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  • N.A. Sigida
    Virtue and humanity crisis

    The paper discusses social and philosophical bases of distinction of the concepts of “virtue” and “humanity”and proves that the humanity crisis is a steady form of healthy life of the western society.

    pdf sigida2013_2.pdf  (485 Kb)

  • V.Z. Akopyan
    The Armenian periodicals of the South of Russia during the soviet period

    The paper characterizes the main milestones in development of the Armenian periodicals of the South of Russia during the Soviet period. The author shows that the Soviet editions of disperse ethnoses were mainly national in language. The materials subordinated to ideological installations of a ruling regime prevailed in their contents.

    pdf akopyan2013_2.pdf  (212 Kb)

  • I.A. Gorbova
    Monastic system of helping those in need in the Kuban area in the second half of the 19th & early 20th centuries

    The paper discusses the monastic system of helping those in need in the Kuban area in the second half of the 19th & early 20th centuries. The author focuses the main attention on the organization of different types and forms of social support to certain categories of the population of the Kuban area, such as poor, aged and disabled members of societies, orphans, patients and wounded. The financial, medical and educational support of monasteries is considered.

    pdf gorbova2013_2.pdf  (234 Kb)

  • A.A. Kovalenko
    Standard and legal base in the labor and employment sphere, regulating the relations between the German employers and the Turkish guest workers in Germany (1990 ó early 21st century)

    The paper examines the legal regulation of the labor relations between the Turkish migrants and employers in the territory of the Federative Republic of Germany. The Turkish workers living in Germany are the object of this research. The Turkish guest workers, who live lawfully in the territory of Germany, have sufficient legal opportunities for implementation of labor activity.

    pdf kovalenko2013_2.pdf  (229 Kb)

  • N.P. Mudrova
    Publication of oral evidences on the historical past of the people of the Caucasus in thematic collections

    The paper deals with the analysis of oral evidences on history of the Caucasus, published in thematic collections describing the tribes and districts of the Caucasus. The author arrives at a conclusion that materials of the Collection are a valuable historical source on history of the region.

    pdf mudrova2013_2.pdf  (163 Kb)

  • A.N. Rubanova
    Mountaineers of the Caucasus and North Caucasus journals as a source on history of mountain emigration

    The paper discusses the Mountaineers of the Caucasus and North Caucasus journals, issued in Poland, France and Czechoslovakia during the intermilitary period, as a historical source on history of mountain emigration. These journals depicted the ideology of immigrants from the North-Western Caucasus on the most actual questions for Mahadzhirs: domestic and foreign policy of the Soviet Russia, formation of the independent mountain state in the Caucasus, creation of uniform language and the alphabet.

    pdf rubanova2013_2.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • F.Kh. Shebzukhova, I.I. Vashchenko
    Policy of the Soviet power in relation to the kulaks in the 1920s: discussions in VKP (b) Central Committee and in society

    In the paper, an attempt is undertaken to consider the concept of “the kulak” and to make an analysis of the course of discussions in society and in party on this problem. In this connection the alternative versions of the solution of the kulak problem are investigated.

    pdf shebzukhova2013_2.pdf  (235 Kb)

  • M.F. Aliyeva
    Concept of information culture: factorial and structural operationalization

    The paper deals with the concept definition of information culture. The concept of information culture is interpreted here as one of the aspects of the cultural activity connected with social essence of the person. Development of sociocultural reality by the person is considered as a phenomenon the emergence of which is caused by development of new information technologies, as well as other innovations in this sphere.

    pdf aliyeva2013_2.pdf  (206 Kb)

  • S.A. Berzegova
    Ways of overcoming legal nihilism

    Need of creation of civil society for our country demands the deep analysis of a problem related to increase of level of legal culture of the Russian citizens. The legal culture is inconceivable without sense of justice which is its central element. Today the sense of justice is exposed to peculiar deformations in the state and administrative environment. Deformations of sense of justice are considered in the paper as negative distortions of the ideological and psychological sphere of the personality and society. Distortions are most striking in the sphere of professional sense of justice. Among them is legal nihilism, legal infantility or immaturity of sense of justice, negative-legal radicalism, speculative-legal populism and moral-legal conformism.

    pdf berzegova2013_2.pdf  (207 Kb)

  • G.I. Bondarenko, T.B. Bersirov
    Modern sense of justice: main tendencies of development

    Special attention in the paper is paid to history of formation of civil society in Russia. The purpose of the paper is to focus attention to need of formation of high level of sense of justice on the one hand; and on the other, lawful behavior in the society. It is inferred that the mechanism of formation of civil society is a system of social communications and relations of the people having a certain level of sense of justice, caused by the economic and sociocultural relations, political and cultural interests, as well as by functions of institutes of the civil society, forming requirements and motivational structure of individuals, and, hence, social actions by means of which the administrative process is shown.

    pdf bondarenko2013_2.pdf  (200 Kb)

  • E.V. Vartanyan
    Legal culture of law students: problems of professional socialization

    An analysis is made of the questions related to development of legal culture in students of law faculties of higher education institutions. On the basis of the analysis of an empirical material prestigiousness of legal professions and dynamics of growth of public interest of the Russian population to them are shown. The author shows the need of high-quality modernization of the legal education answering to modern criteria which are shown to certified specialists of the legal sphere.

    pdf vartanyan2013_2.pdf  (286 Kb)

  • O.A.Volkova, A.V. Andrianov
    Role of workers` professional identity in social processes

    This work deals with the problems of professional identity of workers in innovative development of Russian modern society. Processes of innovative development of the country are the object of research. The subject of research is professional identity of workers in the conditions of innovative development. The purpose of work is to define a role of professional identity of workers in processes of innovative development of the country. Innovative development of the country in many respects depends on the workers having rich innovative potential and possessing strong and steady professional identity.

    pdf volkova2013_2.pdf  (196 Kb)

  • Z.A. Zhapuyev
    Social immunity as a subject of a scientific discourse

    This paper is devoted to poorly studied problem of social immunity which needs sociological conceptualization and formation of conceptual tools that make a subject field of this research.

    pdf zhapuyev2013_2.pdf  (194 Kb)

  • A.V. Korshunov
    Spiritual safety of Russia: main directions of institutional regulation

    Threats to spiritual safety of Russia, accurately fixed in its institutional space, demand taking measures of institutional character to minimize social risks and to strengthen spiritual and moral potential of the Russian society. This paper is devoted to research of these important aspects of a problem related to spiritual safety of Russia.

    pdf korshunov2013_2.pdf  (185 Kb)

  • V.V. Krivopuskov
    Conceptualization of trust as a sociological phenomenon

    The sociological theory of trust is characterized not only by considerable achievements in the field of research of a phenomenon of trust, but also by the methodological contradictions - derivatives of understanding the nature of trust and features of transformation of this phenomenon in modern operating conditions of society. In this paper the author shows need of the accounting of the accumulated knowledge of trust for each of these scientific branches, as well as builds his own sociological understanding of category of trust.

    pdf krivopuskov2013_2.pdf  (189 Kb)

  • V.E. Manapova
    Migration as a conflictogenity factor

    The paper discusses migration and the related conflicts. An analysis is made of the reasons of the interethnic conflicts in the conditions of globalization. The author arrives at a conclusion that dialogue of cultures is impossible without equality of cultures, respect for other values and compromise search.

    pdf manapova2013_2.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • L.A. Pryadkina, V.F. Reps
    Communicative function of tourism: sociocultural aspect

    The paper discusses a communicative function of tourism and the social and cultural environment of multiethnic regions of the North Caucasus, as well as a cross-cultural communication, conceived here to be the activity assuming interaction of representatives of different cultures in a life and in the course of joint professional activity among students of higher education institutions in the Kavkazskie Mineralnye Vody region.

    pdf pryadkina2013_2.pdf  (457 Kb)

  • V.A. Sergodeev
    Network Internet communities: essence and sociocultural characteristics

    An analysis is made of conceptual approaches to virtual community research. Internet community is defined as a special type of social association of users of the communication networks integration of which evolves from the general discourse in virtual space at a long and emotional involvement into communication process. Sociocultural features of network Internet communities are characterized.

    pdf sergodeev2013_2.pdf  (208 Kb)

  • E.A. Sergodeeva
    Traditions in modern society: features of designing identity

    The paper provides the culture and philosophic analysis of a role and a place of traditions in formation of personal identity in modern society. The author proves that tradition can be conceived as a sociocultural paradigm of formation of style of thinking and behavior, thematizing historicity. It is noted that process of designing identity in “post-traditional” society assumes pluralism of traditions and communication between them.

    pdf sergodeeva2013_2.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • E.A Slatvinskaya, K.G. Reps
    Sociocultural dynamics of medical tourism in the Kavkazskie Mineralnye Vody: regional aspect

    The paper examines medical tourism, features of its formation and development in the region of Kavkazskie Mineralnye Vody. An analysis is given of structure of recreational services and their demand in a complex of medical tour. The importance of formation of the region initially as resort district is noted.

    pdf slatvinskaya2013_2.pdf  (332 Kb)

  • N.V. Tsarakhova
    Sociocultural content of a problem of drug addiction in the youth environment

    The paper discloses a problem of overcoming negative processes of involvement of young generation in criminal practices, namely in a drug addiction. On the basis of the analysis of a statistical material the author reveals the outlined tendencies in the Russian society and discloses the major factors influencing a narcosituation.

    pdf tsarakhova2013_2.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • I.V. Sharaurov
    Complex influence of the social factors on health of the population of Russia (as shown by the Rostov region)

    The paper studies one of the actual problems of modern society, namely: influence of key social factors on health of the population of Russia. Attention is focused on consecutive and complex influence of unemployment, level of security, welfare and a way of life as social factors on degree of risks and receiving a burn trauma by the population of the Rostov region.

    pdf sharaurov2013_2.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • E.V. Shishkina
    Infosocialization of patients in conditions of health care informatization (from materials of sociological researches)

    This paper examines an infosocialization of the patients accompanying process of informatization of health care, and identifies in this regard the problem points in practice of introduction of information and communication technologies in health care. The author shows the importance of a studied question behind which is a quality of life and wellbeing of the population.

    pdf shishkina2013_2.pdf  (169 Kb)

  • S.B. Shulenkova
    Interethnic interaction in the multiethnic region (using an example of the Adyghea Republic)

    In the paper, on the basis of materials of the conducted sociological research the author analyzes the features of interethnic interaction of Russians and Adyghes. A characteristic of a modern ethnodemographic situation in the Adyghea Republic is given. Recommendations for stability strengthening in the region are provided.

    pdf shulenkova2013_2.pdf  (200 Kb)

  • O.A. Malkina
    Features of law subjectness of the personality in Muslim and Russian criminal law

    The present paper discusses the features of definition, in the Muslim and Russian law, of such elements of law subjectness of the person as legal capacity and criminal sanity.

    pdf malkina2013_2.pdf  (196 Kb)

  • G.I. Rudakova
    Legal aspects of traffic safety

    This paper is devoted to safety of traffic participants in Russia. On the basis of study of a standard material, small in number scientific articles, reports in situ and mass media analytical programs it is inferred that work on safety on roads is insufficient. Hence, it is necessary to correct, taking into account command of time, “Traffic Regulations”, having changed their legal status to Law level, as well as to make changes in articles of the criminal code of the Russian Federation on responsibility for road accident, taking an opportunity of its new edition.

    pdf rudakova2013_2.pdf  (205 Kb)

  • I.B. Khakonova
    The hospital cash in the structure of workers’ insurance under the Law of the Russian Empire “On the health insurance of workers”

    This work discusses accidental and health insurance of workers in the Russian Empire. The Law of 1912 “On the health insurance of the workers”, thanks to which an insurance institute appears for the first time, is analyzed in the paper.

    pdf khakonova2013_2.pdf  (207 Kb)

  • N.S. Chebanova
    The features of function control of the Moscow state orders at the jurisdiction according to standards of the Cathedral Code of 1649

    The paper is devoted to the regulation of activity of the Moscow state orders at the jurisdiction according to standards of the Cathedral Code of 1649. The adoption of this code enriched essentially the law-making practice of the Moscow state.

    pdf chebanova2013_2.pdf  (184 Kb)

  • Kh.M. Shakhbanova
    The content of concept of “Educational Center” within reforming the criminal - justice system

    The paper discloses the content of concept of “Educational Center” within reforming the criminal - justice system. In particular, the author lists the main objectives of the educational center, as well as its internal structure.

    pdf shakhbanova2013_2.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • E.V. Nikolaeva
    On typology of fractals in the culture theory

    The paper is devoted to a problem of fractal classification in a culturological research field. This work examines some terminological variants of fractals used in modern urbanistics and literary criticism along with the types of fractals accepted in mathematics. The specific content of different types of fractals related to cultural phenomena is revealed and the term of “conceptual fractal” is proposed for the description of nonspatial fractality of sociocultural systems and objects.

    pdf nikolaeva2013_2.pdf  (234 Kb)

  • N.S. Pichko
    The Russian culture in a context of an orthodox world view

    The paper is devoted to research of the Russian culture in a context of an orthodox world view, to identification of the factors lying in the basis of the birth of the Russian spirituality and its nature, to the analysis of features of the Russian culture and Russian national consciousness and to consideration of spiritual aspect of the Russian cultural experience. In the paper, an analysis is made of scientific literature on comprehension of the Russian culture in a context of an orthodox world view and on definition of a role of the religion which has affected the formation and preservation of basic cultural wealth in the Russian culture.

    pdf pichko2013_2.pdf  (371 Kb)

    Political Science
  • R.F. Aynutdinov
    Problems and prospects of development of the constitutional state in Russia: political aspect

    The paper explores political aspects and prospects of development of the constitutional state in Russia. An analysis is made of scientific ideas of the constitutional state in political and legal thought. The author examines the relationship of the state and the personality and their influence at each other in the constitutional state. The main directions of development of the constitutional state in Russia are defined.

    pdf aynutdinov2013_2.pdf  (245 Kb)

  • A.Kh. Sukiasyan, O.G. Evstifeeva
    Institutionalization mechanism for social responsibility of business

    The paper provides the author's understanding of the institutionalization mechanism for social responsibility of business on regional space. The attention is focused on such mechanism of an institutionalization as increase of degree of subjectness, i.e. level of understanding by business community of their interests, including social responsibility. The author notes that political subjectness of the Russian business should be considered in the conditions of a prevalence of informal practices concerning “the power-business community” interaction. This is because now conditions and factors of formation of political subjectness of domestic business community are determined by mechanisms of the state corporativism which describe practice of state regulation of process of an articulation of interests and business community requirements for the purpose of state establishment as a source of their legitimacy.

    pdf sukiasyan2013_2.pdf  (186 Kb)

  • A.Yu. Shadzhe
    "Adygheya won my heart"

    pdf shadzhe2013_2.pdf  (186 Kb)

    Abstracts of Monographs
  • A.S. Ivaschenko
    Monograph by Ivaschenko A.S. “Policy of the USA concerning Afghanistan (1945-1998)”, published in Moscow in 2000. Work length 357 p., 430 sources of information

    In the monograph, on the basis of the original sources the author gives the objective analysis of the purposes of US policy concerning Afghanistan and their evolution. For the first time an attempt is undertaken to examine the evolution of the US policy concerning Afghanistan from 1945 to 1998 depending on development of the Soviet (Russian) - Afghan relations. The book clears up and analyzes separate aspects of policy of the USA concerning Afghanistan which were not depicted not only in domestic, but also in the American historiography, in particular, humanitarian assistance of the USA to the Afghan refugees and displaced persons. During research the following principles were used: the account of variety of interests in the international affairs, an assessment of all processes from realism positions, a freedom of choice, a priority of universal values, etc. It is proved that the USA did not assign a priority part to Afghanistan in the foreign policy strategy in the South Western Asia both before the events on April 27, 1978 in this country, and after them. Results of research can be used when studying the international relations in the South Western Asia. The concrete facts and conclusions presented in the monograph, can become indispensable support when studying foreign policy of the USA and Afghanistan, as well as when developing lecture courses, special courses and special seminars on problems of policy of the USA concerning developing countries. The monograph is intended for specialists in the international relations, teachers of higher education institutions and students.

    pdf ivaschenko2013_2.pdf  (91 Kb)

    The Economic Theory
  • R.B. Gabdullin
    The processes of transformation of economic systems: the theory of multi-vector

    The paper analyzes and systematizes the theoretical views of representatives of the various schools of economic thought on the problems of economic development. Also this work proves methodologically the strategic objectives to ensure sustainable development of the national economic system of Kazakhstan.

    pdf gabdullin2013_2.pdf  (269 Kb)

  • D.V. Naydenov
    Sources of modern city as a system subject of social and economic relations

    In the paper, using an example of historical cities, we investigate the reasons and conditions of city formation and the role of system city-forming holdings in sustainable development of city community.

    pdf naydenov2013_2.pdf  (227 Kb)

    Financial Markets
  • V.V. Kuzmenko, A.V. Kayvanov
    Performance criteria in the Russian system of differentiated contributions to a deposit insurance fund

    The paper argues expediency of introduction in Russia of differentiated system of contributions to the Deposit Insurance Fund and defines the main criteria to facilitate the development, organization and continuous improvement of such a mechanism.

    pdf kuzmenko2013_2.pdf  (263 Kb)

  • A.Sh. Meretukov
    The evolution of a financial subsystem of corporation in conditions of post-industrial transformations

    The paper discusses the approach to research of evolution of a financial subsystem of modern corporation and defines the main instruments of development of this subsystem.

    pdf meretukov2013_2.pdf  (187 Kb)

  • B.Kh. Tsiku
    Problems of financial market development in modern Russia

    Several models are known that historically describe the financial market of the world and of individual countries of the world. The author of this paper solves a serious problem to show trends and conditions of financial market development in modern Russia based on certain patterns of development of the world financial market.

    pdf tsiku2013_2.pdf  (266 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • A.A. Balikoev
    The controlling in the development of region functional subsystems

    The functional intensely interrelating subsystems, making a great contribution to the potential of competitiveness of regional economic system, are formed inside the region. To analyze this contribution, as well as to provide the correct strategy line of their development, the instrument of one of the promising directions of contemporary economics – the controlling – is used. This paper presents instrumental potentialities of the controlling in the development of functional subsystems of the region.

    pdf balikoev2013_2.pdf  (172 Kb)

  • A.G. Dobrovolsky
    Strategic priorities in the Adyghea Republic development and mechanisms of overcoming its lag in social and economic space of the Southern macroregion

    This paper discusses some aspects of substantiating the strategic priorities in the development of the Adyghea Republic, one of the budget-deficit regions of the South of Russia, from the position of overcoming its lag in economic space of the macroregion. Particular attention is given to providing a mechanism for the instrumental implementation of regional priorities.

    pdf dobrovolsky2013_2.pdf  (191 Kb)

  • M.G. Kovalenko
    Strategy to diversify the region's economy as a means to ensure the homogeneity of the socio-economic environment and the tools for its implementation

    The paper discusses a number of aspects of the revitalization of process of economic diversification in the region, functionally oriented on smoothing intraregional socio-economic differences. Particular attention is paid to the justification of the strategy to diversify the region's economy and to basic tools for its implementation.

    pdf kovalenko2013_2.pdf  (226 Kb)

  • N.A. Koroleva, N.A. Khilko
    The diagnostics of competitiveness in the interaction of system subjects at mezzo level of organization of economic relations

    The competitiveness has become the dominative feature of interaction between system subjects at mezzo level of organization of economic relations. The integration of Russia into WTO makes more actual the demand in elaborating the new mechanisms of diagnostics of competition potential, which are adapted to the process of interaction of corporations, web organizations and regional economic systems. The present paper describes the approaches to elaboration of the indicated diagnostic mechanisms of competitiveness.

    pdf koroleva2013_2.pdf  (197 Kb)

  • D.V. Skulches
    Improving the mechanisms of elaboration and realization of target medium-term programs of socio-economic development of the region

    The paper discusses a number of unexplored aspects related to the improvement of the development of medium-term target programs for the region development focused upon increasing regional competitiveness. Special attention is given to the programs implemented in the South macroregion.

    pdf skulches2013_2.pdf  (299 Kb)

  • A.A. Tamov, A.G. Dobrovolsky
    Theoretical and methodological issues in the study of inter-regional socio-economic differentiation in the space of macro-region

    This paper discusses some aspects of smoothing inter-regional socio-economic differences in the Southern macro-region in terms of opportunities to ensure the accelerated development of its small budget-deficit regions. Particular attention is given to such issues as the causes, criteria for manifestation, methods of measurement, the effects of regional disparities, as well as the prospects for their smoothing in the macro-region.

    pdf tamov2013_2.pdf  (195 Kb)

  • I.N. Tomshinskaya
    Development of sub-regional spatial localizations in Russia (using St. Petersburg as an example)

    The meso-level is characterized by the weak institutional environment. For its development it is necessary to form sub-regional spatial localizations which are clusters, special economic zones and agglomeration development kernels. Existence in St. Petersburg of sub-regional spatial localizations defines an innovative way of development of the region.

    pdf tomshinskaya2013_2.pdf  (213 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • R.K. Belmekhov
    Realization of an integrated approach to resource capacity assessment for the agricultural enterprise

    This paper discusses various approaches to a resource capacity assessment and their shortcomings, the basic of which is lack of the integrated, system approach, allowing an analysis of the whole set of indicators of resource capacity. The work presents the methodology of a complex expert assessment of the resource capacity, considering three major components: existing level of resource security of all major elements of the enterprise capacity, level of realization of capacity of each of these elements and influence of environment on a condition of elements of resource capacity.

    pdf belmekhov2013_2.pdf  (438 Kb)

  • N.N. Vorobyev, A.N. Potapova
    Formation and expansion of the market of ecologically clean agricultural products

    In many countries we observe an expansion of production and consumption of eco-products. The situation in agriculture of Russia can become an ideal jumping-off ground for entering the world market of ecologically clean agricultural products. To increase the potential capacity of the market share of these products it is necessary to mentally prepare consumers, to take interest of producers in the production of these products and to create appropriate conditions for the support and state regulation of the environmental market.

    pdf vorobyev2013_2.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • T.G. Gurnovich, L.A. Latysheva, R.G. Karsliev
       Effectiveness assessment of external financing of entrepreneurial activity in agrarian economy   

    Methodical bases of evaluating the effectiveness of external financing of entrepreneurial activity in agrarian economy are especially important in the contemporary economy, accompanied by manifestations and the effects of the global financial liquidity crisis. In this paper we investigate economic activities of agribusiness, presented as a process of exploitation of operating funds. We examine the opportunity of optimum management of entrepreneurial structure by differentiated impact on business processes. For this purpose in order to carry out quantitative assessments of the impact of changing volumes of external financing and its value on the business results we developed and formalized the so-called coefficient of dynamic effect of external finance of industry. It is inferred that in order to assess this impact it is necessary to take into account the possibility of increased activity as compared to the estimated costs of servicing borrowed capital.

    pdf gurnovich2013_2.pdf  (417 Kb)

  • O.A. Tupikova
    On the consequences of entry of Russia in the Worldwide Trade Organization

    The paper deals with the problems that can emerge in the Russian agro-industrial complex after entry of the country into the WTO. The author proposes a system of measures to minimize the negative impact of this on the agro-industrial complex.

    pdf tupikova2013_2.pdf  (257 Kb)

    Mathematical Methods in Economy
  • G.V. Gorelova, I.S. Gorelova, E.N. Zakharova
    Game-theoretical modeling of interaction of the composite systems represented by hierarchical cognitive maps

    The paper presents the models of the hierarchical cognitive maps describing composite systems the interaction of which is modeled by multi-step games. The proposed combination of game-theoretic and cognitive modeling to study and prove the adoption of administrative decisions in composite systems is illustrated with an example of modeling of systems of small and medium business.

    pdf gorelova2013_2.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • E.I. Krivokora
    The problems of modeling the communicative space

    The status and development of communicative space in the modern economy determines the competitiveness and efficiency of the business entities. The paper studies special properties of the communicative space with the new trends in the economy and highlights its key features and life cycle stages. The author develops a model of communication network as a form of communicative interactions.

    pdf krivokora2013_2.pdf  (247 Kb)

  • T.G. Saakyan
    Role of forecasting in ensuring financial stability of the enterprise

    The paper is focused on the importance of financial forecasting in ensuring stability of economic subjects. The author describes the conceptual model of forecasting financial stability of the enterprise and basic provisions of adaptive approach to the solution of forecasted tasks in the conditions of uncertainty.

    pdf saakyan2013_2.pdf  (199 Kb)

  • M.V. Chistova
    Model of dependence of the gross regional product of Stavropol territory on expenses for scientific researches and elaborations by the enterprises and organizations of the territory

    The paper gives a structural and dynamic analysis of values of gross regional product produced within the Stavropol Territory and discusses the features of a regional innovative policy using Stavropol Territory as an example. The author analyzes key indicators of efficiency of a regional innovative policy and elaborates polynomial models of dependence of gross regional product on expenses for scientific researches and workings out of the enterprises and the organizations within the Stavropol Territory.

    pdf chistova2013_2.pdf  (430 Kb)

    Service Economy
  • S.Kh. Berlina
    Evaluation of the state and tendencies in economic development of commercial medical service organizations

    An analysis is made of the advantages and disadvantages of the main methodical approaches to the evaluation of the state of economic development of commercial medical services as the forecasting bankruptcy models and the ratio analysis of financial indices. The author introduces her own method of calculation of this index basing upon the sum of the quantitative and qualitative index analyses of organization activity.

    pdf berlina2013_2.pdf  (241 Kb)

  • V.V. Vakhovsky
    On importance of professional education as a factor of development of manpower competitiveness

    This paper gives the general understanding of manpower competitiveness, as well as shows the importance of professional education as one of the factors of the development of competitiveness. In addition, the general state of education in the Russian Federation is defined and its weak and strong points are indicated. Promising directions of increase of manpower competitiveness are proposed.

    pdf vakhovsky2013_2.pdf  (240 Kb)

  • O.G. Gisina
    Realization of complex approach in estimation of competitiveness of higher education institution and its products

    An analysis is made of factors of higher education institution competitiveness and their relation to other qualitative and quantitative parameters of institution activity. The author defines the most important factors of parameter choice for activity estimation and proposes a model of competitiveness estimation for a subject of education market.

    pdf gisina2013_2.pdf  (272 Kb)

  • V.E. Kasyanova
    On formation of the scientific and educational cluster in the Krasnodar Region

    The paper substantiates the necessity of creation and development of scientific and educational cluster in the conditions of post-industrial transformations of modern Russia. The author discusses the possibility of the formation of the new economy, namely: the knowledge economy in the Krasnodar Region, and the scientific center on a country scale.

    pdf kasyanova2013_2.pdf  (206 Kb)

  • Yu.V. Kotenko
    The principles and formation strategy of an infrastructure platform for development of human factor at mezzo level

    The process of intensive development of a human factor at mezzo level assumes formation of qualitatively new infrastructure platform providing support of basic needs of this factor. In this case it is insufficient to use possibilities of existing territorial infrastructure of modern Russia. This paper presents the principles and formation strategy of an infrastructure platform for development of a human factor of the region.

    pdf kotenko2013_2.pdf  (158 Kb)

  • E.À. Yarushkina
    Approaches to the classification of educational service organization in Russia

    The paper examines the main classifications of the service educational organizations according to the new Federal Law “About Education in the Russian Federation” and still existing Federal Law “About Education”, namely: the main types, kinds and organizationally – legal forms of the education organizations.

    pdf yarushkina2013_2.pdf  (197 Kb)

  • G.V. Gubin
    Productivity assessment of management of industrial complex restructuring in the region

    The key point in management of the industrial complex restructuring in the region is the assessment of the impact of actions carried out within its framework. The paper discusses the main approaches to the definition of the restructuring effect. The author proposes a methodology of assessing the impact of restructuring in the context of harmonization of the state, business and social interests.

    pdf gubin2013_2.pdf  (261 Kb)

    Taxes and the Taxation
  • L.Yu. Bagdasaryan, N.S. Beskorovaynaya, V.V. Kuzmenko
    VAT payments as the indicator of the condition of tax discipline in branches of material goods production

    This paper shows the factors influencing the size of value added tax payments. Calculations of VAT quantitative dependence on development of branches of goods production and investments into fixed capital are carried out.

    pdf bagdasaryan2013_2.pdf  (259 Kb)

  • S.V. Karpenko, T.A. Silina, M.E. Ordynskaya
    New opportunities of tax optimization for small business on the basis of the comparative analysis of special systems of the taxation

    Development of small business is one of the priority directions of economic policy in Russia. For this purpose various tools of economic policy are used, among which tax levers are of great importance. The ten-year experience shows that special modes of the taxation promote to a large extent the development of small business. This paper examines and compares the key parameters of the patent system and the uniform tax on imputed income.

    pdf karpenko2013_2.pdf  (293 Kb)

    Abstracts of Monographs
  • E.N. Zakharova, E.P. Avramenko
    Management of the economic capacity of the region on the basis of Foresight. Maikop: AGU Publishing House, 2012. 220 pp.

    The monograph presents methodological approaches to an assessment of economic potential at regional level; the quantitative assessment of realization extent of economic potential for subjects of the Southern Federal District; and the mechanism of using Foresight technique in the course of defining the promising directions of regional development. The authors describe their concept of synergetic capacity of the region consisting of economic capacities of municipalities, forming the region. The mechanism is developed of management of the municipalities’ economic capacity, focused on use of territorial marketing methods. The monograph is intended for scientists, post-graduate students, teachers of higher education institutions and for the experts who elaborate the questions related to management of the economic capacity of the region.

    pdf zakharova1_2013_2.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • E.N. Zakharova, L.I. Brovkina
    Institutional mechanisms of financial security of regional agrarian and industrial complex. Maikop: AGU Publishing House, 2012. - 140 pp.

    The monograph substantiates the conceptual approach to study the interaction of subjects of financial security of development of agro-industrial production at regional level. The authors work out institutional determinants to develop financing agro-business in modern conditions; and propose a new approach in order to form the open integrated agro-systems. Preference is proved to develop a property type of the holding relations in the agro-industrial sphere, caused by organizational stability of this form. A model is presented to form a system of the agro-clusters connected both territorially and functionally in the territory of the region. The mechanism is developed of securitization of land assets of agricultural producers by issuing of the bonded loans, allowing attraction of necessary financial resources for development of territorial agro-clusters. The monograph is intended for scientists, post-graduate students, teachers of higher education institutions and for the experts, engaged in financial security of agro-industrial complex at regional level.

    pdf zakharova2_2013_2.pdf  (126 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • M.V. Dikalova
    Professional readiness of teachers for distance learning of disabled children

    This paper deals with the formation of readiness of teachers to implement remote technologies in education of disabled children. The work shows the essence of distance learning as a system of the organization of purposeful interaction of teachers and pupils, describes specifics of their educational activity, gives the characteristic of model of distance learning, as well as defines the essence and structure of teacher readiness for realization of distance learning.

    pdf dikalova2013_2.pdf  (207 Kb)

  • E.A. Efimova
    Employer in the university system of educational quality management

    The paper shows the necessity of employers’ participation in the university system of educational quality management. An analysis is made of the character of interactions between employers and university stakeholders (students and lecturers). The main features and forms of employers’ participation in the working out and realization of general educational programs are given. Besides, the author describes the employers’ functions on different steps of university educational quality management.

    pdf efimova2013_2.pdf  (192 Kb)

  • M.V. Zhivoglyad, V.A. Petkov
    Future teachers training for work on the ethnic socialization of teenagers

    The developed social situation in the Russian society becomes a nutrient medium to develop and display interethnic intensity that turns people into subjects of intolerance in relation to representatives of other ethnic groups. Therefore studying a process of ethnic socialization is especially topical in multiethnic regions of Russia. This paper discloses the main intrinsic characteristics of ethnic socialization and its functions, shows its significance in formation of the ethnocultural identity of teenagers and possibilities of pedagogical support in ethnic socialization of teenagers, as well as defines the conceptual bases of future teachers training to work on ethnic socialization of teenagers. The made analysis of factors allowed the authors to reveal and to experimentally confirm the conditions of formation of readiness of the teacher to interact with teenagers of various nationalities. The paper demonstrates the features and the content of ethnocultural training of future teachers, the ways of design of pedagogical model and technology, the main stages of this process, the criteria and diagnostic tools of development efficiency of students’ readiness to work on ethnic socialization of teenagers.

    pdf zhivoglyad2013_2.pdf  (246 Kb)

  • N.V. Kaguy
    Modelling of pedagogical preschool childhood system on the cross-cultural bases in the conditions of early bilingual education of global society: the way of the child entry to the global value and standard system

    The paper proves the need to modify the modern education system in compliance with the globalization challenges. The author proposes to consider thematic and didactic filling of cultural enrichment of preschool children in the conditions of early bilingual education as the means of early socialization of the child. Special attention is paid to allocation of conceptual culturological approaches. The multicultural approach, based on a cross-cultural paradigm as new ontology of modern language education of global society, is considered to be the basic. The work presents the complete system of modeling of pedagogical preschool childhood system on the cross-cultural bases in the conditions of early bilingual education of global society as a way of the child entry to global value and standard system. Theoretical development is confirmed by results of introduction of practice-oriented technology for multicultural education of preschool children in the course of early bilingual education.

    pdf kaguy2013_2.pdf  (261 Kb)

  • T.V. Karpova
    Communication in the context of pupil’s socialization

    The paper deals with the study of socialization and communication in their correlation and interconditionality. Therefore the etymology of socialization is developed, two types of dynamics of innovations in the structure of the social achievement of personhood are determined. Based on the study of the leading scientists views, the analysis of socialization conditions and changing the role of communication in that process in different ages of human development are represented by the author of the paper. The necessity of referring communication to the important component of socialization factors is revealed and substantiated. The work also discusses the phenomenology and the laws of the communication, which are of great value for scientific research on the problems of development of the personality and its public interaction with the environment.

    pdf karpova2013_2.pdf  (231 Kb)

  • E.Yu. Lipilina
    Analysis of results of formation of professional and creative abilities of the competitive garment designer

    The paper presents the model of development of professional and creative abilities in future garment designer and results of its experimental approbation. The author characterizes the professional and creative abilities of the garment designer and criteria indicators of their formation. Stages and methods of formation of professional and creative abilities of students are described. The psychological and pedagogical conditions providing efficiency of creative development of the personality in educational process are substantiated.

    pdf lipilina2013_2.pdf  (424 Kb)

  • Z.K. Meretukova, A.R. Chinazirova
    Suggestopedia culture of the teacher as the condition of realization of developing training

    The paper discusses topicality of developing training, essence of the concepts of “suggestiopedia culture”, “asking questions” and their content filling. The authors substantiate the interrelation of culture of a didactic asking questions and realization of the developing potential of problem training. In this connection the authors propose a definition of the concept of “problem training”, its content characteristics and prove correlation of methods of problem training and asking questions from the point of view of a triad “the purpose – value – creative thinking”.

    pdf meretukova2013_2.pdf  (194 Kb)

  • V.A. Petkov, K.V. Shkuropiy
    Genesis of the content of education of territorial colleges at the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th centuries

    Results of multi-aspect comprehension of positive historical and pedagogical experience accumulated throughout long forward development of the Russian school are considered as one of the leading factors when updating the content of the general education, including initial, and developing its technological support. System character of modern educational innovations determines reconsideration of both the widely known facts of development of primary education and search of the new facts of the Russian and regional character in history of territorial college, the work with which allows actualization of national school heritage. It has been established that essential impact on selection of the content of elementary education was exerted by the factor of complicated dialectic interaction of the leading social institutes participating in creation of national school. Multidirectional nature of vision of educational mission of national school on the part of a rural community, figures of public and pedagogical movement, elective district council and the state caused wide variable character of the content of elementary education. Scientific and pedagogical, intuitive, skilled and regional tendencies were revealed in development of the content of education in territorial college. It is defined that by the beginning of the 20th century the territorial college had got the status of school of the first step of the general education. It is inferred that the territorial college can be defined as the self-developing type of elementary school which has realized educational inquiries of civil society in its activity.

    pdf petkov2013_2.pdf  (275 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • F.K. Urakova
    Psychological and pedagogical preparation and modern technologies of students training in professional education at the pedagogy and psychology faculty

    The paper discusses the main problems of psychological and pedagogical students training, prospects of their development, modern technologies of students training in the professional education, allowing mobilization of all resources to increase productivity of the training, conforming to modern national and international requirements. This process is connected with the transition to the new educational standards (FGOS), the methodological basis of which is the person focused paradigm of education. The person-focused system of the higher school led to a multilevelness of student training (a specialist programme, a bachelor degree, a magistracy and post-graduate study). Effective formation of psychological and pedagogical education requires the solution of problems of a methodical orientation. Their topicality is caused by features of the main educational programs of bachelor and master training the bases of which are the credit and modular system and the competence-based approach.

    pdf urakova2013_2.pdf  (216 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • K.S. Kuchmistov
    Psychological factors of the individual involvement in destructive sects: problem statement

    On the basis of the analysis of available sources, the general and most significant criterion for sect disruptiveness is allocated, namely: causing obvious harm to physical and (or) mental health of both sectarians and the people having no relation to sect. This work examines the factors which increase risk of the person entering the sect: the circumstances definitely influencing a mental condition and behavior of the subject, the sect with its various manipulative technologies, as well as individual and psychological features of the person.

    pdf kuchmistov2013_2.pdf  (201 Kb)

  • L.V. Tkhagalizhokova
    Structure and psychological predictors of personal self-determination: problem statement

    The paper discusses the well-known domestic and foreign psychological concepts of self-determination. It is shown that great attention of researchers is paid to professional self-determination in youth. An analysis is made of concepts of moral and economic self-determination in youth. It is inferred that the comprehension of essence, structure, stages and psychological mechanisms of formation of professional self-determination in youth is most developed in psychological researches. Dynamics of this phenomenon during more mature age periods is studied incidentally that complicates allocation of the psychological laws determining this process. No attention is paid by researchers to a studying of influence of new “hero” images of an era and other cultural and historical phenomena on process of self-determination of national, ethnic and regional traditions and stereotypes, as well as allocation of the rod values defining self-determination of the Russian citizen irrespective of his age cohort. These aspects are distinguished as the scientific problem having the high practical and applied importance.

    pdf tkhagalizhokova2013_2.pdf  (234 Kb)

  • B.A. Yasko
    Organizational psychology of education: from theoretical concepts to methodology and methods of research

    The paper discusses the main modern theoretical constructs of organizational psychology, in particular, organizational culture as one of the central categories of organizational psychology. The well-known theoretical justifications of organizational culture and related methodological approaches are allocated. It is shown that traditional adherence of organizational psychologists to problems of industrial psychology finds today deficiency of researches in the field of organizational and psychological processes in the non-productive sphere, in particular, in education. Using an example of organizational culture of city and rural schools, the author shows that results of such researches allow disclosure of organizational and psychological reserves and resources, leaning on which strategic management can see not only a situation “here and now”, but, which is not less important, prospects of the dynamics of organizational processes and consequently, to purposefully structure the joint activity within the concrete organizations.

    pdf yasko2013_2.pdf  (291 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • Zh.G. Anikienko
    Model of phisical training for student girls of universities, using means of fitness on the basis of consideration of their physical state

    The paper substantiates a model of the physical education for student girls of the universities, using the means of fitness, on the basis of individual approach to physical qualities level. Pedagogical expediency of the model is ensured by inclusion of design elements in its content, technologies of determination of physical preparedness, differentiation methods of fitness means, as well as a system for control and correction of content and technological aspects of educational process.

    pdf anikienko2013_2.pdf  (338 Kb)

  • E.V. Demchenko
    The comparative analysis of physical development and coordination abilities of almost healthy and hard of hearing children of younger school age living in the Adyghea Republic

    The hearing disorder is negatively reflected in the child’s activity. It greatly influences the physical development and level of coordination abilities. In order to develop a technique of rehabilitation riding occupations with children having a hearing disorder, we carried out the comparative analysis of physical development and coordination abilities of hard of hearing children and their almost healthy contemporaries. Also we have revealed lags of hard of hearing children in all studied parameters that actualizes a problem of physical training of children with this touch deprivation.

    pdf demchenko2013_2.pdf  (398 Kb)

  • I.I. Shtefanenko
    Influence of the level of group development and behaviour strategy in conflict situations on emotional burnout in handball teams

    This work is focused on the characteristics of emotional burnout in team sports. The paper shows the influence of the development level of sports teams and strategies of behavior in conflict situations in the course of burnout in them. The paper presents the indicators of three handball teams and analysis of the relationship of these parameters to each of the teams. The resulting statistics shows that a combination of factors affects the emotional burnout. Those include the level of group development and strategy of behavior in conflict situations. A combination of factors which enhance some parameters of burnout for each sports team is specific. Consequently, forecasting the development of emotional burnout in each team requires an analysis of its social and psychological characteristics.

    pdf shtefanenko2013_2.pdf  (221 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • T.A. Alborova
    Folklore traditions in the novel by Mikhail Bulkata “From the Terek River to Turkey”

    The paper explores the interaction of folklore and the Ossetian prose using an example of the historical novel. An analysis is made of the role and value of folklore elements and extent of their influence on ideological and art system of the Ossetian historical novel. It is inferred that the writer depicted the character, psychology and ethical standards of North Caucasus mountain-eers by means of folklore. Thus, the Ossetian historical novel and folklore are not mutually exclusive systems in any way. The Ossetian prose, during its evolution, addresses all the time to means of expression of a folklore narration.

    pdf alborova2013_2.pdf  (427 Kb)

  • K.N. Ankudinov
    On the content of a methodological concept of “romanticism after romanticism»

    The paper discusses an opportunity and expediency of using a scientific-methodological concept of “romanticism after romanticism”. The author shows the philosophical roots of romanticism as a cultural phenomenon (in particular, related to I.Fichte’s scientific doctrine) and proves that the romanticism is expression of the certain outlook, capable to exist as a specific historical direction outside romanticism. Also this work reveals basic features of romantic outlook and defines prospects of concept application.

    pdf ankudinov2013_2.pdf  (421 Kb)

  • A.S. Kuyek
    Image of mythological deity Mezitkh in mythology and epic legends of Adyghes

    The paper examines the image of mythological deity Mezitkh, the patron of hunting, forest and wild animals. Art features of this image, its display in mythology and Nart epos are investigated. Typological relationship with mythological deities of other Caucasus people is defined. It is inferred that the archetype of god of the forest, hunting and wild animals was realized in various ways in the Adyghe myth-epic legends, underwent a certain transformation throughout the time of existence and received various semantic filling.

    pdf kuyek_a_2013_2.pdf  (426 Kb)

  • B.R. Naptsok, M.M. Meretukova
    Family archetype in “Christmas Tales” of C.Dickens

    The paper explores a family archetype in “Christmas” collection by Dickens. The conceptual notion of a family archetype and its realization in “Christmas” stories are considered. The authors arrive at a conclusion that specifics of a family archetype at Dickens is defined by a complex of archetype values and images, namely: images of the main character, hero father, children, families, subject situations, motives of “moral regeneration”, “dream”, “home”, “the family center”, “way” and “death”.

    pdf naptsok2013_2.pdf  (388 Kb)

  • U.M. Panesh, S.N. Siyukhov
    On topical issues of a periodization and structural - typological classification of the national literature of the 20th century

    The paper discusses a periodization of national literature of the 20th century. An attempt is undertaken to give a structural-typological classification of the word art at a new stage of history and in new conditions of literary science. The problem of systematization of art and esthetic process is put and solved in relation to new written literatures. The analysis leads to a conclusion that the gradation of literary process promotes objective research of creativity and exploration of a method, styles and genres in their unity.

    pdf panesh2013_2.pdf  (399 Kb)

  • G.V. Sokolova
    Typological relationship of a sketch in the Adyghean literature of “the period of a revolutionary change” (1920s & 1930s)

    The paper examines the esthetic and ideological formation of a sketch in the Adyghean literature of the 1920s & 1930s which is based on the typological approach and attention to the phenomena repeated in different literatures. This gives an opportunity to find the laws of international character. It is noted that uniform historical process and the general ideological tasks caused typological relationship of the Adyghean documentary prose, proximity of which to an all-union tendency is displayed, first of all, in the problem-thematic content. It is established that the art journalism of this period played an important role in further development of the Adyghean literature.

    pdf sokolova2013_2.pdf  (377 Kb)

  • S.D. Khagundokova, T.M. Stepanova
    Art time and nature space in the novel of I. Mashbash “Millstones”

    The paper examines the motives and images of the nature and their functional role in I. Mashbash’s historical Romance philology. An analysis is made of the main types of an embodiment of art time and space as ways of a reconstruction of a national picture of the world and national character. It is shown that the nature in “Millstones” is not only a background on which historical events develop and portraits of characters are given. It becomes clear that “the subject rhythm” in I.Mashbash’s prose is caused by the nature rhythms and by structure of a historical and epic narration.

    pdf khagundokova2013_2.pdf  (528 Kb)

  • N.M. Shishkhova
    F.I. Tyutchev’s political lyrics as part of his world outlook conception

    An analysis is made of correlation “Tyutchev as the poet” and “Tyutchev as the politician” in an interconnection and contradictions. Political articles and lyrics of the different directions are considered. In the center of reasoning is the reflection of poetic illusions and social hints of F.Tyutchev in political lyrics. The thesis is proved on interaction of these two tendencies in art space of the poet. It is inferred that the analysis of historical reality in F.I.Tyutchev’s creativity is naturally reflected both in publicistic articles, and in political lyrics.

    pdf shishkhova2013_2.pdf  (433 Kb)

  • Yu.A. Yakhutl
    Educational ideas and spiritual-religious aspect of national consciousness in A.Evtykh’s dilogy (“Barge” and “Bull blood”)

    The paper examines the moral and philosophical range of problems of humanity, freedom and belief of the person within a framework of educational ideas of the post-revolutionary period. This work deals with the artistic realizations of an image of the educator of new type and ideas of spiritual and moral education in the Adyghean new written prose. It is established that A.Evtykh solves innovatively a problem of new model of the educator and does not propose unambiguous solutions of drama complex moral and ideological problems.

    pdf yakhutl2013_2.pdf  (404 Kb)

  • E.A. Kivilidi
    Sketch in the Adyghean modern periodical press

    The paper provides statistics of the publication frequency of sketches in the leading local periodicals, namely: the Literary Adyghea journal and the Soviet Adyghea newspaper. The author points to a narrow circle of the authors who are publishing their sketches in the mentioned editions and clears up the reasons of this fact. The most widespread type of a sketch is allocated and described. It is noted that in the Adyghean journalism all three types of sketches, allocated by M.N. Kim, are presented. A sketch of art - publicistic type, namely: portrait, occupies the leading positions in the Soviet Adyghea newspaper and in the Literary Adyghea journal.

    pdf kivilidi2013_2.pdf  (352 Kb)

  • N.Yu. Prays-Harding
    Journalistic and literary-critical activity of D.P. Svyatopolk – Mirsky

    The paper discusses the evolution of literary - critical activity of D.P. Svyatopolk – Mirsky during the first period of emigration. An analysis is made of the essay about the Russian writers, not translated to Russian. This work presents the views of the critic on literature of the Russian emigration of the 1920s. In a context of literary polemic of this period the points of view of Mirsky and other critics and writers on creativity of Bunin, Akhmatova, Gumilev, Block, Averchenko, Taffy, Merezhkovsky, etc. are compared. As a result, the author of this paper arrives at a conclusion that the point of view of Mirsky on development of literature of the Rus-sians living abroad in the 1920s is objective and of literary value.

    pdf prays-harding2013_2.pdf  (363 Kb)

  • E.I. Prikhodko
    History of creation and development of the Krasny Tabakovod (Red Tobacco-Planter) regional newspaper (Goryachy Klyuch area, Krasnodar Territory)

    This paper explores the formation and development of system of the Soviet periodical press in Krasnodar Territory in the 1930s (using an example of the Goryachy Klyuch Krasny Tabakovod newspaper). The author uses the archival documents of the Center of Documentation of the Contemporary History of Krasnodar Territory, the State Archive of the Goryachy Klyuch area and newspaper issues to present unpublished data showing specifics of formation of the regional press in the Kuban region. It is established as a result that, despite organizational difficulties, the Goryachy Klyuch edition had an independent position and entered into polemics with the local party government concerning the information policy definition.

    pdf prikhodko2013_2.pdf  (402 Kb)

  • L.A. Avakova
    On the terminological status of paintball sports lexicon

    The paper explores the lexicon of the new kind of sport – a paintball. The author substantiates the terminological status of paintball lexicon units according to demands made to the term in modern science. The system relations in the new term system are considered. It is established that units of sports paintball lexicon, possessing all characteristics of terms, are organized in hierarchically harmonous term system, reflecting a system of concepts of special branch of knowledge – a paintball.

    pdf avakova2013_2.pdf  (386 Kb)

  • G.S. Atakyan
    Advertising image as an expression and standard synthesis (as shown by a material of tourist advertising)

    The paper examines the advertising image, the verbal side of which is created with the help of stylistic means focused on drawing attention of the addressee. It is noted that “an expres-sion - the standard” constructive principle of mass media is reflected in images of technological by its nature advertising. It is established that integration of the standard and expression provides a necessary influencing effect, promoting formation of consumer audience.

    pdf atakyan2013_2.pdf  (398 Kb)

  • I.A. Borisenko
    Text of Stomatology subject domain through a prism of scientific information types

    The text of Stomatology subject domain is examined as the basic element of scientific communication. The text material is characterized through a prism of new knowledge of information. The paper presents a model of the composite organization of a text material and participants of scientific communication of this subject domain. Three types of scientific information are allocated and described. It is established that each element of composite structure of the text is closely connected with this or that type of information.

    pdf borisenko2013_2.pdf  (396 Kb)

  • N.T. Gishev
    Disputes on ethnonyms “Circassian” and “Adyghe”

    The emergence source of the terms “Circassian” and “Adyghe” is specified. It is supposed that the term «Circassian» was formed from the name of the leader of the Gheniokhs Krekas (Krekas – Kreket – the Circassian), being pronounced, probably, by local tribes as K’elek’as or Dzherekjes. In this regard interpretation of its foreign-language origin is rejected. Here we support P.K. Uslar’s statement that the etymology of the term “Adyghe” should be looked for in lan-guages closely related to the Adyghe people (e.g., Ubykh’s “adzygye” or Abkhazian “adzyghe” with the Pomors meaning). Ethnonyms “Circassian” and “Adyghe” coordinate on the origin with the world of language of Circassians – Adyghes themselves.

    pdf gishev2013_2.pdf  (409 Kb)

  • N.A. Goncharova
    Political texts from news as a special type of discourse

    The characteristic is given of newspaper political communication through a prism of the text from news as a basic element of this communication. The theoretical problems connected with interpretation of the material from news are designated. The paper presents the structure of information space of the political text from news, background and situational components of information and gives examples of each of the designated parameters. It is inferred that each element of the information and thematic organization of the text from news makes impact on the recipient.

    pdf goncharova2013_2.pdf  (448 Kb)

  • L.V. Grichenko
    Russian and English proverbs with zoomorphic metaphors: ethnical universality and specificity of their axiological semantics

    The paper deals with the ethnical universality and specificity of Russian and English proverbs with zoomorphic metaphors. Universal characteristics include cultural codes, tendency for generalized zoomorphic designation, multi-level evaluative semantics, flexible axiological marking and its ambivalence; ethnic specificity touches upon quantitative and qualitative content of axiologically marked groups and differences in combinations of additional axiological means.

    pdf grichenko2013_2.pdf  (546 Kb)

  • V.V. Dvoryantseva
    Discourse as a system of cognitive and communicative components

    Discourse of everyday dialogue is conceived as a combination of all mental units used in it, their cognitive and semantic properties, linguistic and cultural features. It forms a proper space, embracing its constant (autochthons) and variable (allochthons) structural elements. The author comes to the conclusion that the discourse-forming potential of conceptual dominants (as shown by modern literature) is caused by their cognitive and axiological parameters. A detailed study of the formal combination of concepts in the discourse creates a certain interest in the perspective of cognitive discourse analysis.

    pdf dvoryantseva2013_2.pdf  (459 Kb)

  • E.N. Devitskaya
    Symbolics of red color in the Russian and German fantastic folklore

    The present paper deals with the analysis of the colour names, which represent concept “red” in Russian and German folk tales. The author prepares concept diagrams of every colour name, analyses identified lexical connections, frequency and functional sphere. The analysis shows explicit and implicit symbolical meanings of red colour. These meanings do not agree in Russian and German folk-tales owing to their ethno-cultural specificity.

    pdf devitskaya2013_2.pdf  (422 Kb)

  • V.A. Kesovidi
    Word portrait as a form of the art – image-bearing representation of the person in the literary work (based on a material of the novel of I.A.Goncharov “Oblomov”)

    The paper examines the portrait image of the personality within the art text. The information which is read by the recipient out from a portrait, appeals to deep structures of his mentality, generating profound and substantial emotions. The author allocates and describes three layers of explicit lexical means to present the hero of work. It is established that the portrait description acts as a construction tool of an artistic image and as a way of comprehension of the person’s identity by the author.

    pdf kesovidi2013_2.pdf  (444 Kb)

  • N.I. Knyazeva
    Fragment of English language picture of the world in the light of axiological characteristics of semantics of phraseological units with a lexeme of the lifestyle thematic block

    The paper discusses relevance of researches of an axiological orientation in modern linguistics. English phraseological units with a lexeme of the lifestyle thematic block, touching upon evaluative aspects of certain situations, people characteristics and their relations serve as a material to detect value characteristics of representatives of an English lingual-cultural community. The anthropocentricity of English and prevalence of a negative assessment in the studied language units is noted.

    pdf knyazeva2013_2.pdf  (422 Kb)

  • L.V. Kopot, S.R. Panesh
    Magic realism of the novel of L. Leonov “Pyramid” through a prism of anthroponyms

    The paper examines one of the methods which have received the name of “magic realism” in science, as well as its realization in onomastic space through a prism of anthroponyms. An analysis is made of anthroponym properties, their formation, functions in creation of an art picture, interaction with other mythemes to transfer semantic installations of the text. It is in-ferred that anthroponyms in the novel play a role of realization of magic realism, making it pos-sible to lift the veil of secret in semantic filling the used images and motives.

    pdf kopot2013_2.pdf  (421 Kb)

  • E.N. Luchinskaya, I.B. Sizonenko
    Performativity of judicial discourse

    The paper deals with a definition of performativity in a judicial discourse. Performativity is claimed to be the important feature of institutional discourses. The analysis of the linguistic representations of judicial discourse shows different types of discursive elements. The main functions of performativity in a judicial discourse are defined. It is established that the function of performativity is realization of the logic of communication.

    pdf luchinskaya2013_2.pdf  (385 Kb)

  • E.P. Marchenko
    Many-aspect functioning of multi-predicative composite sentences in different speech styles

    Specific text-forming features have been revealed in the process of the complex study of multi-predicative composite sentences in the Russian language. The author shows the many-aspect functioning of multi-predicative composite sentences in different styles of speech. It has been established that these sentences can be paragraphs, super-phrasal unities or micro texts depending on the communicative and pragmatic aims of the author.

    pdf marchenko2013_2.pdf  (339 Kb)

  • E.A. Pshenichnaya
    The main activities of the Committee on Translating Liturgical Texts within the West European Orthodox Brotherhood

    The paper examines the unique activity of the Committee on Translating Liturgical texts into French within the West-European Brotherhood. The main issues of liturgical text translation are pointed out. The principles of the Committee’s work on translating liturgical texts are presented. The areas of activity of the Committee are defined: the criteria of selecting the equivalent lexical units and the peculiarity of translating liturgical texts.

    pdf pshenichnaya2013_2.pdf  (397 Kb)

  • O.V. Sergeyeva
    The language identity of the teacher in a statics and dynamics

    The paper discusses specifics of tolerance in the dynamic aspect of the language identity of the teacher. Tolerance ranks high as in the best traditions of pedagogical communication. Lingual-pragmatic specifics fills this dominant of language identity of the teacher with the sense, allowing achievement of pedagogical success.

    pdf sergeyeva2013_2.pdf  (371 Kb)

  • K.I. Simanovskaya
    Attractive function of headings in a newspaper discourse

    The paper describes the attractive function of headings in a newspaper discourse. The heading is an obligatory structural and composite category of the newspaper text since it bears the major communicative loading. An analysis of newspaper headings has revealed the attractive function. It is inferred that headings, owing to their brevity and figurativeness, draw attention of reader’s audience.

    pdf simanovskaya2013_2.pdf  (383 Kb)

  • A.O. Solomatina
    Language means of expression of the socio-political information in newspapers of France (as shown by 2010 pension reform)

    The paper examines the language orientation of the newspaper type to a certain reader’s audience. The language specificity of the French mass media reaction to the 2010 pension reform is presented. It is inferred that the formation of political loading of information takes place simultaneously with the text formation by using lexical units with the meliorative or pejorative connotation, giving a positive or negative assessment to the information.

    pdf solomatina2013_2.pdf  (467 Kb)

  • S.R. Tlekhatuk
    Paroemia with zoocomponents in different system languages: the general and specific in their semantic structure and interpretation

    The paper discusses the phraseological case of paroemia with zoocomponents in the different system languages, constantly used in communicative and pragmatic activity of the people. An analysis is made of features of their use, value and sense, their universal essence and specifics. Cultural and national interpretation of the zoonymic space functioning in a semantic continuum of studied languages, makes it possible to understand the mechanisms participating in formation of a naive picture of the world, including a huge role of fauna in self-knowledge, outlook and perception of the world of the person and ethnos as a whole.

    pdf tlekhatuk2013_2.pdf  (464 Kb)

  • A.R. Khunagova
    Lexical - semantic characteristics of the concept ‘fashion’ in the Russian and English languages

    The paper deals with the analysis of the meanings of lexical units forming a lexical-semantic group of the concept ‘fashion’ (‘fashionable’), disclosing basic features of cognominal concept (on the basis of Russian and English languages). The determiners of differences and similarities are established in lexical-semantic filling of the lexemes. It is stated that the analysis of glossary entries is not comprehensive. Meanwhile, it allows concluding about broad lexical-semantic field of the concept of fashion in contrasting lingua-cultural communities.

    pdf khunagova2013_2.pdf  (409 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • M.G. Kuyek
    Art metal in the North-Western Caucasus: the continuity of the decorative tradition

    The paper examines the works of art metal from the North Western Caucasus archaeological monuments in the art criticism context focusing on tracing the evolution of material and spiritual culture through a prism of the continuity of the decorative tradition. The author defines the stylistic features of animal style in the Maikop, Meotsky, Kasozhsky and Belorechensky archaeological culture, as well as the composition, subject, stylistic and processing methods of metal plasticity. The continuity of a thematic and subject basis of pagan religion and Adyghean mythology in works of art metal is noted. It is inferred that high level of economic development of the North – Western Caucasus is supported by works of arts and crafts of ancient and medieval art culture.

    pdf kuyek_m_2013_2.pdf  (440 Kb)

  • S.A. Mozgot
    Personal space in music: a conceptual I-the Me model

    Two most typical forms of personal space modeling in music are examined, namely: the appeal to the Alter Ego (another side of oneself; a second self) and to the Alter Pars (the contradicting party), expressing interaction with himself of I – the Me type. It is established that combination of spatial positions of the description in the form of I - observing and I - worrying with certain musical features of these positions is characteristic of this model. The conclusion is drawn that personal space modeling in music is conducted by an exit to level of the collective unconscious and by using a system of symbols, binary oppositions and the principle of the recurrence, peculiar to mythological spacetime.

    pdf mozgot2013_2.pdf  (452 Kb)

  • N.L. Chepniyan
    Historical and cultural preconditions of formation of professional musical culture in Adyghea

    This work reconstructs the process of formation and development of professional musical culture in Adyghea during the establishment of the Adyghean autonomous region (1922), namely: historical and cultural preconditions, the circle of the main problems at various historical stages of development of professional culture and the periods of formation of the main forms of theatrical and concert life. The author arrives at a conclusion that the formation and development of system of professional musical culture in Adyghea was carried out thanks to considerable development of amateur performances, growth of the general education, as well as to emergence of bases of music education in educational institutions of the region.

    pdf chepniyan2013_2.pdf  (466 Kb)

  • S.J. Gazieva, J.D. Mirzov, O.J. Takakho
    On oscillatory properties of the Emden-Fowler type system solutions

    This paper fins the necessary and sufficient conditions which give the existence of all the regular solutions, or tendency of the solution component to infinity (zero) on a positive half-axis of oscillation property for the Emden-Fowler system of differential equations.

    pdf gazieva2013_2.pdf  (4 Mb)

  • S.K. Kuizheva, L.Zh. Palandzhyants
    On repeated commutation of linear partial differential operators

    The paper deals with the operation of repeated commutation of linear differential operators and zero curvature equation generated by commuting linear operators.

    pdf kuizheva2013_2.pdf  (5 Mb)

  • Yu.V. Bobylev, V.A. Panin
    Analytical methods in nonlinear plasma electrodynamics

    The paper considers the method of analytical solution of systems of the first order ordinary differential equations with cubic nonlinearities. This method is generalized for such systems of the most common form. The criteria are found for the existence of an analytical solution at such systems. Application of the method is illustrated by the specific problem of nonlinear plasma electrodynamics.

    pdf bobylev2013_2.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Natural Sciences
  • T.N. Tolstikova, E.M. Ednich, D.A. Kuasheva
    Woody plants of Maikop: inventory, analysis and assessment of prospects of their use in gardening

    The paper provides the results of inventory and floristic analysis of woody plants in Maikop, the capital of the Adyghea Republic. An assessment of the prospects of using the exotic plants in gardening is given.

    pdf tolstikova2013_2.pdf  (927 Kb)

  • Zh.V. Menknasunova, V.I. Dordzhieva
    Anatomic structure and morphometric analysis of a compound leaf of Glycyrrhiza glabra L.

    Dorsoventral mesophill consists of 2-3 layers of palisade and 6-10 layers of spongy tissues. In palisade tissue there are large unicellular etheric olive cavities. Anamozit stoma. There are more simple unicellular and tiny glandular hair on the lower epiderma than on the upper one. Correlation indices between the parameters of the compound leaf and leaflets are defined.

    pdf menknasunova2013_2.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • Z.Kh. Mashukov, À.V. Yakimov, L.Kh. Zhappueva, A.R. Zakureev
    A caucasian brown bear (Ursus arctos meridionalis Middendorff, 1851) in the conditions of experimental hunting farms (Kabardino-Balkariya, Central Caucasus)

    This paper presents a modern picture of the number and spatial distribution of the Caucasian population of brown bear living in the conditions of the Kabardino-Balkariya experimental hunting farms.

    pdf mashukov2013_2.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • R.Yu. Khamerzokova
    Flooding and remoistening of lands as factor of decrease in agricultural groundfertility and soil degradation in the Adyghea Republic

    The paper gives an ecological justification for concept of flooding and remoistening of lands of agricultural grounds and the technique to assess them. Attention is focused on researches of flooded and remoistened lands of the Adyghea Republic.

    pdf khamerzokova2013_2.pdf  (974 Kb)

  • I.G. Volkodav
    History of emergence and the evolution of life on Earth in exhibits and printing editions of a geological and mineralogical museum at Adyghe State University

    The paper gives a characteristic of the museum’s rock traces of the Archean - late Phanerozoic bacterial biosphere and the remains of Phanerozoic skeletal fauna: from the Wend and early Cambrian to the Holocene.

    pdf volkodav2013_2.pdf  (864 Kb)

  • E.P. Shtelmakh
    Recreational division into districts of the Adyghea Republic on geoinformation basis

    A geoinformation model of the Adyghea recreational system is developed. Areas of recreational specialization are distinguished. An inventory of recreation objects and criteria for their cadastral assessment is made.

    pdf shtelmakh2013_2.pdf  (3 Mb)

  • D.V. Muzhenya, A.R. Tuguz, A.S. Doroshenko, K.A. Rudenko, E.N. Anokhina
    Role of Leu28/28Pro of the APOE gene polymorphisms in regulation of the lipidic exchange at highly skilled athletes of the Adyghea Republic

    A group of comparison shows a statistically significant excess of cholesterol in blood serum. Simultaneously persons with heterozygotic Leu28/28Pro AROE genotype show increase in the content of cholesterol (> 7,5 mmol/l) compared to those with «homozygous» Leu28Leu. Football and basketball players have no 28Pro allele and Leu28Pro AROE genotype. In a group of athletes, the predictively adverse heterozygotic Leu28Pro genotype associated with increased risk of violation of a lipidic exchange (OR=3,85; CI (0,94-88,5)) is marked out in 27,3% of cases.

    pdf muzhenya2013_2.pdf  (881 Kb)

  • A.K. Zhane, Yu.E. Voskanyan, E.A. Golubov
    Surgical prophylaxis of venous tromboembolism in multifield hospital

    The paper gives the results of surgical treatment and prevention of venous thromboembolism in a multidisciplinary hospital. Clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and safety of a comprehensive program and surgical prophylaxis of venous thromboembolism were studied in 125501 hospitalized patients. The effectiveness of surgical treatment and prevention of venous thromboembolism over the study period (2001-2007) showed a reduction in the overall incidence of venous thromboembolism from 2,9% to 0,8%. At the same time in-hospital mortality and perioperative lethality from pulmonary embolism (PE) were significantly reduced. Clinical efficacy associated with a reduction in venous thromboembolism and death from pulmonary embolism in the group of operated patients was almost 2 times higher.

    pdf zhane2013_2.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • E.N. Anokhina
    1082G/A, 819C/T, 592C/A of polymorphisms in the interleukin-10 of the pro-motor region and their association with the malignant new growths of female reproductive organs

    An analysis is made of data of the international researches on distribution of the most studied -1082G/A, -819C/T, -592C/A of polymorphisms in the IL-10 gene of the promotor region at malignant new growths of female reproductive organs. Association of polymorphic gene variants of the main anti-inflammatory IL-10 cytokine revealed at women of the Adyghea Republic is confirmed by similar results in world populations.

    pdf anokhina2013_2.pdf  (729 Kb)

  • D.V. Muzhenya, A.R. Tuguz, A.S. Doroshenko, A.A. Kuzmin, S.S. Grechishkina
    ACE gene polymorphisms associated with development of aerobic opportunities at highly skilled athletes of Adyghea Republic

    Frequencies of the DD genotypes (%) and D alleles of ACE gene at highly skilled athletes of the Adyghea Republic (football players, basketball players and athletes) authentically exceed indicators for the control group (84,8%, χ2=12,19, ð=0,005 and 0,894, χ2=11,75, ð=0,0006) and differ from data of the world researches. Depending on sports specialization of athletes reliable distinctions in distribution of genotypes and alleles of ACE polymorphic locus have not been revealed.

    pdf muzhenya2013_2.pdf  (826 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • V.A. Kucher, A.S. Makaryan
    Optimized mathematical model of problem solving for the automated transport planning in the emergency situation

    Development of plans on management of transport infrastructure in the conditions of limited resources and the emergency situation (ES) is very labor-consuming and not up to the end formalized process. Efficiency increase in activity of the governing bodies providing mathematical support to introduce modern transport planning methods on a basis of geoinformation technologies is extremely relevant. In this regard we examine characteristics of evacuation – a set of basic data and the objects participating in this process. A statement of a twostage mathematical problem of transport actions and the optimized model of evacuation are proposed.

    pdf kucher2013_2.pdf  (1006 Kb)

  • V.S. Simankov, P.Yu. Buchatskiy
    The program module to determine the possible volume of renewable energy involved in a regional energy balance

    The paper deals with creation of the program rated theoretical module to determine the possible volume of renewable energy involved in a regional energy balance. Its structure is proposed. Design of relational structure of the database (D) is executed taking into account requirements of data integrity of subject domain and integration with geoinformation systems (GIS). An application of a program complex to assess the use of renewables in power supply systems of Krasnodar Territory and the Adyghea Republic is shown as an example.

    pdf simankov2013_2.pdf  (6 Mb)

    Summaries of the New Books on the Natural and Exact sciences Published by Teachers of Adyghe State University
  • G.A. Leonov, M.M. Shumafov
    Stabilization of Linear Systems

    This book addresses the problems of stabilization of controllable linear dynamic systems. Interest to a problem of stabilization is based both on inquiries of practice of control and on the open problems existing in the control theory. Stabilization questions, as well as the related questions were very intensively studied in the last decades and in the present they remain in the center of attention of researchers. In the monograph, modern methods of stabilization of controllable linear systems are described. The first two chapters are introduction. In these chapters, the main concepts of the linear control theory are stated: transfer function, frequency characteristic, controllability, observability and stabilizability. In chapter 3, methods of stationary stabilization of linear controllable systems are described. The pole assignment problem with full and incomplete feedback is considered. In chapter 4, methods of low-frequency stabilization are described. Here estimates of solutions of linear systems on steady and unstable varieties are used and the Poincare's reflections which are carrying out enclosures of unstable varieties into steady varieties are synthesized. Existence of such reflections is a basis for low-frequency stabilizability of linear controllable systems. Necessary conditions for stabilizability are obtained similarly to Chetayev's theorems. Necessary and sufficient conditions of stabilizability are given for two-dimensional and for a number of standard three-dimensional systems with scalar entrances and exits. In chapter 5, methods of high-frequency stabilization are considered. They are based on a widely known method of averaging and special non-stationary linear transformations. Here the results obtained by the Belgian mathematicians L. Moreau and D. Aeyels are presented. The results stated in the fourth and fifth chapters give a solution of Brockett's problem on synthesis of non-stationary feedback for stabilization of stationary linear system. This is important for practice in a number of cases. In chapter 6, the methods stated in the third, fourth and fifth chapters are generalized for discrete controllable systems. The material statement in the book is closed. The used mathematical data are proved in detail. The book is intended for specialists in the control theory, the theory of the differential equations and dynamic systems and in theoretical and applied mechanics. Certain chapters and paragraphs of the book can serve as good introduction in the mathematical control theory for students and post-graduate students of mathematical specialties.

    pdf leonov1_2013_2.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • G.A. Leonov, M.M. Shumafov, V.A. Teshev
    Stability of systems with a hysteresis

    The book addresses the problems of stability and stabilization of dynamic systems with hysteresis nonlinearities. Mathematical models of many processes and systems from physics, biology, economy, the theory of automatic control, etc. are reduced to the systems of the differential equations containing nonlinearities of the hysteresis nature, for example, electromagnetic fluctuations in a contour containing ferroelectric condensers, economic cycles in the conditions of «hysteresis» behavior of economic agents, the control systems containing hysteresis links, etc. in addition to usual functional nonlinearities. The most important aspects of studying such models are research of their stability and stabilization of such systems. In introduction, relevance of a subject is proved and the review of the classical and modern works devoted to stability of systems with a hysteresis is given. In chapter 1, the main definitions, the data and provisions of the theory of stability of systems of the differential equations with hysteresis functions are given. Chapter 2 examines stability of systems with a hysteresis for a case, when a matrix of linear part of system is gurvitsev. Frequency criteria for stability have been obtained. Theorems of a global asymptotics, absolute stability and dichotomy of systems with hysteresis nonlinearities are proved. In chapter 3, the critical case is considered, when a matrix of linear part of system is the special. Here the corresponding frequency criteria for a global asymptotics, absolute stability and dichotomy have been obtained. The results obtained in the second and third chapters are applied to study stability of two-dimensional differential systems with a hysteresis. Chapter 4 deals with the harmonious stabilization of systems with a hysteresis. The frequency criterion for harmonious stabilization of nonlinear systems has been obtained, which can be applied both to analyze capture of self-oscillations by the frequency of external harmonious influence, and to stabilize systems with chaotic behavior. In chapter 5, stabilization of nonlinear system by any periodic external influence is considered. Existence of steady, as a whole, periodic solution with the period of external influence is proved. The book is intended for specialists in dynamic systems, the differential equations and their appendices, theoretical and applied mechanics, as well as for students and post-graduate students of mathematical specialties.

    pdf leonov2_2013_2.pdf  (139 Kb)

  • V.B. Tlyachev, A.D. Ushkho, D.S. Ushkho
    Polynomial vector fields on the plane. Selected questions

    The book deals with the problems of topological behavior of solutions of the dynamic systems the right parts of which are the second- and third-order polynomials. Straight line-isoclines, Poincare's transformations and Poincare's sphere are used as the main tools. The book is composed of the authors’ original works published in journals. The book contains a detailed statement of theoretical questions and a big illustrative material in the form of phase portraits of specific polynomial differential systems. The statement is very laconic and transparent. The monograph is intended for students, teachers and the scientists who are engaged in the theory of the differential equations. It can be used when reading a special course on the qualitative theory of the differential equations. Chapter 1 «Straight line-isoclines of polynomial differential systems on the plane. The main concepts, definitions, theorems» includes eight paragraphs. Here you will find the used definitions, proofs of the theorems relating to isoclines of polynomial differential systems with polynomials of any order n>2 in the right parts, estimates of number of straight line-isoclines and classification of the systems possessing the maximum number among themselves of straight line-isoclines. Chapter 2 «Axes of symmetry of a field of the directions of quadratic and cubic differential systems on the plane» consists of four paragraphs in which the author's original theory of symmetry axes of N and S-types is considered and full research of autonomous systems for N and S-symmetry is carried out. Chapter 3 «Special points of cubic differential system on the equator of Poincare's sphere» consists of two paragraphs. Here behavior of trajectories of dynamic systems in infinitely remote parts of the phase plane is considered, as well as the full qualitative analysis is given for a number of cases.

    pdf tlyachev2013_2.pdf  (153 Kb)

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