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    21.07.2024 17:23
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    Problems of Human Physiology
  • Kh.M. Andrukhaev, S.S. Afanasyeva, I.N. Zhukova, V.N. Zamyatin, D.D. Mirzov, V.B. Tlyachev, V.Sh.Tlyusten, G.S. Feklistov, R.D. Khunagov, S.M. Shaova, A.V. Shakhanova, M.M. Shumafov, D.S. Ushkho
    Mamiy Kazbek Sagidovich (to the 75-year birthday)

    pdf andrukhaev2011_2.pdf  (183 Kb)

  • V.E. Korotkov
    The social and cultural arguments of the knowledge and modern transcendentalism

    The paper is dedicated to the investigation of the arguments of the knowledge in the modern philosophy. The author studies the transformation of the classical approaches to this problem, related social and cultural arguments of the knowledge and the modern forms of the transcendentalism.

    pdf korotkov2011_2.pdf  (86 Kb)

  • A.R. Ashkhamaf
    Principles and methods of studying ecological consciousness

    On the basis of the analysis of the domestic and foreign literature devoted to ecological consciousness, the author arrives at a conclusion that along with certain achievements in studying this problem a lot of disputable and unresolved questions remain. The author considers that in the theory of ecological consciousness methods and principles of its research on social-philosophical aspect are studied insufficiently. The purpose of this paper is to reveal principles and methods of studying ecological consciousness.

    pdf ashkhamaf2011_2.pdf  (65 Kb)

  • A.A. Shaov
    The theoretical bases of a phenomenon of ideology: the social-philosophical analysis

    The paper discusses the theoretical approaches to the social-philosophical analysis of a phenomenon of ideology. In social-humanitarian knowledge the concept “ideology” is used in several meanings as a specific belief, as the belief basing on false knowledge of the social and as a set of ideas in the various spheres - from scientific knowledge to religion and daily views on appropriate behavior, not depending on that whether these beliefs are true or are false. This paper examines these three approaches that demand a historical retrospective show of the genesis of the concept of “ideology”.

    pdf shaov2011_2.pdf  (94 Kb)

  • A.V. Sopov, A.Sh. Buzarov
    Place and role of Cossacks in the Russian cultural-ethnic processes

    The urgency of this study is caused by features of formation of the Russian state and Russian nation. Undoubtedly, serious role in the designated process was played by the Cossacks. The work is aimed at elucidation of degree of Cossacks’ participation in formation of the Russian state and their role in formation of Russian nation. One of the problems is a parity of Cossacks and Russian. The authors reveal whether or not Cossacks are a subethnos of Russian people, and if they are, in what historical epoch and why this has occurred. The authors study the Cossacks as a historical phenomenon. A subject of research includes ethno-cultural and historical interrelations of the Cossacks and Russian state. It is inferred that Cossacks are trailblazers, openers and subjugators of provinces. They played “an advanced post” role, bearing a frontier service, defending and keeping integrity of Russia as the state, territory and civilization.

    pdf sopov2011_2.pdf  (124 Kb)

  • Yu.A. Yakhutl
    New Economic Policy in a domestic historiography

    The paper examines stages of studying new economic policy by a historical science. Researchers’ views on this problem are often defined by a political state of affairs. Recent works give an objective estimation of the purposes of new economic policy. The new archival materials allow researchers to track the process of origin and development of new economic and public relations at the initial stage of building a socialist society in Russia. The periods of studying the New Economic Policy in the historical literature coincide in many respects with basic changes in the history of the country. But interest to this problem doesn't weaken. New Economic Policy experience is claimed in the period of economic reforms and during transitional economy development.

    pdf yakhutl2011_2.pdf  (83 Kb)

  • A.V. Dubrovin
    Self-identification of the Russian officers participating in the Caucasian War (19th century)

    In the paper, we analyze basic elements of self-identification of the Russian officers participating in the Caucasian War of the 19th century, namely: their isolation from other Russian military men, an informal ceremony of initiation of the newly arrived, internal differentiation, features of mutual relations of officers and soldiers, as well as stability of these elements.

    pdf dubrovin2011_2.pdf  (87 Kb)

  • T.V. Korot’ko
    Primary, secondary and secondary special education in Turkey

    The paper describes a system of primary, secondary and secondary special education in the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic, its gradual formation and development. The following problems are solved in the work: introduction of general obligatory primary education in Turkish Republic; modernization of system of education; additional secondary and secondary special education.

    pdf korot`ko2011_2.pdf  (67 Kb)

  • Zh.V. Kagazezhev
    Adyghe late- mid-century Kemirgoy (Kremuk) princedom

    The paper discusses questions related to medieval history of the Circassians, in particular the well-known Kemirgoy princedom. The author uses materials of medieval annals, of Russian and East authors and the archeological data. Of great value are also folklore data to reconstruct the described events. The comparative analysis of different kinds of sources allows the author to receive the objective information about the Adyghe princedom. In the period under consideration Kemirgoy represented not only a militarily strong princedom. The data of the Italian sources and archeology allow the author to draw a conclusion on high level of economic development of a feudal society in the region.

    pdf kagazezhev2011_2.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • L.A. Delova
    Ethnodemographic situation in Adygheya Republic

    The paper discusses the condition of an ethnodemographic situation in the Adygheya Republic at the present stage of development. The author investigates features of ethnic and demographic processes in Adygheya Republic, analyzes the factors which have led to a crisis state of a demographic situation and to transformation of ethnic structure of the population of the Adygheya Republic.

    pdf delova2011_2.pdf  (90 Kb)

  • T.L. Pyatakova
    Dialectics of quantitative and qualitative approaches in ethnosocial researches

    The paper discusses quantitative and qualitative methods of contemporary sociology and their correlation in the western and domestic sociology. The author reveals features of a quantitative method of research and the logic of interaction of quantitative and qualitative approaches in the sociological analysis, as well as the opportunities of using these methods in research of functioning of family-patrimonial social memory.

    pdf pyatakova2011_2.pdf  (67 Kb)

  • D.V. Karabash
    Youth in Russian contemporary society: problems of destructive behavior

    In the paper, problems of purposeful interaction of Russian contemporary society and youth’s social-demographic group of the population are analyzed. The author examines the real problems of youth including destructive behavior in indispensable interrelation with forms and methods of their purposeful regulation and investigates modern personal-behavioural tendencies in a modern design of youth’s subculture.

    pdf karabash2011_2.pdf  (73 Kb)

  • S.V. Sergienko
    Preventive measures against destructive behaviour of minors: experience of foreign strategies

    The paper discloses the essence of formation of modern strategies for preventive measures against destructive behavior of children and teenagers in some foreign countries. The author analyzes efficiency of the used methods and mechanisms for the institualization of this system, its substantiveness and universality.

    pdf sergienko2011_2.pdf  (90 Kb)

  • E.A. Vereshchagina
    Social-professional and value orientations of teachers at comprehensive schools in the conditions of modernization of social institute of education (regional aspect)

    The paper provides an analysis of sociological research conducted in 2008-2009 in the Khakassia Republic. The research has been directed to studying social-professional and value orientations of teachers at comprehensive schools. It has been established that in the conditions of reforming the institute of the general education three social types of the person are formed among teachers: romanticists, creators and conformists.

    pdf vereshchagina2011_2.pdf  (76 Kb)

  • M.A. Laktionova
    Gender violence as an interdisciplinary problem

    The paper provides an analysis of gender violence as an interdisciplinary problem. The author defines universalism of gender violence in public life and its characteristics in various fields of knowledge. The basic features of gender violence in philosophy, psychology, history, law and related sciences are considered.

    pdf laktionova2011_2.pdf  (116 Kb)

  • L.V. Klimenko
    Regional peculiarities of the social feeling of the population in the multiethnic regions of the South of Russia

    The paper describes the territorial peculiarities of the social feeling of the population in the Southern Federal District. Basing on the results of applied sociological research held in 2009-2010 a comparative analysis is made to determine at what degree the citizens of Rostov and Krasnodar regions and Adygheya Republic are satisfied with their social and economic situation, with government actions, as well as with the interethnic relations within the South of Russia.

    pdf klimenko2011_2.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • V.R. Valiullin
    National and international problems as a result of internal ethnic stratification

    The paper discusses the basic international problems of the Russian contemporary society arising in the course of ethnic stratification. In addition, the reasons generating these problems are established. The special attention is given to the factors influencing their solution and formation of tolerant behaviour and consciousness.

    pdf valiullin2011_2.pdf  (81 Kb)

  • Z.N. Vodozhdokova
    Research activity of post-graduate students and competitors for Candidate degree: disciplinary differentiation

    In the paper, basing on the results of sociological research, specificity of research activity of post-graduate students and competitors for Candidate degree, taking into account the “disciplinary differentiation” criterion, is revealed. Comparison of the data obtained as a result of their poll at natural-science faculties with the data obtained at social-humanitarian faculties allows the author to establish common characteristics and peculiar features. Of interest is the reference to the Russian sociological researches.

    pdf vodozhdokova2011_2.pdf  (184 Kb)

  • A.A. Bezrukova
    Gender characteristics of social positions of women in the Adyghe traditional society

    An analysis is made of the gender order which is based on traditions, norms and rules of subjects of social interaction. The author denies the opinion that the Caucasian woman occupied the slavish and dependent position. Analyzing data on position of the women, containing in the Adyghe etiquette, Adapt norms, Nart epos, Koran, European and domestic sources, the conclusion is made that the woman in the Adyghe traditional society did not occupy the oppressed position. Her gender status was high; she did not perceive available interdictions as discrimination. Moreover, there are examples when an opportunity was given to her to be beyond the traditional social roles.

    pdf bezrukova2011_2.pdf  (87 Kb)

  • I.V. Zhidkikh
    Detailed elaboration of principles of appointment of punishment in system of softening and aggravating circumstances

    The paper discusses the detailed elaboration of principles of appointment of punishment in system of the circumstances softening and aggravating punishment. The legal importance of the given circumstances is that they are a legal ground of softening or toughening punishment. The institute of softening and aggravating circumstances reflects the principles of legality, equality, guilt and punishment individualization.

    pdf zhidkikh2011_2.pdf  (127 Kb)

  • E.N. Pshizova
    Legal basis of protection of workers’ rights in criminal law

    The paper provides an analysis of the legal, philosophical, psychological and sociological literature. The author designates the basic theoretical and methodological problems of doctrines about work, persons of labor activity, responsibility and necessity of criminal - legal protection of workers’ rights.

    pdf pshizova2011_2.pdf  (80 Kb)

  • M.I. Katbambetov
    Problems of a legal estimation of weapon application at realization of office and professional work

    A system analysis is made of the circumstances excluding criminality of act, concerning an estimation of legitimacy of weapon application by law enforcement officers. The special attention is given to a parity of norms of the criminal and special legislation, to the bases and tresspass conditions. The author gives reasons of perfection of a legal basis of the compelled use of weapons.

    pdf katbambetov2011_2.pdf  (86 Kb)

  • E.L. Sidorenko
    The right of self-defense for the person and its logical-structural analysis

    The work discusses the qualitatively new approach to definition of the criminal-legal nature of self-defense for the person. On the basis of the critical analysis of the legislation and doctrinal sources, discrepancy is established between the institute of the circumstances excluding criminality of act, and its preventive function and contemporary level of criminal threats. The special attention is given to the author's model of self-defense for the person basing on an establishment of the grounds for the occurrence of the right of self-defense and signs of structure of defensive actions.

    pdf sidorenko2011_2.pdf  (102 Kb)

  • R.E. Tovmasyan
    On clearing settlements: a financial-legal aspect

    The paper discusses the various points of view on the financial-legal aspect of clearing settlements. It is inferred that the information component of the legal nature of money is a much more important circumstance for perfection of financial-legal regulation of settlement legal relationship. It is worthy of notice that settlement legal relationships are understood as the public relations regulated by norms of the monetary circulation law. These public relations concern realization of calculations between the organizations and physical persons in the course of economic and related non economic activity, as well as between them and the state in the course of execution of financial duties.

    pdf tovmasyan2011_2.pdf  (83 Kb)

  • B.N. Khachak
    Delay in punishment by criminal - executive legislation: the gender analysis

    The paper discusses problems related to a delay in serving a punishment to the condemned pregnant women and to the condemned women having juvenile children. Position of women condemned to imprisonment is in focus of attention for many scientists. The main points concerning expediency and essence of a delay are presented in two aspects: too long period of this delay (before the child is 14 years old) and, as to the gender approach, its inapplicability to the condemned men who are fathers of juvenile children for various reasons, for example, bringing up the child independently.

    pdf khachak2011_2.pdf  (77 Kb)

  • A.M. Siyukhova
    Theoretical and methodological preconditions of the analysis of “night” concept in Adyghes’ ethnoculture

    The paper addresses the methodology of research of Adyghes’ ethnoculture in works of contemporary writers. The author shows necessity of the system approach to the analysis of the general and local phenomena of ethnic culture of Adyghes using an example of a phenomenon of night. The structured model of an ethnic picture of the world is offered allowing a complex application of methods of empirical research.

    pdf siyukhova2011_2.pdf  (124 Kb)

  • B.S. Khotko
    The “open-air” burial ceremony in space of pagan culture of the Abhazes and Adyghes

    The paper provides an analysis of one of the brightest ceremonies of Abhaze-Adyghe paganisms – a cult of the “open-air” burial. On the basis of historical documents, archival sources and the translation literature, the “open-air” burial is presented as the phenomenon characteristic of culture of the Abkhazes and Adyghes within the limits of a foreseeable historical epoch up to the mid-19th century. The chosen culturological approach has allowed the researcher to reveal typology of an “open-air” burial ceremony and to define its stable and mobile, general and local elements.

    pdf khotko2011_2.pdf  (82 Kb)

  • S.E. Khokon
    Cosmic features in symbolics of Adyghe traditional costume

    The paper provides an analysis of mythological-symbolical semantics in traditional culture of the Adyghes. Research on cosmic evolutional mission of the person bears an idea of expansion of consciousness both in artistic images and in philosophical thoughts. The author examines the mythological understanding of color as a cosmic aesthetic category within the limits of traditional culture. Dual concepts contrasting in mythical consciousness of the Adyghes, good and harm comparison are reflected in color symbolics accordingly by comparison of the light and dark. This gets value in other plane in due course as color contrast at creation of art details. The special attention in the paper is given to semantics of traditional clothes decor, in particular the costume ornament and relation of symbolics of a costume to cosmic-natural objects and phenomena. Mythological outlook and beliefs of the Adyghes, by means of color and an ornament, have created in due time the cultural picture of the world embodied in an ethnic image through a costume.

    pdf khokon2011_2.pdf  (78 Kb)

    Political Science
  • E.A. Kasatkina
    The 1962 Caribbean crisis: new approaches and estimations (based on materials of the U.S. National Safety Archive)

    Lessons of the 1962 Caribbean crisis for the American foreign policy are analyzed on the basis of the declassified documents of the U.S. National Safety Archive. The author examines their influence on formation of strategic concepts of the USA in the second half of the 20th – beginning of the 21st centuries.

    pdf kasatkina2011_2.pdf  (73 Kb)

  • Yu.D. Dalaeva
    Attributive and functional properties of the information power

    The paper provides a social-information analysis of a role of the information power in terms of the attributive and functional approaches to reality cognizing. This allows a complete consideration of the essence, nature, character and displays of the information power.

    pdf dalaeva2011_2.pdf  (78 Kb)

    New books, monographs, reviews
  • A.Yu. Chadje
    Creativity of higher education

    pdf chadje2011_2.pdf  (59 Kb)

    The Economic Theory
  • P.A. Vysotsky
    Theoretical bases of the public blessings and new state management

    The paper addresses researches of conceptual bases of new state management. In this connection, extremely important and urgent is research of substantial treatment of concept “social obligations” because functions of the state on realization of social obligations in the generalized form make up and define its social policy.

    pdf vysotsky2011_2.pdf  (228 Kb)

  • A.I. Kozlov
    Methodological approaches to the formation and estimation of the human capital

    The paper examines questions of essence of the human capital as a source of vital force and competitiveness of an enterprise. Stages of formation of the theory of the human capital, methods of its estimation by both foreign and domestic economists are investigated and analyzed.

    pdf kozlov2011_2.pdf  (183 Kb)

  • V.M. Maximov
    Self-management of labor groups in commercial organizations of contemporary Russia

    The paper deals with the problematic aspects of self-management of workers in the commercial organizations of contemporary Russia and the barriers that arise as a result of an abrupt transition to a capitalist-market system of economic relations. Feasible variants of overcoming the self-management crisis through the change of legislation are offered.

    pdf maximov2011_2.pdf  (181 Kb)

  • Å.S. Suvorova, V.P. Zaykov
    On the evolution of municipal governance in Russia

    In this paper, the authors proposed to allocate eight main stages in the evolution of municipal government, beginning with a community organization in Ancient Russia and finishing with contemporary governance which is characterized by the creation of a full legislative framework for the functioning of municipalities and for their governance. Emphasis is made on the role of prominent statesmen and rulers of the Russian state in this evolution; the essence of their reforms in municipal governance is revealed. In the final part of the paper a number of generalizations are made, in particular the significance of the legislative framework is marked. The authors concluded that the transformations carried out in Russia over the last 13-15 years, in fact revived the municipal government and we can speak about positive trends in its development in the coming years.

    pdf suvorova2011_2.pdf  (262 Kb)

  • E.N. Tkacheva
    Research of the human capital as an asset of the virtual organizations of Southern Federal District

    In information economy, new nonconventional organizational forms, namely the virtual organizations, become the basic economic entities. These organizations are based on principles of cooperation of the legally independent enterprises, geographically removed from each other and carrying out the activity in the integrated information field. Use of ways of virtual interactions between economic agents helps them to lower costs of the enterprise partners and to raise speed and quality of client service. This paper gives the results of the conducted research on the human capital as an asset of virtual organizations from the Southern Federal District.

    pdf tkacheva2011_2.pdf  (311 Kb)

    Financial Markets
  • B.A. Bobrovich
    Incomes of households: investments and the object of regulation

    The work discusses questions of household income regulation in a context of theoretical bases of financial and investment resource management in sector of house economy. Feature of transformation of house economy savings in the investment is connected with prospects of perfection and development of investment processes as a whole in the Russian economy.

    pdf bobrovich2011_2.pdf  (160 Kb)

  • Yu.A. Karpenko
    RETRACTED on September 3, 2019 Perfection of state regulation of household monetary income in Russia

    Retraction of this publication is due to the discovered plagiarism – The source: Matyushenko, Tatiana Vladimirovna. Development of financial potential of households in Russia: Thesis... Candidate of Economic Sciences: 08.00.10/Matyushenko Tatiana Vladimirovna; [Place of thesis defence: Russian Academy of State Service under the President of the Russian Federation]. - Moscow, 2008. The policy of incomes as a whole in the country, social policy and a policy of the economic growth is the basis for the state regulation of monetary incomes of households. The main purpose of them is increase of standard of living and quality of life in the country. In this connection the author considers it a very important object to investigate the functions and mechanisms of state regulation of household monetary incomes.

    pdf karpenko2011_2.pdf  (187 Kb)

  • S.V. Larin
    Development of departmental control as a realization condition of productive budgeting in Russia

    The paper discloses the contents, problematics and directions of development of departmental control as the necessary condition of complex realization of the productive budgeting in modern budgetary practice of the Russian Federation.

    pdf larin2011_2.pdf  (235 Kb)

  • F.A. Pukhnaty
    Criteria for an estimation of a financial and economic solvency of Press-Enterprises

    The paper addresses the research on criteria for an estimation of financial and economic activity of the organizations. The author distinguishes and analyzes basic approaches to systematization of criteria of an estimation of a solvency of the organization on the basis of domestic and foreign experience in estimating and inconsistency and bankruptcy forecasting.

    pdf pukhnaty2011_2.pdf  (245 Kb)

  • S.A. Roshchektaev
    Transformation of the institution potential at the local financial market of the Russian megalopolis at present financial crisis

    The paper substantiates the theoretical and methodological aspects of formation and development of the institution potential at the local financial market of Russian megalopolis. Transformation processes of institution structure at this market are examined on the basis of the functional and structural finance theory.

    pdf roshchektaev2011_2.pdf  (254 Kb)

  • N.A. Chumakova
    The financial insolvency of household system (based on Krasnodar city data)

    Being a minimal unit of economy, a household often takes loans to satisfy its needs. However, incompetence of household members in terms of finance causes very often debts to lending or other agencies. This defines necessity of detailed study of the financial insolvency of the household system, which is the main subject of our detailed analysis.

    pdf chumakova2011_2.pdf  (195 Kb)

    Problems Related to Investment Activity
  • G.V. Kesyan, G.L. Bayanduryan, L.M. Osadchuk
    Tools to increase investment attractiveness of machine-building complex in regions

    The paper deals with problems related to machine building as a structure-forming complex of the region. The authors reveal the basic reasons for low investment attractiveness of machine-building enterprises, taking into account the features of the present stage of their development. It is suggested that tools increasing investment activity of the machine-building enterprises should be based on convergence of their economic interests on the formation of investment - financial resources and the interests of the state for target use of these resources. Studies are conducted in the framework of Federal Target Program “Scientific and research staff of Russia” for 2009-2013.

    pdf kesyan2011_2.pdf  (211 Kb)

  • Yu.M. Koretsky, V.A. Molodykh
    Investment strategy of financing high-venture projects

    The paper discusses questions related to an estimation and selection of investment projects for the purpose of risk minimization at a choice of financing tools.

    pdf koretsky2011_2.pdf  (176 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • A.V. Ashcheulov
    Ranging vertically integrated corporations by financially sustainable classes as the tool of definition of the most favorable strategic partners

    During the past years, many Russian and foreign investors co-operated intensely with the regional economic systems. One of the most popular kinds of this interaction is a vertically integrated company. However, presence of such company at this or that branch of the region does not always guarantee its sustainability. This paper provides the rating model of ranging vertically integrated corporations by financially sustainable classes to define “a weak link” in regional economy.

    pdf ashcheulov2011_2.pdf  (227 Kb)

  • E.B. Ermishina
    Ways of diversification in the North Ossetiya-Alaniya economic system

    The paper examines the essence and forms of diversification at the meso-level, possibilities of diversification tools in regional system and features of diversification in a mining complex of the North Ossetiya-Alaniya region. It is inferred that the main objective of diversification of industrial complexes of the North Ossetiya-Alaniya mountain branch is not only a pure gain of extraction of metals, but also increase in the complete use of the interiors as a guarantee of the complete use of natural resources in interests of regional economy.

    pdf ermishina2011_2.pdf  (249 Kb)

  • R.T. Kushu
    Intraregional social and economic differentiation and the role of small-scale business in its overcoming

    The paper examines a number of aspects of intraregional differentiation in the conditions of market transformations. The special attention in overcoming intraregional heterogeneity is given to sector of small-scale business in problem regions. Efficient management of this sector allows regional administrations to give necessary dynamism to structural shifts in a direction of smoothing intraregional distinctions.

    pdf kushu2011_2.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • A.V. Lebedev
    Problems of using regional approach in the development of a mechanism of transforming savings into investments of the Chuvash Republic

    At the present time, there is an urgent problem of finding additional financing sources for regional investment projects within the resource deficient regions. The present paper deals with the development of regional investment mechanism that employs the mechanism of transformation of household savings into investments.

    pdf lebedev2011_2.pdf  (189 Kb)

  • R.A. Linevich
    New technologies of forecasting as a tool of providing interaction of subjects of municipal development

    The paper discusses forecasting of social and economic development of municipalities. The author describes the basic development cycles of forecasts, the special role of methodology of Foresite at definition of priorities of municipal development and principles of Foresite.

    pdf linevich2011_2.pdf  (270 Kb)

  • E.V. Mayboroda
    Economic interaction of Krasnodar territory and the Adygheya Republic and its influence on smoothing social and economic distinctions between two regions

    The paper provides an analysis of various aspects of economic interaction of Krasnodar territory and the Adygheya Republic. Intensification of this interaction is the important precondition of smoothing social and economic distinctions between two regions. The author substantiates that an interaction resource in the specified regions is not given due value. The special attention is given to the structural factors interfering and favoring intensification of economic cooperation of these two neighboring regions.

    pdf mayboroda2011_2.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • A.V. Mortova
    The potential of corporative business in the modernization of regional economical system

    In given article the potentions of vertically integrated and region corporations in innovational transformation of economic sistem of Krasnodarskiy kray is presented; measured their tribute in the modernization of this sistem; the instruments of activization of corporative partycipation are presented/

    pdf mortova2011_2.pdf  (211 Kb)

  • A.K. Nagoeva
    Re-structuring of regional economic system as a way of an exit from depression

    During the past years the attention of economic science and management to regional economy and problems of its regulation becomes stronger. However, the efficiency of the existing control system of the region is insufficient. In order to control the development of the region economy it is necessary to carry out re-structuring in a control system of the region. This paper discloses the most promising directions of an exit of regions from depression.

    pdf nagoeva2011_2.pdf  (209 Kb)

  • E.M. Petrova
    Formation of integrated municipal system of planning

    The paper discusses current trends and challenges of forming an integrated system of planning at the municipal level. The necessity of application of coordination and cooperation mechanisms in the planning process is substantiated.

    pdf petrova2011_2.pdf  (203 Kb)

  • N.A. Khilko
    The corporative factor of modernization of regional economical sistem

    The article is about positions of big and regional corporations in the evolution and modernization of region economic systems of contemporary Russia. Their contribution to modernization of the specified system is estimated.

    pdf khilko2011_2.pdf  (208 Kb)

  • T.M. Shovgenov
    Modernization prospects of the regional finance of the South of Russia in the post-crisis period

    The paper shows the problems related to modernization of the regional financial system of the South of Russia during the post-crisis period, including a weak diversification of economy of Southern macroregion republics, absence of innovative-educational cluster, insufficient institutional base, presence of administrative barriers and high subsidies of subjects of Southern and North-Caucasian Federal Districts. The author makes an analysis of prospects of development of these regions, allocates groups of subjects of Southern and North-Caucasian Federal Districts by a degree of stability to crisis factors and formulates strategy and methods of the state policy.

    pdf shovgenov2011_2.pdf  (200 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • A.N. Guseva
    System of budgeting and estimation of financial results of the service organizations: functions and problems

    The paper discusses the modern practice of budgeting in the service organizations. The author indicates that the plan-fact analysis of budget execution nowadays is the most widespread and simple way of result estimation of the organization activity. However, it is not the most effective one. The author gives examples from existing practice of the Russian service organizations, specifying that the analysis of budget execution is frequently related to calculation of relative and absolute deviations of the fact from the plan. The paper shows necessity of the account of changes in branch and macroeconomic indicators during the analysis of budget execution. The author arrives at a conclusion that it is necessary to use the analysis “that if” and the budgeting systems of “a final customer” which will give an additional opportunity of the control and cost management. The main advantages of such innovation are several levels of the control and management of expenses and, as a result, increasing budget transparency.

    pdf guseva2011_2.pdf  (214 Kb)

  • A.A. Kravchenko
    The amortization award in agricultural industry as an element of accounting policy for the taxation

    The paper discusses application of the amortization award in agricultural industry, which is characterized by seasonal recurrence of reproduction process. Rational inclusion of depreciation charges in structure of industrial expenses is topical at a solution of a problem related to recognition of expenses of taxpayers in the accounting period.

    pdf kravchenko2011_2.pdf  (204 Kb)

  • I.F. Tausova
    Identification of reserves of the commercial organization in the conditions of a static and dynamic accounting model

    In a modern domestic science, questions of the theory and practice of accounting and reporting on reserves are poor investigated and insufficiently developed methodically. The paper considers classification of reserves, their identification in regulatory legal acts and features of their reflection in the conditions of a static and dynamic accounting model.

    pdf tausova2011_2.pdf  (229 Kb)

  • E.V. Toksina
    Financial accountancy with ecological component for investors

    The paper offers the form of financial accountancy that makes possible to identify financial information about ecological or environmental activities of a company. The main objective of this accountancy form is to provide governing body and investors with information about results of ecological and economical activities of a company to analyze and construct management and relationship strategy.

    pdf toksina2011_2.pdf  (403 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • V.V. Teshev
    The basic determinants of interaction of agricultural commodity producers with the processing organizations on the basis of consumers’ cooperative society principles

    This paper provides the significance, substantiation and working out new forms of organizational-economic interaction of agrarian commodity producers and the cooperative processing organizations. The functional content of their interaction in consumers' cooperative society of Adygheya is caused by determinants of regional development and by a consumer cooperation role in agrarian and industrial complex.

    pdf teshev2011_2.pdf  (216 Kb)

    Management by Innovations
  • V.B. Sarkisov, I.P. Kuzmenko
    Substantiation of selective support of innovative projects

    The necessary condition of realization of progressive changes is the solution of a problem related to an effective utilization of economic regulators. The paper addresses the questions of selective support of the organizations occupied with manufacture and innovations development. The authors describe the procedure of complex estimation of innovative-investment projects and choice of an optimum variant of development of social and economic systems. The obtained results will allow diminishing degree of risk of financing and generation of a positive image of organization.

    pdf sarkisov2011_2.pdf  (263 Kb)

    Mathematical Methods in Economy
  • L.V. Zyuzina
    Estimation method of interference of elements in complex interconnected subsystems with weak structural problems in solving a distributive problem

    The paper describes the method for an estimation of variants of distribution of scarce resources between elements in complex interconnected systems. The method allows a definition of a distribution variant at which the damage from system underfinancing is minimum.

    pdf zyuzina2011_2.pdf  (557 Kb)

  • A.I. Khlebnikova
    Cognitive approach to putting a linear programming problem of metal products delivery scheme

    The paper is devoted to a problem of increasing efficiency of accepted decisions at a choice of the supplier and the delivery scheme in steel trading sphere. The results of use of cognitive approach to formalization of a linear programming problem in marketing logistics are presented. The author offers to use cognitive map at a stage of a problem statement for the description of problem area. The analysis of this map allows allocation of criteria and restrictions for formalization of a linear programming problem.

    pdf khlebnikova2011_2.pdf  (339 Kb)

  • M.À. Chefranova
    Building a cognitive model of crediting and the development of the structural unit of management decisions on its basis

    The main theme of the work is the study of credit risks in commercial banks as a random process and the application for this of the methods of cognitive modeling. The aim is to develop a methodology for credit risk management to ensure sustainable operation of the bank. The object of research is the process of crediting in the bank. The result of the research is a development of a cognitive model of credit process, which expands the capability to predict the credit risk.

    pdf chefranova2011_2.pdf  (328 Kb)

    The Theory and Practice of Business
  • T.G. Gurnovich, L.V. Agarkova, R.A. Kuznetsov, I.Yu. Muradova
    Rating of entrepreneurial activity at the market of agricultural chemistry production

    This paper addresses the study on estimation of business activity of entrepreneurs at the market of agricultural chemistry production. The urgency of this study is enhanced due to variety and complexity of structural organization of enterprises of the market. The object of strategic importance for the branch under investigation is the arrangement of entrepreneurs’ stability and cost-effectiveness of companies. The decision of this task is directed to choice of structure and size of an enterprise and to determination of factors of administration and parameters of economic development.

    pdf gurnovich2011_2.pdf  (221 Kb)

    Service Economy
  • S.S. Abramov
    Estimation of quality of services considering a consumer’s view

    Development of service sphere is one of directions of modernization of contemporary Russia. One of the parameters of competitiveness of the service enterprises is quality of rendered services. The concept of quality in sphere of services is complex and is often defined by satisfaction of the consumer. The paper provides the technique of an estimation of quality of services, considering the results of rendering service and satisfaction of the consumer by servicing.

    pdf abramov2011_2.pdf  (339 Kb)

  • R.N. Gusev
    Services of building design: the content and structure

    At present comprehension has come that in manufacture of building production the design should take a leading place. This made it possible to allocate a sphere of services of building design in the Building Complex of the Russian Federation. This paper defines the essence of a category of “a service of building design”, as well as reveals the content and structure of shaping service sphere of building design.

    pdf gusev2011_2.pdf  (350 Kb)

  • S.V. Lazovskaya
    The new resources of the evolution of a tourist-recreational sphere

    The evolution potential of the tourist-recreational sphere has become an integral part of many regional economic systems of Russia. Hence, its rational management defines the main parameters of the region development. This paper discloses vital issues related to determination and wide use of the resource potential of a tourist-recreational service sphere and gives recommendations for their solution.

    pdf lazovskaya2011_2.pdf  (215 Kb)

  • I.A. Nikitina
    Priority needs in modernization of non-governmental organizations of higher professional education

    By the present time, non-governmental educational institutions have become the appreciable phenomenon in the Russian education system that increased greatly its potential. The concept of modernization of Russian education has allowed allocation of a number of vital issues in development of Russian education. This paper discloses the most essential needs in modernization of non-governmental educational organizations and provides ways of gradual commissioning of its instruments and mechanisms.

    pdf nikitina2011_2.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • Ya.S. Tkacheva
    Methodical bases of an estimation of investment attractiveness of a regional tourist-recreational complex

    The estimation of investment attractiveness of a tourist-recreational complex is developed using a technique in which the priority is given to a group of economic indicators. The offered technique includes definitions of the rating, allowing ranging regional tourist-recreational complexes.

    pdf tkacheva2011_2.pdf  (273 Kb)

    Social Economy
  • Z.Kh. Kurmalieva
    Evolution of concept “social economy”

    The paper provides the characteristic of existing economic systems, sources of generation of the concept of social market economy and its major system elements.

    pdf kurmalieva2011_2.pdf  (228 Kb)

  • N.V. Beryoza
    Process of decision-making on a choice of market strategy and structure of rendered services for subjects of the information market

    Of great significance for subjects of the market of information services is a choice of the activity in the conditions of an information lack. This paper presents the algorithm of decision-making on a choice of market strategy and structure of rendered information services. Selection criteria include: informatization indices, the financial condition of the subject and stage of the life cycle of a service.

    pdf beryoza2011_2.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • O.P. Bodyakov, G.L. Bayanduryan
    Rationale for directions and principles of reconstruction of the institutional environment of enterprise functioning

    The paper deals with the problems of the institutional reconstruction of the environment of enterprise functioning. The authors distinguish the basic directions and principles of institutional reconstruction facilitating the effective development of business. Studies are conducted in the framework of Federal Target Program “Scientific and research staff of Russia” for 2009-2013.

    pdf bodyakov2011_2.pdf  (204 Kb)

  • I.P. Kuzmenko, V.P. Kirpanev
    Adaptive management as a tool of increasing stability of functioning of managing subjects

    The paper discusses possibilities of the use of the adaptive approach to construction of an operating contour of the managing subject in order to increase stability of its functioning. This point in question is considered using an example of reproduction system of the enterprise which is analyzed as nonlinear dynamic system. In this system the environment plays a defining role as regards its structures and influences rates of its self-organizing. The obtained conclusions raise degree of universality of existing methodological approaches to realization of tools of strategic management.

    pdf kuzmenko2011_2.pdf  (202 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • S.I. Andryushchenko
    Pedagogical support of teenagers’ vital self-determination in the conditions of interschool educational complex

    The paper discloses the activity content on the organization of pedagogical support to vital self-determination of senior pupils in educational process of interschool educational complex. The lines of activity of interschool educational complex are described. The pedagogical conditions providing efficiency of pedagogical support to vital self-determination of teenagers are formulated.

    pdf andryushchenko2011_2.pdf  (196 Kb)

  • S.V. Aranova
    On visualization methodology of the educational information. The art and logic integration

    The paper examines methodology of visualization of the educational information in a context of development of new education standards. The basic aspects of formation of intellectual-graphic culture in educational process are elucidated. The author discloses the value of integration of the art and logic components of cognition as the key link of the universal intellectual-graphic competence. The detailed technique of designing a visual-information model is proposed.

    pdf aranova2011_2.pdf  (315 Kb)

  • F.U. Bazaeva
    The person’s self-realization in pedagogical activity

    The internal and external aspects of the person’s self-realization in pedagogical activity and bilateral character (at interaction with significant Another) are revealed on the basis of the analysis of researches in pedagogy and psychology.

    pdf bazaeva2011_2.pdf  (225 Kb)

  • S.N. Begidova, T.N. Poddubnaya, O.V. Agoshkova
    Classification of the bachelor’s general cultural competences in specialization 040400.62 “Social work” as the basis of realization of the competence approach in education

    The paper discloses the content of the bachelor’s general cultural competences in the training direction of 040400.62 “Social Work” in connection with the transition to federal state educational standards of the third generation. The authors develop a classification as one of the ways of realization of the competence approach in education.

    pdf begidova2011_2.pdf  (404 Kb)

  • N.N. Vertsinskaya, V.N. Zhiltsov
    Methodological structure of professional work as program orientation of pedagogical researches

    The paper shows that structural generalities of the professional work, assumed for consideration in the course of pedagogical research in this or that sequence, define its program. The analysis of the scientific literature is carried out and the basic requirements to preparation of experts of flight business are developed. It is revealed that nontypicalness of methodological structure of the pilot’s professional work causes complexity in a methodological substantiation of the program of pedagogical research. The authors formulate the concept of competence mobility as an integrated professionally significant quality.

    pdf vertsinskaya2011_2.pdf  (216 Kb)

  • A.R. Galustov
    Bases of designing a model of students’ readiness for self-education

    The paper discusses the bases of designing a model of students’ readiness for self-education and contradictions between necessity of shaping readiness for self-educational activity and insufficiency of a theoretical-methodological substantiation of its organization. The author examines the structure of self-educational activity including motivational, conceptual, activity-reflective, activity-organizational and estimated components.

    pdf galustov2011_2.pdf  (174 Kb)

  • E.Yu. Gofman
    Methodical system of students’ training to designing electronic educational resources at pedagogical higher school

    The paper discusses a structure and the content of methodical system of students’ training at pedagogical higher school to designing electronic educational resources. Stages of realization of the author's methodical system are presented.

    pdf gofman2011_2.pdf  (204 Kb)

  • A.P. Dendeberya
    Designing the information-didactic environment of pedagogical higher school

    The paper discloses one of the ways of designing the information-didactic environment of teachers’ training higher school and pedagogical support of this process. The content of models of construction of a practical training and criteria for students’ development in the information-didactic environment are substantiated.

    pdf dendeberya2011_2.pdf  (222 Kb)

  • D.V. Dorokhov
    Principle of invariant self-regulation as the methodological basis of the conception of professional self-development of the future expert

    The paper discusses functionality of invariant self-regulation with reference to professional self-development of the individual as a subsystem of his complete personal development. Sources of professional self-development and functions of a principle of invariant self-development are defined. The model of realization of a principle of invariant self-regulation of the subject’s professional self-development is presented. It is established that self-management and self-regulation act as the basic mechanism of professional self-development of the subject of the future or real professional work.

    pdf dorokhov2011_2.pdf  (291 Kb)

  • O.A. Zhelnova
    Methodological approaches to shaping professional-communication competence in the future lawyers

    The paper describes the basic methodological approaches to shaping professional-communicative competence in the future lawyers. The main objectives, the content, forms, means and results are given for each approach.

    pdf zhelnova2011_2.pdf  (467 Kb)

  • N.Yu. Zvyagintseva
    Shaping readiness for innovative activity in the future teacher in the conditions of module training

    The paper discusses the structure of readiness for innovative activity as the key in educational process of the future teachers’ training. This allows specification of a logic-substantial basis of the expert training to professional innovative activity from a position of subject-activity and competence approaches. The author substantiates shaping readiness for innovative activity in the conditions of module training.

    pdf zvyagintseva2011_2.pdf  (354 Kb)

  • G.G. Ibragimov
    Folklore phenomenology as spiritual culture of the people in musical-aesthetic education

    The paper discloses the depth and value of the Russian mono- and multiethnic folklore of the people of Russia that is topical presently. Domestic researches of folklore traditions reveal new sides of lively folklore multiethnic samples which should become the purpose of musical-esthetic education of schoolchildren up-to-date. The paper’s conception is constructed on the basis of trustworthy experimental researches on the traditional and authentic mono- and multiethnic folklore of the people of Russia as a phenomenon of spiritual culture in the educational system of the Russian Federation.

    pdf ibragimov2011_2.pdf  (216 Kb)

  • A.V. Kazakevich
    Pedagogical support of students’ professional self-determination at agrarian higher school

    The paper discusses the essence, the content and the terms of the organization of pedagogical support of students’ professional self-determination at agrarian higher school.

    pdf kazakevich2011_2.pdf  (207 Kb)

  • S.V. Kononova
    Evolution of scientific pedagogical specialities in Russia (1855-2009)

    The paper uncovers sources and the evolution of scientific pedagogical specialities in the Russian Empire, the USSR and the Russian Federation.

    pdf kononova2011_2.pdf  (305 Kb)

  • Z.K. Meretukova
    Readiness of post-graduate students to understand the essence of logic methods of scientific thinking as the issue of post-university education (using an example of concept definition)

    The paper reveals the contradictions, which allowed formulation of a research subject. The author substantiates the urgency, necessity and possibility of shaping readiness to understand the essence of logic methods of scientific thinking at post-graduate students in frameworks of post-university education using an example of concept definition. Methodological difficulties experienced by them and the errors committed in scientific reports and researches are described. Stages and steps of shaping the above mentioned readiness of post-graduate students are considered.

    pdf meretukova2011_2.pdf  (223 Kb)

  • S.Sh. Migaleva
    Conceptual model of shaping the teaching-business culture at the future expert in educational space of classical university

    The paper discloses the conceptual model of shaping the teaching-business culture at students of higher school. The author reveals structural and functional components of the given model. Specific factor of the future expert includes a set of categories of philosophical, psychological and pedagogical sciences, namely: the culture, the person and the activity.

    pdf migaleva2011_2.pdf  (373 Kb)

  • Yu.N. Sinitsyn, N.M.Sazhina
    The experimental organization of system of school children health promotion

    The paper discusses the experimental organization of school children health promotion and presents a short analysis of its results. The urgency of the conducted research is reflected in “The concept of the key content of the general education”, in the National educational initiative “Our new school” and in the conception “Spiritual and moral development and education of the person of the citizen of Russia” etc.

    pdf sinitsyn2011_2.pdf  (333 Kb)

  • N.V. Sorokina
    The analysis of the dynamics of national stereotypes in intercultural communication on the basis of the case-study method

    The paper provides results of the analysis of the dynamics of national auto- and heterostereotypes of the Russian students before and after their short-term trip to Germany made on the basis of a case-study method (using conception of one student). The author examines the basic features of a case-study method and proves their relevance to research of the dynamics of a stereotype.

    pdf sorokina2011_2.pdf  (475 Kb)

  • O.N. Spirina
    The basic content of value orientations of the person

    The paper discloses the basic content of concept “value orientations of the person” as the higher step of value-semantic hierarchy and the end of formation of the basic system of belief and ideals of the person.

    pdf spirina2011_2.pdf  (167 Kb)

  • D.E. Sherstnev, E.V. Domaev
    Co-ordination of listeners’ activity at scientific organization to increase efficiency of formation at cadets of professional competences of fire safety propagation

    The paper describes practical experience of co-ordination of cadets’ scientific activity at different departments of the Siberian Branch of the St.-Petersburg State Fire Service University of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Zheleznogorsk of Krasnoyarsk region providing increasing efficiency of formation of professional competences for fire safety propagation.

    pdf sherstnev2011_2.pdf  (194 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • O.O. Aivazyan
    Typology of errors in Russian coherent written speech of pupils at initial classes

    The paper is devoted to the analysis of errors in Russian coherent written speech of pupils at the initial classes revealed as a result of ascertaining experiment. The author clears up the typology of errors (lexical, grammatical, speech, spelling), proves their reasons and makes short recommendations to prevent and eliminate errors in written coherent speech of younger school children.

    pdf aivazyan2011_2.pdf  (170 Kb)

  • Z.U. Akhmedyanov
    Reflective-assessing self-developing technology as the system approach in self-management of quality of subject training at school

    The paper describes the reflective-assessing self-developing technology from a position of the system approach. The author examines one of the key potentialities of technology, namely self-management of quality of subject training.

    pdf akhmedyanov2011_2.pdf  (400 Kb)

  • R.I. Lozovskaya
    Technology of spiritual education and development of the music teacher during higher school education

    The paper describes the technology of spiritual education and development of the future music teacher in view of specificity of his training. Being humanitarian, it is focused on formation and development in students of musical, pedagogical and spiritual culture, personal senses and values of musical-pedagogical activity. Efficiency of technology application is due to recurrence of construction at the expense of basic steps repeated at each stage: emotional-valuable, cognitive-semantic, communicative-active, designing-reflective and productive.

    pdf lozovskaya2011_2.pdf  (253 Kb)

  • A.A. Moskvitin
    Application of remote educational technology to educational process of higher school

    An analysis is made of results of introduction of remote technology in educational process, in particular the information educational environment directed to realization of training activity. Structural components of model of didactic process are examined for a specific case. The author characterizes the remote educational technologies applied by higher school students in the course of studying technical disciplines. The urgency of working out certain methodical approaches to use means of new information technologies for realization of ideas of developing training is proved. The special attention is given to the description of unique possibilities of the remote educational technology. Its use creates preconditions for an intensification of educational process, as well as for creation of the techniques focused on development of the person of the trainee.

    pdf moskvitin2011_2.pdf  (186 Kb)

  • M.R. Tuova
    System of exercises for the interconnected development of skills of oral Russian and English speech at senior pupils of Adygheyan national school

    The paper discusses the construction of system of work on the interconnected training of pupils at senior classes of national (Adygheya) school to Russian and foreign languages.

    pdf tuova2011_2.pdf  (190 Kb)

  • L.V. Shelekhova
    Strategy of training to the solution of mathematical problems

    The paper describes the concept of training strategy of the solution of mathematical problems in higher school in view of age features of students.

    pdf shelekhova2011_2.pdf  (226 Kb)

  • M.Kh. Shkhapatseva
    A complex syntactic whole as a language and speech unit

    The paper examines a complex syntactic whole (a microtext) as a linguistic and methodical unit. The structure, semantics and function of microtext are analyzed in linguistic aspect and the complex syntactic whole is considered as a unit of development of coherent Russian speech in the methodical plan.

    pdf shkhapatseva2011_2.pdf  (273 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • M.M. Bondarenko
    Interrelation of the state of uneasiness and style features of self-control over behaviour of the young men doing their military service

    The paper discusses the basic style characteristics of self-control over behavior of the recruits, displayed during the first months of doing their military service. It is established that personal uneasiness is in negative relation with property “Flexibility”, as well as with the regulator process “Modelling”. The lowered ability of planning is directly connected with high situational uneasiness and with the average level of development of abilities of modelling and programming of the actions promoting self-control over behavior.

    pdf bondarenko2011_2.pdf  (265 Kb)

  • A.A. Orel
    The trend and value-semantic sphere of the person as conditions of his self-realization in the course of professional development

    The paper discusses the trend and value-semantic characteristics of subjects of the professional work being at various stages of professional development (skilled professionals and students). The steady interrelation is shown between level of life comprehension and the dominating trend of the person at all stages of professionalizing. It is established that a prevailing kind of a personal orientation at skilled professionals is the trend to a problem which is directly connected with high level of life comprehension. The dynamics of investigated characteristics during the student's period is fixed. It is inferred that psychological conditions of self-realization of the person in development of professional subjectness are the prevailing business trend and high level of life comprehension as a complex of personal characteristics.

    pdf orel2011_2.pdf  (250 Kb)

  • N.V. Popova
    The motivational-value characteristics of the person in small, middle and large-scale business

    In the paper, the motivational-value characteristics of businessmen are compared depending on business scale. It is shown that value orientations do not differ at representatives of small, average and large-scale business, but there are distinctions in motives of enterprise activity and in trend of the person.

    pdf popova2011_2.pdf  (201 Kb)

  • E.V. Starkova
    Influence of a gender and previous social environment (city/village) on student’s views about the purposes of life

    The paper provides the results of research on the influence of a gender and previous social environment (city/village) on student's views about the purposes of life. The analysis of results of research has shown that at the initial training stage in college the factor of the previous social environment proved to be defining. Rural and city youth have more similarities in the purposes of life within their groups rather than in gender. The analysis of features and dynamics of youth’s views about the purposes of life in the course of training in college demonstrates alignment of force of influence for factors of gender and previous social environment.

    pdf starkova2011_2.pdf  (242 Kb)

  • Z.I. Tsiku
    The personal-psychological preconditions of special abilities at the teacher of preschool educational institution of the combined kind

    The paper provides the analysis of the empirical data directed to check of a hypothesis about conditionality of special pedagogical abilities of the subject of correctional-developing pedagogical activity by his motivational-value sphere. It is shown that development of special abilities of the teacher of preschool education is not rectilinear process. It is under the influence of sense-life orientations, in particular values of life and professional work, as well as satisfaction of life productivity. The author reveals invariant and specific emotional abilities of teachers of the general and correctional preschool education and shows their detemenistic link with value sphere of the person. “Trajectories” of the psychological influence directed to developments of emotional abilities of the teacher, included in the preschool education of the combined kind, are distinguished.

    pdf tsiku2011_2.pdf  (338 Kb)

  • E.A. Shcherbakova
    Personal features of the military high-class pilot

    The paper provides the results of research of personal features of contemporary military high-class pilots. It is shown that the pilot-ace is the person possessing the developed self-control focused on accuracy of performance of the social requirements, able to supervise well the emotions and behavior and to finish any business; possessing purposefulness and personal integrity. They prefer the compromise and cooperation in a conflict situation, are not aggressive, but possess an internal source of functional intensity in the form of a difference of “potentials” of indices of aggression and animosity. The established personal features of the military high-class pilot supplement the views which have developed in a domestic psychological science on structure of a personal component of professionally important qualities and can be applicable for designing a psychological model of the person of the pilot-ace.

    pdf shcherbakova2011_2.pdf  (199 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • I.V. Verzhbitsky
    Application of pedagogical modelling to sports sphere

    The paper discusses the general analysis of pedagogical modelling as a method of pedagogical researches, some approaches to classification and the basic positions of application of pedagogical modelling to sports.

    pdf verzhbitsky2011_2.pdf  (192 Kb)

  • T.E. Vilenskaya
    Organizational-methodical conditions for realization of the continuity principle of the basic components of younger school children physical training

    The paper shows the organizational-methodical conditions for realization of the continuity principle of the basic components of younger school children physical training.

    pdf vilenskaya2011_2.pdf  (174 Kb)

  • M.Ya. Vilensky, O.Yu. Masalova
    The culturological bases of the personal-focused physical training at higher school

    The paper examines the conditions of cultural identification of the student in educational process of physical training at higher school. Approaches, principles and standards, providing this process, are presented.

    pdf vilensky2011_2.pdf  (180 Kb)

  • Zaul Rami M.A.
    Age differentiation of criteria structure for selection of young sportsmen to specialization in minifootball

    The paper provides data disclosing innovative structure of criteria for selection of young sportsmen for specialization in minifootball, the efficiency of application of which is experimentally proved at separate stages of many-year training.

    pdf zaul rami_2011_2.pdf  (228 Kb)

  • I.V. Kulekin
    The content and organization of independent performance of physical exercises by cadets-navigators in the conditions of long swimming

    The paper is devoted to working out and substantiation of substantial and organizational aspects of independent performance of physical exercises by cadets-navigators in the course of long swimming practice on a vessel.

    pdf kulekin2011_2.pdf  (250 Kb)

  • Yu.M. Skhalyakho
    Variants of technique of low-amplitude Judo throws in the conditions of rigid kinematic sequence of the sports duel

    The traditional judo throws are not adapted for conditions of a sports duel. They contain the median structure figured on the unprepared opponent. Resistance of the equivalent opponent changes conditions of kinematic sequence and demands updating structure of throws, not changing key parameters concerning a direction of a throw and the basic movement of the case of attacking sportsman.

    pdf skhalyakho2011_2.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • S.A. Khazova
    Criteria for development of competitiveness of the person

    The paper provides the results of modeling of system of criteria for development of competitiveness of the person. The author characterizes the criteria for development of structural components and internal criteria for competitiveness; external criteria for competitiveness and consumer properties of experts in physical training and sports as well as shows the interrelation between different groups of criteria.

    pdf khazova2011_2.pdf  (306 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • B.M. Zhachemukova, F.B. Beshukova
    Art specificity of a genre of the historical novel

    The paper examines in a retrospective the poetics and esthetics of a genre of the historical novel. The research urgency is caused by necessity of the accurate scientific description of the genre and revealing its invariants for national literatures. The Walter Scott’s art system is analyzed to find out the basic type-forming genre development in the world and domestic literatures. A definition of a genre and its style forms is given.

    pdf zhachemukova2011_2.pdf  (364 Kb)

  • D.O. Kutsaenko
    Interpretations of concept of history in the novel “Doctor Zhivago”

    The paper analyses the interpretations of concept of history in B.L. Pasternak’s novel “Doctor Zhivago” made by domestic and foreign researchers from an output of the novel till now. The spectrum of opinions on interpretation of historical events in the novel changes from ideologically painted up to culturological and historiosophical. The history in “Doctor Zhivago” is considered as representation of “memory of culture”, made by people, and the constructive force of a narration.

    pdf kutsaenko2011_2.pdf  (275 Kb)

  • E.V. Nickolskiy
    Cyclization in historical prose of Vsevolod Solovyov

    The paper deals with the cyclization of narration in the historical novels of Vsevolod Solovyov on Russian history of the 17th century. These novels reflected the tragic circumstances of life of Russian queens, princesses, as well as representatives of the aristocratic families of the seventeenth century. The basis for including works in a reader's cycle were specificity of chronotope, a generality of the main and minor characters, repeatability of situations, speculations of the writer about the nature of the autocratic power. The author of the paper comes to a conclusion that consecutive consideration of social and psychological features of life of three generations of the Romanov dynasty in the Kremlin Palace promoted occurrence of a cycle of literary production in creativity of the writer.

    pdf nickolskiy2011_2.pdf  (292 Kb)

  • A.A. Fokin, I.Yu. Malygina
    Anthropological approaches to studying the literature of the North Caucasus

    The paper provides the substantiation of anthropological poetics through a prism of history of formation of anthropological ideas in philology and, in particular in the Caucasus science. Ways of anthropological studying the literature of the North Caucasus are staticized. The authors formulate the principles of translation of national cultural traditions in the literature of the North Caucasus. (The work was implemented within the limits of Federal Target Program “Scientific and pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia” for 2009-2013. The State Contract No. 16.740.11.0116 of 9/2/2010).

    pdf fokin2011_2.pdf  (325 Kb)

  • P.A. Yakimov
    Lexical presentation of Christian artifacts in the poetry of A.A. Akhmatova

    The paper discusses functioning of the words naming Christian artifacts in poetry of A.A. Akhmatova, the outstanding poetess of the 20-th century. After a general characteristic of religiousness of A.A. Akhmatova’s poetry the detailed analysis of esthetic functioning of the words naming Christian artifacts is presented. The special attention is given to the characteristic of associative links of these nominations with Russia.

    pdf yakimov2011_2.pdf  (293 Kb)

  • Z.Sh. Kidakoeva
    Journalistic-publicistic activity of socialist revolutionary in the Kuban region in 1918

    The paper characterizes the situation of socialist revolutionaries in the Kuban area, as well as their publicistic activity in 1918. The author provides the history of creation of the newspaper “Native Land” by the Southeast Committee of Members of the Russian Constituent Assembly. The “Democracy” publicistic collection of articles is examined and the circle of authors is defined.

    pdf kidakoeva2011_2.pdf  (298 Kb)

  • G.N. Nemets
    Object of gnosiology in journalism: in search for methods of conceptualization

    The paper is devoted to research of gnosiology in journalism. The author examines specificity of conceptualization of the object of knowledge in journalistic theory and practice and defines methodologically concepts “method”, “object” and “idea” as a gnosiological basis of journalistic creation.

    pdf nemets2011_2.pdf  (312 Kb)

  • O.G. Panaetov
    Founders and ideals of the “Krinitsa” community

    The paper gives a short sketch of the foundation of the Krinitsa intellectual agricultural community, the characteristic of its founders, the purposes and problems of this social experiment. The author discloses features of idea dissipation of V.V. Eropkin’s followers, the role and place of these ideas in Russian revolutionary movement.

    pdf panaetov2011_2.pdf  (348 Kb)

  • V.V. Smeyukha
    Transformation of functional features of female magazines in a historical context

    The paper discusses functions of domestic female magazines. The study of their functional features in the course of historical transformation of a society shows that the role and value of female editions in social public structure change.

    pdf smeyukha2011_2.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • M.A. Shakhbazyan
    The church sermon as a paradigm of Russian religious-philosophical publicism

    The paper reveals the paradigmal aspects of religious-philosophical publicism. The author considers the church sermon in a context of the basic functions of journalism, gives genre classification with accents on the publicistic sermon and defines subjects, characteristic of the religious-philosophical publicism at the beginning of the 20-th century. External similarity of Russian religious-philosophical publicism and the literary criticism is marked along with their qualitative distinction. Coming outside the borders of a paradigm in the field of dogma is stated.

    pdf shakhbazyan2011_2.pdf  (334 Kb)

  • A.Yu. Bedzhanova
    The comment clause as a component of postmodernist discourse

    The paper discusses functioning of comment clauses as a type of parenthetical insertions in postmodernist discourse. Comment clauses are characterized as a syntactic means of overcoming the distance with the reader and establishing contact with him. A number of examples are adduced to illustrate that comment clauses are frequent markers in English postmodernist discourse and that they contribute to exact and adequate understanding of a piece of literature.

    pdf bedzhanova2011_2.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • E.A. Bogdanova
    On national features of communicative behavior of carriers of the Russian, French and Adyghe languages (as shown by paroemiological units about good and harm)

    The paper examines features of national communicative behavior of carriers of the Russian, French and Adyghe languages on the basis of paroemiological units. The role of paroemiological fund is defined in revealing and describing the concept sphere of ethnos. Using an example of the proverbs containing concepts about good and harm, the author compares world-view of representatives of lingual-cultural communities under study.

    pdf bogdanova2011_2.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • M.M. Bricheva
    Word-building fields of the native English adjectives in contemporary English (on the basis of the analysis of Chambers 21st Century Dictionary, 1996)

    The paper examines the structural and semantic peculiarities of the word-building fields of the native English adjectives. The study of the theory of fields helps the author to give structural and semantic characteristics of the word-building fields. The author reveals the most productive types of the word-building of adjectives from the root stems of different types.

    pdf bricheva2011_2.pdf  (310 Kb)

  • E.A. Vaganova
    Composition and structure of the political discourse in printed Mass Media

    In the paper, an attempt is undertaken to present a synthesis of pragmalinguistics, social constructionism, cognitive psychology and interpretative interactionism in the context of the analytical model of the Mass Media discourse. The author gives the results of the grounded consideration of the semantics of the Mass Media discourse and its content (a subject of the discourse, a subject of the speaker, a content of the discourse). The goal of the research is to reveal the composition and structure of the political discourse. The media texts on the President’s election in Russia in March, 2008, were analyzed.

    pdf vaganova2011_2.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • N.A. Goncharova
    Directivity in political newspaper communications: the essence of information and language indicators

    An attempt is undertaken to disclose the linguistic mechanism of functioning of directive units in active syntax and to present a complex description of a functional linguistic category of directivity as a category of speech product incentiveness.

    pdf goncharova2011_2.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • S.N. Dolzhikova
    Interrelation of external and internal forms of the marketing text

    The paper examines the interrelation of external and internal forms of the marketing text. After consideration of the text-forming characteristics, the mechanisms of text generation / text categories are described. The author discusses the mechanisms and operating conditions of the text of the marketing message, using specific examples, and the phenomena revealed for the analysis and consideration from the point of view of text categories and properties.

    pdf dolzhikova1_2011_2.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • S.N. Dolzhikova, I.O. Morozova
    Style-forming signs of PR texts

    The paper examines genre groups of simple primary PR texts. After consideration of each genre group of PR texts, pragmatic characteristics of investigated genre versions are given. The authors provide basic concepts of genre-forming factors of PR texts and the characteristic of a subject of display. Main objectives of PR texts are discussed.

    pdf dolzhikova2_2011_2.pdf  (354 Kb)

  • S.Yu. Zamay
    Sign as a representative of a word meaning in contexts of fiction texts of V.Woolf (basing on a material of stories “A Haunted House” and “The String Quartet”)

    The paper examines the sign dualism as a linguistic phenomenon. The author shows the dual nature of the sign, which is capable to act in profound structures of V.Woolf’s texts as a carrier of sense generation. Having been explicated, it functions as a sign symbol. Basing on a material of investigated texts, the status of a language sign as a sign symbol is established. Displacement of semantic shades of signs to signs symbols in the course of an explication in language consciousness of V.Woolf expands a range of outlook and discloses essence of human relations.

    pdf zamay2011_2.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • P.M. Zekieva
    Headline complex in the newspaper as a macrostructure of a title of the article

    The paper discusses the historical social evolution of the newspaper in the general complex of mass media. The author describes the obvious tendency to use full informative syntactic structures in German publicism and the use of the direct or mixed kinds of connection of the title with the subsequent text with the full syntactic form. The newspaper, as the oldest form in system of mass-media, develops the basic stylistic means which are transferred afterwards to other forms of publicism.

    pdf zekieva2011_2.pdf  (350 Kb)

  • O.V. Lymar
    Metanarration as a text-forming principle in space of language and culture

    The paper examines metanarration as a text-forming principle in space of language and culture. The author identifies and describes basic parameters of metanarrative principle of narration on the basis of contrastive analysis of the romantic and postmodern metanarration. Their comparison allows the author to define novels analyzed in the work as different-narrative types of text.

    pdf lymar2011_2.pdf  (293 Kb)

  • S.V. Lyapun
    Newspaper publicism in a paradigm of linguistic researches of the 21-st century

    The paper discloses new aspects of learning the mass-media language, caused by development of anthropocentric and functional approaches in domestic linguistics. The special attention is given to cognitive, pragmatic, sociolinguistic and cultural-speech aspects. They allow the author to profoundly and comprehensively describe the language of the modern newspaper publicism using linguistic mechanisms of influence on mass audience.

    pdf lyapun2011_2.pdf  (355 Kb)

  • N.N. Olomskaya
    Cognitive aspect in PR discourse study

    The paper examines PR discourse from a position of the cognitive approach on the basis of the discourse analysis of speech messages. Having considered the realization of speech activity in PR discourse, the author characterizes the communicative-information channels as a link between the facts and information constructs. The data are given that the communicative process doesn't come to an end by processing structural features and information interpretation, Processes forming social culture are described. Structural and stylistic changes in the mass-media depicting new social-philosophical concepts of a contemporary society are discussed.

    pdf olomskaya2011_2.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • E.N. Orekhova
    Use of precedent phenomena as manipulative means in the political communication (based on the articles of British and American Mass Media)

    The paper studies the mechanisms of precedent phenomena used as means of manipulation of public consciousness. The purpose of the work is to prove that precedent phenomena can arouse associations necessary for realization of influence function. The author shows the effectiveness of precedent phenomena used to achieve manipulative objects.

    pdf orekhova2011_2.pdf  (319 Kb)

  • G.A. Osipov
    Modern tendencies in the discourse theory

    This paper discusses modern tendencies in the study of discourse theory, as well as views of contemporary researchers on this concept. An attempt is made to characterize discourse from the point of view of different authors and to define its place in modern communicative linguistics. The relations between discourse and text, discourse and speech are examined in the paper.

    pdf osipov2011_2.pdf  (299 Kb)

  • L.M. Pelipenko
    Integral and differential properties of the phraseological units with the component-numeral “one-îäèí” in the English and Russian languages

    The article is devoted to an analysis of English and Russian phraseological units with the component-numeral “one-îäèí”. The study is based on comparison of their functional and semantic characteristics in order to identify both integral and differential properties. The analysis is performed according to the algorithm: first the semantic properties of numerals “one and îäèí” are studied, their semantic and functional properties are described; the second part of the analysis is represented by contrasting description of phraseological units.

    pdf pelipenko2011_2.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • T.V. Pozdeeva
    Subject-address relations in political newspaper communication: the essence, correlation and language markers

    The paper examines the language markers of different levels functioning in newspaper communications of political character. The language markers are used to implement the interrelation between the subject and the addressee of the news information. The author shows means of dialogue, used to establish contacts with the addressee and to maintain his attention.

    pdf pozdeeva2011_2.pdf  (327 Kb)

  • B.Kh. Pseunova
    Anthroponyms as national and cultural specificity of à slang bearer’s language consciousness

    The paper deals with anthroponyms, which are slang units or a component of a slang unit. The author gives a detailed description of slang anthroponyms presented in dictionaries of the English and American slang, as well as outlines the main types of slang anthroponyms reflecting national and cultural specificity of American slang.

    pdf pseunova2011_2.pdf  (331 Kb)

  • V.A. Skvortsova
    Cogitative styles through a prism of language space of communicative strategy

    The research objective is to allocate parameters of the communicative strategy of each cogitative style. The author presents five cogitative styles, gives definition of the communicative strategy, distinguishes the key parameters of the communicative strategy, describes each parameter of the communicative strategy and simulates a cogitative style in accordance with this parameter. In the work, the communicative strategy of five cogitative styles is simulated.

    pdf skvortsova2011_2.pdf  (361 Kb)

  • E.V. Smirnova
    Metaphor as the most productive way of formation of new terms in cardiological lexicon (as shown by the English and Russian languages)

    The paper shows the role of a metaphorical nomination in medical terminology. The process of metaphorization in professional language of cardiologists is investigated. Basing on the semantic analysis, the author establishes the basic tendencies in formation of terms-metaphors in cardiological terminology of the English and Russian languages.

    pdf smirnova2011_2.pdf  (304 Kb)

  • L.V. Tolstikova
    The cognitive-pragmatic aspect of foreign borrowings in newspaper discourse (as shown by the English and Russian languages)

    The paper examines the features of the use of foreign borrowings in newspaper discourse in the framework of a cognitive-pragmatic approach to their description. The purpose of research is to investigate the use of foreign borrowings in newspaper discourse to realize the social-pragmatic position of the author and to form the picture of the world.

    pdf tolstikova2011_2.pdf  (336 Kb)

  • L.V. Chalabaeva
    Concept “coming to a decision and decision execution” (a cognitive-discourse aspect)

    The paper substantiates the interpretation of the act “coming to a decision and decision execution” as a concept in the interdisciplinary aspect. The author gives the results of the analysis and the description of hierarchy of the components making a complex of discourses, representing the act of coming to a decision and decision execution. It is inferred that research of concept “coming to a decision and decision execution” in various areas of the life of the person and society will promote a construction of its integrative model, as well as a definition of its status in concept sphere of the civilized person.

    pdf chalabaeva2011_2.pdf  (344 Kb)

  • A.R. Shkhumishkhova
    Stylistic functions of culinary metaphors in a sports discourse

    The paper examines the stylistic use of culinary metaphors in sports journalism. The enhanced expressiveness of this kind of publicistic creativity is proposed. The author describes the estimated and graphic functions of the culinary metaphors possessing a high pragmatic potential.

    pdf shkhumishkhova2011_2.pdf  (317 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • K.E. Grigoryan
    Last hero of the Russian cinematography

    The paper examines the problem related to disappearance of an image of the hero from screens. Concepts “figurativeness”, “actor”, as well as a role of the director in creation of the main character of a piece of screen, using an example of Federico Fellini movie “8 l/2” are analyzed. The phenomenon of popularity of Danila Bagrov, the hero of Alexey Balabanov’s movies “Brother” and “Brother – 2”, embodied by Sergey Bodrov junior is comprehended.

    pdf grigoryan2011_2.pdf  (302 Kb)

  • A.N. Sokolova
    The general Adyghe and local in traditional instrumental culture of the Adyghes

    The paper is devoted to revealing the general Adyghe and local characteristics of the Adyghe traditional instrumental culture. Using the synergetic approach, the author considers the instrumental culture of the Adyghes to be a complicated nonlinear and open system. Interaction of general Adyghe and local elements promotes self-organizing of system, safety or revival of archaic lines and active updating the system at the expense of interchange of local or subethnic components.

    pdf sokolova2011_2.pdf  (368 Kb)

  • Ch.A. Skhalyakho, N.S. Tuguz
    Variability of solutions of Emden-Fowler type differential system

    The paper discusses sufficient conditions for variability of all correct solutions for system of Emden-Fowler type equations, generalizing and specifying the results of works published previously in journal «The Differential Equations».

    pdf skhalyakho2011_2.pdf  (345 Kb)

  • A.D. Ushkho
    Plane polynomial differential systems with the S-type symmetry axis

    The paper introduces the concept of S-type symmetry axis of the field lines of system of differential equations, whose right side is relatively prime polynomials with real coefficients. The author examines the question on coexistence of the axes of S-type symmetry and straight-line isoclines of the system, differing from the axes of symmetry and passing through the origin of coordinates. It is proved that if the system for n≥2 has the n^2 of singular points in the finite part of the phase plane and n+1 of axes of N-type symmetry in the absence of S-type symmetry axes or n+1 axis of S-type symmetry in the absence of the axes of N-type symmetry, then all singular points are located on the symmetry axes, and the origin of coordinates O(0;0) is a singular point.

    pdf ushkho2011_2.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • V.A. Kozlov
    Construction of ring generating systems K*(G/H) of one series homogeneous spaces G/H

    Systems of K*(SU(N)/SU(2))XQ generators and their Chern characters are constructed in an explicit form for homogeneous spaces SU(N)/SU(2) in which group SU(2) is given by tensor product of small dimension representations.

    pdf kozlov2011_2.pdf  (671 Kb)

  • A.Kh. Khokonov, L.A. Khamukova
    Ionization energy losses and relativistic electron ranges in the macromolecular compounds

    The distribution of specific ionization energy losses by depth in polyethylene and plexiglass is calculated for relativistic electrons with energies of up to 10 MeV. The effective thicknesses of the electron absorption are found.

    pdf khokonov2011_2.pdf  (319 Kb)

  • N.V. Malay, K.S. Ryazanov, E.R. Shchukin
    Diffusiophoresis of the large flying centerline heated aerosol particles of the spherical form

    The diffusiophoresis motion of large flying spherical aerosol particles is described theoretically at the Stokes approximation for small Peclet and Reynolds numbers in nonisothermal binary gaseous environment and large temperature differences near the particle. In solving the gaseodynamic equations, the kind of dependence of factors upon temperature is used for molecular viscosity, heat conductivity and diffusion. Numerical estimations have shown the nonlinear character of dependence of force and speed of diffusiophoresis on the average temperature of particle surface.

    pdf malay2011_2.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Natural Sciences
  • A.V. Shakhanova, Ya.K. Koblev, T.G. Petrova, A.A. Namitokova
    Specific features of the functional condition of the central nervous system at sportsmen-judoists

    The paper examines neuro-physiological status of the central nervous system at sportsmen-judoists. The authors determine the velocity, lability and degree of the balance of the nervous processes, the level of the functional state and adaptive possibilities of the nervous system in testing load conditions. With increasing length of athletic occupations the students-judoists’ neuro-motor organs are being improved, and the factors of neuro-physiological status are increasing. These data point to the positive dynamics of the change of the functional state of the nervous system. The obtained results are of interest for the choice of tactics and strategy of judo training taking into account the current functional condition of the nervous system.

    pdf shakhanova2011_2.pdf  (615 Kb)

  • V.L. Drushevskaya, G.D. Aleksanyants
    Features of «sense of space peculiarities» and vestibular stability in acrobats of different qualifications

    A research is conducted on ability for space sensor perception. The level of vestibular stability is determined in acrobats of different qualifications. Positive links between vestibular stability and qualification im-provement are found in acrobats. The authors show that in this type of sport activity the ability for adaptation of accommodation mechanisms, convergence and divergence is defined at the initial stages of qualification im-provement.

    pdf drushevskaya2011_2.pdf  (461 Kb)

  • O.A. Medvedeva, G.D. Aleksanyants
    Physiological characteristics of sensorimotor systems in schoolchildren with hearing disorders

    The adaptation of an organism of schoolchildren with a hearing disorder is provided at the expense of active participation of the central nervous system and sensory systems. Of great importance among them are visual, vestibular, kinesthetic and tactile-vibrating analyzers providing precise and high-speed characteristics of movements and maintenance of a body position in space. The paper investigates sensorimotor systems at 8-12 year-old schoolchildren with various degree of a hearing disorder. The authors define features of speed, lability, degree of disbalance in nervous processes, stability and concentration of attention. The obtained results are of interest to those who are engaged in correction of impellent readiness and social adaptation of deaf and poorly hearing children.

    pdf medvedeva2011_2.pdf  (522 Kb)

  • S.V. Pushkin, M.I. Shapovalov
    Fauna and ecology analysis of burying beetles (Coleoptera, Silphidae) in the Adygheya Republic

    The paper shows the results of 6-year authors’ observations on biology and on distribution of 21 species of burying beetles marked in the Adygheya Republic territory. Gathering points in the region under study and quantity of the collected material are specified for each species. Biological features of species are described basing on authors’ observations and literary data.

    pdf pushkin2011_2.pdf  (777 Kb)

  • N.A. Beseda
    Inheritance of mass of 1000 grains in the system of diallel crossings of the grain sorghum

    Hybrids and parental forms of the grain sorghum are analyzed at genetic level. Sign inheritance of «mass of 1000 grains» at hybrids F1 and F2 is studied. Differences in parental forms in 1-5 pairs of genes are revealed.

    pdf beseda2011_2.pdf  (354 Kb)

  • D.V. Muzhenya, T.M. Ashkanova, K.B. Kalakutok, K.Z. Bzhetsov, A.R.Tuguz, T.A. Ivanenko, E.Kh. Tlish, L.D. Aldonina
    Association Met235Thr of AGT gene polymorphism and A1166C alleles of a receptor gene of type I angiotenzinogene-2 (AGT2R1) with cardiovascular diseases at inhabitants of the Adygheya Republic

    Homo- and heterozygous Met235Thr allele of AGT was revealed at 31 (64,5%) of 48 surveyed inhabitants of Adygheya Republic. High frequency (84%) of Met235Thr of AGT gene polymorphism was marked in the group of cardiologic patients. The patients, that were heterozygous by locus 235 of AGT gene, had time-personal variants of an ischemic heart trouble from rhythm infringements to a myocardium heart attack, accompanied by hypertensive illness. Donors with hereditary burdenness by cardiovascular diseases showed heterozygous Met235Thr allele of AGT in 63,6% of cases. High frequency of Met235Thr of AGT point mutation at inhabitants of Adygheya Republic is associated with risk of development of cardiovascular diseases. Homo - and heterozygous A1166C alleles of AGT2R1 occur seldom (12%, including 4% of homo- and 8% of heterozygotes) and are not associated with risk of development of cardiovascular diseases.

    pdf muzhenya2011_2.pdf  (661 Kb)

  • I.G. Volkodav
    The Eastern Siberian largest subvolcanoes of acid composition and their ore-bearing nature. On distinguishing a subvolcanic class of magma formations

    The paper discusses the largest subvolcanic massifs of moderate-acid and acid composition studied by the author, their geological, petrographic and geochemical features, mutual relations of rock types and the orebearing nature.

    pdf volkodav2011_2.pdf  (871 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • E.V. Lutsenko, V.E. Korzhakov
    The system-cognitive analysis of objects of information security

    The mathematical model basing on the system theory of the information, as well as a numerical method and special program toolkit (system «Eidos») are offered. They allow creation and maintenance of multiple-factor information models of objects of information security (OIS) in a mode of adaptation and periodic synthesis. On the basis of use of these models points of vulnerability of OIS can be defined and the complex measures on maintenance of necessary level of OIS security from threats are proposed.

    pdf lutsenko2011_2.pdf  (1 Mb)

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