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  • N.V. Balandina
    Bases of the system dynamics of sociality reproduction

    The paper provides the philosophical justification of the system dynamics of sociality reproduction. The author examines the main axiological installations and laws of formation of symbolical space of society functioning.

    pdf balandina2013_3.pdf  (154 Kb)

  • O.N. Opletayeva, L.V. Korsakova
    Nikolay Kuzansky and Renaissance humanism

    An analysis is made of influence of Renaissance (first of all Italian) humanism of the 15th century on philosophy and theology of Nikolay Kuzansky. The authors of this paper study the beginning of the related transformation of a medieval scholastic discourse, theocentric in the bases, into an anthropocentric discourse of the new European thought. Attention is paid to ambiguity and discrepancy of a transduction carried out by Kuzants, i.e. transition to the new logical bases in former schemes of scholastic logic. The paper comes to the end with the squeezed tematization of intentions described in the third part of the well-known book of the thinker “About Scientific Ignorance”. This book for the first time presents ideas of “Christian humanism”, created at Nikolay Kuzansky under direct influence of the Italian and Byzantine humanists.

    pdf opletayeva2013_3.pdf  (235 Kb)

  • N.A. Petrenko
    Understanding and intuition as knowledge components

    The paper studies intuition in the history of philosophy and in modern conditions. On the basis of the analysis, the author describes ideas of intuition from the origin of philosophical thought to modern representations; connection of intuition with knowledge and its rooting in life; intuition value in life of each person, irrespective of the sphere of his activity; and the role of intuition, as a component of cognition in obtaining new knowledge.

    pdf petrenko2013_3.pdf  (175 Kb)

  • L.V. Gorkova
    Theory of a patrimonial life of Gustav Evers: theory and development of a historiography of the problem

    The paper deals with the theory of a patrimonial life of Johann Philippe Gustav Evers, a historian, a lawyer, professor and the rector of Derptsky (nowadays Tartusky) University. The main attention is paid to a historiography of the problem in national historical science.

    pdf gorkova2013_3.pdf  (195 Kb)

  • A.A. Kovalenko
    Contribution of the Turkish guest workers to economic development of Federative Republic of Germany (1990 – the beginning of the 21st century)

    Economic development of EU countries in the last two decades was closely connected with labor migratory processes. Changes in the states of Europe, emergence of a new configuration of habitual social and economic and political space in which borders unexpectedly got the new status and new quality – all this caused qualitatively new labor migratory situation. The subject of research is a place and a role of the Turkish workers in social and economic, political and cultural life of Germany. The object of research is the Turkish guest workers in Germany. The purpose of this study is to investigate influence of Turkish guest workers on economic development of Germany.

    pdf kovalenko2013_3.pdf  (253 Kb)

  • A.Yu. Medvedeva
    Application of German achievements in research, experimental and design works in the Russian southern regions (Krasnodar Territory, Rostov region and Stavropol Territory) at the end of the 20th – the beginning of the 21st centuries

    The paper discusses application of the latest German technologies and the equipment which was used at the enterprises of the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories and in the Rostov region. An analysis is made of the activity of the German enterprises which carried out delivery of this equipment. Advantages and significance of the use of German technologies are shown.

    pdf medvedeva2013_3.pdf  (171 Kb)

  • A.A. Panarin
    Role of collective farms in economy of the Don and North Caucasus regions at the culmination of the New Economic Policy (1924 - 1927)

    Relevance of the paper is related to need to study and use positive experience of collective farm activity in the course of agriculture modernization in the country. Research objective is studying a role of collective farms in economic life of the North Caucasus in the mid-twenties. Research problems are related to consideration of activity of various types of collective farms and to the analysis of their results. The subject of research is the agriculture in the period of the New Economic Policy. The production activity of collective farms of the Don and North Caucasus regions has become the object of research. Inconsistent results of activity of collective farms in economic life of the Don and North Caucasus regions are revealed.

    pdf panarin2013_3.pdf  (175 Kb)

  • E.V. Panarina
    Organization of medical care of the population in the Don and North Caucasus regions in 1943 - 1945

    Relevance of the paper is caused by possibility of using experience in the organization of medical care of the population in days of the Great Patriotic War in the conditions of emergency situations. Research objective is the analysis of the organization of medical care of the population in the Don and North Caucasus regions during the post-occupational period. Research problems are related to consideration of activity of local healthcare institutions for rendering medical care to the population. The subject of research is the Soviet health system in the years of war. The object of research is the activity of healthcare institutions for rendering medical care to the population of the Don and North Caucasus regions in the conditions of a wartime. As a result of research the main forms and types of rendering medical care to the population of the Don and North Caucasus regions in the years of war are revealed.

    pdf panarina2013_3.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • S.S. Syemshchikov
    Participation of peasant societies of mutual aid in cooperation of peasant and Cossack farms in the Don and Kuban regions in 1925 - 1927

    Relevance of the paper is related to the organization problems of a production activity of the rural population that exist today. Their decision can be promoted by creative application of experience of peasant societies of mutual aid that existed in the 1920s. Research objective is studying participation of Cossack-peasant societies of mutual aid in cooperation of peasant and Cossack economies in the Don and Kuban regions. An analysis is made of the activity of these societies in the field of cooperation, as well as of the achieved results. The subject of research is the activity of these societies in the field of cooperation of the rural population of the region. The object is social and economic policy of the Soviet State in the conditions of the New Economic Policy. As a result of research the author arrives at a conclusion that the Cossack-peasant societies of mutual aid took an active part in the cooperation of peasants and Cossacks.

    pdf syemshchikov2013_3.pdf  (172 Kb)

  • L.R. Khut, A.Sh. Buzarov
    Runet scientific and educational resources on History: algorithm of search

    The purpose of this paper is to identify effective algorithm of search for scientific and educational resources of the Runet in History for that part of Internet users who professionally go in for History.

    pdf khut2013_3.pdf  (269 Kb)

  • A.K. Cheucheva
    Magomet-Amin and the Adyghean society in the middle of the 19th century

    The paper deals with the questions related to the reforming activity of Naib Magomet-Amin in Circassia in the late 1840-1850s – at the final stage of the Caucasian War. The author examines the extent of influence of Naib on military, administrative and religious spheres of life of the Adyghean society and perception of events in the Adyghean environment. His political activity as the coordinator of actions of the Adyghes, Turks and their European allies is analyzed.

    pdf cheucheva2013_3.pdf  (261 Kb)

  • A.R. Chukho
    Role of cooperative associations in restoration of economy in the Krasnodar Territory in 1943 - 1945

    Relevance of the paper is caused by need to use small forms of economic activity in modern Russia. Example of their efficiency is cooperation in the conditions of a wartime. Research objective is to analyze participation of cooperative associations in economy restoration in the Krasnodar Territory. Research problems are related to clarifying the activity of trade and disabled people cooperative associations in 1943 - 1945. The subject of research is the activity of cooperative associations for economy restoration in the Krasnodar Territory. The object of research is the restoration process in the liberated areas. As a result of research, active participation of cooperative associations in providing the population with consumer goods and in implementation of defensive orders is proved.

    pdf chukho2013_3.pdf  (175 Kb)

  • M.A. Abramov, S.I. Khrupin
    Methodological approaches to identification of vectors of intensity in modern society

    The paper discusses the status positions and role models of orientations in the security sphere, elements of social rationing of security and stability of social development.

    pdf abramov2013_3.pdf  (157 Kb)

  • A.A. Avramenko, O.F. Danachev
    Development of system of administrative motivation priorities

    The paper shows that in treatments of administrative motivation effective activity of the organization depends largely on the system of management constructed in it. To achieve success in any activity, it is necessary to correctly design, organize and then to develop and supervise it, i.e. to competently manage it.

    pdf avramenko2013_3.pdf  (159 Kb)

  • D.A. Alpatov
    Globalization as a factor of transformation of world space: sociological discourse

    The paper discusses globalization as an essentially new phenomenon of the last decades relying on processes of modernization and social development not only from pre-capitalistic forms to capitalism, but also as a result of decomposition and crash of system of socialism.

    pdf alpatov2013_3.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • A.R. Atlaskirov
    Role of the Adyghean educators in transformation of the Adyghe traditional culture

    The paper gives a number of definitions of concept “education” and shows the role of the Adyghean educators during transformation of traditional culture of the Adyghes in the 19-20th centuries. The author subdivides the Adyghean education into two directions: European as in Russia and Muslim, focused mainly on the East. Data of the sociological research conducted in two regions of the Russian Federation: Kabardino-Balkaria and Adyghea, are provided.

    pdf atlaskirov2013_3.pdf  (333 Kb)

  • V.Yu. Bashtovoy, O.M. Ni
    Education and creativity in modeling sociology of cognitive developing activity

    This paper examines the correlation of sociocultural prognostics, education and creativity in sociology of modeling of cognitive developing activity.

    pdf bashtovoy2013_3.pdf  (154 Kb)

  • I.V. Boldyshev, A.I. Ivanov
    Formation features of approaches to the scientific analysis of social-legal status of the citizen of Russia

    The paper discusses the institutional essence of social-legal status of the citizen of Russia and features of formation of adequate approach to its scientific analysis.

    pdf boldyshev2013_3.pdf  (155 Kb)

  • A.I. Vasina, A.T. Rostova
    Value status of education of the Russian modern youth

    The authors define the value status of education in the Russian modern society, explicate economic characteristics of the Russian education apparatus and examine social strata of the Russian students, uniting them in two social groups: working students and a student's family.

    pdf vasina2013_3.pdf  (156 Kb)

  • A.V. Gusarov, T.I. Afasizhev
    Public administration by process of legal socialization

    An analysis is made of the modern administrative process, urged to optimize legal socialization in operating conditions of the formed and developing legal system.

    pdf gusarov2013_3.pdf  (145 Kb)

  • S.M. Dolbilov, N.A. Ilyinova
    Specificity of social-legal status of the citizen of Russia

    The paper explores the private sphere of social and legal reality as an area of social life in which the law as the system social phenomenon refracts in group and individual consciousness.

    pdf dolbilov2013_3.pdf  (152 Kb)

  • Z.A. Zhapuyev
    Criteria, assessment of a condition and strategy to increase social immunity of the Russian society

    The paper shows the author's vision of criteria for measurement of social immunity level and gives an assessment of a condition of immune system of the Russian society. Besides, the author puts a problem of search for mechanisms of increasing social immunity adequate to a sociocultural situation in Russia.

    pdf zhapuyev2013_3.pdf  (214 Kb)

  • I.S. Izgachev, S.V. Ivanov
    Modern argument of territorial division of labor

    The paper discloses the modern argument of territorial division of labor in sociology. The authors investigate the influence of resort specialization of the cities on development of the market of recreational services in the region.

    pdf izgachev2013_3.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • E.V. Krasavina
    Higher school market strategies

    In the paper, the author formulates the main objectives and principles of improvement of the mechanisms of realization of higher school competitive strategies regarding educational, scientific-technical and business activity. It is visually shown that the modern higher school lost the incentives providing professional and social-status socialization of students. The author proposes specific administrative algorithms to solve problems related to creation of monitoring for realization of higher school strategies.

    pdf krasavina2013_3.pdf  (197 Kb)

  • N.N. Malakhova
    Innovative transformations of an education system

    The paper discusses the processes of interference of modern innovative economy and an education system. An analysis is made of changes that occur in educational technologies and functions of the educational institutes, caused by need of personal training for innovative economy.

    pdf malakhova2013_3.pdf  (213 Kb)

  • N.F. Marusidze, S.A. Sirotinsky
    Social space as a symbolical system organized under differentiation laws

    The paper shows that emergence of socially organized matter is related to the formation of specific spatial-temporal structures which are functionally dismembered in a number of subspaces. Their character and interrelation historically change in process of development of societies.

    pdf marusidze2013_3.pdf  (171 Kb)

  • Z.K. Meretukova
    Problems related to a concept of “loneliness” in the history of social and philosophical thought

    The problem of loneliness had excited minds of mankind since the most ancient times till today. During various eras philosophers differently interpreted its contents. One saw norm in it and others, pathology. Judgments had the estimated and dual character. Distinctions in problem interpretations during different historical eras were caused by a set of sociocultural and historical factors. The analysis of some works of the Russian and western philosophers testifies that works of domestic thinkers are joint by the general idea. They harmoniously supplement each other and have no basic distinctions, whereas the western theories are built on a mutually exclusive basis. In this connection they are considered in comparison and opposition.

    pdf meretukova2013_3.pdf  (181 Kb)

  • L.V. Nabokova
    The Shapsug subethnos in sociocultural space of Russia

    The paper discloses sociocultural features of formation of the Shapsug subethnos in a historical retrospective. The author defines parameters of self-identification of the Black Sea Shapsugs, their integration in modern multiethnic society. A certain link of the Black Sea Shapsugs with traditional culture is noted. At the beginning of the 21st century, in the territory of compact accommodation of Shapsugs, elements of traditional culture are recultivated by means of opening private museums.

    pdf nabokova2013_3.pdf  (208 Kb)

  • I.A. Rybalchenko, V.N. Grishay
    Religious values as factor of enrichment of spiritual potential of the personality

    The paper shows that knowledge of religious values promotes outlook expansion and enrichment of intellectual, world outlook and spiritual potential of the personality.

    pdf rybalchenko2013_3.pdf  (163 Kb)

  • E.A. Slatvinskaya, V.F. Reps
    Demand of recreational services as a factor of tourism development in the Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region

    The paper discusses the regional features and factors of development of recreational tourism in the Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region, levels of development and a demand of recreational services of the region in modern public conditions.

    pdf slatvinskaya2013_3.pdf  (304 Kb)

  • A.E. Stradze
    Social activity and self-organization and organization limits

    The paper examines the processes of self-organization of the Russian society in a context of social activity of the population. The author analyzes the capacity of the social organization and self-organization and draws conceptual conclusions about its prospects.

    pdf stradze2013_3.pdf  (172 Kb)

  • M.A. Khokonov
    Mythological consciousness as an object of philosophical and culturological research (historiographic aspect)

    The paper is devoted to the general historiographic review of the theory of the philosophical and culturological analysis of mythological consciousness. Various conceptual approaches to mythological culture are seen in it, their ideological interrelation and interaction and influence on formation of objective understanding of that role which the myth plays at various stages of socio-historical development of humanity.

    pdf khokonov2013_3.pdf  (185 Kb)

  • V.S. Mikhaylov
    On legislative regulation of activity of penal system of the Soviet State in the period of the 1930-1960s

    In the paper, an analysis is made of legal bases of activity of prison system of the Soviet State during GULAG functioning (the 1930 – 1960s). The author examines contradictions of normative acts of legislative level with the departmental orders and instructions regulating activity of executive authorities in the sphere of execution of criminal punishments.

    pdf mikhaylov2013_3.pdf  (230 Kb)

  • I.B. Khakonova
    Features of carrying out insurance campaign on social insurance of workers in the final period of the Russian Empire (1913-1916)

    This paper examines the insurance laws of the Russian Empire of 1912, related to social insurance of the workers of industrial enterprises, namely: about providing workers in an illness case, about insurance of workers upon accidents, about council on affairs of workers insurance and about presence for workers insurance.

    pdf khakonova2013_3.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • N.S. Chebanova
    Detective Order (Order of Detective Affairs) of Moscow state of the 17th century (functions, powers and office-work)

    The present paper deals with the mandative system of the Moscow state of the 17th century, and specifically with the Order of Detective Affairs founded in 1619. The Detective Order was engaged in investigation of fugitive people over all country. It was intended for organization of the cities ruined by Poles, for examination of complaints from persons of different estates on oppressions and offenses from strong people, for the solution of land disputes and questions of change of the land relations.

    pdf chebanova2013_3.pdf  (200 Kb)

  • T.S. Inyutina
    Speech culture of the teacher, the head of primary and secondary professional education institutions

    The present paper raises the questions related to the level of speech culture of teachers in institutions of system of primary and secondary professional education. The administrative board of this education system is in focus of this research. The author presents components of speech culture, that are considered to be the most topical for the teachers, the heads of these institutions. The results of the conducted research characterizing level of proficiency in speech culture of respondents are given.

    pdf inyutina2013_3.pdf  (232 Kb)

  • N.S. Pichko
    Specificity of a role and place of art consciousness in the Russian culture

    In this paper, an analysis is made of scientific literature related to specificity of a role and place of art consciousness in the Russian culture. The author shows multidimensionality of the concept of “art consciousness” considered by cultural science, philosophy, esthetics, art studies and by psychological and pedagogical sciences. In line with the general concept “culture”, the author allocates the phenomenon of “art” and its impacts on the person. Two main approaches are defined to study art consciousness of the personality. The following functions of images of culture in modern consciousness are designated: gnoseological, humanistic, communicative, training, bringing up, informative, standard and reflexive. The author distinguishes culture images as the inconsistent and dramatic periods ambiguously reflected in modern consciousness. The paper shows the structural and dynamic features of culture images and modern consciousness, as well as their influence on modern processes of art creativity.

    pdf pichko2013_3.pdf  (327 Kb)

    Political Science
  • R.F. Aynutdinov
    Development of Russia in the conditions of globalization: political and legal aspects

    The paper addresses the actual problem of development of Russia in the conditions of globalization. The author examines the conceptual bases of political and legal globalization, the main aspects of development of the country in the conditions of globalization and defines the directions of globalization policy of the Russian Federation.

    pdf aynutdinov2013_3.pdf  (179 Kb)

  • Z.V. Mamedov
    Main directions in foreign policy of the Azerbaijan Republic (1991 — 2012)

    The paper focuses on foreign policy of independent Azerbaijan. A short analysis of foreign policy of Azerbaijan is given. The main directions in foreign policy of the Republic are examined.

    pdf mamedov2013_3.pdf  (177 Kb)

  • V.G. Shustov
    Theories of local government: a politological context

    This paper studies the main theories of local government and their refraction on the Russian political field of municipal reform. The main objective of this publication is an examination of politological aspects of the main theories of local government.

    pdf shustov2013_3.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • I.V. Yurchenko
    On some factors of distribution of ideology of extremism in political information space

    In the paper, an analysis is made of distribution of ideology of extremism by using new information technologies, as well as the ethnoterritorial conflicts as the factors having impact on emergence of destructive processes in interethnic interactions.

    pdf yurchenko2013_3.pdf  (183 Kb)

    Financial Markets
  • V.V. Bondarenko
    Targeting the inflation in the period of recession

    The paper justifies decisive measures of Central Bank of Russia for targeting the inflation in the period of actual economic recession in 2013. In order to increase the control and management of inflation, it is proposed to change the actual monetary policy, to correct timely the key rates of Central Bank depending on inflation and economic growth in basic industries, as well as to establish a mechanism of public control to estimate the effectiveness of Bank of Russia measurements for targeting the inflation.

    pdf bondarenko2013_3.pdf  (185 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • A.V. Gladilin, E.V. Omelchenko
    The need to improve tools to study parameters of stability of the region development

    At the present time there is an urgent need to improve the methodology for calculating the dynamics of sustainability in the development of regions through an assessment of the factors determining the dynamics and the development of mechanisms to improve the sustainability of the regional systems. The paper is devoted to a problem of improvement of methodological tools for assessment and forecasting the sustainable regional development.

    pdf gladilin2013_3.pdf  (322 Kb)

  • A.A. Dzharimov, A.R. Popov, R.A. Popov
    Development of productive forces in the conditions of competition toughening: regional cut of a problem

    In the conditions of the competition toughening caused by deepening of world economic communications, problems of development and placement of productive forces on a new economical and technological basis become complicated. Formation of the territorial and production clusters extending their activity to the territories within the daily migration of the population can act as one of the forms of consolidation of efforts and means of the economic organizations in the cities and rural areas.

    pdf dzharimov2013_3.pdf  (210 Kb)

  • A.G. Dobrovolsky
    Strategic priorities of the Republic of Adyghea and mechanisms bringing it up in the socio-economic environment of the Southern macroregion

    This paper discusses some aspects of the study areas of social and economic development of the Republic of Adyghea, the implementation of which is designed to ensure the gradual elimination of its backlog from more developed regions of the South of Russia. Particular attention is paid to the mechanisms for implementing the strategic priorities of regional development.

    pdf dobrovolsky2013_3.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • Yu.A. Dolgikh
    Diversification opportunities of the budgetary-deficit region

    The paper discusses a number of aspects of the use of economy diversification as a key tool for the management of sustainable and dynamic development of the budgetary–deficit regions in the current conditions. Particular attention is paid to the factors that determine the diversification opportunities of the budgetary-deficit regions in the South of Russia.

    pdf dolgikh2013_3.pdf  (188 Kb)

  • A.A. Kerashev, A.A. Mokrushin, N.A. Koroleva
    The ways of interaction of mega-corporations with regional economic systems in contemporary Russia

    The paper shows the role of mega-corporations in modernization of commercial space and in the development of regional economic systems in contemporary Russia. Six groups of economic relations that correspond to different ways of interaction between megacorporations and regional economic systems are identified. Contents of the main ways of interaction between mega-corporations and regional economic systems are revealed.

    pdf kerashev2013_3.pdf  (240 Kb)

  • Kh.A. Konstantinidi
    Balanced integration of development strategy in Southern Macroregion of Russia

    The paper reveals significant and persistent asymmetry between vertical and horizontal components of the integration interaction of regional systems in the extended space of the Southern macroregion. The author discloses the relationship between the prevailing role of the federal government in the formation of macroregions as new structural units of the spatial organization of Russia and the administrative management paradigm of the macroregion system. An analysis is made of the directions of the change of existing management paradigm aimed at development of macroregional spatial system.

    pdf konstantinidi2013_3.pdf  (184 Kb)

  • N.A. Koroleva, V.S. Manitskiy
    The reproduction of intellectual services in the interaction between mega- corporation and the regional economic system

    The potential to reproduce new knowledge have bcome dominative feature of interaction between system subjects at the mezzo-level of organization of economy relations in the post industrial transformation.The integration at the mezzo-level makes greater the actuality of producing the new management mechanisms of reproduction of intellectual services, which are adapted to the process of interaction between mega-corporations and regional economic systems. This paper presents the main approaches to elaboration of these mechanisms.

    pdf koroleva2013_3.pdf  (185 Kb)

  • T.V. Martyshina
    Sustainable development as a conceptual form of manifestation of dynamic stability of the region

    The paper presents various approaches to the concept of stability of regional economic system. The author shows a set of indicators of dynamic stability as fundamental principles of a sustainable development of the region. The problem of a sustainable development of the region as the form of manifestation of its dynamic stability can be solved on the basis of the so-called homeostatic principle.

    pdf martyshina1_2013_3.pdf  (221 Kb)

  • T.V. Martyshina, O.A. Korba
    Basic elements of system of regional stability and their assessment

    The paper discusses basic elements of system of a sustainable development of the region. A number of key forms of danger to a sustainable development are allocated. The authors show the most important qualitative characteristics of key types of regional development. A justification is made of the use of a dynamic integrative indicator and the balanced system of indicators to assess level of regional stability.

    pdf martyshina2_2013_3.pdf  (615 Kb)

  • V.V. Prokhorova, N.A. Khilko
    Strategic trajectory of the development of «economy, based on knowledge» at meso level of modern Russia

    The paper shows the opportunities of forming a strategic trajectory of the development of «the economy based on knowledge» which are created with participation of vertically integrated corporations and network organizations in economic space of regional economic systems of modern Russia. The authors give an assessment of potential of a contribution of the specified subjects to the process of modernization of regional economic systems.

    pdf prokhorova2013_3.pdf  (195 Kb)

  • E.V. Smirnova, F.V. Shutilov
    Management of economic development of sanatorium complexes of the region

    The paper discusses the development of a sanatorium complex and the regional social and economic policy. The authors propose the organizational and economic mechanism of management of formation of the integrated sanatorium complexes on the basis of cluster approach, as well as the algorithm of formation of clusters.

    pdf smirnova2013_3.pdf  (172 Kb)

  • N.V. Timoshenko
    State regulation as a basis for the progressive development of the regional economy

    This paper focuses on issues of state regulation of the regional economy. The paper deals with administrative and economic management tools that contribute to the progressive development of the economy of certain regions. Particular attention is paid to the targeted programming and strategic planning. In a market economy, these problems are of topical relevance.

    pdf timoshenko2013_3.pdf  (201 Kb)

  • O.N. Ustyuzhina, S.V. Khusainova
    Analysis of approaches and methods of the evaluation of investment attractiveness of regions

    The paper describes the main approaches to the evaluation of the investment attractiveness of the regions of the Russian Federation. The authors disclose the content of the main methods used for the diagnosis of conditions and factors that influence the development of the subjects of the Russian Federation. The analysis is made and the assessment of the efficiency of their application is given.

    pdf ustyuzhina2013_3.pdf  (270 Kb)

  • N.A. Khilko
    The sub-regional net systems in the economical evolution of territory

    The paper shows the potential of sub-regional net systems, which may have been created with the participation of outside investors inside the regional economic systems of contemporary Russia. Their potential of contribution to modernization of the regional economic systems is estimated.

    pdf khilko2013_3.pdf  (187 Kb)

  • R.D. Khunagov, R.A. Popov
    Informatization of space and new approaches to development and erecting buildings on territories

    An analysis is made of modern processes in development and placement of productive forces and building of the cities and rural settlements. It is shown that in the conditions of informatization of space and sharp scientific and technical shifts, a possibility of dispersal of productions and the corresponding distribution of the population by compactness of the new urbanized type appears in industrial technologies. The idea is developed of multicentric model of development of the large cities and regions. The thesis about increasing importance of process approach in the corresponding regional management is proved.

    pdf khunagov2013_3.pdf  (190 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • M.P. Vladimirova, G.N. Kurbanov
    Modern approaches to depreciation charge of mountain preparatory work in improvement system of accounting policies and audit

    This paper deals with topical issues of improvement of accounting policy and audit at the industrial enterprises connected in the course of their activity with industrial development of raw materials. Creation of reserve for depreciation here is an important condition of competitiveness as the data source of capital investments.

    pdf vladimirova1_2013_3.pdf  (330 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • Yu.I. Bershitsky, K.E. Tyupakov, N.R. Sayfetdinova
    Technique of an assessment of transfer efficiency of measures to support agrarians by the state

    The paper explains the rationale of the methodical approach to evaluate the effectiveness of individual measures of the state support of agricultural producers with regard to their impact on the allocative decisions about the structure and volume of resources involved in the production. The provisions of the standard microeconomic model to minimize costs by cost-oriented distance function and the demand function for factors of production were used as a tool. The influence of certain types of subsidies on the effectiveness of industrial activity was determined through the impact of resource prices, provided that the latter are defined taking into account the amount of the state support provided to the company. The authors give their opinion on the determination of the prices for raw of agricultural producers.

    pdf bershitsky2013_3.pdf  (3 Mb)

  • A.A. Mokrushin, K.M. Panesh
    Problems and prospects of structural development of regional AIC on the basis of mechanisms of corporative integration

    The paper discusses possibilities of corporative integration in structural modernization of regional AIC. Internalization of inter-economic connections on the basis of intra-economic mechanisms is conceived to be a key factor of AIC developing in contemporary Russia. The scenarios of structural reorganization of regional AIC on the basis of corporative integration, as well as possible consequences of its realization are revealed.

    pdf mokrushin2013_3.pdf  (218 Kb)

  • P.G. Chernyshov
    The genesis of the agricultural and food market and market infrastructure

    The paper examines structural construction of the agricultural and food market as a complicated segmented union, the features of which depend on the nature of the goods, its membership in the life-support system and on social orientation. It is noted that the increase of the efficiency of the market mechanism is impossible not taking into account the address and timely implementation of legal, institutional and economic initiatives of the state.

    pdf chernyshov2013_3.pdf  (220 Kb)

    Management by Innovations
  • E.A. Gurova
    Information resource activation of innovatively focused organization

    The paper discusses theoretical aspects of formation of information resource of the organization innovative capacity in modern conditions. Factors promoting its activation in the course of the continuous analysis of the directions of development are allocated.

    pdf gurova2013_3.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • E.Yu. Deryugina
    Public-private partnership as the organizational form of introduction of system innovation at enterprises in the coal industry

    The paper deals with the issues of socio-economic effect of public-private partnership and the impact of the mechanism on the innovative development of the coal industry. Categories of public-private partnership and the economic mechanism of interaction of businesses in the new economy «your interest — my interest» are systematized. Objective transformations of pricing in the coal industry are examined. They should be “caught” by the mechanism of public-private partnership to provide innovative development of the industry.

    pdf deryugina2013_3.pdf  (253 Kb)

  • I.V. Chistnikova, E.V. Nikulina
    Formation of innovative strategy to develop industry in the region

    The paper proves that it is necessary to form innovative strategy to develop industry in the region. The authors discuss the nature, mission, goals, directions and forms of realization of measures of innovative strategy on industry development in the region.

    pdf chistnikova2013_3.pdf  (239 Kb)

    Service Economy
  • O.G. Gisina, T.G. Tlyusten
    Realization of enterprise potential as a tool of ensuring effective functioning of higher education institutions

    This paper conceives of a higher education institution as a corporation. The main lines of such representation are specified. The scheme of functioning of the higher education institution as a scientific and educational corporation is given. Three groups of the directions of business activity of a higher education institution are allocated. The authors show a set of elements of enterprise capacity of the higher education institution and the concrete directions of its realization.

    pdf gisina2013_3.pdf  (400 Kb)

  • E.A. Kobets, A.V. Khanina
    Genesis and tendencies in development of housing and communal services

    The history of development and improvement of the housing-and-municipal sphere allows us to analyze its state in modern conditions and in a state system, to reveal development tendencies at various stages of its formation and to define the modern directions in increasing efficiency of municipal service activity. In the paper, an analysis is made of the main forms of emergence and development of housing and communal services in imperial Russia, the USSR and modern Russia. Generalization of the main abovementioned stages is carried out. Based on the results of the analysis the authors show the most essential advances in the solution of questions of public service of the population, shortcomings and the reasons of their emergence.

    pdf kobets2013_3.pdf  (221 Kb)

  • T.A. Makarenya, S.V. Stash
    Determination of regulatory requirements for water resource services

    An analysis is made of the utility costs for the water supply services. The authors identified cost items and proposed measures to reduce the cost of water services to consumers. The paper examines the formation of the tariff system, which provides certain cost items to form a reasonable price for the services. The directions of the rate formation, basing on a study of the composition and structure of costs in time series are defined. The reasons that hinder the objective counting standards in resources for water supply are presented. The authors propose a mechanism for determining the standards of housing and communal services and costs, basing on common standards of service quality, labor standards and technical plant in equipment.

    pdf makarenya2013_3.pdf  (252 Kb)

  • V.M. Matyunin
    Trends in the development of tourist industry in Russia: problems and prospects

    This paper discusses some aspects of tourism development. An analysis is made of the key trends that exist in the tourist sector. The major challenges in the field of transport, hotel industry, information and advertising policy are estimated. Statistical data are used to identify the key areas in which it is necessary to develop the tourist sector. It is inferred that despite available significant potential in the tourist sector of Russia, it is used minimally.

    pdf matyunin2013_3.pdf  (236 Kb)

  • Ya.A. Nalesnaya
    Foreign experience in functioning of the enterprises of the housing and communal services

    Housing and communal services in the territory of municipality are the most important sphere of social and economic development. The system of functioning of housing and communal services demands considerable changes. The housing stock in municipalities of the Russian Federation remains to be low, its considerable part does not correspond to standards and qualitative characteristics. A study of the experience of the developed countries will allow us to compare and reveal an opportunity of application of forms and methods of functioning of the enterprises in the sphere of housing and communal services.

    pdf nalesnaya2013_3.pdf  (195 Kb)

  • N.V. Ivancha
    Problems of introducing a controlling system at an industrial plant

    The paper describes the main factors that determine the occurrence of scientific and practical problems in introducing the controlling system at domestic industrial enterprises.

    pdf ivancha2013_3.pdf  (288 Kb)

  • B.A. Kumpilova, S.A. Khatukay
    Modern forms of the organization of management in small and medium-sized business: the development of non-core structures

    The paper deals with adaptive organizational management structures of SME’s as the ones which are most appropriate for dynamic and unpredictable external environment. Main advantages and disadvantages of classical adaptive organizational structures (crossfunctional, project and matrix) are revealed for contemporary SME’s. It is inferred that it is necessary to introduce none-core organizational structures in practice of small and mediumsized business.

    pdf kumpilova2013_3.pdf  (197 Kb)

  • S.V. Malkov
    Management facilities of entrepreneurial risks of virtual enterprises

    There are many e-stores which provide different products and services in the Internet. They run the different risks generated only in computer networks. The main goal of this paper is to describe the different features of business risks in the Internet and the means how to manage these risks.

    pdf malkov2013_3.pdf  (183 Kb)

  • K.V. Smitskikh, T.V. Terentyeva
    Assessment of factor influence on the efficiency of construction enterprises

    The building complex is among the key sectors of the Russian economy, it defines the social, economic and technical challenges in its development. In this paper, using the method of expert assessments, the factors affecting the efficiency of activity of construction enterprises are analyzed. As a result of calculations each factor is given the degree of the impact on business efficiency. It is concluded that such factors as the sales volume, pricing, human resources, material resources, goods, work and service production costs, means of labor, etc. influence greatly the efficiency of construction enterprises.

    pdf smitskikh2013_3.pdf  (518 Kb)

    Taxes and the Taxation
  • M.P. Vladimirova
    Modern realities of application of the offshore business as a method of the international tax planning

    The paper focuses on possible ways of developing control over offshore business. For this purpose it is necessary to create a legislative basis in Russia to lawfully use offshore schemes as a tool of international tax planning.

    pdf vladimirova2_2013_3.pdf  (203 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • N.A. Voitleva
    Characteristic of structural components in professional and creative development of the student musician

    The paper focuses on development of creative identity in future music teachers and on the organization of the educational process promoting the solution of this problem. In work, the characteristic is given of three interconnected components namely: sensual and emotional, art and figurative and performing. They, according to the author, make structure of professional and creative development of future music teacher in the course of occupations in instrumental class, in particular in a piano class.

    pdf voitleva2013_3.pdf  (179 Kb)

  • O.P. Gavrilova, P.S. Norkina, E.E. Rudenko
    Formation of intercultural communication competence at students studying engineering

    The paper deals with the forms and methods of students’ intercultural communication competence formation at the university. The author describes the pedagogical experiment at students, studying engineering sciences, aimed at increasing the effectiveness of intercultural communication competence formation. At the end, data are given on the change of students’ activity during the experiment and on their increasing level of speaking English and grammar knowledge. An analysis of the results of the experiment is presented.

    pdf gavrilova2013_3.pdf  (260 Kb)

  • N.A. Glushko, P.S. Norkina, N.A. Rogovaya
    Formation of students' general cultural competence by means of the foreign language

    The paper deals with the students’ general cultural competences in the course of learning foreign language according to Federal State Educational Standard for “Oil and Gas Engineering”, “Innovation” and “International Relationships” specialties. The authors examine level of general cultural competences at students of the above specialties at the Far East Federal University. The main ways of formation of students’ general cultural competence are described by means of the foreign language, which is studied by using a didactic complex of training and educational actions. The technique promoting formation of general cultural competences is proposed.

    pdf glushko2013_3.pdf  (179 Kb)

  • E.V. Demko, V.A. Petkov
    Pedagogical prevention and correction of aggression in children aged 6-7 years

    The aggressive behavior of children in the educational institution is one of the issues not only for teachers, psychologists and parents, but also for society as a whole. Studying aggression gains special relevance for the age of 6-7 years which is characterized by difficulties in the adaptation, connected with transition from preschool educational institution to elementary school, preparation for crisis of 7 years and its overcoming. The difficulties experienced by teachers and parents in a choice of adequate responses to aggressive manifestations of children and absence of the coordinated efforts of preschool educational institution, society and family in prevention of aggression in preschool children prove that it is expedient to organize a system of pedagogical work of preschool educational institution on prevention of children's aggression. This paper identifies the author's approach to create a system of pedagogical prevention and correction of aggression in children aged 6-7 years.

    pdf demko2013_3.pdf  (239 Kb)

  • Z.Z. Mamysheva, Z.U. Blyagoz
    Educational potential of proverbs and sayings in formation of value orientations at younger school students in the multicultural learning environment

    The paper discusses the importance of proverbs and sayings in the formation of value orientations in primary school children in a multicultural learning environment. The results of an experimental study are given to show the level of understanding by younger students of the value foundations laid in proverbs and sayings.

    pdf mamysheva2013_3.pdf  (196 Kb)

  • O.S. Novikova
    Peculiarities of formation of the intellectual competence in the virtual learning space

    The competence-based approach is linked with the integration of Russia into the world community, the processes of globalization and unification of the system of higher education. It is aimed at the development of the competences of the students on the basis of the principles of fundamentality, universality, integration, variation and practical orientation. The current socio-cultural changes show that the modern society requires intellectually competent, mobile personalities.

    pdf novikova2013_3.pdf  (187 Kb)

  • E.S. Potekhina
    Students’ foreign language independent study at higher education institutions

    The problem of organization of students’ foreign language independent study at higher education institutions is one of the main problems in language teaching techniques. This paper deals with the results of the research devoted to this problem. The author presents various types of difficult independent tasks for students, defines conditions to prevent these difficulties and gives specific instructions for students to successful and timely execute these tasks.

    pdf potekhina2013_3.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • G.V. Reva
    Conditions and mechanisms of knowledge transfer into the students’ personal beliefs

    The paper discusses the role of belief in the students' ideology, the conditions and the mechanisms of pedagogic-psychological impacts promoting knowledge transfer into personal beliefs of future specialists.

    pdf reva2013_3.pdf  (198 Kb)

  • O.N. Rodionova, V.A. Petkov
    Future preschool teachers’ training to develop elements of the algorithmic culture at children aged 5-6 years

    Algorithmization of pedagogical process takes a special place in modern educational practice and acts as a general scientific cognitive method, promoting identification of system of the operations entering into abilities, skills and educational activity techniques, as well as improvement of management of educational process. In the modern personal-focused education of preschool children, creation of conditions for intellectual development of children assumes knowledge of elements of algorithmization. Consideration of category of algorithmic culture of the preschool children identity will promote the understanding of essence of algorithmization processes in system of preschool education. Efficiency of development of algorithmic culture at preschool children is provided by algorithmization of the learning environment and depends on level of professional readiness of future experts of preschool education. Uncertainty of the content of algorithmic training of the future preschool teacher and the pedagogical conditions providing its success, is related to a weak readiness of the conceptual and diagnostic framework and tools for quantitative and high-quality measurement of level of readiness of the tutor to develop elements of algorithmic culture in children; and to absence of the fulfilled programs defining didactic conditions of creation of complete educational process of teacher training University on the basis of integration of the content of training, the didactic principles, models and technologies of formation of readiness of future tutor to this type of professional activity. The paper discusses the author's approach to create opportunities for future preschool teacher training to develop elements of algorithmic culture in preschool children in the conditions of pedagogical higher education institution.

    pdf rodionova2013_3.pdf  (248 Kb)

  • O.A. Samovik
    Children's music schools and children's schools of arts in system of modern modernized music education

    In the paper, an analysis is made of the situation which has developed in system of primary additional music education. Children's schools of arts are taken as an example. Using normative documents, theoretical works of domestic teachers and methodologists and supervision over the work of children’s school of arts in Krasnodar Territory, the author analyzes the problems related to mechanisms and productivity of passable reform, states Federal state requirements to additional preprofessional general education programs in the field of art, and discusses the debatable questions connected with the change of the status of children’s schools of arts in modern Russia.

    pdf samovik2013_3.pdf  (230 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • S.M. Guziyekova, S.K. Khachak
    Innovative approaches in the technique of teaching foreign languages

    This paper discusses one of the creative approaches to teaching foreign Languages for Special Purposes (LSP), the so-called case - study method. The main point of this method is an independent foreign language activity of trainees arranged in artificially created professional environment. Case studies are extremely rich in content and can provide the learner with the potential to consolidate already acquired knowledge and train specific language and managerial skills. According to the results of the authors’ applied research, the case - study method proved to be invaluable one to meet the desired professional foreign language learning outcomes and intercultural adaptation.

    pdf guziyekova2013_3.pdf  (177 Kb)

  • A.Kh. Panesh
    Formation of professional competences in teaching network technology disciplines in higher education institution

    The paper discusses the forms and methods of teaching to network technologies in higher education institution in terms of competence-based approach. The author proposes the different types of study for subjects of network technologies.

    pdf panesh2013_3.pdf  (187 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • S.N. Mordyushenko
    Results of investigating a cognitive component in the structure of professionally important qualities of rescue dog handlers of state emergency service in Ukraine

    The paper deals with the intellectual qualities of rescue dog handlers of State Emergency Service of Ukraine. The role of cognitive component in the general structure of professionally important qualities of the rescuers of canine service has been pointed out. General skill analysis of experienced and novice rescue dog handlers has been carried out.

    pdf mordyushenko2013_3.pdf  (183 Kb)

  • V.M. Smirnova
    Role of self-transforming activities during formation of autopsychological competence in students of pedagogical specialty

    The paper describes the concepts of “autopsychological competence” and “self-transforming activity”. The author proves that it is necessary to form autopsychological competence in university students - future teachers. The degree of scientific study of the problem is shown. Special attention is given to self-transforming activity in this process. The author proposes a model of autopsychological competence of students of the university teaching specialties. The model incorporates four successive stages, the passage of which involves students in self-transforming activity. The result of the model is the autopsychologically competent graduate.

    pdf smirnova2013_3.pdf  (183 Kb)

  • L.V. Surzhenko
    Feasibility of personal values of higher school teachers in the context of professional burnout

    The paper presents an analysis of the feasibility of personal values of higher school teachers, depending on the level of professional burnout. The professional burnout of teachers is shown to be due to the presence of the mismatch in the value-motivational sphere, in particular, the inability to implement the life sense-forming values in the professional activity. Way to resolve the internal conflict is limiting the range and intensity of emotion inclusion in professional communication. High internal tension caused by the frustration of significant values, promotes the activation of psychological defense mechanism in the form of mental burnout. The results obtained allow us to specify the purpose of psycho-precautionary work, namely: activation of value and meaning resources of the individual.

    pdf surzhenko2013_3.pdf  (204 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • A.B. Bguashev, A.A. Klimenko
    The characteristic of the factors influencing efficiency of expansion of activity space during young judoists’ technical and tactical training

    On the basis of studying the component structure of the theory of activity and a technique of judoists training, the characterologic analysis of backbone factors of formation of technical and tactical readiness of young athletes is offered, and some approaches are presented to provide their account in the course of students sports training at the initial stage of a many-year cycle of training.

    pdf bguashev2013_3.pdf  (354 Kb)

  • A.G. Zabolotniy, S.T. Shcherbina, A.O. Isakov
    Specific features of physical exercises in care of newborns and infants

    Readiness of parents to work with newborns and infants is a result of high level of personal physical culture. Parents must have knowledge and skills to apply the physical exercises aimed at the development of the child. However, physical exercises in widely known types are not applicable during the first year of life. The main means of completion of movement deficiency at this age are the gymnastic exercises, application of which demands methodical ensuring parents’ activity. This paper substantiates fundamental approaches to application of physical exercises for maintenance of physical activity of newborns and children of chest age. Classification of physical exercises is presented. It is based on division of physical exercises by extent of participation of the child in motive action. Examples are given, and methodical recommendations are made.

    pdf zabolotniy2013_3.pdf  (340 Kb)

  • R.M. Zakirov
    Features of training in technical and tactical preparatory actions of young judoists with the hearing disorder

    Adaptive judo is the effective correctional and health improving remedy, creating favorable conditions for mobilization, technological, intellectual, motive, integration and other values of physical culture and sport at children with a hearing disorder. During training and rehabilitation process of any intensity, functional control of young judoists with a hearing disorder is needed. Tactical and technical preparatory actions are developed in adaptive judo taking into account the specific features caused by a hearing disorder. This paper shows features of training in technical and tactical preparatory actions for young judoists with a hearing disorder.

    pdf zakirov2013_3.pdf  (235 Kb)

  • A.A. Klimenko
    Activity space development by young judoists at creation of spatial and semantic model of technical and tactical training in judo (results of forming experiment)

    The paper presents the concept of spatial and semantic model for technical and tactical training, technique of space development of judoists’ technical and tactical activity, and proofs of efficiency of the offered approach.

    pdf klimenko2013_3.pdf  (334 Kb)

  • R.M. Magomedov
    Criteria for efficient functioning of regional system of youth physical training (as shown by the Republic of Daghestan)

    The paper shows the social and pedagogical potential of physical culture and sport. Actual problems of the Daghestan youth and the corresponding tasks are distinguished. The solution of the specified tasks is defined as a target trend of modeling of regional system of youth physical training. This publication presents a system of criteria for an assessment of functioning efficiency of regional system of physical training of the youth focused on the solution of actual social and pedagogical problems. Three groups of criteria are allocated. The first group characterizes the sports criteria describing changes in a physical condition of participants. The second group describes the social and pedagogical criteria relating to the sphere of civil activity and humanistic orientation of youth. The third group treats personal and psychological characteristics of participants.

    pdf magomedov2013_3.pdf  (185 Kb)

  • R.Z. Osmanov, I.K. Gunazhokov
    The principles of building the process of physical training at comprehensive school

    In the paper, an analysis is made of the traditional principles of physical training of pupils. The authors prove the insufficient efficiency of their realization in modern system of the general education and present the methodological bases of the organization of comanaging by physical training of school children as a way of optimization of this process. The authors propose the theoretical and methodological provisions as a base of creation of modern physical training of teenagers and show the new view on target trends of physical training of school students. The hierarchy of the principles of physical training is defined. The attention is focused on the importance of realization of the principle of the individual-differentiated approach to physical training of the personality. Comanaging by process of physical training is proved as a key condition of formation efficiency of physical culture of the pupil’s identity.

    pdf osmanov2013_3.pdf  (198 Kb)

  • A.O. Semyonova
    Physical culture in system of social security and formation of the way of life of citizens in modern conditions

    The paper deals with the use of potential of physical culture in system of ensuring social security and in formation of a way of life of citizens in modern crisis conditions of Russia. The author proves that ensuring high quality of life of the population is the sphere of social policy of the state, which has to touch upon professional interests of the population. The publication shows features of formation of social security in the field of physical culture of citizens. It is defined that process of development of new value orientations and social requirements by the personality is developed in a way of life of the person and in culture as a whole. The problem of ensuring social wellbeing of the population should be considered, first of all, as the policy of ensuring full activity of the entire population, including the right to access to realization of physical culture and sport potential. The main point in providing the high quality of life of the population and in management of this system is teaching citizens to use the rights on ensuring the personal wellbeing in the social and personal plan and on activization of their activity.

    pdf semyonova2013_3.pdf  (189 Kb)

  • A.I. Stetsenko
    Many-year assessment of bench press performance of future professionals in physical training and sports

    The paper highlights the aspects of the practical training of future bachelor of physical education. Studies of the physical development of students and the significance of bench press (BP) in various sports were analyzed in detail. The long-term dynamics of maximum muscle strength of students from physical education institutions was shown for the first time. The level of absolute and relative BP performance of students was studied based on large empirical material. The dynamics of the girls’ BP performance has been shown to have great progress compared with boys. This is expressed, in particular, by relative performance indicators allowing students’ body weight to be levelled. It has been established that students specializing in rowing and canoeing (men) and track-and-field athletics (girls) have the highest BP performance. It is confirmed that BP is a popular means of special physical training in various sports.

    pdf stetsenko2013_3.pdf  (400 Kb)

  • S.A. Khazova, S.N. Begidova
    Conceptual bases of development and competitiveness of future experts in physical culture and sport in higher education institution

    The paper describes the conception of development of competitiveness at future experts in physical culture and sport. The category “competitiveness of the expert” is characterized. Definition is given to competitive interaction as to key concept of the author's conception. The conception comprises a set of theoretical, methodological and technological bases of the organization of educational process in higher education institution. Criteria for competitiveness of the expert are described. Three design levels of the competitiveness-developing education are characterized. The didactic system of development of competitiveness of the personality and educational stages are described. The authors present the experimental data confirming effectiveness of the developed conception.

    pdf khazova1_2013_3.pdf  (194 Kb)

  • S.A. Khazova, L.V. Manzhos, L.V. Ospishcheva
    Dynamics of indicators showing the healthy lifestyle of students

    The paper shows the importance of monitoring of students’ knowledge and ideas of a healthy lifestyle, its components and factors. “The Healthy Lifestyle” annual monitorings held at the Adyghe State University are described. The comparative analysis of results of 2011 and 2012 monitorings is given. Studied indicators are subdivided into three groups. The first group includes knowledge of respondents of factors and importance of a healthy lifestyle, a health and way of life self-assessment. The second group comprises a self-assessment by students of physical activity and their idea of the typical reasons of maintaining physically passive way of life, preferable ways and types of physical activity of students, etc.; and the third group contains indicators showing students’ subjection to tobacco smoking and the alcohol, the corresponding preferences, the relation of respondents to the appropriate prohibitive and punitive measures, etc. The comparative analysis of results of two monitorings is made for three groups; reliable changes of some indicators are defined; positive and negative tendencies are characterized.

    pdf khazova2_2013_3.pdf  (235 Kb)

  • N.Kh. Khakunov, S.A. Khazova, I.K. Gunazhokov, N.V. Koryagina
    Professionally significant personal qualities of the sports teacher

    The paper contains results of the research analysis to define general and special in structure of professionally significant personal qualities of the teacher of physical culture and the trainer. The authors show the features of pedagogical activity of the teacher of physical culture and the trainer to be the factors of determination of set of professionally significant personal qualities of these experts. Key features of work of sports teachers are characterized from the point of view of the purposes, results, the principles of activity and functions of its subjects. The authors present groups of professional qualities and abilities of the teacher, proved in domestic pedagogy. These qualities are concretized in relation to activity of the teacher of physical culture and the trainer. The paper describes the features of manifestation of professionally significant personal qualities in professional activity of the teacher of physical culture and the sports coach. Ultimately the distinctive features as a part of professionally significant personal qualities of the teacher of physical culture and the sports coach are characterized.

    pdf khakunov2013_3.pdf  (249 Kb)

  • M.M. Khakunova, N.A. Tseeva
    Functional condition assessment of the students’ from groups of medical physical culture by means of the automated diagnostic AMSAT-Covert system

    As a result of inspection of the students, who are engaged in MPC groups, by means of the automated diagnostic AMSAT-Covert system, it is proved that it is possible to assess a functional condition of an organism, quantitative and quality standard of students’ health and a condition of vegetative nervous system. The differential criterion for the power status of an organism is shown. The authors prove the information value of electric parameters of biologically active zones of skin concerning an assessment of a condition of body and tissue systems.

    pdf khakunova2013_3.pdf  (187 Kb)

  • K.D. Chermit, A.G. Zabolotniy, E.I. Tuguz
    Destruction of the rhythm of walking kinematic characteristics at advanced age as the sign of regressive changes

    Walking is the automated rhythmic act, noted for repetition of parameters of kinematic indicators through equal intervals of time. Rhythm manifestation can be considered as a criterion for quality of performance of motive action which allows us to speak of manifestation of natural regress of motive function in ontogenesis. To confirm this hypothesis, manifestation of a rhythm of straight-line and angular kinematic characteristics of walking at advanced age is studied. Research is conducted by using an optical system of the three-dimensional video analysis of movements. Nature of change of kinematic characteristics of walking at men elder than 70 years is established.

    pdf chermit2013_3.pdf  (266 Kb)

  • O.S. Aketina
    Conceptual analysis of the fiction text and a fiction concept

    A fiction concept is believed to be, first of all, a unit of “individual” consciousness of concept sphere, verbalized in the uniform text of the writer’s creativity. The starting point of semantic filling of the word during the historical development is shown to be consistently transformed into an image, concept and a symbol, turning into a cultural concept in its modern look. The character and ways of representation of a national concept in the fiction world of this or that author define features of his individual concept sphere. The use of this or that specific technique of the analysis of fiction concepts in many respects depends on the research object (the specific author, the concrete fiction text), as well as on the type of the studied concept.

    pdf aketina2013_3.pdf  (420 Kb)

  • A.A. Asheva
    Elite language personality as an ideal carrier of cultural and speech competence

    The elite language personality is described as the ideal carrier of cultural and speech competence which allows him to create texts of any complexity and to simultaneously observe both language and communicative norms. Representatives of elite speech culture have the full knowledge of language system and ability to differentiate various forms of speech and communication situations. They know rhetorical techniques and have ethical subcompetence. It is inferred that a set of the above-named qualities causes formation of a speech-behavior standard.

    pdf asheva2013_3.pdf  (392 Kb)

  • M.I. Bakova
    About differentiation of numeral “one” and its homonyms in the Kabardino-Circassian language

    We consider the problems of delimitation of functional homonyms using an example of numeral “one” and its homonyms. As a result of the analysis of a language material meanings of numeral “one” and its homonyms are defined. An analysis is made of the main methods of differentiation of functional homonyms in the Kabardino-Circassian language which will help us to understand features of each part of speech and the general and differential signs of functional homonyms.

    pdf bakova2013_3.pdf  (499 Kb)

  • I.A. Borisenko
    Text of stomatology subject domain as an informative - terminological unit

    Scientific communication is described as process of scientific text activity. The author gives a characteristic of a scientific journal discourse and its main components, as well as defines the types of scientific communication. It is inferred that the main information function in subject domain is carried out by terms.

    pdf borisenko2013_3.pdf  (387 Kb)

  • R.A. Volkova
    Text-forming functions of emotional - expressive particles in the language of E.M. Remarque’s prose: dominance, cognitivity and pragmatism

    We used the material of the language of E.M. Remarque’s fiction to examine text-forming specifics of emotional - expressive particles of doch and ja, correlating sense of a particular literary text with the author’s opinion and participating in the realization of the stylistic features in dialogic constructions. It is inferred that the text-forming function of these particles relies on their ability to modify and transform the major meaning of the statement in the course of speech.

    pdf volkova2013_3.pdf  (481 Kb)

  • I.V. Volobuyev
    Epithet in an advertising slogan in the Russian and English languages

    The paper discusses the main aspects and techniques of use of epithets in advertising slogans. The author shows that the epithet represents not only an adjective defining a noun, but also an apposition noun and an adverb which defines a verb metaphorically. Classification of epithets is given. It is noted that the epithet has to have figurative, expressive and metaphorical character. It gives the additional art characteristic in the form of the hidden, easily guessed comparison to the person, phenomenon or subject. The advertisers use epithets to give a positive assessment to advertised goods.

    pdf volobuyev2013_3.pdf  (380 Kb)

  • I.K. Gitinova
    Improperly - direct speech: structural-syntactic aspect

    The paper deals with the improperly - direct speech and its structural-syntactic organization. The author investigates syntactics as the semiotics section of improperly - direct speech. Components of improperly - direct speech structure (a lexical unit, the simple phrase, the extended phrase, the sentence) are allocated. It is established that improperly - direct speech is often found in various text materials and can vary from one lexical unit to the whole sentence.

    pdf gitinova2013_3.pdf  (401 Kb)

  • N.O. Grigoryeva
    The status of multifunctional syntactic words in the language system

    The paper examines various approaches to the description of language units, in particular syntactic words. The status of multifunctional syntactic words is proved to be of special class and criteria are revealed for inclusion of units in this class. The author defines the principles of the description of system of syntactic words on the basis of multifunctionality / monofunctionality and multisemanticity/monosemanticity. It is established that the offered approach allows investigators to describe also the other units of language system (syntactic and categorimatic) that answers need of the integrative description of language system.

    pdf grigoryeva2013_3.pdf  (422 Kb)

  • T.M. Grushevskaya, V.V. Meteleva
    Interactive nature of discursive translation

    The paper examines interactive relations between links of a communicative chain of the speaking and listening. The interpreter is shown not to be the communicative personality in full sense of this concept. His motives do not coincide with motives of the main communicants. The authors describe dependences between various components of communication. It is established that the sense of the communication “at the exit” proves to be modified to a certain degree, despite an initial task to keep the set sense at most.

    pdf grushevskaya2013_3.pdf  (422 Kb)

  • A.A. Kalashaova
    Verbal components of the advertising text as pragmatically caused units of an imperative discourse

    The paper describes the verbal components of the advertising text which act as pragmatically caused language units promoting efficiency of advertising communication. An analysis is made of the lexical and morphological resources of an advertising discourse creating pragmatic effect. It is inferred that advertisement is a special version of the imperative discourse making a considerable psychological impact on the addressee.

    pdf kalashaova2013_3.pdf  (437 Kb)

  • V.A. Kesovidi
    Picturesque portrait within the fiction text: essence and information space

    The paper examines the picturesque - portrait image of the personality within the fiction text. The picturesque image of the personality is shown to act in a text as the unit caused by semantic-pragmatic space of the whole literary work. Three types of picturesque portrait images are allocated: a detailed description of the head, a detailed description of a body and a detailed description of an accessory. It is established that the picturesque image of the personality presented in the literary work has the substantial program and is closely connected with attention to a problem of “the person in an era”.

    pdf kesovidi2013_3.pdf  (391 Kb)

  • Yu.V. Kopylova
    Newspaper metaphor as a way to express a social assessment in sports materials of the Russian press

    The newspaper metaphor functioning in sports materials of the Russian press is described as a way to express a social assessment. Various types of the metaphors the use of which creates the pragmatic potential of the newspaper text are a subject of the analysis. The conclusion is drawn that features of sports life and activity cause high activity of those metaphorical units which, on the one hand, express the author’s assessment, and, on the other hand, make considerable emotional impact on the addressee.

    pdf kopylova2013_3.pdf  (419 Kb)

  • L.S. Makarova
    Graphic design of poetic speech and its transformation in translation (from materials of the Russian poetry translations to French)

    The material of French translations of the Russian poetry is used to define the ways and the reasons of transformation of graphic design of poetic speech in translation. The author takes into consideration factors of linguistic character (distinction in punctuation usage of two languages) and the characteristics related to features of poetic translation, caused by figurative and esthetic parameters of poetic speech. It is inferred that a wide use of transformations of graphic design of the original in translation is one of manifestations of translation strategy of an expressivization.

    pdf makarova2013_3.pdf  (449 Kb)

  • L.K. Pazova
    Language interference in the conditions of the Abazin-Russian bilingualism (from materials of phrases)

    The paper deals with the questions of a syntactic interference in the Russian speech of Abazin pupils. The author uses a material of the phrases taken from texts of fiction, oral national creativity and from dictionaries. The comparative analysis of this syntactic unit of the Russian and Abazin languages shows that distinctions are observed in structural, grammatical and functional features. Distinctions in the functional features are shown to be a basis of an interference which is observed in the Russian speech of Abazin pupils. The same interlingual distinction can be methodically relevant for carriers of one of the compared languages and irrelevant for carriers of another.

    pdf pazova2013_3.pdf  (470 Kb)

  • K.I. Sarayeva
    Announcement: ways of expression of basic components (from materials of fiction announcements in French)

    The paper discovers the basic components of a derived text of the announcement type, expressed by means of lexical and syntactic units. Among them are components making semantic base of the announcement. Ways of presentation of basic components according to the revealed characteristic parameters are shown. Lexical and punctuation ways of expression of the revealed parameters for basic components are established.

    pdf sarayeva2013_3.pdf  (474 Kb)

  • Zh.V. Svintsova
    Toposes in the Russian Presidents’ inaugural addresses

    The paper deals with the toposes of the Russian Presidents’ inaugural addresses. The author defines their topical. The structure-forming topos in an inaugural speech is shown to be the introduction in a position. The basic topos an inaugural speech is the topos of unity and greatness of the nation. The extending toposes of an inaugural speech are subdivided into the general, for all speeches of this genre, and private, depending on audience expectations and on a situation in the country.

    pdf svintsova2013_3.pdf  (394 Kb)

  • E.A. Semko
    Metaphor as means of manipulative use of language (from materials of the French political press)

    The metaphor is regarded as the most frequent stylistic means of expressiveness of any language. The author presents French metaphors that are used in the French press to show positive and negative sides of pension reform. It is established that political loading of a text material is formed by using metaphors with the meliorative or pejorative connotation, giving a positive or negative assessment to the represented material.

    pdf semko2013_3.pdf  (397 Kb)

  • M.M. Tlevtsezheva
    Adjective phrase-semantic group of “existence of alcohol intoxication of the person” in modern Russian

    The paper examines the semantic structure of the adjective phrase-semantic group of “existence of alcohol intoxication of the person” as a part of the microfield of “physical condition of the person” in modern Russian. The PSG under study includes two conglomerates, representing the synonymic-antonymic and synonymic blocks. The semantic structure of the phrasemes forms a basis for formation of associations of phrasemes of different level: from a synonymic row to a phrasesemantic field.

    pdf tlevtsezheva2013_3.pdf  (398 Kb)

  • N.I. Kharrash, N. Gezayli
    Connotative lexicon as an aspect of the lingual-stylistic analysis of the fiction text

    The paper deals with the questions of theoretical and practical stylistics. On the basis of the analysis of the latest works it is established that stylistics, being some kind of grammar of communication, enters the structure of both lecture and practical materials at all stages and levels of training. The style as a set of methods to express thought is shown to bear information appealing to some experience of the person. It is noted that connotative lexicon, being an aspect of the lingual-stylistic analysis of the fiction text, is reflected in various functional styles.

    pdf kharrash2013_3.pdf  (435 Kb)

  • A.V. Khartikova
    Semantic space of the detective text: the contents and expression plans

    The paper examines “the semantic space”, which is used to designate the substantial side of the text. Simultaneously, its use is characterized by a polysemy and intersection with other text phenomena because of broad understanding of category of text space. It is shown that the mental semantic space (the contents plan) of the fiction text is dimensioned, open and capable to express not only obvious, directly explicit meanings, but also the implicit ones. It is noted that detective works belong to narrative texts the purpose and result of narrative process of which are defined as connection of events with the final act of their completion. It is established that texts can be classified by their relation to reality.

    pdf khartikova2013_3.pdf  (401 Kb)

  • B.M. Khachak
    System of functional displays of gender-role distinctions in language

    The paper discusses the gender stereotypes fixing in language the ideas of courage and feminity and the related models of behavior of individuals. Different strategies of speech behavior of men and women are developed on the basis of patriarchy stereotypes. The author shows that gender stereotypes and gender roles influence each other. Stereotypes establish those tasks which have to be performed by the man or the woman. It is established that distinctions in speech behavior are not manifested in most cases and do not testify that the gender is a regular defining factor as was supposed at the initial stage of gender researches.

    pdf khachak2013_3.pdf  (416 Kb)

  • Zhou Hanzhuy
    Symbolisms of idioms about dog in Chinese and Russian languages

    The paper presents the results of an analysis of Russian and Chinese phraseological units with the animal component. The study is based on the comparative analysis. The presented research fragments show the specificity of the phraseological units with the word dog/gou in Chinese and Russian languages, which reflects the features of mentality of native speakers of these languages.

    pdf zhou_hanzhuy2013_3.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • S.Kh. Yakhutl
    Implicitness of the fiction text as implementer of a cognitive paradigm of the author’s bilingual language identity

    The paper deals with the problem of differentiation of such categories as implication and implicitness. Cognitive paradigms are explored as means of the organization of knowledge and thought of the person. Therefore the cognitive paradigm represents one of the promising ways of cognitive modeling and incorporates superficial representation and propositional base of the text (micro and macrostructure).

    pdf yakhutl(kumuk)2013_3.pdf  (376 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • T.A. Alborova
    Myth and reality in the novel of Mikhail Bulkaty “The seventh campaign of Soslan Narty”

    This paper investigates the interaction of folklore and the Ossetian prose on the example of the novel by Mikhail Bulkaty “The seventh campaign of Soslan Narty”. The folklore motives and methods and the extent of their influence on the ideological and artistic structure of the Ossetian novel are revealed. Urgent problems of our time are raised in this novel. It is established that the writer, on the basis of military democracy of our mythical ancestors, reflects modern reality in all its manifestations.

    pdf alborova2013_3.pdf  (392 Kb)

  • H.I. Bakov
    The problem of studying the history of literatures of the North Caucasus people

    An analysis is made of the condition of the North Caucasus modern literary criticism. The author shows the disproportion in development of history of literature based on the examples of separate literatures of the region and the country as a whole. Also the author examines the topical questions of the theory and art criticism during the Post-Soviet period which demand scientific solution. It is established that priority subjects are the questions related to the history of literature of the region. The author gives recommendations to solve them.

    pdf bakov2013_3.pdf  (408 Kb)

  • A.P. Burnusuzyan
    Poetry of the North Caucasus diaspora as part of a cultural heritage of the Caucasian House

    The paper explores the subject and problems touched in the general emigrant poetry as a projection of existing problems in creativity of diaspora writers. It is emphasized that in works of poets emigrants the historical homeland appears as a certain integrating ideal that sometimes leads to globalizing perception of the Caucasus. It is established that the general emigrant subject is concretized through a prism of a continuous spiritual bond with the Caucasus, defending generally - symbolical value of the Caucasus as historical homeland and emphasizing its immortal basis. The poetry as a whole declares commitment to the Caucasian House, being a part of its cultural heritage.

    pdf burnusuzyan2013_3.pdf  (396 Kb)

  • A.S. Kuyek
    Sacred tree in mythic poetic views of Adyghes

    The paper deals with one of the cults of the Adyghe mythology: a sacred tree, the forest and a grove. The results of analysis of folklore texts and ethnographic materials show that there is the whole system of the representations actualizing the functional importance and mythological symbolics of a tree in the Adyghe mythic poetic consciousness. An especially interesting detail is highlighting the goddess of a tree personifying a vertical model of the world: top of a tree is the sky, roots are depth of the earth and a trunk is this world. The author comes to a conclusion that the tree and the related mythic ritual complex is the sacral Center of the world.

    pdf kuyek2013_3.pdf  (458 Kb)

  • M.A. Kuchmenko
    Postmodernism in modern literary space

    In this paper, emergence of a postmodernism is considered as an artistic – ideological system in domestic literary process. The author gives various points of view on defining features of a postmodernism and borders of its distribution and influence. The variety of views of specifics of postmodernist tendencies in modern literary space is discussed. The conclusion is drawn about a progressive role of a postmodernism in formation of the new reader and in searches for new artistic and esthetic values.

    pdf kuchmenko2013_3.pdf  (362 Kb)

  • A.A. Malkhasyan
    Art conceptualization of Peter I and tsarevitch Alexey in D.S. Merezhkovsky’s novel “Peter and Alexey”

    The paper deals with the art conceptualization of the identity of Peter I in D.S. Merezhkovsky’s novel “Peter and Alexey”. Unlike I.Lazhechnikov, K.Masalsky and A.Pushkin who showed Peter I only from a positive side, D.S. Merezhkovsky represents the first Russian Emperor many-sided. For the first time in the Russian literature the writer gives Peter I not only positive, but also the negative characteristic. Today, when the new view is formed on Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great, D. Merezhkovsky’s novel “Peter and Alexey” becomes very topical and deserves versatile objective research.

    pdf malkhasyan2013_3.pdf  (442 Kb)

  • B.R. Naptsok
    M.G. Lewis’s “Gothic” novel “Monk” in perception and assessment of English readers and critics of the late 18th century and early 19th century

    This paper explores perception and assessment of “Gothic” work of the late 18th century. During the analysis, the biography of English writer of the gothic style M.G. Lewis, journal articles, notes and critical responses of writers and critics S.T. Coleridge, T.J. Mathias and G.G. Byron are considered. The conclusion that the M.G. Lewis’s composition was a sensational success at readers and received a negative assessment at critics becomes the main thing. Only in the middle of the 20th century researchers E. Raylo, M. Summers and others rehabilitated the name of the author, and the novel was called by the last “Gothic” novel of pre-romanticism, tragic in sounding and monumental in value.

    pdf naptsok2013_3.pdf  (437 Kb)

  • K.N. Paranuk
    Features of a mythology in novels of G. Marquez “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and N. Kuyek “Wine of Dead”

    The paper discusses the features of a mythic creativity in novels of G.G. Marquez “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and N. Kuyek “Wine of Dead”. The author shows a typological convergence in subject, touched problems and mythological infrastructure of novels, methods and techniques of myth creation. It is inferred that the character of myth creativity and type of a mythology in novels of G. Marquez and N. Kuyek is common for both writers.

    pdf paranuk2013_3.pdf  (473 Kb)

  • N.Yu. Prays-Harding, F.B. Beshukova
    D.P. Svyatopolk-Mirsky and M. Tsvetaeva: destiny and creativity collisions

    The paper examines the aspects of private and public life of Prince D.P. Svyatopolk-Mirsky. Using the archive materials, the authors describe his meeting with poetess Marina Tsvetaeva and his role in recognition of the poetess’ talent. An analysis is made of similarity of destinies of Mirsky and Tsvetaeva, as well as tragic consequences of their return to Soviet Russia. Literary and critical activity of Mirsky is estimated as the significant contribution to objective comprehension of literary space of the Russian emigration.

    pdf prays-harding2013_3.pdf  (393 Kb)

  • I.N. Khatkova
    Ethnomental bases of “Circassian Legends” by Sultan Khan-Girey

    This study considers the story of Sultan Khan-Girey “Circassian Legends” as the ethnocultural phenomenon. The author notes the use of a considerable ethnographic material to represent certain qualities and lines, conditions of life, inner world and psychology of the people. The story “Circassian Legends” contains important data on morality, customs and traditions of the Adyghes, as well as the detailed review of the Adyghe oral creativity. It is established that all features of a life and traditional customs of the Adyghes are presented in detail and all descriptions are given taking into account the importance of ethnographic details.

    pdf khatkova2013_3.pdf  (458 Kb)

  • E.A. Churilova
    Images of women as reflection of multidimensionality of national life in the new prose of the North Caucasus written in Russian

    This study actualizes the ways of anthropological studying the literature of the North Caucasus. The paper presents the images and destinies of women – heroines of works of the new North Caucasian prose written in Russian. The author examines both the female roles of the bride, wife and mother traditional for the Caucasus, and the new ones, tragic images of the present: shahid suicide bombers and women in the war and after war. It is inferred that a gallery of woman images of the new North Caucasian prose reflects the complexity and multidimensionality of national life of the region.

    pdf churilova2013_3.pdf  (392 Kb)

  • N.S. Shushanyan
    Gender stereotype in folklore as reflection of the people mentality (as shown by bylinas)

    The paper discusses the features of social cultural way of life of Slavic society. These features found reflection in folklore, in particular in bylinas. The gender stereotypes created during this period of time are represented in a studied genre of national creativity. It is established that they are interrelated with mentality of the people, influencing the ideas of a role of women and men in society.

    pdf shushanyan2013_3.pdf  (379 Kb)

  • D.V. Bykov
    Structure of the news blocks on regional television in the USA (based on the example of KHQ station, Spokane)

    The paper discusses the structure of the news on regional television in the USA basing on the example of KHQ station of the city of Spokane. The author carries out the comparative analysis of news blocks, reveals common and distinctive features of regional news, gives them the characteristic, as well as defines development tendencies. It is inferred that regional news in America does not have strictly certain structure. News can contain different headings which vary from release to release. The only thing that remains invariable in any news block is live broadcasts of correspondents from a place of events.

    pdf bykov2013_3.pdf  (513 Kb)

  • O.P. Zykov
       The Structural Functional approach to creation of a tree of the purposes of journalism biographics   

    The paper gives a description of Structural Functional approach and a characteristic of the situation in studying the system, structural and functional analyses by experts of the Humanities. The main requirements to system, structure, function, criteria and indicators are stated. On the basis of Structural Functional approach the author has made the hierarchical model of applied historical disciplines named a tree of the purposes of journalism biographics. As a result of the carried-out theoretical analysis a scientifically reasonable purpose of journalism biographics as a science is formulated.

    pdf zykov2013_3.pdf  (514 Kb)

  • G.N. Nemets
    Essayed advertising text in the newspaper: interpretation strategies

    The paper deals with the problem of text essaying occupying a special place in philological science. Essayistic sense becomes a basic source of the discourse sense, and the reader acts as a basic textual subject, which is directed by the author’s thought. Essayed advertising text looks like a “hybrid” both in stylistic and communicative aspects. Intellectualization of advertising language is defined by discourse essaying, where the writing subject becomes fragmental.

    pdf nemets2013_3.pdf  (398 Kb)

  • E.N. Nechay
    Features of functioning of the Taganrog collaborationist newspaper “The New Word” in 1941-1943

    The paper discusses the functioning of the collaborationist newspaper in the city of Taganrog of Rostov region. The work examines the causes of the origin of the newspaper, features of its creation, distribution and operation in the occupied territory. It is established that collaborationist activities were strictly regulated and standardized by occupation administration, which affected the quality of the publication.

    pdf nechay2013_3.pdf  (410 Kb)

  • A.V. Shishkina, F.B. Beshukova
    Epistolary genre of journalism in a media discourse of system of judicial legal relations

    An analysis is made of genre dynamics of modern judicial journalism. Active interpenetration of genre forms is revealed. The epistolary genre is considered to be the most interactive form of realization of communicative function of the press, in this case, feedback in a position of court society. Epistolary texts are classified, with identification of the main type-forming features. As a result of research the conclusion is drawn that the epistolary genre is widespread as means of communication of judicial authority with the community. Because of great demand this genre has various ways and means of expression in printing and electronic mass media.

    pdf shishkina2013_3.pdf  (388 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • M.G. Kuyek
    Anthropomorphic images in art metal of the Kasozhsky period of the Middle Ages

    The paper examines the anthropomorphic images in art metal of the Kasozhsky period of the Middle Ages from the Kolosovsky burial ground of the 10-12th centuries, Psekupssky burial ground of the 10-12th centuries, Kuzhorsky burial ground of the 10-13th centuries and from the Zmeysky catacomb burial ground of the 10-12th centuries. The author shows the stylistic features in a context of the comparative analysis and definition of influence of Oriental graphic tradition, as well as the art reflection of pagan religion and mythology of Adyghes in anthropomorphic images of art metal. It is established that the distribution of anthropomorphic pendants is characteristic of the Caucasian people giving a magic force to the image of the person, which is urged to preserve and protect the person, his cattle and his property from evil ghosts, illnesses and diseases.

    pdf kuyek2013_3.pdf  (418 Kb)

  • A.N. Sokolova
    Ethnic music in system of values at Kurds of Adyghea

    The paper discusses the role of ethnic music in system of values at Kurds of Adyghea. Based on the reliable sources obtained during folklore ethnographic expeditions to the Krasnogvardeisky district of Adyghea Republic, the author comes to a conclusion that traditional musical values – dance “the Govand” and national and author’s songs – are priority among other esthetic and art values. Music performs the integrating, ethnopreserving, apotropaic and psychotherapeutic functions. It is a form of power recharge for the ethnogroup which has recently moved to the territory of Adyghea.

    pdf sokolova2013_3.pdf  (495 Kb)

  • A.Kh. Stash
    On essential values of variability characteristics for the solutions of third order linear differential equations

    In this paper we present a third order linear differential equation with continuous, bounded variable coefficients with countable set of essential exact complete (vector) frequencies of nonzero solutions.

    pdf stash2013_3.pdf  (717 Kb)

  • V.A. Kozlov, L.Zh. Palandzhyants
    The computation of a curvilinear multiplicative integral

    The paper proposes a method to calculate the curvilinear multiplicative integral proceeding from matrix functions of any order. The integration is performed along a rectangle on the plane with the help of differential representation of the corresponding ordinary multiplicative integral.

    pdf kozlov2013_3.pdf  (399 Kb)

  • V.Sh. Roytenberg
    On bifurcations of closed orbits of planar Hamiltonian systems

    The paper examines a typical three-parameter deformation of planar Hamiltonian system in neighborhood of its closed orbit. Either triple cycle or double cycle and rough cycles or three rough cycles are born from this orbit.

    pdf roytenberg2013_3.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Natural Sciences
  • G.N. Gudkova
    Study of leaves of cereals in terms of selection problems

    The paper presents data on comparison of morphological and anatomic features of leaves of the main winter crops in the autumn period in a phase of bushing out and in the spring in an ear forming phase. The author proposes indicators to select the plants steady against adverse conditions of rewintering, diseases and pests.

    pdf gudkova2013_3.pdf  (387 Kb)

  • E.M. Ednich
    Water mode of magnoliaceae, introduced in the Botanical Garden of the Adyghe State University

    Research of a water mode at plants introduced in the Botanical Garden of the Adyghe State University shows that Magnolia kobus DC. Magnolia soulangiana Soul. Bod. and Magnolia grandiflora L. are capable to lose the significant amount of water reaching 46,6% of the initial weight. In local climatic conditions intensity of photosynthesis of introduced plants reaches 2,9 g x hour/sq.m and intensity of breath, 83 mg of ÑÎ2/hour per 100 g of leaves.

    pdf ednich2013_3.pdf  (332 Kb)

  • G.N. Ilchenko, N.G. Berezkin
    Botanical and morphological features of the eugenol-containing species of a basil (OcimumL.)

    The paper gives the key to define eugenol-containing species of a basil. The botanical and morphological features of species of O.basilicumL., O.gratissiumL., O.canumSims and their verieties are described.

    pdf ilchenko2013_3.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • M.A. Saprykin, M.I. Shapovalov, N.D. Dzhimova, A.U. Tkhabisimova
    Bugs of the genus Ranatra F. (Heteroptera, Nepidae) of the fauna in the North-West Caucasus

    This work presents data on the distribution and peculiarities of biology and ecology of aquatic bugs of the genus Ranatra in the North-West Caucasus. A study was made of contamination of bugs by larvae of water mites of Hydrachna aff. globosa (Geer, 1778) (Hydrachnidae) in reservoirs of the region. There is fouling on the body of the bug R. linearis (Linnaeus, 1758), presented by colonial infusoria Epistylis chrysemydis Bishop et Jahn, 1941 (Ñiliophora, Peritrichia, Epistylididae). The discovery of this species of infusoria was marked for the first time in the territory of the North-West Caucasus.

    pdf saprykin2013_3.pdf  (448 Kb)

  • T.V. Kraynova, E.M. Berdichevskaya
    Functional profile of asymmetry in the young sportswomen, specializing in esthetic gymnastics

    At the modern stage of development of esthetic gymnastics as a sport of high achievements, there are special requirements to functional symmetry-asymmetry motor actions, to high-quality performance of coordinate movements by leading and not leading limbs and to synchronicity of group actions. The results of three-year monitoring of functional sensory and motor asymmetries in young gymnasts in initial sports training confirm the possibility of motor actions symmetrization in esthetic gymnastics when using the offered training innovations.

    pdf kraynova2013_3.pdf  (259 Kb)

  • A.A. Guchetl, I.M. Kozlov, A.G. Zabolotniy
    The influence of sight laterality on the manifestation of the rhythm of the kinematic characteristics

    The paper defines the effect of a specific lateralization of sight to the change of the spatial and temporal characteristics of motion in 5-6 year-old children. Also the kinematic characteristics of the motion depending on the ways of sighting are studied.

    pdf guchetl2013_3.pdf  (305 Kb)

  • N.Kh. Kagazezheva, N.S. Kolomiytseva
    Influence of active and passive tobacco smoking on indicators of teenager’ cardiorespiratory system in the mountain districts

    The two-year longitudinal researches (2010-2011) on smokers and non-smoking teenagers living in the mountain district of the Republic of Adyghea show reliable distinctions in the following indicators of functioning of cardiorespiratory system: the breath frequency, the breath depth and the frequency of systoles. The cardiorespiratory system indicators are restored significantly longer at smoking teenagers after physical activities than at the non-smoking ones.

    pdf kagazezheva2013_3.pdf  (234 Kb)

  • N.N. Khasanova, A.Kh. Agirov, Yu.Yu. Dautov, T.A. Filimonova
    Features of development of exhaustion at professional users during the work on the computer and its prevention

    The paper discusses the influence of work on the computer on a functional condition of an organism of professional users. It is established that a functional condition of the central nervous system became worse and the pronounced exhaustion was developed at the scientific workers of the Center of Intellectual Geo-Information Technologies working on the computer during the working day. The authors have revealed the dependence of degree of exhaustion at the workers of the Center upon the period of their operation on the computer. Special gymnastics was proposed to remove developing exhaustion at the staff of the Center working on the computer,. The efficiency of these preventive actions was proved.

    pdf khasanova2013_3.pdf  (684 Kb)

  • E.M. Daurova, A.Ya. Khanzhieva
    Express diagnostics of thermographic indicators of immunodeficiency at weight-lifters

    The paper represents one of the most important problems of sports science, sports physiology and medicine – the influence of sport trainings on immune system and some features of immunodeficiency at young sportsmen. The authors see the solution of the problem in a deep studying immune violations and the character of regulatory-adaptive mechanisms of sports immunodeficiencies. Taking into consideration the importance of the role of immunity system in supporting physiological mechanisms of homeostasis the authors study seasonal and yearly dynamics of immune status of sportsmen in accordance with their sport length of service and skills, and some peculiarities of demonstration of regulatory-adaptive mechanisms of secondary immunodeficiencies. They also study the presence and the character of interrelations between immune status of sportsmen, their sport length of service and their skills.

    pdf daurova2013_3.pdf  (615 Kb)

  • F.V. Tuguz
    Features showing intra regional interrelations between the main typological characteristics of the Adyghea settlements

    The paper gives the results of the analysis of interrelation between the main typological characteristics of the Adyghea settlements. Examples are presented of features of intra regional interrelations between genesis, location, type of planning and social functions of settlements and the number of peaple and its dynamics caused by these interrelations.

    pdf tuguz2013_3.pdf  (4 Mb)

    Technical Sciences
  • Ya.M. Kashin, À.À. Belov
    The imitation modeling of photovoltaic modules in the simulation system Proteus ISIS

    This paper shows how to develop a model of photovoltaic modules in the simulation system Proteus ISIS (Labcenter Electronics, UK). The principle of construction of the current-voltage characteristics of photovoltaic modules is developed under specified conditions of the nominal power and the nominal output voltage. The principle of the scheme construction and calculation of primitives of photovoltaic modules is considered on the basis of the current-voltage characteristics.

    pdf kashin2013_3.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • M.Yu. Getmanskiy
    Assessment of a balance of the land-utilization structure in Adyghea for general planning

    This work gives the complex assessment of a balance of land-utilization in a plain zone of Adyghea. Recommendations are developed to optimize the land-utilization structure and to reconstruct a natural ecological framework using an example of the Khakurinokhablsky rural settlement. The proposed actions are aimed at strengthening the natural basis of the settlement and at increasing ecological stability.

    pdf getmanskiy2013_3.pdf  (824 Kb)

  • À.À. Belov
    The research of the parameters of the step voltage curves at the expansion of the central step

    This paper explains how to choose and study the characteristics of stepped curves at the expansion of the central step. The following characteristics are investigated: the change of the effective value of the voltage, the change of the absolute deviation of the effective value of the voltage and the variation of the voltage waveform distortion. Based on the obtained results, the step curve for the inverter of step modulation is developed.

    pdf belov2013_3.pdf  (3 Mb)

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