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    Problems of Human Physiology
  • Shkhapatseva M.Kh.
    A luminary of the Russian linguistic science (Towards the 120th birth anniversary of V.V. Vinogradov)

    pdf 255-258.pdf  (241 Kb)

  • E.A. Avdeev
    Nation state, nation and ethnos in the context of globalization: the socio-philosophical analysis

    This paper considers the prospects for the existence and evolution of nations and nation states in the context of globalization. The dialectical character of the formation of globalization, nations and nationalism in history and modern era is emphasized. The question of the future of a nation and nation state in a globalizing world is considered. It has been found that to date there is no supranational institutions capable of performing all the functions of the nation state. The need for strong governmental power remains. The process of formation of political nations in the world today is not completed yet. Nationalism serves as the trend opposite to westernization. Formation of political nations in non-western societies will contribute to the elaboration of national development strategies based on their own socio-cultural patterns.

    pdf 13-18.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • V.V. Buryak
    Global transformations and trends of internetization

    Globalization is a modern stage in the evolution of the biosphere and noospherogenesis. The nature of global transformations reflects the key features of the current stage of socio-cultural development which is determined by the course of planetary information. High-tech communication is the most important factor of noospherogenesis. The purpose of the article is to show direct correlation between the exponential expansion of the infosphere and globalization. The general idea of the present work can be formulated in such a way: placing the theme of planetary mobilization in the context of globalization. The main topic of the paper is a comprehensive analysis of the interaction of information technologies and globalized communication. Intellectual contribution of the author consists in the analysis of global trends of internetization and high-tech communications as factors of accelerating planetary transformation.

    pdf 19-26.pdf  (147 Kb)

  • N.A. Ilyinova
    Interdisciplinarity as characteristic of human cognition in the concept of L.N. Gumilev

    The paper discusses such characteristic of modern cognition as interdisciplinarity. An analysis is made of multidisciplinary concept of L.N. Gumilev, who considers synthesis of human and natural knowledge as a necessary component of history as a science.

    pdf 27-32.pdf  (141 Kb)

  • A.A. Khoroshilov
    Photography and visual perception

    The paper considers the phenomenon of visual perception of photographs at interdisciplinary level and in the context of socio-philosophical problems of the relationship between reality and images. Based on the ecological approach towards visual perception the basic laws of image sensing are formulated. It is shown that there are no photographs in the projective relationship with the object they represent, and may be designed in accordance with the method of vision of society. On these grounds, the conclusion is made about the possibility of using photography as the theoretical tool to analyze social structures.

    pdf 33-40.pdf  (154 Kb)

  • A.M. Balayan
    Development of military-political cooperation of Great Britain and the United States within the framework of policy in the Middle East in the early 21st century

    The paper discusses the military and political cooperation between the United States and Great Britain in the Middle East, as well as the preconditions of the acceptance of the doctrine of preventive war by Washington. Actions of Great Britain in support of the United States initiatives are disclosed. It is shown that the war in Iraq in 2003 clearly illustrated the essence of a special relationship between the United States and Great Britain.

    pdf 41-43.pdf  (116 Kb)

  • Yu.M. Guseinov
    Substantial aspects of Crimean-Daghestanian relations in the 15th-18th centuries

    The paper is devoted to the relationships of the Crimean Khanate and the feudal lords of the Northeast Caucasus in the 15th-18th centuries. The paper analyzes military cooperation and conflicts in different periods of history. In particular, an analysis is made of the role of Daghestan as the refuge place for disgraced Crimean princes, Daghestani service in the army of the Crimean khans and involvement of the Caucasus and Crimea feudal elites in various military-political alliances.

    pdf 44-47.pdf  (122 Kb)

  • Zh.V. Kagazezhev
    Ethnic Geography of the South Cherkessia in the late Middle Ages

    In the late Middle Ages, there were rather complicated ethnic processes in South Cherkessia. The process of confusion of old and the formation of new ethnic groups took place. These processes require additional research, which leads to the relevance of the topic of the paper. Basing on materials of medieval chronicles, studies of domestic and foreign authors, this work investigates ethnoterritorial processes which took place in South Cherkessia.

    pdf 48-53.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • A.R. Kazanchi
    Istparts of the Kuban and Adyghea: historiographical analysis

    The paper discusses the historiographical tradition in the study of history and the role of Istparts of the Kuban and Adyghea, which retains currently its controversial nature. It was concluded that most works were carried out in the Soviet period in the historical and party key, and modern historical literature since the early 1990s till present time is characterized by conceptual changes in the study of history, seeking new bases of analysis of the history of Russia, the formation of a new paradigm of historical knowledge.

    pdf 54-57.pdf  (122 Kb)

  • S.R. Nagoeva
    English Puritanism in the works of V.V. Stockmar

    The paper considers the Puritan movement in England through the prism of the works of outstanding Russian mediaevalist V.V. Stockmar. The relevance of the research is determined by the need of studying the National Historiography in the area of the Reformation in England.

    pdf 58-64.pdf  (145 Kb)

  • D.A. Stakhovska
    Registration of Christian groups in Karachay-Cherkessia in the 1920s: (from archival materials)

    The paper is devoted to the problem of registration of Christian groups on the territory of Karachay-Cherkessia in the 1920s. Studies of archival materials reveal the political situation and the attitude of the Soviet government towards religious organizations of that time.

    pdf 65-70.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • S.H. Khotko
    On preservation of the Circassian (Adyghe) language in the environment of the Circassian Mamluks

    There is a significant amount of information in the Mamluk and European sources about the political and cultural ties of Circassia with the Mamluk Egypt. Circassian Mamluks strove to preserve their own language and customs, and the elite sent their sons to grow up in Circassia. Ibn Tagri Birdie has preserved for us the nickname of Sultan Barquq in the Adyghe language — Malihuk, meaning «son of a shepherd».

    pdf 71-74.pdf  (123 Kb)

  • A.K. Cheucheva
    Place of Cherkessia in politics of the Great Britain after the conclusion of the Unkiar Skelessi Treaty in 1833

    This paper considers issues related to the inclusion of the territory of Circassia in the sphere of British interests in the East. The activity of the British embassy in Constantinople, and the reaction of the official London to conclusion of the Unkiar-Skelessi Treaty, and strengthening of the positions of Russia on the Black Sea have been analyzed.

    pdf 75-83.pdf  (161 Kb)

  • S.A. Chuprynnikov
    North-Caucasian trade unions in social and industrial sphere in the 1930s

    This paper discusses the activities of North-Caucasian trade unions in strengthening labor discipline, the formation of the Soviet system of collective farm trade, the fight against homelessness and crime, pension system, and the formation of a new life in a mobilization model of the society development. It is inferred that the trade unions are subordinated to the state machine and lose their independence.

    pdf 84-94.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • A.M. Shameev
    New conditions and characteristic features of the culture in modern Republic of Adyghea

    The paper examines the new conditions and characteristic features of the culture in the Republic of Adyghea at the present stage. This process can be traced through the development of education, science, literature, art and institutions of cultural and leisure type.

    pdf 95-102.pdf  (153 Kb)

  • K.R. Bolgareva
    Sociological measurements of students’ attitude towards advertising: problem statement

    This paper concentrates on the results of the opinion of sociological poll among students, study of their views on the Russian advertising and social advertising in the Republic of Adyghea. The author shows specificity of attitude of students of the Republic towards social advertising: the importance of the issue under study, in which social advertising has an important role in the socialization of society and solving social problems.

    pdf 103-107.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • E.B. Zhurchenko
    Building up culture of tolerance among students in the context of intercultural communication

    In this paper the author notes acquired nature of the culture of tolerance. The attention is concentrated on the relatively recent history of the scientific study of the culture of tolerance in Russia. The importance of the culture of tolerance in intercultural communication is indicated. Various scientific approaches to the characteristic of the problematic field of the culture of tolerance are discussed. The author proves the necessity of creating a culture of tolerance for the feasibility of intercultural dialogue.

    pdf 108-113.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • A.R. Kasparov
    Public opinion of the Russians on the activities of the Internal Affairs Bodies (from the materials of Republic of Adyghea)

    The paper presents the results of a pilot survey held in the Republic of Adyghea in order to ascertain public opinion of citizens of the Republic on the activities of the various police units. The comparative analysis is carried out with data obtained by VTsIOM and the Levada Center in 2012-2014.

    pdf 114-117.pdf  (124 Kb)

  • A.I. Kuznetsov
    The socio-cultural specificity of professional socialization in the process of obtaining higher education in the system of internal affairs

    This paper is dedicated to the study of mutual legal socialization of young specialists of law enforcement sphere and the process of the development of their professional identity. On the basis of theoretical analysis, the formation of socio-cultural status of young specialists of law enforcement sphere, as well as the influence of legal education on the formation of their cultural and legal mentality are studied.

    pdf 118-121.pdf  (123 Kb)

  • A.Kh. Lyuev
    External labor migration and competition in the Russian labor market

    In this paper, the author raises a burning question of competition between external labor migrants and indigenous people in the labor market of the Russian Federation. The attention is drawn to the contradictory points of view regarding the competition of migrants and Russian citizens in the labor market. Main factors providing the opportunity or the virtual absence of labor competition of foreign migrants and Russian citizens in the Russian labor market are identified and analyzed

    pdf 122-127.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • Ya.V. Morozova
    Assessment of professional competence of the Russian youth in today’s labor market and vocational and labor relations

    In this paper, the author evaluates the level of professional competence of the Russian youth in innovative society from the perspective of the cognitive-developing paradigm of education and regulations of activist sociological paradigm of criteria of professional competence based on the understanding of the professional as an actor of social action.

    pdf 128-135.pdf  (151 Kb)

  • N.I. Sevryugina
    Communicative task of conviction in intercultural communication

    The paper discusses communicative tasks in the process of intercultural communication. Attention is paid to one of the most important communicative tasks — the task of conviction.

    pdf 136-138.pdf  (112 Kb)

  • Zh.A. Stash
    Innovative technologies in the prevention of deviant behavior among young people in the region (the Republic of Adyghea as an example)

    The paper concentrates on the problem of deviant behavior among young people in the region, which is directed at preserving and improving the health of the younger generation, citizen involvement in regular physical culture and sports activities, especially young people of Republic of Adyghea.

    pdf 139-145.pdf  (278 Kb)

  • V.A.Teshev
    The comparative analysis of the dual form of education in Germany and Russia

    In the present paper the author studies the content of the dual form of education in Germany and Russia. This paper presents comparative analysis of the content of the dual form of education in Germany and Russia. The aim of this work is the identification and verification of the concept of the dual form of education in Germany and the possibilitis of using its elements in the higher educational institutions of Russia.

    pdf 146-150.pdf  (129 Kb)

  • N.V. Khlabystova
    Interaction of institute of higher vocational education and the labor market in modern Russian society (the Krasnodar Territory as an example)

    One of the pressing problems of the modern Russian society is the problem of interaction between the institutions of higher education and labor market, and also the change of the requirements for employed specialists. Transformation processes of contemporary Russian society generate new demands of employers to specialists while employing. Today, an employer while employing, pays attention not only to the professional competence of a specialist, but also to the universal competence of an individual. This paper analyzes the results of sociological research aimed at studying the requirements of employers to specialists and also the study of the interaction model of labor market and the institution of higher education (FSBEI HPE «Kuban State University od Technology» as an example). It is important to identify the criteria that determine the successful employment of graduates since this indicator is one of the main factors in the choice of university undergraduate applicants. This case study will help the university administration to improve interaction with employers and prepare competitive specialists in the labor market.

    pdf 151-157.pdf  (255 Kb)

  • E.A. Chefonova
    Social partnership in the sociocultural sphere: the context of project activity in the municipality

    The paper discusses a model of social partnership based on an analysis of the results of project activity in sociocultural sphere of Rakityansky region. The concepts of social partnership in the context of sociocultural development were clarified.

    pdf 158-170.pdf  (194 Kb)

  • M.Z. Abesalashvili, L.N. Burkova, S.M. Tutarischeva
    Protection of nonpecuniary rights and compensation of moral damages: International and Russian Experience

    The paper studies the norms regulating personal nonpecuniary rights in legislations of different countries. In these rules there is a clear adherence to the fundamental principles enshrined in international human right instruments, which determine the possibility of unification of legal regulation of that field of public relations. Examples of international experience offer effective approaches to compensation of moral damages in case of violation of nonpecuniary rights.

    pdf 171-174.pdf  (121 Kb)

  • S.G. Dzybova, E.A. Parasyuk
    On the appreciation of human rights in modern theory of state and law

    The paper analyzes the concept of human rights in terms of the theory of state and law. Approaches are comprehended to allocation of generations of human rights of a person and citizen. Reasons for their classification are studied.

    pdf 175-179.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • M.E. Kravchenko
    Assessment of the admissibility of evidences in terms of appropriate subjects for their obtainment in criminal matters

    This paper considers one of the problematic issues in the theory of criminal procedure, namely: assessment of admissibility of evidence in terms of appropriate subjects for their preparation in criminal matters.

    pdf 180-184.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • A.P. Mikhaylov
    Criminal behavior of juveniles and young people: the theory of matter

    In this paper, the author analyzes the existing theoretical and methodological approaches to the problem of illegal behavior of citizens belonging to the category of under age and young people. The author considers the subject of study as the phenomenon of the integrative, interdisciplinary nature.

    pdf 185-190.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • A.A. Ostashevsky
    Gnoseological foundations of legal concepts in the space of protection of honor and dignity

    The paper examines the gnoseological (gnosis-knowledge) roots of the legal concepts of honor, dignity and business reputation by using historical paradigms. The author traces the gnoseological roots which are present in the first Russian legal act «The Russian Truth». Simultaneously, a certain historical, cultural and legal succession of the definitions under study is noted.

    pdf 191-194.pdf  (119 Kb)

  • A.A. Teuchezh
    The correlation of «objective» and «legal» truth in criminal trial of Russia

    This paper considers the main stages in the development of the principle of establishing objective truth in the criminal case of the criminal trial of Russia. Examples of specific rules of criminal procedure legislation are used to justify the thesis that the requirement to establish the objective truth of the case is typical of domestic criminal proceedings. The correlation between the concepts «objective» and «legal» truth is studied.

    pdf 195-198.pdf  (122 Kb)

  • N.S. Chebanova
    Analysis of determination and procedure of levying navigation and environmental charges in the seaport of Novorossiysk

    The paper considers such types of port charges as navigational and environmental. Legal basis for the activities of the administration of the port and the procedure for charging port charges are determined. Those bodies are identified that are entitled to levy a charge on vessels, as well as the organization of the provision of navigation services by Azov-Black Sea basin branch «Rosmorport». The peculiarities of collection of environmental charges in the sea port of Novorossiysk are defined. The source of the financing of the sea port infrastructure and public authorities activities ensuring the safety of navigation in the sea port of Novorossiysk is a port tax. The main problem of levying port charges is the lack of a clear procedure for their calculation.

    pdf 199-204.pdf  (175 Kb)

  • I.M. Aganov
    Fine arts as ethnocultural phenomenon

    The paper is concerned with the peculiarities of the development of the fine arts in a multiethnic community. It touches upon the issue of the implementation and preservation of the ethnic element in painting and sculpture in close contact with different ethnic cultures to maintain and develop features of ethnoart thinking. Ethnic function of art is outlined. The issue is discussed on the material of the artistic culture of Karachay-Cherkessia.

    pdf 205-210.pdf  (140 Kb)

  • S.M. Nekhay
    Ethnic concept of the Adyghe folklore through the prism of spiritual songs

    Features of the formation of ethnic concept of the Adyghes by singing are considered in the paper. It is proved that spiritual songs reflecting the religious content of traditional culture of the Adyghe ethnos, symbolically construct a complete picture of the world binding still poorly differentiated syncretic unity of unconsciously poetic creativity.

    pdf 211-214.pdf  (120 Kb)

    The Economic Theory
  • Z.Kh. Kurmalieva, R.E. Mirzoyan, R.A. Baibekova, S.Sh. Gisheva
    Integration cooperation improving between the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States in the sphere of currency regulation

    The paper considers ways of increasing the effectiveness of integration cooperation of the CIS countries in the sphere of currency regulation. It presents the basic principles of legal regulation of monetary sphere and analyzes the role of the Constitution of the CIS countries in the foreign exchange regulation. The authors determine the leading role of Russia in the regional interstate organization due to its high economic potential. They substantiate the necessity of national legislation harmonization in the sphere of currency regulation. The scientific article suggests strengthening the ruble as a regional reserve currency status

    pdf 14-20.pdf  (91 Kb)

  • R.A. Barkenkhoeva
    Property category in the small business

    The scientific article considers the role of the cost price category in creating effective private sector of the Russian economy. The paper shows the direction of the formation of small business and the evolution of property relations. The author reveals specific economic conditions that complicate the operation and development of the relations of private property as well as attributes of small business and corporate capital. The author examines the establishment of relations of property and their effectiveness and state support in relation to their own small business, small business incentives

    pdf 21-26.pdf  (487 Kb)

  • O.S. Vasileva, A.V. Polinko
    Human and information capital as the basic elements of the functioning of intangible services market entity

    The paper considers the essence and the main peculiarities of intellectual services. It highlights their main activities. Authors pay his particular attention to analysis of the specific content of information and human components relationship of the process of intellectual services providing. The scientific article substantiates that the combination of human and information capital of market entity intellectual services lays the foundation for its successful functioning on the market

    pdf 27-34.pdf  (164 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • L.E. Galyaeva
    External constraints concept in regional studies

    This paper substantiates the validity of the introduction in scientific turnover of regional studies «external constraints» concept. It reveals the content of this notion, a critical assessment of a number of conceptual representations of forms and methods of such restrictions administering. The author draws a large sample to study the theoretical concepts and scientific positions represented in the modern literature. The author draws a conclusion that according to the scale of the impact on the economy of the country as a whole, and individual regions, we should expect a very serious negative impact on the economic and social development in Russia. Moreover, most of these consequences are of strategic character. The scientific article outlines some form of mitigation, bypass or overcome of external constraints, approved at the meso-level or potential for practical use

    pdf 70-74.pdf  (84 Kb)

  • L.E. Galyaeva, A.V. Belousova
    The reaction of the Krasnodar Territory economy to external constraints

    The paper studies the reaction of the economy of one of the leading regions of modern Russia — Krasnodar Territory — on external constraints factors. The authors proceed from the fact that the emergence in scientific terminology of «external constraints» concept due to the imposition of economic sanctions from the United States and the European Union, opposing to the global processes of globalization and integration, determines the urgent need for a detailed study of this phenomenon. Since 2016, the Krasnodar region is able to provide a positive dynamics of the volume of attracted investments in the regional economy. The region, despite the introduction of a number of external constraints, remains one of the leading Russian regions in attracting investment and proves itself a reliable partner with a lot of advantages over other actors: a high level of investment security, minimal economic risk. The authors substantiate that return to the world economy in a new format can have a positive impact on overcoming the negative impact of external constraints due to the use of the powerful potential of priority development which is characteristic for this region of the Russian Federation

    pdf 75-80.pdf  (220 Kb)

  • M.I. Golubova
    Peculiarities of development reproduction in regional localizations of health profile

    The scientific article studies the reproduction process peculiarities in the health profile localizations, which are formed in the regional economy on the basis of systemic transformation of the existing sanatorium zones. This reproduction process is aimed at the human capital of the regional economy. The author focuses on the qualitative differences of economic data locations that determine their reproductive characteristics and movement specific features. The research is based on modern modular revision of the system approach, which allows revealing additional features of the reproduction due to the nature of health sites. The paper reveals the reproduction functions in these localizations as well as sets the main directions of development of this process. It presents instrumental needs. The author draws a conclusion that the choice of a particular development strategy reproduction depends on the «layouts» forces in the economic space of the regional economy

    pdf 81-85.pdf  (176 Kb)

  • A.T. Kirguev, A.T. Kirguev
    Human capital in the structural transformation of regional economic policy

    The paper investigates the human capital participation in the transformation of one of the main components of the system of regional economic policy – the industrial component. The destruction of the territorial industry and the industrial component of regional economic policy actualize the problem of recreating the specified component on a new basis. The authors disclose the necessity of a system of spatial organization of the restored territorial industrial complex. They discover the form of organization, in which human capital is in demand — functional industrial subsystem of the regional economy, based on the specifications of market power ties and functioning in the framework of public-private partnerships. Profile of such subsystem is determined by the structure of the resource base of the territory, staff competence of the human factor of the regional economy, territorial portfolio of technologies as well as positions of the regional economy at the national and global markets. The scientific article reveals instruments of the human capital revitalization in the transformation of the regional economic policy industrial component

    pdf 86-91.pdf  (86 Kb)

  • Kh.A. Konstantinidi
    Ways to enhance the competitiveness of regional economies

    The article defines the factors of competitiveness of regional economies; identified trends, opportunities and prospects for increasing the competitiveness of regional economies; an analysis of the prerequisites and the possibility of a new industrial development, the formation of new industries within the boundaries of the old industrial areas; studied the experience of new industrial areas in the agglomerations in Russia and abroad; An approach to the creation of conditions for the formation of neo-industrial regions in the Russian Federation

    pdf 92-96.pdf  (81 Kb)

  • Kh.A. Konstantinidi, M.A. Vorobyova, A.G. Rubin
    Development of marketing potential as a factor increasing the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the region

    In this article the principles of operation of the mechanism of improving the system of management of development in the region; proposed organizational-economic mechanism of implementing the principles of marketing in the region’s development strategy, which will ensure that a recommendation for the development of the marketing potential of the region in order to increase its attractiveness; defined a system of performance indicators Marketing center of regional development in key areas

    pdf 97-102.pdf  (497 Kb)

  • D.Yu. Kulishkin
    Regional tourist product and its transformation as a result of the Olympic Games impact

    The paper deals with modern conceptual approaches to the definition of the tourism product in its regional context. It allocates areas of concern in understanding this category. The author makes an attempt to reassess innovation in the formation, implementation and promotion of tourist products on a regional scale as a result of sports tourism development. The author defines the problems of integration of the Olympic product and regional tourist product. The scientific article studies as well promotion of the tourist product in a post-Olympic space

    pdf 103-108.pdf  (154 Kb)

  • Yu.V. Lachin
    Investment attractiveness and regional competitiveness based on the Rostov Region

    Investments reveal new opportunities for social and economic development of territories. Regional authorities play the main role in attracting investment to the region. Their main objectives are the creation and maintenance of conditions for increasing the flow of private investment into the real sector of the economy, modernization of production, more efficient use of investment resources, minimizing risks to investors. The author analyzes the investment attractiveness and competitive advantages based on the Rostov Region. He examines topical issues of regional competitiveness strengthening, the formation of strategic directions of development and investment attractiveness of the region. Investments are the main instrument of regional development. The paper offers the directions of enhancing the investment attractiveness of the Rostov Region

    pdf 109-113.pdf  (79 Kb)

  • A.A. Mokrushin, A.A. Kerashev
    Interaction normalizing methods of vertically integrated corporations and regional economic systems

    The scientific article deals with the interaction of regulatory methods of vertically integrated corporations (VIC) and regional economic systems. It highlights key problems of integration interaction of meta-data systems and determines the functional profile of the controlling tools. The authors reveal the potential and specific analysis of the interaction matrix form VIC with the regional economic systems. The paper selects the shape effect of the implementation of the institutional development of the budget sub-zones in the Russian economic space

    pdf 114-122.pdf  (198 Kb)

  • B.G. Muradova, V.V. Kuzmenko
    Mechanisms for economic relations effectiveness enhancing in the electricity regional sector

    The scientific article deals with the mechanisms of the economic development improvement of the regional power complex on the basis of balancing the interests of producers and consumers of electricity. It considers also instruments of financing largescale investment organization projects in the direction of evolutionary decline in the share of the tariff component in the formation of appropriate funding sources. The authors examine mechanisms of economic agents interaction coordination in the implementation of joint projects based on public-private partnership in the interests of participants in the electricity market

    pdf 123-127.pdf  (93 Kb)

  • E.V. Taimazov
    The industrial component of regional economic policy

    The scientific article studies one of the priorities of regional economic policy — the industrial component, which, together with the territorial industrial complexes has undergone a profound destruction during market transformations and consolidate the Russian economy on the development of raw material. The author assesses the consequences of the territorial industry destruction and reveals the imperatives of industrial component transformation in regional economic policy that is possible due to the development processes of global integration and spatial competition. The paper represents arguments of necessity to attract human capital in the process of transformation of the test component of the regional economic policy, assessed the possibilities and limitations of its functional involvement in the process. It determines promising areas of territorial recreation industry regional economies of the South of Russia according to modern conditions

    pdf 128-132.pdf  (173 Kb)

  • R.D. Khunagov, A.A. Mokrushin
    Regional economic system in the context of theoretical quasi-corporation model

    The paper reveals the heuristic opportunities and conceptual representation limitations of the regional economic system as a quasi-corporation. It examines constitutive features, functional features of the regional economic system and corporations. The author presents results of the comparative analysis of the regional economic system as well as the economic system characteristics of a vertically integrated corporation

    pdf 133-140.pdf  (95 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • N.A. Antonova
    Due diligence in terms of actuarial accounting: its nature , purpose and function

    The paper defines the essence and purpose of a professional due diligence services gaining popularity in Russia nowadays. It describes the author’s approach to the definition of expertise functions with capital transactions cleanliness. The scientific article analyzes the existing definition and offers the author’s definition. The author determines the need for the development of Russian professional practice (in the field of accounting, auditing, taxation, finance and law) with methodological support of capital transactions within the framework of the principles of actuarial accounting concept

    pdf 141-147.pdf  (141 Kb)

  • M. Gomesh
    Comparative characteristics of accounting un-der IFRS, Russian Accounting Standards and national standards of the Republic of Angola

    The development of accounting is connected closely with formation of economic relations in society and plays the main role in the economy. It is very difficult to imagine a rapidly changing world without the financial information formed due to accounting. The paper presents a comparative analysis of the peculiarities of accounting and reporting in the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Angola in accordance with IFRS. The author demonstrates problems and directions of accounting reforming

    pdf 148-154.pdf  (89 Kb)

  • E.N. Dombrovskaya
    Users ’ information interests influence on content in financial statements and non-financial companies with state participation

    The scientific article deals with the financial and non-financial reporting. It defines their objectives, content and quality parameters. The paper represents limitations of financial statements under IFRS to meet the information interests of all interested users. The author substantiates the necessity of taking them into account in determining the composition of the financial and non-financial reporting based on the characteristics of the users’ interests of public enterprises reporting information

    pdf 155-161.pdf  (89 Kb)

  • S.B. Furtseva
    The methodological importance of IFRS 15, «Revenue from contracts with customers » in the energy sector

    Accounting reformation is associated not only with the transition to IFRS, but also with careful study of future changes. The new IFRS 15 «Revenue from contracts with customers» is one of the changes with the fundamental character. This scientific article reveals the changes that can appear before domestic companies. IFRS 15 is one of the few standards based on principles. However, the more general are the principles, the greater role belongs to professional judgment. It can be applied to energy companies. The relationship between wholesale markets participants are based on a significant number of contracts. The author makes an attempt to systematize the contractual obligations arising from contracts on the wholesale market of energy and power. The paper considers the possibility of accounting for transactions under these contracts in accordance with the new standards

    pdf 162-168.pdf  (91 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • I.G. Aiba
    Effective organization modeling of industrial fruit -growing and viticulture in Abkhazia

    The scientific article assesses the current state of fruit and grape industries in AIC of Abkhazia. It substantiates the necessity of programmed simulation application as a way to improve the efficiency of the industrial development process control, the organization of expanded reproduction in optimal range of options. The aim of the presented work is to develop methodical positions as well as practical bases of the agricultural development program in Republic of Abkhazia on the example of fruit and grape sub-complex, taking into account the specific features of the modern business environment. The paper examines prospects of sustainable development scenario organizing. The author determines necessary economic conditions aimed at irregularities elimination and territorial structure management improvement. He analyses the effectiveness of implementation of fruit and grape sub-complex of AIC. The paper draws a conclusion that development and implementation of «Programmed activities» are aimed at the long-term policy as well as at problem-solving in wine-making industry and efficient production of fruit crops

    pdf 169-173.pdf  (80 Kb)

  • Yu.I. Bershitsky, K.E. Tyupakov, N.R. Saifetdinova, A.R. Saifetdinov
    Methodical peculiarities of economical basis of machine and tractor fleet composition in agricultural organizations

    The paper considers a method for determining the optimal composition of machines and tractors fleet (MTF) of the agricultural organizations. It takes into account the possibility of «flexible» duration of the mechanized operations in the most intense periods of the field season. This method is based on an iterative optimization of adjustment results of MTF using traditional models of mixed integer linear programming criterion the minimum difference between savings and investment cost of crop losses. The authors worked out the algorithm of implementation methodologies and analytical yield losses depending on the length of harvesting cereal crops to determine the optimal composition of the combine fleet

    pdf 174-181.pdf  (400 Kb)

  • Z.A. Vodozhdokova
    Cluster policy as basis of progressive development for preconditions of outsourcing business model introduction

    The paper considers the relevance and prospects of outsourcing model of business organization in agro-economy of Krasnodar Territory in the framework of cluster approach. It studies the strategy of agro-industrial cluster with the expansion of economy clustering practice. The scientific article formulates basic postulates of outsourcing model of management in Russian agro-economy in general, and in the Krasnodar Territory in particular, as an example of intensive agrarian production region. The author offers a concept of outsourcing development in agro-industrial complex, taking into account its paradigm alterations in the conditions of increasing competition in Russian agrarian and industrial complex

    pdf 182-188.pdf  (373 Kb)

    Service Economy
  • E.N. Klochko, V.R. Mezhlumova
    Optimization principles of scientific and educational processes interaction in the educational services modernization of the Russian Federation

    This paper considers the integration processes that contribute to the unification of educational, scientific and innovative capabilities of the leading educational centers in the Russian Federation. They form a large market of educational services, increasing the scale of research and innovation work. The scientific and innovative educational consortium (SIEC) is the main point of the interaction. The organizational structure of SIEC should be systematic and constantly transformed depending on the new targets connected with the provision of quality educational services and production of innovative products. The authors determine that the organization of the economic system updates and balanced interaction between scientific and educational processes in the educational services modernization should be based on the principles of integration, efficiency, rational using of the infrastructural base, human capital and other tangible and intangible factors and conditions of the university educational environment

    pdf 189-195.pdf  (266 Kb)

  • D.R. Khunagova
    A ne w way of market information services structuring

    The paper considers the concept of information services, users and suppliers of such services. It reveals the content and structure of the market information services and allocates basic components and elements of the structure of the market information services. The author pays her special attention to the way of structuring in general as a means of effective markets management as well as the information services market. The scientific article clarifies definition of structuring in the general and its application to structure elements of the information services market in particular. It defines methods of structuring and describes the process. The paper studies the basic principles and objectives of the structuring of the market. It represents the principal structuring models of the markets and suggests an approach to research this aspect of the problem of development of the information services market

    pdf 196-200.pdf  (116 Kb)

  • V.B. Sarkisov, E.A. Drannikova
    Priority directions of high-tech industries stimulation systems improving

    The paper considers economic and financial, institutional, regulatory and other factors that contribute to a more effective and rapid development of innovative economy. It offers a differentiated system to stimulate scientific and technical activities to ensure progressive changes in the real sector of the economy offered focused on the domestic use of the organization’s ability to self-development and diversification of high-tech industries. The authors present a system to stimulate scientific and technical activities of organizations focused on the mobilization of all intellectual resources, as well as material and financial resources to form a new technological order and increase the competitiveness of the production sector

    pdf 222-228.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • L.Kh. Yandieva
    Project management : an approach based on results

    The paper describes the various management components, based on the results and project management cycles and explains the ways of their implementation in practice and their institutionalization. Production efficiency increasing is one of the most important tasks of the state (creation of favorable conditions for efficient operation), and enterprises management (analysis of industrial activity, development and implementation of measures to improve production efficiency, the formation and implementation of future projects, etc.). The society has never been indifferent to the cost, but the production efficiency increasing is the central part of progress, that means the economic and social productivity. Every sphere of activity is characterized by the processes of changes in the functional structure due to reproduction process. The meaning of the evolution of management lies in the fact that without changing controlling system there is need to generate additional type and subject contour managing. The author draws a conclusion that the key to success is in the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of management, a systematic analysis of the production activities, development and implementation of measures aimed at reducing costs

    pdf 229-234.pdf  (133 Kb)

    Taxes and the Taxation
  • S.V. Karpenko, T.A. Silina, M.E. Ordynskaya
    Tax burden comparative assessment in the single tax application on imputed income and the taxation patent system

    The paper presents a comparative evaluation of the tax burden on individual entrepreneurs in the application of the patent system of taxation and a single tax on imputed income. The authors examine Maikop, the capital of the Adyghe Republic, in comparison with Stavropol, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and some parts of the Krasnodar Territory, bordering on the Adyghe Republic. They study trade, passenger transportation services, hairdressing and beauty salons services. The scientific article discloses that the factors affecting the business conditions and profitability, as well as potential regulatory impact of K2 on socio-economic development of municipalities are not adequately taken into account in establishing values of the coefficient K2 and the value of a patent. The authors draw a conclusion about the necessity to rank the cost of a patent for the municipalities in the region in dependence on the complex account of factors: the state of development and the demand for each type of activity, population, standards of living and the average wage in the relevant sector

    pdf 201-212.pdf  (529 Kb)

  • T.V. Saprykina
    Regional tax policy: facts and prospects

    The paper substantiates the direction of tax policy at the level of subjects of the Russian Federation. It considers tax regulation and practice of regional taxes and their impact on economic development entities. The author presents a comparative analysis of the capability and use of leverage implementation of the tax mechanism at the regional level based on the Russian Federation. He examines the ways to increase the share of tax revenues to the budgets of Russia and suggests means to stimulate the activities of enterprises in areas of import substitution, the direction of the reformation of property taxation

    pdf 213-221.pdf  (105 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • S.N. Begidova, I.V. Morozova

    The paper deals with the pedagogical conditions providing efficiency of formation of social experience at orphan children and children without parental support in educational process of orphanage. Those are collective creative activity, realization of an individual approach, the organization of uneven-age children’s creative associations, as well as the created children’s body of active functionaries.

    pdf 17-23.pdf  (147 Kb)

  • V.L. Kapovsky

    The paper discusses the organization and realization of distance education abroad, mainly in the USA, since this form of education began to act there for the first time. Without doubt, this experience is interesting because in the future just the distance education will be the most widespread innovative form of education.

    pdf 24-30.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • V.V. Korshunova

    Modernization of pedagogical education assumes preparation and improvement of quality of professional activity of the pedagogical workers of new type capable to carry out the accepted strategy of modernization of system of Russian education and to effectively participate in realization of the main educational programs of the general education according to requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard (further – FGOS) and the professional standard of the teacher. Reorganization of system of pedagogical education means change of the contents, and, above all, methods and technologies of training, new requirements to results of training upon transition to FGOS of the general education and modernization of FGOS of the higher education by means of strengthening of practical preparation.

    pdf 31-34.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • A.A. Kuvayeva, E.V. Demkina

    This paper presents the results of the theoretical and empirical research on identification of actual problems of modern professional pedagogical education. Ways of the solution of problems are provided. The existing problems are considered in the context of professionalism and competitiveness of teachers accepted as the purpose of the higher education. The technology of the organization and implementation of psychological and pedagogical maintenance of development of the personality of students – future teachers is proposed as a complex way of the solution of the revealed problems. Stages of psychological and pedagogical maintenance are described. The main forms and methods of work are characterized. The statistical data confirming efficiency of the developed technology are provided.

    pdf 35-42.pdf  (169 Kb)

  • A.A. Kuvayeva, S.A. Khazova, F.R. Khatit

    This work characterizes the acmeological orientation of the personality of the teacher as a structural component of competitiveness. The place of acmeological ïðîôåññèîíàëüorientation of the personality in structure of competitiveness is substantiated. The social and professional essence and the content of the acmeological orientation of the personality are characterized. The content of structural components of the acmeological orientation of the personality of the teacher is shown. The content of value orientations of the teacher is disclosed. Professional and social goal-setting is characterized. The content of professional motivation and aspiration to success of the modern competitive teacher is provided. The importance of the acmeological orientation as factor increasing competitiveness of the personality is proved.

    pdf 43-52.pdf  (176 Kb)

  • S.A. Kushu, Z.K. Naguar

    The paper describes an acute shortage of teachers of a foreign language for the initial classes capable to work in new conditions. Need of creation of an educational program of professional retraining of elementary school teachers for system of additional professional education and the content of their language preparation are shown. The model of the solution of this problem is developed.

    pdf 53-59.pdf  (254 Kb)

  • Z.K. Meretukova, A.R. Chinazirova

    The paper substantiates relevance of comprehension of essence of such methodological problems of science and education as an explanation, interpretation and understanding by the future teachers of school and higher education institution, as well as an associativity of this comprehension to suggestopedian culture. The traditional interpretation of the specified problems and the author’s vision of their correlation are disclosed. Also this work deals with the essence of the hermeneutic approach in science and education and its role in studying the problems of social sciences and the humanities, and this is considered from the point of view of correlative characteristics of science and education.

    pdf 60-69.pdf  (188 Kb)

  • I. I. Nikolaeva

    The paper discusses the content of the process of formation of spiritual and moral culture of the students. The author comes to a conclusion that being in process of change of outlook, opportunities and purposes of the person, already today it is possible to designate those processes which modern society in a situation of spiritual and moral crisis faces and which demand close scientific and psychological attention. We need to search for radically new approaches to the analysis of psychological and pedagogical aspects not only of professional ethics, but also morality of a developing personality.

    pdf 70-76.pdf  (157 Kb)

  • P.S. Norkina, O.I. Taranenko

    English language proficiency matters greatly, and can be considered to be a key factor for success of certain professionals, including engineers. However, there have been a number of complaints about the gap between what is taught in ïðîèçâîäñòâåíuniversity language courses, and what is used in workplace communication. This research deals with the current necessary professional competence of engineers in foreign language, how novices use language prior to and during their employment. During the experiment it was found that future engineers do not have enough language skills (in oral speech, reading scientific literature, documents, etc.). It is critical for teachers to improve English courses for engineering students to become well-qualified future members of the workforce in the global community.

    pdf 77-81.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • V.A. Petkov, A.D. Pokhilko, M.A. Gubanova

    The paper discusses one of the aspects of a humanization of educational process in higher education institution consisting in development of communication dialogicity between the teacher and student. The principle of dialogicity assumes activization of educational process and discloses features of formation of the subject - the subject relations. The problem related to dialogicity of development of pedagogical culture of the teacher and student at higher education institution is uncovered within the subject pedagogics. It is inferred that the pedagogical culture is dialogic in essence and use of dialogue in training of future teacher enriches a technique of interactive training and is the promising direction of teaching philosophy, ethics and other humanities and social sciences in higher education institution.

    pdf 82-87.pdf  (138 Kb)

  • T.N. Poddubnaya, O.V. Agoshkova

    The paper discloses tendencies in social and pedagogical protection of the childhood in the context of integration of Russia into the European educational space. Reflections are given of the priority development directions of the pedagogical theory of social and pedagogical protection of the childhood in modern sociocultural conditions. Statistical data are provided on position of minors and families with children in Russia as a result of numerous measures for development o f modern institute of social and pedagogical protection of the childhood. The problems related to minors are disclosed. Those are a reference point for further development of the theory of social and pedagogical protection of the childhood.

    pdf 88-96.pdf  (283 Kb)

  • A.M. Sagdatullin, N.D. Apraksina

    In this paper, we consider the regional educational system within the framework of territorial cluster approach. The analysis is made of existing innovative growth points of the Republic of Tatarstan. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the innovative points of growth of the regional educational system within the framework of the territorial cluster approach. The main objectives of the work are the analysis and classification of the existing types of cluster systems, the identification of points of growth of the regional educational system, and research of synergetic foundations and promising model of innovation cluster. A model of interaction of educational cluster as an ecosystem is studied. Key factors that contribute to its development, as well as features forming levels of the ecosystem of educational cluster are identified.

    pdf 97-104.pdf  (198 Kb)

  • A.M. Sagdatullin, G.A. Murzina, Z.M. Sakhipova

    Pressing issue now is to evaluate the promising areas of certain professions, which in the future will probably be in great demand. It is concluded that on a worldwide scale most new and promising professions in the labor market appear in the IT-field, medicine, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, virtual reality, nutrition, online marketing, programming, neurobiology, shale gas and offshore oil, online advertising, training and social “networking”. The aim of this work is to attract science, industry and manufacturing specialists to the sphere of higher education. In this regard, we propose the idea to create an online scientificeducational system (web-based portal) with the active component of the English language for the integration and collaborative research between researchers, teachers and students of Russian and foreign universities and specialists of industrial enterprises and businesses.

    pdf 105-111.pdf  (278 Kb)

  • A.A. Ushakov

    The paper discusses the personal and professional self-development of the teacher in the integrative educational environment. Special attention is paid to the diagnostic process of personal and professional self-development of the teacher. The paper analyzes the results of the diagnostics of ability of teachers to self-development and overcoming barriers in pedagogical activity. The leading factors of self-development are defined. As a result of this study correlations between the ability of the teacher to self-development, design and analytical skills have been established.

    pdf 112-118.pdf  (224 Kb)

  • E.I. Sharova

    The paper discusses the problems arising on the way to achievement of high quality of the educational results by students of higher education institution. The possible reasons of bias of an assessment of first-year students’ readiness to training in higher education institution and weak motivation are disclosed. Also measures to improve procedure of an assessment of qualitative structure of first-year students and actions promoting their successful adaptation to the new educational environment are offered. Results of the conducted interview of students are given.

    pdf 119-125.pdf  (260 Kb)

  • F.G. Yalalov

    As a result of interaction of an education system with professional community and integration of federal state educational standards into professional standards there occurs, as the author shows, formation of the multidimensional content of professional education.

    pdf 126-131.pdf  (137 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • D.D. Zhazheva, S.A. Zhazheva

    The paper discusses the formation of communicative abilities in the conditions of bilingualism and features of their functioning in the speech. Consideration of the called difficulties will promote creation of system of work on formation of communicative abilities and introduction of Russian words into the speech of pupils.

    pdf 132-138.pdf  (150 Kb)

  • A.S. Losev, I.S. Kalnibolanchuk, A.V. Krukovskaya

    The present work offers the system of criteria to assess the formation of communicative competence in the course of teaching mathematics in higher education institution. Based on the example of the section "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics", the corresponding indicators and levels of formation of communicative competence are developed.

    pdf 139-144.pdf  (140 Kb)

  • R.V. Nevzorov

    Analysis of scientific and methodological literature has shown that the evaluation of professional training of military pilots is insufficiently developed. Features of simulator training pilots to conduct air combat are discussed here. Evaluation of training military pilots to conduct air combat should be undertaken by using an integrated approach, i.e. complex techniques, which include not only subjective but also objective methods of evaluation. Also for the comprehensive assessment, methods of assessment of individual psychological qualities of a military pilot can be used: research of attention, motor reactions, sensory-motor reactions, orientation in space, the study of memory and thinking, identifying the individual characteristics of higher nervous activity in the process of formation and reorganization of sensory-motor skills. In the author's opinion, an adequate assessment of the preparedness of military pilot can be provided by the use of a set of indicators, which characterize the different sides of simulator training to conduct air combat. The wider the range of characteristics that are taken into account, the fuller and more accurate the final assessment will be.

    pdf 145-150.pdf  (144 Kb)

  • À.À. Savina

    The paper tackles the question of the necessity of teaching Business Writing in the professional educational institutions of Law. This subject is offered to be included as a separate course in programs for institutions of secondary professional education of a legal profile. The author offers to develop skills in Business Writing within the integrated course of learning it both in Russian and English languages by using the project method. The analysis of the results of the experimental work is provided.

    pdf 151-157.pdf  (158 Kb)

  • F.K. Urakova, I. Altanavdar

    The paper discusses the main problems of national and cultural specifics of phraseological units of the Russian and Mongolian languages, namely: stereotypes, standards and symbols on the basis of which the language picture of the world of trainees is formed, and which allow mobilization of all resources to increase productivity of training in conformity with modern national and international requirements. Studying mental lingual complexes and national specific language units helps trainees to orient with their research activity and promotes preparation for teaching the Russian language as nonnative, taking into account the relationship of the language and culture helping us to avoid failures in cross-cultural communication.

    pdf 158-165.pdf  (156 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • E.B. Alekseeva

    The paper provides the review of works of the domestic scientists who made bases of the structural - dynamic concept in psychology of the personality and the subject – activity and acmeological paradigms in psychology of professional self-realization of the personality (L.I. Antsyferova, A.A. Bodalev, E.A. Klimov, A.K. Markova, E.F. Zeer, K.K. Platonov, etc.). Expediency of integration of the above mentioned approaches for the psychological analysis of professional formation of the personality in medicine is approved. It is shown that the heuristic of such integration is confirmed, in particular, by its successful application in developing concepts of psychological modeling of the personality of the doctor (B.A. Yasko) and psychological support of professionalizing of the personality in the helping professions, in particular, in medicine.

    pdf 166-172.pdf  (154 Kb)

  • N.E. Vodopyanova, V.B. Chesnokov

    The paper presents the results of empirical research of the managers in situations of an economic crisis in Russia aggravated in 1998, 2008 and 2014. Optimism, pessimism and realism are regarded as the position in life. Optimism and realism are noted to positively influence the control of crisis situations and resilience of subjects of labor. It is proved that optimism and realism represent important resources of subjects of labor in adaptation and overcoming vital difficulties. Development of technologies to increase optimism of managers’ position in life is proposed to be one of the tasks of psychological assistance in crisis situations.

    pdf 173-179.pdf  (169 Kb)

  • K.S. Vyzulina, B.A. Yasko

    The paper substantiates that in search for psychological determinants of social adaptation, an integration of the developed concepts of a professional demand and the value - sense sphere of the personality possesses the heuristic. The review of researches is carried out in which constructs of "a professional demand of the personality", "values", and "senses" are allocated. Their direct relationship with social adaptation as process and result of vital activity of the personality is shown. Relying on the data containing in the analyzed sources we show that the demanded personality is characterized by the high level of self-control of behavior and an adaptation resource. With increasing level of a demand, adaptation abilities of the personality are growing. The adapted personality, possessing a freedom of choice and ability to make decisions and to realize them, is characterized by high intelligence of life. Loss of senses is considered as a predictor of social disadaptation of the personality.

    pdf 180-185.pdf  (153 Kb)

  • M.V. Elfimova, M.V. Domaev, N.V. Elfimov

    The present paper describes the practical experience in the students’ scientific activity coordination at the different Departments of the Siberian Branch in Zheleznogorsk of the Ministry of Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) Saint-Petersburg University of State Fire Service, which provides for raising efficiency of the formation of professional competences in the expert of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia.

    pdf 186-192.pdf  (153 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • K.D. Chermit, I.V. Verzhbitsky, E.G. Verzhbitskaya

    This paper presents the model of implementation of organizational and methodical conditions to ensure the principle of primacy of competitions at the initial stage of judoist training, which allows the competition to be used as a method and a form of training. Creation of educational and training process of beginner judoists on the basis of the presented model increases its efficiency due to the trainer-teacher actions focused on formation of bases of technical and tactical competitive experience at the athlete, as well as on support of steady motivation to training on the basis of achievement of positive competitive result.

    pdf 193-201.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • S.A. Khazova, R.M. Magomedov, R.Z. Osmanov, N.E. Platova

    This work deals with the process and results of scientific search for modern means and methods of the solution of education problems of younger generation in Russia. In this context we distinguish key social and pedagogical problems of education of the youth living in socially unstable regions of Russia. We define the reasons why these problems emerge and show tasks to be solved in order to overcome them. Educational potential of physical training in this aspect is proved. In this work we present the substantial and procedural model of regional system to implement the revealed educational potential of physical training. The main participants of the modelled activity, its types, forms, means and a set of criteria and criteria indicators of system functioning efficiency are described. The contents and the main results of experimental approbation of the developed model in Derbent (Republic of Daghestan) are provided.

    pdf 202-213.pdf  (272 Kb)

  • Al Shammari Majeeda Jamil Ashur
    Reasons for borrowing and signs of relevance of arabisms in the Russian language

    The paper deals with the borrowings from the Arabic language. It is established that arabisms make a considerable layer of lexicon the borrowing of which happens mainly for the extralinguistic reasons. The Arabic borrowings belong to various theme groups, but prevail in the religious sphere. The author shows the reasons for the occurrence of Arabic borrowings and their relevance in Russian: the frequency of use (especially in the media language), semantic transformation, changing the meanings of the words in connection with the ideological reorientation, the emergence of series of sustainable combinations and derivational activity of the words of the Arabic origin.

    pdf 17-22.pdf  (336 Kb)

  • Aslanova A.A.
    Communicative tactics to detail the semantic characteristics in Iris Murdoch’s fiction discourse

    the aim of the paper is to reveal the author’s characteristics of the characters’ speech which realize the implicit information on the speaking subject, his interrelations with the interlocutor and experienced feelings. The task is to define how information on the speaking subject implicitly demonstrates his point of view in the dialogic situation and predetermines his reaction on this situation. The author creates the narrative dynamics and the emotional tension of the characters’ dialogic communication constructed in this narrative. The typology of modeling is offered to detail the semantic characteristics of emotional tones of the characters’ voices. This kind of typology suggests that there are both the articulating and non-articulating characters’ reactions reflecting their psychological state in the current dialogic situation.

    pdf 23-26.pdf  (271 Kb)

  • Akhmetova M.E.
    Categorial and conceptual model of terminology of subject domain of «anticrisis management» (from materials of the Russian and English languages)

    This paper is devoted to semantic and conceptual categorization of risk management terminology. Component analysis technique along with the use of semantic and logical criterion made it possible to subdivide the terminology of subject domain of «anticrisis management» into conceptual and topical units. It is inferred that in addition to the categories of subjects, processes, characteristics and quantities there is a specific conceptual unit of “crisis”, which is typical of risk management terminology.

    pdf 27-31.pdf  (292 Kb)

  • Bizheva Z.Kh.
    Symbols and quasisymbols in the Circassian phraseologisms (from materials of the Kabardian and Circassian languages)

    An analysis is undertaken to define the efficiency of interethnic communication, which is generally predetermined by the systematization degree of linguocultural basis of research of corresponding languages. Phraseological units of the Kabardian and Circassian languages were used to examine functioning of such linguocultural phenomena as symbols and quasisymbols. It is inferred that the knowledge of the person cannot be equated with the knowledge of the final objects of reality having clear boundaries.

    pdf 32-35.pdf  (285 Kb)

  • Drozdova D.R.
    Structure of the academic discourse in educational process

    The present paper deals with the structure of an academic discourse in the educational process. Various approaches to studying the academic discourse, proposed by the scholars of our country and foreign linguists are investigated. Subtypes of the academic discourse and ways of their application during the lesson and their connection with the other discourses are analyzed in detail. Different types of verbal interaction between a teacher and student (schoolteacher and pupil) are referred to different subtypes of the academic discourse. At the end an attempt is made to create the scheme of application of these subtypes at the lesson.

    pdf 36-40.pdf  (477 Kb)

  • Kirilenko S.V.
    Thematic differentiation of the modern system of sociolinguistic terms

    Taxonomy of socially actualized spheres of communication of social linguistics is examined through the comparison of two terminological minima (language and ethnicity, language and politics). The author shows how the systems of links are identified among sociolinguistic terms which contribute to a new understanding of the terms of valence and terminological field. The theoretical rethinking of the terminological system of sociolinguistics promotes a clearer identification of its thematic areas and the analysis of their internal and external interlinks.

    pdf 41-45.pdf  (292 Kb)

  • Kopylova Yu.V.
    Main preconditions of development of media stylistics

    The paper describes the tendencies which served as the main preconditions of development of the communicative direction in domestic stylistics. Its theory is intensely developed with the use of material of mass media. Emergence of the new science, which received the name of media stylistics, is noted to be caused in many respects by discourse orientation of stylistics, as well as by application of an intentional method, the cornerstone of which is intention of the sender. The conclusion is drawn that the intentional method by means of which communicative - pragmatical and linguostylistic features of media texts are intensely studied now, considerably expands possibilities of modern stylistics.

    pdf 46-50.pdf  (292 Kb)

  • Kurbanova P.K.
    History of research of the Sirkhinsky dialect toponyms in the Dargwa language

    The paper examines the toponymic units of the Sirkhinsky dialect, one of the unique dialects of the Dargwa language. This dialect is presented in a number of the mountain settlements of Akushinsky and Dakhadayevsky regions of the Republic of Daghestan. It is one of the large dialect groups, both across the territory of the distribution and by quantity of the population speaking it. On the basis of the analysis of scientific works on the Daghestan onomastics, in particular on toponymy of the Dargwa language, and on history and culture of the people of Daghestan the short history of scientific studying the toponyms of the Sirkhinsky dialect is provided. It is inferred that the history of research of its toponymy is fragmentary.

    pdf 51-55.pdf  (276 Kb)

  • Medoyan S.B.
    Discourse descriptions of emotional states (from materials of the French language)

    This paper examines discourse descriptions of emotional states in the French language. Emotions are distributed in three main groups: eupathy (positive), desphoréo (negative), and aporia (perplexity). In each group there are somatic, kinetic, metaphoric and resonance descriptions. The research demonstrates that such classification of emotional states is efficient for systematizing presentation of emotional states at the level of discourse descriptions.

    pdf 56-60.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • Mironenko S.A.
    Abbreviation of English loanwords in the German jargon of computer players

    The functions of the computer jargon are considered. Various types of abbreviation which are used in the German jargon of computer players are defined. The most productive types of reductions are marked out. The detailed analysis of the abbreviations of the jargon of players of online games is carried out. The research allows us to draw a conclusion of the tendency of intensive penetration of abbreviations into the German jargon of computer players.

    pdf 61-65.pdf  (310 Kb)

  • Murad G.A.
    Symbolics of numbers in the Adyghe language

    The paper examines the lexical units of the Adyghe language with a numerical indicator possessing sacral and symbolical meanings, bearing ethnocultural semantics. Numbers contain rich cultural semantics and have sacral symbolics which is characteristic of only certain numbers of the language. The most productive in symbolization are numerals of the first ten. The lexical units of the Adyghe language with a numerical indicator in the Nart epos served as the research material. The number «seven» takes a special place among numbers in frequency of the use and width of coverage of spheres of the use since it bears powerful sacral semantics.

    pdf 66-70.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • Muratova R.T.
    Numerological phraseological units in the Turkic languages (linguocultural analysis)

    This paper discusses the numerological phraseological units in the Turkic languages. The author analyses here the phrase-making activity of numbers 1, 2, 4, 7, 40. It is revealed that particular numbers when used in set phrases lose the meaning of quantity, calculation, order and acquire a symbolical sense expressing national peculiarities of a nation’s worldview.

    pdf 71-77.pdf  (336 Kb)

  • Naguar Z.K., Bersirov B.M., Kushu S.A., Bersirova S.A.
    Typology of invective lexicon in the languages with different systems (from materials of the Russian, German and Adyghe languages)

    The paper defines the place of the concept of «invective» in system of estimated lexicon, as well as provides the lines delimiting it from other close concepts. A comparative analysis is made to characterize the nature and typology of invective lexicon in the languages with different systems. The reasons of emergence and change of nature of manifestation of an invective in society are defined. Features of invective lexicon functioning in the Russian, German and Adyghe languages are identified. Character and the influence of the Internet speech on formation of new forms of invectives are revealed. The structure of the means of strengthening the invective force of the speech which are applied in the Russian Internet is defined.

    pdf 78-85.pdf  (317 Kb)

  • Sitnikova E.V.
    Processes of interference in the language consciousness of Russian emigrants

    This paper submits reviewing of the changes in language consciousness of representatives of Russian ethnic and lingual culture under the influence of a heterogeneous language environment, namely: identification of reactions, which fixate changes in knowledge and perceptions of Russian cultural tradition representatives; and analysis of the similarities and differences in the structure of associative areas of linguistic markers of national and cultural consciousness of linguoecological type. It has been found that the language consciousness, being culturally conditioned phenomenon, reflects the specificity of the national and cultural space in which its representatives exist.

    pdf 86-93.pdf  (319 Kb)

  • Tlekhatuk S.R.
    Economic discourse as a verbalization fragment of human experience: socio-cognitive aspect

    The paper sheds light on the concepts of «discourse» and «discussion» and gives a review of the existing definitions and interpretations of the concept and phenomenon of «discourse» taking into account various methodological approaches. The discourse is noted to act as a result of the person’s knowledge of the language picture of the world, a unique fragment of the human experience imprinted in texts and words. The relevant characteristics of a discourse taken from works of national and foreign linguists are provided. It is established that the variety of interpretations of a discourse reflects the existing difficulties in identification of its uniform unique parameters.

    pdf 94-99.pdf  (303 Kb)

  • Khabekirova Z.S., Adzinova F.S.
    Self-presentation of the public personality in Internet communication: personal site

    The paper describes the self-presentation of the public language personality, wide popularity of which in many respects predetermines existence in the Network of the official site reflecting the personified nature of Internet communication. Pragmatical value of the web site is created not only by verbal, but also nonverbal components. The conclusion is drawn that realization of presentation function in biographic texts of the personal site provides not only representation of the public personality, but also impact on target audience.

    pdf 100-104.pdf  (277 Kb)

  • Khachmafova Z.R., Kotelnikova I.V.
    Free indirect style: pronominal conjunction what / chto and the problem of actual segmentation of the modeling utterance

    The free indirect style segments connected into a single linear sequence with the conjunction what /chto realize in the text both the new and old information. The paper reveals the following information types reflecting the theme-rhematic cohesion of the utterance: theme-rheme, theme-theme, rheme-rheme. In case of free indirect style inversion the conjunction what / chto introduces the new information, the utterance segment, which is before the copular verb – the known information. The theme-rhematic concordance of the utterance the segments of which are connected with the pronominal conjunction what / chto turns out to be important for the readers’ adequate interpretation of the whole text

    pdf 105-110.pdf  (302 Kb)

  • Khutova E.R., Dzasezheva L.Kh., Efendiyeva R.A.
    Lexicographic analysis of concept «hate» (from materials of the Russian, English and Kabardino-Circassian Languages)

    This paper is devoted to the study of the emotional concept “hate”. We made an attempt to show the national-cultural specificity of the language consciousness. The lexicographical analysis of the concept “hate” in the Russian, English and Kabardian languages shows both the universality of its representation in the corresponding language pictures of the world, and the specific character which is predetermined by the peculiarities of the ethnic language consciousness.

    pdf 111-117.pdf  (312 Kb)

  • Chalabayeva L.V.
    «Complex decisions» and their verbalization in the act of acceptance and implementation of the decision in various spheres of human life

    The paper explores the specificity of complex character of the act of acceptance and implementation of the decision (APIR). The object of study is represented by complex decisions in APIR and the verbal means (explicit / implicit) of their realization are the subject of study. Relationship of complex character of APIR with concept of the sphere of human life is analyzed. The conclusion is drawn on the linguistic potential of the object of research from the point of view of syncretism of syntax, semantics and pragmatics.

    pdf 118-124.pdf  (329 Kb)

  • Shchibrya O.Yu.
    Text as space of representation of the author’s attitude to objective reality and its substantial factor

    A literary text, from the point of view of the cognitive linguistics, is analyzed as a way of fixation and translation of the author’s individual consciousness, so the problem of identifying the author’s personal sense is directly related to the problem of understanding a literary text. The modern text linguistics is a complex researching field which deals with different approaches of identifying and interpreting the relevant features of a literary text as special mental-verbal constructs. In this paper we make an attempt to identify the processes and mechanism of the individual author’s cognition during the creation of literary-artistic work.

    pdf 125-129.pdf  (275 Kb)

  • Yablonskaya L.V.
    Personal and voice-frequency code as creation of an external image of the hero of work

    The paper gives a characteristic of a personal and voice-frequency code by means of which information about an external image of the hero of work is transferred from the author of the text to reader’s audience. Parameters of appearance of the character of the fiction text are allocated and described. The difference is shown between the portrait text and a portrait text continuum in art communication. It is established that the presented parameters of appearance of the personality (the description of the person, the description of a constitution and the description of an attire) in the set form the portrait image of this or that character in text space of a work of art. Each of the allocated parameters finds its own place in yhe information material of the literary work, which is strictly determined by the author of work, entering «game» in a certain sequence, which creates in total the effect of impact on the recipient conceived by the author.

    pdf 130-135.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • Yagumova N.Sh., Bogus Z.A.
    Motivational and nominative markers of phytonyms in the English and Adyghe languages

    The phytonymic lexicon is examined as a product of the ordinary cognitive nomination in the languages with different systems, the motivational and nominative signs of which in the English and Adyghe languages are various. The choice of the name and the way of its description are shown to be entirely determined by historical, geographical, cultural and other factors. A comparison of motivational signs in the English and Adyghe languages confirms a representativeness of the signs marking a natural/geographical place of growth of plants in both languages. It is inferred that though phytonyms differ in structural organization in these languages, they have much in common and are close enough.

    pdf 136-141.pdf  (325 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • Alentyeva M.A., Chitao L.R.
    Problems of comparative-historical studying national literatures

    The paper deals with the questions of studying the literary phenomena in interrelation between separate literatures. Both the general problems and separate questions devoted to the concrete facts of interaction of the Russian literature with foreign literatures are examined. The concept «literary communication» is thought to be the aÕrt and ideological continuity. It is inferred that in order to understand the world nature of literary processes, first of all, relationships between national literatures and creative individualities within them have to be studied.

    pdf 142-145.pdf  (285 Kb)

  • Beshukova F.B., Pshizova A.K.
    On efficiency of post-Freudian model of the text analysis in contemporary national literary criticism

    The paper deals with the updating the methodology of national literary criticism which is connected with cardinal changes in space of literary communication. The author attracts foreign concepts, in particular, a post-Freudian model for the adequate analysis of the schizoanalytic texts. The attention is focused on the separate basic attitudes of post-Freudianism formulated by Zh. Lakan, G. Deleuze and F. Guattari, R. Bart, J. Kristeva, etc., adapted for the sphere of art creativity (V. Pelevin, V. Sorokin and V. Erofeyev). Orientation to complete knowledge of the personality and its place in the world is shown to be the center of post-Freudian theories.

    pdf 146-152.pdf  (307 Kb)

  • Dolgieva M.B.
    Revisiting the question of «character» and «character building» concepts’ dynamics in native and foreign literary studies

    The paper examines the character building concept establishment as a category starting from the Renaissance till now. The dynamics of character development as character building structural element is traced in native and foreign literary studies. Examples of character definitions made by famous literature theorists are given. The structural components of character building concept and their determinants are discovered.

    pdf 153-157.pdf  (292 Kb)

  • Efremova G.O.
    Features of a graphic image of the text in D. Rubina’s creativity

    An analysis is made of graphic shape of D. Rubina’s story texts. Graphic transmission means of author’s intension are represented and described. Existence of traditional graphic elements and graphic nonce words is shown. It is inferred that from the point of view of the carried-out analysis, the graphic image of the fiction text is an important component of the idiostyle of D. Rubina.

    pdf 158-161.pdf  (288 Kb)

  • Lyamova B.Kh., Khamerzokova N.A.
    Subject of war and formation of the personality in Kh. Ashinov’s prose («At the Stone Bridge», «The Last Week of August», «The Armed People»)

    The paper examines the leading tendencies in art research on formation of the personality in the context of a war subject, basing on material of Kh. Ashinov’s stories. Features of author’s psychologism and lyrical judgment of reality are analyzed. Importance of interaction of a subject of war and the personality formation in Kh.Ashinov’s prose is noted. It is inferred that the main feature of his creativity is depicting the world through perception of the teenager, young man and the old man. Those are children’s memoirs in an invariable cover of thoughts, the analysis and attempts to explain events of that time and impressions without direct morals, without the «correct» «teacher’s» judgments and conclusions.

    pdf 162-166.pdf  (298 Kb)

  • Panesh U.M., Panesh S.R.
    On the evolution features of the genre of poems on «a contemporary subject» in the Adyghe literature of the 1960s -1990s

    The paper discusses the evolution of the genre of poems in the Adyghe literature of the 1960s – 1990s. The authors disclose the typological features of the genre forms of the poem focused on modern, military and historical subjects and related to the folklore. The work examines such common features as strengthening the art problematical character, a lyrics making, the movement to the concentrated lyric and epic forms and use of a drama element. It is established that the poem, using the synthesized genre opportunities, has developed such art means which considerably enriched national literature.

    pdf 167-170.pdf  (289 Kb)

  • Panesh S.R.
    Change of genre borders and strengthening artistic expressiveness in Nalbiy Kuyek’s poems

    The development of the poem and evolution of its genre opportunities are analyzed. The philosophization and entry of lyrics into the poem enriched artistic and depicting opportunities of the lyrical poem and changed its internal substantial and compositional structure. It is inferred that the poetic image and poetic thought are comprised in a metaphor which becomes the carrier not only of an image and thought, but also of a plot, character of the lyrical hero and the catalyst of the composite narrative movement in poems.

    pdf 171-175.pdf  (296 Kb)

  • Panesh U.M., Sokolova G.V., Yakhutl Yu.A.
    On the influence of enlightenment motives on formation of the concept of Asker Evtykh’s character («Drink of Spring Water», «Barge», «Bull Blood»)

    The paper discusses the evolution of the artistic concept of A. Evtykh’s personality in the 1960-1990s and the influence of ideological and esthetic preferences of enlightenment on his works. Artistic features of the novel «Drink of Spring Water» and dilogy «Barge» and «Bull Blood» are revealed. Such lines of works of the writer as strengthening the artistic problematical character due to influence of philosophical thought and esthetic searches of a literary era of the 20th century are established. The conclusion is drawn that the writer’s position in the latest time is defined by audit of naive historicism and by tragic feeling caused by judgment of the drama events of the 20th century and by the influence of the world literature experience. This has an impact on the solution of basic problems, such as history and personality, personality and moral choice.

    pdf 176-181.pdf  (302 Kb)

  • Pshizova A.K., Kerasheva F.N.
    Gender aspects of an image of Martin Iden in a novel of the same name of Jack London

    The image of Martin Iden, the main character of the novel of American writer Jack London, is analyzed from positions of gender researches. The philosophical basics of works and world outlook of the writer are examined, in particular influence of ideas about «superperson» by F. Nietzsche and the naturalistic concept of G. Spencer. In the context of gender approach, a number of stereotypes in outlook of the main characters as carriers of a certain patrimonial consciousness – male and female are identified. The conclusion is drawn that the motive of the reduced display of ordinary women is implemented in the novel, as well as aspiration of men of «the highest order» to the divine, inaccessible and unearthly.

    pdf 182-186.pdf  (295 Kb)

  • Pshizova A.K., Sheudzhen E.D.
    Tembot Kerashev’s short stories and the Adyghe prose K1ereshche Tembot èíîâåëëýõýð yk1i àäûãý ïðîçýð

    The paper deals with genre short story in the Adyghe literature of the 1920-1970s, its formation and development and a role of short stories of T. Kerashev in the national prose. The emphasis is placed on the textual analysis of works in original language. The folklore and literary basis of the Adyghe short story (I. Tsey, A. Khatkov, Yu. Tlyusten, D. Kostanov, P. Koshubayev, Yu. Chuyako, S. Panesh) is investigated. An analysis is made of historical short stories of A. Evtykh («The Sacred River») and T. Kerashev and their influence on development of the historical story and novel in the Adyghe literature. Small prose of Kh. Ashinov of the 1960-1970s is noted to be a new step in development of the Adyghe short stories which gave the new directions: lyric-epic (I. Mashbash), lyric-romantic (Yu. Chuyako) and lyric-philosophical (N. Kuyek).

    pdf 187-192.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Khamerzokova N.A., Khuazheva N.Kh.
    Lyrical-philosophical prose in the Adyghe literature of the late 20th century

    The paper discusses some features of the lyrical story of K. Shazzo «Warm Snow» and the philosophical story of N. Kuyek «The Black Mountain». The emphasis is placed on the textual analysis of works in the original language. The subject, problems, plot and composite structure of stories, genre originality, features of lyricism of the first story and «magic realism» of the second are considered. The philosophical aspect of perception of the world by the lyrical hero is noted and language features of works are marked out.

    pdf 193-200.pdf  (315 Kb)

  • Churilova E.A.
    Features of representation of the national and foreign in A. Cherchesov’s novels «Wreath on the Grave of Wind» and «Requiem for the Living»

    This paper explores peculiarity of ways of representation of the national and foreign in «a mountain dilogy» by A.Cherchesov. Individuality of usage of ethnic determinants is shown. The proper names of Ossetian etymology are noted to be the most widely distributed ethnically marked elements. It is proved that the author realizes complexity and multidimensionality of national being mainly through heroes’ acts, thoughts and mental searches. It is inferred that the national phenomena in Cherchesov’s prose implement mainly artistic and esthetic functions: emotional-expressive and plot-forming.

    pdf 201-205.pdf  (292 Kb)

  • Kuyek A.S.
    Blago in the heroic epos of Adyghes «Nartkher»

    The paper deals with Blago (dragon), one of the mythical beings of the heroic epos of Adyghes «Nartkher». The hybrid image of a dragon is shown to be represented by a couple of opposite mythological symbols which are known in the myth about a duel of mythological snakes and birds. Often Blago, the formidable opponent of Narts, acts as the patron of water elements and possesses the corresponding mythical attributes. It is established that ideas about epic Blago are of essential value in studying the mythological image of a dragon in the Adyghe folklore.

    pdf 206-211.pdf  (288 Kb)

  • Unarokova R.B.
    Oral messages in communicative culture of Adyghes

    This work deals with oral messages in the context of communicative culture of Adyghes. The structure and artistic specifics of genres, objectivizing the reported message are analyzed. The most prestigious forms of oral messages are distinguished. The author comes to a conclusion that all forms of oral messages are united by the common structure, i.e. they have a communicative situation, the message transmitter as the mediating factor and information orientation.

    pdf 212-216.pdf  (295 Kb)

  • Kovalenko D.A.
    Speech aggression in contemporary mass media as a source of the language conflicts

    The paper studies the phenomenon of speech aggression having political, social and economic roots, which has become actual object of contemporary linguistic researches in recent years. The author shows the reasons of emergence of speech aggression, its nature, as well as possible ways of development of the conflicts generated by this special form of speech behavior.

    pdf 217-222.pdf  (281 Kb)

  • Shishkhova N.M.
    Magazine «Forward!» as type of the uncensored edition

    An analysis is made of the character, role and value of the uncensored magazine «Forward!», published by P.L. Lavrov in emigration. The research focuses on identification of influence of lack of possibility of legal promotion in Russia on formation of this magazine as type of the edition since it defined editorial strategy in work with reader’s audience. Separate publications of the edition are regarded from the point of view of the information and emotional thought dictated by features of the Program «Forward!». The conclusion is drawn that typological features of the uncensored magazine defined sense and the content of its materials.

    pdf 223-228.pdf  (284 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • Malatsay L.V.
    Music and poetry: Flyarkovsky – Tyutchev

    On the basis of the analysis of one of the last choral cycles of A.G. Flyarkovsky «Mood», this work explores how the poetry of F.I. Tyutchev influences the figurative sphere of musical compositions of the composer and a choice of means of musical expressiveness related to musical interpretation of a literary basis of choruses. As a result of research, conclusions are drawn that the composer expresses various shades of moods in a cycle, associating them with the natural phenomena and elements. F.I. Tyutchev’s poetry finds reflection in various musical and choral means which represent natural landscapes and express a state of mind of the observant artist.

    pdf 229-235.pdf  (312 Kb)

  • Utegaliyeva S.I.
    Musical instruments of Central Asian Turkic peoples

    Musical instruments of Central Asian Turkic peoples are considered: in relationship with the natural environment and economic-cultural types (1) and in the context of the similarities and differences (2). There is a common set of musical instruments, which is characterized by diversity and uniqueness. It is obvious that it influences the development of Asian and European musical instruments in general. This material about Turkic musical instruments should be used actively in the learning process.

    pdf 236-240.pdf  (282 Kb)

  • Khvatova S.I., Sergeyeva P.A.
    Expansion of vocal means of expression in chants with initial orthodox texts

    Features of contemporary repertoire of church choirs are analyzed. The work shows tendencies in expansion of a national manner of singing in the orthodox liturgical choruses and ensembles which are displayed both in public and church choir singing. Also the authors identify ways of inclusion of voice and chorus parts in a national or «an open sound» manner into choral scores with initial liturgical texts of contemporary orthodox composers. Methods of composer work with the liturgical word illustrate susceptibility by the orthodox singing culture of the national singing. Its ability to accumulation in order to achieve the required result of necessary artistic means for the purpose of their inclusion in a context of the traditional is stated.

    pdf 241-247.pdf  (350 Kb)

  • Yakovleva E.N.
    Musical enlightenment in the dynamics of national musical culture

    This work discusses national experience in formation and development of musical enlightenment related to the processes in the field of composer and performance creativity. The tasks connected with familiarizing of the population with the best examples of musical culture are defined. The history shows that forms of musical enlightenment as part of complete cultural process in its variety evolve and experience of the past can be demanded today. At the present stage of development of the Russian society musical enlightenment acts as the most important component of musical culture influencing the development of history of art.

    pdf 248-254.pdf  (292 Kb)

    Biological Sciences
  • Pogodina S.V., Yuferev V.S., Aleksanyants G.D.
    Physiological features of cardiovascular system of male athletes in the age range of 17-46 years

    The paper presents the results of a study of the cardiovascular system in athletes and untrained males at the age of 17-46 years. Functional changes in cardiovascular system of athletes are caused by age processes and specifics of long-term adaptation. The work shows various variants of the organization of a functional condition of cardiovascular system at rest and when performing the dosed physical activities. Increased functional reserve of cardiovascular system is most pronounced at athletes of period I of mature age, coaching endurance at whom the economization of energy expenditure at expansion of functional reserves of a myocardium was observed. In group of period II of mature age decreased variability of heart rate is noted; at athletes coaching endurance it is combined with increase of stress index, and at athletes coaching force it is combined with power reduction of a high-frequency spectrum. At the same time, at the latter, operability of the left ventricle during the dosed physical activity considerably lags behind growth of minute volume of blood flow. At untrained persons the increased minute volume of blood flow during standard loading is followed by decrease in operability of the left ventricle which can be regarded as an inadequate response associated with fatigue. Spotted unresponsiveness to the standard load by systolic and diastolic blood pressure in a group coaching endurance is noted, while in group coaching force during standard and specific probe, hyperkinetic reactions are noted. In the conditions of application of physical activities, the interrelation of a vagosympathetic index and minute volume of blood flow is shown that testifies to direct dependence of vagosympathetic balance with intensity of blood circulation at 40-46 year-old athletes coaching endurance. In group of athletes of 40-46 years coaching force, close dependence of the hemodynamic parameters on the performance variability is revealed. In group of 40-46 year-old untrained persons, dependence of indicators of heart rate variability on the degree of myocardial relaxation is noted.

    pdf 36-48.pdf  (624 Kb)

  • Dyachenko Yu.A.
    Evaluation of the content of sorbic acid in the diet of senior pupils and students and its influence on the pancreatic lipase activity

    The monitoring is made of the level of intake by senior pupils and students of sorbic acid from food per day. Impact of sorbic acid on the activity of pancreatic lipase and its inhibitory effect are defined.

    pdf 49-52.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • Sozaev T.O., Sarbasheva A.I., Lvov V.D., Yakimov A.V., Shapovalov M.I.
    Chemical composition of meat of Tersky sublips (Chondrostoma oxyrhynchum Kessler, 1877) during the spawning period

    The content of water, crude protein, fat and ash in meat of Tersky sublips during the spawning period from natural reservoirs of the Terek river basin is studied.

    pdf 53-57.pdf  (558 Kb)

  • Ocheret N.P., Tuguz F.V.
    Medical and demographic indicators of a condition of the general morbidity and mortality of the Adyghea Republic population

    The paper presents the main medical and demographic indicators of the condition of the general morbidity and mortality of the Adyghea Republic population. Influence of adverse ecological factors on health of the population of the Adyghea Republic is shown.

    pdf 58-63.pdf  (528 Kb)

  • Melnikova T.N.
    Long-term variability of an annual runoff of the rivers in the Northwest Caucasus and features of its spatial distribution

    The paper discloses factors and features of spatial distribution of long-term variability of an annual runoff of the rivers in the Northwest Caucasus. Corelations of variation coefficients of the annual runoff with the average elevation of the river reservoirs are investigated. The uniform dependence reflecting the law of long-term variability reduction with increasing average elevation of reservoirs has been obtained. The map of isolines of variation coefficients of the annual runoff, uncovering features of its spatial distribution, is implemented. The conducted researches expand theoretical and applied aspects of regional hydrological researches.

    pdf 64-69.pdf  (534 Kb)

  • Ilchenko G.N.
    Eeugenol basil response to low temperatures and selection of early, cold-resistant forms

    The temperature background of seed sprouting (+15ºÑ) can be applied as the differentiating (ranging) one at selection of early, cold-resistant genotypes at early stages of ontogenesis of eugenol basil. Efficiency of selection of early forms in viability of seeds and in length of sprouts is revealed.

    pdf 70-73.pdf  (306 Kb)

  • Teuchezh F.D., Khamerzokova R.Yu., Shadzhe A.I.
    Natural, social and economic measures to protect agricultural lands from degradation in the Republic of Adyghea

    The paper substantiates the role of natural resource potential and socio-economic factors in the territorial organization of agro-industrial complex in the Republic of Adyghea. The offered recommendations allow the development of rational schemes of use of natural resource potential to protect agricultural lands against degradation.

    pdf 74-77.pdf  (346 Kb)

  • Tuguz F.V.
    Data sources, opportunities and methods of their use in historical and geographical research of moving in the area of contemporary Adyghea

    The paper discusses the principles and methods of the description and mapping the evolution of moving in the territory of contemporary Adyghea since the end of the Caucasian War up to now. Examples are given of typology of settlements and their systems defining logic of historical and geographical research of moving, as well as the list of maps which can be a basis for the sections «Population and Settlements» in scientific and reference atlases of different functions.

    pdf 78-88.pdf  (377 Kb)

  • Tatlok D.R., Kolesnikov S.I., Kazeev K.Sh., Tatlok R.K., Tlekhas Z.R.Chernysheva Ya.S.
    Evaluation of the stability of brown forest soils of the Adyghea Republic foothills to pollution with toxic microelements according to biological indicators

    Contamination of soils in foothill forests of Adyghea Republic with zinc, cadmium, molybdenum or selenium deteriorates the biological properties of the brown forest soils. The conducted research has shown that the degree of reduction of biological indicators is directly dependent on the concentration of pollutants in the soil. According to the degree of toxicity to the biological properties of brown forest soils the elements under study form the following sequence: Zn > Cd > = Se > Mo.

    pdf 89-94.pdf  (350 Kb)

  • Khagur M.N.
    Hematologic indicators at broilers feeding on mixed fodder with a sorghum

    The paper examines the efficiency of inclusion of sorghum grain in mixed fodder for raising and fattening of meat poultry. Effects of corn replacement by sorghum in broiler diets on a state of health of the poultry are revealed.

    pdf 95-98.pdf  (312 Kb)

  • Inshakova E.S.
    System approach to the analysis of a construction complex of the region (as shown by the Krasnodar Territory)

    The paper discusses the concept and structure of a construction complex and its place in an economic complex of the region using an example of the Krasnodar Territory. An idea is given of the construction complex as a system. Factors of placement and features of the construction complex are disclosed. Economic significance of construction is defined.

    pdf 99-104.pdf  (324 Kb)

  • Veselov D.S., Sidorova D.V., Voronina V.V.
    The study of positive and negative effects of migration of the population for the social-economic development of the countries of the world

    This paper examines the impact of immigration processes on social and economic development of the state, as well as on interethnic relations. The effects of immigration are mixed: on the one hand, objective needs in the country's labor force are replenished, but, on the other hand, interethnic tension is triggered, crime situation is worsening and the competition in the labor market is growing.

    pdf 105-111.pdf  (358 Kb)

  • Tuova T.G., Mozhayskaya A.A.
    Contemporary problems of the Caucasus State Natural Biosphere Reserve named after Kh.G. Shaposhnikov

    The Caucasus Biosphere Reserve is nature conservation, research, ecologic and educational establishment of federal value aiming at preservation and studying the natural course of natural processes and phenomena, genetic fund of flora and fauna, typical and unique geological formations and ecological systems of the West Caucasus. In this regard all questions related to preservation of uniqueness of the nature of the reserve are relevant and demand serious approach to their solution. In this paper, contemporary problems of protection of the reserved territory are stated.

    pdf 112-118.pdf  (885 Kb)

  • Kozlov V.A., Palandzhyants L.Zh.
    On some properties of curvature operator

    The paper investigates the properties of the curvature operator of the curved multiplicative integral of matrix functions of the second and third orders. Considering the curvature operator as an operation on matrix functions, the authors identified conservation properties of some linear relations between the elements of the original matrix functions.

    pdf 13-19.pdf  (336 Kb)

  • Kuizheva S.K.
    Korteweg-de Vries equation and mathematical models of socioeconomic systems

    In this paper we give a method of constructing Partial differential equation that describes the mathematical model of the problem of information transfer in the learning process. To construct such a model, we established a correspondence between the terminology of differential equations and that of the field of information transmission. As an example, the Korteweg-de Vries equation is examined. Also we consider some of the properties of solitons.

    pdf 20-26.pdf  (391 Kb)

  • Stash A.Kh.
    On ranges of full and vector frequencies of signs and roots of third order linear homogeneous differential equations

    Ranges of full and vector frequencies of signs and roots of the third order linear differential equations are investigated. For any beforehand set natural number p, the third order linear differential equation with periodic coefficients is given, the set of various values of full (vector) frequencies of signs and roots, the uncommon solutions of which consist not less than of p of various essential numbers. Existence of the third order differential equation with limited coefficients with a calculating range of full (vector) frequencies of signs and roots is proved. Besides, the third order differential equation with unlimited coefficients is given, ranges of full and vector frequencies of signs and roots of which fill one and the same piece of a numerical axis.

    pdf 27-31.pdf  (332 Kb)

  • Bzheumikhova O.I.
    On solvability of the Dirichlet problem for the second order partial differential equation with deviating argument

    Solvability of the Dirichlet problem for partial differential equation of the second order with deviating argument in a rectangular area is investigated. The problem of the solvability in the required class of functions is reduced to the solvability of the corresponding ordinary differential equation with deviating argument, the solution of which is constructed with the help of the Green's function.

    pdf 32-35.pdf  (379 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Telnov G.V.
    Approach to formation of a total assessment of the level of learning a curriculum material at intermediate certification of trainees on the basis of the weighed coefficients of the estimated indicators

    The paper presents the technique of the solution of a non-standard problem related to determination of coherence of expert opinions on a set of the estimated signs to justify a total assessment of the level of learning a curriculum material at intermediate certification of trainees. New approach is proposed on formation of both quantitative structure of the estimated examination card signs, and determination of the weighed coefficients of the estimated signs. The general criterion for formation of a total assessment is defined. Recommendations are given on the formation of the general total assessment of the trainee in examination or test. Practical realization of such approach in educational process will allow better monitoring of level and completeness of mastering a training material at the accepted corresponding criteria of an assessment.

    pdf 119-127.pdf  (387 Kb)

  • Dovgal V.À.
    Features of realization of safe connection to «cloudy» services

    The paper discusses the safe methods of connection to «cloudy» services of both certain users and separate companies. The analysis of granting services of the type of «infrastructure as service» (IaaS) presented by hosting providers and decisions for connection of certain clients and companies is carried out. The complex of actions applied to provide safety of connection, prevention of threats to security in «clouds» and ensuring necessary level of safety of information is offered.

    pdf 128-135.pdf  (447 Kb)

  • Kizdermishov A.A.
    On application of CVE-compatible network scanners

    The paper describes a model of the intruder and examines the issues related to the activities of a community of penetration testers. Projects related to standardization of network scanners and the ability to generate reports that contain a description of vulnerabilities with links in the catalog CVE, are reviewed.

    pdf 136-140.pdf  (503 Kb)

  • Khalizev V.N., Tarasov E.S., Ugryumov D.V., Dorin N.E.
    Algorithmization of procedures of design of the composite information systems on the basis of techniques of a multiple choice

    The paper deals with the models, methods and algorithms of the market of the proposed subsystems and equipment, based on the analysis of the requirements for security to choose the best solution for the synthesis of the integrated security system.

    pdf 141-146.pdf  (550 Kb)

  • Shopin A.V., Buchatskiy P.Yu.
    Electronic information and education environment of the Adyghe State University

    The paper deals with the questions of functioning of a corporate computer network which is a basis for ensuring control and realization of educational process, scientific researches and organizational governance with effective means of information support.

    pdf 147-150.pdf  (394 Kb)

    Economics history
  • M.M. Gurskaya
    Account «Capital » reflection in the individual accounts businesses and first F. Datini companies in Pisa

    The paper studies the nature of equity in the first Francesco Datini’s individual enterprises and companies in Pisa. It notes that equity in its usual concept did not exist. Equity took into account the ongoing capital investment in the form of cash and inventory as well as the seizure of property the discretion of the owners and joining the capital gains distributed before the accounting books closing

    pdf 35-53.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • J.L. Komkova
    Feasibility of a permanent verification of earlier results of scientific research in accounting

    Congratulating Professor Michael Kuter with his 70th anniversary, students wish him a long life, good health, new research finds. The paper examines basic directions of scientific activity of Professor Michael Kuter. The author pays her particular attention to the verification of previously obtained results and their public re-evaluation. The scientific article presents studies connected with the first trial balance and early reporting, medieval amortization and other objects of medieval accounting

    pdf 54-60.pdf  (92 Kb)

  • D.I. Ponokova, I.G. Panzhenskaya
    Historical-theoretical and scientific-practical aspects of reserves identification

    The paper considers and analyzes the main terms and concepts of reserves and regulators. Purpose of the scientific article is to determine the theoretical study of the reserves and the regulators of both economic and accounting categories, to identify their distinctive features. The authors study both historical-theoretical and scientific-practical aspects of the identification of accounting reserves. They consider different approaches of leading scientists in the field of accounting of funds, reserves and regulators for better understanding of accounting category reserves that allow identifying and systematizing the main features inherent in both individual groups of provisions and reserves in total. This paper draws a conclusion about the role of reserves and their place in the Russian system of accounting and reporting

    pdf 61-69.pdf  (106 Kb)

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