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  • M.B. Oseledchik
    New paradigm of the analysis of knowledge transfer

    The author suggests a new paradigm of the analysis of knowledge transfer. Three main ideas lie in its basis: knowledge interpretation as fractal; knowledge representation as a scaleless network; knowledge analysis as a nonequilibrium dynamic system. These ideas provide new opportunities to consider and organize processes of knowledge transfer and make the base of knowledge management.

    pdf oseledchik2013_1.pdf  (185 Kb)

  • V.S. Fedchin, A.S. Stepanenko
    National idea and humanism: idealogemes in the dynamics of social development

    The idealogemes as the specific manifestations of “the national idea” carrying essentially various world outlook and ideological contents emerged periodically in the history of domestic public thought. The feature which unites them is the excessive degree of an intellectual universalization when integrative, generalizing function of cogitative activity gains self-sufficing value and loses interrelation with the necessary differentiation of empirical reality. This domination of universal over particular is an essential distinctive feature of traditional consciousness, and it considerably distinguishes it from humanistic tradition of cogitative activity.

    pdf fedchin2013_1.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • P.M. Khakuz, A.Yu. Gura
    “Easy difficulty” as a construction of the pedagogical process

    The paper discloses the nature of pedagogical asking and defines the pedagogical question as “easy” difficulty. The author proves that it is necessary to use “the perfect” pedagogical question in the course of philosophy studying. The basic rules of asking the question with reasonable “easy” difficulty are allocated. The factors influencing this process are established.

    pdf khakuz2013_1.pdf  (837 Kb)

  • A.R. Atlaskirov
    The Adyghes in world sociocultural space: the historical aspect

    The paper provides the characteristic of a complicated geopolitical situation related to the Adyghean lands and entry of the Adyghes in a sphere of influence of three world civilizations. The author discloses how these civilizations influenced the culture, economic and social life of the Adyghean society. Beginning from the second half of the 18th century, in this region, prevailing is an influence of the Russian state.

    pdf atlaskirov2013_1.pdf  (618 Kb)

  • A.V. Dubrovin
    History of the Caucasian War of the 19th century: sources of personal origin

    An analysis is made of characteristic features of sources of the personal origin created by the Russian officers, participating in the Caucasian War of the 19th century.

    pdf dubrovin2013_1.pdf  (456 Kb)

  • A.S. Ivashchenko
    Characteristic features of east civilizations in new time

    This work examines east civilizations, their main features during an era of new time. The purpose and objectives of this research include identification of sources, fundamental bases and specifics of functioning of east civilizations in new time. The main values of east civilizations made considerable impact on formation of mentality of the people of the East, on social, economic and political way of their life.

    pdf ivashchenko2013_1.pdf  (749 Kb)

  • Yu.M. Indrisov, M. - P. B. Abdusalamov
    Kumyk feudal estates in a context of development and crash of the theocratic project of imam Mansur in the 1785-1786s

    This paper, on the basis of the profound analysis and wide use of various sources, examines the movement of sheikh Mansur and the relation to him of the Kumyk feudal proprietors. According to the authors, the revolt of imam Mansur was a presage of the national-liberation movement of mountaineers in the 1820-1850s.

    pdf indrisov2013_1.pdf  (764 Kb)

  • A.A. Kovalenko
    Participation of the Turkish guest workers in political life of Germany (1900 – the beginning of the 21st century)

    Intercontinental migration of Turkish workers to Germany was more profoundly studied from the point of view of economy, sociology and culture, rather than from the point of view of participation of guest workers from Turkey in political life of Germany. This paper examines a place and a role of Turkish workers in social and economic, political and cultural life of Germany. The objects of research are Turkish guest workers coming to Germany. The purpose of this paper is to investigate participation of Turkish workers in political life of Germany. They have a number of feasibilities for participation and representation in the political organizations existing in Germany.

    pdf kovalenko2013_1.pdf  (665 Kb)

  • N.I. Silvanyuk
    Kuban oil industry in the 1920s

    This paper studies the Kuban oil industry in the 1920s. An object of research is the history of development of the Kuban oil industry after the end of the Civil War in the Kuban region and after establishment of the Soviet power. The goal of this research is to investigate the processes occurring in the Kuban oil industry in the 1920s. Proceeding from degree of study of the problem, realization of the goal assumes the solution of specific objectives, namely: to investigate process of nationalization of the Kuban oil industry; and to show changes which occurred in oil industry after the New Economic Policy declaration.

    pdf silvanyuk2013_1.pdf  (582 Kb)

  • V.G. Shnaider, S.A. Golovanova
       Migratory processes and stability of structure of German community in Armavir (the end of the 19th century - 1941)   

    The paper examines migration of the Russian Germans to Armavir in the period from the end of the 19th century to 1941. On the basis of authentic sources the authors reveal degree of stability of a German community in Armavir on an extent of more than half a century. In the paper, original methods of work with a statistical material are used. Birth rate and mortality problems among Armavir citizens of a German origin are discussed. Despite high level of migratory activity, it is possible to state that by the beginning of the 1940s the steady part of a German community in Armavir had been created. About 60 % of residents of a German origin were born in Armavir or lived in it over 30 years.

    pdf shnaider2013_1.pdf  (675 Kb)

  • M.V. Yanova
    Nomto Ochirov as a mirror of the national intellectuals: his contribution to development of science and culture of the people of Kalmykia

    Nomto Ochirov is one of the prominent representatives of the Kalmyk national intellectuals. Questions of Lama dogma, an economic situation of the Kalmyks and their military past have become the main subjects of his researches.

    pdf yanova2013_1.pdf  (420 Kb)

  • M.F. Aliyeva
    Information security as an element of information culture

    The paper deals with the definition of influence of information security on information culture and development of modern society. Information security of society as a whole and its structural parts is caused, first of all, by quickly growing technological capabilities of modern information systems which, by their influence on policy, economic life, spiritual and ideological sphere and moods of people, have become now decisive and comprehensive.

    pdf aliyeva2013_1.pdf  (537 Kb)

  • S.A. Berzegova
    Culture of management as a factor of increasing efficiency of municipal service activity in regions

    Reform of public administration in regions put a number of questions before local authorities, demanding the prompt solution. Among them are increase of efficiency of activity and culture of management of municipal services; elimination of contradictions in the legislation of the Russian Federation on municipal service; increase of efficiency in the sphere of personnel work of municipal service; development of effective methods of stimulation of activity and professional growth of municipal employees.

    pdf berzegova2013_1.pdf  (680 Kb)

  • T.B. Bersirov
    Russian intellectuals as a modernization factor of modern society

    The paper provides intelligentsia definition, shows its functions, change of algorithm of formation of these social groups and their variety. The purpose of this paper is to designate a problem of increasing a social role of the intellectuals at this stage of development of modern society on the one hand, and their “washing out”, on the other hand. The author gives data of sociological researches confirming negative tendencies in social and economic, political and ideological aspects of reproduction, realization of possibilities and preservation of intelligentsia.

    pdf bersirov2013_1.pdf  (550 Kb)

  • N.P. Gritsenko
    Regional political elite and business in modern Russia: interaction problems

    The paper examines interaction of two segments of elite: the political at region level and business elite. Business represents one of the important channels of recruiting political elite. Also it actively participates in implementation of social programs at level of subjects of the Federation. Result of such interaction is development of new requirements of the power and business to each other.

    pdf gritsenko2013_1.pdf  (739 Kb)

  • M.A. Davydova
    Commitment of youth to values of individualism: characteristics of terminal and tool values

    The paper discusses questions of a semantic dusting of values in a picture of the world of the young man. The analysis and ordering of a collected material show that value orientations of the individualistic and collectivist types are widespread in the modern youth environment in the ratio of about 2:1. Accurately expressed verbalization of the individualist orientation unites about half of young people.

    pdf davydova2013_1.pdf  (675 Kb)

  • E.N. Karelkin
    Problems of transformation of system of prevention in the conditions of sociocultural crisis

    This paper discusses problems of functioning of institutes of preventive activity in the conditions of sociocultural crisis. The author investigates questions of transformation of base values under the influence of macrosocial transformations in society.

    pdf karelkin2013_1.pdf  (475 Kb)

  • A.V. Korshunov
    Spiritual security in system of ensuring social security of the Russian society: methodological construction of sociological research

    Methodological construction of researches on social security and role of spiritual security in its providing in the conditions of risk, instability and uncertainty of modern Russian society includes the riskological concept and the trust theory as the interconnected and intercaused theoretical constructions. This paper substantiates these methodological tools as the most adequate to modern specifics of development of the Russian society.

    pdf korshunov2013_1.pdf  (477 Kb)

  • Yu.V. Kravchenko
    Basic sociological concepts of comprehension of stability of a young family

    This paper examines the main conceptual ideas of understanding a family as a sociological phenomenon. The special focus is made on consideration of criteria for stability of a family. The work discloses functions, structure, conditions of formation and family development.

    pdf kravchenko2013_1.pdf  (587 Kb)

  • E.S. Kukva, A.A. Khatsats
    Cognitive possibilities of synergetic modeling of identification processes in the youth environment

    The paper describes the regional identification space and one of its leading components – multilevel identity – from positions of social synergetics. Basing on synergetic-assessment model of strengthening the Russian national identity in the North Caucasus the author analyzes its cognitive feasibilities in research of identification processes in the environment of young generation. The integral element of the model is the management of identification processes which, in synergetic interpretation, assumes impact at microlevel in order to obtain results at macrolevel.

    pdf kukva2013_1.pdf  (691 Kb)

  • R.N. Kufanova
    Sociohistorical features of development of the cities in the North Caucasian region

    This paper presents the short historical and sociological review of formation of the cities in the North Caucasian region. The author examines demographic structure, self-government, organization of an order and security and formation of sociocultural infrastructure of city settlements. It is inferred that in the conditions of economic instability and interethnic intensity the multiethnic cities play the major role in society consolidation.

    pdf kufanova2013_1.pdf  (684 Kb)

  • S.L. Lazitsky
    Sociocultural bases of formation of innovation law-enforcement models in the Russian modern society

    The paper deals with the problems of legitimacy of activity of law-enforcement system in public consciousness of Russian citizens. The author discusses sociocultural bases of people participation in the law-enforcement activity and characterizes some innovation models.

    pdf lazitsky2013_1.pdf  (425 Kb)

  • A.V. Lichutin
    Technological and educational platforms as self-descriptions of social and economic systems

    Modern technological platforms are presented as version of the self-description of the second order of complicated (“hyper complex”) social and economic systems in N. Luhmann's concept. The self-description here gains nature of recursive self-adjustment.

    pdf lichutin2013_1.pdf  (616 Kb)

  • S.A. Lyausheva, Z.Z. Khot
    On sociocultural integration of migrants

    The paper discusses the actual problem of sociocultural integration of migrant communities in the environment with the different culture. An analysis is made of the possible models and adaptation consequences of integration by using an example of the Russian society.

    pdf lyausheva2013_1.pdf  (689 Kb)

  • A.V. Martirosyan
    Features of formation of public opinion on migratory policy

    The paper discusses features of formation of public opinion on migration regulation in the Russian Federation and a role of various information sources in this process. The author analyzes information support of migratory policy and interethnic relations as well as defines important aspects of ensuring information security in the Russian Federation. On the basis of a discourse analysis of publications in mass media, priority problems of increasing efficiency of information policy in relation to migration are allocated.

    pdf martirosyan2013_1.pdf  (808 Kb)

  • E.B. Popkova
    Foreign students’ entry into different culture in the Russian higher education institution: interpersonal aspect (according to results of the sociological researches at the Russian Southern State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute)

    The paper shows the results of the sociological poll to detect features of interaction in educational, household and leisure spheres and degree of unity of the Russian and foreign students at the Russian Southern State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute).

    pdf popkova2013_1.pdf  (560 Kb)

  • A.M. Salogub
    Creative management in system of social management of the organization

    The paper theoretically interprets problems of creative management in system of social management of the organization. The creative potential becomes a key factor in a context of the creative management which has become priority and constituting the whole system of social management.

    pdf salogub2013_1.pdf  (474 Kb)

  • I.Yu. Tyagaenko
    Legal culture, public institutes and social practice: correlation problem

    The paper contains the analysis of determinants of the legal nihilism which has become an attributive line of the Russian modern society. The author proves need of a comprehensive approach to a solution of the problem of increasing level of the sense of justice including institutional reforming, correction of social practice and real law application.

    pdf tyagaenko2013_1.pdf  (819 Kb)

  • L.R. Valeeva
    Special rules of inflicting a punishment defining in detail and concretely the criteria for inflicting a punishment as an element of system of special rules of inflicting a punishment

    In the paper, special rules of inflicting a punishment are considered as a composite system. An analysis is made of one of its components, namely: the rules defining in detail and concretely the criteria for inflicting a punishment. The designated element represents a somewhat isolated subsystem and is constructed by a hierarchy principle. However, its legislative fixing does not correspond to principles of the system organization. Changes in the criminal law proposed by the author allow elimination of these contradictions.

    pdf valeeva2013_1.pdf  (614 Kb)

  • Yu.I. Isakova
    Civil control in the conditions of formation of democratic society

    An analysis is made of social specifics of institutes of civil control in transformation conditions of formation of democratic society. The author considers institutional and intrinsic features of modern democratic society and comes to a conclusion about dependence of democratic development of the state on extent of development of independent institutes of civil control of the state and administrative authorities, as well as business structures.

    pdf isakova2013_1.pdf  (655 Kb)

  • Z.S. Kanukova, Z.N.Torogeldiyeva
    Phenomenon of crossing cultures of Russia and the Caucasus in Inna Kashezheva's creativity

    The paper discusses the dialogue of two cultures promoting preservation of unique abilities of each separate culture. The concept of a phenomenon of crossing cultures of Russia and the Caucasus is disclosed through creativity of well-known Kabardian Russian-speaking poetess Inna Kashezheva. Such a phenomenon is considered as profound mastering by the poet of a cultural heritage of the small people in orientation of rendering influence on the cultural and historical process of the whole country.

    pdf kanukova2013_1.pdf  (492 Kb)

    Political Science
  • A.D. Kumankov
    Evolution of the concept of just war in M. Walzer's works

    After the publication in 1977 of work of Michael Walzer “Just and Unjust Wars: A Moral Argument with Historical Illustration” the theory of just war turned into one of leading political concepts of the western philosophy. The theory of just war developed and transformed throughout the next decades. And Walzer was one of the most significant theorists of this doctrine. Analyzing the military conflicts of the present, Walzer proposes to update the theory of just war by means of addition of cases of humanitarian intervention and mode control to principles of jus ad bellum. This paper investigates evolution of views of Walzer on problems of bellum justum, to make it more flexible and objective.

    pdf kumankov2013_1.pdf  (669 Kb)

  • O.O. Sidorenko
    Efficiency of implementation of anti-corruption programs at municipal level in the Russian Federation

    An analysis is made of anti-corruption programs at municipal level which do not cope with the corruption phenomena. Examples are given, in which standards of the law do not regulate the developed corruption situation in Russia. Thus, the author considers necessary to undertake cardinal measures to reorganize consciousness in the society.

    pdf sidorenko2013_1.pdf  (809 Kb)

  • L.V. Solodovnik
    Ideology factor in the Soviet society: the retrospective analysis in coordinates of ideological security of the state and society

    The paper shows that circumstances of manifestation and heightening a factor of ideology in the Soviet society were caused by essential changes of the social reality in connection with the establishment of a new political regime. In new social and political conditions the means of an ideological indoctrination turn into an important resource of the totalitarian or, later, authoritative power. The state put the person in a condition of a complete dependence on itself, and the regime demanded from citizens not simply submission, but continuous manifestation of devotion and appreciation.

    pdf solodovnik2013_1.pdf  (566 Kb)

  • V.G. Shustov
    Formation of institute of territorial public self-government in new Russia

    The paper deals with the formation of institute of territorial public self-government in new Russia as one of the forms of realization of local government. The main objective of this publication is the political and legal analysis of activity of this institute.

    pdf shustov2013_1.pdf  (571 Kb)

  • M.V. Yurchenko
    Influence of mass media on an ideological context of modern political information space

    An analysis is made of a current state of political information space. This paper discloses ways of influence of mass media on ideological processes. Actual empirical data on the relation of the Russian citizens to a role of mass media in society are provided. It is inferred that interpretation should be not only true, but also corresponding to essential interests of the country.

    pdf yurchenko2013_1.pdf  (516 Kb)

  • E.M. Malysheva, N.A. Garazha
    Review on Lennart Samuelson's monograph “Tankograd: secrets of the Russian back, 1917-1953”. M.: ROSSPEN: Fund “B.N. Yeltsin's Presidential Center”, 2010. 375 p.

    pdf malysheva2013_1.pdf  (423 Kb)

  • G.M. Mirzoev
    The 210th anniversary of scientist, philosopher, orientalist Kazem-Bek

    pdf mirzoev2013_1.pdf  (500 Kb)

    The Economic Theory
  • O.V. Zhavnerchik
    Categorial bases of economical and environmental security of the land relations

    The work discusses separate aspects of the economic and environmental security of land relations and substantiates the possibility of introduction of this system category in scientific and land-tenure practices.

    pdf zhavnerchik2013_1.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • O.A. Kolchina, M.A. Grezina
    Interbudgetary relations as an instrument of the state regulation of the economy of Russia

    This work discusses the questions related to alignment of spatial differentiation of conditions of region economic and social development by means of the elaboration of recommendations for improvement of the interbudgetary relations. The proposed system of actions is aimed at increasing efficiency of the interbudgetary relations and quality of public and municipal finance management. A constitutional feature of the system is the combination of the principles of budget independence at all levels and unity of their common interests.

    pdf kolchina2013_1.pdf  (227 Kb)

  • N.A. Koroleva, A.A. Balikoev
    The controlling potential in the interaction research of the regional economy systems and mega-corporations

    The corporate organizations interact intensely with regional economic systems. In this process, the promising forms of communications are created which belong to meso - level of the organization of the economic relations. Belonging of the corporate organizations to mega-level assumes their domination in the internal environment of the region. For its research it is expedient to attract the informative opportunities of controlling. They are shown in this paper.

    pdf koroleva2013_1.pdf  (225 Kb)

    Financial Markets
  • A.Sh. Meretukov
    Main functions of a financial subsystem of a modern corporation

    The paper proposes the approach to research of functional aspects of a financial subsystem of a modern corporation and shows the main functional characteristics of this subsystem.

    pdf meretukov2013_1.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • T.Kh. Sozaevà, I.B. Duguzhev
    Non-standard methods of monetary and credit regulation of the US federal reserve system

    Discussions about efficiency of monetary and credit regulation have got an even greater urgency during two-wave crisis with consecutive falling, short restoration and the second wave of recession. In this work, an analysis is made of various methods of influence of the Central Banks on economy. Great attention has been paid to comparison of monetary and percentage methods in terms of their efficiency in conditions of increasing inflationary pressure in the USA and the Peoples Republic of China. It is inferred that during the periods of the greatest threats for the national economy, regulators resort frequently to the methods contradicting interests of global economy.

    pdf sozaeva2013_1.pdf  (283 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • Yu.M. Belyaev
    Rational nature management as a basis for sustainable economic development

    The paper describes the ecological, economic and social problems associated with energy conservation and with the state of the energy industry. The author shows the need to revise and upgrade approaches and concepts in the sphere of conservation of resources and energy. The work shows the profitability of still unused alternative sources of low-temperature petrogeothermal energy and innovative ways of energy transformation.

    pdf belyaev2013_1.pdf  (219 Kb)

  • A.G. Dobrovolsky
    Features of the social-economic space of the macro-region as factor of development of the problem region

    The paper deals with the structural and dynamic characteristics and features of the social-economic space of Southern macro-region in terms of the possibilities of the accelerated development in it of small budget-deficit regions. Particular attention is paid to the development capacity of the Adyghea Republic, which is one of the dynamically growing small regions of southern Russia.

    pdf dobrovolsky2013_1.pdf  (194 Kb)

  • N.P. Ketova
    The substantiation of the strategy for region modernization in the South of Russia: risks, scenario and strategies

    The paper shows the possibilities of modernizing the regions of the South of Russia, the risks associated with this process and instruments of their minimization. Several scenarios of region economy modernization are proposed. An emphasis is placed on the optimistic scenario providing innovation development. For its realization a number of strategies of regional management are substantiated.

    pdf ketova2013_1.pdf  (293 Kb)

  • M.G. Kovalenko
    Diversification of the regional economy and its role in overcoming the differences within the region

    The paper discusses a number of aspects of smoothing intraregional social-economic differences by using functional diversification opportunities. Special attention is given to the factors contributing to enhancing the economic diversification process in the Adyghea Republic, and its possible implications to ensure homogeneity of the social and economic environment in this problem region of southern Russia.

    pdf kovalenko1_2013_1.pdf  (218 Kb)

  • M.G. Kovalenko, N.A. Ñousinà
    Structural features and long-term economic trends in the region as the basis of intraregional differences

    The paper discusses a number of aspects related to the structural and dynamic features of the economy of the problem region and the influence of these features on the intra-regional social-economic differentiation process in modern Russia. The object selected for the profound analysis is the Adyghea Republic, which is one of the most problematic regions of southern Russia, in the economy of which we observe intensification of structural-dynamic processes in recent years.

    pdf kovalenko2_2013_1.pdf  (186 Kb)

  • A.A. Tamov, D.V. Skulches
    Comparative and evolutionary analysis of the regional medium-term development of the Republic of Adygea as a tool to enhance its competitiveness

    The paper discusses a number of unexplored aspects of effective use of the target medium-term development of the region as a tool to enhance its competitiveness. Particular attention is given to comparative evolutionary analysis implemented in the Republic of Adygea medium-term target.

    pdf tamov2013_1.pdf  (200 Kb)

  • N.A. Koroleva, I.V. Goryanova
    The corporative stock in the evolution of the depressive type regional economic systems

    During the past years the corporative stock interacts intensely with the regional economic systems. In this regard the new forms of relations are created at mezzo-level of organization of economic relations. But the activity of corporative organizations inside the depressive type regions creates problems of regional evolution. This paper discusses the main aspects of interaction of corporative stock with the depressive type regional economic systems.

    pdf koroleva2013_1.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • E.V. Omelchenko
    Criteria indicators of sustainable development of regional economic systems

    At the present time it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the sustainability of regional development through the identification and formalization of qualitative and quantitative criteria in the framework of the functional areas. The paper is devoted to the problem of determination of the system of criteria for the assessment of the sustainability of regional development.

    pdf omelchenko2013_1.pdf  (214 Kb)

  • M.S. Rakitina
    Formation of the structure of intergovernmental relations depending on the imbalance of region social and economic development

    The paper presents the cognitive models of governance structures of intergovernmental relations. The work shows the process of determining the optimal governance structure for actors at the regional level, depending on the imbalance of social and economic development.

    pdf rakitina2013_1.pdf  (273 Kb)

  • D.V. Skulches
    The functionality of the target medium-term program as a tool for regional competitiveness

    The paper discusses a number of unexplored aspects of the effective use of the functionality of the target medium-term program as a tool for regional competitiveness. Particular attention is paid to a comparative assessment of medium-term regional programs in the Adyghea Republic in different periods of its development in terms of their orientation to increase the competitiveness of the region.

    pdf skulches2013_1.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • S.A. Soldatova
    Formation priorities of complex policy of an economical and ecological clustering in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea

    The paper presents a theoretical-economic substantiation of the priorities of formation of complex policy of an economical and ecological clustering in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, a creation of strategy and planning the cluster activity.

    pdf soldatova2013_1.pdf  (379 Kb)

  • A.S. Shukhart
    Information and communication technologies in regions of Russia: condition and prospects of application in economy

    The paper provides the results of the most topical researches on problems of development of information and communication technologies both in a national scale and within a region. The author analyzes the results of the conducted researches and defines the vectors of development of the situation.

    pdf shukhart2013_1.pdf  (523 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • A.N. Biba
    Objects of financial control

    The paper provides the lists of objects of the state financial control, corresponding to the international requirements of the supreme bodies of financial control and budgetary legislation of the Russian Federation. The specified lists can be used to form plans of control and auditing work, including in planning checks of target use of budgetary funds.

    pdf biba2013_1.pdf  (462 Kb)

  • M.A. Vladimirova
    Private and accumulated capital of non-profit organizations

    The planned changes in the Civil Code will entail serious modifications in the activities of non-profit organizations. In particular, it is supposed to oblige NPO to have separate property to which the claim for its obligations can be made. This paper describes a case related to the formation and private capital financial reporting. For a deeper understanding the issues, the analysis was made of the current domestic and foreign legislation.

    pdf vladimirova2013_1.pdf  (364 Kb)

  • M.M. Gurskaya, M.A. Vladimirova
    Legal regulation of nonprofit organizations: present and future

    Imperfection of the legislation, governing the activities of non-profit organizations, is the cause of the planned changes in the Civil Code. In particular, it suggests a significant change in the structure of non-profit organizations, first of all the division of legal entities in terms of organizational structure into corporate organizations (corporations) and the unitary organizations. This paper focuses on the need to reform the legislation, governing the activities of non-profit organizations, as well as some shortcomings in existing legislation.

    pdf gurskaya2013_1.pdf  (395 Kb)

  • A.E. Deliboltoyan
    Depreciation processes and state intervention

    The paper discusses the topical issues related to the use of sources of simple and expanded reproduction of long-lived assets. The author shows the discrepancy between the accrued depreciation and depreciation returned as revenue. Appropriateness of government intervention is substantiated when the rapid methods are used to charge extra for amortization.

    pdf deliboltoyan1_2013_1.pdf  (381 Kb)

  • A.E. Deliboltoyan
    First accounting reports on depreciation

    Using an example of books by Francesco Datini and Giovanni Farolfi the author examines the first calculations of depreciation in double-entry bookkeeping.

    pdf deliboltoyan2_2013_1.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • N.S. Nikitenko
    Problems of formation, use and reflection of intracompany financing sources of the capital extended reproduction in accounting and tax accounting

    The present work shows the problems of intracompany financing of the capital extended reproduction and proposes the new accounting mechanism providing growth of interest of business in intensive extended reproduction.

    pdf nikitenko2013_1.pdf  (331 Kb)

  • O.A. Sidiropulo
    The computer modeling of the first book of double-entry bookkeeping

    This work examines the first widely accepted book of double entry system – Massari’s ledger of the Genoese Commune of 1340. The author makes reconstruction of accounting records and accounts, as well as the computer modeling of the ledger.

    pdf sidiropulo2013_1.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • L.V. Agarkova, P.G. Chernyshov
    Government regulation as the basis of formation of a competitive agri-food segment of the grain market

    The paper explains the need for a comprehensive policy-relevant state regulation of the agrarian sector of the economy. The purpose of this work is the formation of an effective system of state regulation in order to increase competitiveness of the grain market. An algorithm is developed to reform model of a state support with the inclusion of sub-formation mechanism for the implementation of adaptive features of agricultural policy.

    pdf agarkova2013_1.pdf  (383 Kb)

  • R.K. Belmekhov
    Features of maintenance of agrarian enterprise resource potential in modern conditions

    The paper discusses the questions of ensuring resource capacity of the enterprises of the agrarian sphere. The author characterizes the agricultural grounds of agricultural purpose in the Adyghea Republic as the main resource in agriculture. The publication describes the principles and the mechanism of management of the enterprise resource capacity, as well as the major approaches to an assessment of resource capacity of the agricultural enterprise.

    pdf belmekhov2013_1.pdf  (450 Kb)

  • Yu.N. Krivokora
    Contemporary problems of formation of the organizational-economic mechanism of multifunctional agriculture

    The paper gives a system of conditions, requirements, principles and elements providing creation of the contemporary organizational and economic mechanism of a sustainable development of agrarian sector taking into account multifunctionality of rural territories and multidimensional development of agriculture. The author designates its main subsystems, principles and functions, as well as the efficiency criteria.

    pdf krivokora2013_1.pdf  (262 Kb)

  • V.I. Nechaev
    The problems and prospects of personnel development in the agrarian-industrial complex of modern Russia

    This paper discusses the problem of personnel development in the agrarian and industrial complex of the Russian Federation. The characteristic of labor resources of the agrarian and industrial complex of modern Russia is given. The directions of improvement of personnel development of the domestic agrarian and industrial complex are allocated with direct participation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. Special attention is paid to a problem of providing and improvement of quality of professional education and specialist training in the field of agrarian and industrial complex. The work presents the main results of scientific researches of the organizations, institutions and establishments subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, focused on modernization of the agrarian and industrial complex of modern Russia.

    pdf nechaev2013_1.pdf  (291 Kb)

  • A.Z. Rismyatov, K.M. Panesh
    Problems of regulation of intra corporate interaction between participants of the integrated agro-industrial structures

    The paper discloses the key problems of regulation of intra-economic interaction of participants of the integrated associations in agrarian and industrial complex of modern Russia. The role is defined of the integrated corporate structures in modernization of domestic agrarian and industrial complex. Special attention is paid to problems of formation of the effective intra corporate distributive, property relations defining efficiency of integration processes.

    pdf rismyatov2013_1.pdf  (215 Kb)

    Management by Innovations
  • G.A. Goleva
    Impact of foreign direct investments on innovative development of accepting region

    The paper highlights the problem of effective scientific and technical cooperation between foreign and local companies of the region accepting foreign direct investments. The author underlines that there is a mutual interest in joint researches and development for both participants of cooperation. On the other hand, there is a strong probability of unequal partnership which must be reduced by using tools of the regional investment policy.

    pdf goleva2013_1.pdf  (197 Kb)

  • B.O. Khashir, K.P. Khot
    Conception of strategy for the innovative development of forest sector

    Questions of perfection of structure of timber industry manufacture on the basis of scientific researches of development of a wood complex, and also at regional government level are considered by working out of projects on development of small business, forecasting and modeling of innovative activity on the basis of world experience.

    pdf khashir2013_1.pdf  (447 Kb)

    Mathematical Methods in Economy
  • G.V. Gorelova, M.V. Mandel
    Simulation modeling as a tool for the study of regional labor market

    The paper discusses the problems of the Russian labor market and simulation of structure, status and labor market development. Simulation is needed to develop and substantiate regulatory impacts, which can reduce the level of unemployment and tension in labor market. The authors propose to use the methodology of cognitive modeling, methods of system dynamics and agent-based modeling. The application of this methodology is illustrated by using an example of simulation analysis of the regional labor market.

    pdf gorelova2013_1.pdf  (494 Kb)

    Service Economy
  • E.Yu. Gadjeva, Yu.V. Kotenko
    The infrastructure platform of development of human factor of education sphere: the territorial aspect

    The process of development of human factor determinate the using of the new possibilities, which have been opened in the renovation of exist of territorial infrastructure platform. In the education sphere this renovation of infrastructure platform is unforced, because why the potential of state-private partnership is wanted. In given article the main approach of formation of infrastructure platform of education sphere, which may be realized in the state-private partnership is presented.

    pdf gadjeva2013_1.pdf  (191 Kb)

  • À.Å. Eroyan
    Analysis of cost management tools for educational services

    Having integrated into the economy, education has become one of the industries whose work is subject to economic evaluation “price – quality”. Priority development of higher professional education in the economy of Russia raises issues of justification of higher education institution expenses to train the experts which have paramount value and demand the development of the tool of fiscal policy.

    pdf eroyan2013_1.pdf  (438 Kb)

  • V.E. Kasyanova
    Public-private partnerships as an instrument for the development of a special infrastructure of educational services in the conditions of modernization

    This paper proves the necessity of formation and development of public-private partnership in the modernization conditions of Russia today. The author examines the world and Russian practice of this tool of special infrastructure of the sphere of educational services, its main features and expediency of use. The priority directions of development of public-private partnership in Russia are identified.

    pdf kasyanova2013_1.pdf  (283 Kb)

  • N.V. Mayorova
    Reform of the higher education: from new organizational forms to the new economic relations

    The paper discusses the formation of the new economic relations concerning receiving services of the higher education system in a context of transition of national economy to society of knowledge. The author proves that active market functioning of education has to lead to formation of educational space as system part of social space with the corresponding economic relations. These relations will objectively predetermine the priority principles of management of the higher education system.

    pdf mayorova2013_1.pdf  (211 Kb)

  • E.À. Yarushkina
    The educational sector as the first division of the knowledge economy

    The paper examines the meaning and the main features of the knowledge economy. The author discusses a new scientific idea of conceptual representation of education as the first division of the formed knowledge economy.

    pdf yarushkina2013_1.pdf  (198 Kb)

    Social Economy
  • A.M. Ashkhotov
    Priority of address and active forms of social protection in regions

    The paper examines the problems related to definition of a functional role of the most promising forms of the population social protection in regional development. The main attention is paid to creation of necessary preconditions to increase efficiency of address and active forms of social protection. Those are the creation of the multipurpose centers to provide the state and municipal services and the introduction of universal electronic cards.

    pdf ashkhotov2013_1.pdf  (356 Kb)

  • D.V. Belyaeva
    Social responsibility of business in the regional investment project

    The paper investigates the reflection in the mass media of issues of corporate social responsibility in the implementation of major investment project of petrochemical industry. The basic categories are allocated for content analysis of social responsibility. The results of sociological research, in particular, have shown that the mass media pay great attention to the social and economic role of the project in the development of the region, informing about the active and full support of the project by administration of Tobolsk and by the Government of Tyumen region. It is concluded that it is necessary to develop the perception of the concept of corporate social responsibility in the public consciousness.

    pdf belyaeva2013_1.pdf  (249 Kb)

  • T.N. Vitsenets
    Influence of migratory processes on social and economic development of the FarEast territory

    The paper examines influence of migratory processes on social and economic development of the territory. Data are calculated proceeding from results of the Russian population census of 2010. In comparison to census of 2002 the population of the territory was reduced by 114.8 thousand people. Both a natural decrease and migratory outflow promoted this. During the last 15 years, qualitatively new migratory streams differing in the contents and in results were created in the frontier territories of Russia. This work proposes the project related to creation of infrastructure of management by foreign labor with placement of the interconnected elements in adjacent territories of the foreign states (in particular the People's Republic of China).

    pdf vitsenets2013_1.pdf  (223 Kb)

  • G.V. Gubin
    Methodical approach to management of industrial complex restructuring in the region

    At the present time the restructuring becomes an integral component of the management of the region economy, including its industrial complexes. The author proposes an integrated approach to the management of the restructuring, based on the assessment of structural conformity of the potentials of these complexes to priorities of regional industrial policy and on the choice of appropriate forms of restructuring.

    pdf gubin2013_1.pdf  (240 Kb)

  • N.V. Koroleva
    Analysis of a current state of tourism development in the Russian Federation

    Tourism is one of most dynamically developing and highly remunerative branches of world economy. Existence in the Russian Federation of essential disproportions in the tourist sphere revealed need to investigate a tourism condition at the present stage. In the paper, problems and prospects of development of entrance and exit tourism in Russia are analyzed. The federal target program “Development of internal and entrance tourism in the Russian Federation” is considered, which is the important instrument of legal base of the state support of tourism. The author gives a characteristic of special tourist and recreational economic zones and examines some questions of legislative ensuring the development of internal and entrance tourism in the Russian Federation.

    pdf koroleva2013_1.pdf  (264 Kb)

  • V.V. Podgornov
    SWOT-analysis as a management tool of an integrated economic system

    Any manager has to deal with a choice of methods and tools for analysis of a potential integrated medium of an enterprise. In this paper, the author describes the capabilities of SWOT-analysis for making administrative decisions on the selection of a possibility of integration interactions.

    pdf podgornov2013_1.pdf  (203 Kb)

    General Problems of Pedagogy
  • N.Sh. Blyagoz
    Organizational and methodical ensuring pedagogical process of teaching pupil to be environmentally and socially conscious

    The paper presents the author's understanding an ecologization of pupil’s consciousness, organizational ideas and the purpose of pedagogical process of its implementation. The reason is given for the preference of the problem-developing type of the training, assuming the corresponding understanding of mechanisms of training and personality development. The group of methods and forms of the organization of training adequate to this type of training is proposed.

    pdf blyagoz2013_1.pdf  (291 Kb)

  • N.N. Gaivoronskaya, Z.K. Meretukova
    The problem-solving learning as a correction factor of value orientations in young offenders

    Being guided by a paradigm of humanistic pedagogical process, the pedagogical reality needs research and development of the special didactic means, capable to correct value orientations of minor offenders. Methods of problem-based learning as a didactic tool still remain outside the scope of their study of correctional options. The objective of this study is to theoretically justify the correction of value orientations of young offenders in a problem-based learning. The object of study is the process of problem-based learning in literature classes in the SPU system. The subject of study is a correction value orientation of juvenile offenders. This paper deals with the idea of problem-based learning in the context of the value orientations of the individual, showing the psychological and pedagogical problem-based learning mechanisms that contribute to the correction of value orientations of young offenders.

    pdf gaivoronskaya1_2013_1.pdf  (191 Kb)

  • M.R. Daurova
    Formation of social experience of younger pupils in the conditions of pedagogical interaction

    The paper shows the results of the research devoted to identification of scientific and methodical bases of the organization of pedagogical interaction, providing formation of social experience of younger pupils. The author defines the content of social experience of pupils in accodance with the content of modern educational standards, identifies the criteria for its formation and gives a set of psychological and pedagogical conditions for the organization of pedagogical interaction. A stage-by-stage process of their realization in real education conditions is described.

    pdf daurova2013_1.pdf  (222 Kb)

  • E.V. Demkina
    Modelling of system of professional education of the expert identity considering social and professional qualities

    The paper shows methodological bases and the empirical material obtained in the course of research, coceiving the professional education as the multipurpose, multilevel and multifunctional process the effective organization of which is possible only within a system approach. The author characterizes the main components of creation of a model of professional education in higher education institution on the basis of a mental approach. This model allows identification of structure, functions, the purposes, the content of subjects, conditions of efficiency and criteria for an assessment of this process in its system dependences. The description of such a model makes it possible not only to structure interrelations of all elements of the system, but also, which is especially important, to reveal its key positions which demand optimization at adoption of organizational and administrative decisions. In addition, the modeling is used not only to identify real level of system functioning, but also to predict the directions of its development and improvement.

    pdf demkina2013_1.pdf  (370 Kb)

  • B.M. Dzhandar, S.V. Darmilova
    Formation of multimedia competence of intercultural communication in future experts

    The paper examines the problem related to professional competence of the modern foreign language teacher. The importance of formation of lingual multimedia competence in a context of future professional activity of students is proved. The reason is given for a need of an interdisciplinary approach for ensuring ability and readiness of students to use multimedia means in pupil training. The authors generalize a practical experience in using photos of the Figaro newspaper electronic version at formation of lingual multimedia competence in students.

    pdf dzhandar2013_1.pdf  (220 Kb)

  • N.Yu. Zvyagintseva
    Formation of the innovation competence in a senior self-education activity

    The paper discloses the possibilities of self-educational activity of a senior in the course of formation of innovative competence in a system of profile (pedagogical) classes. Self-educational activity is conceived as the means of formation of competence which gains special importance in professional formation of seniors. Investigating interrelation of innovative and self-educational training through the component associativity of innovative and self-educational activities in an education system, we promoted enrichment of structural components of the educational process in elements of the personal importance and intensified self-educational activity. Design of the interconnected process made it possible to draw a conclusion that the training process represents a uniform self-developing system of structurally interconnected components, realizing synthesis of knowledge and skills and creates conditions for self-improvement of the individual and readiness for innovative self-development.

    pdf zvyagintseva2013_1.pdf  (279 Kb)

  • S.A. Karaseva, S.A. Khazova
    Self-presentation competence of the modern competitive expert

    An analysis is made of the concepts of “self-presentation”, “self-presentation activity” and “competence”. Definition is presented and the essence of concept of “self-presentation competence” is disclosed. The revealed structure and the content of self-presentation competence of the personality are presented. The cognitive component is described as set of knowledge on himself as the personality and the expert; on the organization in which the expert works; on factors, means and ways of self-presentation, etc. The motivational and value content of self-presentation competence is characterized through the purpose-defining (achievement of success, aspiration to feel the efficiency, etc) and means-defining (motivation of professional activity, professional self-development, etc.) motives of self-presentation activity. The activity-behavioural component includes intellectual (the analysis and information interpretation, introspection, information selection, etc.) and practical (design of the purposes and content of self-presentation, communication organization, etc.) self-presentation skills, as well as experience in effective self-presentation. Self-presentation competence is proved as a factor of competitiveness of modern experts.

    pdf karaseva2013_1.pdf  (299 Kb)

  • O.A. Samovik
    A model of the pupil of music school / school of arts for children in modern reform system of primary additional music education

    An attempt is undertaken to create a model of the pupil of music school / school of arts for children in a system of primary additional music education. Using theoretical works of domestic teachers, normative documents of comprehensive school, the music school programs of the Soviet period and the Regulations of the Apsheronsk school of arts, the author creates two models – Soviet and modern – and carries out their comparative characteristic. Creation of a model of the pupil of music school / school of arts promotes elaboration of strategy and technologies of modern musical and educational process.

    pdf samovik2013_1.pdf  (312 Kb)

  • E.D. Telmanova, G.M. Romantsev
    The training form of learning a social role of a handicraftsman – businessman

    In the Russian society, a problem of marginal status of handicraftsmen – businessmen engaged in “shady business” remains relevant. A handicraftsman – businessman who wants to get the status in the social system in response to the demands of the society must carry out actions, a set of which is defined as a social role. The social role and the content of the activity of handicraftsman – businessman are interrelated, but the role-type is non-uniform, therefore, according to the results of definitions of the content of the activity (separately for handicraftsman and businessman), the authors give the characteristics of the activity of handicraftsman – businessman and his social role. The maximum dynamics of change of the social-role behavior can be achieved in the course of group psychotherapeutic trainings or during training tuition. The training form of learning will shape a social-role behavior in graduates of educational institutions of a craft profile inherent only to handicraftsmen – businessmen, along with professional knowledge and skills. The paper proves the most effective trainings with the use of such a method of behavior correction as image therapy or sociodrama approach to the interpretation of human actions. The authors propose a model of socialization of handicraftsmen – businessmen, on a way to which it is necessary mto pass three stages: externalization, combination and internalization.

    pdf telmanova2013_1.pdf  (278 Kb)

  • O.I. Toncodubova
    Scientific bases of the educational and methodical complex design for disciplines of the psychological and pedagogical cycle

    In order to identify a structure of the educational and methodical complex (EMC) for a discipline it is important to reveal a system of ideas which will serve as reference points in definition of structure and the content of EMC. Having considered the most popular approaches to education and having compared them in the pedagogical plan to a number of the positions characterizing the quality of education, we allocated the strategic lines put in them promoting productivity of the educational process, answering inquiries of social customers not only in respect of assimilation of a certain volume of knowledge by pupils, but also in development of the personality, his informative and creative abilities. Proceeding from personal pedagogical experience and the analysis of domestic works, taking into account the allocated criterion ideas, actual positions are chosen from the various models of EMC which served a basis for our own design of EMC.

    pdf toncodubova2013_1.pdf  (209 Kb)

  • A.Sh. Tkharkakhova
    Organization of axiological education in the course of pupil learning

    The paper shows the results of the scientific research on searches and justification of scientific bases and practical ways of the organization of axiological education in the course of pupil learning a foreign language. The essence of axiological education of pupils is characterized. The author describes the system of humanistic value orientations, its structural components and criteria and the system of the revealed psychological-pedagogical conditions of the organization of axiological education in the course of pupil learning. This work provides also the developed and experimentally approved model and technique of axiological education in the course of pupil learning a foreign language.

    pdf tkharkakhova2013_1.pdf  (294 Kb)

  • G.Z. Kharkovskaya
    The resource importance of addresses of citizens for development of the system of municipality

    The paper proves that it is possible and necessary to use addresses of parents, parental organizations and parental groups to define directions of activities of a municipal education system. The author shows the organizational and pedagogical conditions of effective use of the address of citizens in the municipal education system.

    pdf kharkovskaya2013_1.pdf  (321 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • T.P. Avanesova
    Problem of marine officers’ professional trainingby using computer technologies

    The paper discusses the didactic efficiency of professional training with the help of computer technologies in the field of Military Pedagogy, Psychology, Theory of Systems, Control Theory, Theory of Information, Designing, Ergonomics and Informatics. Personnel training depends on the fulfillment of course tasks and active service duties with the help of information technologies. The system of qualification training provides the organization of training at the automated working place and in accordance with the principles of individual learning. On the one hand, in terms of the theory of systems, the task of creating the educational technology assumes the optimal design of an automated training system. On the other hand, it becomes necessary to ensure the effective interaction between the teacher and the computer to control training in the course of the real-aided automated practical lesson. Special attention should be paid to the organization of training, meeting the principles of individual learning in the process of conducting training activities at the automated working place.

    pdf avanesova2013_1.pdf  (249 Kb)

  • N.N. Gaivoronskaya
    Correction of value orientations in minor offenders at literature lessons

    The paper discusses the factors of correction of value orientations in minor offenders at literature lessons: the problem–based learning and the value approach. The problem-based learning is a condition of successful correction of value orientations in teenage offenders when studying the literary text. During settlement of problem situations the pupils make an adequate assessment of the humanistic values presented in literary and art work. Collision of positions, points of view and complicated vital collisions of a work of art provide an opportunity to reveal and fix moral values, to create belief, moral estimates and self-assessment without which formation of moral consciousness is impossible. Special place in formation of moral consciousness is assigned to literature as to an art form. The artistic image created by imagination of the writer, possesses ability to integratively influence mentality of the person, covering both emotional and rational components of consciousness. The problem-based training at literature lessons is capable to arouse interest to work, to force not only to read, but also to like it, to comprehend the author's value system and to develop the own vital views, beliefs and value hierarchy.

    pdf gaivoronskaya2_2013_1.pdf  (212 Kb)

  • F.K. Urakova, M.R. Tuova
    The Adyghe pupil philological training on the basis of the interconnected learning the language cycle subjects: similarities and distinctions in studied languages

    The comparative and typological description of lexical and grammatical units of the Russian and Adyghean languages made it possible to establish similarities and distinctions at syntactic level of these languages. This study provides an opportunity of orienting a system of work on development of a coherent Russian speech in pupils at Adyghean schools to overcome the phenomena of interference and creates conditions for leaning on the transposition phenomena and use of the skills acquired by pupils at lessons of the native language to develop the Russian speech.

    pdf urakova2013_1.pdf  (482 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • A.A. Aldasheva
    Professional competence: the concept and structure

    Theoretical analysis of the concept of competence has allowed us to determine the structure of professional competence and allocate technological and super-professional levels. The author shows the place of knowledge, experience and I-concept and substantiates the importance of motivational factors in the selection of behavioral strategies as a competent decision of situational problems in the assessments of professional prospect. The peculiarity of professional competence is defined as an individual way of solving activity problems, reflecting the psychological characteristics of its effectiveness.

    pdf aldasheva2013_1.pdf  (264 Kb)

  • V.A. Bordovskiy
    The purpose in life and emotional intelligence in structure of the personality of the social worker

    An attempt is undertaken to find the purpose in life and its relationship with the emotional intelligence: a substantial component of attraction in the mental unit “another significant person” in the structure of the personality of a social worker. Social workers are characterized by peculiar structuring and by formation of a high-level purpose in life orientation; they have a medium-high level of emotional intelligence, which is closely related to value-semantic field of personality. The object of developmental impact is selected: the ability to manage his own emotions. Some aspects of the problem are identified as a task for the next stages of the study.

    pdf bordovskiy2013_1.pdf  (287 Kb)

  • A.A. Sergeev
    Influence of sex, age, gender and professional distinctions on disposition towards manipulative behavior

    A change of collectivistic to individualistic values is observed in the Russian modern society. This is in turn accompanied by distribution of the dissymetric interpersonal relations: the relations of rivalry, competition and manipulation. Therefore very topical is carrying out system researches to reveal influence of sex, age, gender and professional distinctions on disposition towards manipulative behavior (Machiavellism) in the interpersonal relations.

    pdf sergeev2013_1.pdf  (231 Kb)

  • L.A. Sizova
    Interrelation of leader styles and interpersonal trust in professional groups

    An analysis is made of an actual problem of modern organizational psychology, namely: organizational leadership and its interrelation with a phenomenon of interpersonal and intra-group trust. Basing on the analysis of empirical data three leader styles prevailing in a control system of medical nursing staff are described. Their psychological contents are given. The author shows in what interrelation they are with the components of interpersonal trust peculiar to subordinates. As a result of the carried-out analysis three types of organizational trust are allocated: “Trust by identity and interest”; “The trust basing on understanding of people”; and “Emotionally focused trust with emphasis on reliability component”.

    pdf sizova2013_1.pdf  (479 Kb)

  • A.I. Tashcheva, L.E. Kireeva
    Features of matrimonial relations in “dual-career” and “non-career” marriages

    The paper discusses a peculiarity of partner difficulties in the “dual-career” marriage related to realization of professional career by both spouses. During the past decades the number of “dual-career” marriages increase in Russia - the matrimonial unions in which the main or one of the main vital values for both spouses is career. The authors investigate the reasons of occurrence and features of conflicts in the married couples being in “dual-career” and “non-career” marriages, as well as satisfaction of spouses with their marriage.

    pdf tashcheva2013_1.pdf  (242 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • A.V. Bykov
    Penalties in floorball and characteristics of games in the power play

    This paper presents results of research of competitive activity in the 2011 Women's World Championship. In the final part of the World Championship 94 fouls were recorded, which led to the penalties of players: 43 at the group stage and 51 during the play-off. It has been revealed that all breaches of the rules resulted in a penalty of a 2-minute suspension, no one 5-minute and match penalties were shown by the referees in the tournament. The author defined parameters of the game in power play in the final of the 2011 Women's World Championship. The total effectiveness of the game in the numerical majority in the tournament was 27.65%. Best performance in games fixed in a majority of the leading women's national teams of the world is 48.3% .

    pdf bykov2013_1.pdf  (260 Kb)

  • Zh.G. Kortava, A.A. Fedyakin
    Health improving and training effect of shaping on the organism of women

    The paper discusses features of health improving and training effect of shaping on the organism of women with different levels of physical and functional training. The heart rate dynamics was used as the main indicator of operational control. Heart rate was measured by sports tester RS-400, which allowed us to obtain high-precision data. We evaluated the effectiveness and the adequacy of health improving and training effect on the organism of women during regular shaping activities twice a week. The factors influencing the health improving and training effect of shaping activities are presented.

    pdf kortava2013_1.pdf  (346 Kb)

  • Yu.M. Skhalyakho
    Intermediate positions in judo as a technical and tactical category of suddenness in achievement of sport success

    Incompleteness of techniques classifications of different types of fight attracts attention to studying and mastering technical and tactical actions in intermediate positions between the stand and parterre. In all types of fight there are intermediate positions which can be used with success for the actions leading to a prize, at the expense of pursuit of the opponent or at the expense of data in a prone position at the moment of a throw. It considerably impoverishes a technical arsenal of fighters, reduces dynamics of fight and demands introduction of a technique of mastering by actions in intermediate positions. With a view of search for reserves of increasing productivity of a judo in modeling experiment, with attraction of several pairs of judoists with qualification not below the candidate for the master, a possibility of realization of estimated technical actions in sections of fight of a half-standing and semi-lying (in transitional positions) was tested. The natural pedagogical experiment was carried out in which control and experimental groups participated consisting of 12 fighters of the 2nd year of education. In this experiment, efficiency was approved of studying and realization of fight techniques in transitional positions of fight of the judo acquired during semi-annual training with its inclusion after studying fight standing. As a result of processing, data were obtained testifying to statistically authentic advantage of participants of experimental group according to all technical and tactical indicators. Inclusion of studying technical and tactical actions in intermediate positions (in the section of fight of a half-standing and semi-lying) in the program of an educational and training stage of preparation considerably increases productivity of a judo.

    pdf skhalyakho2013_1.pdf  (728 Kb)

  • A.A. Fedyakin, Zh.G. Kortava, L.K. Fedyakina
    Techniques of using strength-developing trainers during health-care classes with men of mature age

    The paper discusses the basic components of methodology (means, methods and techniques) that have an impact on the health-care effects of training in the gym. Strength exercises of major muscle groups are considered to be the basic means. Exercises are made on strength training apparatuses in quasi-izotonic mode during circular training. We used visual marks as methodological procedures to determine the amplitude of the performance of each exercise, focusing attention of the men on muscular sensations during the exercises. The impact of strength training by the method of “circular training” on the health improvement owing to training in the gym was established. Data, describing the features of the training effects on the organism of mature aged men, are presented. The dynamics and overall heart rate, the dynamics of blood pressure and magnitude of training load are used as the main indicators.

    pdf fedyakin2013_1.pdf  (433 Kb)

  • S.B. Elipkhanov
    The concept of long-term force training in the female judo

    A research objective is synthesis of objective information on a wide range of pilot studies specially organized and carried-out to obtain data concerning features of the modern organization of judoist force training, features of a traumatism at judoists, features of muscular activity at carrying out base techniques of a judo, nature of influence of training and competitive activity, as well as selection of judoists by morphological indicators, character of a calendar of competitions of highly skilled judoists and a formulation of basic provisions of the concept of long-term force training in a female judo. To achieve these purposes, an analysis and generalization of scientific literature, the direct and returnable analysis and synthesis, abstraction and semantic modeling were used. As a result, provisions of the concept of long-term force training in the female judo, subject to further experimental check are formulated.

    pdf elipkhanov2013_1.pdf  (426 Kb)

  • Z.Sh. Kidakoyeva
    The conditions of the formation of the Kuban party press at the beginning of the twentieth century

    An analysis is made of the Kuban information space in the period before acceptance of “Provisional rules about the time press”. The work examines the first private newspapers and conditions of formation of the regional oppositional press at the beginning of the 20th century. It is established that the regional oppositional press at the beginning of the 20th century was created on the basis of the revealed political processes of formation of the revolutionary organizations in the Kuban area.

    pdf kidakoyeva2013_1.pdf  (359 Kb)

  • Yu.V. Luchinsky
    Media field of the judicial text: literature vs censorship

    The analysis is made of the consequences of lawsuit against the novel by William S. Burroughs “Naked Lunch”. The Boston lawsuit took place in 1965 and attracted the attention to beatniks’ literature. The paper shows the role of writers, who spoke at the trial in support of the novel and turned the hearing into the scene to voice the beatniks’ manifestos.

    pdf luchinsky2013_1.pdf  (365 Kb)

  • M.V. Novak (Nedogarko), F.B. Beshukova
    Typological characteristic of the press of Russian Orthodox Church in the USA in the period of the 19-20th centuries: “founder-publisher” category

    The paper deals with the history and typology of the press of Russian Orthodox Church on lands of North America in the period of the 19-20th centuries. Process of formation of system of the press of the Russian diaspora is analyzed along with problems of national consciousness and belief against a background of ideological and religious associations. The authors show the typeforming signs of emigrant editions, as well as the category of “founder publisher”. A typological variety of hierarchy of church editions is analyzed. It is inferred that at the present stage the system of the religious press continues to develop, becoming more complicated, filled and effective though the main typological groups of editions have already been defined in the 20th century.

    pdf novak2013_1.pdf  (434 Kb)

  • Z.E. Pinchuk
    Features of cross-cultural communication in a context of the translated serial printing edition

    The paper discusses the media context of the translated serial printing edition as a component of cross-cultural communication. An analysis is made of interrelation of culture and media context, influence of cultural factors on it and reflection of features of cross-cultural communication in the context content. It is established that the context of the translated serial printing edition has a number of the features caused by its inclusiveness in cross-cultural communication. These features are defined by presence of two cultures in an edition context.

    pdf pinchuk2013_1.pdf  (402 Kb)

  • G.V. Sokolova
    Ontological aspect of the importance of assessment lexicon in mass media

    The paper discusses the features of a journalistic assessment in mass media texts which is characterized by aspiration to decrease a categoricalness of assessments and to give objective reflection of events. The most widespread technique is considered to be citing of well-known texts. This technique is capable to intensify intellectual experience of the addressee and answers specifics of easily understood media texts with their emphasized orientation to wide audience. Distribution of this technique has promoted that this phenomenon is considered both as a style line and as a journalistic strategy.

    pdf sokolova2013_1.pdf  (413 Kb)

  • A.V. Shishkina
    Interview as a genre of dialogue communication in system of legal relations (as shown by publications on work of the Adygheya judicial system)

    The genre palette of modern journalism is analyzed. The priority of analytical journalism and tendency to interpenetration of genre forms is noted. Specific type-forming features of the main types of a genre of interview are revealed. The content analysis of media texts of various specific and genre belonging is carried out. It is inferred that analytical and information genres prevail in modern newspaper journalism, and decline of art journalism is observed.

    pdf shishkina2013_1.pdf  (362 Kb)

    Folklore and Literary Criticism
  • I.F. Gerasimova
    The World War I in poetry of the Russian futurists of 1914 - 1916

    The paper deals with the poetry of the Russian futurists in the period of the World War I. It demonstrates worldview generality of the World War I perception by futurists, uniting them with poets of other literary currents of Silver Age. It is established that, from the point of view of an art form, preservation of features of futuristic poetics is inherent in verses of futurists. It is inferred that views of poets-futurists evolved: from a greeting the entry of Russia in war to unanimous recognition of antihuman essence of war between the people of Europe.

    pdf gerasimova2013_1.pdf  (525 Kb)

  • R.S. Daurova
    Poets-improvisators in a context of folklore of the Adyghes of Turkey

    This paper explores the typology of dzheguako specialty in folklore of the Adyghes of Turkey. The study is based on materials of five folklore expeditions in Turkey (1997-2005) carried out by the Center of Adyghean Studies of the Adyghe State University as well as on a number of the published works of the contemporary Adyghe specialists in folklore devoted to problems of folklore of foreign Adyghes. The author shows that in modern conditions in diaspora as well as in the historical Homeland, of all dzheguako specialties, performers-authors of songs are most active. If we do not take folklore of the Adyghes living abroad into account, we will have no complete idea of the Adyghean folklore.

    pdf daurova2013_1.pdf  (340 Kb)

  • T.B. Dzhambekova
    Chechen folklore and literature: actual problems of interaction at a stage of the origin and formation of fiction

    The paper deals with the transformation of experience of oral national creativity in literature which went by the way of fixing and literary processing of a folklore material, by creation on its basis of the works of art reflecting motives of oral national creativity, or by inclusion of its separate genre qualities in structure of new written works. Synthesis of folklore and literature is caused by a complicated union of forms, techniques and esthetic criteria. It is established that folklore, “interfering in literature”, defined in many respects its esthetic, style and art features. This is the development of art wealth of last years rather than “folklorization”.

    pdf dzhambekova2013_1.pdf  (442 Kb)

  • Z.D. Dzhapua
    The history of preparation of seven volumes of “The Abkhazian Nart Legends” for the edition

    The paper discusses the new approaches to development of projects related to the scientific edition of multivolume folklore collections. This work generalizes the methodology of edition basing on preparation of a complete collection of the Abkhazian Nart Epos for the publication. The textual innovations applied in preparation of these seven volumes to the edition, will make this composition fundamental for the Abkhazian humanitarian knowledge and culture.

    pdf dzhapua2013_1.pdf  (375 Kb)

  • O.P. Zykov
    Biographical writings in journalism: terminological aspect

    The paper actualizes the development of a theoretical basis of biographical writing. The complex analysis of a number of terminological concepts is carried out. A version of classification of biographies is presented. The purpose is to define the specificity of drawing up biographies of figures of domestic journalism. The author shows that natural interest of society to biographies of outstanding figures extends gradually, goes deep and differentiated that is promoted by branch specialization and intersectoral integration of modern science.

    pdf zykov2013_1.pdf  (406 Kb)

  • O.V. Kapets
    Love and family in I.A. Ilyin and L.N. Tolstoy’s creativity

    The paper examines the major philosophical and religious problem and interrelations of religion, philosophy and literature. The comparative characteristic is given of the basic provisions revealed at disclosure of this problem in creativity of philosopher I.A.Ilyin and writer L.N.Tolstoy. It is established that the reason of the similarity which is traced at their approach to a problem of “the love and a family”, is their applying to cultural wealth of Christianity.

    pdf kapets2013_1.pdf  (374 Kb)

  • F.N. Kerasheva
    Searches for “the sense of the life” through a prism of the child vision in Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird …”

    The paper deals with the novel of the American writer of the 20th century Harper Lee “To Kill a Mockingbird …”, depicting a life, customs, morals and manners of the provincial small town of the State of Alabama through observations of the little six-year-old girl. The novel shows the process of Tom Robinson, disclosing a true situation in the south of America where people consider as a sin to kill a bird – the mocker, but murder of the Black is regarded to be a civic duty. It is established that two plot points of view (children’s and adult) find absolute unity at the end of the novel.

    pdf kerasheva2013_1.pdf  (345 Kb)

  • R.G. Mamiy
    Small homeland as a moral and esthetic phenomenon in Iskhak Mashbash’s creativity

    An analysis is made of sources of Iskhak Mashbash’s art creativity. The author of the paper defines the role and value of a home and the house, native aul of Shkhashefizh and entire small homeland in the origin and formation of an art and esthetic world vision, moral and philosophical consciousness of the poet and the writer. The attention is focused on the works reflecting problems of people and the earth, the artist and reality. It is inferred that the small homeland is a basis of the poet’s creativity.

    pdf mamiy2013_1.pdf  (386 Kb)

  • B.R. Naptsok
    Myth embodiment about Prometheus in M. Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus”

    The paper examines the problem of an embodiment of the myth about Prometheus in M. Shelley’s novel. Having considered the main versions of the Ancient Greek myth about the titan Prometheus, the author defines and analyzes Prometheus’ motives of creativity and a feat, secret knowledge and creation, work and the patience presented in novel of M. Shelley. The conclusion that romantic and Gothic interpretation of the myth about the creator Prometheus is realized in an image of scientist Victor Frankenstein becomes the main thing.

    pdf naptsok2013_1.pdf  (438 Kb)

  • U.M. Panesh, R.S. Zhazhieva
    Reflection of new social life of the Adyghes in the nature (landscapes) of early works of Tembot Kerashev

    This work discusses the character of interrelation between landscape sketches and artistic images of heroes in early works of T.Kerashev (the stories “Vodka” (“Àðêú”), “Mashuk’s Shame” (“Meshchykjo ishkhaklu”), «Sariyet’s Secret» (“Sarety ishef”) and the novel «Road to Fortune»). The authors reveal features of functioning of pictures of the nature being quite self-sufficient and acting as independent images. A socially caused type of a landscape is allocated, which at first in stories and then in the novel “Road to Fortune” is shown as reflection of a social status of heroes.

    pdf panesh_u_2013_1.pdf  (399 Kb)

  • S.R. Panesh, G.V. Sokolova
    Strengthening the problematical nature and analytical basis in poems of the 1970s to 1990s (Kh.Beretar, N. Kuyek)

    The paper discusses the art problematical character and analytical basis in the Adyghean poems. The work shows a strengthening psychologism of a plot, a withdrawal from heroic-epic intonation, the accuracy of descriptions and aspiration to disclose critical situations. The authors arrive at a conclusion that the national poem expresses the basic typological directions in art searches of the Adyghean writers.

    pdf panesh_s_2013_1.pdf  (360 Kb)

  • N.G. Pugacheva
    On the interrelation of theoretic-literary and medialogical elucidation of the “author-hero” correlation

    The paper examines the “author-hero” correlation in mutual relations of three aspects of a conceptual framework: general philological, theoretic-literary and medialogical. In the specified area, the types of art conceptualization of the hero are established, in particular, the theory of counter activity of the hero (M. M. Bakhtin). A theoretical proposition on principal distinction of two types of heroes – artistic and journalistic– is substantiated. It is summarized that in the first case the hero is synthetic and in the second, analytical.

    pdf pugacheva2013_1.pdf  (368 Kb)

  • D.S. Skhalyakho
    Aspects of intertextuality in Yu. Akhmetukov’s story “Heroic death”

    The paper deals with the thinnest processes of interference of cultures using an example of research of intertextual aspects in Yu. Akhmetukov’s story «Heroic death». The author studies features of an image formation in newly-formed art prose of the Adyghes. It is noted that an available convergence of the poem by A.S. Pushkin “The Caucasian Captive” and Yu.Akhmetukov’s story “Heroic death” is caused, first of all, by typologically conflict knots of works originating from uniform political space of represented time. The originality of the moral and philosophical perspective concerning questions of war is considered. It is established that historical process is interpreted by A.S. Pushkin as inevitable collision of carriers of opposite cultural ideas that leads to death of culture of one of warring parties.

    pdf skhalyakho2013_1.pdf  (414 Kb)

  • R.B. Unarokova, A.A. Khatuova
    Cry songs of people exiled to Siberia in the Adyghe folklore

    The paper explores the motive of repressions of the beginning of the 20th century expressed in a number of original genres, most popular of which are memorative and cry songs. Genre and typological features of cry songs of people exiled to Siberia are considered. It is noted that they have become for the first time a subject of the scientific analysis. On the basis of texts of two local traditions – Kabardian and Shapsug – the art specificity of defined subjects and concepts is revealed. It is established that the concept of the exile expressed through concept of Sybyryzh (Old Siberia), is the common for all variants.

    pdf unarokova2013_1.pdf  (424 Kb)

  • B.A. Tsey
    Stages of the Adyghean literature addressing spiritual and moral laws of the Adyghe life

    The paper examines the stages of forward development of the spiritual and moral content of the Adyghean literature. A number of conclusions on creativity of the Adyghean writers basing on the code of “adygaghe” are drawn: about rapprochement of the Adyghean and Russian writers in the general ethical views; about concentration of attention of the Adyghes on such standards of the Adyghe ethics, as humanity, nobility, patriotism, courage and honor; about change of system of values under the influence of the Caucasian War towards emphasis on eagerness to fight, on nobility and on love for the country; and about profound philosophical interpretation of the ethical code of “the Adyghe Khabze” in modern historical novels of the Adyghes.

    pdf tsey2013_1.pdf  (452 Kb)

  • M.R. Chamokova
    Adyghe folklore and Khamid Tletseruk’s hand-written books

    An analysis is made of the creative heritage of one of the Adyghe educators, the representative of a group of poets-efendi of the 1920s Khamid Tletseruk. His hand-written books which are stored in archive of the Center of Adyghe Studies of Scientific Research Institute of Complex Problems at Adyghe State University are introduced into scientific circulation. Khamid Tletseruk’s hand-written books are one of the main sources of studying history of the Adyghe educational movement at the beginning of the 20th century, forms of functioning of folklore and specifics of its influence on creativity of poets-efendi of the beginning of the 20th century.

    pdf chamokova2013_1.pdf  (323 Kb)

  • N.M. Shishkhova
    M.Yu. Lermontov’s poem “Fugitive” in a contextof late creativity of the poet

    The paper defines the place of the last Caucasian poem of M.Yu. Lermontov “Fugitive” in mature creativity of the poet. This work shows the relationship of romantic and realistic tendencies and their manifestation in art structure, semantic accents and nature of reception of early heritage in the poem “Fugitive”. The place of this poem is established both in creativity of the poet and in the history of the Russian poem of the 1830s – time of the end of the twenty-five- year art tradition related to the development of a genre of the poem. The considered poem together with “Demon” and “Mtsyri” is among the classical samples which are summing up history of the Russian romantic poem.

    pdf shishkhova2013_1.pdf  (397 Kb)

  • A.N. Abregov
    The areal relations in the Caucasus and a lingual-cultural role of the Adyghe languages in this region

    This paper is based on the report submitted at the International Scientific Conference «Languages of the Caucasus» which took place in Germany at Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology of Max Planck on December 7-9, 2007 (Leipzig) and it was devoted to areal language contacts. This work explores languages of the Caucasus from positions of the areal linguistics, allowing the author to disclose a system of complicated and diverse ethnolinguistic processes in which both cognate and non-cognate languages are participated. It is established that the special role is played by the Adyghe languages in this process since they exert strong lingual-cultural influence on many people of the Caucasus. It is proved that there is a word borrowing and creation of new lexical units by modeling the Adyghe lexemes after foreign patterns.

    pdf abregov2013_1.pdf  (424 Kb)

  • A.A. Asheva
    The theory of the language personality in Russian philology: problems and development prospects

    The paper describes the state of the theory of the language personality in Russian philology which causes keen interest in modern scientists - linguists. The author puts such key questions of studying the language personality as a choice of the initial term and gender component, establishment of level of abstraction and structure definition. Insight is given into actual aspects of the language personality who can be considered as collective and / or individual. Prospects of development of the doctrine about the language personality are associated with cognitive, lingual-cultural and communicative directions of the research.

    pdf asheva2013_1.pdf  (444 Kb)

  • Z.K. Bedanokova, A.G. Baromychenko
    Conceptualization or stereotypification of a word “Kuban” in a regional advertising discourse

    This work explores the use of a regional component in an advertising discourse. The word “Kuban” categorization is examined in four meanings: “territory”, “fertile land”, “Cossacks” and “the southern resort”, being a cognitive base of a concept “Kuban”. The analysis of these meanings of advertising names and slogans, revealed in the territory of Krasnodar Region and Adygheya, assumes the process of the stereotypification within a field of onomastics, rather than the word “Kuban” conceptualization in a regional advertising discourse.

    pdf bedanokova_z_2013_1.pdf  (459 Kb)

  • S.K. Bedanokova
    Pragmatic functions of the “si” conjunction in dialogical speech

    The paper deals with the actual problem related to the peculiarities of functioning of the conjunction “si” in the beginning of an interrogative statement in the dialogical unity. Conjunction «si» is identified as a structural component of text formation, fulfilling cohesion function, or as a conjunction word expressing the relationship between parts of a complex sentence. As a result of study, the author determines the role of the pragmatic factor in dese-mantization of the conjunction “si” and ways of the change of the correlation between propositional and pragmatic content of the statement.

    pdf bedanokova_s_2013_1.pdf  (437 Kb)

  • N.T. Gishev
    On the correlation of the language and thinking

    An analysis is made of the different points of view on interpretation of relationship between the concepts of the language and thinking. This paper shows that it is necessary to use the differentiated approach to study this question since there are different forms of thinking and different types of languages corresponding to them. Comparison of languages of an erga-tive system with nominative is carried out. It is noted that typologically various languages cannot exist without distinctions in thinking of their carriers. Therefore the thinking and language do not exist separately from each other, and language distinctions cannot exist without distinction of language thinking.

    pdf gishev2013_1.pdf  (418 Kb)

  • S.S. Doyunova
    Pragmatic potential of advertising names based on the material of vodka production (according to the results of experiment)

    The paper discusses the pragmatic potentialities of an advertising name of the well-known national drink, the Russian vodka, revealed during the experiment carried out in several social groups. The author shows the main criteria for a choice of this drink in shop by the consumer and the level of interest of the buyer to advertising vodka names. This study al-lowed the author to define the potential of impact of advertising vodka names in real practice and to call the producer’s opinion in question. The author arrives at a conclusion that the name of drink becomes rare object of attention and the consumer is generally guided by nonverbal indicators of information or by its cost.

    pdf doyunova2013_1.pdf  (344 Kb)

  • K.G. Ishtoyan
    Decompression of a category of temporalness within the atypical text of fiction

    Basic provisions of the theory of conceptual integration are investigated and applied to the analysis of a modern fiction discourse. The author shows how the analysis of conceptual integration strategy promotes recognition of specific characteristics of author’s style. The decompression processes are shown to carry out a function of marking the initial stage of conceptual integration. It is inferred that the content of the point of view in a narration is based on structure of conceptually integrated spaces.

    pdf ishtoyan2013_1.pdf  (434 Kb)

  • L.V. Kopot
    Word-formation potential of abbreviations (as shown by the material of newspaper «Arguments and Fact»)

    The paper discusses one of the ways of a compression, namely: abbreviation. An analysis is made of new definitions from the point of view of their belonging to a definite part of speech and ways of word formation. Replenishment of dictionary is carried out by realizing a word-formation potential of abbreviations. It is established that new definitions are often presented by the nouns formed mainly with the help of suffixes.

    pdf kopot2013_1.pdf  (348 Kb)

  • A.S. Lidzhiyeva
    On frequency of functioning of names of the person body parts as components of somatic phraseological units in the Russian and Kalmyk languages

    An analysis is made of somatic phraseological units in the Russian and Kalmyk languages. Their functionally semantic characteristics are compared to identify the most frequent of them. As a result of the analysis it has been established that the most common somatic components in phraseological units are the following lexemes: head, eyes, hand, heart and teeth in Russian and tolha “head”, keln “language”, nudn “eyes”, hap “hand” and amn “mouth” in Kalmyk.

    pdf lidzhiyeva2013_1.pdf  (403 Kb)

  • E.N. Luchinskaya, B.S. Kabanyan
    Intertextuality in the political magazine

    The paper deals with a definition of intertextuality in the political magazine. Intertextuality is noted to occur often in the headlines of the articles. The author shows elements of intertextuality in the analyzed texts. The main functions of intertextuality in the political magazine are established. The analysis of the examples shows that intertextuality in the political magazine is used to attract readers’ attention and to send the reader to the content of other messages. To understand the information properly one should be familiar with the required data contained in the intertext.

    pdf luchinskaya2013_1.pdf  (388 Kb)

  • S.A. Nikiforova
    Grammaticalization problems in German

    This work discusses the problems of a grammaticalization of lexical units in German. The review is given of researches on this subject, conducted by foreign germanists in synchronic and diachronic aspects. Grammaticalization is defined as the process leading to formation of grammatical forms with new grammatical meanings. It is established that homonymous forms and structures, being at various levels of a grammaticalization, coexist in the language.

    pdf nikiforova2013_1.pdf  (486 Kb)

  • T.Yu. Panteleyeva
    Integrative characteristic of a word in linguistic examination: the system-discourse aspects

    The paper deals with linguistic examination as the sphere of interactions between language and law, discourse and elementary phenomena, which actualize linguistic aspects. The connection of this process and discoursology is characterized. Updating of the specified problems is complied with complicated “word-discourse” integration and in this regard, with interpretation of a word in some cases as a peculiar “curtailed discourse”. System-discourse aspects permit experts to show the relations between individualization and generalization in the process of the examination. Individualization vectors are dependent on that common sense, which is a specific unit of meanings and their aspects.

    pdf panteleyeva2013_1.pdf  (443 Kb)

  • O.V. Sergeyeva
    Pragmalinguistic specificity of tolerance in dynamic aspect of the language identity of the teacher

    The paper explores the specificity of tolerance in dynamic aspect of the language identity of the teacher. The study assumes the two-uniform characteristic of a material: theoretical justification of the analysis and systematization of the pragmalinguistic specificity of tolerance. Tolerance ranks high in the traditions of pedagogical communication. It is inferred that pragmalinguistic specificity fills this dominant of the language identity of the teacher with the sense, allowing achievement of pedagogical success.

    pdf sergeyeva2013_1.pdf  (483 Kb)

  • V.V. Shkatova
    On the semantic content of the concept “practicality” in the Russian and English languages

    An analysis is made of the semantic content of the concept “practicality” in Russian and English. The semantic content is identified on the basis of defining and ideographic dictionaries. The author concludes that the meanings of this concept in two languages do not fully coincide. In spite of having coinciding meanings, “practicality” in English is opposed to “the theory”, while in Russian, to “spirituality”. This results from the fact that both words are international and may have been borrowed by the languages with a different number of meanings or have acquired additional meanings or connotations.

    pdf shkatova2013_1.pdf  (394 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • V.N. Bubentsov
    The origin and development of en plein air painting in the northwest of Russia in the 19th-20th centuries

    The paper discusses the history and features of creative comprehension of en plein air painting in the northwest of Russia. Its unique lines in this region are revealed. Special attention is given to the historical and art analysis of the origin and development of a northern open-air painting in interrelation with its existence in countries of Northern Europe. Professional features of technique and technology of painting indicating the unique Arctic territories are investigated. It is established that all artists who have visited the northwest of the Arctic, formed a creative background by their works and promoted the origin and development of a northern open-air painting.

    pdf bubentsov2013_1.pdf  (368 Kb)

  • S.I. Khvatova
    Orthodox Internet resources and stylistics of chants of modern church service

    An analysis is made of the role of the Orthodox Internet resources focused on regentsinging practice and containing materials, necessary for preservation of initial unity of modern Orthodox church service: theological, didactic, musical, audio and videos. Of special value is style variety of spiritual chants offered to regents and choristers. Computer technologies at the beginning of the 21st century get into all spheres of musical performance in the field of church chants more persistently and promote preservation of initial unity of a singing sequence of church service.

    pdf khvatova2013_1.pdf  (365 Kb)

  • Ch.A. Skhalyakho, N.S. Tuguz
    On existence of zeroes to solutions of the linear differential system in a final interval

    The paper sheds light on fluctuating solutions of system of two linear differential equations the factors of which are sign-variable functions. Questions related to fluctuation are studied by components. The authors show the sufficient conditions for existence of one of the system components of the differential equations in the set final interval. Uncommon solutions of this system are considered.

    pdf skhalyakho2013_1.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • S.S. Ponomarev
    Equivalent integral operators for abstract parabolic equations in the time variable in Sobolev spaces

    In this paper, we study properties of the superposition operator in Sobolev spaces. The obtained results are used to investigate the parametric dependence of abstract parabolic equations solutions in the infinite dimensional space.

    pdf ponomarev2013_1.pdf  (5 Mb)

  • Y.F. Golovnev, A.B. Lakovtsev, I.G. Sidorova
    Collective properties of excitons in EuO – SrO nanosystem

    The work examines indirect excitons in EuO – SrO heterosystem. For this system, conditions of Boze-Einstein condensation of excitons are defined. It is established that at temperature below critical there are two steady collective phases of excitons.

    pdf golovnev2013_1.pdf  (535 Kb)

  • T.T. Muratov
    Formalism of «magnetic sections» of D- (A+) -centers at resonant dispersion of charge carriers in nondegenerate semiconductors

    The paper develops a new approach to studying the kinetic effects in covalent semiconductors. Using an example of calculation of kinetic coefficients at resonant dispersion, we demonstrate some features of the proposed approach. Influence of extremely weak magnetic field on kinetic effects is studied. Unlike the standard method considering existence of H-field in nonequilibrium distribution function with the subsequent obtaining required formulas for kinetic coefficients, in the proposed approach, existence (influence) of weak H-field is fixed as a local «gain» of specific dispersion section, the resonant in this case. Formal replacement allows us to analyze easily the influence of a field for kinetic effects. It is shown that in the presence of H-field electronic conductivity reaches a maximum. The calculation has revealed the community of results at any mechanism of dispersion. The main requirement is that the low-temperature asymptotics of the specific mechanism of dispersion is a constant.

    pdf muratov2013_1.pdf  (2 Mb)

    Natural Sciences
  • M.I. Shapovalov, L.P. Ilyina, A.A. Zotov, T.A. Sokolova, K.S. Sushko, V.V. Stakheev, A.A. Motorin
    Ecological features of the «ambrosia-phytophage-predator» complex in the North-West Caucasus

    The paper discusses the preliminary results of researches on studying ecological features of the «ambrosia-phytophage-predator» complex in the territory of the Adygheya Republic and the western part of Krasnodar territory. Plots clogged with ambrosia (projective cover of 50-75% and more), with high amount of ambrosia phytophages – Zygogramma suturalis and Tarachidia candefacta, were registered. It is established that on these grounds, the effect of phytophages is depressing on the growing fodder plant, however the production of ragweed seeds has not significantly decreased. The density of predators (Perillus bioculatus) in the surveyed areas was less than 1 individual per 1 m².

    pdf shapovalov2013_1.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • L.I. Tikhomirova
    Morphogenesis and regeneration in inflorescence axis culture of Iris sibirica L.

    This paper provides results of researches on a morphogenesis and regeneration activity through in vitro culture of an inflorescence axis of some cultivars of I. sibirica L. It is noted that the morphogenesis occurs in accordance with the hemogenesis and hemo-rhizogenesis type, passing a callusformation stage. Sprouts created de novo had exclusively endogenous origin.

    pdf tikhomirova2013_1.pdf  (863 Kb)

  • K.D. Chermit, A.G. Zabolotniy, E.I. Tuguz
    Regressive changes of natural locomotions in a descending branch of ontogenesis

    Kinematic characteristics of natural motive actions at elderly age are studied by using optical system of the three-dimensional video analysis of movements. This work shows biomechanical and physiological violations of motive skill at walking men who are over 70. The authors define the direction of impact of physical exercises to preserve natural motive actions at elderly age.

    pdf chermit2013_1.pdf  (6 Mb)

  • A.V. Shakhanova, L.Sh. Bedanokova
    Features of influence of sports loads of the various training orientations on parameters of the cognitive evoked potentials related to the engagement of attention

    Cognitive functions are studied by means of P300 technique in a situation of casually arising event («odd-ball» paradigm, J. Polich, 1993) using stimuli of three modalities (a reverse chess pattern, tone click and flash of light). Indicators of N200-P300 interpeak intervals are defined in groups of qualified athletes – judoists and basketball players. These indicators show the influence of sports physical activities of various training orientations on volume and efficiency of use of operative memory. The obtained results are of interest for complex selection of the most trained athletes to participate in competitions and to determine efficiency of training process during monitoring of individual indicators of the cognitive evoked potentials.

    pdf shakhanova2013_1.pdf  (590 Kb)

  • L.I. Gubareva, G.V. Ermolenko, E.V. Agarkova, L.S. Ermolova
    Adaptation of the cardiovascular system of adolescents with microelementoses resulting from chemical pollution

    The paper raises the problem of the influence of chemical pollution with subthreshold doses of Cd and Pb in the trace element composition of hair and nails among 13 year-old adolescents. The presence of hyper-(Cd, Pb) and hypomicroelementoses (Zn, Fe) was detected. It has been found that the chemical pollution of the environment results in increase of heart rate, mode amplitude (ÀÌî) and tension index and decrease of variation amplitude of RR-intervals. This indicates that the central regulatory mechanisms of the heart are in tension and the sympathetic tone predominates. At the same time the blood pressure increases. Correlation and factor analysis showed high significance of higher content of Pb and Cu in the activation of humoral channels, and Cd, in the activation of the sympathetic channel in the cardiac rhythm regulation. The activity of an autonomous circuit of heart rate regulation depends significantly on the level of essential elements – Zn, Fe and Cu. According to the authors, the microelement composition of hair and nails can be used in screening researches as the early marker of functional disorder of the blood circulatory system and environmental trouble.

    pdf gubareva2013_1.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • N.N. Khasanova, A.Kh. Agirov, T.A. Filimonova
    Features of influence of work at the computer on the students’ functional condition of the central nervous system and visual analyzer depending on a condition of sight

    The paper discusses the influence of computers on a functional condition of student organism. It has been revealed that the students, working at the computer, show decrease in intellectual working capacity. The number of students with the expressed exhaustion increases. A condition of the visual analyzer, especially at students with sight disorder becomes worse, which testifies to tension of a functional condition of the central nervous system. It is inferred that there is a dependence of intellectual working capacity and exhaustion degree at students after work on the computer on a condition of visual function.

    pdf khasanova2013_1.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • D.V. Muzhenya, A.R. Tuguz, A.S. Doroshenko
    Distribution of the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) I/D polymorphisms and their role in cardiovascular system adaptation at highly skilled athletes of the Adygheya Republic

    Highly skilled athletes of the Adygheya Republic (football players, basketball players and athletes) show frequencies of the DD genotypes and the D alleles of the ACE gene, respectively, 84,8%, x2=12,19, p=0,005 and 0,894%, x2=11,75, p=0,0006 that exceed reliably indicators for the control group and for athletes in world researches. Depending on professional specialization of athletes, the reliable distinctions in distribution of genotypes and alleles of the ACE polymorphic locus have not been revealed.

    pdf muzhenya2013_1.pdf  (875 Kb)

  • L.Sh. Bedanokova
    Influence of sports loads of the various training orientations on the cognitive functions of students

    On the basis of P300 technique, registration was made of the cognitive evoked potentials at students-basketball players and athletes-judoists in a situation of casually arising event. Indicators of P3b, Ð3a, N200 and N3 were determined to show the influence of sports physical activities of various training orientations on speed of information processing and decision making process. The obtained results allow the author to draw conclusions on efficiency of application of the considered technique along with other tests when selecting the most trained athletes to participate in competitions, as well as to determine efficiency of training process during monitoring of individual indicators of the cognitive evoked potentials.

    pdf bedanokova2013_1.pdf  (1013 Kb)

  • R.S.-À. Zakhkieva, L.I. Gubareva, L.M. Khalidova
    Sex differences in the development of the central nervous system and school motivation in primary school children of the Chechen Republic

    The paper first presents the results of research on the biological bases of mental health of primary school children in the Chechen Republic. Heterochronous development of properties of the central nervous system in children of primary school age (7-10 years) is found. Correlation analysis showed the high significance of the time of visual-motor response, precision of sensory-motor act performance and ability to differentiate stimuli for the formation of school motivation. According to the authors’ data, indicators of simple and complex visual-motor response can be used as the objective mental health criteria for screening researches.

    pdf zakhkieva2013_1.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • K.A. Rudenko, M.M. Nikhay, A.R. Tuguz, E.N. Anokhina, D.V. Muzhenya
    The G308/308A polymorphisms in TNF-alpha gene and production levels of cytokine in norm and during the chronic inflammatory diseases of respiratory organs

    The ratio of frequencies of G308/308A polymorphisms of TNF-a gene at inhabitants of the Adygheya Republic (0,844/0,156) is comparable with the European countries: France (0,888/0,112) and Spain (0,869/0,131) according to ALFRED (The ALlele FREquency Database). The 308A allele,which is less widespread in population (0,156), is increased in the general group of patients having bronchial asthma (0,290). Opposite effects are elicited of influence of G/A alleles, genotypes of 308 position of pro-motor area of TNF-a gene in the surveyed groups on FGA stimulated in vitro TNF-a production. Patients with bronchial asthma unlike donors have G308 allele and GG (normal homozygous) genotype which increase stimulated TNF-a production, and those with 308A allele, GA lower (heterozygotic) genotype decrease it.

    pdf rudenko2013_1.pdf  (770 Kb)

  • T.N. Melnikova
    Maximum thawed snow runoff in the rivers of the North-West Caucasus

    The paper discusses the formation conditions of the maximum high water runoff in the rivers of the North-West Caucasus. An analysis is made of methods of calculation of the maximum thawed snow runoff. The author presents the alternative technique of calculations of the maximum thawed snow runoff which expands the theoretical and applied aspects of regional hydrological researches on an assessment of extreme characteristics of a runoff.

    pdf melnikova2013_1.pdf  (691 Kb)

  • I.G. Volkodav
    Precious metals in ores and placers of Adygheya

    The paper describes precious metals containing in primary endogenous ores and placers, their localization, history of study, age, structural and material features, parameters, an assessment and prospects of further studying.

    pdf volkodav2013_1.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • T.P. Varshanina
    Development of well structured model of geospace on the basis of a structural mask method of power geofields

    On the basis of the author's structural mask method for geosystem power fields, a well structured model of geospace, which is structurally similar to cosmo-planetary power fields, is created. The model is optimum for logical binding in a coordinate field of a specification pyramid of various data accumulated in sciences about the Earth, their effective analysis, modeling and forecasting at all scale levels.

    pdf varshanina2013_1.pdf  (421 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • S.M. Ratseev, O.I. Cherevatenko
    Algorithms of partition of a string into lexemes in the programming language C

    The paper deals with the problem of the lexical analysis of entrance sequence of symbols which are related to recognition and allocation of lexemes. Here we conceive of the lexeme as a sequence of symbols in some alphabet. Algorithms of partition of a string into lexemes by means of the programming language C are proposed. Four options of such algorithms are examined, each of which has the advantages, proceeding from conditions of an objective and its initial data.

    pdf ratseev2013_1.pdf  (551 Kb)

  • V.S. Simankov, A.S. Kolodiy
    Approach to creation of intellectual system architecture for detection and elimination of net anomalies

    Specifics of anomalies in the modern distributed nets requires application of both formal and heuristic adaptive methods and algorithms in detection and counteraction systems. Use of methodology of situational modeling and management allows us to raise level of formalization of decision making procedures at the expense of classification of arising situations and choice of ways of their processing on the basis of expert knowledge and application of formal methods.

    pdf simankov1_2013_1.pdf  (761 Kb)

  • A.L. Boran-Keshishyan
    Fuzzy possibilistic models for the ergatic component reliability of training systems

    This paper gives the fuzzy possibilistic models of ergatic component reliability of training simulation systems. On the basis of the proposed models, a method was developed for calculation of fuzzy probability of their non-failure operation provided the time until problem is fuzzy variable.

    pdf boran-keshishyan2013_1.pdf  (568 Kb)

  • V.S. Simankov, D.M. Tolkachev
    Modeling of composite objects in real time on the basis of a Petri net

    For obtaining reliable data on development of emergency situations on important strategic and industrial facilities it is necessary to carry out modeling of change of their condition. In this regard this paper examines Petri nets as one of the mathematical apparatuses of modeling, as well as develops the modified indistinct Petri net which is best suitable for modeling of composite objects and systems in real time.

    pdf simankov2_2013_1.pdf  (854 Kb)

  • P.Yu. Buchatskiy
    Promising technologies of renewable energy transformation

    The paper discusses the promising technologies of renewable energy transformation (solar, wind, bio, wave and tidal). Their application will allow significant reduction of the cost of the obtained energy and involvement of natural renewable energy sources in a power system of the region. A lot of technologies using renewable energy sources become more and more competitive in the conditions of an opposite tendency of price rising for traditional energy resources.

    pdf buchatskiy2013_1.pdf  (927 Kb)

  • V.S. Simankov, A.V. Shopin
    Synthesis of a control system of the autonomous photo-wind-electric power station on the basis of indistinct logic

    This paper discusses the methodology for synthesis of a system of control by the complicated technical systems, which are characterized by indistinct information. The author presents a classification of uncertainty types for initial data and mathematical apparatus used to realize the control systems. The main properties of the photo-wind-electric power station as a complex object of control are defined and the choice of mathematical apparatus of indistinct logic for control is substantiated. The methodology of indistinct situational management of the photo-wind-electric power station is proposed and considered.

    pdf simankov3_2013_1.pdf  (899 Kb)

  • V.P. Lapshin, I.A. Turkin
    Modeling of the dynamics of form-building movements in drilling deep openings of small diameter

    The paper discusses questions of modeling of form-building movements in drilling deep openings taking into account the force impeding the process formed in a zone of contact. The results are given of modeling in the Matlab medium with definition of stationary trajectories in the phase plane.

    pdf lapshin2013_1.pdf  (1 Mb)

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