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  • B.M. Bersirov
    Morals: evolution of concept and bases of verbal behavior

    The universal content of morals acts as the standard requirement. Neither ethical, nor moral postulates can be defined by any situation or human consciousness: the moral is absolute. Elements of moral culture of the personality are culture of ethical thinking, culture of feelings, standard of speech, culture of behavior and etiquette. Communicative practice of modern society discloses an infinite number of phenomena and the issues relating to the sphere of an intersubjectivity. The society is differentiated and the moral is also differentiated. It extends to social groups rather than to the whole society. The moral differentiation in that case can be split up to minimum indivisible part of society – the person, i.e. morals in modern understanding as uniform standards “for all” will be absent.

    pdf bersirov2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • A.A. Sklyarov
    National idea of Russia as the factor which increases the country viability

    An analysis is made of the country “viability” in a context of “the national idea”. The conclusion is substantiated that “the national idea” of Russia is capable to increase “viability” of the country and to keep its identity, owing to creating social energy of the people and political elite. The major mobilizing resource of “the national idea” is the statement of moral-spiritual values in the Russian society through education, culture, religion and science.

    pdf sklyarov2013_4.pdf  (677 Kb)

  • R.D. Khunagov
    Sociocultural bases of the Russian identity

    The paper discusses the formation and strengthening the Russian national identity. The author reveals the sociocultural sense of the Russian identity and discloses the essence of interrelation of national, regional and ethnocultural identities in the North Caucasus. Based on the provision on a mutually complementarity of different types of identities, the conclusion is drawn that strengthening the Russian identity in the south of Russia is aimed at social integration and social and cultural consolidation.

    pdf khunagov1_2013_4.pdf  (459 Kb)

  • E.O. Novozhilova
    Noospheric society: a new historical type of socio-ecological systems

    The author dwells upon typical features of noosphere human communities regarded as a new type of socio-ecological systems. Prospects and hazards of genetic engineering are being assessed, namely those related to recombinant DNA technology.

    pdf 11-16.pdf  (137 Kb)

  • K.A. Shipota
    Semiotics of space in modern chronotope

    In this article the author examines the alignment of semiotic space through the prism of a temporary phenomenon and the location, given in the different ways of the experience of aesthetic experience, defines the phenomenon of cyclic and linear time at the moment, which is the essence of setting time and space at a particular moment. The author concludes that, in accordance with the experience, each person as a subject can slow down or speed up time, but at the same time fix the objective course of time which is external to the world of experience. If there is a feeling that time has stopped, it is only for a moment. Therefore, it is the moment that appears to become the main aesthetic definition of linear time and is provided with different aesthetic “markers.” A moment can be seen as the highest sense of happiness and excitement, as a feeling of peace, like the scales that weigh human acts as the highest sense of horror.

    pdf 17-23.pdf  (169 Kb)

  • I.I. Gorlova, A.I. Slutskiy
    On formation of book business infrastructure in Adyghea (1870 – 1917 ): source study aspect

    An analysis is made of possibilities to use the archival fund of the chief of the Kuban area and acting ataman of the Kuban Cossack Army (F. 454) at the State Archive of Krasnodar Territory to study the history of book business in Adyghea.

    pdf gorlova2013_4.pdf  (693 Kb)

  • A.S. Ivashchenko
    The reasons and consequences of social shocks in the Arab countries of the Middle East and North Africa (the end of the first – the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century)

    The purpose of this work is to disclose objective and subjective preconditions of social disturbances in the Arab states of the North African and Middle Eastern regions at the beginning of the 21st century and their social and economic and political consequences. The paper discusses social processes in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East, as well as shows the reasons and consequences of social disturbances in the states of the Middle East and North Africa at the beginning of the 21st century.

    pdf ivashchenko2013_4.pdf  (937 Kb)

  • O.S. Mutiyeva
    Women in socio-political life of Daghestan (the 14-19th centuries)

    Position of the woman in society, her social, economic and legal status is one of the actual problems of historical and ethnographic science. The increased role of the woman in the modern world makes a study problem of a role and a place of the woman in the society especially topical. Now historical science puts problems which need the concrete decision. Urgent are also the questions concerning a role of women in socio-political life of traditional society. The present work discusses the questions related to a role of the woman in socio-political life of the people of the North Caucasus, in particular Daghestan.

    pdf mutiyeva2013_4.pdf  (465 Kb)

  • L.M. Khuazheva
    On influence of the pro-Israeli lobby on foreign policy of the USA (the 1990s – the beginning of the 21st century)

    This paper examines the place and a role of the pro-Israeli lobby in foreign policy of the United States of America in the 1990s – the beginning of the 21st century, the purposes, tasks and methods of influence of a pro-Israeli lobby in the USA. Two existing points of view are considered, whether or not a pro-Israeli lobby influences a foreign policy of the United States. Relevance of this work is caused by the special relations between the USA and Israel. Any other state does not enjoy such support of the United States as Israel. The author considers the reasons of one of the possible variants of such close cooperation.

    pdf khuazheva2013_4.pdf  (715 Kb)

  • R.M. Shkhachemukov
    Adyghe historiography: formation of research tradition

    The formation and development of historiographic tradition belong to theoretically significant problems, which keep so far debatable character. Proceeding from this, of special importance is a question related to sources of written history at the non-literate people, including the Adyghes.

    pdf shkhachemukov_2013_4.pdf  (663 Kb)

  • A.V. Belikov
    Soviet historiography on the role of non-resident population in social and economic, political and cultural development of the Kuban region in the second half of the 19th century

    The article analyzes the role of the Soviet historiography of nonresident population of the Kuban region in social and economic, political and cultural development of the region. It is concluded that all researchers have noted a huge contribution to the evolution of the above-mentioned non-resident processes proceeding in the Kuban region in the second half of the 19th century.

    pdf 24-32.pdf  (161 Kb)

  • L.V. Burykina
    Cultural and educational policy of the Russian government in the Northwest Caucasus in the nineteenth century

    The article deals with a complex and many-sided problem of investigating the mechanisms of attaching Adyges to the system of values which the Russian government was trying to “impose” among the mountain dwellers of the Northwest Caucasus in the XIX century. The author concludes that the government’s instruction and education policy of the mountaineers not only promoted Europeanization and preserve their unique culture, but was aimed at the strategic objectives of the Russian Empire for the conquest of the North Caucasus.

    pdf 33-39.pdf  (137 Kb)

  • O.A. Grishina
    Organization of training and employment of disabled people of the Great Patriotic War in the Kuban region in 1941-1945

    The actuality of the article lies in the possibility of using the historical experience of the past in solving problems of social adaptation of disabled persons, participators of the war actions in modern Russia. The purpose of research is to analyze the process of training and employment of disabled of the great Patriotic War in the Kuban region in 1941-1945. The tasks lie in covering basic directions, forms and methods of cooperation between employees of social affairs and health care, with the support of the party, state apparatus and civil society organizations to address the professional rehabilitation of war disabled. Object of research is the development of the state system of welfare and rehabilitation of disabled persons in 1941-1945. Subject of study is in the process of vocational rehabilitation of war veterans in the Kuban region. The study shows the importance of the activities of government, party and public authorities of the Krasnodar Region in removal employment problems of disabled in the great Patriotic War.

    pdf 40-45pdf.pdf  (151 Kb)

  • R.Kh. yemtyl
    Problems of the Court and the judicial system in Adyghe society in the creative legacy of Sultan Khan-Girey

    The article investigates the problem of the Court and the judicial system in the creative heritage of S.Khan-girey — the first historian, ethnographer of the Circassians. The problem is reflected in “Project of the management by mountain dwellers (Adyghes) “, in the works “Notes on Circassia “,” Circassian legends”, etc., which are of great interest. There S. Khan-girey outlines the need of transformation of the Adyghe society and first of all legal proceedings and judiciary.

    pdf 46-55pdf.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • E.V. Osyerskaya
    The humanitarian consequences of the deportation of Armenians by young Turkish regime during the First World War

    The article deals with the humanitarian consequences of the deportation of Armenians by the Young Turkish regime during the First World War. The paper discloses humanitarian, psychological, cultural, material and geopolitical consequences of deportation.

    pdf 56-66.pdf  (179 Kb)

  • A.V. Radonova
    Methodologically important concepts of the analysis of social policy specific features

    The aim of the article is to analyze the concept of “social policy”, its goals, objectives and also priorities, principles and problems of social policy.

    pdf 67-69.pdf  (123 Kb)

  • Z.D. Teresheva
    Domestic researchers on land tenure in Abadzekhs, Shapsugs, Natukhais at the end of the 18th — the first half of the 19th centuries

    While studying the history of the Adyghe “democratic” sub-ethnic groups — Abadzekhs, Shapsugs and Natukhai and analyzing the characteristics of social organization is important to define the terms of tenure that was common for them. This article is devoted to this urgent problem.

    pdf 70-75.pdf  (139 Kb)

  • L.D. Fedoseyeva
    Internal migration of the population and military colonization of the Northwest Caucasus in the projects of A.A . Velyaminov, N.N. Raevskiy and N.I. Evdokimov

    This article deals with the problem of internal migration of the Northwest Caucasus population, the process of discussion of military and civilian development projects in the region, as well as military Cossack colonization of the region and peasant settlement.

    pdf 76-80.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • A.D. Elmurzayeva
    Tradition of mutual assistance among the peoples of Daghestan (the end of the 19th — the beginning of the 20th centuries.)

    The article describes one of the traditional customs of the peoples of Dagestan — tradition of mutual assistance (late XIX — early XX c.). This custom is common for the Caucasian peoples, though it has its own insignificant differences. The most important thing is that similar researching works on mutual assistance contributed to formulating the whole complex of moral and ethical values and rules of conduct by the peoples of Dagestan.

    pdf 81-84.pdf  (131 Kb)

  • V.A. Aleksentsev, V.M. Savelenko, I.S. Izgachev
    Realization of positive potential of social and economic policy

    In this paper, the author substantiates the thesis that realization of positive potential of social and economic policy is impossible without formation of scientific bases of the public consciousness corresponding to purposeful informing the population on topical issues of society development.

    pdf aleksentsev2013_4.pdf  (423 Kb)

  • A.R. Atlaskirov
    Comparative analysis of ethnoreligious and ethnocultural views of the Adyghes

    The paper presents the sociological analysis of ethnoconfessional consciousness of the Adyghes in Kabardino-Balkaria. The author descibes specificity of interaction of the Adyghe socio-normative systems.

    pdf atlaskirov2013_4.pdf  (648 Kb)

  • A.A. Bezrukova
    Gender aspects of social and economic transformation in Russia in estimates of female public opinion (based on the materials of the Adyghea Republic)

    The social and economic changes that are not supported by adequate measures of social protection of the population, undermine the bases of society and make worse the position of the woman. Public opinion as the social regulator of behavior, requirements and the attitude of the Adyghe women to social reality promotes formation of the mass female consciousness, new value installations and orientations and strengthening legal responsibility for occurring changes. Practical requirement of the accounting of women public opinion estimates on sweeping changes that occur in the republic, their influence on the social status of women causes need to study the position of women. Information on public opinion of women should be considered as a peculiar “barometer” of her social status in society which is now very unstable.

    pdf bezrukova2013_4.pdf  (691 Kb)

  • I.V. Boldyshev, S.A. Sirotinsky, A.A. Obnosov
    Social managment as a subject of sociological analysis: multiparadigm appoach

    The paper discusses the preconditions of methodology of social management and the main stages of formation of social management.

    pdf boldyshev2013_4.pdf  (473 Kb)

  • A.V. Veyman, S.N. Kirichenko, A.V. Gusarov
    Sociological approaches to justification of the legal social dynamics in the state and society development

    The paper discusses sociological approaches to justification of the legal social dynamics in the state and society development and in creation of democratic orientations of mass and individual consciousness.

    pdf veyman2013_4.pdf  (379 Kb)

  • Kh.V. Dzutsev, S.A. Lyausheva, A.R. Gabuyeva
    Public opinion of the population in the Republics of the North Caucasus Federal District of the Russian Federation: whether the person can succeed in life?

    This paper is based on social researches carried out in January-February, 2011, at the North Ossetian Center of Social Researches ISPI of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and on mass ethnosociological researches made in the Republics of North Caucasus Federal District of the Russian Federation on a subject: “Public opinion of the population in the Republics of North Caucasus Federal District of the Russian Federation: Whether the Person can Succeed in Life?”.

    pdf dzutsev2013_4.pdf  (961 Kb)

  • D.N. Klimov, A.S. Roshchin, V.N. Grishay
    Legal determination of the personality in management

    An analysis is made of the system of an assessment of administrative decisions in a set of factors of legal integration for individuals determining participation in institutes of social management.

    pdf klimov2013_4.pdf  (441 Kb)

  • E.L. Kolesnik, A.V. Grishay, A.N. Bulkin
    Current trends in development of mass leisure

    The paper discusses the current trends in development of recreational potential. The authors present the sociological contents of tendencies in development of personnel management for the hospitality industry.

    pdf kolesnik_e_2013_4.pdf  (373 Kb)

  • S.I. Kolesnik, I.A. Solovyev, M.A. Dzyuba
    The organizational and administrative conflict of duties and interests between members of managing organization

    The paper investigates the organizational and administrative conflict, i.e. between members of managing organization, heads and performers; the primary groups which were formed in their structure; between various divisions in this control system concerning the purposes, methods and means of administrative and organizational activity, as well as its results and social consequences.

    pdf kolesnik_s_2013_4.pdf  (371 Kb)

  • O.I. Kuskarova
    Theoretical bases of studying interethnic interaction in the territory of the Adyghea Republic

    Using an example of the multiethnic and multicultural Adyghea Republic the author studies the basic principles of interethnic interaction and examines the numerical and national structure of the population in dynamics on the basis of data of Federal State Statistics Service.

    pdf kuskarova2013_4.pdf  (777 Kb)

  • E.A. Kuchukyan, N.V. Balandina, A.I. Vasina
    Methodology of sociological research of youth subculture

    The paper shows that an important element of socialization is “the sociocultural environment”. We understand under this concept a real environment of the individual (group), on the one hand, and a set of representations which form a semantic “field of relations” with the world around, on the other hand. Sociological research of youth subculture and daily interaction of the main carriers of its norms and values allow us to return to Parsons classical understanding of youth culture as the necessary reality demanding detailed studying.

    pdf kuchukyan2013_4.pdf  (424 Kb)

  • S.L. Lazitsky, A.P. Mikhaylov
    Alternative models of society security: cultural and historical retrospective

    This paper puts a number of theoretical problems of functioning of law-enforcement structures. The author defines the conditions of their interaction with the population on providing a law and order. This problem is analyzed here in a historical retrospective, by making use of available domestic experience in its decision.

    pdf lazitsky2013_4.pdf  (735 Kb)

  • S.A. Tkhatel
    Sociocultural models of civil society: theoretical aspect

    In this paper, the author examines the main conceptual approaches to research of the civil society, describes models of the civil society, the formation of which is caused by cultural and historical features of society formation and designates the ways and strategy of the development of civil structures in our country.

    pdf tkhatel2013_4.pdf  (466 Kb)

  • A.F. Farrakhov
    Social consequences of loneliness

    This paper is devoted to such social phenomenon as loneliness. On the basis of the research which has been carried out on the basis of the Izhevsk State Technical University, it became clear that the loneliness depends on quality rather than on quantity of social contacts.

    pdf farrakhov2013_4.pdf  (392 Kb)

  • S.M. Khronopulo, O.V. Sovershenny, M.P. Veryaskin
    Conceptual problems of cultural reproduction and forecasting in formation of the institutional environment of the Russian market

    The paper explores the conceptual problems of cultural reproduction and forecasting in formation of the institutional environment of the Russian market.

    pdf khronopulo2013_4.pdf  (397 Kb)

  • Z.Yu. Khuako
    Parties in a context of historical and political sociology

    The paper discusses the sociocultural features of emergence and development of political parties in a context of historical and political sociology. Special attention is paid to structure, mission and activity of parties in political system of the society, as well as to the analysis of party functions in the political process.

    pdf khuako2013_4.pdf  (624 Kb)

  • A.Yu. Chadje
    Cultural memory and ethnic identity of the Kurdish community: conceptual and methodological approach

    In the paper, an analysis is made of the interrelation of cultural memory and ethnic identity based on the example of the Kurdish community. Some aspects of conceptual interrelation of categories of memory and identity in life of an ethnic group of Kurds are examined in a sociocultural context. The thesis is proved that the personality, identifying itself with the ethnic group, realizes memory in ethnic culture. The conclusion is drawn that the policy in the multiethnic region, based on dialogue, has to be aimed at preservation of each cultural / ethnic unit.

    pdf chadje2013_4.pdf  (712 Kb)

  • A.A. Shaov, V.N. Nekhay
    Multinational corporations in system of the global economic relations: social and philosophical discourse

    The paper discusses the multi-stage process of formation of multinational corporations in a historical retrospective. The multinational corporations have been shown to form a new global economic system in which leadership is defined by existence of large financial resources, advanced technologies, large sale markets and active, on a global scale, investment policy.

    pdf shaov2013_4.pdf  (607 Kb)

  • T.A. Yudina, A.A. Arslanova
    Functional variety of recreative expectation stereotypes in mass consciousness

    The paper examines the functional variety of recreative expectation stereotypes in mass consciousness as a result of functioning of a complete self-control system which is integrally characterizing features of reflection and results of this reflection in activity. The authors prove a need to identify the actual principles, laws, mechanisms and ways of development of a composite system of the individual self-control of social activity thanks to which high level of a demand of mass rest is preserved.

    pdf yudina2013_4.pdf  (460 Kb)

  • Kh.V. Dzutsev, A.A. Khugayeva, A.yu. Tsopanova
    Criminological portrait of the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania of the North-Caucasian region of the Russian Federation

    This article was written on sociological research on the topic “The level of crime in North Ossetia-Alania in the North-Caucasian Federal Region of the Russian Federation”, conducted in June 2011 by the North Ossetian Centre for Social Research ISPR RAS together with the North Ossetian Institute of Humanities and Social Studies named after v.I. Abaev.

    pdf 85-97.pdf  (221 Kb)

  • D.I. Imagozheva, F.B. Tsogoeva
    Extremism in the Northern Caucasus: a sociological analysis

    The main reasons for the emergence and spread of extremism, and especially the influence of extremist threats to the North Ossetian society are considered on materials of the ethnosociological study conducted in March 2011. All the world’s religions are presented in the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, where the dominant religions are Christianity and Islam.

    pdf 98-107.pdf  (158 Kb)

  • M.A. Katbambetova
    Regional identity in the context of multi-level identity

    The article contains the analysis of different approaches to the concept of «identity» and «regional identity». Regional identity is considered in correlation with territorial identity.

    pdf 108-112.pdf  (131 Kb)

  • M.Z. Magomedova
    Social and cultural identity in the terms of transforming society

    The article studies the problem of social and cultural identity in contemporary Russian society. The role, the importance of the welfare state in the formation of identity of the Russians is disclosed in the work. The author analyzes the destructive consequences of the transformation processes that led to the crisis of social and cultural identity in contemporary Russia.

    pdf 113-118.pdf  (158 Kb)

  • Ye.N. Netrebko, P.M. (I.P.) Khakuz
    Sociological analysis of the development of a competitive and socially demanded student’s personality in the educational space of the university

    The article discloses the problem of becoming competitive and socially demanded person of a student’s personality in the educational space of the university in modern social and cultural conditions. This problem is related to the implementation of competence-based approach and suggests a sociological analysis of the development within the institution of higher education of social, personal and professional skills of students through a content analysis of federal state educational standards of higher education and focus-group with the participation of senior students of universities in Krasnodar.

    pdf 119-124.pdf  (137 Kb)

  • Ye.V. Porokhnyuk
    Transformation of the status and role position of modern women in the family institution

    The article deals with leading social, cultural and historically determined factors contributing to the process of social and cultural transformation of status and role situation of modern women in the family institution. The author gives the sociological research within the frame of studying problem and also a sociological comparative analysis of status and role of women in Russia and the countries of the East.

    pdf 125-130.pdf  (137 Kb)

  • M.V. Saakyan
    Legal mentality as a social phenomenon

    The article discusses the factors of formation of legal culture. The author reveals the legal system which includes four groups of elements, such as legal thinking, law-making, legal sphere of activity, law implementation. The author also analyzes the level of legal culture. A high level of legal culture of society is essential to maintain law and order, guarantee of democracy, the condition of formation of civil society and a lawful state.

    pdf 131-134.pdf  (119 Kb)

  • G.Ye. Snezhko
    Family’s role in the implementation of equal rights of children with disabilities

    The article examines the institutional conditions for implementing the principle of equality of people with disabilities with all other people. The author focuses on the fact that the realization of equality is impossible when only external conditions are created — legal and infrastructural (barrier-free environment). The construction of family life strategy of a disabled child which is activity oriented, self-actualization and the achievement of success in life are equally important.

    pdf 135-140.pdf  (137 Kb)

  • Z.H. Sokolova
    Positive and negative factors of migration: social contradictions

    The article discusses the social contradictions of positive and negative factors of migration. Labor migration in Russia and European countries is analyzed.

    pdf 141-146.pdf  (140 Kb)

  • A.A. Tliy
    Sources of threats in the context of information security: the sociological aspect

    The article deals with the main content of the concept information security, as well as sources of threats and key positions on its preservation.

    pdf 147-151.pdf  (129 Kb)

  • F.K. Tuguz, S.A. Lyausheva
    Ethical code of the University as a resource for students’ socialization

    The article discusses the role and significance of the ethical code as a tool for education and socialization in the educational space of the modern university. Key principles of its development and implementation in the university area are identified. The results of the study of the main problem areas and planes of relationship of educational process in high school and the results of surveys of students are given.

    pdf 152-160.pdf  (155 Kb)

  • E.M. Afamgotov
    Prevention and fight against drug addiction

    The paper discusses a drug trafficking in the country. The author examines experience of the foreign states in the sphere of prevention of the population narcotization and proposes measures aimed at limiting this antisocial phenomenon.

    pdf afamgotov2013_4.pdf  (468 Kb)

  • N.V. Kurys
    The theoretical and methodological bases for creation of a system of legal foreign investment regulation in Russia

    This paper explores the theoretical and methodological bases for creation of a system of legal foreign investment regulation. Key elements of the system at the present stage of its development are allocated. The author investigates the dynamics of the investment legislation and substantiates the tendencies and prospects of system genesis in the area under study.

    pdf kurys2013_4.pdf  (719 Kb)

  • L.V. Chernikova
    Genesis and tendency of development of institute of insolvency (bankruptcy) in Russia

    The paper discusses the history of insolvency (bankruptcy) in Russia since ancient times and up to now.

    pdf chernikova2013_4.pdf  (653 Kb)

  • I.A. Antonov, L.G. Antonova
    Development of the Institute of Criminal Procedure protection of the rights and freedoms of the individual in the course of judicial reform in the Russian Federation

    Article deals with the origin, formation and development of the Institute of Criminal Procedure rights and freedoms protection of the individual with the position held in Russian judicial reform. Choosing specific legal institution, the authors consider ways to improve the efficiency of the protection mechanism and protect the rights and freedoms of the subjects of criminal legal proceedings by comprehensive analysis in the aspect of state policy in the field of the law enforcement system reformation and improvemen.

    pdf 180-184.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • S.A. Vetskaya
    Some aspects of the police prevention of drug crime among infants

    In article is represented the analysis of the reasons and the conditions promoting distribution of narcocrime among infants and related other negative social phenomena. Aspects of activity of police officers on narcocrime prevention among infants are considered.

    pdf 185-188.pdf  (131 Kb)

  • T.A Kapitsa
    Features of method determination in the cases of infanticide

    The article discusses the concept of the method of the crime. Its structural component is determined and the peculiarities of the manifestation of this category for homicide mother of the newborn child are defined.

    pdf 189-192.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • D.N. Lozovsky, S.V. Fidelsky
    On the features of excitation of criminal cases about the crimes connected with deliberate bankruptcy

    The article is devoted to problem issues arising in the process of initiation and investigation of criminal cases about the crimes connected with deliberate bankruptcy.

    pdf 193-196.pdf  (147 Kb)

  • P.N. Markov
    System of territorial public self-administration in European countries

    The article offers an analysis of three variants of territorial public self- administration in European countries: English, german, Polish. All of them in one way or another can be used as a positive experience in the formation of the Russian national policy of local government. Russian legislators and practitioners need to consider the experience of territorial self-administration in Europe.

    pdf 197-206.pdf  (156 Kb)

  • R.E.Mirzoyan
    Financial and legal nature of electronic money

    The article discusses various viewpoints of financial and legal regulation of electronic money. It is important to note that the statutory definition of electronic money allows them to declare an object of legal regulation, to ensure their efficient operation and use in the money circulation since these funds are made by business entities to credit institutions (counted without opening bank accounts) and may be in rubles and in foreign currency. The emergence of the modern concept of electronic money is the next stage in the evolution (computerization) of the concept of money along the path loss of the intrinsic value of their own money, as the transition on the information stage of development money from analog to digital form.

    pdf 207-213.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • R.N. Dmitriyeva, M.W. Dmitrieva
    Formation of cross-cultural interactive competence in teaching to translation

    The paper deals with the questions of studying strategies of communicative behavior of representatives of business foreign-language society. Special attention is paid to formation of cross-cultural professional competence in foreign language training. In recent years the production sphere of communication considerably quickened that causes need of mastering skills of cross-cultural communication by the future expert. The higher school foreign language program has to be based on understanding of language as means of communication in a certain situation and with a certain communicative task.

    pdf dmitriyeva2013_4.pdf  (533 Kb)

  • M.M. Kizin
    Suffering as a basis of song art

    In this paper, the suffering is examined as a basis of song art. The author shows the main characteristics of sense-forming concepts of creation of song traditions and formation of performing style of soloists, singers and musicians. The theme of suffering as a basis of song art is the most complicated form of empathy of the natural emotional human life, refracting in art feature of the creative process.

    pdf kizin2013_4.pdf  (501 Kb)

  • N.S. Pichko
    Philosophical and esthetic aspects of a phenomenon of the musical in culture

    An analysis is made of scientific literature on philosophical and esthetic aspects of a phenomenon of the musical in culture. The music phenomenon is examined as indissoluble unity of two forms – the essence of music (a musical substance) and the musical art belonging to the world of the person. The system analysis of such way of human life, as activity is carried out. The author shows specificity of music as the philosophical and esthetic phenomenon corresponding to internal activity of musical consciousness of the person, as well as reveals relations between the processes happening in culture, and their reflection in a figurative system and in the expressive sphere of musical art. The following functions of philosophical and esthetic aspects of a phenomenon of the musical in culture are designated: gnoseological, humanistic, communicative, training, bringing up, informative, standard and reflexive.

    pdf pichko2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • A.N. Sokolova
    Sacred places of the Abkhazians and Adyghes as an object of scientific research

    The paper proposes the approaches and the methods necessary to study sacral spaces in modern culture of the Abkhazians and Adyghes. Pointing to the high social status of sacred places at the Abkhazians, the author puts forward a thesis that it is necessary to carry out comparative and typological research of this social institute focused on defining its specific characteristics at the related people.

    pdf sokolova2013_4.pdf  (465 Kb)

  • N.K. Gasanova
    Narratives of multiculturalistic discourse

    The article presents the results of study of multiculturalism as a discourse.

    pdf 214-217.pdf  (160 Kb)

  • A.S. Sokolova
    Methodological problems in the research of cultural heritage

    Worked out in the 1970s-1980s by UNESCO the concept of “ cultural heritage” was the subject of research in the various sciences. The aim of the article is to study the methodological aspects of the world cultural heritage. The task was to analyze the main methodological problems in the study of the concept of “cultural heritage”, to explore the place and the role of cultural heritage in the cultural traditions and contemporary practice. The object of the research is the world’s cultural heritage. The subject of the research is methodological problem in the study of cultural heritage. Conclusions: (a) the concept of “cultural heritage” was founded in UNESCO Declaration in 1972, (b) cultural heritage can be regarded as an assemblage of artifacts of spiritual and material culture, (c) cultural heritage is an important strategic national resource and (d) in the basis of the research methodology of cultural heritage it is advisable to use a systematic approach to the culture of local researchers.

    pdf 218-223.pdf  (135 Kb)

    Political Science
  • Z.A. Zhade
    Specificity of interethnic intensity manifestation in places of the Kurd compact settlement in the Adyghea Republic

    The paper investigates the parameters of interethnic intensity in places of the Kurd compact settlement in the Adyghea Republic. Research of interethnic interaction is conducted in terms of methodology of interethnic intensity. Mechanisms of overcoming interethnic intensity are proposed.

    pdf zhade2013_4.pdf  (653 Kb)

  • I.I. Imgrunt
    Political elite of Russia in researches of domestic political scientists and sociologists

    The paper discusses the theoretical and methodological approaches to studying the Russian modern political elite, presented in works of domestic political scientists and sociologists, the problem related to ensuring constructive interaction of political elite and civil society and crisis overcoming in their relationship. It is emphasized that the political elite in modernized society focuses the administrative actions on development priorities.

    pdf imgrunt2013_4.pdf  (553 Kb)

  • Z.V. Mamedov
    The Armenian – Azerbaijan relations and the Nagorno – Karabakh conflict

    An analysis is made of the Armenian-Azerbaijan relations and the ways of solution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The position of the sides on settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, as well as the role of the OSCE countries in this issue is analyzed.

    pdf mamedov2013_4.pdf  (394 Kb)

  • V.G. Shustov
    Legitimacy of municipal authority in the conditions of multiethnic society

    This paper deals with the problems of legitimacy of municipal authority in the conditions of multiethnic society. The reasons of its delegimitization are separately allocated. A study is made of the model of co-public democracy and its refraction on municipal level. The main objective of this publication is studying the potential of legitimacy of local level of the power in political process in the conditions of transformation of the whole political system.

    pdf shustov2013_4.pdf  (509 Kb)

    Abstracts of Monographs
  • L.R. Khut
    The theoretical and methodological problems of Modern History study in Russian Historiography at the turn of the 20 – 21st centuries: monograph

    pdf khut2013_4.pdf  (246 Kb)

  • A. Yu. Shadzhe
    Russia's North Caucasus: History and Modernity

    pdf 224-228.pdf  (157 Kb)

    The Economic Theory
  • Al.A. Ermolenko, And.A. Ermolenko
    The “croutizna” of movement of Russia

    The paper sheds light on the research of the steepness characteristic of a trajectory of movement of plural nature economy systems which are formed in the process of long and profound social-economic transformations. The methodology of system approach is realized in the research.

    pdf ermolenko2013_4.pdf  (226 Kb)

  • T.V. Kasaeva
    Human capital in industrial and postindustrual century: fund or dynamic process?

    In connection with the change of individual’s role in economy, the problems of human capital are becoming highly topical. In the paper, within the comparative analysis, it is proved that in industrial century the components of human capital were the fund of health, knowledge, social — cultural component and economic-meaningful information. In postindustrial century all these components have changed and are changing, they have become the complex of processes: of health reproduction, self-education, two-way interaction with society and information updating.

    pdf kasaeva2013_4.pdf  (265 Kb)

  • D.V. Naidyonov
    System assets in conceptual representation of municipal economy of a post-industrial era

    The paper discusses the principles of the post-industrial system organization of assets of the modern megalopolis and the role of system city-forming assets in a sustainable development of city community using the International airport of Changi as an example.

    pdf naidyonov2013_4.pdf  (208 Kb)

  • N.N. Petrushenko
    Features of the environmental contradiction management in economic systems

    The paper examines and generalizes the factors that contribute to the features of environmental contradiction management in economic systems. Particular attention is given to theoretical issues of mechanism formation of environmental contradiction management. An example is given of the results of forecast efficiency evaluation of the mechanism functioning and general guidance on the application of the environmental contradiction management mechanism.

    pdf petrushenko2013_4.pdf  (280 Kb)

  • A.M. Safronov
    Assessment of economy of modern Russia from the point of view of formal and real nationalization of economic process

    An attempt is undertaken to uncover the causes of the crisis in the Russian economy. An analysis is made of the processes of development of the Russian economy with the help of the formational theory. The conclusion is drawn on the domination of formal transformations as a major cause of the economic crisis and formation of insider capitalism.

    pdf safronov2013_4.pdf  (221 Kb)

  • O.V. Torchinova
    Social responsibility of subjects of institutional and economic transformations: approach from a positions of the concept of modernization

    The paper discusses the factors causing formation and development of a special form of social responsibility — responsibility for results of the initiated institutional and economic transformations. The author discloses the content of this form of responsibility from the point of view of modernization concept. The concept “modernization” transformation is carried out.

    pdf torchinova2013_4.pdf  (178 Kb)

  • N.A. Khilko, V.V. Prokhorova
    Strategic trajectory of formation of “economy basing on knowledge” at meso level of modern Russia

    The paper discloses the possibilities of formation of a strategic trajectory of formation of “the economy basing on knowledge” which are created with participation of vertically integrated corporations and network organizations in economic space of regional economic systems of modern Russia. The authors estimate the potential of a contribution of the specified subjects to the process of modernization of regional economic systems.

    pdf khilko2013_4.pdf  (185 Kb)

  • M.A. sorokin

    This paper shows the growing role of customs regulation at both national and supranational level on the basis of the analysis of views on the future manifestations of globalization. The author identifies and explains the basic contradictions in development of national systems of customs regulation, caused by global economic factors. Threats to national systems of customs regulation due to the development of some directions of world integration processes are highlighted.

    pdf 13-17.pdf  (195 Kb)

    Financial Markets
  • A.Yu. Rodnina
    Quasi-public nature of commercial bank as the foundation of Russian banking sector regulation

    The duality of commercial bank nature is substantiated in the paper. On the one hand, commercial bank is a commercial organization and, on the other hand, it is an institute that destined to carry out socially significant functions interfaced to enormous outer effects. The thesis of the quasi-public nature of banks is proved on the basis of 6 principal judgments. The need is proved to supervise banks activity on the part of the state represented by the Central Bank and to regulate their activity. This regulation should prevent a prevailing of commercial interest and private momentary benefits over public tasks and exclude damage to economy.

    pdf rodnina2013_4.pdf  (216 Kb)

  • L.K. Ulybina
    Methodological aspects of institutional transformation of the insurance market in the conditions of financial globalization

    In this paper, based on the analysis of institutional formation of the insurance sector, the author proposed a model for the development of the insurance market and its institutions in the reproduction process as a mechanism of protection and investment for economic growth on the basis of the institutional parameters of interaction between government, the corporate sector and households, considering the totality of the factors and key indicators of the insurance market development in the context of financial globalization.

    pdf ulybina1_2013_4.pdf  (271 Kb)

  • L.K. Ulybina, O.A. Okorokova
    Evolutioning of system of an assessment of insurance company solvency

    The paper discloses the concept and value of solvency for financial stability of insurers. Stages of evolutioning of system of an assessment of insurance companies solvency are investigated taking into account the standards of Solvency II. The authors propose a method of estimating the demarcation indicators of solvency and financial stability of insurance companies on the basis of a complementarity of rating judgments of consulting agencies and intra firm analytical procedures.

    pdf ulybina2_2013_4.pdf  (302 Kb)

  • M.V. Arshba

    The reproduction efficiency and potency of the agricultural insurance system are evaluated. The strengths and weaknesses of the crop insurance system with the state support are identified.

    pdf 18-22.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • I.s. Bogomolova

    This paper discusses the problems of the introduction of budgeting focused on a result in the budget system. The author examines the system of indicators to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of on-budget expenditures, as well as the introduction peculiarities of the instruments of budget planning and administration of on-budget expenditures in institutions of higher professional education.

    pdf 23-32.pdf  (370 Kb)

  • I.B. Duguzhev

    Definition of ways of stimulation of economic growth in conditions of increase of promissory notes of the state budgets becomes the main question, the response to which is defining for the majority of the Central Banks. In the given work the opportunity of influence of the Central Banks on economy by means of change of the refinancing rate is analyzed. The greatest accent has been made on comparison of the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank and a level of mid-annual change of consumer prices. It is concluded that in periods of the greatest threats for the national economy regulators often reduce the refinancing rate to levels of negative key rate.

    pdf 33-37.pdf  (142 Kb)

  • G.M. Zaloznaya, G.D. Kutubarova

    The global financial crisis had an impact on financial institutions both at the national and regional level. In the paper, on the basis of the analysis of economic indicators the author assesses the impact of the financial crisis and proposes measures that will allow development of financial institutions in the post-crisis period.

    pdf 38-45.pdf  (144 Kb)

  • S.E. Larina

    The paper discusses approaches to the study of fiscal decentralization from positions of macroeconomic regulation of social and economic processes, variable solution of the local government financial security and the introduction of effective budgeting practices in the budget process.

    pdf 46-55.pdf  (163 Kb)

  • V.N. Ovchinnikov, M.V. Arshba

    The paper evaluates the institutional and infrastructural deficits of insurance system to ensure sustainable development of agricultural enterprises. The ways are proposed to overcome the identified problems of forming an effective insurance protection of sustainable reproduction in agriculture.

    pdf 56-60.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • T.Kh. sozayeva, I.B. Duguzhev

    In conditions of the confrontation between two mutually exclusive models of overcoming economic crisis (“german” and “American”) discussions about the effectiveness of monetary regulation become much more relevant. The author analyzes different methods of influence of Central Banks on the economy. The greatest emphasis was placed on the comparison of the main macroeconomic indicators in terms of their effectiveness in the conditions of increasing inflationary pressure in the United States and China. It is concluded that in periods of the greatest threats to the national economy regulators often resort to methods contradicting to the interests of the global economy; protectionism is practiced in the most risky of its manifestations.

    pdf 61-66.pdf  (139 Kb)

    Problems Related to Investment Activity
  • T.A. Alkhasov
    THE EFFICIENCY OF REGIONAL INVESTMENT PROJECTS (on evidence from the Kabardino-Balkarian republic)

    The growth of investment activity is the reason for development of new methods of analysis and evaluation. The budget and social effectiveness analysis is to indicate the region’s investment efficiency as a whole. The paper examines the economic, budgetary and social effect of investment project realization, presents the analysis of budgetary and social factors and draws a conclusion concerning the investment efficiency.

    pdf 67-73.pdf  (141 Kb)

  • V.e. Afonina

    The paper examines the views of scientists on economic category “investment”. The importance of investments that form a basis for the development of an economic complex and one of its main areas — agriculture is emphasized. The role of investment at macro and micro levels is disclosed. The publication shows the impact of investment on the development of material and technical base of agriculture in the conditions of functioning of the country within the framework of the WTO.

    pdf 74-81.pdf  (144 Kb)


    This scientific article studies the structure formation regional projects as a factor of achieving complex social economic development of Krasnodar region. The author determines the basic activities in increasing investment projects and suggests an organization model of government support of realization and financing investment projects.

    pdf 82-87.pdf  (290 Kb)

    Regional Economy
  • A.S. Basyuk
    Effective development of regional clusters in the conditions of globalization

    The paper is devoted to research of features of cluster approach in management and sustainable development of the tourist and recreational sphere in the region. System approach to regional cluster policy is considered in detail. The main advantages of use of cluster approach in modern conditions are considered. Positive influence of formation of a special economic zone on development of a tourist and recreational complex is defined.

    pdf basyuk2013_4.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • S.Sh. Gisheva
    Regional investment policy (based on the example of the Adyghea Republic)

    This paper describes measures to improve the regional investment policy through the comprehensive realization of the managing system of investment: management of the budget investment flow, management of investment motivation, formation and perfection of the legislative basis and investment information availability for potential investors.

    pdf gisheva2013_4.pdf  (206 Kb)

  • A.V. Gladilin, B.M. Khashkueva
    Regional economic indicators of development strategy of the North Caucasus Federal District: implementation and a comparative analysis

    Currently, there is an urgent need to improve the methodology for assessing the development of the regions in the North Caucasus Federal District in terms of practical implementation of the strategy development of the district. The paper addresses the improvement of the assessment and comparative analysis of the extent of implementation of the specified indicators among the subjects of the region, as well as the transformation of the methodological aspects of the strategic adjustment of regional development programs.

    pdf gladilin2013_4.pdf  (210 Kb)

  • Y.A. Dolgich
    Diversification-oriented development strategy of the problematic region as a tool to ensure its competitiveness

    This paper discusses some aspects of the use of economic diversification as an effective tool to improve the competitiveness of the budget-deficit region in modern conditions. Particular attention is paid to the implementation tools of diversification- oriented development strategy of the region.

    pdf dolgich2013_4.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • N.A. Cousin
    The strategy of structural changes in the economy of the problematic region as a tool to ensure uniformity of the socio- economic environment

    The paper discusses a number of aspects related to the structural and dynamic features of the economy of the problematic region and to the influence of these characteristics on the processes of intra-regional socio-economic differentiation in today’s Russia. The Republic of Adyghea, which is one of the most problematic regions of the South of Russia, is chosen as the object for in-depth analysis. In recent years, an intensification of structural and dynamic processes is observed in its economy.

    pdf cousin2013_4.pdf  (164 Kb)

  • N.I. Pshikanokova, T.U. Egorova
    Features of fiscal policy of the subsidized region

    Effective implementation and growth of the subject fiscal capacity of the Russian Federation are considered to be essential requirements for the dynamic development of the Russian economy. The progressive development of the fiscal capacity of the region will facilitate the growth of financial independence and increase in the level of socio-economic development. The paper investigates the features of the budgetary policy of subsidized regions, as well as the different sources and structure of the regional budget capacity. An analysis is made of the indices of the dynamics of budget revenues in the region. The main directions in the preservation and development of budget capacity of the region are proposed.

    pdf pshikanokova2013_4.pdf  (200 Kb)

  • M.K. Tamova, Yu.A. Dolgich
    The competitive positions of the Adyghea Republic in the economic space of the South of Russia and prospects for their strengthening

    The paper discusses how to increase the competitiveness of the Adyghea Republic as budget-deficit region in the economic space of the South of Russia. Special attention is given to the possibilities of diversification as a management tool, providing an increase of competitive positions of the region through the formation of a new territorial and sectoral structure of its economy.

    pdf tamova2013_4.pdf  (228 Kb)

  • L.T. Tlekhuray-Berzegova
    Emission tools to intensify the integration interaction of regional systems

    Sustainable and efficient operation of infrastructure is a prerequisite to provide high economic growth, integrity, national security and high national defensive capacity, as well as to improve quality of life and effective integration of Russia into the world economy. Infrastructure bonds can become one of the key instruments for the development of regional and municipal infrastructure. The paper discusses the effective use of the emission tool capacity of infrastructure bonds in order to intensify integration interaction of regional systems.

    pdf tlekhuray-berzegova2013_4.pdf  (197 Kb)

  • I.N. Tomshinskaya
    Classification of informative tools of the region development

    The development of the region requires special informative development tools adapted to the emerging “knowledge economy”. These tools allow the achievement of planned development goals and extraction of new knowledge on the regional economic system. One of such tools is the road map.

    pdf tomshinskaya1_2013_4.pdf  (255 Kb)

  • I.N. Tomshinskaya, M.V. Sharapov
    Influence of the region type on development of forms of subregional spatial localizations

    General preconditions for creating spatially localized systems are the high industrial and innovation potential of the region and ready engineering infrastructure. These factors make it possible to increase the inflow of capital, technologies and direct investments. This paper describes variations in the forms of spatial localizations depending on the region type.

    pdf tomshinskaya2_2013_4.pdf  (174 Kb)

  • N.A. Khilko
    The institutes of co-evolution of vertical integrated corporations, net organizations and regional economic systems

    This paper shows the institutes of co-evolution of vertical integrated corporations, net organizations and regional economic systems, which have been created at meso level of economy of contemporary Russia. The potential of their contribution to modernization at mezzo — level is estimated.

    pdf khilko2013_4.pdf  (184 Kb)

  • M.V. Chistova
    Forecasting the volumes of the gross regional product by the method of “input-output”: domestic and foreign experience

    The paper sheds light on an assessment of rates of economic development and substantiates the use of the expense-release method (“input-output”) to forecast volumes of a gross regional product as the key method of an assessment. An analysis is made of domestic and foreign experience in creation of the “input-output” tables at national and regional levels. Tendencies and features of the use of this method in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand are revealed. Also a positive experience in creation of regional “input-output” tables in China is investigated.

    pdf chistova2013_4.pdf  (345 Kb)

  • I.K. Shevchenko
    Reforming the system of intergovernmental fiscal relations: target and untarget funding for socio-economic development of the region

    The processes of uneven development of Russian regions necessitate the formation of such a model of intergovernmental fiscal relations, which will ensure the transition to a sustainable type of development of socio-economic systems. Fiscal stability of regions suggests fiscal autonomy, balance and ability to pay. Complementary use of adaptive tools of intergovernmental fiscal relations will implement the mentioned principles and will form a stable type of budget of regions and the country.

    pdf shevchenko2013_4.pdf  (269 Kb)

  • T.A. Verish, M.s. Osipova

    The scientific article investigates the functional opportunities of clusters in the development of territorial infrastructure which have been created with the participation of several organizations in the area of regional economic systems of contemporary Russia. The author assesses their potential of contribution to modernization of the infrastructure of regional economic systems.

    pdf 88-92.pdf  (125 Kb)

  • V.yu. Golubev

    This paper describes the model of the management of electricity market development on the basis of creation of the integrated corporate structure. The author suggests compromise mechanisms of financial support of the state interests in the framework of realization of Federal programs of electric power industry reform taking into account the interests of local communities concerning the development of their territories. Also the advisability of changes in the Russian system of public sector of management is considered.

    pdf 93-97.pdf  (204 Kb)

  • A.A. Kerashev, A.A. Mokrushin,N.A. Koroleva

    This paper presents the scenarios for strategic development of interaction of mega-corporations with regional economic systems in modern Russia. It focuses on possible changes in reproduction process and asset composition of both meta-systems, caused by the implementation of each of the scenarios. The author estimates changes in the structure of assets of “gazprom” holding companies and economic system of Krasnodar Region being involved in the interaction.

    pdf 98-106.pdf  (153 Kb)

  • N.A. Korolyeva

    This paper presents the main characteristics of corporate-territorial partnership in interaction of mega-corporations with regional economic systems of contemporary Russia. The author discloses the content of the phenomenon of bureaucratization of economic relations of corporate and regional economic systems. The basic indicator of diagnostic mechanism of bureaucratization of corporate-territorial partnership is developed.

    pdf 107-114.pdf  (144 Kb)

  • Å.À. Milovanova

    This paper considers the mechanisms of solving the problems of increasing sustainability of development of territorial-industrial complexes in the context of the implementation of long-term industrial policy. It proves that the inclusion of indicators in a contour of management provides invariability of the dynamic characteristics of the mesolevel system on the whole when the object characteristics are being changed in the process of transformation of the environment.

    pdf 115-119.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • A.V. Sapunov

    The paper defines the essence and principles of strategic management of regional social-economic systems. The author substantiates the application of the toolkit of cluster cognitive modeling in the processes of planning and forecasting the development of the region. An algorithm of the formation of the development strategy of the regional social and economic system is proposed.

    pdf 120-124.pdf  (173 Kb)

  • K.A. Tamov

    The article discusses some little explored aspects of the study of singularities of the North Caucasus republics as a factor in their strategic development in modern conditions. Particular attention is paid to the peculiarities of these problematic regions, stimulating and limiting their social and economic development.

    pdf 125-128.pdf  (120 Kb)

  • I.N. Tomshinskaya

    The paper studies the institutional aspects of the formation and development of sub-regional spatial localizations. From the standpoint of system and institutional approaches it proves the necessity of the creation of localities to enhance competitiveness and to arrange the relations in the internal environment of the region.

    pdf 129-132.pdf  (122 Kb)

  • M.V. Florinskaya

    The paper considers the mechanisms to promote the economic development of territories on the basis of ensuring the balance of interests of the subjects of the fiscal process, as well as the theoretical background of the linkages between the tax potential and economic processes modeling. The author proposes to estimate the degree of efficiency of the budgetary process through the forecasting of the territory tax potential.

    pdf 133-138.pdf  (128 Kb)

  • Ì.S. Khachaturova

    This paper investigates the tools of cluster development in regional economic system. The author analyses the foreign and Russian experience in development and implementation of tools of cluster development. The paper defines the complex of the effective and expedient tools of cluster development taking into account the world experience in cluster development and its adaptation to regional economic system of modern Russia.

    pdf 139-143.pdf  (126 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control
  • S.A. Bagova
    Disclosure of information on questions of corporate governance in the company reporting

    This paper reports upon research with the improvement of Russian practice of corporate governance taking into account the best foreign and domestic practices, as well as an order of disclosure of information in the reporting of the public companies concerning their corporate governance. The effective system of indicators on corporate governance is developed.

    pdf bagova2013_4.pdf  (283 Kb)

  • E.E. Smirnova
    Assessment of the tax risks arising at the organizations, applying a simplified system of the taxation

    The paper deals with the tax risks which arise at implementation of operations by the organizations applying a simplified system of the taxation, as well as possibilities of their decrease. Factors of risk increasing are systematized when analyzing risk of inclusion of the organization in the plan of exit tax checks. The role of the tax consultant at an assessment of tax risks is defined and expediency of his attraction to the sphere of small business is shown.

    pdf smirnova2013_4.pdf  (229 Kb)

  • R.A. Tkhagapso
    Theory for balance varieties of Jacques Savary and its role in the development of the commercial law in France of the 17th century

    The paper discusses the economic development of France in the 17th century. An analysis is made of the current state of the commercial law, as well as the factors and personalities who have had a significant influence on the development of the law. Also a role of Jacques Savary in the development of accounting in France and his contribution in writing the Commercial Code of France in 1673 are defined. The paper presents an analysis of the theory of of balance varieties proposed by Savary in the comments to the code “Le parfait negociant”.

    pdf tkhagapso2013_4.pdf  (224 Kb)

  • M.P. Vladimirova,G.N. Kurbanov

    The paper discusses current issues related to the efficient methods and techniques of depreciation affecting the formation of own funds of enterprises allocated for reproduction of fixed assets. The solution of this problem is the change of methodological approaches to accounting, revaluation and depreciation.

    pdf 144-152.pdf  (194 Kb)

  • D.V. Lugovskiy,yu.A. Abrosimova

    The author presents his own definition of amortized cost as a present value of inflow or outflow of future economic benefits resulting from debt redemption in accordance with appropriate period of payments adjusted by impairment of debt. This definition does not contain a detailed calculation algorithm (excess in any definition), but it intends to show the economic content of this category and with the same terminology and conceptually integrated to IFRS area.

    pdf 153-160.pdf  (144 Kb)

  • O.A. Sidiropulo

    The interest to history of this profession in scientific accounting community arose recently. They didn’t pay much attention to the account during the Soviet period. The paper presents the analysis of publications of the Russian and Soviet authors who paid much attention to accounting in the book of the city-commune of genoa of 1340. For a definite period of time this book was considered to be the first one where account was kept with the use of double record system.

    pdf 161-172.pdf  (854 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex
  • R.A. Baybekova
    Prospects of development of a dairy and grocery complex in Adyghea Republic

    The paper deals with some aspects of a current state of a dairy and grocery complex in the Republic of Adyghea. At present, in order to overcome the crisis situation it is necessary to modernize the agrarian and industrial enterprises, as well as to increase profitability of dairy cattle breeding at the expense of the state support.

    pdf baybekova2013_4.pdf  (228 Kb)

  • Yu.I. Bershitsky, G.N. Barsukova, A.R. Pshizova
    The role of the land factor in agricultural production

    The paper deals with theoretical aspects and methodological approaches to the assessment of efficiency of production factors in agriculture. The role of the land factor in the production of agricultural products is defined. The authors calculate the model parameters of the production function of the gross production value formation with consideration of the quality of soil in large agricultural enterprises of Krasnodar Territory.

    pdf bershitsky2013_4.pdf  (458 Kb)

  • T.G. Gurnovich, L.A. Latysheva, R.G. Karsliev
    Application of technique of an estimation of dynamic effect of external financing at forecasting results of agrarian business in the region

    The creation of an effective system of financing of subjects of agribusiness contributes to improvement of the sustainability and efficiency of agrarian entrepreneurship in rural regions. This is of special urgency in the conditions of implementation of the State program of agricultural development and regulation of markets of agricultural products, raw materials and food for 2013-2020. This paper analyzes the results of the practical application of an estimation technique of the dynamic effect of external funding for the period of 2005-2006 2013. A forecast of the development of agricultural business in the coming five-year period is made using an example of the Stavropol Region. We prove the necessity of optimizing the management of the business structure by the differential impact of financial levers on business processes. For this purpose, based on the previously developed coefficient of dynamic effect of external finance industry, the quantitative estimates are made of the impact of changes in the volume of external financing and its cost on the the results of business activity. Analysis of the current situation and predictable effects of external financing business structures of the agrarian sector of economy of Stavropol Region confirmed the need for an integrated use of financial instruments. It is concluded that the optimum combination of modes of financing will enhance the competitive advantages of agrarian enterprises of the region.

    pdf gurnovich2013_4.pdf  (521 Kb)

  • A.I. Indyukov

    This paper contains the conditions of innovative development of the materialtechnical base of agriculture. The scientific article investigates the dynamics and features of maintenance of agricultural organizations by machinery and equipment. The author finds out that the increasing level of innovativeness of material and technical base involves the formation of system that stimulates the implementation of scientific and technical progress based on internal reserves and the realization of measures of state support.

    pdf 173-181.pdf  (152 Kb)

  • A.A. Tamov,M.G. Kovalenko

    This paper discusses a number of methodological aspects related to the development of models of regional agriculture. The author draws particular attention to characteristics of individual structural components of the proposed system of models of regional agriculture.

    pdf 182-185.pdf  (176 Kb)

  • I.M. Shakhabov

    Development of market relations in the agrarian sector of regional economy provides new opportunities for the development of agricultural cooperation. however, it is developing slow and unstable today. The causes of these phenomena are the shortcoming of development of cooperative relations, the lack of government’s support and regulation of cooperative processes, the high cost of credit and borrowed assets as well as inadequate cooperative legislation and a number of other problems constraining the development of cooperatives in rural areas.

    pdf 186-190.pdf  (126 Kb)

    Mathematical Methods in Economy
  • G.V. Gorelova, E.V. Jertovskaya, M.V. Yakimenko
    The use of the cognitive approach to study the regional reproduction process

    The paper shows the urgency of studying reproduction processes in the region in conditions of economic modernization. The use of the cognitive approach is proposed for the development and adaptation of complex model of the reproduction process of the region with due account of the linkages and interaction of structural-parametric combination of factors.

    pdf gorelova2013_4.pdf  (481 Kb)

  • A.F. Rogachev,M.P. Protsyuk

    The paper discusses the problem of economic efficiency modeling in the knowledge economy. The author has obtained the analytical data based on a compromise. The options for innovative approaches to the implementation of the educational process on the terminal server technology are presented.

    pdf 191-197.pdf  (300 Kb)

    The Theory and Practice of Business
  • S.V. Levushkina
    Development trends and imperatives of ensuring sustainability of small and mid business in conditions of economic crisis

    Transition to the concept of sustainability of the new quality of economic growth implies the abandonment of the practice orientation of the development process for the traditional economic indicators. This raises the need to ensure, as a the result of the development, not only the achievement of certain economic changes at the macro level, but also the need to study the economic stability, sustainability, new growth factors, in which the most important role is paid to science in the process of transition to dynamically sustainable development of enterprises.

    pdf levushkina2013_4.pdf  (293 Kb)

  • V.S. Eremyan

    The paper studies the economic and social role of entrepreneurship in current market conditions. The views of Russian and foreign scientists economists on the nature and role of entrepreneurship are examined.

    pdf 198-203.pdf  (132 Kb)

  • R.T. Kuzembayev

    One of the most effective ways to develop small and medium enterprises in the atmosphere of globalization and increased international competition is their clustering. This paper examines the role of entrepreneurial clusters as a factor of innovative development of modern economy in the North-Caucasian Federal District. The main directions and approaches to realization of cluster policy are proposed.

    pdf 204-212.pdf  (146 Kb)

    Service Economy
  • O.G. Gisina
    Entrepreneurial-network form of the organization of activity of higher education institution as a tool to ensure its competitiveness

    The paper discusses business activity of higher education institutions and conditions necessary for its implementation, as well as various trends of this activity. One of the factors promoting intense business activity of higher education institutions is a large-scale development of a branch network of the domestic higher education institutions creating a basis for network interaction of entrepreneurial higher education institutions. Various forms of networks of entrepreneurial structures and their properties are considered.

    pdf gisina2013_4.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • I.G. Golovtsova
    Principles of the system of quality management of educational activities

    The paper discusses the basic principles of quality management system of higher education. An analysis is made of contemporary approaches to this problem. A classification of the elements of education quality management is proposed. The paper provides a rationale for the priority use of internal quality control by the university administration.

    pdf golovtsova2013_4.pdf  (163 Kb)

  • E.N. Zakharova, T.G. Tlyusten
    Rating of higher education institutions as a tool to decrease information asymmetry in the market of confidential services

    This paper deals with the problems related to obtaining information on quality of educational services by the consumer. Asymmetry of information, as a special type of incompleteness of information, has essential impact on market processes. This work proposes mechanisms of overcoming negative consequences of information asymmetry in the market of the higher education services, one of which is the use of a rating assessment.

    pdf zakharova2013_4.pdf  (354 Kb)

  • V.S. Manitskiy
    The evolution of sector of intellectual services

    The paper discloses the features of evolution of intellectual service sector, which have been created with the participation of some subjects in the space of several economic systems of contemporary Russia. The potential of their contribution to modernization of corresponding economic systems is estimated.

    pdf manitskiy2013_4.pdf  (172 Kb)

  • I.S. Bogomolova, M.R. Bechvaya

    The requirements for higher education are increasing in modern conditions of social and economic development. Therefore, there is a need to build an effective system of management of higher education institutions. The paper considers the forms of collective leadership in higher education institutions aimed at improving management processes, core business processes, resource management and monitoring procedures.

    pdf 213-218.pdf  (136 Kb)

  • E.N. Zakharova, I.P. Kovaleva

    The paper deals with domestic and international aspects of the establishment and functioning of clusters in health care. It proposes the mechanism for the organization of the health system in the region based on the cluster approach with a complex structure. Five regional clusters of medical profile are designated as development priorities of the Krasnodar Territory. They are based on the principles of territorial and inter-branch integration collaboration. The author determines the conditions and the direction of their effective formation.

    pdf 219-225.pdf  (577 Kb)

  • E.U. Karakayeva

    The paper investigates the instrumental possibilities of a formation of a unified information space of innovative activity in a macro-region. The author specifies the definition of a virtual network organization and the role of information systems in creating a single information and communication space of the whole sphere of innovation activity in the region.

    pdf 226-231.pdf  (166 Kb)

  • M.V. Panichkina

    The paper reviews the financial support of higher education in conditions of reorientation of a state model in the management of budgetary resources with the cost to effective approach. It represents the problems of the costs financing of higher educational institutions of the alternative budget sources. The significant part of them is determined by the activity of providing paid educational services.

    pdf 232-238.pdf  (139 Kb)

    Social Economy
  • T.A. Alkhasov

    The paper reviews the theories of employment. An analysis is made of the indicators showing the employment yearly average in economy according to forms of property, kinds of economic activity and number of people employed by public services. The author arrives at conclusions identifying their problem issues and advantages.

    pdf 239-247.pdf  (238 Kb)

  • E.M. Chernenko, I.S. Lebedeva

    The paper examines the economic bases of the social protection of population. It studies different approaches to the models of the social protection used in the international practice. The author compares indices characterizing the social level in the countries and suggests an optimal model of the social protection for the Russian conditions.

    pdf 248-256.pdf  (151 Kb)

  • B.M. Zhukov, L.A. Koroleva
    Interaction of development vectors of organizational culture and increasing economic security of company

    The paper, on the basis of the author’s researches, discloses the main areas of interaction between the vectors of development of organizational culture and improvement of the enterprise security in order to achieve and maintain a high level of competitiveness. A cycle of events — the characteristics of the enterprise is distinguished, namely: “organizational culture — economic security — competitiveness”. Tools to ensure economic security through the development of its organizational culture are defined.

    pdf zhukov2013_4.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • L.V. Krasnyuk
    Directions of industrial policy to ensure the effectiveness of the industrial complex functioning

    A study is made on the methodology of macroeconomic situation— transformational analysis (state and dynamics) and sliding forecasting of the industry development, both in the context of the basic kinds of economic activities, and in the whole industry.

    pdf krasnyuk2013_4.pdf  (224 Kb)

  • I.I. Lyutova
    On an estimation of economic potential of industrial enterprise

    The paper discusses a possibility of detailed elaboration of a technique of an estimation of economic potential of industrial enterprise. The matrix of potential possibilities is presented and the standardized algorithm of the account and analysis of economic potential is approved. This is of great importance for a strategy substantiation.

    pdf lyutova2013_4.pdf  (433 Kb)

  • A.A. Tatuev, M.M. Khokonov
    A new infrastructure functional role of the industry in development of national economy

    The paper gives a theoretical analysis of current trends in development of the industry in reproduction structures. Expansion of a new infrastructure functional role of the industry in development of national economy is noted. This role has to be estimated in terms of not only a direct contribution to a value added, but also of creation of a network of the new reproduction economic relations.

    pdf tatuev2013_4.pdf  (181 Kb)

  • I.V. Thibeault
    The value of the corporate sector in Russian industry

    The importance of this problem is due to the development of the corporate sector of the financial industry in the mechanism of the Russian economic relations. Significance of the corporate sector is revealed. Its development is shown in the periods of nationalization, privatization and de-corporation. The features, forms and structure of the corporate sector are studied in terms of its membership in the integration processes. The measures of financial management, which may be useful in the development of the investment interest in corporation are proposed.

    pdf thibeault2013_4.pdf  (201 Kb)

  • Yu.M. Belyaev, r.A. Popov

    The paper examines the economics and organization of construction of low-energy facilities using hydropower resources of small rivers, geothermal, solar and wind energy. It also substantiates the expediency of regionally integrated energy construction programming based on full participation of various «non-traditional» energy sources in the economic turnover.The author studies the consolidation of financial resources of different potential investors.

    pdf 257-262.pdf  (130 Kb)

  • A.S. Zakharchenkov, S.A. Mekhovich

    An analysis is made of the importance of the big cycles of Kondratyev’s economic conditions in determining the strategy of technological breakthroughs. A phase of depression is shown to be the most favourable time for mastering and introduction of new wave of base technological innovations. In the phase of depression, large-scale and effective state measures are required to support the financial system of economy and social sphere. The reality of technological breach depends on ability of governments to foresee and promote an innovative process in periods of depression and revival, when the synergetic effect of its strengthening takes place. The author determines the main factors responsible for the implementation of critically important projects for the formation of a new way of life.

    pdf 263-271.pdf  (153 Kb)

  • T.A. Litvinyuk

    The paper substantiates the evolutionary approach to process of formation of industrial policy of corporation in the conditions of vertical integration. The author reveals the major factors of formation of industrial policy of vertically integrated corporation and the principles of its formation.

    pdf 272-278.pdf  (139 Kb)

  • F.V. Shutilov

    The paper examines the contributing factors to the formation and development of clusters and to the participation of the state in formation of cluster policy and support to arising clusters. The author proposes the strategic approach to development of industrial clusters.

    pdf 279-284.pdf  (238 Kb)

    Abstracts of Monographs

  • General Problems of Pedagogy
  • S.N. Begidova, S.A. Khazova, V.S. Begidov
    Personal qualities of the competitive social worker

    The paper discusses the training of the competitive personality of the social worker. Competitiveness is now used to refer to the socially focused system of abilities, properties and qualities. The authors of this publication distinguish determinants of the competitive personality of the social worker which include both social and professionally significant personal qualities. These qualities provide the professional growth and a demand of the expert not only in Russian, but also in the international labor market.

    pdf begidova2013_4.pdf  (655 Kb)

  • I.V. Wagner
    Social and pedagogical design of educational process in modern Russia

    The paper discloses the tendencies and contradictions in development of the theory and practice of design of educational process in modern Russia. The author presents approaches to form general national strategy of the development of education, to develop programs in education in order to realize the federal state educational standards and to organize project activities of children as the form of social initiatives.

    pdf wagner2013_4.pdf  (648 Kb)

  • E.V. Demkina, S.N. Begidova
    Results of research on installations, thinking and behaviour stereotypes of russian modern students

    This work, on the basis of the definition of the concept “mentality”, gives a complete analysis of such component of mentality of modern students as installations, thinking and behavior stereotypes. The conclusions presented are a result of the empirical researches conducted by using the author’s technique of definition of students’ mentality.

    pdf demkina2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • B.K. Dzhabatyrova, M.Sh. Daurova
    Innovative educational process as basis of pedagogical integration

    An analysis is made of the concepts of ‘innovation”, “innovative process”, “innovative educational process”, “innovative activity of the teacher” and “continuous education”. The provided content analysis of definitions and structure of innovative processes as a whole, as well as of models of realization of innovative educational processes and innovative activity of the teacher allowed the authors to define innovative educational process as a methodological basis of a pedagogical intergration.

    pdf dzhabatyrova2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • S.A. Karaseva
    A model of formation in students of readiness for self-presentation activity

    An analysis is made of the concepts of “self-presentation” and “self-presentation activity”. The author gives the definition and discloses the essence of the concept “readiness for self-presentation activity” and presents didactic means and formation stages of readiness of students for self-presentation activity. Experimental educational process is uncovered through the content of three stages: educational - theoretical, educational – practical and practical. Didactic means to solve the forming tasks are shown in a context of the content of the above-mentioned stages. Methodical (means, methods, forms of the organization of education) and technological (stages, algorithm) bases of formation of readiness of the personality for self-presentation activity are proved. The work provides the developed model of formation of readiness of students for self-presentation activity and results of experimental approbation of the model testifying to its efficiency.

    pdf karaseva2013_4.pdf  (919 Kb)

  • A.V. Lysenko
    Structural components of professional value orientations of the future music teacher

    The paper discusses the value orientations of future music teachers at the present stage of development of education. The work gives the characteristic of three interlinked components, which constitute the structure of professional value orientations of future music teacher: cognitive, emotional-sensitive and meaning-purpose. These components, in the author's opinion, most fully reveal the specificity of the profession of music teacher and contribute to his further professional self-improvement and personal growth.

    pdf lysenko2013_4.pdf  (864 Kb)

  • Z.K. Meretukova
    Future teacher training to actualization of pupils’ knowledge as to means of operational feedback

    The paper substantiates the interrelation of pedagogical culture and readiness of the teacher to actualize knowledge of trainees. The author discloses the essence of the concepts of “operational feedback” and “actualization”, as well as interrelation of cybernetic and pedagogical essence of feedback. The work proposes pedagogical conditions of future teacher training to actualization of knowledge of trainees as to means of operational feedback. Distinctive characteristics are given of question-answer form of knowledge control traditionally used for feedback and involvement of trainees in actualization of earlier acquired knowledge and skills of pupils.

    pdf meretukova2013_4.pdf  (955 Kb)

  • N.P. Ocheret, Zh.I. Shorova
    Integrated approach in realization of competent model of chemistry and biology teachers training

    The paper deals with the possibility of realization of competence-based model of specialist training with the use of integrative technologies on the example of studying chemical and biological disciplines. The authors show that the integrated technologies are most optimal for formation of professional competences at trainees: communicative, educational, research, information etc. Efficiency of realization of integrative technologies is proved on the example of study of the course “Hydrochemical Monitoring of Water Objects in the Adyghea Republic”.

    pdf ocheret2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • T.D. Skudnova
    Development of acmeological culture in subjects of psychological and pedagogical education

    This paper presents the results of theoretical studies and practical implementation of acmeological approach to psycho-pedagogical education. The author formulates the primary problems of psycho-pedagogical education, shows the role which elective courses (“Pedagogical Acmeology”, etc.) play in shaping the acmeological culture of social-sphere experts at higher institution and presents an acmeological model of specialists training. The work illustrates the key principles for its implementation in the pedagogical process. Acmeological technologies, that enable the efficient development of acmeological culture in the educational space of the university, are examined. The interaction of the teacher and the student is understood as acmeological support in the development of acmeological culture.

    pdf skudnova2013_4.pdf  (635 Kb)

  • F.P. Khakunova, M.E. Paatova
    Theoretical bases of correction of social personal viability of teenagers-deviants on the basis of the rehabilitation educational situation

    The paper discusses the correction of social and personal viability of teenagers-deviants in a context of personal approach on the basis of a rehabilitation educational situation. The authors disclose intrinsic characteristics of the concepts of “social and personal viability” and “rehabilitation educational situation”, providing an author's view on this problem. The classification of rehabilitation educational situations, related to teenagers-deviants in accordance with the age characteristics, is presented.

    pdf khakunova2013_4.pdf  (922 Kb)

  • R.D. Khunagov
    Regional universities as centers of development of intellectual potential of the population and gifted children and youth

    The paper discusses the structure and components of intellectual capacity of the region and substantiates the role which universities play in development of this potential. Leading ideas of a developing regional system are shown.

    pdf khunagov2_2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies
  • Z.R. Khachmafova
    The conceptual analysis of the fiction in the course of training to cross-cultural communication in higher education institution

    The paper shows that the understanding of the nature of the fiction as means of speech generation and concept realization is based on one of the main points of cognitive linguistics: understanding of the text as the two-uniform generation/perception process. The concept is a basic category in research of the author's individual language picture of the world of the fiction.

    pdf khachmafova1_2013_4.pdf  (948 Kb)

  • M.Kh. Shkhapatseva
    Correlation of contacting languages in educational process in modern conditions of the national-russian bilingualism

    The paper explores interaction of contacting languages and a place of each of them in educational process at national school of the Russian Federation. In studying this problem, first of all it is necessary to proceed from character of a bilingualism.

    pdf shkhapatseva1_2013_4.pdf  (710 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology
  • S.M. Akhmetov, G.B. Gorskaya, Yu.K. Chernyshenko
    Early professionalizing the gifted children: development resource or source of disharmonies

    The paper discusses the results of empirical researches of positive and negative influences of early professionalizing on personal and intellectual development of gifted children. The theoretical bases are given for forecasting the effects of early professionalizing. The data are stated confirming the assumption that nature of influence of early professionalizing on personal and intellectual development depends on how much activity of future professionals supports the main line of standard mental development at a certain stage of ontogenesis.

    pdf akhmetov2013_4.pdf  (948 Kb)

  • V.E. Kuroñhkina, A.I. Sergun
    Personality characteristics of logistics managers with different levels of professional success

    The paper describes the results of theoretical and empirical studies of personality characteristics of logistics managers with different levels of professional success. The theoretical study examines approaches to understanding and a wide range of areas of logistic activities and specifies the concept and criteria for professional success of logistics managers. The empirical research shows that professionally successful logistics managers are more inclined to experiment. They are emotionally stable and normative. They are characterized by self-control of behavior and, in general, by higher rates of behavioral regulation and personal adaptive capacity. They are also more sociable, dominant and socially bold, have a higher communicative potential compared to professionally unsuccessful logistics managers. It is concluded that the results of research have a practical relevance, in particular, in the processes of selection, assessment, training and development of logistics managers.

    pdf kurochkina2013_4.pdf  (746 Kb)

  • E.A. Makarova, F.P. Khakunova, E.L. Makarova
    Role of individual learning trajectories in development of non-threatening teaching and learning environment

    The article considers a modular principle of designing individual educational paths for learners in terms of differentiated learning. It also presents the peculiarities of their construction and didactic design.

    pdf makarova2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • I.K. Silenok
    Characteristic of teenager's posttraumatic syndrome

    In this paper, the author discloses the concept and phenomenon of posttraumatic syndrome on the basis of literary data analysis. The posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is formed at a person if in a stressful situation he turns to be helpless, if he does not cope with a stressful situation and if he does not get support and help from outside. The purpose of this study is to make a system analysis of understanding of the PTSD nature and to construct adequate practice of its correction. The author investigates and identifies general and specific features of teenager's PTSD, examines various causes and factors of PTSD and shows its main negative effect expressed in violation of the mechanisms of socialization, which is very important for teenagers. First of all, it concerns a violation of interest, motivation and competence in the field of teenager's social contacts.

    pdf silenok2013_4.pdf  (944 Kb)

  • E.V. Kharitonova
    Individual typological features of the personality with different styles of social professional demand

    The paper describes the results of empirical research of individual typological features of the personality with different styles of a social professional demand. The author shows specificity of individual typological characteristics of the personality with different styles of a social professional demand, as well as intra-level distinctions of personal characteristics of respondents for two allocated periods of professional genesis of social professional demand of the personality.

    pdf kharitonova2013_4.pdf  (777 Kb)

  • T.A. Chugaeva
    Motivational components of professionalizing the notary

    The paper proves the presence of contradiction between the own career orientations of the subject of notarial activity, on the one hand, and socially declared priorities, on the other hand. Notaries are characterized by high level of expressiveness of the motivations related to ensuring stable place of work, service and integration of lifestyles. Some differentiating indicators of career orientations in subjects with the different age and professional status are allocated: trainees show orientation to management and the majority of the young specialists realizing themselves in notarial activity, orientation to stable place of work. A conclusion is drawn that it is necessary to make a profound analysis of motivational preconditions of a choice of notarial activity and professional adaptation at stages of career development.

    pdf chugaeva2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • E.V. Shkolyar
    Assessment of psychological readiness of experts from quick rescue service of civil protection using the method of hierarchy analysis

    The paper considers the mechanism of level assessment of psychological readiness of experts from a quick rescue service of civil protection as one of the examples to use an expert method of hierarchy analysis. The procedure is proved and the results of the conducted research are presented.

    pdf shkolyar2013_4.pdf  (853 Kb)

  • B.A. Yasko
    Modern theoretical and methodological approaches to research of the organizational stress

    The paper examines the main modern concepts of a professional stress and defines the concept of an organizational stress and methodological approaches to its researches. The organizational stress is a specific version of a professional stress. It has system character since it affects all horizontal and vertical structures and organization levels. It has own system of determinations, the main place among which is occupied by internal (directly organizational) and external (macroenvironmental) factors. The conclusion is drawn that identification of the psychological reasons and conditions of an organizational stress in real production structure demands the system analysis at micro-, meso- and macro-level of existence of the organization.

    pdf yasko2013_4.pdf  (650 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports
  • S.-A.M. Aslakhanov
    Development concept of system of physical training of ethnic representatives on the basis of the ethnos principal values

    This work was written using the results of the author’s scientific research and on the basis of many-year experience in system of the general secondary and higher education. The paper describes the conceptual approaches, pedagogical bases and technologies of realization of educational potential of ethnological physical culture in modern practice of the general secondary and professional sports education.

    pdf aslakhanov2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • A.G. Barabanov, D.S. Semenov, R.O. Shinyack
    The influence of positive career orientations and communicative competence on professional success of sports managers with different professional qualification

    This study was conducted in the Krasnodar region, Russia. In the course of study, career orientations and communicative competence of sports managers with different levels of professional success were examined. There were significant statistical differences and relationships on this issue. This paper is important in the development of sport psychology and can serve as the basis for sports managers training in universities. Also it is possible to develop on its basis a set of measures to improve efficiency of work of already trained professionals.

    pdf barabanov2013_4.pdf  (854 Kb)

  • A.B. Bguashev, E.G. Verzhbitskaya, V.I. Zhukov
    Creation of conditions for adaptation of students of sports profile of preparation through the health saving organization of training process in higher education institution

    The paper discusses staff activities at the Institute of Physical Culture and Judo of the Adyghe State University on creation of conditions for student adaptation on the basis of the health saving organization of teaching, educational and training processes focused on overcoming the main problems and difficulties, arising at the initial stage of training in higher education institution.

    pdf bguashev2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • T.V. Levchenkova
    Technology of conducting exercise classes in the children's fitness program with toddlers

    The paper describes some aspects of therapeutic (fitness) classes with toddlers aged 8 months to 3 years old. The structure and content of the classes take into account the features of sensory-motor and speech development of toddlers, as well as the organization of their motor activities.

    pdf levchenkova2013_4.pdf  (627 Kb)

  • R.R. Magomedov, V.N. Zinenko
    Study of the efficiency of functioning of the physical culture component in educational space of Agro-Engineering Institute of Higher Education

    The paper deals with the questions related to renovation of training process technology in Agro-Engineering Institute of Higher Education. This is connected with a change of the contemporary paradigm of educational process, caused by a change of the object of instruction. Specialist was substituted for the bachelor to form the effective educational space of the physical culture of students. The authors provide the results of pedagogical study showing the efficiency of functioning of the physical culture component in different forms of physical training as the important means of health saving. Computer technologies are the effective means, which facilitate an increase in the cognitive activity of students and the development in them of intellectual abilities. A study made it possible to determine the special features of shaping the effective educational space of the physical culture of the students at Agro-Engineering Institute of Higher Education.

    pdf magomedov2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • S.T. Shcherbina
    Personal physical culture of parents and children’s health in their first year of life

    One of the main directions of a state policy in the field of ensuring national security is public health care. The adverse demographic situation in Russia not only aggravates problems of accruing deterioration of health of children, but also puts it in a row of national priorities. In these conditions special significance is attached to quality of health of children of the first year of the life whose organism is especially sensitive to influence of adverse factors of the environment. It is known that 40% of diseases at adults were “initiated” at children's age. For this reason physical training has to form high level of health of the child and the base of physical culture of the future adult. Owing to features of physical training of children of this age the main loading is laid down on parents. That is, high level of the personal physical culture of parents will allow them to provide formation of children’s health. At the same time, the technology of assignment by the newborn or the baby of resource cash of parents in the field of physical culture remains poor studied. A content and structure of that how to increase level of physical culture of parents, structure of means of physical training and conditions of their effective application are not clear yet.

    pdf shcherbina2013_4.pdf  (860 Kb)

  • A.Kh. Abubakarova
    Lingual - mental specifics in I.M. Bazorkin’s creativity

    The paper addresses the bilingualism phenomenon in I.M. Bazorkin’s fiction texts. Specificity of bilingual representation is analyzed in terms of lingual-mental characteristics of Vainakh society. The author provides examples to characterize the bilingual language personality in Vainakh language space. It is inferred that the value of fiction texts is not settled by only national orientation, but also carries out intercommunication function, i.e. participates in dialogue of cultures.

    pdf abubakarova2013_4.pdf  (405 Kb)

  • M.P. Akhidzhakova, A.Yu. Baranova
    Sign features of “subsequent meanings” in language space of the fiction text

    This paper sheds light on how the nature of the extra lingual content is related to the cogitative content that forms the subsequent meaning in language space of the fiction text. Speech structuring in language space of the fiction text with the specific features is shown to occur due to interrelation and interference of the immediate and subsequent meanings. The language consciousness of the author, which is determined by features of language space of the fiction text, discloses spiritual, moral, ethical and behavioural norms of heroes. It is established that “subsequent meanings” in language space of the fiction text underlie formation of semiotic (sign) systems and mechanisms of information-saturated language consciousness.

    pdf akhidzhakova2013_4.pdf  (445 Kb)

  • R.P. Bibilova, A.S. Tskhovrebov
    Comparative analysis of compound sentences with the dividing relations in the Russian and Ossetian languages

    The paper discusses the comparative typology of compound sentences with the dividing relations in the Russian and Ossetian languages. The authors examine differential signs and structural-semantic subtypes of these syntactic constructions and the semantical-grammatical relations expressed in them. It is inferred that the comparative analysis of compound sentences with the dividing relations in the Russian and Ossetian languages will provide conscious learning a training material in Russian by pupils bilinguals, will give the chance to limit interfering influence of the native language on the Russian speech of pupils and will help to eliminate the reasons leading to syntactic mistakes.

    pdf bibilova2013_4.pdf  (388 Kb)

  • I.A. Borisenko
    Pragmatical component of a semiotic figure of the term as a representant of information transparency and veiling in subject domain “Stomatology”

    The paper discusses the terminological space of the text of subject domain “Stomatology”. The model of a pragmatical component of a semiotic figure of the term is presented. It is inferred that information space in subject domain “Stomatology” consists of two information and substantial subspaces (explicit and implicit), closely connected with each other. The characteristic is given of an information explicity and implicity through a prism of terminological space of the text. It is proved that each information and substantial subspace represents the certain definitely structured system possessing a certain lexical, thematic and figurative specifics to uniformly consider a scientific fragment of reality.

    pdf borisenko2013_4.pdf  (379 Kb)

  • I.V. Volobuyev
    Language means of expressiveness of the advertising text in English

    The paper sheds light on expressive opportunities of advertising texts from the point of view of their potential ability to make a speech impact on the consumer. It is shown that the leading place is taken by TV advertising. Examples are given of the use of various stylistic techniques and means of expression in advertising. The author examines how such means as alliteration, a rhyme, a rhythm and adjectives are used in advertising. It is established that advertisers use means of expression to give a positive assessment to advertised goods.

    pdf volobuyev2013_4.pdf  (378 Kb)

  • T.M. Grushevskaya, T.I. Gassiy
    The political newspaper text through a prism of subjectness markers

    The paper examines the interactive relations between links of a communicative chain (the speaking - listening). The universal scheme of the organization of political newspaper text information is presented. The authors allocate and describe markers of subjectness realization in the political newspaper text. It is established that use of language means is defined in many respects by their social and estimated qualities and by opportunities from the point of view of effective and purposeful impact on mass audience.

    pdf grushevskaya2013_4.pdf  (371 Kb)

  • B.M. Dzhandar, F.A. Teuchezh
    Similarities and distinctions in the Adyghe, Russian and English languages at grammatical level

    The comparative and typological description of syntactic units of the Adyghe, Russian and English languages is carried out to reveal similarities and distinctions in a grammatical system of the languages under study. It is inferred that the grammatical system of compared languages differs not only in absence of certain grammatical categories, but also in nature of expression and functioning in speech of identical categories of these or those parts of speech.

    pdf dzhandar2013_4.pdf  (461 Kb)

  • E.V. Zaysanova
    Pun as a way of creating the comical effect in anecdotes

    The pun is considered to be a way of creating the comical effect in the anecdote. The analysis of existing pun classifications is maid. It is established that pun, as the way of creating the comical effect, makes the anecdotes vivid and dynamic.

    pdf zaysanova2013_4.pdf  (377 Kb)

  • E.S.-A. Idrazova
    Names of pets in the Chechen fairy tales

    For the first time the theme group of words of the Chechen national fairy tales is examined from the point of view of semantics. The author makes a linguistic and semantic analysis of the terms “pets”, as well as a quantitative analysis of the terms. Loans are noted. It is inferred that most of the studied vocabulary is the native Chechen. The vocabulary related to horse breeding is used most frequently.

    pdf idrazova2013_4.pdf  (455 Kb)

  • V.A. Kesovidi
    System of code transitions in interpretation of author’s and picturesque portraiture in art communication

    The system of code transitions is considered at presentation of the portrait image of the personality within the fiction text. Information which is read by the recipient out from a portrait is shown to appeal to deep structures of his mentality, generating profound and substantial emotions. Code transitions in interpretation of a picturesque portrait within a work of art are allocated and described. It is inferred that the task of the writer is to inform the recipient more authentically what the artist wants to tell and to compositionally purposefully enter an art portrait into the text to realize the plan and transfer his thoughts and feelings.

    pdf kesovidi2013_4.pdf  (394 Kb)

  • S.R. Makerova
    Implication, message and lexico-phraseological categories

    The analysis is made of the implication plan of some lexical-grammatical units as well as its place in constituting literary discourse. Latest cognitive research works revealed that content plan is much broader than expression plan. In this connection grammatical (morphological) categories should be properly investigated as markers of the “covert” messages revealed within the general context. It is established that message has no specific language means of representation: it can be found only within an integrated approach to the fiction text as a whole in structure of which each element, including at morphological level, can become a message signal.

    pdf makerova2013_4.pdf  (420 Kb)

  • R.Yu. Namitokova
    Cognitive analysis of occasional abstract nouns in poetic language: semantics and compatibility

    The paper discusses cognitive motivations of occasional abstract nouns in poetic language and the degree of abstraction value of derivatives with the productive suffix –ost’ on the type of compatibility with related words.

    pdf namitokova2013_4.pdf  (469 Kb)

  • T.A. Ostrovskaya
    Discourse-forming concepts of elite discourse

    The paper sheds light on relationship of concepts and the discourse, forming the elite personality. Definition of a discourse of elite is given and clusters of discourse-forming concepts are allocated. The attention is focused on high degree of conceptuality of this discourse. The author summarizes expediency of application of several methods of the linguistic analysis to detect the concepts underlying research of a discourse.

    pdf ostrovskaya2013_4.pdf  (470 Kb)

  • M.G. Paramonova
    Article as an indicator of emotional deixis as shown by a material of a bible discourse

    We consider the emotional functioning of articles using the material of the bible discourse in English and German. It is shown that the article can possess different extent of emotional release. The article is an important linguistic means to express an emotionality of different degree as shown by a material of a bible discourse in English and German. The conclusion is drawn that the article can significantly affect the interpretation («sound») of the text as a whole, which will undoubtedly be taken into account in the translation and interpretation of sacred texts.

    pdf paramonova2013_4.pdf  (429 Kb)

  • G.Sh. Unarokova
    Phraseological representation of the concept “nasyp/happiness” in the Adyghe language picture of the world

    The paper deals with the phraseological units representing a concept nasyp / happiness in the Adyghe language picture of the world. The most significant value points connected with the concept “be happy” are revealed. It is noted that these phraseological units developed in collective consciousness of the Adyghe people and were fixed in national mentality. The high quantitative fullness of semantic groups of a concept nasyp is shown. Five units are allocated as a core lexeme: happiness – destiny, pleasure, wellbeing, virtue, good luck, between which there are interconceptual connections. It is established that the studied concept forms axiological, figurative and behavioural components of mentality of the Adyghes.

    pdf unarokova2013_4.pdf  (395 Kb)

  • Z.R. Khachmafova, E.V. Deryugina
    Synergetic features of the faunistic lexicon modeling in the Russian lingual culture

    A metaphorical use of names of animals in Russian is investigated in line with a developing synergetic paradigm of scientific knowledge. An analysis is made of the metaphorical models of “animal→a human being”, “animal→illness”, “animal→tool”, “animal→animal”. The authors define zoomorphic nominations significant for the Russian lingual culture acting as the regular spheres sources. Formation of spheres targets is explained by specific feature of the metaphorical process caused by a possibility of creation of the new nominations on the basis of the available rethought name.

    pdf khachmafova2_2013_4.pdf  (413 Kb)

  • Z.R. Khachmafova, A.A. Efremov
    Actualized indications of a metaphorical term formation (as shown by terminology of the American oil and gas branch)

    This paper explores the main areas and sources of borrowing words and phrases to form the oil and gas metaphorical terms. A study was made of such aspects of a terminological metaphorization, as actualized indications and axiological estimates of the lexical units attracted from areas and sources for creation of metaphorical terms. Rational selectivity underlies formation of oil and gas terminological metaphors.

    pdf khachmafova3_2013_4.pdf  (431 Kb)

  • A.R. Khunagova
    Fashion in the advertising discourse (based on a material of the Russian and English languages)

    The paper analyses the lingua-cultural features through the advertising of fashion goods and values which it popularizes. The author shows stylistic devices used in advertising to form images related to fashion and influencing linguistic consciousness of Russian and English native speakers. A conclusion is drawn that there occurs an active penetration of English loan words in the Russian advertising discourse about fashion. Whereas the English advertising discourse focuses on fashion brand being an indispensable part of Britain, Russian advertising uses foreign words and brands nominated with the use of English language.

    pdf khunagova2013_4.pdf  (419 Kb)

  • M.M. Tsaturyan, E.A. Vetoshkina
    Cognitive features of functioning of verbs with spatial semantics

    Features of verbs functioning are investigated as conveyers of spatial semantics. It is proved that a verb is characterized by the variety of links with different classes of words and, thus, variety of types of phrases, as well as by interdependence of verb meanings and phrase structure. It is established that the verb is especially important for realization of the main communicative function of language.

    pdf tsaturyan2013_4.pdf  (397 Kb)

  • M.Kh. Shkhapatseva, F.K. Urakova
    Interaction of syntactic units in arrangement of the microtext and coherent speech

    An analysis is made of the essence of system-functional approach to the text theory. Features of functioning of each of units of syntax system are examined. It is noted that of syntactic units “a word form – the phrase – the sentence – the text”, allocated by representatives of modern functional syntax, the text is the dominant functioning system, since its semantic field is a field of realization of functions of units of all other levels. In this regard it is established that in the course of studying the functioning of language units it is expedient to perceive them in interaction.

    pdf shkhapatseva2_2013_4.pdf  (413 Kb)

    Literary Criticism
  • S.R. Agerzhanokova
    Moral, philosophical and esthetic system of motives and images of the nature in Ibrahim Tsey’s novel “Katsuk Khadzhi”

    An analysis is made of the place of the concept of the nature in system of ethnoecological and social arrangement. The paper examines the images and motives of the nature being in the novel of Ibrahim Tsey “Khatsuk Khadzhi” not simply a background, but actively operating complex basis most brightly and multilaterally reflecting the author’s vision of the world. Attention is focused on the animalistic images of the novel bearing great symbolical and semantic loading. It is inferred that Tsey’s concept of the nature is of the special importance as most important part of his system of ideas of the world, person and society.

    pdf agerzhanokova2013_4.pdf  (476 Kb)

  • F.A. Autleva
    On the evolution of perception of English Pre-Romanticism poetry and its translations in Russia

    The paper shows the evolution of perception of English Pre-Romanticism poetry in Russia. The author examines data of critiques on R. Burns’s creativity in the Russian serials since the 1830s, in particular, related to the theory, history and practice of a literary translation and creative identity of the Scottish poet. The conclusion is drawn about the importance of reviews and translations of R. Burns into Russian.

    pdf autleva2013_4.pdf  (452 Kb)

  • I.A. Dubinina
    Animalism of S.-G. Colette as a dominant of creative method and esthetic system

    The paper examines creativity of the French prose writer S.-G. Colette. The author characterizes S.-G. Colette’s works and thematic preferences and makes an analysis of characters of the novel “Cat”. The inner world of the hero is shown through the images of animals. The role of a sound form in creation of an artistic image is demonstrated. It is established that author’s subjectivity, i.e. the openly expressed author’s basis, makes up the structural and organizing principle of a memoirs narration in Colette’s creativity.

    pdf dubinina2013_4.pdf  (397 Kb)

  • Z.Kh. Guchetl, R.S. Zhazhiyeva
    Paradigms of the Adyghe detective genre

    The paper explores specific features of the detective story as one of the popular literary genres in the basis of which is the duel between a crime and human justice. The authors define the sources of the Adyghe detective genre and role of influence of well-known masters on it by using an example of creativity of Vyacheslav Tletseri (novels “Southern Cross” and “Avalanche”). A positive side of a new genre is defined to be that its development in the direction of increasing merits of the hero (his intellectual opportunities) has now no quantitative limit since mind force – in principle – is boundless, and its actual limits depend only on intellectual opportunities and on ingenuity of the authors writing detective stories.

    pdf guchetl2013_4.pdf  (413 Kb)

  • F.N. Kerasheva
    Archetype motives in literature

    The concept of motive in literature is examined from the point of view of various researches and approaches. Comparative-historical, genetic and structural methods in studying the archetype motives are revealed. It is inferred that motives get into all literary genres anyway, connecting different layers in culture.

    pdf kerasheva2013_4.pdf  (360 Kb)

  • E.A. Kivilidi
    Functioning specifics of means of art expressiveness in different types of a sketch

    Using a material of the leader literary, social and political journal “Literary Adyghea”, the author shows specifics in using means of the art expressiveness, realizing tasks, characteristic of various types of sketch works. Also the short characteristic of versatility of the sketches presented in the journal is given. It is inferred that in the art sketches, means of expressiveness drawing a visual pattern predominate, and in problem sketches, those that create an emotional image. In portrait sketches, correlation of means of expressiveness depends on the author’s specific objective.

    pdf kivilidi2013_4.pdf  (370 Kb)

  • S.R. Panesh
    Poem-fairy tale and its traditions (A. Gadagatl, Kh. Beretar, I. Mashbash etc.)

    An analysis is made of art features of the poems on a folklore basis, their traditions and experience. It is noted that strengthening of epic traditions is observed in them. The plot in such poems is peculiar: the events, facts and acts of heroes put a feat of the main character in the forefront. It is established that the poem-fairy tale enriched literature with plots, characters of heroes, ideas, means of art expressiveness, a figurative and language palette, the national expressions and with the rich imagination of plot lines in development of feats of heroes.

    pdf panesh2013_4.pdf  (396 Kb)

  • D.S. Tovsultanova, T.B. Dzhambekova
    Reflection of the spiritual, moral and philosophical concept of Musa Akhmadov in publicistic works of the last years

    The paper discusses the specific features of system of social, political, spiritual, moral and philosophical representations of Musa Akhmadov and its evolution on the basis of materials taken from the central and Chechen mass media of the last decade. An analysis is made of techniques and forms of expressive speech which are present in the publicistic text. Owing to them this type of verbal works is combined with works of art. It becomes clear that the position of the author-publicist expressed through the facts of real life, is in the center of system of arguments, images and thoughts.

    pdf tovsultanova2013_4.pdf  (450 Kb)

  • Yu.A. Yakhutl
    Ideological and art components of the updated model of Adyghe enlightenment in the young literature novel

    The paper discusses the idea of studying post-revolutionary enlightenment through structural components of its model in the Adyghe novel. The author presents a complete idea of value of the spiritual and moral basis for mature literature and its new type of the hero. A dramatic nature of searches and attempts to realize ideas of artistic embodiment of new enlightenment is shown. It is inferred that a new approach allowed the author to designate legitimacy of studying the enlightenment in the Adyghe young literature novel.

    pdf yakhutl2013_4.pdf  (379 Kb)

  • R.M. Bartsyts
    Sanctuaries of Abkhazia in modern ceremonial practice

    An analysis is made of the modern ceremonial practice of Abkhazians related to honoring the Abkhazian and patrimonial sanctuaries in the territory of the republic. Seven main sanctuaries of Abkhazia are described on the basis of materials collected in expeditions during the last twenty years. It is inferred that the national and Christian cults harmoniously coexist in religious consciousness of modern Abkhazians.

    pdf bartsyts2013_4.pdf  (425 Kb)

  • A.S. Kuyek
    Tkhyeshkho in epic legends and ethno-mental views of Adyghes

    The paper explores cosmogonic Tkhyeshkho, one of the mythological images of the Adyghe heroic epos “Nartkher”. In a context of a mythic-epic vision and ethno-mental view, the ideas of the Supreme God are analyzed as part of philosophical and esthetic system of the Adyghe people. The analysis of folklore materials confirms that in mythological attitude of Adyghes there was a concept of the founder of the Universe - Tkhyeshkho (Great God). He was represented by the ubiquitous, corporally conceiving being having no beginning, no end and to which everything in the world was submitted. It is established that Tkhyeshkho in Nart epos is presented less widely than in cult khokhs or proverbs, but the analysis of Nart legends helps scientists to study this image more profoundly.

    pdf kuyek2013_4.pdf  (447 Kb)

  • T.N. Chamokov
    Zhabaghi Kazanoko in national memory of Adyghes (personality and image)

    The paper examines the image of Zhabaghi Kazanoko, the national wise man and public figure of Kabarda, who has become the unique phenomenon of Adyghes culture of the first half of the 18-th century. The author traces the transformation of historic figure of Kazanoko into an artistic image of folklore novelistic prose. The new version of etymology of the name “Zhabaghi” is proposed basing on the Adyghe ancient word “dzhebagju” (“dzhebagjo”) which means the «herald» or “wailing”. Thereby interpretation of its Turkic origin is rejected.

    pdf chamokov2013_4.pdf  (384 Kb)

  • O.A. Bondarenko
    Language of youth mass media

    This paper discusses the problems related to distortion of Russian and the use of slang in the Russian youth mass media. The youth slang distorts language. It is noted that regional youth mass media, unlike glossy magazines, seldom use slang. In addition, regional editions bear educational function. The author shows that the special attention needs to be paid to development of regional youth mass media which seek to keep Russian without jargons and slang and bear the educational function most actual for youth today.

    pdf bondarenko2013_4.pdf  (420 Kb)

  • D.A. Nosayev
    Influence of the serial graphic model elements on its success

    The paper discusses the design of modern newspapers. The author defines the role of components of the newspaper composite - graphic model in an overall picture of mass media design, examines the modern directions in development of newspaper graphic design, gives the algorithm of serial research and shows importance of use of its results. The design of newspapers is proved to become one of the main typological signs and demands fuller research, assessment and forecasting of its development.

    pdf nosayev2013_4.pdf  (405 Kb)

  • A.A. Tsakanyan
    Analysis of the regional market of printed mass media

    An analysis is made of the serial market of Krasnodar Territory and factors which are slowing down its development. The author shows the main economic aspects and advertising policy of regional serials. The leading direction of journals and newspapers is strengthening of influence of the economic factors connected with advertising dependence of the budget of editions and with need to improve the distribution system. It is established that in the regional market of the press today there are processes that both promote strengthening of economic stability of local newspapers and journals and work for decrease in their public importance.

    pdf tsakanyan2013_4.pdf  (407 Kb)

  • N.M. Shishkhova
    Journalism questions in P.L. Lavrov’s early works (1850-1860s)

    An analysis is made of specific features of views of the well-known publicist and populist P.L. Lavrov related to the purposes and problems of journalism. The present research focuses upon the main stages of discussion round the new information space formed in the 1860s and its role in these disputes. Special attention is paid to problems of integration of various types of editions and the genres noted by Lavrov. As a whole it is inferred that the general system of his views on the press brightly illustrates an originality of the considered period in the history of the Russian journalism.

    pdf shishkhova1_2013_4.pdf  (511 Kb)

    Study of Arts
  • S.A. Kushu
    Comic dances of Adyghes

    This paper studies a large body of folk dances of the Adyghes, which can be attributed to the comic genre. Using two important attributes (the content and form of existence) for classification, the author identifies three sub-genres of dance prevailing today: musical competitive dances and games, musical – theater and imitative. The main conclusion of the paper is that the comic dances of the Adyghes are included in the system of mental ethnic characteristics and have agonistic, educational, theatrical entertainment, artistic and aesthetic character.

    pdf kushu2013_4.pdf  (382 Kb)

  • S.I. Khvatova
    Ecumenical tendencies in orthodox divine service singing

    An analysis is made of specific features of modern divine service repertoire. As a result the ecumenical tendencies manifested both in loan of Catholic musical texts of chants and in stylizations, are revealed. The author shows the ways of application in processing the borrowed material and stylizations which illustrate a susceptibility of orthodox singing culture to others, ability to accumulation for achievement of required result of necessary art means, for the purpose of their inclusion in a context of the traditional, without having broken initial prayerful organization of the corresponding rank.

    pdf khvatova2013_4.pdf  (368 Kb)

  • N.M. Shishkhova
    The book about the book (The review of Z.Yu. Khuako’s book “From writing – to book culture”)

    pdf shishkhova2_2013_4.pdf  (270 Kb)

  • A.Kh. Stash
    On existence of third-order linear differential equation with continuous ranges of complete and vector frequencies

    The third-order linear uniform differential equation with continuous unlimited coefficients is constructed. Its ranges of complete and vector frequencies contain the same segment of values.

    pdf stash2013_4.pdf  (9 Mb)

  • V.B. Tlyachev, A.D. Ushkho, D.S. Ushkho
    Assessment of the number of straight-line isoclines of the polynomial vector fields on the plane

    The problem to be solved is to assess the number of straight line – isoclines of autonomous differential system with polynomial right part on the plane. It is shown that if the system has at least one special point and meets the following conditions: the right parts of system are mutually simple polynomials of n degree and, the right part of at least one of the equations of system contains the uniform polynomial of less than n degree, then the number of its straight line-isoclines does not exceed 6n-5 (n>=2). Under the same conditions, the number of invariant straight line-isoclines of system is proved not to exceed 3n-1 (n>=1). Besides, various theorems about the number of parallel straight line-isoclines and straight line-isoclines, incidental to separately taken special point, are proved.

    pdf tlyachev2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Natural Sciences
  • E.A. Sirotyuk, O.A. Panesh, S.I. Chitao, D.A. Kuasheva
    Condition and prospects of studying relic, endemic, rare and disappearing plants of Adyghea

    This paper provides preliminary results and prospects of studying rare, disappearing, relic and endemic plants of Adyghea by staff of Botany Department from the Adyghe State University. The obtained data expand ideas of republic flora and are a basis for reconstruction of its history. They can become a scientific basis for protection and rational mangement of flora of Adyghea.

    pdf sirotyuk1_2013_4.pdf  (726 Kb)

  • G.N. Ilchenko, N.G. Berezkin
    Features of flowering and ways of hybridization of eugenol basil

    Research studies on biological features of flowering and pollination promote success in hybridization of eugenol basil. The paper examines the ways of hybridization and features of castration and pollination of eugenol basil flowers.

    pdf ilchenko2013_4.pdf  (488 Kb)

  • E.A. Sirotyuk, O.A. Ostapenko
    Ecological systematic review of the genus Juncus L. in the territory of the Adyghea Republic

    An analysis is made of specific variety of the genus Juncus in flora of the Adyghea Republic, as well as of the origin, distribution and ecological-coenotic features of species. The adventive types and cosmopolitans, which are potentially capable to invasions in the territory of the Republic, are shown to occur among representatives of the genus in Adyghea. Rare species of sparts are noted: flat, mountain - forest and Alpine.

    pdf sirotyuk2_2013_4.pdf  (740 Kb)

  • G.N. Gudkova
    Anatomic features of an ear structure of grain cereal relatives

    The paper gives the wild-growing species: the relatives of grain cereals occurring in the territory of the Adyghea Republic. As a result of studying ear joints of cultural cereals and their relatives, we have found the reasons of strong connection or an easy scattering of stem segments. Availability of powerful hypodermal tissue in floral scales (quantity of rows and thickness of a wall of cells) defines high filminess of a grain of barley. A study of an anatomic structure of an ear of wild types has shown the adaptive signs keeping them in the nature, but not being economically valuable to selection of cultural species.

    pdf gudkova2013_4.pdf  (652 Kb)

  • K.A. Rudenko
    Gene polymorphisms of the main proinflammatory IL-17A, TNF-a and IL-6 cytokines associated with risk of development of bronchial asthma in world populations and at inhabitants of the Adyghea Republic

    Distribution of polymorphisms in promoter regions of genes of the main proinflammatory cytokines IL-17A (G197A, rs2275913), TNF-a (G308A, rs1800629) IL-6 (C174G, rs1800795) at inhabitants of the Adyghea Republic is statistically significant and does not differ from the average world values (Ensembl, 2012). Reliable distinctions between the surveyed groups of donors and patients with bronchial asthma are revealed on the basis of G197A gene IL-17A polymorphisms initiating and regulating production of «the first wave» mediators of proinflammatory TNF-a and IL-6 cytokines. The patients have statistically significantly increased frequency of «mutant» 197A allele of the IL-17A gene (χ2=6,980; OR=2,51) that allows us to consider it as associated with bronchial asthma by analogy with the results obtained for other populations. Associations of allele variants of genes of two proinflammatory TNF-α and IL-6 cytokines with chronic inflammatory diseases of lungs at inhabitants of the Adyghea Republic have not been revealed.

    pdf rudenko2013_4.pdf  (624 Kb)

  • F.V. Tuguz
    Historical dynamics of economic development and antropogenization of the nature of the Adyghea Republic

    The paper provides an analysis of economic development and antropogenization of the territory of Adyghea. Seven stages of settling of the territory of Adyghea are allocated. The author defines the territorial and structural features of density of population of Adyghea in various time and provides the map «Periods of the Greatest Density of Population in the Adyghea Republic».

    pdf tuguz2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • S.Yu. Deyko, A.A. Filobok
    The theory, reasons and stages of development of the interethnic conflicts and specifics of Krasnodar Territory

    The paper discusses the following problems: the influence of the interethnic conflicts on formation of national policy of Krasnodar Territory, the specific ethnostatus system which has developed in the territory of the region and border position of the territory as a part of Russia, etc.

    pdf deyko2013_4.pdf  (595 Kb)

    Technical Sciences
  • T.B. Gaytova, Ya.M. Kashin, À.À. Belov
    The modeling of the step-modulated inverter with the output voltage regulation when working on the photovoltaic modules. The calculation of the characteristics and the researching of work

    This paper shows how to develop a model of the inverter of step modulation with output voltage regulation which includes the choice of power and the voltage conditions and the form of the curve of speed inverter output voltage. The authors compare the results of calculation of efficiency, transient weight and sizes with the current existing analogues. The results of work of the inverter model are given and compared with the design calculations.

    pdf gaytova2013_4.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • G.V. Telnov
    A test module for the automated monitoring of level of mastering the academic subject «Electronics and Circuitry»

    The paper examines the synthesis of the structural and thematic contents of the test module. The private and general criteria for level of mastering the academic subject are defined. Test tasks in the module are generated under the casual law within the thematic unit and consecutively for each didactic unit. Use of such automated modules allows us not only to intensify informative activity of trainees, but also to reveal their gaps in the most important and powerful structural units – didactic units of a training material, which realizes the requirement of completeness of mastering the training material.

    pdf telnov2013_4.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • V.V. Buchatskaya
    Processing abnormal values of temporary row levels as a stage of information complex assessment in a subsystem of forecasting for the situational center

    The paper discusses the methods of preliminary processing the temporary rows, considering existence of casual components of the abnormal value type. The author describes the algorithm of detection and elimination of such values, structure of a program application with the use of the specified algorithm and results of numerical experiments.

    pdf buchatskaya2013_4.pdf  (611 Kb)

  • S.V. Goncharov, D.D. Yakuba, G.V. Yudenko
    Research studies on fixing slide bearings in friction knot by using pinch fit

    The paper deals with the definition of corrections for a method of calculation of pinch fits for a polymeric material on the basis of epoxy resin and cotton fabric, as well as with the determination of dependences of a press fitting effort on the size of a sample tightness in order to draw up recommendations about installation of slide bearings in friction knots.

    pdf goncharov2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Economic Sociology and Demography
  • A.A. Ermolenko
    Systemic subject in the face of modern Russia: the social aspects of the economic development

    Mode of existence of the subject system that embodies the socio-economic system of modern Russia, the rent is due the strategic orientation of the country, dominated institution of state power over the institution of property, as well as the integration system process into the global world economy, the imperatives of inadequate transition to “ an economy based on knowledge”. Effective interaction typical Russian “space economy” with typical for Western countries’ economy of time” assumes a special space-time form of tolerance.

    pdf 161-169.pdf  (150 Kb)

  • A.V. Boranukov
    Economic Culture of Societyin theoretical and methodological measurement

    The article contains the analysis of the relevance of the current sociotheoretical thought on the economic culture of the society. The author aims to build an effective methodological strategy to develop a wide range of issues related to the population economic culture.

    pdf 170-174.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • A.A. Tamov
    Methodological aspects of research of intraregional socioeconomic asymmetry of problem regions

    The article examines the socio-economic aspects of the problem regions and uses the Adyghea Republic as an example. Methodological justification of the research is provided, proposals for optimal socio-economic zoning are formed due to the potential of a region

    pdf 175-179.pdf  (132 Kb)

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