionary period. The authors show the role of activity of authorities in training national personnel, as well as the problems related to opening new schools in the region.

    pdf 30-34.pdf  (156 Kb)

  • Shkhachemukov R.M.
    Development of study of local lore in Adyghea in the 1920s

    An analysis is made of the development of study of local lore in Adyghea in the 1920s as the initial stage of shaping historical knowledge about the region. The attention focuses on creation of local history societies, the initiative organizations which were engaged in accumulation and elucidation of historical and ethnographic materials.

    pdf 35-43.pdf  (184 Kb)

  • Batchaeva M.D.
    Muslim youth subcultures in the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic: structure and functions

    Shaping and functioning of the Muslim youth subcultures performing religious socialization function proceed in the Karachay-Cherkessia under conditions of globalization and reinstitutionalization of Islam. Young Muslims stand apart in the dominating culture of traditionalist Islam. Value orientations to the ideas of Islamic fundamentalism, appearance, an image, lifestyle and the gender relations act as identification indicators in their environment.

    pdf 44-49.pdf  (160 Kb)

  • Bedrik A.V., Serikov A.V.
    Classical European diasporas of the Rostov Region: social practices of reproduction of identity

    The paper examines features of reproduction of three European classical diasporas of the Rostov region (Greeks, Germans, Poles) during the Post-Soviet period. An analysis is made of transformation of a demographic data set of the people in the region in a historical retrospective. Migratory, assimilatory, foreign policy and natural demographic factors of change of number of ethnoses are shown. The description is provided for constructive and instrumentalistic social practices of the ethnocultural self-preservation of communities.

    pdf 50-58.pdf  (177 Kb)

  • Bersirov B.M., Bersirova S.A.
    Spelling reform and society

    The paper investigates the forms of impact of social factors on language. Oral and written forms of language make it possible for the participant of communication to fully join in important processes of public life. Spelling is important for society, it defines how process of written communication, without which functioning of public life is almost impossible today, will proceed. Society set a goal to make spelling such that it met the main requirements of communicative process. To achieve this goal we need to implement the following condition: to introduce such rules in education, learning of which would demand extremely reasonable expenses of time and intelligence.

    pdf 59-62.pdf  (119 Kb)

  • Borisov I.V.
    Sociological insight into distance learning (statement of a problem)

    The paper deals with the correlation of the concepts "distant education" and "distance learning" and shows possibilities of sociological insights into distance learning and distant technologies. Distance learning is represented as social institute. Data obtained as a result of pilot poll among students and teachers of distance learning are cited.

    pdf 63-66.pdf  (150 Kb)

  • Voitenko V.P., Serikov A.V., Gubarev I.V.
    Level of conflictogenity of the international and interfaith relations in the city of Rostov-on-Don

    The paper gives the results of sociological poll of Rostov-on-Don residents aimed at identification of level of conflictogenity of the international and interfaith relations in the city. Results of research show that despite presence at ethnic space of the city of Rostov-on-Don of representatives of more than 100 nationalities, continuous migratory inflow from other regions of Russia and abroad and the activity of diasporas and confessional organizations, the system of the international relations in the urban environment remains steady and stable.

    pdf 67-72.pdf  (161 Kb)

  • Volkov Yu.G., Degtyarev A.K., Lubsky A.V.
    Possibilities of implementation of value policy and institutional practices of the USA in the sphere of the international relations in Russia

    This paper presents the results of a pilot sociological research on problems of the interethnic relations. The research was conducted in 2016 within realization of a grant of the Russian Scientific Fund No. 15-18-00122 "Institutional practices and value policy in the sphere of harmonization of the interethnic relations in economically developed countries with the complex ethnocultural structure: the comparative analysis and modeling of implementation in the Russian conditions". In the course of multistage formation of the Russian value policy, sociological researches in the south of Russia confirm a possibility of selective implementation of elements of legislative and organizational experience of the USA in the sphere of harmonization of the interethnic relations in the Russian conditions.

    pdf 73-84.pdf  (195 Kb)

  • Volkov Yu.G., Chernobrovkin I.P., Voitenko V.P.
    Possibilities of implementation of value policy and institutional practices of the FRG in the sphere of harmonization of the interethnic relations in Russia

    Results of a pilot sociological research on problems of the interethnic relations are given in this paper. The research was conducted in 2016 within realization of a grant of the Russian Scientific Fund No. 15-18-00122 "Institutional practices and value policy in the sphere of harmonization of the interethnic relations in economically developed countries with the complex ethnocultural structure: the comparative analysis and modeling of implementation in the Russian conditions". In the course of multistage formation of the Russian value policy sociological researches in the south of Russia confirm a possibility of implementation of elements of legislative and organizational experience of the FRG in the sphere of harmonization of the interethnic relations in the Russian society.

    pdf 85-97.pdf  (203 Kb)

  • Vorobyev G.A.
    Representation of social entropy in the Russian history in the context of evolutionary and revolutionary changes

    The paper discusses circumstances of manifestation of social entropy in the context of evolutionary and revolutionary changes, closely associated with vectors and forms of semantic interaction of the past and the present in logic of entropic growth and expansion of a sociality. Expansion of social entropy demonstrates disorganization of social memory as symbolical reconstruction of the past in the present and set of sociocultural practices, carrying out selection and transformation of information to knowledge of the past to preserve and translate a significant sociocultural experience.

    pdf 98-102.pdf  (158 Kb)

  • Denisova G.S., Glushkova S.A., Cherevkov O.S.
    Civil law component of youth identity in the Rostov region and Kabardino-Balkaria

    This paper presents the results of analysis of the data obtained during a pilot sociological research which was conducted in the Rostov region and Kabardino-Balkar Republic. In order to reveal orientations of youth to a civic activist stand, the research was made to identify the youths attitude towards human rights as to the main value of the political organization of public life, as well as to investigate the principles of interaction of the citizen and the state, the attitude towards social activity and understanding of its sense.

    pdf 103-109.pdf  (167 Kb)

  • Zakovorotnaya M.V., Blagorodova E.A.
    A role of professional recognition in the Russian contemporary society

    The paper analyzes the concept of "social" recognition in works of the German philosopher Axel Honnet and its influence on definition of the place of professional recognition in the Russian contemporary society.

    pdf 110-118.pdf  (478 Kb)

  • Imagozheva D.I.
    Religiosity as an indicator of public life

    The paper analyzes the concept of "religiosity" in the context of the social and cultural situation in the North Caucasus. Data are provided on sociological studies of the role of religion in public life which were carried out in Russia as a whole and in the region, in particular. Prospects of development of religion and religiosity in the North Caucasus republics are shown.

    pdf 119-122.pdf  (151 Kb)

  • Kasparov A.R., Setov R.Yu.
    Influence of ethnic identity on the conflicts in professional groups

    The paper discusses features of impact of ethnic identification processes on the conflictogenic potential in professional groups. On the basis of the conducted sociological research, the authors point out that cross-cultural dialogue acts as the effective communicative tool to overcome interethnic tension in professional community.

    pdf 123-129.pdf  (167 Kb)

  • Kiroy V.N., Nekhay V.N., Ilyinova N.A., Khachetsukov Z.M.
    The directions and extenders of analytical tools in researches of the interfaith relations

    The paper analyzes the possibilities to integrate methods of sociology, psychology, psychophysiology and neurophysiology in researches of ethnosocial processes. More profound comprehension of the nature of social processes and development of ways and technologies of their management led now to the fact that the small social group and/or the individual become the significant actor of social processes. This demands multifold clarification and accounting features of functioning of all levels of this actor, on the one hand, to comprehend the nature of social behavior of the person, and on the other, to obtain more objective information on a state of social processes and their dynamics.

    pdf 130-137.pdf  (185 Kb)

  • Kiroy V.N., Khachetsukov Z.M., Lyausheva S.A., Ilyinova N.A.
    Assessment of ethnosocial processes in the South of Russia on the basis of sociological and psychological measurements

    The paper presents the empirical data obtained within implementation of the second stage of scientific project No. 15-18-00148 "Ethnosocial processes and interethnic intensity in the south of Russia: perfecting analytical tools and ways of regulation", supported by RNF. The sociological and psychological measurements made in a number of regions of the South of Russia made it possible to draw a conclusion that correlation of methods of various sciences is needed at assessment of ethnosocial processes.

    pdf 138-146.pdf  (177 Kb)

  • Kosov V.V., Tsarakhova N.V.
    Criminal subculture as phenomenon of the Russian contemporary society

    This paper examines the phenomenon of a criminal subculture in the conditions of the Russian contemporary reality. The authors analyze influence of criminal value standards on world outlook of the younger generation of the Russians. The work emphasizes impact of criminal culture on processes of the political, social and economic transformations taking place in today's Russia.

    pdf 147-150.pdf  (151 Kb)

  • Lyausheva S.A., Pozdnyakova T.S.
    Fashion and ethnoreligious traditions: specifics of mutual influence

    The paper analyzes specifics of mutual influence of ethnoconfessional traditions and fashion. The authors emphasize an important role of ethnic traditions in creation of the consolidated society that is especially relevant in the conditions of globalization. Also the publication shows that in the absence of steady ethnoreligious traditions the level of fashion perception considerably increases.

    pdf 151-156.pdf  (163 Kb)

  • Mikhaylov A.P.
    The contemporary informational processes as factor of development of extremist principles in society

    In this paper the author investigates the influence of informational processes on the general orientation of social attitudes of the population. It is proved that the content of information space defines not only the nature of internal processes in society, but also determines an orientation of political processes that, in turn, is bound to existence of correlation between urgent inquiries of the population and actions of the power. Along with it, the paper shows that character of information messages defines an orientation of natural social processes, actualizing, thereby, not only constructive, but also negative tendencies in society. At the same time, at the level of information space there is a natural distribution also of the destructive social attitudes that is a serious reason of intensification of processes, respectively, of the destructive self-organization in society. Separately, in this paper, the author defines the role of the contemporary informational processes in development of the factors causing activization of extremism as most riskogenous social deviation.

    pdf 157-163.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • Mosina O.A., Kitokova J.M.
    On genesis of the conflict between the generations in Russia

    The problem of the conflict between generations is relevant for the modern scientific discourse. A research of genesis of the declared problem in this paper allowed the authors to define conceptual bases of the inter-generational conflict of the 21st century in Russia.

    pdf 164-167.pdf  (112 Kb)

  • Noskova N.A.
    Metamorphoses of the concept "patriotism" under conditions of globalization and cultural de-bordering

    This paper is dedicated to the culturological analysis of the concept "patriotism" in a contemporary rapidly globalizing world. This concept had always the singular value for the Russian reality that was reflected not only in the spiritual medium, but also in ideology, policy, culture, economy, etc. In this connection, it is a topical task to understand the essence of the contemporary patriotism in Russia formed throughout centuries-old history of the Russian society.

    pdf 168-174.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • Podolskiy V.V., Maseev S.V.
    Subcultural transformations as a factor of formation of deviant behavior among young people

    This paper explores the factors influencing formation of deviant behavior among young people: social, economic, psychological and pedagogical. The author also analyzes influence of subcultural currents on effectiveness of the contemporary institutes of personal socialization.

    pdf 175-178.pdf  (164 Kb)

  • Samygin S.I., Mikhaylov A.P., Kovalev V.V.
    Informal associations of young people: deviation or semi-legitimate form of social self-expression?

    The paper explores the problem of the prejudiced society attitude to informal associations of young people. The analysis is carried out to compare conceptual content of informal associations of young people and such terms, interfacing to it, as a subculture, deviant behavior, and the formal and informal groups.

    pdf 179-184.pdf  (163 Kb)

  • Sidorenko E.L.
    Sociological assessment of corruption: new horizons

    This paper examines the main methodological approaches to measuring corruption, its composite economic, political and social nature. On the basis of generalization of the researches of bribery, the author's systemic technique of assessment of corruption (STAC) is suggested and the first results of its application are described.

    pdf 185-191.pdf  (166 Kb)

  • Sorokin S.A., Chibizov V.V.
    Armed forces of Russia in the conditions of social and political reforming

    In this paper, an analysis is made of influence of the state transformations of the late 20th century on stability of functioning of the Russian armed forces. The authors investigate the factors causing sociocultural perception of army in civil society.

    pdf 192-196.pdf  (117 Kb)

  • Teshev V.A., Ogannisyan M.A.
    Career development as personnel motivation factor

    This paper deals with the major factors of personnel motivation in work. Career development as a decisive factor of personnel motivation is described in detail. Need to use a system of dual education for increase in professionalism of the expert, i.e., for his further career development is confirmed.

    pdf 197-200.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • Khot Z.Z.
    Methodological approaches to the study of migration processes

    The paper examines a number of theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of migration and migration processes. The publication describes the basic sociological theories of foreign and domestic scientists, in the context of which the migration processes, the migrant communities, host communities, etc. were studied in recent years. Also the author deals with economic models of migration.

    pdf 201-206.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • Khruschev V.V.
    Prophylaxis of deviant behavior as form of social monitoring: regional innovations

    This paper analyzes the problems of prophylaxis of deviant behavior at young people. The author carries out the analysis of development of asocial tendencies among young people, and shows the main problems of formation of legal culture at representatives of the younger generation as one of the forms of social prevention.

    pdf 207-210.pdf  (151 Kb)

  • Tsagov I.A.
    Transformation of interaction of society and power as condition of overcoming sociocultural nihilism

    The paper contains the analysis of the main determinants of the nihilistic moods in the Russian contemporary society caused by dysfunctions of the power-society system. The author sets a goal to detect new opportunities of conducting the extensive public dialogue focused on increase in the mutual trust between all participants of communicative action.

    pdf 211-218.pdf  (173 Kb)

  • Chistyakova O.A.
    Migratory processes and cultural marginalization

    The paper discusses two aspects of the question, topical for the contemporary sociology: interrelation of processes of migration and cultural marginalization in the contemporary society. The first aspect deals with the analysis of migration and consequences of the increasing migratory activity, and the second aspect directly concerns cultural marginalization and its main features.

    pdf 219-223.pdf  (159 Kb)

  • Belyakova I.G.
    Evolution of models of cross-cultural communication in the new interstate unions (taking an example of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation)

    The paper explores the features of cross-cultural communication in the contemporary interstate associations, such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). Main objectives and tasks of the organization in the field of cultural policy are shown and examples of the major cultural projects are given. It is inferred that the dynamics of models of cross-cultural communication of SCO members allows the countries that participate in it to efficiently implement cross-cultural dialogue and create new models of cross-cultural communication in the conditions of globalization and fast increasing informational flow.

    pdf 224-228.pdf  (127 Kb)

  • Lopatina N.L.
    Hermeneutical experience to comprehend sociocultural regional transformations related to collectivization

    Using a hermeneutics method, on the basis of profound interviews with 149 former collective farmers, an attempt is undertaken to analyze sociocultural transformations related to collectivization policy. Conversations with respondents suggest that there were considerable sociocultural changes. As a result of collectivization national peculiarities were lost. The standard of work, festive and song culture, culture of drink and moral values changed. According to eyewitnesses of collectivization, people changed, conciliarity left and everyone became for himself. Conclusions of this research are urgent today for a comprehension of the contemporary processes in society, since Post-Soviet Russia is a successor of the Soviet period associated with cultural continuity.

    pdf 229-233.pdf  (157 Kb)

  • Suvorkina E.N.
    Childhood problem in early works of the archpriest V.V. Zenkovsky (the analysis of his comment to K. Groce's book "Sincere life of the child", 1916)

    The paper analyzes V.V. Zenkovsky's comment to K. Groce's book "Sincere life of the child" (1916) which is published as introduction. A significance of its review essay is defined not so much by remarks to the author as a position of the philosopher-theologian on cases in point. This work should be regarded as self-contained, without being limited to a framework of the peer-reviewed book. The present analysis is carried out in comparison to results of the modern scientific knowledge in the field.

    pdf 234-239.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • Unezhev K.Kh.
    The cultural and historical prospects of revival of the Adyghe (Circassian) ethnos in the conditions of globalization

    The paper analyzes features of cultural and historical evolution of the Adyghe (Circassian) ethnos. On the basis of identification of the enthropic effect in spiritual life of the Adyghes generated by globalization processes and space differentiation of the Circassian ethnos, the author suggests that a number of the socio-integrative measures focused on a cultural reconsolidation of the Adyghe society should be developed.

    pdf 240-246.pdf  (172 Kb)

  • Zlydenko D.S.
    On inadmissibility of interrogation of the investigator as the witness on criminal cases

    The paper discusses the opportunities of court to use testimonies of the subject of investigation in judicial session and their evidentiary value from the point of view of the principles of criminal trial and its moral principles. Specific proposals are made to change the content of Article 56 of the Code of Penal Procedure of the Russian Federation and to endue the subject of investigation with procedural immunity to prevent his interrogation as the witness on the circumstances, which are not relating to the investigative actions made by him.

    pdf 247-250.pdf  (152 Kb)

  • Lozovsky D.N.
    Topical issues of judges safety

    The paper examines the current state of institute of the state protection of judges in Russia. The author analyzes a legal basis of safety of the above-stated persons. During the analysis of law-enforcement practice, the problems arising during this activity are identified and ways of their elimination are offered.

    pdf 251-256.pdf  (163 Kb)


  • pdf 273-275.pdf  (231 Kb)

    The Economic Theory
  • Bolotina E.A.
    Food security problems through sustainable national food markets functioning

    The scientific article considers the theoretical and methodological foundations of food security. It clarifies the methodology for forecasting food security. The author outlines the stages of forecasting for food security development. The paper systemizes the tasks of the state with a socially oriented economy to maintain a given level of food security. The author proposes directions for solving the food problem in conjunction with the problems of overcoming poverty as well as demographic and environmental problems.

    pdf 15-20.pdf  (107 Kb)

  • Kazakov M.Yu.
    Essential and procedural tools for spatial policy implementation

    The paper explores substantive and procedural tools of regional development for spatial policy implementing from the standpoint of developing conceptual elements of spatial and economic adaptation. The author critically assesses the absolute advantages and functional disadvantages of these groups of tools for identifying the possibility of their real application in regional management systems. The scientific article draws a conclusion that it is necessary to develop modified hybrid tools. They will combine the advantages of the shortcomings used and minimize them. It reveals the principles of using these tools in the context of the concept of spatial and economic adaptation process.

    pdf 21-27.pdf  (92 Kb)

  • Prokhorova V.V., Myshko V.V.
    Economic and legal regulation of intellectual services

    The paper reveals the dematerialization of the results of scientific and technological progress, the increase in the number of intangible assets and the growing role in the socio-economic development. All these factors predetermine the growth of the significance of intellectual services as the basis of the current stage of Russian economic development. The authors pay their special attention to the fact that legal regulation of intellectual services does not exclude economic interpretation. The matter is not just about the results of economic activity and production conditions, but about the accompaniment of intellectual activity. So in case if a service does not acquire a form for its economic realization, it is a legal function.

    pdf 28-33.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • Roskoshnaya M.S.
    Additive technologies transferring influence on mechanisms for export control in the system of international economic relations

    The paper examines the market of additive technologies and reference of production processes from the point of view of the impact on the global system of export control. It provides a brief description of the activities of international export control regimes as well as the issues within the framework of these regimes. The author analyzes the transfer of sensitive technologies and their role for the development of international economic relations.

    pdf 34-42.pdf  (106 Kb)

  • Sadofiev A.A., Yurkhanyan K.Ya.
    Intellectual services as an instrument of human capital reproduction in the knowledge economy conditions

    In the conditions of the emerging knowledge economy, human capital plays a crucial role, the key characteristic of which is the intellectual resource. The problem of ensuring the reproduction of both the entire human capital of the state and the intellectual resource is closely connected with the sphere of intellectual services. The paper shows that within the modern service sector, significant structural changes are taking place, due to the increased contribution to the overall economic development of sectors that produce knowledge-intensive (intellectual) services. The authors examine the development of the processes of quaternization of the economy, implying the allocation of the quaternary sector. It will unite the service industry, focused on the production of intellectual services.

    pdf 43-49.pdf  (239 Kb)

  • Khokhoyeva Z.V.
    Fictitious capital opportunities in integration interaction

    The paper considers the opportunities of fictitious capital in the process of integration interaction in the system of economic relations. The author takes into account the objective tendency to integrate economic relations, focusing attention on the opportunities of integration interaction with the participation of fictitious capital, which corresponds to the tasks of searching for hidden resources for the domestic economy development. The scientific article takes into account the special nature of fictitious capital. It reveals its characteristics as well as reflects the specific conditions of the current crisis situation in the Russian economy. The analysis focuses on the integration of fictitious capital with human capital, which provides a priority need to identify internal sources of investment in the development of human capital. The author substantiates the necessity of supporting the integration interaction of fictitious and human capital and offers a number of institutional and economic transformations in this field. The paper presents applied means for activating the participation of fictitious capital in the integration interaction in the system of economic relations.

    pdf 50-54.pdf  (78 Kb)

    Financial Markets
  • Osennyaya A.V., Osennyaya E.D., Khakhuk B.A.
    Cadastral land valuation procedure of the Krasnodar Territory settlements

    The paper deals with the regulatory and legal support for the procedure for cadastral valuation of lands in the territory of the Krasnodar Territory. The authors present analysis of the results of the cadastral valuation. They draw a conclusion that it is urgent to improve the procedure for updating assessment work.

    pdf 239-244.pdf  (82 Kb)

  • Chenib B.R.
    Distributive type of database in the treasury system of budgets implementation as an instrument of state control

    Innovations in the sphere of state financial control require the search for new instruments of its support in the electronic system of the Federal Treasury. The paper presents the analysis of the specifics of the scope of national audit, a systematic approach to the current centralized type of the treasury database and a comparative-logical method for advanced distribution mechanisms. They are the basis of the study. As a result, the author discloses long-term directions of development of the information infrastructure for management and supervision of budget flows, which do not contradict the current policy of the treasury department. The implementation of the proposed mechanisms will have an impact not only on the revision and operator functions, but also on the process of all cash servicing of budgets.

    pdf 245-252.pdf  (213 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • Adamenko A.A., Ermolenko A.A.
    Support tools for the development of reproduction in economic localities

    The paper examines the tools for reproduction process supporting in the economic localities of the health profile. hey begin forming in regional economies on the basis of a systemic transformation of the resource bases, capital and infrastructure of existing resort areas. The reproduction process of such localities is focused on the health potential underlying the human capital of the regional economy. Instruments of reproduction development supporting in these locations are associated with their functions addressed to the regional economy. They are specified in relation to the peculiarities of reproduction in the resort areas, most of which belong to the South of Russia. The researchers base on a systematic approach, the application of which has made it possible to outline a wide range of tools for supporting the development of reproduction in the economic localities of the health profile. The authors pay their special attention to the instruments of infrastructure support for the development of reproduction in these localities. They propose a number of appropriate means. The scientific article draws its conclusion that the strategic orientation of the development of reproduction in the investigated locations is given by an objective balance of forces acting in the development space

    pdf 71-74.pdf  (76 Kb)

  • Aluyan S.V.
    Regional competitiveness increasing through the construction of clusters in the framework of social and economic systems

    The successful economic development of modern regional social and economic system implies the presence of an effectively functioning cluster structures. The absence of formed clusters may be one of the reasons of depression of a regional system and affect its social component. Industries traditionally utilized by the regions for planning purposes and promising economic opportunities are a priority for regional clustering. The article considers the main strategic goal of regional development increase of competitiveness of the region by means of constructing clusters and as a consequence of improving living standards through the increase of productivity.

    pdf 75-79.pdf  (77 Kb)

  • Konovalova K.Yu., Shumakhov R.V.
    Regional investment management tools system and sources of its formation

    The current conditions of the development of the meso-economic management level present significant changes. The abolition of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation changes the macroeconomic level of federal regional policy on the one hand. On the other, social and economic development and the activities of state corporations reflect new tools for territorial planning of the Russian regional economic space. All these factors make the level of regional management increasingly multi-subject and multi-component, and sustainable development of regions is increasingly an important task of effective management. This paper presents the practical appraisal of a rating estimation of investment potential of regions of Southern and North-Caucasian federal districts. The constructed rating of these regions on the basis of official statistical data on a number of meso-economic characteristics makes it possible to assess the level of investment potential as follows: high for the Krasnodar Territory, medium for the Rostov Region. Comparison of the authors rating with the compiled rating agency Expert RA showed their coincidence in the direction. The authors substantiate convincingly scientific and practical relevance and instrumental-methodological significance by active transformations of the regional level of management. They insist on further scientific search for heuristic theoretical and applied solutions that are adequate to the current stage of spatial development of domestic regional economic systems. It will allow to develop radically the theory of regional management and appropriate conceptual and methodological support.

    pdf 80-88.pdf  (103 Kb)

  • Larina S.E., Ivanov O.V.
    Management tools development for municipal programs and projects implementation

    The paper considers theoretical and applied issues of implementation and realization of the design approach in municipal management. It presents the ratio of municipal programs and projects. The authors reveal a model and algorithm for project management for the implementation of municipal programs (subprograms) on a project basis on account of best practices.

    pdf 89-99.pdf  (330 Kb)

  • Larina S.E., Chvanov R.A.
    Anti-crisis regional budget development toolkit

    The paper considers the actual issues of modeling and developing the anti￾crisis budget of the subjects of the Russian Federation and municipalities. It systematizes tools for crisis management of the budget at the territorial level. The authors substantiate conditions and mechanisms of its application.

    pdf 100-109.pdf  (107 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • Ordynskaya M.E., Tausova I.F.
    Topical issues of the commercial organization auditing reserves

    The paper deals with peculiarities of statutory and estimated reserves auditformed by an organization. It considers their reserve capital, reserves for doubtful debts, depreciation of financial investments (securities and other objects related to financial investments), under the reduction of the value of material assets. The authors explain the main rules on which the formation of reserves is carried out, their reflection in accounting and reporting as well as issues related to the peculiarities of auditing this category. The scientific article describes main procedures. It reveals typical mistakes revealed during the audit of reserves. All these factors will help the organization to achieve its goals, using a systematic and consistent approach to the methodology for auditing reserves, assessing and improving the effectiveness of risk management processes.

    pdf 110-126.pdf  (140 Kb)

  • Tausova I.F., Andryukhina D.V., Boreeva E.R.
    Auditing activity at the present stage: the problems of implementation and ways to solve them

    The paper considers peculiarities of auditing activity in the Russian Federation in the period of compulsory membership in self-regulating organizations of auditors. It presents the peculiarities of the current stage of development of the national audit. The authors pay their special attention to the problems of the quality of audit services, their consequences and the inevitability of the audit reform in the Russian Federation in order to solve the indicated problems. They propose a set of measures aimed at overcoming negativetrends in development and implementation of audit activities, including measures to prevent dumping

    pdf 127-133.pdf  (91 Kb)

  • Tkhagapso R.A., Nikulina O.P.
    Modern international practice of leasing operations accounting

    During recent years, the IASB has been actively working to improve the requirements for reporting on assets and liabilities arising from the conclusion of a lease agreement in the financial statements of organizations. A new standard for the accounting of rent IFRS 16 Leases became the result of the work. The paper considers the main differences between the current IAS 17 Leases and the new IFRS 16 Leases.

    pdf 134-141.pdf  (93 Kb)

  • Tkharkakhova I.G., Komkova J.L.
    The economic entity accounting policy impact analysis for the own capital account organization

    The paper analyses in details the main issues related to the independent choice of methods of grouping and valuation of economic activity facts. It also considers the repayment of the value of non-current assets, the organization of the inventory system, the use of accounting accounts and other relevant methods and techniques. The domestic regulatorysystem of accounting and reporting develops and regulates them. The purpose of the paper is to structure and concentrate readers attention on those aspects of each of the considered various positions that are mostly important to the accounting service of the organization in the field of organization of own capital accounting. The authors prove the fact that the choice of ways of the account in an accounting policy has a great influence on estimation of activity of the organization on the basis of the information of its reporting

    pdf 142-147.pdf  (87 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • Agarkova L.V.
    Problems of sustainable development of beef cattle breeding

    The paper gives an assessment of the main parameters characterizing the development of beef cattle breeding in the agro-industrial complex. It reveals positive and negative tendencies of its functioning and indicates vectors for further development. The key factor solving the problem of intensive development and ensuring the competitiveness of domestic beef cattle breeding is the level of state support. The experience of countries with developed and efficient agriculture shows that sustainable development of the industry is impossible without state regulation based on a systemic and long-term approach.

    pdf 148-153.pdf  (795 Kb)

  • Bondarenko L.V.
    Transformation of economic regulators of the regional agrarian sector functioning

    The process of transformation of the agricultural complex in Russia, in particular, the mechanism of its economic development, led to the fact that it actually ceased to exist, and the new one was not created. It is necessary to strengthen the state regulation of the agro-industrial complex in order to accelerate the recovery of the agrarian sector of the Russian economy from the crisis. The paper substantiates that state support of the agro￾industrial complex (targeted subsidies and subsidies, preferential taxation, etc.) is a prerequisite for stimulating the countrys self-sufficiency in food, and also the regions achievement of its food security.

    pdf 154-158.pdf  (81 Kb)

  • Voblaya I.N.
    Methodical approaches to the evaluation of investment efficiency in the agrarian economy

    The paper presents a conceptual model of multidimensional evaluation of investment in the agricultural sector, based on the substantiation of the methodology for its measurement by criterion and local parameters. The methodological basic development of criteria and indicators of investment efficiency is a system-based reproduction approach. It makes it possible to assess the integrity of the invested object

    pdf 159-168.pdf  (356 Kb)

  • Kalafatov E..
    The prospects for agrarian tourism in the context of rural areas sustainable development

    The concept of the rural areas sustainable development of the Republic of Crimea due to its natural and climatic conditions and recreational resources as well asgeopolitical grounds, should be built on the use of internal reserves. And tourism, in particular, agrarian takes an important place. The process of development of the rural agro￾tourism industry requires initially the formation of methodological bases for determining its main zones on the basis of a comparative assessment of rural areas. The paper presents the results of identification of territorial features and selection of agro-tourist specialization areas with a view to their subsequent inclusion in the regional program of sustainable development of rural areas

    pdf 169-174.pdf  (86 Kb)

  • Miroshnichenko A.A.
    Production and marketing of sunflower cultivation in the Rostov Region agro-zones

    Active state policy in the field of agro-production and the growing interest of investors in agriculture dictate new requirements for the formation of an information array on the potential of the territories. Creation of cultivation passports of separate cultures will allow to estimate a condition and prospects of development of the considered sub-complex. The paper presents two versions of the passport, depending on the natural-climatic and economic features of the territorial location of production facilities.

    pdf 175-179.pdf  (731 Kb)

    Management by Innovations
  • Mukhoryanova O.A., Savchenko I.P., Bogushevich E.V.
    Innovative technologies of staff selection in small and medium business

    The paper investigates innovative methods of personnel selection in organizations of small and medium businesses. The authors emphasize the use in the system of staff selection of innovative forms outstaffing, Internet technologies. At the same time, they substantiate that innovative forms of personnel selection are more effective than traditional ones. They allow to differentiate directions of research. Increasing the efficiency of recruiting the personnel of enterprises is also a priority objective of qualitative improvement of the modern economy. Nowadays modern information technologies can be proposed to improve the efficiency of the process of personnel management. In particular, technologies used by managers and specialists of human resources departments while solving tasks of personnel selection, interpersonal relations in a team, and maintaining personnel databases. Information systems allow to reveal the level of professional qualification of workers, their psycho-physiological parameters. It also helps to track the dynamics of changes in certain characteristics in order to identify those that have deviations from the generally accepted social norms.

    pdf 231-238.pdf  (174 Kb)

    The Theory and Practice of Business
  • Adamenko A.A., Khutyz B.I.
    Institutional capital of small and medium business

    The scientific article studies the phenomenon of institutional capital in the sphere of small and medium business. It acquires special significance in the interweaving of many transformational processes, radically changing the face of this sphere. The authors believe that the institutional capital of the economic system, in which the norms, contracts and methods of economic behavior of the relevant subjects are embodied and acquired the form of capital, sets the course for development, determines the stabilization or destabilization of the sphere of small and medium business and becomes an important factor in the formation of qualitatively new development institutions. At the same time, institutional capital in depressive conditions changes its market assessment. This factor is associated with the formation of institutional traps. The paper discloses one of these difficulties. A systematic approach is the basics of the research. Together with the resources of institutional economic theory, it makes it possible to determine the institutional capital of small and medium-sized businesses. The authors pay their special attention to the possibilities of renewing institutional capital in relation to the development of entrepreneurship at the meso-level.

    pdf 195-199.pdf  (80 Kb)

  • Gonenko D.V.
    Light industry development problems in the Russian economy

    The paper discloses the problems of the Russian clothing market, the state of which largely depends on the state of the entire national economic complex of the Russian economy. It analyzes the main Russian brands. The author presents marketing strategies and trends in the development of the fashion market and notes the difficulties and contradictions of the domestic clothing market as well. The scientific article reveals issues and problems of the functioning of the industry in accordance with the Strategy for the Development of Light Industry in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025.

    pdf 200-204.pdf  (158 Kb)

  • Mokrushin A.A.
    Efficient ways of the small businesses state regulation in the problem region

    The paper discloses the problems and perspectives of state regulation development of small businesses in the problem region. It reveals territorial and branch peculiarities, problems of small business development as well as program-target instruments of state support of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Adyghe Republic. The author presents directions of perfection of instruments of state regulation of small and medium business of the problem region.

    pdf 205-216.pdf  (295 Kb)

  • Mukhoryanova O.A., Lebedev E.P., Shekhovtsov S.R., M. A-gizi Aliyeva
    Complex approach to the definition of the manufacturing enterprise infrastructure concept

    The scientific article presents a comprehensive approach to understanding the essence of the infrastructure of a manufacturing enterprise. The authors emphasize the possibility of classifying separate elements of the infrastructure as internal and external. Although the majority of economic entities use external organizations to support their activities, individual enterprises allow the formation of their own infrastructure. The paper discusses role of separate elements of the enterprise infrastructure, both internal and external and considers their tasks.

    pdf 217-224.pdf  (841 Kb)

    Service Economy
  • Guseva T.G.
    The new trends and approaches in the development and formation of modern educational priorities

    The paper studies new categories in the educational space associated with modern technologies in the social and economic space. It pays its special attention to the fact that the main wealth of each nation is the intellect, skills and values of its citizens. They have a decisive influence on the choice of future development. The author examines new forms of involvement in the work of people based on partnership, ongoing training, division of duties, flexible work schedule, and the formation of teams.

    pdf 180-184.pdf  (78 Kb)

  • Chistova M.V., Eremina O.S., Demina N.V.
    Public-private partnerships implement in preschool education: experience of the Russian Federation regions

    This paper considers the peculiarities of the public-private partnership projects application in preschool education in the subjects of the North-Caucasian Federal Territory: the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic and the Republic of Dagestan. The authors study of the nature of public-private partnership and the creation of a PPP system in the Russian Federation. The scientific article draws a conclusion that it is urgent to apply public-private partnership mechanisms in the development of the system of pre-school education in the Russian Federation

    pdf 185-194.pdf  (383 Kb)

    Social Economy
  • Timoshenko N.V.
    Social inequality in Russia: economic analysis of the reasons

    The paper considers the main reasons for the emergence and deepening of social inequality in Russia: the unevenness of the economic development of regions, the trends in the development of the private sector, demographic factors, inequality in the incomes of men and women, etc. The author operates with current statistical material to analyze the causes of social inequality.

    pdf 225-230.pdf  (277 Kb)

    Taxes and the Taxation
  • Osennyaya A.V., Budagov I.V., Kravchenko E.V., Kushu A.A., Khakhuk B.A.
    Land rent as the basis of cadastral value

    The paper considers the possibility of using a rental mechanism for determining the cadastral value of land plots. The most important condition for regulating rental relations is the cadastral (economic) valuation of land. It helps to distinguish between the effect of objective conditions (quality and location of land) on profit and the efficiency of management (entrepreneurial conditions and talent). The authors make a retrospective analysis of the formation of rental income on the example of land in the Krasnodar municipality. They appeal to the materials of past years to study the structure, the dynamics of rental income for the last few years in different economic conditions. based on the results obtained, The scientific article justifies the use of rental income as a source of determining the cadastral value of land.

    pdf 253-258.pdf  (94 Kb)

  • Silina T.A., Karpenko S.V., Khatkov ..
    New cash registers as instrument of tax and financial control

    The paper examines the problems and prospects for the implementation of the new version of the federal law 54-FZ On the use of cash registers in the implementationof cash payments and (or) payments using electronic means of payment. It provides for the introduction into the activities of organizations and entrepreneurs carrying cash and electronic settlements with customers, so-called online cash registers. The authors present their assessment of the possibilities of achieving the tasks of improving the tax control of the incomes and expenses of taxpayers, as well as financial control in the sphere of monetary circulation. They identify the main areas that need additional regulation, in order to improve the effectiveness of both financial and tax control in general, and control with the help of new technologies in the CCP.

    pdf 259-266.pdf  (111 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • Amirov A.S.

    The paper discusses the history of the development of environmental education of rural schoolchildren in the Stavropol region. A detailed analysis is made of works of the Stavropol authors, disclosing the goals, trends and methods of development in students of responsible attitude towards nature. Works of A.P. Sidelkovsky, who developed the concept of "aesthetic attitude towards nature", are analyzed in detail. The writer paid special attention to the principles of formation in students of 'aesthetic attitude towards nature. He described socially useful environmental and labor affairs of students, contributing to the formation of responsible attitude towards nature. Based on the works of domestic teachers, A.P. Sidelkovsky has identified the types of schoolchildrens attitude towards nature. Another significant work of the Stavropol group of researchers headed by A.P. Sidelkovsky is determining the motives of students communication during activities in nature. They made an important contribution to the development of a system of measures to transform the everyday interaction with the nature into a holistic educational process. The analysis of approaches to formation of system of ecological education of pupils at rural schools in the Stavropol region in the period of 1970 - late 1980s allows their use in contemporary educational practice.

    pdf 16-22.pdf  (180 Kb)

  • Vasechkina M.S.

    On the basis of the analysis of various sources, this paper explores the topical issue of detection of those professional requirements which are imposed today by employers both on specialists in public relations, and on bachelors of the advertising and PR direction of training. Opinions of experts (the theorists, leading practicians, employers) in the sphere of marketing communications (public relations, advertising) are studied to show that many of them consider that the key traits are communicative and creative qualities, organizing abilities, high intelligence and desire to work much. At the same time the practicing experts focus their attention on features of the personality of the worker in this area, rather than on his professional abilities. The theorists of a profession (training students in this area) put the highest value on that professional knowledge, abilities and skills which the professional of marketing communications has to learn. The content analysis of 250 announcements on job websites in the city of Krasnodar which was carried out in 2011 in the Kuban State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism shows that employers would like to see at the studied positions the practicing experts or employees having good practical experience, at the same time personal qualities of the candidate being considered as the minor. The current content analysis of 270 urgent vacancies on the website of the city of Krasnodar and Krasnodar region shows a bit different requirements, than in 2011. Today employers are ready to engage employees without experience (assistants, students of profile specialties, etc.), persons intended to study and work. Also such tendencies are traced as, on the one hand, integration of requirements in vacancies (the communication manager who has to be able to work with various instruments of advertising, public relations and marketing), and on the other, - division, for example, copywriters, SEO managers, SMM managers.

    pdf 23-31.pdf  (228 Kb)

  • Vasilenko V.G., Tyutyunnikova E.B.,Arushanyan J.A., Matsko A.I.

    Relevance of formation and preservation of pupils health has become increasingly important in our country in recent years. The paper presents the statistics of the overall morbidity of children in Russia and Krasnodar Region. The reasons of unsatisfactory health of the Russian school students at the present stage of development of society are considered. Assessment of health of the children's population in general across Russia and in the region is carried out, and the comparative analysis of tendencies in other countries is given. The attention is paid to questions of prophylaxis of "school diseases" and strengthening health of pupils. The paper focuses on the role of hygienic recommendations in treatment and prevention of development and progressing of myopia, scoliosis and diseases of a thyroid gland. Recommendations are provided about the healthy nutrition, the organization of educational process and a day regimen. The wishes specified in the paper are aimed at the solution of a number of the most significant problems. Various aspects of health protection activity of the contemporary teacher are marked out: formation of culture of health in school students and motivation for a healthy lifestyle.

    pdf 32-39.pdf  (449 Kb)

  • Kazakevich A.V., Petkov V.A.

    This paper presents an opinion of the authors related to an essence of a professional position of the teacher of higher education institution, pedagogical diagnostics of its development and approaches to formation. Creation of productive development of a professional position of the teacher of higher education institution is provided by means of realization of an algorithm of pedagogical technology. On the basis of results of studying effectiveness of pedagogical activity, specific and general model characteristics of a professional position of teachers of higher education institutions are revealed. Their consideration can become one of the factors of innovative development of educational space in the contemporary higher education institution.

    pdf 40-45.pdf  (216 Kb)

  • Komarov K.B., Demkina E.V.

    This paper shows the results of the pedagogical experiment aimed at verification of effectiveness of the worked out model of personnel capacity development for the educational organization. Key organizational and pedagogical terms of personnel administration of the educational organization are presented. Components of this model are described. The main contents of the paper are dedicated to the description of contents and results of implementation of the offered model. Attention is focused on the leading factors of the content of the experimental work which provided effectiveness of activity and achievement of the stated goal.

    pdf 46-55.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • Meretukova Z.K., Chinazirova A.R., Shekhmirzova A.M.

    The paper substantiates relevance of the status of the knowledge component of content of education and presents definitions of the concepts of content of education and knowledge. The latter is disclosed from the point of view of broad philosophical, psychological and pedagogical meanings. The authors consider the place of the knowledge component in various theories on content of education which appeared in the history of education and pedagogical thought and in the modern pedagogical concepts. The thesis is proved that knowledge is an indispensable primary condition of efficient formation of all other components related to content of education.

    pdf 56-68.pdf  (338 Kb)

  • Ruban A.V., Lipilina E.Yu.

    The paper discloses how to formulate the axiological purposes of education of students in the context of the competence-based organization of educational process in higher education institution. In this aspect the list of the cultural and professional competences which are characterized by axiological contents is presented (using specialty 180403 "Navigation" as an example). Basic groups of values, mastering of which will provide formation of the marked-out competences, are defined. Relevance of inclusion of axiological education in the content of educational activity of higher education institution is proved.

    pdf 69-73.pdf  (209 Kb)

  • Sadilova O.P., Mushkina I.A., Borodina N.V.

    The paper discusses the development of inclusive education; normative stipulations and legislation; the main philosophical theories, concepts of tutoring and development of persons with special educational needs; and interrelation of the integrated and inclusive education in domestic system of social and pedagogical maintenance.

    pdf 74-80.pdf  (221 Kb)

  • Skudnova T.D., Makarov A.V.

    The paper deals with the theoretical and practical aspects of design as a means of social and cultural integration of the educational potential of the university and society. The role of social partnership in shaping the design culture, spiritual and moral formation of students' subjectness and professional development is shown.

    pdf 81-85.pdf  (172 Kb)

  • Spivak M.V.

    The paper presents the data of the historical-pedagogical analysis of the experience in creation of information-educational space in educational institutions of the Stavropol region in 2005-2010. The goal of this work is to identify trends, conditions, characteristics and problems of informatization of education in the Stavropol region in the specified period. The analysis of the works shows that the main factor of improving the quality of education in the modern school is the level of informatization of school education. It is highlighted that the creation of information-educational space and the use of information and communication technologies is essential to improve the efficiency of activities of students, teachers and school administration. Special attention is paid to the analysis of the project implementation related to creation of information-educational space. In particular, attention is paid to the description of the experience of school No. 6 located in the village of Gofitskogo, Petrovsky district, Stavropol Region. The paper discusses also the difficulties that accompany the process of project implementation on creation of information-educational space in schools of Stavropol Region.

    pdf 86-91.pdf  (212 Kb)

  • Strizhakova N.E., Petkov V.A., Romanov D.A.

    The paper presents the method of assessment of foreign-language competence of the trainee, based on statistical method of stone hang. The offered parameters of completeness of foreign-language competence integrally supplement the existing parameters, approved by the Council of Europe, and reflect its interrelation with different competencies and personal professional abilities, being prognostic criteria for further development of this component of students social professional competence. The authors also present a method of assessment of a maturity of foreign-language competence.

    pdf 92-99.pdf  (367 Kb)

  • Ukraintseva I.I., Mushkina I.A., Borodina N.V.

    The paper discusses the process of counselling of the contemporary adult with educational inquiry. The argument of need of express advisory work with educational inquiries of adults is given. The main characteristics of educational requirement and educational inquiry of the adult are described. Different types of counselling and building blocks of model of counselling on educational inquiry are considered.

    pdf 100-108.pdf  (335 Kb)

  • Khakunova M.M., Akhtaov R.A.

    The present stage is noted for a modernization of many social institutes, and first of all, education system. In this regard one of the major challenges, along with formation of harmoniously developed person, is the formation at the graduate of educational institution of definite competences. Possession of competences means what he can do, what skills he acquired, to what he is ready in life, how he can use the created competences in various vital situations, state judgments, arguments and draw conclusions.

    pdf 109-116.pdf  (223 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • Sapieva S.K., Meretukova M.M.

    The main communicative and linguocultural functions of education of the foreign pupils studying in Russia are related to solving problems of their social adaptation and inculturation by means of training in Russian in continuous relationship with communicative and cultural adequacy of the Russian community. Relevance of this research is substantiated by need to create the highest culture of the Russian speech at foreign students within educational process. This work examines the most frequent language and speech mistakes of students caused by various factors of reality. Also an attempt is undertaken to find opportunities of their elimination. The concept of a mistake in a lingual didactics is perceived today taking into account general problems of quality of tutoring among which one of the main is quality of the educational environment. For the efficient organization of work on the prevention of mistakes in speech of foreign students it is necessary to consider their linguistic and psychological nature. The composite system of Russian, the richest structure of its thesaurus, as well as influence on it of the native language of students and listeners are the main reasons for emergence, stability and rate of violation of speech and language norms.

    pdf 117-122.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • Shkhapatseva M.Kh.

    This paper focuses on the main principle of the research and studying syntactic units, namely: the functional communicative one.

    pdf 123-130.pdf  (226 Kb)

  • Scherbashina I.V.

    A large social and cultural significance of development of the pronunciation standard of speech and its poor study served as a starting point to justify and create a methodical system of development of orthoepicly correct speech of pupils of elementary school. The method of the analysis of language concepts and their meaning is used to identify the approach to creation of methodical system. The methodical system and the selected main areas of work on development of the pronunciation standard of speech of younger pupils have been worked out as a result. The main aspect of this technique is based on idea of systemacity and structure of the Russian language system, as well as on interrelation of its separate components, such as orthoepy and spelling. The offered methodical system gives an opportunity of developing the pronunciation standard of speech of pupils on the basis of interrelation and intercoupling of orthoepy and spelling.

    pdf 131-139.pdf  (234 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • Aslamazova L.A., Yurina A.A., Khakunova F.P., Teuchezh N.K., Khutyz Z.M.

    The paper is dealing with the study of ethno-psychological features and expectations of foster families, raising foster children with disabilities and special needs. The key aspect is the consideration of foster families various ethnical background aiming to apply the obtained data in improving quality and effectiveness of supervising those families, fostering orphans with developmental issues. Although the imminent challenges are quite common for the families facing them, the successful resolution may well depend on taking local socio- and ethno-cultural features of the families environment into account. The acknowledgement of some local traditions and rituals and using this information in the supervision process can provide a powerful psychological resource, containing possible solutions to current problems of foster parents.

    pdf 140-148.pdf  (234 Kb)

  • Lovpache F.G.

    This paper deals with social and psychological processes of educational migration. Special attention is paid to adaptation of students foreigners to the changed social realm. The main stages of process of adaptation are described. Signs of cultural shock are identified.

    pdf 149-154.pdf  (215 Kb)

  • Skudnova T.D.

    This paper presents the concept of psycho-pedagogical education in the context of the review of modern approaches to the problem of anthropologization of education, highlighting the basic methodological principles of organization of educational process at the University: subjectness, integrity, individualization, anthropologism, dialogizm and self-activity.

    pdf 155-159.pdf  (210 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • Enokaeva S.S.

    The paper discloses the pedagogical opportunities of integrative approach to formation at school students of complete idea of culture of health by means of implementation of the author's program "Culture of Health of the School Student". Its contents comprise the types and forms of integration of subjects and ways of implementation of intersubject relationships. The revealed valeological potential of the contents of subjects at comprehensive school made it possible to designate the main directions of joint activity of teachers, parents and school students as subjects of a process of health protection. Experimentally checked pedagogical conditions of use of integrative approach to formation at school students of complete idea of culture of health by means of realization of intersubject relationships are a guide for perfecting teaching and educational activity of the modern school.

    pdf 160-165.pdf  (231 Kb)

  • Zernova T.I.

    The paper analyzes features of motivation of self-determination, style of self-control and the social relations of the young athletes who are going in for karate - to and aikido. This problem is a little studied and demands further researches. An attempt to reveal features of motivational and regulatory spheres and development of social relationships of the athletes who are going in for karate - to and aikido serves as a research problem. This is undertaken to justify the relevant directions of psychological maintenance of their training which provides full realization of the developing potential of the selected sport. To achieve this goal the following methods of psychodiagnostics are used: a technique "Why I play sports", "Style of a self-control of behavior" and N.V. Kuzmina's questionnaire "Social and psychological ties". As a result of the conducted research it is revealed that, on the one hand, the internal motivation to sports activities is characteristic of athletes. This fact is the favorable condition for perfecting athletes. On the other hand, reorientation of teenage athletes in relationship with the immediate social environment is observed. A significance of adults is more expressed, than that of age-mates. This can make negative impact on socialization of athletes of an adolescent age. The publication shows that there is a need of comprehensive study of this problem.

    pdf 166-171.pdf  (222 Kb)

  • Neverkovich S.D., Popova A.A., Popova A.F.

    An assessment of efficiency of adaptation processes in sports activities which is, in opinion of the authors, one of the essential and key problems in a number of sciences is actualized. Special attention is paid to the phenomenon of social adaptation presented in the form of a number of aspects, characteristics and levels of activity of the person of the sports manager. Results of researches on formation of parameters of complex assessment of managerial adaptedness within the considered activities are given.

    pdf 172-179.pdf  (448 Kb)

  • Urusova L.R., Petkov V.A.

    The paper presents the opinions of authors related to development of professional communicative skills at students of faculties of physical culture when training in a foreign language in higher education institution. Professional communicative skills are considered within a total characteristic of the professional speech of the teacher of physical culture and sport acting as means of emotional, communicative and intellectual development of the student. The authors show the ways of targeted formation of professional communicative skills at future teachers of physical culture and sport by means of a foreign language.

    pdf 180-185.pdf  (215 Kb)

  • Avrutina A.S. (Apollinaria Sergeevna)
    A quantitative review for the text of mesnevi Süheyl- ü Nevbahar

    The quantitative analysis is made and the typological characteristics are described for the language of the literary monument Süheyl-ü Nevbahar written in the Asia Minor in the 14th century by Khoja Mesud. The plot of the conventionally called Old Anatolian Turkic mesnevi is a love story of Süheyl, Yemeni Crown Prince and Nevbahar, the Chinese Emperors daughter. Assumptions about the composition of the phonological system in the language are made since the alphabetic character of Arabic and Persian alphabet, adapted for needs of Turkic languages, demonstrates not yet established orthography. The transliterated and recognized text was used for the quantitative formal calculations. This paper is one of the series whithin the framework of the project on the development of Asia Minor Turkic languages in a historical perspective. The practical value of the stated material lies in a possibility of its application in higher school lecture courses on the theory of language, linguistics of the text and theory of a discourse.

    pdf 18-22.pdf  (298 Kb)

  • Aketina O.S.
    Ways of an explication of a concept space in the English linguoculture

    The main characteristics of a concept space in the English linguoculture are analyzed. Differential lines of the concept space are detected by language fixing in the content of thinking that allows determination of specific reality fragmentation by the English linguoculture, first of all, into internal and external space as a correlation of objects location. In the English language picture of the world the studied concept is determined by outlook, the dominating philosophy, axiological system, cultural traditions, religious beliefs, etc. These factors emphasize anthropocentricity of this linguocultural phenomenon. A theoretical significance lies in deepening and elucidation of a conceptology, phraseology and in further development of the theory of language. The practical value of this material lies in a possibility of its application in higher school lecture courses of a lexicology, cultural linguistics, the theory of language, etc.

    pdf 23-27.pdf  (299 Kb)

  • Akhidzhakova M.P., Buyanova L.Yu.
    Cultural value of national phraseology: linguo-confessional aspect

    The paper analyzes the main characteristics of phraseological expressions of different structural-semantic types. Also the work studies specifics of a national phraseological tier as a cultural evolutional active layer of a civilization. The authors introduce the concept of semantic dominant and disclose features of representation of confessional aspect of specific linguoculture by means of phraseological expressions. It is reasoned that the phraseological picture of the world as result of the composite creative activity of thinking carries out a categorization and phraseological conceptualization of the world, life and traditions of the people. Such steady reproduced idiomatic units which reflect the assessment and the attitude towards environmental reality in a figurative and expressional form, act as system-forming fragments, elements of the phraseological field. A theoretical significance of this material is that it can be used to deepen knowledge in phraseology and to further develop the theory of language. The practical value of this material lies in a possibility of its application in higher school lecture courses on a lexicology, cultural linguistics, the theory of language, etc.

    pdf 28-33.pdf  (308 Kb)

  • Badanyan I.F., Evsyukova T.V.
    Language implementers of an image of the business woman in a media discourse (from material of the Russian and German languages)

    The paper identifies and describes linguo-stylistic implementers of an image of the modern business woman in a media discourse. The language tools used to create an image of the business woman are analyzed and specifics of their functioning are disclosed by means of the descriptive analytical research technique, including observation of the analyzed language phenomena, their analysis and classification and interpretation of the obtained results. The texts of information, analytical and business publications published in periodic printing or electronic editions in the Russian and German languages became practical material. It is established that language means of formation of an image of the business woman in the Russian and German media discourse are as well means of expression of authors assessment which is explicitly or implicitly present in the media text. Significance of this research for the theory of language lies in expansion of ideas of language mechanisms of creation of an image of the business woman in a media discourse, and also in systematization of the language tools expressing the relevant features, characteristic of an image of the business woman.

    pdf 34-39.pdf  (349 Kb)

  • Bedanokova Z.K., Bedanokova S.K.
    Evocativity: about the term, concept and the principle of complementarity

    The methodological analysis of category of evocativity is carried out. The paper deals with the terminological and conceptual questions of studying this extremely composite semiotic mechanism of language by detection of correlation between the categories entering the categorial and functional semiotic field of evocativity. The authors emphasize relevance of a research of evocativity as creative semiotic activity in the influencing discourse and disclose the methodological and heuristic potential of the category of evocative speech-thinking act. The evocativity is represented as property and function of a sign of a special form to generate the complicated, polyphonical plan of contents. The evocative mechanism is used for creative speech-language activity and for impact on the recipient, implementing, first of all, poetic and connotative functions of language.

    pdf 40-51.pdf  (355 Kb)

  • Belykh E.N.
    Verbalization of a concept of policy in the Turkish political discourse of an oral public speech

    The paper deals with features of representation of a concept of policy in the Turkish political discourse of an oral public speech. The purpose of this publication is to describe the contents of this concept and to consider ways of its linguistic representation. Oral public addresses of the Turkish politicians, namely the President, Prime Minister, Turkish Foreign Minister served as material of this research. On the basis of semantic-cognitive and linguoculturological methods an attempt is made for the first time to describe and analyze this concept in the Turkish political discourse. A theoretical significance is substantiated by further development of the analysis of concepts of the Turkish political discourse. Core signs of this concept are put in the contents of lexicographic sources. As a result of the analysis of dictionary entries addressed to the concept, its conceptual layer, i.e. a core was allocated. The metaphor acts as the brightest and effective tool to implement connotative meanings since it is fully capable to reflect the language picture of the world. Therefore the research of a figurative component of the concept made it possible to build and to comprehensively describe the complete model and the essence of the periphery of this concept.

    pdf 52-56.pdf  (304 Kb)

  • Grushevskaya E.S.
    Text as presentation of the language personality of its creator

    Key parameters of the text as the finished speech message are identified and analyzed. The data obtained within the presented scientific research based on studying the numerous national and foreign authoritative sources and peer-reviewed periodicals on the text analysis promote determination of the fundamental parameters of the text causing its cohesion and interlocutory nature. The theoretical importance of the results of this research lies in systematization of approaches to study questions of pragmatical aspect of work of the text and the process of its functioning as reconstruction by the recipient of some code containing in this text, as well as to apply the revealed tendencies for the analysis of the language personality of the creator of the text work. The obtained data can be successfully applied both to immediately study the lexical syntactic and structural organization of the text space and as a theoretical basis for further studying a coding and decoding of information containing in text material.

    pdf 57-62.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • Dzhandar B.M., Loova A.D.
    Stereotype functions in shaping a language picture of the world

    Phraseological units of the German and Adyghe languages are used to explore functioning of such linguocultural phenomena as stereotypes. Stereotypes are analyzed as some fragment of a conceptual picture of the world and as steady cultural-national idea of a subject, phenomenon or situation. It is emphasized that belonging to this or that culture is defined by existence of the basic stereotypic core of knowledge which is repeated in the course of the personality socialization in this society. Therefore stereotypes are considered as important names in culture. The technique of the research is based on the comparative analysis of heterostereotypes in the cultures considered. Studying a stereotype in the light of cognitive linguistics and detection of national specifics of its content is an interesting and important problem both in theoretical and in practical aspects. Also the obtained data can be used to study autostereotypes to show a stereotype as the phenomenon of the language and speech and as the stabilizing factor having an opportunity, on the one hand, to store and transform some dominant components of this culture, and on the other, to display or recognize itself among the other.

    pdf 63-68.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • Emykova N.Kh.
    Adyghe historical toponymics: experience in sense reconstruction

    The paper investigates the history of the toponym Kurkoy kjal (the Kurkoy Fortress) in order to reconstruct its meaning. This fortress is located on the suburb of the settlement of Varenikovskaya in the Krasnodar Region. In the Adyghe lexicology such a problem is put for the first time and this is relevant and new. Lexicographic, historical sources (topographic, military and historical maps, official reports and papers on the course of military operations, materials related to the description of areas of the Caucasus), as well as data on the Adyghe folklore are involved in this research. The comparative analysis of all recorded variants of this toponym is carried out. The attracted material allows us to suggest that Kurkoy (Kurkay) is not only toponym, but also the Adyghe ancient geographical term designating the area with a large number of mud volcanoes and hot springs. The comparative, typological, cognitive and semantic analyses are applied as the main methods of study. It is concluded that results of this research can be used for further studying history of the toponyms lost in connection with tragic events of the Caucasus War.

    pdf 69-73.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Kabanyan B.S.
    Informatory features of discourse in social-political journals

    Informatory features of discourse of social-political journals are investigated. The structure of these journals and their rubrication are described. The purpose of this paper is to identify the key topics of discourse and to examine correlation of these concepts with the picture of the world. The practical, scientific importance and relevance of this work are defined by presentation of the theoretical points of view on specifics and characteristics of the specified concepts. The following methods of the linguistic analysis are used: observation, description, differentiation and contextual method. The paper discloses features of the use and perception of the media topics in social-political discourse. The theoretical points of view on specifics of the content of the social-political journals are reviewed. In turn, this study makes a certain contribution to typological researches of the media. The author ascertains that the content of these journals reflects the world view of the society and embraces key media topics in social-political discourse.

    pdf 74-77.pdf  (276 Kb)

  • Nikolova K.L.
    National-cultural specifics of communicative strategies (on the basis of texts of the international non-governmental organization of Amnesty International)

    The paper describes the communicative strategies, which are used in texts of Amnesty International, the international non-governmental organization. These strategies reflect the work of this organization in two countries France and Russia. The activity of Amnesty International aims at uniting people of goodwill of various nations and shaping the international public opinion. Features of a potential national audience are taken into account by addressees of the texts of various genres, which have been published in Russian and French sites. They focus on the analysis of communicative activities of the organization, which are considered from two sides: on the one hand, basic and universal principles, which are the cornerstone of the campaigns conducted by it, and on the other hand, the features which are caused by national specifics of this or that country (in this case Russia and France). Identification of the national-cultural component of campaigns, conducted by the organization, which are reflected in the texts in the Russian and French languages, demanded the use of a method of linguo-cultural interpretation, as well as the comparative and contextual analyses. For the first time, the texts of the international non-governmental organization become the object of linguistic research in general and in the comparative aspect, in particular this determines the theoretical and practical significance of the proposed description for the theory of speech influence and cultural linguistics.

    pdf 78-82.pdf  (324 Kb)

  • Noskova N.A., Akhidzhakova M.P.
    Mentality as basis of the concept of language consciousness

    The paper identifies and analyzes the consciousness activity synthesizing the mental processes forming the mentality expressed by language as means of fixing of the mental world. Within the cognitive approach of learning language, focusing attention on its role, the authors disclose the fundamental principle of the phenomenon language consciousness, and mentality is represented as a basis of the concept language consciousness. It is reasoned that language is the most relevant accessor to consciousness. Also it is noted that in domestic linguistics the cognitive approach is not sufficiently categorized. A theoretical significance lies in deepening the theory that cognitive and language consciousnesses are represented as a correlation of general and specific being in close interrelation and being the fixed reflection of reality. Mental exclusiveness of ethnos is defined and two pictures of the world language and conceptual are allocated. It is concluded that language represents national mentality of its carriers, functioning as the consciousness tool that makes it possible to regard the category language consciousness as the ethnospecific way of interpretation of the world reflected in language. The practical value of the stated material lies in a possibility of its application in higher school lecture courses on the theory of language and text linguistics.

    pdf 83-88.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • Ostrovskaya T.A.
    Concept of liquid modernity of Z. Bauman and modification of elite discourse practices

    The paper discusses the transformation of the modern elite during an era of liquid modernity (according to Z. Bauman) in order to identify tendencies in shaping the elite discourse practices due to modification of social practices. Novelty of the presented research lies in that the research of the elite discourse practices is conducted from the perspective of a chronotope. In the course of the analysis the dominating concepts of the elite discourse practices during the era of late modernity are for the first time revealed and systematized. It is inferred that the concepts of mobility, exterritoriality, unity, the social capital and nepotism become basic concepts of the elite discourse in the era of liquid modernity. There occurs strengthening in degree of traditional closeness of elite and its development into absolute closeness, which is reflected in the discourse practices and behavioral patterns of elite in the era of liquid modernity. Conclusions of this research can be used in further development of the theory of a discourse.

    pdf 89-94.pdf  (308 Kb)

  • Ryabko O.P.
    Cognitive-frame approach in terminology studies

    The paper analyzes the cognitive-frame approach to the study of terminological systems and nomenclatures in view of cognitive linguistics. Research is carried out using numerous factological data of the macrofield of flora names, which in its turn is presented by three microfields (parametric, pragmatic and locative-temporal). Methodological bases of this research include the theory of frame semantics, the conception of prototypical semantics, the issues of conceptualization and categorization. The traditional semasiological and onomasiological approaches which have acquired the productive usage in the terminological theory, recently have gained a new cognitive-frame interpretation. This paper states that when the cognitive-frame approach is used, terminological systems and nomenclature are noted for nominative heterogeneity. Studying terminology of scientifically organized terminological systems occurs from the positions of scientific cognitive knowledge but studies in the sphere of naïve cognitive nomenclature are limited by flora and fauna realities, which are the products of naive cognitive knowledge. Within the developed floronymic terminological theory of the nomination, the author defines the semantic qualitative space of a term representing a conceptual frame. It reflects prototypical qualities of an object in flora nomination and it finds out the components of frame category: (a) associative links resulted from cultural archetypes and (b) logical-semantic relations. The theoretical significance of application of the cognitive-frame approach in the studies of terminological systems lies in specification of the laws of scientific cognitive/terminological nomination which is defined by the discourse-logical frame and in specification of naïve-cognitive/nomenclature nomination which is defined by the frame of emotional perception of flora object.

    pdf 95-99.pdf  (299 Kb)

  • Sapieva S.K.
    Concept the Caucasus in a scientific and naive picture of the world

    The concept the Caucasus and ways of its representation in a scientific and naive picture of the world are investigated. Work is performed in line with cognitive linguistics and based on the theoretical developments dedicated to the basic concepts and categories of a lingual conceptology. The methodology of the complex linguo-cognitive analysis allows us not only to reveal the modern derivational paradigm of the lexeme the Caucasus reflecting new cognitive knowledge but also to define features of language representations of the studied concept in naive and scientific pictures of the world. The otonym occasionalisms and the Caucasian lexicon presented in a word-formation paradigm can serve linguists as practical material for developing dictionaries of various types. Fixing in themselves fragments of the world around by representatives of this or that linguocultural environment, proper names form special ethnocultural space in which their semantic potential is implemented. Ability of onyms to participate in thought process of the person and to keep knowledge of realities of the world around allows a thorough study of ethnocultural features and means of their representation.

    pdf 100-105.pdf  (323 Kb)

  • Sitimova S.S.
    On language originality of the Adyghe childrens literature

    The paper investigates the language of childrens folklore texts and fiction works of the Adyghe poets and writers. A number of such specific features of language of the Adyghe childrens literature are distinguished, namely: a technique of syntactic parallels and repetitions, repetition of sentences and phrases, a combination of sentences, the use of special syntactic cliches, fantastic and legendary names, phraseological units, neologisms and foreign words. Of relevance is the system analysis of language features of childrens works since specifics of language of childrens literature are insufficiently investigated in linguistic science, and at the same time, interest of linguists to explore language of works of the modern authors for children increases. To identify and describe language features of works of the Adyghe poets and writers for children, the scientific literature devoted to developmental linguistics and specifics of language of childrens literature is studied and analyzed, the language tools used in childrens works are systematized and functions of these language tools and language features of works for children are defined. The obtained results can be used during the language analysis of other works of childrens literature.

    pdf 106-112.pdf  (357 Kb)

  • ..
    Locative-directional preverbs in the Hattian and Abkhazian-Adyghe languages: a comparative aspect

    - - - . , - , .. , - . : , . , . , , , . - - : 1) , 2) - , 3) . , , - , - . - , .

    pdf 113-118.pdf  (325 Kb)

  • Tkachev M.A.
    The dynamics of conceptosphere of R. Bradburys fictional world (based on the novels Dandelion Wine and Farewell Summer by R. Bradbury)

    In this paper, the author performs the study of conceptospheres of fictional discourse, as well as an analysis of their dynamics in the R. Bradburys works Dandelion Wine and Farewell Summer. During the analysis, a literary text is considered as a complex structural and meaningful phenomenon in which the implementation of individual concepts is obtained. The study of these concepts makes it possible to reveal the specifics of productive features of fictional world of R. Bradbury. Synthesis of methods includes frequency dictionary and construction of concordance, followed by the application of the crystallization of the meaning techniques. Using these works, crystallization of artistic concepts was elucidated and productive metaconcepts were compared, on the basis of which the conclusion is drawn that basic concepts define specific characteristics of functioning of fictional discourse that allowed R. Bradbury to realize his aesthetic ideas. Results of the study may be useful in determining the origin of axiological coordinates of the worldview and in identifying the structural-semantic characteristics of the concepts, metaconcepts and conceptospheres within fictional and artistic discourse types.

    pdf 119-123.pdf  (305 Kb)

  • Tlekhatuk S.R.
    The term in the modern scientific paradigm: features of interpretation

    The paper describes the main characteristics of the term as the sign of scientific language and the peculiarities of its usage in the modern scientific paradigm. It represents the main point of view of the modern term interpretation in the works of representatives of the Krasnodar terminology school. The term is defined as one of the most important units of the scientific language. The most important feature and characteristic of scientific paradigm of the term is in favor of its belonging to the system of specific concepts of gnosiological sphere. The potential is indicated of cognitive-semiotic, functional derivative, cognitive-pragmatic and cognitive-derivativological directions in the study of the term as unit of the language and logo, and the need is noted for a deeper study of the term as the main indicator of the scientific sphere of the language. The complex problems are selected of research works on the structure of scientific terminology. The structure of researches of the term in the scientific paradigm, especially its interpretation in the present stage of development of linguistics is described. Having generalized the carried-out analysis, it is possible to draw a conclusion that semiotics and conceptual semantic parameters of the economic term are unique and that the sociocultural and communicative role in processes of knowledge and fixing its results and in the course of practical economic activity is great.

    pdf 124-129.pdf  (286 Kb)

  • Tuguz G.T.
    Some somatic phraseological units in the Circassian Nart epos

    Analysis is made of somatic phraseological units of the Adyghe language functioning in the Narts heroic epos, which is an original form of expression of artistic consciousness of the Adyghes. This problem remains poorly investigated in the Adyghe modern cultural studies. The goal of this scientific research is to analyze some features of functioning of lexical units of gu heart and shkhe head in the composition of somatic phraseological units denoting intellectual state of a person found in the Nart epic. To achieve this goal we used the translation analysis of the original text, counting and semantic analysis. The results of this study extend and deepen the understanding of somatic phraseological units of the Adyghe language, their place in the language system and peculiarities of functioning in speech; these results provide a methodological basis for their further study in the Adyghe language. Also they have practical significance, which is expressed in the use of somatic phraseological units in compiling phraseological dictionaries, as well as in their distribution in language and in speech, therefore they can become an important part of the Adyghe phraseology. The use of somatic phraseological units promotes phraseological creativity of all carriers of a national-cultural mentality, of all who speak one or another language.

    pdf 130-135.pdf  (312 Kb)

  • Filimonova E.P.
    Sports discourse in coordinates of institutional discursive space

    Various approaches to a research of a phenomenon of a sports discourse presented in domestic and foreign linguistic science are analyzed. Studying a discourse in general and a sports discourse, in particular, is in focus of an attention of domestic and foreign linguistic science because the science about language intimately interacts with other, allied areas of knowledge - sociology, medicine, law, psychology. The sports discourse is considered as synthesis of signs of an institutional and professional discourse. Views related to systemacity of communicative process in specific social institute, dictating the need of identification of integral and differential signs of institutional and professional discourses are examined in detail. The syncretic character of this phenomenon and correlations of signs of institutional and professional discourses in coordinates of the studied discursive space are described. Theoretical significance lies in deepening the theory of a discourse and in further development of the theory of language.

    pdf 136-140.pdf  (303 Kb)

  • Sheozheva B.A., Sokur E.A.
    Features of development of corpus of exotic lexicon in the Russian contemporary language

    One of the strata of the borrowed lexicon exoticisms is considered. Relevance is defined by the fact that due attention is not paid to a research of the factors defining development of this corpus of words in the recent period of language development. An object of the paper is represented by thematic paradigms of exoticisms in Russian and the exoticisms making such paradigms are its subject. The purpose of the paper is to identify the dynamics of development of some exothemes. In this connection the sources of their replenishment and factors defining language contacts as a condition of emergence of new exoticisms are considered. Use of methods of the linguistic analysis adequate to objectives - a method of continuous selection (when collecting material), the appositive analysis, the component analysis and a method of the scientific description - allowed us to bring together the evidential base sufficient for justification of the conclusions. Thus, this research makes a particular contribution to development of the specified problem and proposes to elucidate the factors causing development of corpus of exotic lexicon in the contemporary Russian. It is inferred that along with a tendency to a deexoticization of the mastered lexicon, we observe the significant increase in number of nonliterary exoticisms in oral forms of the speech under the influence of mass media and literary exoticisms from fiction texts, which need studying and systematization.

    pdf 141-147.pdf  (316 Kb)

  • Shkhumishkhova A.R., Atakyan G.S.
    Technology of manipulative impact in texts of tourist advertising

    For the purpose of a linguopragmatic research of the advertising texts urging to accept proposals of tour operators, this paper describes the manipulative technology of impact on consciousness and behavior of target audience which in the majority consists of consumers of elite tourist services. The method of discourse analysis and the intentional research technique meeting the main tasks of the communicative direction of stylistics at the beginning of the 21st century are used. As a result, it is established that the technology of manipulative impact in texts of tourist advertising represents a set of the methods and tools realizing emotional strategy and showing communicative effectiveness which provides successful interaction with the addressee of the advertising proposal. A practical significance of the conducted research lies in studying communicative pragmatical specifics of advertising media texts which are a part of a discourse of tourism and rest. The research makes a contribution to the topical directions of domestic linguistics - linguistic pragmatics, media stylistics, psycholinguistics, and discourse study.

    pdf 148-152.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • Yagumova N.Sh., Bogus Z.A., Abregov A.N.
    English-language phytotoponymy as reflection of national culture of the USA

    The paper studies phytonymic toponyms, differing in lexico-semantic and functional stylistic characteristics, being result of centuries-old development. They are of interest both for traditional, and for new toponymic researches, with broad application of methods of interpretation and the comparative analysis in language space of the English-speaking countries. While the toponymic system of England, as we know, differs in inertness, conservatism and time-honored existence, the American toponymic subsystem is characterized by dynamism, figurativeness and novelty. It is established that the USA is characterized by extraordinary rich toponymics in which the phytotoponyms reflecting flora are one of sources of enrichment of language both in linguistic, and in the sociocultural and ethnocultural plan that, in turn, speaks about a scientific and practical significance of the studied subject.

    pdf 153-159.pdf  (324 Kb)

  • Yang Xi
    Experiment on a research of perception of concept kungfu among Russian native speakers

    Kungfu, appearing in the Russian language, acts not only as a new lexical form of expression with original culture, but as a new concept to the language of recipient. This article studies one borrowing from Chinese kungfu from the standpoint of cognitive science and psycholinguistics. According to the statistics from The Russian National Corpus, YandexNews and our experiments we can conclude that the borrowing kungfu is quite common in Russian language after its first emergence in Russia in 1985. Results of free and directed associative experiments create a concept model of kungfu, describe its macrostructure, categorical structure and field organization.

    pdf 160-165.pdf  (289 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • Volkova K.B.
    The drama by the King Rama VI Vajiravudh The Coup as the Thai authentic version of the European genre of the discussion play

    This paper will attempt to analyze the dramaturgy oeuvre of the King Rama VI Vajiravudh (1881-1925). The base for this research was founded in his late play The Coup, which was written in the year 1923 in a form of the European discussion play with the elements of the satire comedy. The monarch is considered to be the founder of the new Thai drama. Before the reforms launched by the King, theatre had played solely an entertaining role, presenting almost exclusively themes of love. However, under the influence of western trends, as well as social changes, the monarch created new genres imbued with political context. One of these genres is the so called discussion play. For the first time in the Russian and western literary criticism this paper will analyze the Thai play with the social political context, revealing authentic and national lineaments, which are common for this genre in Siam (the official name of Thailand appeared in 1939). The Coup is a model example of intellectual drama, elaborating upon all pressing issues of political life as seen in the society at the beginning of the 20th century. The Kings choice of this type of dramaturgy stems from the need to represent these problems of the time in a figurative form. The practical implementation of this article and its value is in the possibility of its use in the lecture courses on the topic of Thailand. Furthermore, it will be useful for the further researches of the literature processes and analyses of the rise of the new Thai drama.

    pdf 166-172.pdf  (330 Kb)

  • Naptsok B.R.
    Hints in the English Gothic texts

    On the basis of the introduced definition hint, the author examines the intertextual inclusions in Gothic texts presented by historical, religious, mythological, bible and literary types of hints. Methods of historical literary, textual and culturological research of fiction works are used. Main are conclusions that the hint not only serves as sending to the text source and is a sign of a subject situation, but also acts as an element of the existing text included in the created text, i.e. in intertext which, on the one hand, represents the organization of borrows of the text, and on the other, the method of art thinking basing on entry of Gothic texts into a single discourse.

    pdf 173-179.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • Panesh U.M., Berzegova B.V.
    Features of formation of the Adyghe literature about war in the second half of the 1940s the beginning of the 1950s

    Typological features of formation and development of the Adyghe national literature of post-war decade are investigated. The authors analyze the originality of problems, evolution of the conflict and features of an art form of prose and poetry of T. Kerashev, A. Evtykh, Yu. Tlyusten, M. Paranuk, S. Yakhutl and K Zhane. The structural and style features of genres of the story, a short novel, lyrics, and a poem determined, on the one hand, by the theory of absence of conflict, and on the other, by attempts to solve hot topics and to strengthen art problematical character, are identified. The lines of the new, intermediate stage of literary process caused by an ambiguous and contradictory cultural and historical era of the late 1940s the early 1950s are defined and formulated. Use of historic-literary and comparative typological methods allowed reasoning conclusions that, despite the ideological pressure of the state system and influence of the theory of absence of conflict, the Adyghe prose and poetry try to follow a way of truthful display of reality, which exerted impact on further development of the heroic-romantic line. The scientific-theoretical importance of work is that it makes a contribution to the solution of problems of evolution of various genres of literature. Practical value is connected with a possibility of work application in researches of history of literature and in development of higher school textbooks and education manuals.

    pdf 180-185.pdf  (310 Kb)

  • Panesh S.R., Kapets O.V.
    On studying Petr and Fevroniyas life

    The authors explore the interrelation of Old Russian literature and folklore using an example of Petr and Fevroniyas life (16th century) by Ermolai-Erazm. The publication reveals and analyzes similarity of the story with works of folklore, in particular, with magic fairy tales. Being the original work, Life reminds a little narration of this sort since in it elements of life (miracles during lifetime of heroes and after their death) and magic fairy tale (fight with a snake, Agrikov-sword, a propounding and solving riddles) are combined. In the course of the analysis it is found that the plot-forming material was the legend about the wise girl peasant who cured the prince of a disease and subsequently became his wife. This legend has folklore roots which are displayed both in a work plot and in its separate episodes. In general, the obtained results can be of interest for those who study, analyze and compare works of Old Russian literature, fiction texts, since in many works of that period folklore motives are found.

    pdf 186-189.pdf  (296 Kb)

  • Pshizova A.K., Achokh B.D.
    Transformations of a novelistic form in contemporary national literature

    The paper examines genre transformations of a classical form of the novel in modern literature. The atypical novelistic signs allowing confirmation of the main thesis of a research about formation of a new generic form are analyzed in line with an esthetics of a postmodernism. The purpose of this work is to identify the main directions of the novel modifications. The authors describe such phenomena of a research as inclination to an essayistics and philosophy and to a language and stylistic non-standardization; structural changes (weakening of a plot, clip structure, mixture of art styles within one generic form the novel, etc.); parody, irony, remake form; and popularity of extremely topical genre forms. As a result it is noted that there is a mixture of the art principles of high and mass culture which caused change of a classical interpretation of the personality. The basic postmodern methodology of the analysis of the put problem makes it possible to confirm the thesis about need to revise habitual Aristotelean division into literary genera in the direction of allocation of one more generic version the novel.

    pdf 190-195.pdf  (307 Kb)

  • Chankaeva T.A.
    Art space of Russian-language prose of Moussa Botchaev

    An attempt is undertaken to address Russian-language prose of a national author, emerging in the space of two cultural semiospheres Russian and national, its ethnic mental bases and common cultural traits. We identify and analyze the specific national features of Russian artistic creativity of the author and prove that the choice of language is connected with the peculiarities of the authors vision, and does not mean that it replaces the ethnic. The results of the study are theoretically important. They can be used to systematize the approach to the elaboration of a holistic image of the character, to contribute to the determination of fundamental laws and to analyze the creativity of other writers. It is concluded that the works of the writer written in the Russian language are part of the national culture.

    pdf 196-200.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Shovgenova T.A.
    The evolution of historical revolutionary prose in creativity of Khazret Ashinov in the early 1960s

    The paper examines typological features of historic revolutionary prose of the early 1960s using the story of Kh. Ashinov It thunders also in winter . The originality of problems, a plot, and arrangement of characters and features of an art form of the work are analyzed. The lines of the conflict are established. They are caused, on the one hand, by the traditions of national literature put in 1930s 1950s and, on the other, by a cultural and historical situation of the 1960s. The author defines and formulates features of a new stage of formation of historic revolutionary prose: strengthening the art problematical character due to introduction of a lyrical element and formation of a genre of the small story of a philosophical moral problematical character. On the basis of comparative typological, conceptual and intertextual methods, conclusions are drawn that, features of the Adyghe national prose of the 1960s 1980s found reflection in creativity of Kh Ashinov. They expressed such typological feature of national literature as strengthening the subjective narrative line which filled the work of art with new poetic contents. The scientific-theoretical importance of work lies in a research of the major problem of evolution of Kh. Ashinovs style, as well as in consideration of influence of literary tradition of lyrical prose on the writers works. Practical value of this paper is connected with a possibility of its application in researches of history of literature and in the development of higher school textbooks and education manuals.

    pdf 201-205.pdf  (298 Kb)

  • Paranuk K.N.
    Specifics of image system of the North Caucasus modern novel myth

    This paper explores features of the image system in the North Caucasus modern novel myth. The aim of this paper is to study influence of a mythopoetics on the principles of its image formation. For this the following problems are solved: identification of archetypic sources of images, research of degree of their mythologization and analysis of the concept of the person in the context of novels of N. Dzhusoyta, M. Bulkata, Kh.Beshtokov, Yu.Chuyako, N. Kuyek and D. Koshubaev. To study the myth creativity of the North Caucasus writers the principles of comparative typological, structural semiotic methods and synchronic and diachronic approaches are used. It is established that the mythopoetics significantly influenced the structure and nature of image system of the North Caucasus novel myth and the concept of the person in a mythopoetic context of a narrative. The theoretical importance of this work lies in definition of specifics of image construction of the North Caucasus modern novel myth. The practical importance lies in a possibility of application of results of this work in practice of higher school teaching, in special courses on history of the North Caucasus literature and in studying a genre of the North Caucasus novel myth.

    pdf 206-212.pdf  (297 Kb)

  • Pashtova .M.
    Researches of the local phenomena in the mythology of Anatolia Circassians (based on materials of 2014 and 2015 expeditions)

    The system of mythological characters of the Circassian diaspora folk culture remains unstudied till now. The field researches of 2014 and 2015 are the first attempt to draw out the nomenclative constitution of the system of the so called lower mythology characters of Anatolia Circassians and the local peculiarities of the texts existence. The author of the paper notes the factors of conformation of these peculiarities the landscape, social, historical ones, etc. The comparison of the diaspora texts and the materials of the metropolis (the Caucasus) reveals the steady subjects and motifs of Circassian mythological system and the pragmatic functions of the texts. It also updates the endemic local phenomena that have emerged over the period of residence outside the historical territory in the new social and cultural conditions.

    pdf 213-218.pdf  (290 Kb)

  • Unarokova R.B., Pashtova .M., Khakunova E.Kh.
    The epic mythological tradition in folklore of the Turkish Circassians

    The authors of the paper analyze the forms of epic mythological texts in the folklore of the Circassian diaspora of Turkey using their field recordings. The epic mythological (Nart) tradition (cosmogony, lays and legends of heroes) is represented in the folklore of Anatolia Circassians with comparatively small range of oral texts. However, their special value is destitution of the influence of bookish and media culture. The first aim of the paper is to objectivize the original folklore monuments which were not conserved alive around the historical area. The second one is to outcrop the special features of their being and their social and pragmatic functions conditioned by living outside the historical territory. The epic mythological genres of the Circassian folklore are under view in the said aspects for the first time. The field methods are as follows: the affiliated surveying and informal conversation or interview; audio and video recording and journal notes. The methods of processing the materials include typological comparison, structural, functional and pragmatic analyses.

    pdf 219-225.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Shkhabatseva M.A., Khakunova E.Kh.
    Adyghe childrens songs of praise

    This paper deals with the childrens songs of praise allocated in separate genre group. Researchers of the Adyghe culture studied some questions concerning functions of childrens songs of glorification, the nature of their confinement to ceremonies. The purpose of this paper is to describe art specifics of texts, typological features of image construction. It is emphasized that the songs confined to a holiday of the birth of the child and actually songs of praise are allocated within the studied genre. The narrative character of the childrens songs of praise is marked out. The practical and scientific importance of this research lies in disclosure of a community of motives and cliched formulas of the songs of praise and lullabies. It is established that the leading motive in the songs dedicated to both boys and girls is the wish of the safe future and happy life. It is revealed that like lullabies childrens songs of praise perform forecasting, blessing and safety functions. Comparative, structural and typological methods of research are used to achieve the objectives. Similarity of motives and formulas of the Adyghe songs of praise and lullabies leads to a contamination of genres: songs are sung both in the context of childrens ritual festivals and out of a ceremony.

    pdf 226-230.pdf  (282 Kb)

  • Lyapun S.V., Sokolova G.V.
    Verbalization of emotional tension in Internet comments by Novaya Gazeta readers

    To carry out the lingual communicative research of the Internet comments we describe language units, the use of which is caused by the emotional tension arising in the course of discussion of the journalists critique. The analysis of Internet comments to Novaya Gazeta materials carried out by means of an intentional method allowed identification of lingual stylistic properties of the texts having the dual nature. As a result of the conducted research the conclusion is drawn that language and style of the Internet comments performing the influencing function testify to the increased emotionality and speech aggression. Stylistically lowered language units reflecting specific features of the speech are used to create negative assessment of the facts or events and / or to demonstrate sharply negative attitude to this or that public personality whose activity is a criticism subject in journalistic material. The practical importance of this research lies in a possibility of using its results to develop communicative stylistics, as well as other topical directions of a discourse paradigm of national and foreign linguistics - Internet stylistics and a virtual genre study.

    pdf 231-235.pdf  (285 Kb)

  • Novak M.V.
    Editorial case of political newspapers of the Russian emigration of America in the late 19th century: history, national structure and socio-political ambitions

    This paper is aimed at studying ethnic and socio-political structure of the editorial case of the first political newspapers of Russian-language emigration of the USA in the late 19th century. Among the main objectives of the publication is identification and the characteristic of the objective factors which influenced editorial policy and destiny of the emigrant press. It is established that most of editors were representatives of the Jewish nationality and at the same time educated native speakers of Russian language and culture. Their political views and social behavior were caused by history of their origin and personal formation in the territory of the Russian Empire differing in discrimination national and religious policy. These emigrants moved the political moods to the earth of America well known for the social, religious and political pluralism. During the short period they could organize the edition of a number of political newspapers. However the analysis of history of these editions showed that owing to material, cultural and educational problems all editions of socialists and sympathizing them failed, and editors redirected the interests on assimilation in the new country and were implemented there in other kinds of activity. Results of this research which is based on original factual material will help us to comprehend more deeply and more in detail the ambiguous processes occurring in the history of development of the Russian-language emigrant press of the USA in the late 19th century.

    pdf 236-241.pdf  (307 Kb)

  • Shuvalov S.S.
    Concept and components of the communicative status structure as element of shaping an effective model of mass communication

    For the first time an attempt is undertaken to allocate a hierarchy unit in mass communication as in composite system, by examining the structural interaction of major factors of stratification of communication participants and fixing the model defined by this way within the new interpretation of a concept of the communicative status introduced by the author. The data obtained within the research by considering the national and foreign authoritative sources and the reviewed scientific publications dealing with the development of ideas on the system nature of mass communication, the study and criticism of the existing models of this process, the examination of actors stratification in its framework, as well as with the broad application of theoretical methods of the system and structural analysis, disclose the main laws in formation of hierarchy of mass communication and allow allocation of new epistemological unit - the communicative status at the heart of understanding of communication as a composite system. Results of this research are of the theoretical importance, since they actually implement a new concept into the theory of mass communication allowing creation in the long term of the optimized objective model of this process on the basis of the revealed laws of shaping its hierarchical structure. In terms of using in practice, these results are able to afford us to construct a system of practical recommendations about increase in efficiency of communicative practices of mass media.

    pdf 242-246.pdf  (281 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • Kazakova N.Yu.
    Unique features of the development of digital game medium within the framework of game design in the context of game projects developed in Japan

    The paper discusses the features of creation of a visual component of various game projects developed by the studios located in Japan which not only were commercially successful but also made a notable contribution to development of a game design as type of design activity. The present research comprises artistic means used in developing playable characters, locations and other aspects of the game medium and the technical issues connected with the usage of particular software aimed at intensifying the gameplay. The scientific importance of the given paper lies in the attempt to work out a system approach to the implementation of various visual concepts by means of computer programs taking into consideration actual tendencies in the game industry. The study of the expressive artistic means used in the process of game development becomes of special practical importance owing to the necessity to transfer the artistic kids of tools to the digital medium which is characterized by numerous unique features that necessitate modifications of the visuals in order to increase the ergonomics of the game medium and its attractiveness to the target audience. On the basis of experience of the Japanese leading game developers, the author of this publication identifies and analyzes special aspects of the usage of computer generated imagery combined with artistic expressive means able to intensify game experience and initiate the flow that encourages the generation of positive emotions by the recipient. One of the main results of the present research is the exposure and systematization of approaches towards the development of the game environment rich in various events and expressive visuals that facilitate the optimization of the development process of new game projects that correspond to the expectations of consumers as fully as possible while having considerable artistic and aesthetic value. From the standpoint of their practical usage, the findings of the given paper that encompasses the fields of aesthetic and information technology can be applied in the development process of Russian commercially viable digital games.

    pdf 247-254.pdf  (308 Kb)

  • Mozgot S.A.
    Space as a musical image

    This paper describes the means and techniques used to shape space in music from the Medieval Times to the Twentieth Century focusing on ways of special interaction of means of musical expressiveness. The goal of this publication is to show various means and techniques used by various composers to create space in a musical image, and the nature of their evolution in the history of musical art. Researches are conducted with the help of the methods of hermeneutics, comparison and the musicological analysis. Also an analysis is made of theoretical literature sources in the field of philosophy, esthetics, cultural studies and musicology from the perspective of a relation of the concepts artistic and musical image. Numerous musical examples are used to show ways of a reconstruction of various scales of space in music, a correlation of a relief and background, closer and more distant parameters and various plans of space in a musical image. It is proved that space as a musical image is most developed in opuses of the Twentieth Century musicians. This was displayed not only in original musical compositions, but also in aestheticization of acoustic properties of real space, in variety of unique architectural structures of concert halls worldwide, an unusual arrangement of orchestra and orchestral players in scenic space, as well as in understanding of space in the form of a subject problem (ontological or existential) of the person reflection in musical art. Theoretical novelty of this research lies in development of a technique of space analysis in the piece of music, the practical importance lies in identification of the means of musical expressiveness emphasizing spatiality of musical matter.

    pdf 255-260.pdf  (294 Kb)

  • Ulmasov F.A.
    Conceptual bases of the solo phenomenon of east monody

    Solo vocal and instrumental music, as the most common type of creative activity in the musical traditions of the peoples of the East, is one of the important objects of study of Eastern monody capable in many ways to display the specifics of the monodic system. In terms of methodology, study of the specifics of different types of music-making as the original form of musical activity is extremely fruitful, because it is the practical work that largely determines the characteristics of musical thinking, including monody. In this aspect this work explores conceptual bases of solo kind of music-making, which in summary - logical - terms are defined as the relevant principles of the organization and the structural features of soloist musicians activity. Self-sufficient status of the creative I of singer-musician, his centrality in the entire musical process, as well as his guiding function of choice of these or those elements of their deployment, and the formation of a holistic process of intonation are distinguished as the conceptual foundations. Essential aspects of the implementation of creative activity of musician-singer include mental-ideological aspect of his creative I, which is formed by the relevant national traditions, as well as the personal control of a solo presentation, which leads to the inevitable process of development of the necessary knowledge and skills to complete a solo music career. In this context, consideration of the conceptual foundations of the musician-soloist activity in eastern monody system helps broaden and deepen knowledge about the specifics of the traditional music of the East.

    pdf 261-266.pdf  (294 Kb)

  • Khvatova S.I., Sergeeva P.A.
    Liturgical practices and cult arts: problems and prospects of researches

    This paper provides information on the International Scientific Conference Liturgical Practices and Cult Arts in the Multiethnic Region held in the Adyghe State University (Russia, Maikop). Diversity and divergence of scientific interests of scientific art critics, historians, teachers, psychologists, religion investigators, philologists and philosophers, participating in this event are disclosed. An attempt of collective interaction on planning strategy and tactics of further scientific research in this direction is undertaken, as well as the special terminology related both to the basic concepts religion, belief, traditional belief, monotheism, polytheism, paganism and to applied definitions of religious music, sacred music, religious practices, religious art, etc. is unified. The work of the conference revealed insufficient formation of scientific contacts, weak correlation of the scientists investigating liturgical practices and cult arts in the multicultural world; lack of the general and specific methodological principles of the analysis of cult arts in the context of the liturgical practices; inconsistency of terminology at the scientists of various scientific directions, ethnic and confessional origin; absence of fund of the video and audio material allowing making an idea of a mosaic picture of modern multiconfessional society; unevenness of fixing and scientific judgment of the current state of processes of religious and national revival of modern Post-Soviet Russia and strengthening requirement of practical departure of church services and interest in cult arts. It is established that such situation can initiate long-term scientific researches within the research project.

    pdf 267-272.pdf  (288 Kb)

    Biological Sciences
  • Shakhanova A.V., Kuzmin A.A., Grechishkina S.S.
    Typological belonging of athletes and evaluation of the body's aerobic performance when doing competitive sports

    The paper deals with the questions of search of dependence of the functionality of the body upon anthropometric typology that can serve as a criterion for the development of individual mechanisms of adaptation in muscle activity. The experiment was conducted in longitudinal mode for 3 years in the Laboratory of Physiology of Child Development at Research Institute of Complex Problems of the Adyghe State University. The contingent of the examined included young athletes from youth sports school of Olympic reserve and skilled athletes of the Institute of Physical Culture and Judo of Adyghe State University in Maikop, Russia. The total number of surveyed was 80 people aged 10 to 20 years. Somatotypological approach was proposed to solve the problem of individualization of training loads. It is inferred that the main risk group in the framework of the basketball and football training consists of representatives of brachymorphic body type, who have the lowest rates of VO2Max, whereas the highest were revealed between the repre-sentatives of different somatotypes under aerobic productivity of an organism, determining individual typological dif-ferences in general endurance and adaptation capabilities of the athletes organism.

    pdf 73-79.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • Tkhakushinov R.A., Lysenkov S.P., Tuguz A.R., Smolkov I.V., Shumilov D.S., Muzhenya D.V.
    LEPR (Arg223Gln), FTO (A23525T), ADRB3 (Trp64Arg) and PPARG (Pro12Ala) gene polymorphisms under normal and excess body weight

    The paper explores polymorphic variants of leptin receptor genes (LEPR, Arg223Gln, rs1137101), FTO obesity gene (the fat mass and obesity-associated gene, A23525T, rs9939609), the beta-3 adrenergic receptor gene (ADRB3, Trp64Arg, rs4994) and the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma PPARG (Pro12Ala, rs1801282) at per-sons with the overweight and obesity of different degree of expressiveness. It is inferred that 23525T allele of FTO gene and 64Arg SNP of ADRB3 gene are associated with degree III obesity and a metabolic syndrome. Frequencies 64Arg SNP of ADRB3 gene are reliably ( =0.004) raised at men with degree III obesity in combination with a metabolic syndrome.

    pdf 80-87.pdf  (357 Kb)

  • Tsikunib A.D., Goncharova S.A., Demchenko Yu.A.
    Optimization of calibration schedule algorithm by a fluorimetric method of selenium definition in potable water with the use of different calibration sampes

    The algorithm is optimized for creation of calibration schedules by a fluorimetric method of selenium definition in potable water with the use of different calibration samples, such as a metal selenium, sodium selenite and the state stan-dard samples (SSS).

    pdf 88-93.pdf  (427 Kb)

  • Tuguz F.V., Ocheret N.P.
    Ecological situation caused by development of resettlement in the territory of Adyghea Republic

    The paper examines the ecological situation in the Adyghea Republic caused by development of resettlement. The major anthropogenic factors influencing the ecological situation of Adyghea Republic are presented. The analysis of degree of impurity of its territory is provided. Ecological division into districts of the territory according to four scales is carried out.

    pdf 94-101.pdf  (482 Kb)

  • Melnikova T.N.
    Monitoring of the water regime, norm and many-year variability of the annual runoff of the Azov-Kuban plain rivers

    Calculations are made of mathematical models of the norm of the annual river runoff and its long-term variability in the main water catchment basins of the Azov-Kuban plain. Division into districts of its river basins in terms of the rate of stream flow is carried out. Calculated mathematical models of the norm of the annual river runoff in the Azov-Kuban plain and division into districts according to the rate of stream flow are required to carry out the water management and geographic-hydrological division of the region into districts.

    pdf 102-107.pdf  (412 Kb)

  • Chermit K.D., Zabolotniy A.G., Elnikova O.O.
    Symmetry of kinematic structure of locomotions of the person

    An optical system of the three-dimensional video analysis of movements is used to establish that at the athletes who are going in for powerlifting the spatial-temporal order of joint motion when performing squats is displayed in the form of a dynamic symmetry and dynamic asymmetry. A dynamic symmetry of joint motion is characterized by kinematic structure at which the spatial-temporal order of angular movements during a joint extension is the inverse spatial-temporal order of angular movements during flexion. Violation of a dynamic symmetry is observed at building up the weight of more than 60% of maximal. A dynamic symmetry of angular movements in talocrural, knee and coxofemoral joints in the course of an ontogeny is formed heterotropously. The obtained data will allow development of a technique of evaluation test of realization of the persons movement skills on the basis of the systemic-symmetric approach, as well as a technique of perfecting natural locomotions in the course of sports perfecting and in the course of ontogeny.

    pdf 108-121.pdf  (856 Kb)

  • Khatkov K.Kh., Daguzhieva Z.Sh.
    Influence of new humic materials on efficiency of winter wheat in a foothill zone of Adyghea Republic

    This paper discusses the results of researches related to application of humates as growth factors on crops of winter wheat. Data are provided on influence of various forms and ways of their application on structure of a harvest and productivity of culture.

    pdf 122-126.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Ulimbasheva A.A., Khashkhozheva D.A., Shaov M.T., Pshikova O.V.
    Hemodynamic changes after the combined frequency impact on the human body

    The study examines the combined effect of neuroinformation signals of different frequencies modulated by pulse hypoxia on the effector activity of the cardiovascular system. The aim of this work is to study the effect of these signals on the peripheral vascular resistance, systolic volume of the heart and the average dynamic arterial pressure. We have found that during the frequency impact the systolic volume, the contractile myocardium force and the driving force of blood flow increase. Activation of effectors of cardiovascular system brings blood flow to conformity with metabolic needs of organism. Adaptation to hypoxia and adverse climatic and environmental factors is generated under the influence of neuroinformation signals. The proposed mode of frequency impact is developed by M.T. Shaov and data on this research are few in the literature.

    pdf 127-133.pdf  (378 Kb)

  • Blagopoluchnaya O.A.
    Features of yielding many-year leguminose grasses against the background of energy conservation techniques of soil processing

    The paper gives the results of studying the dump soil processing, the nonmouldboard chizel shallow soil processing by KPE-3,8 antierosion plow and the surface soil processing by BDM-4,5 grassland disk harrow. Results of researches show that in the Republic of Adyghea the merged chernozem processing without turnover of layer with chizel within four years and single-pass shallow processing do not cause decrease in a harvest of green material and hay of a clover of the first year of life in comparison with a harvest on the plowed soil. In the average in two years the greatest harvest of a clover was obtained when soil was processed with chizel within four years 116,8 c/hectare.

    pdf 134-137.pdf  (285 Kb)

  • Tseeva N.A., Zolotseva E.V., Chuntyzheva Z.I., Chuvakin A.L., Ushkho Yu.D., Tkhakumacheva Yu.B.
    Correction of faults in posture at special medical group students by means of medical physical culture

    The correct posture is one of important indexes of health since it provides optimum conditions for functioning of all organs and systems of an organism as a whole. The main means for formation of the correct posture are the special corrective exercises aimed at the harmonious development of a locomotorium. The paper proves expediency of use of the means of medical physical culture providing correction of faults in posture at the students who are engaged in spe-cial medical groups.

    pdf 138-142.pdf  (345 Kb)

  • Kuzenko M.V., Khatkov K.Kh.
    Winter wheat in Adyghea

    This paper presents the results of studying cultivars of soft winter wheat, technology of seed-growing work which is carried out at the Adyghe Research Institute of Agriculture and data on Maikopchanka cultivar implementation in pro-duction.

    pdf 143-147.pdf  (327 Kb)

  • Erofeevskaya L.A.
    Anthropogenically changed microflora of the soil ecosystem as possible link in the chain of opportunistic infections

    An analysis is made of statistical processing results of bacteriological researches of soils in residential zones of Yakutia. As a result of increasing anthropogenic load on the ecosystem, biological activity of the soil reduces and the true representatives of soil microbiocenoses decrease, which in turn, increases the negative impact of soils on human health. Against the background of reduced findings of indicator bacteria (enterococci and Escherichia), in Yakutia soils more common are toxic species of fungi of the genus Fusarium, Mucor and Aspergillus, which also can cause diseases transmitted through environmental objects. It is inferred that anthropogenically changed microflora of the soil ecosystem shapes the state of health of the population and the microbial contamination of the soil and other objects of a surrounding medium is a possible link in the chain of opportunistic diseases.

    pdf 148-152.pdf  (303 Kb)

  • Botova L.N.
    Features of hemodynamics in 810-year-old girls gymnasts in response to the training exercises

    The aim of this work is to determine the characteristics of hemodynamics in young girls gymnasts aged 810 years with different initial vegetative tone in response to the training exercises. The study was attended by 60 girls gymnasts aged 810 years, whose training experience was 40,5 years and III and II qualification sports category. Depending on the initial vegetative tone, gymnasts displayed different responses to the training load: gymnasts with moderate sympathetic activity showed reduced reactivity of systems of regulation of blood circulation, gymnasts with hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system showed a paradoxical reaction, with moderate activity of the parasympathetic nervous system optimal reaction and with hyperactivity of the parasympathetic nervous system excessive reaction.

    pdf 153-156.pdf  (310 Kb)

  • ..
    .*** 3. . ****

    : 1 2 . , . , ( ). , , . . / . , - . - .

    pdf 13-27.pdf  (421 Kb)

  • Shishkin A.B.
    Algebraic orientation of sets (ordering sets). II. Measure for a projection

    Bases of the measure-theory for a projection on partially simplexized subsets R in the n-degree are described. The accompanying concepts are studied (border on a projection, components on a projection, the atlas on a projection). Technology of coordination of simplexized set and its borders on a projection is explained.

    pdf 28-42.pdf  (466 Kb)

  • Roytenberg V.Sh.
    On the generation of a strange attractor from a joining point of lines of discontinuity of a vector field

    The paper examine generic two-parameter families of piecewise smooth planar vector fields in a neighborhood of a singular point on the junction of their lines of discontinuity with the following properties: the singular point is stable for zero values of parameters and a strange attractor is generated from it under certain variations of parameters.

    pdf 53-59.pdf  (455 Kb)

  • Rustanov A.R.
    On NC10-manifolds of class R2

    We have obtained the identities of the Riemann curvature of almost contact metric manifolds class NC10. Also an additional second identity of the Riemann curvature tensor has been obtained, and, on its basis sub-class of NC10-manifolds, called class of NC10-manifolds of R2 class was allocated. It is proved that this class coincides with the NC10-manifolds of R1 class. It is proved that NC10-manifolds being almost C(λ)-manifolds are cosymplectic. Local characterization of these manifolds has been obtained.

    pdf 43-48.pdf  (497 Kb)

  • Stash A.Kh.
    Example of discrepancy of the complete and vector frequencies of hyper roots of solutions of the third order differential equation

    An example is given of the simple homogeneous differential equation of the third order with the continuous coefficients limited on a positive semiaxis, for some solution of which the complete and vector frequencies of hyper roots do not coincide.

    pdf 49-52.pdf  (315 Kb)

  • Ushkho A.D., Feklistov G.S., Ushkho D.S.
    Feature of FitzHugh-Nagumo model

    The character of equilibrium states and questions related to the existence of limit cycles of a differential system FitzHugh-Nagumo are found. Patterns of behavior of the system trajectories in a bounded and infinitely remote parts of the phase plane are established, and phase portraits are constructed.

    pdf 60-67.pdf  (556 Kb)

  • Bedanokov R.A., Boychenko S.E., Feklistov G.S.
    Numerical analysis of the effect of radiation damping on the angular distribution of synchrotron radiation of the spectrum individual harmonics

    The numerical analysis is carried out to study angular dependence of intensity of harmonics of the synchrotron radiation (SR) considering radiation damping when the Lorentz force is much greater than the force of a radiation sliding friction during the charged particle motion in a magnetic field. The paper shows the difference in behavior of angular distribution of integral intensity of the SI and angular distribution of individual harmonics that confirms the theoretical result obtained earlier for the SI not taking into account the effect of radiation damping. It is confirmed that as distinct from integral intensity of the SI, spectral intensities tend to a deconcentration in the orbit plane. Radiation damping slightly deforms angular distributions of intensity of the SI of individual harmonics.

    pdf 68-72.pdf  (413 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Dovgal V..
    A review of characteristics of productivity of datasets used to provide information security on the basis of keystroke dynamics

    The paper explores the characteristics of keystroke dynamics datasets and analyzes their advantages and features.

    pdf 157-163.pdf  (366 Kb)

  • Simankov V.S., Tkachenko A.A.
    Methodological basis of the application of modeling tools and formalization of systems, taking into account the uncertainty in the structure of intelligent system of situational center

    The paper deals with the methodological aspects of the modeling system functioning within the intelligent system of the situational center to solve problems in various subject areas. On the basis of the methods considered by the degree of uncertainty which depends on the amount of information available to the decision maker and decision support phases, a simulation model is developed as part of the intelligent system of the situational center.

    pdf 164-170.pdf  (479 Kb)

  • Kizdermishov A.A., Kizdermishova S.Kh.
    Fire safety in the server room

    The paper discusses the choice of server-based premises to place hardware in compliance with requirements of fire safety. The authors propose recommendations and integrated flowcharts of the choice of the room and its reduction in compliance with requirements of normative documents ensuring fire safety in server room.

    pdf 171-176.pdf  (525 Kb)

  • Simankov V.S., Cherkasov A.N.
    Technique of the analysis and synthesis of intelligent system within the situational center

    The paper presents the technique of the analysis and synthesis of intelligent system of the situational center to solve problems of various classes and on its basis to determine the modes of functioning of the situational center. The authors examine the main information systems of the situational center providing the complete cycle of its functioning and describe the sequence of the organization of optimum structure of intelligent system of the situational center.

    pdf 177-181.pdf  (330 Kb)

    Economics history
  • Andreenkova A.S.
    Historical view on accounting procedures of depreciation and devaluation in the medieval companies

    This paper presents procedures for calculating depreciation and depreciation from a historical point of view in modern accounting as well as their application in medieval companies of Italian merchants. The described procedures for calculating depreciation and depreciation suppose investigation of algorithms for calculating the amount of depreciation and impairment and the current medieval practice and the specifics of accounting in the Household items accounts as well. The author also identifies the main differences between two rather intimate accounting procedures.

    pdf 55-59.pdf  (135 Kb)

  • Kuznetsov A.V.
    Bookkeeping balance: modern approaches to interpretation

    The scientific article considers options for the interpretation of the accountancy balance used in Russia and abroad. It reveals their advantages and disadvantages and describes the peculiarities of the application of the sources concept in accounting theory and legislation. The author presents economic and legal interpretation of assets, capital and liabilities. The paper gives characteristic of terms assets and liabilities based on their etymology. It specifies the names and content of approaches to the accountancy balance studying based on the results of the research.

    pdf 60-70.pdf  (119 Kb)

  • Arakelov A.V., Zhukova I.N., Malykh V.S.
    Searching for various ways of the physical problem solution as means to develop students cognitive abilities accoding to FGOS of secondary education

    The paper deals with the organization of the educational process aimed at the development of cognitive abilities of students according to FGOS of secondary education, in particular a technique is provided of searching for various ways of the solution of a physical problem. A problem about movement of the straightforward conductor in a constant homogeneous magnetic field was used as an example to show the principles of the organization of classroom hour in physics promoting development of abilities of the person, formation of skill to investigate and analyze the various physical phenomena. It is noted that the modern textbooks on physics for pupils of high school give only the shortened variants of solution without careful analysis of the occurring phenomena. In a higher school course of the general physics this problem is only an element of more complex problems therefore discussion of details of the solution, in es-sence, drops out of educational process. It is inferred that there is a need to eliminate the arisen didactic defect. Prob-lem solutions in each of three considered cases are analyzed in detail.

    pdf 182-189.pdf  (417 Kb)

  • Khurum R.Yu., Khurum N.S.
    On some approaches to formation of informational competence

    The main ideas of updating higher school education are considered. The emphasis is placed on use of a method of projects as one of important ways of independent work of students promoting formation of informational competence.

    pdf 190-195.pdf  (344 Kb)

  • Arkhipova A.I., Arakelov A.V.
    Technology textbook as the main innovative product of virtual educational cluster

    The characteristic is given of the technology textbook of new generation, which comprises innovative technologies of education with computer support. The authors point out the urgent problems of educational process the solution of which can be promoted by introduction of the textbook in practice of schools. The provision is proved that the innovative pedagogical activity can receive an additional incentive to organize the educational clusters having in-terdisciplinary character.

    pdf 196-202.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • Kodzheshau M.A.
    Use of system of creative tasks at informatics lessons in learning the subject Logical and Principal Physics of the Computer

    Topical issues of expansion of methodical tools of training in informatics, transition from traditional tutoring to system of creative tasks and use of research tasks are considered in learning the subject Logical and Principal Physics of Computer.

    pdf 203-207.pdf  (331 Kb)

  • Pichkurenko E.A., Arkhipova A.I.
    Structure of an interactive lecture in the context of hermeneutical approach

    The paper presents the technique of holding a lecture the structure of which reflects a method of the hermeneutical circle suggesting that learning scientific texts is built by the principle from the general to specific, and then from it to the general. According to this technique the content of the lecture breaks into the separate stages finished by independent work of students on a lecture fragment with the help of computer technologies. The short description of these computer educational technologies is given.

    pdf 208-212.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • Arakelov A.V., Zhukova I.N., ,Malykh V.S., Feklistov G.S.
    Principles of problem development for a creative competition of physics teachers

    The paper presents some of the problems developed by authors for the creative competitions of physics teachers held in the Republic of Adyghea in 20142016, intended for identification of level of readiness of teachers to solve physical problems of varying complexity and the didactic problems arising in this regard. Author's comments are provided to all presented problems.

    pdf 213-218.pdf  (414 Kb)

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