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  • A.Yu. Amirkhanov
    Conceptual approaches to the study of spirituality

    The paper provides an analysis of concepts “spirit”, “spirituality”, “soul” and “sincerity”. The author investigates kinds, forms of display and types of the phenomenon of spirituality, gives definition and differentiates religious and scientific approaches.

    pdf amirkhanov2011_3.pdf  (198 Kb)

  • E.S. Kukva
    Formation of the Russian national identity: from discursive to social practices

    The paper discusses formation of Russian contemporary national identity. Ethnocultural and national identities are considered as a part and a whole, opened to each other. Practices produced by a discourse of national construction at nation-wide and regional levels are investigated through some aspects of state educational, cultural and media politics.

    pdf kukva2011_3.pdf  (168 Kb)

  • N.A. Khlyzova
    The idea of “human world” as the image of reality

    The paper discusses functioning of the term “human world” in philosophy, history, social studies, theoretical and empirical cognition. The author pays attention on the absence of clear concept of “human world” phenomenon among the scientific representatives. The paper presents the analysis of different conceptions of studying this phenomenon in philosophy and other social studies. An attempt is undertaken to uncover the idea of “human world” from the point of view of dialectical methodological tradition, i.e. as the image of reality.

    pdf khlyzova2011_3.pdf  (171 Kb)

  • Yu.G. Gryaznova
    Conflictogenity of interaction between generations in the culture of Russian modern society

    The paper discusses tense relations between generations, acquiring a conflict character in the conditions of Russian social transitivity. There is direct evidence of a generation break, reflecting a gap in historical development.

    pdf gryaznova2011_3.pdf  (120 Kb)

  • V.A. Zaichenko
    The interaction of tradition and innovation in conditions of technoevolution

    The paper discloses specificity of technoevolutionary processes the basic mechanism of which is the cyclic interaction of tradition and innovation. The problem related to regulation and forecasting technoevolution is staticized.

    pdf zaichenko2011_3.pdf  (139 Kb)

  • A.M. Leshchenko
    Multifunctionality of network communications in a modern society

    The paper provides an analysis of function specificity of network communication in the modern society, caused by users’ motivation. It is inferred that the network communication is multifunctional, therefore it has manipulational and administrative properties.

    pdf leshchenko2011_3.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • R.Yu. Kortoev
    The American-Iranian relations during the administration of U.S. President B. Clinton (1993 - 2001)

    The American-Iranian relations during the administration of US P:resident B.Clinton (1993 – 2001) can be divided conditionally into two chronological stages. The first stage (1993 – 1997) is characterized by a policy of strengthening and expansion of investment sanctions of the United States concerning Iran. The second stage (1997 – 2001) is the time of the second administration of B.Clinton. In this period Washington has taken the unprecedented steps to improve relations with Teheran, in particular the American trade sanctions for food and medicines against Iran have been weakened. To restore stable relations between Washington and Teheran, it was necessary for Iran to stop to support and sponsor the international terrorism and extremist organizations, to refuse to undertake attempts of sabotage directed on preventing peaceful settlement of the Arabic-Israeli conflict etc.

    pdf kortoev2011_3.pdf  (149 Kb)

  • R.A.Tleptsok
    Agrarian transformations of the 1860s in the North-West Caucasus

    The paper examines the process of preparation and realization of agrarian transformations of the 1860s in the Northwest Caucasus. Special attention is paid to various legislative initiatives of the Caucasian administration, for various reasons, not exposed to the accented research attention.

    pdf tleptsok2011_3.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • S.A. Kropachev
    The 1937 – 1938 Soviet propagation about scales of mass political repressions

    The paper discusses influence of the Soviet propagation on moral and political atmosphere of a society in years of “the big terror”, which appears through eyes of its customers, ideologists and victims. The author shows scales of political repressions, their displays and a consequence.

    pdf kropachev2011_3.pdf  (272 Kb)

  • Yu.D. Anchabadze
    Rural gathering in system of imperious relations in the Adyghe post-revolutionary aul (1920s)

    A traditional rural gathering continued to play an important role in system of the power organization in the Adyghe aul in the 1920s. It remained the main imperious instance which settled many collisions of local rural life and solved the most burning questions exciting each peasant. In mass consciousness, the decisions of the rural gathering were more legitimate than those of the Rural Council. Bolsheviks aspired to supervise the gathering activity, but with strengthening a totalitarian regime in the country the value of the gathering has been leveled.

    pdf anchabadze2011_3.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • O.A.Butova
    Role of the first naibs of Shamil Khadzhi Mohammed and Suleyman Efendi in political consolidation of the Western Circassia (1842-1846)

    The paper provides an analysis of the role of the first naibs of Shamil Khadzhi Mohammed and Suleyman Efendi in political consolidation of the Western Adyghes. It is underlined that the Khadzhi Mohammed's activity and Suleyman Efendi in the Western Circassia has objectively paved the way for the further reforming of a social system of the Adyghes on the basis of Sheriyat, though traditional cultural wealth was still strong in the Adyghe society. The author confirms that there were the objective factors complicating formation of the uniform political organization. Those are contradictions between the Adyghe subethnoses, absence of complete economic base and unwillingness of many Adyghes to limit a personal freedom, having obeyed to the power.

    pdf butova2011_3.pdf  (119 Kb)

  • S.A. Gorokhov
    Religious factor in the political life of modern India

    The paper is concerned with value determination of confessional component in modernization of Indian society. The influence of secularism and communalism’s principles on the country’s political system is considered in detail. Much attention is given to the analysis of parliamentary election campaign in 2009 in India.

    pdf gorokhov2011_3.pdf  (139 Kb)

  • S.A. Luguev, A.D. Elmurzaeva
    Mummers in wedding and other ritual practice of peoples of Daghestan in the 19th - early 20th century

    On the basis of the field ethnographic material new data are provided on the role of entertainers at weddings and public celebrations of peoples of Daghestan in the 19th - early 20th century.

    pdf luguev2011_3.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • M.V. Yanova
    On the history of reconstruction of the Kalmyk People’ Autonomy: as shown by the documents of Central Archives

    The paper discusses issues concerning restoration of the trampled rights of the Kalmyk people during the period of Stalin regime and the contemporary state of the mentioned problem in the modern historiography situation. The aim is to show a series of measures undertaken to restore the Kalmyk Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. On the basis of historical and legal analysis of normative legal sources the author reconstructs the historical events of the period under the analysis. The problems considered by the author belong to the urgent issues of history methodology. The author shows the disputability of this question as far as its legislation nature is concerned in the Soviet practice and theory. The task of the article is to show the historic process of the republic’s reconstruction in the light of the Soviet State’s ethnic policy.

    pdf yanova2011_3.pdf  (121 Kb)

  • L.S. Tsareva
    Dress in a female costume of the Cossack population of the New Line villages (the last quarter of the 19th century – 1920s)

    The paper provides the analysis of dress in a female costume of Cossacks using an example of a specific Cossack settlement. The analysis is made in a context of everyday life history, i.e. the branch of the historical knowledge studying a sphere of the ordinary human life. The author traces tendencies in changes of a female costume in connection with sociohistorical and cultural events of the Russian history.

    pdf tsareva2011_3.pdf  (208 Kb)

  • A.Yu. Chadje
    The Russian identity in a context of postnonclassical science

    The paper discusses the Russian national identity in a context of a modern, postnonclassical science. The author defines conceptual bases of strengthening the Russian identity in the North Caucasus and proves the supposition about coexistence of Russian national and ethnocultural identities. On the basis of the analysis of the unity and solidarity bases of the Russian multiethnic society and level of supranational identity in the conditions of globalization, it is inferred that it is necessary to preserve a set of national identities. The possible ways of strengthening the Russian identity are given.

    pdf chadje_a.yu_2011_3.pdf  (217 Kb)

  • Ya.Yu. Moroz
    Specificity of social-group identity of physically handicapped youth

    The paper describes the sociological research on structure of invalid’s identity and influence of sociocultural environment on the character of identity formation. The author arrives at a conclusion that group identity of young invalids, unlike healthy students, has a number of features displayed through social-psychological state of health which is less comfortable for invalids.

    pdf moroz2011_3.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • M.A. Mitrov
    Culture of a consumer society in Russia during the period of economic crisis: a regional aspect

    The paper addresses the culture of a consumer society in the conditions of social and economic crisis. Concepts of “consumer society” and “prestigious consumption” are considered. On the basis of data on sociological poll of the region population, the author analyzes perception of profoundness of an economic crisis, reveals features of change of consumer behavior in sphere of acquisition of the goods and services of a “prestigious” category and examines spiritual-moral aspects of consumption culture.

    pdf mitrov2011_3.pdf  (184 Kb)

  • A.A. Pshishok
    Youth culture in modern Russia: the functional-specific analysis

    The paper addresses theoretical questions related to genesis of youth subculture. The author singles out a special group of formation factors of youth currents, owing to which the identity is shaped, in addition to that which is dictated by traditional social institutes. The history of development of youth groups in the USSR / Russia as an alternative form of a social reality is examined in detail. Their classification is given, in which along with nonconformists the so-called “yappi” and “neoyappi” are distinguished. This phenomenon becomes more and more characteristic of the Russian modern society.

    pdf pshishok2011_3.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • I.A. Karataban
    Motivations and higher education accessibility in modern Russia

    The paper uncovers the basic motivations of getting higher education and a choice of leading trades as one of important stages of socialization of the person. The author uses results of sociological researches at both Russian and regional levels that allow him to reveal the topical issues and specificity of maintenance of a principle of higher education accessibility in a modern Russian society.

    pdf karataban2011_3.pdf  (154 Kb)

  • A.A. Fedoseyeva
    Bases of the prevention of youth subculture criminalization: search for the ideological content

    The paper examines problems related to criminalization of youth subculture and distribution of deviate and delinquent practices among minors. The author considers ideas of humanism as a social-philosophical basis for modern system of juvenile preventive maintenance and as an alternative of the criminal ideology, making direct impact on value stereotypes of the Russian youth.

    pdf fedoseyeva2011_3.pdf  (157 Kb)

  • R.R. Gomleshko
    Youth extremism in modern sociocultural space

    The paper discusses such socially-dangerous phenomena as extremism, nationalism and the xenophobia, posing the main threat for national safety of our state. The author describes tendencies of development of youth extremism as a certain kind of criminal activity and methods for struggle against it.

    pdf gomleshko2011_3.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • N.A. Shaozheva
    Value criteria for modern gender complexes

    The paper provides an analysis of modern forms of substrate female activities and examines modernization of gender base complexes and destructive changes in gender systems which lead to formation of special type of female social activity.

    pdf shaozheva2011_3.pdf  (147 Kb)

  • N.M. Grigorashchenko-Alieva
    Narcotism in system of behavior deviations at modern

    The paper provides an analysis of social-legal factors of development of such forms of deviate and delinquent behavior of minors as a drug addiction, alcoholism, etc. The author examines efficiency of the organization of institutional system of preventive measures against these phenomena, taking into account influence of economic and cultural tendencies in the Russian modern society.

    pdf grigorashchenko-alieva2011_3.pdf  (151 Kb)

  • I.A. Ivanov
    Information culture of local governments

    The paper discusses the role of information culture in activity of local governments. The author analyzes theoretical aspects of information culture and gives the results of sociological polls which have revealed insufficient level of informing the Stavropol population about the authorities’ activity.

    pdf ivanov2011_3.pdf  (147 Kb)

  • S.T. Chesebieva
    Physical training as the statement factor of student healthy way of life

    The paper discusses the important role of physical training for student health maintenance. The development of health care technologies has interdisciplinary character. The basic emphasis in this paper is made on sociological aspect of this pressing question. The phenomenon of health is characterized and its specificity is defined. Data on sociological poll of students are given as well.

    pdf chesebieva2011_3.pdf  (125 Kb)

  • R.V.Sokolov
    Preferences of young townspeople concerning residing areas

    The paper discusses preferences of young townspeople of an average Russian city concerning a residence as an aspect of spatial mobility. Results of sociological research of preferences of graduates of schools concerning areas of residing in Volzhsky are presented. The author distinguishes three ranks of areas with definite (high, medium, low) level of preference of residing in them.

    pdf sokolov2011_3.pdf  (323 Kb)

  • A.M. Chadje, A.V. Margiev
    On the right of Republics as subjects of the Russian Federation to establish the state languages

    The paper discusses realization of the right to establish the state languages by Republics of the Russian Federation. It is inferred that the use of the term “the state language” concerning languages of the title nations of Republics as subjects of the Russian Federation has a conditional character since Republics are not the states in classical sense of this concept. Most likely, other terms should be used, for example, “the official language”, “the office language”, “working language”.

    pdf chadje_a.m_2011_3.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • L.N. Burkova
    On fiduciary (confidential) character of civil legal relationships

    The paper deals with questions of confidential relations with regard to transactions. The basic features of confidential (fiduciary) relations are defined.

    pdf burkova2011_3.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • E.V. Khakhaleva
    Some questions related to determination of judicial defense facilities in administrative rule-making

    Serve of administrative lawsuit is realization of the right of a citizen for defense of his rights in the field of executive power. With its help he can appeal against administrative acts, as well as against actions (inaction) of executive power bodies or its public servants or persons who serve as a delegate of imperious plenary powers.

    pdf khakhaleva2011_3.pdf  (117 Kb)

  • G.N. Berezin
    Head’s skills and competencies on development of organizational culture in law-enforcement bodies

    To improve a system of administrative activity of law-enforcement bodies a set of measures should be taken, including actualization of problem of organizational culture. Formation of strong organizational culture assumes first of all positive changes in Head’s thinking and administrative activity. The author describes formal procedures and rules, individual decision-making and the control over its execution.

    pdf berezin2011_3.pdf  (166 Kb)

  • R.M. Pshidatok
    Preventive measures against deviant behavior of minors: the question theory

    In the paper, the author analyzes some theoretical approaches to treatment of deviant behavior of youth and teenagers. The work discusses also the basic concepts of a preventive policy of the state to decrease level of criminalization of the youth environment.

    pdf pshidatok2011_3.pdf  (122 Kb)

  • A.N. Levushkin
    Deprivation of the parental rights under the legislation of the Baltic States

    In the paper, the author analyzes the concept, the bases and an order of deprivation of the parental rights under the legislation of the Baltic States. The current legislation of the Baltic States uses the different legal concepts, compared to the family legislation of Russia and the CIS countries. However, as a whole, Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries have developed the uniform legislative regulation of institute of deprivation of the parental rights.

    pdf levushkin2011_3.pdf  (117 Kb)

  • D.N. Lozovsky
    Some aspects of criminalistic study of the organized crime grup

    This paper considers some issues of the methods of investigation of the crimes committed by the organized crime group. The author has analyzed the existing points of view on the concept and structure and on the criminalistic description of the organized crime group and identified the mechanisms of formation and functioning of the crime groups on the basis of analysis of the criminal records. Moreover, the author has examined the social and demographic characteristics of the organized crime group member and has given recommendations on the use of the peculiar features of the internal hierarchy and interpersonal relations between the members of the organized crime group in the course of investigation.

    pdf lozovsky2011_3.pdf  (123 Kb)

  • B.Yu. Dzhamirze
    Some problematic aspects of administrative-jurisdiction processing in business

    This paper addresses some problems of application of administrative responsibility to subjects of small and medium business. Measures are offered to improve the administrative-delict legislation in the specified sphere of legal relationship.

    pdf dzhamirze2011_3.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • N.S. Pichko
    Culturological comprehension of modern consciousness

    The paper presents a review of academic literature on cultural images in modern consciousness. The author examines correlation of the notions of “culture and consciousness”, gives the contents of the notions of “images of culture - modern consciousness” and elucidates in detail historical, sociocultural and artistic factors forming images of culture in modern consciousness. The functions of cultural images in modern consciousness are defined: gnoseological, humanistic, communicative, educational, disciplinary, informational, normative and reflective. The developed classification is aimed to find the mechanisms disclosing the theory of culture in modern consciousness. Images of culture are identified as the contradictory and dramatic periods ambiguously reflected in modern consciousness. The paper shows structural and dynamic peculiarities of cultural images and modern consciousness and their influence on the modern processes of artwork. It also considers unity of artistic, religious and culturological aspects existing in modern consciousness.

    pdf pichko2011_3.pdf  (180 Kb)

    Political Science
  • V.G. Shustov
    The basic models of local government

    The paper addresses a study of the basic models of local government and their refraction in the Russian field of municipal reform. The main objective of this publication is to study the modern model of local government which has developed today in Russia. Conditions are identified which should be considered at a choice of model of local government. The basic features of modern model of local government in Russia are defined.

    pdf shustov2011_3.pdf  (166 Kb)

  • D.S. Kokorkhoeva
    Institution of Higher Officials of the Republics within the Russian Federation: problems related to political reform

    The paper reveals changes in the political status of the presidents (heads of executive power) of the Republics of the Russian Federation (1991 – 2011) in the areas of legislative and executive branches.

    pdf kokorkhoeva2011_3.pdf  (158 Kb)

  • S.A. Kutilin
    Monitoring of formation of Russian civil identity in a system of security policy of the Russian Federation (basing on materials from Moscow and Krasnodar Territory)

    The author analyzes the main types of identity in Moscow and Krasnodar Territory. Sociological indicators of identity are analyzed. The main factors of policy of formation of the Russian civil identity are identified.

    pdf kutilin2011_3.pdf  (107 Kb)

  • A.I. Deyneka
    Electoral field of modern Russia as an object of political study

    Various interpretations of “electoral space” are presented. Different factors structuring electoral space, as well as their mutual influence are analyzed. Prospects and limits of usage of the concept of “electoral space” are defined depending on the political and sociocultural conditions.

    pdf deyneka2011_3.pdf  (116 Kb)

  • E.V. Amninov
    Politics and moral consciousness in the historical process

    The paper provides a historical-communicative analysis of the moral consciousness in politics. The author investigates various forms of interaction of moral consciousness and political - information sphere.

    pdf amninov2011_3.pdf  (220 Kb)

  • I.I. Miroshnikov
    The analysis of the basic approaches to definition of personnel policy of the state and municipal service

    The paper deals with basic concepts of human resources policy. A social analysis is made of approaches to determine personnel policy. Distinctive features of inefficiency of personnel development are examined. The author suggests guidelines for staff formation.

    pdf miroshnikov2011_3.pdf  (122 Kb)

  • R.F. Mukhametdinov
    In search for spiritual and ideological guidelines

    The paper deals with the basic tendencies in development of the ideological thought in the Tatar society during the last 15 years. Euroislam and the Tatar Islam are shown as modern forms of the traditional religion, trying to answer the realities of today. The author comes to the conclusion that the Tatar culture has a synthetic character. Therefore he sees the future in the ideological sphere in nationalism supported by Islam and modernization.

    pdf mukhametdinov2011_3.pdf  (122 Kb)

    New books, monographs, reviews
  • A.Yu. Chadje
    Reinterpreting historical memory of ethnos

    pdf chadje2011_3.pdf  (110 Kb)

    The Economic Theory
  • S.A. Borisov, E.Ya. Bratslavskaya
    The relations between power and property during the modernization of Russian economy

    The conditions of modernization of economy in contemporary Russia are defined by relations between power and property. The productivity of modernization of economy depends on symmetry of these relations.

    pdf borisov2011_3.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • Zh.L. Komkova
    The capital: economic and accounting aspect

    The economic theories explaining the nature and a role of the capital were generated considerably later than there appeared a concept of the capital and connected relations and a practice of application of the account of the capital in commercial accounting departments. In this paper, research on dialectics of development of scientific directions and scientific schools is conducted, on the basis of which the author offers a definition of the given category of the account.

    pdf komkova2011_3.pdf  (192 Kb)

  • E.V. Korolyuk
    The vector of economical policy of contemporary Russia

    Institutional-economical conditions of formation of economical policy of contemporary Russia, which exist in the crisis situation, determine the priority vector of the strategy of this policy and the value of research of correct institutional instruments for further development of national economy.

    pdf korolyuk1_2011_3.pdf  (143 Kb)

  • E.V. Korolyuk
    Economic contradictions of the earth market formation

    Institutional-economical conditions of the earth market formation in contemporary Russia define the priority directions and the character of economic contradictions of the earth market formation. The paper discusses the main kinds of these contradictions.

    pdf korolyuk2_2011_3.pdf  (139 Kb)

  • I.P. Lazareva
    The human stock in the process of modernization of regional economic systems

    The paper discusses actual aspects of functions and positions of human stock in the process of modernization of regional economical systems of contemporary Russia. The human stock and immaterial assets play the leading role in this process.

    pdf lazareva2011_3.pdf  (117 Kb)

  • E.N. Tkacheva
    Research on a crisis state of agents of the virtual organization: elaboration of technique

    The urgency of this work is caused by active development of the virtual organizations in economy of Russia. The author elaborates the technique of research of a crisis state of agents of the virtual organization. The suggested technique has demonstrative advantages before other theories since it allows a consideration of both stochastic and substantial uncertainty. Measurement and calculation of economic indicators are conducted by means of the interval analysis which enables keeping all hypotheses till the end of decision-making.

    pdf tkacheva2011_3.pdf  (121 Kb)

  • E.A. Yanova
    On interaction of power and property in the system of economic relations in Russia

    The paper examines a category essence of interaction of power and property in the system of economic relations. Special attention is paid to the main factors of this interaction. The relation of power and property with basic categories of economic theory is determined. The institutional peculiarities of interaction of power and property are established.

    pdf yanova2011_3.pdf  (153 Kb)

    Financial Markets
  • A.A. Boyarko
    The comparative analysis of activity of the oil companies in the conditions of global financial crisis

    The work is focused on identifying the degree of influence of global financial crisis on results of activity of the world leading oil companies by means of the comparative analysis. Ways of their further development are substantiated.

    pdf boyarko2011_3.pdf  (144 Kb)

  • I.Yu. Zhidkova
    Prospects for increasing financial stability of the pension insurance system

    In the paper, an analysis is made of financial stability of the Russian system of pension insurance in the conditions of demographic crisis and growth of social obligations of the state. The author shows promising directions of increasing efficiency of its functioning obtained on the basis of the revealed contradictions.

    pdf zhidkova2011_3.pdf  (170 Kb)

    Problems Related to Investment Activity
  • L.V. Komarova
    Investments as a tool for modernization of the Russian economy

    The paper discloses the meaning of “innovative programs for the contemporary modernization of Russia”. The author focuses on a correct understanding of the strategic direction of the development of modernization processes of the regional economy.

    pdf komarova2011_3.pdf  (131 Kb)

  • I.I. Romanets
    The methodical approach to the analysis of investment attractiveness of municipalities (as shown by Krasnodar territory)

    The present paper substantiates the recommendations for the analysis of investment situation of territories (municipalities) to increase their investment attractiveness on the basis of the cluster analysis.

    pdf romanets2011_3.pdf  (182 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • E.B. Ermishina
    The analysis of conditions of a diversification in mining complex of the Republic of North Ossetiya-Alaniya

    The work examines the position of a mining complex in economic system of the Republic of North Ossetiya-Alaniya. The author gives an assessment of possibilities and restrictions of the mining complex diversification in regional crisis management and defines promising directions of the mining complex diversification.

    pdf ermishina2011_3.pdf  (141 Kb)

  • N.A. Ilyushchenko
    Problems and prospects of special economic zones as a form of public-private partnership

    The paper deals with the development of special economic zones in Russia as a form of interaction between the government and private business. The author identifies the problems and prospects of development of special economic zones at the regional and federal levels in post-crisis situations.

    pdf ilyushchenko2011_3.pdf  (151 Kb)

  • A.A. Mokrushin
    The strategic aspects of interaction of vertically integrated corporations with the regional economic system

    The vertically integrated corporations have become the active participants of evolution of many regions-subjects of Russia. This paper discloses the main strategic aspects of interaction of vertically integrated corporations with the regional economic systems. Recommendations are given for optimization of the process under study.

    pdf mokrushin2011_3.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • T.A. Chermit
    Specific features of development of depressive regional economic system

    Recently the concept of modernization has become an integral part of theory of regional economy. Depressive status of regional economic system determinates the specific features of its modernization. This paper discloses specific features of modernization of regional economic systems as quasi – corporations and provides recommendations.

    pdf chermit2011_3.pdf  (123 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • I.S. Kadyrov
    Problems of drawing up the report on monetary movement in the commercial organizations

    The paper deals with the problem of drawing up the report on monetary movement in the commercial organizations. Methods of drawing up the reporting are analyzed. Difficulties and preconditions of their occurrence are considered. The author discloses advantages of the offered approaches to increase efficiency of technology of drawing up the report on monetary movement.

    pdf kadyrov2011_3.pdf  (164 Kb)

  • L.N. Kuznetsova
    Benchmarking as the tool of improving quality of the registration-analytical information

    The aim of reforming accounting in Russia is to improve quality of the information formed in accounting and reporting. Research of qualitative characteristics of the financial reporting and possibility of their improvement is an actual problem of all parties interested in the sustainable development of economy. The paper defines the basic lacks of the financial reporting, examines modern concepts of quality and shows their interrelation with the theory of quality of the financial reporting. In order to improve registration process and quality of the financial reporting the method of a benchmarking is offered. This method promotes efficiency of activity of the organizations and increase of their competitiveness.

    pdf kuznetsova2011_3.pdf  (446 Kb)

  • M.N. Pilipenko
    A study of the modern technique of the expense account in auxiliary manufactures

    The paper discusses research on a modern technique of the expense account in auxiliary manufactures. The economic nature and the essence of activity of auxiliary manufactures, their appointment and basic types are considered. The questions related to features of the expense account in auxiliary manufactures and considered in close connection with documentary registration of economic operations are investigated in detail. Special attention is given to distribution of expenses of auxiliary manufactures among service consumers as it allows a generation of the cost of price of production, works and services of auxiliary manufactures, both for the financial account and for making optimum administrative decisions. The basic groups of expenses of auxiliary manufactures are identified. The author examines the organization of accounting of direct and indirect expenses. The critical estimation of the used nomenclature of expenses is given. The used methodical approaches to distribution of expenses which can be used by the organizations depending on specificity of their activity are systematized. Recommendations on perfection of the analytical account of expenses in auxiliary manufactures are developed.

    pdf pilipenko2011_3.pdf  (147 Kb)

  • F.T. Khot
    Some aspects of reflection of production wastes in accounting

    Study and analysis of the reporting and accounting for production wastes show that accounting of wastes in industrial enterprises is virtually absent now. Those enterprises in some branches of industry that carry out waste accounting do not contain reliable information on the volumes of production of these resources. This leads to loss of control over the safety and proper reflection of the waste streams at the production units. The author arrives at a conclusion that scientifically well-founded classification of production wastes of the food enterprises promotes realization of the effective account and control over all cycles of production, reception, storage, distribution and processing of a waste.

    pdf khot2011_3.pdf  (172 Kb)

  • S.A. Tsey
    The analysis of Russian practice of company social responsibility and revealing information in the report

    The paper deals with the necessity to reveal the information on social responsibility in the accountancy of the Russian corporations. It also puts up a number of issues which complicate the realization of the principles of corporate social responsibility in Russia. The analysis of thirty independently published non-financial reports of Russian public companies is made. In addition, recommendations on research of corporate social responsibility in Russia are given.

    pdf tsey2011_3.pdf  (210 Kb)

  • E.A. Sharovatova
    Relationship between internal control instruments and management accounting

    Innovative technologies applied to domestic enterprises need an improved mechanism for control of the results of its activities. The article deals with the conceptual framework for control of economic activities of commercial organizations using the instruments of management accounting. The main objects of control, allowing an assessment of the effectiveness of functioning of each object, are defined. System and point methods of control of the results of activities are identified. The basic audit procedures of control mechanism and the oriented audit procedures of control system as a whole are presented.

    pdf sharovatova2011_3.pdf  (158 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • A.A. Tamov, B.A. Khakhuk
    Changes in the structure of reproduction of basic assets as a factor of the effectiveness of agricultural production (as shown by the economy of Krasnodar Territory)

    The paper discusses processes of reproduction of basic assets in the rural economy of the Novokubansk region, the indicators of their dropout and renovation. Special attention is given to the assessing the dependence of crop capacity on the capital-labor ratio in the large farms of the Novokubansk region, taking into account different technologies which they use.

    pdf tamov2011_3.pdf  (137 Kb)

  • V.V. Teshev, V.A. Teshev
    Basic directions of increasing efficiency of use of small holding resource potential developed on the basis of the principles of the Consumers Cooperative Society

    The present paper examines tools of perfection of organizational-economic interaction between agricultural manufacturers and the processing enterprises in the agro-industrial complex of Adygheya Republic. These tools are developed on the basis of principles of consumers cooperative society and focused on multiplication of economic benefit of factors, keeping development of the specified interaction. Also they are directed to neutralization of risks and threats generated by factors, interfering such interaction.

    pdf teshev2011_3.pdf  (127 Kb)

  • O.I. Tolmachyovà, S.A. Filatova
    Viticulture and wine-making in the Kuban region: condition and development prospects

    The paper provides a review of development of viticulture and wine-making in the Krasnodar territory for the last decade. Positive tendencies and the problems constraining the development are identified. The authors suggest that it is necessary to consolidate the state measures and enterprise efforts to obtain the competitive advantages by creation of territorial and production clusters to overcome the existing problems.

    pdf tolmachyovà2011_3.pdf  (243 Kb)

    Mathematical Methods in Economy
  • I.G. Vintizenko, A.A. Novakov
    Natural terminators of the prediction interfering exact forecasting contemporary economy

    The paper discusses the natural imperatives interfering essentially exact forecasting the economy. Those are natural borders of human consciousness, complexity of the world and anomaly of its development, multidimensionality and inherence of information, complication of modern network and recursive macroeconomic dynamics, limits of time of the forecast because of high variability of an economic signal.

    pdf vintizenko2011_3.pdf  (227 Kb)

  • E.D. Streltsova, M.O. Yablonskaya, O.F. Kovalev
    A complex of economic-mathematical models of evaluation of quality of informational resource control

    The paper discusses improvement of the quality of services in the university libraries. To solve the problem the complex of mathematical economic models is used to manage information library resources. An approach is offered to make decisions on management of reader services based on the use of a simulation model for conducting a full factorial experiment. Optimization of management decisions on the criteria for quality of services is performed by creating a model basing on game theory. The use of this model allows us to solve the optimization problem with conflicting objective functions.

    pdf streltsova2011_3.pdf  (221 Kb)

    Service Economy
  • S.V. Lazovskaya
    Competition policy of service sector at the present stage

    Under modern conditions of economic development, competition policy is an integral part of government economic policy. It is intended to promote competition in markets, foster the creation and development of a competitive environment and competitive mechanisms to ensure equal competitive conditions for the effective functioning of the tourism and recreation sphere.

    pdf lazovskaya2011_3.pdf  (121 Kb)

  • I.A. Nikitina
    Resource support of priority tasks implementation in modernization of higher education

    Currently, politicians and economists consider education as one of the top priorities in the system of public values. World practice points to an increase in the role of the state, primarily financial, in the development of education. This paper discloses the most important aspects of resource support for the modernization of higher education. Also the solutions of the priority tasks on this issue are offered.

    pdf nikitina2011_3.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • D.V. Ryazantseva
    The position of institutions of secondary professional education in the economic system of the Krasnodar Territory

    Currently the service educational institutions of secondary professional education play an increasing role in the economy of the region. This article provides the position of institutions of secondary professional education which determines the unstable development of the educational sphere contradicting the development of the regional economy.

    pdf ryazantseva2011_3.pdf  (100 Kb)

  • O.A. Sinichenko
    Segment features of professional education graduates in different aspects

    The paper discusses issues of segmenting and labour market segmentation. The different approaches to segmentation and the main criteria for graduates’ segmentation are identified. Segmentation of different levels and aspects is made.

    pdf sinichenko2011_3.pdf  (140 Kb)

  • V.V. Stetsunov
    The employment of the graduates of the professional education system in the conditions of crisis: problems and prospects

    The paper discusses the problem related to improving control of employment of graduates in the crisis conditions through the restructuring of the labour market, changes in the requirements to the skills of applicants for employment and the emergence of new popular professions.

    pdf stetsunov2011_3.pdf  (132 Kb)

  • L.T. Tlekhuray-Berzegova
    Features of innovation processes in modern sphere of services

    Nowadays the sphere of services needs strengthening interrelation with strategy of development of an economic complex as a whole. The paper shows that the innovation activity in service sphere, in terms of its orientation, should cover the spheres of manufacturing goods and their consumption as a whole, as well as trace features of specific consumers. Features of innovation processes in contemporary service sphere are uncovered.

    pdf tlekhuray-berzegova2011_3.pdf  (153 Kb)

  • P.L. Avdeev
    System design of business administration re-engineering for corporation development

    The paper discusses problems related to perfection of a control system for a corporation of industrial sector of the economy. To solve them it is necessary to introduce an effective system of the corporate management in activity of the enterprise. This system should be based on business administration re-engineering and should answer to the international business standards and business regulations of management.

    pdf avdeev2011_3.pdf  (282 Kb)

  • O.A. Zelenskaya
    Development of manufacture and stakeholders’ interests in the conditions of formation of competitive industry clusters

    The paper discusses features of development of enterprises and business groups and their stakeholders’ interests in the conditions of economic consolidation (in particular, creation of industrial clusters) in modern Russia. It is shown that their investment strategy should lean against the analysis of the tendencies in the engineering and technology and against the tendencies displayed in business cycles. Criteria for efficiency of this or that strategy can be generated on the basis of cost and information characteristics.

    pdf zelenskaya2011_3.pdf  (158 Kb)

  • V.M. Maximov
    Self-management functions in the Russian modern organizations

    Through a comparative analysis of the functions of self-government, academic self-management and management, the paper identifies self-management functions in the internal environment of the Russian contemporary business organizations.

    pdf maximov2011_3.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • V.V. Rokotyanskaya, M.V. Rossinskaya
    The analysis of influence of anthropogenic factors of industrial production on environment (using light industry materials)

    In the light industry, there are a number of environmental problems such as pollution of water, air emissions and production wastes. For their solution measures are required to reduce the impact of the enterprises of light industry on the natural environment. In this paper, we suggest measures to mitigate the impact of the enterprises of light industry on the natural environment.

    pdf rokotyanskaya2011_3.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • V.E. Shibanov
    Organizational-administrative modeling of control system of material-technical support at industrial enterprises

    The paper discusses improving the management of industrial enterprise in terms of material and technical support through the incorporation of the environmental component in order to achieve compliance with the international standards.

    pdf shibanov2011_3.pdf  (206 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • S.I. Andryushchenko
    Personal - professional self-determination of senior pupils at the interschool educational complex

    The paper discusses the activity related to the formation of personal-professional self-determination of senior pupils at the interschool educational complex.

    pdf andryushchenko2011_3.pdf  (146 Kb)

  • M.A. Grinko
    Designing individual trajectories of teaching a foreign language to students of pedagogical higher schools

    The paper discusses the content of a process of individualization of teaching students learning a foreign language to designing individual trajectories of teaching students to a foreign language. The author proves scientifically one of the ways of the solution of this problem by means of construction of a model and technology of this process. The pedagogical conditions defining efficiency of designing individual trajectories of teaching students to a foreign language are disclosed.

    pdf grinko2011_3.pdf  (115 Kb)

  • A.G. Gritsay
    A model of formation of professional social teacher competences in preventing child abuse in the family

    The paper provides a model of formation of professional competences at the future social teachers in preventing child abuse in the family. It describes the conceptual base including leading methodological approaches and modern concepts of training in higher school; the target directions of professional training meeting modern requirements of the higher pedagogical education; the content of the professional educational programs integrating theoretical and practical training, the pedagogical technologies promoting acquisition by students of individual experience of professional work and research creativity and the pedagogical monitoring providing operative diagnostics and correction of professional training of social teachers in the t direction.

    pdf gritsay2011_3.pdf  (116 Kb)

  • M.Sh. Daurova
    Innovative tendencies in the development of the education system of Russia during the postindustrial period

    The paper discusses the basic tendencies in the development of the education system of Russia during the postindustrial period, namely: innovations of the pedagogical process focused on socially significant results; integrity as a leading principle of a modern paradigm of education; democratization of social life and education; creation of a complete “educational field” which transforms a society in “teaching” and “trained”; wide introduction of information technologies; decentralization of education through its regionalization and municipalization; multiformity and multifunctionality of an education system; an openness and continuity of education, a humanization and humanitarization of education, etc.

    pdf daurova2011_3.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • E.V. Demkina
    Contemporary approaches to professional education of the future expert in the conditions of education process

    The paper explores contemporary approaches to professional education of the person of the future expert in the conditions of education process. The author substantiates their urgency and necessity for the effective organization of educational activity in various types of educational institutions. The objective of this paper is to reveal experts’ views and opinions on the above mentioned questions in sphere of the pedagogical theory and practice.

    pdf demkina2011_3.pdf  (146 Kb)

  • A.A. Kazantseva
    The role of information technologies in helping foreign pupils to adapt at the higher school of Russia

    In order to search for new approaches to solve a problem of the academic adaptation of foreign students at higher school in the period when Russia enters a system of world culture and education through a prism of the Bologna process an intense use of computer and innovative techniques is needed. This is an objective requirement for the system of contemporary education. The paper explores the role of computer technologies and innovative techniques in helping foreign pupils to adapt to new methods and modes of study at the higher school of Russia. Various types of software (the electronic textbooks, training programs, the Internet) and their introduction in pedagogical process of foreign students training at higher schools of Russia are examined using an example of the Moscow Auto-Road Institute (STU).

    pdf kazantseva2011_3.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • V.D. Kolomiytseva
    Voluntary activity in preparation of children-orphans to pass on to replacing family

    The present paper focuses upon the urgency of preparation of children-orphans and children without parental support to pass on to replacing family. Lines of activity of the voluntary student's group working in the above-named area are considered.

    pdf kolomiytseva2011_3.pdf  (107 Kb)

  • E.M. Kochneva, L.Yu. Pakhomova
    Conditions for optimization of development of students’ motivational readiness to professional work

    The paper discusses conditions for optimization of development of students’ motivational readiness to professional work. External and internal conditions of development of motivational readiness are identified.

    pdf kochneva2011_3.pdf  (173 Kb)

  • L.V. Makhaeva
    Mechanism of formation of the information competence at students of secondary professional education institutions

    The paper shows the structure of professional competences at students of secondary professional education institutions. The author describes the mechanism of formation of the information competence, including semantic and technological components, and gives its scheme.

    pdf makhaeva2011_3.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • D.M. Nazarov
    Pedagogical essence of hermeneutic technology of remote training

    The paper addresses the hermeneutics as a method of scientific knowledge and reveals features of its application in a pedagogical science. Having made the comparative analysis in order to formalize the hermeneutic method of knowledge, the author proposes to introduce a concept of an information hermeneutics into a scientific operation. The work provides a definition and describes the pedagogical essence of hermeneutic technology of remote training on the basis of an information hermeneutics.

    pdf nazarov2011_3.pdf  (238 Kb)

  • A.A. Polyakova
    Axiological potential of the person: intrinsic features and pedagogical functions

    The paper describes the essence of axiological potential of the person and reveals its interrelation with society and with the education process. The author shows that the axiological potential of the person is the aim and the final result of education.

    pdf polyakova2011_3.pdf  (146 Kb)

  • S.A. Rezinkova
    Procedural component of educational model of formation of senior pupils’ readiness to professional self-determination by means of expert system

    The paper discusses preparatory, forming and analytical-assessed stages of a procedural component of educational model of formation of senior pupils’ readiness to professional self-determination. Special attention is given to a forming stage of a procedural component in the course of which a scenario is defined to carry out the educational actions directed to formation of senior pupils’ readiness to professional self-determination.

    pdf rezinkova2011_3.pdf  (122 Kb)

  • D.A. Rozanov
    Modern socialization of pedagogically neglected children by means of subject interaction of educational institution and the family

    The paper examines the most actual problems of education of children in modern rural society. The author characterizes the dynamics of the process of pedagogical neglect of children. An analysis is undertaken to search for optimum model of training of the future teacher of rural school to subject interaction of school and a family in education of the child. The person of the modern teacher of rural school is studied as the expert owning an arsenal of social-pedagogical activity and capable to effectively cooperate in partner relations with the different experts who investigate the child. The author lists functions which parents master in the course of social “recover” of a family.

    pdf rozanov2011_3.pdf  (127 Kb)

  • O.A. Samovik
    A model of the teacher of initial additional music education: ideal and real

    The paper gives a characteristic of the concept of “a model” with reference to pedagogy. The model of training under study includes the prognostic, conceptual, instrumental and reflective components and a monitoring model. Conceptual positions of the model of the teacher of the future, focused on the decision of educational and methodical problems are presented. The author distinguishes professional, knowledge, psychological, “training” and educational components of the model of the teacher – musician. Contradictions between ideal notions on the pedagogy of initial additional music education and the developed modern student teaching come to light.

    pdf samovik2011_3.pdf  (148 Kb)

  • Yu.N. Sinitsyn, N.M. Sazhina
    Pedagogical technology for motivating pupils to preserve health

    The paper presents the technology for motivating pupils to preserve health. Its algorithm is disclosed in stage-by-stage activity of the teacher. The diagnostic, search, contractual, action and reflective stages are filled by the new content (these stages are transformed into methods by pedagogical conditions of formation of self-organizing bases) and represent a complete rough structure.

    pdf sinitsyn2011_3.pdf  (138 Kb)

  • T.Yu. Shkolnitskaya
    The innovative approach to formation of creative abilities at younger pupils

    The purpose of the paper is to show possibilities of application of innovative pedagogical technology for development of creative abilities at younger pupils on the basis of the author’s program “Floristics as a dialogue with the nature in the art language”. The object of research is the process of professional training of the future teacher of elementary school in higher school. The object of research includes substantial and methodical bases of formation of creative abilities of younger pupils. The tasks of research are as follows: (1) awakening in the child of the creative person; (2) expansion of his outlook of knowledge of the nature; and (3) education of the valid relation to the nature.

    pdf shkolnitskaya2011_3.pdf  (126 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • M.B. Bogus
    Development of mental faculties at younger pupils in the conditions of Adyghe-Russian bilingualism

    The paper provides the substantiation of the bilingual approach for development of mental faculties of trainees. The work discloses the essence of bilingual system of development of mental faculties in younger pupils. The author of the paper designates the didactic-methodical conditions of realization of bilingual system of development of mental faculties at younger pupils in the conditions of Adyghe-Russian bilingualism.

    pdf bogus2011_3.pdf  (135 Kb)

  • E.V. Guseva
    Profile elective courses of intersubject character as the continuity implementer between school and higher school (as shown by the course of mathematics)

    The paper provides data on the urgency of use of profile elective courses in cadet classes to prepare pupils for training in engineering specialties at military higher school. The author presents the results of research of the relation of cadets to training subjects, including to mathematics. The principle of a professional orientation is disclosed and necessity of its realization in system of military experts training is proved.

    pdf guseva2011_3.pdf  (316 Kb)

  • O.S. Larina
    Features of work on compositions about the childhood at lessons of literature reading at elementary school

    The paper discusses the technique of work on compositions about the childhood at lessons of the literature reading, promoting the solution of problems of literature development of the younger pupil.

    pdf larina2011_3.pdf  (146 Kb)

  • Yu.P. Nevmerzhitskaya
    The foreign language as the tool of knowledge in the field of traditional spiritual culture

    The paper addresses the problematic aspects of value-semantic development of the person by applying to spiritual traditions of folklore. This study substantiates the use of the British folklore in the course of the training to English language which is considered as the tool of knowledge. The author’s treatment of spiritual tradition of folklore is presented. The expediency of inclusion of elements of a special course on spiritual tradition of the British folklore in training process to foreign languages in higher school is proved.

    pdf nevmerzhitskaya2011_3.pdf  (131 Kb)

  • N.Yu. Ozhgibesova
    Introduction of educational (problematic, heuristic) situations as the necessary condition of formation of intellectual motives for students to study

    The paper describes the use of educational (problematic, heuristic) situations as means of formation of intellectual motives for students to study. The main thing in use of problemic situations is stimulation of students to transition from passive mastering knowledge to active search and to reflective positioning.

    pdf ozhgibesova2011_3.pdf  (127 Kb)

  • L.Sh. Tlyusten
    The morphological and phonemic principles of Russian spelling

    This paper examines two of four main principles of Russian spelling – morphological and phonemic. The urgency of the description of principles of spelling is defined by importance of the object of consideration: spelling principles make one of the basic links of the letter system as a whole. The overwhelming majority of linguists consider the morphological and phonemic principles to be the leading principles of Russian spelling.

    pdf tlyusten2011_3.pdf  (157 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • L.M. Dodova
    Features of formation of the psychosocial maturity in teenagers – pupils at military schools

    The paper analyzes the most prominent approaches which have developed in modern psychology to understand a psychosocial maturity of the person during the teenage period of the person genesis. The analysis of the empirical data has shown relative diagnostic indicators of a psychosocial maturity of the teenagers who are brought up in military school: high level of ability to estimate the results and the psychological flexibility interrelated to high level of general internality and internality in the field of achievements. The approaching of the general internality to level, characteristic of the adult person; and high level of arbitrary self-control of behavior and planning and programming properties providing it are indicative of pupils of the Cossack military school. The well-expressed ethnoaffiliative tendencies are characteristic of the teenagers who are brought up in national military school.

    pdf dodova2011_3.pdf  (135 Kb)

  • M.I. Dubentsov
    Features of students’ educational-professional work in the condition of the person’s professional uncertainty

    The paper addresses the problematic aspects of the young people’s professional self-determination. The author presents a concept of the person’s professional uncertainty, related to the level of readiness for professional work. An analysis is made of features of educational-professional work at students in a condition of professional uncertainty.

    pdf dubentsov2011_3.pdf  (160 Kb)

  • V.S. Egorova
    Features of social-psychological adaptation and responsibility at students of various specialties

    The paper examines the social-psychological adaptation of students of art and economic specialties to new social conditions. Research of social adaptation and responsibility was conducted over 195 students of the Krasnodar Art School and the Kuban Institute of the International Business and Management. It has been revealed that specificity of the selected kind of activity makes impact on the process of social-psychological adaptation of students-artists, in a greater degree, than economists. It is established that the level of responsibility at students depends on a modern situation and cultural development of youth rather than on the chosen specialty.

    pdf egorova2011_3.pdf  (207 Kb)

  • V.A. Kovalenko
    Genesis of the person’s self-appraisal as a psychological category

    The paper provides the state-of-the-art review of works of the domestic and foreign scientists on a self-appraisal of the person and on its differences from consciousness and self-relation. An analysis is made of conditions of its formation and functioning, as well as its influence on activity. The author shows its interrelation with the person’s values, motivation, concept of I-positions and affective experiences.

    pdf kovalenko2011_3.pdf  (112 Kb)

  • E.R. Kuasheva
    Stead-fastness and value-semantic preferences of the person: the coordination and contradictions (as shown by the material of law-enforcement body employees)

    The paper is aimed at revealing connection between the person’s stead-fastness and value-semantic preferences in a combination with features of existential self-determination and subject position. Such statement of a problem is carried out in the logic of the subject-life approach according to which the value-semantic preferences of the person are expedient for considering in interrelation with its ontologic identity and features of subject activity (as structural components of modus of the person).

    pdf kuasheva2011_3.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • F.G. Lovpache
    Vital prospects as the basic indicator of personal development at youthful age

    The subject of this study includes projects, the aims of the future and a vital prospect. The objects are deviant teenagers and young men. The aim of the paper is to reveal features of personal regulatory formations of persons with deviant behaviour and their relation to the future. Specific objectives are to carry out the analysis of the psychological literature; to give formation typology of the components of the relation to the future; to define difficulties in definition of vital prospects at young men with deviant behaviour.

    pdf lovpache2011_3.pdf  (113 Kb)

  • A.D. Solomko
    Development of emotional-affective sphere of the child with the autistic spectrum disorder by special means of physical training

    The paper introduces the concept of “special means of physical training” denoting a system of means and methods for development of psychological-pedagogical influence on the child with the autistic spectrum disorder. These means and methods are aimed at forming a set of the new mental growths approached to the age psychological norms. The author describes basic components of the program of physical training in correctional-developing work with the autistic children, aged 3-7 years, as well as gives the analysis of results of the forming experiment, confirming its scientifical-methodical validity and the practical importance.

    pdf solomko2011_3.pdf  (190 Kb)

  • G.G. Tanasov
    The person and dialogue interconditionality in a system of modern psychological knowledge of the person

    The paper discusses the interrelation and interconditionality of phenomena of “the person” and “a dialogue”. The declared theme is considered from principle positions of “the personality”, the subject approach and the dialogueism ideology. The principle of “the personality” suggests that phenomenology and laws of dialogue, its psychological component and other aspects should be investigated from a position of personal conditionality and consideration of the person as the subject of the dialogue realizing functions significant for the person and focusing on achievement of the purposes significant for the person. The category “subject” used in the paper is involved to substantiate quality and the orientation of the person’s activity (special kind of which is a dialogue) to the change of an external world in order to support the internal one. Inclusion of dialogueism ideology is urged to emphasize necessity of contacts with the Different and with Another to search and define himself as a person, as well as to get identity. It is inferred that the development of the person is conditioned by procedure and content characteristics of the dialogue, by those roles which the person takes up, beginning from a birth till a maturity throughout the course of the person’s life.

    pdf tanasov2011_3.pdf  (139 Kb)

  • E.V. Kharitonova
    Behavioural-productive types of the person with different levels of the professional demand

    The paper presents the results of empirical research on behavioural-productive types of the person with different levels of a professional demand. The author introduces the concept of “behavioural productivity” as a procedure characteristic of the subject activity providing social adaptation of the person, adequate to requirements of a situation (environment). The following prevailing behavioural-productive types of the person are distinguished: “the medium-level demanded person resolving situationally stressful situations”, “the demanded person with the harmonious developed system of self-control” and “the medium-level demanded person with the mean adaptable abilities”. The conclusion is drawn about the practical importance of results of research, in particular, for definition of tactics of consultation, selection and placement of personnel, in professional orientation work, in individual consultation and rendering the psychological help.

    pdf kharitonova2011_3.pdf  (158 Kb)

  • T.P. Kharkova
    I-image and strategy of behaviour of the person in difficult reality situations

    The paper discusses a coordination of I-image of the person, differentiation of its components and the connection between degree of differentiation of I-image of the person and behavioral strategy in difficult reality situations. The author examines the concept of I-positions and I-image, plurality and dynamism of which is underlined also by other scientists. Differentiation of I-image of the person, inherent in the integrated person, is shown to be reached, first of all, by a direct inclusiveness of the person in various vital spaces. Variability of self-descriptions is connected with differentiation of I-image. The more exact the division is, the wider are descriptions and the more behavioural and action characteristics occur in them.

    pdf kharkova2011_3.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • I.B. Shuvanov
    Prospects of the subject approach to the analysis of element base of psychological model for safety of the subject of life

    The urgency of the research is caused by the ripened necessity of working out the methodological “keys” disclosing the ways of practical actualization of cholistic human nature, proving practical prospects of synthesis of already existing methodological approaches to understanding the essence and nature of danger and safety. A research objective is an interpretation of the content and prospects of the subject approach to the analysis of psychological model for safety of the subject of life. The object of study is a psychological model for safety of the subject of life. The subject of study is the subject approach as a methodological basis for the analysis of element base of psychological model for safety of the subject of life. The primary goal is to prove explanatory algorithm of the subject approach in deducing the element base of psychological model for safety of the subject of life. It is shown that “the subject approach” assumes variability of meanings of “subjectness”. On the basis of the subject approach the psychological nature of danger and safety is deduced. They are referred to the sphere of subjectivity of the social subject presented by “the motivational block of variables” of his subjectness and are set as opposition on the basis of which the psychological technics of product of life by the social subject – “a danger/safety experience”- is based. The concept “experience of safety” is introduced, expressing “the psychological technics of product of life by the ethnos”. It means prospects of harmonization of those aspects of the program of life that are built on the basis of “danger/safety” opposition at hypertrophied objectivity of “danger” in notions of the social subject.

    pdf shuvanov2011_3.pdf  (135 Kb)

  • B.A. Yasko, E.V. Kharitonova
    The personal-typological “profiles” of the professional demand

    The paper presents the results of empirical research on typological features of a professional demand of the person. The system of relations of the person to himself as to the professional, who is significant for others, is shown in the form of the typological “profiles” reflecting specificity of the social-demographic and professional status of the person and the level of his personal and professional development. The authors distinguish eight kinds of “profiles” and describe their psychological content. The conclusion is drawn about expediency of use of empirically distinguished personal-typological “profiles” in various kinds of advisory psychological activity.

    pdf yasko2011_3.pdf  (244 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • R.Z. Osmanov
    A joint control of physical training at comprehensive school

    The paper examines the questions related to perfection of physical training of rising generation in the conditions of secondary educational institutions. The joint control of physical training and sports activity by teachers, pupils and their parents within the limits of physical training at comprehensive school allows an effective solution of the problems related to physical training of the person of pupils. The author develops and presents a model of joint control of physical training at comprehensive school and describes the ways of realization of the given model in practice of physical training of children of school age.

    pdf osmanov2011_3.pdf  (397 Kb)

  • Yu.B. Tkhakumacheva
    Physical improving health training in the postnatal rehabilitation period

    The paper discusses the organizational-methodical bases of physical improving health training with women in the postnatal period. Using an example of the rhythmic gymnastics, the author describes features of construction of physical activity at each rehabilitation stage of a women’s organism. The aims and problematic aspects of each stage of rehabilitation of women after the delivery are specified.

    pdf tkhakumacheva2011_3.pdf  (171 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • A.P. Burnusuzyan
    Northcaucasian world and Russia: semiotics of self-recognition

    The paper discusses the cultural and historical interinfluence of two cultural spaces, of Russia and the Caucasus, in particular their influence on literature. The main accent is made on the importance of understanding the national character, culture of the Caucasians, their patriotism and understanding that the Caucasus is the great part of Russia. Two civilizations form the united language, keeping originality of their cultures. In the paper, there are a lot of illustrative examples from works of Iskhak Mashbash, one of the most talented representatives of the North Caucasian literature.

    pdf burnusuzyan2011_3.pdf  (401 Kb)

  • B.R. Naptsok
    “Supernatural” images in W. Shakespeare's tragedy of “Macbeth”

    The paper addresses “supernatural” images in W. Shakespeare's tragedy of “Macbeth”, namely: Banquo's Phantom, the phantoms of “a head in a helmet”, “the blood-stained baby” and others. After consideration of features of “Gothic” figurativeness in Shakespearean tragedy the author analyzes episodes of “phantom appearance”, defines specificity of images of “the risen dead persons” and their value in subject development, in a philosophical problematics and in a system of characters. It is inferred that images of phantoms help the reader to open philosophical sense of tragedy: personifying good and justice, they influence the soul of the protagonist devastated by harm.

    pdf naptsok1_2011_3.pdf  (427 Kb)

  • G.N. Nemets
    Conceptualization of time in V.V. Nabokov’s essays: problems of reception

    The paper provides a characteristic of conceptualization of concept “time” in the text system. The analysis of general methodology of time as a conceptualized object is followed by description of its connection with textual subject/plot and archetypes. Using examples of V.V. Nabokov's essays the author shows new opportunities of conceptualizing time in the aspect of pragmatic prospects.

    pdf nemets2011_3.pdf  (382 Kb)

  • M.M. Pashtova
    On description of local folklore traditions

    For the first time, the choice of parameters of the synchronous description of separately taken Adyghe local folklore tradition (Uzun-Yayla, Turkey) is theoretically proved. Several levels of comparison of Adyghe and local genres and text corpuses are offered. The author defines a local folklore narrative as the specific verbal-communicative complex revealing specificity and submental characteristics of the described center of culture.

    pdf pashtova2011_3.pdf  (410 Kb)

  • E.A. Churilova
    The figurative world of the novel by Kanta Ibragimov “The children's world”

    The figurative world of the novel “The children's world” by Kanta Ibragimov is examined in the paper for the first time. The novel’s figurative world is the most important point in understanding the cultural and historical community of the Chechen and Russian peoples. The analysis of the novel shows the art integrity of the work, its urgency and value for peace creation and for building a common social and cultural space in the North Caucasus.

    pdf churilova2011_3.pdf  (380 Kb)

  • E.E. Kasabova
    Karl Marx's journalistic activity in the newspaper “New York Tribune”

    The paper provides a characteristic of Karl Marx's journalistic activity in the period of his cooperation with the American newspaper “New York Tribune”. After the description of a condition of the English press in the middle of the 19th century the author analyzes the position of these newspapers and magazines on the Caucasian question and shows a role of newspaper in the further development of the American newspaper mass-media bringing this into correlation with K.Marks's journalistic activity.

    pdf kasabova2011_3.pdf  (339 Kb)

  • V.Yu. Kozhanova
    The receptive aspect of shaping a media text

    The paper discusses a theory of existence and shaping a media text. It depends on contemporary mass media and cultural features of today. The definition of a media text and its specificity are analyzed. The author examines the process of perception of a media text by a recipient. This process can become difficult because of different reasons. One of them is a many-sided cultural paradigm of the present. It leads to complication in reception and interpretation of information by the reader.

    pdf kozhanova2011_3.pdf  (366 Kb)

  • B.A. Martynenko
    Transformation of lexical system of the publicistic style of language under the influence of social processes

    The paper provides an analysis of the language of media - publicistic texts in stylistic aspect. Lexical and structural - semantic transformation of parameters of the media text is described. Fragments of newspaper articles of different epochs are taken as examples. The research has shown that the language system of both printing and electronic mass media changes under the influence of society democratization.

    pdf martynenko2011_3.pdf  (333 Kb)

  • E.I. Prikhodko
    L.N. Klevtsova's editorial activity in the newspaper “By the way of Ilyich”

    The paper discusses a building of system of the region press as part of the Communist Party-Soviet press of Russia and Kuban in the 1940s – the beginning of the 1950s. The author considers in detail the influence of the command-administrative system of the USSR and personal qualities of the head on the editorial policy of the region edition, authority and popularity of the newspaper among reader's audience.

    pdf prikhodko2011_3.pdf  (352 Kb)

  • O.E. Rudakova
    “Misters Obmanovy” by Alexander Amfiteatrov: history and publication consequences

    The paper restores the history and analyzes consequences of the publication of A. Amfiteatrov’s feuilleton “Misters Obmanovy” (arrest of the writer and newspaper closing), printed in 1902 in the newspaper “Russia”. On the basis of documentary sources and memoirs the author reveals the priority value of a genre of the feuilleton in publicism of the journalist. A great resonance in a society and mass media, produced by a political orientation of the feuilleton, causes the basic research interest.

    pdf rudakova2011_3.pdf  (326 Kb)

  • M.A. Shakhbazyan
    The review in Russian religious-philosophical publicism as sermon imitation

    The paper discusses specific features of the review in Russian religious-philosophical publicism basing on a material of reviews of D.S. Merezhkovsky. The author shows similarity with reviews of other representatives of this direction. Special attention is given to “sermon-like” character which is reflected both in the content and in language and style. It is inferred that the review of this kind promoted transformation of religious consciousness towards archaization.

    pdf shakhbazyan2011_3.pdf  (382 Kb)

  • A.A. Baragamyan, V.V. Zelenskaya
    Reflection of a “farewell” speech genre in T. Capote's novel “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

    The aim of paper is to analyze a «farewell» speech genre, identify different ways of its expression and review genre mixing. The author makes a conclusion that there are many ways of finishing communication in addition to a “traditional” way of saying good-bye, namely: with the help of verbs, expressions, sayings and phrases; in verbal and nonverbal ways (by facial expression, gestures and gazing), as well as by genre mixing.

    pdf baragamyan2011_3.pdf  (361 Kb)

  • A.L. Beglyarova
    Indefinite pronoun as a component of figurative structure of the fiction text

    The paper examines the concept of uncertainty in the fiction text. Special attention is given to indefinite pronouns implementing special, esthetic functions in the poetic text. Using examples from the works of Russian and French classics the author analyzes functions and a role of indefinite pronouns in the fiction text.

    pdf beglyarova2011_3.pdf  (425 Kb)

  • Z.K. Bedanokova, S.Kh. Kumuk
    Poetic and rhythmic features of advertising as a result of language game

    In the paper, an analysis is made of features of poetic and rhymed speech in the advertising text, or in an advertising slogan. The most effective advertising texts characterized by rhythmicity as a result of language game are identified.

    pdf bedanokova2011_3.pdf  (401 Kb)

  • M.G. Vodneva
    Conceptualization of notion “city” in the author's individual and national pictures of Yu.V. Trifonov’s world (on the basis of a material of Yu.V. Trifonov’s city and Moscow stories)

    The paper addresses the notion “city”, conceptualized in the author's individual and national pictures of the world. The author gives the results of the comparative analysis of the author's individual and lexicographic conceptualization of the notion “city”, identifies the out-of-date and new meanings fixed in 1935-2000 lexicographic sources, as well as “the author's” meanings which have arisen in a context of the city and Moscow stories of Yu.Trifonov. Having examined the conceptual signs of a city in Yu.Trifonov's city stories, the author distinguishes semantic increments of the notion “city” in Yu.Trifonov's Moscow stories, which are common both for the city stories and for the Moscow stories and peculiar to a certain work.

    pdf vodneva2011_3.pdf  (332 Kb)

  • N.V. Vozmishcheva, N.N. Orekhova
    Features of religious outlook of the person of the late Middle Ages as shown by allegories of “The Noble Story of Sancgreal” by Thomas Malory

    The paper studies the world outlook of representatives of an epoch of the late Middle Ages basing on English language material of the 14th and 15th centuries (diachronic section). The theme is investigated using the theoretical research data from linguoculturological works of the well-known medievists. Examples chosen during the factual material analysis (allegorical images from “The Noble Story of Sancgreal” and “La Mort d` Arthur” by Sir Thomas Malory) are given further. The text drawings are also analyzed. The conclusions are made concerning the communicative importance indices and a variety of structure of nomination fields of the basic cultural concepts “sin / synne” and “the virtue” obtained during the further researches.

    pdf vozmishcheva2011_3.pdf  (372 Kb)

  • S.N. Dolzhikova
    Interrelation of external and internal forms of the marketing text

    The paper examines the interrelation of external and internal forms of the marketing text. Having considered the text-forming characteristics the author describes mechanisms of text generation / text categories, gives examples of mechanisms and operating conditions of the text of the marketing message and discusses the phenomena identified for the analysis and considered from the point of view of text categories and properties.

    pdf dolzhikova2011_3.pdf  (353 Kb)

  • V.V. Luneva
    The pragmatic content of speech etiquette

    The paper discusses the pragmatic (in a wide sense as a relation to signs of those who interpret them) content of units of speech etiquette. The consideration of the politeness category, which is the basic in verbal etiquette, and the analysis of universal and idioethnic values lying in the basis of etiquette language formulas, are followed by the analysis of pragmatic co-meanings, acquired by etiquette units during communications.

    pdf luneva2011_3.pdf  (362 Kb)

  • M.R. Naptsok
    The Russian literary person in the conditions of emigration: V.Nabokov's language phenomenon

    The paper addresses the problem of the Russian literary person in multicultural space of emigration. The aim is to undertake an attempt of linguistic identification of the creative person and to reveal features of the unique language consciousness, defining a phenomenon of a bilingual-cultural discourse of Russian-American writer Vladimir Nabokov.

    pdf naptsok2_2011_3.pdf  (415 Kb)

  • L.G. Novak
    Concept “traveler” in the French language picture of the world

    The paper examines features of concepts “tourist” and “traveler” in the French language culture. Synonyms of dictionary concepts under study are characterized. Special attention is given to a backpack, the basic attribute of the traveler. The author clarifies how much it influences a speech portrait of the traveler. The interrelation of the traveler with an external world is investigated.

    pdf novak2011_3.pdf  (420 Kb)

  • S.S. Olefir
    Review of theoretical research in the field of linguistic modality

    The paper touches upon the contents of a concept “linguistic modality”. Various points of view on this question are analyzed. The author states that while studying modality in publicistic texts, the question arises, whether modality is a component of semantics of language units or it is caused by a motive of speech activity.

    pdf olefir2011_3.pdf  (352 Kb)

  • E.N. Orekhova
    Contextual Implication of Meaning by Means of Precedent Phenomena in the Political Communication (as shown by the material of the English language)

    The paper studies the mechanism of contextual implication of meaning by means of precedent phenomena in the political communication. Examples are given to show the way how the words obtain contextual implication of meaning by means of precedent phenomena. The author demonstrates the efficiency of use of precedent phenomena for defining additional meanings in the political communication.

    pdf orekhova2011_3.pdf  (338 Kb)

  • A.A. Rybakova
    A genre-stylistic use of expressive and estimated lexicon in Russian epigrams of the 19th century

    In this paper, the author analyzes the expressive and estimated lexicon used in the Russian epigrams of the 19th century, which is one of the main features of the genre under study. It is proved that extensive use of spoken and colloquial language in epigrams is associated with the presence of expressive and estimated meanings in them by which the author creates the revealing characteristic of the addressee.

    pdf rybakova2011_3.pdf  (444 Kb)

  • L.A. Sinko
    Referential and discursive properties of indefinite pronouns

    The interpretation of semantics of uncertainty by leading researchers of the problem is represented in the article “Referential and discoursive properties of uncertain pronouns”. The functions of Russian uncertain pronouns in the different contexts and communication situations are represented. The meaning of uncertain pronouns can modify under the influence of semantic and pragmatic factors.

    pdf sinko2011_3.pdf  (390 Kb)

  • E.V. Smirnova
    Efficiency of morphological ways of word formation in cardiological terminology of the English language

    The paper examines the specificity of occurrence of new medicine terms in the contemporary language and the morphological ways of word formation in cardiological terminology. On the basis of the comparative analysis the most productive word-formation elements are identified in the English and Russian languages. Features of a nomination of new concepts in investigated term systems are identified.

    pdf smirnova2011_3.pdf  (394 Kb)

  • L.V. Tolstikova
    Features of foreign borrowings caused by their use in newspaper discourse

    The paper examines ways of transferring information in newspaper discourse caused by a social context. Basing on a text material of the Russian and English newspapers, the author describes features of Russian and English borrowings caused by cognitive and pragmatic characteristics of newspaper discourse. Examples are given to demonstrate the use of familiar/alien opposition for realization of manipulating function of borrowings and for expression of a social - pragmatic position of the author of the article.

    pdf tolstikova2011_3.pdf  (378 Kb)

  • Z.S. Khabekirova
    Discredit strategy and ways of its realization in a political discourse of democratic opposition

    The paper describes influence over the addressee in language of democratic opposition, which uses discredit strategy as the weapon in struggle against the political opponents. The author discusses tactics of blame and sneers creating the characteristic style lines of an oppositional political discourse, which is aimed to decrease not only professional, but also intellectual qualities of politicians.

    pdf khabekirova2011_3.pdf  (445 Kb)

  • E.A. Shimko
    The comparative characteristic of consanguinity nominations through the female line in the German and Russian languages in terms of ethnolinguistics

    The paper addresses the study of lexical meaning of consanguinity nominations through the female line in the German and Russian languages within the limits of the comparative approach to a language from ethnolinguistics positions. The work examines the explanation of a word from the linguistic point of view and historical and culturological aspects accompanying it. This approach enables us to consider interpretation of meanings of the lexemes expressing specificity of ethnos.

    pdf shimko2011_3.pdf  (495 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • M.Ch. Anzarokova
    Pkhembgu in sociocultural space of Adyghe diaspora in Turkey

    The paper discusses functioning of percussion instrument pkhembgu in traditional culture of Adyghe diaspora in Turkey. Being guided by methods of a historicism and the system analysis, the author reveals semantics of the term pkhembgu, characterizes morphology of the instrument and a performing articulation, as well as forms of cross-cultural interactions and principles of tradition translation which have caused specific structure of the diaspora’s instrumental ensemble.

    pdf anzarokova2011_3.pdf  (480 Kb)

  • S.A. Mozgot
    Concepts of space and time in N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera “A fairy tale on Tsar Saltan …”

    The aim of this research is to show interaction of literary and musical components in concepts of Space and Time. By studying an intonation dramaturgy the investigator reveals the author's individual concepts and means of their embodiment in music. It has been established that the action of the concept is carried out outside the frameworks of one structural section, causing asynchronous existence of conceptual space and composition of the opera.

    pdf mozgot2011_3.pdf  (454 Kb)

  • Syui Bo
    Chinese “piano boom” in early 19th century

    The paper discusses “explosion” of interest to a piano in contemporary China. Achievements of 20-30-aged pianists in world competitive and concert practice are presented. The success of the Chinese pianists in the international scene is regarded in the light of installation of the Chinese pedagogy for early training and faultless technical means, for development of complicated technologies as realization of sign ability to europeanization and global integration of the country into world cultural space.

    pdf syui bo2011_3.pdf  (369 Kb)

  • S.I. Khvatova
    Tradition of singing in voice in Russian Orthodox Church of the newest period

    The paper discusses singing in voice, which is a stilistically stablest part of the divine church chanting, differing by elasticity of the form and oral tradition of existence. Analyzing a semantic unit of a tune, i.e. line, we arrive at a conclusion that the basic rhythmic unit for choristers here is the word. Data on left-chorus tradition of performance of divine church chanting in the 21st century which has considerable specificity in comparison with singing of the right chorus are presented. Plurality of variants of performance of tunes “in voice” shows uniqueness of singing tradition of each temple.

    pdf khvatova2011_3.pdf  (410 Kb)

  • A.Kh. Stash
    Asymptotic properties of solutions to linear differential systems

    The paper discusses asymptotic properties of solutions to systems of linear homogeneous and heterogeneous differential equations with variable coefficients. Also the author examines a special set of linear systems with the almost constant matrix. The investigation is carried out by the analytical methods.

    pdf stash2011_3.pdf  (1011 Kb)

  • A.V. Reznikov
    Recognition of prefractal graphs with a primer satisfying the Ore condition, provided that a contiguity of «old» edges in a path of the prefractal graph remains

    The paper examines the problem of recognition of prefractal graphs. For this sort of problems inexhaus-tive solutions are generally unknown. A study of properties of prefractal graphs has allowed the development of an inexhaustive algorithm of recognition of prefractal graphs with n-vertex priming, satisfying the Ore condition, provided that a contiguity of «old» edges in a path of the prefractal graph remains.

    pdf reznikov2011_3.pdf  (983 Kb)

  • A.Kh. Khokonov, L.A. Khamukova
    Two-phase emission detector for direct detection of neutrino flows and for the search for dark matter particles

    The paper discusses the formation of electrostatic potential in volume and at a fluid-gas interface for the two-phase emission detector with the gas amplification. The analytical expressions for potential at a gas – nonpolar dielectric interface have been obtained. The author gives the estimate of rate of the account of recoil nucleuses which are formed at interaction with neutralino and the estimate of the count rate of the solar pp-neutrino basing on recoil electrons and weakly interacting massive particles and on nuclei recoil of the working substance of the detector.

    pdf khokonov1_2011_3.pdf  (697 Kb)

  • M.Kh. Khokonov, I.Z. Bekulova
    Nonlinear effects in the field of intense laser wave and relativistic electron radiation

    The paper examines theoretically the generation of higher harmonics by the interaction of intense laser waves with relativistic electrons. The authors present the general approach of the quantum modification, according to which the laser beam cannot be an ideal plane wave.

    pdf khokonov2_2011_3.pdf  (780 Kb)

    Natural Sciences
  • A.A. Vays
    Laws of connection between diameters of trees of the Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica) at breast and stub heights in the conditions of Middle and Southern Siberia

    On the basis of data collected from various areas of Middle Siberia, it is established that at trees of the Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica), for dependencies d1.3=f(dï) and dï=f(d1.3), the construction of the uniform specification even at level of a wood zone leads to considerable errors, but it can be used to study the general laws.

    pdf vays2011_3.pdf  (1016 Kb)

  • M.V. Kuzenko, G.N. Gudkova
    Dynamics of leaves dying off in plants of winter triticale

    The paper provides data on studying the time and character of leaves dying off in plants of winter triticale in ontogenesis.

    pdf kuzenko2011_3.pdf  (335 Kb)

  • E.A. Shebzukhova, L.S. Babich
    Avifauna of a forest-steppe belt of Adygheya Republic

    The specific structure and biology of an avifauna of a forest-steppe belt in Adygheya Republic are poor studied, there are only fragmented data. This work examines, for the first time, the specific structure, number, seasonal and daily activity, food and reproduction and gives assessment of anthropogenic influence on the avifaunu of a forest-steppe belt of Adygheya Republic.

    pdf shebzukhova2011_3.pdf  (549 Kb)

  • I.I. Efendieva, N.D. Dzhimova, A.V. Yakimov, M.I. Shapovalov
    Trematodes of fish in the Kabardin-Balkar Republic

    The paper provides data on 11 trematode species, found in 14 fish species from natural and artificial reservoirs of Kabardin-Balkariya. Eight trematode species are new in the republic’s fauna. It is established that the most widespread trematodes in local fish fauna are P. cuticola, T. clavata and D. helveticum.

    pdf efendieva2011_3.pdf  (777 Kb)

  • G.M. Konovalova, G.A. Sevryukova
    Adaptation of contemporary youth to the conditions of education in higher school: a physiological aspect

    The work studies changes in the functional status of the cardiovascular, respiratory and neuroregulatory systems of the organism, which reflect the process of student’s adaptation to the conditions of professional education at the university.

    pdf konovalova2011_3.pdf  (461 Kb)

  • N.Yu. Anisimova, V.A. Davankov, M.I. Budnik, F.V. Donenko, A.R. Tuguz, M.V. Kiselevskiy
    Prospects of the use of nanoporous sorbent Stirosorb 514 for extracorporeal detoxification at system inflammatory reaction and sepsis

    Hemosorption (HS) as the version of extracorporeal detoxification methods (ECDM) with the use of a nonselective supersewed nanoporous sorbent Stirosorb 514, in conditions of experimental endotoxic shock, al-lows effective removal of bacterial lipopolysaccharides (LPS) from a system blood-groove and the human tumor necrosis factor (hTNF β), starting a syndrome of system inflammatory reaction (SSIR) and multiple organ failure (MOF) inducing a sepsis. Application of nonselective hemosorbents of the Stirosorb 514 type can influence ex-pressiveness of SSIR and warn sepsis development and MOF. Implementation of researches on the use of nonse-lective nanoporous supersewed Stirosorb 514 as a hemosorbent at HS is promising and is caused by its high specific capacity.

    pdf anisimova2011_3.pdf  (692 Kb)

  • A.F. Beryukh, E.N. Nechaeva
    Ecological and hygienic characteristic of aquatic environment in the Belorechensk region of the Krasnodar territory

    The paper gives assessment of impact of industrial chemical factors on the condition of ecological situation with aquatic objects and equatorials in the Belorechensk region of the Krasnodar territory. The results of water pollution in the tested area are analyzed.

    pdf beryukh2011_3.pdf  (586 Kb)

  • F.V. Tuguz
    Structural evolution of a network of settlements in the territory of Adygheya

    The paper examines a network of settlements in its structural and spatial evolution. The author calculated and systematized changes of a network and people quantity in settlements on the basis of population census data (1926–2002). As a result, five trajectory types of change of people quantity in settlements have been identified and stages and forms of spatial evolution of separate types of settlements have been revealed.

    pdf tuguz2011_3.pdf  (808 Kb)

  • R.K. Tatlok, S.I. Kolesnikov
    Change in biological properties of the Adygheya subalpine soils as a result of pollution from oil, black oil, gasoline and solar oil

    A pollution of the Adygheya subalpine soils from petroleum and petroleum products causes deterioration of their biological properties. As a rule, the degree of decrease in the values of biological indicators is directly dependent on the concentration of pollutant in the soil. On the basis of analysis of well-known data sources and carried out experiments it has been established that petroleum and petroleum products form the following sequence: black oil > = oil > solar oil > = gasoline by the degree of negative impact on the biological properties of subalpine soils.

    pdf tatlok2011_3.pdf  (490 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Z.A. Khuako
    Theoretical basis for the effectiveness of combining motions of three units

    The possibility of reducing dynamic loads on the driving elements of hydraulic manipulator with a combination of motions of three links is theoretically justified.

    pdf khuako2011_3.pdf  (347 Kb)

  • K.G. Achmiz
    In memory of Khasantal Zacherievich Ustok

    pdf achmiz2011_3.pdf  (326 Kb)

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