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    24.09.2021 13:14
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  • N.A. Ilyinova

    The paper studies “turn to imagination”, which is the main content of the theory of knowledge of the Scottish philosopher of the age of Enlightenment D. Hume. Arguments of the thinker are analyzed against Cartesian mechanistic model of a universum and knowledge which in development of a classical scientific picture of the world reached a deadlock. The paper proves that Hume’s sceptical conclusions concerning possibility of ingenuous experience of single consciousness and the geometrized homogeneous world, contrasting with it, are reasonable. The imagination is considered as a method of an institutionalization of an ingenuous link between consciousness and the world, objectivized in the category “causality”.

    pdf 25-32.pdf  (160 Kb)

  • V.P. Kapets, S.V. Makeev, O.V. Kapets
    Anthropology of the "Underground" Man (from material of the novella by F.M. Dostoyevsky "Notes from Underground")

    The paper shows that ideas of F.M. Dostoyevsky are important for the Russian culture in general and for the Russian philosophy in particular. It is emphasized that there is a possibility to create the anthropology of the "underground" man on the basis of work "Notes from Underground". The authors propose the methodology of the analysis of the nature of the "underground" man and show place of Notes in F.M Dostoyevsky's creativity and in creation of anthropology of the "underground" man.

    pdf 33-37.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • E.A. Sergodeeva, E.Yu. Misñhenko
    Sociocultural reality of a consumer society

    The paper discusses the sociocultural reality of a consumer society as society of post-modernist type in which consumption of bulk of the population acts as a key component of reproduction of the person and society in general. The conclusion is drawn that the reality of a consumer society is connected with emergence of new qualities of social life, such as technological changes, globalization, flexible forms of work, new consumer practices, and the mediatization resulting in abundance of visual images.

    pdf 38-44.pdf  (168 Kb)

  • L.N. Yakovenko
    Values of the higher education in the pragmatic context

    The paper focuses upon a hot topic of formation of value orientations of the Russian education in the context of a sustainable development and strengthening the influence of pragmatism. The author proves the idea of preservation of national traditions of education taking into account experience in pragmatical pedagogics. The paper analyzes the purposes of education of the personality of the student on the basis of educational standards, the achievement of which is a condition of effective reforming the Russian education.

    pdf 45-50.pdf  (143 Kb)

  • T.I. Atayev
    Legal, social and economic effects of disfranchisement of part of Karachays in the Karachay area (1926-1936)

    The paper describes the transformation process of the social status of the residents of the Karachay Autonomous Region deprived of electoral rights during 1926-1936. The work of the Soviet authorities and Election Commissions is analyzed concerning deprivation of this type of the rights and the main effects of this repressive measure: social, economic, legal and psychological.

    pdf 51-58.pdf  (168 Kb)

  • A.S. Ivasñhenko
    Role of a confessional factor in political life of Lebanon (1943-1990)

    A steadfast tendency of strengthening the influence of a confessional factor on socio-political processes in the Afro-Asian countries is observed beginning from the second half of the 20th century. The aim of this paper is to reveal impact of religion on political life of Lebanon in the 1940 - 1980s.

    pdf 59-65.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • N.A. Trapsh
    Theoretical and methodological concept of G.A. Dzidzaria: experience in system reconstruction

    This paper represents the author's reconstruction of the theoretical and methodological concept of Abkhazian outstanding scientist G.A. Dzidzaria who made the significant contribution to system research of social, economic, political and cultural history of the West Caucasus of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century. The author shows a wide range of the theoretical notions of the famous historian created both under direct influence of a Marxist paradigm and as a result of independent creative reflections. Microhistorical approach allowed the author to recreate consistently the scientific laboratory of G.A. Dzidzaria representing considerable interest for the modern researcher.

    pdf 66-71.pdf  (127 Kb)

  • N.O. Khagurova
    Magomet-Amin and "democratic" subethnoses of Circassia (1840-1850s): issues of political consolidation

    The paper deals with the activity of Magomet-Amin on political consolidation of "democratic" subethnoses of Circassia at the final stage of the Caucasian War. The role is defined of a factor of "seniority" in political uniting of Adyghes of the Northwest Caucasus. The conclusion is drawn that owing to ambiguous perception of activity of Magomet-Amin and the contradictions existing in the Adyghe society, the political consolidation process of "democratic" subethnoses of Circassia was not completed.

    pdf 72-79.pdf  (170 Kb)

  • F.Kh. Shebzukhova
    The question of the peasantry in domestic policy of imperial autocracy in the first half of the 19th century

    The paper explores the question of the peasantry basing on the analysis of the Russian legislation of the first half of the 19th century. This is one of the major questions in domestic policy of autocracy of those years. In this regard we analyze three categories of peasant estate, their number and situation, forms and the amount of feudal exploitation. Also steps of the government on improvement of economic and socio-political situation of the peasantry are investigated. In this context the conclusion is drawn that the legislation of that period on the peasantry created precedent about opportunity and admissibility of the state intervention in relationship of the nobility and the peasantry.

    pdf 80-88.pdf  (172 Kb)

  • T.I. Afasizhev, N.A. Ilyinova
    Interaction of ethnoses in N.Ya. Danilevsky and L.N. Gumilev's theoretical constructs

    The paper shows the role of ethnoses in a universal civilization in terms of N.Ya. Danilevsky and such types of interethnic contacts as coexistence, assimilation, miscegenation and merge designated by L.N. Gumilev.

    pdf 89-95.pdf  (155 Kb)

  • Yu.Yu. Volkov
    Subjectness of the Russian financiers: influence of informal norms

    In this paper, an attempt is undertaken to analyze influence of informal norms on algorithms of financial activity and to reveal, in what degree the Russian financiers are focused on an assessment of informal norms within institutional strategies in the financial sphere. The author states that it is peculiar for the Russian financiers to accept informal norms as the tool to implement the goal in a situation of an inefficiency of formal norms. Hence, in the developed institutional system, informal norms, on the one hand, raise degree of subjectness and autonomy of financiers, on the other hand, reproduce the scheme of a situational assessment of formal norms.

    pdf 96-102.pdf  (148 Kb)

  • D.A. Gedugova
    Specifics of activity of the volunteer organizations in the modern civil society of Russia

    The paper analyzes the specifics of formation and a current state of civil society in Russia as the factor influencing features of volunteer practices. It is emphasized that volunteer activity depends on citizens’ sense of justice and on their ability to actively participate in implementation of public projects, while the activity of volunteer organizations itself does not completely correspond to classical type of similar associations.

    pdf 103-107.pdf  (116 Kb)

  • A.N. Gostev, S.S. Demidova
    Public control of the production companies: state and forms

    Following the results of specific sociological research on empirical base of five production companies we prove that the sustainable development of these organizations is impossible without the public control. We observe high level of public activity of the personnel in production companies and growth of quantity of both protest and creative forms of public control. Today the personnel of the production companies can both put pressure upon the administration of the production company, and render it assistance, make concessions, voluntarily refuse part of a salary and privileges, advertise activity of management structures in mass media, facilitate promotion in federal authorities of the heads and vote in their support, in the conditions of crisis support the production companies through purchasing a share, etc. Other forms and ways of public control are explained that are regulated by Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 21.07. 2014 No. 212-FZ "On bases of public control in the Russian Federation". Forms of protection of participants of public control from prosecution from administrative structures are shown. Reliability of the facts and data obtained in research is confirmed by references to scientific works, statistical data and researches of the Foundation of Public Opinion at 50 enterprises in 50 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation.

    pdf 108-115.pdf  (185 Kb)

  • V.L. Dubrovin
    Patriotism as value in the Russian society: social and resource influence

    The author examines an impact of patriotism on value orientations of Russians as an indicator of the attitude to the state and history. It is established that instrumental activism of the population and level of interpersonal communication are poorly related to patriotism. At the same time, the conclusion is drawn that, patriotism becomes a formula of mutual obligations between society and the state at the level of synthesis of the instrumental and basic values characterizing activity of the achievement groups of the population, and influences development of social amateur performance of the population.

    pdf 116-122.pdf  (157 Kb)

  • E.N. Karelkin, V.V. Khrusñhev
    Sociocultural basic content of the theoretical analysis of prevention of youth’s asocial behavior

    This paper sheds new light on prevention of deviant behavior of youth. The author carries out the analysis of development of asocial tendencies in the youth environment and allocates the main issues of formation of legal culture of the younger generation as one of the forms of social prevention.

    pdf 123-128.pdf  (143 Kb)

  • D.A. Kartavtsev
    Police corruption: sociocultural aspect

    An analysis is made of specifics of the modern mass culture having an impact on formation of stereotypes of corruption behavior in mentality of Russians. Also the work examines a threat of legitimation of corruption mechanisms in consciousness of citizens of Russia.

    pdf 129-132.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • A.Yu. Konisñhev
    Legal security of the personality as factor of formation of civil society (sociocultural analysis)

    This paper examines the main problems of cultural legal status of the personality, as well as the major conditions influencing its maintenance. The work shows the attitude of the state to problems of realization of legal security of citizens in modern sociocultural reality. Also the author studies the influence of the major foundations of modern civil society in Russia on formation of the guaranteed rights and freedoms.

    pdf 133-137.pdf  (118 Kb)

  • E.S. Kukva
    Some aspects of functioning of North Caucasian society in the conditions of sociocultural risks

    In the paper, an analysis is made of one of the key problems of sociocultural space of the North Caucasian region, namely: the interaction of traditional and modernization transformations. The author examines their correlation through a prism of sociocultural risks. Identification processes, as a significant component of sociocultural space of the region, are considered in the context of their adaptation opportunities to social risks. One of the visible prospects of their overcoming in the North Caucasus is preservation of dialogue on the basis of North Caucasian and Russian values, and strengthening the Russian identity.

    pdf 138-143.pdf  (153 Kb)

  • S.A. Lyausheva, N.Ya. Oleynichenko
    Problems with a social inequality in the students’ environment

    The factor of a social inequality in the students’ environment is explored in the context of a common problem of a social inequality in hierarchical public systems to which Russia belongs today. The modern higher school environment is analyzed against cardinal transformations of the whole educational space. The social inequality in the students’ environment is regarded as the factor of destabilization of the intra corporate relations and socialization of youth resulting in social tension and crisis perception of world around. In order to develop the draft of the social higher school program of students’ adaptation, its mechanisms are analyzed. Special attention is focused on the essential role in this process of the sociocultural environment. The sociocultural adaptation mechanism is examined within a problem of formation of modern student's subculture.

    pdf 144-149.pdf  (146 Kb)

  • A.P. Mikhaylov
    Cultural marginality as factor of development of youth’s criminal behavior

    The paper examines the factors causing the dynamics of criminalization of modern youth of Russia. The author, as a special factor, allocates loss of influence of the dominating culture and considerable activization of various subcultural currents legitimating these or those forms of criminal behavior of young Russians.

    pdf 150-154.pdf  (190 Kb)

  • V.A. Mikhailyuk
    Asocial mentality of society as factor of development of a phenomenon of corruption (sociocultural analysis)

    This paper examines features of corruption in society within a scientific field of Sociology of Culture. The author presents the theoretical analysis of specifics of interaction of corruption development mechanisms and destructive tendencies in mentalities of citizens of modern Russia.

    pdf 155-160.pdf  (151 Kb)

  • V.N. Nekhay, V.M. Fatyanov, B.R. Shumafov
    Ethnocultural processes in the conditions of tolerance formation in the globalized world

    The paper discusses the features of ethnocultural development of the world community in the conditions of globalization. The authors claim that globalization processes, generating ethnosocial tension, produce natural need of mankind to form tolerance as ability of social agents to keep tolerant attitude to ethnocultural distinctions.

    pdf 161-167.pdf  (164 Kb)

  • O.Yu. Posukhova
    Categorization of professional career in a context of phenomenological interpretation of social reality

    The phenomenological interpretation of social reality as the intersubjective world, created by individuals in the course of communication, sets a special aspect of scientific studying the professional career. Special attention is paid to individual and personal sense and sociocultural conditionality of professional career as process of professional development which is constantly comprehended, estimated and controlled by both the individual, and his surroundings.

    pdf 168-174.pdf  (161 Kb)

  • S.A. Sorokin
    Specifics of formation of the sociocultural status of the Russian modern army: bases of the theoretical analysis

    The paper presents the analysis of how a problem related to formation of the sociocultural status of modern armed forces is developed in the Russian society. Also the work examines the main cultural conditions of legitimation in mass consciousness of Russians of an image of the person, whose profession is maintenance of defense capability of the state.

    pdf 175-179.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • E.M. Kharitonov
    Social confidence of Russians: a claim for social subjectness of financiers in the Russian society

    This paper analyzes the state of social confidence in the Russian society as ability "to operate one’s own life". The author of this work believes that according to estimates of social confidence in the Russian society it is possible to say about its dispersion and localization that reduces a claim for social subjectness as ability to social liability and autonomy of the Russian financiers.

    pdf 180-186.pdf  (140 Kb)

  • Z.M. Khachetsukov
    Ethnization as protective reaction of society of social discomfort

    The paper discusses ethnization as strategy of local societies to overcome a state of social discomfort. The author explores the approach to ethnization as to a certain qualitative attitude of society to its own cultural originality. The concept of social comfort and its components, as well as strategy of its overcoming are described. It is inferred that the ethnization can be presented as protective strategy in the conditions of society of social discomfort.

    pdf 187-193.pdf  (156 Kb)

  • R.D. Khunagov, I.I. Imgrunt
    The trend of ethnic social processes in the South of Russia in the conditions of modern risks

    In the paper, an analysis is made of the South of Russia, one of the Russian complex and problematic regions. The author examines the features of interaction of national, regional and ethnic identities within the modern science. The work points out that an interdisciplinary approach is required to identify a sense of ethnic social processes and non-power impact on them. Considering interrelation of patriotic and religious education of Muslim youth, the thesis is proved that patriotism is the unifing factor of the Russian ethnoses. This allows a designation of a number of practical provisions to influence the ethnic social processes in the region. The conclusion is drawn that there is a need to conduct active work in the youth environment on prevention and counteraction to extremism, to form a pride for our great Russia, to keep and increase the uniting values directed on strengthening the Russian civil identity.

    pdf 194-200.pdf  (176 Kb)

  • A.Yu. Shadje
    Cultural factor of innovative development of multiethnic region

    In the paper, the culture is analyzed as the defining factor of a sustainable development of the society/region. Features of the regional/Caucasian culture are examined, focusing attention on its current state - crisis. The interrelation of flexible management and self-organization of culture / multiethnic society is considered as the main link of a sustainable development of the region. The thesis is proved that there is a need to update cultural policy and a culture management system in the country and regions. The work presents some offers on implementation of the state cultural policy aimed at patriotic education of citizens.

    pdf 201-207.pdf  (169 Kb)

  • S.A. Shengelaya
    Genesis of the institutional relations of society and state in modern Russia

    The genesis of the institutional relations of society and state during the Post-Soviet period is analyzed. Special emphasis is placed on studying developments of a civil liability and civil activism in modern Russia. The author draws a conclusion that there is a need to develop the institutional mechanisms of public dialogue. They, in turn, will minimize the social conflicts and will transfer processes of socio-political radicalization to the peace and constructive course.

    pdf 208-214.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • E.E. Emirbekova
    Power practices in personality’s space: social and philosophical aspects

    In the paper, a social - philosophical analysis is made to reveal power practices in the language, visual and corporal fields of the personality’s space. The major purpose of power practices in the language, visual and corporal fields of the personality’s space is defined. The paper points to properties of language, vision and a body used by the power to form a language field of the personality’s space.

    pdf 215-222.pdf  (172 Kb)

  • M.Z. Abesalashvili
    Problems of legal regulation of the contract on rendering medical services

    The present paper deals with some problems related to legal regulation of providing medical services in the Russian Federation. The contract of medical services, being a special case of a service agreement, undoubtedly, has the specifics which have to be reflected in the legislation.

    pdf 223-227.pdf  (153 Kb)

  • E.A. Bogoslavsky
    The Commissioner for Human Rights as subject of the state control and supervision

    The paper shows the importance of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation as the subject of the state control and supervision. The author offers to fix powers of the Commissioner for Human Rights to make decisions obligatory for execution by all government and municipal bodies.

    pdf 228-231.pdf  (115 Kb)

  • I.N. Gaydareva, A.O. Poddubny
    Obligatory works as a type of administrative punishment

    This paper analyzes the legal problems related to introduction of institute of obligatory works in the Russian administrative law. The thesis is proved that introduction of this type of punishment in the administrative legislation is not casual. Hence, the conclusion is drawn that obligatory works are works at various objects not demanding special knowledge and qualification. This is the real help in the cleaning of streets, park zones, avenues, memorial complexes, cemeteries and other objects. Besides, obligatory works are connected with performance of subsidiary works on taking care of sick and aged persons.

    pdf 232-236.pdf  (138 Kb)

  • S.A. Evenko
    Topical issues of use of innovative forms of promotion of traffic safety

    This paper discusses the features of using the modern information technologies in the course of activities for promotion of traffic safety. Separate aspects of promotion on the Internet and possibilities of use of social advertising are analyzed.

    pdf 237-240.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • I.V. Zhidkikh
    On realization of the principle of legality in meting out punishment

    The paper carries out a system research on the legality principle in the Criminal Law of the Russian Federation. Special attention is concentrated on a correlation of the general legal and branch principles, and contradictions and gaps of an individualization of punishment. As a result, we have defined the priority trends in improvement of the criminal legislation and a number of essential contradictions in practice of definition of types and amount of punishment, and softening and aggravating circumstances.

    pdf 241-247.pdf  (151 Kb)

  • G.G. Zagaynova, M.G. Zaretskaya
    Theoretical legal aspects of "human right" understanding in constitutional legal polemic

    The paper discloses the theoretical legal aspects of "human right" understanding in constitutional legal polemic and their importance. The character of interrelation of the international and national law in the sphere of human rights is defined.

    pdf 248-252.pdf  (145 Kb)

  • T.A. Zorina
    Moral and psychological features and properties of the person committing crimes in the conditions of natural disasters or technogenic catastrophes

    The paper discloses the moral and psychological features and properties of the person committing crimes in the conditions of natural disasters or technogenic catastrophes. The work examines the positive and negative moral and psychological features of the persons committing crimes in these conditions.

    pdf 253-255.pdf  (124 Kb)

  • A.I. Keyvanov
    The subject and the objectives of "The Social Law" by Yu.S. Gambarov

    In the paper, an analysis is made of ideas and views of the outstanding lawyer Yu.S. Gambarov concerning a state of law and legal thought in the 19th century. The author of the paper shows that in works of Yu.S. Gambarov sociological jurisprudence is actually understood as historical and comparative study of the law. The paper shows that the Russian legal science in the 19th century was in a transition state, in search of the theory which is adequately reflecting a legal matter on the whole.

    pdf 256-261.pdf  (153 Kb)

  • V.A. Larin
    Features of the criminal - legal characteristic of the persons who committed crimes in socially intense situations

    The paper discloses the features of the criminal - legal characteristic of the persons who committed crimes in socially intense situations. The criminological model of the personality of the criminal is created.

    pdf 262-264.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • D.N. Lozovsky
    Separate aspects of production of investigative actions for criminal cases of an extremist orientation

    The paper deals with the features of investigation of crimes of an extremist orientation. Specifics and features of production of such investigative actions as the examination of the scene and a search are analyzed.

    pdf 265-268.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • R.E. Mirzoyan
    Financial bodies in system of counteraction of legalization (washing) of income gained in the criminal way in the EEU countries

    The paper shows the role of financial bodies in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union in system of counteraction of legalization (washing) of income gained in the criminal way. It is worthy of noting that formation of such systems in the EEU countries is largely carried out under pressure of the international community. Complex study of a problem related to counteraction of legalization (washing) of income gained in the criminal way and terrorism financing is a necessary condition for improvement of the market legislation in the Eurasian Economic Union countries. Experience of the EEU countries in solution of this problem includes implementation of a complex of legal and organizational measures (close interaction, creation of the general base of suspicious operations, etc.). On the whole, institutional bases of counteraction of legalization of the criminal income in member states of the Eurasian Economic Union have, in our opinion, essential similarity to the Russian analog that significantly facilitates interaction and contains the potential of further integration processes in EEU.

    pdf 269-276.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • S.P. Mishustin
    Features of functional impact of the medical correctional institutions on legal status of condemned patients with tuberculosis

    The paper provides data on medical correctional institutions of FSIN of Russia and legal status of condemned from these institutions. The work shows the restrictions which the condemned experiences and the legislative mechanism of these restrictions. The goal of this work is to study consecutively the legislation which regulates questions of legal status of the condemned patients with tuberculosis and serving sentences in institutions of the criminal-executive system.

    pdf 277-283.pdf  (160 Kb)

  • V.Ya. Nekazakov
    Teleologic basis of the rights and freedoms of the person

    The article is devoted to the study of the teleological nature of the rights and freedoms of the individual. Summarizing philosophical and legal concept of freedom G. W. Hegel, the author considers the state as the fundamental basis of the implementation of civil liberty in the socio-historical space of humanity.

    pdf 284-287.pdf  (117 Kb)

  • E.L. Sidorenko
    Corruption in Russia through a prism of the statistical and correlation analysis

    The paper discusses the current trends in development of corruption crime in Russia. Special attention is paid to searches of the reasons of bribery decrease and to a system assessment of correlation relationship between the level of corruption and the main socio-economic indexes. The author uses a method of mathematical modeling to reveal steady signs of corruption in Russia and to predict its further dynamics.

    pdf 288-297.pdf  (189 Kb)

  • O.N. Solovyeva
    Arbitrariness as the basis of application of measures of possessory protection

    The paper shows the arbitrariness indicators in the sphere of private-law regulation. The author pays attention to the fact that arbitrariness serves the basis of application of measures of possessory protection, but is not unconditional basis of application of a measure of liability.

    pdf 298-301.pdf  (114 Kb)

  • M.M. Tkharkakho
    Constitutional regulation of the principles of an electoral right: foreign experience

    The paper analyzes the experience in the constitutional regulation of the principles of an electoral right in foreign countries. The author clarifies the approaches to allocation of the principles of an electoral right among general principles of the right.

    pdf 302-307.pdf  (144 Kb)

  • S.G. Khasanova
    Significance of the principle of implementation of criminal legal proceedings in reasonable time

    The paper discloses the principle of implementation of criminal legal proceedings in reasonable time. The author analyzes opinions of scientists-processors about the significance and a place of this principle in criminal legal proceedings.

    pdf 308-311.pdf  (129 Kb)

  • I.B. Khokonova
    Specifics of adoption in Israel

    The paper examines the problems and specifics of adoption in Israel. The author considers procedures of adoption, the grants and state protection of the adopted children.

    pdf 312-314.pdf  (124 Kb)

  • M.G. Shadje
    Formation and development of institute of prosecutor’s participation in civil process

    The paper discloses genesis of institute of prosecutor’s participation in civil process. The author discusses the issues and restrictions of prosecutor’s participation in civil legal proceedings.

    pdf 315-319.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • N.V. Pechonova
    E-book reader as a popularizer of reading

    Throughout the history the book format repeatedly changed. In recent years the role of the e-book reader as alternative to the traditional paper book considerably increases that is regarded ambiguously. The author notes lack of destructive consequences of the e-book reader in relation to institute of reading, and proves its constructive potential in the form of a popularizer of reading.

    pdf 327-333.pdf  (160 Kb)

    Political Science
  • A.O. Kalinichenko
    Development of federalism in Russia in the conditions of democratic transformations

    The paper is dedicated to one of the basic political systems of modern society - democracy. The author explores problems and contradictions which the democracy faces on the way of its development in Russia. Along with democratic transformations, an important role is played by development of one of the main principles of the territorial organization of the state - federalism. The paper shows a need to establish federalism in the Russian Federation taking into account features of the state development.

    pdf 320-326.pdf  (155 Kb)

  • A.V. Shakhanova
    The 75th Anniversary of the Adyghe State University

    pdf 15-20.pdf  (203 Kb)

    The Economic Theory
  • D.V. Gonenko

    The paper considers the theoretical and methodological aspects of the forma- tion of an effective system of state regulation of the industrial potential of the country in modern conditions. It focuses on the development of scientific technology that is the main way of the domestic economy and living standards growth. The scientific article examines the problem and factors necessary for the activation of the industrial potential of the state. They will help to overcome the increasing technology and innovation backwardness of the Russian Federation from the developed countries economies. The author offers directions and concrete measures to improve the competitiveness of domestic industry.

    pdf 20-26.pdf  (89 Kb)

  • Yu.A. Karpenko

    The paper considers the necessity of forming a modern innovative economy by means of theoretical and methodological aspects of the investment function of household finances, its manifestation in the current market conditions. It systematizes the experience of countries with a market economy, where the growing role of household finance in the investment process dominates. The author presents recommendations for improving finan- cial policy subjects of power and organizations to increase the value of household finances in the investment process. They give the opportunity to create the necessary conditions for the national economy transition to an innovative socially-oriented type of development.

    pdf 27-32.pdf  (86 Kb)

  • S.E. Larina

    The paper considers approaches to the fiscal decentralization study. It highlights the theoretical positions of the various branches of the social sciences that are important for the development of methods analysis and interudgetary relationships in terms of fiscal decentralization as well as the formation of an effective mechanism for fiscal decentralization in multi-level budget system. The author discloses the process of centralization and decentralization in the present conditions connected with issues of administrative and political governance. The scientific article reveals the necessity of the development and introduction of new (or a qualitatively different level) mechanisms for coordination and interaction of acceptance and realization of administrative decisions of public power structures at various levels.

    pdf 33-40.pdf  (109 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • R.R. Avanesova, E.P. Avramenko, E.N. Zakharova, E.E. Kardava

    The scientific article examines the possibility of applying the intensity methodology at the municipal level in order to achieve sustainability. The main issue is the need for mechanisms coordination of regional and urban sustainable development by the different approaches formation to meet the needs of towns’ resources. The paper considers the algorithm of the intensity and the mechanism of its implementation at the municipal level. The nature of municipal foresight needs to consider the interests of all key actors of regional development, on the one hand, and on the other hand, obligatory linking of economic, social and environmental targets of urban development in the format of intensity perspective.

    pdf 124-131.pdf  (279 Kb)

  • V.V. Antoshkina

    The paper summarizes the term of the territorial recreational potential. It analyses its main components. The author considers natural and geographical potential to be one of the decisive factors in the development of a recreational complex as well as investment attraction to the region. He determines the role of investment projects in the development of resort and recreational complex of Krasnodar Territory. The scientific article examines the zoning of recreation areas — the Black Sea (without Sochi), the Azov and mountain-foothills regions. These areas stand out venues that attract the greatest number of holidaymakers. The establishment of special economic zones is the additional stimulus for investment activity increasing as well as foreign investments attraction into the regional economy.

    pdf 132-139.pdf  (226 Kb)

  • Yu.M. Belyayev, I.S. Zakharova

    This paper describes topical issues of regional sustainable innovative eco- nomic development. It shows the low efficiency of the existing centralized management by innovation processes. The authors offer a different format of entrepreneurial type control- ling: the type of organizational structure of the so-called «reverse pyramid» — from the re- gion to the center. Vector controlling change will create a mobile infrastructure, efficient and adapted to the innovation processes and markets. A significant part of the innovation infrastructure should take service units, which can ensure uninterrupted creation and pro- motion of innovative products to market.

    pdf 140-145.pdf  (85 Kb)

  • V.M. Karakay

    This paper considers a new approach to strategic planning of over-regional social and economic area development, capable to provide a symmetrical and dynamic development of the regions from the point of generation of multiplicative and synergistic effects. It discloses the economic impact of the regulatory institutions in the federal districts. The author offers his own algorithm of implementation and administering an infrastructural project in the Federal District as well as the mechanism of public investment transformation in the implementation of infrastructural projects in the over-regional space.

    pdf 146-153.pdf  (568 Kb)

  • A.V. Kovalev

    Modern course on accelerated development of mechanical engineering aroused the interest of regional governments to the industrial parks establishment. The paper defines the concept of «industrial park». It presents the characteristics of different types of park structures. The author pays his special attention to the formation of the park structures on the basis of existing loss-making or requiring modernization enterprises. The author suggests carrying out these entrepreneurial projects on the base of public-private partnership.

    pdf 154-158.pdf  (78 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • M.P. Vladimirova

    The paper considers conceptual approaches to the economic category of «state audit effectiveness», target settings and implementation mechanisms. It discloses the process of evaluating of the effectiveness of state financial resources expenditure, based on the economical parameters as well as efficiency and effectiveness of public development funds. The author provides recommendations for improving the budgetary process and fiscal pol- icy aimed at changing the structure of social reproduction and the future development of the economy, aimed at efficient use of budgetary funds.

    pdf 159-163.pdf  (156 Kb)

  • M.P. Vladimirova, M.M. Stazhkova

    The paper reveals the development processes as well as formation of the system of internal control. It highlights the dependence of the efficiency of economic entities from the productivity of internal control. The efficiency of economic entities in combination is one of the conditions for the effectiveness of social production. The authors pay their special attention to standardized and summarized factors contributing to full and capacious functioning of the system of internal financial control. They suggest the classification of the factors that allow determining the specificity and uniqueness of the internal control system in its essence and content.

    pdf 164-167.pdf  (73 Kb)

  • E.M. Evstafieva

    The paper carries out the theoretical study of the definition «capital», the essence of which changed with the development of economic society. It substantiates that the reflection of equity accounting is linked indissolubly with the process of the evolution of balance theories. One of the most promising and fastest growing directions is a strategic consideration. A common peculiarity of strategic consideration is that it allows summarizing and detailing information about the facts of economic life, which took place not only in the last reporting period, but in the future as well.

    pdf 168-179.pdf  (129 Kb)

  • J.V. Klimova

    The value of the information provided as part of the financial statements for external users is in the ability to use it as input to predict future results of the company activity. Financial records act as a source of information on which the opportunities and risks of management decisions are evaluated in terms of decision-making on investing resources. In this regard, the author pays her special attention to the IASB elements evaluation of financial statements. The paper discusses the methodological approaches to the assessment (by the historical and fair value) included in the draft of the IASB to amend the conceptual basis of financial reporting.

    pdf 180-184.pdf  (79 Kb)

  • N.N. Mashkova

    The paper covers the basics of formation and development of the external control and, in particular, audit of the Russian Federation aimed at balanced and sustainable development of the national economy. It implies a series of qualitative changes related to improving the efficiency of the state in solving large-scale, national social and economic challenges. The author emphasizes and recommends urgent need approval at the legislative level, the concepts of «audits» and «performance audit» as species of types of state financial control.

    pdf 185-191.pdf  (91 Kb)

  • I.F. Tausova, R.A. Tkhagapso, K.N. Bekirova

    The paper reveals the concept of valuation reserves of the organization. It justifies the precautionary principle application in the assessment of accounting. The authors disclose the role of reserves as one of the main linking elements of statistics and dynamic concepts of accounting. They present results of the analysis of the Russian legal framework for accounting regulating the creation and use of reserves in organizations. The scientific article considers the basic requirements for the formation of valuation allowances and disclosing information about them in the accounting (financial) statements of Russian companies.

    pdf 192-199.pdf  (97 Kb)

  • M.B. Tkhagapso, O.G. Khalyapina

    The paper examines the nature and role of accounting and analytical support in enterprises management. It presents the elements of accounting and analytical enterprise and their brief characteristics. The authors disclose the main components of external information necessary for the processing of the registration and analysis system. They highlight the problematic issues of accounting and organizational aspects of the analytical system.

    pdf 200-207.pdf  (198 Kb)

  • E.A. Yarushkina

    This paper discusses the concept, classification and accounting for transaction expenses in educational institutions on the basis of classical institutional approach. It presents an overview of the main types of transaction expenses in the educational organizations as well as their influence on the competitiveness of the organization in the educational market based on the classic classification of transaction expenses. The author pays her particular attention to the description of account transaction costs of educational organizations in the financial, managerial and tax accounting. The scientific article proposes a variant of the organization of analytical accounting by types of activities undertaken and educational levels.

    pdf 208-214.pdf  (91 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • A.A. Apishev, A.A. Tamov, M.K. Tamova

    The scientific article discloses a number of unexplored aspects connected with the assessment of the regional agricultural and industrial complex state, its trends and social impact of the development before the market reforms. The authors pay their special attention to the comparative evaluation of the conditions and characteristics of the AIC in the pre-reform period of the Krasnodar Territory and the Adyghe Republic as an autonomous region in its structure. The paper identifies a number of reasons that had a negative influence on the results of further reform of the AIC in the Adyghe Republic.

    pdf 215-219.pdf  (92 Kb)

    Service Economy
  • T.I. Afasizhev, Yu.M. Belyayev, A.S. Rotarenko, Yu.V. Chesnokov

    The paper deals with the problem of development of spa services enterprises. It reveals the existence of hidden impractical needs among the population of the country. The authors draw a conclusion about the need of reforming strategic programs developing for spa complex enterprises. They analyze the types of approaches and criteria for transformation and outline goals and objectives. The scientific article examines the role of public and private entities as well as formulates spa resorts reforming direction.

    pdf 237-244.pdf  (95 Kb)

  • O.V. Belitskaya, B.M. Zhukov

    The scientific article presents some aspects of assessment of service industry functioning in the tourist and recreational complex of the Krasnodar Territory. It gives the information of tourism statistics for the period 2009—204. The authors calculated and analyzed indicators of service industry operation. They reveal the facts that characterize the sustainability of tourism in the region. The paper also considers the concept of economic efficiency and its species connected with tourism and recreational services.

    pdf 245-253.pdf  (181 Kb)

  • E.N. Zakharova, I.P. Kovaleva

    The scientific article deals with Russian and international modern theoretical aspects of the health care market. It investigates the conceptual apparatus, the terms «service», «medical services», «health care market» in particular. The authors analyze the relationship and the relationship between the concepts of health and medicine. Health services are trusting goods, and therefore difficult to assess the quality of their provision. The market for medical services classifies the degree of monopolization and the level of competition and on the participation of the state in managing. The paper considers the essence of the medical services market by its functions. It reveals variations of medical services market insolvency, especially social and economic insolvency.

    pdf 254-260.pdf  (175 Kb)

  • N.P. Ketova

    The scientific article reveals the essential aspects of the provision of services with modern commercial banks. It discloses the results of segmentation of the customer base served by the bank. The paper presents classification of banking services as well as substantiated marketing strategies of banks, marketing programs forming relationships of interaction with clients. The author formulates the concept of improving banking services, suitable for the Russian banks and examines the principles, algorithms and implementation the technology of interaction with clients one of the leading banks in the country — JSC «Sberbank of Russia».

    pdf 261-271.pdf  (115 Kb)

  • S.A. Lyausheva, A.A. Ermolenko

    The paper examines the process of intellectual capital reproduction of higher education. It highlights the main resources of the reproduction of capital and discloses peculiarities of their implementation. The authors implemented a systematic approach to the problem of the intellectual capital reproduction of higher education as well as set specific limitations existing in the organization of higher education in relation to the capital reproduction. The scientific article analyzes a number of contemporary processes of higher education transformation. The authors draw a conclusion about the need of consolidation existing resources to meet the needs of higher education in intellectual capital. They offer recommendations for the development of intellectual capital reproduction in the higher education.

    pdf 272-276.pdf  (76 Kb)

    Social Economy
  • V.L. Sosnowsky

    The scientific article discloses the theoretical and methodological foundations of the mass physical culture financing system in the Novosibirsk region. It analyzes the methods and sources of funding for sports organizations in our country and abroad, which are very diverse and heterogeneous. The paper examines international experience of financing projects connected with the development of mass physical culture. The author highlights the main issues of mass physical culture funding. He offers the mechanisms of the development of material-technical base of sports facilities for physical culture and sports in the Novosibirsk region.

    pdf 232-236.pdf  (80 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • Yu.S. Anisimov, E.V. Demkina

    The paper discloses the essence and the content of the general scientific categories “self-organization” and “self-education”. various views of national and foreign scientists on these definitions are analyzed. The history of their emergence and development is examined in philosophical, psychological, pedagogical and sociological aspects.

    pdf 23-30.pdf  (297 Kb)

  • A.N. Blyagoz, Z.Z. Mamysheva

    The paper discusses the activity of the teacher on mitigating the aggressive behavior of teenagers at school. The subject of aggression is relivant due to growth of teenager criminality. This subject is always of interest not only for psychologists and teachers, but also for the society on the whole. Results of poll of teachers and parents are given.

    pdf 31-35.pdf  (233 Kb)

  • P.G. Vasilenko, S.N. Begidova, L.V. Manzhos

    The paper discusses the structural components of the students’ artistic and creative abilities for stylized decorative drawing: the emotional and associative perception, plane and ornamental vision of nature, sensomotor qualities, stylization and decorative interpretation, reflecting specifics of this type of the fine arts. Stages of development of artistic and creative abilities are described. The authors allocate four qualitative levels of development of these abilities at students of the system of additional education: insufficient, elementary, actively developing and sufficient.

    pdf 36-43.pdf  (161 Kb)

  • E.V. Demkina, Yu.S. Anisimov

    The paper deals with interpretations of definitions of the concepts “self-education” and “self-organization” in works of modern national and foreign scientists. The retrospective analysis of classifications of these definitions is carried out. various approaches to the process of self-education are generalized. Its distinctive features and characteristics are allocated.

    pdf 44-52.pdf  (363 Kb)

  • M.V. Elfimova, N.V. Uvaeva

    The paper discusses the formation of currently required professional competences in graduates of the higher education institutions of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for civil defence, emergencies and elimination of consequences of natural disasters; as well as motivation, desire and aspiration to obtain professional knowledge and skills to apply them in practice.

    pdf 53-57.pdf  (421 Kb)

  • G.M. Konovalova, I.A. Mushkina, O.P. Sadilova

    The paper examines the scientific approaches of national and foreign experience in development of the theory of social rehabilitation of the children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD); as well as tutor training for work with children with ASD in system of inclusive education.

    pdf 58-64.pdf  (194 Kb)

  • A.O. Kochnev

    The paper focuses upon the problems of professional safe cybersocialization encountered by students in an Internet environment. On the basis of the analysis of the results of students’ questioning at the Northern Arctic State University, assumptions and conclusions are drawn of specifics of cybersocialization of students by means of the Internet and use of Network opportunities by them in the context of their vocational training.

    pdf 65-70.pdf  (190 Kb)

  • A.G. Krasnoperova, V.A. Petkov

    The paper describes the authors’ ideas on a solution of the problem of students’ professional and labor socialization in the system of secondary professional education (SPE). On the basis of the analysis of special literature and the available experience in educational activity of SPE institutions the essence is defined and concepts “professional and labor socialization of college students” and “pedagogical support” are formulated. The content of technology of pedagogical support of students’ professional and labor socialization is disclosed. The criteria and diagnostic device of an assessment of efficiency of professional and labor socialization and pedagogical conditions of formation of readiness of college students for professional and labor socialization are defined.

    pdf 71-75.pdf  (238 Kb)

  • T.S. Krakhmaleva, V.A. Petkov

    The paper deals with the pedagogical basics of use of cultural and pedagogical traditions in students education. The work demonstrates the authors’ approach to the organization of the cultural and educational environment of the institution of secondary professional education. The role and a place of the cultural and educational environment in professional education and self-determination of students are defined. The analysis of educational activity of institutions of secondary professional education in the region has shown that cultural traditions are widely used in educational work and carry out the following functions: communication; psychological support; stability; professional socialization and professional development. Data of pedagogical research indicate that the use of cultural and educational traditions in practice of professional training of students enriches the cultural environment of educational institution and promotes increase in progress and professional socialization.

    pdf 76-82.pdf  (219 Kb)

  • L.V. Manzhos, S.A. Khazova, F.R. Khatit

    The person capable to full, creative self-realization in activity, significant for him and important for society, achieves the greatest professional and personal success. For progressive development of society it is especially important that training and education of younger generations of citizens are carried out by the teachers who are self-actualized in professional activity. In turn, effective professional self-realization of the personality is provided by the interconnected set of objective (social) conditions and subjective (individual and personal) factors. During the last decades, social and economic substantial, dynamic and vector characteristics of activity of the Russian society and the state changed significantly. There emerged a set of the alternative educational organizations which are characterized by different targets and conditions of activity. In this regard the problem of detection of nature of influence of new external conditions on requirements, interests, aspirations, and attitudes of the personality related to readiness of the personality and ability to self-realization is actualized. In this context the question of essence, the contents and types of self-realization of the personality demands modern specification. We need to specify a scope and the content of conditions, factors and indicators (displays) of self-realization of the personality in a profession. Systematization and/or development of the diagnostic tools providing monitoring of indicators of professional self-realization of the personality are important. And finally, we need to reveal features of process and the content of professional self-realization of the teachers working in the organizations of different types (the general and additional education, state and private and so forth). The solution of the specified tasks will allow us to create purposefully the conditions promoting formation and development in teachers of the internal potentials providing their effective professional self-realization.

    pdf 83-89.pdf  (209 Kb)

  • Z.K. Meretukova

    The paper justifies the need to study the pedagogical phenomena and problems taking into account basic theoretical-methodological provisions of the human-learning sciences. The eternal and still not resolved issue is formulated in it: “How have we to carry out training and education, whether or not we organize them correctly today?” “Whether or not have we to pass to other “ideological measurement?” In this regard the problem of convergence of such eternal contrasts, as material and ideal, logic and intuition, spirituality and a pragmatism, rational and irrational, biological and social, acquired and congenital in the person moves forward. The new knowledge of modern natural sciences of the person in coordination with basic concepts of philosophy, psychology and biology known long ago is considered.

    pdf 90-99.pdf  (230 Kb)

  • I.A. Mushkina, N.V. Borodina, O.P. Sadilova

    The paper discusses the scientific approaches of national and foreign experience in development of the theory of social rehabilitation of the children and adolescents with health peculiarities; historical aspects of development of inclusive education; and standard bases of development of inclusive education in Russia.

    pdf 100-107.pdf  (204 Kb)

  • I.A. Mushkina, N.V. Borodina, O.P. Sadilova

    The paper explores the tendencies in development of inclusive education in Russia; the legislation establishing standard requirements to national education; and examples of the existing experience in the education system.

    pdf 108-113.pdf  (187 Kb)

  • T.N. Poddubnaya, S.N. Pautova, O.V. Agoshkova, S.A. Strashko

    The paper discloses the concept “personal dignity” in philosophical, constitutional, legal and pedagogical contexts. The main conceptual approaches to formation of personal dignity of trainees in pedagogical science are examined in an aspect of a humanistic paradigm of education. The theoretical analysis of pedagogical ideas of formation of personal dignity in students is carried out.

    pdf 114-121.pdf  (218 Kb)

  • E.I. Sharova

    The paper discusses the experience in the organization of advanced training courses of the faculty of higher education institution on the program “Application of Remote Educational Technologies in Higher Education Institution”. The purpose of these courses is to train teachers to placement of content of disciplines as support of resident and correspondence education, and the organization of interaction with trainees in the remote environment of higher education institution. The courses are distinguished by their form: a combination of the lecture, practical occupations and a tutorial, the result is the interactive course placed on the MOODLE platform in the information and education environment of higher education institution.

    pdf 122-127.pdf  (188 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • Yu.M. Bosenko, V.A. Chernyshov, Yu.A. Prokopchuk, T.Kh. Emtyl

    The paper provides the results of practical work on optimization of the profile differentiated training in classes of high comprehensive school. The theoretical analysis is made of the works devoted to the organization of the differentiated training in various aspects of this problem. Results of pedagogical experiment on selection of pupils to profile classes are presented. Specifics of the psychological – pedagogical support of pupils in the course of training are described. Results of psychological diagnostics at each stage of training are given. Ways of periodic tracking and correction of formation and orientation of professional preferences are offered. On the basis of the empirical analysis of the optimum organization of senior selection, qualities of pupils which are indicators of efficiency of teaching and educational process at comprehensive school are marked out.

    pdf 128-137.pdf  (227 Kb)

  • E.D. Mokroguz

    This paper is an attempt to analyze and structure the findings of foreign studies about older adult’s training the basic computer skills at the special courses for the relevant age category.

    pdf 138-148.pdf  (239 Kb)

  • G.V. Tokmazov

    The paper analyzes the development of the subject of educational activity in the course of formation of research skills when studying mathematics. The main focus is on the development of an analytical study of the subject of educational activity in the course of formation of generalized training and research activities. This study analyzes the results of monitoring of the development of students in the course of learning the basic relations of educational and professional activities, features of its structure and form of existence in innovative teaching methods.

    pdf 149-156.pdf  (213 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • A.B. Mednikov

    The paper provides data of analysis of correlation between motivation indicators and physical preparedness and the results established in the course of professional selection of 206 male cadets from educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. It has been found that students learning specialties related to law enforcement and investigative activities differ to indices of physical preparedness and types of motivation. This is displayed in the interrelationship of the parameters of general and specific motivation with other studied parameters

    pdf 191-195.pdf  (180 Kb)

  • S.D. Neverkovich, A.A. Popova

    The substantial aspect of reengineering and synergism of corporate culture of a higher educational institution is presented in expanded form for the purpose of searching ways of increasing the efficiency of educational activity in combination with scientific and sports activity. Special attention is paid to modern representation of corporate culture in interrelation with the changes occurring in the sphere of physical culture and sport.

    pdf 196-203.pdf  (352 Kb)

  • S.A. Khazova, I.G. Gunazhokov, A.G. Gonezhuk, I.N. Manko

    This paper provides the results of the research focused on definition of functions, objectives and the content of activity of employees of sport organizations concerning demand management of sport services. The main characteristics of sport services as an object of marketing are given. Marketing functions of employees of the sport organizations are disclosed. Different types of marketing in terms of activity of employees of the sport organizations are specified. The most effective forms of service advance in physical training and sport are described. Criteria for efficiency of marketing activity of the sport organizations are presented.

    pdf 204-211.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • F.R. Khakh, S.A. Khazova, N.V. Karyagina

    This paper provides the results of the theoretical analysis on using the systems of physical training to correct speech underdevelopment at children of preschool age. The interrelation between lag of speech and physical development in children is noted. Potential of physical training in correction of mental and speech development of preschool children is theoretically determined. In this context such systems of physical training as a logorhythmics and finger-type gymnastics are characterized. The circle of experts – subjects is outlined in order to use the logorythmic and finger-type gymnastics to correct speech underdevelopment at preschool children. Forms and ways of activity of these experts are designated. Potential positive effects of use of the specified systems of physical training to correct the general underdevelopment of the speech at preschool children are defined.

    pdf 212-217.pdf  (187 Kb)

  • A.L. Chuvakin, M.M. Khakunova, A.K. Baste, V.I. Sidorov

    Formation of valuable and semantic personal professional self- determination in professional and applied physical culture and health-centric strategy of professional thinking of the expert of nurse business can be solved only in case of providing an integrated approach to training. However the subject structure of the State Education Standard does not allow solution of all tasks facing it due to the lack of the subject contents in a technique, the principles and the organization of implementation of a pedagogical component of professional activity.

    pdf 218-223.pdf  (201 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • T.D. Skudnova

    The paper presents the current situation in psycho-pedagogical education of transition from information and knowledge to the developing paradigm. The essence of the subject approach and psycho-pedagogical support are considered as a condition of formation of professional subjectness of future educational psychologists.

    pdf 157-163.pdf  (199 Kb)

  • S.A. Khazova, L.F. Selmidis, T.N. Poddubnaya

    The purpose of the study, the results of which are presented in this work, was to develop and test technology of psycho-pedagogical activities to overcome the deceitful behavior of adolescents. In this context, this paper describes a lie as a property of the individual, its typical motifs and forms. The work provides the most important psychological traits, which may be due to the deceitful behavior of adolescents. A set of conditions of the effectiveness of psychological and educational activities to overcome the deceitful behavior of adolescents is presented. The developed technology of psycho-pedagogical activities to overcome the deceitful behavior of teenagers is described. We characterize the objectives of psycho-pedagogical activity, applied means and methods, diagnostic tools and requirements to the ongoing educational efforts. The list of developed.activities is provided. Quantitative and qualitative results of the experimental testing of the developed technology, testifying to its effectiveness, are given.

    pdf 164-173.pdf  (217 Kb)

  • B.A. Yasko, Yu.K. Volvich

    The paper provides a review of a number of psychological concepts of behavior regulation. The environment of the organization has essential impact on behavior of the modern person, whereas the personality of the worker considerably defines specifics of his behavior in various production situations, in particular, in situations of the increased emotional intensity and stress. An analysis is made of v. Frankl, D.A. Leontyev and M. Csikzentmihalyi’s approaches focusing the researcher on a subject field of phenomenology of sense. The methodological importance of concepts of semantic regulation of activity as fundamental characteristic of a human way of existence (D.A. Leontyev); resource (E.A. Sergienko, g.A. vilenskaya, etc.) and metacognitive (J. Kuhl) concepts of control is defined for creation of architecture of research on value-semantic regulation of personality behavior in the organization.

    pdf 174-180.pdf  (196 Kb)

  • B.A. Yasko, T.N. Litvinova, T.A. Gayduk, L.V. Tkhagalizhokova

    Data obtained in groups of the seniors, who are training in profile classes, are used to show efficiency of inclusion of faculties of pre-university training in this process. Steady interrelations between types of professional preferences and the statuses of professional identity are identified that is considered as a motivational and semantic basis of conscious choice of profession during the teenage and youthful period of a person genesis. The decision in favor of a medical profession is made by pupils of a chemical and biological profile under the influence of teachers of higher education institution. Carrying out profile lessons on the basis of faculty of pre-university training of medical university forms conscious acceptance by pupils of professional values of medicine. This phenomenon should be considered in the organization of professional consultation of the senior school students, as well as in psychological and pedagogical education of their parents.

    pdf 181-190.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • Anchek S.Kh.
    Some features of language of the Adyghe animal fairy tales

    This paper provides a description of the functional role of various language devices which are used in texts of the Adyghe animal fairy tales. The scientifcally important are various language (initial, intermediate and fnal) formulas which are found in the studied texts. The richness of language of the Adyghe animal fairy tales is shown through the used pointed language comparisons, metaphors, repetitions, onomatopoeic words, phraseological units, epithets, personifcations, hyperboles and irony which strengthen its stylistic color. It is established that along with the traditional language formulas common for fairy tales of the different peoples there are also the specifc ones, peculiar only to the Adyghe animal fairy tales. Practical value is seen in possibility of use of results of research in lecture courses on the Adyghe language and literature and in drawing up school and higher school textbooks on the Adyghe and Kabardino-Circassian languages.

    pdf 21-25.pdf  (279 Kb)

  • Bagaryan A.A.
    Metaphor in a business discourse: effect of infuence and attraction of attention

    An analysis is made of metaphorical models of representation of economic concepts in the English language. The structure of metaphorical constructions and their impact on audience are considered. New vision of metaphorical constructions in a business discourse is offered. Lingual semiotic functions of a metaphor are revealed and described. Metaphors are established to promote the best comprehension of the actual information by the recipient. The author confrms that the lingual semiotics of a metaphor of a business discourse is in unity of linguistic and semiotic components. Various types of metaphors are described. Methods of the contextual and comparative analysis are used. The author shows that the lingual semiotics of a metaphor is represented by system of the verbal signs used in economic texts to nominate and present the phenomena and subjects characteristic of the business sphere, description of economic events, attraction of readers’ attention, an assessment of actions of fnanciers and effective impact on public opinion. The scientifc and practical importance and relevance of this work are defned by its innovative character connected with the textual analysis of metaphorical revisiting the economic concepts. The presented analysis of metaphors makes a contribution to studying the language personality of a communicator and provides material for further generalizations and systematization of knowledge of coding and decoding of the text.

    pdf 26-30.pdf  (278 Kb)

  • Baranova A.Yu., Chetverikova O.V.
    Text-forming potential of the loose parts of the sentence

    The objective of this research is to reveal the text-forming opportunities of syntagmatically detached constructions by using an example of the analysis of the text fragments with sentences including loose appositions and attributes. It is inferred that their exit beyond a framework of the loose sentence is explained by that the loose parts become a peculiar reference point for the subsequent expansion of a thought. Scientifc novelty is related to a new approach which is offered to study a role of the loose parts of the sentence in creating the text. The descriptive method and a method of linguistic supervision for the analysis of contextual material are used. The practical consequence is that the results of research can be used in the analysis of a work of art and in the linguistic analysis of the text. The offered technique can be used in studying semantics of the sentence and the text- forming opportunities of loose parts of the sentence.

    pdf 31-38.pdf  (351 Kb)

  • Bedanokova Z.K.
    The phenomenon of evocativeness: in search of defnition

    This paper focuses upon defning a phenomenon of evocativeness in the language and speech as a genre-forming category. The creation mechanism of additional meaning, which contaminates the frst («literal») sense, by using a certain language form, is discussed. Oppositions of different degree of expression are discovered: the implicitness –explicitness; the occasionality – conventionality; the intentionality – spontaneity and others. An analysis is made of the correlation of evocativeness with such linguistic categories as a modality, the propositional relation, implicitness, implication, a presupposition, a connotation, polysemy, paradox, etc. The cognitive semiotic method allows detection of profound mechanisms of emergence of implicit meaning. The scientifc and practical importance and novelty of this work is defned by correlation of the evocativeness and implicit content of a language sign as a mechanism of the evocative speech act – an evocation. Relevance of research is based on the analysis of advertising as one of the main evocative genres since the evocativeness in advertising is displayed as the instrument of realization of many functional meanings. The conclusion is drawn that the phenomenon of evocativeness has the marginal status in relation to language system, but takes important place in speech usage, realizes homo ludens and creative functions of language and becomes a genre-forming category.

    pdf 39-48.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • Zhuk E.E.
    Realia and methods of their transfer in adaptation of foreign texts

    This paper describes the notion of realia as lexis with national-cultural semantics, characteristic only of one nation. The examples are given from the works of English and American authors. It’s been found out that there are realia in all spheres of people’s lives. They may be objects of material and spiritual culture, proper names and geographical names. We raise a problem of realia as a class of non-equivalent words having no correspondence in other languages. Variants of translation of realia from foreign languages are described. We speak about several basic mechanisms of translation of realia from English into Russian during adaptation of a foreign text, namely: transcription, transliteration, calque, functional change and description. These methods are defned and illustrated by the examples from the works of O.Henry and P.G.Wodehouse. We’ve come to a conclusion that realia and their translation from one language into another is one of the most diffcult moments in adaptation of foreign texts.

    pdf 49-53.pdf  (294 Kb)

  • Ishchenko D.S.
    Ontological meaning of a word and its representation through image-concept, «rhetorical speech» and concept

    The paper deals with the problem of ontological language resources and the evolution of views on existential language. The purpose of this study is to determine the ontological opportunities of Russian words. This is related to attention to the problems of national self-awareness and self-expression, and acquires special importance in the context of globaliza- tion and the crisis of the old system of values of the socio-cultural, ethnic and cultural plan. To achieve the goal we propose to review the concept of speech from the perspective of «en- ergetic ontology», emphasizing the constant volatility of the word, and the ability to build new meanings and ontological values. The paper also examines the polar point of view: the verbal representation of value through the image-concept or «rhetorical word» that operate ready repertoire of meanings and deprive the word of life and linguistic ontology. In the course of study, in order to organize the theoretical material, the descriptive, comparative, cultural and historical methods of scientifc knowledge were used, which made it possible to trace the flling of words with new meanings and identify the semes constituting the ontolog- ical meaning. As a result, it has been found that the ability to fll the word with new meanings produces a tendency to form concepts representing the content of word sign. The fndings are of particular interest to such areas of linguistics, as a cultural linguistics, ethnolinguistics, cognitive linguistics, as well as for the development of the problem of journalistic discourse in the range of cultural and national understanding.

    pdf 54-59.pdf  (282 Kb)

  • Pelipenko L.M.
    Cognitive representation of numerative idioms with the components one, two and three in the English and Russian languages

    This paper provides the results of idiom analysis with the components - numerals one, two and three in the English and Russian languages. From the functional point of view, multifunctionality is peculiar to all these numerals. In research of these idioms, the lingual cultural science techniques, the component and contextual methods, a comparative method, and the conceptology techniques are used. This research is theoretically and practically important because it provides replenishment and systematization of data on idioms with a numerical component, defnes the main components of the culture metalanguage of the studied material, interprets a national markedness of images of the studied idioms containing the numerical components one, two and three, as well as tracks their refection in language pictures of the world of British and Russians. Numerals one, two, and three, perceived as the frst elements of a numerical row, have rich associative characteristics in both languages. The crucial role in development of their polysemy belongs to semantics of number.

    pdf 60-64.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • Sarayeva K.I.
    Emotional and action codes of the announcement of a work of art (from materials of English, French and Russian languages)

    This research focuses upon identifcation of the codes corresponding to the designated motives. Considering the term «code» in its ordinary meaning, in the meaning accepted in philological sciences and the theory of communication, as well as in the theory of the text, we give a defnition of a code for the secondary text of the «announcement» type. Two main codes are described; they are used by addressees of the text to interpret the received messages which help them «to flter» the works corresponding to their motives. The content analysis is made to allocate lexical and syntactic units from the announcement case by using the method of casual selection. By means of these units, the sender of the text codes the information important for the recipient. The obtained results are of practical importance as they can be used by authors of announcements, copywriters and editors, as well as for reading special courses and holding special seminars. It is established that applying either one or other code to variety of texts of announcements and «fltering» them, the recipient of the text can orient himself and choose the better work of art which is most fully meeting his expectations: whether his motives of reading being aimed at receiving emotional experience or at learning an outcome of an interesting plot.

    pdf 65-70.pdf  (317 Kb)

  • Tikhonova A.P.
    Ways and means of expressing space relations in the Hattian and Abkhaz-Adyghe languages

    Comparison of Hattian and Abkhaz-Adyghe ways and means of expressing space relations, which is the aim of the article, made it possible to prove close relationship of the mentioned languages on the morphological and word-building levels. The methodology of investigation is based on the cognitive approach to linguistic phenomenon and on the comparative investigation on two or more languages from historical point of view. Kin words or their components were investigated if their graphic representation and meaning registered in Hattian and Hittite Bilingua and in dictionaries of Modern Abkhaz and Adyghe languages and their dialects. The Hattian affxes and root elements revealed by the author are used to denote place and direction and have counterparts in the Abkhaz-Adyghe languages. Attempt was made to prove that to restore logic structure of ancient words it is possible to turn to the material of modern kin languages. The results of the analysis made it possible to refer a word with spatial meaning to a certain lexico-grammatical class and to translate the words that were interpreted in two ways by different authors or were considered untranslatable. The results of the investigation may be used for deciphering ancient texts.

    pdf 71-77.pdf  (341 Kb)

  • Frolova O.A.
    The role of electronic editions in replenishment of the Russian language by loan words

    The paper examines loan words in the language of electronic mass media. The paper shows that the problem of the borrowing of foreign words is relevant. A proposition is made that the intensity of the process of borrowing is very high. The goal of the research is to establish whether or not network editions help recent borrowings to penetrate into Russian. The author analyzes loan words used in the texts of electronic media and shows the spheres of this use. The component method was used to identify that most frequent and numerous are groups of modern foreign words, which relate to spheres such as «economy and fnance», «sport», «tourism», «computer technology and equipment», «art» and «fashion industry». The conclusion is drawn that effciency of network editions promotes speedy penetration of loan words into Russian. It is inferred that foreign words are mostly words of English origin. New loan words are included strongly into our speech and expand lexical system of modern Russian that causes both the theoretical and practical importance of independent word creation.

    pdf 78-83.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Khazhokova E.A.
    The semantic and functional characteristic of pragmatonyms in the fction text (from material of the novel of Mark Levi «La première nuit»)

    This research focuses upon the study of pragmatonyms relating to literary onomastics. The objective of this research is to consider functioning of the Russian pragmatonyms in prose of the French modern writer Mark Levi. The methods used are supervision and generalization of linguistic material allowing us to trace features of the use of the Russian pragmatonyms in the French fction text. The conclusions containing in this paper can be used for further studying functioning of pragmatonyms in cross-cultural communication. The Russian pragmatonyms included in the text of the considered work, in interaction with other components, play an important role in understanding the artistic concept of the writer. They promote realization of the communicative attitude to render impact on the reader and carry out nominative, pragmatic, information, stylistic, expressional and emotional functions.

    pdf 84-87.pdf  (303 Kb)

  • Shkhapatseva M.Kh., Pazova L.M.
    Antonyms, antonymy and antonymic paradigmatics in Russian

    The paper discloses the depth and multiaspectness of antonyms, antonymy and antonymic paradigmatics as a phenomenon of Russian lexicon and sheds new light on theoretical provisions of these semasiological concepts. Examples are drawn from V.S. Vysotsky’s poetry. Antonyms are shown to be one of the system-forming units of Russian. The statistical method was used to analyze the concepts «antonyms», «antonymy» and «antonymic paradigmatics». This method is very productive since it allowed us to subject the studied material to the comprehensive analysis. Results of the conducted research give a complete idea of structural-semantic features of antonyms and can be used for their further studying both in Russian and in other languages. The theoretical provisions considered in the paper are supported by the factual material. It is inferred that the analyzed concepts have no unambiguous solution in Russian modern linguistic science and need further specifcation. The practical importance lies in that the analysis of this linguistic material allows us to develop a technique of its studying in initial and middle classes of school. In V.S. Vysotsky’s poetry there are a lot of language and individual author’s antonyms.

    pdf 88-94.pdf  (308 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • Beshukova F.B., Khatkova I.N.
    Romantic poetics and historical concept of the novel «The Ice House» by I.I. Lazhechnikov

    The paper focuses upon designating some features of work «The Ice House» by I.I.Lazhechnikov in the context of typology of the historical novel of Walter Scott. This promotes the defnition of a place and signifcance of this novel in art space of the Russian historical fction of the frst half of the 19th century. This work examines the confict originality, the free and entertaining organization of a plot outline, features of system of images and a role of fctional characters from the point of view of specifcs of the indicated genre. Creation of a certain local color is noted to be an important component in system of the historical novel of Lazhechnikov. The writer managed to authentically transfer not only customs and life, prejudices and delusions of the past, but also to embody the image and spirit of an era and to create peculiar characters of historical persons. The dramatic nature and logic of events, natural discrepancy of images along with love stories move a romantic intrigue. The historical, literary, comparative and typological methods of research, as well as a method of the analysis of the fction text are used. The scientifc and practical importance and relevance of this work are defned by its innovative character related to the textual and typological analysis of the novel. Such an analysis of work makes a certain contribution to comparative and typological literary criticism. The specifc analysis of the text is used to demonstrate the declared theoretical provisions. The conclusion is drawn that the novel «Ice House» represents the architectural - romantic historical novel.

    pdf 95-100.pdf  (300 Kb)

  • Zhachemuk Z.R.
    Satirical and comic aspects of stories by Kh.A. Ashinov

    This paper discusses the features of «small prose» of Kh. Ashinov. Special attention is paid to stories in genres of satire and humor. The emphasis is placed on the textual analysis of works in the original language. The objects of research are stories of different years which display the art originality of satire and humor. Much attention is paid, frst of all, to human relationship and contemporaries. Features of author’s psychologism and lyrical judgment of reality are analyzed; interaction of satire and humor, old and new, past and present and their interrelation in the writer’s prose are noted. Methods of genre - stylistic, comparative –typological and textual research are used to investigate works of art of satire and humor in the Adyghe literature. The scientifc and practical importance and relevance of this work are defned by its innovative character related to the textual analysis of the poor-studied works of Kh.Ashinov.

    pdf 101-104.pdf  (269 Kb)

  • Panesh U.M., Siyukhov S.N., Kazanova I.I.
    E. Hemingway and A. Evtykh: typological relationships

    The paper focuses upon the analysis of typological relationships between works of the 20th century writers E. Hemingway and A. Evtykh. The objective of the presented work is to study crisis of traditional humanitarian values and to describe feeling of loss and formation of new art - esthetic thinking in works of the above-named writers. The revealed similar lines of creativity are displayed in the strengthening the concept of the personality and art problematical character caused by revision of naive historicism that has an impact on the solution of hot topics: public world and personality, personality and family, personality and national values, personality and moral choice. The authors of the present paper defne and shape identical creative searches caused by ideological and moral views and connected with familiarizing with a new poetic form: intense knowledge of the world, drama introspection and special lyrical tonality. Conclusions are drawn on a fgurative form of the compared writers, including strengthening the subjective and narrative line of the story and frequent alteration of the plan of a statement. Special attention is paid to complication of the psychological analysis due to use of represented speech, internal monologue, an art detail, a dialogue, and an unusual emotional contact with the reader formed on the basis of implication. The conclusion is drawn that features of the era of the 20th century leave the mark on works of the writers representing different national literatures and defne the typologically similar art lines.

    pdf 105-111.pdf  (308 Kb)

  • Paranuk K.N.
    Nart’s plots and motives in the North Caucasian modern novel myth by M. Bulkaty and D. Koshubayev

    This paper studies the relevant and poor-studied problem of a neomythologism of modern literary process basing on material of North Caucasian literature. Research is made to explore artistic features of the North Caucasian modern novel myth appealing to the Nartiada mythic epic legends. The aim of this work is to shed the new light on nature of development of mythic epic tradition. To disclose this, the following objectives are solved: detection of artistic features of a mythologism of novels myths of M. Bulkaty “The Seventh Campaign of Soslan Narty” and «Abrag» by D. Koshubayev; the analysis of the functional importance of mythic epic material in the subject-matter and structure of novels myths, features of problems, plot-outline creation, image creation, and world modeling. In order to study a problem of a neomythologism in the North Caucasian novel, we used both a comparative and typological methods and achievements of psychoanalytic, structural and semiotic approaches. It is inferred that the character of myth creation by North Caucasian modern writers corresponds to the main tendencies of the world literature and can be defned as the neomythologism which is expressed both in a remythologization and demythologization. This research is theoretically important because it identifes genre features of the North Caucasian modern novel myth and specifc components of this genre modifcation. The practical importance lies in that it is possible to use the results of this research in higher school teaching, in special courses on history of the North Caucasian literature and on a genre of the North Caucasian novel myth.

    pdf 112-118.pdf  (305 Kb)

  • Beshukova F.B., Khazhgeriyeva A.A.
    Brands of Adyghea in modern media space as the indicator of sociocultural and economic attractiveness of the region

    The paper discusses the effciency of regional branding in the course of formation of positive image of the region. Taking an example of well-known ethnotourist offers of Adyghea, the brand is positioned as a factor of development of competitive advantages of the region and an asset of regional economy. The research is aimed at identifying a role of a brand in development of effective regional economic policy. The space of regional tourist brands is examined in mass-media aspect on the basis of the content analysis. Conclusions about importance of effective regional branding bring us to need to support this direction of regional development of mass media by the administration of the region. The practical importance of research lies in processing ways of optimization of further development of advertising in the Adyghea Republic.

    pdf 119-124.pdf  (297 Kb)

  • Mirumyan A.G.
    Social networks in system of mass communication

    The paper deals with social networks in system of mass communication. The subjects of research are social networks which are of great interest in audience today. The work discusses their functions and gives the comparative analysis of three networks, popular in Russia. The objective of this paper is to examine them in system of mass communication and to define their significance and the role they play. The analysis and comparison methods are used. Special attention is paid to that that social networks stopped being only entertaining or connecting people from around the world, today they act as the successful tool in the world of advertising and PR. Also they are a new mass medium. In this we see relevance, the scientific and practical importance of this research. The conclusion is drawn that social networks become more demanded every year, attracting people of the highest social level and status in ranks of their users.

    pdf 125-129.pdf  (272 Kb)

  • Suprun V.I.
    The Treasury of Names of Peoples of the North Caucasus

    pdf 179-183.pdf  (264 Kb)

    Biological Sciences
  • Hubert E. Blum
    Basic and clinical sciences in medicine-recent developments and contemporary challenges

    Molecular and cell biology have resulted in major advances in our understanding of disease pathogenesis as well as in novel strategies for the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of human diseases. Based on modern molecular, genetic, microbiologic and biochemical analyses it is on the one hand possible to identify for example disease-related point mutations and single nucleotide polymorphisms. On the other hand, using high throughput array and other technologies, it is for example possible to simultaneously analyze thousands of genes (DNA) or gene products (RNA and proteins), resulting in an individual gene or gene expression profile (‘signa- ture’) or to characterize the individual microbiome and its pathogenetic potential. Such data increasingly allow to define the individual disposition for a given disease and to predict disease prognosis as well as the efficacy of therapeutic strategies in the individual patient (‘personalized medicine’). At the same time, the basic discoveries in cell biology, including embryonic and adult stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, genetically modified cells and others, have moved regenerative medicine into the center of biomedical research worldwide with a major translational impact on tissue engineering as well as transplantation medicine. All these aspects have greatly contributed to the recent advances in regenerative medicine and the development novel concepts for the treatment of many human diseases.

    pdf 38-46.pdf  (838 Kb)

  • Zabolotniy A.G., Chermit K.D., Bguashev A.B., Tkhakumacheva Yu.B.
    Coordination of angular movements by children of the senior preschool age during performance of natural locomotions

    The optical system of the three-dimensional video analysis of movements of Biosoft Company (Russia) was used to explore the kinematic characteristics of a series of squats performed by 5 and 6-year-old children. Graphic trajectories of the angular synkinesia reflecting dependences of angular movements in hard- working joints are studied. Coherence of angular movements is defined in knee and talocrural, in knee and cox- ofemoral, and in talocrural and coxofemoral joints. Discrete and parallel types of coherence of angular move- ments were established during a series of squats performed by 5 and 6-year-old children.

    pdf 47-53.pdf  (423 Kb)

  • Dinkevich M.A., Stakheev V.V.
    New data on nesting of White-tailed Plover in Southern Russia (Republic of Kalmykia)

    New data on breeding biology of such rare and insufficiently known bird species as White- tailed Plover Vanellochettusia leucura which appeared in Southern Russia only in the 1980-1990s are presented in the paper. In May – June 2011, 2013 and 2014 near Achinery village (Chernozemelskiy District, Republic of Kalmykia) we found 7 nests and 21 eggs of the wader. The highest number of White-ttailed Plover was 12-13 adult individuals in 2011; 4-5 adult waders were counted in the colony in 2010, 2013-2014.

    pdf 54-61.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • Smolkov I.V.
    Molecular-genetic predictors of the risk of development of peripheral atherosclerosis in the population of the Republic of Adyghea

    An analysis is made of the results of international studies (HuGENet, 1995-2014) on the frequencies of occurrence of Ñ677/677T gene polymorphisms of methylenetetrahydrofolatereductase (MTNFR) and polymorphic variant of G197A – interleukin 17 (IL-17A) in different ethnic groups. The author shows a significant increase in frequency of occurrence of C677T (Ala222Val) MTNFR polymorphism in patients with peripheral atherosclerosis in different regions of the world, taking into account the ethnic characteristics of the surveyed populations. Studies on the G197A association of IL-17A polymorphism with the risk of development of peripheral atherosclerosis were conducted only for the Chinese population. For the inhabitants of the Republic of Adyghea there was confirmed the G197 association of allelic variant of IL-17A gene with complications developed against a background of peripheral atherosclerosis.

    pdf 62-68.pdf  (345 Kb)

  • Bondarenko A.S., Shñhurov V.I., Zamotaylov A.S.
    Distribution and environmental features of Carabus hungaricus (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the Krasnodar Region

    The paper presents the analysis of literary data and results of field researches on Carabus hun- garicus in the Krasnodar Region. Also the work describes the environmental features of the regional populations of this species.

    pdf 69-74.pdf  (952 Kb)

  • Palatov D.M., Shapovalov M.I.
    Study materials for amphipods of the genus Gammarus (Amphipoda: Cammaridae) of the Northwest Caucasus

    New data are provided on the findings of amphipods (Gammarus) in the Northwest Caucasus and on their abundance in some watercourses. Material was collected by the authors within 2003-2015 timeline in 18 localities in the territory of Krasnodar Region (the rivers of the Black Sea coast and the Laba River Basin) and in 10 localities in the Republic of Adyghea (the Belaya River Basin). Four species of amphipods belonging to the ge- nus Gammarus: G. balcanicus (Schäferna, 1922), G. chostensis (Martynov, 1932), G. komareki (Schaferna, 1922), and G. cf. pulex were ifentified in the region. In order to recognize these species it is advisable to study the morpho- logical structure of males since reliable determination basing on female data is impossible at present. The main distinctive features of the species studied are presented in the form of a key. The obtained data on new findings of amphipods allow us to specify a picture of species distribution within the Northwest Caucasus.

    pdf 75-81.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • Shumilov D.S.
    ITGA2 and ITGB3 integrin gene polymorphisms, associated with the risk for a coronary atherosclerosis among residents of the Republic of Adyghea

    The ethnic Russians with a coronary atherosclerosis living in the Republic of Adyghea show significantly increased frequencies of homozygous «normal» Ñ807Ñ and «mutant» T807T of genotypes ITGA2 (P=0,004, OR=2,55; OR=1,72), causing overexpression of megakaryocytes, fibroblasts and platelets of alpha-2 adhesive protein on membranes. The group of donors with no clinical manifestations and family history of coro- nary heart diease, myocardial infarction, heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases, developed against a background of coronary atherosclerosis shows predominant C807T heterozygous genotype ITGA2. By Leu33Pro SNP gene of platelet integrin B3 (ITGB3), associations with the coronary atherosclerosis in the studied popula- tions of Adyghes and Russians were not revealed.

    pdf 82-87.pdf  (332 Kb)

  • Temiraev R.B., Kokaeva M.G., Vityuk L.A., Baeva A.A., Ktsoeva I.I., Tletseruk I.R., Khagur M.N.
    Way of improvement of biochemical structure of production and blood of cows and broilers by optimization of food ecology

    The aim of the research was to study the efficiency of using preparations of modern adsorbents in combination with dietary supplements in diets with a subtoxic nitrate dose for increasing ecological and nutri- tion value of the lactating cows’ milk and broilers’ meat due to improvement of intermediate exchange in their organism. Two pilot studies have demonstrated that in order to increase biochemical indicators of production and blood, if there is a subtoxic nitrate dose in the sterns, it is advisable to use combined: toksi-nil preparations in a dose of 2g/kg of concentrates and vitamin C in a dose of 0,04% of solid norm for the lactating cows; and amilosubtilin G3x in a dose of 300g/t and Citrus Pectin in a dose of 200g/t of the feed for the broilers.

    pdf 88-94.pdf  (349 Kb)

  • Tseeva N.A., Zabolotniy A.G., Chuntyzheva Z.I., Ushkho Yu.D., Tkhakumacheva Yu.B.
    Value orientations of students of higher education institutions in the field of physical culture, referred for health reasons to special medical group

    To obtain necessary data on value orientation of student girls of special medical groups, we conducted a questionnaire survey reflecting the attitude of examinees to occupations of medical physical culture and physical training in general.

    pdf 95-100.pdf  (375 Kb)

  • Ednich E.M., Tolstikova T.N.
    Biomorphological features of members of the genus Acer L. (Aceraceae) in the foothill zone of Adyghea Republic

    The paper provides the results of study of biomorphological features of generic complex Acer L. in the conditions of the foothills of the North-West Caucasus and a collection of generic complex Acer L. of Bo- tanical Garden of the Adyghe State University, comprising 13 species and six garden forms. The conducted bio- metric measurements revealed the duration of growth and morphology of the laminae from local and introduced species. Most of the morphological characters of leaves of the genus Acer have high and very high degree of variability. According to stomatographic indicators, the largest coefficient of variation of the studied traits is in A. trautvetteri, the lowest is in A. tataricum. The largest number of stomata on the abaxial side is observed in A. platanoides and A. tataricum, which is the result of plant adaptation to natural conditions. The increased num- ber of stomata, accompanied by their reduced dimensions, is a sign of xeromorphic leaves.

    pdf 101-106.pdf  (330 Kb)

  • Tuguz F.V.
    Typology of settlements of the Republic of Adyghea by their genesis

    The paper discusses the typological features of settlements which had the most essential impact on formation and evolution of a network of settlements in the territory of Adyghea. The typology of settlements by their genesis is given. Settlements of a modern network are distributed according to time of their emergence.

    pdf 107-113.pdf  (380 Kb)

  • Teuchezh F.D., Shadzhe A.I., Khamerzokova R.Yu.
    Study of agricultural land management

    The paper shows the role of complex economical and geographical study of agricultural land management for a choice of the most rational way of development of agricultural production. Study of the rea- sons of changing efficiency of use and assessment of land structure of agricultural lands in the Republic of Ady- ghea allows us to develop rational schemes of agricultural land management taking into account the natural and resource capacity of the Republic.

    pdf 114-120.pdf  (369 Kb)

  • Dedy N.A., Melnikova T.N., Teuchezh F.D.
    Monitoring and environmental assessment of water resource potential of Adyghea Republic

    The paper presents the main results of environmental monitoring of water resources of Adyghea Republic and estimates of an ecological condition of water resource potential and water management complexes of municipalities in the Republic of Adyghea. The ecologic, hydrologic and economic division into districts is carried out.

    pdf 121-125.pdf  (358 Kb)

  • Pshikanokova N.I., Pshikanokova N.D.
    Information basis of diagnostics of the region condition

    The paper proves that it is possible to implement a system of information support of strategic planning of the region on the basis of specially organized monitoring integrating statistical information arrays and results of expert polls.

    pdf 126-130.pdf  (347 Kb)

  • Stash A.Kh.
    Properties of full and vector frequencies of lax signs and roots of solutions of linear homogenous autonomous differential equations

    It is established that at any solution of the linear homogenous autonomous differential equation its full and vector frequencies of lax signs and roots coincide among themselves, and the set of the values accepted by these frequencies coincides with a set of regularized frequencies of lax signs and roots of such equations.

    pdf 18-22.pdf  (341 Kb)

  • Ushkho A.D., Feklistov G.S.
    On invariant straight lines of polynomial vector fields on the plane

    The paper gives the results of research of a flat polynomial vector field of the n degree generaliz- ing earlier proved facts in evidence about invariant straight lines and special points of cubic differential system.

    pdf 23-28.pdf  (764 Kb)

  • Tlyachev V.B., Ushkho D.S.
    Some questions of the qualitative theory of the second order autonomous polynomial differential systems

    Results of research of cubic differential system related to the following questions are stated: es- timate of number of special points of the second group, assessment of number of straight line isoclines, coexis- tence of special points of the second group and limit cycles, as well as coexistence of invariant straight lines and limit cycles.

    pdf 29-31.pdf  (316 Kb)

  • Golovnev Yu.F., Somova N.Yu., Nurguleev D.A.
    Types of excitons in superlattices based on EuO and SrO

    The paper analyzes the conditions for the formation of interhole and interbarrier excitons in EuO and SrO nanoheterosystems in the internal exchange field of europium ions. The authors show the mecha- nisms of exciton electron relaxation through the f 4 -state of europium ions and their effect on the value of the exciton lifetime in a ferromagnetic semiconductor.

    pdf 32-37.pdf  (419 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • Dzliyeva D.M.
    Some aspects of traditional choreography of the Turkish Ossetians

    The paper examines the case of national dances of the Turkish Ossetians and compares them with the musical and choreographic tradition occurring in the territory of North and South Ossetia. Four Ossetian dances that are performed by the Turkish Ossetians are allocated. The aim of this paper is to trace safety of tradition in culture of the Ossetian diaspora in Turkey, as well as to reveal lines of the different ethnic influences (mainly from the Circassian culture). The musical and choreographic component of traditional culture of the Turkish Ossetians with the detailed description of plasticity of hands, a characteristic step and ornamental features of dances is described for the first time. The scientific and practical importance of this paper is that this publication addresses the poor-studied culture developing throughout two centuries at a long distance from the historical homeland. The methodology of research is connected with the use of an integrated approach in the analysis of musical choreographic culture of the Turkish Ossetians, and comparative, typological and comparative-historical methods. Historical processes of the dynamics of development of national choreography of the Turkish Ossetians show that at high safety of language and etiquette, the musical and choreographic component of traditional culture undergoes the greatest transformation. Partly it can be caused by total absence of ceremonial practices and traditional religious system of the Ossetians. On the other hand, according to Moslem doctrine, to play instruments and to dance is a great sin.

    pdf 130-135.pdf  (337 Kb)

  • Miroshkina A.F.
    The war and «3 colors of a lifetime» (about I. Talankin’s movies with A. Schnittke’s music)

    The paper deals with a kind of «war trilogy» directed by I. Talankin with the music of following movies: «Entry», «Daytime Stars» and «Star Fall». The work identifies the basic principles how the director and the composer reveal deeply moral issues in the context of war and peace. For the first time on the basis of archival materials and unexplored partitions the composer’s method of work in the movie is cleared up: the principles of monothematicism, the system of leitmotifs (leit-theme of war, fate, hope, dreams and farewell), the ratio of music in shot and behind-the-scenes and conjugations of different styles in partitions. During the analysis of movies and partitions their genre and stylistic features and the peculiarities of composition solutions are revealed. The methods and techniques of the composer developing deep psychological problems, implied realities, symphonic pairings of sharply contrasting musical images are highlighted. The importance of lyrical-psychological and tragic spheres of music for Talankin’s movies is emphasized. It was found out that music of Schnittke in the Talankin’s movies is always meaningful; it gives additional information, reveals deep psychological motives and complex emotional feelings of the characters. The work of Alfred Schnittke in the cinema is shown to be important for the formation of polystylistic writing method, peculiar to master, as well as testing of many imaginative, timbre and harmonic solutions being implemented into the major academic genres (for example, «Faustian theme»).

    pdf 136-141.pdf  (304 Kb)

  • Mitus I.V., Edidzhi V.V.
    The Sindika ensemble of the Caucasian dance: on a reinterpretation of classical (canonical) samples

    The paper explores the reinterpretation processes in activity of the Sindika ensemble of the Caucasian dance. The goal of this paper is to define signs of the reinterpretation processes in choreographic compositions of this ensemble. This work is important in terms of practice, which includes display of activities of ensemble on a reinterpretation of the Caucasian dance in line with universal traditions, display of identity of activity of the Ashchemez folk ensemble in a reconstruction of man’s tradition of national singing, as well as examination of structure of creative integration of collective bodies as a new form of mass culture, relying of processes of its formation on activity of professionals, synthesis of classical canons and elements of a modernist style; questions of use of classical music in genres and forms of mass culture and a correlation of the canonic and updated material in choreographic art. This research is important from the theoretical point of view because it uses a culturological approach to study choreographic compositions of the Sindika ensemble as a new stage of development of choreographic art in Adyghea and manifestation of cultural tolerance in the multiethnic region. Authors are basing on genetic approach, considering emergence and development of the reinterpretation processes in Sindika compositions and on the structural functional approach allowing isolation of all structural elements of these processes and their interrelations. The following features are characteristic of the Caucasian dance during the last decades: renovation of forms of existence, synthesis of classical dance and folk choreography in the contents of Sindika concert choreographic compositions, relying of various dancing genres on ethnic material of the people of the North Caucasus (Abkhazian, Chechen, etc.) and European (Spanish); and updating forms of the existing – mainly concert –Sindika and Ashchemez man’s folk ensemble. This work is scientifically important because it defines the common features and discrepancies between primary sources and a reinterpretation artefact in choreographic art.

    pdf 142-148.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • Sokolova A.N.
    Nartiada in the context of modern culture of the region

    The paper examines the functioning of the Nart epic heritage of the people of the Caucasus in modern culture of the region. The sociocultural interpretation of the concept «Nartiada» is given. This concept defines various social practices related in one or another way to the Nart legends in their primitive oral and variable forms. The main objective of the paper is to show ways and to disclose mechanisms of saving the Nart epos in cultural memory of the Caucasian ethnoses and in social practice of the region. On the basis of the numerous examples obtained in the course of long supervision over development of ethnocultures in the North Caucasus, conclusions are drawn about special property of the historical memory which kept a lot of Nart plots and heroes in mass consciousness. Mechanisms and forms of preservation of Nartiada are the onomasticon and toponymics, an essential and large artistic esthetic cluster (fine arts, arts and crafts, instrumental music, choreographic music, literature, poetry, etc.), educational, cultural and mass forms, as well as forms of scientific, methodical, organizational and scientific promotional work. The Nart epos continues to exist in cultural space of the region both in authentic, i.e. natural ontological version, and in the form of the aimed process regulated by the power. The importance of the conducted research is defined by identification of the relationships hidden between the authentic and modern cultural practices promoting Nartiada’s future both as a folklore product and the sociocultural Nartiada.

    pdf 149-156.pdf  (331 Kb)

  • Sychenko G.B.
    Shaman musical poetical text: on definition and the essence

    The paper is devoted to a definition of the shamanic text category, which is, in the author’s opinion, one of the key components of the “intonation – text” dichotomy, relevant for shamanic cultures. The aim of the work is to define the specificity of shamanic text, to reveal its essential features and then to interpret them. The scientific importance of work lies in theoretical clearing-up the specified category. The practical value is in its use for interpretation of complex and obscure ritual texts. Any element of such text can express a large number of information containing beyond its limits which is displayed only if needed. It allows us to explain the seeming incoherent character, closeness and opacity of the contents of shaman texts. The text is stipulated by the ceremony course, nature of ceremonial communication and a psychophysical condition of the expert who is carrying out the ritual (a so-called shaman trance or ecstasy). This determines its saturation by elements-exclamations, interjections, onomatopoeias, ritual words and magic formulas, as well as its specific composition. As a result of the conducted research it is established that the main sign of shaman texts is high degree of their implicity, i.e. a non-manifestation and a concealment of meanings. In addition, the distinctive intrinsic characteristic of two main genres of shaman tradition is revealed: a chant is defined as “folded” and the shaman’s ritual as the “unfolded” shaman text. These results are of practical value for the researchers who are engaged in studying musical and ritual traditions.

    pdf 157-161.pdf  (315 Kb)

  • Khvatova S.I.
    Spiritual searches in art and artistic life in the second half of the 20th century

    The paper explores the dynamics of spiritual revival in national art of the Soviet Russia and the Orthodox believers abroad. The purpose of this study is to identify the leading tendency of development of national art in the second half of the 20th century – spiritual religious «becoming sober». Special attention is paid to a culturological context of updating the subject of literary and art works – music, cinema and painting. This research systematizes works from a position of accumulation of spiritual potential and specific display of «will to sacral». The author investigates the process of gradual return of the creative intellectuals to problems of spirituality and a religious subject, and the quantitative accumulation which led to some kind of «break» to religious subject in the course of celebration of the 1000 anniversary of the Rus’ Christianization. The analysis is based on historical and sociological methods of research with attraction of special art criticism tools. It is established that defining for spiritual searches in the sphere of creativity during the second half of the 20th century was as follows: a repeatedly changing political situation and expectation of changes in the period of Khruschev’s «thaw» and Brezhnev’s «stagnation», cardinal transformations of the late 1980s – the beginning of the 1990s occurring in the course of “perestroika”; crash of communistic idea and absence of new idea, which induced ideologists, politicians, the scientific and creative intellectuals to its search, formulation and justification; reflection of a history – the recent and remote past and the present, proceeding within a historical subject and with the use of an artistic technique of documentation; symbolical marked dates (the 1000 anniversary of the Rus’ Christianization and the 200 anniversary of Patriotic War of 1812); and return to life of the culture layers forbidden or lost relevance in the recent past. This paper designates ways of research of the art forms related to canonic liturgical texts and actions, which is of great theoretical value.

    pdf 162-169.pdf  (317 Kb)

  • Shak F.M.
    Soviet jazz as phenomenon of mass culture

    This paper deals with the processes of style content and sociocultural existence of the national jazz. The purpose of work is to demonstrate a number of the substantial differences between the Soviet and western jazz, in particular, to identify belonging of the first to the easier variety music. The author underlines that the Soviet jazz has a special style color, penetrated by variety connotations and freely identified not only by skilled experts, but also by musicians of the younger generation. Special consideration receives the judgment stated by the American musicologist F. Tirro that separate style versions of the modern western jazz and especially a post-bop style belong to processes of neoclassicism. Internal logic of development of post-bop improvisations, their structural complexity and focus on creative reconsideration of gains of the 1940 – 1950 jazz allows us to claim that with the emergence of this style, jazz music has acquired the new, higher level of the esthetic organization. In spite of the fact that in the Soviet jazz there were many artistically significant projects, and its style coverage stretched from fusion music to the vanguard non-idiomatic improvisations, the genre lacked the basis so typical for the American scene based on many-year traditions and esthetic searches. Theoretical value of the paper lies in detection of variety specifics of the Soviet jazz. In the author’s opinion, the synergy of jazz practices with popular music helped the considered genre to reject the sum of «bourgeois» connotations and receive legitimation in official culture of the USSR.

    pdf 170-178.pdf  (332 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Dovgal V.À.
    Analysis of the main modern trends in development of the cloud-based technologies in e-Learning industry

    The paper discusses the basic modern trends in development of the cloud-based technologies in education and analyzes their advantages and application risks.

    pdf 131-136.pdf  (366 Kb)

  • Kizdermishov A.A.
    On voluntary certification of means of the automated analysis of security and detection of vulnerabilities

    The paper deals with the questions related to maintaining the actual register of the scanners recommended to owners of the user information resources (information which is stored at private-home worksta- tions and laptops) for identification and neutralization of vulnerabilities. Obligatory points of specifications for voluntary certification of means of pentest are offered. The analysis of systems of voluntary certification concerning need of creation of new system of voluntary certification with distribution area on means of pentest is given.

    pdf 137-141.pdf  (318 Kb)

  • Kazakov M.A., Karmokov M.Kh.
    The method to automate calculation of genetic similarity and genetic distance in chironomids of the genus Chironomus by the Nei criterion

    The results of studies on the development of a way to automate the calculation of genetic simi- larity and genetic distance in chironomids of the genus Chironomus by the Nei criteria are presented. A program product with a simple, intuitive interface allowing quick and easy calculation of the genetic distances and simi- larity is described.

    pdf 142-145.pdf  (401 Kb)

  • Mamiy A.R.
    System performance identification with analog computing

    The paper provides calculations of characteristics of a composite signal passing through the differentiating chain, as well as hardware implementation of the device basing on operational amplifiers.

    pdf 146-148.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • Zangiev T.T., Lyzhko V.M., Buchatskiy P.Yu.
    Algorithm of problem solution on parametric array optimization of biopower stations

    The paper discusses the problem related to creation of an optimum parametric array of biopower stations. Optimization of parametric arrays is based on definition of the demand function showing need for production with various values of parameters and the function of expenses identifying the link between production parameters and production and operation costs.

    pdf 149-153.pdf  (355 Kb)

  • Chernenko A.A.
    Driving interdepartmental routing of applications as a tool for dispatching in the operational scheduling system

    The paper deals with the structure of the information system of operational scheduling. An algorithm is offered for the calculation of the production schedule. The definition of application and its life cycle are given. Based on this definition, we propose an algorithm of interdepartmental routing of applications, as well as the technique of organization of data exchange between modules of production schedule calculation and dispatching.

    pdf 154-160.pdf  (344 Kb)

  • A.Kh. Karanashev, E.À. Panfilova, A.G. Karasheva, N.T. Stas

    In terms of economic modernization recognition of corporate culture dominant in the creation of the innovative capacity of companies and competitive advantages through value chain is an organizational phenomenon. The application of methodological tools of fuzzy sets allows taking into account the multidimensionality and heterogeneity of qualitative factors of influence (contribution) of corporate culture in the creation of competitive value chains (value) of the company. The method of application of the theory of fuzzy sets is based on inaccurate and inconsistent factors corresponding to the real economic situation in which the enterprises operate. They are characterized by imperfect information, fuzzy management decision-making processes and achievements of events. The result, characterized by analytical determination of priorities for the factors included in the analysis, makes them comparable. The purpose of the method of fuzzy logic is to improve the quantitative informational justify of strategic planning processes, in particular in the regional aspect of corporate culture.

    pdf 220-231.pdf  (875 Kb)

    Economics history
  • D.N. Aleynikov

    Early formation of synthetic balance, one of the most significant events in the genesis of double-entry bookkeeping, isn’t described enough in the scientific literature. We focused on the process of constructing a synthetic balance on the basis of the analytical balance calculations in previous publications. However, we could not realize another very important task: linking analytical balance positions with the information of General and Secret Ledgers due to lack of historical data. The paper made an attempt to select archive material of the earlier periods of the company, Francesco Datini in Avignon. It contained all the necessary accounting registers. It will help to obtain the desired results. The author pays his particular attention to the indicators generated by double entry method as a part of integrated bookkeeping. In this regard, the study of analytical balances formation procedure according to the double-entry bookkeeping is very important.

    pdf 41-59.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • M.M. Gurskaya

    The new results in the study of accounting information system of the com- pany Datini in Avignon (40) gave the opportunity to look differently not only at the balance of the earliest synthetic and analytical calculations used for its formation, but also to return to the study of Jacques Savary work «Perfect trader» (1675) carried out a few years ago. The author produced additional researches of financial results forming suggsted by J. Savary 265 years later. The paper reveals their identity and presents a real example of an updated presentation of the theory of varieties of balances, based on the Savary’s work.

    pdf 60-72.pdf  (542 Kb)

  • A.V. Kuznetsov

    The scientific article discusses the peculiarities of the crisis, which, according to experts, turned out to be a modern accounting. It substantiates that the crisis are caused by shortcomings of the existing balance of doctrine. The author considers the possibility of using E. Degranzh’s groundwork as a supplement or alternative. The advanced concept is developed on the bases of disadvantages analyses of this theory, as “Degranzh and Pacioli’s rule”. It is a synthesis of Luca Pacioli and Edmond Degranzh’s ideas. Numerous examples demonstrate the possibility of applying this rule to interpret the double entry, to solve basic problems of accounting theory as well as an effective means of crisis.

    pdf 73-86.pdf  (138 Kb)

  • A.V. Kuznetsov, I.G. Panzhenskaya

    The paper considers peculiarities of development before the reforms of Peter I. It presents the general characteristic of the most widely used accounting records — wooden tags and birch certificates. The analysis of the text of “patriarchal despotism” according to Silvestrov’s edition refuted the notion that the whole attitude towards integration was contemptuous. The authors propose the classification variant of account books used in the monasteries connected with modern accounting methodology. They restore the chronology of the activities existed in the XVII century Accounts Order. This helps to eliminate the differences concerning the date of its formation.

    pdf 87-96.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • L.I. Kulikova

    One of the problems of accountancy is the issue of systematization of account management science development. In the economic literature there are various classification stages of accounting development. However, these studies are not sufficient to consider the scientific category «account management» in its historical aspect. The paper analyzes the historical experience in the form of ideas about the origin and development of the category «account management». Works of Professor A.M. Galagan as well as other well-known Russian scientists such as Kh. Arinushkin, N.A. Blatov, N.R. Weizman, Ya.M. Galperin, N.A. Kiparisov, I.A. Koshkin, N.S. Lunsky, A.P. Rudanovsky, E.E. Sievers and others in the field of accounting served as the methodological basis of the study in the late XIX and the beginning of the XX centuries. The paper examines the stages in the development account management as a science. The author considers a variety of approaches to the nature and content of account management, accounting, and other countable maintaining balance and other sciences. He shows the changes of economic essence and content of the counting sciences during their development.

    pdf 97-105.pdf  (233 Kb)

  • A.M. Musaelyan

    The paper considers the original form of accounts «in a column» (paragraph), developed by Francesco Datini for the first companies in Avignon. Francesco led the accounting department by himself then. The peculiarity of the accounts was that the debit account was in the early part of the book, and credit of the same account was located in the second part of the Ledger. If you want to launch the debit or credit balance, the amount of turns on the weak side of the account was transferred to the strong side on the register’s opposite side. The calculated balance was repaid in cash or transferred into the calculation book. Ruver recognized this form of the accounts as the prototype of accounts with parallel location of debit and credit. The author reveals facts of dynamic lines (chains) accounts paragraph application both on debit and credit sides of the register. He draws conclusions confirmed by real-world examples of circuits built from photocopies of the medieval merchant accounts books.

    pdf 106-117.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • V.Ya. Sokolov

    Scientists carry out solid studies of depreciation processes in the Middle Ages in Russia nowadays. This study has no less urgent topic. It reveals the accounting depreciation processes in Russia in XIX—XX centuries. The author considers issues of depreciation rates and methods of depreciation, depreciation in the accounting registers. He pays his particular attention to insufficient depreciation and over-depreciation of fixed assets. The paper examines theoretical position and methods of authoritative Russian scientists S.M. Baratz, A.M. Nyurenberg, A.K. Roshakhovsky, R.Ya.Weizmann, E.E. Sievers and others.

    pdf 118-123.pdf  (87 Kb)

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