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  • V.V. Azarova
    On influence of the railroads on the Central Kuban social and economic development in the second half of the 19th – early 20th centuries

    The paper examines the problems related to the construction of the railroads in Central Kuban in the context of local economic realities and need to develop social and economic infrastructure of the region in the second half of the 19th – early 20th century, their influence on demographic processes, capitalist development of the region, civil engineering and emergence of new shopping centers, credit institutions and agriculture.

    pdf 17-22.pdf  (169 Kb)

  • G.I. Aubekova, K.M. Gozhev
    Written language of the Abazins in contradictory linguistic policy of Russia (1917 - the end of the 20th century)

    The paper deals with the ethnocultural problems of formation of written language of the Abazin people in the context of contradictory language policy of young Russia and an arbitrary rule of local officials. Research on this problem is caused by need to preserve a multicultural and language diversity and the small people for the modern Russian state. The proposal is made to create the Concept of the state language policy meeting new realities. The text is stated in historical, political, social and philosophical interpretation

    pdf 23-30.pdf  (231 Kb)

  • N.S. Baranova
    History of the labor legislation in Russia in the 1917-1920s

    The paper is dedicated to the analysis of legal aspects of regulation of the population employment in Russia in the 1917-1920s. The social and economic reasons of unemployment are considered in detail. Current situation did not remain unnoticed by the government, and the process of creation of standard legal base has begun in the country. Subsequently this affected well unemployment rate in the country and further, by the end of the 1920s, allowed its complete liquidation. The state and legal acts on regulation of the sphere of population employment were studied in the work in detail. Law-enforcement practice of the Soviet State in the first years of its existence has been considered. The author analyzes the Law "About Labor Exchanges" adopted in 1917, the decree of Council of People's Commissars of the USSR "About labor exchanges", various resolutions of Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR, the 1918 Code of laws on the labor of RSFSR, the Declaration of the rights of the worker and the exploited people, as well as the Constitution of 1918 and other normative legal acts.

    pdf 31-34.pdf  (195 Kb)

  • B.R. Batchaev
    Formation and development of system of scientific provision of the Karachay-Cherkessia agrarian sector (the 1930-1980s)

    The paper explores the origin and development of the regional system of scientific provision of agriculture in the Top Kuban region where, in the studied time, the Karachay and Circassian autonomous regions were located, and since 1957 – the Karachay-Cherkessia autonomous region. This publication shows the reasons and conditions of structure emergence of scientific and technical service of subjects of economic activity of agrarian sector, as well as offers the substantiated periodization of history of scientific provision of agriculture. The paper describes various forms of the scientific structures operating in animal husbandry and field husbandry of Karachay-Cherkessia: laboratories, experimental stations, pilot, educational -experimental and experimental-production farms, research institute of agriculture, etc.

    pdf 35-43.pdf  (232 Kb)

  • E.S. Nukhrikyan
    Traditions and innovations in activity of judicial authorities in the territory of Karachay and Balkaria during the post-reform period (The 1860s – the beginning of the 20th century)

    The paper deals with the activity of judicial authorities in social, political and economic life of mountain societies of Karachay and Balkaria during the post-reform period. The problem of application by courts of different types of the right (an adat, Sharia, imperial laws) is investigated. The assessment is given to process of gradual replacement of traditional rules of law with new, more progressive laws during the studied period.

    pdf 44-49.pdf  (179 Kb)

  • A.A. Samokhin
    Some aspects of geopolitical measurement of the Syrian crisis (the years 2011-2016)

    The paper explores the geopolitical interests defining policy of some parties involved in the Syrian crisis.

    pdf 50-54.pdf  (203 Kb)

  • L.O. Samsonova
    "Association of Germans from Russia" and its activity in modern Germany

    The paper examines the questions related to the organization and activity of "The Association of Germans from Russia" with the center in the city of Stuttgart; including the main activities of federal board of "Association" and evolution of activity of this organization at a turn of the 20-21st centuries.

    pdf 55-59.pdf  (210 Kb)

  • S.Kh. Khotko
    The Circassian slaves in the Western Mediterranean (the last third of the 13th-15th centuries)

    The late Middle Ages in the history of Circassia were marked by strengthening such negative social and historical phenomenon as a slave trade. Both owing to internal, sociocultural factors and under primary impact of the Genoa colonization and military pressure from the Golden Horde, the Circassian society became one of the chief suppliers of slaves on foreign markets. Throughout the last third of the 13th – the first half of the 14th century Circassians made a third of all mass of the Black Sea slaves, then their proportion increased and in the 15th century natives of Circassia made about a half of all slaves of this region.

    pdf 60-71.pdf  (681 Kb)

  • M.B. Shienkao
    Ethnocultural traditions and the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 as shown by the Circassian autonomous region

    The paper is dedicated to changes in the social status of the woman in traditional cultures of the people of the Circassian autonomous region in the period of the Great Patriotic War. The documents from archives of the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic disclosing a role of women of indigenous nationality in mobilization of economy of the region have served as an illustration.

    pdf 72-77.pdf  (208 Kb)

  • O.V. Borovik, S.S. Shurenkova, A.V. Airapetov
    Criteria for social dynamics efficiency in a discourse of modern sociological knowledge

    Research on a ratio between the network and centralized structures can be made doubly – at the historical, procedural level and through identification of sociological aspect of a problem. The present paper is dedicated to dynamic aspect of a problem of the social organization of modern society. In this connection the publication deals with the leading tendencies in social development the result of which is forecasting efficiency of social dynamics.

    pdf 78-82.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • A.N. Bulkin, O.V. Sovershenny, A.A. Fedorova
    Social forecasting in the research field of the Russian sociology

    The scientific argument of forecasting in dynamics of social development substantially reflects one of the bases of human existence in the context of basic historicity of society. The essence of social forecasting is determined by efficiency expectations, both by the intermediate stages of a scientific observation, and by the end results in achievement of a goal. The statistics of social forecasting allows the choice of the most suitable algorithm. It in turn assumes answers to questions of accuracy of the preferred methods, cost intensity when using, quantity and frequency of measurements.

    pdf 83-86.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • Z.A. Zhade, Z.Yu. Khuako
    Information security in the context of interethnic intensity

    The paper discusses topical aspects of ensuring information security of the Russian Federation in the context of interethnic intensity, strengthening a role of mass media in consolidation of the Russian civil consciousness and spiritual community of the multinational people of our country.

    pdf 87-95.pdf  (221 Kb)

  • K.A. Zenin
    Social inequality through a prism of classical sociology

    The paper states that the social inequality acts as the attributive characteristic of society throughout almost the whole history of its existence. There are indisputable facts supporting that there was an inequality in the social systems a millennium ago. Large-scale experiments of creation of socialist and communistic societies, including in our country, do not give the grounds to speak about full (or a little significant) overcoming a social inequality. Human society looks like the multilevel, elaborate system which is almost excluding equality of individuals, groups, layers, classes – as irreversible consequence of different reaction to various incentives of society – political, economic, social and spiritual.

    pdf 96-100.pdf  (203 Kb)

  • Celibate Priest Ignatius (N.D. Kiut), V.M. Savelenko, V.A. Nazarov,
    Sociology of continuity of Christian consciousness

    The person can direct to the social purposes, significant for his religious consciousness. So there is a space where religiousness is transformed to various forms of a sociality. This space makes one of those problem areas which has to be investigated and can be studied by the culture sociology. The Orthodox Christianity is a historical heritage which is honored by the people of Russia. The purpose of modeling the Christian consciousness continuity is creation of optimum pedagogical, spiritual and moral conditions for the maximum satisfaction of requirements of self-development and self-realization of the personality and in which teaching and educational activity of all subjects of sociocultural process becomes a system-forming factor.

    pdf 101-105.pdf  (200 Kb)

  • A.R. Kasparov, R.V. Skoblikov
    Role of legal socialization in professional formation of police officers

    The paper deals with the mechanisms of interference of the conflictogenic capacity of system of law-enforcement bodies and efficiency of models of legal socialization of police officers receiving vocational education. The authors analyze both the theoretical sources of its research, and practical forms of formation of legal culture, including an assessment of a role and value of early legal socialization of youth and teenagers.

    pdf 106-110.pdf  (254 Kb)

  • V.V. Krivopuskov
    Concept "the Russian world": principles and possibilities of methodological approaches

    The paper sheds light on the existing approaches and interpretations of a concept "the Russian world". The author allocates the civilization and lingual-semiotic approaches, the religious integrative approach of Russian Orthodox Church, the liberal critical approach which is ideologically related to modern Russian "neo-Westernism" and the sociocultural approach which is going back to P.A. Sorokin's sociology. "The Russian world" as a concept is a complicated and voluminous cognitive, most likely imaginative construct with the value and semantic loading originating in the area of ethnic unconscious mentality, in nostalgia on the idealized historical past. The concept of "the Russian world" is now in a condition of crystallization and a logical shaping as a modern identification and civilization constant.

    pdf 111-119.pdf  (224 Kb)

  • M.A. Kuzmina
    The statuses of sociocultural socialization of youth in small business

    The cultural history of global and regional societies confirms the thesis, which has become classical, that work improves the person. At the same time the phenomenality of work and the communications accompanying it are not always positively uncovered in practical reality.

    pdf 120-123.pdf  (265 Kb)

  • R.A. Lubsky
    The national - state identity and models of social behavior in Russian modern society

    The paper discusses different types of the national - state identity which cause reproduction of standard and modal models of social behavior. In modern Russian society these models act as reaction of the social actor or social group to a social situation and to external social changes in the form of set of the social actions directed to support social existence or adaptation to the social environment. Now the tendency related to overcoming an informative unilaterality, on the one hand, personal and situational and, on the other hand, – dispositional and culturological approaches of scientific research was outlined in studying social behavior. In line with this tendency the social behavior of the person is not considered as a result of pressure of a social situation or individual traits of his character, his social values, attitudes or cultural predisposition any more.

    pdf 124-131.pdf  (218 Kb)

  • Yu.N. Makarov
    Internet as socio-communicative space of the present

    The increasing importance in modern conditions is gained by generalization and systematization of theoretical bases of the personality’s information security in "the real world". The author allocates among definitions, topical for sociology of culture, the general concept of information security, as well as concepts of communication resources, the market of information and information individualization.

    pdf 132-135.pdf  (197 Kb)

  • R.G. Miskarova
    Responses of local mountain communities to processes of modern social and economic changes in Kabardino-Balkar Republic (as shown by the Elbrus region)

    The paper discusses the social and economic changes influencing a way of life and mentality of local mountain communities. The author allocates three reactions, most typical of Elbrus municipal district: outflow of the population, modernization of mountain communities and crisis of fight against changes of local communities. Possible solutions of these reactions are offered.

    pdf 136-144.pdf  (233 Kb)

  • T.V. Popova, V.N. Grishay, A.A. Matsnev
    Methodology of applied researches on television audience in sociology

    The administration of TV channels shows interest in carrying out applied sociological researches because information obtained according to their results can help optimize editorial policy, reorient team of journalists to shed light on the problems causing interest and concern of audience. Broad territorial, geographical coverage of audience, heterogeneity and dissociation of TV viewers dictate need to conduct applied sociological researches on audience. This allows understanding of a degree of success of TV channel activity.

    pdf 145-148.pdf  (194 Kb)

  • A.T. Rostova, O.Yu. Makarov, Yu.A. Bulkin
    Culture sociology in cognition of the society’s laws

    In the context of the social organization, the sociology of culture shapes its subject according to institutional complexes of social life. At the same time, factors, conditions and prospects of development of the personality and group gain their own value. In the context of the corresponding analytics, the structure of society reflects the laws of socio-historical development in a large-scale subject of scientific research. In totality of the principles and laws of scientific knowledge the sociology of culture manifests itself in constructions of the theoretical bases of knowledge of society based on empirical data, fragments of cultural science, an esthetics, history, social psychology and ethnology. Simultaneously, the sociology of culture is turned to the analysis of internal structure of society, features of its social contents. Also factors of dynamics of the relations between social groups and the general laws in various spheres of public life are taken into account.

    pdf 149-153.pdf  (200 Kb)

  • S.I. Samygin
    Working class: sociocultural analysis and structural changes in society

    The paper is devoted to a complex problem of search for alternative ways of studying features of the sociocultural status of representatives of modern working class. Changes in social structure of society promote transformation of the status of workers in the contemporary Russian history. Processes of social transition demand application of sociocultural approach to the analysis of the complex theoretical problems arising when studying working class.

    pdf 154-161.pdf  (217 Kb)

  • E.E. Emirbekova
    Subjectivation of the power in personality/s space

    In the presented paper, incorporation of the power in space of the personality and its intra personal measurement are analyzed. The author is based on understanding of the power as the personality "generated" by habitus, by the schemes of representation and perception of the power produced in the context of the social dispositions of the personality forming sense and borders of its space.

    pdf 162-169.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • M.P. Lazarev
    Natural and social preconditions for existence of animals and human forms of collective cohabitation

    Language as one of aspects of social cultural reality reflects ideas of a specific cultural community of structure and functioning of environment. In this context paradoxical is the identification of the word "city" at designation of territorial collective forms of existence of public insects and the spaces urbanized by the person. This paper compares structural and functional bases of both types of the collective organization of life, on the basis of which both the general preconditions of formation and intrinsic distinctions are distinguished. The general precondition of formation of collective forms of cohabitation is need of association in order to construct defensive or economic constructions that promote the best adaptation and survival of a species. Thus, collective forms of cohabitation are formed when the individual is not able to solve the arisen problem independently, i.e. there is a request for joint activity response (solidarization) in relation to external incentive. A key distinctive feature of the human cities from animal quasisocial analogs is existence of the social relations between individuals who not only actualize creation of new forms of collective accommodation, but also form a request for satisfaction of certain social requirements. At the same time social-cultural processes are primary and dominant in relation to physical shapes, being the base for formation of the human city.

    pdf 170-177.pdf  (218 Kb)

  • O.V. Gorbatova
    Beethoven in film text space: "lecture 21" of A. Baricco

    The paper focuses on the feature film of Alessandro Baricco "Lecture 21". Addressing the Symphony No. 9 of L. van Beethoven, the director tries to give the answer to a question of what the choral symphony of the composer is today: unsurpassed example of classical heritage of the master or "an exaggerated masterpiece"? Analyzing the film music, in particular the Symphony No. 9 of L. van Beethoven used by A. Baricco, the author on a tangent addresses movies of S. Kubrick ("Clockwork Orange"), A. Tarkovsky ("Nostalgia) and other directors, proposing the version of the response to the question raised by the director.

    pdf 178-183.pdf  (211 Kb)

  • V.L. Primakov
    The focus is interethnic intensity (Review of the monograph of group of authors "Ethnosocial Processes: Regional Measurement” / Chief Editor R.D. Khunagov; Eds. A.Yu. Shadzhe, S. A. Lyausheva. – Maikop: Kachestvo, 2015. – 162 pp.)

    In the review, the author makes an analysis and judgment of the conclusions stated on pages of the collective monograph "Ethnosocial Processes: Regional Measurement". Importance of interdisciplinary studying, the analysis and an assessment of interethnic intensity as most important indicator of a condition of ethnocultural processes is emphasized. The review rises the questions connected with further empirical studying and assessment of this important phenomenon.

    pdf 188-194.pdf  (177 Kb)

    Abstracts of Monographs
  • N.A. Ilyinova, V.V. Shalatov
    Reflections on the book "The Hired Worker in Modern Russia"

    Reviewers are making an attempt to assess timeliness of sociological research of the position of the hired worker in Russian modern society conducted by group of scientists of Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the theoretical and practical importance of its results.

    pdf 184-187.pdf  (198 Kb)

    The Economic Theory
  • Murtuzalieva S.Yu.
    European integration: the present stage peculiarities

    The scientific article deals with modern aspects of integration processes in Europe. It analyzes the impact of political factors on the regional economy as well as estimates economic state of the economies of the European Union member-states. The growth of geopolitical tensions in the Ukraine, the Middle East and separate parts of Africa may affect negatively on the economy of the European Union states. Thus, the author reveals ever increasing political, economic, social interdependence of all countries and regions.

    pdf 13-16.pdf  (76 Kb)

  • Khunagov R.D., Gurnovich T.G.
    The toolkit of capital structure management of organization

    The search for effective management tools of capital structure of economic entities is actualized in the difficult conditions of their functioning, characterized by price instability and volatility of interest rates. This scientific article considers theoretical bases of formation of the different approaches to the optimization of the capital structure, the processes of management of own and borrowed capital. It reveals that a rational capital structure of the organization is provided by finding a balance between the tax savings resulting from the use of credit and the possible financial difficulties associated with an increase in the proportion of debt capital. The paper studies the option of the impact of capital structure management tools to business processes of an economic entity in order to improve the overall efficiency of its operation. The authors draw a conclusion about the need for competent accounting maintenance costs of borrowed capital in scaling up activities.

    pdf 17-23.pdf  (252 Kb)

    Problems Related to Investment Activity
  • Avanesova R.R., Avramenko E.P.
    The foresight methodology application in the process of the investment projects effectiveness evaluation

    This scientific article analyzes the determination of the level of investment projects effectiveness in an unstable environment. The paper presents main indicators of the investment projects effectiveness within the dynamic balance and evaluation methods. It shows that the most appropriate in an increasingly turbulent external business environment is the use of scenario analysis, aimed at the development of a comprehensive impact assessment of main project parameters of the internal and external environment. It examines an algorithm for implementation of the scenario approach of the investment project effectiveness evalua-tion. The authors substantiate the prospects of using foresight tools in the process of scenario analysis of investment projects.

    pdf 145-151.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • Kolomyts O.N.
    Model building of control systems for the establishment of an innovative-investment development mechanism

    The present paper studies innovations involvement in the process of social and economic systems. They intend the creation of the set of mechanisms allowing to take advantage of available technological advances in a specific space-time continuum from one side, and to create an environment for generating innovative ideas and active investment activity from the other side. They should consider regional specificity within it as well as global trends in innovation and investment development, relying on the general principles and approaches in the integrated system of the national economy.

    pdf 152-156.pdf  (354 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • Bekirova K.N., Zelinskaya M.V.
    Analysis of Strategic Opportunities of Energy Shortage Overcoming and Energy Self-Sufficiency Increasing of the Krasnodar Territory

    The presented scientific article deals with the development of directed energy subsystem of the Krasnodar Territory in the priorities of the policy of energy efficiency improvement in the region and the energy deficit overcoming. The paper reveals the results of an analysis of the legislative sphere of energy-saving control system and increasing energy efficiency at the regional level. The authors analyze strategic opportunities to attract additional renewable energy resources and alternative energy development in the region in the context of different energy sources.

    pdf 24-33.pdf  (8 Mb)

  • Belomestnova I.V.
    The human capital mission at the meso-level

    The paper describes the category of human capital, the development of economic relations. It characterizes natural preconditions of human capital and describes the approaches to the study of human capital. The author determines basic elements of the structural organization of the reproduction of the human capital in regional economic systems of our time. The scientific article represents the circumstances that allow understanding of the ideological center, the core of human capital theory, human capital as a form of capital defines the principles of reproduction approach to the study of the various relations of modern Russia.

    pdf 34-38.pdf  (79 Kb)

  • Konstantinidi Kh.A.
    The mechanism of strategy development at the meso-level

    The paper discloses the functions and structure of the strategy development mechanism at the meso-level in the conditions of global post-industrial transformation acceleration. The author pays his particular attention to the core of the mechanism and an institutional results’ form of strategy development of regional economy. This mechanism needs new technologies of strategic management, special infrastructure, institutions, regional development, and intellectual capital. The scientific article studies organizational support for the need for the formulation as well as implementation and periodic correction of long-term goals of regional economic systems. The author reveals some aspects of strategy development mechanism, due to the rent-oriented development of regional economies.

    pdf 39-42.pdf  (76 Kb)

  • Mitrofanova I.V., Mitrofanova I.À., Starokozheva G.I.
    Actual problems of strategic planning system modernization at the regional level

    The paper considers advantages and disadvantages of the federal law «On strategic planning in the Russian Federation», that is in force since 2014. Its aim is to create vertically integrated system of strategic planning in Russia and its regions. It shows changes happened in system of the documents serving as reference points for developers of regional strategy when forming its base. The authors make proposals for the development of a special part of the subject of federation strategy. They pay their special attention to questions of more capacious reflection in the strategy of social and economic development of the region for the period till 2030, cluster policy, policy of zoning and policy of import substitution. The scientific article substantiates that the situation in the region to the present time, the system of strategic planning documents needs to be revised.

    pdf 43-53.pdf  (115 Kb)

  • Popov R.A., Sheremetinsky N.B.
    Public and private partnership in the regional development in terms of economic tension

    The need for the development of the productive forces, additional sources finding of balancing regional and local budgets and ensuring population employment of in conditions of economic strength and expanding needs of import substitution products becomes more acute. It is urgent to work out the organizational forms and mechanisms of activating public-private partnership in the territorial entities. The paper substantiates the position that under severe resource constraints, one of the ways of development of productive entrepreneurship can act as the association of small and medium businesses through industry concerns (companies) and syndication as well as the formation of territorial and economic clusters in the sub-localities.

    pdf 54-63.pdf  (108 Kb)

  • Sheremetinsky N.B.
    Sub-regional economic systems clustering in the economic tension conditions

    The paper considers the development of the reproductive processes at the local level. It substantiates the fact that in the conditions of high volatility of the environment and the limited financial and economic resources, it is better to perform the development of the reproductive processes at the local level through the association of small and medium en-trepreneurship in the territorial and economic clusters on the basis of public-private partner-ship. The author pays his attention to limited local budget resources. He draws a conclusion about the necessity of formation of territorial and economic clusters, which are based on the groups of municipalities, considered as sub-regional locality.

    pdf 64-70.pdf  (92 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • Belozerova T.G., Lugovsky D.V., Tkhagapso R.A.
    Problems of accountancy definition and organization in business reputation of the business manager

    The paper considers economic and legal aspects of goodwill. It presents goodwill’s definition as well as its value, and peculiarities of its calculation. The authors reveal differences between the acquired and internally generated goodwill. They disclose an accounting method of positive and negative goodwill in the company acquisition (property complex.)

    pdf 71-75.pdf  (86 Kb)

  • Pazderova V.Yu.,Ryabchenko A.V., Shmatova E.V.
    Topical issues of accounting of leasing transactions in terms of IFRS

    This paper studies current approaches to the accounting practice of leasing operations in Russia and the development tendencies on the basis of International Financial Reporting Standards. Despite the economic downturn, the continuing interest to leasing transactions requires the using of generally accepted accounting practice of methodological techniques of the basic operations reflection of the leasing agreements from the participants. The desire of Russian companies to increase investment attractiveness confirms the relevance of the paper. The authors confirm the possibility and feasibility of using the IFRS provisions for business transactions within the framework of the leasing contract.

    pdf 76-81.pdf  (86 Kb)

  • Pazderova V.Yu., Tkhagapso R.A., Khot F.T.
    Financial lease (leasing): current status and perspectives of the Russian accounting practices modelling

    Lease relations play quite a significant role in the property relations of many Russian enterprises. At the same time, along with traditional rental services in recent years, new forms continue to develop, and first of all, leasing. This paper estimates the current state and prospects of development of the leasing market in Russia. The authors consider institutional framework leasing operations as well as determine their potential as a basis for building a national system of accounting of leasing operations in accordance with IFRS.

    pdf 82-87.pdf  (84 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • Khimicheva V.S.
    Evolutionary dynamics and bifurcations of development trajectories of rural consumer cooperation on the Don

    The paper considers the evolution of the rural consumer cooperation on the Don since 1937 to the present day. Evolutionary retrospective analysis of tendencies of development of the rural consumer cooperation reveals bifurcation point of the historical trend of its dynamics on the two different trajectories: the consumer societies and the agricultural consumer cooperatives.

    pdf 88-95.pdf  (100 Kb)

    The Theory and Practice of Business
  • Adamenko A.A.
    Assessment of improvement opportunities of the institutional environment regulation of the Southern macro-region addressed to small and medium businesses

    The paper discusses the improvement of the institutional environment rules. They contribute to the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Southern macro-region. The analysis, carried out by the research, demonstrates the informal component growth of the regional institutional contour. It gives an idea of its non-fulfillment by necessary institutions. As a result it leads to corruption strengthening and the clannishness that influence on functioning of small and medium businesses. Other factors that prevent from the successful business conducting are low availability of personnel, high taxes, low availability of finance, and so on. The author substantiates that in the context of the model growth changing it is necessary to form a mutual loyalty. It must be laid at the base of the formation of a partnership model interaction of small and medium-sized businesses and public authorities. The author offers to use the following main mechanisms for small and medium-sized businesses to participate in development and testing of new institutional rules of the Southern macro-region: regional as-sociations of market participants and the Council for the Development of the region.

    pdf 140-144.pdf  (668 Kb)

    Service Economy
  • Gorlova E.A., Eroyan A.E
    Peculiarities of work with citizens at the municipal level

    The paper deals with the peculiarities of the local authorities work with citizens, as well as the basic functions of the institute of citizens. The paper lists the regulations that are the basis for the work with citizens at the municipal level. The authors pay their attention to the subject of appeals of the district administration. The problems that citizens are turning to the local authorities have not changed over the past two years. People are mostly worried about the problem improvement, construction and repair of roads, the demolition of trees, of heating and gasification. The authors offer electronic doc-ument management in the activities of the administration to improve the work with citizens. They also represent a method that determines the performance indicators for local authorities in terms of improving the process of implementation of the powers of municipal employees to work with citizens. The introduction of electronic server «Civic Democrat», like «e-municipality» in other municipalities will help to facilitate the interaction of people with the municipal government the work of the Administration of Prikubansky district of Krasnodar.

    pdf 101-106.pdf  (1013 Kb)

  • EroyanA.E.
    Educational management system peculiarities at the regional level and the ways of its improvement

    The paper considers the peculiarities of education management at the regional level, based on the Krasnodar Territory. The author highlights the modernization of the regional education system and state support used in the process. The scientific article reveals a number of trends that have a negative impact on the results of educational activities in general after education management system analyzing at the regional level. One of the most important areas of implementation of the state education policy is to ensure the quality of Russian education at all levels. The effectiveness of the educational authorities and educational institutions is achieved by the provision of education services quality. The author discloses a discrepancy between the results of education and the needs of key customers and consumers of educational services. The paper proposes measures to improve the education sector management in the Krasnodar Territory, including the experience of the Kuban State Technological University to establish a university complex «University Tour», designed for students, pupils and teachers of the region.

    pdf 107-115.pdf  (853 Kb)

  • Ilyazova A.B., Ilyazova N.B.
    The interaction of the labor market and higher education in the Kyrgyz Republic (on the example of the Osh region)

    The scientific article discusses the current state of the labor market and the higher education sector in the Kyrgyz Republic as well as their interaction with the training according to the needs of the labor market. The authors represent the parameters of the labor market assessment, analysis of actual data on employment, on higher education institutions in the country as a whole and in the Osh region in particular. College graduates employment and a reduction in the unemployment rate of graduates is a major issue in the Kyrgyz Republic. The authors offer to conduct a survey of all stakeholders to universities: employers, professionals and professional education students as potential future employees.

    pdf 116-123.pdf  (498 Kb)

  • Maksanova L.B-Zh., Dagdanova S.Zh.
    Theoretical foundations and practical approaches to the definition of the «tourism infrastructure» concept

    The paper presents the comparative analysis of the contemporary interpretations of the definition of concept «tourism infrastructure». The authors pay their special attention to critical points of the role of infrastructure facilities in tourism development. They determine the necessity of more precise service infrastructure classification on the integrated approach to the tourism development in the framework of the Federal target program «Development of the domestic tourism in the Russian Federation 2011—2018»

    pdf 124-132.pdf  (364 Kb)

  • Popkova E.G., Shakhovskaya L.S., Pozdnyakova U.A.
    Formation of entrepreneurial type of universities in the conditions of modern Russian economy modernization

    The authors designate preconditions for the formation of entrepreneurial type of universities in the modernization of the Russian economy. They define the concept and the basic characteristics of the type of entrepreneurial universities. The paper examines existing theoretical models of university of the entrepreneurial type as well as represents a conceptual model of the entrepreneurial university.

    pdf 133-139.pdf  (186 Kb)

    Taxes and the Taxation
  • Smirnova E.E.
    Prospects of tax control of individuals’ expenses

    The paper considers the expenses control organization of individuals in the Russian Federation, with regard to the established practice. It highlights the problems arising at implementation of tax control. The scientific article analyzes the possibilities of application of declaring of expenses of public servants by tax authorities. The author considers arbitration practice of tax control of expenses. The author represents a retrospective analysis of applica-tion of elements of control of expenses in the Russian Federation. The paper discloses innova-tions in the tax law that reveals the real income of individuals.

    pdf 157-166.pdf  (109 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • K.B. Komarov, S.A. Khazova

    The theoretical results of researches dedicated to modeling the human resource management system of the educational organization are given in this paper. Proceeding from tendencies in modernizing Russian education, the modeled system focuses on improvement of quality of educational services. In this context the leading characteristics of human resources of the educational organization and their management are identified. The tactical targets and problems of management meeting a strategic objective are formulated. The structural organization and an algorithm of human resource management of the educational organization are presented. Communications between individual and collective subjects of management are reflected. The hypothetically set criteria for effective management of human resources at the educational organization are given.

    pdf 15-22.pdf  (409 Kb)

  • Z.K. Kochkarova, A.A. Baychorova, F.M. Taushunaeva, Z.A. Batchaeva, V.A. Filonenko

    The paper shows the pedagogical potentialities of self-organization in formation of foreign language competence at students of higher education institution and conditions of their effective implementation in the course of foreign language training. The professional self-organization, being an indicator of a personal maturity, is shown to be closely accompanied by an autocompetence. Their interrelation is intensely displayed during the students’ practice-focused foreign language training at foreign language departments of higher education institutions. Considering pedagogical conditions of the related formation of an autocompetence and professional self-organization skills of future experts at a specialty grade level in the course of foreign language training the authors allocate a number of the actual areas of work at foreign language departments in the context of interdisciplinary approach.

    pdf 23-31.pdf  (274 Kb)

  • Z.K. Meretukova, A.R. Chinazirova

    The paper proves the need to purposefully train post-graduate students as potential (future) teachers of higher education institutions to the complex analysis of the attended and conducted lessons from the point of view of culturological and competence-based approaches to education. The authors define under what points of view it is necessary to carry out the analysis of lessons in order it be complex. The hypothesis of an effective solution of the problem and conditions of its realization are formulated, and the short description of a technique of the organization of the educational process directed to the solution of the specified problem is given.

    pdf 32-38.pdf  (155 Kb)

  • N.E. Strizhakova, D.A. Romanov

    The paper presents the method to diagnose the development of a behavioral component of language competence in student. The offered method of an integrative assessment of a behavioral component of foreign language competence not only considers its interrelation with an operational component (the lexicon and skills related to formation or translation of the foreign language text), but allows determination of the level of a maturity of the language personality. Integrative parameter offered by the authors in the present paper allows us to define personal experience of the individual in the activity related to learning a foreign language.

    pdf 39-44.pdf  (370 Kb)

  • Z.Yu. Tambieva, L.R. Urusova, V.A. Petkov

    The paper sheds new light on solution of the problem how to get the pedagogical interaction of the teacher and student more humanized in the course of foreign language training in higher education institution. Content of the principles is disclosed, following to which efficiency of humanization process of pedagogical interaction of subjects is provided. The publication shows the methods of activity of the teacher to introduce the humanization principles in training and to organize productive interaction at lessons. The authors describe the system of the pedagogical means and conditions providing success in implementation of the humanization principles in educational process of higher education institution.

    pdf 45-51.pdf  (226 Kb)

  • F.P. Khakunova, L.P. Reutova

    The paper offers the author's approach to solve the problem of formation of school students’ personal results in the course of learning the main educational program. Besides, the structure, criteria and levels of personal results of mastering the main educational program by pupils of the main general education institutions are offered. The developed methodological parameters will help teachers draw up programs for education.

    pdf 52-58.pdf  (204 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • M.A. Grinko

    The paper discloses the basic provisions of design technology of individual trajectories of foreign language training at pedagogical higher education institutions. The author scientifically substantiates the creation procedure of technology and considers in detail the content of design activity of the teacher at each stage of this process including an algorithm of operation performance. The offered integrated approach to the analysis, diagnostics, an assessment and ways of implementation of continuous tracking the obtained results has been realized in system of monitoring of a condition of foreign language training individualization at the pedagogical higher education institution.

    pdf 59-66.pdf  (228 Kb)

  • T.I. Kuznetsova, I.A. Kuznetsov

    The problem of developing the vocational teaching foreign language system based on subject language integration at the technological university in the country and abroad has been considered in the article involved; in those terms the question of forming and developing students’ communicative foreign language competence have been examined on the basis of the analysis of functioning of this system as well. The authors have represented the integration management as concerning the maintenance of the interdisciplinary information, as the ways of its mastering. The leading direction of developing the vocational teaching foreign language system focused on the subject language integration. A uniting link is the foreign language acting as the tool of mastering professional communications.

    pdf 67-73.pdf  (231 Kb)

  • L.V. Chistobaeva

    The paper is devoted to the search for the best ways to create a set of competences within the framework of the foreign language training of future engineers by means of the foreign language as an integral part of university professional training. The paper analyzes the problem of improving the educational process based on the construction of an individualized educational trajectory, using the new educational technologies to improve training and methodical, technical and information support of the educational process. It suggests an alternative way of language training through the introduction of digital educational resources. To achieve this goal the author makes an attempt to solve the problem of systematization of online educational resources, which contribute to the creation of the required set of competencies as well as to identify those which work best to optimize the process of foreign language training.

    pdf 74-79.pdf  (241 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • S.K. Bagadirova

    The work carries out theoretical analysis of methodological approaches to understanding the category of "goal" from ancient times to the present.

    pdf 80-89.pdf  (252 Kb)

  • E.S. Varetsa, N.V. Skiba

    The main feature of a young family is process of its formation. The matrimonial conflict is considered to be one of the types of disagreements which lead to a matrimonial dezaptation. The reasons for emergence of the intra family and external conflicts are various. The conflicts happen because of dissatisfaction of needs of spouses. It is possible to draw a conclusion that at the initial stage of the relations young married couples experienced some difficulties. Over time, all conflict situations begin to have other reasons and to lead to their constructive resolution. In order to prevent the family conflicts the authors recommend spouses to communicate more and try to speak about the requirements and discontents.

    pdf 90-96.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • O.V. Kireeva, A.N. Demin

    We analyze the concept of "personal default" and propose its working definition. Our purpose is to describe strategies of borrowers’ behavior in the situation of personal default. We use the classification of levels of subjectness of the personality in a situation of choice and components of the route model of overcoming unemployment for psychological assessments of borrowers’ behavior. Within the frameworks of empirical study we apply a qualitative-quantitative analysis of messages/records taken from online forum of debtors. We set out the psychological characteristics of the following manifestations of subjectness of the personality in a situation of a personal default: the transferred subjectness, the transferred-and-divided subjectness, the divided subjectness, the autonomous-and-divided subjectness, and autonomous subjectness. We formulate the hypothesis on correlation between the borrower’s behavior strategies in a situation of default and his/her personal psychological characteristics.

    pdf 97-106.pdf  (290 Kb)

  • E.A. Makarova, E.L. Makarova, E.A. Makhrina

    This paper examines practical aspects of research of the value - semantic attitude toward money. The structural components (motivational-cognitive component, emotional component and conative component) of value-semantic money attitude are revealed. An empirical analysis of value-semantic money attitude for male and female students is made.

    pdf 107-115.pdf  (231 Kb)

  • G.V. Tokmazov

    The paper analyzes the acmeological result of student research activity in the process of learning mathematics. A basic attention focuses on reconstructive research of the subject of training activities during the formation of the target generalized training and research activities. The study presents the results of acmeological development of students in the process of mastering the genetic relationship of educational and professional activities, peculiarities of its structure and form of existence in developing teaching methods.

    pdf 116-123.pdf  (274 Kb)

  • B.A. Yasko, M.G. Ostroushko

    The paper substantiates the relevance of search for organizational and psychological resources to develop managerial competence of "linear" managers of a multidisciplinary medical institution – department heads. Doctors - heads of departments - are shown to rely heavily on two types of individual styles of management decision-making ("implementing" and "situational") and on two types of organizational power (expert and charismatic). According to the results of the correlation analysis of the relationships of the identified types with the established predominant types of professional thinking, the conclusion is drawn that it is expedient to form two main areas of psychological impact. First – work with the representatives of "implementing" type, expert power, possessing mostly symbolic type of thinking. The second group consists of leaders focused on situational management, a charismatic type of power, which possess mainly humanitarian mindset and creativity.

    pdf 124-131.pdf  (473 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • R.V. Balba, G.A. Lundina, Yu.A. Dzhaubaev

    The paper describes the basic provisions of the concept of a physical recreation and mechanisms of its implementation in the course of teacher vocational training, as well as the principles of successful implementation of the concept. The content of the program of the physical recreation of future teachers is disclosed from a position of competence-based approach. Mechanisms of implementation of the concept in the conditions of the recreational environment of higher education institution are shown. The organizational and pedagogical conditions providing efficiency of the author's concept are presented.

    pdf 132-137.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • A.V. Vodolazsky, S.A. Khazova, S.N. Begidova

    The paper discusses professionally important personal qualities of police officers united in the category "ability to harmonious joint actions". Key factors of formation of this ability (external and internal) are presented. Potentialities of physical training to form this ability at cadets of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are theoretically substantiated. The content of physical training promoting formation of ability to harmonious joint actions is hypothetically determined. In this aspect the attention is focused on sports, in particular, the educational potential of football playing is characterized. In conclusion, the direction and framework of the next research focused on development of a technique of formation at cadets of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of ability to harmonious joint actions in the course of playing football are outlined.

    pdf 138-144.pdf  (221 Kb)

  • I.V. Tarabrina

    The basic idea of this writing is a competent distribution of loading to evaluate the integrated control of physical readiness of the young Greco-Roman wrestling athletes and the construction of the training process to design and develop the power of such qualities of young wrestlers as speed and strength, agility and endurance. Each set of exercises promotes development of variable, maximum, moderate, high, submaximal and maximal capacity of each of these qualities by cyclic and acyclic loads. Researches were conducted on the basis of the State Budget Professional Educational Institution of Moscow City "College of Physical Culture and Sports "Sparta" of the Department of Physical Culture and Sport” in Moscow and during training camps. For the integrated evaluation it is necessary to consider all the studied segments of the training process and competitive activity, as well as response to the competitive load, which is accompanied by an increase in heart rate, depending on the intensity of the muscular load in the young Greco-Roman wrestling athlete. A thorough study of the state of the most important autonomic functions of the body of the young Greco-Roman wrestling athlete can successfully be taken into account by coaches-teachers in the upcoming professional activity in youth sports schools. This will improve the efficiency of the training process as the main preliminary phase, taking into account the best state of the young athlete, during which special attention is paid to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the organism of Greco-Roman wrestlers. The result of this study is the overall selection of set of exercises to develop speed, agility, strength and endurance. However, in "Sparta", in order to plan training by macro- microcycles for young Greco-Roman wrestling athletes, the most personalized exercise program is selected and the load is calculated according to the anatomical and physiological condition of the young athlete. Individualization in training of highly skilled wrestlers plays an important role in the preparatory process.

    pdf 145-150.pdf  (897 Kb)

  • A.V. Shapovalov, I.K. Gunazhokov, S.A. Khazova, S.N. Begidova

    The paper is dedicated to the organization of health care activity of the educational institution. The work proves that it is necessary to search for new ways of the organization of a health care of younger school students. Key conditions of the health care organization of pedagogical process at school are defined. Potentialities of physical training in this activity are characterized. The main directions of making use of means of physical training to preserve school students’ health are given. Structural and content innovations in the organization of physical training of younger school students are offered.

    pdf 151-157.pdf  (201 Kb)

  • Blipashaova M.D., Shkhalakhova R.A.
    Features of word formation and word usage of names in historical works of T. Kerashev

    Features of word formation and word usage of names in literary works are considered. Objects of research are historical texts of works of the founder of the Adyghe art prose T. Kerashev (historical stories and the novel «Lonely Rider»). The purpose of this work is to reveal features of word formation and word usage in the writer’s language, and to define innovative word-formation means in the studied texts. Novelty of research lies in that we explore ways of word formation of names in literary works of one specific author for the first time, thereby establishing features of author’s style and his penmanship. In work, methods of the comparative, textual and culturological analysis of literary texts are used. The scientific and practical importance and relevance are defined by its character connected with novelty of the word-formation analysis of language of literary texts. The conclusion is drawn that word formation and word usage of names by T. Kerashev in the analyzed texts is original and unique. It is worthy of noting that the writer makes potential opportunities of word formation and word usage of the Adyghe language more active.

    pdf 15-20.pdf  (318 Kb)

  • Blipashaova M.D., Abregov A.N.
    Functioning of non-derivative and derivative lexemes of nouns in texts of T. Kerashev’s literary works

    The research explores functioning of non-derivative and derivative lexemes of nouns in literary texts of Tembot Kerashev’s works. The purpose is to examine the author’s art idiostyle by studying the ways of use of the lexical units of nouns. The practical importance of work is defined by its innovative character related to the contextual analysis of nouns in art texts of T. Kerashev which show the masterful approach of the writer to lexical richness of the Adyghe language. Scientific novelty of research lies in that the linguistic analysis of language of writers’ works is not sufficiently presented in the Adyghe linguistics. Therefore here an attempt is undertaken to make a certain contribution to further development of ways and forms of selection by the writer of those lexical units, coexisting in language, which allow the characteristic of heroes and the described phenomena to be brighter and more expressive. Relevance of this work is also caused by this circumstance. The following methods of the linguistic analysis are used: observation, description, identification and differentiation, component, contrasting, contextual and semantic. Research sources were texts of T. Kerashev’s literary works in the original language. The analysis of art texts makes a certain contribution to Adyghe language studies. The conclusion is drawn that there is a great variety of non-derivative and derivative lexemes of nouns in the Adyghe language, as well as how they work in literary texts of works of the talented Adyghe prose writer.

    pdf 21-25.pdf  (291 Kb)

  • Goryacheva E.D.
    The popular expressions in the phraseological system of language: structural and semantic aspects

    The work deals with the special status of popular expressions (PE) in the coordinates of phraseological system of language, determined, above all, by their relevance to specific authorship. The aim of the paper is to identify the structural and semantic features of PE, allowing them to be described, on the one hand, as linguocultural concept, and on the other, as a stylistic device, which has a high degree of expressiveness. Methodology of scientific research is determined by the object and the subject: Studies of PE are made from the standpoint of cognitive-semantic, linguistic, cultural and functional approaches. Scientific novelty and practical importance lie in establishing the parameters by which it is possible to give consistent description of PE, including in lexicographical practice. The analysis of language material reveals the following signs of PE: sustainability as a structural and semantic constancy, reproducibility, integrity, separability at all levels of language, imagery and expression, aphoristic charcter, wide usage, and the implementation of various stylistic features. Identification of these properties actualizes the characteristics of PE which are actively involved in the formation of precedent phenomena of specific linguistic culture and determine the dynamics of cross-cultural communication. General and distinctive features characteristic of PE and free syntactic structures are defined: the relevance of semantic and grammatical relations, as well as their isomorphic separability are integral attributes of considered units; the distinctive features are represented by constancy of composition and value of PE, and by their reproducibility.

    pdf 26-31.pdf  (312 Kb)

  • Gryaznova V.M.
    The phonetic system of the Cossacks-Nekrasovets’ dialect in the Stavropol Region

    The purpose of this article is to describe the specifics of the phonetic system of the insular dialect of old believers Cossacks Nekrasovets, who have lived in Turkey for more than 250 years. In 1962, they returned from Turkey to Russia and settled in the towns and villages of Stavropol Region. The work describes the specifics of vocalism, consonantism, and phonetic processes in the dialect in comparison with the nationwide literary language. Using the methods and techniques of structural method of analysis of linguistic units, the author comes to a conclusion that the insular dialect of old believers Cossacks Nekrasovets lacks certain consonants as independent sounds, some consonants are not used in typical positions, the opposition in hardness – softness of a number of consonants is unstable, and there are specific types of unstressed vocalism in pretonic and posttonic syllables after hard consonants. The scientific results of the research on the specifics of the phonetic system of the insular dialect of old believers Cossacks Nekrasovets are a contribution to the development of theoretical problems of dialectology.

    pdf 32-39.pdf  (323 Kb)

  • Guziekova S.M.
    Text as space representation of the author’s attitude to objective reality and its substantial factor

    A fiction text and an art picture of the world are considered from the point of view of the semantic-cognitive aspect of studying these linguistic phenomena. In this paper we make an attempt to represent the art concepts as main culture signs of the author’s activity. Using a set of various methods, including linguistic and conceptual analysis, as well as various hermeneutic techniques, we conclude that studying semantics of language signs promotes conceiving the ways of categorization and verbalization of the dominant meanings of creative minds. The verbalization of the concepts is realized by lexical, phraseological and syntactical means, the description of which helps to reveal cognitive features and criteria for modelling of the concepts. The theoretically and scientifically important is the conclusion that the modelling of the author’s mentality is related to the problem of understanding a conceptual complex in the fiction text. As a result we make a conclusion that the forming process of the concept is realized in culture and language sphere of the fiction text, and the words, realia, symbols etc. are its main signs. That’s why the given research contributes necessary information to philology, text theory, language person theory and concept theory.

    pdf 40-44.pdf  (323 Kb)

  • Manuelian A.G.
    Linguistic personality as a result of interaction of sociocultural factors

    The aim of this article is to identify the linguistic means, which reflect piculiar outlook of linguistic personality at the definite historical stage. The author, using some elements of comparative, contextual and semantic methods of research, suggests the use of an integrated system approach (which is a modern approach with applied significance) to study the language of linguistic personality as the result of socio-cultural factors, the amount of ideas and a set of values and mental characteristics reflected in the language of the society at this cultural-historical stage. Nationally-valued orientations of the nation/person/linguistic personality (including the British) are produced by the interaction of different types of sociocultural mentality and ideological and political currents, which prevail in a given historical period. The ideas and values evolve with the change of ideas. A new ideological system predetermines a new hierarchy of values and the existence of different types of sociocultural mentality. The totality of these values makes the system of conceptually designed concepts, ideas and views on a social life and a special approach of interpreting the world, which is based on principles of positive orientation to these or those political events, processes and structures.

    pdf 45-51.pdf  (310 Kb)

  • Nechay Yu.P., Oleynik M.A.
    Language means of an explication of irony in literary texts of E.M. Remarque: linguo-pragmatic aspect

    The language of German writer E.M. Remarque’s fictional prose and its Russian translations is explored to disclose the problem of reflecting asymmetry between form and content as the case of incomplete coverage of the content plane by the expression plane. The purpose of the article is to reveal the mechanisms of creating irony and provide the analysis of language means of its expression in the texts under study. When processing the text material a set of complex procedures that include componential, contextual and comparative analyses is used. It turns out that irony is a meaningful conceptual category of a literary text, which allows the writer to convey his emotional and evaluative attitude to the reality described. The scientific and practical significance of this work is defined by its innovative character which is explained by the fact that the phenomenon of irony is still not sufficiently explored. It is even less studied on the material of E.M. Remarque’s fine literary texts. It is concluded that among the linguistic means used to express irony in the studied literary texts, the leading role in creation of implicit meanings belongs to lexico-semantic means, whose opportunities are extremely diverse.

    pdf 52-57.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • Nechay Yu.P., Tsepordey O.V.
    Specifics of qualitative assessment explication by comparative phraseological units (from language materials of the German literary prose and its Russian translations)

    Comparative phraseological units with a meaning of qualitative assessment are considered basing on language material of German literary works. Comparative phraseological units are one of the means of expressive characteristic and emotional evaluation of the characters and their relationships. They contribute to the implementation of a number of important illocutionary intentions of the speaker. Their transformation variants in Russian translations are also analyzed. The goal of the article is to examine the phraseological meanings formed on the basis of the change of the meaning of the whole complex of phrases rather than of separate components in the phrase and to identify features of phrases containing idioms. When processing text material the complex technique including a component, contextual, comparative and textual analyses was used. It is inferred that the first component - adjective - of the most German comparative phraseological units retains its direct meaning, and the second component can be subjected to full or partial reconsideration.

    pdf 58-64.pdf  (321 Kb)

  • Olyanich A.V., Rylschikova L.M.
    Figurative and value characteristics of the concept of «future (time)» through the eyes of the subjects of modern agricultural education: results of linguo-semiotic survey

    The aim of this paper is to identify figurative and value characteristics shaping the concept of «the future (time)» in the sci-fi discourse using informants survey, as that is the subject of agricultural education – students, graduate students and faculty of agricultural high school. The answers of the respondents identify the science-fiction category with the status of lingua-kreatems, i.e. the language / speech units produced as a result of the creative speech activity. Lingua-kreatems may stand for a word, phrase, sentence, piece of text (especially complex syntactic taken as a whole). Respondents have provided images of the distant future and presented their assessment of values which can serve as signs of evaluation processes that will occur in the distant future. The article also presents the results of the survey giving an idea of the rise of future needs and verbalization of technological innovation, which can be expected in the distant future. In general, the article presents the respondents’ reactions to the social, institutional and technocratic innovations that can make a big difference in semio-linguistic content of science fiction discourse.

    pdf 65-72.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • Paramonova M.G.
    Role of an article and its emotional - distinguishing function in an advertising discourse (from materials of English and German languages)

    We consider the emotional functioning of articles in the discourse of advertising in English and German. The purpose of this work is to consider the emotional - distinguishing function of the article, as well as its role in the discourse of advertising. In addition, attention is paid to varying degrees of distinguishing when used in the text of a particular article. The practical significance of the work lies in the use of findings in textbooks, which can be used in training professionals working in the global «English speaking» international companies. Scientific novelty of the research is determined by the further development of the theory of the article in the English and German languages as part of emotional deixis, which is relevant. The method of categorical - functional analysis is used. The research sources were the texts of literary works, Bible text, advertising texts and advertising slogans in English and German. The notion of emotional – distinguishing function of the article is introduced in the advertising texts demonstrating the special role of article. The conclusion is drawn that the articles can significantly affect the interpretation («sound») of advertising text as a whole and advertising slogans, that should certainly be taken into account while translating and interpreting them.

    pdf 73-77.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Temirova D.B.
    Conceptual - thematic classification of terms of subject domain «Cosmetology» (from materials of the Russian and English languages)

    The paper sheds light on features of formation and development of subject domain «Cosmetology» and its term framework in the Russian and English languages, which is relevant since this area of medicine is a new one. The main question under study is identification of formation of term system of cosmetology that is theoretically extremely important for science. Terminological units of cosmetology are classified by subject groups with the help of the lexicographic analysis. Methods of observation, comparison, generalization and semantic identification are used. Scientific novelty lies in identification of the general principles of formation of cosmetological terminology in the Russian and English languages. The practical importance is explained by the fact that materials and results can be used in teaching courses on a lexicology, terminology and lexicography. The analysis of practical material allowed us to draw a conclusion that the quantity of the allocated subject groups and cognitive representation of carriers of both languages in the Russian and English languages coincide.

    pdf 78-83.pdf  (302 Kb)

  • Tlehatuk S.R.
    Worldview and subject domain: the peculiarity of functional-pragmatic and cognitive representations

    The interrelation of such terminological concepts as the worldview, image of the world, linguistic picture of the world is investigated. The purpose of the paper is to identify the key functions and properties of these phenomena. The correlation of these concepts with subject domain of scientific research is considered. The practical and scientific importance of work is defined by presentation of the theoretical points of view on specifics and characteristics of the specified concepts, which is relevant. The following methods of the linguistic analysis are used: observation, description, differentiation and contextual method. The paper discloses features of the use and perception of the concepts of the world picture, an image of the world and a linguistic picture of the world. The theoretical points of view on specifics of the use and the characteristic of these concepts are reviewed. The sources of research are the opinions and the points of view of linguists, philologists and other researchers presented in various sources. In turn, this study makes a certain contribution to comparative and typological researches. The author ascertains that the concept of worldview is one of the basic concepts of the anthropological linguistics that examines language in close connection with consciousness, thinking of a human, his spiritual life and all the cognitive processes.

    pdf 84-89.pdf  (297 Kb)

  • Khutyz I.P.
    Multimodality of academic discourse as the prerequisite for its communicative success

    The paper explores general characteristics of multimodal discourse as well as the specifics of multimodality in academic discourse. Therefore, the object of the research is the semiotic systems that are interacting simultaneously and transmitting information under the influence of communicative traditions of a society. The aim of the paper is to describe the multimodality phenomenon in academic discourse, in its written and oral representation. The results of the analysis of the use of information channels (auditory, visual, etc.) in academic setting, presented here, are descriptive in its nature and obtained by means of the methods of scientific knowledge: analysis and synthesis, observation, and explanation. The combination of these methods allows us to concentrate on various aspects of interaction of semiotic systems during the information transfer. As a result, a conclusion is made that multimodality is a natural feature of communication. Using lecture discourse – one of the most important genres in academic communication – as an example, we try to prove that it is essential for academic discourse to incorporate elements of several semiotic systems (modalities) in order to achieve its communicative aims. Admitting that multimodality of academic discourse makes it natural, effective and interesting stimulates us to reconsider the existing approaches to its construction and use.

    pdf 90-95.pdf  (303 Kb)

  • Shevatlokhova E.D., Kopot L.V.
    Attractive function of an epithet in names of rose varieties

    The comparative analysis of metaphorical models of rose variety names is carried out taking into account their impact on potential buyers. A research objective is to show a role of the attractive epithet creating not only the original, unique, memorable image of an advertising product, but also implementing functions of the peculiar means of expression, as well as to give material for further research of the semantic phenomena in the field of adjectives. Some linguo-semantic functions of epithets are defined and described. The conclusion is made about features of semantics of an epithet in similar names. Scientific novelty lies in that we use for research the material which was earlier not exposed to research and which represents a certain interest for the linguist. In the analysis of practical material we used methods of linguistic observation, classification, and comparative and descriptive methods which allowed us to track the process of filling of attractive lexicon with new figurative meanings. The research is important for practice since its results can be used when studying the modern linguistic phenomena, opportunities of metaphorical use of adjectives, as well as when studying the means of expression which are used in advertising texts.

    pdf 96-100.pdf  (296 Kb)

  • Shevatlokhova E.D., Sokur E.N.
    Features of metaphorical word formation in modern sports lexicon

    An analysis is made of metaphorical models of modern sports lexicon and phraseological units taking into account their impact on audience. A research objective is to show features of metaphorical word formation in modern sports lexicon by using the analysis of new sports lexicon, as well as to show ability of lexicon to fill the word with new senses and expand its meaning, and to provide material for further researches of the semantic phenomena. The conclusion is drawn about specifics of a metaforization in a sports discourse. Some linguo-semantic functions of a metaphor are defined and described. Scientific novelty lies in that we used the material which was not exposed to the similar analysis. In the analysis of practical material, methods of linguistic observation and a descriptive method, which allowed us to track a process of filling semantics of the word with new figurative meanings, were used. The research is important for practice since its results can be used when studying the modern linguistic phenomena, opportunities of metaphorical word formation, as well as when drawing up dictionaries of new lexicon.

    pdf 101-104.pdf  (270 Kb)

  • Eldarova R.A.
    Metaphor as a way to save language means in «person-nature» linguocultural space

    The metaphor is examined as a way of giving a meaning to objects of reality, and in practice, as modeling of association between new and the unknown fixed in linguocultural space. The aim of this paper is to explore the ontologic status of conceptual mission of a metaphor which lies in establishment of analogies for simplification of individual’s interpretive practices in knowledge of the world. The practical importance of work is defined by its innovative character representing modeling of interaction of two conceptual areas in which the new knowledge is formed and explicits mutual determinancy in a language – thinking – culture triad. Scientific novelty of research lies in possibility of a metaphor to act as a unique way of representation and structuring information, an objectivization of mental processes in language and one of the main ways of producing new knowledge. This circumstance is also a cause of relevance of the chosen problem. The following methods of the linguistic analysis are used: oservation, description, identification and differentiation, and component and semantic methods. Research of a metaphor as the linguistic image capable to produce new meanings by means of analogies, explanations and interpretation of one object through another is significant since it introduces a certain contribution not only to the theory of language, but also to Caucasus studies. It is inferred that important components of language and conceptual pictures of the world can be presented through the metaphorical description of basic symbols and myths.

    pdf 105-109.pdf  (293 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • Panesh U.M., Sokolova G.V.
    Typological relations of the Adyghe story of the 1920s – 1930s on a modern subject with the Russian literature

    The paper sheds light on artistic esthetic affinity of the Adyghe literatures in the 1920s – 1930s and their relationship with the Soviet literature. The unity of their problem basis, as well as typological relations with the Russian prose in interpretation of the personality, the choice of the hero and the genre and style manner are noted. Thus, the purpose of this research is to designate an originality of prose of the Adyghe newly-formed literatures by using an example of development of the story genre considered in the context of domestic art of the word. In the first works of Kh. Teunov, T. Kerashev and M. Dyshekov we see such feature of the first period of development of the Adyghe literatures as the esthetics of extreme contrasts transferred from journalism to literature. Authors at the same time seek to reveal and show lines of revolutionary reality, the essential traits of an image of the new person and to present thus the complete image of the specific literary character. Relevance of this subject is caused by need of the analysis of development of separate national literatures in the context of formation of the common Russian culture. The comparative and typological method and the literary analysis are used. It is inferred that the Adyghe story of the 1920s – 1930s has developed such problem, structural and style lines, which have created typological features of the initial stage of development of national literatures.

    pdf 110-118.pdf  (324 Kb)

  • Stepanova T.M., Autleva F.A.
    Transformation of a genre and mytheme of laziness, rest and dream in «The legend of Sleepy Hollow» by W. Irving

    This paper focuses on examination of features of transformation of the legend genre in Washington Irving’s creativity by using the materials of «The Legend of Sleepy Hollow» and a cycle of short stories «Alhambra», as well as the analysis of methods of disclosure of archetypes and mythemes of laziness, rest and dream as symbols, on the one hand, of slackness, regularity and lack of intensity of existence, on the other, – of a dream as the satellite of imaginings in this work in the context of other compositions of Washington Irving. Objectives of this paper include research of the imitation of documentary and publicistic style, characteristic also of book travelogues «Alhambra»; prevalence of oral tradition in structure of the text, colloquial lexicon, features of lyrical-romantic, partly idyllic chronotope of work, and elements of lyrical autobiographism. The methodology is defined by a set of comparative-historical, culturological and textual approaches connected with attention of the author to such feature of folklore as variability, as well as existence of the expressed intertext shown in the reminiscences and hints, in particular, related to Doctor Faust’s figure; the facts of mystic-allegorical manifestation in work of archaic folklore and ethnographic representations, traditions and customs; and irony as the latent form of humor, the most suitable form of ridiculing of superstitions, primitive nature of mass consciousness. The conclusion is drawn about relevance of an antithesis of the rational and irrational, characteristic of the book, about Washington Irving’s concept on preservation of the original cultural heritage, traditional national culture as dichotomy of two considerable tendencies – globalization and anti-globalization, which define scientific and practical importance of research.

    pdf 119-124.pdf  (321 Kb)

  • Kuyek A.S.
    Reflection of the motive of horsemanship in mythic poetics and in the feudal epos of the Adyghes

    The motive of the Adyghe horsemanship culture is considered. The purpose of work is to identify the motive of a horsemanship in the Nart legends and legends of the feudal epos. The practical importance of work is defined by its innovative character connected with the comparative analysis of folklore works, as well as field materials, collected by the author among the Adyghe diaspora abroad. Scientific novelty of research is that in the Adyghe folklore studies the institute of horsemanship culture of the Adyghes with its profound studying in Nart society is insufficiently fully presented that has caused relevance of the chosen subject. It is shown that long time ago, since the Nart times, the Adyghes, paid great attention to physical improvement of an individual and his spiritual development. The publication describes the formation of the horseman since small years up to maturity, as well as physical, psychological and spiritual components of the leader of horsemen. Also the research shows the mechanisms of impact of mentality of Adyghe society on formation of the knightly image of the horseman. Methods of the comparative analysis of various folklore works which have become research sources are used. The similar analysis makes a certain contribution to studying not only the horsemanship culture of the Adyghes, but also formation of knightly etiquette – one of the aspects making Adyghe khabze. It is established that the ideas of horsemanship culture in the context of an ethnic mental world vision are important for research of the whole Adyghe culture and its folklore heritage.

    pdf 125-131.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • Shkhabatseva M.A.
    Epithet in the Adyghe lullabies

    Art and style features of the Adyghe lullabies are examined in order to allocate and analyze an epithet as an esthetically meaningful attribute. The epithet has been well studied by the Adyghe scientists. However this study investigates the epithet for the first time within maternal folklore and therefore is relevant. The scientific and practical importance of this work is that the set of earlier unstudied texts of lullabies is introduced in scientific circulation, and wide-ranging studies are carried out on the typology and functions of esthetically meaningful attributes in these texts. Attention is focused on the constant epithets used as the address to the child. Simple, complex and compound epithets are identified on formal grounds, and metaphorical, metaphoric-hyperbolic and hyperbolic groups are allocated on the semantic-esthetic basis. Parts of speech are recognized, by means of which the compound epithets, forming the greatest group in the studied texts, are expressed. It is emphasized that tirade formulas of epithets are used to artistically characterize the ideal hero of the Adyghe lullabies. Structural-typological and semantic-stylistic methods of research are applied. The author comes to a conclusion that the epithet is the most common art means of lullabies. Of great interest are the comprehensive epithet constructions complicated by a metaphor, a hyperbole and comparison.

    pdf 132-136.pdf  (299 Kb)

  • Beshukova F.B., Khatkova I.N.
    Role of mass consciousness stereotypes and archetypes in advertising communication

    Basing on the leading theories of a modern advertising science, we analyze mechanisms of creating an effective advertising image, first of all, with the use of stereotypes and archetypes. The aim of work is, first, to define a role of stereotypes in the consumer’s behavior in terms of social, cultural and psychological motives of purchaser’s reaction; and second, to detect importance of archetypical images for creation of an effective advertising message. The above mentioned aspects of research are of interest to advertising science in the conditions of formation of the domestic theory of advertising and fundamental changes of the Russian social and economic picture. Identification of a role of stereotypes and archetypes has practical value for creation of an effective advertising image: the case advertising images, created on the basis of archetypical models, are provided to illustrate the theoretical provisions of article. Methodological bases of work are modern media science theories, researches in the field of the consumer’s psychology, and the theories of psychoanalysis and sociology of advertising, namely: I.V. Groshev, V.V. Uchenova, A.V. Ovrutsky, U. Lippman, G. Schulze, and K. Jung’s concepts. On the basis of representative theoretical and practical calculations the conclusion is drawn that stereotypes and archetypes of individual and mass consciousness play a key role in advertising communication.

    pdf 137-144.pdf  (332 Kb)

  • Khazhgerieva A.A.
    Branding of the region as an info-communicative forming component of the Adyghea image in the Russian information space

    The paper discusses the media technologies to form the image of the Adyghea Republic. The purpose of this work is to study the components forming and making positive image of the region, the latest methods and tools of its formation. The practical importance lies in its survey and analytical character revealing priority ways of formation of positive image of the region in information space. Scientific novelty of research is that the brand of the Adyghea Republic is not presented as a forming component of the image of the region in the Russian information space. Therefore an attempt is undertaken to make a certain contribution to further development of ways of formation of positive image of the Republic and strategy of development of a brand of the region. This will allow more effective presentation of an image of the region in information space. Relevance of this work is also related to this circumstance. We use the analysis, supervision, the description and identification of the concept of creation of the region attractiveness by means of PR technology – regional branding. A source of research included the images of the Adyghea Republic covered in mass media in the Russian information space. The conclusion is drawn that it is possible to form a positive image of the region, its economic and investment attractiveness by means of variety of traditional and creative tools, technologies of development and positioning in information space.

    pdf 145-149.pdf  (293 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • Kazakova N.Yu.
    The principles of aspect design to achieve «a stream state» in a game design

    This research explores features of the «stream state» arising within game activity which is intensely used to increase attractiveness of game projects in a game design. The aim of this paper is to describe this phenomenon, which is manifestation of higher nervous activity, in detail and comprehensively. Its understanding promotes disclosing the deep mechanisms which are the cornerstone of game behavior. The scientific importance of studying a stream state in the context of design culture is an understanding of the factors which are responsible for full immersion of the user in virtual medium of computer and video games. The practical importance of research lies in possibility of elaboration of innovative approaches to create the game projects meeting expectations and preferences of target audience. On the basis of the numerous researches conducted by leading experts in the sphere of ludology, digital design and a game industry, we reveal and analyze the purposes pursued by players beginning a game and the dependence between process of their realization and immersion in the stream state. One of the main conclusions is identification and systematization of the factors promoting achievement of a stream state that can optimize the development of the new game projects including the artistic and processing methods aimed at formation of the play experience which is most positively perceived by users. From the practical viewpoint, results of this research covering area of an art esthetics, psychology and information technologies can be applied when developing domestic video and computer games, as well as games to mobile devices, whose technological, esthetic and consumer properties will provide the worthy competition to foreign analogs.

    pdf 150-156.pdf  (377 Kb)

  • Kuyek M.G.
    Semantics of solar symbols in art metal of the Adyghes

    The solar symbolics is explored in the context of archaism of images of fine arts and arts and crafts of the Northwest Caucasus. Objects of research are works of art metal from archaeological monuments of the different historical periods, semantics of solar symbols, and pagan cults of the Adyghes. The purpose of research is to explore the images reflecting richness of symbolics of ornamental and decorative motives, caused by development of archaic mythological and art structures of knowledge of the world, pagan cults and religious views. We used the method of comparative and typological research and the semantic method for identification of symbolical loading of a decor. It is noted that the sacral in ornamental art of the Adyghes is translated and fixed by the initial motives reflecting a solar cult in solar, zoomorphic and anthropological symbols. Relevance of work is defined by comparison of symbolical value of elements of a decor on works of decorative art, allowing us to reveal ways of continuity and to designate fundamental categories of cosmological representations which can be designated as archaic.

    pdf 157-162.pdf  (299 Kb)

  • V.L. Primakov
    The focus is interethnic intensity (Review of the monograph of group of authors "Ethnosocial Processes: Regional Measurement” / Chief Editor R.D. Khunagov; Eds. A.Yu. Shadzhe, S. A. Lyausheva. – Maikop: Kachestvo, 2015. – 162 pp.)

    In the review, the author makes an analysis and judgment of the conclusions stated on pages of the collective monograph "Ethnosocial Processes: Regional Measurement". Importance of interdisciplinary studying, the analysis and an assessment of interethnic intensity as most important indicator of a condition of ethnocultural processes is emphasized. The review rises the questions connected with further empirical studying and assessment of this important phenomenon.

    pdf 188-194.pdf  (177 Kb)

    Biological Sciences
  • Tatarkova E.A., Tuguz A.R., Tsikunib A.A., Rudenko K.A., Muzhenya D.V., Smolkov I.V., Shumilov D.S.
    Influence of polymorphic folate gene variants on process of early pregnancy interruption at inhabitants of Adyghea Republic

    For the first time a frequency distribution of alleles and genotypes of folate gene polymorphisms (MTHFR 677 C>T, MTHFR 1298 A>C, MTR 2756 A>G, ÌÒRR 66 A>G) is defined for inhabitants of Adyghea Republic, as well as the predictor importance of SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms – single nucleotide replacements) of folate cycle genes at threat of pregnancy interruption in the first trimester is analyzed. A threat of pregnancy interruption in the first trimester at inhabitants of Adyghea Republic is associated with A66 allele (χ2=6,88; Ð=0,009; OR=3.98) and heterozygotic genotype of A66G gene of MTRR which increases 6 times risk of development of pathology (χ2=11,22; Ð=0,004; OR=6,15). “Normal” A66 allele of MTRR gene at the Russian women is related to threat of early pregnancy interruption (χ2=5,54; Ð=0,02; OR=4.72). The disturbances in the course of pregnancy at Adyghes, unlike the Russian women, are associated with “normal” C677 allele (χ2=6,32; Ð=0,01; OR=9.4) and C677C of MTHFR gene genotype (χ2=6.65; Ð=0,04; OR=19,3).

    pdf 33-41.pdf  (330 Kb)

  • Sirotyuk E.A., Gunina G.N.
    Intraspecific variability of Convallaria transcaucasica Utkin ex Grossh. in the foothill woods of Adyghea

    An analysis is made of intraspecific variability of morphological features of Convallaria Transcaucasica in the oak woods of Adyghea Republic. Variability of the most part of morphological parameters of species is shown to be of mean and high levels. More changeable are signs of the generative sphere. The highest level of variability of the Transcaucasian lily of the valley is noted in fresh hornbeam-oak and beechen-hornbeam-oak plantings on gray forest soils where conditions are optimum for it.

    pdf 42-54.pdf  (402 Kb)

  • Trishin A.S., Berdichevskaya E.M.
    Stabilographic training simulators in the assessment of specific skills of postural coordination at qualified basketball players

    The paper presents a comparative analysis of successful implementation of arbitrary control of the vertical posture of skilled basketball players and young men who do not practice in the chosen sport. Basketball players, at the expense of the productive use of visual information, against the background of minimal oscillations of the center of pressure of own body, showed a more efficient implementation of arbitrary postural control compared to untrained boys.

    pdf 55-59.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Arakhova F.M., Pshikova O.V., Shaov M.T.
    Control of level of adaptive capacity and carbon dioxide in the human body using modulated impulse hypoxia “Sfigmoton”

    We have studied the dynamics of the adaptive capacity of an organism and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the arterial blood under the influence of technology “Sfigmoton” – impulse-frequency signals of pulse of person naturally adapted to the impulse hypoxia. The results of the study show that under the influence of the tested signal, there is an increase of the adaptive capacity of the organism, as evidenced by a significant decrease of adaptive capacity from the level of “stress adaptation mechanisms” to a “satisfactory adaptation” level. During the experiment we also observed the increase and stabilization of carbon dioxide levels in the organism, which in turn points to an increase in the degree of blood supply to vital organs that is of great importance in the conditions of high mountain hypoxia. Data, obtained as af-tereffect, evidence a prolonging impact of studied frequency of the modulated pulse and its high efficiency.

    pdf 60-64.pdf  (306 Kb)

  • Temiraev R.B., Vityuk L.A., Ktsoeva I.I., Utizhev A.Z., Buglenko G.A., Khagur M.N.
    Use of adsorbents in feeding broiler chickens to improve digestive and intermediate metabolism

    The purpose of research is to study the influence of adsorbents of citrus pectin and toxfin on economically useful indicators of meat chickens and the processes of digestive and intermediate metabolism at heavy metal and aflatoxin B1 detoxification. The results of the experiment show that in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, to improve economically useful indicators and stimulate the digestive and intermediate metabolism of broiler chickens it is neces-sary to include adsorbents of citrus pectin at a rate of 200 g/t and toxfin in the dose of 2,000 g/t of forage in diets based on grains of barley, corn and soybeans with high levels of heavy metals and aflatoxin B1.

    pdf 65-69.pdf  (307 Kb)

  • Sirotyuk E.A., Ostapenko O.A.
    Conspectus of aquatic and coastal aquatic flora of Adyghea Republic

    The conducted researches supplement and concretize data on a taxonomical variety of aquatic and coastal aquatic flora of Adyghea Republic. The Conspectus contains information about 257 species of flowering plants from 46 families. To characterize species, the following data are provided: a geoelement, the biomorph, the floral ceno-element, the distribution in the Northwest Caucasus, ecological confinedness, a rarity, an endemism and some other data.

    pdf 70-82.pdf  (369 Kb)

  • Chelysheva S.Sh., Bukareva O.V.
    Influence of linear sources of pollution on a soil algoflora of roadside ecosystems in the neighborhood of the city of Maikop, Adyghea Republic

    We made a research to assess the influence of linear sources of pollution on a soil algoflora. Results of the chemical analysis of the soil on the content of heavy metals and acidity are given. Results of research demonstrate negative influence of linear sources of pollution on a specific variety of soil algae and formation of algosinuziya. Development of biological processes in soils, including formation and development of algoflora, is defined by intensity of anthropogenic influence that can be used for environmental monitoring of various soil ecosystems.

    pdf 83-88.pdf  (300 Kb)

  • Nagoeva M.A., Shaov M.T., Pshikova O.V.
    Dynamics of arterial pressure indicators under the influence of information signals of the Sfigmoton imprinting technology

    The paper deals with the electroacoustic signals of the pulse (Sfigmoton imprinting technology) adapted to Sfigmoton human impulse hypoxia to such indicators of arterial pressure as systolic, diastolic, pulse and average arterial pressure. As a result we observe a stabilization of the arterial pressure indicators, which points to positive changes in functional reserves of cardiovascular system of the person.

    pdf 89-93.pdf  (348 Kb)

  • Artemyeva V.V., Dyakova I.N., Bochkareva I.I.
    Morpho-anatomical analysis of Alchemillà orthotricha Rothm.

    The paper describes the morphological properties of Alchemilla orthotricha Rothm. growing in the moist subalpine meadows of the Lago-Naki plateau in the Northern Caucasus. The following biometric parameters are considered: the length, width and size of the leaf surface area, and the length of the petioles of basal and stem leaves. The level of variation of these properties in the plants that grow in identical ecological conditions is medium. The characteristic features of the plant’s anatomic structure, as well as of the leaf, the petiole, and the root are thoroughly discussed. The petiole of the basal leaf has three concentric vascular bundles. The results of the microchemical analyses are provided.

    pdf 94-98.pdf  (337 Kb)

  • Potapova E.V.
    Identification factors of environmental risks of urban areas covered by trees

    According to the results of field supervision over changes in the urban plot of land covered by trees the scheme of major factors of environmental risks is offered and the probability of their manifestation is calculated. It is noted that the greatest probability is characteristic of littering, and vulnerability – of the tree planted areas within a housing estate.

    pdf 99-102.pdf  (283 Kb)

  • Tkhagapsova G.G.
    On medical environmental monitoring of a state of health of the Adyghea Republic population

    The paper deals with the prospects of the new scientific direction in Adyghea – a medical environmental mapping. Historically the territory of Adyghea is endemic on a number of the diseases which are transferred by the transmission way. Change of a climatic and ecological situation in the region increases risks of emergence of transmissive infections. Creation of special services of the medical environmental mapping will allow us to respond to the arising epidemic situations in due time.

    pdf 103-106.pdf  (286 Kb)

  • Tlyachev V.B., Ushkho A.D., Ushkho D.S.
    The number of invariant lines of a class of polynomial vector fields

    It is proved that a -th order polynomial vector field having two specific invariant sets, each consisting of parallel invariant straight lines with different angular slopes and , respectively, has at even (odd) no more than ( ) invariant straight lines.

    pdf 11-16.pdf  (317 Kb)

  • Stash A.Kh.
    On discontinuity of lower zero and root frequencies on a set of third order linear homogeneous differential equations

    The continuity is studied in terms of uniform topology of lower full and vector zero and root frequencies on a set of third order linear homogeneous differential equations with the limited coefficients. Existence of points is established in which each of these functionals is not invariant relatively infinitesimal disturbances.

    pdf 17-24.pdf  (346 Kb)

  • Bayramukova Z.Kh., Kochkarov A.M., Khapaeva L.Kh.
    An algorithm for calculating the spectra for prefractal graphs with the full three-vertex primers with the non-crossed path old edges

    . In this paper, the problem of calculating the spectra of prefractal graphs, the old edges of which are not crossed on the path, was investigated for the first time. The recurrent formula was obtained for prefractal graph with the full three-vertex primer, which allows us to define the characteristic polynom and significantly simplify the spectrum calculation.

    pdf 25-32.pdf  (337 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Kizdermishov A.A., Kizdermishova S.Kh.
    On electronic services for submitting open environmentally significant information to citizens

    The paper studies the possibility of obtaining environmental information in electronic form on the Internet. A structured overview of electronic sources of environmental information is provided.

    pdf 107-112.pdf  (536 Kb)

  • Vlasenko À.V., Timchenko M.V., Dzoban P.I.
    Creation of neural network model by a method of the “neural network approximator” using the structured knowledge

    A neural network model was developed by using a method of the neural network approximator with application of the structured knowledge. Features and advantages of a method in which there is a live broadcast of all knowledge bases in expert systems are specified. The modern gradient algorithms implemented by the principle of the return distribution of a mistake to reduce training time are studied. All these algorithms possess one essential shortcoming, namely: the choice of primary point for optimization. In most cases of application of multilayer neural networks, a problem of the choice of primary point of optimization is not paid necessary attention. Therefore, the appropriated accidental value is given to all weights. The publication considers the creation of structure of a neural network on the basis of trees of decisions, including calculation of primary values of scales of bonds as the main part of process of development of the neural network. It is shown how the obtained positive values of scales of bonds of an untrained neural network accelerate the process of network training.

    pdf 113-119.pdf  (469 Kb)

  • Nalesnaya Ya.A., Ponimash Z.A.
    Price forecasting with using artificial neural networks

    What you need to predict the prices for? Of course, the first that comes to mind is for stock market games. It’s true. We can make decisions to buy or sell these goods knowing what prices will be and how they will behave in the future for a particular commodity / currency. Also the robot can make for us similar decisions, estimating risks. That will lead to successful stock market game with small extent of participation of the user, or in general will exclude his participation. There are two questions that remain: how to predict the prices and how to estimate risks. In forecasting economics, approximation, classification, allocation of the hidden properties, objects, the phenomena, processes it is very effective to apply the artificial neural networks (ANN). Besides, ANN can solve problems where it is impossible or it is inefficient to use other methods. The main predetermining conditions of their use are ex-istence of «historical data», using which the neural network will be able to be trained. This paper considers the option of use of new means of forecasting — artificial neural networks.

    pdf 96-100.pdf  (1013 Kb)

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